|| "Crescit sub pondere virtus" ||

|| "Virtue thrives under oppression." ||


/abcu/ uses 8kun Global Rule: which says "Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America and do not create boards with the purpose of posting or spreading such content."


Do anything illegal or anything that adversely affects 8kun.net's legal interests. Any and all illegal content under United States law is prohibited and 8kun.net will cooperate fully with United States law enforcement. The following list is nonexclusive and should not be construed as a license to commit any other illegal activity not specified below:

Child pornography and Dost-infringing content, Copyrighted material in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Any violation of the Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (SESTA-FOSTA), Threats of violence or solicitation to commit a crime of violence, Identity theft, Credit card fraud, Animal crush videos.

/abcu/ RULES

Rule 0: Please avoid linking directly to this board [Unless sharing with REAL Reporters or others seeking to create REAL NEWS] whether it is on your Youtube channel, Twitter account, website/blog, etc. The influx of newfags will only caused problems for the hard workers of this board as well as the staff members. We are not here to babysit or coddle you, and we are not here to accommodate you. This board is for Real News. Take what you learn from here and spread it to the other platforms.

Rule 0.1: Linking here if WE are the only Sauce for the information is OKAY! But our real goal is to get "News" Outlets to publish truth. Even if we have to become the news to do it

Rules for Users:

Rule 1: Doxxing others is not tolerated here. All patriots who work here are to operate within the law. Publicly available information is not considered doxxing, however since this is a somewhat grey area, mods will delete potentially doxxing posts at their discretion. NewFags are strongly urged to leave the Name and Email fields blank to avoid self-doxxing, and please report others who do fill them in with personal info (Emails, Real Names, IDS, Account(s) Info). FameFagging is OK, but you will have imposter's and not in a good way.

Rule 2: There are two types of threads that are acceptable on /abcu/, and only two. Thread creation is restricted to "General Threads" and "Topical Threads". The general threads which are handled by the STAFF(BO, Volunteers, Reporters). General threads are the core of this board. Topical threads are for focus on a specific subject for research and discussion, with a Goal of publishing. Threads created to post unsauced claims, or useless shit may be deleted, bumplocked, or properly dealt with.

Rule 2.1: There SHOULD also be a reasonable amount of content to start the thread. (Research topic, description of topic, sauce for articles/news/expose). If a General thread doesn't exist for your subject, create a Topical thread for it.

Rule 3: This is a NSFW board. Deal with it. NSFW SHIT HAPPENS, and needs to be reported. Reports for nudity/gore/language/racism/anti-semitism/sexism will most likely be ignored.

Rules for Board Volunteers:

Rule 1: Do not ban people for their opinions, even if they do not align with your own. Ask for more Sauce, Facts, or Bread/Dough. If they cannot provide facts, the thread may be pruned.

Rule 2: Enforce the global and local rules at all times.


General FAQ for 8KUN

8kun FAQ - https://8kun.top/faq.html

>Q- What is all this "SLANG" used here?

<A- It is endless and ever evolving. Below are some common terms:

Chan Terms

OP = Original Poster

Anon / Anonymous = is a fellow poster on the board (Labeled "Truth Seekers" in /abcu/)

LULZ = Fun, Amusement, Humor [At times at the expense of a target/OP/bait]

Bait = is Trash level thread or post made by SOMEFAG who is itching for a bite. [Lowest tier of threads, posts and Posters]

CopyPasta = A block of text which has been copied and pasted from somewhere else. [Typically, OP will claim it is Original. Figures; OP is a Faggot]

KEK = To Laugh… aka LOL [And so much more…]

Sauce = Source, documentation, where the info came from, something that proves the stated info or allegation

Lurk = To read more and post less (> Lurk Moar Fag!)

Moar = More

Bread = Thread

Autist = The most brilliant minds on the board [Many Fags may disagree with these Autist, but they are usually right…]

Autistic = Characterized by abnormal and unhealthy focus or persistence [Often includes an unhealthy hatred of opposition or criticism.]

NewFag = Noob

insert_termFag = insert_termPerson; You can be a multiFag. It is a way to identify your skill sets without self identifying (example: WriteFag, LawFag, ReporterFag, NewsFag, AnimeFag, CryptoFag, CodeFag, ConcernFag, etc)

Based = Praiseworthy [And so much more…]

/boardname/tard = Calling someone a one trick pony in there posting habits.

Name/Fame Fagging = Using the Name field in an attempt to get recognition.

Normie = Some who is not adjusted to the chan's (8kun) users finer tastes.

Trolls = Fags here just to cause trouble for the Board and Staff

Shills = Fags or Fag Groups who come with an agenda of pushing a subject or derailing a good thread. [Sometimes we are targeted by users with alternative interests (to our own), they are the prime examples of shills]

Fap = To masturbate.

Comped = (pejorative) Compromised. Describes a person who is motivated or controlled by some kind of hidden influence (perhaps blackmail or bribe). Example usage: His political career ended when he compromised himself by accepting bribes. She is so comped, you can't believe anything she says.

Pepe = He is a frog who gets high. Nothing more, Nothing less. A Patriot when he feels like it.

##Q Terms##

Q = Q level Clearance Patriot. Dropping Open Source Info to help the Patriot identify the truth behind the deception before our eyes.

Q Team = ??? [Q, Q+, +++] Less than 10 know (3 Civ 7 Non-Civ)

Wizards & Warlocks (WW) = An elite group of ABC members who fight for specific tasks.

Drop(s) = Q drops "bread crumbs" for the Autist to figure out.

WWG1WGA = Where We Go One We Go All!

WRWY = We Are With You!

>Q- What is the difference between General Vs Topical Threads

<A- General Threads are created and managed by STAFF and have a Theme for each thread. Topical Threads are created by any Poster with their own theme. If the material should have been posted on a General thread, the newly created Topical thread may be pruned. If a topical thread becomes very popular it will become a general thread.

>Q- What is a Journalist Thread, and the Wire?

<A- Only Volunteers, Reporters and Board Owner can post in those channels.

>Q- What are the Operations (Ops) about?

<A- Each Op will be different follow the Ops Placeholder until more instructions cum.

##Q Questions##

>Q- I am only here for Q, what can I do in this board?

<A- Use the bread made by the bakers in >>>/qresearch/ to create REPORTS or Journalism on the appropriate bread here.

>Q- What does this (/abcu/) have to do with Q?

<A- We need real news to wake up the masses. To reach critical mass we need the power of anons around the world waking up. /abcu/ is the service side of qresearch. Just like how the bakers bake. The Diggers Dig. The Memers MEME. ETC.

We take the news and write it in a way people will understand and share it with the masses.

#WeAreTheNewsNow #WeAreTheNews #ABCU #Write4Rights


Think of us as the Front of house to the QR Kitchen.