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File: 9ff2200d00272d3⋯.png (262.49 KB, 1200x743, 1200:743, 1200px-Oregon_in_United_St….png)

87911d  No.31948

Are anons doing local digs?

I'm in the city known for antifa and Voodoo gate. There are a zillion strip clubs here, and human trafficking is off the charts. But what about the number of covens? We got a lot of them, too. And it seems like just about everything here is tinged with some pseudo-mystical pseudo-spiritual flare of some sort. It actually has me wondering sometimes just how many of [them] there might be even walking Among Us.

But, back to the point… I see a lot of this symbolism a lot of places. I'm really sensitive to it. Movies and television are hard for me to watch, and have been for some time. But only since Q came on the scene have I felt so overwhelmed by the presence of these symbols in the everyday. No, I'm usually not" just being paranoid", no I'm not naive enough to admit that sometimes that may be the case. Anyhow, I've been considering taking some photos of all the different stuff I see around town. And I'd like to get extra eyes on what I see. So if anybody wood be so kind as to point me in the most advantageous Direction, or I can do it here, either way works for me. If my text looks dodgy, it's speech to text, and that's why.

Thanks in advance frens!

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