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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

0de4cb  No.7106592

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7088054 rt >>7088006 ————————— If you look close enough you might see….

>>7088006 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7087942 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game? (Cap: >>7088219)

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: >>7089710)

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ——————–——– Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210)

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

>>7074775 ————————————–——– Sheep no more. (Cap/Vid: >>7074909)

>>7074370 rt >>7074324 ————————— How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

>>7074281 ————————————–——– Outside of the standard deviation? (Cap: >>7074291)

>>7073304 rt >>7073157 ————————— WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7073157)

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

Sunday 07.14.2019

Compiled here: >>7086925

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

0de4cb  No.7106596

Global Announcements

>>7077026 BO "thank you for vote of confidence"

>>7079301, >>7079338 BO summarizes bread reversion, no more captcha, and continued notables thread >>7003045

Bakers, Do not add Q's non-tripcoded posts to the dough


are not endorsements


>>7106016, >>7106121 ICYMI - George Nadler charged with sex traff

>>7106328 Graphic suggests Omar married sibling

>>7106255, >>7106437 RC digs this bread, Robin Chandler Duke, Robin Hood Foundation

>>7106575 #9092

#9091 bacer change

>>7105262, >>7105530 Were Renaissance 'cherubs' remade into naked children by/for pedo elite?

>>7104937 dig on the island temple Juan Pablo Molyneux

>>7105605 POTUS Schedule for Saturday(July 20th) and Sunday (July 21st)

>>7105694 Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into handling of Jeffrey Epstein

>>7105690 #carisjames - Caribbean island Little St James ?

>>7105810 #9091


>>7104130 First Lady Tweets on Apollo 11 Anniversary

>>7104486 Bernie Won't pay his Staff $15.00 hr wage!

>>7103883 Argentina Designates Hezbollah a Terror Group on Anniversary of Buenos Aires Bombing

>>7103936 Michelle Obama seemingly swipes at Trump amid 'send her back' controversy

>>7103949, >>7103990 Trump admin is revising the citizenship test for the first time in 10 years

>>7104086 U.S. Defense Secretary Authorizes Troops Deployment to Saudi Arabia

>>7104090, >>7104253 Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin have some thoughts on the space program.

>>7104100, >>7104412 Mohammed Ali Mosque has a Keystone Star of David and other digs

>>7104107, >>7104125, >>7104440, >>7104455 Apollo Global Management digs Robert Kraft

>>7104120 FBI agents during a raid on a Phoenix body-donation business find mis handled body parts

>>7104165, >>7104208, >>7104357, >>7104375, >>7104453, >>7104581, >>7104593, >>7104632 Epstein island and related

>>7104124 Notice how fake news stopped hysterical coverage of tankers once 5 pm passed?

>>7104187, >>7104415 Q posted a pic of Clinton at Casa de Campo' This location is a lexury hideaway and sits between Haiti and Epstein's Island.

>>7104408 Are children the Key Stone?

>>7096919 (2016), >>7097536, >>7104625 Planefag update

>>7096934, >>7097030, >>7097045, >>7097386, >>7097479, >>7097517 blue n white motif

>>7096942, >>7097421 EQ hits north of Athens, Greece

>>7096948 American Citizen who became an ISIS Sniper and Trained Other ISIS Members in the Use of Weapons Charged with Providing Material Support to ISIS

>>7096985 Gayzebo (Aleppo)

>>7096996, >>7097486 A new resolution introduced by Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) would "properly identify" Antifa as "Domestic Terrorists."

>>7097016, >>7097102 muslim-jihadis-gang-rape-torture-and-murder-60-year-old-christian-virgin

>>7097062 There’s a new Top Gun movie coming out. And Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket - only this time it’s Communist Party of China-approved, so the Japanese and Taiwanese flag patches are gone (screenshot on right is from the new trailer)…

>>7097078 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings may have missed the real reason why U.S. subscriber numbers plunged

>>7096998, >>7097206, >>7097103 George Nader indicted on child porn, child sex transportation charges

>>7097125 Global Resilience Federation needs digz

>>7097177, >>7097322 Chinese TIANGONG-2 Space Lab falling to Earth

>>7097186 @USNavy Maverick, you can be our wingman any time

>>7097243 2009 White Rabbit Gallery

>>7097339 911 dig

>>7097356 Marduk digg

>>7097396 Rand Paul goes after John Stewart

>>7097397 Hillary Clinton “Lost Emails” Topple Feared Terror Leader And Prime Minister In Single Day

>>7097425 Judge to Slash Planned Parenthood Lawsuit Against Undercover Baby Parts Videos

>>7097457, >>7097504 CEO Of World's Largest Asset Manager: "The ECB Will Buy Stocks"

>>7105359 #9090

Previously Collected Notables

>>7103834 #9089

>>7100640 #9085, >>7101459 #9086, >>7102257 #9087, >>7103015 #9088

>>7097571 #9081, >>7098333 #9082, >>7099091 #9083, >>7099872 #9084

>>7094341 #9077, >>7095238 #9078, >>7096073 #9079, >>7096808 #9080

>>7091230 #9073, >>7092023 #9074, >>7092775 #9075, >>7093618 #9076

>>7088265 #9069, >>7089119 #9070, >>7089848 #9071, >>7090495 #9072

>>7085092 #9065, >>7085848 #9066, >>7086981 #9067, >>7088501 #9068

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0de4cb  No.7106628

File: 11ff6af64d004fe⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1298x624, 649:312, ClipboardImage.png)



pastebin heavy loadz

handoff requestred

you ready, Feels Good?

abf03c  No.7106631

File: a3143dabc4e3c3f⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 632x358, 316:179, a3143dabc4e3c3f567832d5a88….jpg)


Great show, baker.

3e26af  No.7106632

File: 4c7c17a18c07167⋯.jpg (42.86 KB, 500x667, 500:667, justicejoslin.jpg)



2353d7  No.7106633

File: 14c07a194172744⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, thankyoubakerbunns.jpg)

3a8a2f  No.7106634

yo, will accept hand off


c86d9c  No.7106635

File: c3f9622f10e85b4⋯.mp4 (486.39 KB, 192x144, 4:3, IMG_7706.mp4)


Great night for a Storm.

7d7c6c  No.7106636

File: b4f8e52b4d995e9⋯.png (335.96 KB, 852x868, 213:217, BoobPoint.png)


Tahnks, Bkir!

591ca3  No.7106637

Fox host says Iran situation puts POTUS in a pickle

cbaac6  No.7106638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if you have not watched/listened to the latest A$AP Rocky video do it now

gotta catch the POTUS comms, this fucker is next level

0de4cb  No.7106639

File: 7c626486ede49a7⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 567x748, 567:748, mound.jpg)



7be7a6  No.7106640

File: a79220db4c1d8bb⋯.png (384.48 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 0fqnitha46r11.png)


Boobs for the Baker!

Boobs for Victory!

16d281  No.7106641

Well if it’s Schiffty’s watch that’s gonna be the end that’s not for everyone. Gah.

7d79db  No.7106642

File: 815edde7c86fcc8⋯.png (225.09 KB, 353x242, 353:242, gingerdome.png)

7ba3cf  No.7106643

File: cbe8526ce814028⋯.jpeg (47.33 KB, 475x457, 475:457, jesus4.jpeg)

abf03c  No.7106644


Go back to Fattit until you learn how to stop genderfagging.

669189  No.7106645

Prayers, anons. Eyes on.

All links LB








1d86b5  No.7106646

File: 84ef502a89bdf7a⋯.jpg (203.94 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, baker1.jpg)

File: 0f158ee91d15786⋯.jpg (181.2 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, baker-1.jpg)

File: 189cd7591138264⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 361x557, 361:557, baker8.JPG)

File: 0a528efce8473d5⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 466x701, 466:701, baker17.JPG)

File: 0e430b86d3d1e61⋯.jpg (113.09 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, baker18.jpg)


3a8a2f  No.7106647


ty baker

lite bread good bread

have a good one


1db20e  No.7106648

File: d2a3853ad689242⋯.jpg (19.31 KB, 255x177, 85:59, Pepe polar vortits.jpg)

16d281  No.7106649

File: 9467d893c362bef⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E9958202-4A79-45E3-AB9D-81….png)

f2b2be  No.7106650

File: 6bc811e54ac09c2⋯.png (740.62 KB, 733x687, 733:687, ClipboardImage.png)

8756ae  No.7106651



>next level ?

3e26af  No.7106653

2ff8ec  No.7106654

File: 50d0eb5f1e6f312⋯.jpg (281.11 KB, 576x537, 192:179, s&w.jpg)

>>7106414 (PB)

I'm a bit partial to this one. Care worn, but still tells the date and time.

d0a0cd  No.7106655

File: 3bb4fa00aaf8773⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 250x266, 125:133, muhnotables.jpg)

>>7106541 lb

Everyone agrees that organized crime is a major problem. Without Federal LE, the US would be one big organized crime mess.

The humor in your post is that it is from MintPressNews, officially copy pasta of Russia Today and Sputnik News. All owned by the Russian government, one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Is that called 'irony?'

Good morning, comrade.

Bakers, please beware of the attempted tying of Roy Cohn to Epstein for the purposes of tying them both closer to Potus.

cbaac6  No.7106656


just click the shit nigga

2ae116  No.7106657

File: ec50686475ee7cd⋯.jpeg (570.5 KB, 1125x1547, 1125:1547, 8BF16E16-4DD0-4994-9F35-E….jpeg)

File: d7b2524eb683068⋯.jpeg (219.68 KB, 1280x758, 640:379, F29D588E-9DFB-4D9E-A12E-D….jpeg)



bde5ff  No.7106658

File: 7329196017995a6⋯.jpeg (279.83 KB, 1242x947, 1242:947, 2E001A04-3176-4542-96AC-9….jpeg)

File: 64d886b58a427d2⋯.jpeg (565.83 KB, 2053x1558, 2053:1558, 3817A0B4-294B-4D7D-87F9-A….jpeg)

bfda99  No.7106659

File: 79ce8adfee43afa⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 299x195, 23:15, respect1.jpg)

File: 0f7d72d20f51b9a⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 299x199, 299:199, respect2.jpg)

File: f7d24a90adde4a7⋯.jpg (12.98 KB, 299x199, 299:199, respect3.jpg)

File: 1ae3a5a21c90bfb⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 300x199, 300:199, respect4.jpg)

File: 25abe893b73c640⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 253x165, 23:15, respect5.jpg)

914804  No.7106660

File: 7815f0eb216278c⋯.png (1.67 MB, 854x1207, 854:1207, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c19655a36a53d99⋯.png (916.59 KB, 854x1207, 854:1207, ClipboardImage.png)

(LB) >>7106619 Might be the perfect 'Dr No' Lair and

slide into the wall like a pocket door!

You should study the millionaire's doomsday bunkers

everybody has been building for Reference!

669189  No.7106662

How many times do I have to yell around here to get anybody's attention?

Ship Anon posted something that needs EYES ON in LB. Here's a fucking BUN.

Prayers, anons. Eyes on.








4ffc49  No.7106663

In terms of the Keystone, what is that demonic-looking face sculpted into the keystone of the door at Epstein's 71st house? Who is that supposed to be? Satan himself?

0f4409  No.7106664


nice titties. holy schnikeys… why did she put that junk in them? ARGH!!!

c86d9c  No.7106665

File: 5014897eb77bd4d⋯.png (510.87 KB, 800x450, 16:9, pickle.png)

bde5ff  No.7106666

File: 2ccf841fc615382⋯.png (247.46 KB, 499x332, 499:332, F3682004-F79F-4166-A3E3-EE….png)


Long Live The Notables!

0f4409  No.7106667


eclectic bewbs

74d521  No.7106668


nope. that timepiece has more than two sub dials

d9622b  No.7106669


maybe if you used less red text people wouldn't scroll past and would stop to read your post

7d7c6c  No.7106670

File: 8c3b0327d353334⋯.png (1.18 MB, 858x578, 429:289, Screenshot_203.png)



Does this look like her?

7ba3cf  No.7106671

File: 9fafa08c3c8fe77⋯.png (847.88 KB, 690x552, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

16d281  No.7106672


Thank Christ. I hate that guy.

abf03c  No.7106675

File: 3d16f7d4d7fe5d9⋯.png (233.85 KB, 724x724, 1:1, 6258c442d00f6b35e370b109df….png)


>Long Live The Notables!

Quads confirm

0f4409  No.7106676

File: f32c95d39395b85⋯.jpeg (9.71 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Pointin' Pep.jpeg)


what kind of alliance with that post? yeesh …

2a1e70  No.7106677


Can you actually refute any of the contents in the article or only disparage the source, like you do with Zero Hedge?

I think the fact that Meyer Lansky is outed that frightens you so.

914804  No.7106678

File: fe2cb5615b69620⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1346, 1024:673, Widow_with_Child.jpg)

File: 955952afa2d75dc⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Freedom on watch.jpg)

File: 8266381f6857e13⋯.png (499.69 KB, 920x908, 230:227, Screen_Shot_2018-05-31_at_….png)

>>7106659 Some MOAR Honor!

2ae116  No.7106680

File: 24e33792bf13412⋯.jpeg (783.54 KB, 1125x1796, 1125:1796, 57D1AE9F-D52A-4081-BB96-F….jpeg)



c67659  No.7106681

File: 862079fff75f5b6⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 640x320, 2:1, ThankYouForKeepingUsFree.jpg)

File: caedab8e0f7ec48⋯.png (883.7 KB, 604x680, 151:170, POTUS Trump paying his res….png)

File: dd187ca55cf6959⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1436x788, 359:197, MAGA:USMC:AMEN.png)



f5a7d0  No.7106682

File: efdd6f108b21709⋯.jpg (370.7 KB, 1200x1798, 600:899, 6BylaWN36T3mdA1YWOmK28V9an….jpg)


f2b2be  No.7106685

File: 1e2de3b52d25db2⋯.png (347.42 KB, 500x525, 20:21, ClipboardImage.png)

a58952  No.7106686

File: 05ed880a94ed94e⋯.jpg (263.64 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190719-203814….jpg)

9a5b03  No.7106687

File: 8cbf2966f74e241⋯.gif (2.76 MB, 470x320, 47:32, 1520958493543.gif)

0f4409  No.7106688

File: 0a69db37df4bf56⋯.jpg (472.88 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, was going to make you cook….jpg)


a41ed1  No.7106689

File: 55fe621ef41e6ee⋯.png (889.56 KB, 741x662, 741:662, ee.PNG)

File: 72f5465c7ff97e7⋯.png (533.56 KB, 923x557, 923:557, eee.PNG)

Fawaz Gurosi 2006 pic with gislaine

founder leaves company after 25 years in jan 2019 resignation anon you have this one ?

b5ca58  No.7106691


Them digits. Interdasting

669189  No.7106692

File: de612206ea8e876⋯.png (388.03 KB, 1586x870, 793:435, 2019-07-19-23:36:55-edt.png)

File: 1dddb30b9f934c1⋯.png (248.47 KB, 1753x939, 1753:939, 2019-07-19-23:37:10-edt.png)

File: 0905389f749ec3a⋯.png (476.5 KB, 1422x909, 158:101, 2019-07-19-23:37:21-edt.png)

File: b60ec2be9acafc0⋯.png (213.07 KB, 1421x655, 1421:655, 2019-07-19-23:37:33-edt.png)


Anons would you pray if our Operators were rescuing captives from a SLAVE SHIP?

Because that's what the message appears to suggest.

f2b2be  No.7106693

File: 6abbe5c9b96f07b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1181x626, 1181:626, ClipboardImage.png)


>Long Live The Notables!

c67659  No.7106694

File: 2c6538f4f7f3aec⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Chuck Schumer "Enough with….jpg)

944360  No.7106695

File: 553f818f41c8dd7⋯.png (118.1 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey, anons. Any of you have an archive/backup of the graphics from this bread:


It's mostly scrubbed

600055  No.7106696

File: ecb30704f56eba1⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1400x788, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Post from last bread.

