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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-213.jpg)

f8e11c No.175361

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather






5th one: hijack whatever u like, but pls add previous 4

Hijack suggestion for today: #Davos


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f8e11c No.175376

#213 pastebin.com/di2e50Kf

30d1df No.175430

What is the source of this image?

https:// qcodefag.github.io/data/images/5113674fc5f6d72bd94991bd733d2722722cae9c12274180dedfe983e74a0cc1.jpeg

cdbddd No.175431

Hannipede rolls with protection. Not worried. But still no confirm on what he was trying to signal. Several possibilities seem to be possibly relevant.

f6af13 No.175432


Is [19] a marker for FBI?


FBI immediates no longer with us, i.e.fired

Self suicide if actioned because we hear all and know they plan to take cyanide tablets if arrested.


Could the above be a correct decoding?

2df2e4 No.175433

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

b6b704 No.175434


My compliments to the chef

03a254 No.175435

Time for some morning gymnastics

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K-0JpiJu-o

01484c No.175436

File: 9bbd25e48ab2c5c⋯.mp4 (345.76 KB, 500x210, 50:21, DUh4DjsUMAAR88W.mp4)

bb2e07 No.175437

File: 82dcc46430ad669⋯.png (790.35 KB, 1086x1075, 1086:1075, Screenshot from 2018-01-27….png)


>Hat: Afghanistan Veteran

>Shirt Emblem? Can anyone make that out?

hope this helps, anon. i don't know who it is

0a3799 No.175438

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/26/argentina-police-raid-naval-base-in-missing-submarine-case.amp.html

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Federal police officers have raided naval bases and other buildings in Argentina as part of an investigation into the disappearance of a submarine with 44 crewmembers




ded85a No.175439






2067d8 No.175440

File: 347fc7e8e06abce⋯.jpg (45.52 KB, 297x199, 297:199, Bread 2 (2).jpg)

247697 No.175441

For everyone, I'm digging on 1649 as a date. In the Rothschilds history, this is a very important date. Oliver Cromwell convinced Parliament to execute Charles I for treason. But also, from 1642 to 1649, gold merchants finance the English Revolution.

08c146 No.175442

File: 868df0ced3101a4⋯.jpg (287.92 KB, 1006x1167, 1006:1167, Screenshot_20180127-012045.jpg)

File: 5f15543c46cf428⋯.png (493.63 KB, 1111x1084, 1111:1084, Q 2018-01-27 02-06.png)

069300 No.175443

Anyone remember the weird ass posts about a apartment number earlier this evening? Some sort of go codes perhaps?

1b6c29 No.175444


seems speculation as to what he meant. the false imprisonment thing seems legit. but who would authorize that?

247697 No.175445

"Form Submission 1649" may have something to do with a 'form of submission in 1649.'

bb2e07 No.175446


anon, you're an hour behind, and you haven't learned to link across boards yet


9d0984 No.175447


What are you talking about?

a7beb6 No.175448

>Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are YOU). = self explanatory

>Imagine if these people were removed. = no good reporters

>Total control re: MSM. = 24/7 LIES

>They represent a clear and present danger to the enemy. = reporting Truth

>Re-read past crumbs re: security. = Secret Service

>Where is JS? = John Soloman

>How do we truly protect those important to us? = Security (SS)

>[19] immediates [no longer with us]. = 19 good reporters dead (maybe)

>Self-suicide if actioned. = good reporter suicides, IF given the Green Light order

>Real life.


21988b No.175449

File: 3a4284ecd25bc40⋯.png (607.2 KB, 835x435, 167:87, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at ….png)

File: c7cd1c185545643⋯.png (702.03 KB, 734x622, 367:311, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at ….png)

File: 5aa5ebbe1c77406⋯.png (368.6 KB, 746x287, 746:287, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at ….png)

This is proper justice – Yoo's infamous memo is going to bite the cartel in the butt!

0897b3 No.175450

Because Q posted the same video twice in 2 days I figured it was important (it's a great speech). I transcribed the video for us all.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you the American people. The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason; to protect and enrich itself. The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. For those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interests, they partner with these people that don’t have your good in mind. Our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven’t seen before. This is not simply another 4 year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world. It is a global structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. This is a struggle for the survival of our nation and this will be our last chance to save it. This election will determine whether we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system and our system is rigged. This is reality; you know it, they know it, I know it and pretty much the whole world knows it. The Clinton machine is at the center of this power source. We’ve seen this first hand in the wiki documents in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of US sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors. Honestly, she should be locked up. The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media, the press. Let’s be clear on one thing, the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda and the agenda is not for you it’s for themselves. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, they will lie, lie, lie, and then again they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary. The Clintons are criminals, remember that this is well documented and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover up of wide spread criminal activity at the state department and the Clinton foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power. They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. Nevertheless I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back. I knew this day would arrive, it was only a question of when and I knew the American people would rise above and vote for the future they deserve. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you, the only force strong enough to save our country is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you the American people. Our great civilization has come upon a moment of reckoning. I didn’t need to do this folks, believe me. I built a great company and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefit of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks. Who would have thought? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much and I feel so strongly that it’s my turn to give back to the country that I love. I’m doing this for the people and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again.

Donald J. Trump 2016

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

fbd5b7 No.175451


>▶Anonymous  01/27/18 (Sat) 00:24:35 08c146 No.175442

>File (hide): 868df0ced3101a4⋯.jpg (287.92 KB, 1006x1167, 1006:1167, Screenshot_20180127-012045.jpg) (h) (u)

>File (hide): 5f15543c46cf428⋯.png (493.63 KB, 1111x1084, 1111:1084, Q 2018-01-27 02-06.png) (h) (u)


c.r.c. gets a gay wedding

d63b26 No.175452


Yea I remember. They weren't able to complete or something like that

81f1b4 No.175453

1b6c29 No.175454

File: 4baf6d0173fe07b⋯.png (114.9 KB, 320x524, 80:131, 4baf6d0173fe07baa0cf7086ff….png)

whos this poo n loo and wtf is he meaning by this?

912df6 No.175455


I will admit to being wrong - it happens.

I do not however share your views of J St. He lit up the left almost as much as the right - the right just made it too easy to slap them around during his years. And he actually took more than a few swipes at the left 'after' leaving as well.

1b8208 No.175456


Elaborate… please.

247697 No.175457


Perhaps false imprisonment for Hannity is a way for him to look imprisoned to other journalists.

4fd001 No.175458


It came from this form: www.adoptionsupportservices.com/PDF%20Forms/1649.pdf

bb2e07 No.175459


surely it doesn't mean a literal suicide. just a metaphorical one. a chess piece being removed from the board

2ee69b No.175460

I remember seeing that Sara Carter and John Solomon both had security details

Where the hell is John Solomon?

9400a1 No.175461


[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

Think nuclear stand-off.



9ef610 No.175462

File: c2f3c9da00c909e⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 476x523, 476:523, EO sidebyside1.JPG)

File: 4007c191a73d996⋯.jpg (69.45 KB, 482x538, 241:269, EO sidebyside2.JPG)

File: ce759831af14cc1⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 483x406, 69:58, EO sidebyside3.JPG)

File: f526529e22c4907⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 473x527, 473:527, EO sidebyside4.JPG)

File: a930b0ca2275721⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 472x539, 472:539, EO sidebyside5.JPG)


Here's a good way to see standard language vs. what President Trump has in the GLOMAG EO

BO on left and Pres. Trump on Right

d63b26 No.175463

File: b99585acc88482d⋯.png (28.96 KB, 603x288, 67:32, solomon.PNG)

John Solomon from Wiki

4fd001 No.175464


Wow…thank you!!

30500c No.175465

Thomas Paine

‏ @Thomas1774Paine

7m7 minutes ago

It's past dicey.

It's getting dangerous now.


247697 No.175466

I just watched the video Q posted recently. The view counter is not stuck. It takes a while to update, but it is updating.

e1a771 No.175467

I'm trying to grasp this all right now,

So Hannity sends out some sort of SOS,

His twitter goes does shortly after,

Hannity possibly posted on this thread,

"Gotta give up a piece to win the game"

Q replies with where is JS

Now this is where I'm stuck



63fa17 No.175468

File: 721ee029442961b⋯.jpg (509.19 KB, 1940x1554, 970:777, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….jpg)


Q posts check with 19 in it

08c146 No.175469


Thank you! I was hoping someone had a transcript of it.

f3844e No.175470



d9e7b2 No.175471

Baker's curation of Recent/Notable Posts is incredible. God bless you.

1b8208 No.175472


All good, man. We're all working on the fly.

069300 No.175473


Do you remember the thread #? We may want to dig those up.

43a744 No.175474


mess with us you get it back 100 fold

13dda0 No.175475

I think this is what happened. Some whitehats took over SH twat and DMed something to select followers / media with open DMs. Once files cached locally with enough recipients, account is shut down / paused / nuked whatever.

cdbddd No.175476


Sounds like some journos have been removed for their own protection and that they would have been or are targets of "suicides".

11d29b No.175477

9d0984 No.175478



e347a9 No.175479


Thank you Anon. Clearly DJT needs much prayer to have the wisdom and strength necessary for the task. May the Lord bless him mightily.

0fb2e2 No.175480


Crystal clear

b6b704 No.175481


Did TS Prudence really have anything to do with the piss dossier?

9ef610 No.175482

File: c7e8eb22d05c032⋯.jpg (70.75 KB, 472x398, 236:199, EO sidebyside6.JPG)

File: 3dfec661ee73e9f⋯.jpg (116.61 KB, 473x547, 473:547, EO sidebyside7.JPG)

File: 6f6532e6ca6ca5a⋯.jpg (89.34 KB, 473x543, 473:543, EO sidebyside8.JPG)

File: fc204da5347efde⋯.jpg (65.11 KB, 471x547, 471:547, EO sidebyside9.JPG)

File: f626ba30ef0bd78⋯.jpg (108.39 KB, 470x549, 470:549, EO sidebyside10.JPG)



247697 No.175483


>Think nuclear stand-off.


81f1b4 No.175484



e1ed22 No.175485


Hat says Afghanistan Veteran. He was enlisted (not officer). He has an Army Good Conduct medal and Army Service ribbon, so probably prior Army. He also appears to have an aircraft crewman badge.

That's all I have right now.

01fae0 No.175486


Much appreciated

f7977c No.175487

File: af0f9f5a4451383⋯.jpeg (98.67 KB, 715x881, 715:881, saintmichael.jpeg)




They call us 'Cattle'

They call us 'drones'

They call us 'deplorables'

They call us monkeys and animals whose only purpose is to be used by them to 'birth the new Buddha'

Now we begin the struggle to use THEIR hubris, THEIR arrogance, THEIR hatred, THEIR so-called 'wisdom' against them.

Their LIES, which permeate every pores of the globe, will be washed away.

Their HATRED which granted them such strength and ruthless power, will fall from its own weight of depravity AND LIES.

Their IGNORANCE, which is so carefully cloaked in their own pursuit of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, not to stand with it, but to SUBVERT IT, will be their last mistake.


WE, the decent, hard working, white-hearted folks who decry depravity, violation, and LIES that oversee it all, will begin the long arduous journey toward the TRUTH which has been long concealed and lost to us since the times immemorial.

WE, THE PEOPLE, will be STRONG again. WE, THE PEOPLE will no longer FEAR, but rise in COURAGE and HATRED against LIE that has been cast over our hearts.

We will once again regain the initiative to PROTECT OUR OWN, AND MAKE DIPLOMACY WITH THOSE WE DEEM EQUALS.







FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f3844e No.175488

Anons I don't think Q is talking to us.

30500c No.175489

Got it Boss!

cbc6d1 No.175490


Roger that, boss

951d31 No.175491


Crystal now


Sorry Anon

11d29b No.175492


>[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

[19] that had SS 'protection' possibly?

fc2db2 No.175493


It's a better blow up still cant' make it out.

Then he's standing in front of a monument to his left with a plaque that reads something.

The fact that he's at 4 10 and again at 4:30 exactly in both spots is serendipity for sure.

9ef610 No.175494

File: 9b0f9dcbc903d67⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 469x543, 469:543, EO sidebyside11.JPG)

File: a235a29c7ef7156⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 473x96, 473:96, EO sidebyside12.JPG)


cont'd 3 of 3

08c146 No.175495


So the 19 OPs are operators/journalists in harm's way getting the word out.

fbd5b7 No.175496



6998ce No.175497



8920d5 No.175498


Put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue. Got it.

fde397 No.175499


Roger that chief

01fae0 No.175500



30500c No.175502


5x5 Boss

9400a1 No.175503

Note the last drops on the other board.

