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68807e  No.2333359


are not endorsements'''


>>2327065 How to filter the gore spam

>>2322245 , >>2322253, >>2322644 Site down/db crash early AM 7/28. CM fixed.

>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.


>>2332965 Avalanche D5 Graphic

>>2332932 Interdasting, if nothing else…

>>2332914 Halfchan has a good thread up about the missing children in Iowa. Here's a quick rundown (pic related)

>>2332719 Statement by Potus 8.18.17 the Beginning of Q??

>>2332610 Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved

>>2333341 #2939


>>2332282 >>2332299 >>2332329 Mett John W Huber (Good Refresher for Noobs)

>>2332253 Navy CDR Tammy Royal Relieved of Duty for "Poor-Performance" May 2018

>>2332163 Farmer vs. farmer The fight over the herbicide dicamba

>>2332123 Fiona Barrett Redpilling on the Twat

>>2332077 Bill Priestap Dig & Info/Theory

>>2332046 Events from July Graphic: Truth July 2018

>>2332042 Good Decode Graphic

>>2332510 #2938


>>2331640 Anons need to dig into the pacific fleet and look at allegations of misconduct revolving around Singapore as a start

>>2331535 Melissa Hodgman digs

>>2331321 WHO has been changed in the Chain of Command since the Hawaii incident? (Dig Needed?) I think we have been over this before…

>>2331037 Excerpt from "Freud's Mafia" by Paul Boggs

>>2330966 Missle Event Graphic

>>2331725 #2937


>>2330730 Q Decode Graphic

>>2330606 Watch the Water?

>>2330251 Vintage Article "Google & CIA Invest in "Future" of Web Monitoring

>>2330207 Anons Please Watch & Listen & Know that We are Winning (thoughts from an Oldfag)

>>2330897 #2936


>>2329869 Lee Harvey Oswald Visits Spring Hill Graphic

>>2329894 Possible Dig Richard M Harmon

>>2329448, >>2329493 Planefag Updates

>>2329412 MZ dumping stock rapidlike

>>2329408 Searchable SEC database. Dig

>>2329401 New Side-by-Side on the missile event

>>2329392 Digital armory to get the lead out. Use a program on a public wifi to allow photos on the web to be replaced with images you select. Like memes about #EndTheFed or #PedoGate.

>>2329371 The Time I Went To a NXIVM Mixer/Recruitment Party (Video)

>>2329366 , >>2329390 How do we defeat the MSM?

>>2330096 #2935


>>2328770 An Anon's Open Letter to Q (majority in-thread voted to include)

>>2328942 Clockfag Update: Follow Bolton & APACHE, FB, TW, GOOG big problems

>>2328796 George Soros Spent $10.37 Million Lobbying During Second Quarter

>>2328775 , >>2328935 Anon reports sauce thin on the ground for Gaddafi's last speech (#2929)

>>2328642 Obama / Comey & The Smith - Mundt Act: Additional info

>>2328612 Anon made an animated gif of the missile launch

>>2329263 #2934


>>2328312 Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros

>>2328281 The Smith - Mundt Act 411: The start of US public diplomacy

>>2328207 , >>2328250 , >>2328287 PASSWORDS

>>2328038 Digging into 'The Family': Dig

>>2327882 Anon's calls for 100% disclosure

>>2327934 , >>2327965 Could we run Q's photos through PixelKnot using stringers as passwords?

>>2327806 , >>2327951 , >>2328260 Propaganda ban repealed in 2013 & call to force repeal

>>2327908 MH digging into her promotion. Dig

>>2327829 , >>2327879 A look into MH's past

>>2327795 DoD tweet 'tiptop condition'

>>2327782 SpreadSheet Update

>>2328426 #2933


>>2327102 , >>2327168 "Think structure": Restructue of the FED dig

>>2325487 , >>2327451 Look into THE FAMILY. Dig

>>2327340 , >>2327370 MH, Strzok & The Husseins: Dig

>>2327249 Theory: Missile launch strategic purpose - Kill POTUS / Start WW II

>>2327020 , >>2327040 The Circle: Digs

>>2326964 , >>2327105 Who promoted MH to her position?

>>2327610 #2932

Previously Collected Notables

>>2326837 #2931, >>2326002 #2930, >>2325258 #2929,

>>2322740 #2926, >>2322753 #2927, >>2323574 #2928

>>2319502 #2923, >>2321134 #2924, >>2321956 #2925

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764736  No.2333375

File: 8a17cdc3b5fbac5⋯.jpg (218.17 KB, 600x786, 100:131, Bless-this-Board-3.jpg)

Love the bread title, Baker!

Love Triumphs!

68807e  No.2333376




Wants to lurk & chill…

764736  No.2333381


Thanks for all your hard work.

a72218  No.2333391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

IP Man Trump vs Fake News

4e4030  No.2333392

File: 770cd8c87a53136⋯.jpg (499.67 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, Ask A Cambodian.jpg)

File: b3785a5ed0807a9⋯.jpg (517.71 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, Ocasio.jpg)

7c4c34  No.2333393

File: 805d175c4e4acf8⋯.jpg (458.67 KB, 949x759, 949:759, bakerTOM.jpg)

d8790f  No.2333396

File: e14fa4a4b5b492c⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 788x1105, 788:1105, 4829bfae49995952bfdace3ce3….jpg)

Cheers Baker!

c1bf0a  No.2333397

File: 4680154049178a3⋯.png (155.39 KB, 584x267, 584:267, Screenshot_2018-07-28-22-2….png)

>>2333316 (lb)

here's the original. Nice try, though.

eee7f6  No.2333398

It appears we are not the only ones frustrated

New Neon Revolt


94abef  No.2333399


I do not disagree too much evidence.

b847fd  No.2333400


do you still have the blank?

seemed to have saved over mine lol

803cb6  No.2333401

File: 56618ad72d658ff⋯.png (18.2 KB, 228x255, 76:85, 1e507035b4764cb6c659bc3121….png)

The Knife's Edge

For those who still don't understand, let me break it down even further: the United States is in the middle of a Cold Civil War, while at the same time being involved in an international Secret War against, essentially, an institutionalized criminal syndicate tracing its roots back at least a thousand years. A syndicate that makes the Mafia and the Triads, as brutal as they are, mere bit players in the greater scheme of things.

Every shadowy criminal organization you've ever read or seen on a screen is a pale reflection of the syndicate now being attacked. No depravity was too deep for them; indeed, the worse the crime, the more the perpetrators were leveraged by the organization. The greater the crime, the greater and greater lengths they had to go to to contrive to legitimize and rationalize the undeniable evil they had participated in.

Human trafficking, sex trafficking, drugs, illegal organ and tissue harvesting – they had a hand in it all. Because when you know the deck is always stacked in your favor, there are no lengths you won't go to to protect yourself from the consequences of your actions. And when the repercussions for failure are severe and assured by the organization, targeting your family and friends, then even reluctant agents do despicable and unforgivable things to protect the ones they love.

As horrific as that all is, it isn't the worst of it. These people have had an active plan for conquering and dominating the world for centuries. The ultimate move in their plan involves maneuvering humanity into a for-real nuclear conflict which would allow their embedded players (on all sides of any conflict) to eventually dominate the survivors utterly. Using technology and the aftermath of nuclear war, they would seize all power. Everywhere. Over the bodies of billions.

Regardless of which ideology they currently hide behind, make no mistake that their goal is non less than active control of the entire planet. It's your worst James Bond villain evil plot come true. It's every bad post-apocalypse movie wrapped up into one. Human trafficking is secondary to the appalling and inhuman plot to make our world more efficient. Thanos-style.

To be continued

cb175f  No.2333402


Just you. 18 posts you seem to be doing just fine kek.

2382e1  No.2333403

>>2333333 lb

Ding ding ding. We have a winner!!!

c2d697  No.2333404

File: ce35e9954051bc1⋯.png (263.11 KB, 1800x1300, 18:13, Cycles-EvolaInvolution.png)

File: 46047c1b980993d⋯.png (273.57 KB, 593x277, 593:277, Cycles-YugaCycle.png)

File: 62832f6a3c47634⋯.jpeg (53.56 KB, 600x636, 50:53, Cycles-YugaSpiral.jpeg)

85d2d9  No.2333405



thank you baker – you deserve a break

Handoff Confirmed?

7c4c34  No.2333406

File: 2dbbb9dd95b8f6a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.64 KB, 329x229, 329:229, tatoo.jpg)

637109  No.2333407

File: 9daf01aa0fefea6⋯.png (237.81 KB, 605x599, 605:599, Eric re GDP 7-27-18.PNG)

File: c07c8357c238c8d⋯.png (206.32 KB, 441x368, 441:368, 2016 Economist Quotes.PNG)

57dd88  No.2333408

File: 2aeee7e98f7bfbb⋯.jpg (120.93 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 35275143_194470274546194_4….jpg)

Thank you baker!

f19e22  No.2333409

Wicked people are killed

by their own evil deeds,

and if you hate God's people

you will be punished.

The Lord saves the lives

of his servants.

Run to him for protection,

and you won't be punished.

Psalms 34: 21-22

5eb3c4  No.2333410

File: a27f455259505c8⋯.jpg (72.43 KB, 617x434, 617:434, whothehellcares.jpg)

be7756  No.2333411

File: bb323edbf1b8585⋯.jpg (684.7 KB, 1856x1336, 232:167, cortez-blank.jpg)

5b6866  No.2333412

File: 553c07f36e53c10⋯.jpg (140.39 KB, 416x832, 1:2, IMG_546.jpg)

7d20a7  No.2333413

File: 26e36eb5cf45407⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2133x1600, 2133:1600, Chapter 9_page_0001.jpg)

File: 9720a1efc6ad743⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2133x1600, 2133:1600, Chapter 9_page_0002.jpg)

File: fb5e1be4efd7f6b⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2133x1600, 2133:1600, Chapter 9_page_0003.jpg)

File: e9197aaba9bd388⋯.jpg (878.36 KB, 2133x1600, 2133:1600, Chapter 9_page_0004.jpg)

Bernays' Mental Health Dream. [Freud's Mafia].

Source: Freud's Mafia - Paul Boggs, Chapter 8, Pages 86 - 93.


^^^^^^^^^ #2939. Details concerning UNESCO, WWF, Lennon, Huxley, Disney, Crowley, Polanski and Prince Phillip [Biblical quotes within].


^^^^^^^^^ #2939. Anon addressed faithfags; I didn't reply but this post relates to what he said [been agnostic long time]. Been here from the beginning; there is no doubt I'm on a righteous path…feelz good.


^^^^^^^^^ #2937. Roosevelt's "New Deal", the Nazi's, Goebbels, Rothschild, Clinton and the Gallup/Roper polls; Edward Bernays is the common thread.


^^^^^^^^^ #2939. A liddle excerpt from "Freud's Mafia" by Paul Boggs.

>>2331048 #2937

^^^^^^^^^ Boggs MUST be /ourguy/; @Jack banned him!


14c4ef  No.2333414

File: b348ee78ad1ebc1⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 184x255, 184:255, kebab.jpg)

Jones claims his report schooled GEOTUS on shadowbanning and socialmedia censorship techniques. True?

242cc6  No.2333415

File: d7669a4e7d3deaf⋯.png (333.81 KB, 1331x737, 121:67, ClipboardImage.png)



What is at issue?

In June last year, the Royal Navy test-fired an unarmed Trident II D5 ballistic missile. The weapon is 13 metres long, weighs 60 tonnes and can carry nuclear warheads with up to eight times the destructive capacity of the bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the second world war. The navy likes to boast about the missile’s accuracy: it can hit a target 4,000 nautical miles away and be accurate to within a few metres.

The problem is that when HMS Vengeance, one of the UK’s four nuclear submarines, test-fired the missile off the coast of Florida, the missile was not out by a few metres but several thousand miles. It had been targeted at the southern Atlantic off the coast of west Africa. Instead, it was heading in the opposite direction, over the US.


803cb6  No.2333416

File: 3fefd4ee96b35e9⋯.jpg (34.43 KB, 300x420, 5:7, 4fc5ea7ddc3b445ec9c01d8cfd….jpg)



Whether you realize it or not, things are on a knife's edge, at the moment. Despite the assurances of Q and Company, and the dedication of Patriots in every country represented on this board, the balance could tip in any direction at any moment. People are dying on both sides, and more are getting caught in the crossfire. But the penalty for failing in this effort is death and enslavement.

The cabal was complacent. "They never thought she would lose" is more than commentary on HRC's lousy campaign, it summarizes their entire attitude toward opposition. In the past one head of this hydra (see what I did there) has been stopped only to be replaced by others waiting in the wings. They've done this before. Again and again. Over centuries. They're good at covering their asses.

But they've never faced a full-on attack on all fronts all at once, and its got them in a corner. Their overlapping organizations are being decimated, their agents exposed and removed, their fonts of power stopped or poisoned. But the cabal's resources are deep, hidden, and (to be honest) unknown to any single individual. Extreme pressure is being placed economically, legally, and clandestinely to squeeze their vast overlapping networks. But no one really knows what might happen, only what is most likely to happen.

This is, in essence, a sudden rebellion by those who have watched and studied this cabal with horror, but have never been able to do anything about it because of the reach of the cabal's agents. What we do know is that the cabal does not care how many innocents must die, as long as their elite survives to conquer the survivors and dominate them. If they get a shot, they'll take it. If they think they can pull off a Hail Mary, they'll take it. And various parts of the organization may take different approaches to striking out. We may not be able to counter every one. Only technological superiority, sneakiness, discipline, and recognition of the consequences of our inaction has gotten us this far. A lot of things could go wrong, still.

Whatever your personal feelings about various parts of the cabal and your personal perspective on who should face the gallows, the fact is we are in the middle of two simultaneous, overlapping wars. The people in charge have demonstrated their faith by their actions over the last two years. They are best served by we on this board with support and patience, not tirades. If we have a chance of winning, it will be because we were more committed to humanity's survival than they were to its enslavement.


Boobs for Victory!

c1e1fe  No.2333417

Thing about dumbed down people. They have little foundation. They will not stay long in the trenches and will not be much help or really that much hindrance once the shit hits the fan.

The real way to take control is to get a group of dedicated people who know the truth. And we take over and over time dominate the schools and teach them.

Since we all know there is no going back or giving up. We can not go back to two years ago because the Jew will have to kill us off fast or we will poison the whole society against them in time.

We will never stop now that we know we have no choice.

Thus it really is actually over for them already.

Can you really imagine the trannie with pink hair down the street forcing you to do something against your will now?

No. If Trump dies or this movement falters it is trigger pulling time.

d0cee9  No.2333418


You've left many of us confused, Q…

POTUS's favorite General, Patton, was clear about who the real enemy was in WW2. And, I'm sorry, but no scholar would seriously compare Nazi Germany to Antifa. Their not even fucking close. Germany was nationalist, not pro open-borders. The Germans respected decency, not blue-haired, degenerate, pedo-trannies. The Germans were pro-gun, despite much propaganda to the contrary. And anyone with a brain understands that nearly any economic-system, socialism or otherwise, will likely work in a racially-homogenous European state. It's when you introduce Jews, Muslims and the third-world that problems occur. This is why these systems worked in Scandinavian nations, but not places like Venezuela. Regardless, no one wants socialism anyway, except for leftist-faggots. Right-wing, conservatives, who appreciate certain aspects of the Nazi-movement (aspects that without the "Nazi" label, would otherwise be considered decent, ethical and moral).

You, nor anyone else has made a valid case against the German people to earn the right to denigrate them further… as if they have not been brow-beaten and degraded enough.

Did the Bolsheviks murder millions of their neighbors before knocking on the doors of Germans, Q? Yes or no?… What were the German people supposed to do, twiddle their thumbs? Meanwhile NY Jews like Theodore Kaufman are writing "best-seller" books like, "Germany Must Perish", calling for the extermination/sterilization of 17 million Germans (…looks like they only were able to get 15 million in the end, yet it continues, today).

And you want me to believe the Germans were the bad guys??? You better make a better case, Q…

You know where you are… This is a place where credentials mean shit. Your drops stand on their own merit. Everyone knows this. So, if you know something about Nazi Germany that we don't, spit it out. Or shut it. (Are those not the unspoken rules here, anons?) You must back your claims… "This is not a game."

I've entertained the fact that Hitler may have been a Zionist-puppet. However, it's absurd to think for even one second that the entire nation of German-people were a bunch of "evil, racist, (Antifa-like) Nazis". What are we, fucking 12 here?

Like I said, if you know something we don't… Spit it out.

Also, I'm fucking positive many of us would like you to address the "Talmudic Question". So, let's have it.

239d49  No.2333419



b847fd  No.2333420


thanks muh fren

94abef  No.2333421

File: 4623c84e856c5a1⋯.png (159.96 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20degree.png)

File: aa5aa06d9c34194⋯.png (101.16 KB, 1280x944, 80:59, 30degreeangle.png)

File: a70ffd2e727b1eb⋯.png (110.49 KB, 1280x926, 640:463, 36degreeangle.png)

File: eb28f595f862d69⋯.png (116.78 KB, 1280x919, 1280:919, 40degreeangle.png)

File: 9df707b461a2b7d⋯.png (105.2 KB, 1280x946, 640:473, trig9circles.png)


Einstein mixed with divine pattern.

68807e  No.2333422


BV Here to monitor handoff?

