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File: 919179b084a3f9f⋯.pdf (2.76 MB,TIMESAND_NextSteps_pages_1….pdf)

File: 6e07e317b994396⋯.pdf (2.13 MB,TIMESAND_NextSteps_pages_1….pdf)


Sixty-Six Theses: Next Steps and the Way Forward in the Modified Cosmological Model

The purpose is to review and lay out a plan for future inquiry pertaining to the modified cosmological model (MCM) and its overarching research program. The material is modularized as a catalog of open questions that seem likely to support productive research work. The main focus is quantum theory but the material spans a breadth of physics and mathematics. Cosmology is heavily weighted and some Millennium Prize problems are included. A comprehensive introduction contains a survey of falsifiable MCM predictions and associated experimental results. Listed problems include original ideas deserving further study as well as investigations of others' work when it may be germane. A longstanding and important conceptual hurdle in the approach to MCM quantum gravity is resolved. A new elliptic curve application is presented. With several exceptions, the presentation is high-level and qualitative. Formal analyses are mostly relegated to the future work which is the topic of this book. Sufficient technical context is given that third parties might independently undertake the suggested work units.

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