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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

0252fd No.708864


Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

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>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

>>612870 rt >>612799 Review Congressional investigation.

>>612782 rt >>612722 Which conversation leaked?

>>612728 rt >>612723 11:11

>>612722 Re_read re: Australia.

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0252fd No.708889


https:// pastebin.com/LFW1eVJL

8689bd No.708890

File: c45f264ece25927⋯.png (517.3 KB, 1453x545, 1453:545, ClipboardImage.png)

This anon was telling the truth!

CIA niggers have taken over this board!

0252fd No.708898

Baker Signing Out

Welcome Back Q

c02f0f No.708924

File: 16c672c7b0e6bb5⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 200x196, 50:49, Jesusbread.jpg)


John 6:26

Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves.

3fa1e6 No.708926

File: 51eed7eb11212f7⋯.jpg (42.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20994139_10214848745719060….jpg)

Tasty bread, baker

2b0794 No.708928


I gotcha baker.

6d1f7d No.708938

>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCYHHxQrHU0

>They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

0252fd No.708940


New Baker Confirmed

804d29 No.708950

File: a95c04fab80fa3a⋯.jpeg (41.29 KB, 528x339, 176:113, DYkwKspXcAE2Epd.jpeg)

804d29 No.708955

File: 05ecbee68fefc23⋯.jpeg (26.53 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 05ecbee68fefc231656d817d5….jpeg)

804d29 No.708963

File: 59686afffaa2d72⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 59686afffaa2d7212b268fb734….jpg)

804d29 No.708964

File: a98e38255f28d58⋯.jpeg (29.99 KB, 660x371, 660:371, a98e38255f28d5804ec66086c….jpeg)

File: 7798be47b3b1bab⋯.png (66.94 KB, 384x480, 4:5, 7798be47b3b1babe3dc77f544e….png)

POTUS is the king!

79d5b7 No.708965

Come on, guys!

I know some Anon out there can dig up an early release copy of Comey's book.

Let's get that shit scanned & online!

No cash for Comey!

e1f953 No.708966

Why did Q stop posting when fake Q challenged him?

Is Q scared of fake Q?

Did fake Q btfo real Q?

2dbe11 No.708967


Roger, great spotting!

b775f5 No.708969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You are one of those CIA niggers.

I suggest you go outside and enjoy what little time you have left. Where once there might have been some forgiveness your arrogance has now ensured there will be no quarter.

edc1bc No.708970

File: 289477ce9b4d341⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 45_1.jpg)

d063c3 No.708971


Your mom beats off every night to Q porn.

ee2acf No.708972


Good work on the Swiss plane.

804d29 No.708974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listen about 1.5 - 2 min in

e1f953 No.708976


What is Q porn?

244526 No.708978

File: 36fffeb1b597088⋯.png (2.15 MB, 700x10413, 700:10413, god bless the usa.png)

It’s hard to see what’s going on behind the scenes. It's not just about Democratic Corruption here in the United States…. it's about the Synagogue of Satan everywhere. It's about the imminent fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, specifically Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. The Great Sign of Revelations 12:1 was fulfilled last September 23, 2017.

I look at the whole picture. I look at Fourth Turnings. History. Signs in the stars. Blood moons. There's so much more than the here and now. Expand your thinking!

Anons ask if the Democrats will ever get back on track. I say no- Why? Trump is going to appoint at least 3 if not 5 Supreme Court Justices. That means anything that gets challenged and goes that high gets thrown out. Judges will quickly learn they can no longer legislate from the bench. Kennedy, Ginsburg, and a couple more will be leaving.

Our guys are working on getting armed guards into the elections and we will soon have our first honest elections in 30+ years due to all the changes.

What perception do you have of states being R vs D? Do you HONESTLY believe that having elections at 49-51 is "normal"? NO. They've been manipulated severely. That will be coming out before long. Trump won by a LANDSLIDE. Think 60-40 or 70-30 or better.

Do you think the (LEGAL) foreign born population is going to vote Democratic any longer? TRUMP AND CO are the only ones that have given them JOBS and TAX CUTS. They can see just as well as all of us that they've been played.

The Democratic Party will be NO MORE in about a month. I should say the Democratic Party on a National Level. Locally, they will be gasping for a couple more elections, and possibly they will be able to regroup under a new banner and new philosophy, specifically returning to the Classical Democrat model, but as they are right now, they will be DEAD in a month or less. Look at 18,500 indictments! Who the hell will trust a Democrat after well over 50% of the top Democrats in the party are in prison?

YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO PLAY. Direct quote from Q. The system has been fucked with for so long we've all given up. Once HRC hangs and people REALIZE they have been given the power… it's going to be quite amazing.

Historically, we have been a Christian Nation. Now, God's hand will come back upon us in a MIGHTY WAY.

There will be a COMPLETE ROLLBACK of many of the doings of previous administrations, all the way back to 1991 and Bush's damn NWO.

Prayer in the schools will be reinstated, Roe Vs Wade will be overturned, 501c3 for the churches will be erased.

We are the SAFE PLACE in the TRIBULATION. Christian immigration will increase tenfold or more. Christians are going to be actively engaged in the process and aren't going to have any interest in this fuckery any more than you and I.

If you would check out my graphic, you will understand WHY the United States is the SAFE PLACE. Petra, Jordan, at the time of the Bible's writing, was a great military power and financial center at the time. The United States is a great military power and financial center of our time.

HONESTLY- why do you think we are "the most important country in the world"? Maybe, because of the Blessing in Genesis? Given to Ephraim and Manasseh? Referred to as a Multitude of Nations? So, logically speaking, IF we ARE the most important country in the world, because of the Blessing, THEN we will be the Safe Place in the Tribulation BECAUSE of the Blessing.

Think LOGICALLY, like always. We have already been nuked- the 3/11/11 attack in Japan was nuclear weapons in a nuclear reactor. That means, if the United States was NOT a "Safe Place" from a nuclear war overseas, we would have found out then. As it was, we did get some radiation from that but it was nothing like "ground zero". The United States is literally TWO OCEANS away from the "action". And we're putting in a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep everything out in that direction.

The morons in Africa/Europe/Asia/Russia can nuke the shit out of themselves, but honestly, it doesn't affect the United States to any great degree. We also have the world's greatest Navy. So no one is coming to attack the United States anytime soon. It’s a logistical nightmare.

There are A LOT of Christians in the world. What country in the world is BIG and STRONG enough to protect the Christians, and wage war on the Anti-Christ? THINK! United States is about 500 years old and has always been known as a SAFE PLACE for Christians, until about 50/60 years ago. In the eyes of God, we've fucked up for about an hour. A thousand years is a day. (They) have been worshiping Satan for well over 5,000 years. They will be getting the punishment… NOT the United States!

But- We DO need to pray…. and ask for God's mercy upon our Great Nation.

Just watch, and enjoy the show. It's going to take a period of time for all of this to play out.

804d29 No.708980


POTUS pen + The Marines



b775f5 No.708981


There will be no quarter for you.

2a0b65 No.708982

File: a4cfc1e96fc351a⋯.jpg (105.41 KB, 908x673, 908:673, cair march 2018.JPG)


https:// gellerreport.com/category/cair-terror-in-the-usa-2018/

8ebc59 No.708983


Correct. They weren't for a long time. But I was taught to see. Now they are mine. Now I KNOW.

All the subliminal messages, thoughts, patterns, emotions, reactions we are told to have all day everyday. Now I pay attention. To everything.

Sounds, lights, pictures, signs, posters, music, words, actions, etc.

It is mine again.

d063c3 No.708985


Your mom's dildo.

4162a3 No.708986


You really think Q gives a shit about fake Q? Why would he give him the time of day? That's all fake Q cares wants.

I hope Q has a MOAB for him though.

edc1bc No.708988

11:11:18 WE will Honor them All.

ee2acf No.708989

Looks like 2-AVCO might be heading Zurich.

No tally on 2-MSTG is showing listed though.

6122ef No.708990

File: 3efdeff979532a8⋯.jpg (143.5 KB, 1440x987, 480:329, 3efdeff979532a89db03d604ea….jpg)

Thank you Baker!

acfa5e No.708991

File: 2b73288b4984dbc⋯.png (235.74 KB, 470x316, 235:158, c6a0f58094711d1a0808ed588f….png)


You remember Van Wilder where they were doing math tutoring and if you got an answer correct there'd be titties?

It's like that but on chaturbate.

"QPorn starting T.Racy Bonez"

804d29 No.708992

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0047bd No.708993

File: cd0db1899c9c052⋯.jpg (122.28 KB, 564x500, 141:125, DYS5XtWUMAAY-bw.jpg)

804d29 No.708996

bd3ce9 No.708997


I never thought about it before, but that's really true.

13e32c No.708998


With you on that. I think completely differently now and I'm paying attention to everything.

8c67da No.708999

File: 15aebe2dcd25e29⋯.png (9.34 KB, 385x163, 385:163, q trip whitelist post.png)

> glorious leader returns to serve hidden wisdom

> leaves ambiguous post

> immediately splits /qresearch/ into two warring factions about what it could possibly mean

> accusations, insults, infighting

> research grinds to halt

> jews win

acfa5e No.709000

File: a3561506e4e48bf⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 11313457_936753313088234_9….jpg)

d063c3 No.709001


I still get some keks out of this one

ec053a No.709005


When there was no new bread baked about 2:15am, Q posted on a board that had been abandoned about 2 hours earlier - midnight. Multiple boards caused confusion. (Again). Q was actually INSTRUCTED to move to another board, rather than letting Q decide where he/she/they would post. Maybe why Q stopped posting. Or, maybe Q didn't have anything else to drop last night.

6122ef No.709007


it's my fav. :-)

acfa5e No.709009


Oh damn it!

I'm a tripfag now!

794286 No.709010

File: edb0537191c9be0⋯.jpg (28.18 KB, 585x438, 195:146, 29257641_639867869799804_6….jpg)

fackbook find

acfa5e No.709011

File: 9d01f2dc02c8a93⋯.png (125.78 KB, 500x962, 250:481, hitler-kills-17-million-de….png)


Well… maybe Hitler is.

e77220 No.709012

There was anon who said freedom of speech overrides private setting terms and conditions. I just would like to continue our discussion. If thats the case we should have a law suit not petition. Thats why i said its tangled and its a lawfag guestion. Anyway as per Q we did what was needed. But i am not sure the whole issue is clearly understood

37a8d5 No.709013



"Russia attacked our country"

Gowdy is full of shit!

804d29 No.709014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a1a30e No.709015

244526 No.709016

This is posted on Drudge Report. Behind a paywall.

Article title:

PAPER: Big Tech needs to face Roosevelt-style trust busting…

http:// archive.is/bzuqt

293dd0 No.709017

File: 2c57372fa18d59b⋯.png (558.09 KB, 711x472, 711:472, timeline-of-treason.png)

File: 2c57372fa18d59b⋯.png (558.09 KB, 711x472, 711:472, timeline-of-treason.png)

9060b0 No.709018


Bill was introduced by Ted Cruz early last year. It didn't go anywhere. They later in the year tried toget Rex Tillerson to declare MB an FTO from the State Department since this would automatically trigger the desired effect of shuttung down its operations here in the US. T-Rex was refused since he felt it would directly negate much of Obama's foreign policy legacy—including the Iran deal.



804d29 No.709019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fd3567 No.709020

Has everybody voted on the Drudge Poll?


f682de No.709021


Sigh not this Tyler shit again. What's next? Pelicanfag?

473525 No.709022

File: 826b80e7076abd6⋯.png (732.52 KB, 1446x840, 241:140, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c8136225982bb6⋯.png (21.96 KB, 516x189, 172:63, ClipboardImage.png)

Massive MSM layoffs…

https:// truepundit.com/disgraced-media-already-hit-massive-layoffs-2018/

79d5b7 No.709023


When I was little, my mother used to smack me on the back of the head and say, "Pay attention to what's going on around you!"

Your thoughts are your own, no matter what, if you simply take responsibility for them. Grabbing the reins and taking control negates /dissipates all the control others try to have over you. The key is Responsibility. Responsibility is Ownership.

e77220 No.709024


Yes, thats a circus. Gowdy is still a big?????

13e32c No.709025


It was very confusing in the night. I was on one thread and it got to 666 posts and 111 images and just froze. Took me forever to get back in and there were two or three threads with the same number. Q was posting and people were telling people to move to other threads and then that thread was telling people to move to another. At first I thought I had fallen asleep and was dreaming!

6e8096 No.709026

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

God please Bless this our daily Bread and deliver us from shills.Back you heathens Back!

804d29 No.709027


Thanks, Anon. Almost forgot

d063c3 No.709029


..But Russia did attack us.. Just not through Trump…

They tried to hit us through the Dems. Trump's election stopped much of that.

43b795 No.709030

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


"Deep-State Lindsey was on Deep-State CNN on Sunday talking to Deep-State Jake Tapper."

https:// truepundit.com/lindsey-graham-threatens-impeach-trump/

CNN's State of the Union Sunday show (03/18/18) Video:

Rand Paul @ 11:15

Lindsey @19:27

804d29 No.709031


Love it!

a2c0c1 No.709032

File: 18671b723b05ffe⋯.jpg (174.52 KB, 888x864, 37:36, google-ogham.jpg)

File: 71dc204423eb997⋯.jpg (64.83 KB, 595x842, 595:842, ogham1.jpg)

File: 015a15a2104a8da⋯.jpg (246.65 KB, 1141x1109, 1141:1109, ogham2.jpg)

File: 707615f64fc55e6⋯.jpg (252.66 KB, 594x759, 18:23, googlepic-5eye.jpg)

File: 999063d44b820bf⋯.jpg (364.98 KB, 837x1245, 279:415, googlepic-911.jpg)

Imagefag / newfag here

Last night there was an image of Google's St. Patrick's Day homepage. Somebody on youtube had shown if you invert it, it looks like a shark and a tidal wave going toward a skyscraper.

Seems like a little bit of a reach to my eye, but I did find some interesting things in this image. Thanks to SomeAnon for posting link to the high res version of the image.

OGHAM STONES: Thanks to History Channel, I had kind of remembered these runic writings shown on the tall odd-looking stone that makes the Google "l". Had really thought I found something cool until it simply translated to "G-O-O-G-L-E". Still, the letter meanings seem like they may give some insight into Google's darker side.

5-EYES: What initially caught my eye was what looked like a 5 under the sheep there. If you rotate and foreshorten the image to put the 5 into proportion, then adjust the exposure or contrast, you can start pulling out some of the black details. I see an "eye", the number 5, and the number 11 pretty clearly. Also possibly "WL". Something about the 5-eyes? Something going down on 5/11 = May 11?

9/11: While looking at this rotated image, it looks a lot more like the 9/11 attack to my eye, than a shark causing a tidal wave. Still, this could definitely portend some other type of breathtaking attack. Watch the water, and all that. On 5/11 maybe? Did some digging around with NY skyscrapers to see if one bears any strong resemblance to that Ogham Stone drawn in the image, but could not find anything conclusive.

804d29 No.709035

File: ee0a0abd5e88e1f⋯.jpg (450.29 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ee0a0abd5e88e1f6e47fbd1ccb….jpg)

6122ef No.709036


I'm laughing so hard right now, and I'm a femail anon. rofl.

wow… I'm ashamed

edc1bc No.709037

eb7ee2 No.709038

File: 4b593d70c6e72bd⋯.jpeg (609.15 KB, 1536x840, 64:35, FD6E3D36-8C89-4D96-B715-4….jpeg)

File: 5ad440f7f64103c⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1536x1953, 512:651, AC155673-C1DE-4A69-9422-0….jpeg)

There is something called the Schengen Area that has a visa white list.

Since 2001, the European Union has issued two lists regarding visas for the Schengen Area: a white list of countries whose nationals do not require visas (Annex II)[13] and a black list of countries whose nationals do require visas (Annex I).[14] The two lists are also adopted by Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania, even though the four countries are not yet part of the Schengen Area.

9060b0 No.709039


Good article. Its not behind a paywall though. Just click off the ad.



293dd0 No.709040

File: 1264e331471c02e⋯.jpg (86.44 KB, 656x656, 1:1, d37ab14e2dc786683478e00f2f….jpg)


oop's, forgot this

0f6d80 No.709042

File: 4951dd5acbbc3e1⋯.jpg (81.24 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 26mt4z.jpg)

804d29 No.709044

https:// polldaddy.com/poll/9962275/

Helping out

We are winning!

af93b9 No.709045

FBI (past/present)

#1 Robert S. Mueller lll

#1 James Comey

#2 Andrew McCabe

+29 (16)

>(16) already gone or indicted

>29 more to go

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Eric Holder 82nd AG

#1 Loretta Lynch 83rd AG

#2 Rod Rosenstein 37th Deputy Attorney General


>18 more to go

STATE (past/present)

#1 Sec of State HRC

#1 Sec of State John Kerry


>41 more to go

Removal is the least of their problems.