Hoping for BV Blessing, but will handoff regardless :)

723982  No.2333423

File: 4bfde40ffe1c406⋯.gif (706.07 KB, 1000x1021, 1000:1021, 1391993374960.gif)

3a540d  No.2333424


It's new full moon baker.

c2d697  No.2333425


Wicked people are killed

when punished for their evil deeds,

and if you do evil against my people

you will be punished.

Awakened people save the lives

of themselves.

Run to yourself for protection,

and you will be saved.

Translated that into non cuckstianity for you.

fdfa58  No.2333426

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Q : For a whole week, disable all MSM on television and play in a loop the tape that explains it all.


>Nobody will be able to turn a blind eye on this one (News paper ? Social Medias ? NO ONE)

28faf8  No.2333427

File: 2e82d9a00c78011⋯.jpg (47.29 KB, 602x338, 301:169, ukraine-marks-church-anniv….jpg)

Ukraine marks church anniversary, aims to tackle Kremlin influence. With revising the Orthodox Christian values. (Jews are not gonna like this)

764736  No.2333428


Oops, sorry - I don't know how. I just meant thanks.

0ff79e  No.2333429

e159e9  No.2333430

64bfb5  No.2333431


Love full moon baker, BV! He's a good guy!

239d49  No.2333432

File: 12c8c72bfae3081⋯.png (267.84 KB, 1464x944, 183:118, MythMilitaryComplex.png)

File: d5cdedf8321b1f8⋯.png (455.81 KB, 1463x929, 1463:929, MythMilitaryComplexes.png)

File: 9b93494ab8e83e4⋯.png (229.58 KB, 660x818, 330:409, MythIke.png)

File: 1facec53c9c7b0f⋯.png (105.14 KB, 663x909, 221:303, MythIke1.png)

File: 4ca91bee8c56aaf⋯.png (48.8 KB, 661x500, 661:500, MythIke2.png)


God bless this anon. A real patriot.

85d2d9  No.2333433



damn couldn't let me bake away unnoticed lol.. i can help with notables if you'd prefer to keep baking or wait for another baker

e02bd8  No.2333434


Great write up.

7c4c34  No.2333435

File: 3bd398859a2ef6d⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 1243x840, 1243:840, beekernight.jpg)

6121b7  No.2333436


A bit less scarier than this but yeah that's the point. Reveal the whole truth and repeat it a 1000 times

c04c75  No.2333438


Thanks & Amen!

c1e1fe  No.2333439


Two levels of understanding anon. Can you imagine Q coming out supporting anything related Germany in WW2 now? Before the world gets red pilled on the Jew Question? You know the truth, I know the truth, Q knows the truth. Q knows you and I know the truth.

Q can not go faster than the normies understanding of the world.


ZOG is not getting out of this alive.

239d49  No.2333440

File: 8c16acafcc66905⋯.png (298.05 KB, 655x699, 655:699, MythIke3.png)

File: 8900c9dfca8e0be⋯.png (54.25 KB, 501x829, 501:829, Butler.png)

File: e796c84d61941d3⋯.png (43.85 KB, 503x640, 503:640, Butler1.png)

File: b243cbd6d511fac⋯.png (66.76 KB, 541x839, 541:839, Butler2.png)

File: fc2dcb2d1cffc85⋯.png (36.78 KB, 565x526, 565:526, Butler3.png)


Feel sick yet?

94abef  No.2333441

(40,000 feet)^2

don't ask the crowd for the answers you get all ranges of answers.

d0cee9  No.2333442

File: 82f2167d3ab47cb⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 580x584, 145:146, DKRB6OdX0AE0D3h.jpg)

File: 74b9c33416ca081⋯.jpg (80.36 KB, 523x587, 523:587, I saw that too dunno about….jpg)

f19e22  No.2333443


All I can say is, good luck with that.

d5ede4  No.2333444

We talk about ourselves.

We talk about the moon.

No one actually does any research.

Manana, y'all.

68807e  No.2333445


You OK to Bake FMB?

Sorry, but you seemed a little mouthy earlier…

744a78  No.2333446

The neon revolt article appears to be deleted

20b507  No.2333447


Someone write on there I'm with Q.

I'm just a plant in the Democratic Party. Trust the Plan.

When all exits are covered, all Comms are secured, every tunnel is covered, every Jan is secured, then we will move

88cf48  No.2333448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(LB) >>2333294

This should be required watching for every American. Many thought him a dem because he was always out for helping women/minorities. First-ever woman heading major NY construction site? 1980, Trump Tower. Revs Al & Jesse Jackson spent decades hugging & honoring him at various banquets and Rainbow Push Coalition. TONS of footage from past decades out there.

He was actually neither "party" at heart. Knew it was all compromised. He's just 34 y/o in video. Start from this one and watch subsequent interviews, any year, any decade. Has never changed.

Believe our hardest job is just to get the facts regarding Our President out there! Mockingbird's erased his whole history.

Comped puppets like B Joel still packing houses, dumping on POTUS, don't help. NYers w/should know better than anyone.

c2d697  No.2333449


Good luck with what?

0d3c08  No.2333450

File: 1bb1176d3a5bcb3⋯.jpg (85.02 KB, 888x500, 222:125, IMG_20180728_163430.jpg)

14c4ef  No.2333451


Whats the inside baseball on Ukraine religions? I've got a 9-10 Ukrainian qt2.14 thats a rabid Baptist, I thought they were all Orthodox? She fucking hates Russians, and thinks Hitler was a swell guy… Tips on how to tiptoe through the implications of this??

f02184  No.2333452

File: b24eea44ceb0e2e⋯.jpeg (116.81 KB, 693x500, 693:500, E529AFA5-594C-4762-97EB-9….jpeg)

File: 648555a7e895728⋯.jpeg (84.53 KB, 693x500, 693:500, 593B781F-394A-475E-A4D2-D….jpeg)

File: 3e0461d6ae502af⋯.jpeg (111.67 KB, 693x500, 693:500, E8036EE0-6059-4234-87ED-F….jpeg)

File: 15b1817aeaf058c⋯.jpeg (93.83 KB, 693x500, 693:500, 6143A64B-DAED-4959-B4DA-6….jpeg)

File: 28a9ccc7ba8443c⋯.jpeg (102.07 KB, 693x500, 693:500, 4A780ACF-9CA7-43CB-80CB-8….jpeg)

f17c8f  No.2333453




Baker Lurking

I'm around, but I won't be monitoring the bread closely. Good luck, FullMoon! There is assistance if needed.

a0d05e  No.2333454

miniature nukes implanted into people backs a goreshill agenda people held hostage in DC who if they don't do a job, they will detonate/terminate..backs the nuclear agenda…each and every individual has their own frequencies and is controlled by such means….spitballing here from Q drops anons

7d20a7  No.2333456


Scratch >2332648. Should have pointed to:


^^^^^^^^^ #2939. A liddle excerpt from "Freud's Mafia" by Paul Boggs.

85d2d9  No.2333457


just passionate, baker

i'm fine to bake, but up to you

723982  No.2333458

File: bf88f04f703bac6⋯.png (129.26 KB, 798x584, 399:292, ClipboardImage.png)

f02184  No.2333459


Mein kekker.

e89714  No.2333460

File: f60f64eeec384fa⋯.jpeg (789.15 KB, 1125x1541, 1125:1541, 26791F68-0497-4273-BB9C-D….jpeg)

Interesting twat from PO today

fdfa58  No.2333461



I mean, General Zod repdilled the entire world on aliens and demanded custody of his alien fugitive in like, a couple of minutes…

c1bf0a  No.2333462

Darrell Issa: ‘Nobody’s going to be surprised’ if Trump lied about Trump Tower meeting

Rep. Darrell Issa alleged in a Saturday interview that “nobody’s going to be surprised” if President Trump allowed the 2016 June Trump Tower meeting to go ahead.

The remarks by the California Republican came during an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on what scrutiny and legal trouble the president could be in if he knew about the meeting Donald Trump Jr. had where he was told he could get dirt on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“But what if he’s proven to be a liar, congressman?” Cavuto asked.


b493a0  No.2333463

Sorry to trouble you anons. I was sure I saw a database for house and senate vacancies around here. But I've looked for hours and can't find it. I don't suppose someone has it bookmarked.. like I should have had.

a72218  No.2333464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

723982  No.2333465

File: 6bbac20954ff2c0⋯.jpg (450.79 KB, 931x1039, 931:1039, 1509751793576.jpg)

aa6fde  No.2333466

Q #1746 ThanQ POTUS and Patriots WRWY!


Fake news!


>Mockingbird meida, knowingly lying to the people.



>Russian Collusion by Democrat party, HRC BHO, et al.


>Never in 3+ decades


>Never in 3+ decades






>Never, unprecedented. ThanQ


>Never ThanQ


>Never ThanQ


>Never in modern history.










>Mega habbenings!!!




>Absolutely, ThanQ!! Godspeed and love.


>Prayers for the fallen.


>Praying for protection for every patriot and good person on the panet.


>No longer for us, we no longer trust them.



>Godspeed and ThanQ


>Meh we all do it. ThanQ.


02e574  No.2333467

File: 8a4b83ce4c6f949⋯.png (907.35 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C93ACF4C-9761-42FD-92F5-E6….png)

File: ff8f4b6d82b7962⋯.png (782.17 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 38E6E5B6-2E15-4928-958C-C4….png)

File: 24f713d5d201453⋯.png (2.03 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CBCC910B-73AA-4957-8653-F9….png)

File: 4dbfcbb6193860f⋯.png (827.36 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 54FEE32C-A2AC-46CD-9D02-26….png)

File: 2573f808f697825⋯.png (581.3 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, B4F56E17-9DA5-4B0B-8715-31….png)




RR was Whitewater prosecutor.

LB defended BC / HRC - LB C_A?

MH & LB - Georgetown - Circle ? Connected?

7c4c34  No.2333468


he also forced the integration of the Palm Beach Country Club, which no one gives him credit

637109  No.2333469


>This should be required watching for every American.

Every anon should watch this

It is only 4 minutes and you will thank yourself for watching POTUS' comments dating back to the 80's

e6ab93  No.2333470

File: f135c00bc16c3e0⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 389x198, 389:198, this.jpg)


>All I can say is, good luck with that.

I, for one, take "spiritual wickedness in high places" very seriously.

f17c8f  No.2333471


You got the handoff, FMB. Take the next bake.

(Unsolicited opinion of lurking baker)

cfcfb6  No.2333472

File: 00fbdaf24855f50⋯.png (566.28 KB, 415x496, 415:496, NightComfy.png)

6caf6f  No.2333473

>>2333316 lb

>>2333346 lb

this rabbit hole has a clit

44fb11  No.2333475

File: 1c07906ab7370fb⋯.png (41.38 KB, 873x122, 873:122, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2333360 (pb)

On Comey? Shit, there's dirt everywhere. Lockheed, HSBC, Bridgewater, DOJ DAG fuckery, Clinton fuckery…on and on…

51ba65  No.2333476














048cda  No.2333477

File: d5b13cb02e19ff6⋯.png (13.3 MB, 5749x5962, 5749:5962, missilesidebyside.png)

updated missile attack graphic

(not notable baker, or for anons seeing it for the first time, already been there)

added moar sauce and pics

a44030  No.2333478

File: c27cf8f2dbad480⋯.png (378.73 KB, 699x404, 699:404, 3fc1c4bc22b4ac54cd03ae7a00….png)

f19e22  No.2333479


Running to yourself only?

d0cee9  No.2333480


I'm not even trying to kill these fuckers… I just want them the fuck out of my nation. Talmudists in my community are seriously infringing upon my families right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, I've had enough. I don't give a shit if someone thinks I'm an anti-Semite, or calls me a "Nazi". No fucking "Nazi" ever lied in a court of law to try to steal my child from me, while being connected to members of NXIVM. But Talmudist-"Jews" sure have. Fuck (((these people))). They are deception and corruption epitomized.

"Oh you 'muh joo-shill', you're wrong because I have met several good Jews in my life, haha." - (Unity-fags)

The exception is not the rule.

745d07  No.2333481

File: 8e4209f567a74ea⋯.png (77.22 KB, 632x709, 632:709, IMG_1013.PNG)


Justice League was SABOTAGED

048cda  No.2333482


that is an awesome decode anon


46a708  No.2333483

File: 9bb7db57c10e48a⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 616x299, 616:299, dnc emails hacked ip addre….jpg)


6f3498  No.2333484

File: d72d6396e25bb90⋯.jpg (5.53 MB, 6900x5064, 575:422, Common_Theme_Green_Door_De….jpg)

File: 8ccdfd1500ec4e9⋯.png (1.4 MB, 2304x1694, 1152:847, U_ta_h_Cl_0w_nz_K_ey_st_0n….png)

File: 1f7569f29653877⋯.jpg (4.28 MB, 6900x5064, 575:422, Pepe_NSA_Green_Door.jpg)

0c73c7  No.2333486



20b507  No.2333487

What's going on? It says 89 comments that's impossible so what's happening? Is it a Jewish holiday or are we getting fucked

048cda  No.2333488

File: 72c1e2a21afceed⋯.png (223.19 KB, 633x419, 633:419, ClipboardImage.png)

f4397a  No.2333490

Could someone explain what the Nope button does, if you install it. Does it just filter the post if you click a button, or something better?

4e4030  No.2333491


What if this really is Q and we all have a lot of work ahead of us? WHAT IF THIS IS THE "BIG DROP" ?

a72218  No.2333492

File: 4aec2d51f923fcc⋯.png (596.7 KB, 718x469, 718:469, trust-clam-sponge-bob.png)

c1e1fe  No.2333493


It is not Q's job to red pill on Germany or Nazi. That is your job. Q will bring you eyes to read the board and you make your arguments. The red pilling will happen.

Q need to have distance and plausible deniablity on this topic. Because it falls into the ultimate Jew propaganda movement of the 20th century. Before Q can move on this topic YOU have to work the minds.

Are you up for it?

Make your memes. Show your facts. And watch the dominoes fall.

c2d697  No.2333494


I see.

Maybe that line could be better.

f02184  No.2333495

File: a720a76fb42181b⋯.jpeg (97.52 KB, 693x500, 693:500, DF9881F2-E86B-4584-9C6A-6….jpeg)

f17c8f  No.2333496



My reply was just for KEKs, anons. It's night crew, so put on your slippers and relax.

44fb11  No.2333497

File: 16ce0524bee41c4⋯.png (494.79 KB, 695x888, 695:888, NightShiftPepe.png)

65baef  No.2333498

File: 2d1c3c50a04910a⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 35d299c567cc3c7c952a707a5c….jpg)

Nahko Bear and Dispatch were AWESOME!

I had to wear a "Make Speech Free Again" hat so I didn't get my ass kicked by a mob of fucktards…

And some of them even liked it!

Some rolled their eyes when I said "Yeah… fuck PC. I'M NOT IN POLITICS!"

And Q was posting, which they always do when I finally step away from the compy.

Wanna speed things up?


GIVE ME A THING TO DO BEYOND… my… being at just about every nexus point of the Q A.R.G. ….


I have to be left to my own devices or it doesn't work, I guess.

Device Test: Ta

744a78  No.2333499

File: 1d4cf8496a3c9da⋯.png (135.84 KB, 476x466, 238:233, 75CDC3CB-B6B6-40FB-83F4-AA….png)

0eec62  No.2333500

"The truth to know will be yours. - Q"

Translation: "We're not going to upset the normies. We're going to do everything as quietly as possible and not arrest anyone too big as it will upset people. Only conspiracy nuts that want to know and are prepared to dig will have any clue that anything is happening."

2ab226  No.2333501

File: 125210c08721a67⋯.png (404.51 KB, 501x401, 501:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 81b7e7b0d72d0cb⋯.png (111.67 KB, 903x812, 129:116, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0305a67315ed12e⋯.png (125.25 KB, 904x829, 904:829, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5db18976e7cea7e⋯.png (116.86 KB, 905x758, 905:758, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9bf07a23b2032b6⋯.png (95.46 KB, 924x454, 462:227, ClipboardImage.png)

Entering A 1984 World, Trump-Style

The pundits and politicians generally take it for granted that President Trump lacks a coherent foreign policy. They believe that he acts solely out of spite, caprice, and political opportunism – lashing out at U.S. allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel and England’s Theresa May only to embrace authoritarian rulers like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. His instinctive rancor and impulsiveness seemed on full display during his recent trip to Europe, where he lambasted Merkel, undercut May, and then, in an extraordinary meeting with Putin, dismissed any concerns over Russian meddling in the 2016 American presidential election (before half-walking his own comments back).

“Nobody knows when Trump is doing international diplomacy and when he is doing election campaigning in Montana,” commented Danish defense minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen following the summit. “It is difficult to decode what policy the American president is promoting. There is a complete unpredictability in this.”

While that reaction may be typical, it’s a mistake to assume that Trump lacks a coherent foreign-policy blueprint. In fact, an examination of his campaign speeches and his actions since entering the Oval Office – including his appearance with Putin – reflect his adherence to a core strategic concept: the urge to establish a tripolar world order, one that was, curiously enough, first envisioned by Russian and Chinese leaders in 1997 and one that they have relentlessly pursued ever since.


c04c75  No.2333503


Read that!

d5deaa  No.2333504

File: 84a2d872e8c4fc7⋯.jpeg (265.19 KB, 750x523, 750:523, 7047ACF5-95F4-4E52-BDEB-6….jpeg)


Don’t do it it’s a virus

This is what it did to my computer…. had to get it fixed

42abf8  No.2333505

Q isn't going to be able to drop the really good stuff like the nature of reality and God until they get past extraterrestrials and our place in the universe.

