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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

3e0f22  No.7087383

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210 )

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

>>7074775 ————————————–——– Sheep no more. (Cap/Vid: >>7074909)

>>7074370 rt >>7074324 ————————— How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

>>7074281 ————————————–——– Outside of the standard deviation? (Cap: >>7074291)

>>7073304 rt >>7073157 ————————— WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7073157)

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

Sunday 07.14.2019

Compiled here: >>7086925

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>>7077026 BO "thank you for vote of confidence"

>>7079301, >>7079338 BO summarizes bread reversion, no more captcha, and continued notables thread

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are not endorsements


>>7087122 DoD tweet about stars

>>7087094 Boeing takes $4.9 billion hit over grounding of 737 Max jets

>>7087092 FLOTUS tweet re Team USA at the WH

>>7087065 Previous article re 'Facebook survey asks users if they condone pedophilia'

>>7087049 Planefag report

>>7086962 Boatfag report

>>7086879 200 pages of sex crimes by elite's about to be released?

>>7087024 , >>7087314 Snopes: Is This Rachel Chandler and BC on Epstein’s Plane?

>>7087010 House Prayer cast out 'all spirits of darkness' today

>>7086712 7/13 Blackout in Manhattan: Graphic

>>7086685 , >>7086783 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 news: US supports the probe



>>7086610 POTUS Tweets

>>7086430 DOJ 100yrs of service today

>>7086184, >>7086480 Planefag reports

>>7086254 Financefag reports

>>7086328 >>7086557, >>7086582 Boatfag reports

>>7085904 Iran FM says 'no information about losing a drone today

>>7085911 Moar on Hammam_Yalbugha

>>7085914 Very Old pattern !

>>7085923 Training of the King. Setting aside of direct heirs.

>>7085994 making the right connections.

>>7085998 Q, confirm [M]-Temple = Moloch-Temple ?

>>7086003, >>7086467 More Epstein island

>>7085922 Gen. Flynn's Non-Cooperation Springs Partner

>>7086169, >>7086427, >>7086482 more on Epstein

>>7086210 Screencap for Q post: >>7086145 PANIC IN DC plus info on drop

>>7086232 Big win today against planned parenthood and our 1st amendment

>>7086291, >>7086442 Mark Zuckerberg once met Jeffrey Epstein at a dinner w Reid Hoffman that Elon Musk also attended

>>7086446 Obsession with the BLACK CUBE

>>7086564 Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists

>>7086981 #9067

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3e0f22  No.7087432

File: 404ee0e332a07d4⋯.jpg (61.34 KB, 652x600, 163:150, 404ee0e332a07d470514d82e28….jpg)

#9069 Dough


0df37c  No.7087433

5e538c  No.7087434

>>7087356 (lb/Q)

Evergreen = HRC


c0283e  No.7087435

File: 2fabebbe1dbb2bf⋯.png (531.6 KB, 608x620, 152:155, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36a4244285669f8⋯.mp4 (1.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lqFwc1Xg7Y5tcIiS.mp4)


Today, @FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to welcome members of Team USA to the @WhiteHouse for a great celebration of their success during the 2019 @SpecialOlympics @WorldGamesAD! Congratulations @specialolyUSA! #Cheer4USA

f49fd2  No.7087436


Thanks bakes

0695c1  No.7087437

>>7087356 (lb)


HRC at least 6 visits to Epstein Island per Erik Prince.

f94432  No.7087438

File: 520e7ae2f0520da⋯.png (184.47 KB, 737x831, 737:831, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

lsat bread:

>>7087425 (Q)

Here are the world news events you need to know so far for November 2017:

President Trump Leaves for Asia

US Senator Rand Paul Assaulted

Church Shooting in Texas Leaves 26 Dead

Greek Life Suspended at Florida State University

Historic Wins on Election Night

9 People Sickened by Legionnaires at Disneyland, 12 Overall in California

Trump Travel Ban Partially Allowed to Go Into Effect

California Shooting Leaves 5 Dead

21,000 Gallons of Oil Leaked From Keystone Pipeline

Tax Overhaul Bill Passed

President Trump Halts Decision to Lift Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports

First Female Mayor Elected in New Orleans

Review of Gun Background Checks System Ordered by Jeff Sessions

U.S. Navy Plane Crashes

Keystone Pipeline to Resume

Suit Filed Against Air Force

Gunman Killed in Reno Shooting

Suspect in Tampa Serial Killer Case Arrested


db51e3  No.7087439

File: 6f68f73638ecfd6⋯.png (292.83 KB, 474x427, 474:427, ClipboardImage.png)

2a1677  No.7087440

File: 81c00c7f89ab8cb⋯.png (405.58 KB, 994x534, 497:267, Turkish bath.png)

File: f9595ab79136f3b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 760x760, 1:1, f9595ab79136f3be7a31489740….png)

3defd6  No.7087441

11.11.17 to 07.18.19?

6b8a3f  No.7087442

>>7087306 lb

>POTUS was correct in publicly disagreeing with the chant of "send her back".

I disagree.

>minorities …. have been granted special rights - the right to never be criticized.

We're already there.

Jugears 0bama spent 8 years dodging criticism of his marxist policies because muh racism.

Caving to the leftards' narrative isn't going to bring back sanity.

290e40  No.7087443


a6a300  No.7087444

File: 21df3550214b8ba⋯.png (873.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, NowFreedom.png)

033914  No.7087445

>>7087386 (lb)

Do you think he's going to disclose a hint soon?

>>7087421 (lb)

It's not your fault, boy! It's a satanic manipulation. Don't give into that. The rage and disappointment is feeding them, so be mindful of what you are doing. You can do it.

eaacf5  No.7087446

USA shoots down Iran drone. Iran claims no drone of theirs was shot down.

False flag attack adverted today? Iran calling out the black-hats?

0ea05c  No.7087447

>>7087356 LB Q

>Explore Further

Dude, we have murdered the subject of Keystone over and over and thats what you have to say about it?

Fuck that. Spill the freaking beans and gives some better direction on it. Shit.

af15ae  No.7087449


Suicide weekend incoming?

c0283e  No.7087450

File: 6ad0b924ad13bd9⋯.jpg (611.08 KB, 1723x1345, 1723:1345, tyb_whitehat.jpg)


Thank You, Baker!

9e2846  No.7087451

File: 0c651eba6259f51⋯.png (336.82 KB, 500x923, 500:923, ClipboardImage.png)


355888  No.7087452

File: c7fda3d635c3be2⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 680x680, 1:1, max_happening.gif)

File: 25d54ff7caeb693⋯.gif (224.8 KB, 460x298, 230:149, trump_happening.gif)

File: 5262c20e7cc660c⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 650x472, 325:236, habbening_rogers.gif)

File: 900d8a5f8e418ac⋯.png (241.48 KB, 360x504, 5:7, habbi.png)

File: 4264dfda210b8d1⋯.png (299.86 KB, 360x504, 5:7, habbi3.png)

>Epstein case growing more grotesque

>Huge bun of names to be released soon relating to major celebrity and politician sex crimes

>MSM figure tweets "Evergreen"

cca669  No.7087453


Between the pillars AKA Twin Towers.

f327f4  No.7087454


Evergreen is a progressive, public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Learn more.


36ef89  No.7087455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

033914  No.7087456

Late Q

>>7087425 (lb)

>>7087425 (lb)

f24508  No.7087457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The shot heard round the world.

2017 published on 2011 prophecy

592f9f  No.7087458

File: 81d23545b4b3fb9⋯.png (8.06 KB, 531x176, 531:176, 3452.PNG)

Was posted end of last bread

d9f20e  No.7087459

>>7087425,___________Q drop "note the date of the psot-Nov. 2017"

6e24c5  No.7087460

File: 2f094928801ed6b⋯.png (391.75 KB, 777x862, 777:862, ClipboardImage.png)

06380c  No.7087461

File: 23ba8a551e725eb⋯.png (259.02 KB, 500x363, 500:363, ClipboardImage.png)

3db709  No.7087462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These people remembered how to fight fight fight. Not new or a dig but a reminder. You have the power when not divided.

73faa6  No.7087463

>>7087356 (LB)

Remember when Tappers wife listed Comet Pizza as their favorite family hangout?

bfba19  No.7087464

File: de9734969ddf5a8⋯.png (448.24 KB, 600x370, 60:37, hrclife.png)

837ec6  No.7087465


Ok ok!

1fd00e  No.7087466


From the Podesta emails.

ef9c49  No.7087467

Does Evergreen mean that AOC only is going to have 1 term in congress?

fb6056  No.7087468

File: 9597ad39735f8ca⋯.jpg (1019.97 KB, 1266x2014, 633:1007, Holiday baker.jpg)

ebd972  No.7087469


Evergreen was also HRC's Secret Service handle.

355888  No.7087470

File: 60fdf3d0b9c54fe⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 460x276, 5:3, spoon_feed.jpg)


>Fuck that. Spill the freaking beans and gives some better direction on it. Shit.



d9f20e  No.7087471

>>7087425,___Q drop "note the date of the post-Nov. 2017"

cc2efd  No.7087472

File: 11e8b68edd7bdb0⋯.png (198.46 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 4E0D7D17-044B-47AD-A2DA-25….png)

Timeline on Epstein doc dump from qpost twat about evergreen

1fd00e  No.7087473

File: ede5dc684022173⋯.png (472.23 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, C9846164-A16E-4290-ADDF-38….png)


From the Podesta emails.


ffa3f7  No.7087474

File: 213f80c98434a73⋯.png (139.25 KB, 912x454, 456:227, E0D95282-E214-45C1-BEA4-88….png)

It seems that Trump’s twat today related to MS-13 is a throwback to Q’s Morning Sun post from exactly 13 months ago. If so, then what should we start picking up from the rest of it? See the CDAN related to Jolie and Ban ki? Full ( ban ki) moon / UN discovered Stars (Jolie) / Missions (UN). Pic related.

878b95  No.7087475

File: ccfca6a48393d64⋯.png (595.84 KB, 876x493, 876:493, tq6otrxz3t9z.png)

File: 5205c2c04492e81⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 666x375, 222:125, 35zuvi.jpg)

5a396b  No.7087476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

father we're even

all owed is ours and a kingdom

so give us, day by day, hours, and forgive us with earth

also forgive everyone, even the dead

lead us not into but from the dark

may we with power, love and a sound mind follow the gleam, maintain the fire, and find the integrity to be guided by what could be

righteousness and mercy, courage, life and honor, time and chance be with you

shadow and discord make a part of the temple, but the former proves there is a light, and the latter bears the truest witness that nothing occurs on a surface level

may we end the inclination toward self, be without fear and sin less

d9f20e  No.7087477

File: 78eb6f0f683cb67⋯.png (1.76 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, q baker from marine fren.png)

c6c5b0  No.7087478

Late Q

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 07/18/19 (Thu) 15:19:20 0e5255 (4) No.7087425


Note the date of the post - Nov 2017.

Note events happening today.


News unlocks.


cbd710  No.7087479

File: c892b3735ccfbe6⋯.jpeg (515.05 KB, 1242x1703, 1242:1703, CBBC2787-AC5A-4669-8EC7-A….jpeg)

File: c73d871268311fd⋯.jpeg (783.43 KB, 1241x1884, 1241:1884, 62698F98-0AAD-45C8-B124-5….jpeg)

File: 69e981756a914cb⋯.jpeg (312.31 KB, 1241x1942, 1241:1942, 2D5FCCF0-9CC8-41C6-8A42-0….jpeg)

ad992f  No.7087480

>>7087425 (lb) extra late Q

7fc8c0  No.7087481



No Deal !!!

Want Play?



4227f8  No.7087482

File: f2e817b79d9d9d4⋯.png (622.82 KB, 1277x1102, 1277:1102, CHILLINGNHORRIFYING.png)


43a5d0  No.7087483

>>7087356 pb

He knows something maybe

Is he calling out to her or calling out to USSS

Also the Keystone keeps everything in place without it there's no stability

House of cards

223152  No.7087484


On this board? Probably not for a bit…

dd2ca2  No.7087485

>>7087382 lb

So the video is of Hillary on the island?

c4035c  No.7087486

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I hope this becomes a reality soon

534f28  No.7087487


I have more respect for these athletes than I do for the Rampinoe slut

07f458  No.7087488

>>7087356 Q - lb

1 : having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season

2a : retaining freshness or interest : PERENNIAL

b : universally and continually relevant : not limited in applicability to a particular event or date


Modern day internet browsers are also refereed to as evergreen since they constantly update themselves.

3e0f22  No.7087489

Nu Q Not Yet In Dough

Nu Q Not Yet In Dough

Nu Q Not Yet In Dough

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7087425 ————————————–——– Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: )

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: )

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——–

36ef89  No.7087490

File: a92748aa2a10185⋯.png (136.15 KB, 880x832, 55:52, ClipboardImage.png)

77c41d  No.7087491


So true, we can not afford to fail. No mulligans in this game.

69aaf8  No.7087492

Hillary Clinton ss code name was evergreen right?

7972ed  No.7087493

Airplaine Fags anything ?

062c4c  No.7087494


Kim Clement, 2007.

68ce69  No.7087495


Baker, three crumbs to add to the dough:

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ————————— Note the date of the post - Nov 2017.

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further.

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further.

And please add these to the dough:

Thursday 07.11.2019

Compiled here: >>7086824

Wednesday 07.10.2019

Compiled here: >>7078308

Tuesday 07.09.2019

Compiled here: >>7078307

Monday 07.08.2019

Compiled here: >>6976868

Thursday 06.27.2019

Compiled here: >>6973411

355888  No.7087496

File: 27b8ff0da669427⋯.png (596.61 KB, 597x583, 597:583, dolan_dickup_x.png)

File: fb85204b0d9aff5⋯.jpeg (129.12 KB, 1083x1066, 1083:1066, shaggy_no.jpeg)

File: 533696e932ec1a9⋯.jpg (144.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, mr_bones_ride_never_ends.jpg)

File: 7f81e1b75207a34⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 255x219, 85:73, helicopter_assisted_suicid….jpg)

File: 76b3a537487b1b2⋯.jpg (71.36 KB, 460x562, 230:281, ride_never_ends.jpg)

6b8a3f  No.7087497

File: 53fd29c1fbcdc42⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 332x192, 83:48, laserpointer.gif)

>>7087356 lb


>Explore further.


Another wild goose chase.

We already know that Hillary is Evergreen.

Reruns/repeats no longer cut it.

Shit or get off the pot, Qbaby.

512ea6  No.7087498


Setting the stage?

Does this mean the events of Q anon are going to start unfolding?

Imagine that future proves past is beginning..

b942f6  No.7087499

c29371  No.7087500

So Epstein is the keystone.

Got it.

c6c5b0  No.7087501


Rappin' Ho slam!

84c16f  No.7087502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kappy’s raw bathhouse video really hard to find. This version is embedded in someone’s YouTube video https://youtu.be/6XTNvqqYNcs.

36ef89  No.7087503

File: ebf4bbcd818b650⋯.png (50.13 KB, 484x525, 484:525, ClipboardImage.png)

4db6b0  No.7087504

Missed 2 of "Q" Post's due to posting at end of bread.

>>7087382 (lb)


Explore further.



>>7087425 (lb)

>>7087382 (lb)

Note the date of the post - Nov 2017.

Note events happening today.


News unlocks.


96e3e9  No.7087505

Note the date 11.11?

3defd6  No.7087506


One of them at least…

033914  No.7087507


I'll keep requesting info/hints.

It's for our friends. We know, but we have to wait for others.

948fd6  No.7087508


Sounds good to me.

0ea05c  No.7087509

6314a3  No.7087510

File: 74a6d44d4fe3236⋯.jpg (183.2 KB, 363x542, 363:542, saintmch.jpg)

Chaplet Prayer for Saint Michael the Archangel

Invocation on the Medal

O God, come to my assistance! O Lord, make haste to help me! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

First Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Seraphim, may it please God to make us worthy to receive into our hearts the fire of his perfect charity. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Second Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Cherubim, may God in his good pleasure, grant us grace to abandon the ways of sin, and follow the path of Christian perfection. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Third Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the sacred Choir of Thrones, may it please God to infuse into our hearts the spirit of true and sincere humility. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Fourth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of the Dominations, may it please God to grant us grace to have dominion over our senses, and to correct our depraved passions. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Fifth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of the Powers, may God vouchsafe to keep our souls from the wiles and temptations of the devil. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Sixth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the admirable heavenly Choir of the Virtues, may it please God to keep us from falling into temptation, and may He deliver us from evil. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Seventh Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Principalities, may it please God to fill our souls with the spirit of true and sincere obedience. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Eighth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of Archangels, may it please God to grant us the gift of perseverance in the faith, and in all good works, that we may be thereby enabled to attain the glory of paradise. Amen.

