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A Decentralized National Workers Union

We promote the creation of a Decentralized National Workers Union where members self manage their dues in a fund that they control themselves. We believe the best way to do this is by members taking a percentage of their own pay check each pay period and putting it into XRP.

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The New Social Contract

Workers Rights

Replace the minimum wage with a living wage.

The living wage will start at $20 per hour and goes up when the cost of living goes up. $12.25 per hour for tipped employees.

Equal pay for women.

Replace the 40 hour work week with a 30 hour work week (Four day work week).

Each 7 and a half hour shift gets a 30 minute paid lunchbreak.

Replace time and a half with double time for any overtime.

Every company must offer a two week paid vacation after each year of employment and also a week of paid maternity or paternity leave.

Ride share and other transportation workers must be paid at least a living wage.

The right to work at home if it can be proven that your job can be performed at home. (This would also open up a lot of office buildings which can be converted into housing.)

Social Security

Lower the retirement age by 3 years and provide a 33% benefit raise.

The Right To Affordable Housing

A constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to affordable housing. The county government a worker resides in has a duty to ensure affordable housing exists with the following criteria: Efficiency apartments of no less than 600 square feet shall not exceed more than one third of a workers pay. One or two bedroom apartments of no less than 800 square feet shall not exceed more than one half of a workers pay. Residents of any county in any state will have the right to sue the county they reside in for the difference in total cost they pay versus the total cost they should be paying if such housing is not available (plus attorney fees). The affordable housing cannot have additional costs attached to it that would make the total costs more than one third for efficiencies or one half for one or two bedroom apartments.

Ending Corruption

Complete ban on lobbying.

Complete ban on corporate influence on government.

Term Limits for congress.

Complete ban on ballot harvesting and mail in voting.

Complete ban on congress members and their immediate family and their partners from owning or trading stocks.

Members of congress have to stay in their districts for at least half of the year and be physically present within their congressional office in their home districts during business hours for at least half of the time.

In the event of a military draft, each congress member must have one immediate family member serve in one of the armed forces branches. Regardless of age or health one of them must put on a uniform and serve in some capacity the entire duration of the military draft. If a member of congress has no immediate family member to send then another member of congress in their party must send an additional family member to serve.

Right To Organize

A constitutional amendment that says workers have the right to organize and form a union at any business that employs more than 10 people.

Ending Exploitation of Migrant Workers

A constitutional amendment that says employers must pay non citizens the same as citizens. The non citizen worker must also receive the same benefits and workers rights as a citizen.

Internet Bill of Rights

A constitutional amendment that guarantees the following rights:

The right to free speech. On all major social media, internet forums, and video apps or sites you have the right to free speech and cannot be deleted from the site or app, de-monetized, de-platformed, shadow banned, or have your reach limited because of what you say.

AI transparency. Any AI generated media, including video, audio, image, or text must have a visible disclaimer that says it was generated by AI or contains AI generated media.

Fair pay for content creators. Content creators get at least 90% share of ad revenue for their content and tips. Anyone with at least 100k monthly impressions is entitled to revenue sharing.

Fair pay for app creators. App creators get at least 90% of the revenue for their apps, in app purchases by customers, or subscriptions through the app stores.

The right to your own image. Anyone who uses your image without your permission or creates AI generated images of you should be forced to pay you damages or compensation for the use of your image.

The right to privacy. A simple one click option to opt out of tracking and data collection should be mandatory for all websites and apps.

The right to be forgotten. Once you delete your account after 30 days the website, app, company must permanently delete all the data.

The right to be anonymous online. You shouldn’t have to use your real name online just to use a site. This promotes open discussion without fear of being targeted.

The Right To Self Defense

A constitutional amendment that guarantees the right of both Stand Your Ground and The Castle Doctrine. Good samaritans should also have the right to protect others from harm in public settings without fear of being charged with a crime.

Keeping Unemployment Low

A constitutional amendment that gives the President and the Governors the power to force industry wide roll backs of the use of AI and automation so that companies will hire human workers. Companies must have legacy systems on standby in case of these rollbacks. The government will not pay for these roll backs when they become necessary. The President would also have the power to implement tariffs to prevent jobs from going overseas. The President and Governors would have a duty to do everything they can to keep unemployment below 5%.

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New social media accounts started

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