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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

2ffbf3  No.5235420

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 02.17.2019

>>5234583 rt >>5234560 ————————— Disregard any misspelling.on the move.

>>5234560 ————————————–——– Barr to Mueller convo

>>5231163 rt >>5231025 ————————— Something BIG is coming

>>5230818 ————————————–——– Graphic request, (3) Q/POTUS [0] DELTA

>>5230708 rt >>5230665 ————————— What are the odds of that?

>>5230632 rt >>5230378 ————————— Expect 'attacks' to dramatically intensify across all platforms

>>5230278 ————————————–——– They knew the 'reach' then

>>5230180 ————————————–——– How do you infiltrate the MSM?

>>5229045 rt >>5228903 ————————— Irony.

>>5228903 ————————————–——– #WakeUpAmerica

>>5228320 ————————————–——– @Snowden What happens when Russia gives you up?

>>5227163 ————————————–——– WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff? Planned?

>>5226902 ————————————–——– Planned?

>>5226005 rt >>5225833 ————————— Great work, Patriot (re: election map gif)

>>5225693 rt >>5225562 ————————— Side-by-side maps comparing states offering driving privileges to illegal aliens vs. 2016 Election results

>>5225610 rt >>5225482 ————————— Think about why separated both maps (2 posts) instead of placing both in the orig.

>>5225435 rt >>5225342 ————————— Thank you, Patriot.

>>5225391 rt >>5225271 ————————— You are the news now.

>>5225232 rt >>5225131 ————————— Deltas - Q+

>>5225162 rt >>5225105 ————————— We love our Memes, don't we folks? Q+

>>5225124 ————————————–——– Swap 'we' for 'you'. On the move.

>>5225094 rt >>5224943 ————————— Black pop awakening

>>5224934 rt >>5224931 ————————— 2016 Presidential Election map

>>5224931 ————————————–——– It's very simple - w/o the illegal vote D's lose.

>>5220101 ————————————–——– Fed up with Liberals and their destructive behavior ( >>5220117, >>5220125 caps)

>>5219492 rt >>5219376 ————————— You are the news now.

>>5219298 rt >>5219261 ————————— The Lord is leading us all.

>>5219265 rt >>5219185 ————————— POTUS WH statement dismantles blockades in signed bill

>>5219223 rt >>5219066 ————————— Trust your President!

>>5219050 rt >>5218953 ————————— Spicer, Priebus (Q post 2468) quads confirms ( >>5218888 )

>>5218933 ————————————–——– Whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements (2)

>>5218735 rt >>5217756 ————————— Re: the Scaramucci’ model 5:5?

>>5217608 ————————————–——– Buckle Up!

Saturday 02.16.19

Compiled here: >>5230898

Friday 02.15.19

Compiled here: >>5226101

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING


>>5234749, >>5234802, >>5234803, >>5234829, >>5234828 Clas 1-99

>>5235056, >>5234797, >>5235036, Clas 1-99 theories

>>5234703 probability of Q being just a COINCIDENCE is statistically impossible

>>5234755 #HateHoax thread

>>5234821 Another shooting -TX, near a church

>>5234954 Abromovic in outfit similar to Vanderbilt shrine

>>5235194 First Trump Veto possibly on the way

>>5234732 Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite (red castle) message for Natl Engineers Wk (video)

>>5235067 California Democrats Introduce ‘Immunity from Arrest’ Law

>>5235355 #6689

#6688 Baker Change

>>5233958, >>5234061, >>5234451 Shooting in New Orleans -breaking911

>>5234256, >>5234525 New Orleans PD investigating another homicide after mass shooting.

>>5234124 Mega version from collage anon (open image in new window)

>>5234118 Was today [D]-Da? [DELTA]-Day

>>5234057 man pulls gun on MAGA hats

>>5234071 The Birth of a Monster (Fed Reserve)

>>5233962 Australia Parliament hacked by STATE actor

>>5234314 Q posts compilation of (3)

>>5234299, >>5233975 AOC and her mason deck of cards

>>5234371 Senate Intelligence Committee wants face to face with Steele

>>5234332 DHS looking for 200 volunteers

>>5234591 #6688


>>5233787 AOC's reddit AMA show her plan to use memes

>>5233775 Harris and Booker's Smollett tweets are still up

>>5233543 , >>5233554 Man accused of pulling gun on MAGA hat wearer

>>5233430 Build the Wall Campaign will send nearly 22000 bricks to Nancy P

>>5233399 , >>5233422 Al-Assad speech

>>5233361 , >>5233364, >>5233384, >>5233398 Smollett family digs

>>5233284 Kamala Harris descendent of a slave owner?

>>5233272 , >>5233404, >>5233322 Smollett's Booker, Harris and HRC connections

>>5233244 , >>5233293 New PapaD tweets: Time to declasify & FVEY

>>5233193 Kamala Harris slammed by father for playing ID politics

>>5233843 #6687


>>5233046 Meadows tweets “Declassify the documents”

>>5232879 Possible connection between Snowden and Iridium satelites

>>5232864 Is The Question about to be forced? DGraphics hit twitter

>>5232828 The Smollett Family

>>5232817 ICE busts millionaire Obama donors

>>5232778 , >>5232789 Moar [0] Delta Graphics

>>5232704 BNL: Aus: 'sophisticated state actor' hacked political parties

>>5232558 Key names who have left Tesla or announced their departure in 2018 / 2019

>>5232529 All Q Posts and POTUS tweets today, listed with second timestamps

>>5232879 , >>5232918 Moar Smollett Updates / Reactions

>>5232468 , >>5232639, >>5232754, >>5232824 Moar Smollett Updates / Reactions

>>5233069 #6686


>>5231900 , >>5231672 Coded tweets from Snowden? Is he in the Chongqing photos?

>>5231826 , >>5231870, >>5232079, >>5232192 More Smollett Updates / Reactions

>>5228403 Alaska NG offer to help POTUS protect the SOUTHERN border

>>5231713 , >>5231649 All the 17's: That’s mathematically impossible

>>5231692 , >>5231829 Bread and QMap stats

>>5231689 , >>5231717, >>5231780, >>5231734, >>5231922 More [0] Delta Graphics

>>5231683 Delta Graphics show Q posts THEN POTUS tweets

>>5231666 , >>5231822 List of Clinton associates who allegedly died mysteriously

>>5231661 All DJT tweets from today with timestamps

>>5232303 #6685

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2ffbf3  No.5235455



c1e963  No.5235469

Ahhhh I get it

Grassley also played his part and left. I guess he was in on it too.

Q (Jonathan) gives everyone a chance - play this role in our movie or find yourself in prison.

The deep state runs deep, so that is one way to remove (some of) them

31aa4c  No.5235472

ICE Agents Raid Korean Market In San Diego

SAN DIEGO – Special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations executed a federal warrant during a worksite enforcement operation at a San Diego market Wednesday. During the operation, 26 individuals working at the market were determined to be in the United States without authorization. They were temporarily taken into custody and released pending the outcome of their immigration case.

Today’s operation is related to an ongoing worksite enforcement investigation that was initiated during an I-9 audit – one of the most powerful tools ICE uses to ensure that businesses are complying with U.S. employment laws.

“HSI San Diego Special Agents are focused on bringing to justice those employers who knowingly break the law, and hire an illegal workforce causing unfair disadvantages to those companies that do comply,” said David Shaw, special agent in charge of HSI in San Diego. “Worksite enforcement operations and investigations are important for strengthening public safety and national security, while eliminating worker exploitation, child labor and other illegal practice within the workforce.”

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 requires employers to verify the identity and work eligibility of all individuals they hire, and to document that information using the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. After the business owner is issued a notice of intent (NOI) to audit the company’s hiring records, employers are required to produce their I-9 records within three business days, after which ICE will conduct the audit.

HSI’s worksite strategy continues to focus on the criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly break the law, and the use of I-9 audits and civil fines to encourage compliance with the law.


b98f24  No.5235477

File: 12a176f0e2fbddf⋯.png (446.95 KB, 500x617, 500:617, barr none.png)

23715f  No.5235481


Catch and Release

f97db1  No.5235483

I turned every house into a mosque


ae28fe  No.5235484

File: 562846c67dfd8e1⋯.jpeg (27.1 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ED76A4D3-FEA3-4E59-B7B5-D….jpeg)


TY, Baker!

aac457  No.5235485


Alexandria Obama Cortez?

b5541e  No.5235486

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



bbe1b7  No.5235487


yo momma

98979b  No.5235488

>>5235067 lb

is it immunity only for sex crimes?

wish my state had one for tax evasion crimes

b5541e  No.5235489

File: 474d9ce89b6daf6⋯.png (13.98 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Qmirrorsanddisinfo.png)

904c8c  No.5235490

File: 5cee78223e85129⋯.jpg (511.36 KB, 1080x858, 180:143, Screenshot_20190217-194424….jpg)

DEM Narrative that Voter ID laws are racist. This blows that shit right out the park.

b5541e  No.5235491

File: 21816379a61059f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 546x289, 546:289, WaitUntilYouLearn.png)

6f982a  No.5235492

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Get redpilled on God

b5541e  No.5235493

File: 10beda4ed0e9b31⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AmbulanceFront.jpg)

23715f  No.5235494

File: c95d1798c7bfa34⋯.jpeg (32.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 2E124776-3EB3-481B-90FF-6….jpeg)

268f48  No.5235495


The EU.

f2c3ee  No.5235496


Scary as fuck

b5130c  No.5235497


if I say I believe you… will you stop fucking posting every god damned thread?

c3fd19  No.5235498

File: a063bd31543ae15⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 600x786, 100:131, pissgate.jpg)

Never forget.

f5a54c  No.5235499

File: 86970ee7f2ca7f3⋯.png (2.63 MB, 425x751, 425:751, L0.png)




MD5: 21A55BE38D7546519B973F53EE8DD4AE

SHA1: 0D6F39F50002C39AE6B319BDC6949340F0E9E8C6

SHA256: 86970EE7F2CA7F33E561CFA47C64EF2D614D116764FB1A35894E3C4D1A2D317A


MD5: 64E502AD0A48C61EE16E26A00F88FC4E

SHA1: 9DF80582783C090F45DF527665A24D1C4B29FF49

SHA256: 1F46331B31CE50C3EB0AF31DD715BE2620B1CDE3BFED209270CFF5CF93223080


MD5: 3608B950A3306A71FB4B68A468B8D3A0

SHA1: F3ADCEF7232963ECA9D5845C4D5AFF13D9780626

SHA256: ABA79B3C44651CEFDAF6E3D249B058E3BB3F37235FA6C7312309A183980BC6BD


MD5: 685DEFD65AA14EE434358AAF2FDD5BF6

SHA1: 6D7A85990F22D8983E712D3CCC3AB5D3ECF7293C

SHA256: 2C6B5C8C3EA1AE12B4CBB546F136A3939E430C6F5C6F89B69DC9B8C968DD7C1A


MD5: 3F7903C13F4F8823FE520C23A3C7580D

SHA1: F67D4016B474D1DEA64EDBD63DAC1E71DC18219D

SHA256: 20BCF3B7ACCECBEF258CB2F6D190B1ED391A8F9DC7E059294A35776817E40442



MD5: 501EC9488BB12C990B5089FCD6116549

SHA1: 8DDB517D315A6CADB40C7C9125F1695701536D46

SHA256: 956025D57188C0A30387B2B13949D0A21DD5383D7CC50621C04FCB694191AACC


MD5: E9EB695C6999A8F5D5A010E43079AC9E

SHA1: 829485F6E647E5172E0B95D6F30CC31E1B57A308

SHA256: 4F71E4608DAF14B3B0B4CFFC15DB89F390BC0E4A61C20AB9D55FBB13EF3A7C78


MD5: 1113CB18E0895405A2027AC41FFCF2E2

SHA1: DCA252E09247BDB25D8120A269BF44E4F31FC209

SHA256: 9388DAE98A9CEF7DDCDC5692B9D3A0AD9331E853F6A3A41D6D96D9DEB0DB7053


MD5: B16329DFE4B76A1647256F06211548F5

SHA1: 1D6A62AAA024940BD1174CDC110EE422E810A6EE

SHA256: B208B8C3E4BDB1F6C7134A14C1621BD7F3DB355F1EB8CD2DEFB6B191C37549BA


MD5: BE610F63096D3B8EBB71DC6C434AE0FB

SHA1: C11A421153FE9912BC0DC089C50B9E7BF03CE1F1

SHA256: 33626B9CB265EA0FC4DBC040650C6E469934523739BE84C16E4123B787C6306A

c78df4  No.5235500

File: 7415420c967df39⋯.png (17.57 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a638556a0bb12221e8711a80ed….png)

File: a2ab2ebd6bed2e4⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 664x901, 664:901, a2ab2ebd6bed2e40795f27615f….jpg)

File: 5e899f24a142059⋯.jpg (8.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5e899f24a1420595d7ae1ccf01….jpg)

File: 56d34ad1911ca98⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 0fa9afcf891a8d54a91791d335….jpg)

File: 6e55c2b63e2adb0⋯.png (10.46 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 1e023f178262fd83ffe8721994….png)

>>5235438 (lb)

ty for the barts, have some rare pepes :D

2bf47b  No.5235501


Monica Witt

273ca5  No.5235502


shes not musslim faggot .

try that omar cunt

b404ca  No.5235503


kek, have we tried this yet?

you might be onto something

94c180  No.5235504

File: 4fe1b1a51c381cd⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 450x258, 75:43, fake holo 5.jpg)

Will #HateHoax get enough normies to question the HOLOHOAX???

this key event, once changed to the real story, ripples and changes almost everything you know about history. everything.

b5541e  No.5235505


Retard. You like green, I guess. kek

f5a54c  No.5235506


bill brennan didn't really give a fuck about the projects, why do you think he killed the moms with cracks in their backs


that's for baseace

23715f  No.5235507

File: c20e0bae33bbd8a⋯.jpeg (20.83 KB, 255x191, 255:191, A6508D0A-A8F4-4597-A790-D….jpeg)

f0e915  No.5235508

Breads so fukken fast can’t get a word in edge wise . Lucky if this even makes it

9f87b6  No.5235509

File: c3269ca30f311d8⋯.png (201.8 KB, 375x290, 75:58, 2019-02-17_22-50-11.png)

b51876  No.5235510


It's been tried.

dd3a8b  No.5235511

>>5235049 lb and all the rest of you.

Q does not give out classified info - THIS WAS NOT AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION WITH MUELLER.

It's just a scenario of what will probably be said.

Anons need to quit being so stupid ffs.

273ca5  No.5235512


learn to chan faggot

10ac68  No.5235513

>>5234742 (lb)

Torn between libertarian leaning views and common sense here….

I see no problem with firearms of any type (always wanted a 40mm twin Bofors for home perimeter defense), but I think you have to draw the line at missile systems of any type. I don't want my black neighbors getting ahold of Javelin anti-tank missiles. We just started getting this neighborhood cleaned up.

5b4495  No.5235514


The Dems regard American Niggers as uniquely incompetent and helpless, anon. Their racism comes from a place of compassion.

f5a54c  No.5235515


bill brennan resurrected belial because that bitch COULD NOT GET HIS DICK OUT OF UNDERAGE PUSSY




f97db1  No.5235516


Close anon, very close

4812e8  No.5235517

File: 85c56ce999de30c⋯.png (293.92 KB, 897x3559, 897:3559, TPrQ4U9.png)

File: f86af1679b18d9e⋯.png (597.5 KB, 4407x1229, 4407:1229, 1q4mrxG.png)

File: d54f8dbdd64b2e7⋯.png (745.22 KB, 863x633, 863:633, gYRwxMh.png)

File: 938da9a45dff1bd⋯.png (263.75 KB, 2138x1024, 1069:512, HfnrAPV.png)

https://imgur.com/a/DTeK7 If you follow Q and haven't read this (or it's been a while) it's one of the best educational posts anyone has made in our movement.

