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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, banner.jpg)

b77233 No.851547

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

…to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. ~ Mark Twain




#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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c7d539 No.851561

File: af7510df423b1fe⋯.jpeg (326.64 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, A42DD35A-E01F-4038-BA84-9….jpeg)

Don’t let them divide us.

b77233 No.851562



93b9d9 No.851565

File: aed28b14de94947⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, LAIM_COMPEDv3.png)

File: 5751f5a625bc43f⋯.png (409.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Real_Housewives_of_the_Dee….png)

File: f20552053d572d9⋯.jpg (155.05 KB, 983x539, 983:539, aim5.jpg)

File: 3ffa3319876ed60⋯.jpg (196 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)

Get REKT, Douglas!!

02ac8f No.851584

File: e16c3a15c8eb17c⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 888x499, 888:499, laimshutdownboard.jpg)

6b7ff1 No.851601

File: d7d7021f796a92e⋯.jpg (120.57 KB, 438x499, 438:499, d7d7021f796a92e32b9a8c8ee6….jpg)

c7d539 No.851604


So Thomas Paine is controlled opposition ?

85ab4f No.851611


>disinfo is real.

>disinfo is necessary.

c7d539 No.851612

File: deeea6bf5324994⋯.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1697, 1242:1697, 39854FA6-B046-40F8-8320-C….jpeg)

File: 7c502fd278679f7⋯.jpeg (742.06 KB, 1242x565, 1242:565, 429FF39E-A900-491A-AFBB-8….jpeg)

File: acb24d5ec314085⋯.jpeg (361.25 KB, 2000x1147, 2000:1147, 74510A72-0FB8-4F7F-813F-9….jpeg)

File: da0d5d8799c94b8⋯.jpeg (855.64 KB, 1242x1061, 1242:1061, 495D9050-EFB8-4623-B495-B….jpeg)

a5d040 No.851629


That's why between now and then we must change and strengthen our laws to make sure that does not happen again. I too fear the end of his term, but have hope that we will have cleaned it up by then and done enough damage that it will take many years to get it established again. We will always be fighting evil unfortunately, until Jesus Christ comes back the second time and really kicks butt.

bcd5cf No.851630

Was lurking on the DeltaAnon - Q COMMUNICATIONS thread and found the nugget below. Repasting to Research General thread so that newfags and lurkers could easily see the Q history of posts at

http:// qanon.news/smashposts.html.

Been lurking since January but I personally have never been able to see the official posts on qanonposts.com, qanonmap.github.io/, thestoryofq.com, anon.pub, qntmpkts.keybase.pub, and qanonmap.bitbucket.io - all I get is a blank screen with a couple of boxes at the top. Therefore maybe others are having the same problem. Any fixes?


https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/410413.html#bottom

DeltaAnon - Q COMMUNICATIONS Anonymous 02/17/18 (Sat) 14:03:36 ID: 11ff93 No.4104

Anonymous 03/30/18 (Fri) 17:49:36 ID: 3efe2e No.843789>>847263

Delta Anons - I put a page up that uses the QAnon/TwitterSmash &Delta; QResearch API

http:// qanon.news/smashposts.html

It's all being updated automagically. I *believe* I've got my date bug squashed now since everything is configured to use ZULU time.

It was previously set up where I was only displaying the &Delta; for tweets within an hour after a Q post - but in trying to track down the date bug, I think there's relevant information in tweets outside that range. I'm excluding any tweet made before a Q post currently. They display as a -&Delta; and can be included. If everyone thinks I should go back down to a 60 max delta let me know and I'll change it.

788f87 No.851631

File: 08050d7873a7102⋯.png (855.97 KB, 1373x684, 1373:684, ClipboardImage.png)

b9e83e No.851632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

needs to be in bread

334926 No.851633

File: 01d93231a5b0f77⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1125x615, 75:41, melania-quote.png)

46e41a No.851634

File: a101ea35b78b2ff⋯.png (538.08 KB, 844x442, 422:221, ClipboardImage.png)

Pic relevant

02ac8f No.851635

File: e16c3a15c8eb17c⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 888x499, 888:499, laimshutdownboard.jpg)

099921 No.851636


yes … but that still has nothing to do with Congress trying to kill the Post Office.

04b609 No.851637

This piece of garbage needs to be removed from the bread:


It's wrong in sooo many ways.


That's is not your mission. It's never been your mission. Q has never said anything even remotely close to that.

Keep junky opinions out of the bread!!!

85ab4f No.851638


If memory serves me correct, didn’t Q make a reference to Thomas Paine?

05b626 No.851639

File: 625b8eafd58c0ed⋯.png (1007.56 KB, 343x1000, 343:1000, shillplinking.png)

Shill plinkin'…

Never knew what hit 'em…


Never forgive.

Never forget.

02ac8f No.851641

File: c33b8776ca1b4d9⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2405x1653, 2405:1653, hope-hicks-white-house-com….jpg)


My Q is hotter.

b77233 No.851642



>>851562 (old dough)

Notables section

>>851208 Robert Kenedy data

changed to

>>851551 1989 FBI Report to Senator Edward Kennedy on CIA clandestine and covert operations

b9e83e No.851643


if anything we need to get rid of laws

lawyers have created loopholes and written laws

that the normal person cannot understand.

we need to get back to common language and common sense.

8ead08 No.851644

Q could be real

But Q could also be a psyop to make us look crazy

Both are possible

ac90f9 No.851646

File: 6ff35ac068ff073⋯.png (254.94 KB, 1041x494, 1041:494, plebbit waking up?.png)

anons with plebbit accounts


"Smallville actress who ran a sex slave cult tweeted a picture of the woman who created spirit cooking"

https:// www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/88ha91/smallville_actress_who_ran_a_sex_slave_cult/dwl2cgn/?context=1

"NXIVM leader Keith Raniere charged with sex trafficking"

https:// www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/87em2c/nxivm_leader_keith_raniere_charged_with_sex/


9073bf No.851647


we are here to enjoy the show, we have more than we know, amen anon, we are hear to spread the gospel. Digging phase is over, transitioning from here to outside is here

334926 No.851648

File: 13b6610ff6fa2b8⋯.png (148.58 KB, 654x426, 109:71, maga-hat-world-great.png)

06a1ed No.851649

File: 6471dd06d7e68c9⋯.jpg (300.12 KB, 594x593, 594:593, 59b59b38c8693bcf97216b8424….jpg)



>Seals are wonderful creatures.

>Heard they work fast at catching their prey.


>Silence is golden.

>Games R FUN!

Clowns R SAD.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Activities_Division

a5d040 No.851650


Love it!!! Saved!

Thanks Anon!!! We really need to stop talking about any type of "race" or racial division. We are all human beings. Like POTUS says, we all bleed the same red blood! We all live in this great country and love it and want to protect it from evil!

Stay Together

Stay Strong


099921 No.851651


no, shills need to be shot.

85ab4f No.851652


Your post in itself is anti what this board is about. It is up to anons to determine what information holds weight and what doesn’t.

02ac8f No.851653


Thomas Paine died over 200 years ago.

ed3948 No.851654

mad. i keep on dead cat bounching awake asleep. get it anons

c8730d No.851655


You are missing the point.

Think information war and swarming. It takes a network to fight a network. This is about public opinion.

4c6a01 No.851656

File: fa69ea1d21afaf5⋯.jpg (127.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, gpwwCQYnxoruPuL-HoapsXH0el….jpg)

0e694a No.851657

File: a5300d51f5fa665⋯.png (2.47 MB, 827x1703, 827:1703, Capture _2018-03-31-14-09-….png)

Why are Palestinians such Degenerates?

Smells like Pallywood

989811 No.851658

File: 49987cc11218d85⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 800x630, 80:63, DYdVUUtUMAA9CMz.jpg)

aebcc3 No.851659


no it doesn't. that is true.

I don't much care if the PO is gonzo. UPS does a fine job, email takes care of the rest.

bca1ea No.851660

File: b74d1fd0994eff4⋯.jpg (94.89 KB, 382x1024, 191:512, ex8d5yqbx4p01.jpg)

46e41a No.851662

File: 8d882064d3fc2fd⋯.png (549.58 KB, 814x460, 407:230, ClipboardImage.png)

bcae45 No.851663

File: caaaa54657a79bd⋯.jpeg (410.02 KB, 1536x813, 512:271, E42CB289-41C9-4E6F-AC9B-E….jpeg)

They MSM refuse to mention 8chan. Still saying Q posts on halfchan. Must be on purpose to keep people away. But It makes no difference because the Idiot Left is unable to penetrate the chans. They are so programmed that when they leave the curated confines of the MSM bubble they experience cognitive dissonance. It is incomprehensible. Like Van the Man said “We are living in another country that operates along entirely different lines.” Anons can travel freely between the 2 countries. We speak both fluently. The Idiot Left is illiterate including (((Treva))) and they quickly dismiss all of Rosannes statements as having long been “debunked” which I now read as “proven”. But who the fuck cares what (((Treva))) writes. Her job will be replaced by computers long before taxi drivers are.

The point is the chans are an encryption device that requires no key. It is not algorithmic it is an immeasurable, organic and ever changing environment that one must inhabit to understand. If you leave for the day when you come back you find you’ve been left behind and you must scramble though the forest to catch up. The chans are a joke the Idiot Left will never get and they can’t even pretend to laugh. It’s just a LARP man you know satire for the keks. Lighten up.

Who could imagine that a Papercraft & Origami message board would be such an enigma to the masses and the elite? I’ll tell you why. It requires courage to enter and humility to understand. You have to leave all your comforting assumptions, conclusions and certainties at home. You must be open to being broken to bits and you must have the will to build yourself back up. This is organic intelligence forever enfolding. SHADILAY FAGGOTS! Hale Hortler!

44dc25 No.851664

File: 64f2db82b11c216⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 459x496, 459:496, rsa-tokens.jpg)



RSA (cryptosystem)

RSA (Rivest–Shamir–Adleman) is one of the first public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for secure data transmission. In such a cryptosystem, the encryption key is public and it is different from the decryption key which is kept secret (private)…… In April 1977, they spent Passover at the house of a student and drank a good deal of Manischewitz wine before returning to their homes at around midnight. Rivest, unable to sleep, lay on the couch with a math textbook and started thinking about their one-way function. He spent the rest of the night formalizing his idea, and he had much of the paper ready by daybreak. The algorithm is now known as RSA – the initials of their surnames in same order as their paper.

4c6a01 No.851665

File: 3bf6306115fede2⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 552x690, 4:5, EzeOE2S-5AMCmAN1bNIxZg-i8x….jpg)

b77233 No.851666


your opinion was noted in the prior bread anon

I'm seeing it again here.

I understand your point.

You don't understand how this place functions.

a5d040 No.851667


Very true! I agree to a certain extent - that's what I mean about "strengthening" our laws. Really our entire judicial system.

Common sense language would be nice wouldn't it!

f0f22d No.851668


Proof we are ALL human?

4fa7e2 No.851669

File: 81ea0036e82298c⋯.png (56.92 KB, 256x317, 256:317, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

b3846a No.851670


>what changed?

The Jews promised the paper dollar would have the same value & be redeemable in gold

The very same way they "swear" they only want the second amendment removed while passing laws in other states refusing aid to victims of the hurricanes if they mentioned the kikes true nature.

If (((them))) and inch, they'll take that fucking mile along with the blood of your child for their Passover bread. Fucking gross demons.

e6b184 No.851671

This is making its rounds on tw

Here for your consideration/discernment (it concerns Barbara Bush being daughter of A. Crowley, Prescott Bush Sr., Op. Paperclip, etc.)



02ac8f No.851672


DHS unconstitutional. Disband italong with DEA, ATF, FBI and CIA.


08ea38 No.851673


Quitting your job never looked so good 🤗

c8730d No.851674


I use that for work

c7d539 No.851675


There’s only one race… the Human Race!

aebcc3 No.851676


yup, but they have the children. not all, but enough to not sneeze at it.

989811 No.851677

File: 0079b4e3a481898⋯.png (834.07 KB, 606x856, 303:428, HRCbathroom.png)

77292c No.851678


to run as what? fugitive?

a5d040 No.851679


Okay, you got me there bot!!! lmao!!!

04b609 No.851680


I get the point. Information war + public opinion are VERY different. That's what we are doing.

What we're not doing is building a legal case against anyone. Anons should be dispelled of that illusion if they are carrying it.

Do you understand the difference between trying to change public opinion + get the truth out vs building a LEGAL case against criminals?

099921 No.851681


read the Constitution idiot.

4fa7e2 No.851682




They think they're untouchable.

c7d539 No.851683


Douglas Gabriel

fe3a52 No.851685


working as fast as I can you guys. I know patriots don't sleep, but sheesh.

b3846a No.851686


David Hogg. Want his address and place of work, doxxfag?

Shut the fuck up.

6d0626 No.851687

File: 97994fb61e95b3d⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pumpkinhead2.png)

ffd3ea No.851688

File: 0d69076a22d7a97⋯.jpeg (836.36 KB, 905x2048, 905:2048, 6C7DCC91-59EC-40D9-AB55-D….jpeg)

Needs Server Raid!

http:// fortune.com/2018/03/31/facebook-employees-are-reportedly-deleting-controversial-internal-messages/

02ac8f No.851689


If Congress starts doing its actual job of managing the currency, they will cause much less havoc. ELIMINATE THE FED.

ed3948 No.851690

i never thought about this till now. how many fancy Q tattoos are out there right now? i put it at 45K.

a5d040 No.851691


btw, it's "prove", not "proof".

4fa7e2 No.851692


Exactly what the cartel fears.

S P R E A D!

c002b1 No.851693


This meme should really be part platform for Divide and Conquer/Balkanize is their Only Strength.

Kevin Pig(high) is the New spokes child. He's just a Kid you can't attack him. Same tactic with Ovomit, He's 1/4 Black, 1/4 Arab and HALF-WHITE but if you disagree with him, he's now 110% Black and You're a Racist.

So Tired of this Shit.

aebcc3 No.851694


yea i know what it says you dipstick. I didn't say anything about how it goes, just that I didnt' care if it did. Amend it.

6b7ff1 No.851695

File: 4fab37ed0e3e696⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 720x570, 24:19, 1457207434439.jpg)



02ac8f No.851696


"There can be no racism in patriotism." ` DJT

4fa7e2 No.851697


Destruction. Of. Evidence.

No different than flushing the cocaine.

b77233 No.851698


>What we're not doing is building a legal case against anyone. Anons should be dispelled of that illusion if they are carrying it.

you fail to realize that there are precedents of lawyers getting information & leads from chans and winning legal cases with it

Eric Clanton comes to mind (not sure if name is correct … think bike lock boy)

334926 No.851699

File: 5f65ad3aa89c5a9⋯.png (366.9 KB, 701x283, 701:283, vote-gop.png)

b9e83e No.851700


yes, lawyers are the tools of the evil cabal.

the laws are written to hide, conceal and cheat.

989811 No.851701

File: 72ef662f318e22d⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 1200x820, 60:41, DYdaR7UVQAEYG8b.jpg)

c00893 No.851702

File: e29d4075a52b571⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 500x393, 500:393, 9047b5ee400b6830f2703ce4ee….jpg)

File: 5dfaeedce465590⋯.jpg (610.02 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, HeartOfGold.jpg)

File: 4f588887e675d60⋯.jpg (122.74 KB, 1000x387, 1000:387, veryusefulidiot.jpg)


You got it.

We're shifting the overton window wide enough for Trump to speak about deeper topics.

It's only a matter of time now, this momentum is impossible to stop - especially with a failing infrastructure of control (on the cabals side).

So meme. Meme like you've never meme'd before!

b3846a No.851703


You'd think that would of happened already?

This is basically a virtue signal for tech companies to start erasing servers. I hate this bullshit. Just shoot them already.

c63ec1 No.851704


Watch Psycho-Pass.

Spoiler, but let Akane Tsunumori explain in two segments relative to what you just mentioned:

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=Mmbdg_9hS4M

Humans have always detested evil and sought a means to combat it. The law is the process by which we combat evil. It is a sacred construct bearing our desires for a better world.

Major spoilers:

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=LyQpY6UWs2E

The most condescending and evil thing that can be done is creating a law that is not worthy of being in the above-mentioned sacred place. It forces good men and women to adhere to an arbitrary standard of legal conduct that betrays the ethical goals of society.

529adf No.851705



If /pol/ can make a terrorist facility get bombarded, twice, I'm fairly sure we can build a legal case lol

f48c8f No.851706


Gabriel whatever his name is claims to be retired NSA. But his bio on this site:

http:// www.ourspirit.com/the-gabriels

It states he is a retired superintendent of schools.

Must be a diabolical cover story.


563f3d No.851707

File: 79eaf861bb83fa2⋯.png (430.45 KB, 900x734, 450:367, wile.png)

>>851621 (last bread)

>So what you guys are saying is that you don't want free market capitalism.

You equate my objection to using Amazon with "not wanting" capitalism. That is false.