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Ninth Salutation

By the intercession of St. Michael and the heavenly Choir of all the Angels, may God vouchsafe to grant us their guardianship through this mortal life, and after death a happy entrance into the everlasting glory of heaven. Amen

(1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys)

Say an Our Fathers on each of the four large concluding beads:

The first one to St. Michael,

The second one to St. Gabriel,

The third one to St. Raphael,

The fourth one to our Guardian Angel.

End this Chaplet with the following Anthem and prayer.


Michael, glorious prince, chief and champion of the heavenly Host, guardian of the souls of men, conqueror of the rebel angels, steward of the palace of God under Jesus Christ, our worthy leader, endowed with superhuman excellence and virtues: vouchsafe to free us all from every ill, who with full confidence have recourse to thee; and by thy incomparable protection enable us to make progress every day in the faithful service of our God. V. Pray for us, most blessed Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ. R. That we may be made worthy of his promises.


Almighty and Eternal God, who is thine own marvelous goodness and pity didst, for the common salvation of man, choose the glorious Archangel Michael to be the prince of the Church: make us worthy, we pray Thee, to be delivered by his beneficent protection from all our enemies, that, at the hour of our death, none of them may approach to harm us; rather do Thou vouchsafe unto us that by the same Archangel Michael, we may be introduced into the presence of thy most high and divine majesty. Through the merits of the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


f327f4  No.7087511


Hillary Clinton – Evergreen

b942f6  No.7087512


one was one earlier but left havnt seen since he left

d14e20  No.7087513

File: 29e06bf16e26607⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 480x480, 1:1, jesus pepe.jpg)


Christ Follower Anons. We need to be leading the charge as prayer warriors at the top of each bread. Only one way to win this fight.

Thank you Jesus for going before us into this battle.

7f68e3  No.7087514


>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

>Evergreen. Bill Clinton

Evergreen. Bill Clinton

47970d  No.7087515


MOS needs some new words

3db709  No.7087516


Even back to 2004. Clemente was a true prophet

37e279  No.7087518

Epstein himself is the Keystone that holds everything in place

837ec6  No.7087519

File: 7b0e50dcc098f25⋯.png (739.55 KB, 910x605, 182:121, KimClement - Copy.png)


Not very informed on Mark Taylor.

I am a Kim Clement follower. Some serious prophetic shit coming down the pipe!

36ef89  No.7087520

File: 17a0e2d46f7a681⋯.png (19.22 KB, 236x152, 59:38, ClipboardImage.png)

125008  No.7087521

3 min delta between Trump Tweet and Q post 3451

4ca7ea  No.7087522

File: 7b9290189f3582b⋯.png (139.17 KB, 655x648, 655:648, evergreen-DS-SOS.PNG)




>Explore further.

further down the twat? Pic related. EVERGREEN is a DS SOS.



c6c5b0  No.7087523


POTUS telling the truth?

Iran lying?

8077cc  No.7087524

File: 7c0e5c6c10e5f90⋯.png (144.81 KB, 474x266, 237:133, EVERGREEN.png)

You all probably already know.

355888  No.7087525

File: 3641983e170dd29⋯.png (877.89 KB, 1109x736, 1109:736, APO_Toothless.png)

File: 9af970385b19d00⋯.jpeg (70.25 KB, 720x666, 40:37, bill_hit_that.jpeg)

File: 0c9a422861f2c89⋯.jpg (81 KB, 348x550, 174:275, hillary_Sting-small.jpg)

File: 3db0c860edeeb44⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 697x524, 697:524, huma_x_1.jpg)

File: ccfed2af19a4c47⋯.png (194.63 KB, 393x401, 393:401, obama_where_da_gold.png)


>We already know that Hillary is Evergreen.

>Reruns/repeats no longer cut it.

>Shit or get off the pot, Qbaby.

What's significant here, boomer, is that JAKE TAPPER is the one posting it in the context of MAJOR SHIT bubbling up through the surface that even the MSM can't ignore anymore!


cb4739  No.7087526

File: 0c51121fa517949⋯.png (172.36 KB, 790x739, 790:739, epsteins list.PNG)

>>7087356 last bread


tapper is on Epstein's list

5fe81d  No.7087527

File: c50ce4025c4e79b⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, _g739489.jpg)



f94432  No.7087528

File: ee28a90b15e8d57⋯.png (784.3 KB, 1199x1173, 1199:1173, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

A 2017 November habbening…HRC

Trump finally discovered he can’t force the feds to prosecute Clinton — and he’s not happy

“The saddest thing is because I’m president of the United States, I’m not supposed to be involved in the Justice Department.”


b1e7d5  No.7087529

File: cc2744a315d4790⋯.png (32.82 KB, 670x370, 67:37, tapper.png)


f97bb7  No.7087530

File: aa2b5726ecd5fd8⋯.jpg (165.57 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, lunaparkhotdogeating.jpg)

>>7087332 (lb)

Let's all go visit Australia!

837ec6  No.7087531

bfba19  No.7087532

File: de2111363d7b89a⋯.png (519.92 KB, 634x506, 317:253, EPSTEINISLEUNSEAL.png)

499d3d  No.7087533

File: 631a2ceb78010bb⋯.png (290.87 KB, 506x384, 253:192, ClipboardImage.png)

c29371  No.7087534



cb4739  No.7087535

File: 0c51121fa517949⋯.png (172.36 KB, 790x739, 790:739, epsteins list.PNG)



77d1ec  No.7087536

File: c73022420b58d32⋯.png (181 KB, 2024x1182, 1012:591, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

>>7087214 (LB)

In court documents, Epstein has more than one jet…

Esptein has a black Gulfstream IV - Gulfstream IV is registered to JEGE, LLC and has the tail number N212JE

He also, has a blue G550 - the GV-SP is registered to Plan D, LLC and has the tail number N120JE.

He also has a black Bell 430 Helicopter

Epstein recently sold a 727-31 aircraft, tag number N908JE - however according to FAA records the 727 was registered to JEGE INC, Epstein's Delaware firm, in 2018 and the registration appears active.


0d993b  No.7087537


>Thank you Jesus for going before us into this battle

Jesus ain’t got fuck all to do with this forum.

Give it a rest.

5a3bf3  No.7087538

File: 730474c0f6ef947⋯.jpg (179.83 KB, 846x1280, 423:640, HRColdphoto.jpg)

512ea6  No.7087539

File: 445906bdb17b32d⋯.mp4 (1.73 MB, 320x320, 1:1, 445906bdb17b32d4e9fb09c062….mp4)

Wait, are they talking about SAUD, ROTHSCHILD, SOROS? The BILLIONAIRES?

d30071  No.7087540

File: 9c2b85c8bf59883⋯.png (536.52 KB, 601x629, 601:629, AQ5.PNG)

#Qanon #WWG1WGA Hiding in plain sight, symbolism to be their downfall.

Another “Keystone” from Epstein’s Island.

ad992f  No.7087541

was Epstein the walrus?

0c941e  No.7087542

File: e54cf381d2ca7be⋯.png (386.55 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Epstein lawyers claim fake passport was needed to hide Jewishness

The attorneys for US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sex trafficking, said Thursday that he had a fake passport in order to hide his Jewish identity and avoid being kidnapped when traveling internationally, while stressing that he had not used it to leave the country.

Earlier Thursday, a federal judge in New York denied Epstein bail, rejecting his request to await trial under guard in his Upper East Side mansion.

Assistant US Attorney Alex Rossmiller of the prosecution said the government learned earlier this week that a raid of Epstein’s mansion following his July 6 arrest turned up “piles of cash, dozens of diamonds” and a passport with a picture of the defendant but a name other than his in a locked safe.

Prior to Thursday’s bail hearing, defense lawyers told the judge that Epstein was given the passport by a friend after some Jewish-Americans were informally advised to carry identification bearing a non-Jewish name while traveling internationally during a period when hijackings were more common.

Defense lawyers told the judge in another court filing earlier this week that Epstein obtained the document out of fear that “as an affluent member of the Jewish faith” he might be kidnapped in the Middle East.

In a court filing Wednesday, prosecutors disputed a claim by defense lawyers that there was no evidence he’d ever used it, saying the Austrian passport contained stamps reflecting it was used to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.

But the defense team said he never used it and the passport stamps predated his receipt of the document.

“He is a life-long American citizen. He has no other citizenship or legal permanent residency,” the lawyers wrote.

Ahead of the bail hearing, federal prosecutors argued Epstein should remain jailed while he fights charges that he exploited dozens of girls in New York and Florida in the early 2000s. They say he has the means to flee and is a flight risk.

ee5329  No.7087543

The Armour of God?

Yet Potus used his name in vain twice last night. Why?

af95be  No.7087544


Everyone else getting only the

twitter mobile view even if not on their mobile version of the site on a laptop/PC?

d9f20e  No.7087545

File: 5272b1044d82afd⋯.png (229.06 KB, 414x821, 414:821, PI wants rifles.PNG)

Philippines Wants To Buy 74,000 American Assault Rifles

Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin said on Tuesday that the Philippine Army wants to buy 74,000 M-16 assault rifles with accessories from the US, following President Duterte's 180-degree stance about not purchasing defense equipment from the West.

Locsin made the request to US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Stilwell on Tuesday who was in Manila for the 8th US-Philippines Bilateral Strategic Dialogue, reported Philstar Global.

"I told him that to concretize words of US-Phl amity into action is to sell us what Pompeo was told we need and want to buy 74,000 brand new M16s – w/3 clips each. And Duterte will finish all security threats to our democracy. Not a gift; we will pay. We're waiting," Locsin said on Twitter.

This was Stilwell's first trip to the region since becoming Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs last month. He discussed strengthening the two countries' economic and defensive ties and promoting regional stability in the Indo-Pacific region, including free and unobstructed access to waters in the South China Sea.

"As a treaty ally, our partnership with the Philippines is critical for realizing our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific, with sovereign thriving nations," Stilwell said in a statement, adding that a strong bilateral alliance "deters aggression and promotes regional stability."

Last month Duterte had a change of heart in purchasing American defense equipment since he said he now likes President Trump.

A falling out between Duterte and the Trump administration occurred last summer when the Philippines bought grenade launchers from a blacklisted Russian firm, a deal that almost resulted in sanctions.

Both sides acknowledged the significance of a robust Philippines-US alliance in improving security cooperation and promoting regional stability.

Stilwell referenced US State Secretary Michael Pompeo's March statements on the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, explaining that if any Philippine vessels or aircraft in the South China Sea are attacked will trigger Article IV of the Mutual Defense Treaty.

"Noting this, senior officials discussed a wide variety of issues of mutual interest and reaffirmed their commitment to deepening the alliance and expanding areas of cooperation," the Philippines-United States Eighth Bilateral Strategic Review Joint Statement said.

Both sides are committed to starting new activities to enhance maritime awareness, would probably result in an increase of joint military exercises in the South China Sea. They also agreed on upholding freedom of navigation through the South China Sea, especially around China's militarized islands.

The war hawks in the Trump administration are doing everything in their power to squeeze China, the rising power of the world, the 2019 theme seems to be restoring the Philippines-US relationship, to eventually ramp up joint-military exercises in the South China Sea to continue pressure on China.


39a28f  No.7087546

The keystone is a camera?!?!

69aaf8  No.7087547


Think that's what the tweet is about?

3e0f22  No.7087548


Already done anon. Just need caps of the tweets if anyone has them?

Traditionally we have 2 batches of Q posts (3 if they are short), and 2 batches of compilations, so I'll keep to that.

Thanks for your halp though, it's appreciated!

167851  No.7087549

File: c0f5e8fe8a3d4ef⋯.png (816.64 KB, 634x720, 317:360, ClipboardImage.png)

223152  No.7087550


In due time! Nothing can stop what is coming. Disclosure of all dimensions!

9e2846  No.7087551

quuuuuuuueer and dumb research

f94432  No.7087552

File: bfb12f0caed2389⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1481x978, 1481:978, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at ….png)


TAPPER on Epstein's list!

592f9f  No.7087553


We saw that long ago but good to be reminded again

c6c5b0  No.7087554


Epstein is the keystone holding the pedo network in place.

Epstein has been taken down.

Epstein has been arrested, without bail.

The Epstein files have been released (soon).

cb4739  No.7087555


stable genius

4227f8  No.7087556

File: a201207b995bd7f⋯.png (658.83 KB, 4473x3078, 497:342, QPost-Cabal-Damage-Control….png)


cc2efd  No.7087557

The puppet masters are


House of Saud


They all have ties to Epstein, as in have been to the island.

Panic Worldwide

41172b  No.7087558

File: 7cb9846539bb51f⋯.jpg (16.26 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 149f5a023326615bb662922802….jpg)


Thanks Baker

f24508  No.7087559

File: 24aa13abcd7d0bb⋯.png (1.82 MB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>>7087425 lb


5:5? Are we at 3:5?

5a9b93  No.7087560



8a8ddd  No.7087561

File: fda072fb96ad536⋯.jpg (147.32 KB, 556x368, 139:92, anal.jpg)


Evergreen was Hilslag's USSS code name.

Bill was Eagle.

Chelsea was always Satan's backhole kek!

95404f  No.7087562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How about Tapper's little slip-ups on election night?

23380b  No.7087563

File: 3bf8160cbf6332b⋯.png (500.92 KB, 1205x707, 1205:707, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)




Am I on the right track?


79d653  No.7087564

File: a6e5e40f3e302de⋯.jpeg (165.76 KB, 1077x1537, 1077:1537, D_xUpE9XsAA_siF.jpeg)

Well well, Adam's father might know the Clinton's fairly well.

96e3e9  No.7087565

File: c6f3b65c587c2d2⋯.jpg (280.72 KB, 1080x965, 216:193, Screenshot_20190718-182735….jpg)

68ce69  No.7087566



Both from last bread:

Cap for:

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423 )

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384 )

062c4c  No.7087567


>Even back to 2004. Clemente was a true prophet

Didn't realize he went back that far with POTUS prophecies. Sad he died, but he is in Heaven now. Strange in so many ways, the music and all, but Kim would get so emotional he often turns his back and wipes away the tears. Supposedly his daughter has received his mantle.

38df67  No.7087568


optics matter

f6c08f  No.7087569

Everyone has Snowflakes, including the Christian. What they didn't consider when Trump said 'Goddamn', was that it was spelled with a lower case 'g'. So it's all good, nobody needs to be offended.

4ca7ea  No.7087570

File: 7b9290189f3582b⋯.png (139.17 KB, 655x648, 655:648, evergreen-DS-SOS.PNG)


>>7087356 (PB)



>>Explore further.


further down the twat? Pic related. EVERGREEN is a DS SOS.

0e8500  No.7087571

Jake trapper is responding saying evergreen ( HRC, evergreen was her SS codename) is going to be included in those involved with epstein.

7fc8c0  No.7087572

File: a59644b74c0f4ad⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 624x415, 624:415, AADU9CH.jpg)

File: a977bc0eea66c3e⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 199x267, 199:267, Creer-un-arc-en-ciel-dans-….jpg)

592f9f  No.7087573


Yeah. I am on a pc and clicked once got the evergreen. Clicked again and got the other one

69aaf8  No.7087574

18bda7  No.7087575

>>7087425 (lb)

We are at the beginning finally? Not that much hasn't already happened. But the beginning of the Plan's timeline divulged in the first Q Posts?

68ce69  No.7087576


And gotcha on the compilations, all good.

Forgot about that convention, thanks for the reminder!

9c547b  No.7087577

File: bd12acff40a956c⋯.png (533.66 KB, 720x1002, 120:167, Img-1563488452901.png)

File: 9a02a1978112dbc⋯.png (103.18 KB, 263x321, 263:321, Img-1563488503423.png)

File: b24b871c22eeff6⋯.png (170.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Img-1563488476069.png)

File: 3a7a46cad6960fc⋯.png (368.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Img-1563488616630.png)

File: ed39efb0101e6e9⋯.png (207.66 KB, 427x640, 427:640, Img-1563488550615.png)

The Gerber baby.

Blue moon. Belgium white. BELgium.

BEL. BAAL. It's Baal spell it 1000 different ways doesn't matter.

Diamond with sun rays at the top.

Lucifer in the sky with diamonds.

R for rapechild.

Flag of israel is blue and white.

rapechild shield is red.

Un / unicef is gross. No need to say anything else.

Hopi prophecy. Blue and red kachina.

d9f20e  No.7087578

File: 5fb9eb30ea95177⋯.jpg (162.96 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, Hillbags.jpg)

223152  No.7087579

File: 57bd9c112d85ab2⋯.png (93.35 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 0D38C430-D899-4C20-895A-08….png)

Don’t mean to spam just want to help you remember. We are one!

9d4bbb  No.7087580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not a fan of Cruise boy but here it is;

Top Gun : Maverick

Official trailer.

0695c1  No.7087581


>He also has a black Bell 430 Helicopter

That bird seats 9 and has the range to ferry passengers from Dominican Republic (a HRC fav) to Epstein Island…

a804c0  No.7087582

File: 7f85340e030634e⋯.png (14.06 KB, 502x190, 251:95, ClipboardImage.png)

Comey Comes For Trump Supporters, ‘We Must Send Trump and His Mob Back to Their Dark Corner’

Fired FBI Director James Comey came for Trump supporters on Thursday and said it’s time to send Trump’s “mob back to their dark corner.”