And they can't drop that until they tell us the truth about our history, our ancient civilizations, our current space programs and advanced technologies.

And they can't drop on that until we learn the truth about the JFK assassination and 9/11.

And they can't discuss that until we get past Satanic worship and human sacrifice.

And we can't get there until we come to grips with election fraud, rogue intelligence agencies and corrupt media.

Because, after all, who would believe it, right? So, we've still got a long way to go before we get to the good stuff.

68807e  No.2333506


Wow? Really?

Ok, lurking Baker, I will handoff under your advice…

I was just a little skeptical because FMB jumped on the whole doxxing train earlier.

Can't help my caution… It is my instinct to protect the dough.

Confirming Handoff?

70b932  No.2333507


one big fucking circle jerk

c2d697  No.2333508


We can take care of that after 11/11

eee7f6  No.2333509


At least the gore shill doesn't hurt my feelz…snif…snif

94abef  No.2333510

For you space fags:

What I am doing is showing two things

1. The effects of velocity on space time.

2. That velocity may not be what causes this effect and it may be from the structure of space time (the underlying fractal dimensions).

Well IMO.

800b21  No.2333511

>>2333157 (LB)

Ooooooooo I don't get it, well sir; that fuck is probably part of the cabal trying to get his nuts out of the fire. Sorry if we want to hold him accountable for the shit that has come out of his mouth.

c1bf0a  No.2333512

Therapists say they've seen a rise in anxiety under Trump: report

Therapists in the U.S. say they have seen a rise in politically-related anxiety under the Trump presidency.

Though a condition has not been officially named, therapists and patients have referred to it as "Trump Anxiety Disorder," according to a report from Canada's CBC News.

Elisabeth LaMotte, the founder of the D.C. Counseling and Psychotherapy Center in Washington, D.C., told CBC that there is a "collective anxiety" among her patients related to President Trump's rhetoric and policies.

"There is a fear of the world ending," she said. "It's very disorienting and constantly unsettling."


28faf8  No.2333513

File: b45219e04074601⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 602x338, 301:169, facebook-is-sued-after-sto….jpg)










Text size

Aa Aa

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A shareholder of Facebook Inc <FB.O> on Friday filed the first of what could be many lawsuits against the social media company and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg following a 19 percent one-day plunge in Facebook's share price.

The complaint filed by James Kacouris accused Facebook and Zuckerberg of violating federal securities laws, and seeks class-action status and unspecified damages.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Susan Thomas)

2ab226  No.2333514

Giuliani Tells Fox News ‘Somebody Played Around’ with Recording of Trump and Michael Cohen

President Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani called into Saturday’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel to discuss the tape lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded of himself and his then-client Donald Trump discussing a payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Per “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro, Giuliani told Fox News “somebody played around” with the tape.

The former New York mayor said on the show it has been “determined” the video was “tampered with” to “obscure” something from the tape that would hurt Cohen.

“[W]e have determined the fact that [Cohen] tampered with the tape in the sense that he abruptly, mid-conversation, turned it off,” Giuliani told Pirro. “Now, we know he didn’t do that for a good reason.”

He later stated, “I think they put it out because they wanted the doctored version to obscure whatever else might be on that tape. I’m sure it’ll be good for us. … We can draw an inference from that — that it was favorable to us because of the way in which he was deceiving us.”


048cda  No.2333515

File: d2718e822762acf⋯.png (94.6 KB, 527x258, 527:258, ClipboardImage.png)


it instantly removes the pic from that post

(not going to do it, I love that pepe)

if I clicked that, my post would still be there, but the pic would be gone (but the filename is still there)


^^^^ thats the gore faggot shill you'd be using it on

16a08d  No.2333516

File: d19af7e9df953a0⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 300x451, 300:451, lady_injustice001573_displ….jpg)

File: cd93acbadd17ab5⋯.jpeg (28.55 KB, 396x272, 99:68, 5ZwTQT.jpeg)

File: de062947ab999d7⋯.jpg (215.87 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, 6b429e8da74c369dc9f290b1db….jpg)

File: 4c702658b6f3647⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 255x246, 85:82, c6066a666b2e87190daef64bed….jpg)


Hello retard.

5b6866  No.2333517

File: 6b96c2cb769bad1⋯.jpg (172.54 KB, 650x650, 1:1, IMG_564.jpg)

68807e  No.2333518



Oops, meant to tag lurking Baker…

Still waiting to confirm handoff…

d0cee9  No.2333519


Neck yourself, you nigger-worshipping, kike.

345ebf  No.2333520

Re: Abductions in Iowa…anyone checking on the kosher meat packer in NE Iowa?

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/scandal-ridden-iowa-kosher-slaughterhouse-is-back-in-business/

46a708  No.2333522

File: 8d6a6f5bd498848⋯.jpg (264.93 KB, 868x820, 217:205, Good Q decode.jpg)


TwtPros, fire cannons.

Straight from the source, 8ch.

Godspeed, Patriots.

ac0396  No.2333523



9c4be9  No.2333524

File: b03092f17a6819f⋯.png (487.8 KB, 886x303, 886:303, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 321045b3d258624⋯.png (125.46 KB, 279x224, 279:224, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 3d652ab5b6de046⋯.png (73.89 KB, 236x206, 118:103, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

a0d05e  No.2333525

what if the bot is triggered when the birds nest is infiltrated….bird anagram info….helluva a slider if it is one but regarding a deadman's switch and immenent release, I wouldn't quite rule out the possibility the boards were chosen for the reason anons would look farther than the pictures and deeper than the gore to find a truth hidden in plain sight. again spitballing from memory of events which passed me by…if the password is displayed here, what if the bot drops something big. forgive an anon if this was already ruled out.

f4397a  No.2333526


thanks anon, so it's just like a one click post filter basically

55454f  No.2333527

It seems like the only ones that aren't safe to walk the streets are President Trump supporters these days.

524fe0  No.2333528


Nicely said. Step by step.

49cfc5  No.2333529


So what if Potus knew about the Trump meeting (if he did)?

It is NOT ILLEGAL to have meetings with people.

Knowing or not knowing - doesn't change a thing.

46a708  No.2333530

File: 372145b2d5f167c⋯.jpg (76.91 KB, 500x399, 500:399, why are you here_2.jpg)

See the shills?


Respond to shills?

c5147b  No.2333531


Possible. We've heard about this stuff for years but seeing is another step along the path.

20b507  No.2333533


Wow, Thank You.

I will meme the fuck out of this


9c4be9  No.2333534

File: 6fd364f579afda6⋯.png (104.3 KB, 624x330, 104:55, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: b747729518c1b10⋯.png (98.54 KB, 502x270, 251:135, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 9925a8379b563f1⋯.png (263.29 KB, 737x256, 737:256, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: c841965f3e456f5⋯.png (643.04 KB, 888x473, 888:473, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: d2395d722666e70⋯.png (160.08 KB, 469x225, 469:225, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

3670f4  No.2333535

>>2332281 (prev)

Must watch for all anons.

703752  No.2333536

File: 0bab356853f525f⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 509x415, 509:415, Dan Schneider Obama.jpg)

eee7f6  No.2333537

File: a1b47ba17a987f4⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 988x948, 247:237, a1b47ba17a987f4c57962018bb….jpg)


Therapistfag here…I'm seeing a rise in comfiness

048cda  No.2333539



and these:



go fuck your self you glowing shill

need the pasta?

745d07  No.2333540


Bizarre series of events that sabotaged film:

Brett Ratner out of all of Pedowood becomes a metoo casualty and his Ratpac productions was overseeing the film.

During editing of the FINISHED film, Zak Snyder's daughter "commits suicide" which pulls Snyder away from finishing his cut.

Joss Whedon is then brought in to "reshoot" much of the film.

Conclusion: Snyder was making a pro-justice and pro-Rand type film and Pedowood not only prevented it, but fucking DESTROYED it.

f17c8f  No.2333541



BV did not nix the exchange, and FMB is a new(er) baker. We need to find NewBakers, and if they're shillBakers, we need only BV or BO around to record the SB's hash and correct the shillBake. We're covered. Not all bakers agree with other bakers, and I've had many disagreements here myself.

It is your decision, though, so handoff or keep it, or choose a different baker.

9c4be9  No.2333542

File: c89e5500a4bd789⋯.png (326.61 KB, 591x552, 197:184, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 224186d8adabe11⋯.png (434.88 KB, 615x605, 123:121, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 262b6b0d5d093bd⋯.png (36.46 KB, 446x252, 223:126, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 6dda6754257e7ca⋯.png (212.5 KB, 407x324, 407:324, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 0821d00444ff443⋯.png (213.98 KB, 444x303, 148:101, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

85d2d9  No.2333543


love the full moon in this



thanks, lurking baker


totally understand, baker i appreciate your caution but don't feel the need to explain or defend myself

Handoff Confirmed

lurking baker and bv here to monitor anyway

f4397a  No.2333544


I wish there were a way to make images blurry until you clicked, or something like that

c1e1fe  No.2333545


You fight a war by picking out reasonable targets and removing them one by one. With disipline. It is not the time yet for this. The entire Jew mind control was "Jews didnt du nuffin" "oh how we suffer"

Until the Overton Window has moved further your not going to get Q to publically confront the Jew Question.

Once we gain all the levers of society and remove the fraud that is the MSM then we can move on the Jew Question.

048cda  No.2333546



oh and the NOPE also filters the same pics LATER!!

so the gore shill can fuck off even moar

7372cc  No.2333547


I’ve been half ass lurking tonight and thought I saw that too. And said was articlefag as well, correct?

3a3df9  No.2333548


d0cee9  No.2333549


Oh shit… He's close with Michael Obama?!?

cfcfb6  No.2333550


No, what it does is hide all the images in that post, AND it remembers what images you hid so you never see them again even in other posts. There are still a few little changes I hope the programmer will make, but it's very usable.

cb175f  No.2333551

File: 12ed3a6a216d017⋯.jpg (529.02 KB, 1856x1336, 232:167, occrazio air gitmo.jpg)

94abef  No.2333552

can someone send me to the autists board?

2a3b51  No.2333554

File: 164b6e409d3502a⋯.png (2.44 KB, 63x51, 21:17, 164b6e409d3502a86a566d48a0….png)


703752  No.2333556

File: b3bceb759e48e49⋯.jpg (273.16 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Comfy Q.jpg)

3670f4  No.2333557


kek anon.

048cda  No.2333558


you're right

filter is not the right word, hide is moar accurate

f19e22  No.2333559

The god who rules this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers. They cannot see the light, which is the good news about our glorious Christ, who shows what God is like.

2Corinthians 4:4

703752  No.2333560

Finally got to put the Nope button to good use. Can confirm that it works.

cb175f  No.2333561

File: da8301e6247757d⋯.jpg (372.83 KB, 1856x1336, 232:167, occrazio barry .jpg)

c1bf0a  No.2333562

Five Found Dead In Two Texas Shootings, Police Believe The Crimes Are Related

Five people are dead after two shootings along the same road in Robstown, Texas, on Friday night.

Robstown police were called to the Retama Manor nursing home around 7 p.m. local time, city secretary Herman Rodriguez said, according to the Caller Times.

Two men and one woman were found dead on arrival inside the nursing home when police received a call from family members to go to one of the victim’s homes in a nearby part of the city, where two other people were found dead.

The suspected gunman is additionally among the dead.

“We do feel the crimes are related,” Rodriguez said in a video update posted on a Caller Times reporter’s Twitter account.


f17c8f  No.2333563


I thought it was just for fun! I thought you meant it in jest. Can you repost with the graphic, your text, and a link to the graphic? That would be a great notable!

f02184  No.2333564

File: 87d5dd9bd8d5201⋯.jpeg (74.89 KB, 500x399, 500:399, 3172ACE9-6E59-49F7-B01A-2….jpeg)

aa6fde  No.2333565




<3 (nh)

Sometimes the simplest answer..

I just want Q-team, POTUS, and all patriots to know WRWY.

Anyone that is impatient has intellectual maturity issues.

We understand this is massive, and dangerous, and not a game.

The time frame is less important than the safety of operators and populace.

From the heart, Godspeed to all.

9c4be9  No.2333567

File: f4ee960b1a4fe59⋯.png (138.43 KB, 359x296, 359:296, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 2f61531857ef683⋯.png (43.58 KB, 265x218, 265:218, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

f02184  No.2333568

c1bf0a  No.2333569

Goreshillfaganonwhatever obviously has no life.

9c4be9  No.2333570

File: f44fc74620c801d⋯.png (278.48 KB, 490x496, 245:248, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

619151  No.2333571

File: c86ee3373720c15⋯.jpeg (197.91 KB, 640x1101, 640:1101, 873A8F3F-7FE0-4C36-A038-0….jpeg)

File: fc994162d9ec509⋯.jpeg (215.08 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, 31B97688-5196-4E46-8C10-E….jpeg)

File: b8ee019239b2547⋯.jpeg (202.3 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 3FFA99AE-0347-43AD-AF4C-A….jpeg)

Nuns open up about abuse by priests and bishops. Vatican has been aware for years. Nuns are expected to have abortions when the ordained get them pregnant. https://www.google.com/amp/s/apnews.com/amp/f7ec3cec9a4b46868aa584fe1c94fb28

f4397a  No.2333572

Javafags any thoughts on this idea?

a way to make images blurry until you click on them

f02184  No.2333573



Very creative

9aaf18  No.2333574



It was a test, just not what they thought.

Whether CIA could hack and redirect.

Worked perfect.

88cf48  No.2333575

File: 6e47b931f36515c⋯.png (474.26 KB, 1023x559, 1023:559, flags06.png)


Mar a Lago. They gave him a lot of shit. He wanted to make it a non-discriminatory club when he bought it. Sent Palm Beach Town Council "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner".

He's also hosted veterans & their families for Monday night dinners during High Season there since he bought it. His love for LEOs & Military go back to his teens.

The NFL is another thing (pic related).

There are probably other reasons he's hammering it. The Union Head (if still the same one) is all about Muslim B'hood. All stinks to high heaven.

e89714  No.2333576


Who’s the girl in the first pic on the left? Looks very familiar.

239d49  No.2333577

File: 2e1bb1fd423aec2⋯.png (71.71 KB, 546x848, 273:424, Butler4.png)

File: 1bebc765de1fdc7⋯.png (57.81 KB, 659x654, 659:654, FinalTestament1.png)

File: 77303e9be68b43d⋯.png (79.53 KB, 656x863, 656:863, FinalTestament.png)

File: ed98d00095613db⋯.png (190.71 KB, 463x835, 463:835, FDRjewGOVT.png)




Exactly. Don't listen to these concernfags.

We are merely taunting these kikes. Nobody actually is giving real threats. We troll them because they reveal how fucking anti white they are.

All the more reason why they need the oven and soap company treatment. For once…

0bd181  No.2333578

File: d6cde7d66500097⋯.png (541.75 KB, 901x597, 901:597, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 4c98960e111da2a⋯.png (426.68 KB, 689x592, 689:592, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 818b1f05fd87934⋯.png (177.13 KB, 777x489, 259:163, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

Napa State Hospital



0c73c7  No.2333579

File: 71636132b4d89fc⋯.jpeg (132.01 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 243CAD32-FB0C-4F21-AD31-1….jpeg)

7cebba  No.2333580


WTF is wrong with these people??????????????

14c4ef  No.2333581

File: 6d9bfaa74b138b3⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 255x190, 51:38, Kimnukejews.jpg)

We need to find this gorefucker and beat his ass.

502799  No.2333582

Wow. Fiona Barnett stepping back into the light is quite the happening

14c4ef  No.2333583

Board op, I want his IP range NOW

ebe860  No.2333584


First image's text is shopped. Don't spread this one.

2a3b51  No.2333586

File: a31c669370dcd3c⋯.png (189.48 KB, 1618x567, 1618:567, bye bye have a nice day.png)

Hey night shift gore shills I hate to break it to you but an awesome day shift anon created an anti gore button!!! KEk your shit gets zapped upon posting bitches hahahaha

9c4be9  No.2333587

File: 3f8318a3a2a5729⋯.png (111.84 KB, 684x622, 342:311, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)


posted by this Fiona Barnett


c04c75  No.2333589

When hardworking Patriots go to bed,

juuuust before falling asleep,




e6ab93  No.2333590

File: 430922aeca57933⋯.jpg (375.59 KB, 1982x1328, 991:664, corsibaker.jpg)

d0cee9  No.2333592


Well, I'm sold… The Obama's are fucking pedos.

94256c  No.2333593

q church

mark that up to another shill tactic

eeeb2d  No.2333594


Simple CSS to shield against spam

(Way more secure then a custom script floating around the chans)

.post-image {
opacity: .1;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;

Add it under "Theme" in [Options]

f6ad5c  No.2333596


Why the fuck are limy cunts test firing this shit off off OUR coast?

Test these off your shithole island.

As to what happened and why?

We need to know yesterday if not sooner.

Did that old backstabbing biddy May know?

Of course she did.

