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A VOICE of TRUTH in the SWAMP of LIES. WWG1WGA. A board for FACTS regarding the LIES we are presented daily.
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File: ca8046a1dd851a2⋯.jpg (447.78 KB,1600x900,16:9,AP3.jpg)

File: a1e0500b68ddd5c⋯.jpg (13.07 KB,565x200,113:40,OpEd1.jpg)

File: efe34371d9bb9aa⋯.png (54.65 KB,890x350,89:35,OpEd4.png)

bb9ee6 No.64

ITT: No shitposting, Memes and Images are fine. Try to remain on topic or move to another thread.

p.s. I am CivAnon!

Called "Operations Megaphone" by Anon from /QR/

Hello Anons,

Calling all Writefags, Lawfags, Newsfags, SocialMediaFags, Politicfags, GrammerFags, ALLfags and Anons in general to help anons prepare letters to News, Newspapers, and Local/State/Federal Representatives.

This is an attempt to make our voices heard on a massive scale. If done correctly "WE" should receive even MSM news coverage, which will blow their cover letting them know that WE will no longer tollerate FAKE_NEWS.

They mobilize in similar fashions to achieve their goals, TWO can play that game. And their are many more of US.

This is a call to CALL OUT any FAKE NEWS or other disinformation given to the people by "TRUSTED" sources.

This is to make it clear that if they would like to remain as a "TRUSTED" source they must prove that they are trustworthy.

If our voices are not heard WE are prepared to make MSM obsolete. More details will come regarding HOW…

Remember friends WE are the NEWS NOW! Our Voices are strong. Our Voices are Loud. Our Voices will be heard.

They can no longer silence us. They can no longer lie to us. WE have the ability to EXPOSE their lies.

#FACTSMATTER #ExposeFakeNews #Write4Rights #YourVoiceIsOurVoice #ShowThem #FactsNotFear #TogetherWeWin

If anyone is interested just lurk on it not trying to slide bread. We can create a thread if anons are interested

Lies have many answers.

Truths have ONE.

See, Tell

Hear, Speak

Know, SHOW!

I recommend you NOT ONLY send an email but also a physical letter.

Most Reps have 1 - 5 staffers who deal with all incoming mail.

Anons need to send enough letter that they cannot deny that they have heard our voices.

I will not tell you what to write, WE are not the same, WE may have separate grievances, WE are Untied in cause not Identity. I just ask that you stick to FACTS.

All I request is that you participate in this attempt to Write for our Rights.

This idea was inspired after I reviewed all of the Sgt. B and W&W posts uploaded by Archiveanon. Thanks Anon.


Local/State/Federal Officials


Senate Contacts




House Contacts




See below links for tips on writing

Sample Letter to Elected Officials

Sample Letter to Representatives, Senators or Committee Chairs.


[Your Name]

[RE: Topic/Bill/Grievance/Complaint/Injury/Criticism/Ojbection of Action(s)/BLANK]

The Honorable_____

(House of Representatives) or (United States Senate) or (Committees)

[Office Address of [Representative], [Senator], [Mr. Chairman or Madam Chairwoman]]

Dear [[Representative], [Senator] or [Mr. Chairman or Madam Chairwoman]] ____,

(In your first paragraph include personal information)

Example Text: I am very fortunate to have been provided with an excellent education that prepared me for the future. I currently have children in both elementary and middle school. Recently, I have become very concerned about legislative impact on education. As a parent yourself, I am sure that you share many of these concerns.

(Include facts)

Example Text: Research has shown that schools with strong school library media programs have better rates of success. For example, in Alaska it was found that schools with a full time librarian scored higher on standardized tests than schools with only part time librarians. These schools were able to have longer hours of operation, leading to higher rates of circulation, thus impacting student achievement. Similar findings have been made in many other states across our country.

(State what you are asking for)

Example Text: I ask that you support (Insert name of bill here). In supporting this bill funding will be provided that will support school library media programs. This is a very small price to invest in the futures of our nations children. All children should have the opportunity to achieve and develop skills necessary for the future. I believe that in supporting this bill you will impact the lives of countless children.



[Your Name]

(You must provide a return address to contact. According to some sources)

[Your Address]

[Your City, State, Zipcode]

[Your E-mail] (Optional)

[Your Phone Number]



News or Newspaper

Use their tools against them


Writing Tips



Try to keep it relatively brief, sticking to the point will make your message clear.

To the Editor of [Name of publication or news source.]_______.

Paragraph 1 (Include facts)/(Rebuttals)/(Quotations)/(Erroneous Reporting)

Paragraph 2 (State your opinion or argument)/(Requested action or coverage)/(Express concern in more detail)

[Appropriate Salutation],


[Your Name]


[Your Address]

[Your City, State, Zipcode]

[Your E-mail]

[Your Phone Number]




Use their tools against them


Writing Tips




- Submit another anons work as your op-ed (Anons are Anon for a reason. Maybe they can't submit it themselves..)

- Ask for an examples for the relevent topics we have plenty of writefags, lawfags, newsfags… (I would assume.)

- Use FACTS if you are writing a FACT based article.

- If using fiction as a method of story telling be sure your message is clear, do not allow anyone to skew your message in a way you would not like.

- Many Papers accept Anonymous submissions for OP-ED articles.

- Do not limit your OP-ED to print outlets. (Reach out Blogger, Youtubers, Twitchers, Journalist, Independent Journalist)

- Use Social Media to get these same messages out if they will not do it for us.



They can choose to listen or not, that is up to them. Doing just this will wake many people.

This is to show them we know we have the power. This is intended as a flex of WE THE PEOPLE's STRENGTH!