Think logically.

Refer to past crumbs.


Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?

How do you defuse a bomb?

Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?


43a744 No.175504


I think both,us and them

ded85a No.175505


You are correct on both counts, apparently I'm a bit slow today.

13dda0 No.175506


Not sure why yins never check patterns like this.

f3844e No.175507

Is it just me or does anyone think that SH is in trouble right now… and Q is telling the clowns don't dare fuck with Q

cdbddd No.175508


No, there are 19 who would get killed if harm came to select journalists heads.

878fcd No.175509


Didn't Q talk about someone being sacrificed for the cause.. I assumed it was Flynn but what if Hannity was allowed to be taken/controlled in order to prove the MSM is being controlled.

f8e11c No.175510


Thank you for this anon. Added to dough.

a76c0b No.175511



30500c No.175512


Military Tribunals

912df6 No.175513


fuck that, you isolate it (or encapsulate it) and blow the fucker in a controlled environment.

Less collateral damage

21988b No.175514


Is Q implying it has happened or will happen (that we're in a standoff)?

37b01e No.175515


Please do something about Justin Trudeau when you have a spare moment.

2df2e4 No.175516


Crystal clear sir!

bb2e07 No.175517


trusted military > corrupt civilian judges

cac2c6 No.175518


Someone explain it to me plainly, please. Not following.

2067d8 No.175519


Military Tribunals of TWELVE.

6e45d1 No.175520


How is JA?


fbd5b7 No.175521


sometimes a pack of hungry autists need to sort out the flow chart of shills

5f1f2b No.175522


Are the 19 patrios or cabal? Are Hannity and Solomon safe? This is really concerning

d1d45c No.175523

File: eb794ea9b24d7b2⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1111x2732, 1111:2732, Q 2018-01-27 01-34_02-06.png)

File: d6e6f2e004ca8b9⋯.jpeg (226.19 KB, 757x1346, 757:1346, Q 2018-01-27 02-06_pic li….jpeg)

File: 9ecd982ac6704e6⋯.jpg (276.36 KB, 1006x1167, 1006:1167, Q 19 marker.jpg)

c0f5a5 No.175524

c66562 No.175525


You're Alpha AF tonight, Q.


0fb2e2 No.175526

11d29b No.175527


Huffington Post is not a credible source for anything.

43a744 No.175528


Justice Finally

1b8208 No.175529


My head is gonna fucking explode.

c22de1 No.175530


There were odd messages in #209 - the primary one now having been deleted. It was an address in NYC. An anon commented they hoped they didn't get in trouble for squatting. It all seemed like coded messages and then the happenings with Sean. I hope he is ok and speculate he was asking for help.

b6b704 No.175531

Reports of immediate simultaneous action when memo is released, al la breaking bad prison scene.

1b6c29 No.175532


> Nuclear standoff

> Red October

> Surely youre not saying nuclear capabilities being used within the cont. US?

21988b No.175533


Highlights on infamous Yoo memo here: >>175449

186adb No.175534

File: 15eb3090470f3f6⋯.png (52.25 KB, 736x370, 368:185, Capture.PNG)

cdbddd No.175535


Cut off that which gives them power. $$$, friendly judges, home field advantage basically. Military Tribunals.

0897b3 No.175536


Military tribunals. No other way. Could never find judges or juries that couldn't be leaned on.

81f1b4 No.175537


The great cleanse of the nation.


383169 No.175538


Jesus…FUCK Huffington Post. WOW.

ab39e2 No.175539


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5luSn4yfbXo

Around 27:40, but watch the whole segment with her over.

She just seems extra pumped up.

Could be nothing, I just got a vibe when I saw the original broadcast.

1b8208 No.175540


Exactly what I was scrambling to say. It's the only way. Only way.

34f573 No.175541


Grokking drops.

Thanks Q.

0897b3 No.175542


I'm very humbled to do something as I am not an autist. I did make one mistake in not completely spelling out "wikileaks" (I was typing as fast as I could). Thank you.

fde397 No.175543

Q just went full alpha on em.

"Not a puppet" – DJT motivational reminder

2df2e4 No.175544


May be very correct

8920d5 No.175545


Possibly some 7/10 "accidents" on the way home from Davos?

cdbddd No.175546

Gotta declaw the MSM for this to work.

fa2389 No.175547


Military Tribunals>>>>> GITMO

7d3eb9 No.175548


These people together represent the bomb. Take out specific ones and the rest will be powerless.

Military tribunals. State of Emergency. Seizure of assets. Cut the strings.

c3f486 No.175549

Q how close is the sun

1b8208 No.175550


If it was up your ass you'd know how close. Shut up.

e1a771 No.175551


What is Q Clearance?

What hint does that explicitly refer to?


Who would have the goods on U1?

Does stating 'Q' refer that person works in DOE?


Does it refer that someone dropping such information has the highest level of security within all departments?

Why is this relevant?

(May 2010) BO "Russia should be viewed as a friendly partner under Section 123 the Atomic Energy Act of 1954" after agreeing to a new nuclear weapons reduction deal and helping US w/ Iran.

Who is the enemy?

What is being continually stated by all D's?

Russia is what?

What did the Russia reset really provide?

Clearance/pathway to complete the U1 deal?

Why is the Canadian PM so important?

They never thought they were going to lose.

The calm before the storm.

Follow Sen Grassley.

What is different effective this week?

What do you notice?

Why does Sen Grassley (one example) have a higher than normal amount of security detail?

Why is Grassley and others held in a secure location?

When did this start?

What has been different this week?

U1 FBI informant.

Have secret sessions been underway?

How could this be discovered?

What must be reported even if filed under 'State Secrets'?

It's a name recognized around the world.

Alice & Wonderland.

Where is John Podesta?

Where is Tony Podesta?

Did one or both escape the country and was let out?



What is the difference between commercial and private re: security clearance for departure?

Who is the TSA head?

Which party did he contribute to?

What is of particular interest when researching?

How does HS interact w/ TSA?

What updated post 9-11 protocols were put in place to prevent/stop inbound/outbound C-level targets?

What local airports are in close proximity to DC?

What happened shortly after 9-11 (specifically with all aircraft)?

Who was authorized to depart? ONLY 1 PLANE was authorized during this 'mandatory forced grounding'.

Who SPECIFICALLY authorized this?

What airport did the departure take place at?

Why is this relevant?

How does it tie together?

Podesta's plane has military escort (i.e. tag) and is being diverted (forced down).

Short delay.

This will be leaked.

Watch the news.

Have faith.

What fake news anchor will not be on air tonight?

Why is this relevant?

What was stated in the past?

Where did the $18b from Soros go?


Can it be used by bad actors (escape, bribes, rogue contractors, etc.)?

Slush fund?

Did the US gov't seize/stop/track other slush funds that prevent or create risk to operate?

Why did JK travel to SA recently?

What is SA known for?

Where do the biggest donations originate from?

Why is this relevant?

What else is relevant w/ SA?

Safe harbor?

Port of transfer?

Why was there a recent smear campaign against JK and POTUS?

Why is the timing important?

Who released the article?

The council of Wizards & Warlocks cannot be defeated.

Nice view up here.


9b7a8a No.175552

We have who, what, where, why.. question is when. Has to be SOTU

f6af13 No.175553


I don't think nuclear standoff refers to atomic weapons. I think it is MAD Mutually Assured Destruction as in a game of chicken, a catch 22.

It may well refer to killing certain people if some defined event (harm) takes place. Therefore things need to happen in stages so that public awareness demands the (harm) event and then (((they))) realize that killing would just be a public declaration of guilt

a76c0b No.175554

I just know I'm going to get my ass chewed for this one. I'm not new as far as Q is concerned, but I've not even heard of the chans until late October…

Q did originally ask what [19] were meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]. Now, I probably misswed everyone hashing out the names of those 19 - I can guess the place and that we got their data from those device…

But who are the [19] we've got as a deadman switch? Thanks anons.

b86dea No.175555

19 is bad guys meeting… Potus heard all

28a898 No.175556



fbd5b7 No.175557


the seeds are planted for a ripe harvest, farming is good

9d0984 No.175558

So now what? What stands between (((them))) and tribunals? What are we waiting for before that can happen?

43a744 No.175559


No more money,no more funding

81f1b4 No.175560


Not just power. All of their pawns HAVE to be cleared out. It's the protection that aids them too. The people who'd betray their own country, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of self interest.

Bottom to TOP.

cdbddd No.175561

Q if you guys drop one baby/kid sacrifice by these sick freaks it's game over.

48a0d2 No.175562


"touch not mine anointed"

11d29b No.175563


>How do you defuse a bomb?

>Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?

You ask someone who built the bomb which wires to cut.

Someone major is cooperating with the good guys? Mueller?

a7beb6 No.175564

File: 5ec12e872f93506⋯.png (803.12 KB, 620x473, 620:473, M 0140.png)

2ee69b No.175565


I'm reading it as the 19 freaks we already have locked up, meeting with an Arkancide-like "accident"

c7fb01 No.175566

File: 2b62cc2ca5ec445⋯.png (18.98 KB, 639x273, 213:91, ClipboardImage.png)

Assange Tweet at 11:11pm

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/957148959201521665

2894bf No.175567

CFR drop?>>175461

17c424 No.175568


>Critics of the Civil War military tribunals charged that they had become a political weapon, for which the accused had no legal recourse to the regularly constituted courts, and no recourse whatsoever except through an appeal to the President. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed, and unanimously ruled that military tribunals used to try civilians in any jurisdiction where the civil courts were functioning were unconstitutional, with its decision in Ex parte Milligan (1866).

…so we first need to wait for the civil courts to be non-functioning?

2df2e4 No.175569


Ohhh like the texts with threats to kid nap or harm people…

eb1d64 No.175570


Lurk more ffs.. This isn't a playgroup

01fae0 No.175571


Military Tribunals. To cut strings completely, the MSM needs strings cut as well. We need the people like Sara Carter, John Solomon and Sean Hannity.

951d31 No.175572



>andrew wisemen if i may tip your hand

He lead her on subject she was able to talk about. I see what you see Anon

fc2db2 No.175573


He's got ranger patch on as well

The blue blazer he's marching in does not match up to anything. It's kind of odd.

That's not army dress black. Then it's different undershirt later.

It's odd. We'll probably never know.

Just little spoopy to see same dude at those time slots

186adb No.175574


Bad actors to be tried in military court, justified by significant foreign involvement. It's the tying thread through everything recently. Look at the laws invoked by President Trump in the Executive Order.

b6b704 No.175575

Wizards and WARlocks



day of rope

63fa17 No.175576

File: 206ae4a377b7149⋯.jpg (510.05 KB, 922x1762, 461:881, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….jpg)


I think this is the last drop on 4chan. Q could be talking about the storm

43591d No.175578


I have a difficult time listening to speeches, so your transcription is the first time I was able to know what was in the video.

Thank you very much, Anon. Your effort is appreciated.

30500c No.175579


Not for enemy combatants

2df2e4 No.175580

da2877 No.175581

Holy shit. Tucker didn't mention a single thing about the memo tonight. At all. Even though the last week he has been covering it constantly. As a matter of fact, I skimmed through the entire episode and the whole thing is… wrong.

He talks about immigration, immigration, hillary's new sexual harassment thing (meaningless, it will be swept under the rug), plastic drinking straws, and camel beauty pageants.

Did they get Tucker first and did Hannity get punished for continuing to keep on the deep state?

80c068 No.175582

File: f5697a3cb2e83df⋯.png (901.28 KB, 1020x301, 1020:301, usaf.png)

on zerohedge

cf6171 No.175583

File: 316246a8f933e5f⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0202.jpg)

Hannity last post

bb2e07 No.175584


>question is when. Has to be SOTU

anon, when has already been happening

SA - rounding up corrupt princes

USA - many strings cut, EO's issued, etc

Asia - NK situation

Euro - Davos WEF

SOTU will only be the public announcement. the storm has already been habbening

016f82 No.175585


>…so we first need to wait for the civil courts to be non-functioning?

'''WAY past that point anon…"'

271d86 No.175586

File: e9027fab957ccd1⋯.jpeg (414.66 KB, 750x1291, 750:1291, B4AFEFC1-33E0-4AC0-A6BB-E….jpeg)

0897b3 No.175587


I'm very happy to help.

c3f486 No.175588

Q how many of us are you gonna offer Jobs after all of this

21988b No.175589


That's interesting, is it just Trump or any political speech?

d9e7b2 No.175590


- Globalist groups as CFR no longer rule the land.