>Death by Treason is not even enough for the lot of them.


>What ever they are guilty of they blame others for it instead. Case in point-Russian collusion


>U1 Russian collusion is in HRC lap not Trump's.

Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

>Shadowbanning and banning anyone who talks against the Dems . They don't want us to get the truth out.


>Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden made billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after they flew to China in 2013.

>A subsidiary Bank of China named Bohai Capital signed an exclusive deal with Chris Heinz (stepson of John Kerry) and Hunter Biden's private equity firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. It was to form a $1 billion joint-investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. The deal was later increased to $1.5 billion.




>Pay to play more then anything.


>He knows where the bodies are buried.

>Counter-terrorism expert



>Flynn knew to much and had to be silenced. Thank God they didn't suicide him.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

>Pompeo does

>Flynn does


>Flynn will be cleared of all charges


>Trump can now get rid of the swamp creatures. They have shown their true colors.

>Bet Flynn comes back

Election theft.

>Trump has proof of several election thefts now.

Last hope.

>Taking over the voting was their last hope. Voter fraud. Busted.

>Impeaching Trump

Congressional focus.

>They will try and focus on an Impeachment.


>They think they will impeach Trump. Getting tired of hearing “IMPEACH 45!”

They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

>They didn't think we would wake either. Fooled them.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

>…and here it's Hollywood that yells out 'CATTLE CALL' for the actors to come in for their auditions.


>Everyone will know who are the satanist, pedos or sexual predators. By this time maybe the left will be woke enough to know how bad they were as actors/singers anyway.



>Losing their money


>We are waking millions and the Cabal are not liking it.


804d29 No.709046


Dont worry, we like and respect your type. You are a real woman. Thanks for being here.

a1a30e No.709047

Mueller works for Trump.

http: //www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/18/gowdy-trumps-lawyer-did-president-disservice-in-urging-end-to-mueller-probe.html

55313c No.709048


*TOO* late…. With 2-O's,anon

a377bf No.709049


Interesting post. A stretch, but still, interesting.

244526 No.709050


Now it works.

Interesting read- and also they're doing that AGAIN on ANOTHER Fourth Turning.

8586cd No.709051



This is a perfect example of why Fake Qs should not be allowed. How many breads are we going to have Anons confusing "Trips" with Tripcodes now?

9b9134 No.709052

File: a3c7a594417d6fc⋯.jpeg (73.11 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 5703F734-0561-4BCE-9369-8….jpeg)

Notice anything strange about the wife’s waist?

Family of liars?

6e8096 No.709053


You must learn to cut and paste, look it up, it's easy

2b0794 No.709054

File: 8f5a62237ef16cc⋯.jpeg (72.16 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, DYbvh75VMAEWOjU.jpeg)

e899e9 No.709055


The number 2 under the DOJ could be Sally Yates, who was fired by Potus for failure to follow orders.

d334c6 No.709056

post 704922 , Batch 873.

Cuddly sounding govt officials working across agencies agenda.

Guys in the UK this is Common Purpose an organisation run by a 'former' communist. Slogan, 'Leading Beyond Authority'. Responsible for all of the senior police etc cover up of muslim grooming gangs. You really want to stop these people before they gain momentum.

6b02b1 No.709057

File: 67a45cdbd10b6af⋯.jpg (325.34 KB, 1136x875, 1136:875, trumptweets&qhili.jpg)

944e66 No.709058

Copied from last bread so newfags know, and because it makes my eyes bleed.

Ok you need to know this.

((())) means "Jews". That is the origin of the echoes meme. I'm telling you this so you don't look silly in the future. If you think this is some shill shit you're wrong. Google "echoes Jew"

People here often express concern for how this board looks to outsiders who come here.

When you use ((())) it looks antisemitic even though you don't mean it that way.

a1a30e No.709059


So you think Trump hired Mueller to impeach him.

d063c3 No.709060

File: d01fc0f04c6d3b0⋯.png (51.44 KB, 594x391, 594:391, Untitled.png)

804d29 No.709061


Cue the war music.

Beautiful sight, isnt it?

85f62c No.709062


The deep state sold America. Other just used the oportunity. E.g. U1. Russia never attacked or threatened US.

804d29 No.709065


Good work, Anon

d063c3 No.709066


I'm talking political interference.

293dd0 No.709067

File: 2c57372fa18d59b⋯.png (558.09 KB, 711x472, 711:472, timeline-of-treason.png)


glib and superficial charm

grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self

need for stimulation

pathological lying

cunning and manipulativeness

lack of remorse or guilt

shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)

callousness and lack of empathy

parasitic lifestyle

poor behavioral controls

sexual promiscuity

early behavior problems

lack of realistic long-term goals



failure to accept responsibility for own actions

many short-term marital relationships

juvenile delinquency

revocation of conditional release

criminal versatility

a1a30e No.709068


So you think Gowdy is swamp? lol

2b0794 No.709069


I thought ((())) was being used to refer to (((deep state))) on this board?

79d5b7 No.709070


I realize you get bonuses for posting on the weekends, but this whole "post a hitler/nazi to discredit" thing…. It just has no traction. No one's buying it. No one's annoyed by it. No one's offended. Whatever you THINK you are accomplishing, you are only jerking off for your own amusement. If it's the best you can do to pay your bills or if it makes you truly happy, by all means, continue. I just thought I should inform you, that if you believe you are on some "greater good mission," you are wasting your time.

Troll feeding time is over.

Enjoy your food for thought.

f1bcf8 No.709071

File: 0f35b2652677f3b⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 226x223, 226:223, mrpepeJD.jpg)

from last bread

>>708245 (You)

i never said Q takes order from (P) - Q said soros takes orders from P

see the difference?

re read crumbs and my post before spouting off

this is in reply to this nonsense:

Q said that Soros takes orders from P. Your reasoning is that P= Palestine. So then, then Soros takes orders from Palestine? Really?

d63fc5 No.709072



Foreignfag asking:

Can you plz tell me in other words what "v2" means?

13415d No.709073

File: 1e19d391a28f146⋯.gif (3.78 MB, 416x224, 13:7, officespacedance.gif)


Outstanding. And they dig their graves deeper with every passing minute as news cycle after news cycle puts their stupidity on full display for all to see.

6e8096 No.709074


Nothing wrong there, that's just the $700,000 she has hidden in her pants sticking the fabric out,haha doesn't look shopped at all,lol

d063c3 No.709076


trump administration version 2.0

641441 No.709077

File: af946c2a23ab2dd⋯.jpg (333.81 KB, 1600x1049, 1600:1049, 1-1.jpg)


Big Shit is going down…..

the C_A sHillary clowns missed church today so they could come spend time with us…..

Bless their sweet little black hearts

944e66 No.709078


You can't just change the meanings of things Anon. It means what it means, and MANY Jews know about it already.

244526 No.709079


>Why are trips allowed?

>Because visas and travel is controlled by The Department of State.

>State Department has a WHITE LIST of approved high ranking travelers.

>HRC, Huma, Hussein are on the list because

>State Department is comped. (43)

>Tillerson allowed them to travel


And NOW we have an answer for Tillerson, Pompeo, and all the rest of the chess moves being played with the State Department.

aa2ce6 No.709080


It doesn't mean anything politically. It just means "Version 2". Probably refers to the recent cabinet shufflings.

37a8d5 No.709081


You should take a reading comprehension class!

d63fc5 No.709082


"Verson", ty!

4efd27 No.709083


i am dying right now


6b6eb3 No.709084


Version 2, volume 2, verse 2 - seems to imply a second round. That’s a guess.

2b0794 No.709085

Has there been more discussion on the USMC being activated (3) since last night?

d63fc5 No.709086

acfa5e No.709087

File: 4d20200471e487d⋯.png (337.2 KB, 850x878, 425:439, 4d2.png)


Oh, the hitler thing had nothing to do with discrediting anything. This is h8chan, after all.

You didn't even mention what that was in response to, either… but, you do you, boo boo.

43b795 No.709088

File: e62cc474bbfbfde⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 185x214, 185:214, GBball.jpg)


Great analysis!

af93b9 No.709089


Everything has more then one meaning. I bet it means actual trips and tripcodes.

Hillary and company are let to travel to be spied on who they meet and talk to. Hillary thinks she is so sneaky and won't get caught if she passed secret messages. Same with Obama etc. They have trackers on them. Her trip to India was great for us. More left now despise her for her 'speech'. She can't stop making excuses why she lost.

Trip codes here need to stop fake Q. Not that we can't tell the difference but to stop the posting of the fake Q tweets on Twitter and elsewhere as real Q posts.

83fe05 No.709090


>Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

>>Shadowbanning and banning anyone who talks against the Dems . They don't want us to get the truth out.

Could be even more than that. Could mean that there was no Russian meddling, that google, twitter etc did all of it.

d63fc5 No.709091

2b0794 No.709092


Oh woops. I won't be using it anymore then. Thanks for the clarification.

f1dcdf No.709095

Remember that Trump interviewed Mueller right before he was appointed as Special Prosecutor.

It may be a good time to revisit this discussion considering what has happened in the last 9 months.

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/06/13/politics/trump-robert-mueller-fbi-director-interview/index.html

Remember, Mueller was ineligible for the position, so what did they talk about?

ee2acf No.709096

File: 0e54e35b1b6a69b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

Looks like 2-AVCO is heading further north possibly Berlin.

Need to step out few a short while can a fellow planefag monitor pls.

94e328 No.709097


Welcome to November.

85f5a9 No.709098

Re: where the bodies are buried. I took this as The sacrifices and real bodies. It has since been said that it wasn’t literal. Then where are the real bodies that aren’t ever found. I don’t know where the pig farm and Podesta discussions came from but maybe they will never be found. I hope they have evidence of all that fuckery.

a9b4a4 No.709099


Bit off topic but finding documented child abuse from the 70's w authorities complicit. Will do BASG dig when I can.

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1580756/Child-abuse-investigation-spreads-to-Guernsey.html

2a0b65 No.709100

File: c888f6bb187e9a3⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 492x572, 123:143, usmc_march 2018.JPG)


944e66 No.709101

File: cef07dda01f4563⋯.jpeg (20.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, knowing-is-half-the-battl….jpeg)


Np carry on.

a1acd3 No.709102

Anyone creating fake q trip code or other names in that field will be filtered. Will BO also ban?

Q is telling us to lead.

99c725 No.709103


Anon is correct. Palestine is NOT a nation, it was a region of the Roman empire.

The name was used by ancient Greek writers, and it was later used for the Roman province Syria Palaestina, the Byzantine Palaestina Prima, and the Islamic provincial district of Jund Filastin. The region comprises most of the territory claimed for the biblical regions known as the Land of Israel (Hebrew: ארץ־ישראל‎ Eretz-Yisra'el), the Holy Land or Promised Land. Historically, it has been known as the southern portion of wider regional designations such as Canaan, Syria, ash-Sham, and the Levant.

After the Bar Kokhba revolt, Hadrian was so pissed that he renamed the area Palestine to try and eradicate any trace of the Hebrews. Earlier in the Roman empire the area was known as Judea, although names change depending on who is referencing the area.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation or people, everyone in that general area are primarily Arabs and Hebrews with a scattering of other ethnicities. They just use the Palestinian thing to try and stick it to Israel because they know they are the rightful heirs to the region and don't want to let them have it.

13e32c No.709104


Um, you're arguing with the wrong person.

17d507 No.709105




405487 No.709106

0f0826 No.709107

File: b7159eed957a2d5⋯.png (26.85 KB, 585x153, 65:17, you can never go back agai….PNG)

8c67da No.709108


anonymity is freedom

804d29 No.709109

acfa5e No.709110


I still like the idea of it being "Prime" as in "The One at The Top". Il Primo.

a377bf No.709111

File: df4a54bafb1cccf⋯.png (6.94 KB, 331x144, 331:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0cc9c4c40f5383⋯.png (8.57 KB, 336x160, 21:10, ClipboardImage.png)

Brackets, to no brackets.


e899e9 No.709112


He is unchained, Version 2.

d63fc5 No.709113

8586cd No.709114


Not to mention there are still some that get confused and think fake Q is real and muddy the Breads. Why are BO/BV allowing it?

804d29 No.709115


Target boxes. Identifying targeted individuals.

43b795 No.709116


Lindsey sure is a proponent of Pompeo, while Rand Paul isn't.

0f0826 No.709117

File: 0d1fd45584a7acb⋯.jpg (39.59 KB, 474x327, 158:109, willys.jpg)


> I don’t know where the pig farm and Podesta discussions came from but maybe they will never be found.

All pig farms are known.

http:// www.missingpeople.net/on_willys_pig_farm.htm

d92157 No.709118


I've just found out I have an illness, I'd shag one or two of them…..I must be sick.

a1a30e No.709119


You should learn how to watch and read the news.

641441 No.709120


Wrong the bread Q posted in was brand new…

I posted right above him seconds before….

There were three breads going after 2-3 minute wait of no bread. Q did NOT get scared off. He stated what he needed to. [Why are trips (abroad) allowed]

opinions often lack facts.

37a8d5 No.709122


Did I fucking say that?

No, I didn't!

I said Gowdy is full of shit for saying Russia attacked our fucking country!

It was in the Podesta emails to use the 'Russia, Russia, Russia" bs from 2015! After more than a year, Mueller indicted 18 Russians for posting on FB & organizing Anti AND pro trump marches? smh If THAT is Russia "attacking our country", we're truly and completely fucked!

3fa1e6 No.709123

File: c4add0e2e6255ff⋯.png (198.91 KB, 297x288, 33:32, 1333694656800.png)


Nigga, if you think this place is all wishy washy without the occasional FIRE between anons, you truly do not deserve my upvote.

df8195 No.709124

File: 2b349a88fd46b90⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1350x359, 1350:359, capture_036_18032018_08285….png)

File: 9f5efc066a19f53⋯.png (2.28 MB, 830x957, 830:957, capture_037_18032018_08294….png)

File: 8c53c1afcdcc9a5⋯.png (1.99 MB, 806x863, 806:863, capture_038_18032018_08300….png)

File: 1923312e2e258b5⋯.png (2.27 MB, 790x1002, 395:501, capture_039_18032018_08303….png)

File: e941d51a5c76d94⋯.png (2.18 MB, 803x949, 11:13, capture_040_18032018_08311….png)


[C]lownboy Brennan is a Commie…

https:// wikileaks.org/ plusd/cables/ 1975NEWDE12257_b.html

64e80c No.709125


After midterms when swamp is sufficiently drained and then the agenda can go into full swing.

41e572 No.709126

File: 00cf1adf5e7a421⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1440x1366, 720:683, Capture _2018-03-18-11-31-….png)

What kind of device is this?

f1dcdf No.709127


I have been here, nigger. That was five months ago. Most of us - you obviously excluded - have

learned some things since then. As the IG report is upcoming and Mueller is all over the news now,

it might be a good time to discuss this interview again and its PRESENT impact/implications.

I typed this very slowly, because I know you can't read fast (or well).

2b0794 No.709128


Lololol. Should I not be laughing at this ? Lolololololol.

c0929a No.709129


Okay, I see it. What would have been their purpose?

df8195 No.709130

File: d5f68e18c3e3c1f⋯.png (2.25 MB, 782x1004, 391:502, capture_041_18032018_08312….png)

File: f24148970ab8cea⋯.png (1.34 MB, 764x613, 764:613, capture_042_18032018_08314….png)

1e14d0 No.709131


At first the waist looked like evidence of shoop but on closer inspection it is just those kind of female jeans with pockets, and the fabric of the pocket is jutting out. Look for yourself. Could be a weird pic but not for the reason of Jill's waist.

1eb891 No.709132

File: 8d03845e310d916⋯.gif (30.6 KB, 520x340, 26:17, newfags_on_steroids_gif_by….gif)

405487 No.709133



There’s no way to actually fully ban anyone anons. Just change VPN and those who’ve been banned can post again. It’s pointless. We’ve been shilled hard for months and months, do you really think FAQ bothers us, or Q?

af93b9 No.709134


She has already been fired which is the reason I put in RR. Yates wasn't in long enough (10days) while RR has been and needs fired and maybe arrested.

8ebc59 No.709135


Wtf ate you talking about? That wasn't me. I said Palestine is a country. Soros takes orders from some thing we couldn't even imagine and it is CERTAINLY NOT PALESTINE.


466f13 No.709136


Lossless audio recording device. Dont have the pics, but look it up on amazon.