I object to patronizing a very profitable company that has not paid taxes but uses the USPS to

deliver its goods. I object to its founder and CEO Bezos being heavily involved with the corrupt cabal.

I also object to the slow destruction of middle America and local businesses by big box retailers who get away with huge tax breaks for rich investors while the little guys go out of business. I like capitalism when it's fair and honest for all.

b9e83e No.851708


agree on ending fed

we was sold out

gold and silver standard is a must for FREEDOM

4c6a01 No.851709

File: b6170b281b7b595⋯.jpg (73.82 KB, 750x733, 750:733, x9jjnxxpxdBT2uWnAmn7ne4UuG….jpg)

3a8460 No.851710


What is the non-delegation doctrine and why is it worthless?

ad9b93 No.851711


Go watch the video and report back instead of being a useless twit….

959064 No.851712

>>851568 (Bread #1056)

So, is what you're doing working? Is it changing anybody's mind calling people names?

02ac8f No.851713


Never trust a man with two last names or two first names.

099921 No.851714


if Congress hadn't PURPOSLY tried to kill the Post Office none of your fake mail companies could have competed with it… none of the other companies should even exist.

5affd7 No.851716

File: a72ea27849aa653⋯.png (3.01 MB, 748x5015, 44:295, universal clean up court d….png)

099921 No.851718


i already watched your ignorant video when it was new shill … fake science is fake science … kill yourself.

02ac8f No.851719


No hope for Cal until the voting rolls are purged, illegals are all deported, and big demoncrats are in jail. ARREST MOAR.

989811 No.851721

File: 0e4a0ba2a0e1844⋯.png (135.26 KB, 701x605, 701:605, FBIlinkedToMAssShootings.png)

c7d539 No.851722


The left can’t meme. There’s nothing funny about deceiving people. They’re fucked.

3a8460 No.851723




Thank god for DJT and my fellow patriots

4fa7e2 No.851724

File: cf47c39e046a082⋯.png (343.98 KB, 606x540, 101:90, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


c7d539 No.851725



ad9b93 No.851726


You did? What was the experiment they performed?

aebcc3 No.851727


we don't HAVE free market capitalism. Rarely have we ever had it. It works pretty good, but like an engine without a governor it can stall or rap tight enough to explode. There will always be a need for some regulation. Basically, free markets work well only when people within them are honest, win and lose.

04b609 No.851728



….and it's up to Anons to point out faulty information and why it's faulty.

I envy all Anons who have never had to learn the justice system. This is just so wrong from a legal perspective.

This is the type of material that the lawyers of these pedophiles will use to try to get their clients off without penalty. You're actually hurting Q by peddling the myth that you're involved in a criminal investigation.

You literally could help pedophiles walk if the defense can prove what you're claiming (which isn't true and isn't what Q wants).

Q wants us to change public opinion and redpill people. We have NOTHING to do with the legal side of things. If we did, cases would be thrown out of court and child molesters would walk free.

718942 No.851729


Does anyone else get the feeling this cult stuff is in the news to distract from the bigger cult

c002b1 No.851730


In the Bread?

I prefer the Banna Theory.

Pass the Bleach you Bogat and I'll take a Tide Pod with a side of Comet to go.

989811 No.851731

File: e810668f3a68ec8⋯.png (31.94 KB, 605x426, 605:426, FBIlinkedToMassShootingsCo….png)

334926 No.851732

File: 42f1f59a0358b42⋯.png (1.09 MB, 913x518, 913:518, hoggwash-throne.png)

Meme batter

2f247a No.851733


If you haven't already, you should look at how the Palantir platform works. Its an analyst assisted data mining tool. I believe there are a few analysts reviewing our ideas, not the big picture ones, but the lessor and more idiosyncratic/documentable ones into this type of tool to support a DoJ that likely has prosecutorial resources limited by operational security demands and the shear volume of 1000 or more related criminal investigations.

Q team doesn't need us to find a smoking gun that proves Nazi Ufos or who shot JFK or whatever salacious story the history channel produces. Noticing something small–like a photograph of Bruce Ohr with someone who was working for the Clinton's in Haiti at a conference in 2004. These little things, when plugged into higher quality investigative resources help with parallel construction. Crowdsourcing investigation is not efficient if you have unlimited resources, but if you don't, its a tool in the arsenal.

I look for and post small idiosyncratic but suspicious connections drawn from legitimate public records resources(Real Estate Transactions, PACER and FOIA documents, Foundation Tax Returns, photographs from old conferences regularly. They don't usually get much attention because they are related to B tier players. We all want to understand how the big names fit into the big picture, finding a former technology director for DHS who attended multiple conferences with Bruce Ohr who has no apparent current job buying a 3 million dollar second home isn't something that will go viral, but to someone who has a list of names, it might be helpful.

I will never know if I individually made a difference, but I'm certain, that collectively, we have turned up a few things that will move the needle.

Every anon can research what they think is most valuable or are interested in. Its one of the beautiful things about the chans.

a5d040 No.851734

File: d23898431434a31⋯.png (218.91 KB, 415x581, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)

God Bless our Marines!!!

02ac8f No.851735


He'll run like David Janssen maybe.

abb20a No.851736

Last day of March Madness.

Need some hope. It is getting tough for me, patriots.

6f3973 No.851737

File: f3a6f2cad014bdd⋯.png (710.42 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, sun.png)

5eeb3e No.851738

Have we ever come to decide on the time difference between Q posts and current happenings? I have seen both 153 and 111 days mentioned.

Tomorrow (April 1) will be 153 from 10/30/17, the day Q said HRC would be arrested. The date is also mentioned with Mockingbird in a subsequent post.

07f91c No.851739


About as funny as Saturday morning cartoons! Enjoy the show.

529adf No.851740


Or an introduction?

Gotta prepare the normies

People need to chill with "everything is a distraction"

Analyze all angles of perspective

334926 No.851741

File: aeeee45e7645692⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1113x590, 1113:590, obozo-puxxy-grab.png)

b9e83e No.851742



9f6276 No.851743

>>850877 prev

> We need congress to actually do their job and . . .

And herein lies the problem. Could you even calculate how many hundred years it has been since we had a Congress that produced effective policy.

I agree, you are absolutely correct, but in order to accomplish that task, you need to replace the current Government with one like the Foundering Fathers intended, and not the one we have now (which bears NO semblance to that intent).

4c6a01 No.851744

File: 228e5f64a9c9475⋯.png (751.85 KB, 1024x422, 512:211, FHZ4aNuYNL3woD0NcL5h6q115i….png)

Exodus 8:2

Then the LORD said to Moses, "Go to Pharaoh and say to him, 'Thus says the LORD, "Let My people go, that they may serve Me. 2"But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite your whole territory with frogs.

5d6203 No.851745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a utility that goes back to Colonial times.

Just like a militia or army.

If you call Post Office "socialism" then Military is too.

Also what about the "Bridge" The so-called government has become a private entity. That's why Hillary HRC Clinton took it as her own property and felt she could just steal as much as she wanted - since it was hers.

George Webb , explains the bridge between public and private, between Q and M street [The bridge actually exists physically in Washington City ["D.C."] ]

It's also about "Pay to Play" - The government gives Amazon the break. Do you think there might be a kick-back involved?

099921 No.851746


they shined a laser across tiny bodies of water in a faild attempt to disprove gravity.

you see, if it wasn't fake science i would be able to listen to FM radio staions from around the world , and i would be able to see England from New York.

02ac8f No.851747


Yeah, that will work. lol

718942 No.851748


It's what they do. It's the magicians basic trick. Show the crowd something shiny while sleight of hand is done. Everytime something big is in the news it's to distract from something else. Been watching it for years

563f3d No.851749

File: d2cce5dcee1fbc6⋯.png (223.53 KB, 508x358, 254:179, argument.png)

9df6d2 No.851750



>March Madness is over with Omnibus Bill…

>Now its the time for Apocalyptic April!!!!

b3846a No.851751



Pffft. She was in Mexico WITH Keith. Why not arrest her there?! Are we seriously giving banksters, rapists, and pedos a chance to run?!


I really do. And it's a way of signaling those cults to start running and/or destroy evidence. Hence the Getty Museum that had fires in LA. There was a dungeon of some kind for thousands of kids. I don't know why this operation isn't more secretive so faggots can just be double tapped if it means saving the life of these victims. The MSM is helping (((them))) do damage control. So many sheeple commenting saying I had no idea and all that bullshit while wearing MKUltra chokers and cheetah prints. I don't fucking get it.

77992c No.851752

File: dfcd1b0c151d2eb⋯.png (327.88 KB, 1918x952, 137:68, Screenshot-2018-3-31 ADS-B….png)

File: 4f6201fee7d9231⋯.png (365.68 KB, 1918x952, 137:68, Screenshot-2018-3-31 ADS-B….png)

File: 35b8880e8810ba7⋯.png (459.43 KB, 1917x952, 1917:952, Screenshot-2018-3-31 ADS-B….png)

Noticed some interesting patterns being flown by a pair of P-3s off the CA coast. Working together.

And another by an MC-12 in TX.

c002b1 No.851753


I don't like this attacking fellow researchers.

He's got some good points and People that have put a lot of research out there get a little jealous of Q.

But when the smoke clears all is good.

aebcc3 No.851754


clear back in 1895 they tried to kill it?

Wells Fargo was carrying mail in stage coaches. Doing the P.O. job for them back then even.

6b7ff1 No.851755

File: 0c57cc088716ef6⋯.gif (451.08 KB, 200x161, 200:161, 200px-Jezebal_shit4.gif)



its actually pretty smart

529adf No.851756


Yes, I'm aware, but it's not because it's usually a distraction that it is 100% of the time

Times are changing and the rules of the game are in constant evolution

What was true for 20 years, might not be now

5d6203 No.851758

File: c63fcb0c2dfdcd3⋯.jpg (38.26 KB, 331x347, 331:347, ppoliceviolence.jpg)


So-called Leftist meme.

But really, why would a true leftist want to give their guns to the government?

The psy-op is failing.

Hellow HOGGS

0a1bf5 No.851759

from last bread



<Oh well, some of these FE people have bees sucked so far down the Rabbit hole they can't get back out.

But, that WAS the Clown Experiment and ALL Flat Heads Failed the Test.

I waisted 3 days exploring this and it is a Real Mind Fuck and well Executed by the Clowns.

I passed the Test. Some lost their minds Forever.>

anon can you please explain how you passed this test - how did you debunk it

099921 No.851760


now you get filtered… enjoy your ignorance.

ad9b93 No.851761


Just as I thought you did not watch the video….because if you had you would know that there were a total of seven experiments performed around the globe and not just "one" experiment performed with a laser across the water.

04b609 No.851762


KEK! I'm going to go out on a limb and say Q knows more than you. You could have a million people researching for a million hours and Q would still know more than you.

You're not researching to help Q build legal cases. You're just not.

02ac8f No.851763


Waldorf Schools are complete libtard fuckery. Eejits.

ceb7f6 No.851764

File: bcdc94a1a882314⋯.jpg (324.78 KB, 1947x894, 649:298, gifts.jpg)

"Sold to the cult" I think that's what this means. This is me, my friend and my nephew each wearing a gold belt and white - with our hand out asked to take the pic by a relative who wanted to be photographed with us… oh those karate lesson's weren't the gift we thought eh? And it's not a belt but a bow… a gift….

Gift wrapped….. I think - hmm….. gold and white are their colors after all…. and so I looked through many photo albums and realized that I'm wearing stripes in virtually every picture I have with family and so are certain other people in my family and in their old photos they are wearing the same thing I am at the age that they get the photo taken. That includes the girls….. and so I think it's worth sharing this to see if anyone else recognizes this pattern.

I have some relatives who are well off and some who have went through shit their whole lives. The ones "not in on it" - and it appears this is a clue I present with also the context of a tiny part of a psych profile they did of me one time…. just how fucked up I was even at 9 and well it only took a few more years of daily beatings to get me to suicidal and it's a long horrible tale that I think has finally ended. Thank you Q. I understand my life and I think what I've found may very well be where Q is going to end up in a few more months.

fbe23e No.851765

"Outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent has slammed Parkland's teenage school shooting survivors-turned-gun control activists, claiming there is "irrefutable" evidence that "they have no soul."

"The level of ignorance goes beyond stupidity," Nugent said. "Again, the National Rifle Association are a bunch of American families who have a voice to stand up for our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. We have no blood on our hands. No NRA member have ever been involved in any mass shootings at all, in fact the National Rifle Association is the lone organization that has taught firearm safety in schools, and for law enforcement, and for military, and for children's organizations and family organizations around the country for 100 years. So once again, this poor pathetic individual [Emma Gonzalez] is a liar."


099921 No.851766


yes, fake science is fake no matter howmany times you do it.

4c6a01 No.851767


Waldorf Salads are complete gastronomical deliciousness

0a1bf5 No.851768


it will be

keep digging and sharing

Q started it

c7d539 No.851769

File: 648dd7cc9205b97⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1027, 1242:1027, A1C5E5D7-4873-4125-85DF-4….jpeg)

File: 3ab75439107b348⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1461, 414:487, 75F286D7-95C3-4758-9F76-E….jpeg)

File: cedf9bcaa36829a⋯.jpeg (1010.43 KB, 1242x938, 621:469, 438A5B88-B4BF-4D07-A6AE-A….jpeg)

File: c890e563ea69e2f⋯.jpeg (590.14 KB, 1242x863, 1242:863, 9EBCFDFD-F15A-48AA-8087-E….jpeg)


So tired of this shit>>851686

060b33 No.851770

Hey anons, i could really use the help of a cpaanon here… Zuckerberg's recent stock moves have been to move about 100K class B shares from his holdings under a trust to class A shares held by his Chan Zuckerberg Institute (CZI Holdings LLC). He then sells all of the class A shares. There is no $ amount filed with the B to A transfer. Is this straight transfer legal?

Also, should we set up another thread for in-depth discussions of insider divestitures?

ad9b93 No.851771


You are BUSTED clown kick rocks….

4fa7e2 No.851772


They want to flip her.

02ac8f No.851773


The doctrine of nondelegation is the theory that one branch of government must not authorize another entity to exercise the power or function which it is constitutionally authorized to exercise itself.

Not worthless, it's just routinely ignored by Congress, partly y Congresspeople gotta go!

718942 No.851774

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 608.jpg)


you need this

099921 No.851775


kill yourself

4fa7e2 No.851776

File: 4dfd6c15a68f882⋯.png (100.52 KB, 620x417, 620:417, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


f1839a No.851777

File: bd55dc72d17e6c5⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 696x455, 696:455, leadq-696x455.jpg)

VigCit wrote an article about the phenom!

Expect more visitors!

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/an-objective-analysis-of-the-qanon-phenomenon/

46e41a No.851778

File: e9d66b529620265⋯.png (405.42 KB, 656x655, 656:655, ClipboardImage.png)

[P]rince Salman

http:// www.arabnews.com/node/1276676/saudi-arabia

718942 No.851779

File: 56ae66c51c08b9f⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 600x340, 30:17, 15823409_1159254674192849_….jpg)

02ac8f No.851780


Fuck the demoncrats. Root them out and destroy them in every dark corner of our country. Asshole traitor commies.

c8730d No.851781


CA planes looking for subs? Watch the water?

ad9b93 No.851782


The shills are butt hurt they've been disproven KEk

0eb50b No.851783


It is not about religion or ethnicity you stupid moron.



02ac8f No.851784


David Brock

482c5b No.851785


Digs Confirm!!

6b7ff1 No.851786

File: 8b61e5a8e6f99e3⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 233x300, 233:300, IMG_20180224_005634.jpg)


build a wall

ad9b93 No.851787


Isn't God great :)

6f3973 No.851788

File: b15dae4b762ca18⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1290x1155, 86:77, Screenshot 2018-03-31 11.4….png)


Sorry if this has been posted already

https:// nypost.com/2018/03/29/smallvilles-kristin-kreuk-breaks-silence-on-sex-cult-involvement/

Actress Kristin Kreuk broke her silence Thursday about her participation in “Nxivm,” the creepy self-help group, pronounced “Nexium,” whose leader has been charged with running a sex-slave cult in upstate New York.

Kreuk and fellow CW series “Smallville” star Allison Mack started with the program back in late 2005 and early 2006, and their celebrity status was used by cult leader Keith Raniere to attract members.

But while Mack stayed with the program as it got weirder and more abusive — and was reportedly with Raniere when he was arrested at his Mexican hideaway this week — Kreuk denies she ever recruited anyone, and says she got out before she saw anything “illegal or nefarious,” she tweeted Thursday night.

“I left about five years ago,” she tweeted, “and had minimal contact with those who were still involved.”

Still, she remains “horrified and disgusted” by what the group became, she wrote.


Alleged sex-cult leader used 'Smallville' stars to recruit women: witness

Alleged sex-cult leader used 'Smallville' stars to recruit women: witness

“Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share your stories and expose DOS,” she wrote, referring to the name of the all-women Nxivm “sorority” where in more recent years, the feds say, women would be extorted into having sex with Raniere and forcibly branded with his and Mack’s initials.

