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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

76699b  No.6957317

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and don't need the use of force in our work.




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Monday 07.08.2019

>>6957153 ————————————–——– How deep is the rabbit hole?

>>6956798 ————————————–——– Les Wexner.

>>6956307 rt >>6956274 ————————— PAIN

>>6956248 rt >>6956101 ————————— Tarmac meetings_END

>>6956073 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS disinformation campaign FAILING. ( Cap: >>6956207 )

>>6955650 ————————————–——– Connect the dots. ( Cap: >>6955810 )

>>6955571 rt >>6955485 ————————— D5

>>6955485 ————————————–——– Worth remembering.

>>6955135 rt >>6955098 ————————— WWG1WGA!!!

>>6955090 ————————————–——– You didn't think all this research tasking was for nothing did you? ( Cap: >>6955120 )

>>6954961 ————————————–——– Phones were allowed in.

>>6954949 ————————————–——– Epstein Island / Bill Clinton, Chandler photos. ( Cap: >>6955153 )

>>6954704 rt >>6954455 ————————— The time has come to re_enter the public domain.

>>6954607 rt >>6954607 ————————— GOD WINS.

>>6954422 ————————————–——– What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?

Thursday 06.27.2019

>>>/patriotsfight/471 ——————————— FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. (Cap >>6857127)

>>>/patriotsfight/470 ——————————— [OnReady] (Cap >>6857111)

>>>/patriotsfight/469 ——————————— Be ready. (Cap >>6856997)

Sunday 05.26.2019

>>6593544 ————————————–——– YOU ATTACK THOSE WHO THREATEN YOU THE MOST (Cap >>6889292)

>>6593482 ————————————–——– Japan knows Q/non public (Cap >>6889269)

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Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6810808 Voat admin threatens to deplatform QRV, BO creates a backup

>>6925557 Bakers, please don't add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode


are not endorsements


>>6957200 Jeffrey Epstein: Inside the decade of scandal entangling Prince Andrew

>>6957226 Epstein donated to Bill Clinton foundation.

>>6957133, >>6957242 FLOTUS & POTUS likely have inside information on Wexner.

>>6957091 Heavy article on Epstein's mansion.

>>6957031 Navy Trolling decode.

>>6956846, >>6956855, >>6956860, >>6956877, >>6957014, >>6957030,>>6957036, >>6957077, >>6957089, >>6957145, >>6957160, >>6957204 Les Wexner dig.

>>6956791 Schiff's Tweet on Barr re: Mueller's testimony.

>>6956660 Michelle Obama's inaugural gown is covered in spiders.

>>6956622 Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’.

>>6956600 USDA suspends honeybee research despite rapid decline of bee populations.

>>6957311 #8900


>>6956207 Washington Time's article on BC's statement.

>>6956067 POTUS making marriages great again.

>>6956134 Follow the facts: Trump vs Clinton relationship w/ Epstein meme. (graphic)

>>6956120 Alex Salvi reporting on Clinton's flights.

>>6956093 DJT Tweet: "Spoke to @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy..." 1 min delta.

>>6956082 Anon: Q's picture titled 'ChatterHealthBC'.

>>6955919 Reminder on Q crumb #1275. Sessions playing 4D chess.

>>6955873 Don't forget about Doug Band.

>>6955857 Nike still pushing the social justice angle.

>>6955828 Bill Clinton releases a statement on Jeffrey Epstein.

>>6956411 #8899


>>6955388 Ray Chandler's Instagram has 911 posts.

>>6955313 POTUS Rally July 17, same day as Mueller Testimony.

>>6955256 Gas station, Baxly GA.

>>6955224 Planefag update.

>>6955537 #8898


>>6954901 Trading Bitcoin is illegal in Iran.

>>6954357, >>6954565 Wikipedia has already edited Epstein's bio to exclude Clinton and Spacey.