641441 No.709137


up voters don't belong here

just sayin'

fafda3 No.709138

File: e1060668db92715⋯.jpg (52.12 KB, 732x820, 183:205, mofo.jpg)

1e14d0 No.709139

File: 66bd46734d4f1f8⋯.png (861.63 KB, 959x896, 137:128, ClipboardImage.png)

2b0794 No.709140


Digital voice recorder.

d63fc5 No.709141

bde2af No.709142


Shut the fuck up, please. You know what it is. Quit trying to derail us faggot.

t. was asked that question for weeks

a1a30e No.709143


Russia has been attacking our country everyday since WWII dumbfuck.

22dd6a No.709145


sound recorder

99c725 No.709146


If the pen is mightier than the sword, think of what you could do with a pen AND a sword.

4efd27 No.709147



Go back about THIRTY BREADS







944e66 No.709148


Fuck her! Using the most important events of our time to fatten her bank account. She gets what she gets.

bde2af No.709149

804d29 No.709150

File: 249924e70c9bc72⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 600x479, 600:479, IMG_7643-600x479.jpg)


Brennan always has been a Commie fuck.

And just look at his inbred ass to the right of James Woods

2a0b65 No.709151


and notice/watch how is casues the msm go (((APOPLECTIC))).

bde2af No.709152

804d29 No.709153



83fe05 No.709154

File: a726e01efcb2693⋯.png (332 KB, 652x464, 163:116, screenshotAtUploadCC_15213….png)

We see you

804d29 No.709155

File: af24a632458e325⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, af24a632458e32528cf5f10f15….jpg)

a1acd3 No.709156


I think trips has double meaning and just wondering what we can do. I realize ignoring is best method. And I’m just asking for clarification, you know, like the shills.

13c556 No.709157

File: d0f71fa4262a0ec⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 578x364, 289:182, TwitterPoll 2018-03-18.JPG)

Interesting snapshot…

69eb06 No.709158

File: 42f419be2500036⋯.png (22.49 KB, 730x305, 146:61, Screenshot-2018-3-18 Senio….png)

The hands of the Deep State are largely within the Senior Executive Service.

Note the word 'keystone'.

https:// www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/senior-executive-service/

edc1bc No.709159


We see all.

b2ca29 No.709160

File: bc5a4a91e007cef⋯.png (545.38 KB, 635x634, 635:634, Nolte Tweet re Carrey re S….PNG)

File: d132ada77e37ea5⋯.png (63.35 KB, 599x840, 599:840, BB re Carrey re SSanders.PNG)

Jim Carrey Attacks ‘So-Called Christian’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders with Grotesque Portrait


bde2af No.709161


I hope to GAWD that the Marines get to headshot the Deep State sleeper cell faggots.

6e8096 No.709162

File: 54221d5ceb2c92d⋯.png (555.25 KB, 617x738, 617:738, p.PNG)

Tis a wonderful day when you find a pot of gold

43b795 No.709163


Lindsey starts the interview calling Rand an "outlier" in the Republican party.

Lindsey advocates Pompeo in the beginning of the interview saying Pompeo is "close to the President", then slams the President.


1a7201 No.709164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill Cooper predicted Donald Trump.

af93b9 No.709165


Could be but I was answering it as anyone being conservative, posting about Parkland shooting, certain hash tags etc were being banned or shadowbanned. That the so called Russian Bots memes was us not the bots.

8c67da No.709166


Jew Claw 9000 for performing circumcisions

aa2ce6 No.709167


Well, considering he's a Satanic priest…

6e8096 No.709169

File: 2c0d116bdd86a9c⋯.png (519.84 KB, 722x513, 38:27, kl.PNG)


Crap, posted wrong thing,lol, this was it

83fe05 No.709170



Career bureaucrats that can't be touched.

d063c3 No.709171


Because it doesn't matter, if the whitelisted trips are still secured.

As a matter of fact I'm seeing a ploy where:

1) fake q's invade the board

2) general shit stirring commences, BO/BV refuses to ban/delete (mostly because of the last ploy against BO/BV)

3) some flashpoint issue is manufactured to try to get the BO to change stuff again, I think to see if Q will bail again (in this case, concern around Q mentioning trips and whitelists)

I would not change a damn thing unless specifically requested to do so by a tripcoded Q (note the non-use of the word 'trip')

This is another ruse cooked up by clowns.

17d507 No.709172


Clinton?? LMAO. These people are stupid!

acfa5e No.709173

File: 84b931cd6e724da⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 84b931cd6e724da656591df12f….jpg)


So on that, I was looking up Il Primo and getting a lot of italian and pizza places, but "Primus" led me to French peerage… that being said:


Primus inter pares[1] (Ancient Greek: Πρῶτος μεταξὺ ἴσων, prōtos metaxỳ ísōn) is a Latin phrase meaning first among equals. It is typically used as an honorary title for those who are formally equal to other members of their group but are accorded unofficial respect, traditionally owing to their seniority in office.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primus_inter_pares

bde2af No.709174


Senior Executive….as in crusty boomers…

You've got my attention, anon.

804d29 No.709175

File: d25b1069b316971⋯.mp4 (168.25 KB, 372x324, 31:27, d25b1069b316971a2d05051b68….mp4)

6122ef No.709176


Reasonably means since we are in phase [2] - Trump would adjust his cabinet to Version 2.0 in order to accomplish what is at hand.

anyone else?

b68580 No.709177

File: df67a8c1d3a6926⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 1036x263, 1036:263, Screenshot_20180318-103009.jpg)

File: 16d23a648ee510c⋯.jpg (446.07 KB, 1058x1290, 529:645, Screenshot_20180318-103221.jpg)

File: 883bbce406d750a⋯.jpg (706.82 KB, 1070x1506, 535:753, Screenshot_20180318-104836.jpg)

President Obama’s high-security BlackBerry used a special process known as “whitelisting” that only allowed it to take calls and messages from pre-approved contacts, two former senior intelligence officials with knowledge of the set-up told Fox News – pointing to the detail as further proof the White House knew Hillary Clinton’s private account was used for government business.

As the administration now acknowledges, Obama and Clinton emailed each other while she was helming the State Department. If received on his BlackBerry, the “whitelisting” safeguard means Clinton and other contacts would have had to be approved as secure for data transmission – covering everything from emails to texts to phone calls. The Obama BlackBerry would have also been configured to accept the communications.

“Think of whitelisting like a bouncer in the VIP line at the party. If you are on the list you get in, if you are not, you get bounced to the pavement,” said Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer (CTO) for the DIA, and now a partner with strategic consulting and engineering firm Cognitio.

“Whitelisting happens by design. The IT professionals who whitelist devices at places like the White House only add the email addresses authorized by management. To do otherwise would be to violate policy in ways that could introduce threats to the system,” he added.

A second former intelligence official, who asked to speak on background, described the same process for the president’s BlackBerry, adding the timing is important. If clintonemail.com were “whitelisted” before March 2015, it would further undercut administration statements.

President Obama initially claimed in March 2015, when the details of Clinton’s secret server were first made public by the New York Times, that he only learned about the system from news reports, along with everyone else. Press Secretary Josh Earnest later walked that back, but maintained at the time that while Obama knew about Clinton’s email address, he was not aware of how the address and server had been set up.

While there is a difference between a private server and email address, if the president's BlackBerry were configured to accept the Clinton address, it would have been clear to those handling the request that clintonemail.com was not a government account.

Both Gourley, and the second former intelligence official said typically these request comes from the White House Chief of Staff or a deputy, and are directed to the Secret Service and the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), which is a military unit assigned to the task.

Earnest dismissed questions Wednesday about their March 2015 statements.

"The president's explanation in March of 2015 and my explanation of what the president knew in March of 2015 hasn't changed, and the truth is this is just critics of Secretary Clinton and President Obama recycling a conspiracy theory that has already been debunked," Earnest said.

Emails hacked from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s account and posted by anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks have provided additional details about the problems Obama’s initial statements caused in March 2015.

1 of 2

f855cb No.709179


When will you learn that you do not decide what you are doing and thinking.

The powers that be, decide all of that for you. When they tell you that you are really a wimp and a racist, box deeply and say yes master.

This is what (((they))) want for you. Be a good sheep and obey (((them))).

ec053a No.709180



Not wrong. 2 posts above Q's was made at 00:54:13. Q's post was made at 02:17:42. Post made right before Q's was what brought that abandoned thread to the "top" of the board below the pinned threads. Never stated he was "scared off". Doubt he will post with several breads and a lot of confusion going on. Or, again, Q may have been done dropping, anyway.

9d42b7 No.709181


Who gives a fuck what Jim thinks. Let him collect his checks from The Mask and paint stupid pictures. The rest of us will still consider him entertainment furniture and use him as needed.

b68580 No.709182


One of Clinton's top aides urged colleagues to "clean this up" after Obama claimed he only learned of Clinton's private email system from news reports. According to one March 7, 2015 email, Cheryl Mills challenged the president’s statement to CBS News.

"We need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say state.gov," Mills wrote to Podesta just before midnight.

In emails released by the State Department earlier this year, Mills also asked Lewis Lukens, who was the executive director of the State Department’s executive secretariat, about getting one of the highly secure BlackBerrys for then-Secretary Clinton.

“so I have now read up more on POTUS bb which appears not really to be a bb but a different device) is there any solution to her being able to use encrypted bb like the nsa approved one he has in the vault, and if so, how can we get her one,” she wrote. The request was never granted.

Less than a month after Clinton became secretary of state, and the personal email domain that she would use exclusively for government business was registered, Hillary Clinton's team aggressively pursued changes to existing State Department security protocols so she could use her BlackBerry in secure facilities for classified information, according to new documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

"Anyone who has any appreciation at all of security, you don't ask a question like that," cybersecurity analyst Morgan Wright told Fox News. "It is contempt for the system, contempt for the rules that are designed to protect the exact kind of information that was exposed through this email set up."

Current and former intelligence officials grimaced when asked by Fox News about the use of wireless communications devices, such as a BlackBerry, in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) – emphasizing its use would defeat the purpose of the secure facility, and it is standard practice to leave all electronics outside.

A former State Department employee familiar with the Clinton request emphasized security personnel at the time thought the BlackBerry was only for unclassified material, adding their concerns would have been magnified if they had known Clinton's email account also held classified material.

"When you allow devices like this into a SCIF, you can allow the bad guys to listen in," Wright added.

FBI records show that President Obama used at least one pseudonym to exchange emails with then Secretary of State Clinton. The State Department withheld eight email chains that totaled 18 messages between the president and Clinton which remain confidential under the Presidential communications privilege.

Asked if the President’s BlackBerry was configured to accept the clintonemail.com address, a spokesperson for the Secret Service referred questions to the White House Communications Agency and the White House Military Office. Fox News is attempting to follow up with both.

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/26/sources-clinton-emails-would-have-been-whitelisted-for-obama-blackberry.amp.html

fafda3 No.709184


Thats a 9500, the 9000 is a darker shade of grey.

804d29 No.709185


49eeba No.709186


I’m crying… LMFAO

9682d7 No.709188


Honestly, I thought Q was referring to Trip-codes.

Another Anon thought it was about unnumbered threads.

The literal trips to India is another possibility. If this is the correct interpretation, how does this relate to "whitelists"?

Also remember it is not only possible, but likely, that some crumbs may have multiple meanings.

17d507 No.709189

Anons, what is the best alternative to keepvid? Seems Jewtube has shut it down - can't download anymore?!

18789d No.709191

File: c6e587d6a85d4cb⋯.png (30.17 KB, 500x502, 250:251, moob.png)



641441 No.709192




Well put Re-Post this in the next Few Breads

bde2af No.709193


April 2nd….MONDAY

1eb891 No.709194



eb7ee2 No.709195

File: affcde00221df3b⋯.jpeg (566.74 KB, 1031x1539, 1031:1539, C6D46E3C-BDD9-4F0C-AD31-8….jpeg)

The International Maritime Organisation maintains a WHITELIST. Could Killary and Obongo be traveling by sea to take advantage of international waters and maritime law?


8c7a32 No.709197

she’s strapped


0f0826 No.709198


Fuck off trannyposter

2b0794 No.709199


Yeah I'm not sure you know anything about me but I agree with Q that evil is everywhere and is not in just one group.

2a0b65 No.709200



drip, drip, drip, BOOM!

nail the TRAITOIRS!

f855cb No.709201


Good for you anon.

We do not want any free thinking on this board.

You must conform

You must obey.

(((They))) will it to be so.

641441 No.709203


What time was the one directly above his post?

Stop shilling and pushing your opinion as fact.

you clowns get so emotional….

just sayin'

a377bf No.709204

File: 1c9ad2cf860ccf2⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 782x539, 782:539, Poison Dwarf.JPG)



3fa1e6 No.709205

File: 8ef9fa26a457a63⋯.png (151.04 KB, 480x377, 480:377, 8ef9fa26a457a6328185d8f72a….png)


>what is satire

9d42b7 No.709206


Who needs leg day? This man has tits day.

6b02b1 No.709207

File: ca256ed85ec7690⋯.jpg (31.09 KB, 410x274, 205:137, seagulls20squawking_previe….jpg)


35ddd9 No.709208

File: 1b57d6a4af0796c⋯.jpg (381.51 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, lbgt1.jpg)

File: 77bafe597f88d66⋯.jpg (678.43 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, lbgt2.jpg)

File: 22695dcb2a90e2c⋯.jpg (537.97 KB, 1024x924, 256:231, lbgt3.jpg)

File: 9ee98cac112361b⋯.jpg (357.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, lbgt4.jpg)

File: bf5e0103a3dd637⋯.jpg (445.77 KB, 1024x616, 128:77, lbgt5.jpg)

For you transfreaks

b2ca29 No.709209

File: ceb6915078e7062⋯.png (9.31 KB, 424x200, 53:25, Q re Loudest HW.PNG)


There has be a concerted effort this week by MSM and HW to attack Christians specifically.

Pay attention.

b68580 No.709210

File: 883bbce406d750a⋯.jpg (706.82 KB, 1070x1506, 535:753, Screenshot_20180318-104836.jpg)


Most members of Congress won't be on it. Supreme Court justices probably won't make the cut. Titans of industry and Hollywood stars will be found wanting.

In Washington, D.C., nothing will be harder to win a spot on than the list of e-mail addresses allowed to arrive, unimpeded, to President Obama's BlackBerry.

Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday that only "a limited group of senior staffers and some personal friends" will be allowed to send email to what might soon be known as BlackBerry One.

"It's a pretty small group of people," Gibbs deadpanned.

No kidding.

Obama's wife is a sure bet to be on the list, and maybe his kids. Vice President Biden will probably be able to get through, along with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, adviser David Axelrod, aide Reggie Love and Gibbs.

There are the friends: Marty Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Whitaker from Chicago. Some Cabinet secretaries might make it; some might not. Bill Clinton might need to use his wife's account if he wants to send a message.

Gibbs would not say who, or even how many people, will be on the list. But it's a good bet that it will be easier to get invited to the Academy Awards after-party at Steven Spielberg's house, or to the VIP reception at the World Econmic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

True, very few people are allowed to sit in on the Supreme Court's weekly deliberations. And a dinner invitation to Pamela Harriman's house was pretty hard to get in her heyday. But aside from that, there's almost nothing in Washington that is more exclusive.

The president has to overcome the objections of security officials to keep his beloved handheld device, and Gibbs declined to elaborate on the specific restrictions that will be placed on the president's BlackBerry, except to say that "use will be limited and that the security is enhanced to ensure his ability to communicate, but to do so effectively and to do so in a way that is protected."

In geekspeak, what that means is that it's likely that White House IT experts will use a server-based "whitelist" for incoming messages. Only people explicitly placed on the list will be able to send messages. The rest will simply bounce back.

Gibbs also suggested that Obama's outgoing e-mail would be limited. Mail servers can be tweaked to make sure that only certain outgoing messages find their destinations.

What kind of messages will Obama be getting from this exclusive group? Gibbs said it's likely to be a mix of personal and professional.

"I've gotten e-mails from him – not recently, or not in a few days, I should say – that go from anywhere from something that's very strictly business to, 'why did my football team perform so miserably?" on either any given Saturday or any given Sunday."

So when his e-mail is released under Freedom of Information rules years from now, there's likely to be a lot of official-sounding back-and-forth. But also look for a message like "Nice tie, dude" to pop into his e-mail box after his first State of the Union address.

Posted at 8:32 PM ET on Jan 22, 2009

http:// voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2009/01/22/obamas_blackberry_the_ultimate.html

8c67da No.709211

So, after more than 800 threads researching almost a thousand Q posts over half a year, what can we conclude with absolute certainty?

17d507 No.709212


TY anon!

8c7a32 No.709213


othing happens next week, should we give up?

d92157 No.709214


I remember a long time ago when it came out about the pig farm, anons did pinpoint the location of said farm. I know they found the farm, I just can't recall how.

