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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

48cc5a No.660813

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Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being

of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating

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>>618866 rt >>618840 Hitler was a puppet

>>618754 N does not refer to Nazi.

>>618344 GLIMPSE.

>>618129 rt >>617965 The NAZI Order

>>617965 (pic with NAZIs & Catholic Bishops)

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>>617143 rt >>617020 Pawn used.

>>616918 #internetbillofrights

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>>616792 She was warned.

>>616675 rt >>616618 Relevant to coming events.

>>616618 Truth will shock the WORLD

>>615484 ( >>615683 ) “Islam is a political agenda masquerading as a religion.”

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>>614954 No boundaries. Good vs Evil.

>>614764 rt >>614610 Spirit cooking; Follow “Maria” (see >>615078 )

>>614610 Hollywood is filled with former enslaved children.

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>>614360 Re_read drops re: Podesta / Huma.

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>>613164 rt >>613143 Interesting, isn’t it?

>>613129 rt >>613114 (es = eric schmidt)

>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

>>612870 rt >>612799 Review Congressional investigation.

>>612782 rt >>612722 Which conversation leaked?

>>612728 rt >>612723 11:11

>>612722 Re_read re: Australia.

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>>659307 PA Special Election results fucky

>>659392 non-citizens "accidentally" registered to vote in PA?

>>659393 Stephen Hawking dies

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>>658558 - Updated initials list

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>>658619 - Purdue Pharma Heir buys $22.5 Million Mansion in LA

>>658628 - Adm. Rogers / FISA timeline

>>658638 - U.S. gov't stops Canyon Bridge Capital Partners acquisition of Lattice Semiconductors / 5G implications

>>658642 - Planefag spots Bill Gates plane

>>658673 - AUS gov't gives pedophile $500k to fight 75 charges

>>658675 - RED OCTOBER / FEMA emergency operations vehicle

>>658721 - Q posts re: keystone / possible Pennsylvania link

>>658752 - Task list reminder and motivation

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>>658841 - Planefag reporting USAF SPECTRE ops

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>>659141 - U1 related - Transport Logistics International Inc. Agrees - $2 Million Penalty to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case

>>659161 - He who shall not be named angry over POTUS choosing Gina Haspel

>>659236 - USMC twat - "Marines dispose of unserviceable ammo"

>>659275 - School walkout tool kit for Women's March Youth Empower against gun violence

>>659290 & >>659293 - BHO brother-in-law / LOOP Capital link

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>>657772 - Family of SETH RICH files lawswuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, Ed Butowsky over retracted story

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>>657819 - Voters turned away from polls in PA

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>>657948 - Q-Context Map

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>>658059 - Pompeo announces release of 470,000 additional files including Osama bin Ladin's journal

>>658137 - YT to provide Wikipedia reading aids for "conspiracy theory" videos

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>>658187 - Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein fired for lying about Tillerson dismissal

>>658202 & >>658296 - HC injured during Rajasthan visit

>>658237 - POTUS twat / possible link to CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education)

>>658263 - EU approves further $3.7 billion for Syrian refugees living in Turkey

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>>658531 Austin bombs were sophisticated

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>>655418 Q Initials used

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>>656075 More tweets wont post

48cc5a No.660826


Batch 810 Notables

>>656725 Red October

>>655260 Egypt, Israel, Saudi, Qatari meeting(s)

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>>653770 SF ICE spokesman resigns

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>>654485 Nerve Agent info in UK Pt.2

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>>652299 USoS Goldstein fired

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>>653180 Prosecutors seek death penalty for Cruz

>>653362 Tillerson was backdoor to Russian

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>>649085 Historic Speech in Damascus

>>649623 DOJ Resignation

Batch 802 Notables

>>648718 - Mattis lands in Kabul --> twitter.com/AP/status/973431116983095301

>>648614 - FBI Whistleblowers in VEGAS

Batch 801 Notables

>>647448 - Hillary sliding


>>647831 - Double Standards

Batch 800 Notables

>>646712 - Trudeau Foundation

Batch 799 Notables

>>646112 - Marina Abromovic Dig

Batch 797 Notables

>>644357 - model at one of marina's "Art shows" was found in the desert missing organs

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>>644151 - Mueller team analysis

>>643919 - Johnny 'Westart' McStain's foundation information

>>643859 - Rackstack is the Cloud Provider of: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Openstack, VMware

>>643778 - Trump signs order prohibiting Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

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48cc5a No.660831


https:// pastebin.com/B7BTcnFm

5c78e8 No.660851

Thanks baker !

babfb5 No.660858

Has anyone seen this:


Go to OPM.gov

Senior Executive Service

Senior Executive Service, Leading America's Workforce

The Senior Executive Service (SES) lead America’s workforce. As the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the SES was established to “…ensure that the executive management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.” These leaders possess well-honed executive skills and share a broad perspective on government and a public service commitment that is grounded in the Constitution.

Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the overall Federal executive personnel program, providing the day-to-day oversight and assistance to agencies as they develop, select, and manage their Federal executives.

605b7c No.660862

File: 8b15e88d4c2902e⋯.jpg (22.76 KB, 632x332, 158:83, IMG_1479.JPG)

Great job, night baker!

4ca2b5 No.660864

Thanks Baker! ( . ) (.)

605b7c No.660870


Baby Hitler is confused by uneven hooters

babfb5 No.660874


My understanding is Obama appointed 8000 of the 9000 spots. They are basically unaccountable and in to everything. Thomas Paine has a video about the S.E.S.

fea4cf No.660878


Hive mind - was going to post about this after making the SES keystone connection a few hours ago. Flag is a keystone and 13 stars.

Looks a lot like the EU flag. "Their need for symbolism will be their downfall."

babfb5 No.660890


I will have to open a new tab an look and I do believe you are correct

5f3909 No.660899


It's how the deep state is perpetuated and why dismantling it is such a mammoth task.

It takes a very special person to even attempt the job which is why I have such admiration for DJT and his (Q?) team even though I'm a UKAnon. I can't think of any politician in the UK who has either the will or ability to take on such a task.

Those men of giant intellect who used to enter politics have been rejected by an electorate that has been brainwashed into believing that we should be represented by "people like us" - i.e. low IQ, brainwashed, sheeple, instead of by great thinkers and intellectuals and men of good moral standing and virtuous character.

0da5f7 No.660912

What’s happening in Pennsylvania? Too close to call? I thought this was being taken care of after Alabama?

babfb5 No.660918


Even if you knew something, who would tell that you could trust? What would be the consequence? Loose your job? Stay and try and quell as much damage as possible? Be forced to be a part of the problem? What a position to be placed in. That is why the military is being used. There were no other alternatives. The hard part is to separate the wheat from the life sucking demonized locusts.

0d01d8 No.660920

File: ca60de8aa2476d1⋯.jpg (265.51 KB, 1297x897, 1297:897, tt.jpg)

>What does this represent?


Q has never confirmed this means pyramid, it is a triangle. Specifically it's the slave trade triangle. Historically it was slaves from the West Coast sent to the Americas who in turn produced labor and farm goods which were sent to the UK, that sent goods to Africa.

>/_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

Past slavery, Rock (past} past families involvement in the slave trade? Rockerfeller?

>-\ (present)

>/_\Council on Foreign Relations/_\

>HRC was a puppet but her strings were recently cut.

>Strings detached.

>SA cuts the strings.

>Strings cut (+++)

>Strings cut to US/UK

There was a new slave triangle possibly starting with slaves from Haiti. SA cut financial strings so US/UK also lost. SA provides finances to US/UK through CF, US/UK use money to enslave Haitians. Sends slaves to SA to carry out occult practicies? Natural resources of Haiti are going where?

>Why are children in Haiti in high demand?

Haitians are the product of the most successful slave rebellion in history. D's have been using political correctness to control the black population, don't like to reveal that D's were slave holders and KKK members historically. Doesn't work because the native culture retains history. Despite a lack of a common language, culture, religion, politics or history, people who are being oppressed will band together and fight tyranny. Haiti was a show of force by the Tainos and W. African slaves. Not only do you have up-start bloodlines but melanin is worth more than gold keyamsha. com/2014/06/28/melanin-396-a-gram/

>Follow the bloondlines.

I think this is important to reflect on, not only who are the slave masters but who are the slaves descended from.

28f15c No.660924

Seth Rich number 2 trending on Twat!!!

7bca8a No.660925

BO/BV Two 818 breads in the catalog.

8ae6c3 No.660931


That's because one baker didn't post he was baking and ignore my post stating as such. Its all good, just keep using this one.

BO/BV will fix it.

4ca2b5 No.660933


Don't be discriminatory. They are lovely

d5ef21 No.660947


That felt good xD

http:// www.showbiz411.com/2018/03/13/record-sales-plunge-as-top-artists-justin-timberlake-u2-even-taylor-swift-sell-fractions-of-previous-numbers

1dfbd9 No.660949

Two interesting web pages related to Merkel.

The first one claims Hilter had his sperm frozen and one of his officer doctors used artificial insemination to spawn merkel using

Eva Braun's younger sister as the surrogate.

Doctor “Carl”, this former professor of gynecology at Keonigsberg University, was sent to bring to the Communist East Germany (GFR), the youngest sister of Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, to be a “surrogate” mother as an artificial insemination recipient of the Fuehrer’s sperm. As the Soviets reasoned, this would be a “near match” to an actual child between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.






7bca8a No.660950

28f15c No.660951


The Animal jungle music industry and primate thinking patterns need to DIE !!!!!!!!!!

4b3b9d No.660952


Yeah, we've known all about the foundations of this paramilitary trash. I've heard POTUS once – one time – mention Antifa. He literally just said the word at a speech, nothing else. NOT A GODDAMN PEEP FROM THE TRUMP ADMIN. Meanwhile, his supporters have for over a year risked life and limb for POTUS at the hands of these violent degenerate Antifa, risk doxing, career ruin, harassment, physical threats, actual violence – AND NOT A DAMN THING IS BEING DONE.

>Herp lurk moar anon behind the scenes stuff be patient

Nah, been patient, been supportive, we're getting clobbered in the streets. FUCKING DO SOMETHING OR WE WILL, TEAM Q

ea400c No.660953

File: dae22c57c0f7f26⋯.jpeg (415.42 KB, 750x989, 750:989, AF7C4D75-85B1-4EA9-9052-6….jpeg)

ea400c No.660954


Think Rick and morty episode “the purge”

When they are killing the oligarchs and dancing and singing “it feels good”

4b3b9d No.660955


JFC kys with that Prick and Faggy shit. Holy shit, this board.

7bca8a No.660956


Not much stateside antifa action lately. Soros funds impaired - strings cut. They're left using the students. Big walkout today all over the 4AMs.

f0e891 No.660957


That's it.

That's the keystone

Just as woke anons are the true red pills, people in key positions are the keystone to take this shit down.

28f15c No.660958


What a fucking MORAN this Mueller scum is. He better be /ourguy or he is in deep shit with Q, I would imagine.

1dfbd9 No.660959


Ha ha…. Looks like the devil let them down. I hope U2 has to tour for the rest of their pathetic lives to scratch out a living.


28f15c No.660961


This is shilling Anon. Trying to get us depressed. STOP .

f0e891 No.660962

File: 54dd8200d0d9d6a⋯.jpg (21.3 KB, 600x386, 300:193, ckSsVnh.jpg)


nah ma nigga,

narrative is crucial and the wonky shit of rick and morty, is filled with layered messages

f0e891 No.660963

4d3b9d = schill

28f15c No.660964


U2 touring GITMO endlessly? Sounds good to me.

1c787c No.660965


Any obvious acronyms in this anons?

I can see IMPS

Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite etc

SE Stock Exchange but lots more

News could reveal others

d5ef21 No.660966


I hope Bono is reduced to soloing in Irish Pubs and on street corners. KEK

4b3b9d No.660967


Yeah, no:



6c8267 No.660968

File: 12f26125dd03d0e⋯.png (30.19 KB, 899x564, 899:564, ClipboardImage.png)

So Q kinda confirmed they use comms on website banners/newsreports to set up meet ups for obummer. we had trudeau and hrc meeting up in india recently.

digging currently for any old banners/pics nothing on the red. org site pointing to india, speak up if you've seen anything pointing to india on a lefty activist page

8a742c No.660969



Kek.. New here?

babfb5 No.660970


According to Thomas Paine he is part of the S.E.S. I am going to see if we can get a list of the people in the S.E.S. And their positions.

28f15c No.660971


That nigger going to a padded cell.

f0e891 No.660972


im not giving him the (((you)))'s

4b3b9d No.660973


^^^ acshually, you need a very high IQ to get Spick and SPergy

1dfbd9 No.660974


That's a great idea. They can torture the Gitmo prisoners with blaring U2 songs 24/7.

8a742c No.660975



Who? You must be really new!

1da53c No.660976


8,000 positions?

Crap, thats a shit-ton on the fed payroll.

d5ef21 No.660977


OOOH - I wonder if GITMO isn't the reason for Gina Haspel taking over??? NOICE.

e18be9 No.660978

File: 777bd5b871ab80c⋯.png (140.26 KB, 1156x443, 1156:443, IChing-1-TheCreative.png)

>#818: Lets get this Day going

< pantherwebworks.com/i_ching/bk1h1-10.html#1

Time is no longer a hindrance but the means of making actual what is potential.

The act of creation having found expression in the two attributes sublimity and success, the work of conservation is shown to be a continuous actualization and differentiation of form. This is expressed in the two terms “furthering” (literally, “creating that which accords with the nature of a given being”) and “persevering” (literally, “correct and firm”). “The course of the Creative alters and shapes beings until each attains its true, specific nature, then it keeps them in conformity with the Great Harmony. Thus does it show itself to further through perseverance.”

In relation to the human sphere, this shows how the great man brings peace and security to the world through his activity in creating order: “He towers high above the multitude of beings, and all lands are united in peace.”

7bca8a No.660979


> Cops intervened before the confrontation escalated and several masked demonstrators faced off with NYPD personnel massed outside the club.

Not much of a protest but point taken.

f830de No.660980

File: 114b2a458c2fe2d⋯.jpg (142.03 KB, 1140x1140, 1:1, bV1OHGT.jpg)

Gotta thank the BAKER!!! Thank YOU Baker!!

1c787c No.660981

File: 65801a3579bf9da⋯.jpeg (444.46 KB, 1239x1940, 1239:1940, 6D0DA258-A5A6-40FC-A381-E….jpeg)

U.S., coalition and local partners have made immense contributions to security in the Centcom region, the “most complex area on the globe,” Army Gen. Joseph L. Votel told the Senate Armed Services Committee in a fiscal year 2019 budget hearing.

“In the past year, we have achieved incredible success against [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] in both Iraq and Syria,” the general told lawmakers.

Votel commended the Iraqi security forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces for their steadfast efforts, noting they are “operating at their most effective levels.”

They have liberated over 98 percent of the territory previously held by ISIS, he said.

“The destruction of the ISIS physical caliphate is within our grasp," Votel said.

https:// www


4e1d40 No.660983

Hey Baker.

There are thorough Notables lists for Batches 812-817. The 812, 813, 816, and 817 Notables uploaded in this bread are all missing posts.

Full Notables lists are here:


babfb5 No.660985


According to Thomas Paine these fellas start out at what the Vice President makes and it goes up from there.

7bca8a No.660986


Finish the job, general. Get it done. Don't let them slither away to regroup

cbf58b No.660988

Prez, when you have time after saving the world. Christie left us with massive pot holes, jacked up taxes and repair is slow at best. . He doesn't seem like a good guy.

ec4bc7 No.660989

Read this research! Steven Hawking was replaced a while ago. Riveting. http:// milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf

28f15c No.660990


Big spirit cooking get together for the A list of Hollywood and DC. VIP party 24/7 you check in but you don't check out ! Just my guess and what needs to habben. Cleanse the land of darkness they belong in hell ,they LOVE it. Looking at that photo of that little red head girl with gaga demon. I cannot sleep . The child with the taped arems then Anon said she was killed. GITMO is too good for them. Woodchipper headcrusher punishment .

f0e891 No.660991

File: d83e6c7222df52f⋯.png (768.69 KB, 1224x396, 34:11, ClipboardImage.png)


>Gretl Braun

Who knows.. it could be

babfb5 No.660993


Good thought process. They can evaluate how well she was trained and maybe throw some pointers in while she works them over.

1da53c No.660995


How do I find this info from Thomas P?

f830de No.660996

File: f9a64030a4ecbee⋯.jpg (11.75 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 9cb50a138eedee1ceb458b3105….jpg)


If ANYONE was EVER a shill, it's Hawking. DERP DERP DERP!!!

1da53c No.660999

babfb5 No.661002


I will back track and let you know.

ec4bc7 No.661004

Field McConnell (AbelDanger) sister (Kristine Marcy - friend of Hillary. Got corrupt at Georgetown) was involved with SES. Corrupt and needs exposure.

28f15c No.661005

Jesus ain't comin down to save NOBODY, he didn't do it for the Jews in the camps he won't do it for us. WE HAVE TO DO IT. That is why we are here for the little ones , that is why God sent Trump the Qteam and the Anons together. I see the 10 Dimensions , THIS is the time brothers. Pray for Trump ,Pray for Q pray for Anons all day to win big! This is my job and God pays me well. REEEEEE!!

f830de No.661006

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)


Shit…good point. Clearly she has NO problem "hooking it up", so that's gotta strike some fear into certain people. Either way, it makes me happy on a slow night.

I think one thing we don't consider enough of, is that POTUS is of course playing those with dirt on themselves against one another. NO DEALS for child rapists/traffickers, no, but a lot of these people are just run of the mill greedy dirtbags. Maybe they get to do 10-20 for playing ball and not hang for treason.

That'll motivate a guy or gal!! Add to it that ALL of these bad characters can't communicate in any way without /ourguys/ knowing about it, and yeah….they're fucked. KEK!!

babfb5 No.661007


Here is the YouTube

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=IFFnT9JaG2g

e18be9 No.661008

File: e267d087f5d024b⋯.jpg (90 KB, 500x401, 500:401, hippobonomus.jpg)

fe2c4e No.661009

Shills are busy starting slide threads.