Don needs to get her scalp. Pronto.

UK is no fren.

Undo foreign entanglements!

There is a reason the founders demanded that.

England and Europe are basket cases and always have been always will be.

Let them destroy each other. Not our beezwax.

Bare bones diplomacy only to ensure business and the safety of our citizens overseas.

All else is fuckery we don’t need.

46a708  No.2333597

File: b39a0acf23edc84⋯.jpg (252.98 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, Q drop 07012018_18.jpg)

File: ebe3024ddf92852⋯.jpg (398.64 KB, 1554x1080, 259:180, Q drop 07012018_15.jpg)

File: 21d0e93fb4e795e⋯.jpg (273.84 KB, 1015x939, 1015:939, Q drop 07012018_7.jpg)

File: bae2056d55cb45b⋯.jpg (252.79 KB, 731x845, 731:845, Trump Tweet 07012018.jpg)

File: 758298d250f2035⋯.jpg (102.03 KB, 1685x404, 1685:404, q drop 06302018.jpg)

5879b2  No.2333598

So as I'm sitting here, slowly stirring the campfire with my dick,I am pondering Q's latest post that says 'Something BIG is about to DROP".

I noticed drop was all capital letters.

Then I see he re-posted one of his messages from earlier that had a bunch of links to media stories shilling hard trying to discredit the Q phenomena as a tin foil hat nothing burger conspiracy.

My almonds started quivering so I put my smoldering dick back in my pants and threw the rest of my cofveve into the fire to put it out and come back here to do some speculatin'.

What could he be trying to tell us?

Is the MSM about to get a good, long overdue, ass beatin"?

Is Q somehow schemin' to trick fuck them dumb bastards into proving this is the real deal?

I dunno but something is eatin' at me about it.

Guess I'll go out back and roll me a smoke and do some more ponderin'.

fa02bd  No.2333599


Well using JavaScript you could add the filter grey scale to all imgs.

Then onHover or onClick you can change the css class. So basically make that blur css class, and remove it from any image that is clicked.

It's Saturday, it's late, not going to code it. You got this though.

3670f4  No.2333600


nice – nails the media way back then.

f17c8f  No.2333601


Now THAT is a great meme. I rarely actually KEK to these, but that's a true KEK.

540665  No.2333602

File: a6300b9e6df4759⋯.jpg (72.02 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

I'm wondering why gorefag has a Harlequin ichthyosis fetish. Kind of boring after a while.

68807e  No.2333603

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)


Hey Full Moon Baker, the "Wow,Really? Comment was not aimed at you…

We need new Bakers, appreciate the Handoff and was only asking you personally if you were ok, it was between me and you…

Handoff Confirmed

Godspeed Baker!!

55454f  No.2333604


"Those you trust are the most evil" I think was a bad phrase. I trust GOD and my Family.

77b671  No.2333605


She resembles Wendy but I don't believe that's her.

85d2d9  No.2333606

baker poll

anons, since it's slow

pick a title:

Q Research General #2941: There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself Edition

Q Research General #2941: (Nice Dream) Edition

fa02bd  No.2333607


Disregard what I said, that's better.

615839  No.2333608

File: c72fe8c2c6e874d⋯.jpg (39.17 KB, 501x312, 167:104, 5b5c96ccc817d.jpg)

44fb11  No.2333609


Oh, she means Trump is Unacceptable and Rejected Disorder, or TURD for short.

9c4be9  No.2333610

File: 135ec8e8cc7d21f⋯.png (111.93 KB, 666x291, 222:97, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

File: 897cb0c283babb6⋯.png (210.96 KB, 676x571, 676:571, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

242cc6  No.2333611


i am wondering if the UK tried to take out AF1?

94abef  No.2333613

File: 680884edf31fed7⋯.png (519.42 KB, 1237x1011, 1237:1011, trumpdealinc.png)

Think outside the box.

Then blow up the box and think again.

744a78  No.2333614


I think this is it honestly

85d2d9  No.2333615


no worries baker

i made a spectacle of myself, i understand your reservations completely .. just wanted a chance to redeem myself

thank you for handing off and enjoy the comfy bread <3

d0d580  No.2333617

File: a8bc498464a55ae⋯.jpg (133.82 KB, 873x635, 873:635, rainn wilson who cut off m….jpg)

File: f2827b1eb078c2f⋯.jpg (211.29 KB, 1330x748, 665:374, super movie crimson bolt w….jpg)


Rainn Wilson

e6ab93  No.2333618


>Q Research General #2941: "Love Conquers Fear" Edition

<unsolicited 3rd option

32e67b  No.2333619


Here we go again, about to hear how the immaterial can exhibit physical properties. The joke is on you, just so you know. Try going back to find where (((they))) divide by zero while deriving relationships. Then you can leave nonsensical concepts like spacetime behind. You have been fooled.

a0d05e  No.2333620

all cap letters a strong indication the message delivered was not only on the fly, but also verifies the necessity of spelling, spelling is important was said by Q Also good verification in the timestamps Q sees all in real time.

fa02bd  No.2333621


Yeah, people if it has to be said,


don't fucking add scripts to your shit.

It's just a bad idea.

497f3b  No.2333622

File: 54bf112745410cb⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 500x337, 500:337, Good Witch.jpg)

9dc793  No.2333623

was weiner's laptop "the server"?

46a708  No.2333624

File: 8753c747f62779a⋯.jpg (133.56 KB, 761x667, 761:667, Q drop 07252018_11.jpg)


Facebook stock?

20b507  No.2333625


I just posted this on Facebook, eat your heart out Clowns.

While the Comms are still good, use them because they're going to be shut down

e30364  No.2333627


Come on, man. Q's job is not to relive, prove or reprove, past history concerning WWII, Germany, Jews,etc. The issue is current; dismantle the cabal in this day and age. Germany is not working in the best interests of a cooperative relationship with the US at this point and POTUS is dealing with it. Q is current, not past. When the current is solved, many past lies will certainly come to the surface. Or not. What do you think is gonna happen? We're gonna throw an entire country in jail and prosecute them? Piss and moan all you want but it's not Q's job to correct history.

cfd252  No.2333629

Faithfags: The time has come for us to add our energy to this mission. If this is truly a biblical level fight between good and evil, Q needs more than digging and memes. Q has asked for prayers. Should we coordinate prayers in the way that our wonderful diggers are coordinating their info?

55454f  No.2333630


I bet she will have plastic surgery at some point to make her eyes look less insane.

5808d4  No.2333631


Sweet and simple modification- Thanks.

9c4be9  No.2333632

File: d33232f46398119⋯.png (49.21 KB, 504x113, 504:113, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)

2a3b51  No.2333633


anons have been using it all day reporting no problems and there is nothing nefarious in the script no outside urls so GFY shill

f02184  No.2333634


Anon is awesome! ThanQ. No social media.

cb175f  No.2333635

File: 52409d63ee25580⋯.jpg (55.01 KB, 618x410, 309:205, gore shill 2020.jpg)

He's back


85d2d9  No.2333636


oh yes this takes the cake

thank you, anon <3

e3aaa6  No.2333637


So can Codemonkey make this a one click option with an easy checkbox?

c04c75  No.2333638


Conspiracy no more.

f4397a  No.2333639


That is interesting anon!

And is there a similar script to make images small (thumbnails) until you click on them or mouse over?

3670f4  No.2333640


Missing subtitle: It's Africa.

f19e22  No.2333641


OMG, good one Anon.

f02184  No.2333642


Infinity lapel pin! Kekked.

fa02bd  No.2333643


Haha, trying to warn others about basic front-end security. Guess that makes me a shill.

ab6f17  No.2333644

Trump can declassify anything he wants to. Stop petitioning the government to do it.

Q team could light any of the bad guys on fire that they want to. Yet they don't. The stuff he is dropping here is only to gain political support for the President in the midterm election, because nothing will change or be done.

eeeb2d  No.2333645



Don't normalize a go-to script peeps, it's a dangerous vector to open up.

dfa9f2  No.2333646


I was worried this would happen and I am now going to have to read 1000 "LARP confirmed" posts because if its not in the MSM no one cares.

85d2d9  No.2333647


ya he's a good one for sure :p

thanks, anon <3

048cda  No.2333649


guessing its an adaptation of the muh cult tactic

7dd87d  No.2333650



No. Didn't Q go full capslockedandloaded on your asses this morning for this stupid shit? It's not over yet, something bigger is coming.

242cc6  No.2333651

File: d4a0b184150f259⋯.png (70.86 KB, 602x432, 301:216, ClipboardImage.png)

cb4869  No.2333652

File: 4368b1893f9afc9⋯.jpeg (93.24 KB, 300x539, 300:539, Divine Mercy.jpeg)

d0cee9  No.2333653


I disagree… The left would actually unify with us against (((them))). And /our/ base would go wherever Trump goes, for the most part. All POTUS has to do is come out and condemn that evil, turd called a book, the Talmud. And, declare that adherents to these teachings are not welcome here. Their beliefs are simply antithetical to everything we hold dear. There is no room for exception any longer.

0887e8  No.2333654

File: a97aa99f0354181⋯.jpg (315.39 KB, 1671x1575, 557:525, gold-star-post.jpg)


psst. Q post 1664 quite distinctly addressed the talmudic question.

(pic completely unrelated)

get ready to reee, though.

9aaf18  No.2333655


No, but he might have had a backup on it, or at least cc of key accounts.

2a3b51  No.2333656


We finally got you fuck head gore shills so go whip up some other lame attempt because gore is no more bwahahahahahaha

94abef  No.2333657


Quantum wave.

The electron can be seen by wave or observed, not both, by our current thought form.

What you are saying is the electron does not exists because it is not observed yet.

e3aaa6  No.2333658


Manson's daughter

cb175f  No.2333659


Gun grab crowd has been quiet. Spin the wheel, change the narrative.

345ebf  No.2333660


WTF…why does he have a Nebraska shirt on?

a9c75f  No.2333661


Don't kid yourself. Hell is real and it's still future tense.

ab6f17  No.2333662

Everyone in the FBI and DOJ should be murdered. Las Vegas massacre.

7cebba  No.2333663

Q, I have never asked you a ?Question? but I gotta ask this one…. I'm Sorry to Mad Dog, Semper Fi but We need to know!!!

You never said, "Trust Mad Dog…


85d2d9  No.2333664


pls post sauce for notable

f17c8f  No.2333665


CM does all of 8ch, not just QResearch. If he has the time and the inclination, he can add it as a board or thread option or make it universal… or ignore it completely. His main job is to keep the site online… as the late-night DB crash showed.

49cfc5  No.2333666

File: 78285dd066c9915⋯.jpeg (76.06 KB, 617x656, 617:656, DjPaWwtU4AA3kfq.jpg-large.jpeg)

c1bf0a  No.2333667

What Is a Government Gray Op PsyOp?

In researching PsyOps used by the federal government, I found that many have no clue what they are, let alone what their mission is. First of all, the definition of PsyOp (which literally stands for psychological operation or psychological warfare), is basically a way to influence someone else’s behavior, emotions, thought processes and objective reasoning. In other words, they use information they have collected on the human mind to influence the way a person feels about certain things. First used in military operations, the government discovered it could be used to influence the general populations behavior and how they feel. There are 3 different types of pysops but this article is about the use of Gray Ops, or the Pied Piper strategy commonly used in social media such as television, the news and the internet. The propaganda used to influence the populace during an election period to vote for a candidate is a good example of a psyop.


3670f4  No.2333668

OK, BO. You need to deal with sick shit now or watch the whole thing be abandoned like a chemical waste site.

You'll see.

745d07  No.2333669

File: 536d9fb818b4da3⋯.png (86.94 KB, 632x709, 632:709, IMG_1013.PNG)


Justice League was SABOTAGED

Bizarre series of events that sabotaged film:

Brett Ratner out of all of Pedowood becomes a metoo casualty and his Ratpac productions was overseeing the film.

During editing of the FINISHED film, Zak Snyder's daughter "commits suicide" which pulls Snyder away from finishing his cut.

Joss Whedon is then brought in to "reshoot" much of the film.

Conclusion: Snyder was making a pro-justice and pro-Rand type film and Pedowood not only prevented it, but fucking DESTROYED it.


There's more sauce out there including a DISASTROUS timeline someone put together that I can't find.

65b842  No.2333670

File: 5dcd6ac0b4d0336⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 357x450, 119:150, czestochowa.jpg)

File: f8f5713b2e80a22⋯.jpg (561.05 KB, 875x1024, 875:1024, Michael.jpg)

File: e1f01e5dd97e97f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, PP.jpg)

f19e22  No.2333671



94abef  No.2333673


5 D chess is seeing both the location and wave of the electron. For all you chess fags.

04cc9c  No.2333674


so for the AF1 FF, it should be noted that it appears to Navies have tried the surface to air rig.


Except for a few years of testing by the Royal Navy and Israeli Navy of the short range TV guided Blowpipe (missile) in the 1970s[6] the IDAS system is the world's first missile which gives submarines the capability to engage air threats whilst submerged, and the first tube-launched missile that does not emerge in a capsule, but is fired directly from the torpedo tubes.

Alternatively, IDAS could be in theory fired from the Gabler Maschinenbau TRIPLE-M mast system, but, at least in the new Type 216 submarine currently under development, IDAS will be fired as normal from the torpedo tubes, while the Muraena will be the primary weapons option for its TRIPLE-M system.

On May 2013, the Turkish company ROKETSAN and the German IDAS Consortium formed by Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Diehl BGT Defence signed a cooperation agreement to develop and supply the submarine-launched IDAS (= Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines) missile[7]

eeeb2d  No.2333675


Or for the aesthetically inclined:

.post-image {
opacity: .1;
transition: all 200ms;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;
transition: all 200ms;


fa02bd  No.2333676


Warns about front-end security.

Recommends simple CSS solution.


Thanks divisionfag.

5262aa  No.2333677

File: e30f2bdfcdc6cac⋯.png (1.04 MB, 740x556, 185:139, eagle-warp.png)


NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 20110015936: Warp Field Mechanics 101


This paper will begin with a short review of the Alcubierre warp drive metric and describes how the phenomenon might work based on the original paper. The canonical form of the metric was developed and published in [6] which provided key insight into the field potential and boost for the field which remedied a critical paradox in the original Alcubierre concept of operations. A modified concept of operations based on the canonical form of the metric that remedies the paradox is presented and discussed. The idea of a warp drive in higher dimensional space-time (manifold) will then be briefly considered by comparing the null-like geodesics of the Alcubierre metric to the Chung-Freese metric to illustrate the mathematical role of hyperspace coordinates. The net effect of using a warp drive technology coupled with conventional propulsion systems on an exploration mission will be discussed using the nomenclature of early mission planning. Finally, an overview of the warp field interferometer test bed being implemented in the Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory: Eagleworks (APPL:E) at the Johnson Space Center will be detailed. While warp field mechanics has not had a Chicago Pile moment, the tools necessary to detect a modest instance of the phenomenon are near at hand.

2a3b51  No.2333678



2382e1  No.2333679


>hell is real

I know. Has nothing to do with this being purgatory/perdition tho. That’s still true too.

f1b8ca  No.2333680

Will POTUS ever publically acknowledge

that he/administration is Q?

a44030  No.2333681

File: fd9014e9fe7a543⋯.png (147.3 KB, 836x674, 418:337, d05a2e180cb019a6a8dd5a71e6….png)

c1bf0a  No.2333683


you need to leave

8ca275  No.2333684


The House is Clean.

d0cee9  No.2333685


I disagree… The left would actually unify with us against (((them))). And /our/ base would go wherever Trump goes, for the most part. All POTUS has to do is come out and condemn that evil, turd called a book, the Talmud. And, declare that adherents to these teachings are not welcome here. Their beliefs are simply antithetical to everything we hold dear. There is no room for exception any longer.


Got a screen-shot?

76aac8  No.2333686


What if potus declassifies 9-11 documents..

That implicates everyone…

And proves POTUS is a target..

e3aaa6  No.2333687


Heard that the streets right off the French Quarter are rough and dangerous.

eee7f6  No.2333689

I never thought I'd miss gore

b6467f  No.2333690


He's not exactly wrong, he's implying that they're guilty of the same actions they accuse others of. Black Bloc is basically ragtag Gestapo faggotry against simple patriotism and extreme measures feed into even greater extremes. There's a good reason Q doesn't want the people taking things into their own hands to really fight antifa, in the end their shit will be put down but not by the people. He's waiting for the people to be fed up with them, so they can be dealt with and proper fucked. Read between the lines, he's not hating on Germans at all.


No, 1664 was about the civil war hype nigga…

29ed44  No.2333691

File: 6380a52a5dc3dd8⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0563.JPG)

Do you see it?

Field of Fight - Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

16a08d  No.2333692


Awwww, you sent us your baby pics. Was that your mom in the other post?

0bd181  No.2333693

File: 4a29ca7ba77ea63⋯.png (392.87 KB, 663x714, 13:14, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)


68807e  No.2333695

77b671  No.2333696

f02184  No.2333697



MY eyeballs

2a3b51  No.2333698


Oh it's been so blissful all day with the anti gore Nope button

d0d580  No.2333699


Dirty bastards

As if surviving the bullshit weather and firestorms werent enough

ac0396  No.2333700


That’s a good one…

Resemblance is crazy.

eea629  No.2333701


It works fine and you are a shill.

