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File: 23f148f559bc0b8⋯.jpeg (11.39 KB,292x172,73:43,8D1DD1AE_E072_4AEC_9E19_0….jpeg)


Thanks to a collaboration between devices, equipment, and software from The Maharbiz group, Jose Carmena, and Professor Rikky Muller's research group and Travis Massey for the latest developments of what a brain computer interface looks like in action. In all of its action potential and its greatest achievements, an example of how sorting vast amounts of data into remarkable discoveries. Accessibility to an artificial neural network alongside a biological neural network: plus a bonus switch: (analog to digital conversion) leads to significant advancements in today’s medical research.

​​The Folk/Daniels research team has been working on a breakthrough discovery for multiple sclerosis. The Seattle based research group has found a link between the debilitating disease and unhealthy red blood cell production. They have discovered that iron deficiency and elevated oxygen saturation may be major contributing factors in the cause of the disease.

Much credit to: Devices, equipment, and software use for testing.

The Maharbiz group

Jose Carmena




Rikky Muller's research group

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