1da53c No.661010

2da5a6 No.661011

File: c079a7c2f4f1f31⋯.png (4.99 KB, 495x123, 165:41, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// islamicstudies.harvard.edu/who-we-are

babfb5 No.661012

16735b No.661013

File: 61ae2eea325f664⋯.jpg (260.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, u1bloodredsky.jpg)

File: 67311f85d2ab690⋯.jpg (142.37 KB, 474x469, 474:469, u1october.jpg)

File: 8e803287bf4556d⋯.jpg (454.12 KB, 700x697, 700:697, u1war.jpg)

File: fea5bff09e4e615⋯.jpg (121.41 KB, 474x474, 1:1, u1worstof.jpg)

4b3b9d No.661014


How many of this homo's shit songs feature this AIDS carrying baby rapist hooting like an owl?

>hooting like an owl

7bca8a No.661015

KEYSTONE – Shadow Government?


>> 660874 Obama appointed 8000 of the 9000 spots. They are basically unaccountable and in to everything. Thomas Paine has a video about the S.E.S.

https:// www.opm.gov

Office of Personnel Management – What is the OPM?

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) serves as the chief human resources agency and personnel policy manager for the Federal Government.

Key Functions

OPM’s divisions, offices, and their employees implement the programs and deliver the services that enable the agency to meet its strategic goals.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the overall Federal executive personnel program, PROVIDING THE DAY-TO-DAY OVERSIGHT AND ASSISTANCE TO AGENCIES AS THEY DEVELOP, SELECT, AND MANAGE THEIR FEDERAL EXECUTIVES.

Our People & Organization

Congressional, Legislative, and Intergovernmental Affairs (CLIA) advocates for the legislative and policy priorities of the Director and the Administration.

CLIA is the OPM component that fosters and maintains relationships with Members of Congress and their staff members. CLIA staff accomplishes its mission by keeping informed of issues related to programs and policies administered by OPM. CLIA staff attends meetings, briefings, mark ups, and hearings in order to interact, educate, and advise agency, congressional, and State, local and tribal government officials.

As the focal point for all congressional and legislative activities for OPM, we are uniquely qualified to advise the Director and OPM officials on all matters that are important to Congress.

Congressional Relations (CR): serves as the principal liaison with Congressional Committees, individual Members of Congress, and as the agency's congressional and legislative liaison with the White House and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Working with CLIA's subgroups and OPM program offices, CR DESIGNS AND IMPLEMENTS LEGISLATIVE STRATEGIES THAT SUPPORT OPM'S LEGISLATIVE AGENDA.

Legislative Analysis (LA): reviews and prepares legislative documents and congressional testimony; and is responsible for the clearance of testimony, congressional reports, questions for the record, and other materials within OPM, and/or through OMB. LA'S primary functions are to DRAFT LEGISLATION, technical comments, analysis, and testimony.

OPM.gov > Main > Policy > Senior Executive Service

What Is "SES" - Senior Executive Service?

The Senior Executive Service (SES) lead America’s workforce. As the KEYSTONE of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the SES was established to “…ensure that the executive management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.” These leaders possess well-honed executive skills and share a broad perspective on government and a public service commitment that is grounded in the Constitution.


What does the SES (Senior Executive Service) insignia symbolize?

The SES insignia or emblem represents a KEYSTONE – the center stone that holds all the stones of an arch in place. This represents the critical role of the SES as a central coordinating point between Government's political leadership which sets the political agenda and the line workers who implement it. MEMBERS OF THE SES TRANSLATE THAT POLITICAL AGENDA INTO REALITY. The upright lines in the center of the keystone represent a column in which individual SES MEMBERS ARE UNITED INTO A SINGLE LEADERSHIP CORPS. There is no particular symbolism to the number of lines, which has varied over the years with different iterations of the logo. The SES insignia may not be modified.

16735b No.661016


The mods have better things to do buddy, they just hop vpn. Filter them or use CodeMonkey's filter script.

https:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

65848e No.661017

Coined a new name for the recently woke (((normies))).


f830de No.661018

File: 3dc5a170ff4ade9⋯.jpg (186.8 KB, 1230x814, 615:407, 3dc5a170ff4ade9921391a55d3….jpg)


LOL!! KEK!! I liked it when a friend drug me to U2…$125,000,000+ STAGE…5 of the GRANDEST touring coaches $$$ can buy, 40+ custom semis, $100+ nosebleed seats…

And the guy is on stage talking over and over about, "Won't ya give some MORE money to the needy" over and over.

The nerve these people have is beyond me. And I am a cocky shit in my own right, but DAMN!!

7fff44 No.661021

File: 941d56f54426a65⋯.jpg (439.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Gender_Confusion.jpg)

d89cca No.661022

Q mentioned that the CIA was being dismantled and that operations would be folded into the NSA.

Have anons looked at how company mergers work and what we can expect to see when the context of this is applied to the NSA and CIA?

Remember, some of the patterns will be the same.

What are the key points when two companies are merged?

I will help you.

I was here yesterday and posted about Tillerson and Milliband BBC poisoning comments before the announcement about Rex, if that helps you.

2da5a6 No.661023

File: 8abba4fb90e341f⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 666x211, 666:211, prince.jpg)


Not sure when I copied photo why it came out black and red. On website is shows like this..

f0e891 No.661025

File: 8190442694dd838⋯.jpg (83.78 KB, 669x831, 223:277, billy-graham-412cb7.jpg)


>Both had a friend named Billy Graham and knew an Adlai Stevenson.

To me, it's highly unlikely that Billy Graham and JFK were friends.

Just look at JFK's face, eyes & posture

& look at the flappy left (sinister) hand of Reverend Billy

4b3b9d No.661027


Why don't you just fucking say what you have to say, if anything. Don't care if you were here yesterday. What do you have, beside presenting yourself as mysterious wise guru.

75e773 No.661028

File: df9ff79ca15a716⋯.jpg (164.33 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, TY 20k jpg.jpg)

File: 3c222102f809bc2⋯.jpg (275.31 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, TYPOTUSJFKjpg.jpg)

File: c5b757b38645d8a⋯.jpg (309.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, True Pun on LV jpg.jpg)


9eda51 No.661029


some good stuff in there

As with all other business, the past 50 years has seen a monopolization of

all lucrative operations by “investment firms”, “holding companies” and of course banks. Since these

banks and other huge companies are fronts for the same few families, there is no longer any room for

mobsters or any of the rest of those people. They went extinct some time in the 1960's. All the

Godfather movies and Soprano shows are just misdirection to make you think organized crime still

exists in the old way. It doesn't. They have found ways to steal much larger sums of money without

getting their hands dirty or their names in the paper—with absolutely no risk of getting caught. They

do it by stealing from you under the aegis of the Federal government.

f830de No.661030


Well damn…So this seems like a pretty big deal. Great Work ANON!!

d89cca No.661031


Let's define the two organisations.

Re: NSA let's look at that as an organisation that is fairly well defined and bounded.

The CIA is not fairly well defined and bounded, more like a cancer that has a broad reach across business, secret societies, foreign politicians, domestic politicians, foreign media and domestic media. It is pervasive and wrapped up in a layer of secrecy.

Q has alluded to the complexity of dismantling the CIA , hollowing it out and keeping the required operational task that will be kept being moved to the NSA.

16735b No.661032


Catholics do not like Evangelists

fe2c4e No.661035


If we don't report them, they slide relevant history off the board. My advice stands. Report them.

16735b No.661038


Have you always had a superiority complex?

48cc5a No.661039


Baker Here

Apologies guys, Ive been going through the Dough trying to clear it up.

Posted the notables in the Best of Bread and trimmed the fat down a little.

Next Bread 99% Fat Free!

e18be9 No.661040

File: d717c4a3750b3bc⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 474x316, 3:2, BOkNOnoPEACE.jpg)

File: 428bec1dd943f56⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 610x409, 610:409, bono-rainha3.jpg)

File: a3d16666c0f77e0⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 460x276, 5:3, BN-NKRDh-Tc01.jpg)

File: a2f63865459ef77⋯.png (14.66 KB, 156x126, 26:21, Q360296.T-cells.png)


>https:// infogalactic.com/info/T_cell

T cells or T lymphocytes are a type of lymphocyte (in turn, a type of white blood cell) that play a central role in cell-mediated immunity. They can be distinguished from other lymphocytes, such as B cells and natural killer cells (NK cells),

Genetic engineering

In 2015, a team of researchers led by Dr. Alexander Marson[25]at the University of California, San Francisco successfully edited the genome of human T cells using a Cas9 ribonucleoprotein delivery method.[26] This advancement has potential for applications in treating "cancer immunotherapies and cell-based therapies for HIV

f0e891 No.661041

File: 2700f0ec1b843df⋯.jpg (636.89 KB, 2000x1564, 500:391, billy-graham-518a23.jpg)

File: 0564ef82ade4d84⋯.jpg (458.59 KB, 2000x1668, 500:417, billy-graham-61.jpg)

File: 569d35cffb4e7b9⋯.jpg (80.54 KB, 669x510, 223:170, billy-graham-72cb7.jpg)

File: 4d17810a5bf1ab9⋯.jpg (88.85 KB, 669x609, 223:203, billy-graham-82cb7.jpg)

File: dd3ecd04430495b⋯.jpg (70.23 KB, 669x435, 223:145, billy-graham-122cb7.jpg)


It's likely that JFK knew rev billy was a pedovore

d89cca No.661042


Because it will be a set of posts that are not remembered when the goal is to focus on the ability to predict.

The ability to predict is completely different to backfitting data to events.

Predicting upcoming events will be helpful to moral of good anons.

Predicting certain types of events will not help bad actors because bad actors will already be doing this.

6c8267 No.661043

File: 4fafbbb08262d8d⋯.png (13.5 KB, 892x407, 892:407, ClipboardImage.png)

Digging in clinton emails mentioning india,

>Talbotts and Ram esh–quite a com bo. W hen I see ou next ho efull soon I will ive ou the back rou I!S III re/interactions w him uc ove to you an t e c an, H illary

Is this code? Or just drunk hrc email? thoughts?

doc i.d. 687

16735b No.661044


Add CodeMonkey's script back to top of bread. It should never have been removed.


f0e891 No.661045


Good find

4b8199 No.661047


If you manage to find one, is it worth checking against the resignations list? Just wondering.


d89cca No.661048


Yes and it can't be extremely useful.

Have you always had an inferiority complex?

d89cca No.661049




7fff44 No.661050

File: 72f900866bb5543⋯.jpg (116.18 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Out_Of_Espresso.jpg)

4b3b9d No.661051


Lots of words, gibberish. You cannot predict shit. And that's not the point, never was.

1dfbd9 No.661052

>>661018 Kek!!!

>>661008 Kek!!!

>>661013 Kek!!!

Great memes fellas….

My wife works for McKinsey. Bono is their client. She says when he comes to the office he is an arrogant fuck. She hates him too…

Of course, everyone that comes to her office is arrogant. It's part of the Ivy League click that they cater to.

f0e891 No.661053


Two schills immediately tried to discredit what this anon said.

Therefore, this is vital information.

4e1d40 No.661054


Not complaining that it's too fat. Haven't seen that complaint about the Notables section. I did see a complaint that the Notables have been trimmed too much, which hinders the ability of Anons who are signing back in to get caught up quickly and not have to spend hours going through past breads. The more thorough lists seemed to be getting praise.

Why omit relevant posts for the sake of 3 or 4 lines?

d89cca No.661055


What's your argument shill?

You said nothing. Projection is a sign of weakness.

Dismantling the CIA involves moving operations that you still want.

It is not an exercise purely in destroying it.

If a company in the same supply chain as you is bought by you, you don't destroy it, you strip it bare, get rid of what you don't need and absorb the bits that augment the company you want to keep.

Similar patterns will occur with the merge of the CIA into the NSA which is what Q implied.

Get it?

f0e891 No.661056


I have no idea how company mergers go.

And Consultancyfags want to comment on this?

b79f07 No.661057

"You have more than you know" ~ Q

Your continued help collecting Notable posts from each bread is greatly appreciated.

Currently there are two Archives that I know of on 8chan. One on this board

Best Of Bread >>311157

and another


with a locked archive


Help collect the gems that fall here, they are too ephemeral and precious to disappear in the chaff

ThanQ for all your assistance in collecting Notable posts.

The fruits of our labors should not be lost in the chaff of shills, shitposters & clowns.

11f717 No.661058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good Morning Mr. President, Q Team;

Thank you Mr. President for the our new SoS.

SoS Pampeo perfectly get it!

d89cca No.661059


Thank you anon.

Shills need to up their game if they want to silence one of the things this board is actually for.

48cc5a No.661060


Codemonkeys script? Show me

f0e891 No.661061


Ok, you seem to know your shit.


I am all ears

Just dont respond to the schills. Their methods are demotivating and mocking,

Giving them the (((you)))'s only validates their existence.

917edd No.661062


Yeah I've met him a few times and he really is an asswipe. Cheats on his wife regularly, drinks like a alcoholic, and speaks cryptically like he thinks he's intelligent.

Born with a silver cock in his mouth!

f830de No.661063

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)


My best guess is that TRUST would be the #! challenge, ESPECIALLY in this case.

The handling of egos and personal agendas, which EVERY driven person has, white hat or otherwise, and merging two different organizations into one, when those organizations are the CI-Freaking A and NSA??

To get them to integrate into one…whew!!

917edd No.661064


https:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

d89cca No.661065


See comment above.

Get rid of the assets you don't need.

Keep what you want.

Rejig your organisational structure to maximise the benefit of the merge.

In other words, CIA head that is good would be kept in the process of dismantling the CIA.

Could be a sign that the dismantling is well under way, if not near completion.

If it were me, the head of the CIA would be moved when the job of dismantling had be completed because that would have been the job I sent him in for.

28f15c No.661066


Bono is not /ourguy .

f830de No.661067


I don't trust Ole Billy one bit. Maybe I'm wrong, but he's always made me uneasy, since I was young.

4b3b9d No.661068


>Herp, everyone is a shill

For one, suck my balls. For two, oh, you do have something to add? Great, thanks. Lose the guru schtick, it's disgusting.

917edd No.661069


Double dubs confirm ;)

e18be9 No.661070


Yes, and many times those slim trimmed Notables are a complete decoy to what actually was being dug in the Bread.

Anons that don't want to use it can just Hide Post. That is what the function is there for.

ec4bc7 No.661071

Q said that we are watching actors. Hawking was replaced by an actor to spew the propaganda (science) they wanted us to believe. Original Hawking gone long ago. http:// milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf

48cc5a No.661072


Could be Nice, wheres the post codemonkey did to verify this?

d999b6 No.661073


It typically begins with consolidation of senior leadership. Sometimes executives are held on to as consultants for a certain amount of time.. >>661055 correct. best of the middle men and down are found positions and the rest are offered a package/dissolved.

b79f07 No.661074


Off duty baker here

You're doing good anon.

I just backed up your most recent Notables to


869f83 No.661076


OK I'll bite after doing mergers in the past. This perspective is from a corporate perspective.

The main concern is of "culture". This is the biggest issue, can the two parties work together. Once you get past culture, is the technology compatibility? Do you have synergies between the businesses.

Usually when you have a merger, the people who are acquired stay long enough to find a new job or wait until incentive packages pay out.

Mergers are all about position and pay. If the merged employee doesn't like it they leave. the company that merges the other company has total control.

With government its different. Not sure if you can really compare.


28f15c No.661077


Anon's are on FIRE today !

27bc3d No.661078

Feb 15 2018 00:52:21 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 925f8f 381944

You are missing the connections.

Continue to build the MAP.

MAP provides the KEY.

KEY spreads the TRUTH.



Future proves past.

Trust the plan.


MAP = the points brought up by Q plus ALL the things wrong in the USA like violations of the Constitution that oppress the people and suppress our freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

KEY = all of the research and info dug up by the anons.

TRUTH = memes and red-pills created by the anons based on the research they do.

LIGHT = the growing realization by the masses that they have been systematically lied to by the evil deep state.

The CONNECTIONS are the demands by THE PEOPLE to have these wrongs righted and to have our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC restored.

That is where POTUS wants to take us…..back to our rightful Constitutional Replublic as laid out by the founders. However, he can't do it alone. He NEEDS the PEOPLE to demand it because WE have the power.

Q is teaching us how to play the game, how to BE Americans once again.

This is why Q tells us we have it all, we have more than we know and that this board has more power than we realize.

e18be9 No.661080

>>661066 Just in case that wasn't obvious already, see


7bca8a No.661081


Been through several tech mergers. usually a big fish swallowing a smaller one. Not the case here. CIA's black budget hides most of its expanse. Evil backing of CIA would also complicate. Seems more likely a takedown from within is needed. Get white hats into the right positions and chip away.

48cc5a No.661082



Just be cautious this is a JS file.

If its not verified by a post from codemonkey that he created it then I cannot risk the other patriots in this bread by promoting it for them.

I hope you can understand

1d590f No.661083


Not true, there are Evangelical Catholic Masses and Churches.

f0e891 No.661084

File: 9f3e253877cabf3⋯.jpg (587.84 KB, 1800x2395, 360:479, billy-graham-2.jpg)

File: 972def86b782c8c⋯.jpg (89.46 KB, 728x486, 364:243, violet-massie-verekerfbf6.jpg)


You are very much right! Children are very smart and astute, so you probably sensed that he was a pedovore.


Thanks for your answer. I hope the CIA circus will soon be dismantled

28178e No.661085

Since October I've been lurking on this board. I've had vivid dreams, before in the last ten years, before the Qanon great awakening I haven't remembered any.

My dreams are about the research, the evil that we're up against, watching Trump , We are the strength that keeps Trump safe, we keep him going. Anons, we have to stay positive and pray, don't be distracted, keep going, that is what is weaking the evil cabal. ..

28f15c No.661086


He is a filthy demon it is obvious from his energy in the photos. EVIL, vile, self loving ,coward. That is what I feel from the photos. EXACTLY what the course tells you NOT to be. The ego in full costumed arrogance.

65848e No.661087


Brilliant analogy Anon!

That's how American manufacturing was practically destroyed.

