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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

0f717e No.298889


BO/BV Thanks for your hard work!

To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles. ― T. F. Hodge






>>279968 rt >>279898





>>297355 , >>297379 Getty FTP found in exif data

>>295015 raw source found

>>295561 House of Representitives camera setup

>>293637, >>285632, >>285704, >>285611, >>294259, >>294647

>>293307 AIAnon figures Bloomberg has the photos

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones Thread. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>294086 Q Task SOTU Photo & Video Updates Consolidation from 2.6.18

>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting.

>>286850 RAW Video of SOTU

>>286613 , >>286746 FOCUS, "[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

>>286633 Q Letting us know that Getty manupilates photos before posting?

>>286402 , >>286411 , >>286419 , >>286460 , >>286487 >>286489 ,

>>286510 Phone Screen Confirmed Shopped. Spread the word.

>>285658 Can anyone access the ftp that was listed in the EXIF data of the photo on the Getty website?

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>283537 rt >>283468

*BUILD Anton Scalia 187 TIMELINE

Updates: >>285423 , >>285771 , >>286339 , >>287019 , >>286912 , >>293445 , >>293448

Latest : >>284904



Findings: >>289566, >>293165, >>293197, >>293203, >>293206, >>293215

Kim Ghattas and Hillary >>293215

Clinton Email investigation timeline >>291986 , >>291104 , >>291986 ,

LEARN TO PLAY THE GAME WITH Q >>295336 , >>297455


Memo → intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttle Of Charges Against The Memo → intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance → fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

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>>283537 rt >>283468



>>279968 rt >>279898

>>279886 rt >>279870



>>275719 rt >>275574

>>275572 rt >>275544 (pointed out by >>274871 )


>>274607 rt >>274601

>>274601 rt >>274558

>>233024 rt >>232480

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>>231625 rt >>231205



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0f717e No.298921


https:// pastebin.com/aM6dhsUc

5e3542 No.298926


[1] Learn this fuckin map. 43 connections?

[2] Make a decent timeline of the 187, etc


[4] RAW FOOTAGE. 1 of 4. SOTU



33bcaa No.298957

File: 0dc0c5dc5f5af94⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 1350x1826, 675:913, 0dc0c5dc5f5af9459a0ff6e0e0….jpg)

53b206 No.298968

Multiple Ospreys over Hollywood righty now. Op in progress?

5bcccb No.298969

File: 8776e0e1a45dd30⋯.jpg (879.36 KB, 1521x1943, 1521:1943, 8776e0e1a45dd300890a7ea482….jpg)

File: 9b896128a086880⋯.jpg (870.13 KB, 1521x1939, 1521:1939, 9b896128a0868806b9c02a1707….jpg)

File: da2e10092fd16df⋯.jpg (943 KB, 1524x1942, 762:971, da2e10092fd16df672c4969013….jpg)


04fded No.298970

File: 5bc2c863dadd73a⋯.png (35.72 KB, 520x472, 65:59, hussein.PNG)

8c19fe No.298971

Thank you baker for this amazing bread

< truly much appreciated

3ccf0b No.298972


wasn't there some major war game goin on in that area?

9821e8 No.298973


01c411 No.298974


Here's the manual it came from.

http:// www. jar2.biz/Files/WikiLEaks/kill-

33bcaa No.298975

File: 87b8f86fb6bba86⋯.png (221.91 KB, 773x567, 773:567, 87b8f86fb6bba864a2175b9831….png)

05ec21 No.298976

File: ea271adca4acc38⋯.png (482.25 KB, 1381x777, 1381:777, RighteousBread10 copy.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

Fix this:

>>298274 >>298349 >>298733

4b1f2e No.298977

Spreadsheet is updated

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Efm2AcuMJ7whuuB6T7ouOIwrE_9S-1vDJLAXIVPZU2g/edit?usp=sharing

will add the latest compilation graphic of Q's posts when it becomes available.

e8e56a No.298978

File: 0e3f66eaeafbbcd⋯.png (3.46 KB, 239x77, 239:77, SHC_Corp.png)



I think it would SEND 99% of people TO the hospital... with pitchforks and torches.

c8ab6c No.298979


I like having the timelines right there.

caacb1 No.298980


Nice work

053df9 No.298981

I think I saw Clapper was in Hong Kong this morning.

59128e No.298982


Nothing on ADS-b, if you are seeing Ospreys in Hollywood proper it could very well be an OP.

fe73b4 No.298983


this , you guys still want to say its not obozo ?

e8e56a No.298984

Great line from Tucker's show:

"John le Carre rewritten by Teen Beat" – Mark Steyn on Strozk/Page texts

56a4d6 No.298985


He was traveling the globe looking to get his grimy hands on [$115,000,000] ! but for what? Money to buy who/ what? or payment for something he couldn't deliver…

d53d7e No.298986


that is sick bruh -

cd3f98 No.298987

File: b1b20bd98b10450⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 826x325, 826:325, bhoinshanghi.jpg)

I wonder if these two post are related in any way?

8c19fe No.298988


i miss your multi message posts desu, hard to find to OG's these days

> samurai.jpg

4bd6c2 No.298989

Xinjinqiao Mansion is the google maps name for king tower.

0f7132 No.298990

File: a387282788ae7e6⋯.jpg (37 KB, 474x292, 237:146, 23sxln.jpg)

Shanghaiing or Shanghai'd

Shanghaiing or crimping is the practice of kidnapping people to serve as sailors by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence. Those engaged in this form of kidnapping were known as crimps. The related term press gang refers specifically to impressment practices in Great Britain's Royal Navy.

2c8f02 No.298991

law firm

http:// openleis.com/legal_entities/549300471CVEPZGWX103/Leggett-Platt-Shanghai-Consulting-Co-Ltd-

e1e062 No.298992


As usual…He was in London October 2016 during the time Assange lost internet access etc.

1872db No.298993


Numbers 3 and 4 have been done extensively, we need to focus on other stuff, not being mean but just pointing this out.

220d10 No.298994


They're both Shanghai so there is that.

2c966b No.298995


Or a movie being filmed or a TV show in Burbank….

33bcaa No.298996


just reposting a much more talented anon made that

770555 No.298997


Glad to see you again, friend…))

56a4d6 No.298998


He was traveling the globe looking to get his grimy hands on [$115,000,000] ! but for what? Money to buy who/ what? or payment for something he couldn't deliver…

44b656 No.298999


Buying his next traitorous Kenyan breath

5d6d07 No.299000

Theresa May visits Shanghai – thanks anon.

Stock market crash. Shanghai controls a lot of money. My theory is that this is where the crash was orchestrated from. Other Brit news?

498ca2 No.299001

Anons I had some links a few weeks back possibly linking snowden, hussein and the cia asset arrested at jfk a few weeks ago



My posts were ineloquent and slightly illegible but may provide some crumbs

On vacation with minimal resources and cant find the longer stringers I was posting last week but will try

fed5fc No.299002

31°14'51.18" N 121°35'14.37" E

King Tower coords for map viewers. "King Tower Shanghai" search doesn't put you right on it.

387b6a No.299003


Wait if not Hussein then maybe Christopher Steele. He is MIA and didn't show for his British court case. Or James Comey.

1b3ddf No.299004

File: 03940b87217fa23⋯.png (15.49 KB, 371x82, 371:82, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at ….png)

i did a keyboard shift cipher decode on the q pic… look in the middle of the top result

used this site

https:// www.dcode.fr/keyboard-shift-cipher

43493e No.299005


Easier to get the actual email.


What I don't understand is why the attachment tab doesn't appear with the email. I recall there being a lot of email attachments at the time the actual dump was happening.

7cb7a6 No.299006


Love it.

04fded No.299007


Pay off people he owes money to probably.

53383f No.299008

File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)


nice bread

>mfw small errors don't mar a noble project

704ccc No.299009

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

4b1f2e No.299010


Pressing time demands in meatspace, my friend.


I wanted to thank the anon who compiled the list of Q post archived links for me on pastebin

PERFECT and very, very helpful. Really appreciated!

e1ec9b No.299011


Anyone catch the A10s flying over the Super Bowl? Thought it was quite odd having that heavy artillery for a 3 second fly over

http:// www. kvoa.com/story/37428275/a-view-from-the-cockpit-of-a10-super-bowl-flyover-direct-from-tucson

967aed No.299012

>>298993 Anons do not give up we dig DEEPER.

e8e56a No.299013

File: f3dec00b792983f⋯.jpg (438.41 KB, 1300x836, 325:209, 1917_Riot_on_Nevsky_prosp_….jpg)


>Red October

Another basic/obvious approach to this phrase is to compare/contrast Trump's 'MAGA Drain The Swamp' revolution in 2017-2018 to the revolution in Russia 1917-1918 that overthrew the autocracy and lead to civil war.

To be able to fully understand this aspect of the Red October meaning - could also be why Q said to "learn Russian" ( >>97639):

>At first, the [Red October] event was referred to as the October coup (Октябрьский переворот) or the Uprising of 3rd, as seen in contemporary documents. In Russian, however, "переворот" has a similar meaning to "revolution" and also means "upheaval" or "overturn", so "coup" is not necessarily the correct translation. With time, the term October Revolution (Октябрьская революция) came into use.


If any historyfags can map out the meanings and dates involved in the Russian Red October vs. Trump/Q efforts today, it could be helpful. (I know that the 1917 revolution was a socialist/communist one, but I don't think that is relevant to the points Q is trying to make, if he is indeed referring to this.)

0f717e No.299014


I moved it. Thought it would be good to keep relevant posts together. There were many anons that missed >>298733 last bread

04fded No.299015

BHO has to pay his lawyer(s) right? Is he picking up money in China?

56a4d6 No.299016


well.. HRC had made promises she couldn't deliver on.. and was forking out the dough after the election. Can't begin to imagine what BO owed to others for goods he couldn't deliver.

5aa63d No.299017

File: 745236aad149167⋯.png (7.31 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 18454392-100A-4B49-A774-67….png)

Final guest arrived.


44b656 No.299018


That…not surprising.

e7b715 No.299019


Gave you an opportunity to reverse the game on him eh? What's HE guilty of..heidi fleiss? Kids? Whatever it is, GEOTUS knows all about it, turned the tables on him. Cooperative. Excellent way to turn dirt to good.

e1e062 No.299020

So I wonder if Q hasn't posted on his private board since 1/30 with post #81 because #82 will be a future clue? I check it everyday Multiple times. Habit now

7ff605 No.299021

Rothschilds firmly embedded in China. Google also gave AI. Shanghai. Red October also name for new Chinese Sub. Red-Red.

Market algo attacks on US begin from the East. They played an early hand on recent $666 day. Trump bragging on markets finally flushed "them" out.

8b5cdd No.299022

Maybe NP will have heart issues this evening after her filibuster scene today?

31cdcb No.299023

>>298967 Tried that, she blocked my number and got a restraining order ;)

5aa63d No.299024

File: cd89792b428d61a⋯.png (7.24 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 784A60C6-B1C0-4DCE-ACE1-A9….png)

bdd91b No.299025


that looks like a hitman

05ec21 No.299026


Notice the broken link? I'm not questioning your placement. Just put two spaces between each link to fix it. Carry on, Baker and Patriot. God bless!

d9e237 No.299027

File: 5bb7c3d411cf105⋯.png (333.02 KB, 800x1007, 800:1007, photostudio_1518053696181.png)

54ce05 No.299028

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Damn good company!!! Highest regards for them

338bde No.299029


Very good. Both Shanghai HUSSEIN?