>>6954392, >>6954463 DynCorp has been accused of child trafficking in the past. re: >>6953314 (pb)

>>6954386 Epstein notable correction. Maple Inc.

>>6954989 #8897


>>6954225 Live: Pence on Israel Summit.

>>6954135 Planefag updates.

>>6954089 Washington Monthly QAnon piece.

>>6954070 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6954035 First Citizens Bankshares Inc President and 10% owner sold $9.13m.

>>6954026 Prosecutors move to seize Epstein’s $75 million townhouse.

>>6953917 Anon cross-references to create detailed Epstein flight logs.

>>6953905, >>6953979 Sea to Shining Sea.

>>6953880 Marketfag: US Market Report.

>>6953854 Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport comes under drone attack.

>>6953574, >>6953609, >>6953595, >>6953816, >>6953834 Dalton School tied to big names. Barr quit over Board interference.

>>6953804, >>6954078, >>6954206, >>6954151 Epstein acquired mansion for $0 from L Brands (Wexner). Dig.

>>6953751 Solomon files FOIA on Hunter Biden and State Department records.

>>6953748, >>6954187 Boatfag updates.

>>6953716 Wozniak: Delete FB, conversations not private.

>>6953678 Grand jury involved in Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy.

>>6953572, >>6953656, >>6953629, >>6953645 Trump says he will 'no longer deal with' UK's ambassador to US. Associated dig.

>>6953565, >>6953653 911 in Epstein's court sketch.

>>6953563 MBS’ sister go on trial in absentia in France.

>>6953547, >>6953959 Netanyahu highlights Epstein's alleged connection with rival Barak.

>>6954234 #8896

Previously Collected Notables

>>6953489 #8895,

>>6951945 #8893, >>6952726 #8894, >>6953489 #8895

>>6949689 #8890, >>6950427 #8891, >>6951182 #8892

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9d69af  No.6957322

>>6957285 pb

occam's razor says you watch too much tv.

76699b  No.6957323

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03011d  No.6957326

File: 474e630450d9374⋯.png (320.15 KB, 564x663, 188:221, ClipboardImage.png)

399432  No.6957327

Whats the deal with all the choppers Q?

ffccd5  No.6957328

File: 21477c4f2c90796⋯.png (909.33 KB, 1298x754, 649:377, deny.png)

File: 1c1151f79275446⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 1lgjmp.jpg)

File: e8ef2fa1a043c65⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 610x500, 61:50, byehillary.JPG)

d04062  No.6957329





76699b  No.6957330

File: cbf89c0086a6c63⋯.png (191.85 KB, 500x281, 500:281, paincoming.png)



Baker Requesting Handoff

9f5e2a  No.6957332

File: e599ba717548f64⋯.png (685.35 KB, 2188x1210, 1094:605, e1a97f25ba5d74406b749d6601….png)


>born to a jewish family

So we are here again


Q can you give us a estimate on what percentage of jews in your cleanup is going to be

0212aa  No.6957333

>>6957253 (lb)

ty anon… i was being lazy.

another double or triple meaning to a q drop.

nothing if not boring… the digs go everywhere!

maybe this one will connect the two together… Kinder > Torrey > HRC > Epstein > BC > CF >

jeez.. could go on forever

59310e  No.6957334

File: 0df60c1a6f84ed8⋯.jpg (577.92 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-165717….jpg)


fea044  No.6957335

>>6957031 (pb)

how do you get to this website?

fcac01  No.6957336

File: 36be6e4c34d880d⋯.jpg (347.97 KB, 1200x1710, 40:57, PicsArt_02-13-01.09.41.jpg)


7a0c3b  No.6957337

Leslie "Les" Wexner

Leslie "Les" H. Wexner is a businessman from Columbus, Ohio, and currently chairman and CEO of the Limited Brands Corporation. In 1963, after helping his parents, who were Russian Jewish immigrants, run their clothing store in suburban Columbus, Wexner borrowed $5,000 from his aunt to start 'The Limited' (so named because the store focused on clothing for younger women, unlike his parents' store). The Limited opened its first store in the Kingsdale Shopping Center in Upper Arlington. Wexner's parents closed their store one year later in 1964, and joined their son at The Limited. Wexner took Limited Brands public in 1969. (LTD on the NYSE)

Over the years he built a large retailing empire, which currently includes: The Limited, Victoria's Secret, Express, Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel, C.O. Bigelow, and The White Barn Candle Company among others.

