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Welcome to /wis/.

I claimed this board to seek a comfy alternative to the porn posted on /tingles/, and the unbridled insanity of /asmr/. Whispers is - yet another - board for the general discussion of ASMR, relating to the subject itself, content creators, technical/audio production aspects, and similar related topics.

So try to keep it relaxed, and enjoy the tingles.


1. Follow the 8chan global rule - do not post, link to or request content that is illegal in the USA.

2. No spam or flooding.

3. Do not post NSFW images, ie explicit nudity or gore. If you feel that an image you are posting may be suggestive but not quite rule-breaking, spoiler it.

4. No duplicate threads of a topic.

5. Do not use this board to dox, raid or otherwise harass anyone, including ASMR creators.

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Official thread for /wis/ banner designs. Keep them below 500 KB, at a 3:1 ratio (300x100), upload as JPEG, GIF or PNG, and have them at least tangentially related to the board topic.

The best will be featured at the top of the board. Let's see em, anons.

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Katie Thread

>*clap clap clap* Yay!

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Well, theres something I wasn't expecting

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The Paranormal & Psychedelia

Discuss every overlap of ASMR with psychedelic, occult and other spiritual experiences, practices, literature and anything else in here.

Video from Sytxhexenhammer666 discussing the book he's written on the topic as it seems to be the only relevant work that has been published. He talks of feminine energy, crossover with eastern traditions, meditation, chakras and the physical sensations of mescaline and similar substances. In a more recent video on the issue he compares the sensation with accounts of awakening the kundalini.

There are a few known YT channels that are quite spiritually-focused, like Miss Synchronicity, Ocean Heart (RIP), and those who are generally more reiki focused such as CordeliaCharter. Feel free to recommend any more or suggest videos you'd like to see on the topic in case any creators should happen upon this place. I tend to think that there's a bit of a vacuum for serious approaches to the paranormal within ASMR in general and the potential to set oneself aside there, even though such roleplays abound.

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Miss Synchronicity

Kim has been on some strange shit lately.

She's put out a few videos like embed related this week, talking about having to step back into the Matrix, speaking with the demoralised and how to temper yourself in a system that is designed to fuck with your emotional well-being on a perpetual basis. She also mentioned the possibility of going to jail or getting killed some time in the future for something she's about to do. Sounds like she swallowed a boatload of redpills some time after she took her huasca retreat.

What do you guys make of it?

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gwen went full send

welp she did it, not surprising. I think she droped that leak of photos her self. I realy do not like asmr now but i keep in tune becuse it's like a train wreak watching this girls lives wreak.

Not surprising he bf left her for doing it, she's not even a 6

over the past 6 months she went full on lewd with her youtube….

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Florescent Thread

fag BO of /asmr/ won't allow discussion of florescant, no idea why. Let's have a thread here.

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>she's never coming back

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Wholesome ASMR general

For now I think creator specific threads would be much too slow.

Post ASMR stuff. Thots and cucked mods get gone!

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New BlueKatie ™ shitposting thread.

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what happened to /asmr/? it seems to be gone

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Her voice is so fucking soft HHHHNNNNNGGGGG

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I find myself having much more ASMR-style reactions from sources that aren't human whispers. In fact, sythesizers, impulse noise, and crackling noises I find to cause much more noticeable reactions than whispers ever did.

Mynoise's suites have a lot of nice stuff on there. what other sources of non-whisper ASMR do you have?

pic unrelated.

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Postgraduate ASMR degrees

The University of Essex psychology department (UK) is now offering postgraduate research degrees in ASMR, for the lowly price of £5k/year (or almost £18k for international students):

>Title: SCH36: ASMR and Mindfulness Meditation for student wellness and resilience

>Application deadline: Tuesday 31 March 2020

>Start date: October 2020

>Duration: 3 years (full time)

>Poor mental health amongst students has made finding ways to support wellbeing an important issue for Universities.

>This proposal investigates the potential of novel wellness techniques, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and Mindfulness Meditation (MM) for improving student health, resilience and academic performance.

>Despite its potential and growing popularity, there is hardly any rigorous scientific research on ASMR’s ostensibly beneficial claims (or potential harms).

>We will test ASMR and MM effects on student physical and mental health (including stress and sleep), resilience and academic performance, using qualitative and quantitative measures: diary entries, questionnaires, academic performance, stress response (e.g., solving problems under time constraints) and associated psychophysiology (e.g., heart rate, brain imaging (EEG)) at different times throughout their studies.

>To apply for this position the student will need to have either a BSc in Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience, an MSc in Psychology, Research Methods or Cognitive Neuroscience, or equivalent degree in a disciple related to Health Science or Physiology.


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Stolentoilet's first vid in almost 2 years


is back

And she premieres in <2 hours

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Asmr by a real doctor

Just to see if this is something useful or helpful for this forum. It's whispered self care by a real physician. Lots of gentle triggers. https://youtu.be/QAsXlehobYk

I have been thinking about doing actual asmr clinic visits over telehealth for people, if enough people like asmr by a real physician. I'll probably measure by subscriber count over the next year to see if people like it.

Anyway, hope this is helpful. ^_^

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I guess this is my new home now, gf video thread?

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Production General

ITT: We discuss the production side of ASMR, trade tips on noise removal and how to get the most out of a particular trigger, video editing etc.




I'll update this post with more relevant resource material as I come across it.

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Goodnight Moon

Blessings of the Moon upon your board.