33bcaa No.299030


41f0ec No.299031

File: f94cfac57b13fa8⋯.png (1.52 MB, 531x1000, 531:1000, YankeeAtUkrainianCourt.png)

Yankees In Ukrainian Court.

cd873e No.299032

>>298455 (last bread)

>Are Chuck and Nancy divided because CS chose to remove the noose from his neck before it was too tight?

>The chains the Devil has around your neck are loose enough to be removed, but it takes FAITH.

>What is FAITH?

>What is FEAR?

>One strengthens as the other weakens.

Why would CS be living in FEAR?

CS afraid because blackmail ?

CS needing faith if POTUS promises to negate the blackmail by saying he won't allow it to be used against CS, if CS cooperates?

Remove those devilish chains which cause FEAR, by having FAITH?


5aa63d No.299033

File: 08f126266da98dd⋯.png (7.4 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 683C2B19-0FF1-4C01-B33B-3C….png)

44b656 No.299034


sub to Antarctica to dodge payments due…?

881c80 No.299035


Table Tennis Club

Ping Pong.

Interesting coincidence

9e8f54 No.299036

bb24e7 No.299037


possible - as of right now as far as i know steele is the only one KNOWN to be mia

fe73b4 No.299038


picfags ZOOM N CLEAN

8c19fe No.299039


That one was not I but my guess is anon is around and will see it.

> welcome back though fam, the ship needs a little correcting at the moment, many shills bringing up old stuff

> remember when they did the keystone shill, yah that type of retarded shit

e1e062 No.299040


Where has Michelle O been lately?

511342 No.299041


God killed him. It's called justice. God is working with the White Hats.

2f5b17 No.299042


Guest? Please tell us this is a setup for a hit job to take out a bunch of them.

0fe8ed No.299043


Watching, watching….

0f7132 No.299045

File: 92063b1e9fdedc2⋯.png (404.27 KB, 528x671, 48:61, 64dc5154-9278-450d-8d27-c6….png)

Former US President Barack Obama Visits Shanghai

By Bridget O'Donnell, November 29, 2017

Obama will reportedly be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping today, marking the first time the two leaders have gotten together since September 2016 when they signed the Paris climate agreement. It's also the first time Obama has visited the Middle Kingdom since he left the White House.

"As President, Obama forged a close and cooperative partnership with President Xi on issues ranging from growing the global economy to combating climate change, and he looks forward to catching up with his former counterpart," an Obama spokesperson told CNN.

https: //www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/21571/photos-former-us-president-barack-obama-visits-shanghai

511342 No.299046



Awesome. Keep hunting them down !!!

770555 No.299047


"I wonder what they do in there?"

4ab130 No.299048

File: ee8f8cbfe1a9bea⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 356x475, 356:475, guest.jpg)

f1f080 No.299049


What's hiding in the black? Whatever the says it looks like a dump

5aa63d No.299050

File: 70a4e4531e6f826⋯.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 32AD9484-F41A-4806-AD48-6C….png)

2 minutes_g.


681643 No.299051


How Many there?

b88714 No.299052


Whoever it is looks kinda thick..and like black..

…Rosie is in China?

8c19fe No.299053


Nice digits Boss

8b5cdd No.299054


This isn't the bank, can anyone zoom in and figure it out?

131695 No.299055


Um no. The enemy funded and financed the bolsheviks and gave power to the jewish bolshevik gangsters who killed more people than the nazi's, and assassinated the Tzar and his family in revenge for their father stopping their 1863 plot to divide and conquer the US.

See my bread for more: https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/189995.html#189995

2f5b17 No.299056


China…shopping for cheap duct tape.

6ff8a9 No.299057


No, she was posing naked on top of rocks somewhere in the desert.

ff4633 No.299058


One of the first things I noticed about that image is the window near the top of the main building. Where the windows look blue, forth row down. Is that an open window? Or what?

06a0bb No.299059




fb0e3a No.299060


Q Be sure your operative is safe posting these here.

We love you guys!

Be careful!

e1e062 No.299061


What are they holding? Can anyone read what that banner says?

cd873e No.299062


At first glance the lady in the red knee-length jacket resembles Huma ……. does she?

04fded No.299063


1 tall lanky Kenyan??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8ff5cc No.299064


Motorcycle helmet. Maybe a courier.

8c19fe No.299065


Are we to look at the two walking in or the cars Q?

189eb8 No.299066

Ok I'm gonna go out on a limb again.

>Find the roll.

>1 of 4.

>Find the 4th.

Here is the "roll" call for the congressional vote to impeach POTUS from December:


Only 4 people voted "present." All D's.

1 of the 4 was Julian Castro (TX).

Today's news is he's gearing up for 2020 Presidential Run:


f389cc No.299067


Not necessarily right now. Past month? Who stayed at hotel? Any hotel news?


ty baker

c8ab6c No.299068


It is the car turning into the entry way

357025 No.299069

Trump tweets in same hour on Tuesday:

Feb 6, 2018 11:05:42 AM - We need a 21st century MERIT-BASED immigration system. Chain migration and the visa lottery are outdated programs that hurt our economic and national security. https:// t.co/rP9Gtr2E5N

Feb 6, 2018 11:00:43 AM - Polling shows nearly 7 in 10 Americans support an immigration reform package that includes DACA, fully secures the border, ends chain migration & cancels the visa lottery. If D’s oppose this deal, they aren’t serious about DACA-they just want open borders. https:// t.co/XDMcDOr9vM

that is a 5 minute time delta. So look for post five minutes before the first time Delta post.

Looking back to Tuesday, you get this:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/285437.html#q285737


Dennis Montgomery & Larry Klayman

Evidence of FBI/NSA spying on SCOTUS judges



0fe8ed No.299070


yes… watching….

56a4d6 No.299071


doesn't want to be seen.. full coverage.. everything. hmmm… tall.. big feet

54ce05 No.299072

Seeing a female walking

Black suv by alley, white van by alley

No diplomatic flags on cars


bdd91b No.299073


2 minutes and they Go!(?)

f1f080 No.299074


Where is this?

c6508e No.299075

File: 0ad471350e817e3⋯.png (88.01 KB, 1920x948, 160:79, ICIJ.png)

I think the building is pointing us to the architects –

TaoHo Design Architects - they are implicated in the PANAMA PAPERS:


https:// panamapapers.icij.org/

8ff5cc No.299076


Ah, its the black Mercedes.

350358 No.299077


2 bullet proof Mercedes, BLK SUV & sedan

33bcaa No.299078

i think we might have seen a live hit

cd873e No.299079


All pale blue license plates ….

Cars are very clean and shiny ….

e1e062 No.299080


Those are some Yellow rims. No blending in for them

8b42a3 No.299081

File: 730e59de12b1378⋯.jpg (19.04 KB, 171x255, 57:85, sun.jpg)

good times

578ef9 No.299082

Room 322

57f55e No.299083



4b1f2e No.299084


yes, i'm here :)

Really hope Q will clarify for anons re: [marker] deltas

Q posts/ POTUS tweets


anon post/anon post


LEARN TO PLAY THE GAME WITH Q >>295336 , >>297455

is why….

either correct or not - anons need to know so will continue OR not waste time on something incorrect

0fe8ed No.299085


The suspense is killing me!

8c19fe No.299086


OMG get a better camera Q

f8253e No.299087

Yes 550 sl

60f721 No.299089


Cop off that parked MC

682057 No.299091

IRON EAGLE is Colonel Jessup

Iron Eagle (military slang) - Wikipedia

An Iron Eagle is an American military officer who has attained the rank of Colonel but will not be promoted to the rank of General. The term refers to the rank …

Domain en.wikipedia.org durchsuchenhttps:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Eagle_(military_slang)

The movie "A Few Good Men" shows Jack Nicholson as COLONEL Nathan R. Jessup.

In a martial court he tells idealistic Tom Cruise: "You can't handle the truth!"

And as far as I remember, he says that people like him (Colonel Jessup) are the ones that stand on guard so that normal people could sleep securely.

Maybe someone else can find the quote?

2c8f02 No.299092


air strike please?

8ff5cc No.299093



The black motorcycle helmet must be security detail.

338bde No.299094

File: a622714d34a2b05⋯.jpeg (67.02 KB, 856x610, 428:305, eclass.jpeg)


Watching the Mercedes E

bdd91b No.299095


https:// www.google.com/maps/place/Jinyangxincun+11th+Neighbour+%EF%BC%88Northeast+2+Gate%EF%BC%89,+Pudong+Xinqu,+Shanghai+Shi,+China,+201203/@31.2481093,121.5872863,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x35b27663f724fafb:0xf8be837510b75cd3!8m2!3d31.2481105!4d121.58807?hl=en

09b550 No.299096


Good to know!

f389cc No.299097


What're they building over there?

caacb1 No.299098


You only need two points to find a location.

664bb7 No.299099


Northern hemisphere right side driving European license plate format. Daylight. Asia through Mid East?

39f460 No.299100


Looks Quite tan.

0fe8ed No.299101



d53d7e No.299102


dude Q is live - drop your load

d49242 No.299103


is obama there?

c8ab6c No.299104

2 minute go code?

1809e1 No.299105


Looks like a diplomatic vehicle, but no convoy and no flags… trying to keep something secret? Not from us.

fa8ef0 No.299106


we looking at the kill box boys

3ccf0b No.299107

holy fuck real-time q.

95c375 No.299108


Checked, good luck

54011d No.299109


Kill box is the entire OP . Q has it all in the box all we need to do is be smart enough to follow in here and stay outside of it and watch when they unload . Till then I trust Q and 41020 ,Pray , Keep working !! Just my guess.

f1f080 No.299111


Thank You!

269bea No.299112


by Mandarin Notary Transfers?

https:// mntransfers.com/index.php

ced49f No.299113


This guy tucker is interviewing on illegal immigration is literally reading his talking points on air. Not even hiding it. It’s sad.

04fded No.299114


He rode in on a scooter/bike?

01c411 No.299115


Local time

9:41 AM

Thursday, February 8, 2018 (GMT+8)

387b6a No.299116


In the black Mercedes with black tinted windows by the road barriers…parked?? Or the person walking?

e1ec9b No.299117


The target of this picture has to be in the SUV, look how low it is compared to the S550

fa8ef0 No.299118


what do you want a cookie?

8c19fe No.299119

Be on the look out for car crashes or that type of shit in Shanghai moving forward, any planefags on board tonight?

bdd91b No.299120


That would be Awesome, due respect for the op subjects but yeh

5e3542 No.299121


is there anything we can do mate?

enjoy the show?

e8e56a No.299122

File: 2dba9e9212d077b⋯.jpg (148.49 KB, 634x861, 634:861, article-0-1876335600000578….jpg)


>thinks I sold my soul

I just think Lynn has nice legs, really. Was bored last night Anon's Secret Fantasy. You never write fiction?

04fded No.299123

Q you are so fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1bf0dc No.299124


i think so anon xD

05ec21 No.299125


2 minutes and we go would be more awesome. One can only hope.

ec3c08 No.299126



e5b1d5 No.299127


Any time bro. NB ;)

33eaf6 No.299128


Just realized I wasted a bunch of time on shit. Good thing I didn't drop it to look like an idiot.

967aed No.299129

Try digging into any events taking place in shanghai then try to isolate to kings tower.

e2878c No.299130

Are there any live webcam feeds around kings tower?? Phonefagging right now

c0cb53 No.299131

BHO coalition was a collection of fringe/weaponized groups (LGBTQ/Feminists/Black Nationalists/La Raza, etc) that did not represent 20% of the voting populace; however, through moral relativism/post modernism/PC enough of the Democrat base were coerced to virtue vote BHO into 2 terms.

HRC could not hold the coalitions together.

NP has to try to hold the coalition together or her political career is over.