77b43d No.709215


>Jew Claw 9000 for performing circumcisions


9d42b7 No.709216


That Q is a blue-ballin' sumbitch.

6122ef No.709217


Listen here… respectfully, and hope you can respect my answer.

There is only ONE anon that gets to see those.

:-) I'm honored you asked tho. You wouldn't be disappointed

9d42b7 No.709218


Autism. That's how.

650826 No.709219


That Q is someone very close to POTUS and we are being provided with high-level intel on ongoing, previous, and future operations.

35ddd9 No.709220

File: d8833f9891f37fc⋯.jpg (420.21 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, lbgt6.jpg)

File: 6d9320941ba402b⋯.jpg (438.79 KB, 1024x708, 256:177, lbgt7.jpg)

File: de51c5b548e53fd⋯.jpg (346.58 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, lbgt8.jpg)

File: 8ebfa106d32dc70⋯.jpg (494.43 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, lbgt9.jpg)

af93b9 No.709221


There are videos of Carrey slowly having a breakdown. It looked like he was trying to break his conditioning but from the looks of this lost the battle.

df8195 No.709222

500 or so cables on Miika's Pappy here…

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/?qproject[]=ps&qproject[]=cc&qproject[]=fp&qproject[]=ee&qproject[]=cg&q=%22zbigniew+brzezinski%22#result

9060b0 No.709223


He looks more like that drawing than Sarah does.

9d42b7 No.709224


You should.

641441 No.709225


I guess you have several breads to go read from last night… "The trips allowed"

with Hillary in mind was discussed often between shills deflecting….. like the other responder to my above post

ec053a No.709226


Not emotional at all, anon. Posting easily verified facts. (You) seem to be the one lacking reading comprehension skills. At the top of this thread, there is a link that will take you directly to Q's post. Verify it yourself. Done with (You) now.

35ddd9 No.709227

File: 7a8adedbddee9eb⋯.jpg (468.97 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, lbgt10.jpg)

File: 4f2598b36f3d9f0⋯.jpg (292.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, lbgt11.jpg)

File: 63cae9e9525de25⋯.png (66.47 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, lbgt12.png)

File: 1163e1a5a993e8a⋯.jpg (544.2 KB, 1024x1139, 1024:1139, lbgt13.jpg)

3fa1e6 No.709228

File: d16dc7400a29daa⋯.jpg (63.71 KB, 563x279, 563:279, almonds-2.jpg)



071dc6 No.709229

Temasek Holdings https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temasek_Holdings#Temasek_Family_of_Six_Foundations

From world trade documents on Singapore

3.96. Singapore is a signatory to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a multinational

treaty aimed at curbing trade in counterfeit goods and pirated copyright works.The agreement is

not in force yet.

a65181 No.709230

File: 12a6cb58f187d25⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 1080x509, 1080:509, 3 popes.jpg)

I still think Pepi Orsini might be


All about bloodlines

acfa5e No.709231


Any mention of Hitler and you're trying to make the board look bad.

Abusing the gays, trans, and autistic… totally fine.

27bcf8 No.709232


>But I was taught to see. Now they are mine. Now I KNOW.

Yup. Just explained the difference in the mindset here to a friend that here anon's demand the "sauce".

The passive acceptance of the bullshit put out by the MSM is not tolerated here, and that skepticism and questioning is spreading. That might be a more important critical mass than knowledge of the corrupt cabal.

0f0826 No.709233

File: 384540181367705⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 474x492, 79:82, G.jpg)

File: 784cba4973305e1⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 474x405, 158:135, s.jpg)

File: 876189563238d55⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 298x209, 298:209, cross.jpg)

File: 22f4ddc365e7d7d⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 474x439, 474:439, oes.jpg)


>Responsible for all of the senior police etc cover up of muslim grooming gangs.

This is more likely. Fraternal privilege.

>check your privilege

d25c1f No.709234


When people do that they are referring to the "deep state" as a euphamism for the JWO aka jew world order. Boomers are dense.

4efd27 No.709235


do you feel good that is the same person?

41e572 No.709236


Get a job. Tired of paying your WELFARE!

6122ef No.709237


There it is. Nice piece of work Anon. :-)

5bfba2 No.709238

Tillerson doesn't keep the white list.

The 7th floor may be gone, but HRC's minions are still in controll of activities at State Department.

The minions are keeping the whitelist. They allow HRC and Hussein to roam the world.

b68580 No.709239

File: df67a8c1d3a6926⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 1036x263, 1036:263, Screenshot_20180318-103009.jpg)


Very nice find anon.

bccbd0 No.709240



Still has to be the same classification of job.

As a retired FF, I cannot go back to work for state govt as a reg employee...it would have to be another "high risk" job, in order for the years to continue to stack up. A school teacher and a FF do not accumulate the same pension as they are diff risk classifications. Must be the same classification job for federal or state...

Not that it matters in McCabe's scenario, as he will void his pension when he is convicted. Along with Comey and any other felons, automatically.

4efd27 No.709241



I have a really good job thanks…

never taken a dime from the state…

like you I support people too.

d68b78 No.709242


yes is always in the bloodlines..

8b8237 No.709243

File: a0a62f5bb0d27b7⋯.png (447.92 KB, 382x597, 382:597, ClipboardImage.png)

af93b9 No.709244


He looks like a man made out of balloons

bf9946 No.709245



41 = GHWB(ush)

8e74db No.709246

File: 5e3ab6962776d07⋯.png (33.42 KB, 921x240, 307:80, ClipboardImage.png)

Not if it was posted already

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/18/dead-goats-chickens-part-suspected-animal-sacrifice-ritual-leading-to-arrests-police-say.html

641441 No.709247


Classic emotionally disturbed bolshevik evassion tactic….. well done comrade

don't forget to award your self an order of Lenin Maxist participation ribbon

fad688 No.709248


We have been lied to. (c MSM)

e86073 No.709249


Audio recorder. Use them at work all the time. Standard issue available all over the place. Likely a Tascam or a Zoom.

3fa1e6 No.709250


Some more info please?

People who cover of Muslim Pedogangs are usually much worse than the goatfuckers themselves.

d63fc5 No.709251


Sounds very convincing, ty!

8586cd No.709253


Either that, or it was done purposely to trick people into still listen to him and other "Stars"

eb7ee2 No.709254


Thanks. Makes sense to me. Not getting much attention. Shills everywhere.

8e74db No.709255

File: 63df85e32aeed30⋯.png (265.18 KB, 577x369, 577:369, ClipboardImage.png)

244526 No.709256


That you're a shill……

Lots of things concluded with absolute certainty.

Do your own research. You sound like you're fishing for information to write a story.

8c7a32 No.709257

>>709240nope, its a quantum sat phone


3dbe97 No.709259

Not sure whether it's a real Q drop or not?

Check here: https:// qanon.pub/

Check ANY of the Q Resources/Archives listed near the top of the bread, all frelly available to you.

And/or, learn Q's "speech" patterns.

Overall, if it tells you what to think, instead of making you think, it's probably not Q. Learn to discern.

>Stop falling for FAKE NEWS

6e8096 No.709260


Still watching rofl,what morons,owe it hurts lmao,love the dog looking at them like they're nuts

e899e9 No.709261


You are correct anon, they would do well to stay quiet and lay low. Stop incriminating each other on twitter. The felonies will end it all.

ab4586 No.709262

File: 25140481d035476⋯.jpg (224.39 KB, 684x864, 19:24, 296c7d88f0d7eab60dd874e9b3….jpg)

File: fc402d09bcd19d6⋯.png (188.91 KB, 376x210, 188:105, 639c63_40b15477d7ee4b31b54….png)


P is Pope.

Stop throwing tacks on the trail faggots. Palestine is small fries.

Get it together anons and shills…your lynching is coming

1. The Superior General of the Jesuits The Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolas and his 6 generals control the “White Pope” and the Vatican.

2. The Illuminati, Zionists,globalist Elites, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, Freemasons, Council of 300 and the evil Council of Trent.

3. The Jesuits control the Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta.

4. The CIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, MI5, MI6, NCIS, FSB, DGSE, Mossad and every intelligence agency in the world are masonic and controlled by the Jesuits.

5. The Jesuits have infiltrated all governments & Leaders like Obama, Rudd, Blair, Jintao, Sarkozy, Peres are only puppets that carry out Jesuit orders.

9060b0 No.709264

Why is this motherfucker still being allowed to come to the USA when he is constantly making derogatory and threatening statements about our POTUS?



35ddd9 No.709265

File: 79f5cfe8ea73faf⋯.png (954.21 KB, 736x830, 368:415, clone1.png)

File: 1fc3f3da8dac5bd⋯.png (332.65 KB, 816x498, 136:83, clone2.png)

File: 738ef7c594a1541⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1222x796, 611:398, clone3.png)

File: 42dc9b457feb57b⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1234x814, 617:407, clone4.png)

File: ac3b9c7b91451b1⋯.jpg (70.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, clone5.jpg)

af93b9 No.709268


Bet Trump has tapes of meetings with McCabe

62e392 No.709269


>As a matter of fact I'm seeing a ploy where:

>1) fake q's invade the board

>2) general shit stirring commences, BO/BV >refuses to ban/delete (mostly because of the last ploy against BO/BV)

>3) some flashpoint issue is manufactured to try to get the BO to change stuff again, I think to see if Q will bail again (in this case, concern around Q mentioning trips and whitelists)

>I would not change a damn thing unless specifically requested to do so by a tripcoded Q (note the non-use of the word 'trip')

Somebody meme this so we can reply with a pic instead of typing stupid replies.

a377bf No.709270

File: fa626226f0bb30f⋯.png (745.21 KB, 629x628, 629:628, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 71a63957e95cefc⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 432x389, 432:389, Shriner Fucked A Goat.JPG)

File: e6de0f2f68eda69⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 917x635, 917:635, ShrinersClown.JPG)

2b0794 No.709271

File: 485dfb1c269fba5⋯.jpeg (78.1 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, 485dfb1c269fba504b6396968….jpeg)


Patriots in full control.

94e328 No.709272


Alrighty then. I will look forward to hearing new interpretations. It's spy vs. spy in here today.

3fa1e6 No.709274

File: ac5e08482507f91⋯.jpg (777.71 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, Moon-Eye.jpg)


He's the posterboy of The Great Islamic Caliphate of London City.

Hard to burn or kill, but hopefully on the list of peole that deserve to be burned or killed.

3b264b No.709275


Just so you know. Pig farms are used a lot for body disposal but, if you use a backhow and a fine 2x4 & mesh sifter you can find many bone fragments. Pigs can't digest them ALL.

f1bcf8 No.709278

Another YUGE baker error in the last bread notables!!!

P ia not Palestine NO one ever said P was Palestine

(P) is not P

(P) is Palestine

readsthe post and the comments before saying it is notable

peer review is why we are here

3b264b No.709279



34d565 No.709280

File: be237cc511c2185⋯.png (504.11 KB, 1006x692, 503:346, b1.PNG)

File: f23b42c59accd91⋯.png (178.69 KB, 874x478, 437:239, b2.PNG)

File: f97c27537c9290d⋯.png (75.91 KB, 878x432, 439:216, b3.PNG)

File: 5dc32b212725089⋯.png (54.88 KB, 860x432, 215:108, b4.PNG)

File: c9b2f05241fd1e8⋯.png (55.17 KB, 958x400, 479:200, b5.PNG)





9060b0 No.709285


Or we can just let this go. Nobody give a shit about fake Q. Why encourage him by giving him more attention with memes?

8e74db No.709287

File: d3979270bb8b7c4⋯.png (20.94 KB, 851x186, 851:186, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/17/texas-authorities-at-least-12-arrested-for-animal-ritual.html

c7a222 No.709288

File: 8e63d23d221e649⋯.jpeg (124.13 KB, 1014x514, 507:257, 9CFC312C-E5CF-4F52-A223-1….jpeg)

Comey is on the on-deck circle

b68580 No.709289

File: 4f19b5101ae3b47⋯.jpg (36.05 KB, 660x309, 220:103, DYlKCO9XcAARPeY.jpg)

https:// wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/12/1210665_obama-leak-investigations-internal-use-only-pls-do-not.html

Brennan has a long history of witch hunts and offing journalists.

34d565 No.709291

File: cd2360194b7b867⋯.png (87.34 KB, 744x406, 372:203, b6.PNG)

File: 73f2928db22768a⋯.png (49.77 KB, 676x416, 13:8, b7.PNG)

File: 2f295dd162b8c0d⋯.png (51.92 KB, 678x442, 339:221, b8.PNG)

File: c23011b4965d2c4⋯.png (42.62 KB, 642x394, 321:197, b9.PNG)





a95459 No.709292


Clones! I havent seen all those before. Damn weird

3fa1e6 No.709294


Oh goody, goody, i like that a lot kek

6f0c73 No.709296



42a5a8 No.709297



Q knows this will cause more confusion than it is worth to just change a fucking name or term.

1eb891 No.709298

File: 0bd856338c1a3ea⋯.png (169.83 KB, 429x337, 429:337, Screenshot-2018-3-18 Meme ….png)



641441 No.709299


you posted this same thing during the rat-fuck last night? All is well (((they))) are proving their desperation

8e74db No.709304

File: 4774c4213d16aba⋯.png (27.44 KB, 964x217, 964:217, ClipboardImage.png)

speaking of sacrifices, from a few years back in the floridas

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/10/05/florida-senate-candidate-sacrified-goat-drank-blood.html

8687cb No.709305


Orsini’s Viper is the name of a snake in South East France. Coincidence?

http:// www.planetepassion.eu/snakes-in-france/Orsinis-Viper-France.html

0f0826 No.709306


They spent two years doing that in Port Coquitlam. Of course they pinned it on one slow guy when in reality a lot of (((politicians))) and (((masons))) were actually involved. Big news coming on this soon… very curious that this Q stuff is happening at the same time.

3fa1e6 No.709308

File: 53301fa18ce1356⋯.jpg (40.76 KB, 499x518, 499:518, kim-jong-nam-assassin1-e14….jpg)

2b0794 No.709309


I'll take it out. I just took over here. Thanks for pointing it out.

42a5a8 No.709310


Why not just ban that fake q and be done with it?

948c28 No.709311


Thats why I keep a woodchipper in the barn along with the backhoe on my pig farm!

Also you want to remove long hair- pigs don't digest lumps of hair… (Drain cleaner dissolves it however).

[just sayin']

78ecb0 No.709312


I doubt anyone would buy it anyway. Its like killarys book. A way to funnel money to the scum to keep fighting POTUS.

62e392 No.709313


Efficiency. Every time the issue pops up, one anon can post a pic instead of a hundred anons wasting time reading/arguing.

Learn to work smart.

3dbe97 No.709314


This post is officially FAKE NEWS, if not simply wishful thinking

6e8096 No.709315


Didn't mean to post that, was comparing to see if it was,not sure, don't think so.

42232a No.709316

Notice on Drudge the coordinated batch of Cambridge Analytica articles being put out as “news”

Funny that the site that originally ran this story over a year ago is down. Luckily the article was republished on another site. Top notch article definitely worth a read if you hadn’t seen it. Really unnerving stuff, but does show how trumps campaign was able to succeed against the colossal spending of the Hillary campaign.

Read it!!!!

https:// medium.com/join-scout/the-rise-of-the-weaponized-ai-propaganda-machine-86dac61668b

https:// medium.com/join-scout/the-rise-of-the-weaponized-ai-propaganda-machine-86dac61668b

e55c29 No.709318

File: b2dededa86249df⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 500x684, 125:171, SHILLS2.jpg)

0f0826 No.709320


>Augustus Sol Invictus

Oh, that edgelord.

f1bcf8 No.709324


baker remove P is not Palestine from notables

this post does not know the difference between P and (P)

one is soros boss =P

the other is (P) i decode as Palestine

cf92bd No.709325


Sessions is the"present #1" DOJ

df8195 No.709327

File: 0b8ce03e080218d⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1431x470, 1431:470, capture_005_16032018_14204….png)

File: 15d9b3154f5fc79⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1433x475, 1433:475, capture_006_16032018_14213….png)

Couple on John Barlow, 1978.

Not released yet…

ee2acf No.709329

File: 4aa8b60f14c0661⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

File: 87c03698696ccf2⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

2-AVCO looks like it is heading to Berlin.

Luftwaffe VIP aircraft 14+03 recently left Cologne and is heading into Berlin.

d412f0 No.709334

File: 3cfa250f87dd8cf⋯.jpg (212.39 KB, 750x581, 750:581, gacy-mugshot-painting2.jpg)

1a8173 No.709340

File: 954473d48fe22e7⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26mux1.jpg)

2527d4 No.709341

File: bf06c529da020d0⋯.jpeg (209.16 KB, 933x599, 933:599, 0EDF72B9-C9ED-4199-9DDA-D….jpeg)

0fa361 No.709342


The only "present" is the #2.