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.
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bb9ee6 No.65

File: 1b0064ea5c97e90⋯.jpg (21.42 KB,300x150,2:1,OpEd3.jpg)

>Below is all the content from the previous thread on /qr/

Above is a guide of sorts for what we're working on here. I'll post some ideas for templated pieces anons have already put together.

We want something we can use in mass emails, something we can make pamphlets with, a piece we can send a senator or representative, those kinds of things. I think it makes sense to intertwine our work with a war room effort, but in a more textual sense. We're killing it on the meme front, but shouldn't we fight back via the journo front as well, in a more formal manner? We should encourage journos to help here, use what we've written, or perhaps volunteer to submit it for us somewhere if that's a thing we can do.

Either way, we should all pool our ideas to improve upon this effort.

How can we make what we've already got better?

Can someone design some pamphlets for us?

Maybe we could try to get /pol/ to jump in by offering them a varied version which sort of cloaks what we want to do here without telling them this is a Q-oriented thing, which tends to scare some of them away.

We don't have to do anything specific immediately, but we could at least start to come up with ideas to further this effort.

Finally, how do you guys feel about the name Operation Megaphone?

▶Anonymous 05/11/20 (Mon) 12:53:47f55e75 (16) No.9126113

Next, I'll throw out a piece that anons worked on together a couple of years ago in the event we'd reach this stage:

Sometime soon, a friend or a family member is going to approach you and try to provide you with some context about what you are seeing in the news.

Your friend/family member has been collaborating in an established but obscure online workspace with like-minded patriots and a small team of Trump administration officials. This collaboration has been going on for months (now years), and has been kept deliberately obscure from the public and mainstream media. This is not a joke.

During this collaboration, information relevant to what you are seeing in the news was surfaced, evaluated, and prioritized. Listen to your friend/family member. They will explain this information and why you aren’t hearing these revelations from the mainstream media. Although the material may seem difficult to believe, please keep an open mind.

Although it is not that important to the overall story unfolding in the mainstream news now, the small team of administration officials, known as “Q Group”, or simply “Q”, had some difficulty establishing their bona fides / credibility in the online collaboration forum they chose.

On January 7th, 2018, all doubt was removed when Q arranged for POTUS to send a personal message to the online collaboration forum via Twitter that was hiding in plain sight. If you are interested in the details your friend/family member will be happy to show you a graphical representation of how this occurred.

Please trust what you are hearing from your friend/family member. Be skeptical of the mainstream media reporting on these new revelations. This is not a game.

Here’s what we know- The facts:

Trillions of dollars are missing from our national coffers

Traitors and leakers inside our government have betrayed us for many years in pursuit of financial gain and power

These traitors are guilty of legal, moral and ethical crimes

A group of Patriots inside our government asked Donald Trump to run for President with their backing

The election was rigged to ensure that the traitors remained in power

The American people rose up and defeated the traitors at the polls

The traitors declared war, both overtly and covertly, to retain power

The traitors are responsible for most of the terror attacks upon our citizens

This is your land. It does not belong in the hands of traitors.

It’s time to choose a side.

What to expect in the coming days:

There will be indictments for many disturbing crimes including, but not limited to:

1. Treason

2. Sedition

3. Bribery

4. Extortion

5. Child abuse

6. Murder

These indictments may contain familiar and beloved figures (prepare for this)

There will be accomplices and co conspirators

The accused will be judged and sentenced according to the laws of this republic

Many will not believe that those they trusted betrayed them, even when the facts are at hand (prepare for this)

More to come. Think


▶Anonymous 05/11/20 (Mon) 12:56:14f55e75 (16) No.9126145

This was a great piece someone wrote on thereaderapp that could be helpful for new people, so I figured I'd also throw this in to the mix:


1. Dearest PATRIOTS,

The Great Awakening has grown substantially. Over the past 2 years, thousands in QAnon have taken crumbs dropped by Q and answered the call to investigate, uncover and share. You now have at your fingertips - those collections of evidence and research.

2. For 2 years, we volunteered our time, effort and sanity. We're mostly just ordinary citizens…moms, dads, grandparents, kids, teachers, students, cops, doctors, businessmen and women, little league coaches, veterans, hippies, Republicans, Democrats and everything in between.

3. We knew the future of our nation and the wellbeing of mankind was at stake. From very old crimes to the fresh and recent we dug, exposed, assembled and produced masses of knowledge that the average citizen does not even know exists. It has taken its toll but we're soldiers.

4. And, it's not a physical war in most cases but we still are battle weary and tired. Only our passions for freedom and justice and the love of our fellow man drives us now. Millions upon millions now read the facts we've learned and study the evidence we've collected.

5. Just like an Army we stand together. Most of our faces are hidden. When looking at us, all you'll see is Red, White, and Blue. Threatened, targeted and even assaulted…we have endured. Our identities are kept secret for the most part, for fear of retribution on those we love.

6. Two years ago the mysterious drops appeared. Crumbs, like a Hansel and Gretel trail: designed to rally Patriots from this country and across the globe and bring us into a like mind and desire to see freedom secured and justice served. What has developed is military grade.

7. The majority of the discoveries made were facts known only by a very select and secret few. This infornation, if presented in its entirety all one time, would shock the conscience to such a degree that the fabric of society would unravel in short order. Yes, it's that bad.

8. It was crumbs, then diversion, then redirection, more crumbs and so on with the occasional celebration as we followed. But, when you go looking in the dark, chances are you're going to struggle with what lies in the shadows. Some of what we've found scars the heart and mind.

9. There is evil in this world so grotesque that even learned people of faith cannot understand or imagine the depths of depravity that exists in humanity today. Though long separated from the biblical era, we still find those same evil and demonic entities in our world today.