I survived a couple of "restructurings".

Look beyond what you see and see beyond what you saw.

c16f3d No.661088


PS mirror= SP

SP can refer to Saint Peter

Saint Peter holds the KEY to heaven.

Vatican holds the key of Saint Peter, so the key to heaven.

Vatican is also called The Holy See

Saint Peters square also as: the belly of the snake.

28f15c No.661089


That is why I am here NOW as many. We are the Jedi .

f0e891 No.661090

File: 7dc9bb3619d84f1⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 640x621, 640:621, donkey-kong-lifes-tough-an….jpg)


So, basically recapture the KEYSTONE


1. Place whitehats in crucial positions) and work from there.

2. Profit.

Simple task, but very difficult (pic related)

27bc3d No.661091


Don't forget that SouthPark revealed Bono's true origins.

11f717 No.661092


Amen Anon, failure is not an option.

f830de No.661093

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DXy3dGVVQAEVMJ4.jpeg)


YES!! Being able to forecast breeds a very strong sense of Trust. There we go with Trust again. I think that's why, in part, POTUS is so Powerful. In his AMAZING 5 minute speech, that I try to watch every day, he has a line where he says…"I ALWAYS knew this day would come, it was only a matter of WHEN." And you can HEAR the authenticity in his voice.

How is he always 5 steps ahead? What kind of Trust does that engender to his teams?? I know the FACT that he has MORE than delivered on EVERY promise he ever made, and then some, is VERY encouraging while we're here and in real life battling the forces against us.

I TRUST Donald J. Trump. I Really do. He's MORE than earned it. And I Trust very few.

4b3b9d No.661094


You're some new age fictional hero based on the degenerate philosophy of a Hollywood pedophile? Okay.

28f15c No.661096


wow sauce?

bbd184 No.661097


Yeah, I did a side-by-side with the party picture. It does look like the same guy.

f0e891 No.661098

File: 54e090e9ea1d13d⋯.png (813 B, 270x326, 135:163, 54e090e9ea1d13dcb89a0ea4f1….png)


Are there many whitehats @ McKinsey?

From what I gather, it's close-knit group with ties to the Cabal.

8a742c No.661099


The shill bakers removed it duh!!

9efb0a No.661100


he is a big piece of shit… just google bono shit southpark

28f15c No.661101


True I was wrong with that .We are however truly the protectors of the innocent whatever we say we are.

8a742c No.661102


Where? Sanctionned by the Vatican?

e18be9 No.661103



> https://



The leading consumer marketing initiative to finance HIV/AIDS programs in Africa through the Global Fund

Bono and Bobby Shriver created (RED) in 2006 to engage millions of people in the greatest challenge of our time – the fight to end AIDS in Africa, where 2/3 of the world’s estimated 37 million people with HIV/AIDS live. (RED) works with the world’s most iconic brands and organizations to develop (RED)-branded products and services, that when purchased, trigger corporate giving to the Global Fund. These contributions are then invested in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, with a focus on countries with high prevalence of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

f0e891 No.661104

File: 61ca7eb105ebb35⋯.jpg (725.91 KB, 2496x3072, 13:16, 29 - N4NSVQi.jpg)


Do you write your dreams down?

Wealth of information for you!

48cc5a No.661105


bakers cant remove posts, also please see


28f15c No.661106

File: e2d63c76a04ef08⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 1000x582, 500:291, ss-090106-oprah-11_today-s….jpg)


Triple double ! You must be right !

88600d No.661107

'Skinhead lesbian': GOP candidate attacks Parkland teen Emma Gonzalez

"© Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC Image: Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, speaks to the media after calling for more gun …

A Republican candidate for the Maine House of Representatives has used Twitter to attack two students who survived a mass shooting at a Florida high school, calling one of them, who is openly bisexual, a "skinhead lesbian" and the other a "bald-faced liar."

"There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you're frothing at the mouth moonbat," Leslie Gibson wrote about 18-year-old Emma Gonzalez, one of the most visible student activists to emerge from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead.

Gibson is the only declared candidate for the 57th District … "


f830de No.661108

File: 430cae42111b8c8⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 500x537, 500:537, 26108m.jpg)


They got that vibe about them. When people FREAK for no apparent reason, something is amiss. I'm listening. This ANON has that Vibe about him/her.

4e1d40 No.661109


You keep referring to shill bakers and are pushing that script really hard. The majority of the advice that I've seen from Anons I consider wise involve using the filter button, not using that script. And when you were pushing that script in past threads, Anons responded that their own posts were being filtered out after they started using the script.

9efb0a No.661110


as always ^^

" Bono set his record in 1960, the year he was born; Bono is not the record holder, he is the record itself." the record talked about is about the biggest shit ever taken

4b3b9d No.661111


>that vibe

When will you disgusting new age boomers leave here? You don't belong. This isn't your board.

11f717 No.661112

Cabal don't seem too happy about new clown director, I wounder why! She looks rough around the edges and delivers results ;) Her confirmation is must watch, loudest voices!

869f83 No.661113


What does it mean if you haven't remembered a dream in years and years and only have remembered a few when you woke up in your entire life? (serious question)

c16f3d No.661114


Billy Graham was also a Free Mason

f830de No.661115


I really think they are done for. I have for a week or so. I'm not saying the bad actors are all rounded up, but the CIA as it WAS, is dead. NO WAY POTUS didn't have them in the crosshairs right off the bat right??

b79f07 No.661116

File: 350bf45d680f26f⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 889x500, 889:500, boomerMadDogMattis.jpg)

>>661111 (cheKEKed) dubs & quads

you do realize you are being divisive don't you?

88600d No.661117


remember his very bizarre behavior on a talk show, may have been Oprah, right before he married katie holmes? Just thought of that. Maybe MKUltra?

917edd No.661118

File: 630bc870f176195⋯.png (21.69 KB, 625x341, 625:341, anonsw.png)


One anon did. No need to lie.

It filtered him because he had 45 posts in one bread. That is shill behaviour.

You're obviously new here or don't ever read the top of the bread or you would have noticed it!

d89cca No.661119


Yes. Huge.

We know a piece now though.

The guy brought in to do it has been moved to the State.

If you were merging one org into another, when would you move the guy you brought in to do it?

Wouldn't that be when it was complete?

The only other reason if you required his skills elsewhere and trusted the person coming into the position.

11f717 No.661120


I talk directly to my GOD and Jesus. I trust no middle man!

65848e No.661121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In fact, thinking about it, this comes to mind…..

It can be tough existing in an infinite environment with a golf ball sized awareness.

4b3b9d No.661123


nope, just tending to hygiene m8.

f830de No.661124

File: c2da3763a1f9591⋯.jpg (11.61 KB, 240x232, 30:29, ydiw.jpg)


I'm not even a boomer. LOL!! Poor shill. POTUS is a Boomer, and so is General Mattis. We should boot them I suppose.

Fucking Boomers!!!

d89cca No.661125


Apologies, I'll try and change my tone.

I ask questions I am not sure about the answers to.

917edd No.661126


Who mentioned posts? I said it was removed from the bread. Pay attention and don't try to put words in my mouth.

39ca57 No.661127







Same on both sides of the post. Out of step by one line, but the same parallel vertical order of words.

e18be9 No.661128

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Wed Nov 29 2017


← "President" Barack Obama on the Fight Against AIDS

Published by Jimmy Kimmel Live /w/ BONO

Wed Nov 29 2017


0:58 – "Bono's not just a musician, he's RINGMASTER"

(Twirl of the finger← WATCH)

d999b6 No.661129

File: 937b1b1082fc487⋯.png (287.37 KB, 1100x457, 1100:457, ClipboardImage.png)

had ya'll seen this graphic? mind blown.

f0e891 No.661132

File: 6d21d766494f427⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, STORYOFQ.jpg)


Thank you for responding and informing me.

I take two things from this

1. Big owns small

My observation from this battle we are in, is that we winning bigly, but havent won yet.

Then again, we don't know what's going on behind the screens.

The placement of the new director is a hopeful sign of cleaning up the mess that is the CIA

2. Culture match

It's unlikely there is a match between the Core tendencies of the CIA (pedovoring) & The NSA (protection). The dismantling of the CIA seems the most likely outcome, while taking the things that can be used.

My guess is that DJT (+team) will set up new information agencies that can be build from the ground up.

This allows the possibility to create an information agency that serves the true people, as opposed to serving the baby-eaters.


To answer your question; I think that you are becoming more conscious.

Most people don't remember their dreams because they are not interested in them (just ask around) or are simply zapped up completely by their narrative.

I hope this answer helps you in any way.

11f717 No.661133

Billy Graham Bad or Good?

After dust settles, we still need a functioning society.

4b3b9d No.661134


God bless, anon

f0e891 No.661135


I answered here!


27bc3d No.661136


https:// www.hulu.com/watch/253735

f830de No.661137

File: 9aa3b1fa8bce1cd⋯.jpg (467.51 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, IMG_2119.JPG)

File: cc13c0b52d61cf6⋯.png (509.3 KB, 701x394, 701:394, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

File: e1f834256bb42c1⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, Screen_Shot_2018-03-04_at_….jpg)

File: adb9c3f32e26d4e⋯.jpg (118.46 KB, 571x644, 571:644, Trump_Washington_Style.jpg)


100%. At this point, POTUS HAS to be in almost complete control of the timing and tempo of all of this. I'm not saying there aren't curveballs or other REAL threats, but no, this makes sense to me.

I also know that the way things get "reported" are NOT always the way things went. I don't know a DAMN thing about the new director, other than she's gonna screw up Fake News by simply being a woman (KEK!!) but I can't believe that is the main reason she was brought on board.

The whole thing is Brilliant. I can't even fathom how it's working SO well. Seems like POTUS is just letting (((them))) paper cut themselves to death, slowly but surely. Incredible.

f0e891 No.661138



What's your point?

a5da1e No.661139

File: 25292359b4ef9a9⋯.png (136.18 KB, 530x600, 53:60, ClipboardImage.png)


4e1d40 No.661140


Wrong on both accounts. Not all that new and am very familiar with the top of the bread.

What you just posted doesn't appear at the top of my bread, or anywhere on my page. That doesn't come up when on the 8ch.net site. I don't use anonsw.github.

f0e891 No.661141

File: d63cf62fce8159f⋯.gif (6.11 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 808-yy92a1.gif)


Thanks for your work, patriot.

Now, get some well deserved rest!

d89cca No.661142


Thanks anon.

Following the mergers approach, it's also possible that MP has been moved because he has finished his role of cleaning out the CIA or got it into a position where it has enough momentum and now he is going to do that at State or used what he learned in his position at the CIA to help move the chessboard pieces as secretary of foreign policy. Who better than the person who knows everything about the CIA and who is a true Trump man?

746339 No.661143


He's very brave to say that Parkland students aren't special.

48cc5a No.661144


11f717 No.661145


A lot of things we know that should left alone such as maybe BG with many followers. Should me leave it alone? Truth sometimes maybe more damaging. (my opinion)

869f83 No.661146


I think this falls under the 60% we won't know. He did bring a lot of people closer to God/Jesus (in the proper way). Its up to God to judge at this point. I've heard both sides and its a tough call. I think he's confessed his sins before death and is probably square with God. Not sure if people on this board will agree though.

28178e No.661147


Most of my life I have had dreams of fighting a evil unseen , In my dreams no fear. One dream, Its dark , I am on a bridge with a friend , were behind a barrier , I have a necklace w that glows when the evil is close. That was 25 years ago. Thats all I remember of that dream. What I was dreaming this morning, I could see evil inside a container shaped like a bridge, on one side people are feeding it human flesh ,on the other side of the bridge the good people keeping this shape shifting evil from coming out to our side. I looked straight at its evils face and said you will not win…its really hard to express the feeling of no fear. That's why we must stay on course, stay strong, together.

7fff44 No.661148

File: 9236ba81ca21d1d⋯.jpg (379.76 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Podesta_Cooking.jpg)

File: 2838fdaee4b5701⋯.jpg (148.57 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FreedomEagle.jpg)

File: 577392e8be3b71f⋯.jpg (484.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Exiting_America_POTUS_Styl….jpg)


Thanks anon been here all day/all night.

Here is a couple more before I go.

5f3909 No.661150


>Jesus ain't comin down to save NOBODY, he didn't do it for the Jews in the camps he won't do it for us. WE HAVE TO DO IT.

Jesus came to save SOULS not mortal bodies. That's the mistake the Jews made when they rejected Jesus as their Messiah - they wanted a conquering hero style Messiah who would overturn the Romans. Many 1st century Christians were martyred by Nero but their eternal souls were saved.

The work of Christians is to be "salt and light" to the world by reflecting then nature of Jesus. And that includes opposing all that is evil and anti-Christ wherever it is found.

936833 No.661151

File: 1604bc4543247f7⋯.jpg (33.37 KB, 436x434, 218:217, logo.JPG)

File: 26377215ca9fe35⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 566x557, 566:557, child_photoshoot.JPG)

MkUltra - blatant and in your face.

Who/What is promoting this?

It is an icecream franchise out of Toronto.

Making this "innocent" and "mainstream".

See the use of children.

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/sweet-jesus-disturbing-marketing-trendy-ice-cream-franchise/

e18be9 No.661152


$6.2 Billion for data analysis and anons. are still kickin their asses at ZERO cost to taxpayer.

4b3b9d No.661153


a boomer is tracy beanz-like fagoot who comes here oblivious and like you can be any age, just like you're a turbonigger faggot though you're undoubtedly a lily white straight virgin who would love actual pussy.

chan culture is a heuristic, not a style, and it is defended and applied because it gets results. boomer culture is facebook, and it gets other kinds of results, specifically reach. we're sick of explaining this over and over.

e18be9 No.661154


For now.

7fff44 No.661155

nite everyone, see ya in a few hours.

f830de No.661156


The more I hear about MP, the more I like him. Again, is it POSSIBLE to be in this game and not have either gotten some dirt on you, or have had your actions misrepresented or misreported??

I like hearing he's a Trump man. I need to look into him more as well.

Feeling REALLY good about all of this.

11f717 No.661157

Amen Anon, falls into that 60% category.

f830de No.661158

File: db54768aca2f21e⋯.png (11.5 KB, 243x255, 81:85, 7889eb4bcc0c0de9f5ca1e184e….png)


Good night ANON!! Thank You for your efforts. Sleep well and GodSpeed!!

e18be9 No.661159


TORonto is a cabalistic cesspool. Definitely needs more digging there.

659da9 No.661160


All or nothing….. because my plan B is Me & a Buddy taking corrupt officials out camping in a RV…..

5f3909 No.661161

Indeed, indeed.

A "helper-Anon" - listen well.

f0e891 No.661162

File: 26ca0d4e9250fa2⋯.png (715.48 KB, 922x467, 922:467, ClipboardImage (9).png)


I agree. It's a precarious balance; remove bad actors from positions of power, while shifting the narrative into the direction that we want (&need!), without causing too much upheavel.

Truth may be damaging, but I personally rather have a bitter truth than a sweet lie. Not all want that. When I say this to my next of kin, they want the opposite.

I'll give you an example: a few years ago I was following some false spiritual teachings. During the time< i was happy with it. When I realized that it was a bad cult, I immediately left. There wasn't any permanent damage, but I did cast off all the teachings. When I talked to them, and I told them what I just told you, they didn't understand

"But, you were happy back then"

"Yes, but now that I know it is a lie, I don't want to have anything to do with it."

"That doesn't matter. You were happy."

It seems that for them, being happy and asleep, is more important than being angry and awake.


Oh wow, those are GREAT!

babfb5 No.661163

Going to catch some sleep.will dig in a it on ses

f830de No.661164


Beautiful Anon!! Sleep well!!

f830de No.661165

File: cbaa4d33b3941bc⋯.png (78.31 KB, 2000x1084, 500:271, maga-flag-make-america-gre….png)


Rest Well Patriot!!

11f717 No.661166


Easy Anon, no violence or vigilantes please! Trust the PLAN.

65848e No.661167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbd184 No.661168


Bono Partners With Monsanto to Destroy African Agriculture With GMOs

http:// www.unseen-pedia.com/bono-partners-monsat-destroy-african-agriculture-gmos/

Doctor Who Treated Legendary Singer Bono Found with Knife in Chest at Home

https:// althealthworks.com/14567/dr-lorich-death-bono-authoryelena/

Internal probe finds misconduct within Bono’s advocacy group

http:// www.tribtown.com/2018/03/09/us-one-campaign-misconduct/

b79f07 No.661170


Ignorance is bliss

I know you've heard that before anon

Thinking is the hardest work known to humans, that's why so few people do it.

The great masses of sheeple are asleep

The Great Awakening

Waking up each day to a job you're excited about. Learning the rewards of overcoming a challenge instead of collapsing and whining about it.

Cult of the cowboy vs. Cult of victimhood

f9dbb4 No.661171



Doesn't appear to be working at the moment…

f830de No.661172


Ugh!! This guy. I always thought if their WAS an "Anti-Christ" it was him or Oprah.

And man…Christians LOVE him.

e18be9 No.661174

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Apocalypse Now - Colonel Kurtz


Marlon Brando - The Hollow Men - How Cultures Die - T S Eliot

5f3909 No.661175


Thanks for the info.

94826d No.661176


Cult of the Cowboy. Real men. No mamby pamby emotions. Until they're dumped by a woman. Or until somebody else shows emotions. Then they become consumed by them. Anger, pissy snowflake anger, and they start lashing out like PMS times a thousand has consumed them because all that pent-up emotion they were too weak to process like everybody else. They were terrified of it like soft little girls. So they throw snowflake tantrums on the board trying their level best to obliterate anybody who shows the humanity they are too weak to show.

Cult of the Cowboy. More like Cunt of the Soyboy.

659da9 No.661177


All Good……….. Plan B don't have to kick in as soon as expected as Hillary lost……. LOL ! Delayed 2 years….. in a holding pattern lol ! Trusting the Plan….

f0e891 No.661178


God bless you

This is what I take from it; 25 years ago, you were on a bridge, imbued with the power to recognize evil.

25 years later, you have crossed that bridge, fighting of the pedovores that threaten our and our childrens existence.