Too Big To Fail

"Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case"

Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.

by Whitney Webb


53987a  No.7106697

File: 9406c0cc7af186d⋯.png (44.45 KB, 1200x464, 75:29, PULSE.png)



3d8f0a  No.7106698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

UnSpun 159 – Todd: "The Curious Tale of Baron von Sebottendorf"


This Todd dude has done some deep digging into the roots of the Masons and the Nazis, synopsis- they're Jews (Sabateans) who secretly converted to Islam. Mentions a Masonic order called "Keyholders"

f95cb7  No.7106699

File: 049428a5e572771⋯.png (1.08 MB, 906x845, 906:845, ClipboardImage.png)

Soros connection


944360  No.7106701



f5a7d0  No.7106702


Articulate for us slowfags why you think this is so significant.

7d7c6c  No.7106703

File: 6e4f5d0aad36a3e⋯.png (366.11 KB, 283x563, 283:563, Screenshot_204.png)

File: 18f99fc0e839624⋯.png (327.45 KB, 283x565, 283:565, Screenshot_205.png)

File: 7afe4c1cdb002e5⋯.png (402.37 KB, 311x572, 311:572, Screenshot_206.png)

File: e02172c6e451162⋯.png (516.92 KB, 382x570, 191:285, Screenshot_207.png)

File: 039a3f3effe80fc⋯.png (287.65 KB, 436x253, 436:253, Screenshot_208.png)

bde5ff  No.7106704

File: c4acb7623baa812⋯.jpeg (352.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, C6CCEFF6-F803-4ED1-9287-9….jpeg)

95759d  No.7106705


Like all the other bs websites? Veteranstoday, presstv, southfront, middleeastmonitor, etc? I think reuters is comp’d as well. Even John Solomon called them out this week or last on Hannity’s radio show. There are so many moar.

d63ad7  No.7106706

File: d6736e2ba16a7b8⋯.png (352.06 KB, 1506x895, 1506:895, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 52340a1dc41bb49⋯.png (421.56 KB, 773x522, 773:522, ClipboardImage.png)

oe blue dot?

one not?

c15304  No.7106707

File: 189493bc296521f⋯.jpg (76 KB, 489x599, 489:599, Keira_Knightley_2005.jpg)


Strange slide, this

1a7457  No.7106708


>here's a bun

>pay muh attentions!11

<a bunch of a shitposts and and isreali (((Unidentified Vessels))) false flag post

669189  No.7106709


I used no red text the first time I posted it.

3e26af  No.7106711

File: 3793f63f5b5e4fc⋯.png (146.41 KB, 258x352, 129:176, ClipboardImage.png)

natalie portman nightmares coming soon

e8af38  No.7106713

File: 0346fe3eb59c33d⋯.png (1.86 MB, 2829x1809, 943:603, Q_ANONBaby.png)

File: 1be5a59419de320⋯.png (1.54 MB, 2169x3000, 723:1000, n!17.png)

File: aaa8d7842e2f43e⋯.png (4.8 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 17BOOMS?.png)


The Q Baby may have been the final coincidence needed to prove that Q is mathematically certain to be real. This would be 17 coincidences lining up at once, which is outside of the standard deviation. n!17 is normal distribution and therefore mathematically impossible. In Q Post #3440, Q asked the date, notes the 17th, then asks for the 17th time "How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?" (Some of the many more coincidences in image…guessing there may be 17 of them & needs to be updated a little). Q#3440 also notes that the QBaby is outside the standard deviation.

This baby may been been frontrun by a series of Q posts that linked to VIPAnon on twitter (4 times), which account name is @Q_ANONBaby. This account seems to have been in preparation of the QBaby at the July 17th rally. The multiple VIPANon posts linked by Q match up with this baby at the rally.

The tweets have the following wording:

Q#1582) "#Qanon I'm all over Twitter. President Trump:"

with the picture of a Q shirt and VIP pass with the words, "Why is this relevant?"

-It is relevant because it was prepping for the real QBaby pic as the signifier.Also, #ABaby was trending on Twitter. The "President Trump." may reference sthe fact that it was a Q+ post.


Q#1621)"I was right in front just a little left of stage. At one point in the rally Trump pointed right at me… and acknowdged my Q shirt again. To me this was bigger than the first time… confirmation! #TrumpRallyfargo #wwg1wga #TheStorm #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump"

-This description is exactly where the QBaby was located in the crowd. QBaby was also pointed at & POTUS had emphasized meeting the beautiful baby, which had the Q on clothes.


Q#2347) "Ok Q family. I met @realDonaldTrump asked him the question,…..

See attached pic from 8chan.

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #BestPresidentEver #REDOCTOBER"

-According to POTUS describing the QBaby, it seems he had met the family in person. VIPAnon states in the linked tweet that he asked POTUS if Q was real and POTUS responded. "I don't know, maybe. I do know they are great people!" (Maybe the family asked the Q question also). This Q post calls out the picture as the signifier (seems to be the QBaby pic in post #3438). This is supposed to 'force' the Q. The response will be WWG1WGA. The post of the Qbaby only had the text WWG1WGA. This is from White Squall, which was linked to in Q#1621 (above) and derived the WWG1WGA saying.


Q#2593) "Obama administration gave 150 billion to our enemy Iran. Exporter of terrorism. they chant death to America. But the democrats can't give Trump and the US citizens 5 billion for the wall? #MAGA @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods #BestPresidentEver #QAnon #WWG1WGA"

- Q links to VIPAnons tweet and then the President's tweet from later that night (4:50am…4=D,50…D5). POTUS paraphrases the tweet as:

"The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?"

Q posts notes: "NAT SEC had to be included for reasons I'm sure you can understand."…Q be proven true through coincidences making mathematically certain (n!17)



669189  No.7106714


No, I'm going back to muh home bread where the folks are praying for the operators success.


5245a6  No.7106715

File: af51b52a7be6229⋯.png (1.67 MB, 929x1200, 929:1200, funerary2.png)

File: 5d69c9c018a925b⋯.png (740.17 KB, 900x440, 45:22, funerary.png)

File: e838bdb22c9d8e0⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 594x358, 297:179, spiritcooking.jpg)

File: 37849fc1912c247⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 594x373, 594:373, spiritcooking2.jpg)

File: 8a31d2c72bf4499⋯.jpg (65.5 KB, 594x404, 297:202, spiritcooking4.jpg)


No, FYI the subject is not since this year - it has been known and studied since the 70's when A. Fomenko of Russia discovered, while studying the famous 3-body problem in physics, that the Saros cycle eclipses recorded allegedly B.C., during the 27 year long war Peloponnesian War, actually took place

A.D. 1000 +

It's been studied for almost 50 years. Hundreds of books written on different aspects which derived from that original reveal. Almost all in Russian language.

It's hard and cold logic. It not about belief or "what we are told"

Came across a cache of photos today of "Spirit Cooking" event,

Looked like some images today from Notables.

Egyptian Funerary motif . See attached.

7ac0ff  No.7106716

File: ca28447e930e642⋯.png (51.01 KB, 386x1057, 386:1057, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6f6b5fb7365307⋯.png (66.68 KB, 397x831, 397:831, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b83e687c3c7591⋯.png (26.04 KB, 378x628, 189:314, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 40e3235a277465a⋯.png (53.76 KB, 601x554, 601:554, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons…anyone think that these MS13 who were just arrested are a bigger piece? Like they could have gotten caught with incriminating messages with some people.

c86d9c  No.7106717



Former candidate in Florida.

74d521  No.7106718


no fukkin table

a small world isn't it?

16d281  No.7106720

File: 49fd455051b223d⋯.png (356.5 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C0015245-014E-47C8-81FB-85….png)

From last bread, the FOIA request filed by Ty Clevenger re Seth Rich and Assange is classified under EO 13526 sec 4.1.

I screenshotted it. Which do you think applies?

bcae80  No.7106721


That's a man on the right. Has to be.

You anons have shown me that many of these family trees don't branch… much.

95759d  No.7106722


Can you actually prove anything in the story? Same old bullshit, post it and say prove me wrong is your M.O.

f2b2be  No.7106723

File: 5269a2a02238113⋯.png (1.18 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

914804  No.7106724

>>7106711 She is Jewish!

663c53  No.7106725

File: b3f0bf122292ea2⋯.png (181.42 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, F471E7BD-6436-4D0F-A6B1-F8….png)

File: 25f6e92f3684075⋯.png (141.77 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, FC2DDF41-CDE8-4151-AABA-09….png)

>>7104187 lb

Hey Boatfag. Saw all your posts on Alamitos Bay. Good job.

I did dig on Baum fam. Don’t know where to go with it. Baum senior involvec with California and Hawaii water company. Fam own a small beauty salon on Rose St. in Venice. Doesnt even make top 50 salons in the area. And Venice is small. The website is lame too, for a fam with all that money. Here’s their properties.

7d79db  No.7106726

File: fa5c8b6f3df8ea2⋯.png (566.62 KB, 516x510, 86:85, OwlBrow.PNG)


Nice owl-brow on him, and pedo earrings on her?

68b701  No.7106727

File: a1b6d436f64a840⋯.png (298.51 KB, 700x500, 7:5, Stickers!!!.png)

d90512  No.7106728

File: 05d8e9a1d5836c4⋯.png (394.74 KB, 983x2879, 983:2879, Screenshot_2019-07-19 Vess….png)

File: 16ced6466f2f632⋯.png (125.58 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-19 Mari….png)


Track for tanker STENA IMPERO is over 11 hours old now. I do recall putting a post up for her earlier this afternoon as boatfags keep weird hours around here. Not sure what else I can do for ya anon

0f4409  No.7106729

File: ef824d6364d463f⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 255x134, 255:134, garden hoser.jpg)


every single time this guy talks….think this meme attached.

16d281  No.7106730


Sorry, *1.4

17f834  No.7106731

File: 9ad13cdc03a26b7⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 255x187, 15:11, JUSTICE-SHILLS.jpg)




Isn't it cute, how the little faggot shills jump all over each other's little pin dicks, like confirming shit somehow magically makes it worthy of belief? Fuck off, and kys! Payday is coming, but not the shekel kind you are used to. (Now watch, as they all call me a kike or a jew. Standard shill operating procedure. So original! NOT)

fbfec0  No.7106732

File: 08515e15abadca5⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1439x2809, 1439:2809, Capture _2019-07-19-22-37-….png)

File: 5151d1ef4f38951⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1431x2404, 1431:2404, Capture _2019-07-19-22-38-….png)

File: 92c1f6a3114e8e8⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1433x2439, 1433:2439, Capture _2019-07-19-22-39-….png)

File: 18462292d078f50⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1435x1688, 1435:1688, Capture _2019-07-19-22-39-….png)

File: 002bd6cc35ca852⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1439x2598, 1439:2598, Capture _2019-07-19-22-36-….png)

39fc20  No.7106733

File: 89794f1fc4e45c1⋯.png (477.74 KB, 1080x1305, 24:29, Screenshot_2019-07-19-23-3….png)

Captured vessel

Stena Impero = Impersonate

Maybe not a cargo ship or maybe not the "cargo" it's supposed to be carrying.

f08ba8  No.7106734

File: 371ed71d10c7540⋯.png (747.57 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A9703E1D-1208-4507-AACA-F2….png)

File: 165e23434f90665⋯.jpeg (156.47 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 32DC7443-693D-48F5-AB5E-1….jpeg)

File: 738822265d4f135⋯.jpeg (226.75 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 39AFC5A8-458F-4AB0-A28C-D….jpeg)

File: 81ab68e9b31d2bd⋯.jpeg (14.04 KB, 255x179, 255:179, 8E01F4AB-3203-4CF3-ADED-A….jpeg)


c67659  No.7106735

File: 7e27b577ddaf23e⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1440x796, 360:199, Ghislaine "Millstone" Maxw….png)

777ab3  No.7106737

File: a7ccadace81f7b3⋯.png (530.89 KB, 1295x420, 37:12, ClipboardImage.png)

1390d2  No.7106738

File: 73282dc260a6ce3⋯.jpeg (220.59 KB, 533x800, 533:800, FD1CA441-C3A4-415A-91C7-8….jpeg)

Ty baker

fbfec0  No.7106739

File: fc3660c7352f1fd⋯.png (627.12 KB, 1401x1330, 1401:1330, Capture _2019-07-19-22-09-….png)

53987a  No.7106740


moh pirates

e575d8  No.7106743


THIS is a more legit news source than most.

We do it for the love of it.

bf5b07  No.7106744


you mad, bro?

d34016  No.7106745

File: b2389106ed8f6ff⋯.png (326.28 KB, 630x405, 14:9, harvard.png)

fbfec0  No.7106746


Oh hellllllll naw!

459ed9  No.7106747


Notable Autisim

914804  No.7106748

File: e7ec2939d49f780⋯.png (60.19 KB, 211x255, 211:255, ClipboardImage.png)

>>7106733 They will say that to distract the masses from Brexit!

b5ca58  No.7106749


>owl brow

Thanks for giving that a name. Kek

I’ve noticed the brows too

3a8a2f  No.7106750



last night someone discussed Amulak dynasty? Not sure if i have that right. Are you familiar?

1d86b5  No.7106751

File: 800cd8c7e163d54⋯.png (555.06 KB, 702x779, 702:779, bh_shhr.png)

File: 0017cd183a0da7c⋯.jpg (515.07 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, bh_wet_shw.jpg)

File: 25f4bee11396587⋯.jpg (252.95 KB, 1143x800, 1143:800, bh_wlace.jpg)

File: 8172db0fa520df5⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 500x358, 250:179, bhg_azn_rb.gif)

File: a6141950f36c7fb⋯.gif (3.14 MB, 479x379, 479:379, bhg_denim.gif)


>eclectic bewbs

eclectic bottoms

f2b2be  No.7106752

File: 12b1fdad9f99682⋯.mp4 (2.41 MB, 202x358, 101:179, BanaAlabed.mp4)

d90512  No.7106753

File: 58cbe81ad946c83⋯.png (95.25 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-19 STEN….png)

17fb13  No.7106754

Best looking men ever, but too short:

Paul Newman

Matt Mcoughnahey

My type: 6' +


Donald Trump

Any suggestions Anons who live in NY?

2a1e70  No.7106755


If you dispute something specific in the article then say so, and show why with evidence. If not you're just being contrarian.

d0a0cd  No.7106756

File: 84cb8f18ce8b155⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 474x313, 474:313, 309jfasmndfsa;lkdfs.jpg)


The sources are the Russian government and it is all propaganda. The Russian government has been lying to its own people for 100 years.

Do you expect anyone to believe that truth is of any concern to the Russian government?

Every article in every Russian government owned publication is based on its agenda.

229350  No.7106757

File: d63bbc72769921d⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1743x927, 581:309, Vowl.png)

Swirls and shells in the owls breast in the garden of Versailles.

bde5ff  No.7106758

File: 76691c1647de0bd⋯.jpeg (65.69 KB, 504x333, 56:37, 41040650-D02B-4CD3-B01B-B….jpeg)

1390d2  No.7106759

File: bfcc1fb6c4f19e3⋯.jpeg (298.65 KB, 630x1144, 315:572, 0BE0C695-25B9-4DC5-8E2C-7….jpeg)

2f781e  No.7106760

Am watching Born on the Fourth of July. They splice in clips from real tv broadcasts from Viet Nam war.

Scene just showed a mob burning the American Flag. The newscaster said, "Chicago has an Alice in Wonderland quality. Thing keep getting curiouser and curiouser."

320228  No.7106762

NBC Philadelphia reported on senators that visited a local facility holding illegals. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) said it was like a school that nobody could leave. That was the worst she could say about it. There is only 20-something people there so no overcrowding. I've seen how she acts during hearings; probably was hoping to uncover horrible conditions to throw at Trump.