Wexner was recently recognized as the wealthiest man in the state of Ohio. He is well known for his philanthropy, which is often in support of Jewish projects. He serves as Honorary Vice Chairman of the Board of Congregation Aguda Achim and was a major contributor to the Wexner Center for the Arts, the name of which is actually intended to honor his father. In 1984, Wexner established the Wexner Foundation, which runs both a Graduate Fellowship and an Israel Fellowship


cc885a  No.6957338

File: d2dd59d341b1459⋯.jpg (101.17 KB, 777x582, 259:194, habbening.jpg)

f50294  No.6957339

File: 976eadfbe9e2a05⋯.jpg (208 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, gettyimages-609172320-1024….jpg)


Looks like Doug Band and G.maxwell are chummy.

Doug Band was instrumental in managing BC post presidency. Including the CGI/CF.

Starting too look like a not-so-crazy claim by Epstein that he founded the CF.

7b524f  No.6957340

File: aa019a8e8e5535b⋯.jpeg (623.97 KB, 1125x1737, 125:193, 638ACBB1-4ECD-4F36-9EE9-9….jpeg)

Tom Steyer spooked by the Epstein news and wants to get in the race again.

fd7a91  No.6957341

lots of interesting tidbits and pictures on this site

"All You Need to Know About Les Wexner, his Net Worth, his House, Private Jet and his Limitless Yacht "


"Yacht Interior

Francois Catroux ia responsible for the interior design of Limitless. Catroux designs often for billionaires. He did work for David Geffen, Roman Abramovich and the Saudi Royal family."

Victoria’s Secret

The company continued to expand with acquisitions as Victoria’s Secret (1982) and Abercrombie & Fitch in 1988. The Abercrombie & Fitch brand was sold in 1996. The Limited brand was sold to Sun Capital Partners in 2007.

Wexner Art Collection

He owns one of the largest art collections in the World, including a USD 40 million Picasso painting. Wexner is founder of the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Leslie Wexner Net Worth

He is a billionaire with an estimated net worth of US$ 4.6 billion (May 2019). This makes him the wealthiest man in Ohio.


He and his wife Abigail are active philanthropists through their Wexner Foundation. The foundation focuses on leadership development of Jewish professionals and volunteers in North America and public leaders in Israel.

Private Jet

Wexner owns a 1999 Boeing 737 BBJ private jet, with registration N500LS. The jet is formally registered to a company named Hayes Productions LLC, which is based at the address of L Brands in Ohio. The a ircraft can accommodate 18 passengers.

Wexner Residence

Wexner lives with his wife Abigail Wexner in a large estate in New Albany, Ohio. It’s one of the largest houses in the area. He once owned the original Palm Beach estate which is now known as Maison de L’Amitie (and owned by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev). Rybolovlev paid US$ 95 million for the house.

4efd60  No.6957342

if I’m not mistaking, Geraldine Maxwell’s father owns Victoria’s secret.

Q why don’t you just tell them that it’s the Clintons that are Epstein’s Island Masters? Yes the Puppet Masters have traveled to the Island = Q drop 133. They run it along with Mossad, this is how they get blackmail material on celebrities, politicians world wide. This is how they control Scumy, Schiff & others and this is why they all lick Israel’s feet.

Does Bill have McLeod syndrome? Can you confirm?

d7fa64  No.6957343

File: 52637b6b4142942⋯.jpg (400.35 KB, 2422x1005, 2422:1005, Capture 12.JPG)

What happened at Les Wexner's pool in the woods?