Both #1 are past.

180fc9 No.709343


Not sure what this means. Could you elaborate?

336e88 No.709345


War room eurt here

Been pushing ibor AF. still stuck at 25,540

Wanna help us out and explain the Tech Wizz shit to us useful idiots over at the war room.

DAMMIT we need some tech help,

we're just a handful of autists you know.

Explanation Wud b highly appreciated.

petition being fucking throttled.

Even tried fucking backdoor.

HELP UP dammit.


0f0826 No.709349

File: 258b7c53320cf4e⋯.jpg (3.83 KB, 159x119, 159:119, coolest monkey in the whit….jpg)


>the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

Remember when Hussein said that? It was also their operating principle.

f1dcdf No.709350


I think the most notable thing is not what has happened, but what has not happened.

Mueller has indicted Flynn (using probably poisoned fruit), two from Trump's campaign for

crimes back 10 years or so ago, and 13 Russians. What else? Bupkiss.

So, what has he been investigating for the last 9 months? He's got nothing but Trump-haters on

his staff. Biased or shielded? We know that Mueller was not eligible for the position, so the

interview was a cover. In my opinion, the evidence seems to support Mueller is investigating

HRC, Hussein, Comey (maybe), and the DNC, etc. This may not be new, but as more evidence

comes in, nothing seems to point to Mueller actually investigating Trump's collusion.

85f62c No.709351


It looks like there is a long history in Germany and EU of state terror / false flag operations.

It all started with secret 'stay behind groups' created by the US. There task was to operate behind the enemies line in case russia attacs Germany. Later these structures, infrastructure and equipment (weapons, explosives, etc…) was used by the deep state for false flag operations….

It all started with the CIA Operation Gladio: CIA Network of “Stay Behind” Secret Armies

I think this network is still active

https:// www.globalresearch.ca/operation-gladio-cia-network-of-stay-behind-secret-armies/9556

78ecb0 No.709354


Looks like POTUS put people in positions to hang themselves. So Tillerson would also be another one to the CEO list.

c9af87 No.709356


Of course, anon. All good here. Where we go one, we go all.

77b2ad No.709357

I left before Q posted. Consensus on "whitelist" anons???

2b0794 No.709361


Talking about why HRC and Obama are allowed to travel overseas. Trips are allowed because they have been whitelisted.

a777a4 No.709363

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randal_Quarles

Kansas City has a branch of the Federal Reserve

Powell in 2015 in Kansas City talking about electronic payment system, encryption, etc.

https:// www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/powell20150625a.htm

ab4586 No.709364

File: f9cb867e16e265e⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 268x320, 67:80, brotherhood_of_the_snake.jpg)

File: 22d39d7308ff5b1⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 600x404, 150:101, roth1972-tables.jpg)


the Gray Pope is always a Orsini. It is a bloodline position. You goddam shills are in panic mode and it is lovely.

All the Elites answer to the (P)ope. the Black Pope.

You must learn to read their symbols. it is the key.

remember: Imagination is vital.

LEARN TO READ THE SYMBOLS you fucking monkey's

8ba7b3 No.709365

Only real Q should have a trip code. >>709357

d92157 No.709366


That part is obvious, I just can't remember if it was via a search of family property, I know in the end they had a picture of the farm and sorta the location, they did pinpoint the location by which direction the hedges around the fields went, still a big area to look through, but found in end.

35ddd9 No.709368

File: a7f47ce690d4cba⋯.jpg (425.07 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, RodRed.jpg)

File: 74fffaece1aa4f3⋯.jpg (232.25 KB, 620x372, 5:3, RosensteinRed.jpg)

aa2ce6 No.709369



ee2acf No.709370


Mighty strange that an aircraft 2-AVCO which we have been tracking for some time, possibly linked to black hats, just happens to be approaching Berlin at the same time as a German air force VIP plane 14-03 arrives from Cologne. Do you believe in coincidences?

804d29 No.709373

File: 05ecbee68fefc23⋯.jpeg (26.53 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 05ecbee68fefc231656d817d5….jpeg)

File: 12b3bb29713ff85⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1063x1596, 1063:1596, 12b3bb29713ff859e2090454be….png)

File: 6bd7a8524bf9b42⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 360x188, 90:47, Hillary-TW4-360x188 (1).jpg)

df8195 No.709374

Over 20,000 cables searching "deaths"…

Didn't Rice/Clinton kill a bunch in Rwanda?

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/?qproject[]=ps&qproject[]=cg&qproject[]=cc&qproject[]=fp&qproject[]=ee&q=&qftags=CDES#result

35ddd9 No.709375

File: 73ebdda63ce16e9⋯.jpg (429.22 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, PizzaPresident2.jpg)

File: 114e63fcb2b2f45⋯.jpg (449.33 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, PizzaPresident.jpg)

b2ca29 No.709377

File: 17e5335c2fa35b7⋯.png (247.39 KB, 648x669, 216:223, Nolte tweet re Brennan Pow….PNG)

File: dd5bbee961c4fbb⋯.png (70.9 KB, 603x871, 9:13, 1 Nolte re Brennan Power T….PNG)

File: 9837f5c0c054c59⋯.png (73.72 KB, 585x865, 117:173, 2 Nolte re Brennan Power T….PNG)

File: debbcf27ac408ff⋯.png (26.72 KB, 602x381, 602:381, 3 Nolte re Brennan Power T….PNG)

Nolte: Threats Against Trump Made by John Brennan and Samantha Power Must Be Investigated


9060b0 No.709378


Germany will continue to feel pain as long as Angela Merkel and her buddies remain in power there. Apparently, the German people have not yet had enough of her. A whole lot of them voted for her AGAIN in the last election…otherwise she would have been gone. People really have to want better. You can't force it on them.

b68580 No.709379


Nice find anon

80da25 No.709380

File: 7d506be85a13145⋯.png (206.19 KB, 1195x1314, 1195:1314, IMG_2161.PNG)

Panic mode..

0f0826 No.709382

That follow-up tweet by Samantha Power about Brennan is pretty telling.

42a5a8 No.709383


>Do you believe in coincidences?

Have you ever pissed and sneezed at the same time?

That's a hell of a coincidence! Kek!

a95459 No.709385


His Last words "Kiss My Ass"

d25c1f No.709386

File: e7dbf904a66be30⋯.png (1.78 MB, 946x729, 946:729, CommunistJewsInGermanyBomb….png)


Just like the AntiFa/Commies in Germany that

opposed the NSDAP.

ec053a No.709389

3fa1e6 No.709390

File: 98762c901fbb289⋯.jpg (459.6 KB, 600x854, 300:427, 1386509659233.jpg)


The snakes function under the knife with the solar symbol. They tremble beneath it & hiss at it in fear.

So, in order to dominate these bitches, one has to become the GODLIGHT itself.

85f5a9 No.709391

>>709354 Well, knowing they are traveling and Huma having her trusty digital recorder, Huma is either trying to get more dirt on HRC or they are both trying to get someone else. Which one anon?

ab61cc No.709392


And I got lost on a Stale Bread … Feel BETTER NOW.

e5ace4 No.709395

File: 53696e76a373add⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1280x858, 640:429, panicmode.png)

d334c6 No.709397



Certain staff get 'invited' to attend a Common Purpose course, which is paid for from their departments training budget. If they buy in to the program of 'progressive' leadership / politics, they get recommended for promotion.

Make sure other CP 'graduates' are on the promotion board and hey presto. Pretty soon all your department heads are following the progressive agenda.

Covering up the failure of the multi cultural society and all of the problems it causes, is pretty much top of their agenda.

da7ee8 No.709398

Yeah, that's the ticket. Raggedy Andy has a card up his sleeve, that he is waiting for juuuuuust the right moment, so that he can… #RussiaDidIt. got it.



94e328 No.709399

I think Sessions has been conducting the REAL investigation. Mueller is a movie. He swept up a couple of cabal plants, that will be it.

804d29 No.709400

File: 08cfbeba2ebc38d⋯.jpeg (39.28 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 08cfbeba2ebc38d0ab664672a….jpeg)

File: 2dcad34979713df⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 356x527, 356:527, 2dcad34979713dff1ff3d89f2a….jpg)

a377bf No.709401


Ahh, so Q was responding about trip codes.

35ddd9 No.709402

File: 697f6c35be1421d⋯.jpeg (314.28 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, pocahontasreturnmoney.jpeg)

File: ce51127727ae477⋯.jpg (963.13 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, warren5billion.jpg)

File: b9a00faf09b95b1⋯.jpg (773.87 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, warren666.jpg)

336e88 No.709403


DAMN… guess I found what we were looking for

https:// ca-political.com/casestudies/casestudydonaldjtrumpforpresident2016

Thanks patriot spook at >>708121

War room will take care of it.

d92157 No.709405


Haven't we been through this before? I'm sensing deja vu here. The whole point of Q making his/her/team thread that they can only post in. Which they did and no problems with their posts in that thread.

804d29 No.709406

File: 486d2d8e0a57bba⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 720x397, 720:397, DRxAMQ3UIAAB8Wz.jpeg)

2a7ccd No.709407

What makes a good movie? Great actors…

Gowdy To Trump Lawyer ‘If POTUS Is Innocent, Act Like It; Let Mueller Finish Investigation’


POTUS is the greatest troll, thus far in history, vs the propaganda media. He's controlling the narrative like a champ this weekend and it seems like he's just getting started. Looking forward to what is best in anon life:

To crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their pundits.

43b795 No.709408


March 17, 2018 01:54 PM

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/democrats-hit-panic-button-after-trumps-lawyer-says-its-time-to-fire-robert-mueller

0f0826 No.709411

File: 7c55a10fc5d477b⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 474x355, 474:355, fake q.jpg)

3dbe97 No.709412

File: bbff1c3fa677fed⋯.png (29.72 KB, 421x312, 421:312, ClipboardImage.png)


Narrative shift, as foreseen…

4912eb No.709413

File: 05bb3ceaca74d1e⋯.jpeg (383.45 KB, 1242x1893, 414:631, 75963730-FD8B-41AB-8F8A-3….jpeg)

374437 No.709415


If only you knew who you were talking to and who is here.

e899e9 No.709417


You would be correct!

3fa1e6 No.709418


Thankq. Sounds like basic commie infiltration.

Slowly, we are lifiting the veil and show the horror that is behind their lies.

My only hope is that the good people of the world finally see the truth and when they do, are rightfully angered in retaking that which is rightfully theirs.

a95459 No.709419

File: d1849d371f8a289⋯.jpeg (61.12 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 1521389986.jpeg)

5f1f85 No.709421


Why should real Q acknowledge fakefag Q? Who is he to deserve acknowledgment?

Lurk moar clown!

6e4612 No.709424

Looks like the FUD squad is out in full force. You know what that means, right?


To those in harms way, keep your wits about you and remain alert.

To the operators, GO GET THESE CUNTS!

35ddd9 No.709425

File: e9d5093cb833a8d⋯.jpg (994.51 KB, 1464x1464, 1:1, bloodonhishands.jpg)

8ba7b3 No.709428


Agreed. It just makes more sense to me than people being allowed to travel overseas. They have not been arrested yet so of course they can travel. Q fake has maybe made it harder for real one to post. Jm2c

804d29 No.709429

File: 8340255e1a9078e⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 255x223, 255:223, de284951365847d37b2f25fd21….jpg)


Not going to happen when he goes to prison.

0f0826 No.709430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ab4586 No.709432

File: fcde67c3e7abf39⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 610x798, 305:399, 9.jpg)


the three sixes are in her hand.

no need to force two 6's onto her face.

Use imagination and research. Learn to read the symbols anons. it is the key

ee2acf No.709433

File: eeb2657c7233383⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

German air force GAF645 approaching Berlin Tegel.

804d29 No.709435

File: 9a04e8afed62754⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 500x712, 125:178, 9a04e8afed627548ecbf60e85d….jpg)

1eb891 No.709436


I can actually operate a search engine … please accept my apologies for the idiots.

a9dfe8 No.709437

New mall shooting in California.

Typical MO (do a bunch of shooting, then shoot themselves).

Let's get on top of this.

77b43d No.709440

Rec'vd a call out of nowhere from the Deepak Chopra foundation the other day…

woman left a vm saying she was my "new counselor"…

I said WTF?! I may have been on a mailing list

many years ago but not for about a decade+.

It just occurred to me it could be related to

this movement and they are phishing.

f3843d No.709441


Self preservation

da7ee8 No.709443


the bigger news imho is the HRC PR lady doxxing herself, not just rooting for the team; almost as blatant as the former UN ambassador shilling for Brennan. clowns all.

244526 No.709444

File: 59dd088369aae58⋯.png (36.54 KB, 601x107, 601:107, tripcodes.png)



b8d28e No.709445


Muh sides!!!

01e555 No.709447


'suppress enemy fire' = we know about your plan to attack

5f1f85 No.709449


This fits fakefag Q to a tee as well. Especially number 2

2b0794 No.709452


No. Fake Q doesn't use a trip code. Q also didn't say trip code, he said Trips.

4efd27 No.709453

File: e5d799587da6051⋯.png (369.69 KB, 1049x1097, 1049:1097, ClipboardImage.png)


went to duck duck and searched the mall shooting clicked on CBS link first up

notice what video is running in the bottom right corner

0f0826 No.709456


I just figured Fake Q was a clown or similar demoralization agent.

9060b0 No.709457


Their hysteria is full blown on the Sunday morning talk shows. Everyone, from Miss Lindsay, to Foamboy Rubio, to Flake… Panties tightly bunched. This is what fear looks like.

804d29 No.709459


Dont forget watch the video.


2b0794 No.709460

When and why did McCabe interview POTUS?

fafda3 No.709461

File: 8be7c002f8d4a3d⋯.jpg (19.14 KB, 262x192, 131:96, 8be7c002f8d4a3d446fbf4c4f0….jpg)


A gullible asshat?

22ec50 No.709462


>not one natural eyebrow amongst the entirety of whores in photo

Checks out. Men and women alike you can look at that photo and know the C1A is not getting the best anymore, word's out that they're backstabbing niggers.

77b2ad No.709463


POTUS points out the IG is a dem and that all Mueller's people are dems so that everyone HAS TO believe their conclusions ("setting the stage")

1eb891 No.709464


I'm pretty sure fake Q is a frustrated anon

8c67da No.709466

File: 47f93279ac91e16⋯.png (696.35 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, panic trip whitelist.png)

> the absolute state of /qresearch/

df8195 No.709469

Cast of thousands, starring the heroine of Benghazi! Ukrainian adventure, 2009.

Go to the link, huge….

—————— Ukraine Delegation —————— Oleksandr Nikonenko, Director, Arms Control and Military and Technical Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kateryna Bila Second Secretary, Arms Control and Military and Technical Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mykola Proskura First Deputy Head of the State Department - Administration of Exclusion Zone, Ministry of Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of Chernobyl Catastrophe Igor Reshetilov Deputy Head of the State Export Control Service of Ukraine —————– U.S. Delegation —————– Anita Friedt Head of Delegation Director, Office of Policy and Regional Affairs, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Department of State Ann Ganzer Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Threat Reduction, Export Controls, and Negotiations, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Pam Durham Director, Office of Missile Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Ralph Palmiero Deputy Director, Office of Missile Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Steven Costner Deputy Director, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Department of State Matthew Hardiman Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Policy and Regional Affairs, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Department of State Michael Stafford U.S. Negotiator, for Nuclear Security and Dismantlement, Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State William Malzahn Acting Director, Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Margaret Mitchell Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Lauren Catipon First Secretary, Political U.S. Embassy Kyiv Riaz Awan Department of Energy Office U.S. Embassy Kyiv James Reid Director, Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction, Counternarcotics, Counterproliferation, and Global Threat, Global Security Affairs, Department of Defense Jane Purcell Foreign Affairs Officer, Office Counterproliferation Initiatives, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Tom Wuchte U.S. 1540 Coordinator, Office Counterproliferation Initiatives, Bureaus of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Brett Golden Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Export Control Cooperation, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Alexander Liebowitz Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State William Menold Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State Scott Davis Deputy Director, Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State CLINTON

https:// search.wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09STATE40237_a.html

27bcf8 No.709470


>Yates wasn't in long enough

She wasn't in that position very long, though she was very high up in the corrupt leadership and played a significant role' in the fuckery that occurred around her. She's toast too.

2b0794 No.709471


This is part of it, yes.

804d29 No.709472

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)

Someone said Trips?