44fb11  No.2333702

File: 8e06c02cb6a762c⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 470x595, 94:119, 8e06c02cb6a762c084996ff2fa….jpg)


Demon digits confirm!

166aca  No.2333703


If Q's point was to get people riled up and, dare I say, pissed off… it appears to have worked. There is benefit to that. The ROW still isn't ready for the truth from my vantage point. There's more convincing to do.

85d2d9  No.2333704


i silently bless that java anon every time i click it

a44030  No.2333705

File: fd87d65362c3e61⋯.jpg (117.85 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, 151022-Fried-gore-vidal-te….jpg)

745d07  No.2333706


EVERYTIME I have posted this gorefag shows up! This needs to be brought out in the open NOW

048cda  No.2333707

File: 1952c2eef1a8e8e⋯.png (397.63 KB, 746x1217, 746:1217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d04aeb9a40562e5⋯.png (3.11 MB, 806x11507, 806:11507, ClipboardImage.png)


(pic1) confirms my opinion of (pic2)

what a bunch of bullshit

a0ab55  No.2333708


you rock

640d31  No.2333709

Something BIG is about to DROP…Sky Event?

0bd181  No.2333710


>FISA Not covered by FOIA

831bb0  No.2333711

File: 9c56fd984311863⋯.png (651.05 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b624585cb9e680d⋯.png (505.2 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a67f810d5b044d⋯.png (529.89 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c45a0477e7f996⋯.png (596.81 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a2615b8b856599⋯.png (349.46 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


1. There's a lot of hangouts online other than infinity & plebbit.

If one were to set up IFTTT auto post memes starting at instagram, then Twitter, Minds.com, Pinterest, Tumbler, G+, FB, Flikr, 500px, AznApps - QQ, WeChat etc… x1000… easily 300mill+ users in each of these apps

2. Redpill meme collection. Then fire them off:

Digital armory to get the lead out. Use a program on a public wifi to allow photos on the web to be replaced with images you select. Like memes about #EndTheFed or #PedoGate.

c04c75  No.2333712


AMEN TO THAT! Conspiracy no more.


So let us pray and have FAITH, Patriots!

Godspeed fellow anons! WWG1WGA!

f04e8a  No.2333713

File: dd6c8846dc3155e⋯.jpg (441.5 KB, 1522x858, 761:429, POTUS UK.jpg)

File: 5e8e4d41606c2dc⋯.jpg (939.2 KB, 1629x1661, 1629:1661, treason meme.jpg)


>Warning to UK?

d2c316  No.2333715







Coming soon to a theater near you. ?

e3aaa6  No.2333716


Well I wondered because when I tried the checkboxes to block images with a hover option it didn't work right.

This is perfect, almost could even be the default for QReseach

831bb0  No.2333717

File: 57b8db4403265b9⋯.png (481.61 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dc8aaf19c194034⋯.png (579.67 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

048cda  No.2333718

File: 2c197f10645c849⋯.png (96.16 KB, 1186x351, 1186:351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bb3b6628acde2e8⋯.png (40.81 KB, 142x144, 71:72, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb361400e2c439a⋯.png (96.08 KB, 1183x346, 1183:346, ClipboardImage.png)


68807e  No.2333719


Enjoy the Bake Baker, happily lurking & relaxing now…

94abef  No.2333721


(40,000 ft)^2

20b507  No.2333722


Oh brother, Q is not going to drop God and our history and all that bullshit, fucking way out there shit.

He's military intelligence he's doing his job right now in securing all the Comms, all the back doors, all the channels, all the tunnels and more than you know .

We"re Good.

dfa9f2  No.2333723

File: 37af3bd751ffd7d⋯.jpg (33 KB, 383x360, 383:360, Q-Antifa.JPG)


He said Nazi Germany, not the NSDAP party.

Also see:


cb175f  No.2333724

File: 0677b81dc4bf41c⋯.jpg (437.7 KB, 1856x1336, 232:167, occrazio trump wins.jpg)

File: 6bcce5f70fbf689⋯.jpg (135.37 KB, 750x569, 750:569, revere pussy hats.jpg)

File: 9b1e2b3c8900642⋯.jpg (264.07 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, rushmore trump winning.jpg)

File: 5072aa11518af5f⋯.jpg (81.55 KB, 741x694, 741:694, strzok coke lisa.jpg)

c1bf0a  No.2333725

Rep. John Lewis hospitalized, under 'routine observation'

Citing a statement from Lewis' office, WSB-TV reports that the 78-year-old Georgia congressman was "resting comfortably" in a hospital Saturday night for "routine observation."


76aac8  No.2333726


Very interesting read..

f17c8f  No.2333727

File: f97b3405c960c6f⋯.jpg (154.05 KB, 1565x975, 313:195, FathersEyes.jpg)



Here's a slight edit to the orignally-posted graphic.

daabd2  No.2333728

So. What about the rothschilds? So are those fuckers already in custody? Not heard a word except some tweets to piss everybody off. Q mentioned them hard and heavy in the beginning but pretty much has dropped the subject. Are we going after that entire God damn family/cult ROTHS please fill us in a little more. Right now this swamp.shit is getting tiresome, and by God. I'm so grateful for everything you've done but I need my boys to see a new life. Better than the one I had. WE NEED IT ALL CLEANED OUT!!!!!!!

679f92  No.2333730


That confirmation is HUGE.

Thanks Q, Q+

b847fd  No.2333731

File: 081ec96638ec149⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1856x1336, 232:167, bb323edbf1b85858416a50a769….png)

f47532  No.2333732


Notable write up

e6ab93  No.2333733

File: 5b5359f029d39e2⋯.png (506.55 KB, 782x525, 782:525, DWSNOTLOSE.png)

File: f814502b56adac7⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1362x786, 227:131, DWSPUSSY.png)

8ff9c7  No.2333734



f17c8f  No.2333735

>>2333669 Justice League (film) sabotaged

Baker Notable

d0cee9  No.2333736


"Nazi", was a slang-term used for members of the NSDAP. It meant "rural, peasant". Similar to how many rural Americans today are called, "rednecks".

f8d460  No.2333737

someone please tell me Dan Harmon and Sarah Silverman's life is impossible right now.

44fb11  No.2333738


>undoing the traditional chain of command

72efb1  No.2333739

From Darkness to Light. The cult of the Left Eye. Symbolism will be their downfall.


4890b6  No.2333740

If anyone on the Q Team is monitoring the board tonight I have a request from the good people in Colorado. If you have any dirt on Jared Polis would you please drop it well before the election? Colorado will become California v.2.0 if he is elected governor, and that would be a terrible waste of a truly beautiful state.

16a08d  No.2333741


I like it!

0887e8  No.2333742


did you see what you didn't see?

i think you missed what you didn't miss.

ab6f17  No.2333743


When the Founding Father's had enough, they just started shooting their enemies.

0fcc18  No.2333744


<Dan Harmon and Sarah Silverman's life is impossible right now.

637109  No.2333745

File: c14156f9f8aef5e⋯.png (628.04 KB, 651x731, 651:731, DoD 7-28-18 9 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 0f69b32321e9ab6⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1191x793, 1191:793, DoD 7-28-18 9 pm PDT pic.PNG)

2e2c95  No.2333746



67d4d0  No.2333747

c1bf0a  No.2333748

NYT Seeks Emails Sent by Kavanaugh’s Wife Containing ‘Gay,’ ‘Abortion’

The New York Times and the Associated Press have filed public-records requests for emails sent by the wife of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during her tenure as a local town manager.

The Maryland public-records request, obtained by the conservative political-advocacy group America Rising Squared, specifically seeks emails sent or received by Ashley Kavanaugh containing politically charged words such as “gun,” “abortion,” and “gay,” among others.


242cc6  No.2333749



b08092  No.2333750


Good info on location of london pic

7c4c34  No.2333751

File: 22bf9afb819e828⋯.jpg (206.08 KB, 1333x1031, 1333:1031, RomperRoom.jpg)

39f87b  No.2333752

File: 7b865d71fc79945⋯.png (229.43 KB, 645x963, 215:321, ClipboardImage.png)

due to shadowbanning, please share


468164  No.2333753


100% kike

20b507  No.2333754


Gorefag actually writes something…hmmmm

f02184  No.2333755

File: 488afcfd07ffb23⋯.jpeg (99.29 KB, 693x500, 693:500, BF88FC7B-7D42-485A-BE28-8….jpeg)

f19e22  No.2333756

Anons, you are really doing a good job on the memes tonight!

64bfb5  No.2333757

You're welcome!

I gave you that name, and will always remember when you stepped up last night! You're THAT baker that I will remember from this movie! Cheers to you! You're in my top 3 fave bakers! Good luck and give us righteous breads ,FMB🌑


831bb0  No.2333758



5c69ed  No.2333759

File: 31991f4dc811247⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 713x132, 713:132, 2a.JPG)

File: 7c671fe118bc2f9⋯.jpg (39.07 KB, 321x469, 321:469, 3.JPG)

File: 6f9573c412ee694⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 719x286, 719:286, 4.JPG)

How do you hide a message in clear sight? You put it on the CIA website with free access.

The KEY to the MAP is hidden in plain the Bloodlines of the Illuminati book by Fritz Springmeier in the CIA library


048cda  No.2333760


with who, KEK????

fuck that

e237c0  No.2333761

>>2333748 if this is true we have reverted back to puritanism.

f1b8ca  No.2333762




satanic symbalism though, sadly.

80937c  No.2333763

>>2332077 (PB notable)

ohhh shit I just made another connection (and this time NOT a positive one) regarding Bill Priestap

He moved from the NY Field Office to the Head of CI in DC in Dec 2015 - the same time the Trump investigation began!

WTF How much does this guy know and why to hell is nobody talking about him?

Already sauced in PB/Notable >>2332077

9fab0f  No.2333764

File: c98839782370fea⋯.png (410.22 KB, 863x431, 863:431, finallygettingood.png)

guess how many Intelligence agencies there are in USA?


Happy Full Moon…I hope you sicko's enjoyed it, cuz it was one of your last.

615839  No.2333765


Cortez is 28, I wonder if Manson had any girlfriends around 1989-1990

619151  No.2333766

File: 38a0a8bb0b943df⋯.jpeg (284.48 KB, 640x835, 128:167, 0B8D9EAE-5D0C-4598-8B5B-E….jpeg)

File: 3babc0caecbbdec⋯.png (123.58 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 0239BCFF-1D1D-4BB2-826F-D2….png)

42abf8  No.2333767


That's a good idea. Highly concentrated and focused prayer energy. Like a light beam.

745d07  No.2333768


Good read!

94abef  No.2333769

File: b412c76fd0b18b0⋯.png (54.11 KB, 723x723, 1:1, fractalarctriangle.png)

File: 4623c84e856c5a1⋯.png (159.96 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20degree.png)


At 45 degrees space-time is flat. All energy is in mass and nothing warped.

All other degrees warp space-time.

Einstein defined it both as gravity and velocity that did that.

I am not so sure it is our input at all.

c1bf0a  No.2333770

ICE Protest Leader Arrested as Sick Pedophile History Exposed

Micah Rhodes, the 24 year old leader of the anti-Trump protest group “Portland’s Resistance,” has been arrested… again.

Earlier this year, according to Oregon Live, Rhodes was convicted “on three counts of second-degree sexual abuse for having illicit sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl in Washington County and a 17-year-old boy in Multnomah County.”

Rhodes was 20 and 21 years old when he committed the sexual abuse in 2014 and 2015.


40eaaa  No.2333771


Hivites - Future Proves Past - Educate yourself about our enemy www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSeYyep1_0c

and https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft

048cda  No.2333772


var imageBlacklist = [] ;

function loadImageBlacklist() { JSON.parse(localStorage.imageBlacklist || "[]").forEach(addToImageBlaclist); }

function saveImageBlacklist() { localStorage.imageBlacklist = JSON.stringify(imageBlacklist); }

function addToImageBlaclist(md5) { if (md5 && -1 === imageBlacklist.indexOf(md5)) imageBlacklist.push(md5); }

function blacklistPostImages(post) { $(post).find('img.post-image').each(function (i, el) { var md5 = el.getAttribute('data-md5'); addToImageBlaclist(md5); el.remove(); }); }

function removeBlacklistedImages() { var removed = 0; $('img.post-image').each(function (i, el) { if (-1 !== imageBlacklist.indexOf(el.getAttribute('data-md5'))) { el.remove(); removed += 1; } }); return removed; }

function onNopeClicked(event) { event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); loadImageBlacklist(); var post = $(event.target).closest('.post'); blacklistPostImages(post); removeBlacklistedImages(); saveImageBlacklist(); }

function addNopeButtons() { $('.post').each(function(i, post) { if ($(post).find('.nope').length === 0) { $(post).prepend("<input type='button' class='nope' onClick='onNopeClicked(event)' value='Nope'></input>"); } }) }

setInterval(function () { loadImageBlacklist(); removeBlacklistedImages(); addNopeButtons(); }, 500);

copypasta into a blank User JS

76aac8  No.2333773


No bureaucracy, no red tape…

This is illegal and treasonous..!

A direct line to Iraq

6121b7  No.2333774


This guy CSS


7372cc  No.2333775


Gotcha. Thank you for your service, greatly appreciated. Time for you to relax.

eee7f6  No.2333776


Possible theory:

Q team has already seized their assets. Using the money to slowly buy back US Treasury bills.

Gradually decreasing the 21 trillion debt and will claim the debt is decreasing because of Trump's economic polices, rising GDP and decreasing trade deficits

03e85d  No.2333777



c1e1fe  No.2333778


That shit aint human. Some body has been doing some nasty genetic testing shit. Looks like an alien hybrid to me.

daabd2  No.2333779


Those fuckers then bought there way into Austira, then bought there way into France. The odd part is the banking that took over England. How the fuck did they do that?

85d2d9  No.2333780


eh, isn't this a superhero movie? doesn't seem notable, willing to reconsider you find more more sauce


has this been in notables already today? sauce is from 4pm


anon, i am honored! thank you, much love <3

29ed44  No.2333781

File: 1f31b8602068769⋯.png (3.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, missed the point.png)

68807e  No.2333783


Doing it and rocking that shit, Anon



174210  No.2333784

Watch the water?


According to the Israel Water Authority, a five-year-long drought has plunged water tables to the lowest level in at least 98 years, since scientists first began taking taking measurements in 1920.

Northern Israel is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 100 years, leaving the country’s water tables with a deficit of 2.5 billion cubic liters of water, compared to non-drought years.

That deficit is the equivalent of one million Olympic-size swimming pools, water that would normally flow through Israel’s streams and underground water tables toward the Sea of Galilee and other water sources.

49cfc5  No.2333785


My thought is that Q was pissed off at the whining that was off the chart at the time.

For the Q Team, Potus, his family and his administration to risking their lives to make the country safe again,

and little whiners behind their computers safe and sound pissed him off.

Just my take on it at the time it happened. It will be nice to hear back soon, and not have that be the last post for a while.

f1b8ca  No.2333787


eight stars.

Pluto Downgraded To 'Dwarf Planet' Status;

Solar System Now Has Eight Planets.

Why do they worship planets?

What does this have to do with warlocks?

Everything has meaning.

5a6c9a  No.2333788

The election campaign is beginning again.

Have you gone out into your community

And made contact with your local MAGA alliance people?


831bb0  No.2333789


Don't ask me how to do this. I pulled 3 anons' information together for this one post. Someone with tech skills would understand.

c1bf0a  No.2333790

Report: FBI Has ‘Ongoing’ Relationship With Left-Wing SPLC, Which Once Put Ben Carson On An ‘Extremist Watch List’

The FBI has an ongoing relationship with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported.

The SPLC once placed HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list,” before backing down and removing him four months later.

The SPLC also works with Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook in their efforts to police their platforms.

The SPLC’s work has been plagued by inaccuracies and the group paid out a $3.3 million settlement in April.


746e2c  No.2333791

File: 013272e30b304c3⋯.png (2.71 MB, 2048x1150, 1024:575, RoaringBeastsofArgentina.png)

File: 56f7c4172c4eedb⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 896x500, 224:125, Strozk-PYSCHO-2.jpg)

>>2326757 (Q)






Anons (most) are unfamiliar with the occult lexicon.

What is a "Human"?

What does "Humanity is at stake" mean?

Autists, by definition, are lacking in such "humanity".

Many obvious straight-line solutions to the current problem.

But Autists do not understand the mission.

What is the mission, Q?

Why is the collective willpower of Autists being sequestered here?

"Those we trust the most are guilty of the most sin" INDEED.

"The truth would put 99% of the world in the hospital" INDEED.


Pyrrha, the first ante-deluvian woman: Mitochondrial Eve.

A creature who appearance signaled mass extermination.

Creatures and Man/Mankind alike were sacrificed to Her.

"Post Partum Depression" is her NATURAL character.

Male infants are 2x as likely to die mystery deaths?

Men die 5-10 years earlier?

Q— this is FUCKING genocide!

Humanity is that which much be preserved?

What about MAN?

Do you too subscribe to "MAN has already had His chance"?

I'd rather be suicided than enslaved to these THINGS!



But what about "Free Will"?

What about the right to NOT be fed upon?



Christ crucified Humanity;

NOT the other way around.

The modern {{Christian}} narrative is vile propaganda.

Please educate them!

God's finest is NOT meant to be sacrificed.