10. Our daily lives are haunted, our sleep is restless, our minds are racing. We've served diligently and there have definitely been casualties. This work is not for everyone and the fortitude to press on requires as much personal choice as it does a God given fervor.

11. But, we only made it this far because of others before us.


Those long standing operatives, they are the TRUE heroes.

12. There have been faithful Intelligence Officers, Senators, Soldiers, Generals, Representatives, Secretaries, Analysts, Pilots, Security Guards, and more who have worked in the shadows, keeping records of crimes reaching back for decades.

Their loyalty inspires this movement.

13. Hiding away records, photos and reports, they risked their very lives to stockpile evidence in case the day ever arrived when their story could finally be told, the guilty finally brought to justice.

That day has arrived, made possible by the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

14. Risking not only his life but also his family's considerable wealth, Donald Trump stepped forward to lead the charge in restoring our nation.

Today, #45 stands to be considered the greatest president of all time.

Thank God for blessing America by giving us another chance.

15. There is no denying it, Donald Trump has turned this nation and this world in a different direction. Where oppression and mental slavery were so commonly accepted, now, expectations of liberty and accurate representation rule the day.

We're returning to greatness.

16. The heroic leadership of Donald Trump along with the fortitude and determination of those long serving PATRIOTS; will forever be memorialized by the constitutionally faithful Republic that is to be our future.

Those amazing people have earned our utmost respect and prayers.

17. And so, here you are. You have a president who stepped forward, risking all, leading the charge. You have heroes who contributed their entire careers to building evidence for this day. And, you have us, the researchers and writers to compile the story.

Welcome, to QAnon.

▶Anonymous 05/11/20 (Mon) 13:28:17f55e75 (16) No.9126538>>9151776

I'd like to point out that this doesn't have to be limited to writing representatives/senators.

We just need to reach a wider audience and layer our outreach to the point that we can be most effective. If someone else has ideas, bring them up.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/11/20 (Mon) 13:53:45989d1e (7) No.9126876

File (hide): 43d7cc9abc144d6⋯.jpg (464.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, OpEd2.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 1b0064ea5c97e90⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 300x150, 2:1, OpEd3.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): efe34371d9bb9aa⋯.png (54.65 KB, 890x350, 89:35, OpEd4.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): 3442f4b89ae48e6⋯.png (125.2 KB, 1000x620, 50:31, Operations3.png) (h) (u)

Checking In…

Added to bookmarks.

Must happen Organically / Open-Source

I am not your leader. You and YOU are to lead.

We are just hear to give you lights.


▶Anonymous 05/11/20 (Mon) 15:28:16f55e75 (16) No.9128226>>9128528

Maybe this wasn't the best time to make this thread considering all that's been happening lately, especially with the #obamagate thing being such a big focus right now.

I told some people about it last night, though. I'm hoping at least one of them shows up or maybe says something in the main thread.

▶Anonymous 05/11/20 (Mon) 15:44:006b0a0b (1) No.9128422

File (hide): 7cca84cffdd98ae⋯.png (53.69 KB, 670x1053, 670:1053, grammar_nazi_not.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): fa5ce1a4b936690⋯.png (165.51 KB, 251x255, 251:255, grammar_police.png) (h) (u)

Grammarfag at the ready for proofreading and editing and occasional OP-Eds.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/11/20 (Mon) 15:52:56989d1e (7) No.9128528

File (hide): 99fd4c3e4d95b11⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 255x245, 51:49, RareSmokingPepe.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 39e714454892f17⋯.jpg (735.66 KB, 1796x743, 1796:743, Right_To_Read.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): ad787cd3ac99834⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 1178x749, 1178:749, Candle1_2_3_.jpg) (h) (u)


Ask the Board to add to Dough

It will help your cause.

Do not get discouraged.

Anons have many talents.

So don't know they want to be here yet.



Bills [Active/Past/Reforms]

Balanced Budgets [Local, State, Federal]

Government Spending

Accountability for voting



Update Redaction for benefit of people [XX Documents]

Social Gathering [Protest]


FAKE NEWS Call outs

Corrections for FAKE NEWS

Call to Turn off TV! Coordinated Nation wide

Real Coverage for XX event

- Venezuela Mercenary

- Stock Market Manipulation during Plandemic

- Unemployed vs SCUM Elites

- Insert any story that was not covered appropriately

- YOU get 5 - 30 a day from QR

Op-eds [See "write to read" article attached]

These list are endless. As stated we can only be the light fren.

We are candlestick makers.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/12/20 (Tue) 08:54:20989d1e (7) No.9139561>>9151380

File (hide): 352b8ce33bec2b5⋯.jpg (206.14 KB, 640x840, 16:21, BillofRights.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 13f48b7791977fc⋯.png (514.62 KB, 435x680, 87:136, Unalienable_Rights.png) (h) (u)

Shameless bump for visibility. Keeping it on the board.

Make your Voices Heard.

You have all the power. You have just forgotten.

Remember "WE THE PEOPLE"

Your Right to SPEAK and have your Voices heard are protected. Fear not when telling truths You are protected.


You only need a few letter then Provide them to Anons to fill in the blanks then send. IN MASS

▶Anonymous 05/12/20 (Tue) 23:18:05f55e75 (16) No.9151380

For what it's worth, I always enjoyed the idea of doing something like this. Unfortunately, anons seem to think it's better to focus our attentions elsewhere.

If nothing else, we could always circle back around to this idea in a few weeks/months if we still need to.