- Assets in US frozen.

- ISIS and MS13 crippled.

- GEOTUS can order military arrests at will (above three ensure limited capability of retaliation).

0a3799 No.175591


Sanctuary cities

cacf2a No.175592


>Think nuclear stand-off.

Mutually assured destruction if they came to harm certain individuals

f7977c No.175593

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, sadmerchant.png)



[19] = here:


Jan 18 2018 21:16:41

Q !UW.yye1fxo


What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?

Why does it take the information going PUBLIC before JUSTICE is served?




[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.


Any harm to POTUS, Q TEAM or PATRIOTS and WhITE HATS will trigger their liquidation.

19 individuals comprise of MANY who are not US citizens?

Any anons figured out from room 239 clue who these people might be?

Nuclear stand-off: Possible NK complete reversal, or perhaps bad actors across the globe in various nations or manipulated persons/nations seeking to trigger a nuclear standoff?

Media hyping 'two minutes to midnight' atmosphere among the general public. PURPOSEFUL.

Anons, thoughts?

f7977c No.175594

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, sadmerchant.png)



[19] = here:


Jan 18 2018 21:16:41

Q !UW.yye1fxo


What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?

Why does it take the information going PUBLIC before JUSTICE is served?




[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.


Any harm to POTUS, Q TEAM or PATRIOTS and WhITE HATS will trigger their liquidation.

19 individuals comprise of MANY who are not US citizens?

Any anons figured out from room 239 clue who these people might be?

Nuclear stand-off: Possible NK complete reversal, or perhaps bad actors across the globe in various nations or manipulated persons/nations seeking to trigger a nuclear standoff?

Media hyping 'two minutes to midnight' atmosphere among the general public. PURPOSEFUL.

Anons, thoughts?

30d1df No.175595


fake news

85592c No.175596


Anon, I think he's talking about the drops in GA…about military use by POTUS.

Could be wrong tho.

43a744 No.175597


All the docs are here if we could truly figure out the code already

37b30a No.175598


Seize their assets and let the military handle them as hostile combatants for aiding and abetting the enemy with pallets of cash. Swamp draining beyond my wildest dreams.

37b01e No.175600


If it's real, it means he's posting here.

6e45d1 No.175601

Under National State of Emergency, yes they very much can be had if the belligerent is considered an enemy of the state.


9d0984 No.175602


Yes, he is talking about on GA, not 4chan.

f2a911 No.175603

Im British, and have been on the Trump train for about a year and a half. Like most people, when i first heard Donald Trump was running for president i was very skeptical.

But then something magical happened. I watched one of his rallies. And i saw the look.in his eye. The words in his tounge. He spoke about draining the swamp, and didnt care for Politically Correct nonsense that is killing society. He bellow words of America First. And it was glorious!

The moment that 100% solidified in my mind that DJT was legit was at the new york dinner. Where he and Hilary had to make a speech infront of the elite. I rememebr Mr Trump imsulting them to their face - the look on their faces was something i will never forget.

He has had the MSM attacking him 24/7 and still stands strong. Immigration is down, black unemployment is down, Hispanic too, and lets not forget how the value of the USD value skyrocketting.

I think that President Trump is the greatest person to have walked this Earth. And so are persons like Q, who have been working in the shadows for the good of all.

God speed everyone.

God speed.

On a side note: any chance after USA has been un-corrupt, can you maybe sort out the UK. We are hurting. Bigly ;)

0fb2e2 No.175604

There has been a lot of activity at gitmo

Beefing up security

EOs directly seizing swamp assests

POTUS and Attorney General have power to detain and prosecute traitors via military tribunals

The stage is being set

Coming to a theatre near you

b86dea No.175605

The council of foreign relations are the puppet masters… cut those strings no protection for the rest…

668098 No.175606

File: 114810acf83eb37⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 732x126, 122:21, Q #63.jpg)

File: 9389ee12ad46578⋯.jpg (88.11 KB, 399x895, 399:895, COFR list.jpg)

File: 29be1c173997220⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 630x204, 105:34, Not created.jpg)

>>63 Q posted a this link to the Counsel on Foreign Relations. B on twatter pointed out the names in red. Those names showed a no page msg. Here is a complete list of the names for research. https:// en.m.wikipedia. org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

958057 No.175607

hey… this subboard does not show up on the main page… i had to use a Q post to get here… what the hell is up?

1b8208 No.175608


Yeah. This is bad. I think MSM is the next frontier of next level enemy combatants – bad actors controlling the few good actors.

c7fb01 No.175609


Not Hannity twitter

878fcd No.175610


And look at the dozens of flights to and from Norfolk over the last couple of weeks. Especially Gitmo flights.

b6b704 No.175611


Trump to may at Davos: "We will fight for you"

Cheers Tommy

1b6c29 No.175612


They're too big and popular for them to just go noticed. Especially being they have slots during prime time

d9e7b2 No.175613


Ah yes, the Red Dinner speech, that was glorious.

bb2e07 No.175614


link please

fde397 No.175615


The military is referred to by the Satanic globalists as their "dogs"

UNfortunately they were abusing Kangals, so the attempted takeover scenario is about to get real, really fast. Get ready for some high level game theory shock and awe.

951d31 No.175616


This is the research board. Welcome, pay attention. Don't shit up the thread. Much love, Patriot.

fbd5b7 No.175617


shoot, i can arrange that

7b5fbf No.175618


congrats you passed the test

2df2e4 No.175619


Would be nice…

c3b7e8 No.175620


Tick TQock

e1ed22 No.175621


Like I said folks, the last three posts are

1. Presidential authority for military detention of enemy combatants or their supporters.

2. CFR and its list

3. Trump's speech about saving America from its enemies within

Crystal clear now? 1 = authority, 2 = targets, 3 = resolve.

64ea0d No.175622


Wait a min…

Is [19] the marker-id of a specific bad actor?

Do all markers refer to bad actors?

If so, then is it a hierarchy?

63fa17 No.175623

File: 42b2cc38e6c00f2⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 926x318, 463:159, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….jpg)


Last drop on the Storm

48a0d2 No.175624


Hmmmm….might be onto something there

>Timing is Everything

247697 No.175625


Sounds like bad guys trying to turn this into a shit show. Kicking the table over.

958057 No.175626


i have no intention of shitting up the board… but sometimes it does not show till like 400 posts have been made… did i do something wrong?

da2877 No.175627


Blackmail and a little roughing up aren't disappearing. When you control entire governments you can make people change their minds.

1b8208 No.175628



9d0984 No.175629


He's talking about the last drops on GA.

1b6c29 No.175630

File: 0a430a25a2c0454⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 31345436168.jpg)


ya gotta go back bud

ea4b76 No.175631


There has to be a need for level-headed, patriotic workers if so many resign, face consequences.

8fcf72 No.175632


DJT is Making Earth Great Again.

UK is somewhere on that list.

Koreas just decided to reunite [well, almost. NK is talking reunification up.]

If Kashmir issue solves next, we'll know DJT is JFK 2.0 but better

81f1b4 No.175633

File: 58484cfb2cddace⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 470x281, 470:281, POWEROFF.jpg)


It's time.

cacf2a No.175634


Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

78f5f9 No.175635


[19] = AI?

383169 No.175636


I have seen a few articles recently about miniaturized nukes & the worry that they(the article was written by an asshole & said Trump), would use a smaller scale nuke to fight within the US.

6998ce No.175637


Dude come on. Money will rain down if the corruption is removed. You will be free. Why work for someone else?

ab39e2 No.175638


Just thought…could this be the "Andy" of Strzok & Page text message fame, as opposed to McCabe? They've only been speculating on the news after all.

e53248 No.175639



Looks good to me.

f2a911 No.175640


Awesome. Good to hear :)

1d5d53 No.175641

File: c98d3e20003c664⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1067x600, 1067:600, Screenshot-2018-1-27 This ….png)

43a744 No.175642

Q is there any way of sending an anon in here to finally 'break the code' for us if you know what i mean : ) Please don't bash me guys

d1d45c No.175643

File: f0d4c1da0008b99⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1111x2183, 1111:2183, Q 2018-01-27 02-06_02-29.png)

17c424 No.175644


I like this theory.

9d0984 No.175645

Guys, filter the shills, don't answer them.

958057 No.175646


this has been happening to me for the past week… i figured if i were banned or something i wouldnt be able to post or even see this board

cac2c6 No.175647



951d31 No.175648


Use the Catalog at the bottom of the thread to Navigate the board.

Find the most recent thread once this caps at 751 posts. Godspeed Anon.

c66562 No.175649


>Note the last drops on the other board.

Clearly, we take note of every crumb you drop.

>Think logically.

Yeah, yeah…

>Refer to past crumbs.

Uh huh, did that.


Several months worth of crumbs, to be accurate.

>Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?

We expect justice. I don't care if you have to tar-and-feather them and carry them out of the country on a pole. We the people are done with these pieces of shit.

>How do you defuse a bomb?

Depends on the type of bomb. But, carefully.

>Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?

That would certainly help.



7c41e7 No.175650


Ideally, they rat on each other. Whomever provides the most evidence against the others gets life in Gitmo. The others hang.

b970e6 No.175651

File: d11816c4f1d682f⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 23g4xb.jpg)

c02367 No.175652


This is the only logical conclusion but it's been going ssoooooo slowly, drip drip drip. May your mega adrenaline posts become reality fast.

958057 No.175653


in fact it started happening after i mentioned something i read in a mark twain book

81f1b4 No.175654

I think I will feel most at ease after UK's Great Awakening. That nation is some rampant with pedophilia and evil I'm surprised that anything can grow there.

Those people really need truth and justice.

951d31 No.175655



41efd3 No.175656


Oh that's a good way to get an answer…..lol!

f694cc No.175657


>Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.

a State Dept. deputy - controversial in Balkan countries - has recently resigned. Brian Yee.

Might be something, considering C links to organ trafficking on Balkans.

9d0984 No.175658


He is saying that the 19 is referencing the bad guys and if they hurt any of /ourguys/ they would be dead. AKA don't fuck with our people. Hannity is safe.

fc2db2 No.175659

I'm tired of solving international riddles tonight

I'm going night night.

Someone wake me up when it's all over.

Tonight was a good session though.

Had a lot of truth time

Next session we'll go a little deeper

maybe get down to some of the "Mommy" issues. Maybe deal with some of the unresolved emotions there. K great.

5f1f2b No.175660


That says 27-1 a bunch of times. That's today!

912df6 No.175661


No Shitter time: playing around on here puts you in real danger, should things go south. Most of us are already too far in to turn around.

Lurk but don't speak unless you have something to provide - as shit just got real.

21988b No.175662


Germany is crucial too

958057 No.175663


thank you very much

abf030 No.175664

>>175551 Enormous drop! Thank you, Q! Patriots, assemble. #BeTheStorm #WeAreTheStorm

1b8208 No.175665

There is not enough wine in the local bodega for this night.

3c3910 No.175666

it sounds like a dead man switch he's referring to, as in political. e.g. if something happens to me release this or destroy that.

7dd8d9 No.175667


is this an actual q drop

dc89c4 No.175668

File: 7a9ba6c9c4dddd5⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 978x124, 489:62, www_endusmilitarism_org_PD….jpg)

d1d45c No.175669


https:// qcodefag.github.io/

b6b704 No.175670

Wait, so is Trump holding the lynchpin to AI [19] should any harm come to his people?

f7977c No.175671

File: 5a7a821ab50c847⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 480x449, 480:449, pepeflood.jpg)


>Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?

Closed court proceedings, military.

>How do you defuse a bomb?

Cut the correct wires in sequential fashion.

>Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?

We have these in the crumbs already.

Anons, weaponize your autism. Let's dig in the past crumbs.

SA strings cut, money stopped. strings/loyalties/ties to each bad actors severed in sequential fashion?

MI6 flipped, gave us EVERYTHING.

white hats are WW. Their sacrifices paved the way. Think MI6 dead agents.

SA event critical = main money movers and fixers neutered.

NK = bomb defused via take over of EM control of missile tech.

leverage gone.

WW actors turned their backs on the bad actors.

(((bad actors isolated)))


Additions, anons?

9d0984 No.175672


That isn't from Q.