“I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you,” she wrote.

“I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM,” she wrote.

“I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”

0a1bf5 No.851789


where did the post say anything about BUILDING A CASE (SHOUT)

it was a nice summary well written and not controversial

c00893 No.851790

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is an amazingly well done video.

It's a huge collection of side-by-side posts.

Highly recommend it as a red-pill once the initial icebreak has been done - As further undeniable evidence there are white hats all working in unison against the cabal.

a51b3d No.851791

I see that people are still giving (yous) to the flat earthers. I have not yet decided if they are stupid

or complicit with the slide. In any case, real anons would just ignore the FlatShills, so if you're engaging

them, you should probably either stop or go back to plebbit where you belong.

02ac8f No.851792


Yes. Disband it.

989811 No.851793

File: 3be9cfe63ae44f3⋯.jpg (238.6 KB, 700x897, 700:897, 3be9cfe63ae44f32fd30c0d283….jpg)

d92fbc No.851794

File: e36b4296da3c99f⋯.png (446.12 KB, 950x872, 475:436, TrumpCivilWar.png)

File: 1122105cfe1df28⋯.png (305.16 KB, 948x797, 948:797, TrumpCivilWar1.png)

File: 907821ec922601f⋯.png (607.11 KB, 947x873, 947:873, TrumpCivilWar2.png)

File: 89936c79654d191⋯.png (509.33 KB, 949x856, 949:856, TrumpCivilWar3.png)

File: 19951d1c75f6cad⋯.png (800.41 KB, 1000x876, 250:219, TrumpCivilWar4.png)

0a1bf5 No.851795


paid agitators same as here only worse

regular arabs that live in israel and west bank would welcome peace

been there and saw it myself

099921 No.851796


not really … or you would be struck down where you sit.

4c6a01 No.851797


Roughly translated from Hebrew it means fallacious cock sucker

411c65 No.851798


Too late. Q: "WE HAVE IT ALL"

6b7ff1 No.851799

File: 80560079a2b6b7a⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 465x200, 93:40, 80560079a2b6b7ae045786e196….gif)


they really do keep eachother with fear

must be horror in the cabal ranks

2f247a No.851800


I left out an important point–the hypothetic B-Tier former DHS Border technology director with the 3 million dollar house–there is a good chance there is a logical reason for having a lot of cash. A lucky stock pick or inheritance or divorce settlement. I can't run that down, but someone else can and it would only take a few minutes to do with better resources(especially IRS data, God could you imagine what we could turn up if we had all of the personal tax returns of these people and the returns and K1s from all of their partnerships, family members, corps etc). If the data point is indeed highly suspect, it might be something that gets forwarded on for further investigation.

6f3973 No.851801

File: ee86dcc8ce4e742⋯.png (748.48 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, sun2.png)

529adf No.851802


Did I ever claim to know more than Q??? What the hell are you on about man. You seem to be the one on a high horse.

6b7ff1 No.851803

File: 6054aed30550e11⋯.png (44.65 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 6054aed30550e1140c37cea479….png)


*Keep eachother in check

43577c No.851804


There are 2 Thomas Paine's

3 actually

One was a revolutionary patriot

One is a LARP ( Gabriel)

The other is who Q referenced and writes for @Truepundit.com and is an ex-fed Patriot

cdcc33 No.851805




5d6203 No.851806

File: b48667bea9ed5f0⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 331x503, 331:503, 36343.jpg)


I remember the answer now.

I asked my leftist activist friend

"What do they say when you point that out?

[The claim Trump is Hitler, but want to give him their guns]

[I think they didn't plan to lose, so the script they planned to use no longer works kek]

My friend answered "Oh they say they will take the guns [from the police?] when that happens.

How much do you want to bet these domestic terrorists, brought in by Obama, HRC and Bush have their own stashed cache of guns to use one everyone else is disarmed?

What do you think all the smuggling they did with the blackberries is all about?

More came out yesterday about how Obama requisitioned special blackberry phones. I lost track of the info for now. Too tired.

77992c No.851807

File: 9a303efa7c6832f⋯.jpg (147.15 KB, 820x622, 410:311, Pentagon.jpg)

Any autists feel like helping out in the 666 Fifth Avenue dig?

An anon suggested that 666 might be at the center of a pentagon or pentagram. There seem to be some private clubs that fit. I couldn't help noticing that Trump Tower and Rothschild North America are about equidistant from 666 5th. As is the Diamond District. And BlackRock Plaza, with Chinese, GoldmanSachs and "royal family" real estate links.

Could use some weaponized autism over there.

02ac8f No.851808


Every legal case has law, facts and analyses of the two together. That's the DOJ's job. I feel that this board is more about the dissemination of information.

b9e83e No.851809

now thats funny

ad9b93 No.851810


Sorry your round earth theory unraveled on this holy of holiest weekends :)

cebbc2 No.851811

File: a150219fcfdb075⋯.png (2.41 MB, 748x5015, 44:295, IMG_1541.PNG)


Attention on deck

Read page two, and help find the list of Jan 22 names

7b1697 No.851812

putting out a thought i just had….in the ohio speech, could he have been sending us a message, and maybe those people that were getting away with it, that all of that bs is over, with the, idk, whatever criminality is going on with all these "bridge" contracts and so forth, we keep reading about…..not sure what i'm talking about, but just a thought.

4fa7e2 No.851813


Isn't it great!

a51b3d No.851814


Have you forgotten that MbS is the man who cut off the source of funds to start the take down? He

is not a black hat, by any means. His country does need funds from sources other than oil, so

why not approach a (so far) unindicted business man? There is so far no proof that

Amazon has done any more than profit from Postal benefits and unpaid taxes. That does not

make them any more criminal than the others who have used the government to benefit


b9e83e No.851815


no thats funny

4fa7e2 No.851816


She'll make a good witness, even if she changes her story.

a51b3d No.851817


Q said it is not about party. Read Qanonposts again.

92977a No.851818


This. We are an open source semi retarded super computer and every anon is a node in this distributed computing grid.

But the power of us is that we aren't here for money, recognition, power, our job .. we anons are here 24 hours a day, spanning the globe, if it happens on a public platform we know and it is assimilated and absorbed into the hive mind. Im sure we are wrong alot of the time and I bet there are times Q team are thinking wtf are we doing.

But think of them and their media manipulation, their twitter graphs, the manipultion of concensus, steering of narrative. How easy are we, the chans, to sway compared to other media?

>I will never know if I individually made a difference, but I'm certain, that collectively, we have turned up a few things that will move the needle.

Even if we make a 0.01% difference in this we should rightly be proud of ourselves. No one soldier wins a war. Q team + POTUS + MIL + Allies have done all of the heavy lifting, if we are simply a tool for the success of this then so be it.

02ac8f No.851819


The more it's on muh tv, the more muh normies will accept and believe. Without muh tv, normies will never believe anything.

4c6a01 No.851820


I wonder if MbS is meeting with all these people because Saudi Arabia now owns a lot of their stock?

0a1bf5 No.851821


you can listen to radios stations from all over on short wave

i watched the video - it was far from satisfactory but still poses unanswered questions

9abd27 No.851823

https:// www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/03/08/2018-04860/2018-amendments-to-the-manual-for-courts-martial-united-states

(Holy shit, the annex is 400+ pages!)

Read the new language and changes that Executive Order 13825 does to the Military Justice Act and to the Manual for Court Martials, not to mention the 114th Congress Public Law 114-328. It undoes (again) the softening up that Obama did to those laws. Obama, in essence made many of the court protocols "defendant friendly" even in the most egregious of instances .

Especially distinct were the shifts and amendments in relation to courtroom and defendant protocol before, during, and after being taken into custody by the Military, for sex crimes. Also noted were big adjustments in how sensitive evidence in sexually explicit court-matters is to be handled, presented, sealed, etc., and a lot of mentioning of new protocol for in camera evaluations of sensitive evidence, and in the questioning of defendants. Mentions of relaxing strict rules and attitudes dealing with the immunization of defense witnesses was also noticed.

Sometimes a one word change or redaction in a specific sentence in a statute , creates a huge shift in meaning that will seal a loophole, and the fate of anyone accused.

And another thing that people don't realize, is that when Trump declared a state of emergency (in a Dec. 21st signing of an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption), he created the means for the Federal Gov't to exert it's right to hold military trials, for basically ANY citizen of the US accused of crimes like these……whether they are in the military or not.

>R.C.M. 704(c)

>amendments to procedures for granting immunity

Holy fuck. He's expanding grants for immunity. Read the changes to 704(e): decision to grant immunity, very specifically:

>R.C.M. 704(e)(2)

>The Government has engaged in discriminatory use of immunity to gain a tactical advantage, or the Government, through its own overreaching, has forced the witness to invoke the privilege against self-incrimination

0a1bf5 No.851824


no it isnt

b77233 No.851827


dear anon, your point is understood, and you are largely correct in that most of the information gathered here will not be used in any prosecution.

What you obviously fail to realize as you posit the omniscient nature of Q is that Q's resources to investigate is limited.

The added investigation done here cannot hurt.

So stop with trying to discourage anons from doing what anons do.

Find some way to contribute other than as an irritant.

People who think the individual is powerless have never tried to sleep in a room with a mosquito

02ac8f No.851828


The banana theory is tastier and also provides more nutrients.

482c5b No.851829


Already it's time that The Middle east is westernized. The Islam is a cancer and the complete Marxism.

8aa80b No.851830

File: 667eb22be31ad60⋯.png (106.63 KB, 312x405, 104:135, Afooli.PNG)


Right. This one keeps popping up. I don't follow this one.

77292c No.851831


Say whaaaat? o0

HUGE if real!

959064 No.851832


butterfly effect.

b9e83e No.851833


i really didn't care what the shape of it was.

i just cared about why they was lying.

to hide God and to steal money!

00579f No.851834

File: 129bcb23f148d45⋯.png (238.96 KB, 611x457, 611:457, Screenshot 2018-03-30 at 1….png)




haha saw this on TWATTER

6f3973 No.851835


The P3s are probably dong routine sonar sweeps or training, They're always out there around the "shelf" as the sub guys call it. The jaggies in the flight patterns are usually changes in altitude.

02ac8f No.851836


Ya think?

ad9b93 No.851837

04b609 No.851838


Prosecutors have to show a chain of evidence. This is to ensure that the constitution is followed. Parallel construction is information laundering and is illegal. You can't just pull evidence out of your ass. You have to show what led you to obtain that evidence.

Q + Trump are too ethical to engage in such practices in cases so important. They don't need to anyways.

You think Q is going to have a prosecutor declare in a court of law (for public ears) that his investigation was fueled by this board? KEK. The defense would have a field day with that.

I thought people knew why they were researching.

Q knows more than you will ever know about every case in which he's interested. They're 5 steps ahead of the cabal, but looking for Anon legal assistance? KEK. These cases were wrapped up before Q started posting.

3a8460 No.851839


It's actually SCOTUS that repeatedly shits on it.

b9e83e No.851840


and to prepare us for the fake alien invasion

099921 No.851841

File: d9e0b9fd46830d1⋯.png (221.61 KB, 490x311, 490:311, Screenshot-2018-2-11 Meme ….png)


I made this meme just for retards like you, You see if we were actually a hidden board with out a constant influx if ignorant newfags , then your method would work great. BUT instead your method allows the shills to target newfags and completely negate the ppositie effects of this board … wake the fuck up.

affe48 No.851842

File: 707c1c6fc03e4bb⋯.png (717.66 KB, 820x622, 410:311, kikish-4-sure.png)

d788cb No.851843


training pattern?

c7d539 No.851844


Doxxfag? I’m figuring out who I can and can not trust. Quit being a lecturefag cus your shillstiffy is showing thru ur pants.

563f3d No.851845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yes it is

02ac8f No.851846


Bruce Ohr is a fake name.

His real name is Sum Ting Wong.

6b7ff1 No.851847


w.what is this, anonsama?

9f6276 No.851848

File: e62e6b51204f3c5⋯.jpg (171.81 KB, 881x499, 881:499, d hogg ph1.jpg)

File: b5fca980d60c9a5⋯.jpg (173.75 KB, 881x499, 881:499, d hogg ph2.jpg)

File: ff48811970f4a2d⋯.jpg (179.54 KB, 881x499, 881:499, d hogg ph3.jpg)

File: 1294e7c9989affb⋯.jpg (184.45 KB, 881x499, 881:499, d hogg ph4.jpg)

ed3948 No.851851

Q posts in "not exact words but perfect context".

slaves, models

human traficking\





you are watching a movie

everything has meaning


stay together


(has Q said the word LOVE ever?)




4fa7e2 No.851852

File: 8b4c256e9e0ab3d⋯.png (74.15 KB, 610x317, 610:317, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


2f247a No.851853


Didn't Grassley already write them a letter instructing them to preserve all records related to election issues? All means all soyboys! There are only 2 genders in prison. Better hurry up and go get snipped if you want to be with the ladies.

02ac8f No.851854


So did most of Sun's army.

0a1bf5 No.851855


it is no more photoshopped than the one from nasa

b77233 No.851856


>more about the dissemination of information.

you have to find it first & discern it's veracity and relevance.

this place is to do both

the actual bulk of the dissemination is best done elsewhere

099921 No.851857

File: 24766303dc41c14⋯.png (14.94 KB, 325x380, 65:76, Screenshot-2018-3-6 Kill y….png)

d99929 No.851858

File: 4192413109281a3⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1978x1702, 43:37, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

The sky today. Fucking Beautiful.

As God intended it to be.

529adf No.851859


all you do is bash anons by saying "they know more" than Q whilst they have not done so

You're either glowing or unhelpful and want to shutdown discussion

got nothing pertinent to add, STFU

regardless, filtered and have a nice day

4c6a01 No.851860

File: f2216b1e9c9bc36⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 623x469, 89:67, tvTc3sADQ2-XOlwaz86y2a_F0j….jpg)

0a1bf5 No.851861

File: 0470cea4fed6d35⋯.png (53.2 KB, 450x270, 5:3, gnomicprojection.png)

File: a8f891eac882f90⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 303x166, 303:166, gps.jpg)

File: 40b37194f5ad7a0⋯.png (8.5 KB, 768x480, 8:5, gpsexperiment.png)

OK anons lets DEBUNK these FE fags once and for all - i have conceived an experiment which any skilled plane, math, science or computer fag can conduct from their PC. (I, myself, cannot)

Here it is:

Step 1. Pick a GPS coordinate that corresponds to any precise fixed point at sea level.

Step 2. Pick a second GPS coordinate that corresponds to any precise fixed point at sea level 1000 miles away from the point in Step 1.

Step 3. Measure the exact distance between the points from Steps one and two - that is our Bottom Line.

Step 4. Calculate the GPS coordinate that corresponds to a precise fixed point 1000 feet above and at a 90 degree angle from the fixed point obtained in Step 1.

Step 5. Calculate the GPS coordinate that corresponds to a precise fixed point 1000 feet above and at a 90 degree angle from the fixed point obtained in Step 2.

Step 6. Measure the exact distance between the points from Steps four and five - that is our Top Line.

Step 7. Compare the measurements obtained on Steps 3 and 6. If the earth is curved these will be different (6 larger). If the earth is flat these will be the same.

Step 8. POST all your measurements and calculations so all anons can verify and repeat the process - once fully vetted by the anon scientific method the results will indeed be NOTABLE! No more back and forth and wasted bread.

Any takers?

b9e83e No.851862


omg im an air head today, lmao

i just got it, thats nasty

my first, lol

482c5b No.851863


but the EU also have his own HARRP.

d92fbc No.851864

File: b9894306b619e04⋯.jpg (95.14 KB, 538x499, 538:499, Homosexualities.jpg)

Don't let (((them))) divide us from the fanatical marxist leftists guys! We need to unite with the Dems! GTFOH

9072e5 No.851865

File: 7b702ee063215aa⋯.jpg (59.2 KB, 888x499, 888:499, laimmeme.jpg)

9f6276 No.851866


>Better hurry up and get snipped . . .


ed3948 No.851867


^^^^^^^^^^ speaking of "perfect context" … no i did not try to do that BOOM.

ad9b93 No.851868


Why so you and the rest of the cabal can go on lying to the masses in order to make a buck $$$ we're done being slaves to your lies!!!

04b609 No.851869


I'm not trying to be an irritant (really). I'm trying to get Anons to see their real value and purpose. It has nothing to do with building case.

I'll try Socratic method.

Why are you researching?

Why is Q having you look up answers that he knows?

Why doesn't he just tell you the answers + instruct you to redpill people?

There is a reason.

Remember, your research has nothing to do with helping Q build cases. Nothing.

92977a No.851870


Missed alot of confirmations … but thats OK

Also the comments ..

b9e83e No.851871


i wish they would stop spraying here anon

i pray it stops everywhere, they are killing everything with this shit!

0eb50b No.851872



Try again

9072e5 No.851873


Normie news coz muh tv star. For normies, nothing is real until it's on muh tv.