8756ae  No.7106764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dems remind me of this guy:

Yeah…that's the ticket.

Jon Lovitz Appears as the Pathological Liar on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

74d521  No.7106765


lol the last pic looks like a Timex Indiglo

8743e7  No.7106766


where you b?

444093  No.7106768

File: 616386febdd618d⋯.png (43.05 KB, 800x439, 800:439, screenshot-9090.png)

screenshot of


lotsa deleted posts

7d79db  No.7106769

File: 4d419bd7ca75e4c⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 512x512, 1:1, OwlBrow.jpg)


mark of a Satanist

c86d9c  No.7106770



Anon shows 17 links on Qbabyanon as a proof.

17fb13  No.7106771



d1835f  No.7106772


Anon with firsthand experience with gatehouse. Gatehouse came out of bankruptcy and formed Gatehouse-NewMedia. Soon after it started buying up smaller market papers (think 100k populations and smaller), and began building a centralized copydesk in Austin. (Pagelayout and proofing) The have one of the worst records after purchasing these smaller market newspapers, even the profitable ones, of stripping their news desks down to bare minimums. Usually the first goal is to slowly kill off copydesks. One can say that this is a fine business move to consolidate, but the paper then becomes less locally derived from a reporting standpoint both local national and internationally and ends up being a regurgitation of whatever comes out on the AP wire.

78f1ac  No.7106773

Is the corrupt House of Representatives, or Trump administration not reintroducing a new media anti-propaganda bill because they both think they are winning? Why is this shit show good for Americans?

600055  No.7106774


Part Duex coming next week.

06678e  No.7106775

File: 004f2662c8f488c⋯.jpeg (106.35 KB, 1024x647, 1024:647, 2D229A06-EE80-4883-B228-9….jpeg)


>Sometimes the people getting eaten do it willingly.


Dark Researcher: Have you eaten human flesh before?

rambelang1: yes a few times, I ebjoyed it

Dark Researcher: What did it taste like?

rambelang1: well it was cooked over charcoal and hckory smoke which alltered te flavor so pretty much like a smoked pig

Dark Researcher: And what was the part of the body it came from

rambelang1: well the whole body was cooked, actually I got a tender slice of juicy run and took both feet

rambelang1: rump

Dark Researcher: whhere was this?

rambelang1: texas with a leather cliub, they had an annual pig roast

rambelang1: went 7 times

Dark Researcher: So did you get to see the guy die?

rambelang1: yes they all were begun cookig alive

Dark Researcher: How old were these men?

rambelang1: 1-25

rambelang1: 18

1a24af  No.7106776

File: 653a7159596eacf⋯.jpeg (99.87 KB, 720x652, 180:163, C2DAA3F8-4EE0-4330-99A4-1….jpeg)

17f834  No.7106777


Noooo! Not my little princess! KeK!

01a430  No.7106778

File: 5cb48d6e84f5519⋯.jpeg (136.3 KB, 828x498, 138:83, 9B5138B2-F281-4BBE-BFCC-8….jpeg)

File: d1ba7c1c66b35cf⋯.jpeg (151.87 KB, 828x1062, 46:59, 93D7E5F6-4488-46D3-ACE9-7….jpeg)

File: 6bafbf4601e257d⋯.jpeg (75.89 KB, 828x783, 92:87, AC091DDB-FFA2-4849-AB47-8….jpeg)

File: 99a096d3d9f263b⋯.jpeg (253.05 KB, 828x1216, 207:304, FB4A5019-0AA4-4418-981B-7….jpeg)

File: d45ee22e8545b0b⋯.jpeg (270.81 KB, 828x501, 276:167, D9AD7565-9373-4756-81A8-1….jpeg)

Finish them.

Finish them all.

2155d6  No.7106780

Christianity in the United States. Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States, with 75% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2015. This is down from 85% in 1990, lower than 81.6% in 2001, and slightly lower than 78% in 2012.

It's bigger than the devil you know.

Earth is'nt there only stronghold.

It's going to evolve past christianity.

The cross was used by Christians to represent the death of christ. It has been around a lot longer than that.

Water flows across the land

Fire burns upwards

Esoteric Science (Magic)

To use it against someone for selfishness

Black Magic

2a1e70  No.7106781

File: cb71c8e2db38a5a⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 324x235, 324:235, 1474044520692.jpg)


muh Russia

0f4409  No.7106782

File: 208ba941c7930d7⋯.jpeg (20.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, squid pepe.jpeg)


saved and thanks. trading in muh old one Used meme available …obo…

0a349d  No.7106787



Also a question re the drone - if not Iran's then WHOSE???

DUBAI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran said it had seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday but denied Washington’s assertion that the U.S. Navy had downed an Iranian drone nearby this week, as tensions in the Gulf region rose again.


0f4409  No.7106788



e575d8  No.7106790


I don't watch horror movies because I know about the Body Farm, outside of UT-Knoxville.

Hell naw.


0d223f  No.7106791

To old to learn computer skills anon said gave theory that Tulsi is the chosen one. Went to cook & eat dinner, came back and read replies. Nothing disputeded the theory.

In fact, most supported the theory. 'She's the only sane one'. Anon asked for a dig. Oh well, maybe it's to early. Timing is everything.

b42ca8  No.7106792

File: 4e38cccb24f2cd5⋯.png (344.84 KB, 600x525, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94d344ed7b83d67⋯.png (1.18 MB, 940x545, 188:109, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone who thinks Trump is racist forgets about his ex girlfriend Kara Young

(pics related)

Memers have at it

95759d  No.7106793


Not posting russia, iranian, ds or controlled opposition sites.

2ae116  No.7106794

File: 784716a4a11733b⋯.jpeg (699.03 KB, 1125x1679, 1125:1679, F3B512C0-D9F4-45A8-AF01-D….jpeg)


Yes, Mamluk Dynasty. I’m guessing typo on your end?

bcae80  No.7106795

File: e484246c9fc5462⋯.jpg (143.42 KB, 2100x1220, 105:61, my-eyes_o_1467675[1].jpg)


the first ones color scheme. bright blue and bright red… wow the retinas

bde5ff  No.7106796


"Oceanographer Ghislaine Maxwell"?

Because she catches tuna?


1a24af  No.7106798

File: 685074bb42cbad6⋯.jpeg (107.43 KB, 1010x657, 1010:657, 6EF4A22B-47B2-472E-9C5B-6….jpeg)

537776  No.7106800

This is not looking good


b3e8a4  No.7106801


See, I think this is hilarious. I'm I suppose to say KEK?

f2b2be  No.7106802

File: a573534e1f1e687⋯.png (1006.22 KB, 600x938, 300:469, ClipboardImage.png)

177a82  No.7106804

File: 13e02798eff6363⋯.jpeg (103.43 KB, 900x750, 6:5, 4B870079-ECA0-4F74-9099-0….jpeg)

For reasons of life style, then, the tenor says he and his wife, Mindy (an administrator and teacher in the Montessori schools), have chosen to raise their children, Shannon, 4, and Allison, who’ll be 2 on July 29, in this country. ( From LA Times in 1985 ). Article is about Jonathan Mack. The family returned from Germany to Long Beach.

c67659  No.7106806

File: b9b4de8be85890c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1440x796, 360:199, B(2) = BB = Baby! Q Proo….png)

a0457f  No.7106807


this^^^^^is a jew

bde5ff  No.7106808


Half Chan. Kek!

886fa6  No.7106809

File: cfc04a025e1e6bc⋯.jpeg (24.5 KB, 450x253, 450:253, DD77D506-896D-4174-ACB7-6….jpeg)

d63ad7  No.7106810

File: 8bb6286ffb2122e⋯.png (456.08 KB, 591x618, 197:206, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a8d2637cf4d441⋯.png (362.31 KB, 586x571, 586:571, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b52638365e7097⋯.png (378.77 KB, 482x419, 482:419, ClipboardImage.png)

7ba3cf  No.7106811

File: fbac664276c6dea⋯.jpg (229.24 KB, 639x749, 639:749, afavsv.jpg)

2ae116  No.7106812


Image was mistake.

a0457f  No.7106813


^^^^this is Rabbi Eisen, he never leaves

068072  No.7106815

File: fc89f79ce2f1688⋯.jpg (224.24 KB, 800x376, 100:47, TitGtfo.jpg)

0f4409  No.7106816


that is not the florida bomber's supposed van, is it? member that fiasco? Down in DebbieTown?

06678e  No.7106817

File: 5f1324c506f3784⋯.jpeg (34.47 KB, 545x540, 109:108, 58B06F9A-71ED-4595-9AA8-A….jpeg)


The Dems are holding off until the last minute to announce a latecomer to the race.

3e26af  No.7106818

File: f3f8aea0608ef17⋯.jpg (63.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pn.jpg)

1db20e  No.7106820

File: 183bd09f8417bd2⋯.jpg (71.77 KB, 689x362, 689:362, mirati therapeutics dump b….jpg)

File: fd8838942e18de4⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 689x362, 689:362, mirati dump.jpg)

File: 07aeffe7959436f⋯.png (108.58 KB, 477x316, 477:316, tavistock group.PNG)

Mirati Therapeutics sold by Boxer Capital L.L.C.(Owned by Tavistock Grp.)- $71.26m-July 17

Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on developing a pipeline of targeted oncology products.

The Company's clinical pipeline consists of three product candidates: MGCD265, MGCD516 and mocetinostat. MGCD265 and MGCD516 are orally-bioavailable, spectrum-selective kinase inhibitors.

Both MGCD265 and MGCD516 are in development to treat patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and other solid tumors. MGCD265 is in Phase Ib clinical development and MGCD516 is in the

dose escalation phase of Phase I clinical development. Mocetinostat is an orally-bioavailable, spectrum-selective histone deacetylase (HDAC), inhibitor, which is in Phase II development.

Mocetinostat is being developed for the second line treatment of patients with bladder cancer and non-hodgkins lymphoma (NHL), specifically focusing on diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), and follicular lymphoma (FL).

Number of employees : 51 people.



Boxer Capital, LLC, a private investment firm, invents and invests in biotechnology drug development companies across multiple therapeutic indications.

Founded by the life sciences team at Tavistock Group in 2005, Boxer identifies investment opportunities throughout the business life-cycle – from positions with mature biotechnology companies, to assisting with the building of new biotechnology companies.

This unique investment approach has positioned Boxer as a key player within the biotechnology space, aiming to foster investments that will lead to some of the greatest developments in the medical markets.


Mirati Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MRTX) Lowered to “Buy” at BidaskClub

BidaskClub cut shares of Mirati Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MRTX) from a strong-buy rating to a buy rating in a research note issued to investors on Thursday, BidAskClub reports.

Other analysts have also recently issued reports about the stock. Citigroup upgraded shares of OIL SEARCH LTD/ADR from a sell rating to a neutral rating in a research note on Tuesday, June 4th.

Guggenheim cut shares of Mirati Therapeutics from a buy rating to a neutral rating and set a $95.56 price objective for the company. in a research note on Friday, June 7th.

Cantor Fitzgerald boosted their price objective on shares of Mirati Therapeutics from $66.00 to $85.00 and gave the stock a positive rating in a research note on Tuesday, June 4th.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. restated a buy rating and issued a $69.00 price objective on shares of Daimler in a research note on Friday, July 12th. Finally, Barclays restated an overweight rating and issued a GBX 3,150 ($41.16)

price objective on shares of in a research note on Wednesday, June 5th. One analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, five have assigned a hold rating and twelve have assigned a buy rating to the company’s stock.

The company has a consensus rating of Buy and an average price target of $94.70.


b5ca58  No.7106822


>“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she added.

>Young was asked if she thought Trump was racist or supported white supremacist ideals, she said, “That was not my experience.”


d0a0cd  No.7106823

File: 9d39fcf8bcfca87⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 474x633, 158:211, 23okfdonasdfnasdf.jpg)


No, not 'muh Russia' No one bought that shit.

This is just 'fucking Russia'

0b6139  No.7106824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Youtube algorithm brought this one up next.

Think Mirror.

2a1e70  No.7106825


Thank you Gatehouse anon


>newfag doesn't realize post number apply to more than one thread

31cac1  No.7106826

File: ac70b5e6bff3336⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1164x822, 194:137, Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at ….png)

0c9e26  No.7106827


I hope there is a connection with Newsom, Brown, Pelosi. We know there is a connection just no proof…

01a430  No.7106828

File: e0bcbb6419cbb14⋯.jpeg (209.69 KB, 828x992, 207:248, EED45924-CE7F-4A2C-B89E-A….jpeg)

File: e79d18c8028e93f⋯.jpeg (145.26 KB, 828x781, 828:781, 4DACFA17-C9DA-446F-906C-4….jpeg)

File: 11470e016ca0452⋯.jpeg (171.2 KB, 828x613, 828:613, D5AACD2F-E4BB-4C80-9B78-1….jpeg)

File: c5b767c4be01365⋯.jpeg (86.05 KB, 828x594, 46:33, 12470B09-A2DD-4B20-8518-8….jpeg)

File: 82f588d9d1f6479⋯.jpeg (332.66 KB, 828x1004, 207:251, D280DE8F-9951-4A6F-859E-5….jpeg)

Worldwide Pedopurge.

Merciless retribution.

0f4409  No.7106829


it was where this all had a genesis, then an exodus…

06678e  No.7106830

File: 6b4f04819b15cec⋯.jpeg (96.42 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1713D603-4E5B-4E69-B38B-A….jpeg)


FartFag is a Homo.

1db20e  No.7106831

File: f1b7bf135844a9b⋯.jpeg (17.46 KB, 255x242, 255:242, sessions russia bullshit.jpeg)

5245a6  No.7106832


visuals are like a Disneyland ride.

What is he in trouble for?

f5a7d0  No.7106833


*shrug* They're gonna spin it how they want to spin it. Eventually the facts will catch up with them and bite them in the ass.

045b9a  No.7106834

File: 3178f049365744e⋯.jpg (498.97 KB, 961x1264, 961:1264, Van Donald.jpg)


06678e  No.7106836

File: 3f5aa96956c0c1f⋯.png (115.7 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 8522D6CF-559A-485D-AEC5-00….png)



17f834  No.7106837

File: fe4bccc443f0e5a⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Andy Rooney.jpg)


What about this old propagandist fuck from 60 Minutes? It is said children could get lost in his brows, until he ate them.

229350  No.7106838

File: 2454c93da250eef⋯.png (165.36 KB, 287x289, 287:289, Belinus - Belenus.png)

File: f42d44064ee91e6⋯.png (311.31 KB, 379x593, 379:593, Belinus WET MAGIC The Hous….png)

File: c7637182db80d2f⋯.png (674.47 KB, 875x584, 875:584, London Stone.png)

File: ba03649dff113f3⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1272x962, 636:481, London Stone Pedo.png)


Are they making fish people?

b89a4e  No.7106839

File: 5007d78f403db58⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1938x1312, 969:656, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

2a1e70  No.7106840

File: 71fa6ddc25774df⋯.png (188.79 KB, 339x378, 113:126, 1472572469779.png)


but, but muh Russia!!

muh Russia is bad!!

1db20e  No.7106842

File: abe0f2210cdce58⋯.png (191.63 KB, 597x395, 597:395, ginger ET.png)

a694bb  No.7106843



you made him look moar……alive

5245a6  No.7106844

File: fae3e9223d47a52⋯.mp4 (586.45 KB, 720x720, 1:1, russia.mp4)

c67659  No.7106845

File: 0b7053c3a65bda5⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1440x797, 1440:797, Kathy Zhu MAGA.png)

0f4409  No.7106846

File: 37aa7a2ed05010e⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 264x453, 88:151, Big Mike?.jpg)


touching power makes previous"floti?" hungry

320228  No.7106847

File: 149a9dfea9d7a56⋯.jpg (307.22 KB, 2000x1358, 1000:679, 190719-tyreek-hill-al-1238….jpg)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — "Tyreek Hill has been cleared to report to Chiefs training camp next week after the NFL said Friday it would not suspend the star wide receiver under its personal conduct policy after a domestic violence case involving his 3-year-old son.