I'm glad we tried regardless! Thanks for your help, >>9139561 (You)

▶Anonymous 05/13/20 (Wed) 00:26:524be376 (1) No.9151776>>9151798 >>9156285

File (hide): 01578470496a585⋯.png (108.85 KB, 1445x693, 1445:693, Stimulated_Input1.PNG) (h) (u)

File (hide): 1a1ffd113f19667⋯.png (155.85 KB, 1461x696, 487:232, Stimulated_Input2.PNG) (h) (u)


Contributing my thoughts freely for adaptation and reuse. Apologies for the few, minor spelling\ syntax errors and unnecessarily repetitive language in the images.

I'm also working on a voluntary public oath that citizens can make to be accountable to truth, honor, justice, and freedom. I'm currently attempting to re-frame the initial idea into a worldwide context.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/13/20 (Wed) 00:28:27989d1e (7) No.9151780>>9156285

File (hide): 4c8b0a6f6689c90⋯.jpg (10.48 MB, 5400x6600, 9:11, FisaAbuseTimeline.jpg) (h) (u)

We still ~740 Post till this bread dies.

Don't give up so easy. FIGHT Anon!

We planned for years for our Operations.

THE PLAN has been planned for MANY years.

Great things take time.

We are just a light.

We cannot be leaders or we are just like (((them))) You must express your own concerns.

Remember, You are not Alone.

> You have many stronk frens find them.



FACTS have no BOSS


Those who hear, Speak.

Those who see, Tell.

Those who know, SHOW.

Try starting with things other anons will care about to introduce the ideas to them.

Maybe #ObamaGate while it hot.





[More to come]

… … … … … ..

Write to request Declass regarding #FISAGATE

other Obama Crimes

< see images

▶Anonymous (You) 05/13/20 (Wed) 00:33:24989d1e (7) No.9151798

File (hide): f768deaef22da97⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, AMERICA.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): 5f80b77cd077b2d⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 496x498, 248:249, PsyOpUSArmy.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 722be207071ddd7⋯.png (276.68 KB, 716x361, 716:361, UnknownKnowns.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): ca4b12b2d1d6e3d⋯.jpg (50.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Warlocks.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 47b46a1aa2e9960⋯.jpg (332.56 KB, 1600x1195, 320:239, Wizards.JPG) (h) (u)



|| "Crescit sub pondere virtus" || "Virtue thrives under oppression." ||

Anons we must join TOGETHER to tell the TRUTH. WE are fighting a MONSTER of Darnkess who knows nothing but LIES.

You don’t fight darkness—bring the light, and darkness will disappear.

The Truth will illuminate the darkness, the light of truth always shines brightest in the dark.

No matter how dim a candle burns it will ALWAYS illuminate darkness. ( Read as: No matter how small your voice if you speak truth you will be heard.)

Thousands [Millions] of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be diminished. [TRUTH] never decreases by being shared.

Each one of us represents a single candle in the darkness of our world.

If you decided to wake up and shine your light by spreading truth rather than believing lies.

We welcome you fellow Anon! May Facts and Truth be the light to your way from darkness.

If you have come to troll, spam, or spread disinformation…


We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Amendment I (Bill of Rights)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

-We Will not be Silenced; -We Cannot be Silenced; -Our Voice will be Heard; -Your Lies are Whispers in the Wind, Compared to the Roar of our Resolve.

|| "Crescit sub pondere virtus" || "Virtue thrives under oppression." ||

> This is provided by Us for the same reasons, use and adapt.

use as need or not. Just helping it my help your creativity

This was written by me(Anon) for Us(You). Prior to our mission, in 2009

▶Anonymous 05/13/20 (Wed) 12:14:38f55e75 (16) No.9156285>>9156761

>>9151780 (You)

I don't mean to give up and I don't mean for it to seem so simple.

Like I said, I just don't want to be seen as another copypasta shill, so I'm trying to temper the advertisements.

Should I try to develop another hook? I like the one you gave me, so I was rolling with that.

Maybe I'll formulate another one later tonight when I have time to sit and think for a while.

If you're adamant about this, I will also be.

Thanks for sticking around.


Thanks for stopping by, anon.

We sincerely appreciate it.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/13/20 (Wed) 13:36:11989d1e (7) No.9156761

File (hide): ec713c269585c3b⋯.jpeg (106.68 KB, 1020x636, 85:53, 1588825145.jpeg) (h) (u)


I will be here. I already do these activities on my own.

But as We stated it must me Organic.

Or as Q says. "Open-Source"

▶Anonymous 05/14/20 (Thu) 11:45:38000000 (4) No.9171633>>9171705 >>9171731

If you layout the Truth, and document with actual sources, that back-up the Truth. I'm interested. I feel similar that it could be huge. Truth can be pasted here or on the bin, for all to see. The only negative I see is this coming back to bite someone in the ass if bullshit is thrown into it. Either it be "muh story wasn't taken" or other stupid ass slide excuses. If the board is in agreement, then no problem.

▶Anonymous (You) 05/14/20 (Thu) 11:51:40989d1e (7) No.9171705

File (hide): 1f491f2e369b266⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 380x285, 4:3, NewFag3.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 676452fbd69dc3b⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 800x450, 16:9, NewFag2.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): e5048983c8a379e⋯.png (9.21 KB, 255x254, 255:254, NewFag4.png) (h) (u)


We came with a mission of Truth and Truths alone.

Truths can hurt or help.

But there is only one answer to facts. That is the Truth.

Most the sauce is in the dough / pastes / breads.

It is a matter of getting it out.

The silent war is coming to an end.

The time to be loud will be soon. Will you be ready.

We only came to prepare you for what is to come.

If you Voices are not heard when it is time. Someone else's with bad intent will be heard.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

You ALL don't have to agree if you all agree that facts are facts.



noun - a person who INVESTIGATES then writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.


noun - a person who REPORTS, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for newspapers or broadcasts


''verb -

1.give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated.