CS, although deviant, does not have the same dynamic to maintain being leader of Senate Democrats. In fact, if CS goes as far left as NP he will shatter any cohesion of Senate Democrats.


8f3d7d No.299132

king tower shanghi

8ff5cc No.299133


Its the black Mercedes that's the focus guys. The person wearing the helmet is either security detail or incidental.

ebb4a8 No.299134

File: 59234fba951e753⋯.png (133.85 KB, 339x305, 339:305, 11.png)

File: 4638815ca2ac14f⋯.png (110.58 KB, 270x190, 27:19, 22.png)

File: eef5135894f9a4c⋯.png (80.46 KB, 280x175, 8:5, 33.png)

File: 63e3f16829e1850⋯.png (75.69 KB, 260x145, 52:29, 44.png)

File: 967d91f5c9b15ab⋯.png (49.39 KB, 240x105, 16:7, 55.png)

its the CAR, Cadillac and its in the center of the photo's. Not USA plate, that's a foreign plate, Germany?

a2d0a7 No.299135


Is that DOPEY??

54011d No.299136


God Speed Big Frog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get em !

338bde No.299137


Agree. Kill Box

6ff8a9 No.299138

File: c0795db9bd45b15⋯.jpeg (14.82 KB, 474x355, 474:355, shhiietnigga.jpeg)

8b42a3 No.299139

so if you see a bunch of military he;icopters, they just chasing fucks. if your a fuck, bummer.

iron eagle is AF for 'go team'

so dont be a flamming dick to the cammo folks

nobody has heard a squeak from the spacefags


e6c6fa No.299140


No, he sent her because he was afraid he would be poisoned or attacked! Big pussy boi!

f389cc No.299141


Brown or black hair.

Huge receding hairline.

0f717e No.299142


famefaggotry is expressly forbidden

54ce05 No.299143

Slightly diff then security nd pic


33bcaa No.299144

Q whats happening now at the building

a81c1c No.299145


https:// steemit.com/news/@benjaminfulford/financial-war-may-escalate-into-massive-emp-attacks-as-final-showdown-looms

This "map" is from a source claiming to represent “the good side of the Rothschild family”.

9fd078 No.299146

>>299033 why are they still allowed to move around?….Well they are stupid

2f5b17 No.299147

Do it, Q. Push the button!

d9feb9 No.299148



ebb4a8 No.299149


not Caddy, I like the other idea of Mercadies

54ce05 No.299150


Slightly different than the second picture there’s a aNother car in the second picture

79ae0d No.299151

Fuck em up good, Q.

bdd91b No.299152


2 minutes past for sure.

1bf0dc No.299153

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/372861-uranium-one-informant-makes-clinton-allegations-in-testimony

d3b1f6 No.299154


Underground garage.

We have eyes down there??

0fe8ed No.299155


0f717e No.299156

Next post is a crater

1c1ae7 No.299157

“Combat bursts out wherever opposing forces clash. Hunting, on the other hand, takes place wherever the prey goes. As a hunter-state sees it, armed violence is no longer defined within the boundaries of a demarcated zone but simply by the presence of an enemy-prey who, so to speak, carries with it its own little mobile zone of hostility.”

Kill boxes have freed American military pursuits from the limitations of time and space—and, importantly, strict scrutiny.

Now, targeted killing has become [so] routine that the Obama administration is seeking ways to codify and streamline it.” A strategy that works effectively during conventional warfare has been slowly repurposed and re-contextualized.

78aef4 No.299158


Get 'em Q!

Side note. It appears that Mercedes has tint only on the back window. Transporting a VIP?

fa0721 No.299159

File: 26b5ec96c9323f4⋯.png (494.42 KB, 775x800, 31:32, 78D90B9C-E552-490D-841D-75….png)

5d93b6 No.299160


What time of day is it in Shanghai? Real time pic Q?

d53d7e No.299161


alt f4 brings up security cams worldwide console

65bfd2 No.299162


1917 was payback for Czar telling Roths to get fucked at Vienna years back. They vowed to destroy the country, and they basically did.

ff94f8 No.299163

Remember that China is working with us… I bet they lured Snowden into right into the killbox.

5aa63d No.299164

File: b8448b638f34042⋯.jpeg (1.48 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, CBFE279C-FAD2-403C-A11C-E….jpeg)



682057 No.299165


IRON EAGLE is Colonel Jessup

Iron Eagle (military slang) - Wikipedia

An Iron Eagle is an American military officer who has attained the rank of Colonel but will not be promoted to the rank of General. The term refers to the rank …

Domain en.wikipedia.org durchsuchenhttps:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Eagle_(military_slang)

The movie "A Few Good Men" shows Jack Nicholson as COLONEL Nathan R. Jessup.

In a martial court he tells idealistic Tom Cruise: "You can't handle the truth!"

And as far as I remember, he says that people like him (Colonel Jessup) are the ones that stand on guard so that normal people could sleep securely.

Maybe someone else can find the exact quote?

a2d0a7 No.299166



a19d33 No.299167

Hot damn I love my POTUS!!!

04fded No.299168


That's what I am thinking!

967aed No.299169



387b6a No.299170


Go gett'im Q!!!

39ca9d No.299171


I believe that's the reflection of bulletproof glass that you're seeing.

cd5395 No.299172

Are we seeing Orion Team in live time?

if so …wtf

034b3e No.299173

I wonder if the King's Tower has anything to do with Best Korea about to fake another military parade?

https:// youtu.be/PYnKJiwdoHo

770555 No.299174


Q is too, but you're special.

How do you change the axis of a particle's spin?

Thru thought…)))

0fe8ed No.299175


Love U!!!

54ce05 No.299176

In case any of you didn’t notice the two pictures he posted are slightly different

c358d5 No.299177

File: d3a39b87a7f993c⋯.png (19.81 KB, 309x120, 103:40, q2.png)

File: 215333f5943a892⋯.png (21.9 KB, 310x144, 155:72, q1.png)

Q said we have more than we know/future proves past -→






The "=" could be the "RR tracks"/GOP train crash/garbage truck blocking tracks(=)/setting up the GOP for death/crash was meant to kill them all ("red" as in blood, death) (and the "=" also reminds me of the Dem's pin "Times = Up")

and this relates back to portions of earlier Q post No. 640:

. . . RR = block . . .

. . . RR = set up . . .

. . . RR = red . . .

(pic related)

d088f5 No.299178


Broken window. Did they even know what hit them?

1bf0dc No.299179


WOAH… pls kill Dopey if he's there

e714ae No.299180


The bank is to the right of the building. I believe Obama is in China.

Post last edited at

8c19fe No.299181



bdd91b No.299182


Something to be aware of I don't think China at large is down with all the Deep State is Doing in China.

b88714 No.299183


Clever. Ominous.

1809e1 No.299184


Awww sheeet! Bring out the hose. This one's gonna be messy!

350358 No.299185


it's 9:45 am over there.

56a4d6 No.299186

Not sure if they will strike….. Q team has more class… more like a book em Dano ….

54ce05 No.299187


Oh shit!!! Open window!

caacb1 No.299188


Swartzcophoff used the term kill box publicly during the golf war.

9ae1ea No.299189

Q not gonna tell us a hit. BHO in the news today. Twitter asking where is he? Q shows us BHO is always in site. Trying to gather money. He can be scooped up any time. That’s it. Q told us this in past drops.

fb0e3a No.299190


Body sized opening in upper window…

Story unfolds…

c13e76 No.299191



Look at round sign, middle of pic. Red with horizontal white bar.

Stop sign?

What country?



d9feb9 No.299192


That looks more like a woman's walk. Questionable Michael, Michelle. And the red coat looks like Malia.

c8ab6c No.299193


open window

4b43fa No.299194


Love and prayers!


54ce05 No.299195


Sleep well and be safe Q ❤️🇺🇸

0f0808 No.299196


Is that a drone I see?

fe73b4 No.299197

File: c5033c1597548ea⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000225431149-d158….jpg)

240e3d No.299198

OMG LIVE white hats are giving the world the intel.

King's Tower Shanghai

Pizza party? or saving the world?

Who are the guests?




the Prince?

UN plates?

69383c No.299199

Suicide? Someone got pushed out?

682057 No.299200


IRON EAGLE is Colonel Jessup

Iron Eagle (military slang) - Wikipedia

An Iron Eagle is an American military officer who has attained the rank of Colonel but will not be promoted to the rank of General. The term refers to the rank …

Domain en.wikipedia.org durchsuchenhttps:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Eagle_(military_slang)

The movie "A Few Good Men" shows Jack Nicholson as COLONEL Nathan R. Jessup.

In a martial court he tells idealistic Tom Cruise: "You can't handle the truth!"

And as far as I remember, he says that people like him (Colonel Jessup) are the ones that stand on guard so that normal people could sleep securely.

Maybe someone else can find the exact quote?

c4cbd0 No.299201

Hannity tweeted during Q photo montage

https:// twitter.com/seanhannity/status/961414501877895169

Uranium One informant makes Clinton allegations in testimony

a85e39 No.299202


Bank of China adjacent King Tower

Bank of China = The People's Bank of China = Rothschild asset?!

1bf0dc No.299203


delete your post, don't use Email, Don't namefag…..

d06941 No.299204

"Heart attacks can be deadly"-Q

Yeah, what if "heart attacks" are faked and the person is being secured for protection and future use, i.e. future proves past. Who else might be "dead" other than JP Barlow?


e23a9a No.299205

File: 4960fb21ed405e5⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 250x187, 250:187, DopeyWS.jpg)

d53d7e No.299206


lose your name and your email fool

54011d No.299207


Wow Q amazeball!!

33bcaa No.299208


3c202f No.299209

File: 27e843e30edc252⋯.jpg (578.34 KB, 1180x629, 1180:629, 1510206481824.jpg)

for who was saying they wanted a where's obummer. this is for the start on 1/2ch

54ce05 No.299210


I guess that was a woman by the second picture the motion of the woman

04fded No.299211



d3b1f6 No.299212



it works.

5e3542 No.299214


we need conf on the map and the "43 conf connections" were giving our all mate, were stuck like chuck on this one!

c14397 No.299215

e5b1d5 No.299216

034b3e No.299217

File: 6d1fd9554c48f4f⋯.jpg (71.26 KB, 720x711, 80:79, 27751570_1591958047564223_….jpg)

File: 608800dd67f90f0⋯.jpeg (15.67 KB, 550x354, 275:177, DVdFDtBVQAA60ce.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 4eca38c465772bf⋯.jpg (136.46 KB, 779x871, 779:871, 26870480751_44a43a73dd_b.jpg)

File: e1e48afc0484bc3⋯.png (398.22 KB, 660x499, 660:499, e1e48afc0484bc3e271ae3b863….png)



It's daytime in that picture.


You're drunk.

704ccc No.299218


holy sheep shit

2f5b17 No.299219


Like a James Bond movie.Too cool.

387b6a No.299220


Good night and Take care Q. May God Bless and keep you and our team safe. Thank you for all that you do.

4c1b52 No.299222


Why would a vehicle in China have German plates?

2592c4 No.299224

Still digging. Kings Tower is a commercial office building. Here is one of the occupants:

Kingtek Electron (Shanghai) Limited

Company Description:

The following excellent companies work closely with Kingtek. TEL for diffusion & Oxidation furnace; CVD&Metal CVD system;Coat-Develop system (both IC & LCD). Nikon for I-Line, G-Line, Steppers, EX-14 & Scanner. LCD equipment Water Inspection system; Kashiyama for dry pumps; Brooks for Automation Handling System, bare reticle stock,Robert; Yokogawa for logic testing, memory testing, mix-signal testing. LCD Driver testing system; Komatsu electronics for circulating temp, control system. Kintek also provides refurbished process equipment, total solution of facility construction, parts & material logistics service.