The league spent eight hours interviewing Hill late last month about the case, which came to light after a recording of Hill and his fiance, Crystal Espinal, aired on television station KCTV5.

The criminal investigation into Hill began in March, when police were called to his home twice and determined that his son had broken his arm. But it became public knowledge with KCTV5 aired an 11-minute recording made by Espinal in an airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in which she tells Hill that when the boy was asked about his injured arm he replied: "Daddy did it."

Hill denied any role in what happened to the child, saying: "He says Daddy does a lot of things." And when Espinal says their son is "terrified of you," Hill replies: "You need to be terrified of me, too."


068072  No.7106848

File: bea017c89d09ba1⋯.jpg (177.42 KB, 540x800, 27:40, YouFish.jpg)


b5ca58  No.7106849

File: a96228b4c362a01⋯.jpeg (80.36 KB, 400x608, 25:38, 18D31B3B-F965-4844-A235-2….jpeg)

01a430  No.7106851


Fish people on acid.

1a36d7  No.7106852

File: 957aa329263c646⋯.jpg (87.57 KB, 650x500, 13:10, 363f17.jpg)

3d8f0a  No.7106853



I think maybe the significance of the temple is that Epstain and the whole baby raper cult are actually Muslims,

3d20db  No.7106854


It was a glorious end to one of all time's greatest fire fights.


febd5c  No.7106856

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I-Team Exclusive: Man behind 'Storm Area 51' talks


Btw what is that poster behind him?

a694bb  No.7106857


oooooh… Trump not likey maxie

7d7c6c  No.7106859

File: b3e71202971f8aa⋯.mp4 (2.01 MB, 460x574, 230:287, Monkeypeek.mp4)

229350  No.7106860


fish people clones on acid

c818a3  No.7106861

File: fce701b7ed15a6a⋯.jpg (186.08 KB, 720x477, 80:53, anjel_scope_005.jpg)

b42ca8  No.7106862

File: 8ec2a9a389d1fd8⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)




Not to mention Melania was an immigrant

d90512  No.7106865


It is very common for a merchant ship to have Filipino crew members. They work hard, rather cheaply, and are cheap to feed. Back when I was still active USN I got a chance to visit the original RO/RO carrier TOSCA of the Wallenius Lines. Over half her crew were Filipino and most of the officers were from Norway

4f941d  No.7106866

File: b79181eb59f0346⋯.png (706.29 KB, 634x849, 634:849, comey 6.png)


You might like this guy.

e8af38  No.7106867

File: 6275864eeb1b24d⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2829x1809, 943:603, Q_ANONBaby.png)



Check it out

836d4b  No.7106868

File: d990b049d42a1b0⋯.png (9.81 KB, 392x255, 392:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6093f0e6c8b9ceb⋯.png (9.93 KB, 398x247, 398:247, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a1d959e17458a6⋯.png (91.18 KB, 397x533, 397:533, ClipboardImage.png)


The this operation as well as others cabal run..trying to incite war.. 2 ships were seized today for that very purpose..significant why?

e575d8  No.7106869

File: 5dc6906909a24ee⋯.png (462.26 KB, 923x617, 923:617, Screenshot (475).png)


Here let me help



Gavin Newsom will be the first Democrat in more than a century to succeed another Democrat as governor and the succession also marks a big generational transition in California politics.

A long-dominant geriatric quartet from the San Francisco Bay Area – Gov. Jerry Brown, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – has been slowly ceding power to younger political strivers.

Moreover, Newsom is succeeding someone who could be considered his quasi-uncle, since his inauguration continues the decades-long saga of four San Francisco families intertwined by blood, by marriage, by money, by culture and, of course, by politics – the Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosis and the Gettys.

The connections date back at least 80 years, to when Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, ran for San Francisco district attorney, losing in 1939 but winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, businessman William Newsom.

Fast forward two decades. Gov. Pat Brown’s administration developed Squaw Valley for the 1960s winter Olympics and afterward awarded a concession to operate it to William Newsom and his partner, John Pelosi.

One of the Pelosis’ sons, Paul, married Nancy D’Alesandro, who went into politics and has now reclaimed speakership of the House of Representatives. Another Pelosi son married William Newsom’s daughter, Barbara. Until they divorced, that made Nancy Pelosi something like an aunt by marriage to Gavin Newson (Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law was Gavin Newsom’s uncle).

The Squaw Valley concession was controversial at the time and created something of a rupture between the two old friends.

William Newsom wanted to make significant improvements to the ski complex, including a convention center, but Brown’s Department of Parks and Recreation balked. Newsom and his son, an attorney also named William, held a series of contentious meetings with officials over the issue.

An eight-page memo about those 1966 meetings from the department’s director, Fred Jones, buried in the Pat Brown archives, describes the Newsoms as being embittered and the senior Newsom threatening to “hurt the governor politically” as Brown ran for a third term that year against Ronald Reagan.

Pat Brown’s bid for a third term failed, and the Reagan administration later bought out the Newsom concession. But the Brown-Newsom connection continued as Brown’s son, Jerry, reclaimed the governorship in 1974. He appointed the younger William Newsom, a personal friend and Gavin’s father, to a Placer County judgeship in 1975 and three years later to the state Court of Appeal.

Justice Newsom, who died a few weeks ago, had been an attorney for oil magnate J. Paul Getty, most famously delivering $3 million to Italian kidnapers of Getty’s grandson in 1973. While serving on the appellate bench in the 1980s, he helped Getty’s son, Gordon, secure a change in state trust law that allowed him to claim his share of a multi-heir trust.

After Newsom retired from the bench in 1995, he became administrator of Gordon Getty’s own trust, telling one interviewer, “I make my living working for Gordon Getty.” The trust provided seed money for the PlumpJack chain of restaurants and wine shops that Newson’s son, Gavin, and Gordon Getty’s son, Billy, developed, the first being in a Squaw Valley hotel.

Gavin Newsom had been informally adopted by the Gettys after his parents divorced, returning a similar favor that the Newsom family had done for a young Gordon Getty many years earlier. Newsom’s PlumpJack business (named for an opera that Gordon Getty wrote) led to a career in San Francisco politics, a stint as mayor, the lieutenant governorship and now to the governorship, succeeding his father’s old friend.

He’s keeping it all in the extended family.

f2b2be  No.7106870

File: 059b4aa036f084f⋯.png (261.59 KB, 458x458, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1390d2  No.7106873

File: 47d9cb471c9f68b⋯.jpeg (557.63 KB, 750x870, 25:29, 46D59F22-D25B-47A0-858D-3….jpeg)

068072  No.7106874

File: 3e1bf5579c8899f⋯.jpg (112.53 KB, 500x400, 5:4, KEK1.jpg)

75cfa3  No.7106875

>>7105690 PB Notes

>#carisjames - Caribbean island Little St James ?

This is false James Alefantis is #CarisJames

Caris = Carispropodol (muscle relaxant used by pedos)

17f834  No.7106877

File: 713bb523a264c4e⋯.jpg (33.98 KB, 583x428, 583:428, Justice for PEDOS.jpg)


>>Worldwide Pedopurge.<<

>>Merciless retribution<<

Great! It's about time. Doing the Lord's work!

0d223f  No.7106878


Why is it only the right brow? Why not both? Anon has seen photos, even in real life, men with an owl brow on the right side.

d1835f  No.7106879


Also you could put bets as soon as Gatehouse makes an acquisition as to what will happen next.


1bd121  No.7106880

File: f12bc14575079f4⋯.jpg (95.24 KB, 1047x814, 1047:814, Broidy Grant Jury.JPG)

File: 840d783812c36b9⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 604x339, 604:339, Broidy Netanyahu.JPG)

File: d06726de1280dfe⋯.jpg (215.49 KB, 1297x733, 1297:733, Lauder Epstein Passport.jpg)

File: 60099c2f7e4cb55⋯.jpg (335.42 KB, 1250x784, 625:392, Nader Broidy.jpg)

File: 529854a0239b119⋯.jpg (232.02 KB, 1341x712, 1341:712, Nader Lauder Syria.jpg)






Anons dig these connections. There is a clear link between these Jews/Israeli Mossad assets.

Epstein’s Passport -> Lauder -> Nader -> Broidy

31cac1  No.7106881

File: 7fdc969aee00272⋯.png (289.3 KB, 1172x782, 586:391, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

8756ae  No.7106882


When I was in they had a reputation for being cooks.

c67659  No.7106883

File: 68e13f2472f5842⋯.jpeg (105.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, What 'family' runs CA? 4….jpeg)

File: 9c282f4f4dc3389⋯.png (310.52 KB, 642x790, 321:395, 4 families, 3 generations ….png)

File: 6a38f7ae977c4bb⋯.png (298.44 KB, 725x730, 145:146, 2782 What 'family' runs CA….png)

1390d2  No.7106884

File: b22378a3af3e1b2⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1F62F6AD-647E-4057-AC6A-CA….gif)

1a7457  No.7106885

File: 6b9e4b8d6133834⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 495x259, 495:259, 6b9e4b8d6133834b7ec85485e7….gif)

If patriots truly are in control, then having the Will of the American People storming A51 would be a no-brainer.

Guess it depends on how much you trust Q, really.

See'ya there.

a0457f  No.7106886

File: 0b3cd06c691d3c5⋯.png (13.1 MB, 3030x7740, 101:258, Screenshot-2018-5-9 Iran 1….png)


whom do you think is on-board really? i dont know.

if you wanted to sneak past your real enemy and put boots on his doorstep without him realizing it? and the missiles in Saudi land pointing at Iran, aren't meant for Iran?

or perhaps, after all, it's the end, E.nd. Armageddon by Christmas.

where did the missing 44k troops go?

e575d8  No.7106888


Theory: #CarisJames and/or her photo were part of their comms.

f2b2be  No.7106889

File: 7888fc92cac8401⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1502x2513, 1502:2513, ClipboardImage.png)

95759d  No.7106890


No, prove what’s in it, contrarian. Someone posting something on a website doesn’t make it true. It is the epitome of fake news by fake news site.

d90512  No.7106891

File: f4cf34b4aa16822⋯.png (247.27 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-19 Vess….png)

>>7106865 (me)

This was her, built 1978, since decommissioned and the name used for a 2013 build

74d521  No.7106892

File: c78d26de1c3b4de⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 1716x778, 858:389, _20190719_235713.JPG)

posted this on dayshift and i figure that night shift may want to see it. I don't know if it means anything, but this pedo wears the Q watch.


17f834  No.7106893


Symbolism, will be their downfall.

1bd121  No.7106894

File: fd077c7b6cc6390⋯.jpg (340.75 KB, 1445x772, 1445:772, Nader Mossad Lauder Syria.jpg)

b42ca8  No.7106896


I'm kek'n hard rn because when I was a kid, my dad had like 5-6 of those exact shirts, different colors.

I was always like WTF ARE YOU WEARING but he always tried to rock it hard af.

oh memories

68b701  No.7106898

File: 29da28230879ae1⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 360x451, 360:451, 181105-cesar-sayoc-al-1315….jpg)



You mean the comped faggot stripper that used a sharpie to colour his bald head.

b176cd  No.7106899


Tanks bakes

a41ed1  No.7106900

File: 13fc2b4f6643ea7⋯.png (470.59 KB, 721x660, 721:660, ii.PNG)

fbbf1b  No.7106901

Put it away, Yukon. No one wants to see it.

f2b2be  No.7106903

File: c5f370419feb99e⋯.png (189.85 KB, 570x352, 285:176, ClipboardImage.png)

914804  No.7106904

File: 1c2ac5c2a1ebdbc⋯.png (328.43 KB, 400x303, 400:303, ClipboardImage.png)

0c9e26  No.7106905


The lyrics are horrible it's about drugs. Now I'm pissed Trump got played in this bullshit.

[Intro: Jaden Smith]

Crazy kids, understand

Out late, going crazy, kids innocent

Crazy kids, understand

Out late, going crazy, kids innocent

[Chorus: A$AP Rocky]

The girls just want fun

The boys, we make noise

The girls kiss the girls

I, thank God, ahh

The kids will be alright, just fine

I heard about all of the long trials in life

All the drugs on my mind

All the troubles I can find

Still, I smile

The kids will be alright, just fine

All the colors are alive

No longer black or white, ahh

[Verse: A$AP Rocky]

Uh, kiss the kids, call your baby daddy

Tell 'em who's daddy

Call your pappy, tell him that you happy

Shout it loud so they all know how you feel exactly

Inside sunny energize

Think about it like you feelin' alive

On the mama boy, she swear to God

Lady said that she ain't into guys

Brand new 'cedes with the intercom

Table made is for the dinner vibe

Ain't a killer so don't kill the vibe

Disrespect them, that's a different side

Adderall and alcohol (yeah)

The teachers called, the doctor called

The block too hot, the marshall called

See 'em grow and watch 'em crawl

Parents test the wine

The kids do the lines

Ahh, alright

Ahh, just fine

The kids turned out fine

The kids turned and run

I heard about all of the long trials in life

All the drugs on my mind

All the troubles I can find

Still, I smile

The kids will be alright, just fine

Smoke weed, pour a line

The kids turned out fine

I, pour a line

I, lose my mind

Should have left him to rot.

e575d8  No.7106906

File: 8541c3ba5641dc0⋯.png (62.7 KB, 708x591, 236:197, PelosiBarTab1.png)

File: fdfb64a98e482e8⋯.png (58.61 KB, 695x637, 695:637, PelosiBarTab2.png)

d90512  No.7106907

File: ddafaf35453665f⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 600x400, 3:2, chowlinecookside.jpg)


That was the MS rate because uncle sam knew they would feed us yakisoba until we learned to like it

4f8b52  No.7106908

File: 88c26b90421029c⋯.png (160.48 KB, 910x453, 910:453, SR187d.PNG)



MISSED, Digits confirm

26c208  No.7106910

>>7106892 Spacey wears the IWC Q watch

baker notable

7d7c6c  No.7106911

File: d4fc61575a52b65⋯.png (189.67 KB, 1781x336, 1781:336, Screenshot_256.png)

a694bb  No.7106912

File: 9f67c106dbcbcf6⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 629x441, 629:441, to.jpg)

4f941d  No.7106913

File: 7d2f8823d4df97a⋯.jpg (53.07 KB, 620x436, 155:109, worm.jpg)

68b701  No.7106915

File: ca54259eae3ac2d⋯.png (19.68 KB, 255x246, 85:82, pepe_laughing.png)

0d223f  No.7106916


Right. Anon says it's Tulsi.

abf03c  No.7106917

File: 0884b9bf9568238⋯.jpeg (43.35 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 1240724d0582a7c3a02ebbb46….jpeg)

01c57c  No.7106918

File: c5b014dd9df44bf⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 308x432, 77:108, IMG_20190309_162242.jpg)


Runnin' the war-like posture, there.

2f781e  No.7106919

One of the many amazing things I love about my President is his ability to talk to the People in their own words. Jesus could do that too.

For example, he refers to Omar as having a filthy mouth. When he said that, I thought, is he talking about me? I've got a pretty filthy mouth. But, I've heard POTUS cuss before. So clearly when he says filthy mouth he's not talking about cussing. He's talking about degrading America. When he cusses in his rallies the crowd goes wild. That's because he's speaking in the language of the people.

1390d2  No.7106921

File: 79fdf034ffb835b⋯.jpeg (484.63 KB, 750x954, 125:159, 0931B83B-3446-470F-93EB-1….jpeg)

6277b6  No.7106922

File: 33fc1cdc380b22c⋯.jpeg (462.71 KB, 1270x654, 635:327, 62D2FA1A-D431-4E83-A081-B….jpeg)



I like him even more.