Keep dreaming anon, for in your dreams lies wisdom and courage.

b79f07 No.661179

wow! I guess shillbotz never sleep LOL

88600d No.661180


exactly. Not only Jews made this mistake but Christians make this mistake. The Scripture never promises to save the body, in fact, just the opposite "in this world you will have troubles"…" what is your life…you are but a vapor" "wither like the grass".

The trials and tribulations on our physical bodies are to refine our souls - referred to as the refiner's fire - as gold is melted to refine it, the impurities rise to the top and are skimmed off, and make it pure. If Jesus came to save bodies, no one would ever die (which shoots name it and claim it "theology" down) It's written plainly in Scripture that it is not our corrupt flesh that is precious but our souls, but ppl dont read the Scripture.

7bca8a No.661181


Just loaded for me. Up 50 votes since earlier this AM

f0e891 No.661182


How the hell did you extract that from what he said?

Hellalot assumptions based on nothing



94826d No.661183


Only hoping there IS a plan on this election … at this point it will be a serious kick in the teeth to everybody aware that Q exists, to sit on their hands, do nothing like the just can't be bothered, like they're backed into a corner, like they're impotent wet noodles, and allow Johnny Lambo to methodically take his stolen seat in congress completely unchallenged.

It's what I'm expecting, but still, I'm praying that somebody grows a pair and challenges the massive election fraud that we all know occurred. Otherwise it's AL was allowed to happen; did nothing - PA was allowed to happen, did nothing … no army on the battlefield just sits back and watches while the enemy takes mile after mile after mile. At some point the good guys need a win. Maybe it'll be today. Maybe this bullshit fraud will actually be stood up to. I can't hold my breath, but I can still hope anyway.

94826d No.661184


You're assuming a LOT.

b79f07 No.661185


the soyboy commenter above is a (1) and most certainly a divisive actor of one type or another.

It is best to ignore provocative posts

Educating others & expressing opinion and thought to contribute to the group conversation is one thing, but take a close look at that post again and ask yourself why you replied to it.

it probably wasn't to correct or educate but to refute.


wasted space

my 2¢

28178e No.661186

In 1993 after given birth to my son and brought him.home a few nights later I had a dream about my grandfather, and my 18 month old daughter. We were walking a long a river

holding hands, it was at twilight, peaceful the river was dark and roiling with whirlpools, I look to see my Grandfather standing on the water, he was smiling, I smiled back, then suddenly he grabbed my childs arm and started pulling her down into a whirlpool, I pulled and with all my strength . At that moment I was out of my body, I could see it laying on the bed..I was drifting closer to the ceiling..then I heard a voice, calmly say, its not your time, I was confused but nor afraid. And just like that , I took in a sharp breath let it out and I was back. I didn't, I didn't want the feeling of complete peace and love to leave, I knew I had to tell someone

But who ever I told never understood and I could never truly past along what I felt , what to me was what happened when you die.

f830de No.661187

File: d64f0cd95175b1e⋯.png (838.09 KB, 1407x518, 201:74, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)


Hey there!! Great work!! If there was ANY Truth in what you have laid out here, and again, bravo on stacking BS so high, but we all know the score.

92aad2 No.661188


And this relates to Q how? Emailfag?

f0e891 No.661189


Yeh, you are right.

Will work on that.

Talking about work; i should get back to that

65848e No.661190


yes, YES! ApocAnon! YES!

Oh to find a balance

5f3909 No.661191


So Pompeo has more or less completed the hollowing out process and the merger is underway and Pompeo, as a trusted servant, is needed elsewhere.

Makes sense.


94826d No.661193


You make very astute observations. I have no bills to pay, no life to live, no aspirations. I am here only to divide. Your keen observation skills are an inspiration to us all.

You ask no questions. You just "know." That's amazing, to say the least.

Many people have been banned for doing that.

Yes, it is best to ignore provocative posts. Like provoking people to work through their challenges so they don't abandon the effort when suppressed shit builds up and builds up then explodes like a volcano.

Educating others begins with knowing something yourself. That is achieved by exploring a situation and asking questions. Apparently you are above that because you're telling everybody everything they need to know about my motives without asking a single question.

Yes. Wasted space.

28178e No.661194


Sorry got carried away.

8d7df5 No.661196


She looks a bit like a younger Amber Heard to me. Yes, thank you Baker.

b79f07 No.661197


godspeed anon

the work is important but you are just as important

take good care of yourself


94826d No.661198


Some people would have a serious problem with obvious fraud being challenged. Apparently you are one of them. One has to wonder why.

f830de No.661199

File: 5bbfe613bc9e561⋯.jpeg (36.46 KB, 399x600, 133:200, glow1.jpeg)


Liberal Arts degree much??

fa7e94 No.661200

File: 5ca85c627d59e8c⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1536x1957, 1536:1957, 2D6E56DF-881D-484A-9DF1-9….jpeg)


SEA is part of SES.

Watch the water?

e18be9 No.661201

File: d08e6ec477331fd⋯.png (6.75 KB, 220x165, 4:3, Flag_of_US_SES.svg.png)



>That's it.

>That's the keystone

Video - The Untouchables (SES)

@13:36 - "What's obvious here is that there is a Hidden Agenda … There's Somebody driving the Senior Executive Service (SES)

And it appears that this time that that's parked about 2 miles down from the White House

In That Bunker that um (Hussein) built with

Valerie Jarrett … but that aside…"


"Between the essence & the descent falls the Shadow."

5f3909 No.661202


I see we agree. God bless you, bro.

94826d No.661203


Congrats on asking a question. A step in the right direction.

Never had a day of college in my life.

94826d No.661204


I did, however, serve 3 years in Army Intel (SIGINT) in Germany which is considerably more than the people dividing this board gave a shit enough to do.

061364 No.661205

Hey Q, why the fuck are Hillary and Huma still free? How the fuck were they allowed to leave the country and slander POTUS overseas? You're a liar, Q. That's why you are silent. LARP.

f830de No.661206

File: 380bd677ed63ca9⋯.jpeg (9.1 KB, 350x178, 175:89, PEPEPEPEPE.jpeg)


Because I understand what is happening. Don't worry about "educating" me or the rest of the Anons, which you are going at 100MPH, and again, your tactics aren't nearly as sleek as you think they are.


88600d No.661207

Probably already old news here:

CEO Susan Wojcicki to 'Fight Conspiracies' on YouTube by Adding Wikipedia Boxes to Videos


88600d No.661208


same to you

f830de No.661209


BOOM!! Great Work ANON!!

e18be9 No.661210


>"Between the essence & the descent falls the Shadow."

>>661007 Video on SES here


> KEYSTONE – Shadow Government?

94826d No.661211


Q has validated himself many, many times. There is a reason for everything relating to bad actors. We can only hope that's the case with fraudulent elections too. It wasn't in AL. Maybe this one will be different.

113256 No.661212

File: dcaa8520fee609a⋯.png (452.12 KB, 827x598, 827:598, ClipboardImage.png)

what the fuck?

Former Google CEO Schmidt to head new Pentagon innovation board

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-military-innovation/former-google-ceo-schmidt-to-head-new-pentagon-innovation-board-idUSKCN0W421V

c145de No.661213


Thank you Patriot!

d89cca No.661214


P for Pentagon?

084e19 No.661215


The sources of incoming data include buying ownership in websites which have demographics they desire, they collecting information through said websites.

b79f07 No.661216

>>661199 (cheKeKed) triple dubs

I think you are having a conversation with an entity that has no good intention

Have you ever seen the Monty Python skit

Argument Clinic?


f0e891 No.661217


wtf seconded

94826d No.661218


Add this to the election and the CIA flooding through the gates of congress and things are not looking good. How high does it pile up before a light shines through and the proliferation of clowns stops? The more we hear they're dying, the more they take over.

4ad9c0 No.661219


Worked a couple of buyouts and mergers. Its all about Synergies. The bean counters will list everything done by both companies and score how well each is done and how much is spent on each function. Then they model the merger by eliminating the weaker of each function and calculating saving which is called a synergy. Its usually not as simple as eliminating entire functions though. For example, one co may have a better marketing function… except in APAC region so they calculate the cost/saving of keeping only that small part which might include also keeping the existing capability on the other co. In the end they need to show that the combined entities with the synergies will produce a better more profitable co than the two as separate entities.

fa7e94 No.661220


If Trump trusts Pompeo as much as I think than Gina Haspel must be Pompeo’s hand pick successor. I’d say we trust trust Haspel for the time being.

113256 No.661221


Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive officer of Google, will head a new Pentagon advisory board aimed at bringing Silicon Valley innovation and best practices to the U.S. military, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Wednesday.

Carter unveiled the new Defense Innovation Advisory Board with Schmidt during the annual RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco, saying it would give the Pentagon access to “the brightest technical minds focused on innovation.”

Schmidt, now the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), the parent company of Google, said the board would help bridge what he called a clear gap between how the U.S. military and the technology industry operate.

Schmidt also said he saw the group looking for ways to use new technologies to solve new and emerging problems.

The board is Carter’s latest effort to kick-start innovation across the U.S. military by building bridges to the technology industry. The U.S. defense chief announced the board’s creation on Wednesday during his third trip to Silicon Valley since taking office just over a year ago.

It had been 20 years since the last U.S. defense secretary visited Silicon Valley.

“If we don’t innovate and be competitive, we’re not going to be the military that the country needs and deserves,” Carter told reporters. “We should have done it a while ago.”

Carter has argued forcefully for spending more on science and technology to maintain the U.S. military’s competitive edge over Russia and China as they expand their militaries.Carter and Schmidt said they would choose up to l2 individuals to serve on the board, focusing on people who have led large private and public organizations, and excelled at identifying and adopting new technology concepts.

460d86 No.661222






I see mk ultra …….

88600d No.661223

MIT Researcher: Glyphosate Herbicide will Cause Half of All Children to Have Autism by 2025

"Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food…."


94826d No.661224


Until there's a reason not to.

28178e No.661225

How can a puppet have that much power? I think VJ is the true evil , the brain s behind BHO, in my opinion.

94826d No.661226


Remember Pompeo did that massive dump of Obama docs almost before he could have dinner so it had to be pretty important.

a7b15c No.661227

File: e2382061eda2e30⋯.jpeg (12.33 KB, 203x255, 203:255, 22185a4d1326b71923fcf3a1f….jpeg)


wtf thirded…

5f3909 No.661228


Anyone running for Congress gets the second degree in terms of raking over their past. Good way to expose bad CIA operatives, imo - make them run for political office.

0ca1d5 No.661229


Ditto. But I never ever remember my dreams. I envy those who can dream walk. I wait for the awakening.

fa7e94 No.661230


This is just the legal money they get from the government. Does not include all the dirty money they keep from running their rat lines.

1e3f9b No.661231



Used to play poker with a famous record producer.he was Christian. He started working with Bono and has become very rich, like Bono. There was a weird cultly think musicians we talking about the blood.

061364 No.661232


No. He hasnt. He makes vague claims that could be interpreted in a million different ways then doubles down on an interpretation after something happens in the news. Q said huma and podesta would be arrested and Hillarys passport revoked.What happened? Why is Hillary overseas laughing it up? Why is Huma with her? Explain this Q.

aa10fd No.661233

File: 0a3e73465dea366⋯.png (66.67 KB, 792x700, 198:175, 0a3e73465dea3665062795cc55….png)

Clowns have been given a task that is not completable.

They've been told they must turn cats into "sheep".

Good fucking luck with that one, clowns!

0ca1d5 No.661234


It infects monsanto employees as well. No cure for that.

f830de No.661235


Oh no, I expect justice. I'm just wondering if you REALLY believe these two elections were stolen WITHOUT POTUS knowing?? Further, there is NOTHING I can do to bring Justice in these cases. NOTHING. That is up to the people of Alabama and PA.

Besides, EVERY election has been rigged, including the 2016 Presidential Election, and as long as we're using Soros' machines, and allowing absentee balloting and all of that shit, there probably WON'T be one as long as democrats exist.

Unless I'm missing something??

061364 No.661236

Q, what the fuck was the deal with Loop Capital? Waste of time.

94826d No.661237


I only hope this plays out into something good. The day is still young and we NEVER know what POTUS has up his sleeve. He outsmarts everybody but himself every single time.

0d7342 No.661238

2 818 on cataog

fa7e94 No.661239


Thanks ANON, that means a lot to me.

5f3909 No.661240


Hmm - I wonder if that's true or if it's a way to get the focus off vaccination as a contributory factor in autism.

1fe4bd No.661241


March of 2016. Ash Carter is not the Sec of Defense.

94826d No.661242


There are exercises to help with that. Very effective.

f830de No.661243

File: e9b25d3e9896f43⋯.jpg (124.02 KB, 640x652, 160:163, 0c12440b3bd7bdc7cca41ec57b….jpg)


HAHAHA!!! For real. KEK!!!

82e7d4 No.661244


I'm still waiting on the Alabama election fraud to be exposed. maybe any day now.

289d10 No.661246



No. Obama did not appoint any SES. These are not political appointee positions. They fall in the chain-of-command just like everyone else does.

Gov careerists and non-careerists apply for these jobs. In the agency where I worked, some SES were super smart while others were dumb. None were good at managing people. Some carried out the wishes of the political appointees above them while others did the exact opposite pushing their own agenda. SES do not have a hive mind or a master controller.

Thomas Paine says wrong things sometimes. This happens to be one area. It's annoying when his followers repeatedly spout his nonsense blindly believing everything he claims.

Let me guess you believe the patent story too right? Years ago, courts declared that was invalid.

04115d No.661247

File: bdfff1f88655395⋯.jpeg (119.79 KB, 1242x302, 621:151, C317168B-354D-4E1B-A3D3-8….jpeg)

It’s been 72 hours and this loser that wrote a nonsensical ignorant article bashing Q still has a deleted twitter, and his article still hasn’t been updated to reflect a new one or anything. LOL!

94826d No.661248


What it comes down to is that before POTUS, we were in the last 8 years of the U.S. as a nation. Q is all we have. He is (they are) not ideal. Most do not "hang on" to Q out of desperation, but more because it's all we have. As one anon so aptly put it, we have to live through this time anyway. We have to put our faith in something. So we stick with Q and we live through this time, or we jump ship on Q and we live through this time. It's easier with Q. Even if it all ultimately turns out to be bullshit, very worst case we will have had x number of days where there was some glimmer of hope to hang on to. We have everything to gain (potentially) and nothing to lose.

b79f07 No.661249

File: e5fa17e55e866c5⋯.jpg (86.75 KB, 596x289, 596:289, pepeFQclownsPost.jpg)

>>661233 (cheKeKed)


5f3909 No.661250


>>>661228 (You)


>I only hope this plays out into something good. The day is still young and we NEVER know what POTUS has up his sleeve. He outsmarts everybody but himself every single time.

Me too. DJT is nothing if not unconventional and allowing/promoting this would certainbly fit in with the "Art of War doctrine of keeping everyone second guessing what the hec you're doing and why.

0ca1d5 No.661251

>>661212 So this sex pervert is getting another high ranking job? Must be nice. Probably gets a security clearance too.

9ec038 No.661252


Personal opinion. They had to get rid of him before the “alien invasion” they are preparing to stage

09b0aa No.661253

they can't just go around arresting people for committing felonies anons.

rich people don't go to jail!


f830de No.661254



cbf58b No.661255


dont forget about the huge OPM hack they blamed on China. was there any evidence?

https:// www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/06/06/480968999/one-year-after-opm-data-breach-what-has-the-government-learned

94826d No.661256


If you're missing anything, it's only that the fraud is worse than you're imagining.

That's what worries me: POTUS is absolutely aware of everything. We tolerated the AL election. Tolerating PA on top of it will not be so easy.

And appointing Schmidt as an insider in the Pentagon as this election plays out? That's going to be the last straw for many. There just isn't any way to explain that away. None. High treason.

b79f07 No.661257


>mfw I didn't know humans could do that

51e23f No.661258


https:// corporateeurope.org/food-and-agriculture/2018/03/what-monsanto-papers-tell-us-about-corporate-science

The Monsanto Papers are a treasure trove of internal documents slowly released since March 2017 as part of a US lawsuit by cancer victims against Monsanto over its ubiquitous herbicide, glyphosate. They tell a lot about how Monsanto actively subverts science, both in the company’s practices and the way it abuses science’s moral authority to push for its interests.

The Monsanto Papers make for fascinating reading, all the more since Monsanto constantly uses and abuses the moral prestige of science in its propaganda. See above and below for an example of a recent PR campaign by the company.

That Monsanto performs research is clear. The corporation spends about 10 per cent of its turnover in research & development to keep developing new agricultural technologies, and “believe[s] innovation has the potential to bring humanity’s needs in balance with the resources of our planet”.

But the Monsanto Papers show the company’s real, and rather troubling, approach to science and evidence. Revelations include confirmation that the company hardly tested the real-world toxicity of its products, actively avoided pursuing studies which might show unwelcome results, and ghostwrote the studies of supposedly independent scientists. The documents also show Monsanto systematically attacked scientists whose research threatened their profits, as aptly summarised in a 2001 email by a Monsanto executive:

Many executives in the pesticides industry probably believe their industry behaves as responsibly as possible in our capitalist world. Nobody likes to think of himself as a poisoner.

However, it is also true that the pesticides industry uses the ‘science-based’ argument to both hide its politics and lobby politicians. It routinely invokes ‘sound science’ in highly politicised ways to lobby for its interests, and dismisses scientific evidence that goes against its interests as ‘junk science’. For example Graeme Taylor, a director of the pesticides industry’s EU lobby ECPA (European Crop Protection Association), published several emphatic articles during the recent big battle around the EU’s re-authorisation of glyphosate in which he argued that public decisions should be based on “facts, not fear”, and that politicians’ job was to “look to the science”… yet using his own daughter throughout an emotive speech pretending he and his industry would, in fact, be saving the world from hunger.

So, beyond the interesting arguments of their lobbyists, a better question is: what sort of science are pesticide companies doing? The Monsanto Papers give us a rare glimpse.

f830de No.661259


Gotta play the narrative correctly. If POTUS hadn't spent his whole life preparing for this, I'd be a bit more concerned.