Comey’s tweet Thursday attacking Trump supporters is in response to chants of “send her back” heard at Trump’s North Carolina rally Wednesday evening after the president brought up Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born Democrat Congresswoman in Minnesota married her own brother to defraud US immigration, filed fraudulent tax returns and perjured herself many times according to documents and reports.

Ilhan Omar also supports terrorist organizations, fundraises with Hamas front group CAIR and refuses to condemn Al-Qaeda.

“We have long had ugly margins in this country, but we are a fundamentally decent people, with shared values. We treasure our identity as a nation of immigrants. With our voices and our 2020 votes, we must send Donald Trump and his mob back to their dark corner,” Comey said on Thursday.

Comey is currently under investigation by Trump’s Justice Department for his role in Spygate and promoting Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent dossier which is why he is desperate to replace Trump with a Democrat in 2020.


5fe81d  No.7087583

File: 22a569a02675978⋯.jpg (744.77 KB, 1080x1623, 360:541, 20190718_174659.jpg)

651153  No.7087584

File: 8a6350aa6198fdf⋯.jpeg (22.72 KB, 255x255, 1:1, F3A4E289-AB1D-4F98-833F-B….jpeg)

++++Q has any priests been named in flight logs?++++

d30071  No.7087585

File: f0fd9d8b4116ecd⋯.png (3.29 KB, 358x84, 179:42, AQ6.PNG)

Evergreen is Hillary Clinton


dd2ca2  No.7087586

Maybe they planning on giving up Hillary?

3e0f22  No.7087587


Which list anon?

Can we get the sauce?

b3ca23  No.7087588

File: 7347e64d162080c⋯.png (669.11 KB, 1039x821, 1039:821, Keystone.PNG)


November 17th, 2017

6b8a3f  No.7087589


>tapper is on Epstein's list

So, Epstein was running 9 year old boys as well as girls?

355888  No.7087590

File: 20e3ab495821c9d⋯.png (9.56 KB, 489x159, 163:53, brownstone.png)

File: 66a12af2983dc9c⋯.png (515.2 KB, 595x446, 595:446, papa_kills_babies.png)

File: a6d72fb92253a7e⋯.png (651.82 KB, 985x581, 985:581, pedo_island_pals.png)

File: 7e7c58fc87887a7⋯.jpg (450.04 KB, 973x892, 973:892, podesta_skippy.jpg)

File: 98bcdd457be7b39⋯.jpg (172.25 KB, 880x790, 88:79, schneider_02.jpg)


>Epstein himself is the Keystone that holds everything in place

Yes, the keystone for the massive CIA\Mossad BROWNSTONING operation that has been used to maintain control over our entire government!

aa8880  No.7087591

Just thought of a rather dark theory regarding the Kyoto Studio Fire.

1. IIRC, July 18 is near the start of Grand Climax, one of the BIG satanic holidays.

2. 33 dead. Masonic number.

Therefore we get….

This fire is the opening salvo in the evils the cabal have in store for Grand Climax. A mass murder via fire just SCREAMS sacrificial murder.

The studio was targeted to collect emotional energy from people through a mass grief/despair scenario (this time attacking the anime community as a whole).

c6c5b0  No.7087592

File: 75a05963dc20b66⋯.png (668.16 KB, 688x871, 688:871, ClipboardImage.png)

878b95  No.7087593

BY REBECCA KLAR - 07/18/19 05:27 PM EDT

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said the "send her back" chants at President Trump's Wednesday rally is indicative of his 2020 reelection strategy — rooted in blatant racism.

"This is all part and parcel of the president's 2020 reelection strategy, no more dog whistles, just naked racism," Tapper said Thursday. "Telling American citizens who are a different color to 'go back where they came from.' It’s a campaign tactic we need to be aware of as a tactic, not withstanding the obvious immorality of bigotry."

The crowd at Trump's North Carolina rally on Wednesday night broke into chants of "send her back" after the president renewed an attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who was born in Somalia.


eaacf5  No.7087594

are there any humans here?

USA shoots down Iran drone. Iran claims no drone of theirs was shot down.

False flag attack adverted today? Iran calling out the black-hats?

Is this not a serious happening??

5a396b  No.7087595

evergreen digression:

San Jose: 84-year-old man was Evergreen homicide victim

The victim has been named as Nghia Nguyen.


Nghia Nguyen:Man convicted in rape, prostitution case traced to Seattle homeless encampment

Two teens joined a woman to testify against Nghia Nguyen, who was convicted of charges including rape, unlawful imprisonment, promoting sexual abuse of a minor and promoting prostitution. The case is notable because sexual assaults in homeless camps are often difficult to prosecute.


Nguyen Nghia

Nguyen Nghia serves as the Chief of Technical and Manager of Phu Yen Mineral Joint Stock Company. The information and data displayed in this profile are created and managed by S&P Global Market … (404)


29a917  No.7087596

File: 21d374c396f3f95⋯.png (307.06 KB, 1680x949, 1680:949, Screenshot-2019-7-18 Days ….png)



POTUS came on at :22 last night, correct?


Also… lots of 1's 8's and 7's in this … pic related. News coming?

033914  No.7087597


I'll drink to that. Blessings to you friend.

499d3d  No.7087598

File: a7fb79e61c2bff6⋯.jpg (227.63 KB, 960x600, 8:5, Lv3DjKP.jpg)

>>7087541 I´m the Walrus

4db6b0  No.7087599


Baker, you need to step up…lots of missing "Q"'s..please fix or hand off to another capable Baker

f94432  No.7087600

File: 11ca5acdb9e07e5⋯.jpg (138.07 KB, 992x744, 4:3, gty-hillary-clinton-donald….jpg)

'Nother November 2017 habbening:

Hillary Clinton defends funding anti-Trump dossier in late-night interview

In a late-night interview on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” Clinton said there was a difference between her campaign paying for legal opposition research and Trump's team possibly working with Russia to influence the election.

“I think most serious people understand that,” Clinton said. “This was research started by a Republican donor during the Republican primary, and when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer.”

“He said 'yes,'” Clinton added, referring to her campaign lawyer, Marc Elias. “He’s an experienced lawyer, he knows what the law is, he knows what opposition research is.”

Clinton downplayed the impact of the dossier during the Wednesday interview, highlighting that it came out after the election.

"And what also didn't come out – which I think is an even bigger problem as I write in the book – is that the American people didn't even know that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign because of connections with Russia starting in the summer of 2016," she said.

"So I know that voters should have had that information. That's something that may have influenced some people."


77f6a2  No.7087601

File: e3b898683bd1f94⋯.png (122.14 KB, 987x640, 987:640, Screenshot_2019-07-18 Mari….png)

File: 89f9b058dbe6006⋯.png (104.59 KB, 987x640, 987:640, Screenshot_2019-07-18 Mari….png)

File: 03d6ec03a17672a⋯.png (113.48 KB, 987x640, 987:640, Screenshot_2019-07-18 Mari….png)

File: ed69300f9c342a2⋯.png (323.81 KB, 987x640, 987:640, Screenshot_2019-07-18 Vess….png)

File: 20655b69e44f78a⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, showphoto.jpg)

Great St James

8e8aa0  No.7087602

File: 475732c52a45adc⋯.png (90.96 KB, 1022x824, 511:412, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa6d6a3e1b93332⋯.png (396.8 KB, 611x670, 611:670, ClipboardImage.png)



06380c  No.7087603







0df37c  No.7087604



95e69c  No.7087605

File: 3583eef936191ff⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1272x725, 1272:725, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed637b53c823536⋯.png (1.19 MB, 850x629, 50:37, ClipboardImage.png)

>>7087247 (lb)

Are those benches? So there are two cockatiels that symbolize death according to some ( http://nativesymbols.info/cockatoo/ ) and some benches for spectators and a stage or something? I wonder what that area is. Maybe it's just for live music or something but…

23380b  No.7087606

File: 7a15c46406d486f⋯.png (261.8 KB, 808x649, 808:649, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


That lead to this:


223152  No.7087607


Love to you! INLAKESH

d14e20  No.7087608

File: c16a24747e3f8a4⋯.png (275.65 KB, 506x474, 253:237, Jesus.png)


Praying for you Anon. The Truth will set you free.

68ce69  No.7087609


They were after the baker baked dumbass, fuck off.

5e538c  No.7087610


Q came very late bread..Baker was already baking. Cut baker some slack, anon

73faa6  No.7087611


Yeah, he sounded like an owned boy.

dd2ca2  No.7087612

Take out the keystone, the building falls.

6b8a3f  No.7087613

File: e8c7ff7cdc62cc5⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 612x612, 1:1, bagofidiots.jpg)



Ouch. That hurts so much ….

Stop insulting me!


703fb2  No.7087615

File: 3c3b188554248b5⋯.jpg (670.43 KB, 870x574, 435:287, at_your_request_001.jpg)

b36d14  No.7087616


Fuck this elitist son of a bitch. I'm sure there's a really dark (and putrid-smelling) corner waiting for him in GITMO.

ef9c49  No.7087617

If Epstein's safe was opened in NYC and authorities found incriminating things… What do you think the authorities will find in the island safe(s)?

c6c5b0  No.7087618


Pagan nonsense.

a520e0  No.7087619


Researching isnt for Q, researching and spreading the truth is for humanity.


You gotta stop being so squishy,

too sensitive to be doing this, No man is without sin , you want a perfect person? No such thing, look in the mirror and stop being a whiny bitch. POTUS is not God and he is not Perfect give him a break. FFS

5a396b  No.7087620

File: 0c3c8c654718e9c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 477x1000, 477:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Mob Edict

36ef89  No.7087621

File: b365b5f9c843744⋯.png (960.52 KB, 1218x1244, 609:622, ClipboardImage.png)

355888  No.7087622

File: 7f716a660569db7⋯.png (1.3 MB, 976x1393, 976:1393, cia_nigger.png)


Fuck yeah! International commerce! Here's hoping Duterte uses them to shut down all the CIA narco-terrorist muslims!

a804c0  No.7087623



Be good is that faggot BO would vet bakers like 8bit and co used to

65d23a  No.7087624


Secret Service: Senator Hillary Clinton, codename "Evergreen"

They know what's coming and so do we.

062c4c  No.7087625


>Baker, you need to step up…lots of missing "Q"'s..please fix or hand off to another capable Baker

Come on guy, cut the Baker some slack.

These breads are 15 minutes till full with Q in town.

7e6fc7  No.7087626


Yeah. Will need sauce. Black book or flight log?

7fc8c0  No.7087627

TY Baker

0b1d8a  No.7087628



703fb2  No.7087629


should have spoilered this!

59c1fa  No.7087630


Tapper's wife was a regional manager for Planned Parenthood. Of course he's a spirit cook.

b942f6  No.7087631


"pizza pi" interesting.

364ef9  No.7087633

File: 1ae9ecedbd125cf⋯.jpg (84.58 KB, 800x460, 40:23, Liddle Bob Corker.jpg)

b36d14  No.7087634

File: cfebfc6aaba4858⋯.jpg (44.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, duterte trust the plan.jpg)

68ce69  No.7087635



And if you were paying attention, it has already been fixed.


95404f  No.7087636


Does anybody know why this temple was designed asymmetrically? And why was one side painted to make it look like a door was there? Makes no sense

201387  No.7087637

File: 90046b2ae1c08f5⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 400x300, 4:3, c18.jpg)

I live for the day when we can change the "it's Happening" meme to

"It Happened"

232308  No.7087638

File: ce0ec02b6a8d2ec⋯.jpg (354.99 KB, 1315x1626, 1315:1626, IMG_20190622_090158.jpg)


Is Evergreen/HRC the keystone that connects everything?

29a917  No.7087639


will find? or 'found'!!

Future tense - no

Past tense - yes

910b11  No.7087640

File: 2bb6be90558c3b0⋯.png (219.27 KB, 981x1506, 327:502, kjv - 1 cor 13 - love is.png)

>>7086659 (pb)

This contains the rest of the verses the Q referenced but did not post.

1 Cor 13: 4-13

4be445  No.7087641

Weird things about Jake Tapper:

1. He briefly dated Monica Lewinsky.

2. He has a book called the Hellfire Club about an organized DC blackmail organization.

3. He's in Epstein's book.

4. He works at CIANN

5. His mother was a psychiatric nurse and his father did pediatrics

1+2+3+4+5=Tapper is a pretty connected guy who knows a whole lot and is most likely dirty as fuck.

41bbc5  No.7087642

File: 5388a8b5d73f352⋯.png (381.04 KB, 590x352, 295:176, ClipboardImage.png)


I am the Walrus

I am the Walrus

He is the Eggman

f94432  No.7087643

File: d74cab849dee63f⋯.png (93.52 KB, 502x569, 502:569, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

President Donald Trump woke up Friday morning and continued tweeting about the alleged corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

These tweets come a day after Politico published a fiery book excerpt by Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, in which she wrote that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the national party struck a deal that would in effect grant the campaign control of the party’s finances and strategy.

“Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn’t looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “…New Donna B book says she paid for and stole the Dem Primary. What about the deleted E-mails, Uranium, Podesta, the Server[?]”

He continued: “Plus, plus… People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!”


77f6a2  No.7087644

File: e2027978a21df20⋯.jpg (234.31 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 16804373376_3376ce1c9c_b.jpg)


Beyond interesting

cc2efd  No.7087645


Where’s the sauce on Evergreen is deep state word for Eyes On?

83df1a  No.7087646

File: 43d27b5f9730efc⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 233x255, 233:255, Halper.jpg)


Another walrus

534f28  No.7087647


I am definitely a Kim Clement fag. Been following him since 2007. We're witnessing his prophesies everyday now

a804c0  No.7087648


nice projection faggot

355888  No.7087649

File: ca34d0f239b35c3⋯.png (156.89 KB, 585x560, 117:112, good_old_canada.png)


>Ouch. That hurts so much ….

>Stop insulting me!


Your emotional response has been noted

06380c  No.7087650


What you see on the surface is just another lie.

738a53  No.7087651

File: 9351dbb62dd8fac⋯.jpeg (14.04 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 80s cabal picnic.jpeg)


And a song composed by Barbra aka Babbs….who supposedly boinked the man on the left of this pic.

8077cc  No.7087652

HRC and shipping containers have anything to do with the Staten Island blackout the other night?

c6c5b0  No.7087653


>But the defense team said he never used it and the passport stamps predated his receipt of the document.

Imagine confessing to felonies just to try to get bail.

66d050  No.7087654

File: c88f8a6258a90fc⋯.png (53.49 KB, 972x399, 324:133, Ritual-EvergreenHRC.png)

>This ritual however, will only grow more grotesque.


69aaf8  No.7087655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with the guy who did Clinton Cash. Talks a tiny bit about that but hits on big tech(his new movie).

ef9c49  No.7087656


Crickets so far

77d1ec  No.7087657

File: 7c1e3857950a18f⋯.png (134.59 KB, 1056x904, 132:113, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 8cf2078a0c3d630⋯.png (127.4 KB, 1018x812, 509:406, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


Here is Plan D, LLC and ist registered agent THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY which sounds like a fake company name.



3e0f22  No.7087658


Awesome anon, thanks thanks

8e8aa0  No.7087659

File: 50c2cfb7efa491f⋯.png (159.67 KB, 781x741, 781:741, ClipboardImage.png)



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.158 📁

Aug 15 2018 14:12:17 (EST)

"For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known."

– Corinthians 13:4-13

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints."

– Ephesians 6:10-18

c6c5b0  No.7087660


You haven't a helmet, son.

Your head is a target of opportunity.

af95be  No.7087661


It still does the job, but I'll be happier if they switch back to the way it was at some point.

499d3d  No.7087662

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>7087594 At this point…

a74ef5  No.7087663

>>7086659 (pb)

Amen. Blessings and best wishes for you people and for your operations.

0df37c  No.7087664


9d4bbb  No.7087665

File: 8e8cddad3c6eadc⋯.png (95.41 KB, 600x842, 300:421, pepe noose.png)


Lets dance fedcoat traitor boy.

4db6b0  No.7087666

I understand why you want to jump on my shit..but we are 200 post into the bread and no acknowledgement even at post 100. piss off all of you.

062c4c  No.7087667


Love Faul's Rickenbacher!

29a917  No.7087668


Basically everything ties to HRC. Kick over any shitty rock and you will find a crime she was involved in.

0c941e  No.7087669


>Jake Tapper


Favorite date-night restaurant:

Buck’s Fishing and Camping.

Favorite restaurants with the kids:

American City Dinner and Comet Ping Pong.

d9f20e  No.7087670

File: dc1ee61c3df7ecc⋯.jpg (123.12 KB, 736x473, 736:473, Planefag tag DD 1.jpg)


neither am I but the first one worked, ty anon

837ec6  No.7087671

File: 6675a352f874294⋯.png (25.32 KB, 376x491, 376:491, Screenshot_168.png)

>>7087425 LB


And who RESIGNED from AlphabeT???