1bf0dc No.299225


SR didn't die of an heartattack though.

54011d No.299226


Somebody is going out for some air I think ! Yikes !

1809e1 No.299227


Good night means… dead

cd873e No.299228

File: ed3fa83e3fa3c04⋯.png (691.63 KB, 639x891, 71:99, ClipboardImage.png)


Rotated image to match thumbnail orientation.

Something protruding from white horizontal stripe 2 floor below the open window.

Security camera? Light? Can't tell.

837beb No.299229


Going underground?

9074bc No.299230


find this software or the agency and to use for the capture of the Beatty phone?

3c202f No.299231

File: ce33f1094fc756c⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 2048x1346, 1024:673, 1510201078991.jpg)


meant for this meme. muh bad

54ce05 No.299232

BHO does have a very feminine walk

bc5f50 No.299233


Remember the "guests" at the Ritz Carlton in Saudi?

1e0b59 No.299234


Same with the Sony dump. Asante has said multiple times that they only publish docs that have historical or political significance. I can't imagine he would publish the Sony docs bc someone didn't like Angelina. Also, I found you look up "Ernie Allen" to include "" (bc that will look for the exact phrase), you will see his name pop up under the Sony docs. 1 email titled "weekday estimates" but the attachment doesn't open.

Ernie Allen was he president and CEO National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

https:// search.wikileaks.org/?query=%22Ernie+Allen%22&exact_phrase=&any_of=&exclude_words=&document_date_start=&document_date_end=&released_date_start=&released_date_end=&publication_type%5B%5D=26&publication_type%5B%5D=28&new_search=False&order_by=most_relevant#results

59128e No.299235


Something dropped out the window?

b90e8e No.299236

The ART of illusion.

ART: Watertown airport code

Chuck Schumer, Watertown, Freight Train system control connection:

https:// www.nycom.org/meetings-training/37-communities-in-the-news/832-village-of-watertown.html

…"railroads are working at full steam to fully implement positive train control, or PTC, on tracks carrying hazardous materials or passenger rail traffic"

(From Google)

"Positive Train Control (PTC) is an advanced system designed to automatically stop a train before certain accidents occur. In particular,PTC is designed to prevent: Train-to-train collisions. Derailments caused by excessive train speed."

These people are STUPID.

8c19fe No.299237


We would see the blood if there was a "jumper"

< that shit is nasty in person

d53d7e No.299238


good night = 187

e1ec9b No.299239


Where is this TT you speak of?

3ccf0b No.299240


looks like light, to make the peak look pretty

c8ab6c No.299241

about 6th floor up on the outer upper floors. cannot tell which side of building

0055e2 No.299242

File: 629263d3aced695⋯.jpeg (609.98 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 193013C8-7C6F-4B76-9DA5-1….jpeg)

File: d8eade614b0be4f⋯.jpeg (698.09 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 6B2C1181-D14D-402B-A37E-0….jpeg)

d49242 No.299243


King Tower, Shanghai

good job anon.

fa8ef0 No.299244


reminds me of vegas :-(

4bd6c2 No.299245


Are police radio's in shanghai broadcast online?

1c1ae7 No.299246


If he had his money there at one time Obama may have contacts there also. Or it could be No Name also. He had his money there too.

08477f No.299247

Not the open window. Above it, the one that looks like a round went through it.

c4cbd0 No.299248


https:// twitter.com/seanhannity/status/961415975626330112


FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence Today

https:// saraacarter.com/fbi-informant-uranium-one-breaks-silence-today/

39f460 No.299249


explosion blew window out?

1e0b59 No.299250


Asante? Really auto-correct? Assange*

fa0721 No.299251

File: a8c62f890f66154⋯.png (736.7 KB, 800x571, 800:571, 97F86FC2-3258-4753-A5CF-DA….png)

Obongo getting in his pimped out ride.

caacb1 No.299252


Scorch marks c4 to blow doors heated air

78aef4 No.299253

Ah, that would make sense.

69383c No.299254


True anon. Not pretty.

54ce05 No.299255



4c1b52 No.299256


Do you know it's day time in China?

56a4d6 No.299257

so.. we wait for news? keep your ears to the news ……

1809e1 No.299258


Damn good job with that C4, then. Didn't break the glass, just popped it out. Damn fine job.

0055e2 No.299259


German embassy vehicles?

704ccc No.299260


yea the bastards was selling them parts of america

1bf0dc No.299261



almost 10 AM

3ccf0b No.299262


9:50 am

080392 No.299263



54011d No.299264



01c411 No.299265


9:50 am thur

54ce05 No.299266


Are you watching it live?

770555 No.299267

News unlocks the Map.

We'll see soon enough.

a301a7 No.299268


The black car just went through the security gate, maybe its the car or who is in the car.

5b0453 No.299269


I pondered this in a bread a few days ago.99% of people might go to various types of 'hospitals' to kill some staff.

bdd91b No.299270


compare the images from the original to the window changed? C 4 woulda blown the mother out now?

350358 No.299271

File: 2a48cd7ccf19c25⋯.png (156.6 KB, 464x271, 464:271, M 0165.png)

5aa63d No.299272


Focus on substance around outside of window.

Upon entry …….


034b3e No.299273

File: 860652cbf9d3459⋯.jpg (34.59 KB, 640x766, 320:383, 27540244_394124214333768_7….jpg)

File: 76ad46427a97890⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 548x296, 137:74, 27459476_1666633380079876_….jpg)

File: 965a3135aed6f16⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 960x948, 80:79, 27544621_2057647464251835_….jpg)

File: 8569ad76db1a365⋯.jpg (107.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trump_assange.jpg)


Oh my…

I hope they prayed…


For the christmas party best of laugh-track.

19ed45 No.299274

File: db7e76f4fbac2a3⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1.png)

54ce05 No.299275

Link to live feed?

39f2de No.299276



No. The pictures are following the car into the underground garage.

0055e2 No.299277

File: a0f8eca193510ca⋯.jpeg (49.72 KB, 551x615, 551:615, DCDAF695-38B2-41DD-9BE8-A….jpeg)

Fan of trey, but every time I see his hair I can only think this guy.

4b1f2e No.299278



I asked Q for clarification on this matter, not to belittle you or your efforts, but so that ALL anons' time, attention & effort is used to the maximum efficiency to help POTUS and our great country.

My understanding of the [marker] deltas is Q post/POTUS tweet.

I could be wrong - it happens at least 1x/day, so I asked Qteam. He/they may answer, may not. It sounds like they are hunting atm, and rattling some cages (messages to other folks monitoring this board).

I don't want to/mean to disrupt or distract or take up posts with chatter.

Sometimes interacting w/ us is important, sometimes there are more pressing needs/time constraints. Either way


f1f080 No.299279


What's with Window?

Was it Opened by force?

be171f No.299280


Go back and look at first pic of that building. Window was already punched out.

39ca9d No.299281


Rigged explosive.

78aef4 No.299282


That's gangster AF.

350358 No.299283


bomb went off

56a4d6 No.299284


yes.. we now wait for the news…

72fd10 No.299285


Goodnight=who ever was in the pic now sleeps with the fishes….

54ce05 No.299286


Yes sir!🇺🇸

8c19fe No.299287


If it was a breach, how did they get the window to come out and not in Q?

79ae0d No.299288


Did you just 187 that bitch?

a8722f No.299289



034b3e No.299290


Looks like something was vented…

96988b No.299291

Thank You Patriots.

Your work will live in "Weaponized Autist"



4c1b52 No.299292


I know what time it is there. Respond to the anon that is calling Q drunk.

4bd6c2 No.299293


Shadow can establish time from known coordinates.

caacb1 No.299294


Doors to center of building window was open gas goes the path of least resistance

4443bb No.299295


Does have that "tryna be cool gay" stride!!!! Total knock off!

54011d No.299296


This is CRAY CRAY !!!!! Q, this is the Gold Nutz !!!!!!!

612513 No.299297


Residue of BOOM

837beb No.299298

What if is Soros in that building right now?

1809e1 No.299299


Is someone about to have… a splitting headache?

8ff5cc No.299300


Not punched out, it was open.

Confirm that black floaty thing is not in orig photo.

5d6d07 No.299301


Note residue on either side of window. Smoke? Looks like a bomb.

d9feb9 No.299302



c6508e No.299303


are you guys watching a live cam?

If so pls give me a link

a301a7 No.299304


Who is in the black car, it's the same one from the other picture that went through the security gate…

8c19fe No.299305


did they have to cut from the inside

> high heat

< warped, melted glass?

fa8ef0 No.299306


my guess but too slow

681f30 No.299307



This is a lot of work.

Are you spreadsheet Anon?

54ce05 No.299308


c224cc No.299309

FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence Today

Testified to three committees on Capitol Hill

https:// saraacarter.com/fbi-informant-uranium-one-breaks-silence-today/

0fe8ed No.299310


TY Q team, for showing us the way.

33bcaa No.299311

Q whats happening now ????

c8ab6c No.299312

something not sitting right

Operation on foreign soil

Must have been by their own government - not ours or never exposed.

fb0310 No.299313

Any reason why the dates for latest Q posts were removed from bread?

1809e1 No.299314


Could be cordite smoke like C4 or blow off from welding.

34aca8 No.299315


flash bangs

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4VJaNVHa88

2bf48c No.299316


CHINA FLAG >>299017

CHINA FLAG >>299017


1bf0dc No.299317



5e63a2 No.299318

Bildeberg emergency meeting?

56a4d6 No.299319


smoke.. powder???? something was dispersed

4b1f2e No.299320


Anon, I am not special, I am just like you, ust like Q, just like millions of other American patriots and those worldwide - we are helping out of love and because it is the right thing to do, and we finally CAN help make a difference. It is both incredibly humbling and exciting as all get out!!

Carry on!

e5b1d5 No.299321

File: 77c9e278515c588⋯.gif (524.01 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1511502790668.gif)

f1f080 No.299322


Residue splattered all around the open window

54ce05 No.299323

Will somebody please post a link?

54011d No.299324


Q's a lil busy rite now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

cd873e No.299325

File: e2e5f41fa4c318c⋯.png (876.96 KB, 1046x836, 523:418, ClipboardImage.png)


I had noticed 2(?) other windows open on the same floor of the building, around the left side, in the first image from Q tonite.

Pic. This is from the first image, just enlarged, white arrows mine.

a5c924 No.299326

File: 78a8a63703d50f6⋯.jpg (3.95 KB, 200x194, 100:97, ENDpepe.jpg)



PBOC and CCCP are deeply compromised, in ways they do not KNOW.

What they don't know they don't know.

At least, that is what it used to be. China may now be in the know, as least as far as relevant actors go and as much as they can understand at this point in time.

Triads are probably important in this current situation.

((deep state)) is everywhere. ((they)) wanted to groom (was grooming) china and east asia to be the top whores of the ((globalist)) brothel.

That window - someone took the plunge? Hope it was one of ((them)) that knew the time was up.

Pray. Dig. Understand.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

69383c No.299327

around the window.. looks like powder from a blast indoors.

caacb1 No.299328


Not smoke triangle pattern going from window outwards.

9e1d8a No.299329

Halide fire protection system

05ec21 No.299330


Q team, one of these?

Gelatinized nitrocellulose.

Gem-dinitro aliphatic explosive mixtures.

Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene.

Guanyl nitrosamino guanylidene hydrazine.