2.present oneself formally as having arrived at a particular place or as ready to do something.

noun -

1.an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration by an appointed person or body.

2.a piece of information that is unsupported by firm evidence and that the speaker feels may or may not be true.''

#2^ Doesn't Apply Here we need the SAUCE!! WE are not the MSM!!



FACTS have no BOSS


Those who hear, Speak.

Those who see, Tell.

Those who know, SHOW.

Only Justice should be Blind.

Shine a light of Truth.

Together we are strong.

Divided we are weak.

(((THEY))) want You divided

Stay Strong Patriots.

Together We Win!!


▶Anonymous 05/14/20 (Thu) 11:53:58f55e75 (16) No.9171731>>9171870


Especially if we want to bring this to the attention of government workers or representatives, this should not be some list of claims. We should only include things we can directly and promptly prove.

Pamphlets should have source material at the bottom, emails should be accompanied by a list of sources at the end, etc.

All we really need to get this going faster is a writefag + wordsfags to present something workable (I've already included, as well as another anon, some pieces we can work with further up) which the rest of us can scrutinize and refine so that we can begin forming alterations for pamphlets and the likes.

The more eyes that we get on this, the higher our chances of quickening this process so we have something workable asap.

▶Anonymous 05/14/20 (Thu) 12:04:334b127e (1) No.9171859>>9177505 >>9195937

This is aCLOWNdisinformation Psyop

First tactic is to run to the front of the parade and pretend that you are leading it.

Then you get people to follow you in small ways, weaving back and forth to the left and right.

And then you turn down a dark alley where the other clowns are waiting with baseball bats.

Nobody speaks for Q and nobody speaks for Q Anons

Everybody is free to speak for themself but if you were doing that you would not need a leader or a groupthink group to tell you how to do it.

This is yet another sophisticated psyop created by the rogue psychologists trained by the CIA

There is nothing in this idea for Anons.

Now ask yourself, with millions of Anons already putting out the message, why does anyone want to create a QResearch united front? Nobody knows who QResearch is anyway.

It's quite simple. Once a few messages go out from this united front, the psyop folks take over and send out some kind of false flag threat plus ultimatum, and then the false fag actually happens and people DIE in the real world. Who gets the blame? In the first instance, everyone on this thread. And overall, the QResearch board, 8kun, Q and POTUS get the blame.

So if you losers and morons want to keep at it, have fun. But it ain't gonna fly

▶Anonymous 05/14/20 (Thu) 12:05:21000000 (4) No.9171870>>9177505


Follow steps of last project. It will grand slam.

▶Anonymous 05/14/20 (Thu) 19:02:41f55e75 (16) No.9177505


Is there a link with which you can provide me? This is kinda vague.


We appreciate your unwitting assistance.

▶Anonymous 05/15/20 (Fri) 22:17:22f269ad (1) No.9195937

File (hide): 6a2dc216f9d6a55⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 255x248, 255:248, af176b1e880ca4a2184c7df7bd….jpg) (h) (u)


▶ 1/2 Anonymous 05/15/20 (Fri) 23:12:26533b7b (9) No.9196449>>9196504 >>9200965

Whipped this up earlier, will have to be in 2 posts b/c about 2,900 characters:

Why the unmasking of General Flynn Matters

In the frenzy of unmaskings by Obama administration officials in the waning days of his presidency, the majority of those officials had no 'need to know' who the American citizen was on the call record in the NSA database. Neither was their unmasking the American citizen's name for the purpose of creating an 'intelligence product.'

While those are unusual and unwarranted acts, they are not, in and of themselves, illegal. What was illegal was leaking the American citizen's on that phone call name to the media. That person's name was classified.

The Obama administration sought out staff leakers and punished leakers more than any other in US history, according to the Washington Post [1], even to the point of using lie-detector tests on staff [2]. The irony of the same administration accessing and leaking classified information to the media at the last moment is palpable.

The leak of General Flynn's name to friendly media was strategically timed and to a certain effect: to poison the good name and reputation of a lifelong patriot who served America for 33 years in the US Army, and to set into motion the plan to overthrow the incoming president.

Once General Flynn's name was published in obsequious media, connecting him with the Russians, and libeling him as a 'Russian asset' in Trump's incoming administration, the stage was set. As one, on cue, worldwide media trumpeted the talking points that not only was Trump not fanatically against Russia, but he had advisors who were already plotting with Mr. Putin, to do what, none would say, but it had to be something nefarious.

▶ 2/2 Anonymous 05/15/20 (Fri) 23:18:54533b7b (9) No.9196504



The 'Russian collusion' narrative was promoted on every channel, on every show and on every newspaper's pages. No where in the thousands of lines of text or hours of panel discussions was the fact that it was the unmasking and illegal leaking of an American citizen's name done by people who absolutely knew the laws about classified information.

No mainstream journalist or reporter pointed out the illegality of that leak and the danger it posed to all American citizens with respect to our right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizure.

If a dedicated American Patriot like Gen. Michael Flynn could be unmasked and his name leaked to the media in order to destroy him, it could be done to any of us.

The danger of abuse of power like this, at the highest levels of American government cannot be overstated.

It is time for the American public to know the truth: who illegally leaked this name to the media. It is time for blind justice in this matter, for we cannot continue in a system where there are two sets of rules and laws are only applied to others.