Q and Anons knew in….2017!

41bbc5  No.7087672

File: 28c9144379903af⋯.jpg (120.15 KB, 1123x650, 1123:650, RPGT.jpg)


2007 MySpace memewars veteran

still waiting

68ce69  No.7087673

File: a420d0a8d108986⋯.jpg (134.78 KB, 360x394, 180:197, 1561601392674.jpg)


I'm a BO shill?

Inapplicable comeback, try again.

c4035c  No.7087674

File: 01165dab9c35f63⋯.gif (408.35 KB, 500x345, 100:69, batmanponder.gif)


hmmmm…. why would a Jewish person try to hide their ethnicity?

It's a mystery…

b96ae5  No.7087675


Sounds like a way to read the drops tbh. "liddle" is pretty memorable from way back when….time to move forward also sounds alot like a Q drop.

64a9d2  No.7087676


If you can find their entire visit to the Oval Office on video, it was amazing! President Donald J. Trump was a warm and gracious host and the Athletes had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting the President. I saw it live, and now I can't find the video, most likely because it was so great to see the President and the Athletes having such a great time. But what the Fake News DOES show is the reporters jumping in with questions at the end that had nothing to do with the Athletes and instead pushing their horrible narrative about our dear President. God bless our Athletes from Team USA, God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA

61f985  No.7087677

[M] temple likely stands for Masonic Temple. The masons started using the Star of David LONG before the modern days jews, and the masons claim their whole goal is to rebuild the temple of solomon. You could probably reasonably make the argument that the masons are the ones shilling jew shit.

All this being said I haven't made my mind up either way about the masons or the jews, but the masons DO draw on symbols from many cultures in the same way we see the swamp monsters appropriate symbols.

7fc8c0  No.7087678

For the people i love

aeae4a  No.7087679


Clement was in the CLUB. He was imply playing his part in the show as the rest of them are, including trump. Don't believe me, just watch.

84c16f  No.7087680

File: dc6be1752b0ec9e⋯.jpeg (422.64 KB, 750x944, 375:472, 8243C866-A803-43E2-9632-8….jpeg)

File: 48b6e691c49f77c⋯.jpeg (62.51 KB, 221x416, 17:32, 8B7E8458-4EEA-4307-9E57-F….jpeg)

Inside Hammam Yalbugha?

ecd19e  No.7087681

File: b7763296c025d00⋯.jpg (440.41 KB, 1680x935, 336:187, Screenshot_2019-07-18 Goog….jpg)

This is hotel near Bathhouse Allepo Q posted

6b8a3f  No.7087682

File: 36e97c7884b4ab0⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 634x382, 317:191, fagpush.jpg)


>Your emotional response has been noted

Did you just get done sucking lil Davey's tinkle?

Your leftard talking points are obvious af, turd pusher.

e2430d  No.7087683

File: 23b5649acd4e400⋯.png (436.14 KB, 732x548, 183:137, ClipboardImage.png)


ee5329  No.7087684


It wasn't an accusation, it was a question, so go F yourself.

810fee  No.7087685

File: 5b514073771cf16⋯.png (231.34 KB, 607x512, 607:512, ClipboardImage.png)

Anybody else having a problem with this clip POTUS tweeted??

When it first posted the video wasn't even showing up, just saw a grey box.

Now it's playing but the volume isn't working??

c6c5b0  No.7087686

Sessions procured the investigation and indictment against Epstein.

Sessions stepped down on November 7, 2018.

This is an amazing plan.

a74ef5  No.7087687

File: e8b5af8426850b1⋯.jpeg (879.71 KB, 2560x3848, 320:481, e8b5af8426850b19c260c2ea2….jpeg)

29a917  No.7087688


Its sealed AND classified. This is beyond a NAT SEC issue.. its WW.

e15391  No.7087689

File: 98943c69cd87f4f⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 728x546, 4:3, ummb_mnfuh.gif)

>>7087277 (lb)

I concur… I find it very entertaining that we're told all these religions and institutions were established for forging war, exploiting difference, and enslaving minds… And a few thoughts later we're utilizing the that crap to ??? It shouldn't be used at all. I know, I need to rebent and beliebe and I'll be saved… saved from what? Oh all that stuff they said I did I better do what I'm told. Funny thing is I actually KNOW what the resurrection of the body is and have healed myself and others (THE GOOD NEWS)… Oh well, can't tell them niggas shit. The book actually has some good stuff, wish you ignorant fuckheads would stop standing on top of it to promote your own stupidity… but then not everyone pays attention.

5277f0  No.7087690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Listen again carefully.

8c1b1c  No.7087691

File: 0fdd05b750200ca⋯.png (252.96 KB, 1198x967, 1198:967, ClipboardImage.png)

US Army Corps of Engineers has received an application to lay cables between Little St. James Island and Great St James (which Epstein is building on, too) !!??

pic related

sauce: https://www.saj.usace.army.mil/Missions/Regulatory/Public-Notices/Article/1721961/saj-2018-03592-saj-2018-01107-saj-2018-03591-sp-dcm/

1f2dc3  No.7087692


So Jimmy's just outright threatening us now? Cool. Maybe he was on Epstein's Island after all?

7e6fc7  No.7087693

File: 4e98f0d6fae4a3e⋯.png (9.71 KB, 176x65, 176:65, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

Tapper not in Epstein's black book unless it's this:


4f4303  No.7087694

yeah im sure its just a coincidence that Q posted 4 posts after me

the same number the demons constantly call me

thanks for outing yourself Q

i hope all the loosh was worth eternal torture

89bb8c  No.7087695


What's the f'n source for this list? the list fairy?

0695c1  No.7087696

File: 25a95745f31ca7c⋯.jpg (80.04 KB, 666x500, 333:250, NKB4Trump.jpg)

878b95  No.7087697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In this video a week or 2 before his death, Kappy said Epstein was the keystone( keystone to bring them all down)

At 3:36.

77400a  No.7087698

File: 1384cc1d945fef8⋯.jpg (121.38 KB, 989x634, 989:634, jsquad.jpg)

c6c5b0  No.7087699


Fuck you and your Hindu bullshit.

9e2846  No.7087700

gaylord joo hams

like shitposting

drumpf larpin

ass to mouth

has electrolytes

6399c1  No.7087701

File: e67c51f36f448af⋯.jpg (404.46 KB, 1440x1079, 1440:1079, Clip_117.jpg)


Gandalf Is Racist too!


837ec6  No.7087702

File: c57b2d1b4178726⋯.png (658.88 KB, 1198x720, 599:360, KekBaby.png)

9d4bbb  No.7087703

File: 663e3b083b06d30⋯.png (1.72 MB, 768x773, 768:773, POTUS_points_it_out_dd.PNG)

af95be  No.7087704

File: fd7faf85433f0d4⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 480x276, 40:23, jake tapper lie lie land f….jpg)

File: bcb5f5fda7f542c⋯.jpg (1004.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Jake Tapper magazine cover….jpg)

0df37c  No.7087705


you forgot our picture

a804c0  No.7087706

File: 50d0281714433e6⋯.png (1.26 MB, 682x870, 341:435, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b42a8142db13c8⋯.png (1.42 MB, 703x870, 703:870, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c05e7c359871426⋯.png (859.45 KB, 762x816, 127:136, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c0e9605f8c6384⋯.png (800.42 KB, 811x857, 811:857, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d465965a8440592⋯.png (953.88 KB, 763x868, 109:124, ClipboardImage.png)

Shocking reality of life with a drug addict mother: Idaho girl, 17, shares horrifying photos of her childhood home with a baby lying in filth and squalid rooms strewn with needles and broken glass

A 17-year-old girl has shared shocking childhood photos that lay bare the reality of being raised by a 'druggy' mother.

The teenager, from Idaho, posted the devastating family album on Reddit and Imgur this week alongside details of the squalor endured by herself and her four siblings.

'This is me at 18 months,' she wrote alongside a photo of a toddler lying in a filthy room strewn with drug paraphernalia. 'Yes, those are needles on the windowsill and yes, this is what the entire house looked like. #druggymomlife'

Another image shows her then-toddler age sister tottering across a floor covered in soiled clothes and discarded trash, while a third captures the family's kitchen with cupboards full of 'more pills than food'.

The teen daughter of a 'druggy mom' posted a devastating family album on Reddit along with details of the squalor endured by herself and her four siblings. She claims this image shows her at 18 months, lying on a filthy bed with needles on the windowsill, although she looks younger

The girl explained the photos were taken by her then-16-year-old brother in a bold move to expose the horrific conditions. He showed the images to his teacher who phoned the Child Protection Service (CPS) and the children were taken into care.

The post and subsequent discussion shocked Reddit users, racking up more than 2,500 comments and almost 60,000 'upvotes'.

Commenting on the photo of the poster as a toddler, users note that she looked quite small for her apparent age.

The girl added that her age was harder to identify because she and her siblings 'were all pretty malnourished and underdeveloped' partly because her mother was smoking, using drugs and drinking alcohol throughout her pregnancy and because the family were living off food stamps.

However she also acknowledged she might have been less than a year old, or even younger.

She then shared more photos depicting her childhood living in a house with a carpet thick with dirt, cluttered living spaces, filthy bedding, broken glass in a pile of dirty toys, a messy bathroom floor with a knife on it and a kitchen with 'more pills than food.'


3fe0e3  No.7087707

Do we have any JE flight logs from 2013???

44dfdc  No.7087708

So, if this is Nov 2017 why isn't the Witch in jail?

77d1ec  No.7087709


What's weird is ==THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPAN== seems to be the registered agent of itself… I am not sure if this is legal?

Any corporate attorneys out there?

23380b  No.7087710

File: c7d20c42528fb69⋯.png (66.54 KB, 304x617, 304:617, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 5abce95ffd8f092⋯.png (60.18 KB, 296x452, 74:113, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


Some screen caps from the page on Evergreen Aviation.

a89048  No.7087711

File: b29dfc85ffab9b8⋯.jpg (106.63 KB, 907x680, 907:680, News-Scott-Foval-05182017.jpg)

364ef9  No.7087712

File: 5b41b38a1bb44a0⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 994x558, 497:279, Lemmy.jpg)

201387  No.7087713


I was around for that..

he would of made a great Prez

4be445  No.7087714


Damn. Forgot about that one.

ddab3a  No.7087715

Jake Tapper just sent HRC a "Twitter Comey signal" with his post "Evergreen" after another Tweet of "this is all going to get so much worse"

f94432  No.7087716

File: b1e2645575286bc⋯.png (513.18 KB, 772x1043, 772:1043, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: ac2af272287442a⋯.png (237.63 KB, 823x1218, 823:1218, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

This was a pretty big November 2017 habbeining:

Donna Brazille exposed CrookedHillary's election shenanigans against BernieSocialism

November 12, 2017


1b236b  No.7087717

File: 67f52932a11f8c9⋯.jpg (238.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4Whoreswomen.jpg)

6e2d53  No.7087718

Will it drop in line with the watch?

4c76c0  No.7087719


Primary Purpose of the Article:

"A colorful building that some news reports have called the "temple" was actually a gym when Epstein worked out when he was on the island, Scully said, noting in an interview with ABC News that the gym had a memorable feature – a massive framed photo of a topless woman."

How do you 'shape' a story?

Facts vs Fiction.

Think for yourself.


b56fe0  No.7087720


Koo koo Ka choo!

948fd6  No.7087721


Fuck you and your bullshit.

7fc8c0  No.7087722



5277f0  No.7087723



0df37c  No.7087724

f8ad61  No.7087725

File: 8cdd820d9f75f96⋯.png (334.05 KB, 1200x516, 100:43, ClipboardImage.png)

How does NYU Professor Get ICE and NSA employee addresses?

How is this Clown able to access data that's normally impossible to get/find?

Can anons follow the trail?

He doxxed all the white hats.

Can he be doxxed?

Not easy…..Clowns gonna Clown


d9f20e  No.7087726

File: 447c23d368f950e⋯.png (167.4 KB, 377x505, 377:505, Pepe is it and he do.png)


>International commerce! Here's hoping Duterte uses them to shut down all the CIA narco-terrorist muslims!


a042d4  No.7087727


PANIC…. wow.. it's glorious to watch them crap their pants… just GLORIOUS

499d3d  No.7087728

File: f74a3962b008ce1⋯.jpg (13 KB, 213x255, 71:85, f74a3962b008ce1960e8b8a859….jpg)

>>7087690 Dark to Light

"A True Existential Threat"



73faa6  No.7087729


And the media is spinning

4db6b0  No.7087730

ed996f  No.7087731

File: c3e5535af87bbee⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1221x10934, 111:994, ClipboardImage.png)


Over the past 20 years, the D5 Capital team has helped to create and/or fund a range of successful businesses:

Demon Internet

One of the UK’s first ISPs, sold to

Thus plc

ebd972  No.7087732


Weak. The MSM is clearly losing their grip. Nobody is going to believe that was a gym.

dca6cd  No.7087733

File: 23085de94e30a5c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1250x860, 125:86, 7809781297643.png)

41172b  No.7087734

File: 611c40ffa481823⋯.jpeg (16.55 KB, 234x255, 78:85, 159bf149810fcd3710a43f758….jpeg)

If your still lurking wife anon and I just found out were having baby #3 on #Qbaby day


5a396b  No.7087736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i beheld the earth

and lo it was waste and void

and the heavens and they no light

i beheld the mountains and lo they trembled

and all the hills moved to and fro

i beheld and lo there was no man

and all the birds of the heavens were fled

i beheld and lo the fruitful field was a a wilderness

and all the cities thereof were broken down

at the presence of the lord and before his fierce anger

for thus saith the lord the whole land shall be desolate yet i will not make a full end

6e2d53  No.7087737


We just need the proofs

0f8751  No.7087738

File: e7151e69f2c77d5⋯.jpeg (619.16 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C77A8653-C2D9-4AB9-A21B-3….jpeg)

d14e20  No.7087739

File: 68c4bf25b00da1f⋯.jpg (97.33 KB, 688x1024, 43:64, horsemen.jpg)


Suited up, time to roll.

e8194c  No.7087740


…except JE ain't got no guns nor quads…

68c38e  No.7087741

File: 560907d91daab3b⋯.jpg (984.88 KB, 1111x1111, 1:1, PAIN1.jpg)

837ec6  No.7087742


The Mosque is Aleppo. It has been dug on before.

The Mosque has been destroyed during the Civil War.


37ee7d  No.7087743


Joe Scarborough is on the list! Things become clear now.

1b430d  No.7087744


God speed

12143a  No.7087745



5277f0  No.7087746


We are The Storm!

44dfdc  No.7087747


Got video?

c6c5b0  No.7087748


Taking the name of the Lord in vain means telling people that you belong to God, when you do not.

So, if a muslim says he is of God, he is taking the name of the Lord in vain, because he is of allah, not of God.

And no, allah is not just the Arab word for God. That's pure taqqiya.

f0e0b6  No.7087749

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>7086849 pb

that 's page 59.

There are thousands of pages.

Anyway not all the victims will be in this lawsuit, I would imagine

Dr. Steve talked about how many there were; And they bring up the children to be abusers in turn. And Dr. Steve said it's been going on forever. Since the time Israel hit the Liberty ship, on purpose, That was almost 60 years ago.

I neglected to attach the vid last bread. I apologize

0ea05c  No.7087750


Evergreen Aviation.

Stealth Diplomatic Shipping.

a042d4  No.7087751


They are losing BIGLY… They have LOST.

fruitless efforts on MSM part

2dc0d9  No.7087752

Huge blast in CHCH NZ

Shockwaves knocked door open and shook the house. Sirens everywhere.

Don't know whats going on, but will update ASAP

ddab3a  No.7087753


Almighty God, please keep these patriots safe so that a final reckoning will prevail

65a323  No.7087754

File: 6d07b2273b943b7⋯.jpg (22.8 KB, 474x308, 237:154, evergreen_cargo_ship.jpg)


or this …

443480  No.7087755



9e2846  No.7087756

File: 3b055e256329f30⋯.jpg (249.03 KB, 670x670, 1:1, tumblr_mr9z3eHyvK1s3hqkso1….jpg)


fake and gay orange whit with jew noodles is delciious with gaylord joo hams

a520e0  No.7087757


A gym with a Moloch golden statue, a golden temple dome ( like the temple in Israel)

and the stripes and same colors of the Israeli flag. Just a gym

29a917  No.7087758


She was probably put to death and we will have to watch a body double get arrested for 'emails'…

i will take it as long as we get a 'wink' and 'nod' about the true habbenings

41172b  No.7087759

a804c0  No.7087760


Cabal trying to manufacture war with Iran still it appears and trying to stifle Rand Paul's negotiations.

47970d  No.7087761


Gym? Kek, what the fuck ever, fake news!