0aaea3  No.5235518

File: c5065cb3f43b878⋯.png (493.2 KB, 642x849, 214:283, c5065cb3f43b878e019e8c7651….png)

all lb







Oh, and I guess that's why the 3 W's and the 2 G's are identical? Perfect graffiti reproduction?

You stupid fucks

b5541e  No.5235519


Now you are extra-retard. Rare.

7b8655  No.5235520

File: 26458aa2f2377e9⋯.png (501.14 KB, 627x625, 627:625, p12.png)

File: 577f26134b44c32⋯.png (469.86 KB, 515x668, 515:668, p13.png)

File: 12af05a3000c7fc⋯.png (473.36 KB, 532x523, 532:523, p14.png)

File: 9f3c16576c55274⋯.png (731.47 KB, 621x733, 621:733, p15suckerpong.png)


b48b50  No.5235521


Why would a conversation like that one be classified?

aac457  No.5235522


Meh, muzzie muzzie, but my point was she wants to replace upgrade every building in the US


ae28fe  No.5235523

File: 213f778cfe2a4c7⋯.jpeg (18.38 KB, 182x255, 182:255, 3D0CDA1A-9AE1-4C00-80F1-E….jpeg)

b5541e  No.5235524

File: 5b9d03c5417439f⋯.png (276.87 KB, 960x434, 480:217, 4d48a211.png)

ba3f81  No.5235525

File: 19f4f3c5ebcce64⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Ides of March.jpg)

Q watch…3:14


Ides of March

9674e3  No.5235526

incoming BOMB.

muller getting schooled on?

268f48  No.5235527


Yea, but …no. Tried that tactic. Doesn't work.

5cfd56  No.5235528

>>5235414 lb

Don't bite my head off. I'm not the one reporting them as mass shooting, geez. Take a pill, anon.

848cde  No.5235529

File: 27514c9e676e099⋯.png (573.43 KB, 520x525, 104:105, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)


"And even though we didn't get to see Hussein with his A-K….I still gotta say Today was a Good Day."

Thank You for the awesome effort baker!!!

f5a54c  No.5235530


bill brennan is a good man actually, he loves the kids he fucks

he touches them nice and tender

all the pizzas, he's a real trooper

sadly he's all alone in the world of cherries

but he makes the MONEY

for his KIDS


I've seen footage D:

f35f15  No.5235531


Or what has already been said?

738e11  No.5235532

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Commie News Network Whistleblower

f437cb  No.5235533

File: a6fb37dc4856b8f⋯.jpeg (118.15 KB, 600x450, 4:3, wallfood.jpeg)

The Wall Pizza

ffa884  No.5235534


regardless its still a logical line of questioning and makes sense. I would expect these questions to be asked in this scenario.

b5541e  No.5235535

File: 5de122caed3ef34⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3021x4028, 3:4, c76ba55e0.jpg)

e51061  No.5235536

File: e18c95f53c0231a⋯.gif (987.43 KB, 497x281, 497:281, goodgrope.gif)

273ca5  No.5235537

File: 65a02bd19df0834⋯.gif (635.05 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 136590929998.gif)


says the reddit pedophile

41369c  No.5235539


is that a threat anon

a57b2f  No.5235540

90896e  No.5235541

Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

1 of 22.

#Memo shifts narrative.

#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.

#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.

#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].

#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).


[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]

Hussein [8]

Install rogue_ops

Leak C-intel/Mil assets

Cut funding to Mil

Command away from generals

Launch 'good guy' takedown (internal remove) - Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)

SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)

Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)

Blind-eye NK [nuke build]

[Clas-1, 2, 3]

Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]

Stage SC [AS [187]]

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

[CLAS 1-99]

HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]

Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL

KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]

Open borders

Revise Constitution

Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)

Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)

Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

Limit/remove funding of MIL

Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]

Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59


Pure EVIL.

Narrative intercept [4am].

Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.

Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].

Shutdown Primary Reasons.


Weaken military assets.

Inc illegal votes.

Black voters abandoning.

"Keep them starved"

"Keep them blind"

"Keep them stupid"

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

The Great Awakening.

Fight, Fight, Fight.


42ef44  No.5235542


How can you be so sure? Why does anyone think this conversation would be classified anyway? This would not be Q's first blow by blow account of closed door meetings. Still not classified.

6e0880  No.5235543

File: 2f73e64d56b2480⋯.jpg (135.54 KB, 861x1390, 861:1390, orthodox-religious-jewish-….jpg)

2bf47b  No.5235544


Don't see anything in there that needs to be CLAS.

Mueller has exceeded his mandate by a mile. He needs to be reigned in dramatically.

9674e3  No.5235545


anons know

011616  No.5235546

File: cf02ee121e4efb6⋯.mp4 (5.1 MB, 830x412, 415:206, raver patriot back up.mp4)

>>5235263 (lb)


b5541e  No.5235547

File: d94e768735b9bc5⋯.jpg (264.9 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, 8f426e739c1c.jpg)

7a72a6  No.5235548

File: 4ea29df415e2177⋯.jpeg (54.59 KB, 413x310, 413:310, EA2971FA-2521-4B08-8675-8….jpeg)


TY Baker

dc03c6  No.5235549

File: 1d1378697df2035⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1223x803, 1223:803, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at ….png)


Just got caught up….BIGBADBARR!

b5541e  No.5235550

File: 6112ca1830576a8⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 620x521, 620:521, 63867_102741_1.jpg)

38d45c  No.5235551


So you watch kiddie porn.


You are a sick fuck. Turn yourself in

f5a54c  No.5235552


bill brennan seriously doesn't understand why these fuckers are so obsessed with numbers though

king cheetoh, sure, big number means big boners and more power, that makes sense

pedos though, the number go down the number gets hard?? maybe golf is a metaphor for pedophiles? I mean that makes sense

<Does anyone know how many golf courses Bill Brennan owns in China?>

ad7fb6  No.5235553

why is the History channel giving full details of the layout of the White House atm?

looks like top secret layout

6e0880  No.5235554

File: 110ce97c4c2e226⋯.png (192.34 KB, 400x428, 100:107, 1534982078-4.png)

105661  No.5235555

So, Barr is appearing on Hannity now? Tick tock!

b5541e  No.5235556

File: 74275fa6d974809⋯.png (126.68 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 74275fa6d974809ffd3f6ac560….png)

710a85  No.5235557

File: 400b4eafbce0c18⋯.png (522.89 KB, 835x1126, 835:1126, 857b65aa36aa3818cfbf24d594….png)

>>5235473 lb

>I like vandalism better.

Q/MAGA movement to restore the rule of law.

Retarded faggot thinks promoting vandalism with memes is edgy and cool.

ab578d  No.5235558

File: cd9fd4ac16feab1⋯.jpg (372.56 KB, 1900x1425, 4:3, image.jpg)


So the faggot McCabe said that POTUS didn't believe NK had missile capability to hit US. Faggot claimed that POTUS said he knew that bc "Muh Putin". Faggot then said that the IC said that "their Intel said otherwise..blah blah.."

WHEN DID THIS MEETING TAKE PLACE? Need to line up with HAWAII incident and POTUS trip to meet ROCKET MAN.

Was "ROCKET MAN" actually a dig at the CLOWNS and (((their))) plans to launch a fake NK strike?!


09046d  No.5235559



Don’t just jump on this Baker

Read the text

This bill would prohibit the arrest of a person for a misdemeanor violation of the CUCSA or other specified sex work crimes, if that person is reporting a crime of sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, robbery, assault, kidnapping, threats, blackmail, extortion, burglary, or another violent crime.


I love you anons but sometimes you’re no better than what we’re fighting. It explicitly states sex workers cannot he arrested for snitching. FFS.

23715f  No.5235560

File: 3848614f0f858d5⋯.jpeg (95.72 KB, 1424x648, 178:81, 42529360-CAE7-4172-9461-1….jpeg)

a57b2f  No.5235561


Good. Can I get a rundown? Long day and bread is flying! Kek

f3b213  No.5235562

File: d576a5e9a8bfe01⋯.jpg (220.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AZElectionFraud2018.jpg)

Computer trouble. Was going to make a bunch of election fraud memes with factual data. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Memes are important.

b5541e  No.5235563

File: 524cd0aab6877bd⋯.png (404.12 KB, 1259x631, 1259:631, FR24041020JFKfrplane.png)

4 10 20

dc03c6  No.5235564

File: 4821f222cb76f9a⋯.jpg (9.05 KB, 259x194, 259:194, animal-house-horse.jpg)



6d54b5  No.5235565

f5a54c  No.5235566


bill brennan doesn't want to tell you that he's a curator of the good shit

it's actually a really, really hard job looking into the eyes of all the kids not enjoying themselves

pizza is a hard business guys

f8368c  No.5235567



Today 9:32pm



The White House

Office of the Press Secretary


February 17, 2019



In-Town Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP, NYT

TV Corr & Crew: ABC

Print: Buzzfeed

Radio: Sirius XM

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP, NYT

TV Corr & Crew: ABC

Print: LA Times

Radio: WSJ


7:15PM In-House Pool Call Time

7:00AM Out-of-Town Travel Pool Call Time

3:00PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Palm Beach, FL, en route to Miami, FL

Palm Beach, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

3:40PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at the Tamiami Park Landing Zone

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

3:50PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Tamiami Park Landing Zone en route to Florida International University Ocean Bank Convocation Center

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

3:55PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Florida International University Ocean Bank Convocation Center

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

4:25PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks to the Venezuelan American community

Miami, FL

Open Press

5:20PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Florida International University Ocean Bank Convocation Center en route to Miami International Airport

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

5:35PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Miami International Airport

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

5:45PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Miami, FL, en route to Washington, D.C.

Miami, FL

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

7:55PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Joint Base Andrews

Joint Base Andrews

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

8:05PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House

Joint Base Andrews

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

8:15PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at the White House

South Lawn

In-Town Travel Pool



Public Pool is an automated feed of White House press pool reports. For live updates, follow @WHPublicPool on Twitter.

b0d1a9  No.5235568

File: 0863c8b94846d5f⋯.png (267.26 KB, 639x465, 213:155, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 021d05debe0b178⋯.png (158.34 KB, 632x580, 158:145, ClipboardImage.png)


McCabe said it. Sarah Carter reported it.

It's happening.

65a7dd  No.5235569

File: 94998c4e1027244⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1200x1521, 400:507, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5235501 Witt?

904c8c  No.5235570


Haha, Yeah right! Kek DEMS and compassion in same sentence.

c498c8  No.5235571

File: b3407f2fbb2ba28⋯.png (1.12 MB, 2218x1514, 1109:757, checkd.png)

b51876  No.5235572


None of the responses are incriminating, anyway. Anons are inserting their

own interpretations into what they mean without knowing complete answers (many

were not given) or the full context.

46c438  No.5235573


Only low IQ boomers are falling for this slide. In other words, no one of consequence believes you

ad7fb6  No.5235574

Obama is a lefty

6e0880  No.5235575

File: 0017f92ed84c38e⋯.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1657x1668, 1657:1668, 1540339589.jpeg)

273ca5  No.5235576

File: eecb1ddf879288d⋯.gif (684.26 KB, 283x161, 283:161, AriGTFO.gif)


go back to reddit . its obvious you cant handle this place . GET!


3199a2  No.5235577

File: e019e3195e32ad0⋯.png (628.51 KB, 689x795, 13:15, e019e3195e32ad09e6c7744835….png)



7aca0e  No.5235578


Why is the History channel telling the world what is underneath the WhiteHouse ?? The bunker has at least 6 floors now all under the WhiteHouse. Who are they signaling ??

5f3da2  No.5235579

File: 8f30c41cd6b06fc⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1199x735, 1199:735, ClipboardImage.png)

5f5282  No.5235580

File: 224184d473371bc⋯.jpg (4.93 MB, 6147x4507, 6147:4507, PlanMapNewPhase.jpg)

this was made a while ago, lays out early crumbs about Mueller and Huber

haven't gotten around to add the Whitaker and Barr crumbs, but have the outline there

There is a parallel investigation ongoing, Mueller exonerates Trump while Huber builds up to the prosecutions

open in a new tab and zoom if you want to





MUELLER EXONERATES POTUS, supervised by RR for OPTICS (publicly)








MUELLER EXONERATES POTUS, supervised by Whitaker for OPTICS (publicly)

HUBER PROSECUTES ENEMIES, supervised by Whitaker for OPTICS (silently)




4fe83d  No.5235581

File: bd0e0b0b83f4895⋯.jpg (51.32 KB, 499x499, 1:1, high.jpg)

>>5235420 (OP)

420 Bread.



b5541e  No.5235582

File: b44aa146a829fee⋯.png (337.14 KB, 626x618, 313:309, VKCigarSmileHat.png)

9be41e  No.5235583

SpiritAnon here…….I must tell you who you are

We are all one, and we are living that in the independence of our ability to live our individuality in the way we feel inspired to. So, dear family, go on forth and continue living the way you choose and know that as you do so you are returning to the reality of how we are all expressing ourselves in the ways that we have agreed with each other to do. Based in Love, the more we return to that every moment feeling, the more we will follow and dance with each other in our lives of the day.

f7190b  No.5235584


How will you breakfast reality?

b81bac  No.5235585

File: 3a262167381a734⋯.jpeg (80.42 KB, 820x461, 820:461, 9390EF55-473B-4543-B8C4-6….jpeg)

File: f508b9761506759⋯.jpeg (62.04 KB, 407x384, 407:384, 2BE2F665-E0F0-4E21-9970-E….jpeg)

b5541e  No.5235586

File: 2722bf7847991b1⋯.png (304.55 KB, 635x624, 635:624, VKItAllStarts.png)

14e931  No.5235587

R ya'll spreading the last q drop??? I am not seeing it much on Twitter!

Spread it!

It is going to probably be something that drops tomorrow and we had it word for word before it drops.

We are the news now!! Let's go Twitter folks!

dc03c6  No.5235588


"BIG" week ahead!

Barr kicking RM & RR ass!

f3b213  No.5235589

File: bcf9704fdefb89c⋯.jpg (343.65 KB, 1697x686, 1697:686, 2019_02_17_20:02:55Z.jpg)


Q posted hypothetical conversation

f5a54c  No.5235590


bill brennan actually laughed his ass off during (((PROJECT MIDNIGHT CLIMAX)))

like he kept running to the redlight district and finding random johns to bring back to (((OVERDOSE))) on (((LSD))) (((6 TABS NOTHING HAPPENED WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT ME DEAD))) and finding new johns and "lol look what this one does"

anyway brusselsprouts and asparagus is way better than artichokes

microwaves are where it's at

thanks for that one bill <3

ef2739  No.5235591


Spoiler that shit.

ad7fb6  No.5235592


I was wondering the same thing as I am watching it….looks like too much info being given out

f97db1  No.5235593


and the winner is the one with double dubs. congrats anon.

abe983  No.5235594

File: 7f67abdbba954ee⋯.gif (9.04 MB, 600x420, 10:7, 175AA5ED-C72E-49B1-9D09-2C….gif)

904c8c  No.5235595

File: 5f5794b6b856e0a⋯.jpg (416.71 KB, 1080x709, 1080:709, Screenshot_20190217-132122….jpg)

b5541e  No.5235596

File: 3b3199130a701ad⋯.png (68.78 KB, 636x463, 636:463, VKtwowayroad.png)

2bf47b  No.5235597

File: 4208f2833bb3cda⋯.png (415.22 KB, 1328x1284, 332:321, ClipboardImage.png)


[RR] mandate to Mueller (public).


fcf06b  No.5235598

File: 778f98c75c16da4⋯.png (150.88 KB, 802x491, 802:491, 778f98c75c16da49d09b1efbed….png)

Kek in you nice JFK Jr living at sea. You included a pic of this doc??