2370b8 No.851874

File: 610666947ef2638⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 480x312, 20:13, 1513526875641.jpg)


what have we here?

f1839a No.851875


The SeaBees are based there in Pt Hueneme

a51b3d No.851876


Good point. "You aren't dealing with Alwalal now. You're dealing with me."

9072e5 No.851877


He's attacked the board repeatedly and is a useless glowfag clown nigger shill.

06a315 No.851878

File: 054ba9c7b429eb9⋯.png (153.88 KB, 767x631, 767:631, 1.png)

174d1d No.851879


Well said.

411c65 No.851880

File: ebc789fc6191abe⋯.jpg (153.82 KB, 720x428, 180:107, military.jpg)

File: e766ff3d78b2940⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 300x206, 150:103, FilmGroundTruthStill.jpg)


Indeed. Here's to all the Patriots here and abroad who are currently putting themselves in harm's way in the name of MAGA. While many of us will be enjoying the Easter holiday with our family, many of them are confronting the enemies with pictures of their families in their pockets. Some of them will not come home to see those families.

Thank you, Patriots - the ones we have, and the ones we've lost. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

4fa7e2 No.851881

File: 57e5d31b268a3da⋯.png (691.29 KB, 839x687, 839:687, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

099921 No.851882


yes … shortwave frequencies reflect off of the ionoSPHERE that's why I specified FM 96-108 Mhz does not reflect off of the ionoSPHERE, it passes through .

ffb5fe No.851883

My Fellow Patriots:

When this war is over, many of you will receive medals of valor for your bravery and outstanding perseverance. Your names will be added to the "Warriors of Freedom Wall."

Others here will not be so pleased, based on their treatment of fellow warriors, with their names on the "Wall of Shame."

"We have it all" _ and by All _ We mean_ALL.

Stick together. Where we go one, we go ALL.

9072e5 No.851885


He thought he was going to destroy the board, but I decided to destroy him by myself.

These assholes need to be eliminated period

bcae45 No.851886



4c6a01 No.851887


This would make some sense about the meetings, not that he is looking to invest but he is already highly invested.

6f38c1 No.851888

It seems that we will gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate, and that our independence from the rest of God's creation is the way in which salvation is obtained. Yet all we find is sickness, suffering and loss and death. This is not what our Father wills for us, nor is there any second to His Will. To join with His is but to find our own. And since our will is His, it is to Him that we must go to recognize our will.

a93dc5 No.851889


9072e5 No.851891


Commerce is supposed to be free per the Constitution, which includes delivery of items. Duh!

c002b1 No.851893


Heavy Research and a little faith in scientists.

Too much for here but this Topic is not New and Many Experts have responded to "how can we going 1000mph that way? How come a plane..if I jump up why don't I travel a few yards…all related to FET.

I fully understand. Research not lurking y tube theories.

Take it or leave it.

989811 No.851894

File: 3efddfd556eca77⋯.png (485.61 KB, 589x435, 589:435, FBI_WTC_HomeLandSecurity_R….png)

b77233 No.851895

BAKER gathering ingredients

suggestions for Notables section?

suggestion for next bread title?

b9e83e No.851896


me thinks Q is kim

411c65 No.851897

File: 3468d4572a7b9e4⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 500x234, 250:117, peppals.jpg)



099921 No.851898

File: 0c3eafb6e612844⋯.jpeg (33.6 KB, 474x379, 474:379, kys.jpeg)

0a1bf5 No.851899


so how is that different on a flat surface vs a globe?

fm would still have limited range if it ascends the passes through

2370b8 No.851900

File: 9e7f5e5fbe0e100⋯.gif (826 B, 120x160, 3:4, behind the post.gif)

989811 No.851901

File: 7062b1deb537a92⋯.png (355.3 KB, 546x405, 182:135, Sheep_Patriot_Ron_Paul_Gra….png)

3b969c No.851902


Opinion ..

The "bat boy" National Enquirer wishes it could be The Sun on its sillious day.

c00893 No.851903

File: ecc3e8881236f2f⋯.png (675.73 KB, 720x553, 720:553, 4e26c563dfffd2d6cfe338f8e4….png)


You're an idiot, and seem to be oblivious to their purpose here.

They're herpes, trying to infect everything they touch with their asinine cult belief.

0eb50b No.851905


The burden of proof is on the person making the positive claim you ignoramus.

"Prove me wrong"?

No, prove yourself right asshole.

563f3d No.851906



never trust a fucking anthroposophist either

ffd3ea No.851907

File: a9191bcbb6f9ec6⋯.png (9.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E1B32069-C717-4E86-A544-53….png)

File: 4eb694522cbf911⋯.jpeg (471.64 KB, 994x1198, 497:599, B9D7A244-24C8-4A26-9245-8….jpeg)


https:// www.thedailybeast.com/roseanne-keeps-promoting-qanon-the-pro-trump-conspiracy-theory-that-makes-pizzagate-look-tame

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5564201/Trump-freed-children-held-bondage-pimps-Roseanne-posts-bizarre-message.html

989811 No.851909

File: fdc475ce5672eb4⋯.png (458.88 KB, 661x483, 661:483, glorify_Crotch_Grabbing_Te….png)

440f62 No.851910

File: 5b3b7f25df3ec7a⋯.png (15.35 KB, 200x300, 2:3, filtered.png)

>>>ID: a93dc5 No.851889


6b7ff1 No.851911


so many time markers ..

this is just the beginning

482c5b No.851912


Hmmm., it's real?

0a1bf5 No.851913


plus how do know its bouncing off an atmoSPHERE and not a DOME?

563f3d No.851914


that gotta be him again, shilling

2fd00b No.851915


Dude Q is definitely a LARP

No one here can disprove that claim

But instead of trying to provide proof, which SHOULD be EASY, they'll just mock you

6b7ff1 No.851916

529adf No.851917


>Every heart is filled with light

>But to find the light you must first venture through darkness

>The darkness that is within each of us

>Sometimes you have to close your eyes

>To see the light within the darkness

>Because without light there would be only darkness

46e41a No.851918

File: b0fb21dad8d8182⋯.jpg (220.89 KB, 961x730, 961:730, Bezos.jpg)

174d1d No.851919


"These people are stupid"

9072e5 No.851920


There's a SCOTUS case that states the police have NO duty to protect and serve the People, and the real duty of the police is to enforce the revenue code AGAINST the People. That's why the Coward County Sheriff will have no liability for the Parkland failure, they had no duty to protect.


b2fe2c No.851921

File: 38af29a7af36193⋯.jpg (139.63 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMG_0050.JPG)

all those clues in plain sight

0eb50b No.851922


You can't prove Q is a LARP because you know Q has already been proved legit.

Instead of proving proof, you losers cite clown operations like AIM

c7d539 No.851923


Dark blue skies… rarity these days.

a93dc5 No.851924



2f247a No.851925

File: 280290b0bc4e25b⋯.png (120.46 KB, 1078x346, 539:173, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: 35f8e9d719ed65f⋯.png (69.18 KB, 1040x164, 260:41, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


Following up with anonymous tips is a standard investigating practice. The FBI has a web form for it. Obviously, this is not the only way the FBI can receive "anonymous" information.

We literally call ourselves anon!

b3846a No.851926


She's fucking crazy, anon. I've met her several times and always knew she was a bit off. She has blogs mentioning she loves the idea of getting caught. Like a psychopath, fam. She's not going to flip. They should have grabbed the other Smallville bitch who brought Allison Mack into the cult.

989811 No.851927

File: 9cda746abe2aace⋯.png (143.59 KB, 289x394, 289:394, Beverly_Eckert_has_questio….png)


Homeland Security and the TSA

1 Trillion dollar Slush fund

9072e5 No.851929

File: 1534ea11f57ab4a⋯.jpg (43.41 KB, 424x609, 424:609, bergson.jpg)

b9e83e No.851930


its beautiful

i hate the spray

like beez in a trap beez in a trap

d0904c No.851932

File: 42997208709af92⋯.png (220.1 KB, 457x455, 457:455, Q.png)


Trips, anon. Well done.

I made a badge out of it. It's suitable for using on social media platforms and dropping into memes. God bless!

2370b8 No.851933

File: 7d33b3ae14921b6⋯.png (13.44 KB, 559x527, 559:527, jew key.png)

563f3d No.851934

File: 787bc698cb8d5be⋯.png (549.09 KB, 650x488, 325:244, bunnybanana.png)

099921 No.851936


the term is line of sight, VHF (which the FM band is a part of) range is limited by the horizion, if there was no horizion then i would be abe to recieve VHF from all over the World.

0eb50b No.851937



9072e5 No.851938

82d498 No.851939

File: ab031d0f5129e90⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 625x352, 625:352, ab031d0f5129e90b892fb65e7c….jpg)











788f87 No.851941

File: d9ed7240fba2e66⋯.jpg (326.51 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningRain11.jpg)

File: 5b5b2c24e4e1532⋯.jpg (594.26 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether1.jpg)

File: c2d2e5bead29d1e⋯.jpg (393.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether2.jpg)

File: 270dd9a09d35ab8⋯.jpg (390.8 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningTogether5.jpg)

c7d539 No.851942

File: e99cf432e0b37b4⋯.jpeg (418.01 KB, 1242x665, 1242:665, A16D5341-1F6A-4658-9B44-E….jpeg)

File: 1d22481c253d8f8⋯.jpeg (914.84 KB, 1242x910, 621:455, A29311E2-E7BF-4ECC-927B-A….jpeg)

File: 1b0535bfc04d4ac⋯.jpeg (261.2 KB, 1187x753, 1187:753, AB284792-5457-4959-BFFA-9….jpeg)

File: 59833bd1c554b02⋯.jpeg (175.63 KB, 594x1024, 297:512, E9CACC9A-AAB8-4FD8-852B-5….jpeg)

0a1bf5 No.851943


i did the same process but even with lots of faith in science could not get the questions answered

seems like every explanation ends up with "trust this"

on the plane thing i get it but doesnt that mean the atmosphere is traveling with the earth at a high speed? so where does that cut off up high and do you suddenly pop out?

cant get anyone to explain

ps - gravity theory is on its way out

60cff3 No.851944


I couldn't get through it with any kind of understanding. Do hope someone is up to the task.

bb5ff8 No.851945


You are you and Q is Q

Judge the information, not the source

9072e5 No.851946


Here's some help: FUCK OFF, NAMEFAGGOT.

c002b1 No.851947


Radio Waves bounce off the Stratosphere. 101 radio waves.

Have you ever heard of the "Skip"?

Sometimes you can pick up a TV or Radio station out of your range by 100 miles or more.

FM is a Ground Wave. Terrestrial.

Less static.

Problem Solved.

6b7ff1 No.851949

File: 7ab6e510fc3b4a6⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1221x906, 407:302, 7ab6e510fc3b4a6409d40a69f8….png)


may we bathe them in hellfire

god bless

b77233 No.851950


what is it?

need a summary or description

9072e5 No.851951


Definitely, and the District Courts recently re the travel bans.

2fd00b No.851952



C'mon guy's he's asking for something really EASY

If a family member asked you to show them how Q is legitimate what would you say?

Lol it should be really simple stuff

989811 No.851953

File: e1d2e51f8c50fad⋯.png (387.4 KB, 591x401, 591:401, privatePlanesNeverGetSearc….png)

9f6276 No.851954


>Parallel construction is information laundering and is illegal.

This is Bull Shit.

>You think Q is going to have a prosecutor declare in a court of law (for public ears) that his investigation was fueled by this board?

You are the only one that said that, nobody else.

>They're 5 steps ahead of the cabal, but looking for Anon legal assistance?

You are the only one that said that, nobody else.

>These cases were wrapped up before Q started posting.

Nobody said anything contrary to that. In fact, Q has all but aid that himself.

If only you were as helpful, as you think you are smart, you would be a much more valuable asset.

c00893 No.851955

File: a8704c8f89d9f11⋯.png (497.33 KB, 1087x803, 1087:803, 2487e6f3c4f361359cb7b18715….png)

File: 81a3a47b9cc8895⋯.jpg (384.15 KB, 2048x1174, 1024:587, 8bdb3a0c32697f7751ac740d6a….jpg)

I have unwavering faith in Q.

You may be very surprised at how many others feel the same.


099921 No.851956


A Lifetime of evidence … the worst part about you FEers is you have a LOT of good points, NASA lies constantly for one, but then you go off the deep end ignoring reality.

2a49ce No.851959

You have to see this… Global Warming .. meh…not working … Climate Change…yeah.."see we were always right but it was about water"

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=298&v=QX3M8Ka9vUA

5aebaf No.851960


The cocktail does not fear this. This is exactly what they want. You’re either full of shit or I don’t know what. Right here you promote globalism bullshit

2370b8 No.851961


>you losers have never provided any proof Q is a larp

>proof Q is a larp

>never provided

affe48 No.851963

File: 3bfef7c49049177⋯.png (78.25 KB, 413x539, 59:77, fox3.png)

File: 8ef9916683e8970⋯.png (110.78 KB, 1189x695, 1189:695, 25black.png)

File: 174cfb50e677553⋯.png (101.94 KB, 1219x685, 1219:685, 28black.png)

File: 3c760069e1fc757⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 886x953, 886:953, chesslogo.jpg)

slowly putting together the map

if anyone is interested in helping to decider

come on over to


9072e5 No.851964


Trump has mentioned several times over the past couple years that Amazon has "antitrust problems." Look for action in that area. Trust-busting like T Roosevelt did.

0eb50b No.851965



9072e5 No.851966


What I say is correct.

bb5ff8 No.851967


We owe you no explanation

Believe whatever you like.

It won't change the truth.

Prove Q wrong…

b9e83e No.851968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a51b3d No.851969

File: 4f9d43885ece2c8⋯.png (629.55 KB, 1020x677, 1020:677, BusCardFuckYourself.png)


Here's one I made for clowns like you who like to shit up the bread with irrelevant posts, and then

brag about it. Go back to plebbit, azzhat.

4c6a01 No.851970


Did you see who Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is meeting with. Guess who is Trump's assistant in making deals with the good and the bad guys.

http:// www.businessinsider.com/saudi-arabia-crown-prince-mohammed-bin-salman-us-trip-meetings-2018-3

0a1bf5 No.851972


but there is topo and obstacles so still it is not conclusive

how far does an fm signal go over the ocean?

to the furthest point given the strength of the signal right?

ive been "below the curve" on a boat and still get fm (ie 10 miles out)

d324ce No.851973

File: e0d2bf14a14323c⋯.jpeg (203.31 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, image.jpeg)

How do you capture a dangerous animal?

Last night anon fed it, acting vulnerable. It came out in a shill troll clown suit, right out into the light and exposed itselfves.shits up the bredd, but worth it. It's all there/here. We have more than we need. Big ups for the back up last night, you know real anons are the best.TY Bakers

9755ab No.851974

Uptick in UIDs indicative of troll influx.

c0ccf3 No.851975


The Church should switch to cryptocurrency.

f078d1 No.851976


it gets worse: capitalism + sufficient technology = partial die-off. research "the problem of overproduction." pure capitalism can be a very nasty beast.

0eb50b No.851977

>Provide proof Q is a larp

>No proof provided

>Words typed "Proof Q is larp"

>Still no proof

9072e5 No.851978


Fuck him better, fatty.

0a1bf5 No.851979


sorry clicked on wrong #

but there is topo and obstacles so still it is not conclusive

how far does an fm signal go over the ocean?

to the furthest point given the strength of the signal right?

ive been "below the curve" on a boat and still get fm (ie 10 miles out)

d0904c No.851980

File: cc089d5c2d413ab⋯.png (715.19 KB, 745x589, 745:589, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

Someone did a deep dig on Pedogate and their women operatives. Pic related. Hillary made the list. Check it out:

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2017/03/pedogate-operatives-in-very-high-places/

46e41a No.851981

File: e3ee89d71e3d8a3⋯.jpg (226.81 KB, 933x595, 933:595, Snake Trap.jpg)

c002b1 No.851982


FE Theory creates More problems than answers.

You much Choose what's more logical and Practical

That's the Real Test

2fd00b No.851984



You don't have to look far to find Q posts that are complete lies

Even this GA "attack" was shown by CM as to have not happened

Q is easily disproven

Also nothing has happened in 5 months

Where was March Madness?

563f3d No.851985

File: 4b2af0c48429a32⋯.png (275.71 KB, 500x323, 500:323, catherder.png)


nice tactic

doesn't work on autists

0a1bf5 No.851986


so you cant do the calculations then

5aebaf No.851987


You Trap dangerous animals….think.

2370b8 No.851988


lol re-read what you wrote here >>851937 slowly, spelling out each individual word you typed, and try that again.

f0b96c No.851990


uhh this is the experiment done in the convex earth documentary??

are you sure? their tests proof that the distance is the same so…no curve!

Done with buildings far apart….by a specialiced company with accurate equiptment.