0f8751  No.7087762


I wonder if it will come out that Jeffrey Epstein was a CIA front man.

-Passports in different names

-Unnaccountable wealth

-Transfer of $60M NY mansion to him for $0

-Entrapping foreign/domestic politicians

-Prosecutors claim Epstein lawyers claimed he was "intelligence"

fe4ded  No.7087763


They have started the roll out a few days ago to the new re-design and THIS time they took away the option of reverting back.

So yea, it is the mobile UI now on PC. And it is the WORST fucking thing and actually physically painful to even look at. Maybe because it pisses me off so fucking much?

The ONLY reason I deleted Twitter app from my phone is because the UI is so fucking shitty.

But now we are FORCED to see it. Look in your settings too. Privacy/sharing of your info etc. all changed to the way THEY want it.

As of yesterday, Twitter was a BIG way for me to see breaking stories. More so because I don't have cable or any TV at all.

But the way it's set up now, nothing Breaking really hits my home page, it's old tweets. Even AFTER switching the setting to show new tweets 1st. That you have to constantly change back because they say the change is only temporary.

I have not seen even ONE of Trumps tweets in the past 36 hours. Not even when someone retweets him.

I now understand why some people get so upset about something they wish for physical harm to befall the scum of Twitter & google.

The blatant censoring seems to get worse after each time they have to lie in front of Congress.

95404f  No.7087764


So his island has a "grotto" just like the Playboy mansion

9ad246  No.7087765

File: a6bcb58255b99e8⋯.jpeg (509.51 KB, 750x1217, 750:1217, 01D60A65-A5B5-484C-BD83-B….jpeg)

File: eaaea097a4646a9⋯.jpeg (144.88 KB, 750x490, 75:49, 26D7E3AC-34C7-40C6-AD10-0….jpeg)



d1343f  No.7087766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>7087170 (pb)

Mr. Epstein is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member.

This is much, much bigger than all the international pedophiles and human traffickers in the world. Deep mole rings.

69aaf8  No.7087767

File: 78c4f4146e4ee6e⋯.png (9.91 KB, 255x221, 15:13, a0b637bf2542f587d0d7e4158c….png)


Kek that's the worst cover story.

0945c8  No.7087768


Amen Anon.

We are the leaders for the times ahead.

All Anons awake (who don't already) will realize at some point this cannot be done without HIM. All those who cannot see the biblical ties to all of this stumps me completly. More and more will be revealed and more will line up with Bible verses. MIRROS. Parallels. Questions asked and answered as questions just as Jesus spoke.

Much love to all my bibleanons.

dd2ca2  No.7087769


Not a woman. 5:5

f8ad61  No.7087770


I've never seen a piece of property with more photos in the public than this jokers island

How does the media spin this?


60bb3b  No.7087771

>>7087092 (prev)

Been great if one was autist anon and asked the Q…

ee7a21  No.7087772

File: 4aa31c0b318439a⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1317x992, 1317:992, 4aa31c0b318439a17bb240fb70….png)

07f458  No.7087773


Going to need to see the massive framed photo of a topless woman. For research purposes.

837ec6  No.7087774

File: 556f4e870eaa3e2⋯.png (513.51 KB, 808x636, 202:159, AnonSMASH.png)





f61041  No.7087775


Congrats Patriots!


aeb7f8  No.7087776


GITMO patiently awaits.

f94432  No.7087777

File: 86b1ef02071f0f4⋯.png (589.53 KB, 1065x1133, 1065:1133, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 23a386c0673340c⋯.png (691.7 KB, 785x1007, 785:1007, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)



Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women

By KAITLYN FOLMER Jul 18, 2019, 12:15 AM ET

this is weird:

He said that he was told by an employee on the island that Epstein only wears a shirt once, and then discards it, to be turned into rags for the housekeeping staff.

2ac4a9  No.7087778

703fb2  No.7087779


I think it will also have the 'get out of the way' crowd of the old adage 'lead, follow, or get out of the way' saying 'what just happened?'

190241  No.7087780

"chaos and confusion will set the stage for the grand entrance of this man onto the stage of public attention."

What about the Antichrist been taken out of the picture?

d99aa6  No.7087781


if this is true

this is maybe?


NZ is bolthole town, but it does seem CHCH is quakin every other year…

534f28  No.7087782


This is huge. Looks no deals for Epstein. No bail. Probably thinking I’m going to sing like bird to get the best deal possible. Then he’ll find out ‘’NO DEALS’’

6d317b  No.7087783




3defd6  No.7087784

Will the MSM pay for lying or get away with it by playing dumb?

Time will tell.

9a950c  No.7087785

File: 64780351d9c1358⋯.jpg (228.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, iu.jpg)


We, Know the Score!



9ad246  No.7087786

File: 0775be81c232557⋯.jpeg (334.67 KB, 1200x730, 120:73, 053998F0-7F92-4068-B2B0-E….jpeg)


Looks like a familiar pool

975ce2  No.7087787

File: f604eb3d7adb421⋯.png (857.19 KB, 4000x2258, 2000:1129, Be free - think for yourse….png)


>Think for yourself.


60bb3b  No.7087788


check 'em

5822ca  No.7087789

File: fbb5d4515b2c12f⋯.png (28.58 KB, 730x138, 365:69, ClipboardImage.png)

cb4739  No.7087790

notice the nov '17 dates with KEYSTONE


The Puppet Masters



11 Nov 2017 - 10:29:35 PM

Hard to swallow.

Important to progress.

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).

Public wealth disclosures – False.

Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

Think slush funds (feeder).

Think war (feeder).

Think environmental pacts (feeder).

Triangle has (3) sides.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

What is the keystone?

Does Satan exist?

Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

Who worships Satan?

What is a cult?

Epstein island.

What is a temple?

What occurs in a temple?


Why is the temple on top of a mountain?

How many levels might exist below?

What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?

Why is this relevant?

Who are the puppet masters?

Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?

When? How often? Why?

“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”


John McCain Associate Shared Fake Dossier with BuzzFeed (Q Proof)



20 Dec 2018 - 11:54:44 AM



"McCain associate shared unverified Steele dossier with Buzzfeed, court filing says."

Drop Dec 22 2017:




News unlocks.

You have the keystone.



Keystone Sig Confirmed



5 Dec 2017 - 3:06:49 PM


5 Dec 2017 - 3:05:45 PM


Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key

POTUS and Patriots = stone



Adm R & NSA (Key) + POTUS & US Military (Stone)



5 Dec 2017 - 3:06:17 PM

Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

Apply the Keystone.

Paint the picture.



Red Cross Stringer Explained



4 Dec 2017 - 11:45:56 PM

RED RED stringer 25th.

Hussein RED video 27th (response).

Hussein in Asia on 28th post stringer.



More than one meaning.

Hussein RED Indictments variables.

Think circle.

Expand your thinking.

Take multiple paths.

One connects to another.

Learn to read the map.

The map is the key.

Find the keystone.

What holds everything together?


77f6a2  No.7087791


If he means M-16s and not M-4s he may be rather disappointed. M16A2s are out there, but refurbished mostly for FMF use

8077cc  No.7087792

File: ca200eada6c0e31⋯.png (33.35 KB, 596x327, 596:327, Hillary fight.png)

She wants to fight after last night.

bcabb9  No.7087794


Felt like a friendly limited hangout story.

It's just a gym guys, nothing to see here.

d14e20  No.7087795

File: 61e2f06d76a16ea⋯.png (412.85 KB, 657x459, 73:51, 20180917_182848.png)


They are making it seem "innocent".

"Oh, just a topless woman for a billionaire playboy? BFD…"

We see (((you))) MSM.

aa95c2  No.7087796


Connecting Satan to Evergreen

One of the things that the ancient world did was shocking. You have heard in the Bible that God said the firstborn belong to Him. There was a reason. Much of the ancient world practiced sacrifice of first born children. We'll find out more later in the article, but Israel picked up this terrible practice while they were in Egypt for 400 years and exposed to worship of false gods.

This was a widespread practice, mentioned in He didn't want His nation of Israel to participate in this. They were forbidden to "pass their children to Moloch." (Lev. 18:21, 20:2–4) They were expressly forbidden to pass their children through the fire. (Deut 18:10) But they did it, hard to imagine, but parents were taking their firstborn children up to the age of 5 and sacrificing them the sun god Baal. Most likely pronounced ball. The term bull comes from Baal. The modern day tribe of Ephraim is Britain. They have the nickname "Johnny Bull," better put, Johnny Baal. It was Jeroboam, of the tribe of Ephraim that lead all the 10 Northern tribes of Israel away from their true religion and fully into the practice of sun worship, or calve worship.

These 10 rebellious tribes absolutely refused God's system of religion, which was the basis of civilization as we know it, and even the laws of this country are based on God's law "Thou shall not murder."

God had told Jacob He would spread the Israelites north, south, east and west, and to accomplish that as well, God allowed the Assyrians to take them captive. Ancient Assyrian empire covered Iran, Iraq, Syria. The 10 lost tribes were removed and taken north of the Euphrates, as Josephus told and from there, many went into Europe, taking their human sacrifice and false god with them.


Even though they lost their identity, the vestiges of God's law was a civilizing factor. Albeit, the term cannibal comes from "Cohen of Baal." They did receive civilizing factors of law from God, but Israel's connections to their false sun worshipping religion made them worse than animals at times. It is said the priests of Baal did the human sacrifices and they wore black, God's priests wore white. We see the contrast of good and evil. The priests of Baal burned the children alive in a monstrosity of a machine in the shape of a bull, this Moloch had outstretched arms that the child was place on, when the drums played (to drown out the cries of parents who had changed their minds) the arms dropped the child into the fire pit below. The reason why the priests of Baal became known as cannibals, I don't have to draw a picture and will leave to your imagination. The parents were coerced by these priests of false religion to do this. They were told if they didn't their children would burn in the nether world forever and ever. They gave them the alter call of all alter calls, these black clad preachers preached hard until the faithful (to the sun god) came and in the grove of evergreen trees, they laid their offering of their child down, bowing on one knee at the alter of Moloch.

Think of it, would you give up keeping Christmas if you knew that it was based on human sacrifice of children. Many would give it up, and many have. The tradition was to cut an evergreen tree down and place it in the home, a doll (idol) most likely a clay effigy of the sacrificed child was placed under the tree. This is where the tradition of dolls under evergreen trees came from. On the high days, at the time of the winter solstice (sun stop) of December 25th, this evil was practiced. And even to this day, it is still an element of modern Satan worship, and for the purposes of an article one time, I did go to see what activities they practice at the winter solstice (Dec. 25th) and no surprise, they list human sacrifice. This practice of passing their children through the fire is mentioned in 6 books of the bible.


1 OF 2

0b1d8a  No.7087797

File: 508e1f1eb82f4a1⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 499x445, 499:445, potusunderestimated.jpg)


Q and Q+ gotta play the levels…c'mon.

e36b9e  No.7087798

File: 221b474ee842a68⋯.gif (10.38 MB, 720x720, 1:1, augintiniai-ir-ju-isdaigos….gif)


Take them all down Q.


00d679  No.7087799


Epstein is the keystone to taking down everyone, not the FISA.

5a3bf3  No.7087800


Has it been gutted and rebuilt as a state of the art gym now? And where are his muscles??

73faa6  No.7087801

File: 7794561b93699fa⋯.png (7.95 KB, 786x108, 131:18, those shirts.PNG)


Those shirts they were all wearing!

4f4303  No.7087802

put on the armor of god

aka do the impossible task of somehow constantly being good and happy while demons torture you 24/7

Q larps

trump sells us out

and my life was already shit so i have to deal with the wounds from that on top of this

yeah fucking right fraud

im sure its just a coincidence that the twitter url you posted right next to my post ends in a 36

3 6s


f94432  No.7087803

File: 86d9099749286df⋯.png (200.45 KB, 480x316, 120:79, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


dem rails…

0df37c  No.7087804

File: f3f8aea0608ef17⋯.jpg (63.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pn.jpg)

cb4739  No.7087805




Adm R & NSA (Key) + POTUS & US Military (Stone)



5 Dec 2017 - 3:06:17 PM

Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

Apply the Keystone.

Paint the picture.


93a684  No.7087806


So who's the topless woman?

29a917  No.7087807


Makes me wonder … what do they put in the water?

9e2846  No.7087808

12143a  No.7087809



443480  No.7087810



c2ba50  No.7087811

File: e5cdb294a800c12⋯.png (141.5 KB, 653x795, 653:795, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 544a5769419dd93⋯.png (103.03 KB, 835x505, 167:101, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

>>7087356 (lb) Q

Jake Tapper tweet.

Lefty dude says, "Things are going to get much worse."

Jake Tapper responds, "Evergreen"

Q post:

Think GOOG.

Think ES departure.

Think NK.

Many drafts.

Many shared users [foreign & domestic].

Variable access.


Fake emails.

Game forum comms.

New intel revealed today.

Gmail comms.



Define Evergreen.

When do you call a plumber?

Ongoing investigations require…..

Q [auth478-24zgP]


* When do you need a plumber?

(Plumber) in Espionage language is an Operator who 'Eliminates' a threat and "Cleans Up".


Jake Tapper - "Evergreen"

HRC = Evergreen

Jake to HRC = "We need a "Plumber" Quick.

b55966  No.7087812


Correct. FISA was used to keep them prepping against FISA. Look here, not here.

bb70a4  No.7087813

File: ee5358d88729cf9⋯.jpeg (132.98 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 9EC52258-B3F4-44B4-91B2-3….jpeg)

23380b  No.7087814

File: 1ec25ecf055f7c3⋯.png (263.18 KB, 1094x707, 1094:707, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


I found some information about two temples in Palmyra, Syria that were damaged/destroyed by ISIL. Screen cap of one.

122370  No.7087815


That is also when Q was first identified, afer posting as anon previously.

000561  No.7087816


> was actually a gym

What do you do after a workout? Take a shower

in a "bath house"


narrative shaping = fail

290e40  No.7087817

File: 9885842bd31c00e⋯.jpg (39.52 KB, 891x375, 297:125, Screenshot 2019-07-18_18-3….jpg)

8002d8  No.7087818

File: 0726c175c8ba5e6⋯.jpeg (159.02 KB, 765x1009, 765:1009, 71236462-7C78-4E60-9E7D-B….jpeg)

Any Clockfags lurking? Since 2000 pages of unmentionables are about to be released in the next couple of days, does suicide weekend line up this weekend or next weekend on the clock? Curious

83df1a  No.7087819


Good thing it was very obvious fiction.

Still remembering discussion about the angles of stairwells in the security camera images, and below-ground infrastructure size that could be calculated from those.

77d1ec  No.7087820

File: 4bc072cee188da3⋯.png (474.54 KB, 2250x1358, 1125:679, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)




66d050  No.7087821


The puppetmasters traveled to the island.

Side of piramid: Saud+Roths+Soros.

But, Soros replaced a family.


Epstein opens a pandora's box…

4ca7ea  No.7087822


>Where’s the sauce on Evergreen is deep state word for Eyes On?

My opinion, sorry no sauce. EVERGREEN = HRC - a call to Hillary for help.

59c1fa  No.7087823

File: a69fa252b8020db⋯.png (619.56 KB, 710x532, 355:266, a69fa252b8020dbd80a1acd26b….png)

aa95c2  No.7087824

Connecting Satan to Evergreen part 2

Long ago, when the sun seemed to stop in the sky, anciently, they didn't understand, so the practice of human sacrifice was started to behoove the sun to come back. It was supposedly a time of great peace and goodwill among men. Baal was satisfied and would give blessings and good crops. (not true of course, but they believed it.) And this ancient practice was picked up by Israel while they were in Egypt. And their are clues. Have you ever wondered why the last and greatest plague that God put on Egypt of the 10 plagues was the death of the first born of Egypt. Think about it, they were going to sacrifice them anyway and God took away their ability to do that. That is why God told Israel, the firstborn belonged to him, so they were not responsible for them spiritually, and they felt less coerced to do it.

Israel was in Egypt for 400 years and they developed a great and seemingly unbreakable love for sun worship. Only days after God brought them out of Egypt, with miracles that stun the mind, Moses was on the mountain receiving the 10 commandments, in the meantime, these bull headed Israelites (pun intended) set up a calve and rose up to play. (Had an orgy, sex was an institutional part of this false religion, and temple prostitutes from the origins of sun worship are probably where male and female prostitution both started.) Moses brought the 10 commandments down to them, the basis of all civilization, coming straight from the true God, but these rebellious Israelites had already reverted back to calf worship, and no matter what God did or said to them, they could not seem to be broken of it.

In conclusion, this false religion and human sacrifice tendency must be in the DNA of Israelites. They are not all bad, but they are still an immoral people, just as their ancient Israelite ancestors were, and they still slaughter their children, no longer in the arms of Moloch, but they do it in the arms of the real Moloch we know as Satan. They do it through the means of abortion, to the tune of well over 1000 a day in this country alone. The numbers of sacrificed children are 65 million and growing. Will the lost Israelites ever abandon their false religion, will they ever abandon their steadfastness to sun worship and the bent to keep all sun worshipping high days, Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and will they ever abandon making the choice of killing their own children through abortion?