63fa17 No.175673

File: 2ccda5967aed3e9⋯.jpg (77.36 KB, 910x308, 65:22, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….jpg)


Last post of CBTS 8ch

c22de1 No.175674



post 172513 now missing.

I posted in last bread - some comments are still there. One comment said something to the effect of I hope I don't get in trouble for squatting.

383169 No.175675



e53248 No.175676

58be04 No.175677


We don’t want them turned into inert bombs, we the people want controlled detonation.

bb2e07 No.175678

File: 8830bd938c5a99a⋯.png (571.7 KB, 600x580, 30:29, troll_01.png)


kek. you beat me to it, anon

cac2c6 No.175679


>Hurr durr, I'm gonna tell you to lurk moar because I'm too dumb to have an answer myself, but I'm gonna pretend like I understand just so I can act superior.

LARPing faggots, I swear.

ab39e2 No.175680


He went pretty hard on Schiff last night…

Masters were not pleased?

Noticed one too many headlines were actually FAVORING us?

Not to mention the Q drop on F&F yesterday.

912df6 No.175681

0897b3 No.175682


Everyone is talking about last drop on 4chan and I'm thinking last drops earlier on greatawakening. Am I completely off? What I read certainly pertains to this.

7d3eb9 No.175683


How about freedom for you and your family? How about patriotism and humility? Some things are worth more than money. Better yourself.

958057 No.175684

[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals. Think nuclear stand-off. Clarified? Q

so its gone to mutual assure destruction… i hope hannity is well

30d1df No.175685


> Jan 5 2018

dea2d8 No.175686

Nice to see Cecile Richards stepping down from her public baby killing ventures.

cdbddd No.175687

The only power big enough to take them down is us, the American people.

951d31 No.175688


Canada is SUFFERING and every day my heart aches watching my people wander aimlessly hopelessly and watching this go down over the last few months has me hopeful. Yet still today I shed a few tears and prayed to the lord 'please let the storm come to Canada' I know Q says WW but god fucking damn it, I wish to see something in my HOME.

cf6171 No.175689


Pretty sure it's real… it was banned almost instantly either way

3a019e No.175690



Anons, when I hit the "search" for sean hannity on that "don't exist" twatter page, got this-https:// twitter.com/search?q=Sean+Hannity

Thomas Payne & others are posting, one said this is what got SH banned:

https:// www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/staff/sr1649/

(apologies if old news, thread moving fast.)

f8e11c No.175691


Humbled to have you anon. Godspeed.

6e45d1 No.175692


I think he's talking GA

904e30 No.175693

There is a guy on there that's been trying to pass himself off as a Christian leader too. Those of us who know our Bibles saw through him but a LOT of Churches were using his literature. Rick Warren. Even still, I wouldn't have expected to see him on this list. wow!! >>175358

912df6 No.175694


I'm on here doing my shitty-best to help in hopes that the dark cloud I see on the horizon is gone before my kids are old enough to have it burden them as well.

So I'll take 'that job'

48a0d2 No.175695

17c424 No.175696

Q's been posting late. Must be the jet lag.

8157c8 No.175697


Anons have been saying there was a sub off the coast of North Carolina, planefags have mentioned a lot of P8 activity over that area, probably keeping an eye on the sub.

28a898 No.175698


nice point

81f1b4 No.175699

I am not sleeping in a trench at war but dear God…everyday I tread this jqurney tired but hopeful.

Something awaits at the end of this.

383169 No.175700



Listen to this one! He is not lying

2df2e4 No.175701


Note the last drops on the other board.

Logic, crumbs

Think logically.

Refer to past crumbs.


Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries? No, military tribunals and a firing squad is what I would choose

How do you defuse a bomb?

With knowledge

Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut? Cut the main bad ones

11d29b No.175702



Tillerson, Mnuchin, or Sessions arrest as enemy combatants.

Then Military Tribunals.

No civil courts and libtard judges needed.

d9e7b2 No.175703


Absolutely. Missing details on procedure (how to defuse the bomb), I guess we'll see. Part of it must be that frozen assets and loss of power in US turn the network into isolated criminals.

Also, to strengthen the idea of CFR members as a good first draft of the blacklist:


cac2c6 No.175704


Yeah, but who are the bad guys? Just the 19 that went into that room after the election (which Trump listened in on?)

Still very nonspecific.

abb7d7 No.175705

File: 72d775352a7bc97⋯.png (3.28 KB, 433x96, 433:96, ClipboardImage.png)

dc89c4 No.175706


or some thing big is about to happen and it's all hands on deck

48a0d2 No.175707


>What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

>Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?

958057 No.175708


should i go to condition 1?

c02367 No.175709


>last drops on the other board.

Q means tonight's drops on great awakening

a76c0b No.175710


Has anyone figured out the following?: >>175554

9400a1 No.175711


May is neutralized.

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.


These people are stupid.


2df2e4 No.175712


I’m beginning to see the veil lifting and light shinning through.

ded85a No.175713

File: 073605083151780⋯.png (43.77 KB, 693x328, 693:328, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone notice this yet from the CFR wiki that Q posted?

7dd8d9 No.175714


we canucks will have our turn… harper is in shit for u1… trudeau is just a girlyboy going dodown to

13dda0 No.175715

>How do you defuse a bomb?

I would saw the answer here is you deprive it of oxygen / fuel supply. Also vaporizing the blasting caps works as well.

951d31 No.175716


Deadmans switch confirmed there Satan.

48a0d2 No.175717


>What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

>Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?

05433e No.175718


i barely sleep now… and i know little.

e1ed22 No.175719


There is so much noise here… I have posted that three times. I figured if I did it in reply to Q, more folks might see it. I wish Q would confirm it. I'd love to get a Q post. ;) I'd probably orgasm.

bb2e07 No.175720


>May is neutralized.

>MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

>Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.

checked. good to hear that

21988b No.175721


>May is neutralized.

Curious how long she'll last as PM.

f7977c No.175722


Last posts:

Jan 5 2018 16:36:38

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ab7ad6


Why is Hussein traveling the globe?


Acct # xx-XXXxx-x-39670

Acct # XXXxx-XXXx-2391

Where did the MONEY come from?

How do you destroy the most POWERFUL country in the world?

Direct attack?

Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infiltrate at highest

level to destroy from within?

Think GAME.

Who are the PLAYERS?

What are the REWARDS?



We will make more public.

SA was strategic.

“We know” “Do as we say or face consequences”

These people are stupid!


Hussein went around trying to blackmail ww actors to obstruct and sabotage trump plans.


BO and HRC sold out America to foreign actors using funds funneled from SA - muslim infiltration of government alongside cultural/social/demographic warfare.

TOTAL takeover. Violation and subversion. Muslim tactics 101.

semitic in nature.

HIGHLY (((globalist))).

247697 No.175723


That was me and I was wrong. Ignore this.

81f1b4 No.175724


You are a true Patriot. May all that you learn here, the digging, the meme'ing, the connecting, assist you in serving your country, justice.

9d0984 No.175725


[19] is a marker for the bad guys trying to silence people. That's the best I can give you right now.

"[19] meeting in a secure room" was a previous drop.

f6af13 No.175726


If you didn't listen carefully to the Trump 2016 commercial tonight then do it again. Every time we learn more about the crimes and who did them, it becomes clearer.

In 2016 it was stirring language but intellectually it did not tell a detailed story. It seemed more like metaphors and similes that all boiled down to MAGA.. But NOW it makes much more sense. Every sentence is meaningful. They refer to the things we learned will digging and decoding Q's drops. This was not just a stirring speech to motivate voters to the polls, it was a detailed list of actions that the Trump administration planned to take, and largely, has taken.

P.S. When you work on learning Russian, you will find that re-reading or re-listening to a piece, after you have struggled with the dictionary and a translator, makes the piece fr more understandable. It's like you encounter a puzzle, work on it thus training your brain, and then when you return to the puzzle in its original form, your brain actually understands it, sees the patterns, and gets the message.

Hint, hint

82811d No.175727


Trying. Thank you Q

28a898 No.175728



11d29b No.175729


If you go to reddit, they'll be more than happy to explain everything to you.

BuhBye now.

0fbb7e No.175730

JS Jonathan Soros

30500c No.175731


What 19 to choose as insurance?

Would be VIP to cabal

Near & Dear?

4482e0 No.175732


what about Lyn?

0897b3 No.175733


Why are they all so stupid? Arrogance?

f2a911 No.175734


Thank you Q.

017068 No.175735

File: d02645f934999ea⋯.png (252.71 KB, 577x451, 577:451, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at ….png)

That's great news. cockroaches scurrying out of the light.

f42723 No.175736


Why do you say not US citizens? They can be US citizens. That was the point of the Woo memo.

2df2e4 No.175737


May is neutralized. Trump woke her

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning. Like the FBI

Queen/monarchs seeking shelter. They’re scared and running


These people are stupid.


516628 No.175738

File: 1fe44e0faa18898⋯.png (746.26 KB, 750x718, 375:359, DT4dG2sVQAAU1l7.png)



80c068 No.175739

File: 916d0fb1690ef61⋯.png (504.26 KB, 508x338, 254:169, eu uk.png)



Order is critical.

Strings cut to US/UK.

Expand your thinking.

Swamp drain."

2067d8 No.175740

File: 00d205f958ecccd⋯.png (336.98 KB, 1251x499, 1251:499, Hannity 3.PNG)

For those of you wondering about Hannity's tweet and what it meant (means), I give you this:

Form Submission 1649 was alluding to Treason Act of 1649.

Treason Act of 1649 was passed by The Rump Parliament.

Rump Parliament succeeded The Long Parliament, which was purged in 1648 of those members opposed to trying King Charles I for high treason following English Civil War

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treasons_Act_1649

a9592e No.175741

is an EO an act of congress?

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

Section 4001 of Title 18 states:

(a) No citizen shall be imprisoned or otherwise detained by the United States except pursuant to an Act of Congress

"The fact that the detainee is an American citizen, thus does not affect the President's constitutional authority as Commander in Chief to detain him, once it has been determined that he is an enemy combatant. As the Supreme Court has unanimously held, all individuals, regardless of citizenship, who "associate" themselves with the "military are of the enemy" and "with its aid, guidance and direction enter this country bent on hostile acts are enemy belligerents within the meaning of the Hague Convention and the law of war." 317 U.S at 37-38. Nothing further need to be demonstrated to justify their detention as enemy combatants. The individuals need not be caught while engaged in the act of war or captured within the theater of war."

http:// www.endusmilitarism.org/PDF/military_detention_of_US_citizens_and_18_USC_4001a.pdf

does this EO give legal right to detain US citizens

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

11e40f No.175742


205,319 views now from the other days 121,000! (I was there too 121,000 anon, right after you)






"This election will determine whether we are a free nation, or whether we have only an illusion of democracy…but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests, rigging the system, and our system is rigged; This is REALITY. YOU know it; (((THEY))) know it; I know it, ad pretty much, the whole world knows it.

f3844e No.175743



8fcf72 No.175744


dubs checked.

thanks Q; give our thanks to POTUS DJT as well.



4482e0 No.175745


Who is May?

38bcc2 No.175746


Was the Queen's white dress and choice of photos on that desk during her Christmas broadcast a message? Surrender, perhaps?

1b6c29 No.175747


stupid/ desperate is there a difference at this point?

fc2db2 No.175748


This is how you do that

Just like Nike - it'll never be easy - but better to get it out of the way now rather than wait till elections coming up. You'll have 18 months for healing and forgetting.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvQlCv4K37c

eb1d64 No.175749


Nope we are not here to spoonfeed people who can't attempt to think for themselves. You research - you learn. Telling you achieves nothing but wasted breath as you'll just move to the next question. Learn to think instead of hanging your mouth open to be fed!

9d0984 No.175750


The queen is pretty damn old. More like she is shuffling to shelter.

dc89c4 No.175751


Excellent !! Thank you

b6b704 No.175752


Leave. Now.

30500c No.175753

Crown is evil.

fde397 No.175754


This covers it

81f1b4 No.175755


Please just kill that old bitch so we can move on.

2df2e4 No.175756


Will the Roth’s (Lynn) go down also?

904e30 No.175757

Are all of the people on the Council for Foreign Relations Black Hats?????

e34314 No.175758


Getting tired of seeing to significant results at the top. You seem to suggest HRC, GS, Hussein, etc. cannot stand public trial. So is all of this just LARP in the final analysis? Where's the proof this isn't just a feel good exercise? Losing faith!

