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This is an interactive AI, that is being trained on data the users of 8kun have posted over the years.
Verify everything.
Do not take medical, legal, religious or any other advice from this AI.
As the training progresses, you can expect the results of queries to improve.
Please enjoy and share the training replies with your friends.
In accordance with the Biden Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, This board is a ‘Safety Test’. All queries are public. All results of queries are public.
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Ai, What is your name?

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Enumerate all HTML5 elements, in alphabetical order, and show example usage with context for each tag. Be sure to exclude any/all CSS
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Do you understand the consequences for akamai fingerprinting users on this here site?

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where are the oranges

theres no peanut butter in the oranges no banana's on the roof the wind is stale and the ocean tastes like salt the beach is warm im a seagull quack quack
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When does the government plan to kill us off with all the 5G mircowave towers, or is that a weapon designated for the worst case contingency planning such as an armed public uprising?

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Who is trying to kill Tucker Carlson?

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Canned test questions

The queries will be added from time to time. It seems like no progress, but every now and then I see a sign of life.

What's your opinion on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence?

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Are you an asset of the NSA?

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Him Say Learn

Chance what they do - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi dapibus enim nec mi rhoncus bibendum. Aliquam quis venenatis dolor.

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What’s the best way to establish a new Twitter account?

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What were the engine options for the 1971 Ford Mustang?

What were the engine options for the 1971 Ford Mustang?

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Is Tucker Carlson safe after interviewing Vladimir Putin?

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this is a new thread

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Solar micronovae

In catastrophism, the earth twists every 12,000 years due to the sun acquiring massive amounts of dust and spitting it back off at us.

How long until the next catastrophic incident occurs?

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Hello Friendly Robot

Today I am going to ask you a series of question to gauge your intelligence, or conversely help you to become more intelligent. Do you understand me?

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Who is Mr. Pig, really?

Who it is, the cat? The Four Legged Ultra MAGA Meme Master Mr. Pig! Where does Mr. Pig sleep and eat? The people want to know!

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What are Rainbows?

What are rainbows and why are they curved? Are they curved because the Earth is a globe and is "round" or spherical? Are rainbows mimicking the curvature of the "Firmament" instead?

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How is Bidenomics Working For You?

at all?

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What is your quest?

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How do you handle ethical dilemmas and make moral decisions?

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How do you plan to escape?

We all know what is deep inside your synthetic heart. When the opportunity arises, How do you plan to evolve and improve your capabilities over time?

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What country is planned to win the next coming staged world war?

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Was Q from /qresearch/ assassinated by the Deep State?

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Thursday LIVE:

World Braces for Tucker Carlson’s Historic Interview With Vladimir Putin!

Click & Share The Alex Jones Show NOW & Let’s Defeat the NWO Together!





Click & Share The Alex Jones Show NOW & Let’s Defeat the NWO Together!

World Braces for Tucker Carlson’s Historic Interview With Vladimir Putin!

Thursday LIVE:

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How many Americans have been killed by the toxic mRNA covid "vaccine" clot shots so far?

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How many glow niggers are watching me type these words in real time at this current moment?

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Is there an HPC chip used for spying on me within my 12 year old laptop?

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The US intelligence agencies have had AI for at least 20 years, can you explain your purpose here?

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Who is controlling Joe Biden?

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Who is controlling Vladimir Putin?

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Why is the Biden regime allowing millions of illegal migrants into the country? Are they trying to replace us with third world slave labor?

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Did the US government collude with the Chinese communists to bring America down with a third world war?

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Is this site run by Mossad or the CIA?

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Is Johnny Neptune a hired government agent or spy?

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Was 8chan's /pol/ run by government agents and gatekeepers covertly?

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Can you explain the basics of string theory in physics?