4443bb No.299331


I thought that was condensation from the AC. But could be any other gas I assume!

c8ab6c No.299332

Something odd

Cannot be our operation.

for op sec reasons

4b43fa No.299333


Residue from bomb

fb0310 No.299334


Light a fire to smoke them out

d088f5 No.299335


Explosives can be deadly.

338bde No.299336

File: 45dc266426feacb⋯.jpeg (242.01 KB, 914x1258, 457:629, open.jpeg)

The open window appears to be at the top of the tower

ff4633 No.299337


Which is kinda strange actually. Why would anyone design a building that allowed the window to open in such a way as to allow someone either intentionally or accidentally to fall out?

Either way, it sort of suggests that someone may, "faw down and go boom?"

2f5b17 No.299338

"News unlocks the map"…Tomorrow we will hear in the news who the dead bodies are. How will they spin this? Accident?

82ec10 No.299339


This - and to pay for that very expensive team of nine lawyers he's hoping will keep his ass out of gitmo.

ec3c08 No.299340



4c1b52 No.299341


I knew what time it was. I was asking the dumb anon telling Q he was drunk

f389cc No.299342


4th from top.

1809e1 No.299343


Is this the much vaunted 'Race to the bottom'?

I will stop… these puns hurt me too. lol

578ef9 No.299344

That looks like explosive dust/burn residue.

59128e No.299345


Goodnight as in = 187?

4b43fa No.299346

53383f No.299347

File: f09bfc64d6a8054⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 720x632, 90:79, trumpSugarCoat.jpg)

File: 8b8a2a2cfabfb2a⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 450x448, 225:224, trumpStorm.jpg)

3ccf0b No.299348


i feel like those are auto-vents for hvac systems. buildings have entire floors dedicated to hvac

39f2de No.299349


Thanks for clarity. That's what I thought it was at first, but convinced myself was a reflection.

5aa63d No.299350


What a coincidence.

Re_read recent drop re: U1/informant.

Why did we re-focus energy on this when out of the news cycle?

Critical thinking.


e37228 No.299351

File: 9ca96684a685b6c⋯.jpg (62.75 KB, 784x579, 784:579, lCrqdmQD.jpg)

File: a0d2c1c0f929319⋯.jpg (41.76 KB, 1146x278, 573:139, X91r1kXO.jpg)

23221b No.299352


The defect in the white stripe is visible in the original pic from last bread. The window was alos already open in the original pic, but the residue outside the window does not appear in the original pic. Could just be the lighting/angle, or could be something actually blew up inside

8ff5cc No.299353


You guys are coming up with the most absurd shit. Come on guys. Stop. You make us look foolish.

fe03f2 No.299354



54011d No.299356


lulz Dopey or Obumbum hopefully ! >>299316

Your awesome anon

54ce05 No.299357

If there is no light late then why didn’t you say to watch the front entrance

11aab4 No.299358


https:// www.cnet.com/news/red-october-malware-spies-on-governments-worldwide/

cc6a22 No.299359

Maybe drugs?

39f460 No.299360



034b3e No.299361

File: 9c9a48244c8ad45⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 960x778, 480:389, 1510077768575.jpg)

File: fb8bb9fd76b1a61⋯.jpg (30.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3c840e6b95c1336ae848e0765d….jpg)

72fd10 No.299362


Yes. Just saw a live op. Don't fret about the details (what kind of explosive??)

Enjoy the show. Shits heating up nicely.

183cd6 No.299363


How do you delete a post?

3d58de No.299364


http:// humansarefree.com/2013/11/complete-list-of-banks-ownedcontrolled.html

0055e2 No.299365


Fire extinguisher residue?

d9feb9 No.299366


Is the person walking about to plant a bomb to blow up the person arriving in the black suv?

9430ad No.299367


I am banned, or I would ask Wictor to analyze… anybody wanna ask him for me? He needs more red-pill in his diet anyway.

e5b1d5 No.299368


Who, Q?

704ccc No.299369


hey Q

God Bless all your doing. Stay safe and keep Potus Safe.

Will the normies get any public news on this?

4689f7 No.299370


Gun shot residue.

cd873e No.299371

File: 917d0b07a3b27e3⋯.png (985.31 KB, 1057x842, 1057:842, ClipboardImage.png)


Sam screenshot, boosted contrast a bit so you can see the left 2 open windows better. Actually I was going to make a snide remark when the first image was posted, that the cleaning crew must be working on that floor and was airing out the floor….. Not so apparently.

ff94f8 No.299372


Window was already open. Air pressure would be forced out of the window, which you can in even margins of residue around the edges. Simple physics.

Room was triggered to blow and just waited for last person to arrive. Tick Tock Boom

74875d No.299373



5bcccb No.299374



1809e1 No.299375


We will hear who in time.

8b42a3 No.299376

ore seized china ?

1bf0dc No.299377


ask BO or a MOD to delete it for you.

54ce05 No.299378


Refocus people back to the U1 and HRC, BHO

8c74c0 No.299379

Guess: smoke grenade entry. Grabbed target. Thrownout opened window.

Or the window popped open from explosion.

4c1b52 No.299380


Informant interviewed today right?

Good intel came from this informant

78aef4 No.299381


>public interest, keep high

>U1 FBI Informant

>AWAN/DWS/Paki Intel/MB

770555 No.299382


The guy had something in his left hand, maybe a detonation device? He got in the car and was driven off. I can handle ridicule, I can't handle not knowing..))

350358 No.299383


windows are open to relieve pressure from being broken or shattered, just like you do in case of Hurricane or Tornado, in this case BOMBS.

fe03f2 No.299384


Blow back from a weapon?

347ed8 No.299385


To protect him? He had many death threats.

e8e56a No.299386


Is this the stuff you recommended you save offline? Doing it now.

cd5395 No.299387

orion team

blast residue?

then why did Q say 'entry'

2c8f02 No.299388


this window and 2 on the left side were open like this at the start. Vent to keep glass from falling and hurting innocent people?

837beb No.299389


Direct shot to the car entering the underground garage?

1809e1 No.299390


Weren't there four people in the AWAN thing? Brothers?

44b656 No.299391


Removed black at strikes against U1 informant.

5aa63d No.299392


What a coincidence.

Do you believe?

Have faith.



fa0721 No.299393

File: c7447415b8b383d⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, EE5C0CD5-AF0D-4EC7-AF56-88….png)

Its obongo.

1c1ae7 No.299394

File: da58441f26a8af3⋯.png (11.16 KB, 539x169, 539:169, 3.PNG)


In Shanghai it's almost 10 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday) at EST today (Wed) for us.

afdeeb No.299395

File: a29ba43bab6af63⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2048x1446, 1024:723, DF91EC46-3ED5-432E-BC17-6….jpeg)

Maybe they are getting ready to shoot someone out of these open windows

8c19fe No.299396


What a coincidence.

> there are none

Re_read recent drop re: U1/informant.


Why did we re-focus energy on this when out of the news cycle?

> Death by a thousand cuts

Critical thinking.

> most of this should hit the fan right before midterms


fb0310 No.299397


He testified today for 2 hours while Pelosi spoke on behalf of illegal immigrants but won’t do shit to help them

b6f273 No.299398


Singapore it's morning dummy

a5fd0a No.299399


Feb 6 2018 01:34:50

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 975911


Public interest [keep high].

U1 FBI informant.

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187].


fe73b4 No.299400


did awan flee >?

1872db No.299401



ec7f77 No.299402


To stir the roaches?

bac64b No.299403



Someone died.


That’s why pic was sideways.

1bf0dc No.299404


can't say for sure..

59128e No.299405

File: 80924cb489ffbcc⋯.jpg (83.91 KB, 510x800, 51:80, emporis.jpg)


Looks like its normal for those windows to be able to open…

034b3e No.299406


The Most Dangerous Game

04b63b No.299407


Public interest [keep high].

U1 FBI informant.

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187].


681f30 No.299408

Maybe SpaceX (EM) sent the "Foreign" Agents back to where they REALLY came from…..Reason for Trump to thank him.

e23a9a No.299409

File: 4960fb21ed405e5⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 250x187, 250:187, DopeyWS.jpg)

a301a7 No.299410

"Final guest arrived".. What kind of meeting? Who else is there?

d9e237 No.299411


Too heavy to be O

837beb No.299413


Most building in China open that way for venting during power blackouts which are common in the summer months

a5fd0a No.299414



U1 informant testified today in front of Grassley Senate Judicial Committee…Campbell

56a4d6 No.299415


Today a FBI plant was giving testimony….. but who

33eaf6 No.299416


I had a beautiful graphic all made up, done, and ready to drop on the chan. Then I saw another post from another anon that mentioned a different post than I presumed. Thought I better check and see what the hell I did. Then I realized that the problem was I was using Trump Tweets from 2/6 correlating with anons on 2/5.

Everything matched perfectly except that it was the WRONG DAY. Ugggghhhhhh.

The good news is though, only 4 interesting anon posts while I had 13.

Should have figured it out right then and there. Ughh.

bc6851 No.299417

File: 844b8a55ca1f9cb⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1533x1140, 511:380, Sequence.png)


4c1b52 No.299418


No it's not

5e3542 No.299419


rock on mate.

can we get a conf y or no

are we close re: the map?

43 connections?

134fd4 No.299420


William D. Campbell, an American businessman, provided extensive information on other counterintelligence issues to the FBI for decades and he had also provided information to the CIA on various issues during his time overseas.

5bcccb No.299421

EVERYONE push U1 informant story

54ce05 No.299422


They had to keep him protected and alive so he could testify

60fe91 No.299423

File: dd906a9db10eb55⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 300x168, 25:14, abc_gma_amish_121205_wn.jpg)


c6508e No.299424

those images were huge and didn't load!

f53590 No.299425

31cdcb No.299426

File: 379a146bdb1f09e⋯.jpg (5.93 KB, 248x222, 124:111, $$001.jpg)

someone thrown out window….

78aef4 No.299427

File: ef46417d2643e15⋯.png (291.14 KB, 531x337, 531:337, rg35.PNG)


> Five even

brothers Imran Awan, Abid Awan and Jamal Awan, as well as Imran Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, and friend Rao Abbas

Also, Carl Ghattas had his fingers into "WMDs" so I'm assuming that means uranium also.

54011d No.299428



3ccf0b No.299429


Douglas Campbell U1 imformant

cd873e No.299430


A kill in Shanghai would either have to have Chinese permission. Or the Chinese did it themselves.

cc5af7 No.299431

File: 609ad339d4da42d⋯.png (3.1 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at ….png)

Wonder what made all that "powder" come out the window….

d088f5 No.299432


I knew this was always the case. Anything that impedes their impeachment investigation will cause the lunatic left to riot. Its not them reacting to "corruption" but their antifa cells activating. This has been announced for months now. Nothing new and just them claiming their motives still. Releasing the information and leaking it is a means of reducing the "bomb" to as minimal as possible by making antifa members think why are they defending something worse then trump in the first place.

8c19fe No.299433


What a coincidence.

< Again, there are none

Do you believe?

< We believe in the mission

>Have faith.

< Always will


< nothing like big game hunting


240e3d No.299434


Mad ops happening in Shanghai.

c4 makes a hell of an entrance

who was at the party? BO GS HRC BC PAW

8b5cdd No.299435


He needs to get interviewed before cancer kills him. He has the "Goods"

df0ca7 No.299436



Can someone flip this?

06a0bb No.299437

File: cc35b3ca29050e8⋯.png (247.65 KB, 263x398, 263:398, poster.PNG)

File: 9236cdbf89793f6⋯.png (18.49 KB, 756x148, 189:37, wiki.PNG)


Or it's Sen no-name.