And in BIG cases, most ALL of the work goes on behind closed doors and in the DARK, until the trap slams shut.

That's the only way.

09b0aa No.661260


we tried to tell you for months now but noooooooooooooo you all insisted it was a reptilian or the pope

oh yeah. Hillary asked Trump to run for POTUS.

and make sure you vote Trump 2020!!!

061364 No.661261

Has Q ever said anything that came true?

94826d No.661262


What are the chances that the article claiming Schmidt is now in bed with the Pentagon is bullshit?

94826d No.661263


Many times. Read the messages.

2e0d03 No.661264

File: ff5ca16739e13a5⋯.png (91.99 KB, 978x548, 489:274, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff5ca16739e13a5⋯.png (91.99 KB, 978x548, 489:274, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff5ca16739e13a5⋯.png (91.99 KB, 978x548, 489:274, ClipboardImage.png)




5f3909 No.661265


>There just isn't any way to explain that away.

Art of War

That's how everyone (black and white hats) is kept on their toes and guessing and how leaks are prevented since no-one, apart from a handful of trusted people (Q-team?) knows what is going to happen next.

1e3f9b No.661266


Charles Williams wrote a book where a US evangelist infected Christian with satanic or luciferian delusions. Insects or a hive was a frequently evoked metaphor.

What happed to BGs son who tried to break away from Pedo pops?

8d7df5 No.661267

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Just watched this little ditty on Abel Danger's YuuTuube channel. They are moving on to greener pastures. Hope it starts a trend. Farcebook numbers were recently reported as being way down from last year.

09b0aa No.661268

American Dad is on rn. Episode is about rivalry between the CIA and NSA! ahaahhaha


sigh….you guys….cmon now wakey wakey

c145de No.661269

File: 3ee1418327a70cb⋯.jpg (158.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, R.jpg)

God Bless OUR POTUS and OUR Military!

8ae6c3 No.661270

51e23f No.661271



If science in the usual sense is free inquiry checked by peer review and reproducibility of results (for which data transparency and rigorous procedures are needed), the science practiced by pesticides companies is mostly of a different nature: the ‘regulatory science’ they refer to when defending their products’ safety is largely performed to comply with public regulations and international regulatory toxicology standards.

Pesticides companies spend considerable time and money trying to influence these public regulations and standards. A global science lobby group like the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), for instance, which is funded by dozens of large agribusiness and food multinational companies, and whose purpose is to influence regulatory agencies and their methods to make sure they do not look too closely into the hazards of industry products, received more than 20 per cent of its funding from Monsanto in 2012.1

For pesticides, this has major implications. Currently the public requirements for serious testing only concern the so-called active substance, not the formulations used in the real world (these are only superficially tested). This means that, for glyphosate-based herbicides, only glyphosate is really tested, not formulations such as Monsanto’s Roundup even though there is strong evidence that they are much more toxic than glyphosate alone (glyphosate is never used alone as a herbicide because it is inefficient). Academics, on the other hand, tend to look at the effects of formulations because this is what people and the environment are exposed to in the real world. But their work is usually considered second-grade by public regulators.

This impacts the research performed by the companies too. Internal Monsanto emails for instance show that the company has never tested Roundup for cancer: “you cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen… we have not done the necessary testing on the formulation to make that statement”. Neither did it test its glyphosate formulations for medium and long-term toxicity, or for teratogenicity (ie potential to cause developmental anomalies in fetuses).

However, disclosed documents from 2002 show that Monsanto was well aware of independent studies showing that formulations caused harm: “Glyphosate is OK but the formulated product (and thus the surfactant) does the damage”.

When the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) evaluated the toxicity of glyphosate, they also did not test glyphosate formulations, as EU regulations do not require them to. Only EFSA recommended that EU member states, who superficially test pesticide formulations, also test their genotoxicity (ie potential to damage genetic information within cells, causing potentially carcinogenic mutations): “the toxicity of formulations and in particular their genotoxic potential should be further considered and addressed”.

This is absurd: for 18 months, following the evaluation of the International Agency for Research Against Cancer (IARC) which had taken both pure glyphosate and formulations into account, the huge public controversy around the re-licensing of glyphosate in the EU revolved around the question of whether it was causing cancer or not to workers using glyphosate-based herbicides. But EU regulators could not answer that question.

5f3909 No.661272




Ha ha

a7b15c No.661273


my excuse is I'm tired and a little ston3d still. KeK

5a6e4f No.661274

File: 2c891ef447a1fa6⋯.jpeg (839.78 KB, 1242x1904, 621:952, A8DE50B4-840D-47F0-BD37-5….jpeg)

File: fe25296604856b2⋯.jpeg (762.32 KB, 1242x1937, 1242:1937, 449B368C-8D74-4824-AEF3-3….jpeg)

File: 3fb71a32f27f391⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1834, 621:917, 03EF67FF-6D13-44ED-9375-6….jpeg)


Not recent but obozo was there in November after Shanghai. Easy google. Im still in bed but here is this…..

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/12/01/obama-issues-a-warning-in-india-think-before-you-tweet/?utm_term=.6813abda7688

https:// m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a23b2d4e4b03350e0b74336

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/11/28/obama-to-meet-with-xi-jinping-narendra-modi-on-visits-to-china-india-and-france/?utm_term=.81396babb869

fe38db No.661275

My yahoo.com is down. Went there to look something up for hubby. Everything else is working ok. Anyone else having problems?

d89cca No.661276


I agree it is possible that Hillary asked Trump to run.

It is possible that more than one party asked Trump to run.

It is possible that Hillary asked Trump to run because she thought he would not win.

In discussing possibilities it is important to use logic.

If X asked Y to run, it does not imply that they were on the same side, it does not preclude that Z did not also ask Y to run.

94826d No.661277



You have saved the day.

Guilty as charged: idiot. I should have know by now, especially as long as I've been doing this, to check everything on that article before doing anything else (such as commenting).

This was a capital offense of stupidity on my part. I should be ashamed and very honestly I am.

What a wake-up call.

Ever see Kelly's Heroes? "If that guy was a major, he's a colonel now." Or something like that.

f830de No.661278


No, I SERIOUSLY don't think we've had an honest election that matters in my lifetime. And that's a little while. But…

We need paper ballots and other measures taken. They are going to game the system until their tools are removed from them.

When we look at America, the whole thing damn near needs gutted. Where to start?? Who to trust?? What a mess.

BUT…I TRUST My CinC. Period. If it wasn't a "loss" that we could afford, it wouldn't be allowed.

I hear you on these fronts. But I'm also looking at a brainwashed, beaten down and apathetic American populace, and until we get a serious wake up call, I don't think the OUTRAGE that Q has mentioned is going to be invoked.

I wish.

b14b7e No.661279


Questions build Narrative. This is good.

625fe7 No.661280


Pentagon to ES…

You tell us about every single back door and work around in your Search Engine, Phone, Home devices, etc… or we send to to gitmo and figure it out the hard way…

My take on it anyways

8e7e33 No.661281





51e23f No.661282



That scientific studies funded by industry tend to deliver results benefiting industry – the so-called funding bias – is well-known and caused by two main factors. First, researchers working for companies tend to design their studies in ways that will benefit their sponsors. Second, companies funding research usually refuse to publish the outcome if it does not suit them, a particular type of publication bias. In the long run this can twist the available scientific literature on a given issue, which has big political consequences because literature reviews play a more important role than individual studies in informing public decisions.

But the Monsanto papers do not only provide evidence that the company did not test the real world toxicity of its products: they also show that the company actively avoided pursuing studies which risked producing results it did not want to see. For instance, internal documents show that the Dutch consultancy TNO was stopped by Monsanto from repeating a study. This study indicated that a glyphosate formulation was absorbed through the skin at a much higher rate than previously thought, which, in the words of a Monsanto executive, had the potential to “blow Roundup risk evaluations”.

Another example is the case of the work of another consultant, British toxicologist James Parry, who concluded in a 2001 study performed for Monsanto that, according to recently published studies at the time, “glyphosate is capable of producing genotoxicity” and suggested performing additional studies to double-check these findings. The response of Monsanto’s William Heydens at the time is worth quoting at length:

“We want to find/develop someone who is comfortable with the genetox profile of glyphosate/Roundup and who can be influential with regulators and Scientific Outreach operations when genetoxicity issues arise. My read is that Parry is not currently such a person, and it would take quite some time and $$$/studies to get him there. We simply aren’t going to do the studies Parry suggests.”

Other examples are Monsanto scientists acknowledging internally they have a problem with their product. For example in 2014 emails Monsanto scientists discuss the then-upcoming IARC review, saying:

“while we have vulnerability in the area of epidemiology, we also have potential vulnerabilities in the other areas that IARC will consider, namely, exposure, genotoxicity, and mode of action.”

Monsanto is a commercial company: the money it spends on research on a product it is already selling is used in a perspective of protecting profits against independent science, not improving knowledge.

94826d No.661283


This is such a volatile issue, I think the best thing we can do - for a few days anyway - is step back and see how it all plays out.

1fe4bd No.661284



Article from March 2016. Mattis is now SecDef, not Ash Carter.

94826d No.661285

8ae6c3 No.661286


You are excused Son, Note:

Don't dig when stoned!

Get High and LURK lol

b79f07 No.661287


here's a couple more links for you on this subject, the one from Scientific American is very informative in regards GMO / glyphosate studies



f830de No.661288

File: 376a9695df0a261⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 1511498667452.jpg)


I get the feeling she did. KEK!! Seems like he's been playing the role so well his whole life that she went for it, until it was too late.

And if POTUS played Hillary like that, imagine what he's doing to the rest of (((them))).

061364 No.661289


A job?

You get paid to do this?

6c8267 No.661290


thx anon, but in the q drop, q reposts an anon that talks about a picture on the red. org site that said "meet me in seoul" and asked if obozoio was going there too, im guessing it had some meaning of a message for him to meet there. looking for a message that could have been dropped to hildawg/trudeau to meet in india, to see if there was comms about the trip, could give insight to her reason for goin

f830de No.661291


Agreed. The hammers of Justice are going to befall many sooner or later. I know we're ALL tired of "waiting", but timing and tempo matter so much.


04bb04 No.661292


Obstruction? Thought they were looking into collusion?

c145de No.661293


Its OK Anon. TY for your Service.

We all have had, embarrassing moments of our own!

94826d No.661294


For what few grains of sand it's worth, my gut tells me this election thing is going to explode. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I just can't believe that after AL, nothing will be done with this. I think the sky is going to fall on the bad guys over this. I'm afraid to get my hopes up but if I had to put money on it, I'd bet this will NOT be a reply of AL.

061364 No.661295


The reason we get tired of waiting is because Q keeps leading us on. It would be better if he remained silent.

5a6e4f No.661296


Sorry. See…not really awake yet. Yesterday there was a site posted in Red/in Austin: was thiught related to red stringer. Ill catch up with ya next bread

94826d No.661297


*replay not reply

f830de No.661298

File: 4ef3da3f467a045⋯.png (211.24 KB, 475x472, 475:472, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


And that's how you do it. Give us what you got, if you're NOT a child rapist/killer, and you can maybe walk after a nice long stint, otherwise…

0ca1d5 No.661299


Huffpo irritates the shit out of me. The need to fail.

1fe4bd No.661300


KEK! I only know bc I too said "WTF?!?" Went to article to see if there was an explanation. Saw Ash and was like "Oh, wait…"

5f3909 No.661301


For a long time now science has been directed by government funding of university research departments.

For instance, if you want funding to research, say, why butterflies flutter-by,, just add, "and the effect of global warming" and you will get funding.

I do not trust any science that hasn't been independently funded. And that excludes corporate funding,as well as government funding.

Best scientific research I have found comes from Creation Science and Intelligent Design sources as their scientists are super-qualified and their organisations funded by donations from multiple small sources - people like me.

94826d No.661302


LOL he's been pretty silent lately. 39 messages Saturday but a long silence before and since. It usually means things are hopping mad out in the field and if he posts anything it puts people's lives in danger.

199c90 No.661303

What about a petition to abolish or severely limit/review the CIA? The dems are all fired up over Haspel's past, and we're fired up because we know the truth about the clowns. No matter who Trump appoints, the MSM will be calling for their heads. Let's show the normies how her questionable past is nothing compared to the clown's past. Torture, drug money, foreign election interference, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Northwoods, MKultra. Extend the review to private military contractors like Dynacorp, Stratfor, and Lockheed Martin. Could Trump have picked Haspel knowing the public would be outraged as a final nail in the clown's coffin? We can now paint the CIA as Trump's SS, run by a psychopath and coming after your freedoms.

b79f07 No.661304

File: 71aed28130f747e⋯.png (216 KB, 600x600, 1:1, twain.png)


>We need paper ballots and other measures taken.

old fashioned but effective is to add a thumbprint to the ballot & voter registration

51e23f No.661305


When cutting costs leads to deception

This profit motive recurs throughout the Monsanto Papers, hardly surprising for the internal correspondence of a private company. But it leads to practices that are simply fraudulent in science, such as ghostwriting research studies.

This involves having a study written by company employees but authored by supposedly independent experts. Evidence of such practice has been disclosed for several important studies on glyphosate published in the scientific literature, such as the literature reviews Williams Kroes & Munro (2000) and Kier & Kirkland (2013), or a 2016 critique of the IARC evaluation. Even press articles such as op-eds published in Forbes by Henry Miller, a scientist, were ghostwritten by Monsanto employees. As Heydens explained in 2015 in an internal Monsanto email (see p. 203),

“A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention… and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections…. [W]e would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak.”

Monsanto has of course disputed the ghostwriting accusations, but so have some of the scientists involved, such as David Kirkland, who argued both in press statements and during his answers to MEPs at a European Parliament hearing that he had no interest in accepting such a deal because it would ruin his reputation.

There is, however, evidence (see pt. 6) in the documents that David Saltmiras, a Monsanto scientist, did write drafts of the study he co-authored. A disclosed discussion between Kirkland, Kier and Saltmiras goes further: not only does it show that David Kirkland knew Saltmiras had co-written the study, but it even shows Kirkland refusing Saltmiras as a co-author as this would mean that “the authors would no longer be ‘independent’.”

In response, Saltmiras complains his constant ghostwriting deprives him of due credit as a scientist:

“I think my contributions on this now 2-year project may be considered deserving of recognition in co-authorship. I was prepared to let this slide, but in another candid discussion with Senior Monsanto management (several tiers higher than me), I was “strongly encouraged” to author some peer reviewed publications, since this is the fifth such Glyphosate related manuscript I have been involved with over the past few years without co-authorship.”

Kirkland replied saying the editor of Critical Reviews of Toxicology, the journal where the paper was published, would probably refuse:

“Given what he said about dissociating Larry and myself from industry during the responses to the referees comments, I would be surprised if he agreed to add an industry name to the authors.”

Saltmiras gave up:

“Then no need to bother the editor. The paper is Kier and Kirkland. Thanks for your patience.”

88600d No.661306

Rep. Carson Confirms 2015 Hotel Room Meeting With Ellison And Farrakhan

Democratic Rep. Andre Carson confirmed he met with Louis Farrakhan and Rep. Keith Ellison in 2015

Ellison repeatedly claimed his relationship with

Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite, ended before 2006

Carson declined to rule out future meetings with Farrakhan, and Ellison has refused to confirm he was at the meeting.


6c8267 No.661307


ya i need me some covfefe too, check back in 819

28178e No.661308


Can you point that upward PLEASE! Thanks..

51e23f No.661309


Last part (sorry for the long reposts)

Attacking independent scientists

Monsanto does not hesitate to play dirty. Documents show that it went as far as it could to get the 2012 Séralini study2 retracted, orchestrated a campaign to destroy the International Agency for Research on Cancer after its critical evaluation of glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen, and that, more generally, the company maintains a permanent watch over the scientific literature to make sure that studies whose findings may threaten its business are undermined. This is made abundantly clear in the words of the previously quoted Monsanto executive who said: “Data generated by academics has always been a major concern for us in the defense of our products.” Intelligence gathering on NGO activities is also mentioned (see p. 302) in the documents.

What can we conclude from this brief tour through Monsanto’s internal discussions on the science around glyphosate?

First, that working for Monsanto seems to put its scientists in awkward positions. They have access to a lot of resources but need to keep cutting costs, at the risk of committing scientific fraud. They know their product in-depth but cannot publish what they know, and must actively fight others trying to find it. As scientists, it is difficult for them to get credit as co-authors because other scientists do not want to be associated with them. From the moment a product starts to be commercialised, their scientific competence goes into fighting the relevant science rather than advancing it.

Second, that these exchanges are yet another indication that one cannot be judge and jury, and that corporations have too much of a vested interest in the research they perform or sponsor on their products’ safety to be trusted as a reliable source for public decision-making. However, industry’s research remains the basis of public regulators’ evaluation today, in the EU and elsewhere. Nevertheless it would not be very difficult to charge industry for the cost of public evaluations and have the research for pre-market authorisations performed by independent researchers, following experimental protocols that take into account what we as citizens, and our environment, are actually exposed to, rather than the convenient fiction scenarios concocted by industry’s regulatory affairs departments and lobbyists. But this depends on political will, not science.

0ca1d5 No.661310


werks4 me.

061364 No.661311


Q is silent because anons are mad that Hillary was able to leave the country after Q told us months ago her passport was revoked. Q is probably trying to come up with a good lie to explain this.

f830de No.661313


I think that depends on where a person is. I know a LOT of people are looking and digging like never before. And for those of us who have known about a lot of this evil, it's old news and we want JUSTICE. But getting a lulled to sleep America awake and to unite the nets of knowledge amongst the mislead and propagandized populace is a chore.

But I hear your argument, and while my play and your play are different, I see your point.

30f699 No.661314

On Monday, United Airlines stored a dog in an overhead bin. It died. Tragic

-Understandably, we’re all upset

Planned Parenthood murders 900 babies every single day. Tragic

-Yet not everyone is upset 🤔

I wish everyone cared as much about babies as they do about puppies.

061364 No.661315

Way to go Q team for fucking up another rigged election. Useless.

f830de No.661316


Where was her boot??

