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By: Charlotte Hazard


Two Arizona counties, Cochise and Mohave, will delay certifying their ballot canvasses for the Arizona 2022 election results for a while longer as a result of some potential irregularities.

Arizona took a week to announce the projected winner of the governor's race due to irregularities in Maricopa County where ballots took longer to be counted and some machines didn't work for a period of time.

Cochise County's two GOP supervisors voted to delay certifying the results until Nov. 28 in a 2-1 vote, The Hill reports.

Mohave County's Board of Supervisors also voted to delay the certification of the Arizona election results Monday.

Arizona's assistant attorney general Jennifer Wright submitted a letter Nov. 19 to Tom Liddy, head of civil litigation for the county, asking for the issues affecting Maricopa County to be looked into.

Wright noted in the letter that the office had "received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to the administration of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County."

>>"Following widespread reports of problems at voting locations on Election Day, Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting, could 'check out' of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location," the letter read.

As of now GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has not conceded in the election despite her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs being the projected winner of the race and having declared victory.

Lake's campaign has been posting video testimonials of Arizona voters who went to vote on Election Day and had issues such as encountering glitches and not being able to cast their ballots.


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