Another epic fail of the MSM! 😆

229350  No.7106923

File: fa7b2dcc3d2cc43⋯.png (896.25 KB, 1096x723, 1096:723, maybe.png)

2a1e70  No.7106924

File: 18b7e426f09bf32⋯.png (128.15 KB, 425x481, 425:481, 1473276935322.png)


>can't refute anything

>kvetches more

0f4409  No.7106925

File: b145fd954f3c66b⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 187x255, 11:15, ready for bed swinging pep….jpg)


so is the soccer lesbian actually XY chrome and became a "woman" to have the natural physical advantage in sports and then outed himself by having a girlfriend?

7d7c6c  No.7106927

File: dc3d91725bf14c9⋯.png (718.21 KB, 799x601, 799:601, Tulsi2020.png)

914804  No.7106928

>>7106910 Quick check the serial #!

a41ed1  No.7106929


his face is priceless there . not impressed at all

01c57c  No.7106930


Cool! Nice to know you're retarded. Must feel good.

410580  No.7106931

File: c390e64a732a5e0⋯.png (455.18 KB, 962x916, 481:458, Img-1563595164898.png)

File: 617dc1472c928ea⋯.jpeg (49.35 KB, 800x800, 1:1, yTog5yq8c.jpeg)

2a1e70  No.7106932

File: 65da8df19e16e1a⋯.jpg (60.88 KB, 500x795, 100:159, 65da8df19e16e1a5092c2090f6….jpg)

5dfd1c  No.7106933


What's your view on the statements about "other cargo other than oil" and then the diagram of a slave ship hold stuffed with human bodies? In conjunction with that same anon's post that the US defense secretary has authorized the deployment of some US troops to Saudi Arabia to counter Iran?

f2b2be  No.7106934

File: 83a25525075af90⋯.png (691.57 KB, 924x1386, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Should have left him to rot.

1390d2  No.7106935

File: 6673bca99f0fca3⋯.jpeg (100.45 KB, 380x570, 2:3, 254C063F-4420-4825-B204-8….jpeg)

8743e7  No.7106936


2012 Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers?

Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war. (what diff=2012)


2019 Central banks by country

Iran – Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran ( )


US hits Iranian bank, companies with new sanctions

3.26.19 The US Treasury said it was blacklisting 25 people and entities associated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL).

The targeted institutions include banks and other financial institutions, including Ansar Bank, Atlas Exchange, Iranian Atlas Company.

"to disrupt a scheme the Iranian regime has used to illicitly move more than a billion dollars in funds," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

IRGC and MODAFL continued to try to evade sanctions to help Iran's government fund terrorism and destabilise the Middle East.

new sanctions against IRGC and its external arm, Quds Force, to choke off funding for its overseas operations.

The IRGC is by far Iran's most powerful security organisation and has control over large stakes in Iran's economy and a huge influence in its political system.


US labels Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps a 'terror group'

4.8.19 US designating Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign "terrorist organisation", marking the first time Washington has formally labelled another country's military a "terrorist group".

The US has already blacklisted dozens of entities and people for affiliations with the IRGC, but not the organisation as a whole.

Iran is not only a state sponsor of terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft.

"If you are doing business with the IRGC, you will be bankrolling terrorism."

allows US to deny entry to people found to have provided the IRGC with material support or prosecute them for sanctions violations. That could include European and Asian companies and businesspeople who deal with the IRGC's many affiliates.

The IRGC, Iran's most powerful security organisation, was set up to protect the country's Shia clerical ruling system after its 1979 Islamic Revolution, which led to the formation of the Islamic Republic. The force is in charge of Iran's ballistic missiles and nuclear programmes, and answers directly to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is estimated to have 125,000 personnel, comprised of army, navy and air units.

After the 1980s' Iran-Iraq war, the IRGC also became heavily involved in reconstruction and has expanded its economic interests to include a vast network of businesses, ranging from oil and gas projects to construction and telecommunication.


4.8.19 Earlier this year, Trump-appointed leaders of the intelligence community said the 2015 deal had effectively curbed Iran's nuclear ambitions. The president then criticized the intelligence community members, saying they should “go back to school.”

Top officials from the CIA and the Pentagon reportedly oppose the Trump administration's decision to designate the IRGC as a terrorist group

The move could also complicate U.S. foreign policy, as regional American allies such as Iraq and Lebanon maintain positive ties with Iran. Politicians and military officials in each country meet routinely with leaders of the IRGC regarding regional security issues.

3a8a2f  No.7106937

That was what I couldn't remember

ty anon

big posts on it last night

need to go back and read


01a430  No.7106938

File: 25bef31e28dac59⋯.jpeg (265.3 KB, 767x589, 767:589, E8B16593-5D57-4654-8EAA-F….jpeg)

File: b3f4f810c6ee676⋯.jpeg (94.54 KB, 734x631, 734:631, 09C6F3FA-9C20-4CC2-A845-7….jpeg)

File: a5f6b770a3b23b4⋯.jpeg (142.58 KB, 828x747, 92:83, D0A0AD75-8A7D-48B6-894C-0….jpeg)

File: 691f85409565e3d⋯.jpeg (131.99 KB, 828x876, 69:73, 5BCD391A-A8AB-4DA7-95E6-0….jpeg)

File: 6c9a19843752535⋯.jpeg (69.22 KB, 445x619, 445:619, CD2790FB-A4E1-4E1A-815F-8….jpeg)

Fucking repulisive depraved Pedostate is going down, imagine what kind of soulless piece of shit would shill for them?

Deserve decades of prison rape….

Lying in a dark cell crying themselves to sleep, for the rest of their lives…..

a694bb  No.7106939


she is already in the race

they are giving Biden a rematch with Kamala…

biden gets a do over.

biden gets a do over

they don't have anybody or they wouldn't give biden a do over and they wouldn't still have 20 people in debates.

they don't have anybody.

they are waiting to see who Trump does not take out

0f4409  No.7106940

File: 84a2348211e98a0⋯.jpg (10.33 KB, 172x255, 172:255, GSP hey you.jpg)


are you a god-damned genius, son?

d0a0cd  No.7106941

File: 3bb4fa00aaf8773⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 250x266, 125:133, muhnotables.jpg)





One can always tell shill foreigners by their shitty memes.

bcae80  No.7106942


Looks good anon. Nice graphics anyway.


3d8f0a  No.7106943


the military will use sonic and microwave crowd control, nobody will even get to form a mob let alone get past the perimeter

2ae116  No.7106944


John Brennan is a Muslim…. hmmmmm

7d79db  No.7106945


what a load of trash ffs

8743e7  No.7106946


1:15 American tanker turnaround


a0457f  No.7106948

File: 1d5e5686d0f2180⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 411x640, 411:640, lenintext.jpg2.jpg)

File: bff0a3c42eba4f5⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1506x5069, 1506:5069, Screenshot_2019-07-14 Deco….jpg)


hello kikey

31cac1  No.7106949

File: 22553db2432ffce⋯.png (192.85 KB, 526x662, 263:331, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

3d20db  No.7106952

>>7106923 maybe it's wut happens when you get the shitts and buck teaming up w the butt plugs


31cac1  No.7106953

File: 0ea3d9e3574cc56⋯.png (347.33 KB, 1178x783, 1178:783, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

ddc0d9  No.7106954


it's why we fight.

Carry on…

1db20e  No.7106955

File: 748e87bdf4aeb43⋯.jpg (103.59 KB, 500x746, 250:373, fu 2 1.jpg)

f2b2be  No.7106956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3a8a2f  No.7106957

836d4b  No.7106958

File: 853c35772a5948d⋯.png (1005.48 KB, 1200x865, 240:173, ClipboardImage.png)


It's missing the calendar and the railroad style tracking for minutes…anon.

8756ae  No.7106959


Didn't have any Filipinos on my sub and I don't know what yakisoba is. Sorry.

702e60  No.7106961

File: d4364332870e47a⋯.png (283.46 KB, 543x862, 543:862, neon T1.PNG)

File: 5d631bc33928c7f⋯.png (372.75 KB, 543x1043, 543:1043, Neon T2.png)

File: 5d9435a456bef97⋯.jpg (115.91 KB, 667x1039, 667:1039, neon 267.jpg)

File: b319ae1b024b59e⋯.jpg (302.76 KB, 1400x1058, 700:529, Neon 268 269.jpg)

File: ebba1fc9a0c1fa8⋯.jpg (221.51 KB, 1385x1033, 1385:1033, Neon 270 271.jpg)

Posting for research reasons.

Chapter 17: The Same Sick Cult (NeonRevolt posted 39 pages of upcoming book)

Posting some #RevolutionQ pages, since Anons are doing some relevant digs along these lines, and it might help their research..

Note: These are not final. There are probably errors in this typeset.

This is the biggest advance drop of the book I've given, thus far.



abf03c  No.7106962

File: 6fcc668d3f1b99d⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 600x425, 24:17, 6fcc668d3f1b99d673056e1d7d….jpg)

7b9ff7  No.7106963

File: e77c29f39ab9873⋯.jpg (822.91 KB, 1044x1605, 348:535, xx423.jpg)

6ebbff  No.7106964

>>7106571 (lb)

There is a Carol Mack who is married to mover and shaker Earle I. Mack.

68b701  No.7106965

File: 4130d65e96df555⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 255x242, 255:242, pepelaugh.jpg)

0f4409  No.7106966


i see that you are. now, the running kids with the mom at the boarder wall

25a334  No.7106967

File: 674f09524c5f143⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 255x245, 51:49, 3db4248f3ee7f5fb71f11bce41….jpg)

f0622b  No.7106968


Ahhh Wade. Roger.

31cac1  No.7106969

File: 569f87111374432⋯.png (358.68 KB, 549x1196, 549:1196, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

01c57c  No.7106971


Is NeonRevolt rich yet?

bcae80  No.7106972



Yakisoba (Japanese: 焼きそば [jakiꜜsoba]), literally "fried buckwheat", is a Japanese noodle stir-fry dish. Although soba means buckwheat, yakisoba noodles are actually made from wheat flour, and are typically flavored with a condiment similar to oyster sauce. The dish first appeared in food stalls in Japan during the early 20th century.[1]

3d8f0a  No.7106973


the cabal loves Muslims and everything they promote

702e60  No.7106974

File: 2afde99c78d7850⋯.jpg (261.37 KB, 1390x1036, 695:518, neon 272 273.jpg)

File: ec2930710aaa056⋯.jpg (128.75 KB, 1397x1046, 1397:1046, neon 274 275.jpg)

File: f5df8ddb6f00ea3⋯.jpg (235.67 KB, 1399x1061, 1399:1061, neon 276 277.jpg)

File: cfdcac6b28ad7d0⋯.jpg (220.1 KB, 1402x1056, 701:528, neon 278 279.jpg)

File: a3a1a17eae5c301⋯.jpg (210.92 KB, 1401x1057, 1401:1057, neon 280 281.jpg)

abf03c  No.7106975

File: e469da6ccb750b3⋯.png (999.76 KB, 2100x1275, 28:17, 69b8cf7936b927d2f49e4fb76a….png)

0c6ce1  No.7106976

Pushback on classification & other documents


6 attachments

"Officials Mentioning Drones" - this doc is a collection of

leading Democrats, Administration Figures, and Republicans discussing the

drone program in public, in Congress, and in the Congressional Record.

Please note Sen. Burr’s comments in this doc.

"Drone Email" - this doc that's characterizing the alleged email

discussing drone strikes in Pakistan, and what we know about it.

Furthermore, it highlights several chains in HRC's emails that have been

released publics where the drone strikes do appear to be discussed by

knowledgeable people without TS classification.

"North Korean Email Pushback" - this doc is about one of the

original alleged TS emails about the North Korean nuclear program. It has

those characterizations as well a dozen instances of public reporting on

the North Korean nuclear program citing satellite imagery.

"Overclassification" - this doc is a long collection of quotes

and pushback from national security experts and figures attacking the

problem of the overclassification and why it needs to change.

“Bad Retro Classification” - This doc is a collected examples of

absurd retroactive classification, including from HRC's own emails. It also

shows how over 20,000 documents have been public record to be classified


"Shelby and Grassley Hypocrisy” – this doc shows how Republican

Senators Shelby and Grassley’s push on classification is hypocritical given

past stances/actions.

61e6ea  No.7106977

Has anyone else noticed the massive bump in Twitter likes POTUS is getting? They double between the 14th and 15th. A$AP tweet at half a million. Must have been an algorithm change.

2a1e70  No.7106978


And you can't see the FF nature of this little gambit?

1db20e  No.7106980

File: 4160bd9de5a64e8⋯.jpg (154.77 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, ginger collage.jpg)


the ginger meme has been stirred….like the Van Halen belts..nothing can stop it!

887731  No.7106981

File: bfb1fdd950b7200⋯.png (763.11 KB, 836x831, 836:831, panic.png)

3e26af  No.7106982

File: 3b313a8b61885c4⋯.png (86.41 KB, 331x164, 331:164, ClipboardImage.png)

long live the fire crotches

d90512  No.7106983


Found this earlier today, related?

Brexit Uncertainty Driving Shipowners to Ditch UK Flag

July 19, 2019 by The Loadstar

container shipping

Photo: Avigator Thailand / Shutterstock

By Alexander Whiteman (The Loadstar) – Uncertainty around Brexit may be making its mark, but the loss of vessels this year from the UK Ship Register may also be due to the requirement for vessel operators to comply with EU maritime regulations.

According to figures from VesselsValue.com (VV) obtained by The Loadstar, 234 vessels have reflagged from the UK since the start of the year, including 53 containerships.

Chief operating officer at VV Adrian Economakis told The Loadstar this equated to a 9% reduction, and was equivalent to a 36% cut in the total gross tonnage of UK-flagged vessels.

“There are a host of factors that cause people to leave a flag state, and many are not transparent to normal market participants,” he said.

“It’s impossible to attribute the decision to leave to one factor alone, but shipowners prefer certainty and simplicity when dealing with parts of the business that can be easily substituted.”

By far the biggest switch came from CMA CGM, which withdrew 46 container vessels from the UK flag, having had 49 registered prior to the 2016 Brexit referendum.

A spokesperson for the carrier told The Loadstar the outcome of that vote and the subsequent uncertainty over withdrawal had been the deciding factor.

“As a French company, CMA CGM complies with the EU regulatory framework regarding our fleet registered in EU member states.

“[But] in light of Brexit, and to avoid uncertainty with our fleet and despite a strong relationship with the UK Ship Register, we have decided to transfer our UK-flagged fleet to other EU countries.

“This decision was taken after it appeared to us that the UK flag was excluded from the draft agreement envisaged between the UK and the European Union.”

Altogether 70 different companies have withdrawn vessels from the register. And the number of vessels switching flags in the first six months of 2019 is higher than the number withdrawn from the UK flag over the past three years – although it should be noted 150 left in 2015, according to vesselsvalue.com data which can be viewed in the attached excel file.

“Competition between registers is fierce, therefore any requirement by a register that burdens an owner with more complexity will likely reduce its attractiveness,” said Mr Economakis.

“But the number of departures is well beyond normal and the year is only a little over half done.”

P&O Ferries has pulled its vessels from the register, with five removed so far this year, after a review of the flag status of ships on the Channel, and a spokesperson cited the UK’s pending departure from the EU as a primary motivator in the decision.

“For operational and accounting reasons, we have concluded that the best course of action is to re-flag all ships to be under the Cyprus flag,” he told The Loadstar.

He added that the Cyprus flag was ‘white listed’ by both the Paris and Tokyo MoUs (harmonised port state control regulations), which would mean fewer inspections and delays.

Furthermore, he said, this would result in “significantly more favourable” tonnage tax arrangements as the ships would still be flagged in an EU member state.

Policy director at the UK Chamber of Shipping David Balston said the loss of tonnage was “obviously a huge concern”.

“While in some cases this has happened because of Brexit-related fiscal and financial considerations, it also serves to underline the damage being done to the shipping industry by the continued uncertainty over Brexit,” he told The Loadstar.