POTUS is NOT meant to be sacrificed.

WE are NOT meant to be sacrificed!



"Humanity" will adapt, survive.

"How" or "In what form" is no one's concern, right?

And no need for overt hostilities, right?

How about mandatory military service, for men and women?

Immediately GUT estrogen-based psyche control & derangement.

Immediately create a citizenry that is hostile to libtard faggotry.

Immediately forge a citizenry committed to fighting for America.

Immediately FIX physio-/psychological issues due to inactivity.

So easy justify wrt current or made up threats.


I have two little girls myself, so due others.

But I am not rich/elite like POTUS.

Can't protect my girls in this environment.

Muggles who know too much are NOT safe now, yo.

Our children are being targeted, to target us via proxy.

Need someone major, top to bottom restructuring.


723982  No.2333792

File: d61784d38a152c7⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 335x370, 67:74, vpu2.JPG)

File: a6c25ba04a3832b⋯.jpg (9.9 KB, 239x211, 239:211, warlocks vxs1.jpg)

3ea12d  No.2333793


How is a 20 year old having sex with a 17 year old pedophilia? That shouldn’t even be illegal

8af1ca  No.2333794


My god man…. Ctrl A Ctrl C, Ctrl V. Do that again my friend. This is god-tier red-pill material.

85d2d9  No.2333795


why is this notable don't have time to read the whole thing

f02184  No.2333796

File: 87e3dc69389c33e⋯.jpeg (61.86 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 1292CBC2-BB02-4038-A41E-9….jpeg)

File: e324f449d36c03c⋯.jpeg (73.97 KB, 669x364, 669:364, FB1E997F-EF7D-4B6E-911D-B….jpeg)

File: fb31cc69624ce99⋯.jpeg (83.06 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 4303BCDF-4489-4391-9CC3-A….jpeg)

File: 8e3892c6eea2bed⋯.jpeg (65.98 KB, 702x395, 702:395, 47C7B1FF-330F-4C31-83FD-D….jpeg)

File: 7e7aec3120b8ba3⋯.jpeg (86.68 KB, 780x438, 130:73, F7ED3D2E-AC46-4212-8D20-B….jpeg)

2ab226  No.2333797

File: 6021dfd4c666fd9⋯.png (571.69 KB, 894x499, 894:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c188c56c0ad6f10⋯.png (71.59 KB, 776x886, 388:443, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d793718ca4523e2⋯.png (68.96 KB, 773x889, 773:889, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3259d9a7780961c⋯.png (5.02 KB, 763x64, 763:64, ClipboardImage.png)

==PEDOGATE: 60 Minutes Airs Blockbuster Exposé on Pedophilia Crimes by Top-Level British Establishment (Video)

Mainstream Media Finally Breaks Pedogate Wide Open==


46fe55  No.2333798

File: 431d28a82d2010c⋯.jpg (868.83 KB, 1856x1336, 232:167, bb323edbf1b85858416a50a769….jpg)

744a78  No.2333799


The whining has been off the charts but I agree expectations need to be managed better by Q

8af1ca  No.2333800



94fbb3  No.2333801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d0d580  No.2333802


Been waiting for her name to get thrown into this

a0d05e  No.2333803

mandala effect an attempt to hide past information in plain sight with small instances being implemented as a test phase for general reaction so as to estimate efficiency among age groups so as to effectively eliminate past understood history on a generation by generation basis….spitballing

c1e1fe  No.2333804


Set something up or make a suggestion. Maybe we all try concentrating on praying for five minutes at the start of every hour? Pray something simple like "make every human truly free let every human KNOW the truth"?

7f2bb2  No.2333805

File: b05583bc0a2d9eb⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 618x410, 309:205, zuk.jpg)

I am assuming that the NY Post photoshopped the picture of Zuckerberg, but what a coincidental picture, given what we have seen of others with a blackened left eye.


e6a9fe  No.2333806


how would i add it into the JS from anonsw since im already running that one?

a0d05e  No.2333807


thought came to mind with the movie logo change marked as a notable

aa6fde  No.2333808

File: 40259e62e38a293⋯.png (726.04 KB, 1261x826, 1261:826, ClipboardImage.png)

c1bf0a  No.2333809






10 shot, at least 3 dead in Saturday night shooting in New Orleans - WWL

f4397a  No.2333810


Experimenting with this, pretty interesting. Think we're getting close to comfy-ish.

.post-image {

opacity: .3;

max-width: 50px;


.post-image:hover {

opacity: .8;

max-width: 100%;


94256c  No.2333811


>Warning to UK?

Notable Baker


>Q isn't going to be able to drop the really good stuff like the nature of reality and God until they get past extraterrestrials and our place in the universe

Wilcock, go back to your yt'ing ffs

723982  No.2333812

File: 0711688f5f18ff0⋯.jpg (111 KB, 680x979, 680:979, check ums infinatum.jpg)



ab6f17  No.2333813


People are not dying on both sides. That is a grade A shit sandwich.

048cda  No.2333814

File: 9183765512fc864⋯.png (185.54 KB, 737x524, 737:524, ClipboardImage.png)

7372cc  No.2333815



f17c8f  No.2333816


They love their symbolism and hiding in plain sight. It could be a message to MZ, too.

a938ab  No.2333817

>>2333514 the phone recordings are not tapes. In fact, a person would be hard pressed to find a recording device that utilizes tapes in this day and age. Only media uses tapes. We know Rudy is telling the truth because the version CNN played included a new person calling . That would have triggered a new audio file. FILE! seeing as though having a recording device that used tapes would also have obsolete microphone capabilities. Take the habits of Cohen as he spoke to Chris Cuomo. He told Cuomo he was not recording the convo and was putting his phone in the drawer. That represents knowledge of digital recording. Cuomo had a show where he said they "Sweetened " the tapes for ease of hearing. I have had to do this before for a Court case. You increase input while decreasing output to enhance a digital file. It is harder to do with an actual taped recording because you have to ( done this) transfer the recording onto a computer through mic jack and then increase and decrease input and output as necessary. Using the word taped is not an accident or old school language! The MSM replaying the tape ( the tape they created when doing this) are the ones who doctored it!

e30364  No.2333818


Because you think Q is God and has the answers to every question ever posed by man.

640d31  No.2333819


We’re all watching a movie with great actors. All a distraction from an impending doom to the planet?

94abef  No.2333820


Or - future can change past if you jump the line.

f1b8ca  No.2333821

You know the truth you just don't know it yet.

c04c75  No.2333822


We are winning!

Rothschilds seems like heavily targeted, selling of large properties (those people ONLY buy) and, like we witness, stocks!

However they are just managers with little own cut, there are a small amount of families who really rule the world, SINCE CENTURIES! We are talking a.D. here…

However, since there has almost never ever been a report on these elite folks, bosses of the Rothschilds and others, what ever happenes to them will and can't be recognized by the public and mostly also not by anons. So if things are happening we are likely to not see anything at all.

I'd however bet that these guys aee having a fairly hard time currently…


Godspeed fellow anons! WWG1WGA!

a4dd63  No.2333823

*Topics need digs

^Digs need leads

^Leads need sources

^Sources need procurement

^^^All need vetting

64bfb5  No.2333824

>>2333780 much love ( no homo)

>>2333793 I pray you are joking…. You're about to be eaten alive… Good luck. PS. That was really stupid of you to open up your mouth

468164  No.2333825

File: 1c42995c11b51ff⋯.png (293.01 KB, 490x563, 490:563, 1c42995c11b51ff278758bbe62….png)

5d7d9e  No.2333826


.post-image {

opacity: .1;

transform: scale(.1);


.post-image:hover {

opacity: 1;

transform: scale(1.0);


f02184  No.2333827

File: 53c5a931f879f87⋯.jpeg (65.07 KB, 500x330, 50:33, 7CBCE78A-CCFE-4184-A7AE-5….jpeg)

File: bf86d601e805650⋯.jpeg (207.34 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, AF8B6A07-FD0D-488C-84E7-A….jpeg)

File: b2b34a01ae631ef⋯.jpeg (122.44 KB, 656x463, 656:463, 9221C060-43B4-4B1A-BD54-3….jpeg)

File: 3516508b93ddb34⋯.jpeg (81.81 KB, 698x400, 349:200, F2CA1300-C65F-4B4C-BA5A-E….jpeg)

File: 3563f874516066c⋯.jpeg (90.76 KB, 575x499, 575:499, 01634FE2-E609-4FF7-A6C4-C….jpeg)

d22a25  No.2333828

File: f0c8b3c1f2ea1cc⋯.jpeg (181.17 KB, 686x915, 686:915, P0WERT0THEPE0PLE.jpeg)

Chicago awakens.

7c4c34  No.2333829

File: 7674da042db087e⋯.png (600.5 KB, 615x379, 615:379, ClipboardImage.png)

a0d05e  No.2333830


quantum realm there really in my opinion, but I write nothing in stone.

bd69ed  No.2333831

File: a76284bbbf62a01⋯.jpg (41.76 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 2ev6wd.jpg)


The sooner you figure it out the less butthurt you will be.

20b507  No.2333832


How many times has Q said what the fuck, nothings happening?

yes, he was pissed.

Do you blame them?

4a1502  No.2333833

File: b6e1ab013fea42d⋯.jpeg (465.79 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 0C457454-FE62-4DCE-99B5-7….jpeg)


>something big dropping = sky event

let's go!

9466cf  No.2333834

File: 734d3cd0eb736fa⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 310366D8-A484-4FBF-BECA-E1….png)

File: 97c305e90b8d8e7⋯.png (2.96 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9E489F40-B3EF-40D8-A504-81….png)

File: 8f59fc511ca8448⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 463183A4-1305-4C23-B43F-3A….png)

Lisa Barsoomian - new 411

*Armenian* Bar Assoc. 1989

Wife of RR

44fb11  No.2333835

File: 03a82931e8e0c6d⋯.png (34.58 KB, 735x324, 245:108, ClipboardImage.png)


And there's the missing False Flag attempt…

daabd2  No.2333836


What about that 1.4trl that went to Defense. You can't be serious spending that much with no enemies. What the fuck was that all about?

723982  No.2333837

File: 31793aed036a370⋯.png (83.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


wasted digits

if its legit download PDF and upload it here you can upload PDFs here

94abef  No.2333838



classic thanks

b847fd  No.2333839

File: 7cb03183f5cc777⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1856x1336, 232:167, bb323edbf1b85858416a50a769….png)

File: dba7045f86859ec⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1856x1336, 232:167, bb323edbf1b85858416a50a769….png)

f1b8ca  No.2333840


You stupid idiot. The guy was no shill.

He was just a guy voicing a thought many have.



74cc84  No.2333841


Neon Revolt is good.

But he is off base here. The problem is not that Q does not explain things clearly or answer questions directly. There may be a need to obfuscate, to mix in disinfo, to protect sources and preserve secrecy.

The real problem is not one iota of truly damaging public revelation has occurred. High crimes - higher than spying on Trump - are still considered crazy rumors if they are considered at all. We, therefore, are left swinging in the wind.

Really damaging evidence needs to be made public.

Even if there can be no arrests yet because our justice system is being rehabilitated, unveil some of the truly evil deeds committed by people high up in politics and culture.

That will move the Plan forward and build public support, pull anons together and turn the public narrative in a pro-POTUS direction when it can make a difference in the mid-terms… i.e., now.

8e549a  No.2333842

File: 7ad1d46e633b001⋯.png (724.86 KB, 828x720, 23:20, ClipboardImage.png)

46fe55  No.2333843


They were lies and filth.

Kikes made it seem like they were burning the contents of the great library of Alexandria.

Goy believed them.

6121b7  No.2333844

So far this is golden :

.post-image {

opacity: .3;

transform: scale(.3);

transition: all 200ms;


.post-image:hover {

opacity: .8;

transform: scale(1);

transition: all 200ms;


c1e1fe  No.2333845


Any chance the Mandela effect is God telling us that We can change the past if we all WILL it into being? If we all start praying that something never happened we can actually change it? Enough concentrated human will power focused?

3ea12d  No.2333846


Ok retard

There is nothing wrong with a 17 year old dating a 20 year old

There’s people that come out of high school 17

0c3918  No.2333847


3 miles

3 dead


ab6f17  No.2333848


Who cares if Q is pissed? It's his own damn fault. To

0bd181  No.2333849



f17c8f  No.2333850


However, they can release a false, doctored recording. Then, when the real recordings of their misdeeds are released, they can say, "So, when it is Trump, it is a fake, but when it's (fill in the blank), it's not. Double standard!"

It is a pre-emptive strike designed for their later denials.

03e85d  No.2333851

File: 5d804139fa943c6⋯.pdf (910.4 KB, FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8….pdf)



as you wish.

why is it hosted at Clowns site tho?

46fe55  No.2333852

File: 6d556b07dfeeabc⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 612x792, 17:22, fa916a9c9f9bdf3ecf9931512c….jpg)

bd69ed  No.2333853

File: 3ebdb1c92c267bb⋯.jpg (52.32 KB, 641x500, 641:500, 2e65pk.jpg)

94abef  No.2333854


Well how focused?

68807e  No.2333855


Fuck you dumbass

60f0ee  No.2333856

File: a8d93b961b09cb7⋯.jpeg (288.27 KB, 911x719, 911:719, C520BFCE-8E11-46AC-AF48-3….jpeg)


Something naughty going on there by the counter.

f022b5  No.2333857


You just called women creatures and things but then referred to your own daughters. They'll be women.


Wow. That's nice, man. ]sarcasm[

cb4869  No.2333859

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 89 Revised Standard Version (RSV)

God’s Covenant with David

89 I will sing of your mercies, O Lord, for ever;

with my mouth I will proclaim thy faithfulness to all generations.

2 For your merciful love was established for ever,

your faithfulness is firm as the heavens.

3 Thou hast said, “I have made a covenant with my chosen one,

I have sworn to David my servant:

4 ‘I will establish your descendants for ever,

and build your throne for all generations.’” Selah

5 Let the heavens praise thy wonders, O Lord,

thy faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones!

6 For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord?

Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord,

7 a God feared in the council of the holy ones,

great and terrible above all that are round about him?

8 O Lord God of hosts,

who is mighty as thou art, O Lord,

with thy faithfulness round about thee?

9 Thou dost rule the raging of the sea;

when its waves rise, thou stillest them.

10 Thou didst crush Rahab like a carcass,

thou didst scatter thy enemies with thy mighty arm.

11 The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine;

the world and all that is in it, thou hast founded them.

12 The north and the south, thou hast created them;

Tabor and Hermon joyously praise thy name.

13 Thou hast a mighty arm;

strong is thy hand, high thy right hand.

14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of thy throne;

steadfast love and faithfulness go before thee.

15 Blessed are the people who know the festal shout,

who walk, O Lord, in the light of thy countenance,

16 who exult in thy name all the day,

and extol thy righteousness.

17 For thou art the glory of their strength;

by thy favor our horn is exalted.

18 For our shield belongs to the Lord,

our king to the Holy One of Israel.

19 Of old thou didst speak in a vision

to thy faithful one, and say:

“I have set the crown upon one who is mighty,

I have exalted one chosen from the people.

20 I have found David, my servant;

with my holy oil I have anointed him;

21 so that my hand shall ever abide with him,

my arm also shall strengthen him.

22 The enemy shall not outwit him,

the wicked shall not humble him.

23 I will crush his foes before him

and strike down those who hate him.

24 My faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him,

and in my name shall his horn be exalted.

25 I will set his hand on the sea

and his right hand on the rivers.

26 He shall cry to me, ‘Thou art my Father,

my God, and the Rock of my salvation.’

27 And I will make him the first-born,

the highest of the kings of the earth.

28 My merciful love I will keep for him for ever,

and my covenant will stand firm for him.

29 I will establish his line for ever

and his throne as the days of the heavens.

30 If his children forsake my law

and do not walk according to my ordinances,

31 if they violate my statutes

and do not keep my commandments,

32 then I will punish their transgression with the rod

and their iniquity with scourges;

33 but I will not remove from him my merciful love,

or be false to my faithfulness.

34 I will not violate my covenant,

or alter the word that went forth from my lips.

35 Once for all I have sworn by my holiness;

I will not lie to David.

36 His line shall endure for ever,

his throne as long as the sun before me.

37 Like the moon it shall be established for ever;

it shall stand firm while the skies endure.” Selah

(to be cont.)

0c3918  No.2333860


And they all love the FED

eee7f6  No.2333861


Space Force!

048cda  No.2333862

File: 6ac582adbc764aa⋯.png (621.76 KB, 1807x540, 1807:540, ClipboardImage.png)





you've been shilling that same stupid meme all day "Shia is Q" shill

(pic related) QED

7c4c34  No.2333864

File: 71f37d10634f80b⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 809x803, 809:803, look2.JPG)

f022b5  No.2333865



You all had a mother.


5879b2  No.2333866


You a Greenhorn?

c2d697  No.2333867

File: 7c568be2bda0610⋯.png (518.35 KB, 1201x550, 1201:550, Religion-Symbolism.png)

cb4869  No.2333868

Psalm 89 (Cont.)

38 But now thou hast cast off and rejected,

thou art full of wrath against thy anointed.

39 Thou hast renounced the covenant with thy servant;

thou hast defiled his crown in the dust.

40 Thou hast breached all his walls;

thou hast laid his strongholds in ruins.