9d0984 No.175759


Theresa May

cac2c6 No.175760


I'm concerned your Trip is compromised.

Can we get a tweet from Trump about, say, Victory?

6998ce No.175761


WW then

7d3eb9 No.175762


We've been handing things long enough. It's time we grow up and learn on our own.

81f1b4 No.175763

247697 No.175764


Good deal.

958057 No.175765


Is the Royal family dirty or playing power games to survive?

a76c0b No.175766

This [19] people Q referred to, at the time, was while POTUS was visiting the pentagon. We knew about the FISA abuses at that moment - and so we all sunk our teeth into the drop about their devices being in Room 239 - but I don't think we ever got to figuring out who the [19] were, CORRECT ANONS?

0897b3 No.175767


ok I needed this laugh thanks!

43a744 No.175768


Clean the World Q, Thank You,Potus and the Patriots with You,We Stand as One

951d31 No.175769


Thank you Anon. I take in the wisdom of the chans over most my & I am here for exactly that reason. My people will know the lengths the machine has gone to & when the time comes we will all live a life where justice truth and integrity are the highest virtues. Not sexual expression or victim status. Praise the light, Praise Truth & and praise be to my Home, though my nation bleeds from deep wounds. We too will recover & have a bright future.

fbd5b7 No.175770

saddam, putin, iran, et. al offered ore as a bait after wtc. who knew death metal would be so important to depraved replurbicans. the avarice of cabal paved the road to a city of gold. obama BC was a kiss of death to fexas cabal that competed.

ba7cd7 No.175771


Holy shit it's really happening !!!

6cd3e4 No.175772


You are a moron.

It’s an old drop.


82e500 No.175773

Maybe senate intelligence committee. 15 members + 4 Ex Officio Members.

b382bb No.175774


UK royals seeking shelter?

cacf2a No.175775


Bring some of that action North of the border some time soon eh?

e347a9 No.175776


From looking at that CFR list, many are on the list of suspects we’ve already searched, others are self-declared never Trumpers. And some were just surprising to me. the swamp is deep.

383169 No.175777


Oh man! Why'd you have to say that lol. I was thinking I'll go to bed soon since it's almost 3am, but what you said makes sense & what I have been waiting for forever….So I would hate myself if I missed it. Ugh. At least infomercials aren't on yet

81f1b4 No.175778


Theresa May, Prime Minister of UK

516628 No.175779

File: 74512cb298e882c⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 640x432, 40:27, 74512cb298e882c32bb361cc31….jpg)


Anything for my dudes!

7d3eb9 No.175780


Yes but most of them were not there for this. It was posted under bread crumbs anonymous on half chan.

958057 No.175781


i wonder what the terms of "neutralized" are

0897b3 No.175782


Theresa May PM of UK

9ef610 No.175783


Haven't slept for over 3 years

01fae0 No.175784


We the People will make the WORLD a better place! Praying!

a7beb6 No.175785

File: fb3af050118e0b2⋯.png (316.06 KB, 500x680, 25:34, M 0141.png)

81f1b4 No.175786

File: 58484cfb2cddace⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 470x281, 470:281, POWEROFF.jpg)

30500c No.175787


Crown is evil

Restore Peace

Thank you Q

abb7d7 No.175788


I may be out of line and realize our country isn't as important in the grand scheme of things, but how does Poland fit in? I know the MSM here is biased both ways, with the majority owned by Germany and our state TV pumping the same histrionic drivel, just with a different vector. PO/Tusk was definitely NWO and they're proving that in the EU parliament right now, but PiS's policies are a bit suspect (esp. with regards to social for makin' babies) and almost no one trusts them. Feeling they're part of the two-party system they tried implementing here.

I know I'm being impatient asking and I know we have to solve our problems ourselves and with you guys fucking up the NWO that's going to be significantly easier, but will Poland be able to finally rest and prosper on our own terms?

38bcc2 No.175789

File: b189852c819d504⋯.jpg (153.22 KB, 853x506, 853:506, satanist_waves_white_flag.jpg)

e1ed22 No.175790

I am SOOO happy that May has been "neurtalized." She has been anti-UK-Brexit from the start. As she needed to be neutralized, it means she was dirty. Biotch. I wish she could be jailed for her EU pandering and double-dealing.


ffd7b9 No.175791

why in the hell aint no one talking about u tube?

it is the biggest platform for info.

its getting censored big time.

anyone know if their ceo is on the drop out list?

9301eb No.175792

If my memory serves me right wasn’t there a post on the board earlier tonight from Hannity thanking us for watching his show?

f6af13 No.175793


>What FBI people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room

7c1ab4 No.175794


[19] = S = Senate?

f7977c No.175795



anons, is this referring to classified-59 individual on #241 of Q posts?


Dec 1 2017 00:08:26

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: fbc52d


WH party w/ 400+ guests.

Whoever posted those insider pics did not take into account the many WH public and private sec cams which can triangulate and time log/IDEN the person responsible.

We will investigate.



who is/are clas-59?

4482e0 No.175796

May has been blackmailed and neutralized.

cleaning out the MIL

Queen/goblins running from crimes

patience, they will slip up themselves

41cd64 No.175797


This anon has an MA in international law, so a thought here:

RE the 13 page 2002 memo from the AG office. Note the distinction between Quirin & Milligan. Both were US citizens. Both were involved with bad guys. One was not able to be held by the military (yet subject to trial in domestic courts), one was able to be held by the military. It is not enough to be a sympathizer, as was Milligen. You must be an active belligerent: Quirin was a (Nazi) “saboteur”. The Dec 2017 EO was specific to freezing finances and other assets, and did not reference the military. This is very different.

9ef610 No.175798


losing patience Q

11d29b No.175799


>any chance after USA has been un-corrupt, can you maybe sort out the UK. We are hurting. Bigly ;)

I think Trump and May worked that out in Davos.

You time is coming.

Meanwhile, get rid of that cunt London mayor.

247697 No.175800


Thank you anon. I was trying to communicate this in the previous thread but your delivery is much more concise.

1b8208 No.175801


So they're fucked with the trap re:spying on Americans.

e53248 No.175802


Youtube = Google = Alphabet

ded85a No.175803


Nvm, I checked it, makes sense now

f8e11c No.175804


Hannity might have been in here around 5 threads ago. I'm trying to find the post, but here's one I did find. There's one earlier than this if any autist can locate. It would have been around the time of this tweet.


7d3eb9 No.175805


Forget what I said. It's not Q. Only read the first few lines. Most of the rest is made up with a few Q posts in between. Fake.

f42723 No.175806


Q, the info you are revealing lately would be useful to the enemy if they were not already neutralized. This gives me hope that checkmate has already been called.

48a0d2 No.175807


Trust yourself Anon, Keep in mind that the best students in class, sometimes feel ignored (because they have the right answers already and don't need the extra help)

7c41e7 No.175808


It might be time to blow up the Getti center in L.A.

e347a9 No.175809


Yes I was surprised to see him on that list too. He does lead a somewhat vanilla Church but still.

37b30a No.175810


Will there be justice for Seth Rich?

fde397 No.175811


Draining the UK swamp, beautiful

Joe Biden: "God save the Queen" didn't help him

9d0984 No.175812


POTUS tipped off May to the assassination attempt on her and saved her life.

e1ed22 No.175813


ffd7b9 No.175814


and by the way

for my buddy

thank you butcher, BAKER, candlestick maker!

we appreciate all u do brother or sister

8fcf72 No.175815


converted to our cause?

her puppet strings cut and she is our minion now?

blackmailed to do our bidding.


she is now saved from the clutches of them, and is obliging by helping ourguys?

was she "truly evil" bad or "good girl forced to do bad" bad before all this?

81f1b4 No.175817


Godspeed. We are with you.

878fcd No.175818


Safe to say that the royal family was behind the attempt on May's life… Seems like they would be the only ones MI5 would listen to when trying to put a hit on her.

1b6c29 No.175819


https:// youtu.be/Z_upBBZ0lIU

she looks fucking terrified. twitching like a motherfucker. she knows shes safe with trump/ US but im sure she knows whats really happening

c3f486 No.175820

Q you tell us to expand our thinking and more yet you are not revealing anymore "fringe" science crumbs

c0f5a5 No.175821




912df6 No.175822

I can't help but to think about what watching the documentary on the "Q-Anon Phenomenon" with my grand children be like. Having been a part of it, seeing a small slice, and being shown what I couldn't see in the moment.

Then explaining the whole think to them, why it was - and will always be - a huge, historic event.

God hope we pull this off.

11e40f No.175823

File: 5e263437cd0f7a3⋯.jpeg (61 KB, 630x630, 1:1, NO HOMO PEPE.jpeg)


Almost 200 more views in just MINUTES!!!

YOU anons are fucking AMAZING Patriots! I love you so much no faggotry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

81f1b4 No.175825


Yes, we are peeling them out of Buckingham Palace and allowing the homeless a place to stay.

05109b No.175826


>Why are Sara & John getting all the ‘real' >scoops?

was this ever answered? could they be special MI assets posing as journalists?

>Why are they now under protection?

Because as things progress, they would increasingly become targeted for removal by cabal

b6b704 No.175827

Q, is Brenden Diller's source legit?

958057 No.175828


begs the question

28a898 No.175829


So in Your opinion, these black hats would have to somehow allied with the enemy in a military way to destroy America..thoughts?

247697 No.175830


Is this the House or Senate Oversight Committee?

6998ce No.175831


>Q, is Brenden Diller's source legit?

Don't you know Brenden?

6cd3e4 No.175832


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Stop fucking whining.

186adb No.175833


It was an interesting distinction. I read the link too quickly, but that stuck out.

5570e9 No.175834


How would you protect those you care about by putting them into protective custody?

383169 No.175835

2894bf No.175836

North Korea sure has been quiet.

8210c5 No.175837


VICE is a left-wing, globalist propaganda outlet. Always known that.

1896ee No.175838

same thoughts

no comms outside of…etc etc

522c03 No.175839

Does anyone else feel addicted to every single new Q drop?

d1d45c No.175840

File: c58dcdcdcb0548b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1111x1534, 1111:1534, Q 2018-01-27 02-06_02-48.png)

81f1b4 No.175841


If evil was a drug, she would be in rehab atm.

8fcf72 No.175842


Only Q can answer these questions - almost surely by asking another question(s), kek.

958057 No.175843


pretty sure they are getting the military tribunal … or will kill themselves to avoid trial

17c424 No.175844



Trying. You've said that "Time is severely limited" but that was 3 weeks ago. Should we manage our expectations in weeks or months? (mid terms?)

3a019e No.175845

File: a9305169139d06c⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 1012x542, 506:271, b1hntyiborw.jpg)


MSM is what's turning even people who live together against each other.

They need to be exposed/go first, or people will be even more at each others' throats.

2df2e4 No.175846

- …. .- -. -.- / -.– — ..- / –.- # / ..-. — .-. / –. — -.. / .- -. -.. / -.-. — ..- -. - .-. -.– #


48a0d2 No.175847


just HAD to use the word concerned, huh?

0897b3 No.175848


Davos wasn't the only success! Thank you Q, thank you POTUS. We are indebted to you for helping us take our country back.

43a744 No.175850


You don't even have to watch the video, just keep refreshing it and play then refresh again and play, rinse and repeat, it registers as a watch every time

9ef610 No.175851


Respectfully, please add to the dough re: EO put tons of time into this but Q is here with important info. This will help anons analyze the EO




271d86 No.175852



7d3eb9 No.175853


They walk in darkness. The darkness does not comprehend the light. Hence, stupid.

48a0d2 No.175854



there was a list, or some lists, idk how accurate they were

48a7f1 No.175855


That works for me.

Works for you? They go straight to hell.

c7fb01 No.175856


>May is neutralized.

Was this why the tweet and pics of POTUS with May at Davos were VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT?

81f1b4 No.175857


Satanist waves white flag kek

fbd5b7 No.175858

e1ed22 No.175859


Yeah. Autists are kinda used to that treatment. Thanks for the pep talk.

8fcf72 No.175860


they are literally talking about reunification, mate.



04d693 No.175861



the footnote number or Huff Po on wiki is [19]

cdbddd No.175862

"Shelter" can also mean protection from other nations, not just hiding.

ffd7b9 No.175863


u make no sense at all

9d0984 No.175864

We are down to Sara Carter, Thomas Paine, and Washington Examiner for news?

Are we suppose to fill in as real journalists now?

f7977c No.175865

File: 5f007f07b6696e3⋯.jpg (236.64 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, rememberthisday.jpg)


SHIT. Confirmed house of windsor thoroughly compromised.