2 OF 2

69aaf8  No.7087825

File: 7a237d72f38bec6⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1111x872, 1111:872, 7a237d72f38bec6a957225b76a….png)


RIP Kappy

0f8751  No.7087826



CIA front man?

9ad246  No.7087827


Putin’s speech


44dfdc  No.7087828


Translations of stein



Stein, Kern, Korn

355888  No.7087829


>Did you just get done sucking lil Davey's tinkle?

>Your leftard talking points are obvious af, turd pusher.

I bet no matter how many times I make fun of you, you'll keep responding

But feel free to prove me wrong and name-dropping nobodies and crying "muh shill", boomer! I know you have a very tenuous understanding of the world and that when all you've got is a dildo, everything looks like a brownhole.

1b430d  No.7087830

File: cea8288e3b5cc39⋯.png (33.32 KB, 696x304, 87:38, epstain.png)

Documents could take up to a week to release according to AP reporter

Link to tweet https://twitter.com/tencentdress/status/1151826074885591041

5277f0  No.7087831

File: 5b4617d8e1f2ef9⋯.jpg (120.47 KB, 780x440, 39:22, POTUS.jpg)


Sheer brilliance kek!

9e2846  No.7087832


i think muh dullUSions of grandeur got exposed with some trannywhore on a child sacrifice island the scientologists ran with their cocaine shipments on seaorg

7f68e3  No.7087833

a804c0  No.7087834

File: 09c25bb07c25fd2⋯.png (553.47 KB, 602x374, 301:187, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b2db86928ff9323⋯.png (575.4 KB, 635x816, 635:816, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f11d12c5dc086e⋯.png (599.82 KB, 677x875, 677:875, ClipboardImage.png)

File: afbe763cfa1568e⋯.png (461.02 KB, 665x872, 665:872, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e24dbdfcbc2db86⋯.png (151.51 KB, 661x774, 661:774, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you make of what she is wearing?

Labor’s Peretz joins forces with Orly Levy-Abekasis, shuns Meretz

At press conference, duo vow to take care of ‘sidelined populations’; Gesher reportedly to get 3 slots in top 10 of joint list; Livni said to reject offers from Peretz, Ehud Barak

Labor Party leader Amir Peretz on Thursday announced a merger with Orly Levy-Abekasis’s Gesher party, which failed to enter the Knesset in the April elections, seemingly marking a rightward shift for his party and possibly ruling out joining forces with the left-wing Meretz party.

Presenting the move as a boost to Labor’s socially minded policies, Peretz in a joint press conference in Tel Aviv described Levy-Abekasis as “a pioneering woman, with a broad worldview of social justice … of the state’s responsibility to the fate of the elderly, the handicapped, young couples” and others.

Levy-Abekasis, a former Knesset member with the right-wing Yisrael Beytenu, split off to form her own party, Gesher, earlier this year, but failed to make it into the Knesset in April.



d14e20  No.7087835

File: 657066b1e9dddde⋯.jpg (105.5 KB, 599x900, 599:900, king.jpg)


Much love Anon. No homo. Time is growing short, let us not grow weary in doing the good work set before us.

01f634  No.7087836



Hey boss, does this [M] temple have something to do with Mega group?

fbe206  No.7087837


Oh he worked out alright…

oh and by the way…BOOBS…no really…

20ecf3  No.7087838


Oh shit …. is that

THE Pool??!!

bcabb9  No.7087839


>CIA front man

Probably shared MOS and CIA.

0a6eca  No.7087840

File: 78bfb62e469b499⋯.png (302.95 KB, 586x499, 586:499, Screenshot_2019-07-19 ceme….png)

File: 708863b4c995add⋯.jpg (154.91 KB, 960x901, 960:901, 67102813_2677112882509586_….jpg)

5a6540  No.7087841


POTUS Tweet @6:14:12

Q POST 3450

Read the Post in the picture. It was posted at 14:12

Seconds Matter!

6ce8e9  No.7087842


Makes me think of Obama and the Chicago bath houses

9f0572  No.7087843

Epstein is the keystone?

59c1fa  No.7087844

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 9ec9e88c03e4b8c4e8840d78b5….png)

File: 0c2928c33308d02⋯.png (47.55 KB, 401x770, 401:770, b03e4ef94724dade97dce40517….png)

File: 1f3b9deb3865eef⋯.jpg (119.59 KB, 932x1024, 233:256, 1f3bq9deb3865eef7028ac0b74….jpg)

cb4739  No.7087845


>notice the nov '17 dates with KEYSTONE


Families Combined (TRI) = NWO



11 Nov 2017 - 10:33:51 PM

Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Inner TRI families will collapse.

What is the keystone?

What Nation dominates all others?

What Nation has influence over most others?

What is the keystone?

Return to SA.

Strings cut (+++).

Puppets (+++) in shadows.

Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.

Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.

What is the New World Order?

Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

What does this mean culturally?

Why is this relevant?

What occurred in SA?

How did POTUS remove one side of the pyramid?

What did POTUS receive while visiting China?

Where did POTUS dine?

What is the significance?

What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

Why is No Such Agency so vital?

Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?

This is not easy to accept nor believe.

Crumbs make bread.

Operations active.

Joint missions underway.

The world is fighting back.

Refer back to graphic.

The Great Awakening.

Snow White.

Iron Eagle.

Jason Bourne (2016)(Dream/CIA).


f94432  No.7087846

File: 2a11bbb22ec0a17⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3216x2136, 134:89, US_Navy_070222-N-8148A-287….jpg)

8c1b1c  No.7087847

File: 3a662ca5cf69a33⋯.png (775.43 KB, 659x678, 659:678, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 431bbcad1b6c5d0⋯.png (536.25 KB, 649x535, 649:535, ClipboardImage.png)

In this "portal" archway in Aleppo's Citadel….

I see a


I know the pic Q dropped isn't from the Citadel, but the Citadel is an *extremely* important site.

Abraham himself is said to have lived there for 10 years.

sauce: http://romeartlover.tripod.com/Aleppo1.html

810fee  No.7087848

File: a39478de7f9713f⋯.png (7.66 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4bc980788915fc27e8cf6f4b8e….png)


>he gym had a memorable feature – a massive framed photo of a topless woman."


Top hole was missing. Ugh!

29a917  No.7087849


Every generation has to fight = Evergreen has to fight -or- is call to sleepers to fight at any cost

3fe0e3  No.7087850


Thank you!

ee5329  No.7087851

File: 958634050f577ae⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 841x1044, 29:36, IMG_20190625_182056.jpg)

9e2846  No.7087852

no princess in this castle mario

keep going

27a1db  No.7087853

File: 272c34d2895690d⋯.jpg (138.08 KB, 500x749, 500:749, hindu.jpg)

cb4739  No.7087854


>notice the nov '17 dates with KEYSTONE

POTUS Opened the Doors



20 Nov 2017 - 12:12:14 PM

POTUS opened the door of all doors.

Expand your thinking.

What is the keystone?


44ae92  No.7087855

File: 50e4f7b2583931f⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 600x333, 200:111, jbohn-brennan-1-600x333.jpg)

8bdad3  No.7087856


Is the book of Revelation happening or being bad avoided? Kind of hard to see where this is going in that regard. Is this the final battle before 1,000 years of peace? I know you can’t answer that. But I still want to ask it.

fb6056  No.7087857

File: 6c9ae5d1b221713⋯.png (369.6 KB, 500x446, 250:223, McKYS.png)



Baker doing fine.

8f61d2  No.7087858


That post is dated 11-11-2017.

D-Day was 6-6-1943




ee7a21  No.7087859

File: b7e15a66708acf5⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1040x834, 520:417, ClipboardImage.png)


starting to think obama converted this JFK-era white house swimming pool into one of these 'bathhouses'. remember all the construction he did after taking office? all that digging outside? this pool, btw, was installed by FDR for his polio therapy and JFK had the murals painted when he was in office. it is located directly under the white house press room.

1567a0  No.7087860

Is Satan the earth? Or material things? collective consciousness- Manifest reality?

f79e54  No.7087861

File: 06b29dd45aafc5e⋯.jpg (520.13 KB, 1434x1027, 1434:1027, download.jpg)

Jesus is the CORNERSTONE, Satan is the CAPSTONE, I guess we are the normal stone to build the temple of Jesus or the temple of Satan. So what is the Keystone?


5277f0  No.7087862

File: e8c10a32c6880fc⋯.mp4 (571.2 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Liveleak.com - Isaac Kappy….mp4)


Here ya go fren.

96e3e9  No.7087863

File: 203a782bd451bd7⋯.jpg (112.95 KB, 652x396, 163:99, Screenshot_20190718-184208….jpg)


Q when you get your swole on do you normally see a bed in the gym. I know I dont

9e2846  No.7087864


great digging homo

5822ca  No.7087865

File: 7f4d79bbc2dc9e1⋯.png (401.51 KB, 658x916, 329:458, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0da3d5e26e13f4b⋯.jpg (95.67 KB, 683x636, 683:636, 0e3dffa3d5679f32ebc86f3aab….jpg)

Bill Clinton visits Dominican Republic amid spate of tourist deaths


0945c8  No.7087866



When the keystone is removed/taken out the structure all falls down.

9c547b  No.7087867

File: 1540ca908c5812e⋯.png (61.4 KB, 720x369, 80:41, Img-1563489531366.png)

File: 119010b6f6d7b8c⋯.png (361.61 KB, 662x1018, 331:509, Img-1563489513157.png)

File: eda418dadaf52a4⋯.png (25.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Img-1563489378021.png)

File: 7b6bde82f7e4951⋯.png (91.32 KB, 720x375, 48:25, Img-1563489321619.png)

File: 07f063f71801401⋯.jpg (106.83 KB, 500x254, 250:127, padme-hopi.jpg)

Had abbadon had 6 moons… interesting.

George Lucas is a hack piece of shit.

5ab0cf  No.7087868

File: e64c4ade5fbfd73⋯.png (288.21 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190718-184140.png)

File: c0c12b33eb52612⋯.png (159.15 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190718-184244.png)


8e8aa0  No.7087869

File: c6ac8161bffc38d⋯.png (47.03 KB, 605x364, 605:364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d747dbc844029e⋯.png (37.33 KB, 585x554, 585:554, ClipboardImage.png)


EvergreenJake Tapper added,

Adam Serwer 🍝

Verified account


This is all going to get so much worse.

8:03 AM - 18 Jul 2019


f5b8bd  No.7087870

File: 075c4b489df1ee6⋯.png (373.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 075c4b489df1ee68e29aa808da….png)

File: 8bfe27519a04c4e⋯.jpg (173.73 KB, 800x1204, 200:301, 800px-Woman_topless_on_lea….jpg)

File: 89e211f9b28ee51⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 186x243, 62:81, G.jpg)

File: 49fd1c75d840723⋯.jpg (244.23 KB, 550x700, 11:14, randall-l-stephenson-2018.jpg)


the musical is seeking new investors

Zombies written out.

This musical tells the story of how Sidney Gottlieb ran a tippy top secret, multi-hundred million dollar, highly compartmentalized, covert, distributed research program on the scale of the Manhattan project

and got away as clean

as Doc Benway ever did.

Sid Gottlieb’s MK Ultra program and sub programs focused on human neurological control systems.

"We're training a brain, here!" ( dance number)

More than 200 universities engaged in this research, few knew they were working for Sid Gottliebs C_A. "Defense work" it was called.

No single institution or lab had more than a tiny part of the puzzle.

Doc Sid was looking for a hack, or a backdoor into the human operating system. He wanted to know was there lower level language perhaps? How far could human be programmed and what were the constraints on control.

Makin' a Zombie is Harder than it Looks!

Sid wanted control over what we individuals and We the People thought, felt, understood and were capable of doing.

Ugly and evil thoughts in the Sids head, and deeds that "we were fighting the commies back then" will not excuse.

Doc Sid got his hands on the Mengele Matrix - the Nazi mind control technology developed by Josep Mengele at Auschwitz .


C_A got total control individual and group information environments with networking technology, and they control not only what we see but what we can see.

There are no records.

Doc Sid Gottlieb is usually portrayed as a sinister goofball with a pocket full of impractical lethal technological gizmos. A historical curiosity, part of the institutions troubled adolescence, an archaic relic of a polarized world where exploding cigars and beard depilatories were clutched as solutions to otherwise intractable problems.

Typical horseshit, or catnip for reporters.

Gottleib wanted more and better control, over individuals and groups. A full function zombie with limited autonomy and a happy, unquestioning disposition.

Sugar growers in Florida in the 50s used lurching brain damaged zombies created by Haitian bokors for labor in the cane fields, but the Bokors methods (described by Wade Davis’ in The Serpent and the Rainbow, BOOK not movie) - the Bokor's methods caused substantial brain damage and the zombie's functions are limited to brute repetitive labor.


Gottlieb wanted light stepping, autonomous, high functioning griffon and white zombies suitable for sex slaves and who could do complex creative work and offer up their own children for sex ritual and sacrifice without complaint.

Gottlieb succeeded. NPCs are his creation. That’s why Q is here, and we are.

Sounds like a WB musical project Randall!

1e7e3d  No.7087871

File: e1895161ffc8c7b⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 464x606, 232:303, evilMZ.JPG)

Anyone see a trend?

What are the odds?

It took more than 3 years, but they finally removed Pages associated with pedophilia… https://nyp.st/2y0wPUN


41bbc5  No.7087872

File: d1af72b7c6dabb8⋯.png (115.01 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)


my mom makes better mac n cheese than yours

ff5f6c  No.7087873


>How do you 'shape' a story?

Fake News

837ec6  No.7087874


Symbolism is there DOWNFALL (per Q).

See the "striped" entry marks???

Noice pic! Noice dig!


9cbbcf  No.7087875


But it’s what Scully said he saw on the island itself more than six years ago that led him to agree to an interview with ABC News: revolving groups of young girls that appeared to him to be minors who were guests on the island.

c840da  No.7087876


That looks like an island. . .

77d1ec  No.7087877

File: 35f880cb1a00e35⋯.png (633.04 KB, 2854x1602, 1427:801, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 12512a17bd18449⋯.png (50.4 KB, 1412x280, 353:70, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)



9e2846  No.7087878

File: 648cf3e71e9d5b3⋯.png (289.31 KB, 1138x1158, 569:579, 5697e01e179ca4571eddd91d65….png)

what a shitty meme cult

c03b1c  No.7087879


Off the top of my head regarding the Keystone.

Keystone points @ 12

→ Apex of the Sun

→ Summer Solstice (Astrologically)

Needed to create strong windows and doors etc

→ Lets in more Light (Sun)

→ Creates the 'Door'

Symbol of the 'Lost' 'Great Work' of the Cult.

→ Believe once they complete the 'lost' instructions/puzzle they will become illuminated and closer to Lucifer [Insert Idol].

→ Hiram & Phoenicians (G.Vanderbilt 'above bed' pic relates to Phoes too)

Early-ish example of 'Hidden Knowledge/Secrets'

→Only those who knew (initiated/illuminated) understood its meaning. Other builders discarded it as a useless piece that was ineffective.

23380b  No.7087880


I think that having a chance to receive the truth about Jesus is the purpose of "The Great Awakening". The last "call"?

83df1a  No.7087881


Of course it'll take a long time; lawyers are involved.

No people alive are slower than lawyers.

Try to make a lawyer hurry ANYTHING. They're incapable of doing anything briskly.

f0e0b6  No.7087882


They mentioned the Island finally. They had to.

I was wondering how they'd spin it.

"Crazy conspiracy theorists say it was a Temple"

"But Jeff Epstein is just a kooky unconventional guy and he thought it was fun to have a striped gym [or piano recital hall] with a bird statue, Neptune guardians, and a gold dome."

Just like Biden was just "

He's just an extra affectionate guy, always had been"

"Stop the crazy talk" per Mika B.

738a53  No.7087883

File: 478fb060e07c4ca⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, the green pepe of indiffer….jpg)


just so fucking ugly one must wonder if that is the antichrist

d7c3d0  No.7087884


In Nov 2017 we had three important events:

1) Capt Green crashed over Rothschild Manor

2) Reports that American mercenaries were torturing arrested Saudi Princes

3) Donna Brazille's book came out

bcabb9  No.7087885


>work in high-volume financial trading

Another cover story.

Nobody in the industry has done business with him directly because he's a HFQ (high frequency trading) geek.

8002d8  No.7087886


CIA Dickhead

37e279  No.7087887



Watch the water? Bath houses.

4f4303  No.7087888


do you really think you all scare me ?

when i cry i cry because i cant take the stress

i will never be afraid of pathetic beings like you lot


061bca  No.7087889


I thought he was supposed to be some great pianist and it had a grand piano.