“It also demonstrates that improving UK competitive advantage and the attractiveness of the UK flag, both key parts of the government’s Maritime 2050 strategy that we strongly support, must be given the highest priority post-Brexit.”

Benefits of a shipping register to a country include a substantial level of tax returns, as well as the variety of incremental business generated by the existence of a maritime cluster, of which a register acts a focal point.

A spokesperson for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency told The Loadstar: “We regret that a small number of operators have chosen to reflag their vessels due to obligations under EU regulation. It is, however, no reflection on the UK Ship Register itself. We will continue to work to ensure all eligible operators consider the UK flag in the future.’


8756ae  No.7106984


Anon wouldn't put forth a theory, but it would seem to be that the tanker was hauling slaves.

0f4409  No.7106985

File: fd21dcd3c70f2a5⋯.jpeg (13.85 KB, 254x255, 254:255, comfy floating frog.jpeg)


some greats are here tonight…

45b356  No.7106986


Okay, here's my evaluation: shitty meme.

f9cbe7  No.7106987

File: 067acd04dd2be9c⋯.png (158.95 KB, 591x527, 591:527, ClipboardImage.png)

2ae116  No.7106989

File: 1ed18369c8b1ff8⋯.jpeg (463.43 KB, 1125x1430, 225:286, 89689F06-CF3F-403F-9F8D-4….jpeg)



702e60  No.7106990

File: 091b451d97ad7dd⋯.jpg (321.47 KB, 1403x1060, 1403:1060, Neon 282 283.jpg)

File: d7dec3b286f85aa⋯.jpg (144.1 KB, 1398x1058, 699:529, neon 284 285.jpg)

File: a0d559aee33a246⋯.jpg (246.81 KB, 1399x1058, 1399:1058, neon 286 287.jpg)

File: 587cb2463a3bedb⋯.jpg (258.42 KB, 1406x1059, 1406:1059, Neon 288 289.jpg)

File: 97440dc925c962f⋯.jpg (263.06 KB, 1405x1056, 1405:1056, neon 290 291.jpg)

a0457f  No.7106991

File: 14563548b33aa54⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1237x4979, 1237:4979, Screenshot_2019-07-16 FBI ….jpg)

File: d1d194de50a4472⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1334x999, 1334:999, Screenshot_2019-07-16 A Gi….png)

File: c3161256788327f⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 1349x6195, 1349:6195, Screenshot_2019-07-16 EMP ….jpg)

File: 27f62e2caa97632⋯.png (876.35 KB, 1349x3057, 1349:3057, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Boei….png)

File: 83c2470415829aa⋯.png (257.11 KB, 1349x2197, 1349:2197, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Rayt….png)

60f014  No.7106993

File: 1cf1d124874e547⋯.jpg (127.63 KB, 599x328, 599:328, 1cf1d124874e5473e28e51c221….jpg)

092451  No.7106994


This anon can't remember but has there been an Iwo Jima Flag Raising on Mt. Gingersnapper yet?

9504ce  No.7106995


She's a trained submersible pilot

f5a7d0  No.7106996


She's not real bright. That's not the American flag. That's the Liberian flag.

I haven't listened to the rest of her analysis. But it's already suspect.


d93bb5  No.7106998

File: b8e244fb339cdfa⋯.jpg (70.38 KB, 550x456, 275:228, Rowsdower.jpg)

b176cd  No.7106999


Storming area 51 is such an obvious scam to try and make all people seeking truth look like idiots.

Don't fall for it, anon.

fc19ef  No.7107000

anyone have the info on JFK Jr's first plane flying recently handily?

watching "Dissappearance of JFK Jr" with grandma now and she thinks the woman at the rally is a dead ringer for Carolyn.

3a8a2f  No.7107001


>>7106827, >>7106869, >>7106883 Review Newsom/Brown/Pelosi/Getty connections

>>7106820 Mirati Therapeutics sold by Boxer Capital L.L.C.(Owned by Tavistock Grp.)- $71.26m-July 17


>>7106662, >>7106669, >>7106692, >>7106702, >>7106708, >>7106728, >>7106753, >>7106787 Boatfag updates

>>7106725 James Baum/Alamitos Bay digz

>>7106670, >>7106703, >>7106721 Carol Mack pics/G. Maxwell

>>7106650, >>7106689, >>7106699 G. Maxwell/frenz pic

>>7106657, >>7106661, >>7106680 ABLAK building/Aleppo


74d521  No.7107002


you are correct, i totally did not notice. Maybe that's why it did not get any traction during day shift. apparently Spacey has a vast collection of IWC Schaffhausen timepieces

f2b2be  No.7107003

File: df27c9643b85bc6⋯.mp4 (8.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, @SebGorka @fleccas @JamesO….mp4)

01c57c  No.7107004

afbb8b  No.7107005

Hive mind

bde5ff  No.7107006

6ce24c  No.7107007

File: eed7ca665d5f0b6⋯.jpeg (30.91 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 44539242-0C4E-4434-BF36-A….jpeg)

File: 0b9714e820d0d21⋯.jpeg (49.84 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 37F10F3E-1BEF-47AA-B9C8-D….jpeg)

File: 9250b184233b198⋯.jpeg (29.33 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 233C97D3-673D-432C-B949-3….jpeg)

File: 58ef5c9cae0293d⋯.jpeg (47.38 KB, 752x500, 188:125, 225E92BB-95F3-4DDF-A81C-5….jpeg)

File: 55e9db514fa92a0⋯.jpeg (41.94 KB, 600x401, 600:401, C5AA397B-59AB-419D-B8F5-6….jpeg)

fc3d2e  No.7107008


No. It’s just that a lot of people like rappers

abf03c  No.7107009

File: 7b282d4c7d87d4d⋯.png (168.82 KB, 594x394, 297:197, 7b282d4c7d87d4d7217be51f95….png)

f2b2be  No.7107010



d01322  No.7107011

File: ccf5e271d62b508⋯.png (291.88 KB, 586x411, 586:411, ClipboardImage.png)



0f4409  No.7107012

File: f82ed207be1add2⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 620x465, 4:3, VHB.jpg)


shit, was just messing the moon landing a few breads ago…

9f0816  No.7107014

File: a1c6c53d7b342cc⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 600x401, 600:401, !MoundMow.jpg)

File: 9099fa02fa7911f⋯.jpg (108.79 KB, 453x597, 151:199, !SWINGinTHEmound.jpg)

6ce24c  No.7107015

File: 4a4dd02058cf2ed⋯.jpeg (29.89 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 1FF8C696-8CCF-46FE-B5AB-1….jpeg)

File: 4eba1b6a442a94f⋯.jpeg (12.73 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 1EFBD2DD-3042-4603-9DD4-4….jpeg)

File: 53407ae7105d109⋯.jpeg (49.48 KB, 600x401, 600:401, AA6F592F-00B9-4C4D-A1B0-1….jpeg)

File: 7930b777740788b⋯.jpeg (31.52 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 2DBF449E-06D2-4928-8DF6-B….jpeg)

File: a1561bbab56d7ef⋯.jpeg (28.62 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 49A606BF-22F1-4A91-9E1D-B….jpeg)

914804  No.7107016

>>7106983 Yep! follow the obummer agreement and cosigners!

1390d2  No.7107017

File: a9ad42bb6967c69⋯.jpeg (16.97 KB, 389x389, 1:1, C73B680C-99C4-4C73-BECD-9….jpeg)

c8c68b  No.7107019

Better bread in the Great Depression. Yikes.

1db20e  No.7107020

File: f9e7cdc5a54f802⋯.png (575.3 KB, 619x790, 619:790, muh opinion.PNG)


no one asked you….fuck off

1a7457  No.7107021

File: b1118aa2311cac0⋯.png (4.02 KB, 315x48, 105:16, ClipboardImage.png)


What, so the military won't respect the will of the American people to demand DECLAS?

3e26af  No.7107022

File: 145ad8e8f058305⋯.png (239.87 KB, 360x391, 360:391, ClipboardImage.png)



that's true

6dd169  No.7107023



836d4b  No.7107024


I am sure that is true..would be great if we could find him wearing one..kek, it would indeed solve the mystery behind it.

9504ce  No.7107025



This guy?


6ce24c  No.7107026



1390d2  No.7107028

File: 4e3fbe945f5eefd⋯.jpeg (24.33 KB, 300x299, 300:299, 38B97B4A-7FAE-4D2E-9069-7….jpeg)

60f014  No.7107029

File: 841cf26c04184ae⋯.gif (862.63 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 841cf26c04184ae8b61c26322a….gif)

File: fa49b3249bb95c8⋯.png (471.06 KB, 1146x636, 191:106, fa49b3249bb95c86a8f561d30c….png)

02623d  No.7107030

File: 109aea466dbbade⋯.png (188.75 KB, 512x573, 512:573, MOUND CHECKER.PNG)

702e60  No.7107031

File: 3f9057e65eaeca5⋯.jpg (213.47 KB, 1411x1065, 1411:1065, neon 292 293.jpg)

File: 3a77bf2f5f3e7ac⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 1408x1063, 1408:1063, neon 296 297.jpg)

File: e0b41d0eb9101c6⋯.jpg (181.22 KB, 1407x1062, 469:354, neon 298 299.jpg)

File: 901bee9bdb0bf65⋯.jpg (258.03 KB, 1410x1062, 235:177, Neon 300 301.jpg)

File: e418823a03f7703⋯.jpg (269.34 KB, 1409x1067, 1409:1067, neon 302 303.jpg)

0d223f  No.7107032


Technically yes, she's in the race. But perception wise she isn't. Enemy media not saying a word about her.

Still supports anon's theory.

f2b2be  No.7107034

damn, how bored are you Ginger?

8756ae  No.7107037


We ate a surprisingly varied menu but that was not one the choices.

a0457f  No.7107038

File: 2b95a720568b5de⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 1237x7538, 1237:7538, Screenshot_2019-07-16 FBI ….jpg)

File: eb0897a2c2df2cf⋯.png (579.39 KB, 1349x2976, 1349:2976, Screenshot_2019-07-16 CONS….png)

File: 41ca3e945d905a4⋯.png (396.19 KB, 1349x1873, 1349:1873, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Thro….png)

File: 83a880f91149fc2⋯.jpg (843.48 KB, 1349x4201, 1349:4201, Screenshot_2019-07-16 GPR-….jpg)

File: 8aa704445da1029⋯.png (1022.71 KB, 1349x2954, 1349:2954, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Grou….png)

61e6ea  No.7107039


I thought that too, but for months I saw only 50k which is obviously throttled. For the last week they average 125k, not just the rap one.

60f014  No.7107040



1390d2  No.7107041

File: 9fc2c5df00eb646⋯.jpeg (18.24 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 49268BD0-10F9-4687-BF29-0….jpeg)

abf03c  No.7107042

File: 77c112bf9b5a806⋯.png (613.83 KB, 1356x1101, 452:367, 77c112bf9b5a8061e8fd393dd1….png)

File: 29399ec1f03b005⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 599x403, 599:403, 29399ec1f03b0058da8a398118….jpg)

File: c87fbda3c036247⋯.png (717.28 KB, 1272x620, 318:155, c87fbda3c036247fa0d1ccb3f3….png)

File: c2b40a97bf493ce⋯.png (99.58 KB, 671x466, 671:466, f6400b730d229ba0eb54821dd8….png)

File: 3bd8d9eb14cf320⋯.jpeg (17.76 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 3bd8d9eb14cf3206bfaed5a8c….jpeg)

6ce24c  No.7107043

File: dd27649738c6354⋯.jpeg (62.44 KB, 474x325, 474:325, A7C6C4CC-FD5F-4A80-8A7C-5….jpeg)

File: d2679a8fceee657⋯.jpeg (30.11 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 6CE39B04-1D86-4EEA-A105-9….jpeg)

File: 5e90b2a5e45fa6b⋯.jpeg (39.57 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 432B58AA-4503-4F7E-BE12-8….jpeg)

File: 496bdba93e62652⋯.jpeg (94.4 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 5C09336B-4666-4D08-AAE1-D….jpeg)

File: 47629b5583eb95b⋯.jpeg (102.84 KB, 685x385, 137:77, 9CB12588-386D-4325-A728-E….jpeg)

3d8f0a  No.7107044


Most of the facilities and research at area 51 are private corporate opps. They aren't subject to the FOIA

715ce3  No.7107045


points for different

702e60  No.7107046

File: 7916242bf58d513⋯.jpg (227.19 KB, 1405x1063, 1405:1063, neon 304 305.jpg)

File: 8aee48a804858fd⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 1408x1062, 704:531, neon 312 313.jpg)

9bb245  No.7107047

File: 882073063363118⋯.png (47.17 KB, 153x98, 153:98, ClipboardImage.png)

>>7106658 USSS?

b01eb9  No.7107048

File: 34592cc337e41d0⋯.png (185.83 KB, 508x585, 508:585, muffcheckem.png)

74d521  No.7107049


i have been searching this time piece and an owner for a while. even fiddled with reflections on the original pic. at this point, my brain is mush.

Good thing patriots are in control

229350  No.7107050

File: 8ef340ca4110bd2⋯.png (1003.73 KB, 549x1095, 183:365, JIAsNiUmSud.png)


2 faced muthafuckas!

092451  No.7107051


ThanQ fren.

2ae116  No.7107052



TY for your service.

068072  No.7107053

File: f4462552cf1f3f5⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 750x375, 2:1, Gymmy1.jpg)

a24a87  No.7107055

File: 92771346a2f4e11⋯.png (61.15 KB, 274x184, 137:92, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 779034846d9ec9c⋯.png (76.85 KB, 177x274, 177:274, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 779034846d9ec9c⋯.png (76.85 KB, 177x274, 177:274, ClipboardImage.png)

Another 50 year anniversary

1a7457  No.7107056

File: 2e51c8a11f3d3ea⋯.jpg (193.4 KB, 1200x1175, 48:47, 1563586123503.jpg)


…and yet…

8743e7  No.7107057


yeah i see that sorry :)

aa65e5  No.7107058


Looks like a toy poodle who got run over by a car.

Stoopid dog

715ce3  No.7107060


how'd that go, btw?

a0457f  No.7107061

File: 94e4bff90ec94cd⋯.png (48.19 KB, 1338x308, 669:154, Screenshot_2019-07-16 What….png)

File: 2f192b21cd2e359⋯.png (905.82 KB, 1349x1426, 1349:1426, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Geot….png)

File: 39e098fa0908fb7⋯.jpg (2.81 MB, 1237x6273, 1237:6273, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Form….jpg)

File: 04b9b5d7eacb1f3⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 1349x9155, 1349:9155, Screenshot_2019-07-16 U S ….jpg)

File: c5ddca6df83ab6c⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1349x4498, 1349:4498, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Husb….jpg)

31cac1  No.7107062

File: bd6b8b25368c05e⋯.png (388.83 KB, 1189x789, 1189:789, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

1a36d7  No.7107063

I swear, we get the most random assortment of slides/shills. Never a dull moment here

2a1e70  No.7107064

File: 9d570c4704d356d⋯.jpg (169.89 KB, 858x855, 286:285, 1475543510234.jpg)


Because declassifying paperwork and storming a highly secured government compound are exactly the same thing…

0f4409  No.7107065

File: c5bfce51abb99ab⋯.png (60.69 KB, 259x250, 259:250, crying salute pepe.png)

speechless hive mind activated muh board

425c0c  No.7107066

File: 61a297c7c068c36⋯.png (2.51 MB, 3707x2048, 3707:2048, Epstein Name origins.png)

File: ba02642e2dce97b⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 289x348, 289:348, baal-phoenician-caananite-….jpg)

File: a99a44b1f7b2bc9⋯.jpg (412.27 KB, 1574x893, 1574:893, phoenix1.jpg)

File: 8db1287d146d4c5⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 550x620, 55:62, 5590f8090aafdb36ea19e11e23….jpg)

File: f7303802e38911a⋯.png (2.34 MB, 2102x1194, 1051:597, 78fc98622ebc576fa95e939b5d….png)


Epstein is not a Muslim and his temple is not Muslim. The temple design predates Muslims. You aren't looking at the Babylonian/Phoenician religions involving child sacrifice.

look further back

1a36d7  No.7107067

File: 055bd4b9fca7a21⋯.jpg (191.18 KB, 942x942, 1:1, D_14CLzXkAADvRv.jpg)

File: 530ebc9ba741e58⋯.jpg (153.68 KB, 640x1100, 32:55, D_14upQWwAE_PwU.jpg)

File: 9ad95c45ac58797⋯.jpg (175.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, D_14Vs6WwAEGnZP.jpg)

1db20e  No.7107068

File: c1a1f8535e65d02⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gingermoon.jpg)


sure faggot

1a36d7  No.7107069

File: cfa647e5d0ffb71⋯.jpg (183.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, D_DCMWPWwAIduRf.jpg)

3d8f0a  No.7107070

The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly

Demon Talk – Tracy Twyman

55 MINS JUN 29


Tracy laying down some demon diggs.

aa65e5  No.7107071



This is why we need things to do!