Why I have read the thread I do not see attachment to JFK Jr Help me out Thanks.

41369c  No.5235599


gay tell God to go back to reddit

6f982a  No.5235600


Play my organ, you humourless bush-comber.

f5a54c  No.5235601


billx is the premiere in priming children into cocksucking

good hypnotic shit, he's a pro

6e0880  No.5235602

File: 0a546e915dcdc24⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 55b64254371d22ce178b9b9d-7….jpg)

b5541e  No.5235603

File: 7d540b480935e67⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 635x577, 635:577, JFKJRJebScaredNobodyEscape….jpg)

56aa52  No.5235604

File: da630bbb7cbd425⋯.jpeg (24.22 KB, 425x395, 85:79, A-Q-sign.jpeg)

God brings along those who will, and drags those who won't.

(Paraphrasing) Joseph Campbell.

I just got done listening to one of Q's videos he posted today. Amazing! Everyone is waking up, some more than others, but God is dragging them along!

Praise be to God!


Such interesting times we live in, eh? And no, I'm not Canadian, I just hung around with some in my younger days.

fca4bf  No.5235605




da07d1  No.5235606

Hey Qtrump

You say you are always here

I doubt it

You suck

Sure would be nice if you started busting some ball instead of playing "delta" games

You know the country is lost right?

f5a54c  No.5235607


vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampv vampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp vampvampvampvampvampvampvampvampvamp

682d40  No.5235608



f3fcf1  No.5235609

File: 4fe0a185e09cbc7⋯.gif (141.61 KB, 571x800, 571:800, jaffaR.gif)




Nothing materializes.

273ca5  No.5235610


remeber that gofund me after getting fired . that faggot had the audacity to beg for money since he lost out on his penision for his own shaddy ways

951298  No.5235611

File: 462afbc71e75d1b⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 525x329, 75:47, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at ….jpg)

File: c940ca913757210⋯.jpg (52.61 KB, 415x260, 83:52, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at ….jpg)

af9834  No.5235612

File: 5dbed0afa221f29⋯.jpeg (67.2 KB, 500x706, 250:353, E1316B47-DA51-4CEC-BF0D-9….jpeg)

5f3da2  No.5235613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

683d89  No.5235614

File: f30dac8bb692116⋯.png (387.15 KB, 603x507, 201:169, BB re MSM that fueled Smol….PNG)

File: 08a2ba19543b696⋯.png (288.62 KB, 520x887, 520:887, 1 BB re MSM that fueled Sm….PNG)

File: 6add2f8db1bdfdc⋯.png (79.14 KB, 527x804, 527:804, 2 BB re MSM that fueled Sm….PNG)

File: cab4c5493e9fe6c⋯.png (40.4 KB, 601x404, 601:404, 3 BB re MSM that fueled Sm….PNG)

12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames



3199a2  No.5235615


My second double dubs in the past hour.

I'm on a roll! Kek

41369c  No.5235616


so fucked anon

so so so fucked

i wish everyone else was dead to spare them from it

f5a54c  No.5235617




























5df9bf  No.5235618


What a stupid ass signature.

af417b  No.5235619

File: 96a51505491da97⋯.png (417.08 KB, 883x669, 883:669, Q JFK JR OFFICIAL TWITTER.PNG)





JFK jr 2024


Feb 5

Welcome to the campaign headquarters of JFK jr 2024!


*If you click on his image display below his account name and follow thru the images, it is a story about JFK JR and DJT

and other stuff

38d45c  No.5235620


Hi spirit anon. Since we are zll one,i need to know if you liked it when i fapped the other day. Did i do the twist and pull correctly? Need more lube? Any helpful hints for a better fapping experience for you would be appreciated.

fcd81b  No.5235621





f5a54c  No.5235622






































8ae8fb  No.5235623


Hey tard, it's known as Q team for a reason, did you know?

b0d1a9  No.5235624


yup. but he's going down.

b404ca  No.5235625


have you ever shitposted before?

41369c  No.5235626


im seriously going to eat your soul when i get out of here faggotanon

prison earth

f5a54c  No.5235627



273ca5  No.5235628


i really wonder what was in those notes, hopefully we will find out soon .

848cde  No.5235629


Good words. No need for a name.


6e0880  No.5235630

File: 7a9f2c67441535a⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 474x648, 79:108, 28081dd9783e4ea315f8894a83….jpg)

5cfd56  No.5235631


you're an idiot. See ya next bread.

b5541e  No.5235632

File: eeafe22c7093177⋯.png (45.72 KB, 634x630, 317:315, VKnT4TweetObservations2.png)

File: 26d20bf2b62e538⋯.png (58.07 KB, 633x559, 633:559, VKnT4TweetObservations.png)

File: 27bbdcfdef4aba8⋯.png (218.77 KB, 1306x485, 1306:485, VKPayingAttention.png)

4f10c9  No.5235633

File: 088932580124ebd⋯.png (22.82 KB, 729x284, 729:284, storms.png)

File: 8c95714960015da⋯.jpg (82.61 KB, 640x640, 1:1, sibyl.jpg)

"Storms are coming."


Our Alexandrian Sibyl

I can only think Q has tapped teen recruits to write her material, including her double-entendre tweets.

And these guys are all high as a no-tank K2 climber chewing coca for altitude sickness.

Just wild.

>>5234299 (pb)


f5a54c  No.5235634


not into soulvore try again

c498c8  No.5235635


I like the number 17.

Signed, 5/17/17

9f87b6  No.5235636

File: 53c6bdd9ac2265f⋯.png (516.65 KB, 760x427, 760:427, 2019-02-17_22-57-55.png)

File: a4db18564e5d977⋯.png (543.17 KB, 756x422, 378:211, 2019-02-17_22-57-26.png)

b5541e  No.5235637

File: 3a93beea1096d01⋯.png (137.53 KB, 634x399, 634:399, VKnT4TweetObservations5.png)

File: c1499e5af1ddd57⋯.png (51.81 KB, 634x589, 634:589, VKnT4TweetObservations4.png)

File: e569e51f46513d1⋯.png (47.35 KB, 621x559, 621:559, VKnT4TweetObservations3.png)

951298  No.5235638

File: 3eb87a8cd2b18b3⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 650x370, 65:37, flippoles.jpg)

Something Big is Coming; Dark to Light; the World is Going to Change?

9674e3  No.5235639

love when he is on the move!!!

things are happening!!!

999bb3  No.5235640


Lazy as fuck. Body R?

b29293  No.5235641

File: 5a97821554ccc7b⋯.jpg (117.01 KB, 616x697, 616:697, NP AOC Immoral Ignorant.jpg)

b51876  No.5235642


The full-scope memo is still classified. RR didn't write that until after McCabe was

removed. He couldn't. He couldn't let the DS know what he was really after.

5f5282  No.5235643

File: 2a1c0589bb52a6a⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 2a1c0589bb52a6aeb316f39513….gif)


fuck off shillfaggot

48337c  No.5235644

>>5234584 (pb)

Q was on move, asked to disregard typos

ae28fe  No.5235645

File: deab50e7ee30b77⋯.jpeg (45.9 KB, 625x415, 125:83, 39CC9AC6-C3B0-4D52-97C7-7….jpeg)

6f982a  No.5235646


Stop groping yourself and think for a minute.

Do you think that everyone who's going to take the redpill thinks like you from the outset, bonehead?

011616  No.5235647


just like that hypothetical closed door congressional testimony he quoted before anyone else had their hands on it?

f5a54c  No.5235648


haha still works


105661  No.5235649

9183d1  No.5235650

6e0880  No.5235651

File: a221fdd92f9fc63⋯.png (313.95 KB, 425x521, 425:521, 1539222528.png)

10ac68  No.5235652


Information without the ability to act on said information useless. Only a state actor would posses the weaponry needed to penetrate *stated defenses* and that would be suicide for the regime who tried.

It's useless information presented as a vehicle to sell you SUV's and cruise ship vacations. POTUS is safe.

2615c0  No.5235653


Good point.

I’m tired of “anons knew” and something “big” is gonna happen.

When is it going main stream? When is SOMETHING going to happen to slap the public awake? I could care less if DC is in a panic. You need to transfer that to the public saying wtf? And seeking reality.

b81bac  No.5235654

b5541e  No.5235655

File: 044986d547ae52c⋯.png (27.24 KB, 634x273, 634:273, VKWallWarIII.png)

File: 714a23a39cc8a1b⋯.png (34.15 KB, 633x514, 633:514, VKFinalInbound.png)

File: 3008d6d57bd1af3⋯.png (24.46 KB, 636x261, 212:87, VKWatch.png)

5f5282  No.5235656


yea, that was last bread

if you noticed, Q posted the post above that one

a 2 second delta ffs

0aaea3  No.5235657


Not an argument but a fallacy, faggot. Get out of your mother's basement, get some fresh air, and get a real job.

f35f15  No.5235658


Does CLAS 1-99 refer to Obama’s State Secrets? It falls right at the end of the Devil’s reign and the beginning of Killery’s in their plan.

999bb3  No.5235659

File: f2ce7d4cc4dd509⋯.jpeg (215.1 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, received_588868884908092.jpeg)

f3fcf1  No.5235660


It's Jaffa, baby.

b5541e  No.5235661

File: b130167195b460d⋯.png (102.95 KB, 792x1021, 792:1021, International_Morse_Code.png)

f5a54c  No.5235662

File: d078bf9f748c692⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1285x703, 1285:703, compsciwitch.png)


273ca5  No.5235663

File: 86e342066f0f6e9⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 391x333, 391:333, cat punching self.gif)




fcd81b  No.5235664



would explain why they're CLAS

f3fcf1  No.5235665

File: 81ce497f2cdda05⋯.png (352.27 KB, 533x526, 533:526, 1523865695216.png)

904c8c  No.5235666

File: 0d2212ff5e79d2f⋯.jpg (254.09 KB, 1080x708, 90:59, Screenshot_20190217-200032….jpg)

8eb4dc  No.5235667

POTUS is pissed they would try to block his National emergency ….. I think the Pain is coming soon

b5541e  No.5235668

File: ac9f1316dbf1958⋯.png (75.48 KB, 627x560, 627:560, VFoutsideWashington.png)

9be41e  No.5235669


It’s was poor tasted, beastiality no preferred

2ffbf3  No.5235670

>>5235555 quads confirms? is this RT (hannity right now)

164413  No.5235671

File: 91f2e499e45f0dc⋯.jpeg (3.42 KB, 220x152, 55:38, 469d61759c26836a8ab4bb566….jpeg)

F-15 meant February 15.

But what about the double meaning?

F-18? It is a fighter jet too.

February 18?


Presidents Day.

d3d590  No.5235672

File: edd3c48fdf45720⋯.png (90.43 KB, 640x438, 320:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 107e0b2c8595e0e⋯.png (175.98 KB, 379x1077, 379:1077, ClipboardImage.png)

Kamala must follow Q!

e07376  No.5235673

6e0880  No.5235674

File: 145a64281cc3f25⋯.jpg (938.56 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, renegadejewcontest.jpg)

4fe83d  No.5235675

File: 4f128000285f62a⋯.png (849.09 KB, 988x953, 988:953, 180b3b0ad51a0ae1d51950025f….png)


kek, that faggot is going down

f5a54c  No.5235676


niggerblog niggerblog

38d45c  No.5235677


Nothing will happen until Mueller is done.

Good news! Q just claimed he would be soon.

And by soon,it could be a year or more. You know how this works by now.

f3fcf1  No.5235678

File: 996321bf8692395⋯.png (74.76 KB, 1371x928, 1371:928, 1523932671746.png)


Tripps have it.

Jews are fucking evil.

0aaea3  No.5235679


Many things are happening anon - stay in the loop.

5ed489  No.5235680

File: e01d1184784a7da⋯.png (241.43 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, q99clas.png)


anons…. just did a control-f on all Q posts

for "CLAS " "CLAS." and "CLAS-"

got 99 total results

ea49d8  No.5235681

Should be obvious that many of Q's recent posts (about which, some anons have got their panties twisted (impatience)), added with reference to 'reach', are in fact intended for a wider audience. Consider those who are just now waking up. What do they need to see right now?

b5541e  No.5235682

File: ecac8c1231d201e⋯.png (543.8 KB, 586x580, 293:290, VkFlagFringe.png)

f5a54c  No.5235683


When you come out, your shit is gone.

7a72a6  No.5235684

File: 3fc7d36e5043f51⋯.jpeg (258.5 KB, 565x620, 113:124, A01518B9-79EB-4C80-892D-1….jpeg)

105661  No.5235685


Barr is going to give Marine Bob a good talking to before he puts Roger Stone away for an email!

2ffbf3  No.5235686



(anon nominated) fast bread

thanks for fact checking will edit

682d40  No.5235687


>I’m tired of “anons knew” and something “big” is gonna happen.


We need real happenings.

In public, for the public.

No more 'secret' news on 8chan.

REAL news, for the world to see.

904c8c  No.5235688

File: bee4d121d276cdc⋯.jpg (788.38 KB, 1080x1391, 1080:1391, Screenshot_20190217-200200….jpg)

de1293  No.5235689


Are they really so dumb to leave so much evidence around?

Why not take much greater care to set up a hoax of this magnitude?

Most anyone of us could have done a better job.

Sloppy or just lazy?

a55a19  No.5235690

>>5235085 lb

>>5235128 lb

I think you might have been looking for the self flagellation thread. This is /qresearch/

How much help do you think Q really needs?

One day it will dawn on you what 8ch is really about and that your involvement has been important, maybe even vital, to this effort. Meanwhile, you've got a front row seat to witness history being made. Contribute what you can. But also, remember to sit back and enjoy the movie.

9be41e  No.5235691

“THE CREATOR, is THE One Being, the One Person, if you will, the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One SELF, the ONE LIFE, the ONE SOUL of which you are a portion, the ONE POWER–THE ONE REALITY.”

9674e3  No.5235692

ef2739  No.5235693


As we all know, q has fucked up definition of "soon".

6f982a  No.5235694


I'd rather be banging your wife in the daytime while your toiling away at your drear "career", fugget.

6e0880  No.5235695

File: 155ae56402af2f3⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1539849502.jpg)

f3b213  No.5235696

>>5235647 we have no way to know if it's real or hypothetical. Presumably the latter. However it is enlightening to walk through those trains of thought. Dialog form makes it more "real" to normies.

cfd709  No.5235697

File: 83defc4c4cbd477⋯.jpg (271.39 KB, 1419x808, 1419:808, Urgent_National_Emergency!.JPG)

After reviewing the crime statistical data and the numbers of illegal aliens crossing our southern border, I was appalled! THIS IS MUCH MORE THAN A NATIONAL EMERGENCY! It’s a literal invasion and the crime data is shocking.

The American taxpayers should NOT be subjected to the astronomical cost of footing the bill for these invading illegals, nor should Americans be subjected to the high crime risk of allowing unverified criminals into our cities across the America.

We the People need to hold our government ACCOUNTABLE to protect our borders and ensure our cities across America are safe for our children and loved ones! It is the DUTY of our government to protect our nation and our borders and they should be held accountable for their miserable failure to do so.