529adf No.851991


dayum, that's a lot of people to meet

b9e83e No.851992


so sad

used abused murdered

a93dc5 No.851993








And you fags will still follow blindly and not question anything. MINDBLOWN


099921 No.851994


"below the curve" is not necessarily below the line of sight from the top of the tower (or mountain)

ed3948 No.851995

powers that can "see"?

how many times do i have to prove it?

more? ok says the Lord.

5aebaf No.851996



2fd00b No.851997

0eb50b No.851998

Nobody would spend all day on this board trying to brainwash people into believing the lie that Q is a larp.

Larps would not be such a threat.

Clowns are scared shitless

c00893 No.852000


So you fall into easy traps then?

Good, we don't need weak soldiers here.

465f8d No.852001

989811 No.852002

File: 7f577445a2fd1d3⋯.png (563.22 KB, 593x711, 593:711, onceYourLibertiesAreViolat….png)

4a1fe0 No.852003


Top KEK anon

8aa80b No.852004

File: 48e6519afb61964⋯.jpg (530.15 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, AUS es.jpg)

Article 1 Section 2 Paragraph 3 of the Constitution declares: "The number of Representatives shall not exceed one Representative for every 30,000 people."

How about we add an amendment to say, every 30,000 CITIZENS? Either Native-Born with lineage proven, Naturalized for a period of no less then 5 years of full citizenship, or Naturalized thru 5 years minimum Military Service.

f078d1 No.852005


>if anything we need to get rid of laws

to be clearer, we need to get rid of most laws; not all laws.

4c6a01 No.852006


What if he hands each one of them a USB drive with some "information" on it. LOL!

2c9023 No.852007

People, Do not feed the troll. He is only a distraction.


e7db18 No.852008


That TP in the picture is the real deal, not the one Q called out! If your not following him on Twitter, your a shill

0eb50b No.852009



Re-read what you said. Re-read the absence of proof of what you claim.

Read the words one at a time.





You're just a loser without a real job.

You hate life.

You hate yourself.

Kill yourself.

5aebaf No.852010


Anyone ever tell you you’re awesome?

No? You are!

563f3d No.852011

2dc068 No.852012

File: be283d57cca5f72⋯.jpg (267.8 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, np2.jpg)

did anyone find this yet

Q post >>826061

Check line 119 $4$#$*(

looks like a msg to codemonkey.

it was a msg to us about the wall.

line 119 $4$#$*(

$=4, #=3, *=8, (=9

line 119 $4$#$*(

line 119 43 $389

expand thinking (logically/legally: $/§)

mccabe pension in mind for this one

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/43/389

http:// archive.is/yjyQv

this one points to Sec. Azar (Dept HHS) & 11/13/17 Q Post

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/21/348

http:// archive.is/l5i8Y

It points to Food Additives and a provision about how the Secretary of HHS has the authority to make an executive decision in some instances

Trump tweeted about Alex Azar being nominated on 11/13/17

Checking for that day, there's one post, and it has a stringer

Remember what led me here to begin with… "Check line 119"


e992e5 No.852013

File: fab078415bc17d4⋯.png (1.22 MB, 880x583, 80:53, ClipboardImage.png)

The LORD is in his holy temple, the LORD’s throne is in heaven:

his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men.

Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him,

upon them that hope in his mercy . . . . 

The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous,

and his ears are open unto their cries

f078d1 No.852014



c0ccf3 No.852015

File: 5551b49641f6cd2⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 474x266, 237:133, burns.jpg)

5d6203 No.852016

File: 87419c3638ce5ec⋯.jpg (15.55 KB, 331x242, 331:242, pizzawolfgang5.jpg)


Sorry for the bad proof reading. I'll try to do better.

One more thought:

Hussain's apparent bio-Dad was involved with helping the Coup d'Etat in Indonesia in the early '60's.

It's reported that the ones who succeeded in toppling the government over there, at that time, enlisted fighters who used machetes against the population.

That was how they did it. Millions died. It was a bloodbath, underreported [likely because our own "CIA" was involved].

What are the chances the "holy man's" son has the same plot for us, as the one participated in by the father?

The perps have no creativity and they do the same moves over and over and over, right?

They are stupid.

It was also reported that Hussain was coached as a young man [by a person, a man, involved with this Indonesian Coup d'Etat?] to the philosophy:

"Kill or be Killed"


"The Strong Kill. The Weak are Killed"

Is that a "law of the jungle" - lacking in a bit of savoir faire? Is that pretty crude? Appropriate for a U.S.A. leader?

Shouldn't the FBI have done the proper background check on such an individual?

Me? I found this out by just researching on the Internets.

You really think the FBI couldn't do better? They didn't even check for his ID.

Could that have been anything other than absolutely deliberate on their part?

Without a proper information availability we are doomed. We are blind. We are flying blind.

Is that why the centerpiece of the published planning for the Cabal ["1984" Orwell] told the story around the destruction of history;

And the fabrication of news to hit the emotional targets [or to simulated a hit on the emotions of the public? because actually the news was a excuse for the public to acquiesce to the demanded response. The "news' was not information for a free society, but was just a demand and a threat.

A signal for the "hate" response to be activated in the public. Anyone who didn't hate on demand became themselves a target.

The "proper" emotional response was demanded by the evil sadistic owners.

Aren't we seeing the same with little HOGG?

Cheney did the same thing.

Unless you agreed with Dick, you were going to get hurt. "Vote for us or you will have a terror attack"

So with Hogg "Vote for us or your child will be shot in a school shooting."

Check out all the bags of Pizza they brought into "Sandy Hook" [I was looking for that image for a long time. Just surfaced.] Yeah they all ordered a lot a Pizza that day; for some reason.

A lot is going to surface. Get ready.

0a1bf5 No.852017


perhaps that is true

but my lifetime of evidence includes no personal knowledge of the shape of the earth

only what i have been taught

on the other hand i can see a long ways from a 10000 mountain top - further than the globe horizon calc. says should be possible

what am i to make of that?

what more do you have?

27ee8e No.852018


I made the mistake of telling my friends and family what was supposed to be about to happen over the last few months.

Each time, nothing happened. They've stopped listening to me, and give me pitiable looks when I do bring this up.

I just got burned again in recent weeks by saying there was about to be a video of Hillary (still no video); and that currency would be reset to being gold-backed by the end of March (April 1st where I am, no reset).

No-one is listening. They're all more concerned with whatever garbage is on television and movies. On social media, I've been effectively-silenced due to the Left's silencing of Conservatives, and this supposed mass exile of Liberals on Facebook hasn't happened on any of my connections.

I told a Liberal friend that Microsoft was about to change their terms and conditions, and was threatening to go through everyone's personal messages. He just said "Once again, the problem is that you read fake news."

"It's in their terms and conditions."

"Fake news."

Q is an ineffective operation, particularly as the Left have the Degenerate Thought Triad: Emotional, Irrational and Symbolic thinking. Due to the nature of their minds, it's impossible to persuade or convince them of observable reality, because they experience reality subjectively. If they can handwave away concepts of gender, abortion not being murder and their own doublethink hypocrisy without causing any cognitive dissonance, why would memes make any difference?

b3846a No.852019


What move are we in now, lad?

bb5ff8 No.852020


Agreed, but end the welfare state first, many of our "problems" will sort themselves out…


c7d539 No.852021

File: 759dfd70c77ee14⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1515, 414:505, C1F23484-7534-49CA-BCA9-D….jpeg)

File: d5a8cb157957bc6⋯.jpeg (937.86 KB, 1242x1149, 414:383, EEF6F104-D4D3-4DE1-AAB8-5….jpeg)

File: 205bda99e7d14b4⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1042, 621:521, 90A106E4-2352-4ACB-B309-4….jpeg)

f078d1 No.852022


They would have to hold control of the media and research in general. if that doesn't happen, there's no way they can control the truth, which means they're all fucked.

58eeca No.852023


Corroding bolts =? Chinese steel.

Oh, the irony.

Oh, the punnery.

2370b8 No.852024


wait, you want me to provide proof Q is a larp?

bf5f3a No.852025

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the requests for Q and/or GEPOTUS to constantly reply to this question and that whatever. Yes, we know they lurk from time to time. But, try and look at the current situation from THEIR prospective. If YOU, ANON, were GEPOTUS/Q dealing with 80% more nonsense/evil than any of us can even fathom, all day, every day. All the while weathering the most brutal barrage of negative press in world history. Doing their jobs with 100% dedication for WE THE PEOPLE at all times with legions of bad actors at every turn. Maintaining even the slightest connection with the personal life. Demands on top of demands on top of demands. Would you even entertain/be capable of giving the slightest free time to answer a begging autist who can find the answer on their own with some dedicated time and research? Would you even be able to last a week walking in THEIR shoes? Ponder honestly…

Let’s be grateful we have even been included in this great event taking place and remember our place and task. Be humble and hear

We achieve our greatest accomplishments when we are as one, task oriented, and over targets

Godspeed to all dedicated Anons making a difference

*no grammar fags please, one hand typing after a surgery


c00893 No.852026

File: 6df7c106327124e⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 273x205, 273:205, MISSEDYOURMARK.jpg)


Looks like we broke another shill.

Rest in Hell, traitor ; )

0a1bf5 No.852027


now on that i can fully concur

i guess time will tell tx

d99929 No.852028

File: 51076270f76bc0a⋯.png (659.88 KB, 881x499, 881:499, Elite_Rule_45-Purple-Pussy….png)

2dc068 No.852029

>>852012 (samefug)

re: mccabe pension, meant to link this instead

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/489

This bill amends the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the Internal Revenue Code to revise rules for voting on the suspension of pension benefits under multiemployer plans in endangered or critical status. The bill changes the voting procedure for suspending plan benefits to provide that a suspension shall go into effect unless a majority of plan participants and beneficiaries who cast a vote (currently, a majority of all plan participants and beneficiaries) reject the suspension.

a93dc5 No.852030

Now I know why you fags got kicked out of 4chan well at least at 4chan there was light research getting done. Wonder if leafbro is still around. Now all you got is normies and new fags throwing their panties when Q comes around PATHETIC

c002b1 No.852032


Q's just seeing how many here have fallen for the. FE 'ers before he decisdes if he will return…


c0ccf3 No.852033

File: 7400fd1b5231bbb⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 474x474, 1:1, MM.jpg)


>refuse to mention 8chan

>Must be on purpose to keep people away

Same reason they won't talk about Moonman. Fear. That, and they all come here and they don't want the normalfags to 'ruin' it.

8cf5b5 No.852034

File: a8fa37c91307129⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 400x400, 1:1, a8fa37c91307129da1cd4533a1….jpg)


I'm the guy doing his job. You must be the other guy.

37647c No.852035

>>851547 Workfag back again. baker please update dough by removing this first section and replacing with the update

NEW *Print your own stickers for public dissemination. >>849146 -remove this

and replace that with the below. Please move to tools section of the bread. This is also requested in war room to be added there where it makes sense.

* NEW Redpill Flag / Printable Q Cards with QR Link >>851957 -add this

099921 No.852036


listen to Skykings … hear the echo … measure the time of the echo… multiply by the speed of light … diameter of earth.

0a1bf5 No.852037


problem solved because you name it a skip?

seems like more questions than answers here

9072e5 No.852038


There are few evidentiary restrictions in Mil Tribunals. Pretty much everything may be considered. Evidentiary exclusions are mainly about juries. A judge in a case sees all evidence while ruling it's admissible, or not. No jury in a Mil Tribunal, only 3 judges, and all lawyers and court personnel are military, including the appellate panel.

d99929 No.852039

File: b374c9f103fe665⋯.jpg (48.35 KB, 599x358, 599:358, mmmm_bear_no.jpg)

e09220 No.852040


Tools for Recognizing Useful Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST)

https:// www.iarpa.gov/index.php/research-programs/trust

The Tools for Recognizing Useful Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST) Program seeks to significantly advance the IC's capabilities to assess whom can be trusted under certain conditions and in contexts relevant to the IC, potentially even in the presence of stress and/or deception. The TRUST Program seeks to conduct high-risk, high-payoff research that will bring together sensing AND validated protocols to develop tools for assessing trustworthiness by using one's own ("Self") signals to assess another's ("Other") trustworthiness under certain conditions and in specific contexts, which can be measured in ecologically-valid, scientifically-credible experimental protocols.

Performers (Prime Contractors)

Ball Aerospace; InnoCentive, Inc.; SRI International

Related Program(s) and Challenges


https:// www.iarpa.gov/index.php/our-program-managers

IARPA Program Managers develop new concepts to address an IC problem, then manage the research from start to finish. They chart the course for their program, which includes:

◾identifying goals and objectives

◾developing rigorous test and evaluation criteria

◾specifying short- and long-term milestones to gauge the health of the program

◾managing all technical, procurement, and financial aspects of the program

ad9b93 No.852041

File: 7921dceedcc4f6a⋯.png (34.11 KB, 506x237, 506:237, screenshot_251.png)

f078d1 No.852042


it is clear you haven't read sun tsu.

851f02 No.852043

File: f2df08879345a4a⋯.png (62.2 KB, 362x193, 362:193, clown.png)

530bda No.852044



b77233 No.852045



almost like Q knew…

8aa80b No.852046


I'm more about the historical figure's writings then i am about someones tweets. But if you say there's a credible Patriot out there, then it's worth a look. I'll decide from there.

92977a No.852047


100% my tin foil hat is nailed to this gatepost.

I am a reasonably oldish anon, Reagan and Thatcher were in when I was a nipper, I have watched 9/11, 7/7, Iraq 1 + 2, Afghanistan - so much research, so obvious (9/11 passport, Nicolas cage The Rock - WMD eveidence, 7/7 training exercise).

Nothing done, no one listens, we are just crazy conspiracy people - but here things are reversed, it is not us shouting and not being heard. This is us being asked to help - and in whatever capacity I can, I will.

Bring the shitposts and the shills, see if I move.

As I said in prev bread, all this boils down to is do you believe POTUS confirmations, and yes I do.

4feb3b No.852048


Can anon please provide sauce?

c7d539 No.852049

File: 60abe3bdf0d1730⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1213, 1242:1213, 813454CD-3E8C-4E70-B1C9-F….jpeg)

File: b44dfff29dcfa09⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1118, 621:559, 2EE9C8B3-E0E2-4AC6-B45C-9….jpeg)

File: af7510df423b1fe⋯.jpeg (326.64 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, 6D33D8C8-D207-4840-92E7-0….jpeg)

File: da0d5d8799c94b8⋯.jpeg (855.64 KB, 1242x1061, 1242:1061, 8CA3ADE7-82FE-4CA1-8C2C-F….jpeg)

0eb50b No.852050


Why the fuck would I expect you losers to undo a past that has already been past and settled?

You cannot undo the past. The past proved Q legit. Nothing that can possibly happen right now, or in the future, will ever change this.

You might as well ask people "You want me to prove yesterday didn't happen?"

AIM is a clown op. Not proof.

959064 No.852051


If I knew this was really happening, I would cry just as hard as when I saw that cadence posted in that military tweet.

d99929 No.852052



Awesome ChessFag

how about a reader's digest version for the non-chess-fag-anons

58eeca No.852054


POTUS is simply checking up on his work.

His work is the movement he has created.

We are part of that movement.

We are his creation.

cebbc2 No.852056


Can NSA data be used in tribunals?

9072e5 No.852057


Geometric figures can be imposed on anything. I see it all the time in fibonacci analyses of Art works. It's 90% bullshit .

482c5b No.852058


Jhon Titor is back?

c532ce No.852059

File: bcbc392d1e9917f⋯.jpg (647.37 KB, 1600x1046, 800:523, migration.jpg)

f1839a No.852060



http:// i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Pacer-Doc-98-PRAECIPE-DECLARATION-OF-DUE-CAUSE-AND-JUDGMENT-AND-ORDER-OF-DISMISSAL-01-22-18.pdf

ad9b93 No.852061


Q already asked us what we thing and yes we are answering him with our thoughts on the matter. The evidence is starting to mount on the FE theory especially with the release of that new documentary. So it will be interesting to see if Q weighs in again at some point on this very subject….

4feb3b No.852062


We're a a long way from truly uniting but I believe this is what we need to do. Unite with our fellow Americans to defeat the deep state/NWO.

8aa80b No.852063


A Social security number perhaps?

43577c No.852064


You should he is with us

de1e1a No.852065


Not exactly what the ruling says but close.


http:// caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/489/189.html

2370b8 No.852066



let me get this straight. you two faggots say Q is legit. I say Q is legit. what's the problem?

0a1bf5 No.852068


yes but the video never gave the numbers on that test and the geodesic survey man who was the inpdt. expert disappeared altogether so i was not satisfied

seems it can all be done online if you know how

b02348 No.852069

File: c751e9ea875997f⋯.jpg (851.92 KB, 2232x5180, 558:1295, c751e9ea875997fe301fbd2d0f….jpg)

0eb50b No.852070


Stop spamming the board

c0ccf3 No.852071


>DHS unconstitutional. Disband italong with DEA, ATF, FBI and CIA.