277e31  No.6957344

6,683,900 Q research posts.

Investigative journalism. crowd sourced.

By patriots.

For patriots

d04062  No.6957345




2abb03  No.6957346

File: f3d5875e1fe0a44⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 800x800, 1:1, Mad Pepe.gif)

Bread was late!

J/K.. thanks baker… Complicated business I know!

2e8f49  No.6957347

File: 3be6b7e9534d5cf⋯.png (69.33 KB, 259x420, 37:60, newfag.png)


Your post shows you're a faggot.





Wait for dough newfags.

>>6957330 tyb! shit that was fast!

20e417  No.6957348


TY Baker!


94eb86  No.6957349


>>6957093 (both lb)

>https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1549301

Wexler was Epstein's "mentor," and possibly his only financial client, which apparently raised some suspicions over the years. Wexler also possibly gave Epstein a mansion in New York that he rarely spent time in. (Here's a link to a prior thread from another contributor with some more info on the connection between Epstein and Wexler: https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1548489 )

Media stories on the New York mansion suggest that Epstein's taste was similar in many ways to the circle of the Podestas, Alefantis and Marina Abramovic, including statues of naked men and dog feces, and framed prosthetic eyeballs:

In 2007, when model Maximilia Cordero filed suit against Epstein for statutory rape and sexual assault (the suit was later dismissed), her lawyer included a description of what has by now become a legendary piece of puerile decor in chez Epstein: "[The] defendant gave plaintiff a tour of his mansion, showing her a huge crystal staircase with a huge crystal ball by the railing, ceiling chandeliers, a lounge room with red chairs, a statute [sic] of a dog with a statute [sic] of dog feces next to it"...

http:// www.curbed.com/2015/1/9/10004040/jeffrey-epstein-property-real-estate-holdings >

http:// archive.is/9MX5F

And from a Vanity Fair article:

The entrance hall is decorated not with paintings but with row upon row of individually framed eyeballs; these, the owner tells people with relish, were imported from England, where they were made for injured soldiers. Next comes a marble foyer, which does have a painting, in the manner of Jean Dubuffet … but the host coyly refuses to tell visitors who painted it. In any case, guests are like pygmies next to the nearby twice-life-size sculpture of a naked African warrior.

...The office features a gilded desk (which Epstein tells people belonged to banker J. P. Morgan), 18th-century black lacquered Portuguese cabinets, and a nine-foot ebony Steinway “D” grand. On the desk, a paperback copy of the Marquis de Sade’s The Misfortunes of Virtue was recently spotted. Covering the floor, Epstein has explained, “is the largest Persian rug you’ll ever see in a private home—so big, it must have come from a mosque.” Amid such splendor, much of which reflects the work of the French decorator Alberto Pinto, who has worked for Jacques Chirac and the royal families of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, there is one particularly startling oddity: a stuffed black poodle, standing atop the grand piano. “No decorator would ever tell you to do that,” Epstein brags to visitors. “But I want people to think what it means to stuff a dog.” People can’t help but feel it’s Epstein’s way of saying that he always has the last word.

http:// archive.is/AvUiv

http:// www.vanityfair.com/news/2003/03/jeffrey-epstein-200303

The Epstein/Wexner mansion is profiled in "Home Sweet Elsewhere," a 1996 New York Times article on properties owned by very wealthy people who spend little time in them (referred to in Curbed as "pied-à-terre" - literally "foot on the ground" - properties. David Geffen, Ronald O. Perelman, Steve Jobs and duty-free shop executive Robert W. Miller are also discussed.)

The New York Times article describes some oddities of the house when remodeled for Wexler, especially a bizarre bathroom. And apparently Bill Cosby lived across the street:

...When asked how long Mr. Wexner had occupied the property, Jeffrey Epstein, his protege and one of his financial advisers, replied, "Les never spent more than two months there." Thus the prorated cost of Mr. Wexner's sejours would appear to have been in excess of a million dollars a day.