6d54b5  No.5235698



d254a6  No.5235699

File: 1a2060755025601⋯.jpg (11.75 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 3426ceb55e623810e289c48ae7….jpg)

Proposition for all anons:

In good spirits of this movement, and to potentially recruit more autists, I move to start a petition to acknowledge the 17th of every month be known as "Q Day".

how bout it anons?

273ca5  No.5235700


im sure it was expected .

if you havent noticed by now, the team are 43443 steps ahead and know EVERYTHING . military planning at its finest .

f3fcf1  No.5235702


Right after that, he will start working hard to remove what's left of the 2nd amendment, while all the criminals in CD run free.

6da61c  No.5235703

File: cfefe5f9b6c2d77⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 640x580, 32:29, cfe.jpg)

f5a54c  No.5235704

File: 1f46331b31ce50c⋯.png (2.37 MB, 425x751, 425:751, L1.png)

File: aba79b3c44651ce⋯.png (1.9 MB, 425x751, 425:751, L2.png)

File: 2c6b5c8c3ea1ae1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 425x751, 425:751, L3.png)

File: 20bcf3b7accecbe⋯.png (303.38 KB, 751x425, 751:425, L4.png)


Goin' back to Tangier

With some Jordans and a spear

Post-Christian shit

Post chicken or the egg addiction shit

Pass the sherm stick


Be the freak you wanna see

Just don't follow me

I'm on a journey to

The center of three

Grab your fucking chain and drag you through the bike lane

While everybody's like no

I got this pregnant snake

Stay surrounded by long hairs

A plethora of maniacs

And spiral stairs

Make your water break

In the apple store

Sink or swim, who fucking cares

Cut the birth cords

Press send

Yeah thick

Gaga can't handle this shit

Headed for the Sammy Davis wing

Throw up a black hole at the entrance of linens n things

On the way

Never call it a day

Visit Tesla's grave for the ninth time today

Still on the way

Bigger wigs

I'm in your area

I know the first three numbers

I'm in

When you come out

Your shit is gone

You'll catch a jpeg to the head

Über reach

You're an intern

On Wikileaks

Most loved therefore most hated

Come and knock on the door we've been waiting for you

Game changer

Reclusive aggressive

Yingin and yanging noided

Info warrior jack the hacker

The rolling stoner

Profit on disaster

My existence is a

Momentary lapse of reason

Got the DNA of gothic lemons

Shred it thirteen times

Out of eleven

Your bad ideas are the ATM

Shed my skin

Leave it for the homeless

To sleep it

Prodigal, fuck that nautical

Teachin' bitches how to swim

I'm in your area

I know the first three numbers

I'm in

(Teachin' bitches how to swim)

Now backstroke

Through your k-hole

Don't run

Ya might slip

The table's flipped now we got all the coconuts bitch

Burmese babies under each arm

Screamin' beautiful songs

The cray cray ultra contrarion

Havin' conversations

With your car alarm

When you come out

Your shit is gone

Soon your crew will be servin' sandwiches named after me

Vietnamese style fool, please

Front row at the mass games

Untraceable by name

You speak of us in certain circles you will be dethroned or detained


I'm in your area

I know the first three numbers

I'm in

b5541e  No.5235705

File: 167ee19821bb1fb⋯.png (46 KB, 590x403, 590:403, VKGoldSilverReal.png)

b51876  No.5235706


I doubt he's "pissed." He was hoping for it. He gets them on record defending open

borders, drug and human trafficking, and a literal invasion every day while this is in

the courts. The MSM will be forced to cover all of it. Headline news until they

figure out he played them… again.

fcd81b  No.5235708


i think today agrees with you already

723119  No.5235709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a9e196  No.5235710


The world is watching. We are the media now.

b5541e  No.5235711

File: bd29cc860e2fa33⋯.png (53.25 KB, 635x513, 635:513, VKDay8.png)

09046d  No.5235712


Thank you baker

ba532c  No.5235713

>>5235414 pb

Agree on the "screaming" part, but…

Anything left un-dug will simple encourage more of the same.

Proven dry holes are as valuable as gushers, to those trying to see the big picture.

5f3da2  No.5235714

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bde2fb  No.5235715

File: 3bcd97aa84349e9⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 960x651, 320:217, cxfbddq0akc21.jpg)

b5541e  No.5235716

File: af46ad043b6fb4b⋯.png (59.29 KB, 634x594, 317:297, VKSynced.png)

be6b26  No.5235717


That is depressing.

951298  No.5235718

File: a180f16fa3710dc⋯.jpg (140.2 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, anonswearethenews.jpg)

d786dd  No.5235719


Are you suggesting he wants us to refer to him as Bart?

If not, who's Bart and why does he matter here?

That also caught my eye and this is an area I've been particular fascinated with despite no one really wanting to reveal a whole lot about the subject.

b5541e  No.5235720

File: b0ac7ce63a39174⋯.png (58.33 KB, 630x531, 70:59, JFKJRRevolutionComing.png)

459162  No.5235721

In less than 36 hours now, we will open the box on the Schroedingers Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Tomorrow is Presidents day, i’m going to guess we get some weird tweets from certain people, and more “coincidental” shootings.

3199a2  No.5235722


If you could stop trying to slide the bread with this fake and gay shit that'd be nice.

You are glowing faggot…

848cde  No.5235723


Well now….

a58824  No.5235724

File: 7ba6a98cf6cc535⋯.png (961.53 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Curious Frog Q Alpha.png)


everyday is Q Day

ffa884  No.5235725


a lot of these concernfags and newfags need to understand this. shit is happening every single day but theyre too narrow minded to see the bigger picture. the 40,000 ft view, let alone our anons view at 90,000 from the SR-71

24bdf6  No.5235726

>>5234560 (lb)

Anyone else notice Q didn't post the responses from Mueller to the questions near the end? Because those answers would reveal Mueller is on /ourteam/ and Q/POTUS don't want that revealed yet.

581a58  No.5235727

File: 722364e521125fa⋯.jpg (159.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 451.jpg)

File: 41b56892290b2f0⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5.jpg)

b5541e  No.5235728

File: 09db5d73f041a97⋯.jpg (110.95 KB, 592x701, 592:701, VKneedstobeputin.jpg)

ece72b  No.5235729

File: c8c8ad54bea43dc⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2ty6um.jpg)

4fe83d  No.5235730

File: 88011306223d2cb⋯.png (601.6 KB, 539x599, 539:599, enjoy.png)


Would 1, 2, 3, 4 years be soon as opposed to, say, the past 5,000?

f3fcf1  No.5235731

There have been several significant FF's since Trump took office.

Yet, not one has been exposed.

Why is that again?


5f3da2  No.5235732

File: a5cb63b4a138846⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 500x306, 250:153, gentlemen.gif)

8f974e  No.5235733

File: d7f7b2a1fab74ad⋯.png (1.69 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

e3ec90  No.5235734

File: c98f4f875586b8a⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 1080x356, 270:89, Screenshot_20190217-195959….jpg)

when all else fails, use social media as a political weapon to character assassinate 🙄 problem is, many ppl fall for this tactic 😐😑

65a7dd  No.5235735

File: 53900462635efb8⋯.png (735.75 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5235666 Polish PM cancels trip to Israel in wake of comments on Poles in Holocaust


ecb966  No.5235736


This is so pathetic. The JFK jr/vincent shill got himself a twitter account, so he can post the crap here, and try and make himself look legit in some way.

Q said JFKjr is dead. PERIOD

a3ec1e  No.5235737

File: 85e2e3872b5c70e⋯.jpg (175.86 KB, 1078x749, 154:107, Zk0R7Ck.jpg)

b81bac  No.5235738

File: 1f911311e57ad5c⋯.jpeg (66.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6984AAB8-891E-48B4-BA66-D….jpeg)

File: 0ef5be14e6220b8⋯.jpeg (72.25 KB, 602x500, 301:250, F6F78AA8-F241-47C1-997B-B….jpeg)

File: 95243466b0f7979⋯.jpeg (70.75 KB, 669x880, 669:880, 77A8E286-7022-4775-A443-C….jpeg)

File: a3c4001434e0eb6⋯.jpeg (59.37 KB, 520x537, 520:537, 121EA858-98D2-4227-B849-4….jpeg)

8ae8fb  No.5235739


We must have a D day too.

And since a D alone is not too much, and to honor POTUS, there should be a J day and a T day. Kek!

10ac68  No.5235740


The answer my fren is Tits.

What's better than waking up and seeing a spectacular set of sweater cows first thing in the morning? Tits can mollify even the most disturbed partisan. Tits are the secret to world peace.

38d45c  No.5235741


Q never mentioned soon,or anytime at all,that was me interjecting. But the fictional conversation Mueller, Barr post was meant to imply. Either way,the rest of that conversation goes something like this.

Mueller,go take a walk Barr.

Barr, ok buddy.

Mueller. I wont end this investigation because when i do,my ass will be in prison.

c3fd19  No.5235742


Donny ya fuckin druggo.

b5541e  No.5235743

File: 4e77bc0c9eb7c6b⋯.png (82.29 KB, 1302x562, 651:281, VK23hasnttweeted.png)

Check the date. kek

6e0880  No.5235744

File: 5637326dca40529⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 397x595, 397:595, downloadfile-6.jpg)

809bce  No.5235745


Q posted to disregard the typo. On the move.

b5541e  No.5235746

File: 69b8c4b51462abe⋯.png (229.44 KB, 587x567, 587:567, T4ExtraN.png)

329e2b  No.5235747


I think we will be ok, potus trolls these people. He exposes them quickly to us through making knee jerk statements.

However Patriots are very jumpy right now. Ohio has a rally march 28th, hb 228 mistakenly makes certain firearms illegal. They are planning a rally at the statehouse in Columbus. Been following it in fakebook. It's in the recent notables

fdaef9  No.5235748

File: c72adbe2c3e3e3f⋯.mp4 (8.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cruisecontrolPand.mp4)

6f982a  No.5235749


If it was out there, Autists wouldn't have missed it.

It's debatable at this point.

2ffbf3  No.5235750


>>5235614 12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames

>>5235568 McCabe said it. Sarah Carter reported it

>>5235567 WH Press Schedule for Pres day

nom nom nominate notables for me fam

42f7ff  No.5235751

File: 6c9606ed765a9ca⋯.jpg (247.26 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DznyNDJVsAAAR9u.jpg)

thoughts anons?

ffa884  No.5235752


or because anons already know the answers

ef2739  No.5235753

If we are simply watching a movie, (no action required), then we are NPCs.

Fuck that.

b5541e  No.5235754

File: 2e9f7044218982f⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 413x450, 413:450, 20pctopac.jpg)

File: 5211f7f2b672238⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 416x448, 13:14, 30pctopac.jpg)

File: 4df2300ea407e73⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 418x448, 209:224, 60pctopac.jpg)

File: 59b643a95b81604⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 411x444, 137:148, 80pctopac.jpg)

File: 81a86f7d24e63f0⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 433x452, 433:452, 100pctopac.jpg)

7c5617  No.5235755

File: c32b4e9e79edbda⋯.jpeg (44.62 KB, 564x388, 141:97, FakeNews.jpeg)

2bf47b  No.5235756

File: d8e153fdb92fb7c⋯.png (645.64 KB, 1236x1398, 206:233, ClipboardImage.png)

Of course NP deleted her tweet about the fraud Jussie. She is slimy politician with the moral compass of the pirate Blackbeard.

f3b213  No.5235757


That is not Kek.

That is some kind of green monster.

You have to go back.

Reddit beckons.

5f3da2  No.5235758

File: 4151cfc7eacb0b9⋯.png (236.28 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)




Andrew McCabe: The full 60 Minutes interview

Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe tells 60 Minutes about taking over for James Comey, starting investigations of President Trump, interactions with the president and his own firing

b5541e  No.5235759

File: 573fdd9834a5c86⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 502x628, 251:314, carolynbksplit30s50s.jpg)

File: 8a03e787c38d554⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 511x583, 511:583, carolynbksplit62pctopac.jpg)

File: 43c72290b617751⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 499x616, 499:616, Carolynbksplitnoopacity.jpg)

File: 5ab63c1a05247d1⋯.png (490.56 KB, 1055x418, 1055:418, Carolynbksplitsvariableopa….png)

6e0880  No.5235760

File: 34a1d51bd89c972⋯.jpg (193.06 KB, 700x520, 35:26, l-9622.jpg)

5c9610  No.5235761

6. April Ryan – CNN analyst

“This attack on @ JussieSmollett is a hate crime and should be treated as such!” affirmed CNN’s April Ryan, in response to the NAACP’s Derrick Johnson, who claimed the actor had been a victim of a “racist, homophobic attack” and that “divisive, hateful rhetoric” is putting “lives at risk.


904c8c  No.5235762

File: c193f9eecc54a67⋯.jpg (416.95 KB, 1080x639, 120:71, Screenshot_20190217-200341….jpg)


I saw Hitler was a Rothschild?

Weren't the Rothschilds Jewish?

Hitler Hated Jews?

Some wacky crazy self hatred?

676812  No.5235763

File: 324189ed77af341⋯.png (362.81 KB, 617x476, 617:476, ClipboardImage.png)

Coincidence that JFK Jr. would be in the R.E.M. video "Everybody Hurts," and that would be the song that was featured on POTUS's sad Dems at the SOTU video?

Remember, Q said no coincidences.

Watch/listen to the video for the music but also notice one other guy featured that has a hat similar, but he also has an earring in his left ear and wearing something completely different.


fcd81b  No.5235764


This is not a game.

Learn to play the game.

think that over,

and what it tells you

273ca5  No.5235765


oh yeah for sure

a year or so ago, there was a guy in my town who was murudured by an illegal after the guy hired a contractor for house work, then the contractors did a shitty job and the guy told them they did and wasnt goign to pay the remaining payments

anyway they killed him, dumped his body in the river and not a peep from the media .

shit goes on a lot more than what people think and what gets reported .

7c5617  No.5235766

File: 21168a1872159a2⋯.png (939.27 KB, 1458x1460, 729:730, HRC.png)

ffa884  No.5235767

9fe5d1  No.5235768

File: c3b3cd1ebaed058⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 430x287, 430:287, 4990797.jpg)

14e931  No.5235769


Naw man I didn't take this as hypothetical at all

f1951b  No.5235770

File: 7df691ac0628802⋯.jpeg (292.53 KB, 1024x2284, 256:571, PictureQ.jpeg)

>>5234035 (pb)

OK, anons, reposting for the 4th time as it could possibly be BIG! HIT ME WITH LOGIC!

Folllow my prior thread for notes but the graphic is key.

I think there are REAL signs that DJT is IDing Michael Anton as part of the Q team and pointing to the pic that prompts the Question.

I could be wrong. TELL ME WHY!

d786dd  No.5235771


Read the post I responded to.

c927f2  No.5235772


what am i suppose to think about? Too much there to know what you are wondering

9674e3  No.5235773






disinformation is the best information!

or what kinda information am i about.

welll I speak information and how did I get these 2 capital "i"s into a sentencess/?


951298  No.5235774

File: 20770278631033c⋯.jpg (79.91 KB, 643x482, 643:482, hilterlongassmovie.jpg)

682d40  No.5235775


"Not to go to deep, but gold is worth more than you know in this universe."

I'm so fed up with this BS.

IF "gold is worth more than you know", why not tell us, what we don't know?

What sense does it make, to hint at secret "knowledge", but NEVER come to terms?

Why should I care about postings that only exist to tell me, that I DON'T know something?