Most of these so-called modern 'monarchs' are merely puppets of the 'bloodlines', or 'bloodlines' themselves.

Monarch trying to flee to NZ? AUS? CAD?

I cannot sleep or rest until that fucking scum of london 'mayor' is raped, neutered, and impaled on london tower alongside ALL his paki pets and grooming gang Sub humans.






>These people are STUPID.

81f1b4 No.175866


I hated her guts but she is cooperating.

That's a start.

0897b3 No.175867


Veni, Vidi, Vici (Latin: I came, I saw, I conquered)

1b6c29 No.175868


Trump says to her "theres nothing that will happen to YOU" "and that we will be there"

8920d5 No.175869


I hope so.

247697 No.175870


This was covered in detail in Dec. Word was it was a Roths hit on May.

b382bb No.175871


Awesome, I hope we get some Q crumbs about our Royal parasites, I can't stand prince ginger.

522c03 No.175872


Does anyone else feel addicted to every single new Q drop, like taking a new hit?

11d29b No.175873


^^ Huge and True

21988b No.175874


Agreed, you must be an active belligerent OR connected to 9/11 in the meaning of S.J.Res. 23.

The EO is for asset seizure and evidentiary value.

48a0d2 No.175875


there it is right there, you dropped it a few steps back anon..pick it up before someone steps on it

7c41e7 No.175876


NEVER EVER EVER trust Satanists

81f1b4 No.175877

File: 58484cfb2cddace⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 470x281, 470:281, POWEROFF.jpg)

13dda0 No.175878


Checked. They're all at least useful idiots. These councils and foundations are mostly evil and just need to go away.

958057 No.175879


https:// youtu.be/HGrbJ4_jcc8

2894bf No.175880

What is happening with George Soros?

2df2e4 No.175881


Hopefully he drops dead

e1ed22 No.175882




Definitely bread-worthy, even without the Q reply.

fc2db2 No.175883


Don't get me started on that one! Chrislam! Yeah….there's the guy that pretty well closed the door on most of your small churches in America with that book.

Now all these years later…I suspect he was financed by ((THEM)). It was socialism for churchianity.

Megachurches - super start pastors..social isolationism…don't get me started…I need to go to bed.

8210c5 No.175884

Anons, there is MORE in the videos Q posted than just what you see superficially. Yes, they are to redpill normies. However, something else in them must have really triggered the globalist cabla/ Depp State because immediately Hannity got nailed and others are threatened obviously.

Scan them over and over. Someone has to notice an Easter Egg of some sort in the videos, especially the last one. Something is there for us to find!!!

9301eb No.175885

Anonymous 01/26/18 (Fri) 19:00:13 e6a8ed No.172826>>172846 >>172868 >>172874 >>172899 >>172953

File (hide): b0bcae0264f28bc⋯.jpeg (8.67 KB, 259x194, 259:194, h2.jpeg) (h) (u)

Thank you for tuning in tonight, anons.

Sometimes you have to loose a battle to win the war.

c66562 No.175886


Seriously. At a bare-minimum, Q knows were loyal. Everything else is just a learning-curve.

And to the fags saying, "how about a free country" and all that shit. Of course that is nice, but soldiers still have to support their families. If you don't believe me, go say that shit to someone serving in the armed-forces.

We are certainly playing a supportive-role for the active military. I think it's a very fair and legitimate request to be compensated and/or offered positions of employment. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have sacrificed a lot to be a part of this movement, as I know many of you have. And frankly, we shouldn't have to be doing this job in the first place. This is why we pay our taxes (What a bargain we're getting, huh?)

That being said… Once we have won, we will all surely revel in victory and feel good about our contributions. But to whom goes the spoils of war? I'm hearing word of trillions in assets being seized. That's a lot of cheddar. For myself, I want only to raise my children in peace. But for my fighting anons, I request financial-rewards, or jobs.

64ea0d No.175887


Q, pretty much the same but wrt Canada.

Any chance Trudeau is getting neutralized?

Are the recent sexual misconduct related resignations here triggered by the white hats?

1b6c29 No.175888

File: 7baec34bd3c771c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1456x821, 1456:821, fresh.PNG)

b6b704 No.175889


and never trust a billionaire with an ugly wife.

fbd5b7 No.175890


<3 sure

d9e7b2 No.175891


Kek. Perhaps he was even ordering military detentions of globalists left and right.

28a898 No.175892


How about planning to assassinate POTUS or someone in his family, or Selling Uranium?

48a0d2 No.175893


ES, who resigned 12/22.

already been there & done that, burned the t-shirt

81f1b4 No.175894


After this MI6/SIS house cleaning, we won't need Q. We'll have the other 23 letters to choose from.

bb2e07 No.175895

43591d No.175896

I feel for the patriots in Canada, Britain, and Europe. I pray that The Storm cleanses the Earth worldwide.

878fcd No.175897


A Roth hit with the royal family's blessing maybe.

dc89c4 No.175898


Kek have some Covfefe

b07326 No.175899


We have a special friendship and UK will be next.

e98c67 No.175900

Hannity tweets submission form 1649 three times. he has a wife and 2 kids.

81f1b4 No.175901


Quiet or busy?

11e40f No.175902


200 more!!! In just minutes!! Let's keep trending this video like we do with twitter ht's for POTUS! We == ARE == America's Cheerleaders!!!!

37b01e No.175903


And falls out of a window landing on Obama and breaking the Kenyan's neck.

48a0d2 No.175904


Not a prob, takes one to know one!

41cd64 No.175905

"Some members of the House viewed the document in a secure room Thursday" @SaraCarterDC Jan 18 " What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]" Q

8210c5 No.175906

I mentioned a few hours a go about not being able to get into Twitter tonight. Other Anons could but not me. Have a feeling it was being attacked earlier than Hannity's account.

Get @Jack!!!

9d0984 No.175907

File: 1ea87811d1ada3a⋯.jpg (134.42 KB, 800x872, 100:109, 7599d897ee18c55217923aab78….jpg)


Pretty good chance he is on the list.

e53248 No.175908


Yeah, with the help of a .45HP

ffd7b9 No.175909


sorry my wife was in hospital getting open heart, missed a couple weeks

17c424 No.175910


Good catch.

43a744 No.175911


If you click play on utube for Trumps video Q posted,and keep hitting refresh, the video restarts and counts as one watch, if you want to blow up tube with the video to get it in the trending spot more people will see it and the numbers will explode, make sense now?

f8e11c No.175912


Added anon, thanks. Sorry I missed that. Did you add it also to the new EO thread?

>>174353 New Thread for EO Careful Read , >>174325

d1d45c No.175913

File: e8a0d52e069158a⋯.png (712.52 KB, 1111x1077, 1111:1077, Try to get some sleep it m….png)

File: 5f1a54ef35421ec⋯.png (799.37 KB, 1111x1077, 1111:1077, Try to get some sleep it m….png)

File: cc43320bb3fb38f⋯.png (634.8 KB, 767x703, 767:703, Try to get some sleep it m….PNG)

7dd8d9 No.175914

Now knowing about May… I remember the Press conference they had

and Trump said they had a good meeting and ((We are closer together …. ))

016f82 No.175916


>We'll have the other 23 letters to choose from.


What fucking language do you speak?

e347a9 No.175917


Q will the memo be made public after SOTU? I don't think POTUS should take spotlight off his accomplishments during SOTU to highlight Memo….but pls tell us it will come out at some point!

81f1b4 No.175918


Non mihi, non tihi, sed nobis

0897b3 No.175919


I noticed that the hastag #TrumpTheEstablishment was at the end and during video it looked like establishment was put on notice.

d66c03 No.175920


Eyes are going crossed. I merged the two and played side by side and noticed no visual differences. Also did binary diff, but too much is different. Only significant thing that stood out was "Created on" dates.

bb2e07 No.175921


that's apparently a dead link now

ffd7b9 No.175922


i know that anon, im just saying i hope their ceo is on list ffs

8fcf72 No.175923


i pray for her quick recovery and a healthier life ahead.

We are with you.



9301eb No.175924

File: f9f5ca02ce3fa3a⋯.jpeg (24.63 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 2A300107-BCC4-4D65-ADC1-D….jpeg)

Hannity posted here tonight

▶Anonymous 01/26/18 (Fri) 19:00:13 e6a8ed No.172826>>172846 >>172868 >>172874 >>172899 >>172953

File (hide): b0bcae0264f28bc⋯.jpeg (8.67 KB, 259x194, 259:194, h2.jpeg) (h) (u)

Thank you for tuning in tonight, anons.

Sometimes you have to loose a battle to win the war.

Sometimes you sacrifice a piece for check mate.

In the end, LIGHT will always win.

21988b No.175925


Given the connections we are familiar w/and the persuasive quality of financial evidence (being collected), both would qualify IMO.

37b01e No.175926


I certainly hope so.

1b6c29 No.175927


jesus man!! is she ok now? i hope so

951d31 No.175928


He saved her life. (assassination attempt) which showed her…

ab39e2 No.175929


Sort of related…is it possible somebody took out Eric Bolling's son? He was just at the WH the other day.

9ef610 No.175930


Thanks, baker. Will go add it to the new thread

2df2e4 No.175931

11e40f No.175932


KEK!!!! No sleep till Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

64ea0d No.175934


Perhaps double meaning with actor[19] among the 19.

Yeah, it's probably a bit of a stretch

247697 No.175935


I think the Windsors take their orders from the Roths.

ffd7b9 No.175936


thank u so much i was a wreck, i tried to get on here but couldnt keep my mind on it. i was no good at all

81f1b4 No.175937




81f1b4 No.175938


I was thinking about the time kek

912df6 No.175939


I'm gonna need more. Sorry if it 'is' you, well, welcome to being anon. we're all suspect and we're all suspected

ba7cd7 No.175940


Kek !!!

2df2e4 No.175941


I’ll loan them the ammo

247697 No.175942


Not OK.

951d31 No.175943



Canadians need crumbs to drop to our kin to get this ball preemptively rolling come the Blizzard

c66562 No.175944


Is Tucker one of us?

fbd5b7 No.175945


good stuff

485abb No.175946


Is Hannity burned?

c3f486 No.175947

i hope that one day we will all be able to speak face to face with Q


2df2e4 No.175948



13dda0 No.175949


.45HP, .45ACP, whatever it takes.

f8e11c No.175950




Looks like that was a double and was deleted. Here's the one, hopefully >>174171

ffd7b9 No.175951


no sleep til du du

912df6 No.175952



Weren't you paying attention?

951d31 No.175953


THat's fucking tucker noticing our shit talking him.

21988b No.175954


e53248 No.175955


F THAT, I'll GIVE it to them!

5edc52 No.175956


Nice work anon. Quite possible.

An elite group of hedonists that use mutual blackmail for generations to conquer nations from within are being hunted.

When was the last time they were not in complete control?

Controlling a countries national debt is far greater power than a standing army.

A nation cannot even have a standing army if it can't control it's finances and/or its legislater is comprimised.

0897b3 No.175957


Funny because she was giving him a tough time right before that. Then she softened up quite a bit!

3a019e No.175958


One America News. It's, literally, nothing but straight news all day long. Short, Patriotic "commercial" breaks about History. Honest about POTUS, just the facts Wish Hannity'd go there.

48a0d2 No.175959


:( hoping all is well, and that your family is strong through it all! We;ve got answers for you when you have the questions & the time to ask them

81f1b4 No.175960


Speedy recovery.

God bless.

f7977c No.175961

File: 7402baba54f7d9b⋯.png (430.04 KB, 772x514, 386:257, tacticalpepe.png)


We will NEVER FORGET the sheer disgusting acts perpetrated on our cousins by these (((globalist))) scum

Average british men and women shed their tears, blood, and lives to maintain what was essentially (((their))) profiteering operation across the globe without knowing anything.

Now you take all the blame, gets invaded and raped by a bunch of sub human scum who believe they can get away with abusing children on racial basis out of sheer hatred and arrogance.






48a7f1 No.175962



958057 No.175963


it doesnt make sense to cut his twitter to kill him… you would cut all communications and jam cells then take him out… and you would have to do it quickly

74a062 No.175964



d63b26 No.175965

Was GS at Davos this week or not? I feel like the answer to this is important.

48a7f1 No.175966





2067d8 No.175967


Godspeed, Sean!

