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File: 1427869450921.jpg (9.42 KB,184x184,1:1,50afd6c8ece55a83882ee1c06e….jpg)


crossposting from TF2G in vg

Idk if I should be posting this here but it seems right

I'm a comp Heavy player, but I play all classes and have a pretty good skillset and understanding of the game, I'm on par with UGC gold heavies and the rest of the classes i play well, maybe UGC Iron/Steel level of play, and while I'm not the best player, I always am open to helping new players learn how to play, so if anyone wants to learn from a fairly skilled player just add id/T-Sexy on steam aye

I also make some workshop items for TF2 if you need help with that iunno

pic slightly related, steam pic
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