904c8c  No.5235776


Oh yeah! She's smokin!

544f96  No.5235777

File: 951fcd10a22bbf8⋯.jpg (356.73 KB, 986x1933, 986:1933, _20190217_230553.JPG)

ab578d  No.5235778

The fake NK missile attack had two goals.

Start WW3 for $$$$$$ and prove POTUS needed to be removed per 25th amendment.

5c9610  No.5235779


8. Zerlina Maxwell – MSNBC analyst

“The media is broken. If they can’t call the attack on Jussie racist straight up then they need to find alternative employment,” argued the MSNBC analyst, scrutinizing any media that had been referring to the incident as an “apparent hate crime.”

“Apparent HATE CRIME?” continued Maxwell, “Sure bc that has a legal definition. But to be clear pouring bleach on a Black person while you are yelling about MAGA = RACIST”

b51876  No.5235780



A bunch of crazies posting on the infinity chans, or "citizen journalists" that reach

maybe a few hundred K followers figuring out what is going on doesn't matter to the

long-term goal of Trump's exoneration. The rest find out when they want everyone

to know. Until then, they'll keep being ambiguous.

0aaea3  No.5235781

File: fb880048df28df9⋯.png (247.59 KB, 788x482, 394:241, 1528914105.png)


I am thoroughly enjoying the movie anon. I've been here from day 1, and at times, yes, it has been difficult, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn… patience.

848cde  No.5235782

File: 26f727d12f506d5⋯.jpg (348.72 KB, 1984x1143, 1984:1143, 8b58aa3367dee760c14ff31f4c….jpg)


I'm ALL for them and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Great work Anon.

b5541e  No.5235783

File: 4838b3cccd9c0e3⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, DjiNH2SV4AABYZy.jpg)

File: 8a537410c3d4fb8⋯.png (11.56 KB, 697x206, 697:206, DentalfagReCarolyn.png)

Dentist confirms: teeth are a perfect match.

7c5617  No.5235784

File: 502525f94b8afdd⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 728x994, 52:71, FLYNN.jpg)

d254a6  No.5235785

File: 59cdedc39fa7d7a⋯.png (64.87 KB, 255x255, 1:1, research.png)


evil trips confirm evil

ece72b  No.5235786

File: 3601c71ac923516⋯.jpg (95.06 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2svbat.jpg)

f5a54c  No.5235787

File: 720cb5558a05491⋯.jpg (696.02 KB, 3032x2007, 3032:2007, [IS][IS].jpg)


7d5ee5  No.5235788

>>5234914 (lb)

The IG has 470.

809bce  No.5235789


Ok. I’ll check it out.

9be41e  No.5235790

Pagan teachings tell you that your sins can be forgiven by God and that "Jesus" came to save you from sin. That pagan belief will continue to create the belief in, and the practice of, sin as long as people are misled into believing that they can be saved from sin or forgiven for sinning. Sinning means hurting one's self or another by disobeying the law of love. When one does that, the damage is done and it cannot be forgiven one way or another. He who "sins" can stop sinning, like sound which ceases when its cause ceases. Neither God nor "Jesus" can void that which has happened. It is recorded by the light waves of the universe forever. Its record is in the seed of the "sinner" whom it alone hurts.”

“No man can stop hurting another, or himself, except the man himself. "Sin" is man's self-teachings. They are his lessons of life. He gradually learns his lessons and, as he learns them, he stops sinning. What man calls "sin" is, therefore, GOOD for it leads to GOOD. Creation grows that way. Civilizations unfold that way. Creation is a drama of CAUSE and EFFECT. It is a hundred-million-years-long lesson in learning how to balance EFFECT with its CAUSE. He who errs in learning that lesson is like unto the schoolchild who adds his figures wrongly, or the man whose forgetfulness to turn a switch derails a train.”

a3ec1e  No.5235791


hard billed little woodpecker

5df9bf  No.5235792


It's only wacky crazy shit once you realize it wasn't about the Jews. The old country lost many, many others.

723119  No.5235793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2e04b  No.5235794


Well Done!!

7c5617  No.5235795

File: 2777cdaa28c0dec⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 700x500, 7:5, HILLARY_CLINTON.jpg)

7c2483  No.5235796


She'll have a press conference and mumble about "a compassionate person, ah, who again are we talking about?" And smile and nod, "mumble, mumble, mumble, yes, next question." Smile.


5c9610  No.5235798


9. Joy Reid – MSNBC correspondent

“Nooses never really disappeared as messages of a very specific kind of terror,” said MSNBC’s Joy Reid, “but every time they’re used, my God, it’s chilling. Praying for Jussie’s full recovery. And for us all.”

9f87b6  No.5235799

676812  No.5235800


I think you know the truth, as I do. JFK Jr. will be coming out publicly this year ]2019[

951298  No.5235801

File: b1bb8f7c3ea4b7e⋯.jpg (221.34 KB, 1155x578, 1155:578, digitale-welt2.jpg)

7a72a6  No.5235802

File: 665b8db7b3f0a36⋯.jpg (90.48 KB, 926x911, 926:911, cf6560ba2163747e9a56d8223c….jpg)

>>5234988 (lb)

>>5235036 (lb)

>>5235189 (lb)

I agree.

President Trump came right out of the loins of every God fearing Patriot who intuitively knew the rot inside the DS's Obama Administration, indeed had to be thwarted. We not only got President Trump but now justice is coming on display for the whole world to see.

Good Lord Almighty, how close did we come to the 16 year plan full implementation???

af9834  No.5235803


Lightining strike

f3fcf1  No.5235804


There is a $10,000.00 prize to anyone that can provide solid proof that Hitler was a Rothschild, or a jew.

The prize was offered several years ago, and no one has claimed it yet.

7c5617  No.5235805

File: 7c0b8bc95b017e7⋯.png (161.92 KB, 487x489, 487:489, MOCKINGBIRD.png)

5c9610  No.5235806


10. Karen Attiah – Washington Post editor

“Regarding the heinous attack on @JussieSmollett, yet another reminder that Trump’s ascendance and the resulting climate of hate has meant that lives have been increasingly at stake since 2015. Smollett could have been killed by those thugs screaming MAGA. Let that sink in,” tweeted Washington Post editor Karen Attiah.

b5541e  No.5235807


It falls under what Q referred to as "highest classification."

d78c96  No.5235808

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How Strong Is Mastered Ultra Instinct?

14e931  No.5235809


Do you really think q would spread this or have anons spread this to look like fools.

Think logically.

273ca5  No.5235810


do you even know what a npc is? Q has never told us what to think what to say or believe .

its up to you if you want to pursue these leads of truth . if you cant handle the amount of evil that is out there, go back to watching cnn

f5a54c  No.5235811


(((He called it sweet 16.)))

(((What people do with the guns isn't on me. Swear to God.)))

9f87b6  No.5235812

File: 473240a71254586⋯.png (908.05 KB, 760x571, 760:571, 2019-02-17_23-01-06.png)

bfaa40  No.5235813


Oh no, “think 470”. Try the 470th military division made up of 1,000’s. Thousands.

aac457  No.5235814


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the reference of 470 to Huber and his investigative team?

0aaea3  No.5235815

File: 16a07b53d6590c0⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 696x720, 29:30, alien-thisiswhy.jpg)


what wife, asshole?

65a7dd  No.5235816

676812  No.5235817

File: ca9eeb92ea6b6b8⋯.png (629.98 KB, 592x701, 592:701, ClipboardImage.png)

904c8c  No.5235818

File: 157130265faaaeb⋯.jpg (554.6 KB, 1080x1070, 108:107, Screenshot_20190217-200907….jpg)



7c5617  No.5235819

File: 3cd6148f894f2a1⋯.gif (8.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, THE_STORM_IS_UPON_IS.gif)

15d842  No.5235820


Ok. Seriously. There's an easy solution to this. Just don't sell those weapons to a foreign government, and don't field them on foreign soil.

Once you've committed to defending an ally to that level, you must defend the general populace to that level.

This isn't complicated.

9674e3  No.5235821



narrative or new code to speak?

0d9e21  No.5235822


Guess you never went to any of those movies where the audience participates, then ;p

I can think of a couple right off the top of my head, and I bet Tim Curry could too.

f5a54c  No.5235823


who's not thinking logically rulefag

951298  No.5235824

File: 7a288529cdeb318⋯.jpg (123.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, jussienoh8.jpg)

5c9610  No.5235825


11. Amy Siskind – Huffington Post contributor

“Can we get anyone in the Trump orbit to condemn the 2 MAGA men who brutally attacked Jussie Smollett, a gay black man, and put his head in a noose while saying ‘This is MAGA country,’ so others don’t feel like your silence is legitimizing hate? How about you @realDonaldTrump?” tweeted Huffington Post contributor Amy Siskind.

“Confirmed. Trump needs to address this attack publicly and condemn it!” continued Siskind in another tweet, which included a Huffington Post article that did not confirm anything, other than the fact that Smollett had spoken to the police.

3f66df  No.5235826


Black Pope lol?

Jk, Merkel?

f97db1  No.5235827

File: 8673066fe660977⋯.png (554.78 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 8673066fe6609774baf0f6ddb2….png)

5cfd56  No.5235828


Yes it was

da07d1  No.5235829

Military Intelligence my ass.

Vote, vote, vote!

If there is any Q out there besides Trump

You suck you need to up your game

Give us some more blurry pics maybe

f5a54c  No.5235830



fbd822  No.5235831


>Barr, ok buddy.

They're not playing monopoly. This is an investigation against a duly elected POTUS that has no merit whatsoever. There was no crime. Like you said it's only to protect Mueller ass.

Do you think that Barr is just going to shrug and say ok buddy?? Really??

9f87b6  No.5235832

File: 38d9d124b70430b⋯.png (538.61 KB, 620x461, 620:461, 2019-02-17_23-01-40.png)

ed5a45  No.5235833

File: 5b5847e2487a5ef⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1191x1201, 1191:1201, o30xHyQ8RM.png)

d786dd  No.5235834


hey asshole answer my question >>5235719

f5a54c  No.5235835


yeah also the CIA is retarded :D

5c9610  No.5235836


12. Brooke Baldwin – CNN journalist and news anchor

“Absolutely despicable,” said CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom, “and this is America in 2019.”

f3b213  No.5235837

File: e3fafa65277ce36⋯.png (237.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 77.png)

904c8c  No.5235838


Guess I'll show my meme collection and collect those Benjamins!

f5a54c  No.5235839


sure man I'll answer you as soon as Q answers you 8)

b5541e  No.5235840


Not him in that video. Way to open your eyes, though.


7c5617  No.5235841

File: aeb868f819d02bb⋯.gif (113.63 KB, 1928x1080, 241:135, PLEASE_STAND_BY.gif)

3720a7  No.5235842

File: f6acb3a8912de7e⋯.png (54.14 KB, 846x393, 282:131, amadong.png)


Huber has the use of the IG office staff… Horowitz team

bfaa40  No.5235843


The 470th Military Intelligence Brigade is a unit of the United States Army and subordinate to the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Part of: United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

Branch: United States Army

Garrison/HQ: Fort Sam Houston

6f982a  No.5235844


Too dickless to satisfy, or a raging homerseckshul? Anons wonder, you insulting cocksucker…

Don't start none, won't be none.

f5a54c  No.5235845


*christmas kickflip*

83bbfb  No.5235846


Thank you for posting! Excellent Anon!

5c9610  No.5235847


1. Eugene Scott – Washington Post‘s The Fix reporter

“To many, the Smollett incident — and the political nature of the assault — is yet another reminder for many black gay Americans that this president’s vision of a ‘great America’ does not appear to include them,” wrote Eugene Scott for Washington Post‘s The Fix.

7a72a6  No.5235848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



682d40  No.5235849



Then why harp on this topic?

"Not to go to deep"…I know something, you don't…

and I won't tell you…

thats Kindergarden BS.

And absolutely useless.

b51876  No.5235850


It is out there, and not everyone has missed it. You just have to dig

a little and stop inserting your beliefs in place of facts in evidence.

Stop assuming you know the context of things that are vague. Stop

pretending that you know disinformation is real, but THIS TIME

it's not disinformation. Logic shows what is and what isn't.

And by "you," I'm not specifically saying you, anon, but in general.

4a306b  No.5235852


That is supported by the complete lack of leaks.

273ca5  No.5235853


hes hot, id fuck him

5397d7  No.5235854

File: 7ec354f4a1ca3d2⋯.jpg (125.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 666 nob.jpg)

de1293  No.5235855


Get that, definitely

But just good ol fashion common sense.

Rope from the local Ace?

Put more care into any 30 second fictional scene on camera than their WW hate hoax. LAUGHABLE

d786dd  No.5235856


answer or get filtered

3f66df  No.5235857


I almost said the same thing Ahahaha.

Just pass by.

It’s mind boggling at this point.

7c5617  No.5235858

File: 55503139958408d⋯.jpg (78.9 KB, 515x682, 515:682, AOC_EYES.jpg)

4fe83d  No.5235859

File: 4d30c9253aa434a⋯.png (68.33 KB, 306x885, 102:295, frame.png)


W/o anons, Q wouldn't make it to normies.

The message wouldn't be cleaned up enough to present to normies.

Hence, memz.

Meme it and they will see.

5f3da2  No.5235860

File: 0d12ac734671590⋯.png (523.89 KB, 780x445, 156:89, ClipboardImage.png)

5c9610  No.5235861


2. Don Lemon – CNN journalist

CNN’s Don Lemon told Red Table Talk that he wasn’t shocked when he heard Smollett’s story, adding that he was concerned about the actor’s “well-being” in having to deal with being black, gay, and famous.

“One, he has to deal with discrimination as a black man,” said Lemon, “then, on top of that, he has to be gay — and then, fame — fame is not natural — When something happens to you and it’s controversial, everyone is coming for you, and so I knew everyone would be picking apart his story.”

f5a54c  No.5235862


snape kills dumbledore,


is Danny DeVito is Detective Pikachu

aa453c  No.5235863

File: 14c3ea5ef74906e⋯.jpeg (32.1 KB, 620x349, 620:349, B28AC640-40B2-48A0-AF50-4….jpeg)


Zoom in on left eye.

His projection is fake and gay.

The sclera and iris of left lateral eye ride up over the upper eyelid.

Fake & Ghayy

f3fcf1  No.5235864

File: 3ac91e480df6a49⋯.png (157.27 KB, 295x305, 59:61, jews911kikes.png)

File: ef6642954204219⋯.png (713.87 KB, 500x698, 250:349, trumpjews911.png)

Remember when TRUMP told us that we were all going to know who knocked the buildings down?

Yeah, me too.

Good times.

1a5e30  No.5235865

File: b601ea410bd09c5⋯.jpg (130.42 KB, 776x393, 776:393, wanted.jpg)

>>5235447 pb

WEll, that's a point.

Trying to point the finger at others, then retract?

But incriminates himself and then retracts?

Dude is stupid.


Good one, anon

2ffbf3  No.5235866

File: c7fc32aef257b8f⋯.jpg (30.06 KB, 286x246, 143:123, tc.jpg)

65a7dd  No.5235867

File: 61daaf5ff03a105⋯.png (243.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

5c9610  No.5235868


4. Joyce Vance – MSNBC contributor

“If someone commits this kind of act under your banner, you should have the decency to publicly condemn them and say it’s not what you stand for. But I doubt Trump will,” tweeted MSNBC contributor Joyce Vance in response to Alcindor.

f5a54c  No.5235869


im a famefag bitch u are no[1]

5397d7  No.5235870

File: 7cb001d7bdb6ee7⋯.jpg (857.05 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, trips 777 1.jpg)



8ae8fb  No.5235871

File: 3903f8413b2d4a9⋯.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kek_egypt.jpg)

File: 2d2a3a17ab73193⋯.png (332.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, kek_77.png)


Seconded. It sure doesn't suit the nature of Kek, if it's not straight out blasphemous.

dc03c6  No.5235872



38d45c  No.5235873


There is enough information in the public to know this was a bullshit investigation for well over a year. They are definitely trying to wind it down and throw shade on the outcome.