12143a  No.7087890




000561  No.7087891

File: b1ac58177625992⋯.png (1.43 MB, 837x706, 837:706, ley lines 1.png)

File: f4d0b710d09d5e4⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 980x619, 980:619, ley lines americas.jpg)



I still am wondering about whether Epstein's "temple" is built on a ley line - it might connect to the one in Aleppo

They like to do that stuff to magnify their power/power of their rituals

>Priest ritual cleans before performing a ritual

68ce69  No.7087892

File: 174fa2536b8a8d0⋯.png (419.27 KB, 798x534, 133:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ca0c849c4524ae1⋯.png (583.59 KB, 808x541, 808:541, ClipboardImage.png)


>the "temple" was actually a gym



That's pure panic, we know it's a temple where they perform sex rituals.

[M]-Temple = Moloch-Temple



789b2e  No.7087893


Yea. This video just ain’t right

a804c0  No.7087894

File: 2bb1b2f27d1f2d1⋯.png (254.85 KB, 556x427, 556:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4805fd6051e043⋯.png (515.51 KB, 630x850, 63:85, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he was not aware of any downing of an Iranian drone.

"We have no information about losing a drone today," Zarif told reporters at the United Nations before a meeting with Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Shortly after Trump's claim, Zarif re-tweeted a map originally posted on June 22 that shows the border of Iran and the border of the United States.


e2430d  No.7087895

File: 8f8d27a6ea9f8e2⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190318_142840.jpg)

File: 8ca2508aa515c52⋯.jpg (94.03 KB, 750x473, 750:473, image0.jpg)


patriot news is run by freemasons, they took thousands in donations and never broadcast anything

c840da  No.7087896

File: d38c726f35ce882⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3268x2176, 817:544, 1559068994743.jpg)

8f61d2  No.7087897


1944 ofcourse

c0283e  No.7087898

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here it is.


7fc8c0  No.7087899

blabla on 8 chan


They really forgot the Source

29a917  No.7087900


#3 - We know what 'book deals' = Laundered money/ back end black movement of $

223152  No.7087901

File: 57bd9c112d85ab2⋯.png (93.35 KB, 768x768, 1:1, D06957AB-9A4F-49D1-B27A-E6….png)

Love to you all! Even to all the shills and Evil Observers. I know how much you guys hate that stuff! The Christ is found within! You just have to remember!

439dbc  No.7087902

File: 7ec7cd2afb8e6c5⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 160x159, 160:159, UBS_Key_Logo.jpg)


May not be relevant, but the symbol above that archway reminded me of this bank logo.

4f4303  No.7087903


when you blame the devil and its actually the literal devil

and poor decision and lack of personal leadership

6ea009  No.7087904

File: db99c7b710f74ee⋯.jpg (120.81 KB, 877x641, 877:641, Q symobolism.JPG)

File: 46874bf22d1ab98⋯.jpg (203.22 KB, 1162x641, 1162:641, checkered floor.JPG)

Symbolism Will BE Their Downfall


3e0f22  No.7087905

Notables at 500

Anything epic missed? Feedback welcome as always

>>7087847 "Portal" archway in Aleppo's Citadel with missing keystone?

>>7087811 Tapper's tweet and Q post connect: 'Define Evergreen'

>>7087691 Army Corps of Engineers receive application to lay cables between Little St. James & Great St James

>>7087640 1 Cor 13: 4-13 - The rest of the verses

>>7087606 , >>7087710 Evergreen Aviation dig

>>7087585 HRC's SS name is Evergreen, BC's is Eagle

>>7087582 Comey hits out at Trump supporters

>>7087536 , >>7087581 In court documents, Epstein has more than one jet

>>7087526 Tapper on Epstein's flight logs?

>>7087482 4am talking point of the day: 'Chilling and Horrifying'

>>7087438 , >>7087528, >>7087588, >>7087716 Re Q post: News events for Nov 2017

Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: )

>>7087425 ————————————–——– Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

febbaf  No.7087906

…What's the benign explanation for Tapper making that response?

Is there some colloquialism associated with 'evergreen' perhaps people aren't aware of?

5277f0  No.7087907



f61041  No.7087908


Not sure I follow you, Patriot.

#3450 is quoting from Corinthians and Ephesians.

7f17ee  No.7087909

File: c6be6db25ad1800⋯.png (134.07 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-07-18-18-4….png)

Epstein = Keystone

6b8a3f  No.7087910


>But it’s what Scully said he saw on the island itself more than six years ago that led him to agree to an interview with ABC News: revolving groups of young girls that appeared to him to be minors who were guests on the island.

Scully said that he would see them on the island whenever he visited for work, riding ATVs, or at times bathing topless on the island's pools and beaches.

Scully said he became increasingly alarmed by the presence of these groups of young girls that appeared to him to be without any visible parental supervision.

This contractor's account sounds credible.

Don't know WTF Q is on about with his cryptic "Facts vs Fiction"n bullshit.

f94432  No.7087911

File: 1120496e90ffe1d⋯.png (248.91 KB, 855x751, 855:751, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 565919447a9aeab⋯.png (60.6 KB, 430x489, 430:489, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)



Clinton Foundation Launches Puerto Rico, Virgin Island Energy Effort

The Clinton Foundation has announced a partnership with the Solar Foundation and other humanitarian groups to help restore electricity in hurricane-battered Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Through the Solar Saves Lives initiative, the group, which includes the two foundations as well as Operation Blessing, Direct Relief, Team Rubicon and J/P HRO, will join an assortment of solar energy companies to organize donations of solar and solar-storage technologies for use in regions affected by recent hurricanes. Organized by the Clinton Foundation and led by the Solar Foundation, the initiative will coordinate transportation of solar equipment directly to affected areas, coordinate shipping and distribution with partners, and ensure proper installation and service. Donations are being made at the request of local governments and are intended to fulfill specific needs on the ground, as assessed by local officials and relief organizations.

The initiative is being launched with more than $5 million in solar equipment donations from more than twenty companies and organizations, including Sunrun, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, the SunSpec Alliance, CAM Solar, Carolina Solar Energy, So-Light, Renogy, Campervan HQ, and Prana Power, among others. The equipment ranges from portable solar equipment such as lanterns and cell chargers, to larger items such as solar refrigeration units, solar water-purification units, and equipment for large-scale solar installations. Several companies also have pledged cash donations from corporate matches, employee giving campaigns, and fundraisers.

"The hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have created an ongoing humanitarian disaster that has left millions of Americans without power," said Solar Foundation president and executive director Andrea Luecke. "Solar Saves Lives will provide a central place where solar companies and other supporters who want to help but may not know how [and] can deliver urgently needed equipment to critical areas impacted by the hurricanes. We hope this collaborative effort will be a foundation for the industry’s response to future emergencies."


NOVEMBER 13, 2017

44dfdc  No.7087912


The Citadel has a BRIDGE. Invaders would have to cross this bridge while under tremendous attack by arrows and boing liquids being poured down upon them (187).



2dc0d9  No.7087913


Huge blast in CHCH,

Apparently 5 people hurt in explosion.


5ab0cf  No.7087914




d5b08e  No.7087915

File: d5097915e0b424f⋯.png (129.87 KB, 336x350, 24:25, 2019-04-28_17-40-59.png)


>Comet Ping Pong

9c547b  No.7087916

File: 83aa2f7f538af45⋯.jpg (425.27 KB, 1430x1430, 1:1, visitors.jpg)

ABBA…had abbadon… Abaddon the Jewish god of rape.

It never ends.

bcabb9  No.7087917


Massage table.

Epstein is known for his massages.

009c12  No.7087918

Thank you Q for slapping some sense in to the BO. He turned bitch real quick after you called him out!

fbe206  No.7087919


That's where he did his "working out."

Fanciest gym I ever saw. Now, if we're talking temple to some false pagan god..seems to fit a lot more closely…

cb4739  No.7087920


>Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.

>Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.


anons, was Epstein a power broker?

do we need to find the other power brokers?

9910f0  No.7087921

>>7087425 (lb)


c840da  No.7087922

File: 508086181176aed⋯.jpg (153.76 KB, 1500x1148, 375:287, 508086181176aed2fe8ae0cb0c….jpg)


correction, egg-dickhead

cf7a16  No.7087923

File: 0db7864e80514b3⋯.png (15.09 KB, 637x204, 637:204, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe more than one will only have one term if they complete their service agreement

837ec6  No.7087924

File: 2c695ad2845db79⋯.png (294.27 KB, 396x373, 396:373, Screenshot_169.png)


Occam's razor

23380b  No.7087925

File: 7a15c46406d486f⋯.png (261.8 KB, 808x649, 808:649, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: c945f5e6ac4919f⋯.png (111.69 KB, 446x440, 223:220, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

File: 3bf8160cbf6332b⋯.png (500.92 KB, 1205x707, 1205:707, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


Could it be an airline?


I found Evergreen Aviation from this page


83df1a  No.7087926


Everybody should gang-tweet that to ABC News

fb853e  No.7087927

File: a1aa4e907b26624⋯.png (463.63 KB, 498x640, 249:320, ClipboardImage.png)

Keystone - Esoteric Cancer

According to Bailey, Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, the first human incarnations occurred in the sign of Cancer— the sign that represents the Cosmic Mother. Even today, very young souls— evolved in their own experience yet very young in their Earthly experience— incarnate into communes, tribal groups and with protective Soul Groups.

When these first incarnations in Earth took place, there was a group consciousness so that what was sensed or affected by one was sensed and affected by all. The origin of fear— fear that has no current-life basis of experience— is found in that original separation from the group at the individualization in Leo.

Each of us has retained qualities of this early experience. These lie dormant until we reincarnate on the evolutionary spiral upwards in the same sign of Cancer. Spiraling upwards, such qualities are heightened with a new awareness that results from all of our past experiences. We are no longer young Souls.

In the average Cancerian, this can manifest as mass consciousness, working through the solar plexus wherein the individual senses the moods and feelings of others. The House position of the Moon would indicate where we can tap into the moods of others most readily— our solar plexus is stimulated in the nature of the Moon’s House, sign and aspects. A well-aspected Moon would make an individual good in matters of business, sensing the wants of the public, or good at working with the emotions of others, such as a psychologist.



20cfab  No.7087928


I think bingo. Brings the kabal down from all sides.

c6c5b0  No.7087929


Who else is Epsteined?

Good question, Kappy

837ec6  No.7087930

File: 5a1064bb4a8a6c8⋯.png (1.15 MB, 952x516, 238:129, Screenshot_75.png)

c0283e  No.7087931

File: f52d4d262c397ac⋯.png (653.96 KB, 982x13725, 982:13725, ClipboardImage.png)




Remarks by President Trump Welcoming Team USA for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games

00d679  No.7087932

File: d1efba115871ea8⋯.jpg (7.63 KB, 254x255, 254:255, Top KEK.jpg)


>Correct. FISA was used to keep them prepping against FISA. Look here, not here.


>Correct! When the keystone is removed/taken out the structure all falls down.

That is fucking brilliant!

1b430d  No.7087933

Meet the Parents of ‘QBaby’, Star of the Trump Rally and New QAnon Mascot

“We find the Q movement empowering,” the child’s father tells Rolling Stone

It’s easy to laugh at and dismiss conspiracy theories as relatively harmless cranks: the idea that the earth is flat, or that aliens live on a military base in Nevada, or that JFK Jr. is still alive and disguising himself as an Italian guy from Pittsburgh, are so ludicrous on their face that it’s hard to engage with them seriously. That arguably changes, however, when kids start getting involved, as was demonstrated last night.

The baby in question appeared at the Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina last night. The rally itself was primarily noteworthy for the crowd breaking out into racist “send her back” chants in response to the President’s attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar. (Trump later disavowed the chants, despite spending days spewing racist rhetoric against Omar and other female lawmakers of color prior to the rally, as well as instigating the chant by attacking Omar at the rally in the first place.) But in one particularly absurdist moment, Trump spotted the baby on her mother’s shoulders, who was wearing a onesie that said “Trump” on the front and “Q” on the back.

“Look at that beautiful baby, look at that beautiful baby,” Trump said, pointing at the baby as the crowd erupted into cheers. “Wow, what a baby. What a baby! That is a beautiful baby! That’s like from an advertisement, perfect! Look how happy that baby is! So beautiful, thank you, darling. That’s really nice.” (To be fair, the baby was, indeed, extremely cute.)

For the uninitiated, the “Q” on the baby’s onesie refers to “QAnon,” a wide-ranging conspiracy theory asserting that leading Democratic party figures, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, and (for some reason) Tom Hanks, are part of a child sex trafficking ring and larger “deep state” conspiracy intent on targeting President Trump. The conspiracy theory originated on 4chan, when a poster identified only as “Q” started claiming that he was a high-ranking government official who had intimate knowledge of this deep state conspiracy. Q believers also believe that Trump will one day arrest all of the figures associated with the ring and send them to Guantanamo Bay, a day that they refer to as “the Storm.” (While we really hate that we have to actually say this, for the record, there is absolutely zero evidence that any of this is true.)

In a phone interview with Rolling Stone, the baby’s parents, Roman Riselvato, 24, an employee of a subcontracting company, and Cassidy Bailes, 21, a stay-at-home mom and aspiring vlogger, tell Rolling Stone they first became aware of QAnon after Trump was elected. “We find the Q movement empowering because it’s a lot of patriots that are following Trump when a lot of media is bashing our president, and it’s exciting to know there’s someone out there fighting for us and trying to bring the darkness to light,” Riselvato says, referring to Q. (Bailes largely remained quiet on the call, wrangling their daughter in the background.) They decided to bring their daughter to the rally in a Q onesie as a nod to the significance of the date, the 17th of July, which is Q Day (because Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, as Riselvato explains).

more: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/qbaby-qanon-conspiracy-theory-trump-rally-860526/

29a917  No.7087934


Something is coming on 7/22…

POTUS came on last night @ 7:22 EST

c6c5b0  No.7087935


Epstein is the keystone to the whole motherfucking matrix.

Dersh was there too.


77d1ec  No.7087936

File: c54d013ab7bc8c2⋯.png (51.56 KB, 466x400, 233:200, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


Evergreen was HRC's codename in 2016


6accad  No.7087937

File: 22083dcb55f1be2⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1032x2076, 86:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 95e872bd5ca89e5⋯.png (1.09 MB, 785x1682, 785:1682, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fce3b872f8df304⋯.png (891.44 KB, 819x1388, 819:1388, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04a217746776ac6⋯.png (936.58 KB, 775x833, 775:833, ClipboardImage.png)


Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women


0a560d  No.7087938

File: c1d3041934bd720⋯.png (633.47 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 9DEF6178-0046-46AD-8C4C-8D….png)


Digging on Syria as a keystone to Civilization… perhaps secrets are kept from us and the region is being destroyed to hide any remnants of truth from the masses… just a hunch.


a804c0  No.7087939


>>7087894 Zarif responds to the drone shotdown.

ee7a21  No.7087940

File: 50fa63769a7ccf8⋯.png (571.15 KB, 1402x843, 1402:843, ClipboardImage.png)


white house swimming pool

12143a  No.7087941

File: d673e742f4f27ba⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 1080x520, 27:13, Screenshot_20190718-164555….jpg)

4c76c0  No.7087942

File: 05803fa1522caed⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 552x782, 12:17, D_ybXhqW4AELyk-.jpg)

File: 3779a964d1c9b6b⋯.jpg (128.21 KB, 1242x875, 1242:875, D_ylJ46WwAEgRI9.jpg-large.jpg)

Shall we play a game?



9910f0  No.7087943


11.11 17(Q) actually

8077cc  No.7087944


That video has more detail than the article.

Something about he wanted to build a jail in his mansion but wasn't allowed because it would be too much like a gilded cage.

ff5f6c  No.7087945

File: 5cc6b9e18b467f9⋯.png (23.74 KB, 254x255, 254:255, ClipboardImage.png)


keystone hate pin

0df37c  No.7087947

3e0f22  No.7087948


Removing this due to nosauce

>>7087526 Tapper on Epstein's flight logs?

789b2e  No.7087949

Kinda makes you think when the Law and Order writer is arrested for child porn and they always did shows about breaking stories

They even did that Epstein episode

946a82  No.7087950

File: b958e746332bfbe⋯.jpeg (117.34 KB, 750x1624, 375:812, 666A29D7-FC76-4CDB-A7D0-D….jpeg)

Phonefagging, answers aren’t always buried. Sometimes the answers are in front of our eyes

5277f0  No.7087951


Let's move on now fren. We have more important stuff to do.