They're all not part of the republic but UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. Admiralty law / maritime law is a thing, and it's not the fringe on the flag like (((shills))) misdirect you into thinking.

Every one of (((them))) knows this. It's a big joke on the goyim.

a93dc5 No.852072


=Or that guy that Q said he called back in 4chan==

Q said answer your phone

Anon said he never received the phone call


c00893 No.852073

File: 2015a8e23a1a312⋯.png (245.11 KB, 643x537, 643:537, 7235878e276853c952714a1059….png)


You sound hurt, did we do that?

I think we did that.

6b7ff1 No.852074


sessions laydown, or so it reads

but you are correct, we need verification and cross-reference it with names on jan 22

f0b96c No.852075

Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king.. its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. N. Tesla.

Tesla said Einstein was a shill , is it really so hard to believe we have been fooled by them over the shape of the earth?

Face the proof…use it to re-unite and play the game!!

4feb3b No.852076


If it's a military tribunal they'll probably be using MI as evidence. Keep in mind the president can implement the use of MI whenever he sees fit. He needs no warrant nor any other justification to use it.

2f247a No.852077


They want the public to find /pol/ and be offended by the slide thread topics.

0eb50b No.852078


You sound frightened about the upcoming DHS report on massive election fraud.

9072e5 No.852079


TSA must go period

6b7ff1 No.852080

File: 6b1a4d36d840fb8⋯.png (927.24 KB, 544x686, 272:343, 6b1a4d36d840fb8ad526db85dc….png)

File: 8c0bbee33ea9a69⋯.jpeg (202.14 KB, 832x832, 1:1, 8c0bbee33ea9a696478ee08c4….jpeg)

File: 6b37e7c28c72434⋯.png (774.33 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, 6b37e7c28c72434e7cf9b5f83f….png)

File: a0b5264d359cfc3⋯.jpg (50.08 KB, 400x600, 2:3, a0b5264d359cfc3d8733a4483e….jpg)

File: b5c74a5f862dee5⋯.png (513.98 KB, 1005x501, 335:167, b5c74a5f862dee57fe511ce25a….png)



d0904c No.852081


Following your logic, you have one number wrong and omitted a digit.

You have:

line 119 43 $389

Should be:

line 119 44 $3489

ed3948 No.852083

offline for a reason? (Q)


can't hack if offline sporatic

known but HITF is that done?


pudding motherfucker


i.e. only God

more? ok says the Lord.

990d38 No.852084




989811 No.852085

File: 96e423bd28f519f⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 736x770, 368:385, DZamx8oVQAAQ61x.jpg)

e09220 No.852086

File: 6cb27fbcca1deaa⋯.png (30.26 KB, 250x251, 250:251, ic_seals.png)


Our Research

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) invests in high-risk, high-payoff research programs to tackle some of the most difficult challenges of the agencies and disciplines in the Intelligence Community (IC) .

0a9384 No.852087


How did Q know this?

Is Q making phone calls?

No, but it's almost uncanny isn't it?


Enjoy the show!

6f3973 No.852088

File: 6849551bca32e88⋯.png (210.68 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, GADSEN6.png)

File: d1cd29d7c7af4f4⋯.png (194.09 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, GADSEN5.png)

File: 51ff9b35607f5db⋯.png (220.13 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, GADSEN4.png)

File: 78f303c02e3c5dd⋯.png (193.68 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, GADSEN3.png)

File: 4de05bf6b33526c⋯.png (216.74 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, GADSEN2.png)

529adf No.852089


What's the fringe for then? And why has it only been behind potus since mid december 2017?

0a1bf5 No.852090


gravity is dead

a93dc5 No.852091





c0ccf3 No.852092



That's a warning for them to start the shredders.

a51b3d No.852093


Anon, don't dox yourself. Self report your post to have it deleted. Leave the email and name fields blank.

c8730d No.852094


Fuck off

563f3d No.852095


hope nobody goes into the cancer thread


ad9b93 No.852096


Magnetism is alive

c7d539 No.852097

File: 09c262b279d4e12⋯.jpeg (360.26 KB, 1242x568, 621:284, E1DF6EDD-5687-4491-88A1-1….jpeg)

File: 9185086bb8115f9⋯.jpeg (361.76 KB, 1242x514, 621:257, 996D7E93-C83C-4FB0-85A5-7….jpeg)

File: 40986fd17b39c11⋯.jpeg (336.91 KB, 1242x538, 621:269, C907841E-89CA-46BA-BBE0-3….jpeg)

File: 7f29afe0d5c63ad⋯.jpeg (406.53 KB, 1242x1220, 621:610, EB72A071-9394-41E0-ABE2-D….jpeg)

b77233 No.852098

BAKER gathering ingredients

suggestions for next bread title?

suggestions for notables?

so far I've got

#1057 >>851788 Actress Kristin Kreuk broke her silence

>>851777 VigCit article about the phenom! Expect more visitors!

>>851818 open source semi retarded super computer (opinion)

>>851907 This board in the coming months… All Platforms

>>852040 Tools for Recognizing Useful Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST)


> verification


c8730d No.852099

No communication outside of here. Remember important.

6b7ff1 No.852100

File: b0b0cf8f42bed74⋯.jpg (311.75 KB, 1600x966, 800:483, 1426034078231 - kopie - ko….jpg)

so em…

why, when standing on the earths surface, are, from the optic point view, the sun and moon's diameter almost limitlessly equal?

c00893 No.852101

File: ae236a96c2ebd91⋯.jpg (195.95 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)


Because you know, Q hasn't laid out far more proofs and connections than even we can find.

Whew lads, the desperation is strong in this one.

9072e5 No.852102

File: 66d9e002af4f0ca⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 400x602, 200:301, pelicanbrief.jpg)

08ea38 No.852103

I've either had too many jelly beans, or something is about to break BIGLY.

474cdb No.852104

A Short Story For All The Flat Earth Supporters

In 1984, I went on a trans-Atlantic cruise from NY to London. I'd already read stories claiming that sailors knew about the earth being round long before Columbus crossed the Atlantic in the opposite direction. Having grown up on the streets of Brooklyn I'd acquired what's called 'street-smarts'. I would cut from school for weeks at a time and spend long hours at the public library. Yes, I was also a nerd.

Fascinated by the planets and stars, I had a telescope for years and liked watching stuff in the sky. I took that telescope with me on that cruise because it was clear to me that I could apply my street-smarts to my nerdish behaviour and prove once and for all who was right. Was it my history teachers who taught us the Columbus narrative, or was it the books that were not taught in public school but could be easily found in the public library.

Here's what I discovered.

As the ship sailed away from NYC, I could see the shore line and all the buildings jutting up into the skyline. As we got further away, the shoreline began to disappear along with some of the shorter buildings. As we got further away, some taller buildings began to disappear along with the many bridges that cross from Brooklyn to Manhattan. There came a pont where all I could see was the top floors of the twin towers and the antenas on their roofs.

If the earth was flat, I should have been able to see the shoreline fade into the distance together with the buildings, AT THE SAME TIME'. If the earth was flat, the entire view of the city in the horizon should have gotten smaller and smaller as we got further away. What I saw was not that. What I saw was the water-line rising up to engulf the city. What I saw was the city sinking into the ocean.

The only explanation for what I witnessed is that the earth is round. That's why I could clearly see the tops of the twin towers but couldn't see the middle and lower floors of those same buildings. This could only be true if the earth is round and the city gets obscured from the ground up as it disappears behind the earth's curvature.

I no longer need to accept the stories of other people on either side of this false debate. I know what I saw. I know what I experienced.

Corroborating Evidence

As I stood on the observation deck at the stern of the ship conducting my experiment, there was a young lady watching me and observing my behaviour. She smiled, I smiled and she came over to ask what I was looking at. I explained to her what I've explained here and she became fascinated by the implications of what I was doing and we both watched the final 'sinking of New York'. Needless to say, I found good company for my five day trip across the lonely sea. ;)

For all the fucktards that will claim that what I saw was only a mirrage, This:

[1] A person needs to be dehydrated and weak to see a mirage. I was neither of those things.

[2] Two people never see the same mirage at the same time. We both saw the same phenomenon.

The Moral of the Story.

The primary value of the scientific method is that humanity, you and I, don't need to be beholden to some 'expert authority' in order to discover the truth.

The Moral of the Story.

There's plenty of women who like nerds.

#Pray #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan

21156e No.852105

File: a55a92eae3ddebb⋯.png (411.86 KB, 645x848, 645:848, POTUS FLOTUS Easter Quotes….PNG)

File: b03e13f8ffa8986⋯.png (379.44 KB, 562x549, 562:549, POTUS FLOTUS Easter Quotes.PNG)

0eb50b No.852107

Gravity is alive.

Earth is an oblong spheroid.

Flat Earthers are mentally deranged.

d92fbc No.852108

File: 12c8c72bfae3081⋯.png (267.84 KB, 1464x944, 183:118, MythMilitaryComplex.png)

File: d5cdedf8321b1f8⋯.png (455.81 KB, 1463x929, 1463:929, MythMilitaryComplexes.png)

ad9b93 No.852109


A short documentary for all the round earth supporters….

https:// youtu.be/McdMMmclGVc

43577c No.852110


No response??

Means your shillary is both ineffective and transparent

c0ccf3 No.852111


LOL true… FE shilling doesn't work on DXers or hams.

6b7ff1 No.852112

File: f1468d24b879409⋯.jpg (56.8 KB, 640x868, 160:217, 1396833094394.jpg)

File: 019610b3ef387bd⋯.jpg (800.22 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 04kET06.jpg)

File: 6e162ef5dfec14b⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, 1426634003929.jpg)

File: 959ee2049461582⋯.jpg (59.68 KB, 375x438, 125:146, 1427328574371.jpg)

File: a8690b85f5461e6⋯.jpg (473.86 KB, 1446x962, 723:481, 1453180254014-0.jpg)





4feb3b No.852113


looks like the mexican army is on the march.

b77233 No.852114


ThanQ for your work

I will make it so

e09220 No.852115

Defense Advanced Research Projects AgencyProgram Information

Trusted Integrated Circuits (TRUST)

Mr. Kerry Bernstein


https:// www.darpa.mil/program/trusted-integrated-circuits

The United States does not have a comprehensive program to certify that integrated circuits (ICs) going into U.S. weapons systems do not contain malicious circuits. In response to these concerns, DARPA has initiated its TRUST in Integrated Circuits program to develop technologies that will ensure the trust of ICs used in military systems, but designed and fabricated under untrusted conditions.

The TRUST program will trust only those techniques and testing technologies that can be measured. Basing the degree of trust assigned to an IC on measurable metrics, TRUST makes a radical departure from conventional approaches. Neither metrics for trust nor the testing methods to quantify trust have been used before in IC design and fabrication. This program is pursuing a metrics approach formulated in terms of probability of detection versus probability of false alarms. This provides a clear path to identification of an IC that was maliciously attacked. DARPA departs from the traditional definition, where the Trojan Horse is the signal, to a more basic measurement where any change in the iIC is considered the signal.

TRUST consists of three 1-year phases. The metrics become more difficult in each phase, with the number of transistors examined increasing and the time allowed to perform the examination decreasing. At the same time, the required probability of detecting a change to the IC increases and the probability of declaring a good circuit bad decreases.

c002b1 No.852116


I surrender but if I Must, I'll go with the Banana Theory.

Atlas holds up the world and we are the Center of the Universe. Sounds good to me.

But don't forget the Lemon Theory.

9072e5 No.852117


Go back, namefaggot, youre not welcome here.

2370b8 No.852118

File: 9574673de0cc23a⋯.jpg (135.82 KB, 902x461, 902:461, 1965-11-01 Leader of KKK a….jpg)

b9e83e No.852119


u cant handle the truth?

truth is not for everyone, i guess u are one of them.

ignorance is bliss they say

9072e5 No.852120

File: 66d9e002af4f0ca⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 400x602, 200:301, pelicanbrief.jpg)


7 of 10 anons would Fuck Julia, Marry a Baker Girl, Kill LAIMfaggot.

ad9b93 No.852121


Keep drinking the fluoride buddy

0eb50b No.852122


YOU can't handle the truth you pathetic imbecile.

I just wrote the truth

37647c No.852123

File: aba385e8c81bd34⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 635x500, 127:100, go-one-go-all.jpg)

File: a9d94ccc95641e1⋯.jpg (187.04 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, shineourlight.jpg)

File: 061b7ca62f3809f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1299x775, 1299:775, screen20shot202016-06-0820….png)


bless you kind baker

8b4297 No.852124

https:// www.rothschildarchive.org/collections/treasure_of_the_month/treasure_of_the_month_april_2015

0eb50b No.852125


Get educated you moron

6b7ff1 No.852126

File: fc66767121233a4⋯.jpg (100.36 KB, 936x853, 936:853, 1396832415238.jpg)


ceb2ee No.852127


Imago Dei

Love has Won


ba73fd No.852128


THIS ONE is a good guy, ABSOLUTELY!

ad9b93 No.852129


I did and I'm trying to warn you that ingesting sodium fluoride makes you stupid….

c002b1 No.852130


Ps: the Skip explains how radio waves can travel further than possible on a Flat plane.

Hint: Curvature.

4f5a42 No.852131

File: 9e3e85b3b3df40b⋯.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2C0CCEE3-18B5-45D1-9368-B8….png)

Dropped in for a quick peek during a break from yardwork to say keep fighting the war for truth! So many more are waking up each day to the lies being spewed. Respect and love to all anons that search for the truth, no matter where it takes them!

f0f22d No.852132

iM a ShIlL aNd I dEmAnD yOu ShOw Me PrOoF oF q

990d38 No.852133

File: e291230ebd5daa3⋯.jpg (52.67 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 7ZaxdUu-0.jpg)

9072e5 No.852134

File: dae193c3d30c13f⋯.jpg (132.38 KB, 750x400, 15:8, bar-feature-image.jpg)

411c65 No.852135


Ditto and agreed!

0eb50b No.852136


Well then stop ingesting sodium flouride you dumb shit for brains.

4941f2 No.852137


Short Answer, Yes

e7db18 No.852138


He calls out the FBI’s corruption, he has many insider sources, good follow! He is one of the few that drops real news well before anyone else.

4f5a42 No.852139


BV delete please, possible doxx

334926 No.852140

File: c662c72e3074530⋯.png (570.76 KB, 796x633, 796:633, lib-tears-yum.png)

c496e7 No.852141


Yale club. 50 vanderbilt ave near grand central station

Princeton club. 15 w 43rd

Blackstone 345 park ave

Kkr 9 w 57th

Lots of big banks etc have hqs in that part of town if i recall.

9072e5 No.852142


Pepe approves this message.

e992e5 No.852143


my sisters husband is captain of the sea-bees.

c002b1 No.852144


Classic. A+.

Q already has addresses this Bullshit

6b7ff1 No.852145

File: 562c24b23b38395⋯.jpg (310 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, 1426621795031.jpg)



b77233 No.852146

>>852111 (cheKEKed) nice triples

>FE shilling doesn't work on DXers or hams.


482c5b No.852147


The Mexican Army in that?., o_o., that isn't good. that can to unbind military problems between US and Mexico.

05b626 No.852148

File: ee418870b1a6bad⋯.mp4 (10.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Body Language_ Mating Dan….mp4)

Body language; Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.

21156e No.852151

File: 7b848916795ea81⋯.png (271.3 KB, 554x545, 554:545, Musk re FB 1.PNG)

File: b8d31b4071097b3⋯.png (45.32 KB, 520x456, 65:57, Musk re FB 2.PNG)

File: 1bbeb52ff160f03⋯.png (50.38 KB, 522x491, 522:491, Musk re FB 3.PNG)

Elon Musk Offers To Buy And Then Delete Facebook


0a1bf5 No.852152


these are the exact same set of memes that came up when I posted FE last night. I mean the EXACT same thing. The globalist need to get some more material

383cb8 No.852153


Also great on the east coast, anon.

Thank you for sharing.

Tis beautiful.

5a2123 No.852154

File: 7637a1e1dac95bc⋯.png (428.1 KB, 590x340, 59:34, chrismatthews-4.png)

File: ac99408f32167b0⋯.png (213.92 KB, 519x355, 519:355, joy-behar-3.png)

File: 272eabb63039724⋯.png (293.02 KB, 548x330, 274:165, joyreid-3.png)

c6cf63 No.852155


> Nothing happens

NXIVM was a big happening. It looks like you missed it.

a85409 No.852157


Joy dead

9072e5 No.852159


Agree. I no longer disseminate Q "predictions." I just believe what I see and will explain what I know if asked.

8cf5b5 No.852160


In the slight case that you are not a shill, look in the bread. See the link for qest.us to be able to track large insider moves? That's my site. I use this name so that anyone with questions or problems can contact me. This board is the only place i have publicized this site, it is 100% controlled by us. Q tasked us with tracking this information.

b77233 No.852161

File: 1919f57a5813af5⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, csd4.jpg)

File: 2d809b65aedaf42⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 500x500, 1:1, csd3.jpg)

File: 73544841ffce5a1⋯.jpg (91.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, csd2.jpg)

File: 983a15b08d91d7c⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, csd1.jpg)

a51b3d No.852162


He would have to be able to read to get anything useful out of a newspaper.