60f014  No.7107072

File: 715b1ea6f140fb8⋯.jpg (333.5 KB, 1927x1087, 1927:1087, 715b1ea6f140fb869c322e2100….jpg)

File: e882189895b7749⋯.jpg (51.28 KB, 600x401, 600:401, e882189895b774993111c1c6b0….jpg)

1390d2  No.7107073

File: 051287c7304f62b⋯.gif (101.33 KB, 1027x731, 1027:731, 7EF4EA1A-57BB-404F-A6CC-60….gif)

8756ae  No.7107075


Does it come in small?

3a8a2f  No.7107076

File: ab5405a842b3000⋯.jpg (4.8 KB, 255x220, 51:44, c9169d4e3314526a79cc38bd9b….jpg)

60f014  No.7107077


Very true. Sorry y'all.

51964c  No.7107078

File: fce7b854643bba1⋯.png (631.78 KB, 827x664, 827:664, Screenshot_29.png)


1a24af  No.7107079


What story are you getting ahead of, Bolsheviks and Romanovs?

6ce24c  No.7107080


Shit tier meme

fbfec0  No.7107081

File: b9076e66912ee88⋯.jpeg (6.16 KB, 185x272, 185:272, images (5).jpeg)

Does the Watch belong to…?

b40b1a  No.7107082

For your discernment


4d6845  No.7107083

File: d6ded2e68088d12⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1093x625, 1093:625, qnn--the-squad-goes-to-pal….png)

File: 6f74b2ff0c7e051⋯.png (815.21 KB, 1093x625, 1093:625, qnn--the-squad-goes-to-pal….png)

9f0816  No.7107084

File: 99cb212431841db⋯.jpg (166.95 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, !Mounds.jpg)

File: c862bf6e4410cc5⋯.jpg (69.15 KB, 784x522, 392:261, Bikini Bridge Pepe.jpg)

3d8f0a  No.7107085

e575d8  No.7107086

File: 5b3e08b9f377a16⋯.png (178.53 KB, 732x500, 183:125, WexnerBronfman.png)

File: ae61808dd7fd0b8⋯.png (59.51 KB, 649x615, 649:615, WexnerAir.png)

May want to look at this. Great Epstein/Wexner timeline.


You know, a useful twatter attack would be to tag all of Wexner's companies with the Epstein stuff. Associate them all with pedophilia.

Heh heh heh

Here's a list:

L Brands

Victoria's Secret

Bath & Body Works






Current status of other L Brands entities (from Wiki):

L Brands currently operates the following retail brands:

Victoria's Secret

Pink (sold through Victoria's Secret)

Bath & Body Works

Although not part of L Brands, they also have distribution rights (exclusive or non-exclusive) for the following brands:

C. O. Bigelow

The White Barn Candle Company

Previous brands that were spun off include:

Lane Bryant – sold in 2012 to Charming Shoppes

Abercrombie & Fitch – acquired by The Limited in 1988 and went public as NYSE: ANF in 1996

Lerner New York – sold and became New York and Company

The Limited Too – Tween Brands, spun off in 1999 and now branded as Justice

Galyan's – Majority interest sold in 1999, remaining shares sold in 2004, merged with Dick's Sporting Goods

Structure – converted to Express Men, brand name later sold to Sears

Aura Science – merged with Victoria's Secret Beauty

Express – on May 15, 2007, Limited Brands sold a 75% stake in Express to Golden Gate Capital Partners[14]

The Limited – on August 3, 2007, Limited Brands transferred 75% ownership of its flagship Limited chain to buyout firm Sun Capital Partners Inc.; in 2010, Sun Capital purchased the remaining shares.

La Senza - sold to Regent in January 2019.

Former brands

Henri Bendel (closed January 2019)

(pics related are connections to the Bronfmans and to C_A)

a0457f  No.7107087

File: d4a200712683a96⋯.png (1007.63 KB, 854x3926, 427:1963, Screenshot_2019-07-16 The ….png)

File: 8e195c2da349919⋯.png (587.52 KB, 1349x4173, 1349:4173, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Pres….png)

File: bf37120a11e12d9⋯.png (1.01 MB, 875x2497, 875:2497, Screenshot_2019-07-15 Yaho….png)

File: ae9a16096ce93c0⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1349x3224, 1349:3224, Screenshot_2019-07-16 GPR-….png)

File: 95317d4b065cc30⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 1349x8584, 1349:8584, Screenshot_2019-07-16 The ….jpg)

9b9239  No.7107089



baker please refresh

1db20e  No.7107090

File: 55f33be17152ebb⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 438x438, 1:1, pepe call da cops dgaf.jpg)


majority of one you are.

aa65e5  No.7107091


Who knows. But she is 100% racist.

Not the good kind either.

0f4409  No.7107092


get just one of them running kids on there and….does anyone have that continually added meme from last year? Mike in gold boots, AOC dancing, there is a TV in the foreground with some crazy shit…i think Sinema with her thigh highs is on that final product. And das hilderbeast is on it too, i think

74d521  No.7107093


i find this nterdasting. but how did you correlate the symbols on the island with Henrew characters?

836d4b  No.7107094


Same here…it can consume you, as for myself, it drives me nuts not to find an answer after so much effort, kek

ea219a  No.7107095

File: 690d01c8025580c⋯.png (102.52 KB, 481x280, 481:280, alboe.png)

BREAKING: “Massive Police Presence” After Multiple People Shot in New Jersey

A “massive police presence” has been reported after two people were shot in the area of the 100 block of Kinsley Road in Pemberton, New Jersey, according to CBS Philadelphia.One of the victims reportedly drove themselves to the hospital, while the second was transported to the hospital.

Witnesses told CBS News that the police also shot a man.


6ce24c  No.7107096

File: 83a1a656588109c⋯.png (327.18 KB, 619x790, 619:790, 25843D47-2D87-49F9-BB16-35….png)

8756ae  No.7107097


No, he's right.

31cac1  No.7107098

File: dc9071b98fea662⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1069x1089, 1069:1089, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

294562  No.7107099

File: cde1b1c6166bb79⋯.png (623.96 KB, 1928x1660, 482:415, 07_17_2019_tweetcomms.png)

File: b8100726bbe4a3c⋯.png (1 MB, 3002x1645, 3002:1645, Delta_2347_Qbaby_graphic_2.png)

File: 879e5c3d8700251⋯.png (923.64 KB, 3041x1332, 3041:1332, A$APRocky_TweetProof_3456.png)

recent proofs

3e26af  No.7107100

File: f810c7742fc1aa6⋯.png (237.37 KB, 479x387, 479:387, ClipboardImage.png)

a0457f  No.7107101

File: 7f731aeb828d0dd⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1349x4578, 1349:4578, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Why ….png)

File: 9ffe8248a673c85⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 970x2703, 970:2703, fcdf1c3a19b4c2ee28a540381d….jpg)

File: 47e164bc9831a2b⋯.png (4.1 MB, 3058x1122, 139:51, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Goog….png)

File: 8bf8fbc0ec7f45e⋯.png (582.31 KB, 1349x1372, 1349:1372, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Geot….png)

File: 6468775c82cbd38⋯.png (68.38 KB, 526x914, 263:457, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Rayt….png)

0e8122  No.7107102


R.I.P. Mary Jo Kopechne

June 18th, 1969

Ted Kennedy car crash…

drunk driving.

Chappaquiddick Island, MA

1db20e  No.7107103

File: b11f7f1e1d37e4b⋯.png (320.57 KB, 683x409, 683:409, tag-team faggots.PNG)



when you can keep up mebby you might matter.

9f0816  No.7107104

File: 167e8bc050bfeca⋯.jpg (102.91 KB, 759x500, 759:500, KEKcopiusKEK.jpg)

3d20db  No.7107105


put the white dog on top of the ginga epstank mound, too -plz – >>7106953

aad1b2  No.7107106

File: 2baed7198c9870d⋯.jpeg (150.97 KB, 1440x1408, 45:44, 2baed7198c9870d13d62f0ace….jpeg)

09e4ef  No.7107107

File: 4c88e71bed9ee18⋯.png (546.4 KB, 600x338, 300:169, tranny.png)


Most Def.

1390d2  No.7107108

File: 897ace52b501e77⋯.jpeg (105.1 KB, 750x1068, 125:178, 22F974B2-DE99-4180-9391-E….jpeg)

3ea399  No.7107109

File: 304e5a5bc96c378⋯.jpeg (466.71 KB, 1242x1580, 621:790, E53BD129-73EC-4136-967D-F….jpeg)

File: ae72cb7e1fefa68⋯.jpeg (790.87 KB, 1242x1970, 621:985, 7CE9911B-3DBB-4C4B-AC02-5….jpeg)


1968af  No.7107111

File: d970ad2b1b4e8a8⋯.png (530.01 KB, 1028x847, 1028:847, Screenshot at 2019-05-17 1….png)

5245a6  No.7107112


interesting. To me, the Satanists aren't Muslims but the Satanists infiltrated all religions.

0f4409  No.7107113


so he/she/it is a self hating white?

60f014  No.7107114


No shit! That one was next level. My sides hurt!

1390d2  No.7107115

File: 80f5ce537bd2b43⋯.jpeg (39.77 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 16A5394F-AF12-4FE7-9EB8-C….jpeg)

aa65e5  No.7107116

File: ae3cc03e650f632⋯.gif (2 MB, 460x258, 230:129, heh.gif)

6ce24c  No.7107118

File: 633913e0641cab4⋯.jpeg (46.06 KB, 455x364, 5:4, 7D3941D6-F6CC-4B93-8C6E-A….jpeg)

a0457f  No.7107119

File: 1ce010e3b85fc11⋯.gif (149.15 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, the-art-of-deception-train….gif)

File: bc3b1a8a2ca7837⋯.gif (45.95 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, the-art-of-deception-train….gif)

File: 0fed120996a6bf9⋯.gif (88.41 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, the-art-of-deception-train….gif)

File: 8d203ca64575fa8⋯.gif (35.49 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, the-art-of-deception-train….gif)

File: a932d9bb4c75530⋯.png (299.8 KB, 930x341, 30:11, Screenshot_2019-07-17 Yaho….png)

3d20db  No.7107120


wut a handsum advocate for peace - wuts his tranny name - let me guess

habida gingamoustafa

3d8f0a  No.7107121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Genghis Khan from the Fairyland - p 26 / When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up


Genghis was white. most of history is lies so idunno

01eea8  No.7107122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8756ae  No.7107123


Made me KEK. Almost spit beer.

5245a6  No.7107124


gotta be a joke


444093  No.7107125

File: 76d850b27636310⋯.png (55.06 KB, 756x423, 84:47, 72-virgins.png)

72 virgins as a reward in heaven

love the bottom one – suppose a woman died for jihad

1a36d7  No.7107126


I stole these graphics from Majestic12 twatter


d2b78c  No.7107127

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Kikes eternally BTFO, couldn't kill an anime shitposter

aa65e5  No.7107128


Can someone please tweet this to her?

I'll love you forever

229350  No.7107129

File: eb7c14874a56b0e⋯.png (303.86 KB, 474x468, 79:78, Nijanusarian.png)

File: 7bdfe7fd436bf8e⋯.png (399.19 KB, 474x682, 237:341, Nijanusarians.png)

File: 2b787bee074e255⋯.png (450.37 KB, 499x624, 499:624, Nijanusarianz.png)

File: 18f0a4089c0a4a2⋯.png (431.5 KB, 474x632, 3:4, Nijanusarian rare.png)

1390d2  No.7107130

File: 25c8eb60eabda96⋯.jpeg (23.79 KB, 258x195, 86:65, AA028323-4F7F-4A6D-B510-9….jpeg)

071ce2  No.7107131

File: 5daf3cb64f685f9⋯.mp4 (7 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Beamer Benz Or Bentley(CHR….mp4)

Notice the culture battle going on with the board tonight. I thought they had some sorda wacky rituals startin soon. Shuldn't they be prepin for dat?

3a8a2f  No.7107133

Anon, can you help me with description and title



054a9b  No.7107134


Ginger mountain's majesty is getting old.

31cac1  No.7107135

File: 2602b5f1c6160dd⋯.png (722.83 KB, 1101x734, 3:2, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

60f014  No.7107136

File: 498597b07adb801⋯.jpg (561.07 KB, 977x660, 977:660, 498597b07adb801b00837c3657….jpg)

File: ef9b57cb8023e0f⋯.png (174.17 KB, 597x393, 199:131, ef9b57cb8023e0f322fe66bc8b….png)

4f941d  No.7107137


>suppose a woman died for jihad

Not a good idea unless she wants to wake up to 72 Trekkies.

836d4b  No.7107138


Strange thing about this guy..the only pics I have seen of him are the one that you just posted..wondering if maybe the name is an alias.

2a1e70  No.7107139


nope, they are that pathetic

aa65e5  No.7107140

Flappo himself deleting posts like the shill faggot fuck he is

1db20e  No.7107141

File: 7229aa76bfb49ef⋯.jpg (99.09 KB, 752x499, 752:499, epstank mound combo.jpg)

aa65e5  No.7107142


Oops forgot link my bad


c5f5fd  No.7107143

File: cc0c65d6fc663d5⋯.png (813.58 KB, 644x715, 644:715, comeygreengiant.PNG)

74d521  No.7107145


ok, thanQ


Ditto. praying that future will prove past as Q says. I am sure anons are xious as I a to get justice.


i just stole this top kek

fc9cda  No.7107146


That last image thou, wtf

d90512  No.7107147

File: ebf4743bfc7689d⋯.png (84.27 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-20 Vess….png)

File: c609fa27f4144b2⋯.png (52.54 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-20 STEN….png)

File: 468dd32083e90ae⋯.png (46.91 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-20 STEN….png)


Here are the port calls I have for STENA IMPERO. No idea if she was hauling slaves from India but her destination port was Saudi Arabia. Her draft level did change but no idea if something or someone was put onboard during last voyage. Question: why would Iran care if slaves were going to Saudi? I'm thinking it's a stunt to show they still have influence in the region and force US/NATO to react, maybe more than once and so lose initiative.

294562  No.7107148

File: aa2e1375811fe30⋯.mp4 (9.94 MB, 852x480, 71:40, Qbaby_07_17_lq.mp4)

again for a friend

071ce2  No.7107150

File: 9b66e7e7e70b09a⋯.mp4 (5.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sevin - Easy.mp4)


Got some reclaiming to do. Stepping on the serpents heads. Ave Maria!