Now let me ask. What incentive does Mueller have to end it,if at the end,he is wearing cuffs.

Thanks for playing

6f982a  No.5235874


Point taken. Share the sauce broadly, let's analyze it. I've just gotten in from a long time away and catching up.

Can always count on Autists to dissect. Haven't seen any dissection on this.

6d54b5  No.5235875


they are used to the system covering their backs so much they never really had to put much into it. their system is failing and they dont know better.

5c9610  No.5235876


5. Jamil Smith – Rolling Stone journalist

“The brutal attack on him in Chicago appears to be yet another example not just of further moral decay, but of the brand of terrorism that still doesn’t seem to spark enough response by Americans,” tweeted Rolling Stone journalist Jamil Smith.

710a85  No.5235877


Nice rebbit spacing. Now go back until you learn WWG1WGA means we don't fuck up each other's stuff.

904c8c  No.5235878


Yeah no problem! Share the living shit out of it

af417b  No.5235879


Not a shill fagot but clearly more intelligent than you if you haven't figured this out yet…

Trust The Plan fairweatherfag anon

9be41e  No.5235880

Be always open to this ever changing world, truths will come out that will disturb your programming and faith. Trust in your inner self

b8b701  No.5235881

File: ec476b114acbdce⋯.png (288.68 KB, 722x417, 722:417, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at ….png)

File: b8b0bd6cf16641c⋯.png (178.24 KB, 290x560, 29:56, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at ….png)

This is what I'm talking about…

f3fcf1  No.5235882

File: 92e6ade38be1b15⋯.png (326.58 KB, 553x369, 553:369, trumpglobalistjewsownhim.png)


I guess he made that promise before he learned that it was his precious little jews that knocked the buildings down…

abe983  No.5235883

File: e559a822f61ff5e⋯.gif (8.87 MB, 600x410, 60:41, 03BAFA39-D5AD-4432-924C-84….gif)

a3ec1e  No.5235884

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


af9834  No.5235885

File: 4b7da25429cf0d3⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1744, 621:872, 3994A2CC-38DB-4A7C-96AD-D….jpeg)

File: cfcdaae1d290329⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1804, 621:902, E9D49653-8B9A-42F6-9022-9….jpeg)

File: d94baa6084fc9d1⋯.jpeg (964.44 KB, 1242x1768, 621:884, DAAE9AD0-83FF-47E2-992A-1….jpeg)

File: 1fcea613b54b489⋯.jpeg (896.63 KB, 1242x2066, 621:1033, 22651DF0-264B-4E7F-959B-F….jpeg)

5192b2  No.5235886


Professional Bread Title'er, Kek.

Stone and Corsi should grab their [MOS] ankles and kiss their asses goodbye!

5f3da2  No.5235887

File: fc1665718195f95⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 260x152, 65:38, hankswanks.gif)

bde2fb  No.5235888

File: 54c739f81dce817⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 343x427, 49:61, kfc-aoc.jpg)

2ffbf3  No.5235889

File: bf4881a8abebf10⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 275x183, 275:183, check check boom.jpg)

ae28fe  No.5235890

File: 75122885690b5bc⋯.jpeg (37.78 KB, 640x480, 4:3, EABAE1D7-50A6-4AD4-8B65-7….jpeg)

You be shillin’…

c3fd19  No.5235891


Gold was needed when we were Annunaki nigger slaves mining the gold so they could form an intergalactic space shield to protect Niribu from the glow in the dark DARPA reptilian shapeshifting niggers.

0aaea3  No.5235892


Projecting, aren't we?

f3b213  No.5235893


Q: Are they really so dumb….

A: Yes.

All of them, including who got Smollett to get the Nigerians. Anyone who has watched the dims in Congress knows that 2/3 are literally 80 IQ, and 100% are asswipes. Everyone involved in this idiotic & evil scheme thought it would work. Their minds are just that shallow, and their egos tower above them as they convince themselves that they are trailing clouds of glory.

Consider that the idiot brothers allegedly did it for 2 grand each. That's right, for a mere 20 Franklins, each risked it all. So yeah, they thought they were bulletproof. Obviously they knew zero about the state of surveillance or investigative techniques today, but even if they had, they were likely told, "No sweat, piece of cake, an easy gig." That goes along with worshiping the physical, the body, and preening with it.

fb882a  No.5235894

File: 75b17bbe6e7f219⋯.jpg (27.81 KB, 512x397, 512:397, vgood.jpg)

4a306b  No.5235895


Spread around the country, and this is Obama's DOJ. There would be leaks.

7c5617  No.5235896

File: d6353177084edbb⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 422e6d4d6a0f0e4709fe271a29….jpg)

273ca5  No.5235897

File: db46464d823cdd3⋯.gif (417.7 KB, 200x112, 25:14, 136574373353s.gif)


hollyfuck you are retarted

an random anon made that meme video . jfkjr is dead, confimted by Q himselfe . GTFO

10ac68  No.5235898


I'm against foreign military sales all together. Good luck getting that through congress though. Foreign countries should defend themselves. That means developing their own weapons industry or being absorbed by another country. Too many little piss ant "Republics" on the map because someone's ancestors got genocided.

60d93b  No.5235899

f3b213  No.5235900

File: 8b96176a846b6bf⋯.jpg (127.22 KB, 532x677, 532:677, QKek.jpg)

File: 5822e4916b66cf7⋯.png (307.34 KB, 649x873, 649:873, kek.png)

File: 397688d71ff39f6⋯.jpg (771.94 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Kek.jpg)

File: 0a43c1719685558⋯.jpg (265.89 KB, 1030x1874, 515:937, topKek.jpg)


Super-elite reply

aa453c  No.5235901

904c8c  No.5235902

File: 943fc668673e86a⋯.jpg (467.2 KB, 1080x1320, 9:11, Screenshot_20190217-201419….jpg)

7c5617  No.5235903

File: a3a7f97abbe12b1⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 819x500, 819:500, a3a7f97abbe12b1ee35d94f83a….jpg)

ffa884  No.5235904

File: 5d9306298f14ad4⋯.png (244.56 KB, 622x626, 311:313, ClipboardImage.png)

dc03c6  No.5235905

File: b534669583e4fff⋯.png (176.2 KB, 744x981, 248:327, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at ….png)

6f982a  No.5235906


Try again newfag

f3fcf1  No.5235907


That is priceless.

9abbc3  No.5235908

File: d18b9669dfea936⋯.jpg (40.15 KB, 696x211, 696:211, Fredericks.jpg)

File: bbb02e8482d2468⋯.png (163.81 KB, 588x437, 588:437, Fredericks.png)

File: ed61f4e24a32df1⋯.png (137.88 KB, 814x456, 407:228, FUSION CONNECTIONS.png)

File: f1a71dcc5eff51e⋯.png (149.56 KB, 518x396, 259:198, Fusion8.png)

Is FusionGPS a Propaganda Arm of the CIA?


Under the Obama Administration, the United States hired FUSIONGPS to discredit Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos.

More FusionGPS in the News - WHITE HOUSE: Backed by Hillary Cash and Obama DOJ, Fusion GPS Suspected of Paying Russian Lawyer to Set Up Trump Jr.

The eight people who attended the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016:

— Donald Trump Jr.

— Jared Kushner (left early)

— Paul Manafort

— Natalia Veselnitskaya (Fusion GPS)

— Anatoli Samochornov (translator and Fusion GPS)

— Rinat Akhmetshin (lobbyist – Fusion GPS)

— Rob Goldstone

— Rep. of the Agalarov Family

DNC, Clinton campaign helped pay for anti-Trump dossier

And did FusionGPS fake the Jessica Lynch story?

And what about the Boston Bombing??

70b499  No.5235909

File: a0ada3da92329b2⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 456x810, 76:135, hotbrunette.jpg)

thx baker…

5f5282  No.5235910



1a5e30  No.5235911



7c5617  No.5235912

File: aa9e2c659847866⋯.jpeg (648.99 KB, 3465x1733, 3465:1733, b43d1cf30f08fefe39fb27aae….jpeg)

af9834  No.5235913

File: ed277d33a2f87d6⋯.jpeg (398.64 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 945C6EC8-266C-4A0B-9EA2-1….jpeg)

File: 1282865f9c30630⋯.jpeg (596.3 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 29FE3E66-3E72-437B-80FD-E….jpeg)

File: 9aaf9d60e74d754⋯.jpeg (394.28 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 13EDB63F-D6D2-4988-AFC6-D….jpeg)

File: 7e89d10944f42a3⋯.jpeg (376.48 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 4676792F-50D8-4460-9945-5….jpeg)

File: ea0addbfea94690⋯.jpeg (417.79 KB, 696x696, 1:1, D0830B75-6235-42E4-A366-0….jpeg)

5cfd56  No.5235914


You are under the mistaken impression that Mueller is the boss. WRONG.

You're starting to shill.

0d9e21  No.5235915

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yeah.. that movie didn't get an intel agency push to attain cult following status… nope, not in a million…

The movie actually fucking sucks, kek…

edcf94  No.5235916

File: 2819edfa828ed3c⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 481x362, 481:362, pedo.JPG)

df70eb  No.5235917


there should be more jalapenos trying to cross the cheese sticks.

7c5617  No.5235918

File: b05ac98b396127e⋯.png (914.53 KB, 2398x1530, 1199:765, 625ddb8dba73f052545c1687e1….png)

37ac67  No.5235919

File: c188271254bc4d1⋯.png (3.75 MB, 1920x955, 384:191, ClipboardImage.png)

6f982a  No.5235920


Only into your significant other…assuming it's a she. I don't do guys or goats, which likely remain on your menu.

7c5617  No.5235921

File: b6846ac315ce0e6⋯.jpeg (114.68 KB, 1046x1022, 523:511, 5ad1b4ebdf5573b3fc0393cf5….jpeg)

d254a6  No.5235922

File: 02f4893bff2c98a⋯.jpg (15.38 KB, 255x224, 255:224, JIGGAJIGGA.jpg)


trips confirm AOC is nigger

9abbc3  No.5235923

File: 07ebca48970acd9⋯.png (161.9 KB, 515x579, 515:579, Boston.png)

File: 6d914554b161f8e⋯.jpg (116.85 KB, 960x612, 80:51, FusionPP.jpg)

File: 57278cb307e5877⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 1080x220, 54:11, JessicaL-1080x220.jpg)


Part 2

Is FusionGPS a Propaganda Arm of the CIA?


f5a54c  No.5235924

File: 4e578432ef1eaa0⋯.png (213.03 KB, 1728x957, 576:319, 986ED527-164D-0844-8253275….png)

haha I fixed the scoreboard

hahahaha we're psyoping your psyop

yo dawg,

(((I don't shoot the dog. Or the kid!)))

b81bac  No.5235925

File: 93557b9d5c1e83b⋯.jpeg (69.91 KB, 720x435, 48:29, F79A5BD4-851B-493F-BC3F-7….jpeg)

cfcf8c  No.5235926

roy potter says "sorry, i'm on the move……"

all the time


581a58  No.5235927

File: 2e006ae872c6b74⋯.jpg (307.74 KB, 630x450, 7:5, shirt hat.jpg)

3f66df  No.5235928


Hold the line, bacon!!!!

ef2739  No.5235929


That's what some would have us believe. Myself, I kek.

af9834  No.5235930

File: cf1f8914ba532b1⋯.jpeg (416.82 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 6F1A4188-A95E-465A-8120-4….jpeg)

File: fe7b47b29dc563b⋯.jpeg (301.18 KB, 696x696, 1:1, 8BCEEBB4-F5E7-4712-9416-7….jpeg)

File: cbd4a7ab6b6e20f⋯.jpeg (454.42 KB, 696x696, 1:1, C3CC4087-6A7E-4C92-A7A4-A….jpeg)

File: 74167cbf963a916⋯.jpeg (384.19 KB, 696x696, 1:1, A3E3EAED-F9DE-43FC-ADF2-0….jpeg)

de1293  No.5235931


they will just make it soooo much easier then.

5397d7  No.5235932

File: 95b391c052b09cc⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 249x216, 83:72, KW interview.jpg)

4f10c9  No.5235933

File: 5936f3ab1da654a⋯.png (518.96 KB, 647x647, 1:1, AOC_biz_for_minorities_and….png)


I mean, these guys are seriously high. They've already got her gunning for pot biz CEO quotas, maybe pot reparations.

What next, demand they move their pot HQs to New York and give out $300 coupons to Democrats? Just smh.


7c5617  No.5235934

File: 517aa299dddecbf⋯.jpeg (376.13 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 0f74854301f8986592aad41ae….jpeg)

4565ef  No.5235935

So we had 3 [0] Deltas today.

Does another 2 mean D5 ?

(3) today?

What are the odds of that?


5fe271  No.5235936


JFKjr was declared dead………maybe he survived and took a new name!

683d89  No.5235937

File: 76048fc2deeddd0⋯.png (262.79 KB, 461x529, 461:529, FB Removes DC Smollet Post….PNG)

File: 65589463aa6fea5⋯.png (13.21 KB, 492x397, 492:397, FB Notices Removed DC Smol….PNG)

I just logged into my FB

>Don't hate

I use it now mostly to view POTUS/Scavino45/DoD/USMC posts

Anyway had shared a link from an article to post from Daily Caller re Smollett directly from DC

FB says hold up / nope / against our standards

45f037  No.5235938

File: 74a6d44d4fe3236⋯.jpg (183.2 KB, 363x542, 363:542, saintmch.jpg)

Chaplet Prayer for Saint Michael the Archangel

Invocation on the Medal

O God, come to my assistance! O Lord, make haste to help me! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

First Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Seraphim, may it please God to make us worthy to receive into our hearts the fire of his perfect charity. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Second Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Cherubim, may God in his good pleasure, grant us grace to abandon the ways of sin, and follow the path of Christian perfection. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Third Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the sacred Choir of Thrones, may it please God to infuse into our hearts the spirit of true and sincere humility. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Fourth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of the Dominations, may it please God to grant us grace to have dominion over our senses, and to correct our depraved passions. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Fifth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of the Powers, may God vouchsafe to keep our souls from the wiles and temptations of the devil. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Sixth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the admirable heavenly Choir of the Virtues, may it please God to keep us from falling into temptation, and may He deliver us from evil. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Seventh Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Principalities, may it please God to fill our souls with the spirit of true and sincere obedience. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Eighth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Archangels, may it please God to grant us the gift of perseverance in the faith, and in all good works, that we may be thereby enabled to attain the glory of paradise. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Ninth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of all the Angels, may God vouchsafe to grant us their guardianship through this mortal life, and after death a happy entrance into the everlasting glory of heaven. Amen

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Say an Our Fathers on each of the four large concluding beads:

The first one to St. Michael,

The second one to St. Gabriel,

The third one to St. Raphael,

The fourth one to our Guardian Angel.

End this Chaplet with the following Anthem and prayer.


Michael, glorious prince, chief and champion of the heavenly Host, guardian of the souls of men, conqueror of the rebel angels, steward of the palace of God under Jesus Christ, our worthy leader, endowed with superhuman excellence and virtues: vouchsafe to free us all from every ill, who with full confidence have recourse to thee; and by thy incomparable protection enable us to make progress every day in the faithful service of our God. V. Pray for us, most blessed Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ. R. That we may be made worthy of his promises.