85d123 No.661317

File: 9d2279bb991f10a⋯.jpg (132.83 KB, 1000x543, 1000:543, screen_shot_2014-07-09_at_….jpg)

File: d3ed431bce5ad92⋯.jpg (174.52 KB, 830x1200, 83:120, hothor.jpg)

File: e517ffda24332d4⋯.png (190.73 KB, 353x431, 353:431, kekmate19.png)

Anyone seen PO?

Fresh Vid?



I stopped checking, he's 187 or sumtin

f830de No.661318


Good work ANON!!

6c8267 No.661319

File: 2447d2b1f52c853⋯.png (296.08 KB, 363x446, 363:446, ClipboardImage.png)

payalkhandwala was a fun dig, although not fruitful from what i saw.

hrc met with /payalwahatever/ in india, and made her the dress. idk she was named in a report. she makes weird art.

dropping here incase any anons interested

94826d No.661320


All I can do on the Hillary thing is scratch my head and say "right now I'm clueless; let's see what happens." It would normally be "final" that she's off in India partying but POTUS always has a plan nobody else understands who who knows. Pending further information.

2e0d03 No.661321


How can it fail with a bunch of WHITE WOMEN running it?

The most diverse news site preaching diversity for mankind

hypocrisy level 1,000,000

c145de No.661322

Just an advise Anons!

Been around, the day we blame our "Q+" and OUR POTOUS, Cabal wins. President and his Team do not telegraph their plans. Lear for God & Country!

48cc5a No.661323


Ok so why did they do 9-11?

and why is Q giving us this info if he is not helping?

94826d No.661324


Why do things have to be diverse to be good? That's NWO programming.

289d10 No.661325


You need to pay closer attention and not blindly believe everything you see. That is old news. It happened under Obama.

09b0aa No.661327


She asked him to run because she knew he was not entangled in the mess (as much) and other cnadidtates and she knew that America was being sold to the highest bidder. It wasn't just her.

This was planned in advance to save the country from foreign agents.

Poitical parties aren't really a thing. Forget that part.

this is about protecting assets nothing more nothing less.

wake up. you are still worthless peons. but keep believing the hype. morale is good for the economy.

5f3909 No.661328


Like centuries of rule by the cabal can be undone in six months!

Instant gratification be damned!

Try practising self control and the acquisition of virtues such as patience instead of demanding instant results.

a7b15c No.661329


lurk moar. go read notables. read with crumbs. rinse & repeat. also, LURK MOAR>

94826d No.661330


That's exactly how it is. What has POTUS ever brought down that didn't blindside EVERYBODY?

72099e No.661331

Morning Anons, we have an op last night?

30f699 No.661332

File: fe22bc7a44a0be0⋯.jpg (106.15 KB, 1280x533, 1280:533, c84ca641e59fdcef2f4840ca1e….jpg)

48cc5a No.661333


Good riddance

2e0d03 No.661334


you ability to sense my high level of sarcasm

is weakened this morning obviously

they are a bunch of fucking bullshit vaginas

preaching to us what they do not practice themselves

fuck diversity

i want the best person to get the job - if that is a white male awesome

black female awesome

lets judge people by performance and action

not their fucking race

7bca8a No.661335


Where did you gete that info? Sauce?

a7b15c No.661336

File: cfd463f3cfd79ed⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 255x135, 17:9, 58f6ab447a2da28a1033aa16f2….jpg)


no but the assclowns sure did.

a77e9f No.661337

File: 4d4dffcbaa72bbd⋯.jpg (51.83 KB, 647x472, 647:472, Capture.JPG)

7bca8a No.661338


I don't get paid to take out the trash, but its a job.

04bb04 No.661339


Theoretical science is nothing more than a politically correct way of saying 'we are guessing'.

85d123 No.661341



almost every single day Drudge has some stupid dog story

WTF is it with our nation and fucking dogs?

Why are our dogs fed better and receive better healthcare than a large percentage of the world's population?

Why do so few people express concern with this situation?

Are the dogs our alien overlords?


94826d No.661342


HEAR HEAR! Drinks for everybody are on this anon! :) (Because I certainly can't afford it LOL!)

09b0aa No.661343


this news came out AFTER the NK news.

expand your thinking. what is a psyop? Who is watching? THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

not a game no. lives and billions of $$ are at stake. so sometimes you must lie. correct?

51e23f No.661344


I really think they (MSM) is playing us…

I think this is old footage. And i think the same with Obummer recent news and others…

Like when Q said NK would stop launches in november…

And then there is footage of launches if im not mistaken from after november. Cant find them right now…

I think MSM is plating with us with old footage and say it is recent news.

6c8267 No.661345


ispy hankerchiefs….

we all knwo what those mean

30f699 No.661346


94826d No.661347


If Hawking really said that, then we're happy to be rid of the little prick.

09b0aa No.661348


dead babies don't get clicks

7bca8a No.661349


Sorry - responded to wrong post earlier. What is your sauce on these numbers appointed by Obama?

e9921e No.661350


Did you even bother to check the article and the DATE before posting nonsense?

9c93ea No.661351

Holy shit anons, did I have a freaking nightmare! I think it was Mkultra induced or something! Wow was I freaked out! I woke up in an icy cold sweat freaking out… I had to look in here on my phone just to make sure it was a dream, then fell back asleep for a few more hours, that seem to have passed in just moments.

2e0d03 No.661352

File: 5d5376db68289a7⋯.png (981.6 KB, 975x514, 975:514, ClipboardImage.png)


GOD - "Hi Stephen - welcome to your judgement - what have you done for me while you are on earth?"


GOD - "OK - Got it! - Door number 2 for you smart guy…."

c145de No.661353


You get it Anon. TY

30f699 No.661354



7bca8a No.661356


DOJ is already investigating election fraud. I expect indictments and (hopefully) convictions.

BTW, the best way to win an election is by a WIDE margin. These close election easily fall prey to the fraudsters.

f830de No.661357

File: d08e6ec477331fd⋯.png (6.75 KB, 220x165, 4:3, Flag_of_US_SES.svg.png)

Let's try this again…LOLOL!!

So are we thinking THIS is the "Keystone"??

f0e891 No.661358

File: 8fc895de847946b⋯.png (66.59 KB, 1852x547, 1852:547, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's have some fun:

https:// lingojam.com/StephenHawkingVoiceGenerator

ad2260 No.661359

Stephen Hawking is dead on Pi Day.

Anyway, he went to Epstein's island. Wonder why.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2901091/Paedophile-billionaire-Jeffrey-Epstein-hosted-Stephen-Hawking-private-Caribbean-island-Prince-Andrew-claimed-court-proceedings-slept-underage-sex-slave.html

9c93ea No.661360

1st time using a name, but only so you can keep track of my posts for a few mins when I tell you about this dream - I really think it was from some sort of mk ultra bs or radio waves or something!

09b0aa No.661361


haha no but still wouldn't make a difference. there are too many people here convinced ES is the enemy.

too many sheep here waiting for a video of hillary raping a kid.

too many sheeeeep!!!!!!! bahhhhhhhhhhhhh

5f3909 No.661362


You have to allow election fraud to occur to get the evidence of fraud - duh!

f0e891 No.661363


>muh personal choice

>muh womens freedom

7bd409 No.661364


I like to think he had no fucking clue what was going on for the last 50 years and a team of evil scientists just typed out shit for his computer remotely to push their atheist "science" agenda and let the world think he was some genius.

e9921e No.661365



e9921e No.661367



6c8267 No.661368



289d10 No.661369


NWO co-opted this.

White men used to actively discriminate against minorities and women. Like anything else when something swings too far to one side, it eventually swings hard to the other side.

If white men don't step up to dampen this swing, they will find themselves in the same position as everyone else was.at one time.

c145de No.661370


Never liked Hawkings, however, RIP in peace Sir.

33c052 No.661371


….Got tired of WINNING.

….Saw the future; it wasn't FOR him.

….Another Arkancide?

f830de No.661372


That's all anyone I know that worships him knows him for, being the most intelligent man alive who "proved God doesn't exist."

e9921e No.661373

e18be9 No.661375

File: e17cba85ec9c598⋯.png (315.21 KB, 805x578, 805:578, HusseinAIDSvid-TwirlFinger.png)

File: 560633ac9812024⋯.png (61.13 KB, 466x428, 233:214, Q 251.2-HusseinAIDSvideo.png)


"Focus on Hussein AIDS video"

> Bono and Bobby Shriver created (RED)

< (RED)

> These contributions are then invested in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa


> T cells … are a type of … white blood cell) that play a central role in cell-mediated immunity.

> In 2015, … edited the genome of human T cells

> This advancement has potential for applications in … cell-based therapies for HIV

> https:// infogalactic.com/info/Iranian_Red_Crescent_Society

<Iranian Red Crescent Society

From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core

<Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: ‎‎), or the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is a relief, rescue, and medical aid organisation in Iran.[1] It was formed in 1922 as the "Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran" and was recognised by the International Committee of the Red Cross and later was admitted at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. its name was changed to the "Red Crescent Society" after the Islamic Revolution.

The IRCS has its headquarters in Tehran. It is among top five relief agencies around the world.[2]

eaec0f No.661376


haha That is what I have thought for years!!!!

30f699 No.661377

File: 22444f674674204⋯.jpg (151.41 KB, 1086x724, 3:2, DYOGl3XW0AAE2BK.jpg)


5f3909 No.661378


Maybe ES WAS the enemy.

Maybe ES still IS the enemy.

Read Art of War.

Re-read Q drops.

Some will be turned, some will not.

And maybe we will never know who was and who wasn't.

6c8267 No.661379


kek, cmon… affirmative action, "white privledge" ,ect ect. white men already are discriminated against, publicly and privately

09b0aa No.661380


Billion dollar insurance policy. duh

e9921e No.661381


And he failed.

f1fdc5 No.661382

Guys I know Hillary looks like she's having fun on vacation

But actually she's really stressed and scared

We have a video of her

Don't ask me what's in it

It's bad

I know that Obama getting a TV show makes no sense

But trust me he's panicking

We're just letting these treasonous pedophile scumbags do whatever they want before we arrest them




f830de No.661383

File: 430cae42111b8c8⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 500x537, 500:537, 26108m.jpg)


I think you're right. There's been a lot of this. Not like we can expect them to be honest.

9c93ea No.661385

I dreamed we lost the majority in the house and senate both and it was the 11th time the dems and clowns were trying to impeach Trump. The Vatican had spread over most of the world and we were the only country not under the nwo.

Q came online and we were all relieved because he'd been gone so long. He told us the plan was almost complete and we did it all. Then as promised he was going to reveal who he was.

Everyone's screen feel down and we could see the real screens and it was the pope wearing nwo clothing ( don't ask me how I knew it was an nwo uniform, hell I didn't even know they had one, but it was obvious to all of us in the dream ) we realized we were all played as fools and they used us to lock up all the good guys.. Fuck I sat straight up, drenched in cold sweat. Where the fuck does an evil dream like that come from?

f830de No.661386

061364 No.661387



f830de No.661388

f0e891 No.661389

File: 0bb0f8cc0bdf426⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 0bb0f8cc0bdf42655ac8b55d41….jpg)


And as a reward for proving that, God gave him a neurological disorder

Gotta kekking love it

30f699 No.661390



1a45fe No.661391

File: 7bd3308b3d57fda⋯.png (109.96 KB, 449x549, 449:549, ANTIQBABY.png)

061364 No.661393


Q said her passport was revoked months ago. He lied.

ccfcf5 No.661394


Anons hearing about Pennsylvania & that the Democrat will probably win has made me sick!

We need to start helping POTUS out on these elections!! We need to dig on the Democrat opponent and MEME, MEME, MEME on social media about them & also about POTUS losing support from Congress if the majority turns Blue. (no more tax breaks, no more border security, no more promises kept, no more safety for Americans)!

I'm not a Memefag but I do spread them on social media! I really think this could help during these special elections since it helped POTUS get elected!

ad2260 No.661395



09b0aa No.661396


Q might be helping something or someone. Sure. A great disinfo campaign includes being a bit like a psychopath with gaslighting.

this is all gaslighting.

you all miss Q and crave Q and he comes swooping in with some 'love bombs' of codes and half truths and pictures and everyone goes wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hooo we are winning bigly!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh

we might be winning. i want us all to win! but if this is the great awakeing you all need to WAKE UP and not put all your eggs in the Q basket.

Why would you assume or naively believe you are getting any kind of information that is earth shattering?

f0e891 No.661397

File: 94e4a60ab38724d⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 500x631, 500:631, IMG_8774.JPG)


Crazy theory;

What if they have numerous hours of video material, taped over the previous years, which they can use for producing a fitting narrative.

6e22cb No.661398


If this true than Q is wrong.

09b0aa No.661399


the crumbs are common sense to some of us….

f1fdc5 No.661400



I don't lie

Disinfo is necessary

It's pretty convenient


061364 No.661401


No. That is a chore. A job implies earning a wage.

30f699 No.661402


b79f07 No.661403

File: 40903553b986333⋯.png (292.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, qHowToSpotAfakeQ.png)

6c8267 No.661404


>you all need to WAKE UP

says the nigga who posts an article from 2016 trying to pass off onto chan its recent news.

go drink some covfefe b4 u start moralefagging

f0e891 No.661405


You're right.

POTUS is in the whitehouse, but without proper support from his congressmen and women, the battle will be very difficult.

Local elections MATTER

6e22cb No.661406


Amen, and now if Trump loses PA. Not good.

48cc5a No.661407



Sorry guys just trying to provoke this shill here


and it worked. obvious shill

c145de No.661408


Correcting myself (early morning)

Never liked Hawking, however, RIP Sir.

7bca8a No.661409


See Q#780

061364 No.661410


Define LARP

f0e891 No.661411

File: 633a76cdc0bfdae⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 302x403, 302:403, 995043_548094698583029_593….jpg)



Only because it's tolerated and accepted.

When people find out the truth of Planned Parenthood (they are baby harvesters), you can be sure there will be a huge outrage pertaining the matter.

e18be9 No.661412

File: 0ce28700b518281⋯.png (28.23 KB, 320x557, 320:557, 320px-Iranian_Red_Crescent….png)


> https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Red_Crescent_Society

IRCS is an example of strong national societies that play an important role domestically[9] and is held in high esteem by the Iranian general public.[5]

< – Emblem formerly used for the Red Lion and Sun Society

IRCS has 30 governorate headquarters, one in each province of Iran, and 330 branches throughout the country, as of 2005.[5]

Based on the latest structure, it is made up of four departments: relief and rescue (emdād wa najāt), medical provisions (tadārokāt-e pezeški), volunteers (dāvṭalabān), and youth (javānān).[1]

The latter is largely made up by high school and university student members.[5]

According to the law enacted by the Iranian Parliament, the society is run by a chairman appointed by the President of Iran.

This procedure is in contrast with the elective nature of a society chairman as suggested by the IFRC.[1] The secretary general is responsible for the administrative and executive affairs.[1]

9c93ea No.661413


Yeah it freaked me out. I was so relieved to find it was only a dream.. damn it was so vivid.

0ca1d5 No.661414


Because people suck.

72099e No.661415

File: d520024099ba2d8⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1041x5863, 1041:5863, 6F59A864-9970-4AA0-8315-77….png)

What about this?

061364 No.661416


Fake Q is back! What's up FQ! Disinformation is neceasary, right? Sheep here reporting for duty!

f1fdc5 No.661417

File: a86c46d133d265e⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5b8c11eb8628be43ccdc4f3484….png)

Guys I forgot to tell you

Seth Rich is in this photo

Him and Snowden are roomies now

They had a slumber party

I know it looks like a regular building

And that you will never be able to verify my claims

But trust me

They're there




061364 No.661418




f830de No.661419


I hope so. It SHOULD. What are we without free elections?? But it's been so generalized, most people KNOW that elections are rigged, but what can they do about it??

We've gotten to the point that we'll take just about ANYTHING they dish out and hope that it gets better. Somehow.

061364 No.661420

Sorry guys but I have to admit the fake Qs are the best thing about this chan. Better than the real thing. I am going to ban the real one if he ever comes back. Fake Q is fucking hilarious.

857a7f No.661421


I think the Devil himself visited your dream, anon.

51e23f No.661422


Personally i dont think that theory is crazy at all…

At this point it is just speculation…

Maybe im going *kuku* but with twitter accounts i think the same thing. What if they pretent to be still free but arent? What if the good guys control the narrative and make the /notourguys/ think the bad people are still in power and free but they arent?

Hmmm* dont know …. Future will prove past i assume.

And if so /thegoodguys/ are fucking incredibly smart at plating THE GAME

061364 No.661423


He is in that window, right?


You guys are incredible, Q.

Tell POTUS we want to be his bitch.

b4710f No.661424


check the pdf version of the same email.

sometimes they don't transcribe correctly

061364 No.661425


That wasn't a dream. It was last thursday.

0ca1d5 No.661426


Nope. However she isn't in Bombay (fuck the rename) She's in the state of Andra Pradesh at Golconda Fort. This is near the cities of Hyderabad/Segundarbad, and Bangalore is nearby. These are major work offshore tech hubs- everybody is there-Chinese, etc. Everyone. I've worked in those places for a year. The Onion topped Muslim tombs are there as well. Plus HRC is falling and such. I believe she's there. But not in Bombay.

f830de No.661427


Damn ANON, I'm trying to wrap my mind around this. Good work though. I'll keep looking at it.

a7b15c No.661428


it does lend to explanation of why Huma had an audio recorder with her….. purposeful documentation?

857a7f No.661429

Yes, snowden is in that picture. Just like the kings tower picture in room 704 where they were sanding sheet rock was really a flash bang.

857a7f No.661430

061364 No.661431


Trust 40% of the plan.

48cc5a No.661432

Wow over 460 posts and only one notable..

fb28a0 No.661433

I'm kind of dumb about this 5G situation.

But is this what you Anons wanted?

Trump really blocked it?

https:// www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/why-trump-blocked-qualcomm-broadcom-its-all-about-5g/

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/why-trump-blocked-qualcomm-broadcom-its-all-about-5g/

72099e No.661434

Is Presidential Emergency Operations the WAN test or the FEMA Mobile Emergency Responce?

f830de No.661435


I mean, my feeling is we HAVE to go to ML at some point and clean house right?? Is that what you're thinking here ANON??