41 All that pass by despoil him;

he has become the scorn of his neighbors.

42 Thou hast exalted the right hand of his foes;

thou hast made all his enemies rejoice.

43 Yea, thou hast turned back the edge of his sword,

and thou hast not made him stand in battle.

44 Thou hast removed the scepter from his hand,

and cast his throne to the ground.

45 Thou hast cut short the days of his youth;

thou hast covered him with shame. Selah

46 How long, O Lord? Wilt thou hide thyself for ever?

How long will thy wrath burn like fire?

47 Remember, O Lord, what the measure of life is,

for what vanity thou hast created all the sons of men!

48 What man can live and never see death?

Who can deliver his soul from the power of Sheol? Selah

49 Lord, where is thy steadfast love of old,

which by thy faithfulness thou didst swear to David?

50 Remember, O Lord, how thy servant is scorned;

how I bear in my bosom the insults of the peoples,

51 with which thy enemies taunt, O Lord,

with which they mock the footsteps of thy anointed.

52 Blessed be the Lord for ever!

Amen and Amen.

44fb11  No.2333869

File: 778c72ede2e9299⋯.jpeg (67.15 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 0b42ddb7f5dab423577752c83….jpeg)



7840ee  No.2333870

File: 8fc5b77fe655efe⋯.png (52.82 KB, 537x343, 537:343, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at ….png)

File: c98318de51991a7⋯.png (103.28 KB, 597x583, 597:583, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at ….png)

File: 8126c294eb1d1a6⋯.png (55.77 KB, 461x449, 461:449, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at ….png)

File: 0b2d3c672296836⋯.png (66.69 KB, 424x587, 424:587, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at ….png)

0c3918  No.2333871


Kek. Really anon?

65b842  No.2333872

File: 36d0b36af8ef145⋯.png (35.18 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Mariachi.png)

bd69ed  No.2333873

File: 2e22cbba2434f92⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 215x255, 43:51, 0d14359f350cfe174bdc1f30ad….jpg)

744a78  No.2333874

I think people are further gone than Q expected, so much has been revealed but most people aren’t listening, news is ignoring, etc. you have to shock and awe them to wake them up.

94abef  No.2333875


You have to change the angle in the Z axis and then transmute it to the T one to jump timelines.

9fab0f  No.2333876

File: 4302a6af0e3eb08⋯.png (476.93 KB, 863x488, 863:488, 1532302534552.png)


the FISA warrant is the fist major domino in slowrolling the truth to the public. The fact that Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Strzok, etc will lose their sec is a big deal for the public to hear. This wouldn't happen unless the narrative is going to hit the mainstream soon. The unredacted FISA warrant will show the TRUTH about all the corruption.


[RR] KNEW the dossier was bs but he signs it anyway. Ohr was #4 under RR at DOJ, he knew his wife worked w/ Fusion GPS,

and probably knew that she was the one who give 'elements of the dossier' to her husband to give to the FBI.

The WORLD is learning that the FBI really did cover up for something that HRC paid for. D5. They are losing control.


The FISA Warrant was renewed several times, each needed MANDATORY NEW EVIDENCE for the surveillance.

THEY KNEW IT WAS BS. and it goes back to 2016. Obama WH also knew about all of this, the unredacted FISA will show that

PLANNED Loretta Lynch convos happened but the FBI lied about it to cover it up.


The leakers of the dossier can be traced back to HRC and her swampclown minions. The MSM caught on after a while, but they didn't care. They couldn't stand Trump at that point, and helped her push the agenda further.




The unredacted FISA warrant will show that the MSM pushed this fake Russia narrative to slaughter Trumps rep, which will justify his 'FAKE NEWS' fits, and the world will trust him even more. FVEY helped. MI6 helped. McCain helped. FBI helped.

They knew HRC was corrupt, but they didn't care and helped her anyway. this fact ALONE will bring further investigations sooner than you can imagine. The people are waking up to the bs.


Is there damning proof documented that exposes the fake news 4am agenda? is this the house of cards finally falling?




Trump is declassifying just enough to prove their wrongdoings. The rest truly may be a risk to national sec to expose.


The people are going to see this 24/7 pumped to them by FOX/CNN, and start THINKING about it for themselves. MANY will wake up from this event.


When the PEOPLE are ready, Q and team can move further. FISA/Spying can only happen if the DOJ/FBI/CIA are in on it. THIS is finally being realized by the average American… all this bs couldn't have happened unless there REALLY is a corrupt deepstate swamp.




468164  No.2333877

File: 909276f33551228⋯.jpg (169.93 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 9a459087485944a38e9fd187a1….jpg)

File: b8c97646df43d77⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1468x1152, 367:288, 7807a961844c3ca72e7120550e….png)

File: 43ce33e04f1f0ca⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 727x946, 727:946, Hoby-Genesis-Breyer-P-Orri….jpg)

File: 44c879d0a6c2fe3⋯.jpg (136.35 KB, 620x352, 155:88, johnny-depp-looks-unrecogn….jpg)

File: 58583efd9c737cd⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 500x466, 250:233, UWe9YJv.jpg)

46fe55  No.2333878


Aim forgot to add it to the faggot meme they made.

I just corrected it, but you are right.

"Free" jew money from the hard work of the goy.

745d07  No.2333879


I apologize because I am unable to find this lengthy blog post that had a timeline displaying all of the issues. The reason this is important is that we are in a battle of ideology and Pedowood is a huge part. JL was going to present an anti-collectivist narrative with a LARGE budget for a MASS audience. The resulting destruction shows just how evil Pedowood is when it comes to controlling the message. They would rather DESTROY a film with making little return rather than be challenged in their ideology. This is VERY notable.

5a6c9a  No.2333880

File: 29318127a6d95fa⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1002x1226, 501:613, ClipboardImage.png)


The only one comparing Nazi Germany to Antifa is you

You seem to be totally confused

Antifa EXISTED during the time period when the Nazi party

Came to power in Germany

It was a time when the hidden hand was busy

Using social engineering

To disrupt society


The sme hidden hand

Is once again using social engineering

To try and disrupt society

And they have resurrected Antifa

0ff79e  No.2333881

Q….currently it appears as if the MSM still controls the narrative. If Facebook and Twitter are the tip of the iceberg in relation to turning things around, I fear you may run out of time prior to the coming elections.

b847fd  No.2333883

File: 27c2d651294dfd0⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1856x1336, 232:167, bb323edbf1b85858416a50a769….png)

49cfc5  No.2333884

File: 66784c15b2ac9b0⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1358x1342, 679:671, Board Trump Cap Your Ass.png)


e6ab93  No.2333885

File: c1b7b6168e94eb9⋯.jpg (108.41 KB, 888x500, 222:125, cortezeyes2.jpg)

thx anon for the original

<creeped myself out making this O_O

b5f540  No.2333886


Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, the gorefag went there. *barf*

65baef  No.2333887

File: 4b1d7740da46219⋯.jpeg (75.01 KB, 749x750, 749:750, DjHDRmjXcAEWcpo.jpg-large.jpeg)


That's how (((they))) want you to react.

There are truths to be gleaned…

Once you see past their shit stain on The Veil.

Whatever they could do to occult it further….

a0d05e  No.2333888


not a religionfag, but I do believe intervention is not allowed on any scale, hence evils absolute choice of defiance being the utmost story …..the way I view religion is I do not need a book to tell me what is moral or immoral, I simply know how I would like to be treated and strive to maintain that sentiment when around others. I believe in myself more than I believe in a god because of that belief god cannot intervene. Confusing huh?

eeeb2d  No.2333889



.post-image {
opacity: .1;
transform: scale(.1);
transition: all 233ms;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;
transform: scale(1.0);
transition: all 89ms;

Fibonacci numbers, fyi.

Try it out

c2d697  No.2333890


I'm sure Q understands how to wake people up.

He doesn't want to make a splash yet beyond what can be done organically.

048cda  No.2333891

File: 472e0e9894ccd71⋯.png (82.13 KB, 316x544, 79:136, ClipboardImage.png)

and I was there for those crumbs

shills were bitching and shilling hard, Q told them to go fuck off (in this crumb)

2e2c95  No.2333892


Flynn describing how they created an electronic "bridge" to quickly pass information along without the bureaucratic bullshit

e6ab93  No.2333893

File: 1ed6140ee063cf3⋯.jpg (29.36 KB, 300x246, 50:41, humabye2.jpg)

e0772c  No.2333894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7840ee  No.2333895

File: 2cfc54c3aa16f22⋯.jpg (727.34 KB, 935x1800, 187:360, 5eyeswtweetpics.jpg)

39f87b  No.2333896


Love the NopeAnon's filter.


8a17fb  No.2333897


I bet Silverman is terrified, and there is nothing else on her mind but the thought of winding up in prison for the rest of her life.

55454f  No.2333899

It would be funny if conservatives took some random everyday gang killing in chicago and pumped it up nationwide. (Parody) Tyrone Jenkins ,33, was needlesly murdered in the Chicago district of englewood last night. He had just been released from prison 2 days earlier and was trying to turn his life around. He was released after doing a incredibly tough 8 years of a 36 year sentence because of his good behavior, as well as his outreach cooperation with Shylock Sheeny charities. He was originally jailed for Kidnapping, Torture, Rape, and Murder. He said he "dindunuffin", we agree with that even though the evidence was overwhelmingly in the prosecutions favor.

Tyrone was planning on getting his GED next year and wanted to be a pro basketball player. His dreams were cut short too early.

Justice for Tyrone!

a0ab55  No.2333900


oooh the transition is sexy

47ebdc  No.2333901


What's with these faggot ass memes? You fucking kikes glow in the fucking dark worse then the grinning niggers who pay your ass

e0772c  No.2333902

File: 6e7e6bebf22d2ba⋯.jpg (141.89 KB, 960x960, 1:1, cVWY3wHBlLCDIz7TJj9oTJ3Tqa….jpg)

6121b7  No.2333903

d22a25  No.2333904


WWG1WGA! God Bless You!

8af1ca  No.2333905


Hang in there… Remember, Israel is LAST. He said that last year. Its coming. I mean, we are staring at the end of the FED here very soon my man. That is HUGE. We may return to constitutional government. This is YUUGGEE man really really big. This is what will level the playing field so that us Germans can outcompete the rest easily? Do you see that it simply won't matter as long as they cannot take your money and use it to hurt you and help your enemy at the same time? Thats what this is allllllll about. Leveling the playing field so that the strong do not have to support the weak and they keep the spoils of their work without being blamed for the failure of other lesser people. Who gives a flying fuck if they SAY it?? Ha ha, they can trash talk me all they like to our enemies as long as we win the fucking war against them. Thats what matters. We beat the enemy. Keep your eyes on the target anon.

bd69ed  No.2333906

File: f9de354891190e8⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.71 MB, 354x299, 354:299, 8b7988a418c6949c9137a0a17b….gif)

f02184  No.2333907

File: b5287e516067a5c⋯.jpeg (118.59 KB, 899x500, 899:500, 4F5AC006-EC4B-41C7-9246-A….jpeg)

64bfb5  No.2333908



If there was nothing wrong with it, this retard wouldn't be charged with the crime. If there was nothing wrong with a 17 and a 20 year old together, he wouldn't have to be registering as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

And since we ALL know the law, let's follow it! If you think the law is flawed , and would like to change it, what is your suggestion? What should we change it to? Maybe something like the old bitch SCOTUS mumbled ? Age of consent should be lowered? Or age of adulthood should maybe go up?


e30364  No.2333909

File: b33d98ee632a64f⋯.mp4 (147.36 KB, 480x272, 30:17, grasping at straws.mp4)


Nope, nothing kikey about my response. I'm neutral on that issue. However, very shilly response from you

click gif pic related.= you

39f87b  No.2333910

Blessed be the NopeAnon's filter. Life is good.

0887e8  No.2333911



the release was enough to flip the narrative on its head. people can still yell traitor, russia, collusion…but the people who KNOW, the people who READ…congress, the DOJ…they all see exactly what's going on.

and the redacted stuff, obviously isn't going to help them. it will only get worse for them from here.

ab041c  No.2333912


It's more than that anon…There are Hubers grand juries going on and things can't be revealed until after they have been produced as evidence into a grand jury.

454e9c  No.2333913


no because I can't crane my neck 90 degrees

ab160f  No.2333914



Re : Notable

94abef  No.2333916

AI am very good at seeing 100 dimensions in 2, and making it 3.

But seeing in 3 and making 4 will take a bit of …..

8e549a  No.2333917

File: cfeb979ecf696b8⋯.png (586 KB, 625x590, 125:118, ClipboardImage.png)

e6ab93  No.2333918

File: 5dbf6632a96a42b⋯.jpg (114.69 KB, 965x599, 965:599, humasad.jpg)

File: 970aa9f3314cb2b⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 500x593, 500:593, humaweinersuicided.jpg)


2c2f02  No.2333919


I think the Cohen tape is going to be shown to be doctored by the media/democrats and that will lead to the revelation that the Billy Bush pussy grab tape was as well, and then to the revelation that the Florida school shooting victims are alive and well. Media devastation will be complete.

c42564  No.2333920

File: 52e9c2301e81fdf⋯.png (619.32 KB, 637x417, 637:417, Screenshot_2018-07-28 Goog….png)

anyone else's local Chase Bank branch have a pyramid roof?

5a6c9a  No.2333921

File: 9cfd0a70f283e5a⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2185, 288:437, ClipboardImage.png)


Everybody likes to see

This Bosnian redhead

29ed44  No.2333922

File: e4587c7931daf0a⋯.png (92.67 KB, 264x191, 264:191, gets it.png)

47ebdc  No.2333923

File: 2a401bbf1c8f3e4⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 599x476, 599:476, 9e0d974c36cacd50a6333d2240….jpg)

744a78  No.2333924


That is understandable but then Q needs to tone down expectations to meet that strategy instead of making bold statements that all is going to be revealed to the world and such. It’s not revealed to the world only the few that are listening.

7840ee  No.2333925

File: 4372516c60d0a42⋯.png (33.2 KB, 968x189, 968:189, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at ….png)

85d2d9  No.2333926

500 Post Notable Update


>>2333651, >>2333749 Breaking: Saturday Night Shooting in New Orleans

>>2333713 Badass Graphics re: UK/PS TREASON

>>2333828 Chicago Awakens!! Let's make more of these, Anons!

>>2333834 [[RR]] Wife Digs

>>2333669, >>2333879 Major Anticollectivist Film Sabotaged, Suicide Fishiness: Dig

anything else anons?

eeeb2d  No.2333927


.post-image {
opacity: .1;
transform: scale(.1);
transform-origin: top left;
transition: all 233ms;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;
transform: scale(1.0);
transform-origin: top left;
transition: all 89ms;

c1e1fe  No.2333928


Q knows how dumbed down we are. This why all the clues. They make it a puzzle…you have to work yourself and learn at your own pace. Many different levels of intelligence. All have to begin moving toward truth.

One of the many reasons why this is a slow process in our minds.

d0cee9  No.2333929


The flag on the left is NEITHER the flag of Germany OR the NSDAP (Nazi Party)… This makes no fucking sense.

The NSDAP were not communists.

640d31  No.2333930


Everyone wants to know WTF is going on in Antarctica. Vatican Infra[red (castle)] Telescope?

817bfb  No.2333932


Sticking with the anagram:



GOP= red or RED BIRD


Pope has a bad day.

DROP= the Pope, head of the pedos, all pedos fall.

Or maybe not, but I like it. I'm goin with it.

0c3918  No.2333933




Tyrone Moss (Miami Hurricane), dead at 33, for undisclosed reasons…

Tyrone Moss. Initials T(20) + M(13) = (((33)))

Died on the 26th of July. 7+26 = (((33)))

Numerology of Masonry = 33 / Secrecy = 33

Numerology of FREEMASONRY = 158 as in 158 days left in the year from the 26th.

9fab0f  No.2333934

File: 0d14359f350cfe1⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 385x456, 385:456, (you2.jpg)

File: b6afcfa9994e697⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 386x456, 193:228, (you.jpg)


its an inside joke from a happening a few weeks back. guess you had ta been hur anon

94abef  No.2333935

I am very good at seeing that a 0.5 dimension is 4 but the point of the 0.5 to 1? HELL that is and idea to bring in fractal.

daabd2  No.2333936


Jesus christ those shills are tire some.

Yes, who.is controlling the stocks right now? This is some SERIOUS manipulation of stock, fucking unheard of. This is not natural!

8f2b32  No.2333937

File: 2e86fa022cb589a⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1400884990754.jpg)

File: 5795749bc7c3d68⋯.jpg (320.33 KB, 1593x1429, 1593:1429, 1400935170132.jpg)

File: c7fb393a7602118⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 259x194, 259:194, lol.jpg)

File: 8d28b2af7f52a2c⋯.jpg (203.99 KB, 1201x1340, 1201:1340, nickelodeon-dan-schneider.jpg)

File: ab6a1fd1cb1b17d⋯.jpg (63.81 KB, 500x667, 500:667, q9dc6srh0exz.jpg)

How is any of this not normal?

This is so normal, ok?

Totally not a pedo.

5879b2  No.2333938


Look closer at the hombre in the back…..

0c3918  No.2333939


Oh fug. My dubs…. ((33)). Kek protect me. FUCK.

a2fe66  No.2333940



I think she would be lured out faster with a baby sitting on the treeline.