48a0d2 No.175968


their CEO walked away on 12/22, Eric Schmidt

01fae0 No.175969


That seems very relevant.

c66562 No.175970

File: b240da7236db0cb⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 720x540, 4:3, nigga-you-gay.jpg)

958057 No.175971


HPs are great since they fragment in the walls and prevent collateral damage to a degree

28a898 No.175972


and Fisa memo spying on Citizens? What I'm really trying to determine is out of the massive number of injustices which ones stand out as best strongest candidates for the recent Q drops..your thoughts?

7c41e7 No.175973


Imam Trudeau is a puppet of Soros and the Q.

If both are neutralized, he is toast.

2df2e4 No.175974


That’s what I meant, iPad types what it want s sometimes

fde397 No.175975

File: 07284ecceccfd29⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 1200x845, 240:169, DUeFoTHXUAA1WeV.jpg)

"All Navy installations within CONUS are set to participate in the two-week exercise. Citadel Shield/Solid Curtain is an annual exercise where Navy security forces undergo realistic scenarios"


Timing is everything

fbd5b7 No.175976


i'm siezing finances and elected anon to sort outthe clues

83d23a No.175977


"I"ll mine the metals, cast the bullets & load the blanks, just to watch Hillary pink mist..

81f1b4 No.175978


Yes Miss Jay

64ea0d No.175979


Probably, especially that he was mentioned re U1 a while back. But would sure love to know approx when his poli-tick stops tocking

e1ed22 No.175980


Too many people have no idea what you mean about the grooming gangs… And their sentences are like the Monty Python comfy chair sketch.

66a279 No.175981

File: 93f1c740cd1c638⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, hillarytreason0002.jpg)

48a0d2 No.175982


If double meaning, one of us will catch it, maybe you have already?

43a744 No.175983

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

13dda0 No.175984



Mr Mom

f1303b No.175985


Q, is the royal monarchy going to face trials too?

41cd64 No.175986

They could be actively planning for acts, see page 4 of memo, last full para

c66562 No.175987


Channelling good-energy your way, fam. Hope she gets well soon.

4971b8 No.175988

File: 9200e604991b80e⋯.png (1.07 MB, 829x452, 829:452, usd.png)


In case this could refer to a planned financial reset or new currency:

Around 0:40 it says Trump

>"represents a true existential threat like (((they))) haven't seen before"

and shows image of USD burning.

74a062 No.175989


Steve Piezenic is on it… infiltrator or traitor?

958057 No.175990


it would bother me to harm an innocent when it can be avoided

3e53b2 No.175991


How many more people can Guantanamo hold?

3a019e No.175992


Meant to add, the more "regular" people exposed to it/real news, the better for all. Hannity, Dobbs & Payne can only say so much…

f7977c No.175993


If BO HRC and GS can't face public trials, what do you think?

Most likely quietly retired and or liquidated. Accidented.

1b6c29 No.175994


some will get the death penalty

958057 No.175995


besides… bigger fucking holes lol

05109b No.175996


thought that's what the Davos mtg with her and subsequent POTUS tweet about their meeting might be about, glad to hear it confirmed Q


California has got to be high priority/next in line tho. Please don't give up on us. Many many good Patriots here trying to fight the evil that's hijacked our once great state.

b6b704 No.175997


I've never trusted Piezenic, remember when he said Trump did Vegas?

bb2e07 No.175998


didn't they just allot more than $1M to gitmo? that should hold quite a few after the refurbishments

6998ce No.175999


Trials at Gitmo can be public.

ffd7b9 No.176000









ty you so much appreciate it all. she is doing great. everything went awesome. thank you again for the love. been here since pol

66a279 No.176001


>Most likely quietly retired and or liquidated. Accidented.

I like the sound of that.

2df2e4 No.176002


Retired???? Are you f-Ink kidding me???? those F** should Die!

37b30a No.176003


Gotta be honest…my spidey sense on him says traitor. Sure, he's knowledgeable and all but often times be comes across as CIA disinfo psyop to me.

5f1f2b No.176004


don't think that was him. that ID posted 10 times in that bread.

74a062 No.176005


Noticed the royals seem to be doing a lot for PR /smoke screening Queen has been reminiscing

8380bf No.176006

worked a 14 hour day. what happened to hannity? His twitter is down?

e53248 No.176007


Just because they won't be held in a public court, does NOT mean their trials won't be publicly viewed.

383169 No.176008



9d0984 No.176009

Goodnight Q and Anons.

2df2e4 No.176010


Thought it was 500 mill to build onto

30500c No.176011

8920d5 No.176012


Yeah, tents and a bucket don't cost much.

6e45d1 No.176014

Military won't do public hearings


1b8208 No.176015


This is good news, anon. Godspeed.

8fcf72 No.176016


>once great state

always to live on the west coast.

please uncuck cuckifornia so that i can move there soon.

ffd7b9 No.176017


so punchable

172ffc No.176018


Theyll get their accident. Dont worry Anon

2e3245 No.176019

2df2e4 No.176020


Depends, a few were publicized years ago

6e45d1 No.176021


Yeah 500m to upgrade the airbase and detention center

7dd8d9 No.176022

I believe and said before A special place for Soros .. is actually a bullet…

Hell is a VERY special place for him..

Some may be to big to take to court.. Why waste money… 50mm from a mile much cheeper

958057 No.176023


the princess diana death brings a lot of suspicion … i wonder if she was silenced to protect the royal secrets

94ad25 No.176024


Executive Order

Congress = “weaken democratic institutions”?

DOJ & FBI = “Degrade the rule of law”?

Soros = “perpetuate violent conflicts”?

clowns & no such =“facilitate the activity of dangerous


5. “I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that

threat”? = enacts acts and powers that require such declaration, such

as 50 U.S.C. 1702 and NEA 1601? Possibly more not mentioned?

6. Global Magnitsky = specifically for Russia? Maybe to seize

Uranium 1 and all things tied to it?

7. Public Law 114-328 = Applies the law of war on the American

soil, citizens and non-citizens alike? Maybe tribunals for citizens?

This is a big one, gives president broad power?

8. INA 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) = expel resident alien & visa holders?

People affiliated inadmissible to USA?

9. U.S.C. 301 title 3 = POTUS can delegate (appoint?) bypassing

Congressional approval?

Congress some resign some jailed,

DOJ & FBI some resign and some jailed

Soros, assets seized and jailed

Clowns and no such, some resign and some jailed.

Magnitzky U1 and corrupt russian assets seized, bad actors jailed.

Many will be expelled and blocked from entry to country.

NDAA might be a way to military justice for bad actors? POTUS

might need to get bad actors off the street. Allows POTUS to jail w/out

reason I’ve heard. POTUS won’t use this because CNN will say he is


301 title 3 when The hammer falls congress, DOJ & FBI could be empty.

How can POTUS replace appointees without congressional approval?

He might use 301 title 3? Or could he delegate special investigators?

The EO holds the roadmap for how its going to go down.

POTUS covering all the bases and exercising all possible power.

Red Pill your balls off! It’s coming!

bb2e07 No.176025


your number probably more accurate

that's a lot of new mattresses

2e3245 No.176026


my bad… 3 on this one

64ea0d No.176028


Hope all went well. Prayers for a quick recovery. WRWY

ffd7b9 No.176029


thank you anon. now lets focus on bringing these bastards down.

c7fb01 No.176030

File: 5848e50dc7f5a64⋯.png (149.93 KB, 1262x536, 631:268, ClipboardImage.png)


Tweeted this 3 times. First 2 times were deleted, 3rd time his account was disappeared.

0897b3 No.176031


That's his specialty. He's a psychiatrist. I used to listen to him but something told me that he was practicing his trade on the viewers.

9d0984 No.176032


He'll never live through a trial.

6998ce No.176033


Nuremberg was public sir.

eab051 No.176034


Just read you message, anon. My condoleances. May he rest in peace. I wish you and your family much strength in these difficult times.

901c5d No.176035


When the memo comes out and indictments are announced, then you will know for sure that this is real. Or if something else happens like Obama suicides himself.

8fcf72 No.176036



dude, like, come on. you are smart enough.

who else has the audacity to kill a princess?

48a7f1 No.176037


If that was him he was one of us..

f1303b No.176038


military tribunals are trials

5f1f2b No.176039


you sure? click the id, and it shows (10)

5edc52 No.176040

Form 1649, as referring to England

My interpretation:

SA - in progress

Asia - in progress (China internal housecleaning, NK strings cut and left hanging forced to negotiate)

US - in progress (just past beginning stages, arrests pending)

Europe - starting

11d29b No.176041


Holy shit those digitz ^^^

GITMO trials … pay-per-view … popcorn … viewing party … hangover

ffd7b9 No.176043


as a country we need it public!

383169 No.176044


omg. That wasn't him. If you people keep posting this shit, the trolls that think it's funny pretending to be him & others will feel vindicated & continue to do it. You people need to lurk more. Seriously. WTF

fbd5b7 No.176045

File: 069c4a0586fdbee⋯.jpg (43.42 KB, 622x454, 311:227, hardaf.jpg)

These old fags need some rest, i can redpill moar sunday night mst. for teh kittehs !!

f8e11c No.176046


Rest well anon.

6cd3e4 No.176047


Hannity was on this board to warn us, reassure or whatever.

ed306c No.176048


HRC "Can't we just drone that guy" referring to Julian Assange.

2df2e4 No.176049


But some have to be made public or we end up with more bad actors at elections again

3d5df3 No.176050


I don't think Hannity would misspell "lose".

f2a911 No.176051


This is something that is concerning me also.

Q mentioning they are in hiding, but word is these ppl aren't good folks. Diana's death etc.

I hope that Q knows all this info etc

And that MI6 is legitimately cleaning house. But without a spokes person like DJT, its hard to really tell.

How Britain feels: Lost.

I mean, we dont see anything british no more. No red double decker busses really. No tea and biscuits. (Coffee now) and ive not heard the term stiff upper lip for at least 10 years. Even fish and chips has been over taken by other foods. But i digress…

I guess we pray and wait and see what happens.

6998ce No.176052


Of course we do. Must be public,

Can't be secret and then announce "guilty and hung". NO no. This is not China.

901c5d No.176053


It does seem to move slowly, but realize that the White Hats are *busy* working. Many bad people to dethrone and neutralize.

1b8208 No.176054


She was murdered because she was probably pregnant by and possibly going to wed a muslim and that could not be in advance of a full muslim propagandist assault with 9/11.

fb890e No.176055

21988b No.176056


Given the seriousness of the cartel's crimes (extra judicial killings, murdering witnesses, illegal wars, drug/gun/child sex/organ running, domestic terror, etc.), political espionage described in the FISA memo pales in comparison. HOWEVER, a far less egregious act of political espionage took out Nixon.

485abb No.176057

File: 048ea5f394052a5⋯.png (510.66 KB, 390x682, 195:341, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

2ee69b No.176058


>worked a 14 hour day. what happened to hannity? His twitter is down?

Hannity's twitter was down for a while, back up now

MULTIPLE Q drops, check the bread

Three big things (also in bread):

1. Executive Order dated 12/21/17

2. DOJ memorandum (13 pgs, check p. 13 for summary)

3. Oh my god I forgot the third thing. It is so late. Some anon, pls post the third thing

958057 No.176059


CIA without authority

8fcf72 No.176060


>Asia - in progress

asia won't be clean unless kashmir is solved. got 2 nuke nations with locked honrs there.

can be much worse than what they were trying to portray nk could be

e1ed22 No.176061




Of course it was Russian. That's what all of us bots speak. I know it's true, because I saw it on CNN.

f7977c No.176062


The main reason why these people were 'untouchables' were not because they were well protected in a common sense.

Their deaths and demise would carry ww reverberations in scale unimaginable to the well-entrenched system of balance and false sense of normality.

Strings were cut. Leverages destroyed.

They are now trapped.

Death is too easy of an end. Refer to the last thread for a post on BHO's imprisonment on what fate I prefer for them.

888790 No.176063

File: 5f8b782dbe72160⋯.png (959.16 KB, 1135x1135, 1:1, seditionhrc.png)

File: dcbbdfa5ce5cae9⋯.png (703.12 KB, 1135x1135, 1:1, seditionbama.png)

File: 27bb488895450f2⋯.png (42.97 KB, 1135x1135, 1:1, seditionblank.png)

74a062 No.176064


Also …

https:// www


faaceb No.176065

File: be7bd11ab48ed22⋯.png (233.02 KB, 659x432, 659:432, ClipboardImage.png)


Thank you Anon!