Visitors described a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink. The house also has a heated sidewalk, a luxurious provision that explains why, while snow blankets the rest of the Eastern Seaboard, the Wexner house (and Bill Cosby's house across the street) remains opulently snow-free, much to the delight of neighborhood dogs...

Reached in Florida last week, Mr. Epstein said that the house was now his.

http:// archive.is/G18hZ

http:// www.nytimes.com/1996/01/11/garden/home-sweet-elsewhere.html


dd7ddd  No.6957350

File: 9ddc80bd5227c51⋯.jpeg (55.21 KB, 1025x634, 1025:634, 2D964AB9-C6AE-403A-9015-C….jpeg)

Trouble in the kitChan?

b74992  No.6957351

File: 9b23a525bc0b46a⋯.png (3.85 MB, 1753x845, 1753:845, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks you baker!

2c4dc1  No.6957352

File: 94760d8815726fc⋯.png (303 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 967c18b1-f7aa-4c12-8876-99….png)


c6f5d0  No.6957353

File: ff2907685095989⋯.jpg (124.57 KB, 666x999, 2:3, tyb_kitchen_mess.jpg)



You're a ninja.


f5b6bb  No.6957354

File: cd46c98e40e9c21⋯.png (6.34 MB, 2989x1680, 427:240, sayocvan.png)

edd169  No.6957355

File: a809a841dbdf05f⋯.jpg (151.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, painecommon.jpg)

File: c0b919be92c5205⋯.jpg (102.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, painepain.jpg)


8e4b58  No.6957356

File: d8e52eb55eed757⋯.jpg (88.01 KB, 418x757, 418:757, Screenshot 2019-07-08_19-5….jpg)

File: 6dfa67b28f7bb42⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 412x401, 412:401, Screenshot 2019-07-08_19-5….jpg)

File: 44e1d282521eb82⋯.jpg (243.96 KB, 1189x893, 1189:893, Screenshot 2019-07-08_19-5….jpg)

03011d  No.6957357

File: 95700f8f5c52ebe⋯.png (159.49 KB, 564x544, 141:136, ClipboardImage.png)

d8a8bc  No.6957358



I remember a MadHatter sending emails to Hillary in the Hillary Wikileaks emails.

1565f0  No.6957359

File: 486aa35a832dbd2⋯.png (57.97 KB, 1086x357, 362:119, Capture.PNG)

File: 46877a2d40b137e⋯.png (133.38 KB, 806x634, 403:317, Capture2.PNG)

File: a65f381ca5e4e84⋯.png (126.71 KB, 804x648, 67:54, Capture3.PNG)

File: da9d2e8b0033c51⋯.png (259.01 KB, 822x656, 411:328, Capture4.PNG)

File: 14a0a672f341039⋯.png (243.02 KB, 829x679, 829:679, Capture5.PNG)

the les wexner foundation and the israeli deep state - Hebrew Sources


part 1 of 3

c3b936  No.6957360


Better late than never. Good job getting back on track Baker

cf9f9c  No.6957361

File: 1374c568ef46fea⋯.jpg (97.67 KB, 728x989, 728:989, Precringe-Cringe.jpg)

Always nice when Q goes on a posting spree, but this post scares the crap out of me:



You didn't think all this research tasking was for nothing did you?



This makes it sound like QResearch is one big information laundering operation. It sounds like the NSA gathers EVERYTHING on EVERYONE. They can't introduce the evidence straight from surveillance feeds, so they engage in "parallel construction" (information laundering).

This is completely illegal. The Constitution of the United States sets limitations on how government legal action occurs.

I hope once the Great Awakening is over, they can do away with this practice. It's COMPLETELY un-American and the federal government should NEVER engage in information laundering as a standard operating procedure.