19b6ca No.709473

File: 0f4022afd2b0008⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1037x765, 61:45, Ronald Trump3.png)

5484b5 No.709474

File: 85fae62e173bd9e⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 480x1001, 480:1001, IMG_1164.JPG)

For the next psy op

804d29 No.709478

e1f953 No.709479


I think he is either frustrated or bored

8ba7b3 No.709480


Yes, this. Thanks.

e899e9 No.709481


That is a good theory, ramping it up ahead of the report release!

d412f0 No.709483

File: 28dcf55d15923f8⋯.jpg (591.5 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, hilchicken.jpg)

804d29 No.709484

File: 539c9f4d76fa9aa⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 43a5a19002f0f41e9d147a6267….jpg)

e899e9 No.709485


Yes Very corrupt and did the unmasking.

d92157 No.709486


Now you've got me thinking, I believe from what I've seen and read that Q(team) is close to POTUS , I sometimes wonder why things are taking such a long time and we hear very little, but this isn't a 7/11 robbery suspect. This is the evil in the world, not just the USA. It will take time, I'm ok with waiting…for now.

Do I have doubts at times? Sure, but it's only because we know very little of what's going on.

I'm with Q.

34d565 No.709487


it's one third..they barely could build a minority government..but you're right. she remains in 'power'..hope not for long!

77b2ad No.709488



I'm thinking the OIG report drops this week

14e5b2 No.709489

File: ffc6fe1e53908ca⋯.png (81.18 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 609.PNG)

File: 6332e72caa76949⋯.png (165.49 KB, 840x739, 840:739, 778.PNG)

File: 108b9500dac2903⋯.png (53.75 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 874.PNG)

File: 6cab19a8c20710a⋯.png (21.33 KB, 840x547, 840:547, 559.PNG)

File: ac3d0fc5cb72ceb⋯.png (24.35 KB, 840x544, 105:68, 484.PNG)

Pics Related

a777a4 No.709490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Turn down for what?

27bcf8 No.709493


> Boomers are dense.

But but, POTUS is a boomer.

14e5b2 No.709495

File: f72f6612d50de05⋯.png (18.23 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 466.PNG)

File: 43546e1047feee1⋯.png (12.88 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 254.PNG)

File: 7b0406c41a62bc7⋯.png (28.19 KB, 840x686, 60:49, 236.PNG)

File: cb51e040de923a2⋯.png (39.83 KB, 840x753, 280:251, 153.PNG)

Pics related

df8195 No.709496


Marked SECRET.

9c41e9 No.709497

Prince Bandar commits suicide??

>holy shit.jpg


14e5b2 No.709498

File: 8454d354c25055f⋯.png (25.54 KB, 840x588, 10:7, 133.PNG)

File: 81183ad2f532f2d⋯.png (17.54 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 75.PNG)

File: 67572ffbdcbff08⋯.png (20.86 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 17.PNG)

File: 8342e4af0f915e2⋯.png (10.37 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 13.PNG)

Pics related.

Why travel?

Cannot trust comms.

Need secure face to face meetings.

Try to escape.

Why let someone travel?

See who they meet.

See where they meet.

Why travel before/after?

Plead your case.

Make new plans.

Determine level of exposure.

2723d2 No.709499


Seems to me that since the Military created the internet that it's Gov. intellectual property. Hence, any use of it is covered by the 1A. (JDfag)

244526 No.709500

File: 09fb51bc9ce9704⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 617x941, 617:941, b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg)


Clearly, every woman in that video needs to read this book.

Then they would learn how to be participating members of society, not delusional idiots.

3fa1e6 No.709502

1eb891 No.709503


both really (I'm not fake Q, but I believe I share his/her point of view) board with slow progression, frustrated because the collective IQ of the hive mind keeps declining rather than increasing.

5e6467 No.709504



http:// stateofthenation2012.com/?p=72788


-Minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s.

-Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal, on his way out as President.

-Comey “Investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in the Marc Rich pardon scandal.

-This is how Comey began his career as a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.

-Immediately after this, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney of Lockheed Martin.

-While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation.

-In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department.

-Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.

-In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into money laundering for drugs, arms and terrorists.

-HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large speaking fees.

-Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal).

-He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

-After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama.

-Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, mis-handling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more.

-Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.

-The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency (in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice).

-Comey was and is owned by the Clintons.

-He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of their machine and providing them with cover.

22ec50 No.709505


>pepe orsini



>italian song

I wouldn't be surprised if pepe was a psyop, I'm all but certain kek is.

e1f953 No.709506


Suicide weekend?

6d70e3 No.709507

File: d8e9ed2c56202f8⋯.jpg (114.92 KB, 750x1030, 75:103, DYfv3HfVMAACoBp.jpg)

File: 591d8d272201f39⋯.jpg (92.32 KB, 743x958, 743:958, DYfv3HgVoAEIszq.jpg)

Q, can you confirm if James Comey and Eric Holder's recent tweets were a warning to McCabe to stay silent? When Comey says 'smoother shot' is this a threat directed at McCabe? Is 'substance' a code word?

add325 No.709508


Discussed and debunked yesterday

2b0794 No.709510


Fox is reporting April now. They are having to subpoena the docs from the FBI. FBI was suppose to turn over 1.3M docs and only turned over 3K.

804d29 No.709511

File: 5a988795c7fd1d8⋯.jpg (184.46 KB, 1182x1198, 591:599, 5a988795c7fd1d895aa65ff8be….jpg)

e899e9 No.709512


I am as well.

3008f1 No.709513

Soros works for the Rothschilds(=P)

How can he earn that much money without the Rotschilds holding the button of the Banks and Walstreet.

If you go back in time( see map:

The power over the people (sheep) was given to the Elite.Who are the Elite?

a61ce3 No.709514


Stop this. Its dangerous. Not what Q meant.

2dbe11 No.709515

I lost 2-MSTG near Malaga, Spain when it went below 4000ft. There no sign of it having landed though, as Flightaware hasn't updated.

2-AVCO is north of Berlin headed towards the Polish border.at Szczecin.

0f0826 No.709516

File: ca23dd18c35040c⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 640x135, 128:27, sayanim.jpg)

File: ca9485b49d4a51c⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 640x512, 5:4, sayanim-2.jpg)

File: 9cf9c7fcdffd1a4⋯.jpg (145.21 KB, 640x512, 5:4, saynim-4.jpg)


Nice try.

>A sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a Jew living outside Israel who volunteers to provide assistance to Israel and/or the Israeli Mossad utilising the capacity of their own nationality to procure assistance. This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanims in the hundreds of thousand.

>While not official Mossad agents and sometimes acting without explicit knowledge, they may work in the capacity of unregistered representatives of the government of Israel in their respective nations.

>Generally-speaking, these non-Israeli Jewish volunteers are asked to engage in legal activities that will not bring them into trouble with the authorities, such as using Wikipedia to spread propaganda. There are exceptions, however, as for example in the case of Jonathan Pollard, the U.S. Naval intelligence employee who engaged in espionage on behalf of Israel's intelligence agencies and whose exposure by the FBI strained relations between the U.S. and Israel.

>Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa turned author, wrote extensively about activities of the sayanim, as has Gordon Thomas. According Ostrovsky and Thomas, the sayanim provide assistance of various kinds to Mossad officers operating in foreign countries. This assistance can include facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. They can be Judges, Court Clerks, Expert Witnesses, Child Protective Service Workers, Assistant District Attorneys, Police Officers, or anyone with a great degree of power over people's lives, and will do anything at the behest of Mossad case officers (katsa) for the State of Israel against its enemies or those perceived to be unfavorable politically to Israeli policy. ("By Way of Deception", Victor Ostrovsky). Sayanim are supposedly not directly involved in intelligence operations, and are only paid for their expenses.

https:// politoccult.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/what-is-sayanim-and-why-was-it-deleted-from-wikipedia/

d94a2e No.709517


Everything with the gov takes fucking forever. Even applying for a job takes months. Imaging rebuilding it from the ground up or from the top. We have known this from the beginning. Its going to take time. Slow, but sure.

804d29 No.709519

File: c7fc89ac09568a1⋯.png (511.57 KB, 1250x791, 1250:791, c7fc89ac09568a1b2216eec8fe….png)

a377bf No.709520

File: df7a546c57e2b18⋯.png (7.31 KB, 320x112, 20:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1bda7d175d3de8d⋯.png (75.97 KB, 776x399, 776:399, ClipboardImage.png)

Last Q post


Trump tweet


Delta [45]




221e09 No.709521

File: 0cd2a9c31a54b3b⋯.jpeg (201.14 KB, 736x1040, 46:65, 67FBD5A2-B0BD-490D-89A9-B….jpeg)

Many responses calling for violence.

34d565 No.709522

File: 556fdfd84094c97⋯.png (610.86 KB, 932x490, 466:245, avco.PNG)

a9dfe8 No.709524

OK, seems like a fals alarm. Was a guy shooting his ex-wife at a mall.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/thousand-oaks-mall-shooting-today-2018-03-17/

244526 No.709525




And then the MSM will accuse Mueller and everyone on his team of being hardcore RUSSIAN BOTS RUSSIAN BOTS MUH RUSSIAN BOTS.


804d29 No.709526

File: 08cfbeba2ebc38d⋯.jpeg (39.28 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 08cfbeba2ebc38d0ab664672a….jpeg)

File: 86ccf5fff84e548⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 86ccf5fff84e548371fe3c2e74….jpg)

e1f953 No.709527


I agree

Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back

2b0794 No.709529


So posting stupid shit helps? Contribute or shut up.

aa2ce6 No.709530


> Was a guy shooting his ex-wife at a mall.

Typical weekend for me

a9dfe8 No.709531


Add to that the fact that the democrats in the senate are slow-playing confirmations.

5484b5 No.709533

Why does middle eastern politics get a bunch of press when fexas Faggots and their fony cult being shitheads. WOULD 2,500/kg Pakistani to 250000/kg ny be the incentive

Can't blame Laredo for all of it

77b2ad No.709534


lol no way they'd have to accept the findings and STFO about "Russia Russia Russia" finally

38bfb1 No.709535


How did Amazon get so big and so wealthy so fast? Is it possible they used their infrastructure for the distribution of illegal video content? Notice in the related post the emphasis on LF. A search for LF give LoveFilm a UK provider of streaming content that was purchased by Amazon.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LoveFilm

d75a2e No.709537

lol, the fake posts trying to swell doubt are pretty adorable.

2dbe11 No.709538

File: 91349f92a73c2b4⋯.jpg (494.16 KB, 1697x727, 1697:727, BRNCO31_10.jpg)

BRNCO31 has left Germany and is in the Netherlands. Vectored for Rotterdam.

5484b5 No.709539


Frump has board

Please remove

42a5a8 No.709540


No, fake Q posts Q's trip in the name or email box to try to fool people.

2a7ccd No.709541


Do you people even read the bread…? Oh yeah, that's right… no… you are retarded.

>>545675 How to spot fake Q posts!

>>641121 How to filter Fake Q!

"Fake Q" is not using a trip code you retards, he is typing in the name space of the reply box, thus it is in bold.

Honestly, cows have a higher IQ than you. To me, you are someone that I have to speak at in the vain hope that you actually make my hamburger the way I want it made. You are presented simple information, yet you still manage to fuck it up.

My bad, I guess it is the weekend. Lurk moar stupid newfags, you are still asleep and despite coming here, you still don't have a clue as to WTF is going on around you.

2b0794 No.709542


Post reported.

1475b1 No.709543


I agree, threatening the President definitely constitutes a national security threat and I hope that a Fisa Court will grant permission to surveil Powers, Brennan, and Holder.

If a Rachel Maddow made a statement like this, she doesn't have the means to carry it out, but when the former director of the CIA does, Former Attorney General, does you cannot ignore it. Means, Motive, and a veiled expression of Intent. Wray and Sessions ought to take this to the FISA court. If they don't find any evidence after 90 days of listening to everything, great, close down the warrant like you're supposed to.

2a0b65 No.709544


Enjoy the show.

0f6d80 No.709545

50 Million Facebook Profiles Harvested Without User Consent – Data Monster Chose NOT to Alert Victims & Is Trying to Threaten Reporters

News broke late last night revealing how a startup data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, harvested profiles of millions of Facebook users in what is being termed the company’s “biggest ever data breach.” The analytics firm used this data to build a powerful program to predict and influence voter choices.

By now, a lot has already been reported on how the biggest social networking platform was used by politicians and their wealthy backers in the last few years to sow civic disruption and potentially to influence election results. Whether they managed to influence voters is a debate that will possibly never end. However, the whistleblower’s story and Facebook’s press release confirm how the company tried to push this incident under the rug instead of informing users who were affected by this biggest data breach.

https:// wccftech.com/50-million-facebook-profiles-harvested/

22ec50 No.709546


There are always exceptions niggerbrain. Generally you can characterize baby boomers as hard working but highly programmed for conformance and went along to get along. They let the few patriots who spoke up about what was happening be assassinated because they had little backup from the people. The younger generations can be characterized by skepticism but are highly soft, lazy, and lost not having a connection to the generally moral society the boomers had.

2723d2 No.709547


Hysteria used to be in the DMS. Mental illness!

Destroy the women and children = #1 rule in WAR.

244526 No.709548


And the three will become one.

1eb891 No.709549



control freak concernfag filtered

a377bf No.709550

File: c3b2efed93f2133⋯.png (553.87 KB, 1088x672, 34:21, ClipboardImage.png)

56bfd9 No.709552

These were so inspiring

>>702218 Is still a such high priority

>>702210 Re_reading the drops

>>702200 Are Grade A(utist)

I created a blog post to share them and keep the board private at the same time. Tweeted the JFK prayer on a JA thread and got engagement, 380 page views in one eve with only a few tweets. There is a lot of appetite for Qresearch analysis lads.

https:// invictavanguard.blogspot.ca/2018/03/q-research-anon-light-from-above.html

d94a2e No.709553


exactly. every move has to be taken very carefully. anons need to be patient and have faith. trust the plan.

258d0a No.709554


Which begs the question, why choose a place that would do that?

804d29 No.709556

File: a95c04fab80fa3a⋯.jpeg (41.29 KB, 528x339, 176:113, DYkwKspXcAE2Epd.jpeg)


You dont make sense.

244526 No.709557


Better run out and report this one tooo concerrrnnnnfagggggggggggg.


c5e54a No.709558


This Anon knows the Qommunication. POTUS tweets are cherry on the bread!

ee2acf No.709559

File: eaca631d1d55bc0⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

File: 287b4752f0381e3⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

Something odd is occurring. 2-AVCO has passed Berlin without landing.

I watched the German aircraft 14+03 land at Berlin-Tegel. This aircraft has now reappeared near Wolfsburg. Two aircraft with the same identity. Spoopy.

a61ce3 No.709561


Is anyone keeping a list of "those who scream the loudest"?

42a5a8 No.709562


They are prejudice, that's all.

94e328 No.709563


Just remember the magnitude of this undertaking. "This is bigger than you could ever imagine."

3008f1 No.709564

Who created money in the first place, and why?

5f1f85 No.709565


He said trips and whitelist. The only time these two phrases have been used on these boards are directly tied to trip codes. Q is not happy with fakefag Q being allowed to use the Q name posting a bunch of crap. Lurk Moar.

804d29 No.709566

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/irs-uncovers-1-2-million-cases-identity-theft-illegal-aliens-details/

244526 No.709567


And it should rightfully be put right back in there.

However nutrition should be the focus, not drugs.

22ec50 No.709568



Jeff Bozos and his Cherry St rape gang from Seattle wouldn't have anything to do with that, would he?he would

5a36fa No.709569



3dbe97 No.709570



1eb891 No.709572


I'd love to answer, but I'm having a hard time with all of your pronouns.

a9dfe8 No.709573

Explaination of the slow down.

https:// youtu.be/wwEfZBSdTGE?t=120

0f0826 No.709574


Phantom Secure?

3fa1e6 No.709575


What's the purpose of this board?

Why has Q chosen to post here?

3008f1 No.709576


Not the human beings

a377bf No.709577



And maybe pissed the place is allowed to get shilled with porn and shitposting.

2b0794 No.709578



392b72 No.709580


What's a soyboy with a dildo going to do against 147gr of lead

42232a No.709581

I’m going to post this one more time.

In order to be able to help prevent yourself from being manipulated by psychographic microtargeting, you have to know something about it and understand something about how it works.

https:// medium.com/join-scout/the-rise-of-the-weaponized-ai-propaganda-machine-86dac61668b

42a5a8 No.709582


Not really, if it was designed by the military, it could be shut down under the pretense of a national security situation.