Almighty and Eternal God, who is thine own marvelous goodness and pity didst, for the common salvation of man, choose the glorious Archangel Michael to be the prince of the Church: make us worthy, we pray Thee, to be delivered by his beneficent protection from all our enemies, that, at the hour of our death, none of them may approach to harm us; rather do Thou vouchsafe unto us that by the same Archangel Michael, we may be introduced into the presence of thy most high and divine majesty. Through the merits of the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


5f3da2  No.5235939



682d40  No.5235940


Thank you.

Now I'm not longer in the dark about the biggest secret in the universe.

And since we all now are educated on this topic, even Q can now speak freely about this.

771f40  No.5235941


17yrs after alleged Jr. plane crash.

ed5a45  No.5235942

File: 5674368f170a575⋯.png (35.31 KB, 760x168, 95:21, ClipboardImage.png)

15d842  No.5235943


Agreed anon.

How about this one:

It makes it impossible to form a well-regulated militia if the federal government refuses to sell arms to defend the United States to anyone who wants them. We have a volunteer army after all.

Why are we allowing a dictator to amass an army that they pay and feed? Insanity.

1a5e30  No.5235944


Not likely to be hypothetical.

Lest it was posted to scare Mueller -

To show what kind of shit he is in.

0aaea3  No.5235945


>Only into your significant other…assuming it's a she.

You'd be wrong.

>I don't do guys or goats, which likely remain on your menu.

Wrong again.

af3989  No.5235946

File: 795dcecc3a29d48⋯.jpg (314.32 KB, 1526x1195, 1526:1195, voterautoreg.jpg)

Automatic Voter Registration makes the pathway super-easy for illegals in those states that permit DL for illegals. Ripe for fraud especially if partys have access to DMV data.


b026e5  No.5235947

File: 1e32ded1c9056b5⋯.png (95.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1024px-I-99.svg.png)

I mis-read the bread title! I thought it said Party Like It's I-99.

I was wondering what was going on in central PA??

f0918c  No.5235948

File: cd390266cde03a4⋯.png (123.44 KB, 1213x1136, 1213:1136, blizzard of 1888 march 12 ….png)

7c5617  No.5235949

File: a3b53d0402d65ec⋯.jpeg (61.01 KB, 919x555, 919:555, 3961a3a9b15fdc4e0d40a8c32….jpeg)

904c8c  No.5235950

File: 1c89269b82b7c11⋯.jpg (410.24 KB, 1080x1045, 216:209, Screenshot_20190217-201708….jpg)


Yes We KEK!

986d7d  No.5235951


U.N. agenda 2030

fbb783  No.5235952


is this a bot? I always see this post. ALWAYS.

f5a54c  No.5235953

thread 6691 is about golden showers keep it locked


yo we gonna go all khasshogi on this b1tch

38d45c  No.5235954


For fuck sakes. Mueller has the backing of the deep state, the media,and is Barrs buddy. To everyone in Washington, they know what he is doing. Think they want him to stop? You don't understand how this game is being played.

Go back to kindergarten

5c9610  No.5235955



“The recent racist and homophobic attack on acclaimed actor and activist @JussieSmollett is troubling. The rise in hate crimes is directly linked to President Donald J. Trump’s racist and xenophobic rhetoric.” @DerrickNAACP


2:35 PM - Jan 29, 2019

9674e3  No.5235956

BARR is kicking Mullers Ass.

incoming BOMB

74ba5f  No.5235957

File: e38da2edbfb0438⋯.jpg (177.23 KB, 1076x679, 1076:679, Screenshot_20190217-201659.jpg)

fcd81b  No.5235958



7c5617  No.5235959

File: 07426cf0bd862ee⋯.png (284.05 KB, 941x429, 941:429, eebcc9183c6bd30d9e8e115b4d….png)

af9834  No.5235960

File: dc7cd41d39e8551⋯.jpeg (175.45 KB, 785x615, 157:123, F3A652C7-BE2B-474F-9D31-0….jpeg)

File: 390add34f896388⋯.jpeg (59.75 KB, 324x351, 12:13, 17980869-B5E9-4A53-97D7-E….jpeg)

6bf76e  No.5235961

I hope Barr really asked better questions than that Q!

77c7e3  No.5235962

File: dabdc47a2bb23e4⋯.png (137.81 KB, 777x1334, 777:1334, ClipboardImage.png)

One American and One Chinese National Indicted in Tennessee for Conspiracy to Commit Theft of Trade Secrets and Wire Fraud


5c9610  No.5235963



1cb43b  No.5235964


4am talking point: Hate Crime

70b499  No.5235965

barr rang his bell.

well everyone knows where everyone stands.

enjoy the show.

alot of false hope is pinned to M and company.

9be41e  No.5235966

File: e934d7244259f19⋯.jpeg (307.82 KB, 1242x727, 1242:727, F6BBE320-F2B5-49F3-9963-E….jpeg)

Things will change, faiths will be hurt

Remember we are love and light

b00ae2  No.5235967

File: 22922791201f445⋯.png (131.96 KB, 695x460, 139:92, jfkjrlark.png)


There is only Vincent Fusca.

459162  No.5235968


YOU are so nice anon

Don’t even need to go anywhere to harvest your tears.

Mmm mmm mmm


682d40  No.5235969


Good one!

f5a54c  No.5235970


more like russia tomorrow, putin

hahahaha did you like that plan crash pooty putt

hahahaha yeah

merry christmas ya filthy cherub

44c521  No.5235971

File: 74b9aba2e7b357b⋯.jpeg (57.7 KB, 405x393, 135:131, 1B0EBAFD-A6EA-4516-A5CF-F….jpeg)

7c5617  No.5235972

File: e1af22abed05c85⋯.jpg (80.74 KB, 720x900, 4:5, ec18ced95215db0db880b92b6b….jpg)

273ca5  No.5235973


you know, i have thought about this a lot . if this was 15+ years ago, the majoiry would have bought it . Knowing what we know now, the media had a lot of power back then

now everyone can share ideas, information instantly . we can investigate collectively and share our finding instantly . old media has been losing their grip on the masses .

imo, the best investigators in the history of the world are us, as a group, we have meme power and can pump out information really fast .

its getting harder and harder for them to pull off a believable FF in todays

dc03c6  No.5235974

File: a81d4285a2fe24f⋯.png (795.3 KB, 951x710, 951:710, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at ….png)



ed5a45  No.5235975


Didn't know they sold Patriot Targets like that

Do they explode?

d786dd  No.5235976


It's looking more and more like there are vast amounts of people, even here, who are very sharply in the dark still.

Hopefully we can change that soon.

98700c  No.5235977

File: e978e1f0c16f9ad⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x3166, 1632:1583, 1Barr_Mueller_Rosentein.jpg)

File: 0a5cbb3628cdf52⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 3262x1605, 3262:1605, 2Barr_Mueller_Rosentein.jpg)

2747cb  No.5235978


infinitesimal ~ at the outside!

5c9610  No.5235979


Joe Biden


What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country. We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor; that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. We are with you, Jussie.

The New York Times


Jussie Smollett, one of the stars of the television show “Empire,” was attacked in Chicago by 2 assailants who yelled racial and homophobic slurs. The incident is being investigated as “a possible hate crime,” according to the police. https://nyti.ms/2G9ab24

6f982a  No.5235980

File: 082ee46111e0782⋯.png (61.63 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png)


Well then.

If it ain't a gal, and it ain't a guy, or a goat…

It's either your hand or…

So, you a fleshjack man? It's ok, anons don't judge (you) much…

Or do we?

a3ec1e  No.5235981

File: 0dccfbf190bdc41⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 0dccfbf190bdc41cd6d6246e8f….jpg)

f7190b  No.5235982

Pull the trigger Q, otherwise, go fuck youself

Or we will

904c8c  No.5235983

File: d7fe2b5ae3f8e34⋯.jpg (107.24 KB, 942x373, 942:373, Screenshot_20190217-201856….jpg)

1a5e30  No.5235984



Much cuter than the stupid "attack myself" - to make-MAGA-look-bad - actor.

They really are sick.

Mass hysteria.

77c7e3  No.5235985

File: 26687a3570cfcdb⋯.png (68.77 KB, 735x835, 147:167, ClipboardImage.png)

Michigan Patient Recruiter Pleads Guilty in $1.2 Million Kickback Scheme


7c5617  No.5235986

File: 7b71916a911d840⋯.jpeg (48.42 KB, 750x728, 375:364, 7b71916a911d840b02a4298a8….jpeg)

1f2934  No.5235987

File: 69f117253d176d6⋯.png (365.88 KB, 579x661, 579:661, 201902171023021871.png)

File: 168c6f3f134a7e7⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 700x350, 2:1, when-im-done.jpg)

File: a8cc1150eb361f5⋯.png (28.78 KB, 495x1035, 11:23, 1927.png)


3f66df  No.5235988


Hence the freaks here flipping their shit.

Expect gorepronfag or some crap tonight.

2ffbf3  No.5235989


>>5235614 12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames

>>5235568 McCabe said it. Sarah Carter reported it

>>5235567 WH Press Schedule for Pres day

>>5235758 Full 60 min transcript McCabe (link)

>>5235908 Is FusionGPS a Propaganda Arm of the CIA?


anons comfy?

anything else good?

anything above suck?

329e2b  No.5235990

7a72a6  No.5235991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


errr…You smell that son, smells like TREASON nothing else in the world smells like that!!!

9209df  No.5235992

A vandal scrawled “F–k White People” — punctuated with a smiley face — on a cargo container at a Brooklyn ballfield, police said Saturday.

The hateful graffiti was found inside Shore Road Park near 75th St. in Bay Ridge at about 4 p.m. Friday.

The cargo container held sports equipment used by Xaverian High School, a Catholic school which is just a few blocks away, authories said.

The graffiti was quickly painted over, cops said.

Members of the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

Robert Alesi, the president of Xaverian High School said school officials were “saddened to witness” the graffiti.

“Xaverian is proud to be a part of a larger community of New Yorkers that celebrate, embrace, and respect people of all faiths, races and ethnicities, and it is only when we stand united to speak out against such acts can we truly change the behaviors of those who unfortunately carry such hatred in their hearts and minds,” he said. “We pray that God, who is love, will heal the hearts and minds of those who committed this act upon our community".


af9834  No.5235993

File: 77f92a9ec3cee73⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 0A8C6217-D95C-4B63-9FC6-BF….gif)

ecb966  No.5235994

File: e87aa624279ba74⋯.jpg (52.04 KB, 554x416, 277:208, 2tt2qi.jpg)

File: 3987caaf677deef⋯.jpg (101.78 KB, 500x615, 100:123, 2tt2ko.jpg)

File: f611d2f59b10d6b⋯.jpg (104.95 KB, 955x500, 191:100, 2tt1r1.jpg)

f403ad  No.5235995

File: be7b5f6ab9a3e7e⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1144x2880, 143:360, RBG dead.png)

File: 69cd36a7a319b54⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 255x216, 85:72, rbg.jpg)

File: 3d74abf0bddf2e3⋯.jpg (73.25 KB, 791x768, 791:768, rbg13.jpg)


Do you Anons Remember what happened the last time when a certain whistle-blower was to appear on a Monday showing of Hannity?

Who did they pull the plug on?

Would Barr be considered a whistle-blower?

Who would be next in line to have their plug pulled?

One can only guess what's coming next.

7c5617  No.5235996

File: 3abbf9356721896⋯.jpeg (62.99 KB, 736x474, 368:237, 9f236a19141c0f29458adf419….jpeg)

f5a54c  No.5235997

File: 467fd435c273a46⋯.png (396.92 KB, 633x512, 633:512, 1e39dc92-f88e-4f10-be67-3f….png)

File: 0f2931b22b11743⋯.jpg (131.51 KB, 814x685, 814:685, 2f4f5bb3-de00-42c3-bcf5-aa….jpg)

File: 0bc426752a683a1⋯.png (71.94 KB, 1200x1088, 75:68, 398c0521-46bf-4c55-bafd-8f….png)

File: 4e578432ef1eaa0⋯.png (213.03 KB, 1728x957, 576:319, 986ED527-164D-0844-8253275….png)

File: ac842f310de58ff⋯.png (950.08 KB, 1200x843, 400:281, 986ED527-164D-0847-53F3C79….png)


I mean first you have to get all the fucking cheerleader faggots out who are screaming about how they need to fucking win because they obviously just want to play some god damn gay game




Arf arf

Yeah, yeah, yeah (Grrrr)

Uh, Yeah don't get it twisted

This rap shit, is mine

Motherfucker, it's not, a fucking, game

Fuck what you heard

It's what you hearin

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X gon give it to ya

Fuck wait for you to get it on your own

X gon deliver to ya

Knock knock, open up the door, it's real

Wit the non-stop, pop pop and stainless steel

Go hard gettin busy wit it

But I got such a good heart

I'll make a motherfucker wonder if he did it

Damn right and I'll do it again

Cuz I am right so I gots to win

Break break wit the enemy

But no matter how many cats I break bread wit

I'll break who you sendin me

You motherfucker never wanted nothin

But your wife said, that's for the light day

I'm gettin down, down

Make it say freeze

But won't be the one endin up on his knees (Whoo)

Please, If the only thing you cats did is come out to play

Get out my way

First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL

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But everytime I turn around

Cats got they hands out wantin something from me

I ain't got it so you can't get it

Lets leave it at that cuz I ain't wit it

Hit it wit full strength

I'm a jail nigga

So I face the world like it's Earl in the bullpen

You against me, me against you

Whatever, whenever

What the fuck you gon do?

I'm a wool fin sheep clothing

Only nigga that you know that can chill

Come back and get the streets open

I've been doing this for nineteen years

Wanna fight me? Fight these tears

I put in work and it's all for the kids

But these cats done forgot what work is (UH-HUH!)

They don't know who we be

Lookin! but they don't know who they see

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Talk to much for to long

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A dog to bow bow hug it

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And it ain't even about the dough

It's about gettin down for what you stand for yo

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First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL

Then we let it POP, GO LET IT GO

X gon give it to ya

He gon give it to ya

X gon give it to ya

He gon give it to ya

b5130c  No.5235998

File: cffe277a25166cc⋯.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x271, 500:271, .jpg)


17 [0] Deltas on

17 Feb

17 months in

3 [0] Deltas in a row

statically impossible to be coincidence (see bread)

something big comes

the cabal cowers in fear

aa453c  No.5235999


Irrelevant discussion about the self.


de1293  No.5236000

File: e35d2536cd095b5⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 350x461, 350:461, bk.jpg)

6da61c  No.5236001

File: ad91bb85c809ea7⋯.jpeg (312.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ad91bb85c809ea742bff5d756….jpeg)

8ae8fb  No.5236002

File: 04ef5becf564aa9⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fvml_UZ9_400x400.jpg)



Digits confirm.

Kek wilt it.

ffa884  No.5236003


these people are stupid, and they think we are stupid. so they dont try very hard. stupid stupid stupid when we have a digital fucking army who are also patriots IRL

8ca1c1  No.5236004

File: 7169ad7fffbdc50⋯.png (51.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I dont trust those VV.

7c5617  No.5236005

File: 9942cc09a4a06ed⋯.jpeg (94.96 KB, 914x499, 914:499, 39b1b1702821d7bc7611fe493….jpeg)

f3fcf1  No.5236006

File: 5a75e5511e00362⋯.png (605.87 KB, 625x350, 25:14, becasueqssaidso.png)

b51876  No.5236007


It's the same sauce that's always been public.