0d7342 No.661436

File: ee7145f3c50b197⋯.png (99.67 KB, 929x457, 929:457, Screenshot from 2018-03-14….png)

so is this the kind of cooperation Q is looking for from snowden?

https:// twitter.com/snowden

04bb04 No.661437

Damn! Already baked the next loaf?

In a hurry or something baker?

6c8267 No.661438

File: 5cbdc8b4f0f4d8a⋯.png (48.91 KB, 1115x136, 1115:136, ClipboardImage.png)


good tip, looks like some redactions for the indian guys (personal info)? that caused the errors.

she does say 'clan' at the end tho…

ca03d5 No.661439


Let us guess, yours?

bd79bd No.661440

File: f913270f1850b1b⋯.jpg (377.29 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 20151029-ngam-ve-dep-chet-….jpg)

b5f0ca No.661441

File: 1ae1851a0a03a1c⋯.jpg (858.38 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 5426650001.jpg)



(((they))) are so stupid

f1fdc5 No.661442


I will never explicitly say one way or the other


04bb04 No.661443

File: 4f884f4e0c54041⋯.png (37.82 KB, 730x300, 73:30, Untitled.png)

Way to go Texas!

Now start rounding them up!

a7b15c No.661444


It will expose things in the MSM. Chess, anon. Death of MSM. Dead cat bounce.

a7b15c No.661445


now that's more like it!

3a6b3f No.661446



ca03d5 No.661447


Knock-kneed, cheap sunglasses, cheap top, too much hairspray - Would not do.

f6210c No.661448

q if there was ever a time to release the seth rich info to the public that we know you have its now. The info that proves he leaked to wikileaks you dont even have to go as far a the murder that will come out just shortly after i assume.Since he is trending on twitter and foxnews is getting sued by the rich family because of brad bauman its time for that interesting bit of info to come out

bd79bd No.661449


Ke. Then you sir are a fag

2e0d03 No.661450


hey good morning LAZY ASS please read the date of the story and the BREAD above you

72099e No.661451

>>661435 Just trying to work out what graphic Anon posted. What is Britbong? What is PEOC? Is it the WAN? Or the FEMA Emerg. Responce?

061364 No.661452


Q, tell SESSIONS to keep going after the guns, weed and video games. We don't deserve them and they are destroying our country from within. We TRUST SESSIONS

09b0aa No.661453


i never posted an article

061364 No.661454

Hey Q,


48cc5a No.661455



So what do you know then?

0d7342 No.661456


whats the end game? whats it going to expose?

bad enough that its true and i dont see either appontment being in right direction but how in the hell is snowden doing his part as q indicated that snowden had turned white hat

6c8267 No.661457


bruv he got outted as shill, check his posts, hes been trying to slide board to doubt q whole bread

78f6c5 No.661458


you should be shouting at the f@cking cnt who posted it .. he purposely posted old news to cause despair.

I am enjoying watching these idiots try every stupid tactic from their book. It's so good to know their time is limited and they are loosing.

getting desperate, i love it

b53517 No.661459


Hearst told his newspapers to "puff Graham". That's how he got became so popular. He was an agent of the globalists/zionists.

061364 No.661460


Q is always wrong. That's why Hillary doesn't have a boot and never got her passport removed and why both Hillary and huma are in India.

c3f409 No.661461


When travelling overseas, The Queen does not require a British passport. The cover of a British passport features the Royal Arms, and the first page contains another representation of the Arms, together with the following wording:

'Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.'

f356d9 No.661462


I just got on. It's bad in here already. WTF?

bd79bd No.661463

File: 1e83fdec990a5c9⋯.png (501.74 KB, 1069x504, 1069:504, 2018-03-07 20.36.07.png)

e79ffe No.661464


Why are you replying to fake q? That helps the psychopath.

061364 No.661465



Q said Hillary had her passport removed and will not be allowed to leave the country.

ca03d5 No.661466


Realization that we've been scammed is a hard pill to swallow.

b5f0ca No.661467


^^^ For Military Personnel

061364 No.661468


Because he's funny and better than the real thing.

2e0d03 No.661469

File: db592acb144fc03⋯.png (273.3 KB, 1026x329, 1026:329, ClipboardImage.png)

more fake Q making the rounds on twatter

72099e No.661470

>>661465. I understood it to be tagged.

0ca1d5 No.661471


Draw a picture of the NWO clothing.

fb28a0 No.661472

File: f4079e7106a8779⋯.png (30.54 KB, 635x518, 635:518, Capture.PNG)

I'll try again:

fdee57 No.661473


Idiot..Why would you ever insist on infringement of another's Rights? Moron.

061364 No.661474


Guys! This is huge. Q is going to announce who he is. Retreat this. Get the word out. It's time.

156a3b No.661475


keep educating the normies on real/fake Q.

it will stop.

ca03d5 No.661476


You seem to be the only one who ever thinks he's funny. Are you using a phone to reply to your fake Q name?

f356d9 No.661477


Um yeah ok. We have not been. I see the desperation though. Interesting.

061364 No.661478


Define sarcasm

Now define dumbass.

b53517 No.661479


Hearst told his newspapers to "puff Graham". That's how Graham became so popular. He was an agent of the globalists/zionists.

6c8267 No.661480


could be 5g, could be legit military security concerns.

tons of mil eqiup uses qualcomm tech anon

061364 No.661481


I am not fake Q but I wish I was.

2e0d03 No.661482


how do you go to a specific old post what is the quickest way to pull the real post up

f830de No.661484


PEOC is in the White House I think. WAN has to do with internet ability of some sort, but I know JACK about tech, so that's not my cup of tea. The FEMA MER might be deployed in the case of ML being declared I would assume.

Again, I'm not sure. Worth looking into further though. Good eye. I do KNOW that part of this is so that We The People can learn to investigate and share knowledge WITHOUT someone holding our hand (too much) and it seems like you might have something here.

2e0d03 No.661485


shut the fuck up

ca03d5 No.661486


Shit, they going to blow up the lincoln memorial. I'm calling this in, just in case.

061364 No.661487


We can't be silent. We have to retweet this. Get the word out.

156a3b No.661488

File: 0bb19c1df956279⋯.png (146.27 KB, 309x306, 103:102, THEYRE.DOING.IT.ANONS.CLOW….png)




clowns will be clowns

061364 No.661489


We need to warn Q!

f356d9 No.661490



This is an archive of only the real posts.

6c8267 No.661491


PEOC is underneath the white house

presidential emergency operations center/command

q said they tried to breach it in one of the early posts

ca03d5 No.661492


Or MK ULTRA concerns. Remember what Q told us.

f830de No.661493


Where's the boot?? I thought she had a boot everywhere else.

8e7e33 No.661494


That fake, thus doctored, post is dated today's date, yet has No.630… which would be threads ago!


061364 No.661495


This. Don't fall for the shills.

0a65e8 No.661496

A german article just reports this:

https:// nationalsecurityaction.org

organized by former Obama people to got against Pres. Trump

Is this relevant?

bd79bd No.661497

File: 234b855559f8222⋯.jpeg (108.61 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, 1520964905.jpeg)

156a3b No.661498



pay attention anons

061364 No.661499


It was just a boot. No ankle monitor. Q lied.

ca03d5 No.661500


I'm sure he knows. They see everything, they can hear you breathe kek

061364 No.661501


I wonder if Q can see me when I touch myself.

e79ffe No.661502

Threshold was predicted for 3/20, but perhaps delayed by SM censorship? Any new estimates?

EBS Servers upgraded for plan B? Stress test showed weaknesses, time to enhance backbone servers?

b79f07 No.661503

File: da8887130089565⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 602x318, 301:159, clownsKEK.jpg)

>>661488 (cheKeKed)

KEK wills it

156a3b No.661504


filtered for being a clown

ca03d5 No.661505


Don't even… he'll post pictures of it! No one wants to see that, especially you!

09b0aa No.661506


more about pushing contraceptives on women which are poison (and also poison the water via pee pee) then the dead baby harvesting.

hormonal contraceptives alter brain chemistry and make women easier to control. also makes them depressed and fat and have sinus problems and all kidns of stuff thats bad.

then you go to the doctor and get some zoloft and poison yourself and the water some more.

ultimate control.

fdee57 No.661507


The definition is staring at you in the mirror…Ur so called sarcasm can be interpreted by newfags the wrong way, so why don't you not shit up the board with ur sarcasm????

fb28a0 No.661508


I'm clueless about 5G thing.(girl here) I wanted to know is this something from Trump or not.


061364 No.661509


Trust the plan

ca03d5 No.661510

Pi day 3/14 ( 3.14 ) I realize only a small percentage of you will understand this, but still.

061364 No.661511


We can't be divided anon. That's what they want. Trust the plan.

0a65e8 No.661512


I've got it ;-)

2e0d03 No.661513


You are a fucking shill



fdee57 No.661514


Also Einstein's Bday..

fdee57 No.661515



f356d9 No.661516

File: 2971dcecc027e81⋯.jpeg (102.42 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DYP6JDKW0AAzxYo.jpeg)

Peace in the Middle East! That's why they are so mad up in here! Look, Mattis is in Bahrain!

a7b15c No.661517


confirmed. I filtered them earlier.

6c8267 No.661518


there are no girls on the internet, faggot, learn to google or goduckgo, and type '5' and 'G' and get back to me

c145de No.661519

Angela Hitler,

Just is confirmed buy (((their))) Parliament for 4 more years. Tells you what?

5f3909 No.661520


Fake Q everywhere - I think that's what Q Team want. Otherwise Q would be dropping crumbs in Great Awakening that requires a trip code and therefore can be authenticated.

Think about it: fake Q is helping the cause by adding to the fog of war and obscuring from all but true patriots and other communicants (who have learned to recognise the voice of genuine Q) what's they're up to.

Let Fake Q carry on, imo. He's helping DJT to keep everyone second guessing what the heck he's going to do next.

I'd know the difference between fake and real Q a mile off, as would other patriots, and that's all that matters.

2e0d03 No.661521


no I want to go to the post number that is in the fake Q post 630070

09b0aa No.661522


sorry bruv, going against the sheep hive mind isn't shilling.


haha ok

bd79bd No.661523


5G was coming regardless of Trump. Just the growth of wireless.

7fe48a No.661524


Field McConnell from Abeldanger talks about SES all the time, he claims his sister Kristine Marcy began it.

e79ffe No.661525


Yeah, we know. Like you said. Some.

b4710f No.661526

0a65e8 No.661527


and the day Hawking dies, at 76, like Einstein, which was born on 3/14 :-)

a7b15c No.661528

File: 58a3e164707ee4d⋯.jpg (17.97 KB, 255x222, 85:74, 7fd5b860578a885cd0245b4d17….jpg)


HOLY SHIT if we get a 2'fer (NK & IRAN) in the same month that would be mundo epic. KeK!!!

bd79bd No.661529


Fuckin kek.

e9921e No.661530


Best comment from a German reader:

"Habemus maman",

God help us…

f830de No.661531


They being the black hats?/ That red flashing light in the WH was one of the spookier public events of this whole deal.

Looks like we is going to ML guys. Is there another way??

72099e No.661532

>>661415. It’s not mine but graphics anon is gifted. I’m just trying to understand it.What is Britbong? Do we know anything of Operation Deepfreeze?

de78bf No.661533


Their need for symbolism will be their downfall……good eye Anon!!!!

bd79bd No.661534

File: b14ceb999f0347c⋯.png (8.54 KB, 255x200, 51:40, 8ef9fa26a457a6328185d8f72a….png)

bcf6f2 No.661535

Found this on Plebbit… anyone got a Democrat list?

List Of Convicted Republican Pedophiles:

Feel free to research these people independently.

Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor.

Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.

Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.

Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile.

Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Republican Congressman Donald "Buz" Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail.

Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos.

Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.

Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a female minor working as a congressional page.

Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his step daughter.

Republican congressman and anti-gay activist *Robert Bauman** was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.

Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.

Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. "Republican Marty"), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with an underage girl and one count of delivering the drug LSD.

Republican legislative aide *Howard L. Brooks** was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.

Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

Republican preacher *Stephen White**, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.

Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.

Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.

Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.

Republican politician *Andrew Buhr** was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.

Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).

Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl.

Republican County Councilman *Keola Childs** pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.

Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.

Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.

Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.

Republican County Commissioner *Merrill Robert Barter** pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.

Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

39ca57 No.661536

Cofer Black –Vice Chairman of Blackwater. Ex-CIA. Devos linked to BW through brother(, Erik Prince.

Gina Haspel - Didn’t an anon report Trump had discussions with Haspel often. Very interesting if true. Why would POTUS be talking often to the deputy CIA director? She’s hardcore. She puts country first. She ain’t no political promote or hire.

Jose Rodriguez – Associated with Haspel in Black Site (Thailand) and waterboarding.

Gary Schroen - Claims made he is dead…people in the know say he’s alive and well somewhere. Too talented to just stop.

Billy Waugh – OLD. Went into Afghanistan with Schroen at age of 71 (Tora Bora)…that’s hardcore. Said to still be active as a contractor (per wikipedia)

Somehow, someway….these 5 are likely connected to Q.

Q has a perspective that only comes with age. No young buck could know of all these connections. It speaks of someone in the biz for 30 years or longer. Someone who sees and hears a lot and collects it and analyzes it for a very long time.

These five span at least three administrations. Waugh’s case… maybe six or seven.. From back when everyone loved their country.

Most are now contractors.

Q, by the way in addition to being a security clearance level, is also the designation for an NSA department.

Q – Security and Counterintelligence. They are looking for summer interns…if anyone is interested.

bcf6f2 No.661537


Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000.

Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession.

Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate *Robin Vanderwall** was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.

Republican city councilman Mark Harris, who is described as a "good military man" and "church goer," was convicted of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter.

Republican director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for sex. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young.

Republican state senator Ralph Shortey from Oklahoma admitted to being involved in sodomy with a 17 year old male prostitute and transporting child pornography.

Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert in jail for the payments he made to cover up raping his wrestlers when he was a high school coach.

Republican Judge and campaign official Tim Nolan for President Donald Trump indicted for human trafficking and forcing a minors (9) to engage in sexual activity and giving alcohol to minors (results from the court pending).

9c31c0 No.661538

File: 4253899fe80070a⋯.jpeg (360.13 KB, 1242x2033, 1242:2033, 715B1B8F-8F62-4B97-9CB9-1….jpeg)

Facebook said it had taken down Britain First's Facebook page and those of its leaders, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, for repeatedly violating rules designed to stop the incitement of hatred against minority groups.

A fringe party, British First shot to the fore last November when Trump sparked outrage in Britain and a sharp rebuke from Prime Minister Theresa May for retweeting British far-right anti-Islam videos.

f830de No.661539


Well, that should be over with by lunch.

9ec038 No.661540

So what ever happened last night with the emergency call to our military to get to Andrews last night? I know planefags had a busy evening.

Anyone hear anything more about the this?

78f6c5 No.661541


look at your address bar in your browser ;-)

a7b15c No.661542


time frame?

1e3f9b No.661543

File: 500cc081d76374f⋯.jpeg (83.64 KB, 482x800, 241:400, 500cc081d76374fa75eafee58….jpeg)



Hawking was cabal creation meant to discredit science.

Scientist anons get no more notice than anons elswwhere but they are real, and many more of them than you think.

Pay attenion to what he says about Universal Quantum simulation.

You can simulate a universe *within that universe' and the laws of quantum computation are in exact, one to one correspondance with the physical laws of the universe.

The interviewer does not understands this. Anons who do know why David Deutch is smiling, and why we should be too.

There are rules about revelation i and conditions or rerequisites to understanding.

Start around 3.06 m in.

https:// youtu.be/MckuBQC6gKU

badfa9 No.661544


Don't call Q a shill! You don't belong here.

dd0530 No.661545


FAQ’s got the top bantz, old skool VQC style new skool.

Oh wait…

c8857a No.661546


FakeQ is best Q Confirmed.

Also he's my benis cousin.

bcf6f2 No.661547


If the Den-Party looks anything like this, it seems the REAL pedo-ring is being a politician.


"I'm not a politician." - POTUS

c145de No.661548


Q got this, POTUS gor her by p****y LOL

badfa9 No.661549


Field believes Kristen Marcy and SERCO run the planet.

f830de No.661550


What's always blown my mind is if a man gave is son HALF of the hormonal impact via "steroids" that are given to our daughters, he'd go to prison.

It's unreal.

6c8267 No.661551


planefags were on some heavy activity recently

156a3b No.661552


not much of a punishment for a child trafficking satanic pedo.

bd79bd No.661553

File: 0622ad461e5c6de⋯.jpeg (97.11 KB, 1080x566, 540:283, 1521032215.jpeg)

bcf6f2 No.661554


Wouldn't it all be in bold, if fake Q? According to the "How to spot fake Q posts" in the bread, this is legit.

f356d9 No.661555

File: 100d3f4a1c8ed89⋯.png (240.62 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, Screenshot_20180314-075701….png)

badfa9 No.661557


Real Q confirmed.

8e7e33 No.661558




ca03d5 No.661559



f830de No.661560


Makes sense. LOTS of interesting traffic in our skies the past two nights. I wonder if it's continuing?? God Bless the PlaneFags!!

4b0e8f No.661561


Interesting race last night. Were protections in place for voter fraud?

Waiting for the report to come out. Lots to do before fall elections for safe elections to keep them dar pesky Russians from rigging machines and double voting.

From watching news and not msm news last night it appears we have more than enough bad actors (Dobbs BSA) questioning speed of government investigations.

badfa9 No.661562



0ca1d5 No.661563


Fake Q never changes. FakeQ is a bot or Happy?

2e0d03 No.661564



and the date today


badfa9 No.661565


"Awesome" is the word you're looking for.

b1c1ce No.661566



I signed and have been waiting about 15 mins for the verification email to come back. Says

20,184 signed

ad592a No.661567


This is good news!