Or to carry it even further, close it completely to the public and rework it as a military weapon.

e1f953 No.709583


To research and make dank memes to red pill normies

c5e54a No.709584


== #fakememo

5bc21d No.709585


b2ca29 No.709586

File: 31251c84ba567bb⋯.png (46.16 KB, 658x438, 329:219, Rand Paul tweet re Brennan.PNG)

1eb891 No.709587

File: 3722d51bc412fd4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 343.31 KB, 438x329, 438:329, Screenshot-2018-3-9 Meme G….png)


you asked for it

0f0826 No.709588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>When they tell you that you are really a wimp and a racist, box deeply and say yes master.

e899e9 No.709589


Thank you anon. You are inspiring as well

5bc21d No.709590



1475b1 No.709591


The built a really great logistics organization that exploited the fact that shipping costs were lower than sales tax. Many other reasons, regarding the problems of Retail, real estate, but avoiding sales tax collection was what drove their early growth.

Same 500 dollar LCD TV is 40 dollars less expensive from Amazon than Walmart.

a377bf No.709593


Thanks for proving Q's point.

We need tripcodes.

5bfba2 No.709595


ummmm no.

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




See that +41?

That is who is letting HRC, Huma, Hussein and the rest travel.

42a5a8 No.709596


I can agree with you on this matter, but to make matters even worse by faking a Q doesn't help anything either.

bde2af No.709597


Holy fuck, anon. On a Sunday, fam?

Stop posting nudes of Killary. I can't take it.

3fa1e6 No.709599

File: a3a762969489bcd⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 352x198, 16:9, 1438054535495.gif)

File: 3689bda963279fe⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 640x640, 1:1, surreal-hexagon.jpg)

File: 57db32f3c6f8fd7⋯.jpg (46.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_o4ue8jPsdl1rhome2o1….jpg)

File: b1cd2d617c7300f⋯.jpg (41.27 KB, 500x666, 250:333, tumblr_p089h17j311wsbn2ao1….jpg)

File: 70f85cdf78211c0⋯.jpg (26.82 KB, 540x540, 1:1, yhoBH4n.jpg)



Q was pretty aware of the nature of chan-culture, so some fornication between adults and the occasional shitpost probably won't scare him off

Q has switched boards and places before, but so far, the Q-entity seems to be alright on 8ch.

It's concernschills like you who make the world a shittier place, so please consider not being so concerned about your appearance to outsiders.

8c67da No.709600


anonymity is freedom. forcing tripcodes is the heading in the direction of Social Media censorship

3fa834 No.709601

File: 53e9142247b7163⋯.jpg (144.88 KB, 458x1024, 229:512, DYYzHh9VMAERn__.jpg)


>Weaponized AI Propaganda

Many HERE understand.

9060b0 No.709602


Does she actually trip, or do her legs just give out and she goes down? I've watched several vids of her falling. Doesn't seem to me as though she ever trips over anything. And that incident during the election when she turned into jelly before they threw her into the van…Her legs had no strength at all, they had to be holding her up.

She's falling down more and more frequently now. Fell the other day and broke her ankle, now she just fell again in a bathroom and broke her hand. There was an article back in 2016 that quote somebody who used to work with her years ago who said that this is not new, that she was constantly falling down. They thought it was alcohol, but it looks to be more than just that. Probably some type of progressive neuromuscular disease. She doesn't seem shaky enough to it to be Parkinson's though.

I know we're not supposed to ask, but I wish Q would let it slip what she has. I would love to know.

22ec50 No.709603

File: 2f6e6d8051d905c⋯.jpg (501.25 KB, 1000x1290, 100:129, 2f6e6d8051d905ce18047fdb4b….jpg)


>makes me think

56bfd9 No.709604



Generate truth and inspiration-IP for the masses

f855cb No.709605


There is no fake Q.

I have seen evidence that Q exists but I have seen no evidence that a fake Q exists.

0f0826 No.709608


>Less than a month after Clinton became secretary of state, and the personal email domain that she would use exclusively for government business was registered, Hillary Clinton's team aggressively pursued changes to existing State Department security protocols so she could use her BlackBerry in secure facilities for classified information, according to new documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

>Current and former intelligence officials grimaced when asked by Fox News about the use of wireless communications devices, such as a BlackBerry, in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) – emphasizing its use would defeat the purpose of the secure facility, and it is standard practice to leave all electronics outside.

>"When you allow devices like this into a SCIF, you can allow the bad guys to listen in,"

There was a time when even suggesting things like this would get your security clearance pulled.

5484b5 No.709609

File: cb9b5646959bf2c⋯.jpg (69.82 KB, 634x784, 317:392, IMG_0405.JPG)

BAGEL and a smear

1eb891 No.709611


I'm not the one that chooses the timing … i only respond to the concernfags

d92157 No.709612


That's how slimy the democrats are.

2b0794 No.709613

Raise your hand if you even understand what I trip code is or how one is given a trip code.

Oh, that's what I thought.

a377bf No.709614

File: 775edcc86e82d8f⋯.jpg (214.9 KB, 1014x720, 169:120, IzetteAlefantis.jpg)

File: a41ca8ad7def9c8⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 248x326, 124:163, Izzette FolgerPic.JPG)

File: ed05476f5acc70b⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 1014x720, 169:120, Izzette FolgersII.JPG)

File: bdd4cfd12c1fbb4⋯.jpg (185.87 KB, 976x621, 976:621, Izzette FolgersIII.JPG)


Nice slide shill.

We see we are over target.


3008f1 No.709615

What do you feel if you are without money, food, or house? You are a slave.

Who made us a slave? Money.

Who invented money?

The Alpha Draconis from ORION

244526 No.709616


I only posted the tripcode list for this board in response to someone else's post basically asking who has the tripcodes.




Are the only 3 tripcodes here.

And to set the record straight, Q's post has NOTHING to do with this board and everything to do with HRC traveling, Tillerson's whitelist and subsequent firing.

62e392 No.709617


Make hatechan toxic again. All the bullshit comes from concernfags saying media and normies are watching.

Normies should leave here with piss stains.

3fa1e6 No.709618

File: 4ed60c65c1f5550⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 459x600, 153:200, BpaMty0.jpg)


Won't happen, as BV has already said.

The stance won't change.

Stop being so triggered or simply leave.

So far, you've proven your unhealthy expectation that we should conform to your wishes.

Which is saying that you, for some reason, consider your opinion to matter more than that of us.

No, njet and nein.

22ec50 No.709619


Faceblack users get BLACKED. Retarded niggers trusting Mark Kikerberg.

e1f953 No.709620

If we're serious about the #internetbillofrights

We should be protecting fake Qs right to be a faggot

473525 No.709621

File: a52d12ac028b468⋯.png (470.81 KB, 1054x790, 527:395, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d0e9dbf516111ba⋯.png (67.99 KB, 757x341, 757:341, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to broadcast #FakeMemos

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/18/trump-mccabe-memos/?utm_campaign=atdailycaller&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social

1eb891 No.709622



4d8816 No.709623

Anybody who would come on this board and interfere with an MI op and impersonate one of their agents must know that there will be repercussions.

Only the Clowns are that arrogant and stupid.

20d37a No.709624


Time to expose these sick SOB baby rapists and killers.

22ec50 No.709625


>some fornication

You're an outsider yourself, why do you pretend to be one of us nigger?

3008f1 No.709626


Why do some1% of humanity have huge amounts of many, but 99% are poor or just managing, for the time being.

5bfba2 No.709627


The tripcodes issue is all in your head.

Q never mention tripcodes. He said trips.

You fags made an issue out of misreading drops….

Just like the" 10 days of darkness" that Q never said,but was discussed ad nauseam on this board

d412f0 No.709628

File: 1123e72be1b6036⋯.jpg (263.35 KB, 1696x890, 848:445, Alex-Jones-Infowars-trashc….jpg)

2dbe11 No.709629

File: fc412f338aeda88⋯.jpg (305.22 KB, 1711x853, 1711:853, Magma13.jpg)

Magma13 approaching Beirut.

e899e9 No.709630


Was thinking the same thing, knees or hips, or neuro-muscular. It does not look as though they are shocked or in any way surprised. Not jumping in to help her or catch her. Must happen all the time.

1eb891 No.709631

File: 8d03845e310d916⋯.gif (30.6 KB, 520x340, 26:17, newfags_on_steroids_gif_by….gif)

8c67da No.709632


>And to set the record straight, Q's post has NOTHING to do with this board and everything to do with HRC traveling, Tillerson's whitelist and subsequent firing.

I agree, this is my position as well. Lots of anons are posting about forcing tripcodes now because of an ambiguous Q post.

edc1bc No.709633

File: 289477ce9b4d341⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 45_1.jpg)

1a8173 No.709634

Fuck withholding info from the public because they cant handle it. It deserves to be out there, people can take it or leave it

f855cb No.709635


I don't care what (((they))) say and I don't care what (you) say.

When I use a word it means what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.

When it comes to my words I am the master of their meaning and (((they))) can just fish or cut bait.

42a5a8 No.709636


Apparently they don't.

So ban fake Q's and move on!

f1dcdf No.709637


You can't leave out Panda Clock in this discussion. Classic faggotry.

3008f1 No.709638


Who have the power over the money?

How? Why?

Who invented money?

e9a2e7 No.709639

Stop letting the shills derail talking about TRIPCODES. Nothing to do with trip codes.

Stop telling anons to lurk more when you yourselves are the lost ones.

The trips that are being taken a=have many eyes on them to observe where and who they travel to. You are only derailing the anons at sork when you fuck up the board with trash

Semper Fi anons

Keep up the excellent work

a377bf No.709640

File: fe94e0348ab2590⋯.jpg (250.78 KB, 1110x623, 1110:623, WeHo.jpg)

File: 1b4b74ac9f6519f⋯.jpg (382.84 KB, 1260x907, 1260:907, ASchiffTraitor.jpg)

File: 9ee072609fc6d91⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 505x476, 505:476, KronosII.JPG)

e8ae0a No.709641

File: f3b070edd8ed783⋯.jpg (8.43 MB, 6000x6000, 1:1, TrumpUShusseinHRC.jpg)

992601 No.709642

Alex jones bs makes icke a prophet

f4bf1a No.709643


Mueller is a Marine… Called to duty.

3fa1e6 No.709644


It could be Kuru, an incurable neurological disorder stemming from cannibalism

htt ps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease)

2b0794 No.709645


Now you know how JA feels.

b2ca29 No.709646

File: 92a809752f08ae4⋯.png (523.55 KB, 630x628, 315:314, Fox Gowdy 3-18-18.PNG)

File: 5e22ec359b2366e⋯.png (526.91 KB, 651x627, 217:209, Buzzfeed Gowdy 3-18-18.PNG)

Trey Gowdy is trending on Twitter.

This is why.

0f0826 No.709647


Maybe they have a type of Sea Org to maintain their immunity.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Org

bad61f No.709648


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

a9dfe8 No.709649


I don't see fake Qs, are they…oh wait that's right…I filtered them so I don't see them.

Filter and forget, we have more important things to worry about.

01e555 No.709652


communists ban things. dont be a communist. filter and move on.

ee2acf No.709653


I'm tracking 2-AVCO just did a wide sweep & noticed there is an Israeli hdg S from Greece.

2b0794 No.709654


NICE! Good job Gowdy!

1e14d0 No.709655

File: 444b48f8e087fea⋯.png (384.38 KB, 1609x963, 1609:963, ClipboardImage.png)


Planefag Cadet just checking in. I will l ook for


Meanwhile an interesting one, a USAF GLF5 callsign XA763, flying south down the eastern seaboard in the direction of Cuba at 503 kn, 43k'.

189864 No.709656



992601 No.709657


I thought Sea org was Scientology boat

42232a No.709658


I never implied there is no awareness. Bots are just one piece of the puzzle. Read the article or don’t. Entirely up to you.

e899e9 No.709659


Gowdy knows the investigation hurts Potus ability to get legislation through, why would he do this.

3008f1 No.709660

What does Awakening mean?


Are you awake? Who are you. Who are you really?

804d29 No.709661

File: 9e284b686c8ec3c⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 550x379, 550:379, Obama-sad-and-frustrated.jpg)

What fuckin' retard!

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/obama-picks-uva-to-go-to-ncaa-finals-instead-first-no-1-seed-to-lose-to-a-no-16-seed-in-history/

d1c5b5 No.709663


Awesome Sunday am watch!!

5f1f85 No.709664


Once again, fakefag Q is the board owner of the CBTS board. He is butt hurt because he be-clowned himself and accused Q of being fake and lost the privilege of Q posting on his board. Q also called him out as being a self promoter.

By the course of action that the fakefag Q has undertaken, he has proven Q to be correct in his self promotion assessment. Fakefag Q is such an insecure person in his real life, that he requires the validation and attention he believes he is finding on these boards. Once the importance of being the source of Q drops was removed, he lost all the relevancy he so desperately requires.

This has been defined as a war to regain the republic from the grip and control of the cabal. As a participant in the war, there are only two sides you can chose and fakefag Q is making a very bad choice in his allegiance.

I suppose it is a good thing that Q has much patience. A less patient person would like send a team to roughly collect up mister fakefag Q and give him a vacation at camp Gitmo to see if there were any redeeming qualities in fakefag Q worth saving. Many people in history have developed fatal illnesses for much less so fakefag Q is very lucky for grace and restraint.

5bfba2 No.709665


Don't make it worse than it is.

Autists rewrite words in their minds to make data fit what they are currently interested in…. we all do it. It is the basis for confirmation bias

bad61f No.709666



22ec50 No.709667


Is the real issue that Rex "dirt farmer" Tillerson whitelisted HRC, Human, and Niggerbama so they could escape the country?

d94a2e No.709668


thats an interesting callsign for an USAF aircraft.

3c711a No.709669

After Comey cried about being left in the room alone with Potus shouldn't McCabe have had someone else in the room with him for any discussions?

3dbe97 No.709670

File: 5e67a4225e8fcdb⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 960x960, 1:1, square circle1.jpg)

You faggots should understand this by now

0f0826 No.709671


Civilian intelligence agencies are all fraternal.

804d29 No.709672

File: c72a210d71f658d⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 736x737, 736:737, ee16cfcd064f692d627cf05a56….jpg)


Dont ban them, KILL THEM!

ee2acf No.709673


I'm on 2-AVCO got it covered. Can you keep an eye stateside pls.

2b0794 No.709674


Fake Q is Baruch? Interesting if true.

2723d2 No.709675



https:// www.thoughtco.com/hydrofluoric-acid-breaking-bad-3976039

f1dcdf No.709676



I followed up with the above. I think we should realize that Mueller has accomplished nothing so

far. If that's the case, then what has he been doing for the last 9 months, besides spending

federal dollars? The longer there is "no output" from his investigation, the more inclined I am

to believe he is investigating HRC, DNC, et al.

804d29 No.709677



Anons, watch this video

42a5a8 No.709678


No. Fake Q is posting the REAL Q's trip in the name or mail area in the Quick Reply box.

1e14d0 No.709679


Roger copy stateside.

Cadet monitoring.

3008f1 No.709680

This is a search to your consciousness

It is not about politics. It's about YOU.

Elite does not want YOU to awaken.

0ec706 No.709682


A good way to set up the salivating liberals who think Mueller WILL find something to pin on POTUS. Gonna be that much more jarring when they learn the Donald is innocent of any wrongdoing.

473525 No.709683

File: b9b37d2c1e72840⋯.png (227.04 KB, 722x487, 722:487, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e9f3cec13945d58⋯.png (48.53 KB, 656x155, 656:155, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7aab19389a39f3c⋯.png (377.56 KB, 1138x287, 1138:287, ClipboardImage.png)


THis was covered in two BREADS AGO!


We have SCHILL CLOWNS spreading disinformation and doubt.

Who is to say Google isn't using their damn bots here to do it too.

Anyone see the top of drudge about anylatica and FB, its a he said she said, really looks like FB is doing Damage Control.

Forward guys/gals assault the media.

we have our orders, fight fight fight.

091c00 No.709684



enjoy the show

b68580 No.709685


Exactly! How insane is that?

2b0794 No.709687


When and why did they interview POTUS?

1eb891 No.709688


sorry, i'd rather see you banned than fake Q, he's actually funny, and not a concernfag.

22ec50 No.709689





804d29 No.709690

File: 9e284b686c8ec3c⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 550x379, 550:379, Obama-sad-and-frustrated.jpg)

The look you give when you finally know you are a complete and utter failure.

19b6ca No.709692

File: 89dbca5b981f851⋯.png (569.59 KB, 765x765, 1:1, jkokjabe3.png)

ee2acf No.709693

File: 062231e787176c6⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)

2-AVCo now looks like it is heading for one of the Baltic states.

0f0826 No.709694


You seem to know a lot about this. I wouldn't brag. Kills your OPSEC.

3008f1 No.709695

Start at the top of your map.

It is all there already.

You are repeating yourselves, over and over again.

e1f953 No.709696


What ever happened to Buruch?