9072e5 No.852163


Normies ONLY believe in muh tv.

5a2123 No.852164

File: c1afdc8d606f1bd⋯.png (254.67 KB, 621x341, 621:341, lawrence-odonnell-1.png)

File: a22b7b57b0ecd73⋯.png (238.94 KB, 443x382, 443:382, maddow-5.png)

File: 85702d72ab49bd0⋯.png (224.17 KB, 471x371, 471:371, mika-joe-2.png)

60cff3 No.852165


So this was the dignitary visiting Seattle that had all the streets shut down. As speculated.

I guess we should expect Amazon to get busted up like Microsoft just announced. Something to separate their data mining/AI/cloud storage from their nice job of selling books.

c127ca No.852168

File: dce2665228168cd⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 396x247, 396:247, 110316-pedofile-ring-press….jpg)

>An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world's largest —has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.

>The European police agency Europol said in a statement that "Operation Rescue" had identified 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said.

a93dc5 No.852169

File: 379133f23f4d0b9⋯.jpg (136.38 KB, 500x393, 500:393, IAMQ.jpg)

a51b3d No.852170


LOL! I just now deleted an almost identical post, but in word form. You left "MemeShill" off the Wheel of Shills, though.

769208 No.852171

Spent the past 7 hrs reading all the Q crumbs. Now I'm pissed, depressed, and feeling like shit. I really just want it be over already. Maybe some range time will help. Marineanon

36c40e No.852172

File: 7ec9e21df7f0a60⋯.png (23.83 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wavepatternsqrcirclerotZ43….png)

File: f5095acfc6c1895⋯.png (14.74 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wavepatternsqrcircle.png)


if you are trying to prove flat you will loose as the arc is a little bit longer than the hypotenuse or cutting line. Trust me.

c7d539 No.852173

File: 7f29afe0d5c63ad⋯.jpeg (406.53 KB, 1242x1220, 621:610, 2CE092F4-81EC-4D2C-A176-0….jpeg)

b9e83e No.852174



like ive said before, i really dont give a rats (_v_)

what the shape of the earth is.

what matters is why the lie?????

to hide God

to funnel/steal money

to set up the last card of alien invasion.

0eb50b No.852175

Q is reaching the mainstream.

Timing was pre-planned.

c0ccf3 No.852176


It's not even fit to be called brainwashing. Spamming and disruption more like it.

9072e5 No.852177

File: 3e25cb3c3b002c7⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ramos meme.jpg)

6b7ff1 No.852178

File: 642077a39111859⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 1364x1280, 341:320, 1437345062299.jpg)


answers soon

1cba8b No.852179


She'll be killed too.

8aa80b No.852180


These are good.If we had a time on them would be even better! "It's #o'Clock, time for FE bullshit!" Kek!

f0b96c No.852181

File: 71b65ee2ab67dd5⋯.png (565.3 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, sunclouds.png)


I've been posting this for a week…

Too strong not even a shill response….

Real anons know what is going on , i guess they are now figuring it out.

9072e5 No.852183

File: 66d9e002af4f0ca⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 400x602, 200:301, pelicanbrief.jpg)

36c40e No.852184


How long you been a HAM?

5d6203 No.852185

File: e1b14206eed9791⋯.jpeg (8.02 KB, 255x190, 51:38, badabing.jpeg)

04b609 No.852186


Tesla > Einstein. Cabal killed Tesla and confiscated his research because he had the keys to the kingdom in the form of free, wireless energy.

"shape of the Earth"? KEK. Wasting your time. No one is dumb enough to fall for that one.

c0ccf3 No.852187


Lord backwards is Dr. Ol

474cdb No.852188


As soon as I posted this story, I began reading my own post. I wanted to see how long it would take to get a reply from the FE fucktards.

My post went up at: Anonymous (You) 03/31/18 (Sat) 21:29:06 474cdb

Their post went up at: Anonymous 03/31/18 (Sat) 21:29:56 ad9b93 >852109 no (you) for the fucktards

So fifty seconds, huh?

Proof these ass-wipes didn't even read the whole post much less consider the implications.

No rebutal to the substance in my post but just a link to their propaganda. Link-bait. Going to that video gives them more views and pushes that video higher up in the search results.

0d5db5 No.852189


Perfectly written. Sometimes I take a step back and think about how much truth has graced these boards over the past months. I have the greatest respect for everything Q team has done and continues to do, but with small nudges in the right direction and literally millions of dedicated hours by PATRIOTS we now have a better understanding of the world than anyone that has ever come before us. When I talk to a normie that is even remotely open, I have to hold back from going full Anon. The reach of this board is growing exponentially however and soon many will be open to hear our good news that we have put together over the last 6 months. Where we go one, we go all!

b77233 No.852190


I saw them last night and thought they were appropriate again.

I'd love to add a few catagories and make an animated gif of the chance o shills wheel

21156e No.852192

File: 264df97c68d8f6a⋯.png (389.17 KB, 729x764, 729:764, Thump approved.PNG)

c002b1 No.852193


That's The most logical thing I've heard all day

9072e5 No.852194


Yes, it appears so, because the hearsay exclusion doesnt apply. It will be weighed for its value rather than rejected.

65c9b1 No.852195

File: 4109c00232677b8⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 255x170, 3:2, pope_francis_black_eye.jpg)

474cdb No.852188

But really, they only had to read the first 7 words.

60cff3 No.852196


Where's the heat map link that anons were using to track the tunnels in McClean?

c8730d No.852197

Remember that one weekend where Q posted a ton of info? I hope that happens again.

099921 No.852198


licensed ham 3 years. GROL 33 years. CB 40 years.

5affd7 No.852199

File: 963d7afdeebc5ec⋯.jpg (869.7 KB, 1312x3802, 656:1901, CONE infograph.jpg)


i read the whole post and it's still compatible with cone earth since you were travelling E/W

a14c8b No.852200


Don't pass along specifics, and avoid timelines. Keep it big picture.

1cba8b No.852201


At the end of this, the Satanists will be killed. She'll be lucky to be in prison.

f0b96c No.852202


There have been smarter people then you that said it is not round,sorry you are wasting time on me.

2370b8 No.852203

File: 3c0913a8cda2b30⋯.png (10.32 KB, 392x162, 196:81, 2018-03-10 theres a reason….png)



>muh joos

What did Q mean by this?

e21b6a No.852204

File: 7223c9176f75264⋯.png (58.3 KB, 814x408, 407:204, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: b60e29d1b3c5d10⋯.png (59.17 KB, 775x435, 155:87, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

6b7ff1 No.852207

File: d160bb2496e6085⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1420767221304.jpg)



be502e No.852208

File: ef00d7dbd1b467d⋯.jpg (125.48 KB, 268x471, 268:471, Don'tAskUSmell.jpg)

e6b184 No.852209

Reminder to donate to Mike Flynn legal defense fund if you can:



81ddca No.852210


Nothing is ever truly deleted.

NSA has it ALL

d7295e No.852211


i feel you anon. i think when q is silent things are happening. or we need to keep digging.

0eb50b No.852212


Imagine having a life so pathetic that you can't even have an impact, but only disturb productive people who are making an impact?

And not only that, but you try to disturb ANONYMOUS people on an 8ch.net webpage?

Hahahaha, no wonder these useless sacks of amphibian shit recoil in terror at Trump.

They are absolutely terrified of reality.

ed3948 No.852214

have a few beers. don't listen to the fake news. God invented the word fuck… God is not a pussy. God IS.

a51b3d No.852215


No one really knows. Why do you think Israel is last? What do you think is the specific reason for

not mentioning them a single time? I, for one, don't know the answer to either question. There

is no context for developing an answer, or at least none that I can discern. Any ideas?

e21b6a No.852216

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

60cff3 No.852217


Still think that's what Q meant by "USMC Activated."

9072e5 No.852218


Under the procedures, however, a person can be convicted in a commission trial by a two-thirds majority of the commissioners: Unanimous verdicts are not required. Evidence, including previous trial testimony and written statements, will be admissible if it tends to prove or disprove the case at hand. The exclusionary rule, which keeps illegally seized evidence out of a civilian criminal trial, does not apply. The procedures do not provide for appeals from a guilty verdict to civilian judges. They do, however, call for "reviews" of a verdict by a three-member panel selected by the secretary of defense. No verdict will be final until approved by the president or the secretary of defense .

788f87 No.852219

File: 4279122ec52a75e⋯.jpeg (64.67 KB, 540x636, 45:53, Together.jpeg)

c00893 No.852220


As soon as that was dropped our level of jew shillery skyrocketed.

They meant it's a trigger for their sniffers, and we didn't need that kinda flac early on.

959064 No.852221


Mostly Hondurans. Read the news, Bozo.

0a9384 No.852222

Gaza border uprising

DH the new Cindy Sheehan

DC march for our deaths

Mexican border invasion

All together now




2fd00b No.852224



Sorry kid this board ain't affecting shit.

474cdb No.852226


I've read tons of stuff on Einstein and BY Einstein. The truth of the matter is that he himself recognized that the was a fundamental contradiction between both of his relativities. Just because there is something missing to connect the two does NOT mean that the missing connection is FE. Logical falacy. Like all other claims by FE'rs. Logicla fallacies and 'sleight-of-words' is all they've got.

164b4a No.852227

File: 47a431ada28b9bb⋯.jpeg (130.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, the jesuit pope.jpeg)

File: 1e262ff9596fe6c⋯.png (177.09 KB, 543x375, 181:125, jesuit oath.png)

6b7ff1 No.852228

File: 62ad324257c9a50⋯.jpg (143.28 KB, 600x705, 40:47, 1403594773690.jpg)


lmao, tight meming brudda

36c40e No.852229



Who thought the way to shut down non spherical 3 planeters would be Ham :) LOL

4c6a01 No.852230


MbS meetings:

Donald Trump

Oprah Winfrey

Jim Mattis

Stephen Schwarzman

John Kerry

Henry Kissinger

Antonio Guterres

Michael Bloomberg

Thomas Friedman

Bill Gates

Ernest Moniz

Lloyd Blankfein

Masayoshi Son

Madeleine Albright

Rupert Murdoch

Jeffrey Goldberg

Tim Cook

Elon Musk

Christine Lagarde

Peter Thiel

Alan Garber

e21b6a No.852231

File: c4cceeb53c10396⋯.jpg (120.17 KB, 640x652, 160:163, e9b25d3e9896f4377bd4d04d50….jpg)

File: 5af236213e994df⋯.png (171.83 KB, 626x329, 626:329, reticle.png)

File: 8d24fdb573a872a⋯.png (56.78 KB, 416x378, 208:189, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: f51864b6007b8b1⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1349x818, 1349:818, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

ad9b93 No.852232


He should have gone back to making women's blouses….

0a005f No.852233






More Crumbs for previous dough on Drudge.

http:// www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/LIVE-COVERAGE-Multiple-dead-and-hundreds-hurt-as-Palestinians-clash-with-IDF-on-Gaza-Border-547534

01746f No.852234


"Disguise," is one word for it. In truth, everything is energy. The third dimension is made of protons and electrons. Look how we have struggled to understand the frequencies it takes to make up just one proton. We have learned that a proton is a holographic particle, or at least a stochastic one. Once the complexity is reached, then the quantity resonates until it is at least the weight of an Iron proton and finally reaches the mass of a Hydrogen proton. Sounds simple now, but with all our CERNish studies have only revealed this much. We can increase the mass of a Hydrogen proton to perhaps 14 teraelectron volts before we splatter that protonic song into all its individual notes, and then Fourier Transform those into some sort of recipe that we just can't seem to duplicate.

The Fibonacci of nucleic addition of those protons gives us the Periodic Chart of the elements, and the rest is the "disguise," of which you speak. Gasses, rocks, planets, quasars, galaxies, etc. are all made of these same protons. Energy from other dimensions is converted into this dimension by stars and pumped into enormous patches of gas that will accrete into more solar systems, again through the Fibonacci process. If it has the right gravity, the right gasses, and a large enough meteor vacuum–like Jupiter is to our system–to protect the planets with liquid water, then life has a home until those rare conditions become impossible. Then, the souls move on to other worlds.

Have I thought about it? Yes. The answer is an equation, actually, not a single value. It's a relationship between consciousness and energy, and I am pretty sure they exist independently. Those intelligences in command of energy are awake to the process. Those who are commanded by the energy around them are, of course, asleep. And we decide which is right, and which is an illusion. (Moody Blues - "Knights in White Satin.")

6b7ff1 No.852235

File: 8fe257bf10caf60⋯.jpg (944.08 KB, 1197x2000, 1197:2000, 1432941116528.jpg)



0a1bf5 No.852236


FE requires the same skills as it took for us to elect POTUS . Remember all the debates. After while it was very clear who was telling the truth and who was lying. Take this same skill and you will find FE

2fd00b No.852237

File: 852c622f64f34be⋯.jpg (48.66 KB, 600x338, 300:169, PSX_20180222_133824.jpg)

db4d30 No.852238

File: 8c6cad1f4d596d3⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 578x156, 289:78, amazon dcb.JPG)

Opening bell on Monday for Amazon is going to get even worse than last week. DJT just took about $5.0B off of Amazon Op Income/yr.

Fuck Bezos.

9072e5 No.852239

File: ef16240bb9786d0⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 715x468, 55:36, mandy.jpg)


Ah, the doxxing of LAIMfag. I do not think Qresearch is what LAIMfag thinks it is.

c0ccf3 No.852240


The fringe has been there since at least 1933.

d56b21 No.852241


d8e178 No.852242

File: cf09dd2619774be⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1476x1080, 41:30, RAINMAKER1.jpg)

war room incoming

==> THANK YOU ANONS FOR THE QrCard idea! FABULOUS! will start working on distributing. For the twitter stuff, Here is the new design.

pls your input b4 it is finalized.

60cff3 No.852243


Yeah. That "shame" thing doesn't work on us either. We do what we do. If you don't like it, get out.

ba82db No.852244


*rips bong*

f0b96c No.852245


No we have proof of levelness and a nearby sun.

Globers have NASA and THEORIE'ssss

9072e5 No.852246

File: 27a47aef594d739⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 586x171, 586:171, bar.jpg)

6b7ff1 No.852247

File: 89479bd164c75f0⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 500x375, 4:3, -.jpg)


>you just set me up perfectly every sad time

36c40e No.852248


Neither scientist questioned the shape of the third planet from the sun.

164b4a No.852249

File: 43833d7dae61f99⋯.png (304.72 KB, 763x585, 763:585, jesuits rule.png)

File: 69d1979ee944bda⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Crosses, pope.jpg)

c002b1 No.852251


Thus, all the Shills.

CNN, MSNBC and the whole lot will be showing screenshot of 8ch Q Research Board with screenshots of Flat Earthers The Jews did it Memes, Nazi's Memes and any crazy commentary that anons have contributed. How my doing so far?

b9e83e No.852252


Einstein and Darwin are both controlled idiot puppets!

tesla was the real deal!

334926 No.852253

File: b66fdc7246a2c7c⋯.png (244.62 KB, 411x513, 137:171, gun-better-1.png)

113384 No.852254


>God invented the word fuck…

smfh Idiotfag!

ba82db No.852255

Nice digging on Jesuits, about time someone began drawing a tad more defined line about the Cabal.

Ayyyyyy lmaos nevar 4gets

f078d1 No.852256


it has mostly stopped here. (SE US.)

0e694a No.852257

File: ff344f08798948e⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1397x1790, 1397:1790, Capture _2018-03-31-15-48-….png)

As Q predicted- CNN now reporting on The Storm! Thanks Rosie!

a9aefc No.852258

Sealed Federal Criminal Indictments

NEW in March

94 Nevada

5a2123 No.852259

File: 2cc6feed0fa2cbd⋯.png (355.04 KB, 523x391, 523:391, anderson-cooper-collage-2.png)

File: f621f2696c543a9⋯.png (203.3 KB, 584x374, 292:187, suckerberg-a.png)

File: 40fbb00614c9fcf⋯.png (231.97 KB, 566x318, 283:159, trump-v-globalism.png)

a51b3d No.852260


Why @POTUS and not @realDonaldTrump?

e21b6a No.852261

File: 7430a6d909d7ded⋯.png (148.92 KB, 528x303, 176:101, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


Wanna Play a Game ?

c0ccf3 No.852262


"White power" is code for cocaine dealer.