[1] https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/06/08/trump-rages-about-leakers-obama-quietly-prosecuted-them/

[2] https://cpj.org/reports/us2013-english.pdf

▶Anonymous 05/15/20 (Fri) 23:26:46533b7b (9) No.9196571

Feel free to edit however necessary/desired, and to preempt any concerns about the citations, the Post was used specifically because it is leftist and very pro Hussein, which makes it 'acceptable' as a source for those who are/may be skeptical. If the Post said Hussein was the harshest, then it is very different than somewhere like Breitbart saying it.

I'm able and available to write - give me a topic and angle and I'll work on it. It's helpful to know also length desired, number of sources (I didn't embed links, used footnote style) etc.

And there is no ego in collaborative projects. Once it's put on the table, it belongs to everyone involved - the only thing that matters is the best quality output. "Bleeding all over it" is a familiar term. Anyone who edits/proofreads will know this term and chuckle.

We should chuckle. Humor makes the work go better.

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 03:43:17000000 (4) No.9197877


Slight edits, links are inserted into article.


▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 11:41:40f55e75 (16) No.9200965>>9201006


>Once General Flynn's name was published in obsequious media, connecting him with the Russians, and libeling him

You did mean to say libel, not label, correct?

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 11:45:23533b7b (9) No.9201006>>9201050


Yes. Libel is printed, slander is spoken.

>>9200933 (General thread)

> if we want to get a more complex foundation built for Norman

Who is Norman?

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 11:48:56f55e75 (16) No.9201050>>9201491


>Yes. Libel is printed, slander is spoken.

Of course. I wanted to be sure we were on the same page.

I didn't really see anything else that stands out, though I only really had proofreading in mind.

Frankly, I think both words could be used in this situation, so I guess it wouldn't matter which word is used.

I explained in the general, but Norman is interchangeable for normies, except it's a singular use.

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 12:38:45533b7b (9) No.9201491>>9201621


It was both slander and libel, actually.

And yes, ty for that, I have been around quite a while and never happened to have seen that so it appeared to be for a person, since it was capitalized like a proper name. It alarmed me there for a minute.

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 12:49:25f55e75 (16) No.9201621


it's always been more of a /pol/ thing, anon.

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 20:06:33533b7b (9) No.9205985>>9207265

Ok, well, let's get some topics to cover and get busy.

Where shall we start?

What does the public really need to know right now?


What's the most important thing the public needs to know right now?


▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 22:23:21f55e75 (16) No.9207265>>9208009


Top priority:

>The "pandemic" is being used to leverage the upcoming election.

Important topics:

These can be topics for anything we plan to use writing pieces for. The step we should be on now is developing rhetoric. Before we decide on the methods or the information vector, we should decide the talking points.

The Plandemic

The upcoming election


The Economy

The Media being complicit with political shenannigans

Frankly, this should look like a Campaign operation. Our top priority is genuinely the election and we can use the disaster of a "pandemic" that [they] so obviously deployed as leverage against the populace to change their minds and completely abandon the Democratic Party, but only because the Republicans have chosen to kneel instead of being kneecapped.

We could mention how there's some sort of outbreak of some deadly ailment every election year, we can bring up Plandemic (the film), the rush to mail-in voting, the lack of voter ID (would be a good topic to be certain we bring up with any government employees we plan to contact), the effect on the economy in light of the pandemic. That should help narrow it down a bit for our top priority.

▶Anonymous 05/16/20 (Sat) 23:55:57533b7b (9) No.9208009>>9208139


I agree with the priority and topics, and breaking it down to points.

I'm a little confused because I thought we were to start writing right now?

I've never worked on any campaign so I'm not clear on what is needed. Like a single column in a brochure (like 100 words or less) or article for Op-Ed or longer article.

In short, how long and detailed.

I can write whatever is needed in whatever format, I just need to know what you're looking for and I'll get busy.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 00:13:20f55e75 (16) No.9208139>>9210379 >>9216590


To be pretty frank, I was hoping this would get more attention by now.

I'd do a lot better with more input personally, but I didn't mean to be so strict in my suggestion regarding a campaign operation. Maybe if I hadn't capitalized it…

Anyway, I meant to say it should be a formal thing that can be used to help POTUS campaign as well as inform the public. I was suggesting it could have multiple purposes and that one could be to assist the campaign via unveiling [their] wrongdoings as well as making an appeal to government employees and fellow citizens.

The very questions were the ones I was hoping we could hammer out as a group, but I'm not sure how confident I feel making suggestions to that extent.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 07:43:26533b7b (9) No.9210379


Kek, it wasn't the capitalization.

I'll hold off here until there is more input from others and pop in from time to time to see what the progress is on that.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 11:28:59f55e75 (16) No.9212549

>>9208589 (You) from general

>Freedom is not safe. Safety is not guaranteed. But as Americans we need to strive for freedoms.

>If you personally don't feel safe, you can wear a mask.

>The real issue is not masks but denial of #1stAmendment freedoms.

>Free Speech, Press, Assembly and Religion.

>These fundamental RIGHTS Are @ Risk!

This could be useful.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 12:09:31f15658 (4) No.9213091>>9213131

>>9126083 (OP)

>>9111955 Last Bread (excerpt, will likely revise/edit list and repost later)

House Votes on H.Res. 965/967 and H.R. 6800 Cite Wrong Emergency, Illegal, Unconstitutional

The President’s national emergency for covid-19 was issued March 13 2020 under 50 USC Chapter 34 National Emergencies Act. The House passed H.Res. 965/967allowing proxy voting under the pre-text of a national health emergency, covid-19. The House waited to 2 months after a national emergency proclamation to amend Rules of the House. The House did not follow existing Rules, violated their amended Rules and the Floor votes were unlawful and unconstitutional.

1. The covid-19 national emergency is issued under 50 USC §1621 (Chapter 34)

2. H. Res. 967 allowing cites 50 USC §1546 of the War Powers Resolution (Chapter 33) to except number of days to act on legislation.

