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Ok so I’m not really sure how many people are apart of this thread. This has nothing to do with the piper stuff although that shit is hella sad and I hope she’s found, But Through that investigation I have unfortunately stumbled upon so many Cp accounts on twitter talking about swapping mega links. If anyone would like I can screen shot of a list of accounts I have reported and blocked. As a person whose been through similar situations in their life . I find it fucking sickening and more than justice should be served to these sick fucks. Most of these accounts are foreign , so physically as much as I’d like to personally deliver justice to these sick people I can’t . But maybe if enough people were to report the accounts it would send a red flag to twitter. Maybe then twitter would review the account and see it for what it was, and report it to the proper authorities. Like something has to be done. I had a step sister at a young age years of my life(who I still speak to from time to time) who was a first hand victim of cp/ molestation from the age of 2-12 . This shit absolutely breaks my heart. Something needs to be done.

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