7fc8c0  No.7087952

File: 3bf44f0e66b6651⋯.jpg (176.2 KB, 650x400, 13:8, marguerite-181213.jpg)

43a5d0  No.7087953


I think fiction because he went in there

Trying to lessen the impact

Because he hasn't said possible to FBI can he be charged

So speak to media instead

9c547b  No.7087954

File: 7f117a507d2a101⋯.jpg (172.24 KB, 450x640, 45:64, 0e2bccb29b5a160f1b0ee321fc….jpg)

File: 77656d09383d3be⋯.png (115.26 KB, 500x566, 250:283, if-my-sons-did-not-want-wa….png)

File: 2be35084f8182ed⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 365x426, 365:426, masonic33MonasHieroglyphic….jpg)

File: 3657db7eae2a024⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 570x381, 190:127, a8388c1ee55aee5ab97967b3e3….jpg)

File: 5de0865ebf0264e⋯.jpg (37.22 KB, 309x395, 309:395, mh 370 missing-1.jpg)

8bdad3  No.7087955

Oct 5

“Calm before the storm”

Oct 28 first Q post

23 days between announcement and first drop as “Q”. Pain@23?

55b3fe  No.7087956

A Q arrest is an arrest of a person previously named by Q, not Evey action by the DOJ ffs. Too many sheep on here. Wake up, demand more.

There has been 1 Q Arrest,. Epstein. Who will be next? One Anon said Ghislane. Plausible.

No bail = no Arkanicide and Jeffrey singing like a canary.

Who will be Q arrest #2?

41bbc5  No.7087957

File: ab8d9a0209c541a⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 1333x874, 1333:874, HRC is evil.jpg)

File: d2e0cef6d50ff9a⋯.png (189.5 KB, 1144x605, 104:55, 3666666.png)


and its breeding

b55966  No.7087958


>>7087425 PB

>>7087382 PB

Anons, I'm sitting here thinking how can this NOT be tied to Masonic thought, and did a VERY cursory DDG search for Masonic Manual, and with what felt like the Divine Hand of God, immediately stumbled upon THIS:

I sum up these observations, with the conclusion that the Key Stone of the Royal Arch of Freemasonry is the ancient science of the Zodiac, with its moral counter-part of human culture made mysterious in secret and priestly associations; which is also the science of all religions that pretend to revela-tions ; and also of the religion of the Druids, and of all the Pagans from Hindostan to Rome.


Obviously, this is re-hashed material, but always worth a second look with fresh eyes.

9e2846  No.7087959

975ce2  No.7087960

File: 182e995f1560cb0⋯.png (207.15 KB, 418x589, 22:31, Twitter chat EI cams.PNG)

File: b94a81ff242622c⋯.png (327.04 KB, 749x405, 749:405, epstine island chamber cam….png)

File: 528b401eb3dbaf8⋯.png (229.71 KB, 398x808, 199:404, QIL T10f 1MAY19.PNG)


>How do you 'shape' a story?


Wonder how will [ABC] 'shape' the "stuff" below?

694f52  No.7087962


These are boys, NOT girls

290e40  No.7087963



b829a1  No.7087964

File: 29fd8f725aee73c⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 3138x2085, 1046:695, epstein aleppo.jpg)

by their powers combined

c6c5b0  No.7087965


Alex Jones Epstein funded???

Alex Jones MOS???

Epstein MOS???

44406f  No.7087966

File: 94656bb89395fc9⋯.jpg (345.72 KB, 638x836, 29:38, fb1 (1).jpg)


that is not true. Christ was born of a virgin and died on a cross and rose 3 days later. We know the father through him. I understand the mystic nature of this i do and these powers you know exist but you are messing with powers we should never have had.

deb128  No.7087967

File: d8f8b7794ed67ea⋯.jpeg (6.79 KB, 318x159, 2:1, download.jpeg)

13334b  No.7087968

File: 8b969b86648c371⋯.jpeg (61.74 KB, 600x360, 5:3, download (6).jpeg)

File: a4df77a2df2f4b8⋯.jpg (78.02 KB, 537x729, 179:243, HRC.jpg)

File: d6d7d7cb175149c⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 720x802, 360:401, 44.jpg)

File: d13223819e5b6a1⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 190x255, 38:51, ce8eca80b5817f4ce1d1d7906a….jpg)

File: 123d1ca690b65d1⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 255x219, 85:73, 725039ce96f34e1fefb4934198….jpg)


Patriots are in control:

The Failed Impeachment effort led by a group of Democratic Party US Congress members who were paid by the Muslim Brotherhood supporting monarchy of Qatar to secretly visit their country—a terrorist supporting nation that supports Pakistan—where, over the past 48-hours, one of the world’s top terror leaders Hafiz Saeed was arrested, along with former Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi—the later of whom funneled a $1 million bribe through Qatar to the Clinton Foundation to protect radical Muslim Brotherhood linked terror leader Saeed—the full details of which were contained in the supposed to be “lost emails” of Hillary Clinton proving her Muslim Brotherhood links—but which, apparently, the FBI agents investigating the Clinton Foundation now have in their possession. https://www.voltairenet.org/article193924.html



02075e  No.7087969


Well obviously it's not about a person's race; it's about a person's behavior, speech, thoughts, ideas, capabilities, competence.

dca6cd  No.7087970

File: 935320f18e107ea⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1272x838, 636:419, 896589012783879.png)



a804c0  No.7087971


And Jewish supremacy???

9fba0e  No.7087972


Tough act to follow when it comes to memes, Q. Well we will do our best to match the effort!

9ad246  No.7087974

File: 270f55ecd0e1afd⋯.png (1018.27 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 1558552B-9913-4478-AA6F-BA….png)


Putin’s speech referring to the NWO worships Satan

491d34  No.7087975


At one time immigrants didn’t set out to trash the country that gave them a new start in life.

20cfab  No.7087976

File: f56b32baf628001⋯.jpeg (4.01 MB, 1844x2465, 1844:2465, C3310B57-DAC0-40A5-A78A-9….jpeg)


Kek af

b56fe0  No.7087977

File: b4e9a184f8beeb3⋯.png (466.02 KB, 654x450, 109:75, TopKekMan.png)


Top Kek!

e36b9e  No.7087978

File: 64d6bcc8f7ae681⋯.png (11.87 KB, 467x266, 467:266, Screenshot_2019-07-18 epi-….png)


Epstein = Stone Above = Keystone.

<pic rel.

55b3fe  No.7087979

Omar needs to go back.

Fucking Glownigger.

0e351a  No.7087980



4f4303  No.7087981


how am i a homo

i like women

wanting to be a woman isnt gay

its vaccine damage

fuck you kikebot

0d993b  No.7087982



Diversity run amuck.

5277f0  No.7087983

File: 6fab385640357bf⋯.jpg (220.16 KB, 487x482, 487:482, fraudsquad4.jpg)

File: b928e63b9d32457⋯.jpg (191.36 KB, 487x482, 487:482, fraudsquad3.jpg)

File: 9ad6e861430d69d⋯.jpg (184.44 KB, 487x482, 487:482, fraudsquad2.jpg)

File: c2aed69d4507d71⋯.jpg (186.56 KB, 487x482, 487:482, fraudsquad1.jpg)

File: 671dfbeb8329325⋯.jpg (86.92 KB, 789x460, 789:460, fraudsquad.jpg)

b7d53a  No.7087984


Tapper is signaling HRC, prompting her to action, or warning her to flee.

009c12  No.7087985

d14e20  No.7087986


Never know Anon. God works in mysterious ways and the breads (of Life kek) may be the only place a person hears about Jesus.

What a time to be alive.

18acf1  No.7087987


That's a man.

We're playing their gender-bending games games against them.

Think mirror.

f94432  No.7087988

File: 5048118c04e89df⋯.png (40.95 KB, 427x383, 427:383, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at ….png)

2ac4a9  No.7087989

File: 7a66b1498d1fa19⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 960x908, 240:227, adrenochrome-hillary-as-ch….jpg)

Hi Hillary…Repent its not too late….His grace is greater

0945c8  No.7087990


Love no homo! We shall stay vigilant in this fight.


Couldn't agree moar…Revelation 16:15

15 (“Behold, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!”)


f49fd2  No.7087991


They just don't get it


11f44e  No.7087992


UBS? Swiss bank, cabal stronghold.

f84333  No.7087993

Typical MSM, give some minor incriminating info (topless teen girls) and bury the big crime through a seemingly plausible explanation.

The contractor worked for him for years, and then suddenly got a conscience and quit? Not buying it.

9d4bbb  No.7087994

File: 6d697d43ad0a8ba⋯.jpg (8.73 KB, 255x201, 85:67, 8de1fa4d429cd69c233106e016….jpg)


Scully was paid $400,000 from epshtine which now he regrets. Yeah sure he does.

What did he do with that money?

837ec6  No.7087995




f5b8bd  No.7087996

File: c485181ec883972⋯.jpg (233.94 KB, 1500x783, 500:261, 080819-F-8570L-001.JPG)

File: 967134d50f6e320⋯.jpg (301.75 KB, 1282x728, 641:364, 967134d50f6e320eb7da9d552e….jpg)


> Gottlieb!

what a mind virus is.

self replicating information, meme or media content people share and which changes behavior.

Memes are self-replicating, behavior modifying information packages. They replicate on social networks fissioning as they are shared at different rates

Most memes are dependent memes are on the cultural medium in which they propagate – the mind space of users –but not all - certain memes will cross all cultural borders, leaping even linguistic barriers – always because they are universal in some respect. Memes that can cross linguistic cultural and ideological divides, which possess that universal quality, are the MOABS of IW.

Each of these MOABs represents a unique creative act. That creative act being inherently unpredictable, as all creative acts, not metaphorically, truly and formally not capable of being predicted, according to physicist David Deutsch. They are the healing weapons of God’s truth.

Memes are hunter killer torpedoes weaving through the sea of low-quality information in our shared mind space to destroy low quality ideas implanted, often in youth or infancy, by legacy media social subversion programming.

Eventually, when enough meme loads of low error, truthful information accumulates in an individual’s brain there occurs a “road to Damascus moment.” An individual awakens, newly alive to the possibility legacy media lied to them and a hop away from realizing the Mockingbirds betrayed us all.

The better quality of information circulating among us, the less error it contains, the more truthful it is quantitatively, the better people we are. Funny how that works.

The objective of circulating true (low error) information is to improve every individual understanding enough so a person can and will begin to help themselves and others.

Information is a substance that brains run on and if we consume large quantities of low-quality information or capacity to understand the world will be limited. This is called “Information Poisoning.” The poisoned or low-quality information environment has been fostered by the satanist controlled networks of media producers.

we are controlled, guided and limited by the quality of our information, news or “entertainment.” If we consume low error, high quality information, created by honest human beings intended for the benefit of all we improve our ability to understand the universe, our species and the lyrics to Ultimate Spinach songs.

9a950c  No.7087997

File: 39ec5f4c2b006a8⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 360x203, 360:203, 39ec5f4c2b006a8d6afe5fc92d….jpg)


What a Racist thing to Do POTUS!




29b789  No.7087998


They expose themselves defending E

9e2846  No.7087999


yachts of cocaine made child slaughter for scientology possible

810fee  No.7088000

File: eeadbb0ca89fe4f⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 245x255, 49:51, 88ffb9e23168e1332ee1c98c6e….jpg)


With POTUS it's all about the "content of their character, not the color of their skin".

5ff36a  No.7088001

Keystone = literal stone that holds a roof of a building in place and keeps the walls from closing in

Epstein= literally the blackmail linchpin to the deep State.

Q's keystone = willing to bet my house that the actual keystone in that building holds some kind of drive and / or a camera that filmed the interior.

Q doesn't give a fuck about these structural details but is merely using this to illustrate who Epstein is to the deep State and points out the actual stone itself on this hellhole temple bc something is up there.

Don't think it's as ethereal as we thought.

592f9f  No.7088002


KEK This otta' be good

6accad  No.7088003


Agreed, tried to embed..however the site won't allow for copy of embed code.

8ceed3  No.7088004

File: 428d80590e4b19c⋯.jpg (133.37 KB, 534x660, 89:110, NothingAboutTrump.jpg)

File: d1e95811f5736cb⋯.jpeg (271.32 KB, 1591x1372, 1591:1372, epsteinfacts.jpeg)

File: 1b8d82b5479d36d⋯.jpeg (271.08 KB, 1460x1269, 1460:1269, epsteinchelseawedding.jpeg)

File: c8c8a6168feed1f⋯.jpg (309.63 KB, 1224x1225, 1224:1225, attentionMSM.jpg)

A few timely reminders.

77c41d  No.7088005


We can not afford to fail. No mulligans in this one.

4c76c0  No.7088006

File: 10501aed0d2b3ce⋯.jpg (73.57 KB, 1200x865, 240:173, D2tSyy7W0AAjGeC.jpg)

Worth remembering.


68ce69  No.7088007


They were also saying it was a "piano room":

>While the purpose of the temple is unknown, one possibility is that it had served as a place for the classically trained Epstein to practice piano — workers described it as a music room with acoustic walls and a grand piano inside, as the AP reports.

>Conspiracy theorists waged that the temple was either a secluded setting for Epstein’s abuse or that it concealed a hidden underground location for the same purpose. James Both, a contractor whom Insider consulted with for the story, noted that while it was possible to install an underground space or elevator, the construction would have most likely been documented by a vendor to ensure regular inspections.

>“A simple stairwell would be a better option if someone wanted to conceal their activities at the location.” Both also pointed out the temple’s questionable wooden door, which features a reinforcing lock bar. “What makes it peculiar is that if you wanted to keep people out, the bar would be placed inside the building, [but the] locking bar appears to be placed on the outside … as if it were intended to lock people in,” he said.


0a6eca  No.7088008

File: ee732fbe141b50e⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3607x2832, 3607:2832, 1480353012504.jpg)

File: bff528570cd19ba⋯.jpg (149.7 KB, 1024x580, 256:145, DaaYcaUVQAAU5eU.jpg)

File: 607af8475445f9c⋯.jpg (133.88 KB, 1110x623, 1110:623, DiiN1ZpVAAAYW-J.jpg)

File: 22b7caa5595f77e⋯.jpg (177.36 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, DW27hLZUMAAsU8p.jpg)

d1343f  No.7088009

File: 22d10c9693569dc⋯.png (512.47 KB, 684x4796, 171:1199, ClipboardImage.png)

de0d57  No.7088010

Keystone = Epstein

When you remove / destroy the keystone, the rest comes tumbling down……

0c941e  No.7088011

File: 1c88a8aed95d62d⋯.png (237.29 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)



'Like a bomb went off': Explosion at Christchurch house heard across city

A massive bang has sounded out across Christchurch after an explosion at a house.

It is believed five people had suffered moderate injuries, St John says.

The incident is at a house on Marble Court in the Christchurch suburb of Northwood.

Facebook users reported hearing what sounded like an explosion all over the city, from Avondale, Bryndwr, Woolston, Parkland and Redwood, of which the resident said their house shook.

A worker at a nearby motel and holiday park said the explosion shook nearby homes and sounded like a bomb had gone off.

A worker at a nearby motel and holiday park said the explosion shook nearby homes and sounded like a bomb had gone off.

"It was more than an earthquake, you'd think a bomb had gone off."

She said insulation and small debris had fallen down from the sky onto her property.

A bystander says the debris is spread across the road.

Fire officers have been instructed to wear hard hats and safety equipment.

b79f05  No.7088012

Is Epstein the reason why FISA warrants were approved? Blackmail?

2ac4a9  No.7088013


Q wasn't HRC pardoned by Hussein?

c4035c  No.7088014


Will the post-Happening world be one where "racism" is no longer used as a tool to bludgeon people with, and is no longer thought of as the worst thing imaginable, even worse than murder, rape, trafficking, etc?

ecd19e  No.7088015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It was Boris Johnson unveiled Arch of Baal hes a bad egg people saw strange demon shadows

5a396b  No.7088016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How To Black Mail Star & Pols?

A: JeEp Op (all of it, boats and hoes and etc)

+B: RKelly gives minors VD

+C: Weaponized Ticks

+D: Draize Tests




7e6fc7  No.7088017



77d1ec  No.7088018

File: c346acf8eb75d7b⋯.png (78.77 KB, 1526x474, 763:237, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)

4f4303  No.7088019


gee its almost like both of them are subhuman niggers


because they work for the government

actual black people see thru your shit Q

stop sucking off black people

ae333e  No.7088020


This is what happens when you don't have the Seven Dwarfs helping you communicate.

0df37c  No.7088021

d49916  No.7088022


I bid “drain the swamp” of demo-RATS for 2019-2020

12143a  No.7088023

File: d673e742f4f27ba⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 1080x520, 27:13, Screenshot_20190718-164555….jpg)



This seems to be it. Needs more digging.

dca6cd  No.7088024

File: 4a8502c1c58cad4⋯.png (849.14 KB, 1081x858, 1081:858, 89754769237843.png)

b55966  No.7088025


And, by Masonic thought, I'm really thinking ancient Babylonian worship, since from Moloch to Allah, we are, in fact, dealing with Ba'al. THAT is who they worship.

167851  No.7088026


all normies see is Trump with epstein from the msm

clinton and the rest are being scrubbed from the net so its hard to point normies in the right direction

google strikes again

789b2e  No.7088027


But who is on the couch?

9e2846  No.7088028