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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 7e74d43b0056f69⋯.jpg (144.05 KB,838x996,419:498,wesker.jpg)


Taken Target Objectives (Facet):

Goldman-Sachs: Monitoring of civilian candidates for intelligence for highschool theater.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Spyware given projection of Latterday Saints Tabernacle projects.

Narcotics Anonymous: IDF bail bonds recruitment for accounting and architecture review, to replace Archdiocese.

Scientology: Arrests given information of refusal of political candidate, factory union recruitment of "Scottish Police League", Los Angeles Sheriffs Division.

The Nixon Sheriffs Division: Casino and cruises benefits, for speculation on worldwide sports competitions through disability support charities.

Framingham DEA: Distribution of Fentanyl, death row chemical intended to cause narcosis given injection of morphine until fatality, humane death in exchange for following public mandate of guilt.

Def Jam Comedy Central: Trafficking of documents and blueprints related to DC Comics, however under rogue purview, outside of FBI supervision; under direction of Winter Hill Gang, Capcom Games.

Rockefeller RCMP Canadian Police: Distribution of codes of logic, to cause vectored deployments of United States military, for slave captivity of Catholic Vaticans under sepia unions of India Arabia.

Marvel Comics: MI-6 prints of diamond bets under land baronies, enforcement of Magna Carta at slavery of English Knighthoods.

United Health Associates: GHB injections of athletes, for benefit of jailed inmates, if refusing marriage to dominatrix, state police adjunct having infiltrated for husband in captivity from espionage community.

Marine Lawman's Act: Enforcement of Gennero Angiulo's DNC acts, of common news referal, out of Cumberland FOX Rhode Island and slavery of stolen children from arts academies in private military compounds.

Nintendo Russia: Monitoring of internet resources through spyware of support group, for trade of talent between countries, out of Navy resources, for stardom on foreign markets, not disclosed on media, games, and news of locality.

Church of Satan: Okrana Czarist forces, with victimhood of financial families as artists and musicians, through record clubs; finance and vice services.

The Committee of Security Services (KGB): Standards on poverty labor, convict labor, and college labor, being denied simple services of diner, gas station, and liquor store, not through informant restriction, but based on housing policy, out of domination of wealth under separate rules of conduct; abuse of poor, prevelent, opposition to intellectual academics, upward mobiliity of schools, and banked adjunct of militant tradition of family service.

Chi Omega: Psychiatric and nursing associations of law, under ignorance of common defendant, through state training of police improper, outside of logic and logistic of officer to maintain standing of self-respect.

Phi Beta Kappa: The political societies of the GOP Republican North, Union societies devoted to switch with CSA GNP South, the exploitation of women under claims of "honor" under Judo code.

Take Back the Night: Tracking and murders of economics medicines and deputies experts, through rigid application of law as if guidance counselor, outside of law degree for press of plaintiff through physiology, histories, or architectures of common attorney.

Untracked Target Objectives (Reticulating):

Rockstar Games.

Sony Pictures.

Boston Mossad.

CVS Israel.


Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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