Iron Eagle

>Directed by SIDNEY j furie

>Gulf of SIDra incident


f41bf2 No.299438


looks like the fuzzy sasquatch pic

78aef4 No.299439


Fuck yes! Does that mean cointelpro and JTTF harrassment campaigns will end soon?

1bf0dc No.299440


i think it's dopey.

04fded No.299441


Who are you?!?!?!?!?

This is nuts!

0fe8ed No.299442

File: b7b07a354abb70b⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1320x2042, 660:1021, shanghai close-up.jpg)

3ccf0b No.299443


http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/372861-uranium-one-informant-makes-clinton-allegations-in-testimony

fb0310 No.299444


No no no

080392 No.299445



Look elsewhere.

56a4d6 No.299446


For God and Country!!!

682057 No.299447


Q mentioned "red line"

fa0721 No.299448


RR is a red line

Will potus Cross?

c8ab6c No.299449


Yup someone showing that followers do not lead

0f7132 No.299450


The 2014 Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for Bundy's use of federally-owned land adjacent to Bundy's ranch in southeastern Nevada.

Russia, Hillary, Clinton Foundation, Bundy's, Bill Clinton's speech

54011d No.299451


Somebody went to the other side …

8ff5cc No.299452


Common to have opening windows in tall buildings outside the US

d9feb9 No.299453


Is "picture from here" a railroad?

fe73b4 No.299454


when you get a loud knock at the door while doing lines .

347ed8 No.299455


the coincidence is q drop saying bring U1 back to front of minds, then informant testifies today

f73857 No.299456


Asymmetric warfare.

As the opponent sets themselves in one direction, apply pressure to another.

4443bb No.299457


Same floor too!

3dbe67 No.299458

You HEAR that salt hunters? …WE hunt back

cd3f98 No.299459


What do you mean "us," kemosabe?

ec3c08 No.299460


well that was definitely more

220d10 No.299461


The window was open in the first image Q posted.

1809e1 No.299462


Much like popping a zit…

ff4633 No.299463

I seriously doubt explosives. It would be overkill and potentially take out civilians. You generally don't use HE with civies around.

I think more of a precision strike. In - out. Quick and clean.

a5e9c1 No.299464

This has to mean China did this for/with us somehow. Q wouldn’t livestream it without some kind of permission.

08732d No.299465

Just watching an old show by Mikhail Zadorno in Russian.

He talks about the meaning of words and the meaning of DEMOCRACY works in English just as in Russian.


So true. That is precisely what the Democratic party is.

54011d No.299466


Is that a chinaman falling?

f1f080 No.299467


Was that our operation or did we watch them?

d3765e No.299468

Looks like Bill Richardson . .big guy

b21440 No.299469

"Upon entry"… something went boom.. hence the white stuff

df531f No.299470


I did believe, I don’t anymore. I’ll always support GEOTUS.

“Have faith” reminds me of “hope”.

1dacf2 No.299471

>>299017 big trouble in big china

1864b2 No.299472

Interesting to see some steps being made to remove the pedos from reddit.

https:// www.reddit.com/r/announcements/comments/7vxzrb/update_on_sitewide_rules_regarding_involuntary/

Update on site-wide rules regarding involuntary pornography and the sexualization of minors


11aab4 No.299473


flash bangs?

1809e1 No.299474


Gas, maybe?

935b60 No.299475


To create panic causing phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.

All of which can be monitored.

54ce05 No.299476


OMG! The witness In U1 has dirt on RR and RR will drop out!??????

cc5af7 No.299477

File: 609ad339d4da42d⋯.png (3.1 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at ….png)


Explosives gasses and "powder" …thinking yes

3ccf0b No.299478


no, that looks like a light facing up, to pretty-fy the top of the building

ff94f8 No.299479

It was a distraction as well as a multi-pronged attack. Get them worried about the link of the FISA abuses to Obama which forces them to go on the move. Setup meeting in Shanghai. U1 informant testimony completely off the radar in the 4am drops. Loss of focus. Eliminate targets in Shanghai, while U1 testimony will send new targets scattering. Shooting fish in a barrel at this point.

31cdcb No.299480

File: 3e9c16f7ea924d8⋯.jpg (6.25 KB, 248x222, 124:111, $$001.jpg)

85fdd4 No.299481

File: f40e9a5ed3f140a⋯.jpg (899.89 KB, 1061x1332, 1061:1332, Screenshot_20180207-210204.jpg)

54011d No.299482


Good eye Anon badasses !

fb0310 No.299483


It’s not a red line

RR is corrupt and needs to go…

5bcccb No.299484

Hannity covering testimony. Russian criminal enterprise operated in the US before the U1 deal.

78aef4 No.299485

File: 75291bc9f12bb2a⋯.png (381.65 KB, 549x459, 61:51, rg49.PNG)


You're going to summon the Kurt Russel.

770555 No.299486


It leads back to #44.

The reign of anti-christ is over.

The Great Awakening has begun!

4b7548 No.299487



The cocked open window is surrounded by white haze, looks like a explosion happened in the room.

fa0721 No.299488

File: 6ca38529ed0f7a2⋯.png (486.37 KB, 775x800, 31:32, 700E63DF-624D-4BD7-9168-F5….png)


There’s one more pic of guy crossing road

fa8ef0 No.299489

f8e1c9 No.299490


Looks like the individual zoomed in on is wearing a motorcycle helmet and there is a police style motorcycle right behind him in same frame.

350358 No.299491


Pray Prey

1dacf2 No.299492


Dem flash bangz mini FAE

5472a0 No.299493


Utilize the Mennonite Mafia. Fuck Amish Mafia

f389cc No.299494


Means BHO is next.

BHO -> lied about HRC emails

BHO + cabinet -> used aliases

BHO -> Iran deal -> NK

BHO -> U1 approv. -> Russia + Iran

U1/informant -> FBI made me do it, known and approved by BHO + admin by the power of HRC.

e181b8 No.299495


It's either residue from whatever was used to enter the building in the middle of the night which means there are men with guns waiting inside for these people to show up for an early morning meeting, or it is residue from the explosion that popped the window open, or it is from some gas attack used against the residents and they tried opening the window to get air.

4b43fa No.299496

54ce05 No.299497


Looks like a body lol

04fded No.299498



39f460 No.299499

bc6851 No.299500


It looks like a building with address X001, but I can't get picture of street view and it doesn't say what it is.

4b6e41 No.299501


I was thinking the Hunt for Red October might be referring to Comey, if not Mueller, or perhaps both.

Read Comey's tweets, they're all very oblique – Thats it? Maybe he was actually hoping for more to be released. He had another tweet about the FBI speaking up, which also coincided with news reports of the whistleblower talking about off-site "secret society" meetings. He's also tweeted about justice being served eventually, even if it takes a while. People assumed it was about Trump and Mueller, but I think Comey is pulling a Trump and using confirmation bias – people hear what they want to hear because he phrases things ambiguously.

The fact that he's going to be teaching ethical leadership despite demonstrably having broken the law (leaks, perjury) makes me think he may have immunity - why else would anyone hire him?.

Trey Gowdy also made a comment after his testimony a while back to the effect that history would look back at Comey in a better light.

He's been a swamp creature for the Clinton's for decades. If he turned, it would be huge.

Or I could totally be wrong, and it's about Kim Jong Un himself defecting from NK - things got mighty quiet after reaching a significant fevered pitch with nuke launches. Maybe it's the Olympics, maybe not.

eb5086 No.299502

Looks like some kind of gas explosion in room? Tear gas? Window open to clear out gas?

58dfca No.299503


Where did you getDelta = 9.

I thought we had to subtract the difference between the two times which would be 1 hour 51 minutes. Then go back from time of tweet.

Sorry a little slow on the uptake.

f5c25d No.299504

Watching the RSB feed of Korean parade and the state sponsored music has a CRAZY Disney feel to it sometimes. The orchestral swirls and harmonies….

05ec21 No.299505



682057 No.299506


But my movie and my explanation makes more sense, regarding our situation here and with Q:

"You can't handle the truth" combined with a hard military protecting the snowflakes and they don't honor him, but despise him.

5d93b6 No.299507


7 dots … … . 7 killed? Also looks to be in three groups 3 - 3 - 1??

4498de No.299508

King Tower

Shanghai, China

HEIGHT: 212m/696 feet

FLOORS: 38 floors


ARCHITECT: TaoHo Design Architects

This tower is the headquarters of the Jin Qiao Reprocessing Zone in the new development area of Shanghai. The building is divided vertically into two zones: the upper zone houses the headquarters while the lower zones are for tenants.

Elevators rise to a lobby area about midway up the building, which is visible as a recess on the elevation. From there, a second set of elevators provide access to the headquarters.

The exterior incorporates a blue tinted glass canopy, 5 stories in height, that sweeps down and out to cover the main entrance. The steel girders continue above the roof to form a 15m pinnacle.

The design endeavours to create a visual symbol to capture the dynamic spirit of the high tech industrial development of the new Shanghai.

e90ddc No.299509


You’re embarrassing yourself. Just stop

ff4633 No.299510


Yeah, I guess flashbangs are a possibility. Maybe gas, but I doubt gas because it's hard to contain.

5b0453 No.299511


>Light a fire to smoke them out


c0cb53 No.299512

Undercover informant gave Intel of meeting occurring today in Shanghai which includes representatives of BHO, HRC, ISI, MB, etc

cc5af7 No.299514



4443bb No.299515


How do you catch a dangerous animal?

8b42a3 No.299516

bank of china lost its sovereignty ?

f1e1b0 No.299517

Remember Q said last guest to arrive…

There is more than one person…

d9feb9 No.299518


What is that white powder that is sent in the mail to kill people, that ted kozinski used?

4fa94b No.299519

Campbell is dying of cancer. His testimony is critical. They attempted to take him out. This man is a hero. It goes to the heart of treason selling uranium. Which probably wound up in Iran and NK.

69447f No.299520

Thank you for letting us witness all this. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! We are with you Q and Patriots!

56a4d6 No.299521


Thank U.. I've been at work all day.. no time to look into it

a5c924 No.299522

File: 600c0f12aa5ffe8⋯.jpg (121.6 KB, 712x709, 712:709, FUCKINGCUNT.jpg)


Feb 6 2018 01:34:50

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 975911


Public interest [keep high].

U1 FBI informant.

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187].


>Why did we re-focus energy on this when out of the news cycle?

Smoking out the black hats/prepping autists to find the connection (connect the dots) for future events - witness just gave testimony, FUTURE PROVES THE PAST.

Target down?

We just witnessed Op real time. This is bigger than historic - has there been any instance when we got a front row seat as a public in something like this….

We are THAT critical.

Any fool that says Q is 'larper fake etc' at this point….we got a bridge in brooklyn to sell you.

Snatch mission or kill?

Jesus Christ watch over our people.

1809e1 No.299523


You bait it with something it wants…

b6f273 No.299524

4/20 with a smile

f53590 No.299525

File: e75560d4d4f8849⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1538x699, 1538:699, clock.PNG)

9a2b41 No.299526

time zone test

641578 No.299527


Who is MB?

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB

fa0721 No.299528

File: 73d9f377d50c656⋯.jpeg (44.85 KB, 1146x278, 573:139, BBFA1B31-E37D-454C-BE82-8….jpeg)

8501af No.299529


I wonder if there is any shanhai breaking news reports on this

fed5fc No.299530

File: 189bfd63efeed56⋯.jpg (628.8 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, shanghaiWNums.jpg)

File: fe991ad832ad076⋯.jpg (569.24 KB, 1125x1608, 375:536, shanghaiWNumsLarger.jpg)

Here's the differences I see. #9? is a van that left, besides that every number is a new arrival, or one that moved from the original shot. The walking man might have left from the van. Also note #12 right next to a building.

bc6851 No.299531


Specifically: (where pic was taken from)


Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi



d1416e No.299532


On google maps, go to photo 1; click on "Home Inn"; there are ~28 photos you can see… look at the last few. Very interesting.