4f941d  No.7107151

File: 91428834df6d421⋯.jpg (109.22 KB, 1015x729, 1015:729, comey 7.jpg)

4d6845  No.7107152

File: 0a7f7a0259279bb⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1093x625, 1093:625, qnn-POTUS-is not racist.png)

File: 911880de0cc229b⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1093x625, 1093:625, qnn-POTUS-is not racist1.png)

Levin unloads on the squad starting at 32min

01a430  No.7107153

File: b4b3d7eac3ebea4⋯.jpeg (420.27 KB, 828x1339, 828:1339, 37C81A5E-31F2-4C34-9D45-3….jpeg)

File: 3273a5dc9d83efe⋯.jpeg (228.57 KB, 828x621, 4:3, EA5F9FD5-9679-49FF-933E-4….jpeg)

File: cba88d67bf08f4f⋯.jpeg (337.39 KB, 828x1215, 92:135, F5970FAB-8A40-434C-8C6D-A….jpeg)

File: 5e5be174db3d2f6⋯.jpeg (508.86 KB, 828x1074, 138:179, F882B2FC-6EB2-4931-822D-E….jpeg)

File: dadaf025ed74ed3⋯.jpeg (414.02 KB, 828x1081, 36:47, 45C5E2AF-0041-43CF-934E-6….jpeg)


Child molesting filth.

3a8a2f  No.7107154


>>7106983, >>7107016 Brexit Uncertainty Driving Shipowners to Ditch UK Flag

>>7106961, >>7106971, >>7106974, >>7106990, >>7107031, >>7107046 Neonrevolt/restoring Payseurs chapt 17

>>7106880, >>7106894 G. Nader digz

>>7106827, >>7106869, >>7106883, >>7106906 Review Newsom/Brown/Pelosi/Getty connections

>>7106820 Mirati Therapeutics sold by Boxer Capital L.L.C.(Owned by Tavistock Grp.)- $71.26m-July 17


>>7106662, >>7106669, >>7106692, >>7106702, >>7106708, >>7106728, >>7106753, >>7106787, >>7106865, >>7106882, >>7106891, >>7106933

Boatfag updates

>>7106725 James Baum/Alamitos Bay digz

>>7106670, >>7106703, >>7106721 Carol Mack pics/G. Maxwell

>>7106650, >>7106689, >>7106699 G. Maxwell/frenz pic

>>7106657, >>7106661, >>7106680 ABLAK building/Aleppo


a0457f  No.7107156

File: a33cf3998e3f8dc⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 634x477, 634:477, screenshot14.png.jpg)

File: 3a7b1bbe3f55ebf⋯.png (83.25 KB, 621x311, 621:311, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Thre….png)

File: 1688da1098ce1f3⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1011x6107, 1011:6107, Screenshot_2019-07-16 How ….png)

File: b251ef18cd7f004⋯.png (1.56 MB, 746x6532, 373:3266, Screenshot_2019-07-16 How ….png)

File: 5d5d36a909dc5ef⋯.png (239.21 KB, 682x511, 682:511, Screenshot_2019-07-16 the-….png)

7acd82  No.7107157

File: 7d6d26d5a6f6c5a⋯.png (4.24 MB, 2040x1150, 204:115, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

Dear Q/POTUS/Patriots,

I believe you have the skills, :), knowledge, understanding, tack, patience and wisdom to get us to where you know we need to be.

God bless you!

aa65e5  No.7107158


Is there a picture of the baby from the front?

1a36d7  No.7107159

File: c33bec7df84acd7⋯.png (710.17 KB, 794x849, 794:849, billclintonpic.png)

Not sure if we ever figured out the location of this pic. Here is the best I've seen so far:

Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando G. Bunster

"Clinton is seen here kicking back at a beach day in Jan. 2017 in Palmilla, Bayahibe, an exclusive haven near the so-called Paso de Catuano, very close to Isla Saona. Only in accessible by private boat."


0f4409  No.7107160

File: b3deb013a324d6a⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Chistie is fat and that is….jpg)

a bread to remember…#9093…

f2b2be  No.7107161

something has to be up cause the shills are in overdrive

bcae80  No.7107162

File: 97f92aa3a692bbb⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 283x317, 283:317, geeks[1].jpg)

1db20e  No.7107163

File: aecb2f2cb19b800⋯.png (978.56 KB, 602x681, 602:681, ginger chek'em dd.PNG)

3e26af  No.7107166


that's true

c9dd6e  No.7107167


He was deleting the faggot who was spamming Mein Kampf

aa65e5  No.7107168

File: 52d38ec2acc743e⋯.jpg (16.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, thesearethevirginsyouarelo….jpg)

2ae116  No.7107169


Wow anon. That last one with the trident statue / horse legs…

I see what your saying.

I’m really just trying to drill down deep into the Ablaq facade in which we find the keystone.

The keystone is common to many styles of architecture and in many periods.

It is also part of royal arch masonry.

I just don’t see what so great about a keystone for them to care so much about using it as a symbol.

Why do they need this symbol?

01c57c  No.7107170


Doing a good job, BO. Thank you.

5245a6  No.7107171


That's a good guess.

a0457f  No.7107172

File: cc13e087b0638a8⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2212x2534, 158:181, Screenshot_2019-07-16 Isra….png)


top right anon

1611 bacon "bible" is 911 fake n gay

aa65e5  No.7107173


That is also in the log, yes.

Those are easy to see

Im not talking about those

d2b78c  No.7107174

File: 98670871519f3e6⋯.png (143.69 KB, 385x307, 385:307, 98670871519f3e60d693e5f903….png)


The faggot spams over 9000 time then BO gives him the rope. I think it is fair judgement.

5245a6  No.7107176


71 71 71 says I'm right?

01c57c  No.7107177

>>7107170 (me)

My bad, didn't read close enough. Anyways. Thanks, BO.

229350  No.7107178



Do you happen to know what the Nigerian's connection is to the SumerianMesopotamianBabylonianPhoenicians?

Who was first?

3d8f0a  No.7107179


Maybe her last interview. She was channeling Baphomet. Heavy shit

aa65e5  No.7107181


those are not the ones I'm talking about

0f4409  No.7107182


this Nader is not to be confused with the one that had an indictment unsealed earlier today for trafficking a child in like 2004…. or Ralph the author of 'unsafe at any speed'

95759d  No.7107184



How is it a joke and how are they pathetic? What’s odd, is how IDs can tell a lot about someone.

1a36d7  No.7107185


Different Nader? Also, I swear the guy on the far right is Tony Podesta, but it names someone else

d2b78c  No.7107186

File: def723c25412e5e⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 99b9511a0ce030042d6c1d481a….jpg)


Then detail the ones you are talking about.

Other than that it would be here say

4f941d  No.7107187


I wish they were taking down Ralph for sucking all the fun out of transportation.

bdf95a  No.7107188

File: a32eb637057aba8⋯.jpeg (228.53 KB, 1332x580, 333:145, B5051ECC-FFE2-4B31-87F3-1….jpeg)

This Clinton State Dept email crumb picked up yet?

Asad/Syria → George Nader → HRC


4938e4  No.7107189

File: f95b89e85add000⋯.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1130365F-7F14-4477-B974-29….png)

Uhhh guys…. I didn’t see this in the notables and feel like it should be the largest of the notables ever.

b40b1a  No.7107190

File: 0d1b4e8354f1b0d⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 474x248, 237:124, His name was Seth Rich.jpg)

NSA FOIA response reveals Seth Rich communicated with Assange/Wikileaks


229350  No.7107192



what is the Nigerian's connection is to the SumerianMesopotamianBabylonianPhoenicians?

Who was first?

a7bd0a  No.7107193

File: 21f2fd174260b15⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1095x663, 365:221, monarch.png)

File: a7c524910c079f2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1099x664, 1099:664, monarch 2.png)

File: c9ea7532a1460c1⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1105x669, 1105:669, monarch 3.png)

See any symbolism? Next to main bus transfer station.

444093  No.7107195


Dersshewitz was selling the "mueller report"

AS A BOOK that he had written an introduction to

before anyone knew how big that report was going to be

cmon Dersh… what going on round here

7d7c6c  No.7107196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7d79db  No.7107197



1a36d7  No.7107198


The same Jack Keane thats always on Fox News? He has some explaining to do. Emailing HRC on her private server

8743e7  No.7107199

Prince Sultan bin Salman Meets with President of SpaceX

Friday 1440/11/16 - 2019/07/19

Washington, July 19, 2019, SPA – Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Agency, met here today with President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX.

During the meeting, Prince Sultan was briefed on SpaceX's development of missiles and spacecrafts.


b91caa  No.7107200

File: 1d7812c3da53c5f⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 212323.jpg)

File: 310d19c7a908159⋯.jpg (534.2 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190719-232118….jpg)

File: ea4ffdc84072a5a⋯.jpg (787.08 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190719-231238….jpg)

More weirdass fucking coincidences, anons!


Epstein-Barr virus. Seriously. We have Epstein and Barr fighting each other via the justice dept., and just now pick up there's a virus of the same name.

Oh, and its herpes and it causes cancer.


"The virus is also associated with the childhood disorders of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome[5]…"


knudel baked.

I know this is probably slightly unrelated, and maybe slidey, but I see some similarities between creepsteins sundial and viral structures.

Weird shit in any case.

01a430  No.7107201

File: 45a7442419df28c⋯.jpeg (233.95 KB, 828x810, 46:45, F6A32ACD-2E52-4091-8264-C….jpeg)

File: 035ab027ac36bcd⋯.jpeg (323.42 KB, 828x856, 207:214, 24ABA76C-5A8B-45AC-A36B-C….jpeg)

File: 0a9c8f02b7ff103⋯.jpeg (87.98 KB, 828x400, 207:100, AA6BE45C-CAB4-4EF5-8B3B-0….jpeg)

File: 4c18835f914b1ce⋯.jpeg (233.28 KB, 828x1239, 276:413, F5FA7DF4-7587-494F-8DA2-1….jpeg)

File: efacd22f12bb7c5⋯.jpeg (107.29 KB, 828x411, 276:137, E7C452E5-3AB4-42DC-A5F6-5….jpeg)

No more.

Ridiculous bullShit

95759d  No.7107202


Talking to yourself is a sign of…

d2b78c  No.7107203

File: 33167f72cb19973⋯.jpg (52.39 KB, 358x429, 358:429, 33167f72cb19973d39711c0cec….jpg)


Incoming motorcycle drive by…

68b701  No.7107204

File: e5faca721dbf9de⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 170x243, 170:243, 170px-A_Mamluk_from_Aleppo.jpg)

f2b2be  No.7107205

File: 60df3b83978e8ca⋯.png (8.49 KB, 633x59, 633:59, ClipboardImage.png)

01c57c  No.7107206

File: a4d409dc71a9cc1⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 800x420, 40:21, SethRichSource.jpg)

File: 5845bd8db1f0511⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 800x430, 80:43, SethRichUndercover.jpg)

8743e7  No.7107208

File: 20fbb700930de57⋯.png (24.71 KB, 549x485, 549:485, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at ….png)

File: 4c98baad8c490db⋯.png (19.44 KB, 368x491, 368:491, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at ….png)

File: 2469c564ee05e01⋯.png (67.17 KB, 618x517, 618:517, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at ….png)

File: 99e9bdda34fe1cd⋯.png (193.22 KB, 408x565, 408:565, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at ….png)

STENA IMPERO from Fujairah Anch United Arab Emirates to AL JUBAIL Saudi Arabia

Currently in Fujairah Anch


Recent arr/dep Fujairah Anch


bcae80  No.7107209

File: 6fc81ea25eea5f1⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1921x7906, 1921:7906, FireShot Capture 332 - NSA….png)


screengrab anon

537776  No.7107210



0f4409  No.7107211

File: 1c6bf13d1b19ed1⋯.png (231.51 KB, 474x394, 237:197, come along baby Pepe.png)


you-ing yourself, while is frowned upon in most situations….might be acceptable here with the digit score…maybe….

1a36d7  No.7107212


What are the odds?

19d292  No.7107213


^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOTABLE!!!

ab63cd  No.7107214


I second NotAble

Marines Calm before the storm

9f0816  No.7107215

File: 40063777577f8e4⋯.jpg (225.55 KB, 875x650, 35:26, Pepe -Q Research All Night….jpg)

25a334  No.7107216

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Libturds truly are low IQ sheep

d2b78c  No.7107217

File: a6b36d5c778d6e3⋯.png (430.81 KB, 615x535, 123:107, a6b36d5c778d6e3e1c185d1211….png)


I would be so happy if they just faked his death and killed the would-be assassins.

4f941d  No.7107218

File: 6b5348b3cc13400⋯.jpg (781.22 KB, 1024x766, 512:383, pumpkin.jpg)


>3rd pic

Bullets with butterfly wings. Har har.

01c57c  No.7107220


Then let the retarded Dems think they got him for a solid year plus.

31cac1  No.7107221

File: 19f263a79def4fc⋯.png (480.51 KB, 1329x905, 1329:905, Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at ….png)

01eea8  No.7107222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

musicfags join in.

7ba3cf  No.7107224

File: a1ce4d4293ff954⋯.png (243.46 KB, 318x287, 318:287, ClipboardImage.png)

open [land of oz]

install [shoes]

<close directory>

ee325d  No.7107225

File: e808001ecb7b1f1⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1638x1032, 273:172, Little Saint James island-….png)

You little turd burglars…referring to the shills of course.

Just a heads up as to what's coming… you fuckers know this is coming… get used to it.

836d4b  No.7107227


>this Nader is not to be confused with the one that had an indictment unsealed earlier today for trafficking a child in like 2004…. or Ralph the author of 'unsafe at any speed'

You have digs on a different George Nader? Any Sauce?

9f0816  No.7107228

File: bf98d38c4f13aa1⋯.jpg (173.9 KB, 1079x1079, 1:1, NOTABLE-ASS2.jpg)



95759d  No.7107229


Hadn’t noticed you before. Thanks for posting your shill meme and comment.

1db20e  No.7107230

File: 0eae57096488b90⋯.png (587.96 KB, 1272x951, 424:317, biden pickled.png)

2ae116  No.7107231

File: 5b59d083cd88439⋯.jpeg (506.73 KB, 1125x1054, 1125:1054, 8B0A2F63-C47E-486A-9BDC-F….jpeg)


Marines Twatter is Water


b40b1a  No.7107232


Thanks anon

d2b78c  No.7107233

File: 2201cb7990ff6b7⋯.gif (747.34 KB, 1119x884, 1119:884, 2201cb7990ff6b75f5bf015ecc….gif)


I hope to God that he is in good hands.

And I wonder how many deaths are the same.

Also, here's to hoping that No Name is alive and unwell, kek.

**revenge is best served cold*

4f941d  No.7107234

File: ca44f7dd1a3dbdf⋯.webm (9.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Amadeus Liszt - Win the R….webm)


You're going to regret asking.

7d7c6c  No.7107235

File: e4aef973a85afff⋯.png (260.8 KB, 485x372, 485:372, Screenshot_209.png)



That might be truer than you know, Anon!

a7bd0a  No.7107236

File: 53dc8d70c42434c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1089x666, 121:74, monarch roof.png)

0de4cb  No.7107237


its old school faggot

1a36d7  No.7107238

File: 334801ac5b10ad6⋯.jpg (187.34 KB, 1200x1094, 600:547, D_4oxiyXkAE2wcM.jpg)

Worth sharing again for everyone who missed it

3a8a2f  No.7107239


Anon, please make bun with description

8743e7  No.7107240


Amid rising tensions between Iran and the US last month, Mr Trump said he was not seeking war with the country but warned, if pushed, the country would face “obliteration like you’ve never seen before”.


6ebbff  No.7107241


She is definitely the one married to Earle I. Mack: https://donfeatures.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/SPV-AMBASSADOR-EARLE-MACK-S-60-S-RE-UNION/G0000bnirf4wLRIo/I0000hWXUpY6vJ90/C0000mnhwv7CIgWM

a0457f  No.7107242

File: 9f536f28a12a2d8⋯.jpg (4.91 MB, 2509x8094, 2509:8094, Screenshot_2019-06-18 The ….jpg)