2e0d03 No.661568




c4afa8 No.661569


>20k posts in 2 hours

lol no

f356d9 No.661570

Do we have a baker?

c145de No.661571


May Lord Protect us from loosing real crumbs in our basket to make loaf. Amen

bcf6f2 No.661572



Get these Talmudist-pedo fucks the hell out of America!

48cc5a No.661573

badfa9 No.661574


Be gone division fag


c4afa8 No.661575



48cc5a No.661576

c4afa8 No.661577



c4afa8 No.661578


test#3 lel

48cc5a No.661579


Test failed

dd0530 No.661580

Guise, check out the other Q posts from way back, mentioning Merkel. He’s spoken about her bloodline before.

9ec038 No.661581

File: 76e3aaeda34bba8⋯.jpeg (252.42 KB, 750x676, 375:338, CFF1FAF7-31EE-4990-A146-0….jpeg)

09b0aa No.661582


good analogy

c4afa8 No.661583


>post #630070


welp, there ya have it if there was ever any doubt

badfa9 No.661584

9c31c0 No.661585

File: c0ee0da61ce46d9⋯.jpeg (441.15 KB, 1241x1685, 1241:1685, 9AFF900D-EE8E-466A-801E-A….jpeg)

Going to war with Russia would kill Brexit and destroy the restoration of the Republic and the world. Is this the Cabal plan- The Sum of All fears?

2e0d03 No.661586


be gone divisionidiot

87c656 No.661588


https:// russia-insider.com/en/politics/trump-threatens-eliminate-columns-historic-speech-cia-video/ri18655

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_column

>A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation

>During the Siege of Madrid in the Spanish Civil War, Nationalist general Emilio Mola told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a "fifth column" (Spanish: Quinta columna) of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within.

9c31c0 No.661589


https:// www


ca03d5 No.661590

Q post about press conference today is photoshopped. Use your heads, anons.

c7db7b No.661591

File: 64bd5c10999923b⋯.jpeg (41.75 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 2F0A9EE0-E400-48BE-B558-B….jpeg)

File: 5716695f625f078⋯.jpeg (38.15 KB, 320x240, 4:3, EEAF9DAE-D042-4C77-9782-B….jpeg)

File: b4519c75bd100d1⋯.jpeg (67.29 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1BC03D5F-5D39-45BA-949E-6….jpeg)

File: 867e605708d8d9f⋯.jpeg (57.33 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 32F019EB-E7FA-483E-978D-9….jpeg)







Ok, looking up the English translation of, “New York: Oxford University Press. Gesell, S. (1958). The Natural Economic Order. London, Peter Owen, 1958. English translation of Die natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung durch Freiland und Freigeld, 1916 …”

43b4b3 No.661592


Article is from 2 years ago

e9921e No.661593


I watched this, Anon, and it proved to me that I'm really dumb :(

151452 No.661594

The easiest way to detect new fags is the word, "Filtered" You should know by now it doesn't work and you just confirm your ignorance by doing it and announcing it.

8e7e33 No.661595


We need BO/BV to come along and clear the shite out.

Fake Q poster and the mugs falling for the posts are an obvious shill attack!

fdee57 No.661596

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

5m5 minutes ago

Hundreds of good people, including very important Ambassadors and Judges, are being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate. Many important positions in Government are unfilled because of this obstruction. Worst in U.S. history!

c4afa8 No.661597

File: f3de89f1aec1aac⋯.jpeg (88.43 KB, 528x729, 176:243, It ain't gonna suck itsel….jpeg)


Anyone seriously posting toward confirmation ITT is most likely a shill/faggot.



156a3b No.661598



how to spot Fake Q →

after checking for unbold trip, verify post was made via qanon.pub.

2e0d03 No.661599


how do you find it that quickly if I may ask?

156a3b No.661601


we've been through this before.


f830de No.661602


Wow!! Great share. Thank you!! Gotta root these elements OUT right??

2e0d03 No.661603


yeah I know how to spot fake Q

that is why my post says -

"another fake Q"

got it!

Thanks captain obvious

e18be9 No.661604

File: 6c7c8b25e9b5ae9⋯.png (843.29 KB, 1263x325, 1263:325, Search4THIS.SloppyStBANNre….png)




← ???


> https:// infogalactic.com/info/Salting_the_earth

Salting the earth, or sowing with salt, is the ritual of spreading salt on conquered cities to symbolize a curse on their re-inhabitation.[1][2] It originated as a symbolic practice in the ancient Near East and became a well-established folkloric motif in the Middle Ages.

>Destroying cities

The custom of purifying or consecrating a destroyed city with salt and cursing anyone who dared to rebuild it was widespread in the ancient Near East, but historical accounts are unclear as to what the sowing of salt meant in that process.

Various Hittite and Assyrian texts speak of ceremonially strewing salt, minerals, or plants (weeds, "cress", or kudimmu, which are associated with salt and desolation[4]) over destroyed cities.

c4afa8 No.661605

File: 69bf3be751d2167⋯.jpg (93.67 KB, 632x629, 632:629, lel.jpg)


>how do I into type?

72099e No.661606

>>661585 What you’re saying is the people wanted Brexit but the monarchy didn’t so they are trying to kill it? I would say Cabal but I think the monarchy is part of that

6c8267 No.661607


^^^^ this

dont filter, use discernment, its an important tool here. also they let you know when we are over the target by increasing their flakloads

e9921e No.661608


Maybe this is a good sign. I remember the house cleaning with Russian and American spies.

Maybe the May/ Russia controversy is intentionally cooked up, to achieve a cleansing of the cabal's gard of spies.

8e7e33 No.661609


No, we haven't!

Not filtering b/c the genuine Anons whom these Clowns thieve the IDs of will be missed!

e48237 No.661610


This is not a good development.

6c8267 No.661611


doesnt work that way anon…

new i.d each bread

c8857a No.661612

Q I have a case of the whiskey shits. Wut du?

f356d9 No.661613


They are breaking their own parliament laws and giving them a week to leave the country.

8e7e33 No.661614


Not talking about the 8chan ID!

You're new here!

a937c3 No.661615

Hey God? It’s me, PepeAnonFrog. Love You big guy. Seriously. Please grant us some Enlightenment and Wisdom today. That’s all. Peace.

e48237 No.661616

Stephen Hawking died

156a3b No.661617


6e685e No.661618

File: f84a38190c7e8a1⋯.png (150.36 KB, 744x255, 248:85, ClipboardImage.png)

From twatter, FFS

f830de No.661619


Green chili breakfast burrito ANON.

2e0d03 No.661620


when i replace 660813 with 630070 i get a 404 - where do I put the post number I am looking for - please

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/660813.html#q661605

151452 No.661621


I don't filter. I learned YEARS ago it's useless.

c8857a No.661622



9c31c0 No.661623


Yes anon Cabal includes the Monarchy

6c8267 No.661624


>how to look quickfasttype?

e48237 No.661625


Its another provocation to escalate the situation, 24 uktimatum and blah blah. I hope putin keeps calm

f830de No.661626


I'm of the mind that the more people talk about Q, the better.

48cc5a No.661627

File: 7299bb8720e3b36⋯.jpg (346.37 KB, 1650x902, 75:41, twet.jpg)


0a823a No.661628


March 2016, grow up

b79f07 No.661629

>>661599 (cheKeKed)

there isn't a quick direct way

you can estimate which bread it was in by the date and time / post number and if it's still on the board go there (go to catalog view, when you mouse over a bread it should show date & time of last post)

or you can find Q posts in one of the archives

f830de No.661630


That's always been my game plan anyway. I hope it was good whiskey.

c4afa8 No.661631

File: 3fb85ce1580af24⋯.png (245.5 KB, 1063x1063, 1:1, 1509572777744.png)


Anon, I….

48cc5a No.661632


You may like @cnn kek

3ca259 No.661633


I only see AJ as extra caps; the rest are normal.

e70776 No.661634



c145de No.661635

clowns are too stupid. I expected more intelligence. Q is correct they are REALLY STUPID.

e9921e No.661636


You sentence is not an argument.

WHY is this not a good sign?

It looks exactly like the cleaning out of Russian spies from the US and vice versa.

And at the same time the absurd high numbers of spies was reduced drastically then.

What arguments do you have to counter this observation?

f830de No.661637


This Ed guy sure knows a LOT about being president.

72099e No.661638

We may have a delta. He just tweeted again

3ca259 No.661639


Mirror of JA; or someone else?

6c89c1 No.661640

f356d9 No.661641


Yeah this ain't even the B squad, its more like the D squad.

f830de No.661642



c8857a No.661643


Jameson fine Irish

af8469 No.661645


Speak for yourself.

"We" dont need anything.

The posts were legit.


6c8267 No.661646


vpns are a thing, if you were talking about IP's not

>genuine anon's i.d's

what id's are you refrencing then?

369285 No.661647


ASF in context with "shills" might mean Astroturf (organizations like Correct The Record, etc.)

3ca259 No.661648


Recent tweets show JA flipped?

72099e No.661649

10 min. Delta

573cc9 No.661650

File: 9150fb0f67698a9⋯.png (274.19 KB, 1150x418, 575:209, austinbombs3.12.PNG)

File: 01d5a3c25f44ac3⋯.png (304.7 KB, 653x607, 653:607, khansxsw.PNG)

I guess we can file these in the coincidence folder

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/12/us/texas-austin-blasts/index.html

baf709 No.661651

If Hitler was a puppet, why would they be wanting to continue his bloodline with Merkel?

There would be no reason to continue his bloodline unless he was from a very important bloodline.

Has it been proven that Hitler is a Rothschild?

Or is he another important family?

2e0d03 No.661652


we see you brock.

we see all you shareblue faggots

789a73 No.661653


I bet he's a real thrill to talk to

f830de No.661654


Good call.

e48237 No.661655


Very simple. We need stability in order to clean the mess in europe. We need putin to be at least neutral or maybe fighting cabal from his direction. Spies will be spies, it can be mutually agreed, putting a nuclear power on 24 hour ultimatum with or else is never good. Putin is not NK

c145de No.661656


You know why clowns are stupid? No real smart American would commit Treason to this wonderful country. However, never underestimate our enemies.

6c8267 No.661657


ty anon, ive been trying to link sadiq khan and the packages for 2 days now.

f356d9 No.661658


Q has not posted since Saturday.

72099e No.661659

I don’t know how to get tweets over here

c8857a No.661660


Tell that to my asspipe right now…

af8469 No.661661

File: d382d4e8c4f19f7⋯.jpg (199.95 KB, 962x634, 481:317, 4A1DEE6F00000578-5492301-H….jpg)

File: 16fdbe34d602776⋯.jpg (244.54 KB, 962x959, 962:959, 4A1DEE7800000578-5492301-H….jpg)

Q Debunking Q

Oct 28 2017 16:44:28




HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

789a73 No.661662



they commit treason on each others assholes from what i hear

f830de No.661663

File: f1dfb9661862713⋯.png (213.64 KB, 740x851, 20:23, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)


If you've met one Mockingbird, you've met them all.

f356d9 No.661664


How are some of you this stupid?

75c41b No.661665

They very stepped up their game in Manitoba. Gov computers being rushed to W10 after taking a year to harden 64B W7 and told to start using Chrme

156a3b No.661666

Tillerson was summarily removed for stating that the UK spy poisoning (Skripal) had a Russian link. (This was NOT Trump's position).

Then May issues ultimatum to Russia to explain how spy was killed.

Then Russia warns May not to threaten a nuclear power.

Zero H. reporting today: "UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets, Suspends High-Level Contacts"



(((They're))) still trying to start that war with Russia.

e9921e No.661667


Why wouldn't one want to continue a bloodline of servile puppets?

de78bf No.661668


Their need for symbolism will be their downfall……good eye Anon!!!!>>661650

There are noncoincidences….everything is connected……good find Anon!!!

f830de No.661669


Where's the boot??

c8857a No.661670


%5 of this board has their critical thinking faculties intact.

2e0d03 No.661671







everyone of these posts made by a shill

fuck em

the anons are smart and we see you fucksticks

af8469 No.661672


>>651577 (You)

>>652149 (You)

Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasnt true and neglected to correct us.

Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar.

Boot theory debunked

Atlanta airport debunked

John Legend and Tiegen debunked

Huma indicted debunked

Podesta indicted debunked

Hillary arrested debunked

Snowden changing sides debunked

"Trump should be shot!" debunked.

the list goes on…

wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

75c41b No.661673


And there was continual aerial spraying all day yesterday

f356d9 No.661674


Yes, exactly. And I don't know why May would be doing this when her and POTUS have a good relationship.

f09796 No.661675


even a cult can have a celebrity

af8469 No.661676


You're silly.

04bb04 No.661677


filtered for typing (You)

eef58a No.661678

MAGA on today, Patriots!

Learn the PLAN. Trust the PLAN. Align your thinking and the events of the day to the PLAN.

Ignore the shills, Chicken Littles, clowns, MSM, and the little devil inside you trying to shrivel your balls.

If you do no know the PLAN, learn it. If you are not down with the PLAN, why are you here? Oh, punching the timeclock to destroy your country? Got it.

MAGA on.

c8857a No.661679



e48237 No.661680


Q implied may is in check after assasination attempt prevented. It appears she is full Roth

f830de No.661681


No shilling here, I just think it's GOOD that the "Q" name is getting out via channels that aren't US. Not saying it's ideal or that I want FAKE Q in HERE, just saying that the more people wake up in ANY way, the better this all goes.

3ca259 No.661682


happy pi day, grumpy

af8469 No.661683


Its off. She really did just hurt her foot. No ankle monitor. Anons made up a theory and ran with it. Q failed to correct them.

473bdc No.661684

Q you better kick this shit into gear! Tell trump he cannot continue to attempt to bargain with this shitheels! Tell trump he cannot continue to try and shield the American people from the evil!

If PA isn’t a wake up call then you’re not paying attention! We are loosing the narrative!

Sorry but Dems da facts. That should have been a not contest win.

You’re going to loose the leverage in congress. Dems will take over!

Q-I know you can only steer him towards the plan…but for fuck sake…IT IS TIME TO DO SOMETHING!

Not for me and my “confirmation” FOR THE COUNTRIES! FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE U.S.! It is time!

Drop the hammer

e9921e No.661685


> Putin is not NK

How would you know that Putin and Trump didn't already make deals?

Also, Q said that May is no longer opposing Trump.

That Trump has the goods on her and that she is compliant now.

b2a9fe No.661686

File: 35b6051c7cb9ab9⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 960x692, 240:173, facebook_1521032843435001.jpg)

48cc5a No.661687


c4afa8 No.661688

File: 16b9b3dcc978739⋯.png (195.72 KB, 694x708, 347:354, nigga.png)


>ball shriveling devils

not even as a joke

f830de No.661690


Ah ha!! Thank You ANON.

f09796 No.661691


sort of looks like her 9 11 body double that got pushed out to hug the kid for the photo opp while 'sick' from a contagious disease.

c8857a No.661692


Learn the plan? Not one motherfucker here knows the plan. Holy shit

f830de No.661693



f9dbb4 No.661695


ty anon! Will do a deep dig here!

baf709 No.661696


Pope Francis is from Argentina from Italian ancestry.

Argentina is one country where the Nazis fled to and hid.

Pope Benedict was sidelined, in a highly unusual move, so Francis could be installed as Pope.

Makes me wonder which bloodline he is from.

c8857a No.661698


Thats the least of Q's failures.

e48237 No.661700


We cannot have a wishful thinking, so that if facts do not fit we twist them to make them appear better than they are.

156a3b No.661701


defensive much? wasn't saying that at all, anon.

f830de No.661702


What if we have to fight for our nation in the streets?? Are we all just as ready to roll then??

48cc5a No.661704

New Bread




New Bread

e9921e No.661705



But I don't do wishful thinking.

I'm connecting news, to what Q told us already.

72099e No.661706

We have a 10 min delta but I can’t get it over

e18be9 No.661707


>How is he always 5 steps ahead? What kind of Trust does that engender to his teams??

>I TRUST Donald J. Trump. I Really do. He's MORE than earned it. And I Trust very few.


>Predicting upcoming events will be helpful to moral of good anons.

>Predicting certain types of events will not help bad actors because bad actors will already be doing this.


c4afa8 No.661708

File: d511d5136d11fbe⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 500x384, 125:96, 1458252978218.jpg)

File: d5d8209966fbb49⋯.png (27.23 KB, 829x829, 1:1, 345.png)

156a3b No.661709


af8469 No.661710

Youre welcome. Critical thinking is your friend even if someone calls you a shill.

baf709 No.661711

File: ffed257a44a2918⋯.png (60.65 KB, 505x284, 505:284, wearable-tech.png)

http:// gpssmartsole.com/gpssmartsole/

wearable tracking device in soles

9d574b No.661712

Hope you brought your coats. It's shilly in here

bbd184 No.661714


Maybe past sales were a lie. Lots of lies everywhere.

af8469 No.661715


Youre welcome. Critical thinking is your friend even if someonecalls you a shill.

af8469 No.661717


Yes. To list them all would take a whole new chan.

473bdc No.661718


Well first of all that won’t come that quickly.

Fuck yeah we are ready to go! Most have been for a long time.

Look at the patriots that organized to whip the shit out of antifa,

Don’t be a pussy! It’s time!

f830de No.661719


100%. Always a student. So hard to keep up with even 10% of all of this.

6c8267 No.661721


ya but they are pretty obv. so far. just replying to themselves all morning

f9dbb4 No.661722


We REALLY need to be diligent..could have been an honest mistake or could have been an op to derail…

af8469 No.661723

f830de No.661724


I'm in. Believe that!! I hate war, but….

f830de No.661726


That's what we need.

af8469 No.661728


Dont. Its fake.

88600d No.661731


only words that would not normally be capitalized are possible clues

1fe4bd No.661732


Fighting in the street is being cannon fodder to take out other cannon fodder. Expand your thinking.

9ec038 No.661733

File: cb49ae56a776642⋯.jpeg (209.16 KB, 857x757, 857:757, CB891F2E-2049-4100-BF6B-2….jpeg)

Busy day for our POTUS

473bdc No.661735


Lock n load patriot!

If they want one we’ll give them one

e20d51 No.661754


well jedi, try the world now. that is what we operate in.

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