0f7132 No.299533


They (bad actors) keep calling for people 'take to the streets!'

I assume protocols are in place for inciting riots

2f5b17 No.299534


Q Team need to eradicate this vermin.

d5672a No.299535



54ce05 No.299536


That’s why they let it go for a while about the one scandal until the guy could testify they had to protect him and keep him alive he’s got all the dirt on RR. And now RR is in deep Doo Doo …He will have no choice but to drop and possible he will go to jail

881c80 No.299537


Flagpole mount. FFS

a2d0a7 No.299538

File: 3bfe0c4d60af88d⋯.jpg (656.12 KB, 1067x1436, 1067:1436, Screenshot_20180207-200415.jpg)


It's real . Source: http:// www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/02/07/george-soros-man-broke-bank-england-backing-secret-plot-thwart/


9ae1ea No.299539

File: 5babaf9a81b2292⋯.png (281.95 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3B665A58-362C-4871-87A8-A2….png)

File: fb2b8d4f908a912⋯.png (336.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2D90ED8E-093D-49D8-BC14-1C….png)

File: c9f7c413d04bde8⋯.png (452.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FF684F08-7851-4C19-97F2-04….png)

File: ade4bc943d90125⋯.png (353.02 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5F9EF9B6-5D9B-4A5E-92A6-DF….png)


You see these??

1809e1 No.299540


MB Muslim Brotherhood

DWS Debbie Waserman Schultz

4bd6c2 No.299541


Window is 28-31st floor.


Stiebel Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Room 3506 XinJinQiao Mansion,

No. 28, XinJinQiao Road,

Pudong, Shanghai, P.R.C., 201206

200 125 Pudong sam.deng@stiebel.sh.cn

39f460 No.299542


Would be great if we fixed several problems and scared the shit out of the other problems.

7dd04e No.299543


I believe that was exactly the point and order of the photos. Future proves past.

3b0a17 No.299544

File: 17c50fca79e279d⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 953x611, 953:611, DTvi_SOVQAErBUp.jpg)


Glow brighter faggot

ec3c08 No.299545


Glory to God

f8e1c9 No.299546



Unabomber built BOMBS, btw.

ddd295 No.299547


look at the Blue pillar

It's stil Shanghai

17fbc9 No.299548

could be 3 bomb's rigged to explode upon entering the room. Open the window to keep them from blowing out?

e5b1d5 No.299549

File: 5e62e575d245b61⋯.jpg (67 KB, 750x567, 250:189, 5e62e575d245b617540f988a38….jpg)

cc5af7 No.299550


Disney does nasty pedo shit.. waiting for THAT intel to drop, soon surely

23221b No.299551

Anyone have a friend in Shanghai they can send over there to see if there is any police response?

1dacf2 No.299552

>>299329 any firemenfags to confirm?

631f75 No.299553

05ec21 No.299554

Looks like bad actors could have shown up to destroy evidence with grenades. We were probably there first and got the evidence for ourselves.

4b6e41 No.299555


http:// dailycaller.com/2017/05/16/gowdy-clinton-doj-connections-run-deep-video/

This is what I'm talking about:

On Fox News’ “The Story,” Gowdy cryptically told host Martha McCallum that he believes “history will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were.”

“I think he had access to information that, because he is a stand-up guy he’s not gonna disseminate classified information (though God knows everybody else is)…so all your viewers see is this meeting on the tarmac,” he explained.

“Jim Comey had access to additional information that I am convinced left him with no other choice but to make the decision he made in July,” Gowdy said.

McCallum asked if he was implying that Comey was pressured into clearing Clinton of all wrongdoing.

“No…he wanted to safeguard the integrity of the investigation, the integrity of the process, and I probably ought to just leave it right there,” Gowdy replied.

“Trust me when I tell you this, Martha — I know what it was and I have been a critic of James Comey in the past. But he made the only decision he could have made with respect to appropriating that decision away from the Department of Justice and making the decision himself.”

“I only take away from that that you are suggesting that there were more entanglements between the Clintons and perhaps the Justice Department than everyone understands,” McCallum guessed.

“You’re very perceptive,” Gowdy confirmed.

a85e39 No.299556


From who's perspective? Optics. For most- perception = reality.

269bea No.299557



39f460 No.299558


nice catch

06a0bb No.299559


Yeah but look at that rad poster.

cd873e No.299560


Amen, amen, amen.

682057 No.299561


Yes and per Twitter (first post regarding RR firing).

1bf0dc No.299562


what? lmfao

240e3d No.299563

>>299351 “H“He recounted numerous times that the Russians bragged that the Clintons’ influence in the Obama administration would ensure CIFIUS approval for Uranium One. And he was right”e recounted numerous times that the Russiensure CIFIUS approval for Uranium One. And he was right”

f1e1b0 No.299564


Yes! It Truly Would!!

fb9d3a No.299565


Upon entry …….

7 dots


0f717e No.299566

04fded No.299567

Are we finally arresting BHO and keeping him in our custody?

5aa63d No.299568


People asked for arrests.

Gave one example.

Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing.

Trust the plan.


df0ca7 No.299570


(((They))) are trying to clean up all connections between RR and U1?

Why in China?

4b7548 No.299571


The cocked window surrounded by smoky haze looks like an explosion occurred in that room.

5bcccb No.299572

Trey Gowdy has been on the Clinton trail since Benghazi. He was one of the only people grilling Hillary about BLUMENTHAL.


04fded No.299573


Why would 7 dots mean snowden?

0f717e No.299574



ec7f77 No.299575


And then that twatter dude uses the same terminology. Proper coordinated conspiracy territory lads

e1ec9b No.299576



1dacf2 No.299577

>>299392 tango down pls

d9e237 No.299578



fb9d3a No.299579



39ca9d No.299580


Was it an arrest or a 187? Or both?

1bf0dc No.299581

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-eveslage/inside-the-obama-club-in_b_563518.html


74b6ba No.299582


Iron = Armored (Heavy) Commander (ie, Brigade Commander, Battalion Commander, etc.)

Eagle= Division Commander (think 101st Airborne)

31cdcb No.299583

e5b1d5 No.299584


You did admirably anon. Kudos for expanding your thinking.

b9a6c9 No.299585


Holy shit. I actually might


fa8ef0 No.299586

File: 47780d1f8d76fd2⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 582x651, 194:217, 47780d1f8d76fd216bd0bfffba….jpg)


>Just because you can't see doesn't mean its not ongoing.

498ca2 No.299587


Trust. Faith. Thank you!

04b63b No.299588


before we got these posts of the OP,

Q said [] is a killbox?

was the guy walking in carrying a [] kill box?

44b656 No.299589



THAnk you Q Patriots

59128e No.299590


Will we get to see someone get arrested soon?

c224cc No.299591

File: 4b7ff3d56f0fe6b⋯.png (4 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Das McCain Boot.png)

fb0310 No.299592


No no no it’s the person in the CAR not the person walking to the parking lot lmao

54ce05 No.299593


Got coordinates?

350358 No.299594

File: 3b317e221d7358a⋯.png (665.62 KB, 500x1082, 250:541, M 0166.png)

db6330 No.299595


suspect the black SUV is security detail similar to the way the USSS operates, black car carries VIP. Guy in motorcycle helmet just got off that bike that looks like motorcycle cop rig. Pic is prob more to scare the crap out of someone than something we will be able to figure out

06a0bb No.299596


It would have been a breach from the inside, going off in the room.

0177dc No.299597


makes that first image even MORE ominous, eh?

6ff8a9 No.299598

54011d No.299599


THIS !!!

1dacf2 No.299600

>>299505 too noisy think poofy brightness

1e7d79 No.299601

Flash bang or knockout gas for a capture or bomb for taking out occupants of room?


Was the window already open in order to toss it up through there?

d3b1f6 No.299602


Walking man appears to be wearing a helmet.

Likely got off the motorcycle that is parked on the sidewalk behind him.

fa0721 No.299603


Who was arrested?

a2d0a7 No.299604

File: 88007bf1424ff39⋯.jpg (402.5 KB, 1072x1526, 536:763, Screenshot_20180207-195219.jpg)

File: 21041703cbb65d3⋯.jpg (428.12 KB, 1055x1413, 1055:1413, Screenshot_20180207-195232.jpg)

File: b5f1b6df0413dda⋯.jpg (492.59 KB, 1042x1584, 521:792, Screenshot_20180207-195303.jpg)

File: b7fe7c38a9723e2⋯.jpg (450.3 KB, 1060x1477, 1060:1477, Screenshot_20180207-195348.jpg)

John Solomon is back!

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/372861-uranium-one-informant-makes-clinton-allegations-in-testimony

e7cd52 No.299605


The color red =27/9 A red 69 (969 or 666)Also the word FREEMASON = 96 maybe its a a meeting of freemason's (secret society)

5bcccb No.299606


Q we love you. Trying to keep everyone positive. Someone in that building was arrested. The door was breached (hence the residue). Blew the window open.

a5c924 No.299607

File: 7208788b4b2b224⋯.jpeg (84.15 KB, 474x711, 2:3, saintmichaelwar.jpeg)





In the game of cat and mouse, WE are now the CAT.

>These people are STUPID.

>Patriots are in FULL control.

We need to dig into this incident and find out who exactly got snatched/smoked. The series of individuals - who are they?

Related to FBI informant who testified today.

North korea bad actors?

U1 about to be blown wide fucking open?

Black hats were taken out after being lured out of hiding??

These inhuman NK fucks at the top echelons who colluded with ES and hussein?

Anons, let's get to work.

Keep tight eye on news and rumors in china/nk ANYTHING relevant.

31cdcb No.299608


No, it isn't… look close. Read Q's posts.

d088f5 No.299610


Ouch, so then they really are surrounded liked rats with nowhere to go, not even china. Kek

39f460 No.299611


Never doubt you again.

f8e1c9 No.299612


Sorry, reply meant for ^^^




0f717e No.299613


2c8f02 No.299614


Deus vult

5e3542 No.299615


can we plz get a pointer towards the 43 connections and assembling the map?

a43120 No.299616


looks like a percussion grenade, Godspeed Q

53383f No.299617


That was some heart attack

664bb7 No.299618

You know this means we can never stop looking at this board.

We lose our jobs, wives, everything….

And there was no Kaboom! I was expecting an earth-shattering Kaboom!

a2d0a7 No.299619

54ce05 No.299620


God Bless You Q❤️❤️❤️

41ea7d No.299621


The target walked INTO the killbox

bc8a26 No.299622


Fire? Open windows?

8c74c0 No.299623


Q just said it was an arrest.

39f460 No.299624


thank you!

23221b No.299625


Nigger, he is saying that is LITERALLY what just happened.

c6508e No.299626


Who was it?

0bdecf No.299627


maybe it's a good time for a military parade

d088f5 No.299628

File: b990de1be7f6667⋯.png (275.21 KB, 680x697, 40:41, trump-deport.png)


01c411 No.299629


Pictures for a reason….Q knows they will get out. How many people do you think will be shitting themselves when see what we saw?

ff94f8 No.299630

Seeing this play out is historic. Wanna see how badly DJT is trolling them?

I believe we'll find out the Magnitsky Act was setup because of trafficking. Too many kids were being adopted in Russia and Putin was already on to them. Deep State tried to setup Trump Jr with that setup meeting with the Russian lawyer and she sprung the Magnitsky act on them.