The first piece, is the SC law. Mueller works for Trump. There's no disputing that.

Assuming otherwise means assuming Trump isn't control over his own branch of

the government. That's absurd.

Next, of course, is Trump's interview with Lester Holt. He told us he was going to a

long investigation because that's the only way he'll ever be able to shut up his

critics. They'll never stop, unless it's obvious that the investigation turned over every

stone imaginable. Already we're seeing evidence of this: Schiff complaining that

Mueller isn't doing enough. Really? Two years? Of course, Schiff knows what's being

done and he's trying to get ahead of the exoneration.

Once you put everything else in that context, it all makes sense.

0aaea3  No.5236008


There you go projecting again… this is getting tiresome.

a3ec1e  No.5236009

File: cd3df77b78768c7⋯.png (848.15 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, ca5eb4a53f32b1c63f5554c908….png)

File: cbbc403d0f8f162⋯.jpg (16.41 KB, 300x241, 300:241, cbbc403d0f8f162b5acaf5ab92….jpg)

ef2739  No.5236010


No one on that plane survived.

6bf76e  No.5236011

Q's playing delta games on 8ch

Meanwhile, McCabe is still free and going on national TV…..doing great Q!

1a5e30  No.5236012

File: fa206c53ac2fddf⋯.jpg (104.36 KB, 610x413, 610:413, bidenobama.jpg)


What a racket.

329e2b  No.5236013


Penn state is the sex trafficking hub for deep state. PA is a deep state area. Sucks.. born and raised here

bcec15  No.5236014

File: 630ba3df5d35dda⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 600x360, 5:3, 6c5c474391d4ebe6f74378a4b1….jpg)


273ca5  No.5236015


fuck that, that shits so 2016 . today you can get a real lifesized sex doll, that feels real . im really pumped to see how far the chinesee take the sex doll into the next decade

24b470  No.5236016

File: b530aa2a47739fe⋯.png (558.64 KB, 1143x1020, 381:340, dw79a8d6wakdnbawdwiadtywa9….png)

7c2483  No.5236017


Are you on the move too?

b7c82f  No.5236018

File: b7c00fc4ab9b84d⋯.png (348 KB, 400x489, 400:489, ClipboardImage.png)

7c5617  No.5236019

File: 2d906f368b6cfc0⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1557x1392, 519:464, 2d906f368b6cfc0579bc6b4b25….png)

8c4b5d  No.5236020

File: 42ba6838dd089f3⋯.png (210.78 KB, 737x604, 737:604, twitter_com_LevineJonathan….png)


8028ae  No.5236022

File: cf11270ffac3a32⋯.png (331.7 KB, 649x573, 649:573, LGRTQ2.PNG)

10ac68  No.5236023


I would like to point out that the the minorities would be pinching the product all day and the women would be calling in with female plumbing problems or child care issues. You want an unmarried, lazy drop out white dude in his mid 30's to run that shit.

4c35fb  No.5236024

File: f2b427b662ea7c5⋯.png (5.32 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 54A6F513-E0E3-4176-82CE-88….png)

File: f5ea2d7e1b7111e⋯.jpeg (243.67 KB, 903x1093, 903:1093, 7FD88534-DE5D-443E-B9FB-7….jpeg)

60768d  No.5236025


is this fake n gay?

99a6c2  No.5236026

looks like romney


bcd43c  No.5236027

JFK jr Lives - greatest military operation of all time. Trump - Kennedy 2020, Kennedy - Anyone 2024. Camelot restored. Greatest victory in the history of this planet.

0d9e21  No.5236028

File: b5ae66cb3a6fe61⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 420x348, 35:29, salk-hippocampus-memory-mo….jpg)


it's definitely not a hippocampus…

6f982a  No.5236029


Trips don't confirm.

Don't start with me. I guarantee you I've a lifetime of nautical asskickings to dish out.

Don't fuck with the Navy. Be (relatively) polite, make your point, and move the fuck on.

7c5617  No.5236030

File: 78f2d7bbdd77f31⋯.png (36.17 KB, 596x274, 298:137, 8fbe7075d07d59bc58cbab10a3….png)

File: 35ba0b3e7d29b6c⋯.png (470.89 KB, 577x577, 1:1, 42b13b98db0b8488ffdf50189a….png)

682d40  No.5236031

a3ec1e  No.5236032


Tell Lucifer no deals.

da6bb2  No.5236033

File: 430aeb46657513a⋯.jpeg (110.95 KB, 733x723, 733:723, 3B1B9514-762F-4DC5-9B3B-3….jpeg)

File: f2d65b99ef423fc⋯.jpeg (79.2 KB, 640x746, 320:373, 9CBD240C-D838-49E7-8647-F….jpeg)

File: cb19f49f11e7da6⋯.jpeg (213.46 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, 76D493D6-2D81-4DE6-B536-9….jpeg)

File: cb0b9988ac8427d⋯.jpeg (274.42 KB, 1100x688, 275:172, 6F1E3EB8-0B20-45D5-968A-F….jpeg)

File: 023beba081afc96⋯.jpeg (239.16 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, 197227D1-56B6-4D81-92CF-C….jpeg)



77c7e3  No.5236034

File: 6916a4e56908beb⋯.png (64.1 KB, 730x815, 146:163, ClipboardImage.png)

United States Announces Memorandum of Understanding Ensuring Compliance With Voter Registration Requirements

Section 303 of Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) requires states to implement a computerized statewide voter registration list and, along with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), includes requirements for maintaining this computerized list. As part of these requirements, a state must coordinate its voter registration lists with state agency records on death for purposes of removing the names of deceased voters from its voter rolls.


7e4a7c  No.5236035


Tick Tock.

Barr knows.

Barr has it all.

Barr is setting Mueller and (RR) up.

Sometimes you gotta sacrifice friendship to do the right thing.

f5a54c  No.5236036

File: ec060f5e457a0ef⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1400x1259, 1400:1259, cd9d3251965353a1f6ba40908f….png)

File: 8fa61ad181e09d9⋯.jpg (105.85 KB, 800x651, 800:651, 04f6fca45f08a25dad06b019c4….jpg)

File: 22ace1f21e23d4f⋯.jpg (107.58 KB, 667x800, 667:800, e38f7ba54d79d569e71d347cb5….jpg)

File: 5c23471c5959e65⋯.jpg (99.19 KB, 800x687, 800:687, 60c52078f1486420432327b0e4….jpg)


oh shit good request I dig it

In case of emergency

You gotta use Mammal Sauce

It's my everyday supply

Without it I'd be lost

Trust us motherfucker

I use it in my hair

I use it in my balls

And even play solitaire

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You must think I'm joking, I use it to masturbate

But when I have a party, I spike the drinks

Mammal Sauce is the greatest thing since the Cuban Link

Mammal Sauce

Listen up motherfuckers

I got something I need to say:

If you don't use Mammal Sauce

You might as well be gay

I feel it running through my veins

I feel it running through my eyes

You hear the name that's calling you

It makes you hypnotized - let's go


Sliptoflappy rappy

And a carpal tunnel pudding flanker

Nabble and a stampy and a

Pigeon-smelling generator

See a chitlin wafer and a

Chocolate-buttered horse's ass

Frabble Obble Abble and a

Stupid monkey chicken gas

Chinese diarrhea prison carpet

Chunky Harplegig

Nopaliaseah perforated

Purple Parkle Pig

My Mammal Sauce is the best Mammal Sauce

I spread Mammal Sauce on my wang

We make Mammal Sauce in Bill William's loft

And we eat a bucket of Tang

c498c8  No.5236037


Was anyone on it??

904c8c  No.5236038


You are an ungrateful inpatient shill. Be gone faggot

7c5617  No.5236039

File: 5e29ed3d0b92093⋯.png (366.39 KB, 701x571, 701:571, 3b7cc7a6a8a8206ee3a8a879d0….png)

badc00  No.5236040

File: 20e2424d0ff56b8⋯.mp4 (4.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Iremember.mp4)

I remember when there was a real hate crime in Chicago like the one Jussie Smollett hoaxed, except the victim was a white disable kid who was tortured by a group of black youths shouting "fuck white people" and "fuck Trump" so Q and Trump ignored it.

4c35fb  No.5236041

File: 5f913f70891af89⋯.jpeg (207.47 KB, 975x1239, 325:413, 18F6F296-0F73-4650-9192-D….jpeg)

6f982a  No.5236042


Perhaps a "Hippo-clampus"?

Actually that's kinda revolting.

9be41e  No.5236043


It’s hard for some to release their programming

I’ll always show love to those in the dark, it’s not their fault

273ca5  No.5236044


bwahaha love that man, that was so obivious he was talking to us

66e462  No.5236045

424d17  No.5236046

File: 9fd51dd3429950c⋯.jpg (88.12 KB, 587x638, 587:638, Screenshot 2019-02-17_23-2….jpg)

File: a34a3cc67e51504⋯.jpg (87.39 KB, 746x397, 746:397, Screenshot 2019-02-17_23-2….jpg)


d254a6  No.5236047

File: 6f0be6664107d9e⋯.jpg (19.67 KB, 255x188, 255:188, de2e473c2fbc647a923148c464….jpg)


gaww dayyuum trips be trippin 2nite

f5a54c  No.5236048



5fe271  No.5236049


There is something strange about the NTSB accident report:

The fuel tank was turned OFF.

273ca5  No.5236050


fuck and its only feburary .

3a9a66  No.5236051

File: 9e8bd008b95f353⋯.jpg (165.61 KB, 845x513, 845:513, Q drop 11072018_5 Senate.jpg)

Thank you Sessions.

e7d56c  No.5236052

File: 0e58efb069379ae⋯.png (99.26 KB, 447x765, 149:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f3a161c49d58da⋯.png (95.12 KB, 451x458, 451:458, ClipboardImage.png)

aa453c  No.5236053

File: 57a6bc2a44aab2b⋯.jpeg (18.17 KB, 600x300, 2:1, FFE86687-FC11-4E26-9677-F….jpeg)

72a81d  No.5236054

File: 411657ec2c835dd⋯.png (191.33 KB, 594x485, 594:485, ClipboardImage.png)

New POTUS Twat

904c8c  No.5236055


Fake no Gay no! Total answer is no!

8f974e  No.5236056

File: 80c9f349f832b68⋯.png (1.83 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

ef2739  No.5236057


Documented, yes.

f5a54c  No.5236058


haha whoops did the timeline get pushed forward

sorry I (((git rebase)))d the Q bot

676812  No.5236059

File: f991162ff131853⋯.png (921.92 KB, 1278x677, 1278:677, ClipboardImage.png)

Primary Water is why we don’t have a water shortage. WATER IS RENEWABLE!

WATER – Facts YOU Need to Know About Primary Water . . .

The practice of accessing primary water has been around for centuries. What early Greek philosophers like Aristotle and the Italian Leonardo DaVinci believed, and enlightened scientists working at well-known universities today are exploring, is that all water is created in the mantle of the earth and is available in limitless quantities, worldwide.

Drilling for primary water looks similar to drilling for ground water. The main difference in accessing primary water is that it requires drilling into a geologic fissure or fault to release the primary water that has risen near the surface.

Locating well sites for primary water requires special training and experience. There are countless primary water wells that have been functioning for decades all over California and around the world.

Primary water advantages:

• Provides excellent quality, clean, unspoiled water

• Is fresh and not subject to pollution or surface radiation

• Is created under pressure, so that it comes near the surface by itself, incurring less pumping costs

• Never dries up

• Unlike groundwater, is not subject to the effects of drought

• Does not cause subsidence like some groundwater wells

• Refills depleted groundwater supplies from below in some instances

• Is plentiful and replenishable

• Water can be localized to meet the water needs of individual communities

• Horizontal drilling rigs can benefit fish and wildlife by refilling dried up streams and lakes. Primary water was used to refill dried up lakes such as Lake Elsinore (which went dry in the 1950s).

• Primary water wells can now be used to supplement existing water transport systems like the California aqueduct

Some history of Primary Water

In the 1960’s, the late Dr. Stephen Riess, a geologist and mining engineer, introduced the California government to the concept of primary water. He proposed a water delivery plan which included drilling 8,000 primary water wells along the foothills of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The State government at the time was geared toward managing only atmospheric water, so the Riess proposal was ignored and the California Aqueduct was built instead.


7d5ee5  No.5236060

good stuff: portion of POTUS signing statement 2/15/19

"Numerous provisions purport, in certain circumstances, to condition the authority of officers to spend or reallocate funds on the approval of congressional committees (Division B, sections 702, 706, and 716(a), (b); Division E, sections 403 and 409; Division G, sections 188, 405, and 406). These are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement in the execution of the laws other than by the enactment of statutes. My Administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking the specified actions and will accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration, but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees."

1f2934  No.5236061

File: f31376caaa71849⋯.jpg (449.21 KB, 790x719, 790:719, f31376caaa718499745a5f6267….jpg)


smollettshills until the next ff.

2ffbf3  No.5236062


>>5235614 12 Establishment Media Journalists Who Fueled the Jussie Smollett Flames

>>5235568 McCabe said it. Sarah Carter reported it

>>5235567 WH Press Schedule for Pres day

>>5235758 Full 60 min transcript McCabe (link)

>>5235908, >>5235923 Is FusionGPS a Propaganda Arm of the CIA?

>>5235987 new Judicial watch, 224 pages re Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs)

14e931  No.5236064

arlight folks post that last q drop all over trumps new tweet

175234  No.5236065

File: 9b685910b533a0a⋯.png (688.99 KB, 1078x516, 539:258, BATTER UP.png)


This guy took the fall because he knows if they don't get the bill passed, well…………….. this

37fd4c  No.5236066

File: dc1a42d05398598⋯.jpg (197.89 KB, 326x480, 163:240, 6345656457J658756334523452….jpg)

975d85  No.5236067

File: 0051736f6172a6b⋯.png (2.3 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 44E3C258-0AEE-4118-ABFA-D7….png)


pagan sinners.


Who knew?

6f982a  No.5236068


THAT is an entirely different kind of "clampus".

The helicopter ride kind…

Sounds like you been there.

ea144f  No.5236069

File: fce13c5bb9b1393⋯.png (63.18 KB, 284x177, 284:177, silsbythumbsup.png)

f3fcf1  No.5236070


If the DOJ needs an infusion of credibility, why did TRUMP pick swamp creature, BARR?

7405e7  No.5236071

File: e484f19be5cfc36⋯.gif (23.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e484f19be5cfc36f0e1b3d0f36….gif)


About Barr, how convenient!

1a5e30  No.5236073

File: 421a82f49faa857⋯.jpg (88.81 KB, 750x500, 3:2, mccabegofundme.jpg)

5f3da2  No.5236074

File: a6c34bb23d5e4ca⋯.png (404.71 KB, 781x443, 781:443, ClipboardImage.png)


Michael Bromwich?

7c5617  No.5236075

File: 261186ecfb0647e⋯.png (4.46 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 261186ecfb0647e8f13053a88f….png)





ed5a45  No.5236076

d786dd  No.5236077


I wish I could always share the same sentiment.

badc00  No.5236078

File: 0e450bbd93324f8⋯.mp4 (4.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ow1.mp4)

File: beffdb4587e16c6⋯.mp4 (4.18 MB, 576x360, 8:5, ow2.mp4)

what did he mean by this?

5621c3  No.5236079


Hey Saikat Chakrabarti

3a9a66  No.5236080

File: 7b477b5ddc46a6c⋯.jpg (75.31 KB, 810x670, 81:67, national emergencies obama