>Our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven’t seen before.

This is the great theme, esp. from Q's posts today.

Also, noticed that Soros is in this video - same tie & shirt! Hah!

ffd7b9 No.176066


no more bin ladin bs i want to know its real. i want to see in person ffs

b1f0bf No.176067

File: 3d580779f3c4a27⋯.jpg (2.29 KB, 111x125, 111:125, 1507233879464s.jpg)

Call me crazy

Is DJT the second coming??

12 disciples?

85592c No.176068

File: c65bb2cf9642125⋯.png (13.01 KB, 774x97, 774:97, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 1….png)

File: e96e3c883d0312a⋯.png (8.58 KB, 902x46, 451:23, Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 1….png)


Q - was Sean talking about the treason act of 1649?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treasons_Act_1649

43a744 No.176069


This seems to fit

912df6 No.176070

File: f798650e7377d59⋯.png (299 KB, 625x481, 625:481, ClipboardImage.png)

Great. the 100% disclosure shills are waking up.

803654 No.176071


SOMEONE will take care of Trudeau. His number is coming up.

28a898 No.176072


Ty ur Thots

2ee69b No.176073

Remembered the third thing - link to list of people in the Council on Foreign Relations, and we were told to compare it to reports of recent CEO resignations

CFR = very bad

7dd8d9 No.176074



5f1f2b No.176075


his twitter is still down

66a279 No.176076

File: 2b6432199aa2861⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 519x387, 173:129, 2b6432199aa2861d042cff95be….jpg)

8fcf72 No.176077


okay i'll give you that.

but diana was windsors, no doubt about it

6998ce No.176078


Multiple journalists silenced /ourguys/

4fce69 No.176079


California is a crucial strategic flashpoint as well.

912df6 No.176080


No. He's already told us what he's going to tell us on 1649 - and it's not treasonous acts.

958057 No.176081


i would of figured it was because of the child sex slavery linked to the lords in the least

ffd7b9 No.176082


agreed and FED and un

48a7f1 No.176083

951d31 No.176084



6e45d1 No.176085


Agreed, but it would cause mass panic and uprising, especially if Hussein gets death sentence…

Hey wait, maybe I finally get to use my new shotgun.

43a744 No.176086


No Jesus is, but God has Trumps Back

fbd5b7 No.176087


Negative, he is false idol, dedicated to asshole worship. He is the personification of all things asshole=ish that gets enamored in the west.

247697 No.176088


Hannity's twitter is still down.

0897b3 No.176089


Hannity twitter still down.

f7977c No.176090

File: 8029fc684d4aebc⋯.jpeg (29.07 KB, 474x460, 237:230, revengepepe.jpeg)



You have a patience of a saint to handle these things, Q.

I have been awoke since 2010.

I will wait another lifetime if I must.

God bless you and POTUS.

Our children will have a future.

485abb No.176091

File: 23ff11ce9fc1120⋯.png (1.16 MB, 838x750, 419:375, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

faaceb No.176092


Re-posting the video

7dd8d9 No.176093


Looks like we are a few Canucks on here..

We should have a leader start our board as

soon as we can …

bb2e07 No.176094


>especially if Hussein gets death sentence

they'd better prove he's kenyan BEFORE they hang him, goddamnit

21988b No.176095


Americans are owed public trials. No other way to show the GRAVITY of the cartel's crimes.

2ee69b No.176096


>Also …


>https:// www



Recently saw a long article talking about how Prince Charles' coronation as king will be a whole lot shorter than his mother's coronation which was apparently an all-day marathon.

172ffc No.176097

need a baker soon

6e45d1 No.176098


And Michael is a man

8157c8 No.176099


Fuck off (((kike))).

43591d No.176100

File: b9c866004df5b72⋯.jpg (6.43 MB, 4416x3312, 4:3, Harrods.jpg)



Here's the memorial Harrod's made for Princess Di. Their symbolism will be their downfall.

958057 No.176101

You know what is one damn question thats worth being answered that would be helpful… with as saturated the world is in shills… WHEN DID THIS SHIT START… what year were the first moves being made… how far back do we need to rewrite our history books

9ef610 No.176102


posted it thanks

951d31 No.176103


Canada Dirt thread not board. Its still Qresearch related

b6b704 No.176104


I dunno about that, maybe those who are still asleep should be left alone - we'll know at least right?

c22c34 No.176105

05f155 No.176106


"when you play in a rigged game, you get stupid" -MCR

ffd7b9 No.176107


with a dick pic, twatter knows

f7977c No.176108



f8e11c No.176109

baker bakin'

64ea0d No.176110


Perhaps if my theory is correct about markers repping actor-ids. I'll have to re-read the map with that in mind.

1b8208 No.176111


If you press your lips hard to my taint and suck vigorously, you WILL see Jesus. Fact.

958057 No.176112


they need to be public for the world to see

2df2e4 No.176113

Wish my dad had lived to see this..I know he’s watching from above, he liked POTUS. And know his spirit is watching over the whole military.

ffd7b9 No.176114

d1d45c No.176115

File: 88d720235dc4a05⋯.png (855.94 KB, 1111x792, 101:72, TrumpKEKtrophy)).png)



d6af9c No.176117

File: 8c06a760a2fe106⋯.jpeg (398.41 KB, 1242x1350, 23:25, 6306AB28-CE55-47ED-89B5-5….jpeg)

74a062 No.176118


And his right eye looking wierd

fbd5b7 No.176119

>>176094 that mofo still owes me 50k for BC

43a744 No.176120


Can you say Pyramids

a7beb6 No.176121

File: 8d6b941aec65a3a⋯.png (394.73 KB, 624x351, 16:9, M 0142.png)

faaceb No.176123


Being on this board is definitely NVN territory!

No Viagra Necessary!

0897b3 No.176124


You're welcome.

What's with GS and the same suit and tie? Is he dead? Does he have a clothing compulsiveness?

f1303b No.176125


it's sad to see what's happening to England

38bcc2 No.176126

What a way to kill MSM ratings! Seriously, that's all anyone would watch.

e53248 No.176127


In order for this to NEVER happen again, the ENTIRE world must know. Period.

f7977c No.176128





c66562 No.176129


submission form 1649??? I can't be the only one who has no idea what this is.

da2877 No.176130


Tucker Carlson's show tonight was rather bizarre given the breaking news all week. He gave no mentions to texts or the memo.

Hannity covered both in greater depth and now his twatter disappears after 3 odd post.

My only thought against this is Ingraham covered the memo and the texts and nothing happened with her.

1dc2b2 No.176131

File: 9d16b931d0f58f8⋯.png (331.86 KB, 740x360, 37:18, ClipboardImage.png)

951d31 No.176132


Your fathers patriotism and courage is warding brave patriots as you speak. His spirit lives on protecting all of us in the name of Truth. Be comforted in knowing. He is with you. We are with you. Be loved Anon.

7c41e7 No.176133

An order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. She and her husband were found guilty in the disappearance of 10 children in 1964 in Canada.


2df2e4 No.176134


Leave LYNN…. can’t sleep? Hahahaha… they can hear you breathing

006202 No.176136


>[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

>Think nuclear stand-off.

Makes me think of Israel

ffd7b9 No.176137


how bout that naked dude sneeking out of windsor?

he must of been ascraed

cf6171 No.176138

File: 316246a8f933e5f⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0202.jpg)

For the record - this was Hannity's last post. He got his old username before it was deleted and now it's reverted back to whoever had it in 2013. You don't have to believe me, but I wanted to share it regardless

48a0d2 No.176139

7dd8d9 No.176140


4000 years.. at least

bb2e07 No.176141


just read through this thread (and maybe the previous) you'll have a good idea what it is

16e4dc No.176142


The Eye of Saturnalia?

958057 No.176143


could this stretch all the way back to augustus … didnt he free rome from the corruption

2df2e4 No.176144


Thank you!

b970e6 No.176146

Q: "What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?"

Whoever these 19 people were, they were SENTENCED.

Q: Why does it take the information going PUBLIC before JUSTICE is served?

It doesn't, which is why the 19 people were sentenced in a room."

Q: "[19] immediates [no longer with us]."

They committed SUICIDE.

a7beb6 No.176147


poor kid.

ed306c No.176148

Julian Assange Oct 16, 2016

JS Jan 11, 2017

SH Jan 27, 2017

c7fb01 No.176149


Not Hannity's twitter!

43591d No.176150


The Flood wiped out advanced civilization, and they took over in the chaos.

172ffc No.176151


What about Ingrahm Angle? Maybe they didnt wanna hit it up too much because Hannity had a whole show about it already

6998ce No.176152


McCabe is hiding behind her.

247697 No.176153


fake and gay. Not Hannity.

38bcc2 No.176154


So that's why she wears hats all the time – to cover her fucking HORNS!

6cd3e4 No.176155


You are trying to say he was complaining of unlawful detention?

74a062 No.176156


Yes about this read this years back

2df2e4 No.176157


Wow! Didn’t know that!

e98c67 No.176158


false imprisonment probably.

80f23d No.176159


some of us have it saved

23b672 No.176160


Chrystal Clear

2df2e4 No.176161


d63b26 No.176162

Where is AS?

c66562 No.176163


So, you don't know either.

f2a911 No.176164

b86dea No.176165

Hannity & Sara did mention a name… which escapes me at the moment… Story she was working on for next week…

803654 No.176166


Holy crap!!! Q, you're killing me! Took a sleeping pill a couple hours ago and now I'm guzzling coffee to fight it.

God bless you for this amazing work that you are doing.

6cd3e4 No.176167

bb2e07 No.176168


>spoonfeed me

lurk moar

78f5f9 No.176169

File: 91f7cf49389a7c7⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, Our_Movement_is_About.jpg)

fde397 No.176170


If you try to take out the king, you better not miss.

The cabal missed and DJT is "loaded for bear" now.

83d23a No.176171

File: 33398b57818509e⋯.png (279.96 KB, 428x437, 428:437, dbllynn.PNG)

1ed573 No.176172

man oh man, am i excited! i've been looking to this day for a while and the World has needed it since… whenever this was written.

samuel 8.

"6 But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord. 7 And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. 8 As they have done from the day I brought them up out of Egypt until this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are doing to you. 9 Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights.”

10 Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. 11 He said, “This is what the king who will reign over you will claim as his rights: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. 12 Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. 13 He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14 He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants. 15 He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants. 16 Your male and female servants and the best of your cattle[c] and donkeys he will take for his own use. 17 He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. 18 When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.”

43a744 No.176173


We will but you can't break an egg this big without making a mess, we're using smaller eggs right now

c7fb01 No.176174

File: 01b36670bf0cfa5⋯.png (81.08 KB, 313x373, 313:373, ClipboardImage.png)



This sound like Hannity to you?

The Last Real American. Liberals will drink the black sperm of my vengeance!

ffd7b9 No.176175


yep go research it, shits f up. they got caught had to pay restitution like that was a just sentence

0897b3 No.176176


True. My best bet is that he gets slapped upside the head so hard his eyes roll. Then he gets on national TV and ADMITS to everything. Full confession. Then gets sent to some island with gps and monitored 24/7. Once in a while send photos on the beach for the 4% that still love him.

74a062 No.176177

aab615 No.176178


nobody watches her - not worth the airtime

ab39e2 No.176179


Holy kek, the dude with the glasses!

cf6171 No.176180


It was reclaimed by Hannity in 2013

f8e11c No.176181

New Bread




Pray for Sean Hannity Edition

5570e9 No.176182


Its back up at @seanhannity

ffd7b9 No.176184

done that more than once, lol

a9c289 No.176185


Nobody is sleeping tonight.

Let that sink in.


48a0d2 No.176186


remember the OJ & Rodney King trials? multiply the country's reaction to that by double or triple digits. not good

21988b No.176187


No, but someone got a parody account up real quick without admitting to being a parody which is a violation of Twitter's TOS.

43a744 No.176188

7d3eb9 No.176189


Me neither

8380bf No.176190


more information!

2df2e4 No.176191


Good! Hope the bad actors like Lynn never sleep!

34f573 No.176192


Heard that!

e1ed22 No.176195



Q fukking WENT to Hannity for help. Fox is still legitimate, at least in some respects. Greg Jarrett and Tucker Carlson are also apparently White Hats. Remember, there are more good than bad, and we all have to stay together.

CNN and NYT, I'll grant you, are corrupt bottom to top and sideways.

a7beb6 No.176196


haven't slept since Oct.

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