3. H. Res. 965/967 cite recommendation of the attending physicians for the quorum change but does not fulfill Rule XX requirements for report of incapacitated members by Sargent-at-Arms.

4. No House members have been incapacitated by the covid-19 national emergency.

5. H.Res. 965 amends a quorum but there was not a quorum present to vote on the resolution.

6. Rules of the House Rule XX requires a quorum for a floor vote on legislation.

7. US Constitution Article I Section 5 Clause 1 requires a Quorum of a majority of members to conduct Business.

8. The House did not have a quorum of members in Washington to cast votes on legislation.

9. The May 15 video stream of the House Floor and tally of Not Voting (NV) clearly indicates less than a majority of members were present that day.

10. The House could not amend the Rules to allow proxy voting because it did not correctly cite the national emergency proclamation or have a quorum to conduct the floor vote.

11. H. Res. 967 cites effective dates to allow proxy voting as May 19 2020- July 21 2020. The resolution cites H.R. 6800 vote may be conducted upon passage but the (illegal) rule change is not effective until May 19 and no provision for proxy voting on May 15 provided.

12. House passage of H.R. 6800 is invalid as it did not have legal authority to conduct a proxy vote and a quorum was not present to conduct a floor vote.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 12:13:32f15658 (4) No.9213131


should be:

>>9211955 Bread #11790 (excerpt, will likely revise/edit list and repost later; didn't notice this was specific war room bread)

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 16:25:09f15658 (4) No.9216500>>9216525

File (hide): 7819b3b46364a17⋯.pdf (59.21 KB, House_Rules_pdf_35_36.pdf) (h) (u)

File (hide): cbd700d1bc836af⋯.jpg (149.02 KB, 1135x617, 1135:617, HR965.JPG) (h) (u)

File (hide): ed99db155f110a4⋯.jpg (303.79 KB, 1136x911, 1136:911, HR967.JPG) (h) (u)

File (hide): 0b686417857c136⋯.jpg (244.3 KB, 1200x915, 80:61, Roll_Call_Votes.jpg) (h) (u)

House Votes on H.Res. 965/967, H.R. 6800 Cite Wrong Emergency, Illegal, Unconstitutional

The President’s covid-19 national emergency was issued March 13 2020 under 50 USC §1621 (Chapter 34 National Emergencies Act). The House waited to 2 months after a national emergency proclamation to amend Rules of the House. The House passed H.Res. 965/967 allowing proxy voting under the pre-text of a national health emergency, covid-19, without citing accurate legal authority. The House did not follow existing Rules and violated their amended Rules. The May 15 2020 Floor votes lacked a quorum and were unlawful, unconstitutional.

1. The March 13 2020 covid-19 national emergency was issued under 50 USC §1621 (Chapter 34), reported to Congress and entered in the Federal Register as Proclamation 9994.

2. Congress has not amended 50 USC §1621 to include Proclamation 9994 for the covid-19 national emergency.

3. No national emergency proclamations amendments are noted within 50 USC Chapter 33 War Powers Resolution.

4. H. Res. 967 cites 50 USC §1546 of the War Powers Resolution (Chapter 33) to exempt number of days to act on legislation. Neither H.Res. 965/967 cite 50 USC §1621 or Proclamation 9994.

5. The House of Representatives waited two months after Proclamation 9994 was issued to recommend quorum and proxy voting rule changes. At the discretion of the Speaker, Representatives were directed to work-from-home without due consideration of the quorum rules.

6. H. Res. 965 quorum rule changes cite recommendation of the Attending Physician, but does not fulfill Rule XX requirements for report by Sargent-at-Arms of incapacitated members or those incapable of attending.

7. No House members have been incapacitated by the covid-19 national emergency. Work-from-home directives were at the discretion of the Speaker.

8. H.Res. 965 amends the quorum rule but a quorum was not present for the resolution Floor vote.

9. Rules of the House Rule XX requires a quorum for a Floor vote on legislation.

10. US Constitution Article I Section 5 Clause 1 requires a majority of members for a Quorum to conduct Business.

11. The May 15 2020 video stream of the House Floor and tally of Not Voting (NV) clearly indicated less than a majority of members were present that day; a quorum was not present for Floor votes.

12. H. Res. 965 cites the proxy vote rule shall be in effect for 45 days upon designation.

13. H. Res. 967 cites effective dates allowing proxy voting as May 19 2020 - July 21 2020. The resolution does not specify a date before May 19 2020. No rule change authorizing a method of proxy voting had been passed prior to the H.Res. 967 Floor vote.

14. H.Res. 965 providing rule changes for proxy voting was passed after H.Res. 967 which established the effective dates for proxy voting. The May 15 2020 vote on H.Res. 965 violated the Rules change of H.Res. 967 and the 45-day period specified in H.Res. 965.

15. H. Res. 965/967 votes were invalid as the existing quorum and voting rules were still in effect.

16. The House could not amend the Rules as it did not accurately cite the national emergency proclamation authority, follow existing Rules of the House or have a quorum to conduct the Floor vote.

17. House passage of H.R. 6800 is invalid as it did not have legal authority to conduct a proxy vote and a quorum was not present May 15 2020 to conduct a Floor vote.

Conduct by some members of the House of Representatives during May 13 2020 – May 15 2020 could be viewed as Seditious Conspiracy to subvert and hinder the proper function of government (18 USC §2384: Seditious conspiracy). The House of Representatives has not amended existing legislation reflecting Proclamation 9994, inaccurately cited existing legislative authority, and violated:

U.S. Constitution

Rules of the House

Proposed Rules changes of H.Res 965

Proposed Rules changes of H.Res. 967.