6b7ff1 No.852263

File: 40bd9c43eacff50⋯.jpeg (224.68 KB, 1242x1793, 1242:1793, 27a1c7844be05e8775b008f2a….jpeg)

File: 37ce71d89f9fb71⋯.jpg (81.41 KB, 736x460, 8:5, 37ce71d89f9fb714f21115ceca….jpg)

File: 46f697786e3071d⋯.jpg (167.83 KB, 1080x1003, 1080:1003, 46f697786e3071d247f1b1c94e….jpg)

File: e2fc9d4aafe87eb⋯.jpg (10.08 KB, 174x255, 58:85, 58eb8abb408ed238a63dc41959….jpg)

File: 63a6bf38b7e8bed⋯.jpg (44.78 KB, 750x562, 375:281, 63a6bf38b7e8bed324350bfd1c….jpg)

36c40e No.852264


Cool Who would have thought it would be Ham radio that debunked the non spherical 3 planeters . But go.

164b4a No.852265

File: 5b6e885c02fe253⋯.png (338.36 KB, 503x504, 503:504, bent cross - satanic.png)

File: aec364476106ddc⋯.jpg (140.84 KB, 500x554, 250:277, Key - vatican 3.jpg)

b2e39c No.852266


BTW, these are going around on twatter and facecuck. The POTUS ones, too. Seen a few scrolling thru.

d8e178 No.852267


shorter. (you can do realDonaldTrump if you want to)

ba82db No.852268


What's in the Vatican Archives?

Wouldn't that be nice to know?

f078d1 No.852269


should I be worried about being on the wall of shame for suggesting to Q more than once: PEBKAC?

c0ccf3 No.852270


You're getting more than just the tip sweetheart.

ed3948 No.852271


well? who did dumbass? God invented EVERYTHING! including the word FUCK. dispute EVERYTHING?

ad9b93 No.852272


He said he was going to sue everybody all over the world for doxxing him KEk

6b7ff1 No.852273

File: 8169791e4c98a9f⋯.jpg (92.69 KB, 600x734, 300:367, 8169791e4c98a9fc48091acdd8….jpg)

File: 38839bbf5d55f6e⋯.jpg (123.63 KB, 900x563, 900:563, 9815650.jpg)

File: c0b8fa9695a172c⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 15672891_10150812516069980….jpg)

File: 3d3adaec646e796⋯.jpg (194.31 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, 18558653_10213103957259992….jpg)

File: 2e2c0b9fff5d9d4⋯.jpg (260.24 KB, 922x994, 461:497, 18855360-ilrHm.jpg)

e21b6a No.852274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4cf59b No.852275

File: 3464074ab3b329c⋯.png (327.49 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 8404424989a4e4a656da0b43ab….png)

9072e5 No.852276


Fuck off, moron. Just because an agency exposes crimes doesnt make it lawful and constitutional. It's stupid people like you who are ruining this country. Fucking sheeple.

d8e178 No.852277



ANONS ur comments pls

(when ever is 2 words, right?)

164b4a No.852278


Endless things they don't want the people to know. Why? hmmm

76a171 No.852279

Important — Add to Bread

Concerning claims of UK professor meeting with George Papadopoulos

Julian Assange:

>There is something very odd about the Joseph Mifsud story and the role of the UK in the 2016 US presidential election:

https:// mobile.twitter.com/AnonScan/status/980093345392418816

https:// mobile.twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/976943588394323973

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/976943588394323973.html

b9e83e No.852280


needs bumrushed

they have hidden shit for too long

but God is releasing the information

in last days knowledge will be unlocked

c0ccf3 No.852281

File: d424fd4ad71ad2d⋯.jpg (37.74 KB, 474x348, 79:58, muh flat earth.jpg)

9072e5 No.852282


Gravity makes formerly perfect boobies sag.

I hate gravity.

e09220 No.852283

File: eb105c52d9411d8⋯.png (67.95 KB, 130x72, 65:36, trust_logo_retina.png)

Another TRUST program to look into.

The mission of the TRUST project is to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts in Arizona and ultimately increase public awareness about the crisis as it relates to Arizona’s children.

http:// www.trustaz.org/index.html

Partnerships include

Amber Alert

Illuminate Agape Project


and many more

164b4a No.852284

File: c650e3198699c88⋯.jpeg (138.46 KB, 1000x518, 500:259, vatican throne 1.jpeg)

File: f716177ff5ce31c⋯.jpg (306.09 KB, 880x667, 880:667, vatican snake rm.jpg)

a51b3d No.852285


No. "Whenever" is one word.

e21b6a No.852286


Free Beer.

76a171 No.852287


This seems to be why Assange internet is cut

60cff3 No.852289


The way I see it, SOMEONE has been lying to me my whole life. This time, if in fact Q turns out to be a LARP, I at least made the choice myself as to whom I should consider trustworthy.

f078d1 No.852290


>Clowns are scared shitless

the clowns left are the ones who aren't smart enough to bug-the-fuck-out.

5a2123 No.852292


Not sure if the cabal has a leader

Maybe more likely they are committed to an ideal

and they are all pledged to secrecy

and they are all slaves to each other by blackmail

164b4a No.852293

File: 671c5991e73f8e2⋯.png (896.57 KB, 767x543, 767:543, vatican audience hall.png)

File: b11e2507cfd3323⋯.jpg (504.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, serpents tongue.jpg)

9072e5 No.852294


Funny, coz this is the time of year we kill our God to see if He will rise again. NavySealThreatFag is on his way. It's over, kiddo.

aebcc3 No.852295

File: 681c63b6c2dc346⋯.png (1.16 MB, 849x563, 849:563, ClipboardImage.png)

36c40e No.852296


The Pope did not just say no Hell. He said sinners souls disappear. As I remember my Christianity it was about salvation and redemption. Can we just toss this guy and bring back the dying one?

2f247a No.852297


Don't get excited about this one.

b2e39c No.852298

File: b58cd0bb0563f4d⋯.png (553.4 KB, 757x608, 757:608, aliens5.png)

File: f6fbeab76b8980b⋯.png (570.8 KB, 618x592, 309:296, aliens4.png)

File: c333f7387ca4f7c⋯.png (549.61 KB, 682x610, 341:305, aliens1.png)

File: b7213b5489ae170⋯.png (527.33 KB, 402x608, 201:304, aliens2.png)

b77233 No.852299


>war room incoming

>pls your input b4 it is finalized.

I've added this to Notables

ba82db No.852300


Remember anons:


If your dearest narrow minded dem tries to write it off as conspiracy, gently point them out to explain this slight increase in number of the Cabal puppets going to an extended vacation in some of our finest darkness containment facilities.




4c188b No.852301


What about "we know all, we see all"…

099921 No.852302


ham radio is really the cheapest way to undersand the fact that the earth is at least close to being round ( more like a blob if you discount the water and air) but our atmosphere is definatly a near perfect sphere (slightly bulged at the equator)

65c9b1 No.852303

File: 682f2f3933ca322⋯.jpg (291.29 KB, 825x576, 275:192, trust_movie.jpg)


Since we're on the topic, and because Q enjoys film.

d8e178 No.852304


duh *facepalm*

0a9384 No.852305

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

6583db No.852307


On intro and Mark Twain quote


Hope anons are feeling good today. A lot of winning out in the open and between the lines._X

e21b6a No.852308

File: 688daea52a8a04e⋯.png (460.81 KB, 733x474, 733:474, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: da95b5c3666e5a1⋯.png (460.14 KB, 934x562, 467:281, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 69d29ed759cdb99⋯.png (660.97 KB, 983x613, 983:613, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 2d9deed6c5e5082⋯.png (122.56 KB, 321x464, 321:464, aimdox.png)

File: 9ca2276f87305b3⋯.png (161.98 KB, 307x557, 307:557, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

Post this & watch fakeQ fuck right off.

ceb7f6 No.852309

File: e749af0a734aca7⋯.jpg (176.02 KB, 1314x767, 1314:767, Vatican Belt.jpg)

File: d1061a4d798ee7d⋯.jpg (366.58 KB, 2106x917, 2106:917, witout the text.jpg)


I actually wasn't sure whether I had found something bit or not so I searched around for winks of gold belts… I mean is this really how they do it?

My grandfather divorced my grandmother and I believe that's when some of us got the shitshow as my grandmother is clearly in on it - and she made this huge deal about what to name one of my sister's - that her life would be hell if she didn't get the right name and do X Y and Z - so… one of my sister's is in on it and the other isn't - and as a result that sister and I have been fucked with our entire lives.

But anyway…. here's what I found with a cursory look around and yea I think this is one way they make the transaction.

3e0a83 No.852310

>>851714 Wrong. The pony express was privately owned. A comprehensive private mail service would have developed.

9072e5 No.852311


I wish the BO would ban flat earth faggotry. It's off-Q.

d8e178 No.852312


thanks. I'll let you know later today.

cdfe83 No.852313


It was Alexander Downer in London, closely associated with

Hakluyt (now Holdingham Group Ltd) a private MI6 outfit, that met with Papadopulos. The FBI used AD's statement about Misfud to open the FISA interception warrants against the Trump camp.

f078d1 No.852314


i'd simplify it and say that 95% of all laws can be ditched. their purpose was to create a favorable environment for the cabal.

164b4a No.852315

File: 009c6f6141a03b1⋯.jpg (218.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Creepy Sculpture.jpg)

File: a902745e044b609⋯.jpg (119.82 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, pope kissing david rothcld….jpg)

2a6bc6 No.852316


Is that an Anthony Weiner documentary?

b2e39c No.852317

File: b2eff4b942a0182⋯.png (417.21 KB, 486x610, 243:305, wakeup4.png)

File: 44dbb4f8a1906fb⋯.png (568.55 KB, 452x586, 226:293, buzz2.png)

113384 No.852318

The United States Isn't a Country

— It's a Corporation!

"The UNITED STATES government is basically a corporate instrument of the international bankers. This means YOU are owned by the corporation from birth to death. The corporate UNITED STATES also holds ownership of all your assets, your property, and even your children. Does this sound untrue? Think long and hard about all those bills you pay, all those various taxes and fines and licenses you must pay for. Yes, they've got you by the pockets. Actually, they've had you by the ass for as long as you've been alive. In your heart, you know it's true. Don't believe any of this? Read up on the 14th Amendment. Check out how "free" you really are.

Treason was committed against the People in 1871 by the Congress. This could have been corrected through the decades by some honest men (assuming there were some), but it was not, mainly due to lust for money and power. Nothing new there. Are we to forgive and justify this crime against the People? You have lost more freedom than you may realize due to corporate infiltration of the so-called government. We will lose more unless we turn away from a democracy that is the direct road to disaster — and restore our Constitutional Republic."

http:// www.serendipity.li/jsmill/us_corporation.htm

a51b3d No.852319


Are you the war room anon? It was suggested earlier, when I was baking, to remove war room

from the dough. What are your thoughts? Reasoning was that you post in the main thread

enough that the dough mention is not required.

c9a1e2 No.852320


But first class US mail is the ONLY method to send something hat cannot be searched without a warrant.

c0ccf3 No.852321

File: 183074deff2dab0⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 474x429, 158:143, gay.jpg)


>An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members

I thought there were only 40,000?

e6b184 No.852322

File: 58331eb7aa75fce⋯.png (145.46 KB, 358x243, 358:243, cohen.png)


this is Andy Cohen w/ AC (not Ben M.)

164b4a No.852323

File: a0f4da45afa576c⋯.jpg (300.93 KB, 969x756, 323:252, Key - vatican 2.jpg)

File: cbf9617b90eadfc⋯.jpg (131.88 KB, 758x500, 379:250, swiss connection.jpg)

9072e5 No.852324


What's an "orbit?"

a93dc5 No.852325



36c40e No.852326


Maybe one day I will study and memorize and test. But 3-4 Grand to get a good system is a bit much right not other priorities.

0d5db5 No.852327


Every anon just read this in Inigo Montoya's voice. KEK!

f0b96c No.852328



#BREAKING: Trump to pick his former golf caddy to replace Hope Hicks as White House Communications Director.

You gotta love thus guy!

b9e83e No.852329


i could care less

im not a catholic, all organized religions are bad but they take the cake.

b77233 No.852330




164b4a No.852331

File: fb88fb3d30abd8e⋯.jpg (128.63 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, group pic 1.jpg)

File: a18bfebe492769b⋯.jpg (75.79 KB, 800x449, 800:449, YFW you KNOW.jpg)

f078d1 No.852332


also, POTUS can declassify anything instantly. he could (in theory) choose to declassify everything. he could also issue an EO that declassifies anything necessary for the tribunals.

6b7ff1 No.852333

File: 807928b22a1f144⋯.jpg (246.2 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 807928b22a1f144e7663f9ab64….jpg)

File: aadc12e11aed01d⋯.jpg (103.42 KB, 500x588, 125:147, 27i65z.jpg)

File: e7b3a431efb0732⋯.jpg (101.48 KB, 500x588, 125:147, 27i62q.jpg)

File: d7d7021f796a92e⋯.jpg (120.57 KB, 438x499, 438:499, d7d7021f796a92e32b9a8c8ee6….jpg)

File: aeeee45e7645692⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1113x590, 1113:590, aeeee45e764569218e6e4038a1….png)


4cf59b No.852334


Miss the boat often? Or was this is special occasion?

099921 No.852335


don't buy … build … much cheaper and you will understand so much more.

174d1d No.852336


Call it by it's true name: HUMAN TRAFFICKING

440f62 No.852337




>Arguing for/against Q = LARP


"Do (You) love your spouse?"


"Of course I do."


"Prove it."


"Do (You) think Q is/isn't a LARP?"


"Of course I do."


"Prove it."

Now, all of (You) STFU about Q=LARP!

Either Dig on something or GTFO!

c0ccf3 No.852338


The abuse all leads back to Tel Aviv,

0a9384 No.852339


Obama, Code Pink and Egypt: 'There Are No Coincidences in Politics'

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2011/02/03/obama-code-pink-and-egypt-there-are-no-coincidences-in-politics/

9072e5 No.852340


Namefaggots know nothing. Namefaggots must die.

ba82db No.852341

File: 5e3ab6ee9df2989⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 500x500, 1:1, pepeheart.gif)

File: 222217a85efa95b⋯.jpg (854.59 KB, 1500x1167, 500:389, pepeearth.jpg)


Only last pic is correct. No demons exist in Pepe Earth, only Pepes.


Pindar or some high satanic honcho. Whatever, do what you can for now.

e21b6a No.852342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

164b4a No.852343

File: c982ac19275f62a⋯.jpg (224.87 KB, 1185x759, 395:253, Pope w jewish world ppl, d….jpg)

File: 2218b414e33aaeb⋯.png (649.05 KB, 803x535, 803:535, vatican throne 2 - final f….png)

aebcc3 No.852344


Its only saving grace. Sounds like a great idea to add to a lot of other forms of communication.

a93dc5 No.852345


Umm… how about NO!

76a171 No.852346


Baker, motion to add this to bread…Important (the entire Steele Dossier case hinges on this since they needed to claim Trump campaign had foreknowledge of wikileaks release prior to DNC leak to support Guccifer 2.0 straw man story.)

788f87 No.852347

File: 8ae533bcd11aa40⋯.jpeg (129.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MAGAhoeDown.jpeg)

6b7ff1 No.852348

File: 1e0cedeee101d73⋯.jpg (643.66 KB, 728x600, 91:75, 1e0cedeee101d73cc834a66cf9….jpg)

File: 9d4dfb41b5bc10c⋯.png (616.17 KB, 1221x2372, 1221:2372, 9d4dfb41b5bc10ca5c09b73a18….png)

File: 502f875e4ac0808⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 564x699, 188:233, 502f875e4ac08085d72784aa45….jpg)

File: 544904933cd67d1⋯.jpg (316.15 KB, 727x1090, 727:1090, 544904933cd67d13fc4bc26369….jpg)

File: 218cebd8fc33960⋯.jpg (653.39 KB, 1169x633, 1169:633, 218cebd8fc33960c29fb9618ea….jpg)


demons exist and roam

we battle them daily to become


85792a No.852349


This is the best notables we've ever had since we started on 4chan. Fantastic organization anons. Let's keep up the hard work

474cdb No.852350


It says Israel.

It doesn't say the Jewish people.

If SA, NK and others were infiltrated by NWO, whose to say the state of Israel wasn't infiltated also?

My two cents:

There are currently three 'cities' that are outside the political jurisdiction of the countries where they're located.

[1] The city of london - Financial world powerhouse.

[2] The vatican - Religious world powerhouse (current).

[3] Washington, D.C. - Military world powerhouse.

The UN and the cabal along with them have always advocated for Jerusalem to be declared an 'International" city.

It's clear that by succeeding, they could claim Jerusalem as the World Capitol for the NWO with the other three city-states directly under their jurisdiction. All they would need to do is build an 'Embassy' for each of these city-states inside Jerusalem. There's your pyramid right there. With the all-seeing eye at the top.

With all the dirt, facts, and connections we've discovered, how far fetched is this scenario?

ba0a2e No.852351


Eric Holder is pretending to run for office so that when he is indicted, he can claim political persecution. Same for HRC and others. Watch. That is exactly how it will go down.

f078d1 No.852352


gravity is heavy.

8fa2ab No.852353



I'm sorry but: what are MKULtra chokers and cheetah prints in this context?

9072e5 No.852354


Here. ———-→ Q