42abf8  No.2333941


In theory:

- All time happens at the same time. It just feels like a river of time by the way we perceive it.

- All realities exist simultaneously, so we could just choose a reality in which that event doesn't exist.

In reality

- Our memories keep us rooted in one particular reality with certain past events.

- Our fantasies keep up rooted in one particular reality with probably future events.

- So, to have the most control over our reality, we need to stay focused on the eternal now moment.

Easier said than done.

bd69ed  No.2333942


Oh damn she was classic!

9fab0f  No.2333943


JESUS CHRIST those digits are BEAUTIFUL anon!

d0cee9  No.2333944


I want to be clear. I'm an American and proud. But I have done my due-diligence with respect to researching WW2. I know exactly (((who))) the bad-guys were, ultimately. And it sure as hell wasn't the big, bad, "Nazis".

a938ab  No.2333945


yes that what is happening IMHO. Remember, POTUS waived attorney client privilege as it related to the audio. POTUS has the same audio files and can release the full audio. CNN is the one suspect in the doctoring. Cuomo is doing exactly like he did in the Wikileaks release. Telling you that you are not to believe your own lying instincts but must rely on me and CNN to tell you what you know … even though we only give you a smidgen of the actual evidence. Rinse and repeat

5d7d9e  No.2333946



How about :

.post-image {

opacity: .5;

transform: scale(.5);

filter: blur(15px);

transition: all 233ms;}

.post-image:hover {

opacity: 1;

transform: scale(1.0);

filter: blur(0px);

transition: all 89ms;}

6f3498  No.2333947

File: e4a513cb2c7b576⋯.png (217.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Stock_Wife_SEC.png)

65b842  No.2333948

File: 773e50ff30d421b⋯.jpg (133.48 KB, 800x605, 160:121, COMFY LION.jpg)

94abef  No.2333949


Wait 45 is like - 45 degrees of the 260 is 0.125, and 0.5 of 90 - so I am there.

d0cee9  No.2333951


Yeah, we already got this guy, didn't we?

b847fd  No.2333952

File: 06d9de59139859d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1122x806, 561:403, 9ee97d6ad49d33ac54f2b44cca….png)

29ed44  No.2333953

File: 099ddd566b08309⋯.jpg (126.55 KB, 630x630, 1:1, meme magic.jpg)

daabd2  No.2333954


No way! The world is fucking suffering and he wants to spend billions on that? What the hell for?

744a78  No.2333955


I’m not even close to the most intelligent person here but I have understood that FISA abuse has been the key the whole time. I am just waiting for bigger events to wake up notmies, most will never accept an 8 Chan conspiracy but they will understand police raids and perp walks.

ab6f17  No.2333956


Well they sure as hell ain't the good guys.

8f2b32  No.2333957


Nah he's still kickin'

0c3918  No.2333958


Pope Pedo resigning? or 187'd?

d0cee9  No.2333959


Very fair point.

65b842  No.2333960

File: 06e9358588bb4b6⋯.jpg (128.09 KB, 600x490, 60:49, 43-0068a.jpg)

File: eff9adc2a4bac00⋯.jpg (128.16 KB, 600x489, 200:163, Bulge.jpg)

File: 22c14e7c098be64⋯.jpg (165.6 KB, 1200x858, 200:143, clipboard.jpg)

File: f50f37aca9d310a⋯.png (541.36 KB, 575x800, 23:32, POTUS_6.PNG)

6f3498  No.2333961

File: 1b2f82da97cbd48⋯.png (466.35 KB, 1024x2700, 256:675, Nick_Viacom_Schneider_v2.png)


75aa7d  No.2333962

pacific fleet was one big bribery prosti and drug rinbg god knows what else

2c2f02  No.2333963


so that water can drain properly? probably.

0bd181  No.2333964


shouldn't we remember history ?

c2d697  No.2333965


Bold statements are fun and fine.

We are walking up a flight of stairs, each step is to be celebrated because each step gets us that much closer to FREEDOM.

You and most others are growing impatient because it seems that each step should be a great leap, or our last.

That's not the case.

"Quest stands on the edge of a knife, stray but a little and it will fail."

Can you take a step back and rethink all that was revealed and all that happened the past few days?

Can you even imagine it?


PEDOWOOD GOT BLOWN THE FUCK OUT and now we have proof that they are pedos. Spread them if you want.

Things are happening more and more.

What would make you happy?

Public executions?

They aren't coming in July, that I can tell you.

c1e1fe  No.2333966


Free will. If you dont have the choice to do evil what is the value of any act of kindness? It is the action of a slave. God does not want slaves. He wants intelligent people making beautiful honest choices.

Thus evil exist. But We have the choice to be good or evil. Choose wisely

58e254  No.2333967

File: a3319f1c66b8038⋯.png (2.65 MB, 2659x1570, 2659:1570, ClipboardImage.png)


some might find this interdasting, some may know it

just wanted to make a graphic on some digging I was doing

d0cee9  No.2333968


I think you need to see this great little clip:

https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=uRf8WfuKkEc

b847fd  No.2333969

File: 42c9ec48c74ba7a⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1122x806, 561:403, 9ee97d6ad49d33ac54f2b44cca….png)

e89714  No.2333970


Hollywood has allowed the Catholic Church to appear suspect so they can go down first.

I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I can just see my gma clutching her Rosary now.

94abef  No.2333971


Space force is a way to reveal the physics that they have hidden from us and that will make everyone 'elite'. Well for a bit until they figure out how to warp it again.

637109  No.2333972


So the billionaires who like rockets cannot ever again transport anything harmful to the US or World to enemies of the United States

I thought everybody already knew this

58e254  No.2333973


and that Jewish Telegraphic Agency article came from stormfront

inb4 you're a jew

746e2c  No.2333974

File: 146058753e1e04b⋯.jpg (237.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Winter-Is-Coming-4-l.jpg)

File: 8cce48909b17634⋯.png (517.71 KB, 540x541, 540:541, Whore of Babylon, MYSTERIO.png)


Not all "women" are the same.

2 archetypes.

Elsa -

Anna -

URANIA/Sophia is the ONLY woman for MEN.

And MOLOCH/LILLITH specifically targets her.

Andro-maeda has long been the target of her ire.

And that's what I have.

Sorry if yours have already been turned into bleeting pig-monsters.

It, however, is NOT an inevitability.

Never has been.

AUTIST WOMEN are the future.



Athena (NOT Minerva)


Molochite women instintually persecute/torture our girls, to force submission/self-harm.

So yes— I call them THINGS.


ad082b  No.2333975

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is a huge amount of disinformation and ignorance regarding what this film is about. It is about exposing the lies, deception of the cabal and embracing the truth. There is nothing "demonic" about the film.

eea629  No.2333976


This is what we're doing.

46fe55  No.2333977

File: ea92c2a9dbd0443⋯.png (123.89 KB, 500x512, 125:128, cabal_02.png)

f02184  No.2333978

File: a907890e71f27f2⋯.jpeg (85.14 KB, 899x500, 899:500, E54CAA3D-0A15-4E0E-B95D-A….jpeg)

c8196d  No.2333979

744a78  No.2333980


I’m happy I’m just saying Q needs to manage expectations better, I see things are happening every day

6e464c  No.2333981


Erase the one you are running now and paste in the new one.

c04c75  No.2333982















ab041c  No.2333983


I believe the Space Force is just finally green lighting a lot of the hidden technology we have already had for years on black budgets. POTUS is bringing it all to light

0bd181  No.2333984

File: e3d0a8e8ce18295⋯.png (349.69 KB, 728x565, 728:565, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at ….png)



0c3918  No.2333985


>I can just see my gma clutching her Rosary now.

Kek. I hope her old ticker can take it. A LOT of people are going to be mentally BTFO.

e159e9  No.2333986


place it above:

var anonsw = {

65b842  No.2333987

File: 459bfd310c6beee⋯.jpg (102.04 KB, 694x1200, 347:600, jb.jpg)

c2d697  No.2333988

File: a67df9ea4eef9f9⋯.png (250.82 KB, 1791x464, 1791:464, pol-UmmanManda.png)

44fb11  No.2333989


>you have to shock and awe them to wake them up.

To me, this eventually must be it. Otherwise, we're gonna end up right back where we started in the future, like 50 to 100 years from now…unless given a shock, people will forget all that happened and their children won't learn to be vigilant, and the same cabal shits will be poised to take control all over again.



Oh lordy…


Maybe, but who of them isn't comped and yields any kind of power?

85d2d9  No.2333990


time only exists in the third dimension (space-time)

in higher dimensions, all is happening now, past present future are simultaneous

{unsolicited baker opinion}

fdfa58  No.2333991


Until the cabal is in jail along with the pedos, tell that to a normie and he will call you a conspiracy nut and say that proves nothing, 'Drumpf is a Russian'.

68807e  No.2333992


Maybe WE need to manage expectations better…

58e254  No.2333993


kek the top pic is from that "Washington Pundit" shit

65b842  No.2333994

eee7f6  No.2333995


When you gank 500 trillion from the Roths, it's time to buy some toys

65b842  No.2333996

File: e8365054d8d91d3⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, stand as.jpg)

8f2b32  No.2333997


They've been doing alot of interesting things regarding space recently,

there was the shuttle on the WH lawn, along with the mini documentary video thing explaining, essentially, we've never been past the van allen belt, because of the radiation.

Then, Buzz Aldrin tells a little girl we've never been to the moon.

Then 7 days ago a helicopter circles a VERY visible, crystal clear UFO on video, and the guy even ran back inside to take VERY HD stills of it with his camera.

Search LA police circle UFO

e6ab93  No.2333998

File: 596b7a41a644556⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, schneider2.jpg)

d5c781  No.2333999


If Q's reference to D5 does refer to a trident then I suspect an AF1 takedown FF would be small potatoes (also not the right package). Trident is a thermonuclear strike system, so that and Hawaii could have been real attempts to nuclear strike the US or Russia as a FF. So they could bomb the fuck out of each other.

Same goes for the British test 'going wrong'. They would launch close to the US as that is what a foreign nuclear sub would do.


85d2d9  No.2334000


thank you.

eeeb2d  No.2334001

Simple CSS PictureProtection

Fade in with mouse hover

.post-image {
opacity: .1; /* Can be set between .01 to .. well, 1 but that... I mean you can do it if you want. */
transition: all 233ms;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;
transition: all 89ms;

Fade and resize-to-full on mouse hover

.post-image {
opacity: .1; /* Same deal: .01 to 1 */
transform: scale(.3); /* Start the image at 3/10th its size. Can be set between .1 and 1 */
transform-origin: top left;
transition: all 233ms;

.post-image:hover {
opacity: 1;
transform: scale(1.0);
transform-origin: top left;
transition: all 89ms;

fd24a7  No.2334002

>>2332752 lb

They show us, albeit it in veiled ways, what they're going to do so that if we don't stop them they say we have consented. But, it gets far more bizarre…

Proving Unified Code Theory: Begin Here


Hint: The big event is in 2021 and it will be psychedelic!

f1b8ca  No.2334003


So is hell. Burning fire for all eternity.

magic is satanic.

Remember that.

c8196d  No.2334004


Trust muh government. Fuck off. Arrest these assholes or shoot them while caught trying to escape–the latter preferred.

daabd2  No.2334005


So you can't stop them completely? We have to go through this again "MAYBE!!!" Enough! I'm tired and want to go home!

744a78  No.2334006


It will happen sooner than that they will elect a cabal leftist member right after Trumps presidency, that’s how stupid must people are.

65b842  No.2334007

File: 40c7f640c6e82bc⋯.jpg (94.88 KB, 600x738, 100:123, Night sight.jpg)

626d5b  No.2334008

File: 57b92ff0c5ab13a⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 480x300, 8:5, IMG_1678.JPG)


0887e8  No.2334009


just as a two-dimensional being cannot fully comprehend depth, we cannot fully comprehend time.

0c3918  No.2334010


>Oh lordy…

Kek! Goddamn, I was feeling the same way when I saw my dubs. Pray for me in case I get door knobbed. These fuckers must have a quantum computer to sift through names and dates of people to see if it lines of with their blood magic. Just like the movie 'Wanted'

9466cf  No.2334011

File: 90912c8223d3d08⋯.png (367.68 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FF22D1CB-87F1-4B80-A3CC-30….png)

File: 669bc8c623bc621⋯.png (296.39 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 75467D28-E67D-49A9-8BFE-35….png)

File: dd3aec2806a60fb⋯.png (314.83 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C0746F65-997D-460A-B0EE-C8….png)

File: b24f9f6a16d79a2⋯.png (362.82 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 22D7F8A5-5438-40DC-9597-47….png)

File: b5b171b739b3957⋯.png (373.67 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6788FD70-E01E-45D4-B457-A9….png)


New 411


c2d697  No.2334012


Q's messages aren't just for us.

Learn to play the game.

Think moves, think countermoves.

Everyone of importance in the entire world is watching Q. Think about what that means.

817bfb  No.2334013

File: ea445a0978108f3⋯.jpg (5.94 KB, 261x163, 261:163, Red shoe.jpg)


Either way, it'd be a BIG DROP, yes?

I prefer the latter. [187].

51c9e9  No.2334014


Seriously Notable!!! GREAT JOB ANON! Helped me regain my composure.

1cae70  No.2334015


It's the constellation Orion 'the hunter'

d22a25  No.2334016




b847fd  No.2334017

File: 66f5dcbca9346ef⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1122x806, 561:403, 9ee97d6ad49d33ac54f2b44cca….png)

744a78  No.2334018


True enough, but Q can help

e3aaa6  No.2334019


.post-image {

opacity: .2;

transform: scale(.5);

filter: blur(5px);

transition: all 233ms;}

.post-image:hover {

opacity: 1;

transform: scale(1.0);

filter: blur(0px);

transition: all 233ms;}

8e549a  No.2334020


Do you know who it is?

c1e1fe  No.2334021


I feel like you just made me smarter. Not sure. Feels interesting

46fe55  No.2334022


That would be news to Jesus.

58e254  No.2334023



hussein hated our military heroes

now they have a leader who loves them (no homo)

0bd181  No.2334024



daabd2  No.2334026


Bullshit! Military can stop that cold.

39f87b  No.2334027

File: ba522e3cf42e344⋯.png (62.34 KB, 1244x418, 622:209, ClipboardImage.png)

745d07  No.2334028

FOUND IT! The Justice League production timeline I was talking about:


cb4869  No.2334029


You basically subscribe to Natural Law – of which can be obtained by reason – not a bad thing in itself.

However, it takes the Grace from God to be able to be supernaturally virtuous – which goes beyond Natural Law.

Something to think about.

God Bless!

a7f6ee  No.2334030

>>2331311 (PB)

It is NOT there. Eneda.


c2d697  No.2334031


Normies will be woken up slowly, through word of mouth and the network effect.

If you want to wake one of them up, try and remember how you YOURSELF were woken up.

Did someone come up to you one day and say "the world is ruled by a pedovore elite who wish to enslave humanity"?

Or did you wake up very slowly, one small redpill at a time?

For me, that was the case.

Play the game.

626d5b  No.2334032


I found it interesting the last argument was on Iran.

94abef  No.2334033

File: 4623c84e856c5a1⋯.png (159.96 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20degree.png)

File: 6e06cfe9f8b4e31⋯.png (842.49 KB, 1168x960, 73:60, E8fourD structure..png)

File: 086bdc7b9ffa966⋯.png (4.54 KB, 220x150, 22:15, 220px-Torsion_along_a_geod….png)

Einstein make a square of light to define energy.

see pic.

then found that space was warped and time changed with perceptive of velocity.

His 45 degree angle collapsed and he had to fix - Lorentz - it worked. Gravity Tensors and Ricci, and manifolds. Calculus is not intuitive geometry is.

6121b7  No.2334034


744a78  No.2334035


Yea I know it’s frustrating, maybe we need to play along better

f02184  No.2334036

File: 23da3adefdea1cd⋯.jpeg (95.08 KB, 651x499, 651:499, 420FDD53-7503-431B-8EA3-6….jpeg)

File: 675b12b8289a572⋯.jpeg (61.32 KB, 592x395, 592:395, B1822EFB-0F41-4D87-8C26-F….jpeg)

File: 4e1a5272ecaeff5⋯.jpeg (67.81 KB, 450x361, 450:361, EC836D80-6EC8-4708-BC36-F….jpeg)

File: 351367f781e73f1⋯.jpeg (35.75 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 588C60C0-E2F6-4C91-B1B8-9….jpeg)

File: d44e8dcfb76ea8b⋯.jpeg (28.79 KB, 257x196, 257:196, AEDDDF41-8C14-4467-99A9-2….jpeg)

74cc84  No.2334037


Best meme of July.

f1b8ca  No.2334038


No matter it was they would not admit any secret

meaning so….

f15d6a  No.2334039

Does anyone follow jacks secret twat?

5c69ed  No.2334040

CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler dead at 66


a44030  No.2334041

File: a2535709c596437⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 638x479, 638:479, um-dia-no-parque-fica-a-di….jpg)


all is now

28faf8  No.2334042

File: 54a8bc8dcd76d79⋯.png (20.8 KB, 760x400, 19:10, resist_logo_about.png)

File: 2e912a3494fdcbd⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 137x183, 137:183, raskin.jpg)