992601 No.709697

I LIKE David wilcock

No homo

804d29 No.709698



Good one!

22ec50 No.709699


Does anyone know what his stupid fucking expression is where his lower lip is filled with air? It's not just a dumb nigger doing dumb nigger things, there has to be something more to it.

1eb891 No.709701

considering i've seen it almost everyday for months yes i get it. BTW TITS or GTFO pink bow anon.

14e5b2 No.709703


Almost everything Mueller has "discovered" has backfired on the Dims.

d92157 No.709704


I got that they're frustrated. Ok it's slightly annoying for us, slightly. They did however crack a couple of jokes that I did chuckle to.

I think it's an anon who is fed up of seeing nothing happen in their eyes….Didn't bother me, I know how to filter, but didn't find the need to on the last few boards they posted on.

af93b9 No.709705


I really don't understand this big deal about a fake Q . STOP TALKING TO THE FAKE Q! How hard is that.

f855cb No.709706


Why would he go to Atlanta to commit suicide?

7ce979 No.709708

File: d478de42c95fac3⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1600x1049, 1600:1049, 1-1.png)

5f1f85 No.709709


It is exactly what Q meant. He is not happy about the fakefag Q.

84d0ae No.709711



Yep, need swamp to fight to see the sc to the end, so that when the 2nd sc comes through, they will have to see it to the end as well.

2b0794 No.709712


Can you read? That is what I just said! None of you understand what a tripcode is? Q has to type in a password for the tripcode to show how it does. Posting the same combination of characters in the name field is not a "tripcode".

FFS the sate of this board vs how it was 2 months ago pisses me off.

d68b78 No.709713


you have link to this site?

3dbe97 No.709714


you mean like you just did?

01e555 No.709715


no underlying crime has ever been established. what is the basis for subpoenaing trump corp records. 4th a violation. put up or shut up

22ec50 No.709716


>No homo

Homo confirmed, otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to say it faggot.


I doubt ICP/juggalos would like that since they're pretty much the opposite.

2527d4 No.709717

File: bc61d4c615f0a08⋯.jpeg (38.37 KB, 570x376, 285:188, F632D3E3-D7E2-4BFB-92D4-2….jpeg)

Suicide Watch? Any way, I left it blank for all you glorious annon’s, this criminal is fucking loosing it. Fuckin A, we might have an actual suicide from one of these fuckers soon enough…

804d29 No.709718

473525 No.709719


How you going to BAN a VPN with a new one every few minutes.

Quit worrying about it we know how to spot the difference.

If you can't use a Q archive for Q posts and move back to Reddit or go back to being a YT

fame fag.

CM posted it was up to us to know the difference, he is not going to BREAK the damn board to make you comfotable.

0f6d80 No.709721


Like South Park, The CIA also has one token.

804d29 No.709722

File: 05ecbee68fefc23⋯.jpeg (26.53 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 05ecbee68fefc231656d817d5….jpeg)

ee2acf No.709723


https:// global.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html

992601 No.709724


We could put a arcade and bowling alley in gen old office

27bcf8 No.709725

File: b8e379506a01390⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 255x164, 255:164, Steven Hawking.jpg)



dcf723 No.709726


More evidence that

their tw_.ts were code.


b68580 No.709727


This is more chess. Now dems will be shouting Gowdy's name from the rooftops and he will be quoted and that clip spread every where. He will get dem support everywhere. He must look objective for his next role.

992601 No.709728

NEitche said it forst>>709725

804d29 No.709729

File: 22bf647433ee3bd⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 662x420, 331:210, IMG_7607.jpg)

File: 0590b296e60c9fb⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 1280x841, 1280:841, PA-7481214-Benny-Hill-on-s….jpg)

Walk much, Hildabeast?

c168cd No.709730

File: 38332a1af8427ee⋯.png (30.37 KB, 450x180, 5:2, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)


Why wouldn't they just call him and say STFU or you and your family dies? This public hinting to him would be ridiculous.

4162a3 No.709731


All the memeing and twatting has just brought idiots here and changed little else.

3fa834 No.709732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hillary is definitely NOT Healthy.

Infectious disease that primarily affects the cerebellum — the part of the brain responsible for coordination and balance. Infectious, abnormal proteins that multiply in the brain and form clumps, hindering normal brain processes.

Signs & symptoms include:

✓ Coordination problems.

✓ Difficulty walking.

✓ Headaches, Arm, leg and joint pain.

✓ Tremors and muscle jerks.

✓ Dementia

* She had a drain put into her left ear to cure a sinus condition and a follow-up CT scan in March to assess for brain damage.

*Claimed bacterial pneumonia. (that's a lie)

*According to these alleged “medical records,” Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with “early-onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia” in 2013, and subsequent doctor visits suggested the condition was worsening. Additionally, the records noted that Clinton suffered “intensified Complex Partial Seizures” between 2013 and 2014. ((Snopes says it's fake. So it must be real!))

> https:// www.snopes.com/fact-check/hillary-clinton-medical-records-leaked/

804d29 No.709733


Oh, shit, now that is funny. And so true!

2b0794 No.709735


We are lucky if we get 3 breads with actual research done in a day….

1eb891 No.709736


you are confused anon … i want the concernfags banned (most are too dumb to circumvent a ban) i like fake Q … best idiot bait i've seen.

3008f1 No.709737

Ever heard of The Event? Who is Q?

Who is Potus? Who is Ivanka? Who is Barron?

What has this to do with your map?

Remember TRUMP Castle?

Book about Trump and Baron.

Wait till you find out who is talking to you here.

Think out of the BOX, out of your vessel.

a377bf No.709738



Truth hurts.

ae733d No.709740


pretty normal. professional photographers are'nt very good with Photoshop.

Trying to make her look thinner.

You can still see her belly rolls though.

Nothing strange imo.

fc365a No.709742


I think the 'problem' is that fakeQ is being copied/spread across the socials as Real Q

Not everyone knows how to detect the difference, so there's an impact on credibility

42a5a8 No.709743


Check out >>708003 from this morning.

1eb891 No.709744


no … looks like jesuit shilling to me.

8b8237 No.709745

File: 8f2468af82158e9⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Prince Bandar Bin Khalid B….mp4)

File: 83f993649246205⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1600x790, 160:79, ClipboardImage.png)

1a56e6 No.709746

File: b3896775f77d566⋯.jpeg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 2DF1EE49-72C5-452C-BB9E-C….jpeg)

File: 5477de5371acd10⋯.jpeg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, A3AD1E2A-8940-4B25-AF66-7….jpeg)

Coincidence? There are no coincidences. 😏

22ec50 No.709747


Maybe because it was a way for multiple high level traitors to send him the same message, confirming it. You can't just get a partyline going with ex presidents exposing their voices and shit, they're too busy raping children all over the world.

f1dcdf No.709748


The more certain an anon sounds in his conclusion, the more certain I am that he is a

clown. See the other response to your ( you ) message…

3008f1 No.709749

Jesuits or Zionists?

4162a3 No.709750


That's their problem, they are sheep anyway.

804d29 No.709751

File: 1ce7a7a44683e67⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 1ce7a7a44683e67b9d04335c26….jpg)

2b0794 No.709752


Lol. Fake Q is kind of funny TBH. He makes it easy to find the idiots on the board.

4efd27 No.709753

File: 56942c51fe02717⋯.png (118.8 KB, 325x184, 325:184, ClipboardImage.png)


moved in with this guy…Baruch does not pay rent…at least with currency that is

3008f1 No.709754

You are ALL Gods

ec053a No.709755


You don't need a fake Q to find the idiots on the board.

e1f953 No.709756


That is a little funny to be honest

f855cb No.709757


What false alarm. Once again somebody who needed mental health care takes a gun into a public place and starts shooting. When will people do something about this. You just cannot neglect mental health care. And since many incidents are people who are already seeing mental health professionals, there needs to be investigation of these people to make sure that their therapy is helping people, not driving them to crimes.

If the OIG can enforce the FBI rules of conduct, where is the IG to make sure that mental health professionals treat patients properly?

3008f1 No.709759


THEY don't want you to find out

992601 No.709760



◟( ˊ˂˃ˋ )◞♡◟( ˊ˂˃ˋ )◞

Snow don frame epic 🦉

38bfb1 No.709761


CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, not CPFB - can it be updated?

804d29 No.709763

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/former-asst-fbi-director-brennan-obama-committing-felonies-not-general-flynn-video/

5f1f85 No.709764


Well no kidding Einstein. Q was simply making his point in as few words as possible. He figured that anons here would be able to discern the message from his statement. He simple over estimated many simpletons once again.

Hillary traveling? what a joke. Please name me on one area on this earth where we could no send in a seal team to retrieve her at will?

48839e No.709765

File: da1223ebcf5fbd0⋯.jpg (200.66 KB, 960x692, 240:173, hawking.jpg)


That's ok, but this one really got me…

3dbe97 No.709766


…children of the Most High God, but…

3f6c2c No.709767


True as that is even a true born blonde like myself who didn’t finish high school can get their ass in here and figure out how to read/find the real posts and what the anons are saying for themselves if they have half a brain

5bfba2 No.709768


You obviously cannot read

3fa834 No.709769


Jack is out of the box already.

Who is ORITQ?

Where is kabamur?

Is he preparing for the EVENT?

c8eeaa No.709770


I think whoever is distributing those might be aware they are fake. Could be part of the whole Fake Q op.

804d29 No.709771

File: af24a632458e325⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, af24a632458e32528cf5f10f15….jpg)

22ec50 No.709772


Is there even a difference?

804d29 No.709773

File: b8e379506a01390⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 255x164, 255:164, b8e379506a0139052e9f776099….jpg)

Had to repost it is so good.

God Bless POTUS

1a8173 No.709775

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

Mueller, Comey, McCabe??

DOJ (past/present)





Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates??

STATE (past/present)




Hillary Clinton, John Kerry?

c38ffd No.709776



99c14f No.709777


I've often wondered if it's intentional disinfo

5bfba2 No.709778


No, you are suffering from confirmation bias.

99c725 No.709779

You know, an interesting idea has been rattling around in my brain for some time in regards to Billy boy Clinton.

What if, he actually got flipped?

My reasoning goes like this:

Over the decades the general consensus is the Bill was a pretty likable guy, well, if you put aside all the shit he is connected with. My point is, Bills personality as a person. By most accounts he mostly seems to be a good natured guy who likes to party. I'm looking at this more as a personality profile.

Let's look at Hillary, a power hungry, money grubbing shrew for a personality with no real connection to people.

So, the groomers, realizing, rightfully so, that Hillary on her own, would never make it because of her nasty personality. So what can you do? You team her up with a guy that is easily compromised but is outgoing and generally like by people and actually has a personality.

Now fast forward. Imagine how Bill must feel, pretty much his whole adult life has been dominated by Hillary. From what I understand, Bill is pretty smart. Put yourself in his place.

How would you feel if you had most of your adult life dominated by someone you may have come to despise but were helpless to do anything about?

There are times when I see pictures of Bill and Hill, and I get the feeling he hates the bitch.

I dunno, just an interesting thought. He's in deep, but I sometimes suspect he's mainly along for the ride on Hillary's coattails.

992601 No.709780


Homo has own frump board

Bo please remove

17d507 No.709781

3fa834 No.709782


Disinfo is part of plan.

Relax concernAnon.

42a5a8 No.709783


What is it called when you don't allow communism to rule your life?

It's a form of banning.

804d29 No.709784

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e1f953 No.709785

I won't lie I think fake Dr Corsi is funny

1eb891 No.709786


i have yet to see one of the fake Q's posted here comeback from twitter … different fake Q.

01e555 No.709787


I suspect his 'investigation' is limited to the actual members of his 'team' put all the rats in a room and tape them confessing (bragging) to each other about their deeds. none of his team would work to investigate HRC. give them a box of rope though….

b61412 No.709788

File: 33a5f79b71eff70⋯.jpg (165.38 KB, 479x724, 479:724, feminism.jpg)


Feminism literally invented to promote smoking.

992601 No.709789


Communism starts and stops with tribalism

3008f1 No.709790

You don't have to invent the wheal twice. Use your map map map map map

d92157 No.709791


Phew, that's ok then!

22ec50 No.709792


More incompetent board owners.


>let us shit up your board or you're just like them

Fuck yourself nigger.

804d29 No.709793

File: af24a632458e325⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, af24a632458e32528cf5f10f15….jpg)


Shill getting frustrated?

God Bless Donald Trump!

48839e No.709794


You discount the potential damage to our detriment. That crap spreads like wild fire.

2b0794 No.709796


I don't think Bill is going to jail. I guess possibly, depending on what happened at the tarmac meeting, but I guess we will see.

992601 No.709798


It was well groomed by some nazis And homo coke dealers

Cause politics

14e5b2 No.709799


Have you seen Bill lately. I think you are right, he just wants to party and bang chicks. Hillary is the evil one.

641745 No.709800


It's easily photoshopped, banning fake q won't effect that method of faggotry.

1e14d0 No.709802

File: 70dc06c0e13ce59⋯.png (925.72 KB, 1690x760, 169:76, ClipboardImage.png)


Two MAGMA vicinity Panama. See pic.

473525 No.709803


you know thats funny, its the premise that Catholcism and Mormonism is built on.

Both believe one day after death you wil become a God and given your own realm to reign over.

All comes from Genisis "ye will become as Gods"

Gotta really watch where and who you get your doctrine from.

God almighty will give you truth and wisdom if you ask for it, Study the word and never push your beliefs on another share, but if they don't receive shake the dust off your shoes and move on.

Sorry off topic.

Back to work.

fc365a No.709804


ah - good thing you're above all that..fuck that "we go one we go all" shit, right?

Isn't the whole purpose here to spread the message and help redpill those (unknowing) sheep?

3008f1 No.709805

If you can not think out of your vessel.

99c725 No.709806


Yeah, that's what makes this idea seem at least somewhat plausible because Q doesn't seem to reference him much, mostly just Killery.

e8ae0a No.709809

File: dd39212c6aa85da⋯.jpg (6.09 MB, 6000x6000, 1:1, ObamaWeighed&Mesured1.jpg)

992601 No.709810


God rest that Faggots grub

Coke dealing plerbitarian

Glary orifice

May his followers gag on caca afterward

aaf986 No.709811

File: 7f5a4bd9a0399f8⋯.png (294.77 KB, 468x311, 468:311, screenshot_1117.png)


One can do amazing things with the inside of cargo containers –– can make full state of the art living quarters. Perfect for long trips across the sea….

77b43d No.709812


whole generations fell for this shit

my parents included

and then died from horrible diseases

42a5a8 No.709813


Ummm, can you not see that I agreed with you and then pointed out what it is the faker is doing?

3fa834 No.709815


I tend to agree with this theory. His name is not brought up in any of the intel drops.

ea5db6 No.709816


Define "Gods" as you have written it with a capital "G".

If you can't, shut up.

804d29 No.709817

File: 9a04e8afed62754⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 500x712, 125:178, 9a04e8afed627548ecbf60e85d….jpg)

3008f1 No.709820

If you repeat yourselves, there is no end.

You have MORE than you realise.

Use your map. Study it.

62e392 No.709821



>You discount the potential damage to our detriment. That crap spreads like wild fire.

Not our job to police fake crap. Make memes to show the difference and let people learn who has been lying to them.

473525 No.709822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At least one sorce says we have over 400 troops in panama

could be support for those troops there.

Remember Putin has been quietly moving assets into Central America too.

99c725 No.709823


Not that this does us any good. It would just be an interesting "after the fact," item if it turned out to be true. It would be so ironic.

992601 No.709824


Hitler had a better story imho

4162a3 No.709825


It's up to them to find truth on their own, just like anyone else. Could care less about sheep who choose to live in ignorance.

3008f1 No.709827

Money money money

Who OWNS the world?

b61412 No.709828


Admiralty law. Hubbard started his own church and his own navy.

42a5a8 No.709829


Too fucking funny!! KEK!

ee2acf No.709830

File: 062231e787176c6⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-18_….png)


Looks like they are on their S America regular round trip. I need to go soon can you take over tracking 2-AVCO. It over the Baltic hdg NE. Its dropped of my screen last near Kaliningrad.

5e77ef No.709831


You people never heard of the coincidence detector google plugin? newfags I swear.

c6f61a No.709832

>Barlow sauce from #844

John Perry Barlow's 3rd to last tweet ever

>"RT @JPBarlow

The "reality is what you can get away with"

< - RAW

01e555 No.709833


critical thinking is part of what needs to be taught. identifying fake news only happens when you understand that there is fake news. seeing people spend a ton of time trying to discredit Q is a redpill

d23724 No.709834



national geographic logo killed me

473525 No.709835




THink you found the answer to Watch the Water

244526 No.709836



>What if, he actually got flipped?