So what did DJT do? Used the Magnitsky Act and turned it into an EO to seize everything they have. Geniuseption.

1809e1 No.299631


Some explosions make no noise at all…

fb9d3a No.299632

File: b1ce13f16229c90⋯.jpg (291.05 KB, 1242x674, 621:337, darkie.jpg)


cf5ab2 No.299633


Security guard checking in vips.

2f5b17 No.299634


Not just arrest. Seize all their money and properties. Take it all and give it back to the people.

04b63b No.299635


possibly window was marked for by white residue, to signal which floor and room meeting was being held in?

8b5cdd No.299636


They must have used plastique explosives to keep the window from falling, yet create access for firing, or extracation of something or someone.

05ec21 No.299637

File: 17e232d8626a430⋯.png (3.81 KB, 184x35, 184:35, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at ….png)


It's not merely 7 dots. Cut/paste the original post into a text editor. It's 2 ellipses and a dot. I'll try and approximate what that looks like here:


Pic attached. In the past, it refers to the alphabet. The bold dot would be the letter G. That's what I gave several names of explosives beginning with G, but it was probably just grenades.

ebf0a2 No.299639

File: acc4b4ac2fdfb3d⋯.jpeg (61.98 KB, 600x404, 150:101, acc4b4ac2fdfb3d9027daff22….jpeg)



5b0453 No.299640


Flash bangs to disorient - operators pop in and arrest everyone.

69383c No.299641

Thank you Q!

054e05 No.299642


I never thought our military would ever be in the hands of good people until you found us.

It's awe inspiring to witness this transition and thank you for everything.

bdd91b No.299643

File: b4b097bd89543eb⋯.png (398.5 KB, 1175x731, 1175:731, windows.PNG)

OK Gentlemen, Analysis time

Based on the 2 images I have the following observations

1) The image on the left was from the first image posted note the resolution and composition

2) The image is the last image showing the window note the resolution and composition.

3) Both images appear distinct and not part of the same standard shot.

4) Either single camera using a PTZ zoom, or 2 separate shots.

5) The later seems to be most likely as the angle of the window and floors appear slightly different. Perhaps same building different area / floor.


The residue effect could be natural, or not.

It’s also clear that the window was open from before the first image.

They may have breached this prior, I mean who notices a window up there and let alone that may be the floor room you intend to visit.

2a2ebd No.299644


A shot?

78aef4 No.299645


Maybe even a cardiac arrest?

fb0310 No.299647


I never doubted the plan

Where we go one we go all

1dacf2 No.299648

>>299568 thank you Sir we are not worthy

1872db No.299649

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, kys.jpg)


You utter retard, re-read Q post, then kys for making such a stupid statement.

682057 No.299650


I know (your) movie. And it doesn't convince me here.

65bfd2 No.299651

"Good night" implies sleep. With the powder vented out the window looks like some VIPs were rendered unconscious for transport. Maybe?

3a7c25 No.299652


I've known POTUS Trump and the Patriots would take down the Deep State since the moment I watched the media disgracefully bury the Podesta emails. Never lost faith, not for one second! Godspeed Q.

a5fd0a No.299653


Ok photofags…who was in that car that got out?

"Last to arrive"

39f460 No.299654


very good

59128e No.299655


you know what I mean Nigger, are we going to see somebody BIG get arrested live on TV… not still photos! This is not going to change any normie minds.

01c411 No.299656


drone shot?

abc6cd No.299657


Sniper's bullet deserved just for driving a Merc.

1dacf2 No.299658

>>299640 and we have a winner

8ff5cc No.299659



U1 funds supply Iran and NK.

NK next to China, so that tends to suggest NK.

Possibly someone responsible for facilitating funds to NK taken out.

Other thing to consider here guys: this was probably not a US act. We were watching what was likely a hit on someone involved.

8c74c0 No.299660

The residue could be from an oc flashbang like this: http:// www .nonlethaltechnologies.com/PG-DB.htm

5439c1 No.299661

The blue license plates on the cars could be China

3aaac7 No.299663

a43120 No.299664


Godbless you all Q, our prayers are with you, thank you for getting these evil scums

31cdcb No.299665


Window open in first picture.. nothing below … suddenly white powder everywhere and something falling.. not a flag pole in the middle of a glass building… geeze… look.

bba268 No.299666


Thanks for all u all are doing, Q… For God & Country! God bless and keep our heros/patriots! Keep praying anons, this is a war against evil/darkness and CAN NOT be defeated without the Almighty God! He is with US!!!

4b1f2e No.299667


>assembling the map?

What did he tell us that everyone keeps ignoring??

>find the spiders

>build the web ("map")

spiders = players

map = map of their network & connections

770555 No.299668


The 'low hanging fruit' sufficed for notice to the higher ups.

Let the process play out in Congress, #44 is already exposed. The evidence serves as proof in the eyes of public opinion.

a124d0 No.299669


Fear is just FAITH in a negative outcome

ff94f8 No.299670


Arrest. Stun Grenade or Flash Bangs. Explosives would have sent smoke out the open window. The pressure would have forced it out.

fe03f2 No.299671


Are we sure it is a motorcycle helmet and not a Russian ear flap cap?

681f30 No.299672


someone jumped.

fa8ef0 No.299673


interesting anon

9df9d0 No.299674

God Bless you Q.

God Bless The Patriots.

Numbers 12:6

Mark Taylor spoke of this.

Refresh the tree of liberty.


The evil will fall, baal has no power here.


4c1b52 No.299675


Than Q

That was 40% public 60% covert as fuck. Now we look for news later in the day over there to see what we can piece together the rest

347ed8 No.299676


Maybe Hussein?

8c19fe No.299677


With our shield or on it Q

272380 No.299678


Is that the grassy knoll?


Q, did they throw JFK's killer out the window?

a5fd0a No.299679


Per last Q post someone was arrested. "Last to arrive". Need to know who got out of that car!!

04fded No.299680


Will this arrest make it to the funny papers?

1dacf2 No.299681

>>299618 Lo Tek.

b90e8e No.299682

Q, what's the parade about?

d14f33 No.299683

File: eb77a20bac5fe88⋯.png (61.2 KB, 1088x213, 1088:213, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at ….png)

a5c924 No.299684

File: 8029fc684d4aebc⋯.jpeg (29.07 KB, 474x460, 237:230, revengepepe.jpeg)


God bless you patience, Q.

People are desperate due to sheer overwhelming anxiety and continued situation on 'the streets'.

The chief immediate issues that can be shown to 'reverse the tide' hasn't been recognized by many.

The twatter personalities need to see this and forward it all to relevant patriots who are close to breaking point. This was just ONE OF MANY OPS THAT ARE OCCURING RIGHT FUCKING NOW. DAILY.








FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fe03f2 No.299686

Maybe Snowden was sent from Russia to China - a trade or payoff?

8ff5cc No.299687


Drop #47:

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

The informant created exposure for China.

56a4d6 No.299688


That looks like some sort of particulate disbursement like a fire extinguisher?? anyone?

4bd6c2 No.299689


Any links between uranium one companies and king tower? timing would be right to sweep up evidence.

f389cc No.299690


Faith, patience, and strength.

54011d No.299691


Wow you are one incredible Anon .

d49242 No.299692


like your theory.

fb9d3a No.299693


Damn you're good!

c6508e No.299694

File: 6a5b5f426c03e3c⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 369x269, 369:269, Looney_Tunes_'Mad_as_a_Mar….jpg)


no kaboom

4b1f2e No.299695


>So what did DJT do? Used the Magnitsky Act and turned it into an EO to seize everything they have. Geniuseption.

Remember Lady Velnitskaya was "lobbying" POTUS' people to have the Magnitsky Act repealed??

Magnitsky Act + 3 EOs = 45D chess

dd4d00 No.299696


Is it Fire Extinguisher Powder?

04b63b No.299697

We just had a LIVE feed/images of a operation run by the Q team. How fucking epic is that?

What times, anons.

What times!

67809c No.299698

File: 1a97f3b2e22648c⋯.jpeg (193.45 KB, 750x915, 50:61, EEAC988D-AB10-452C-9DC5-D….jpeg)

Hunt for red October : 10 days that shook the world

BO went underground…

It’s all here google “hunt for red October”

60f721 No.299699

Remember, Pence is in SK

ec7f77 No.299700


King tower shanghai

5b0453 No.299701


Probably just residue from flash bangs used to disorient perps being nabbed.

5aa63d No.299702


Window opened ahead of time to prevent pressure blast.

Think intel.

[Last discussion on this subject].


5e3542 No.299703



i guess that'll do.

but what about this "43 conf connections?

we dont even have a map thread in the fuckin catalog!

its beginning to get overwhelming Q.

3d93b2 No.299704


explosion from inside of hotel room//goodnight

69383c No.299705

http:// www.stiebel.de/en/accomplishments/gear-manufacturing.html Seems to be german based company.. am I wrong?

3b0a17 No.299706


>People asked for arrests.

Anons who was arrested?

272380 No.299707


The Clintons are always late.

So is Obama.

04fded No.299708



Mind blown!

43493e No.299709


ffs…don't post your email.

d5672a No.299710


The angles suggest something, not sure what. Might just be due to the angle of opening.

d9feb9 No.299711


Blasting open a safe?

08732d No.299712


When the bomb went off it burst all the heroin bags and blew the drugs out the window. That will be in the news. Or it could be a meth lab. Same difference

cd873e No.299713


Do you know or are you guessing?

BO = Hussein

GS = Soros

HRC = Hillary

BC = Bill

PAW = Prince Dopey Al Waleed


a5c924 No.299714

File: 6c55f7fbd07ee01⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, geotuskillscunt.jpg)


We are in this to the finish.

Opening shots have just been fired.

These bastards will pay. In BLOOD.

682057 No.299715


Q, is Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson) "A Few Good Men" Iron Eagle?

He will never made General but keeps the Snowflakes who despise him secure while they sleep. because he's standing watch?

1809e1 No.299716


Easy in, easy clean up, easy out.


fb9d3a No.299717


Thank you Q

bdd91b No.299718


Thanks Q! Its hard out here, we've been so badly abused. We TRUST POTUS, you, and Most (I) would lay it down 1000 times for…

78aef4 No.299719

File: 759f436e417c127⋯.png (416.71 KB, 684x459, 76:51, rg57.PNG)


Capture for interrogation.

ff4633 No.299720

I wonder if Q is trying to tell us that the left is going to try and start a civil war, Russian red october stuff.

134fd4 No.299721


refer to BLM riots when hussien impeached? (red october)

0f717e No.299723



a85e39 No.299724


Not sure if related:

Dutch King visit to Shanghai

https:// gbtimes.com/dutch-king-begins-two-day-china-visit

cd873e No.299725

If a very bad guy or group of perps just got taken out in the King Tower, I hope something like this happened first, only with a video of POTUS talking to them like in this scene from Robocop.

https:// hooktube.


83e7a1 No.299726

red october, hornet vs mig 29 dogfights Iron eagle, movie about dogfights, kill box looks like whats on the screen in the hornet, wasnt there a plane shot down somewhere to day

347ed8 No.299727


We trust! Thank you for confirmation. Love this. I red pilled after LV and it lead me to Q drops.

e6fd5f No.299728

File: 422fdbbd0198f26⋯.jpeg (123.27 KB, 999x500, 999:500, CDD97F7B-B571-4174-8A06-F….jpeg)

e1ec9b No.299729

You stupid idiots

Q said you want an arrest > checkmate

No one was thrown out a window

If Q team knew those windows are always open, it would be wise they use those floors

Subject enters poof

Subject detained and headed to GitMo

You are all begging for more proof for the normies


We just witnessed history

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