(sauce in continued post)

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 16:26:42f15658 (4) No.9216525

File (hide): 4e1e97f269c9bcd⋯.jpg (354.46 KB, 800x1225, 32:49, HRes_May_15_Votes.jpg) (h) (u)

File (hide): 5b059d68cfd6c29⋯.pdf (80.95 KB, 50_USC_1621_highlight.pdf) (h) (u)

File (hide): a1b27ab8966b690⋯.pdf (383.8 KB, 116_House_Rules_Clerk.pdf) (h) (u)


House Votes on H.Res. 965/967, H.R. 6800 Cite Wrong Emergency, Illegal, Unconstitutional

(continued for sauce)

Cited legislation from 50 USC War and National Defense

50 USC 1621: Declaration of national emergency by President; publication in Federal Register; effect on other laws; superseding legislation



§1621. Declaration of national emergency by President; publication in Federal Register; effect on other laws; superseding legislation

(a) With respect to Acts of Congress authorizing the exercise, during the period of a national emergency, of any special or extraordinary power, the President is authorized to declare such national emergency. Such proclamation shall immediately be transmitted to the Congress and published in the Federal Register.

(b) Any provisions of law conferring powers and authorities to be exercised during a national emergency shall be effective and remain in effect (1) only when the President (in accordance with subsection (a) of this section), specifically declares a national emergency, and (2) only in accordance with this chapter. No law enacted after September 14, 1976, shall supersede this subchapter unless it does so in specific terms, referring to this subchapter, and declaring that the new law supersedes the provisions of this subchapter.

50 USC 1621


50 USC 1546: Congressional priority procedures for concurrent resolution


§1546. Congressional priority procedures for concurrent resolution


50 USC Ch. 34: NATIONAL EMERGENCIES (all Sections)


50 USC Ch. 33: WAR POWERS RESOLUTION (all Sections)


House Resolutions:

H.Res.965 - Authorizing remote voting by proxy


H.Res.967 - Providing for consideration of the resolution (H. Res. 965) authorizing remote voting by proxy


Rules of the House:


House Floor Stream


March 13 Proclamation 9994 covid-19 national emergency




▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 16:32:49533b7b (9) No.9216590


Hopefully we can get some more eyes in here when Q is not posting.

▶Anonymous 05/17/20 (Sun) 20:08:27000000 (4) No.9218921


Timed before narrative drops.

You'll see it soon.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

fb2b14 No.428

Nice work CivAnon. I'll share some resources too.

For anyone who wants to be a reporter, the AP stylebook. Idk if you need to follow this for op-eds but it couldn't hurt.


some terms, concepts and links


>The lede is the first sentence of a hard-news story; a succinct summary of the story’s main point. Ledes should typically be a single sentence or no more than 35 to 40 words. The best ledes are ones that highlight the most important, newsworthy and interesting aspects of a news story while leaving out secondary details that can be included later in the story.

BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for news


some free courses:


>Improve your English grammar, vocabulary and writing skills through exciting topics in journalism and world news.


>Global Muckraking: Investigative Journalism and Global Media

>Learn how brave journalists can rock the world by exposing corruption and human rights and labor abuses.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

bb9ee6 No.430


Great work Anon!

Soon I will be placing topics in here for template creation. We will share the templates on QR and request Users Submit the letter if they can.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

52e947 No.639


right on, looking forward to that. Thanks for getting this board up and running, I agree with you, we need to put out article and twitter threads.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

43eb75 No.8670

Anonymous 07/09/22 (Sat) 14:53:43 5396e8 No.28012


Thuper Noteth of The B Gayness

>>27804 no such agency

>>27771 Baron Arizona and Babyfist: Is this the B Proof you were looking for? See/Sea

>>27323 Baron Arizona and Babyfist: I'm not quite sure about the proof around Sgt B.

>>23674 Babyfist/B fuckery bun

>>23076 Barron arizona and babyfist reply to 8bit on TS

>>23194 Video of jim and babyfist explaining B dcomms incident >>23204 Transcripted

>>23209, >>23212, >>23213, >>23215 Babyfist "Trial Run"

>>23220 Stupidity in action

>>23234 Babyfist talking about working with sgt b, running psops

>>23427, >>23429 Jim-crew talk about torturing Fred Brennan >>23431, >>23435

>>23441 Baron Arizona and Babyfist acting like B is real and should be listened to.

>>23444, >>23445 Barron Arizona op_basltoff activated

>>23449 Could Broderick be B? >>23452, >>23453, >>23454, >>23455, >>23456

>>23478 BV Called out babyfist VPS back then

>>23480 Babyfist on gab, wont tell who sgt b is

>>23513 B Admitting they used LaughingMan/Babyfists account to post on dcomms

>>23527 babyfist discusses the lies being told by qresearch

>>23544 babyfist saying that sgt b ruined his name it better be worth it

>>23550 babyfist talks about division

>>23564, >>23567 deepdigs claims babyfist chaos made up by oss even though admitted in video

>>23462, >>23463, >>23466 MR Red/Orlando

>>23476, >>23505, >>23523 Tony, Ron(cm) and James

>>23548 babyfist admins he is fren of Thomas Schoenberger

>>23547 he will try to blow it off

>>24699, >>24752 CivAnon >>>/abcu/64

>>24752 Civanon Sgt. b posts aggregated by qrb

>>25037, >>25038 Covfefe/QPatriot Digs

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

15b886 No.8917

File: d08c02759fab00c⋯.jpeg (66.97 KB,346x346,1:1,IMG_1195.jpeg)


Let’s play 54 pickup

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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