On one hand, they're saying "rule of law". On the other hand, they're breaking it. I guess extreme circumstances require extreme actions. Gotta to be able to know when to look the other way for the greater good.

I know the mistakes I make in my life and do try to correct them. I hope parallel construction is at least recognized as problematic. We all do the best we can.

fa8006  No.6957362

File: 94e14d7d3e154d8⋯.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2317, 1242:2317, 67D72061-BC95-42DD-A58D-2….jpeg)

Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

Old article but maybe relevant??


re: Wexner^^^^

50bb4d  No.6957363

File: faadd41b3119fb9⋯.jpg (68.56 KB, 640x800, 4:5, b0eb268d594ee343bdca770e6b….jpg)

Thank You Baker

8e9fc8  No.6957364

File: 192ce186213f3e6⋯.png (130.48 KB, 480x259, 480:259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 192ce186213f3e6⋯.png (130.48 KB, 480x259, 480:259, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6957222 LB

Responding to Q's #MadHatter crumb

>Hillary's buddy MadHatter Marty Torrey – didn't he have a company that sold water purification equipment, the kind that are packaged in a freight cargo container, for disasters? Wasn't he involved in shipping freight containers to and from Haiti after the big EQ there? Wonder how many kids were concealed in the shipments?


...PLAINVIEW, N.Y., March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Leslie Kessler, CEO is pleased to announce it has reached a strategic consulting agreement with Captain Consultants, LLC (“CCLLC”) and CEO Marty Torrey. PureSafe, its sales and marketing team (PureSafe Water Systems Sales) will begin to enhance the Company’s profile. We believe this strategic arrangement is a crucial next step in the process of rolling out the Company’s mobile water purification units worldwide. CCLLC is a bipartisan firm that is focused on networking and linkage between businesses and governmental/political entities and decision makers, both domestically and abroad. CCLLC will provide PureSafe with strategic access to U.S. and foreign government agencies, commercial entities, and public private partnership entities that will be helpful to increase the profile of PSWS; raising funds, and enhancing business transactions. CCLLC will provide PureSafe access to decision makers and senior staff of the latter organizations, along with facilitating demonstrations and briefings that can lead to the potential creation of contracts and purchase orders.

“It is my belief that PureSafe’s mobile water treatment units are precisely what is needed in areas of the U.S. where water is available, but the quality is poor (be that civilian or military), and in foreign nations where access to potable water is a daily crisis faced by growing populations in evolving economies. I am convinced that USAID, State Department, Department of Defense, The Millennium Challenge Corporation and other agencies assigned the responsibility of providing potable water, will find PureSafe the solution to a growing problem. It is also my intention to introduce PureSafe to the Corporate Council on Africa (where I am a member) to determine which African nations will be most interested in moving quickly to secure PureSafe mobile units for their needy populations. My goal is to introduce PureSafe and its product to highly probable customers both domestically and abroad to secure orders (in parallel) as PureSafe moves forward with ETG and GEM.”

Background information on Marty Torrey and CCLLC

Marty served for 2 1/2 years as Chief of Staff to NYS's 20th Congressional District; as well as 2 1/2 years as Congressional District Director and Campaign Manager. As Chief of Staff, he oversaw the daily legislative operations of the Washington and home District Offices, including 18 staff members and a $1.25 million budget. While serving on Capitol Hill he participated in the formation of major legislation with emphasis in the House of Representatives Appropriations and Transportation Committees. This period included the post – 9/11 terror attacks on the U.S. He served at the highest levels of the Administration and Congress overseeing two successful House of Representatives elections as Campaign Manager. He served in key voluntary roles in 4 states for Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2007-2008 Presidential Primaries. He served 20 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy, retiring with the rank of Commander in 1992. He served as Flag Secretary to Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe, headquartered in London, U.K. and received 24 military service decorations.

(Article concludes with safe harbor statements)

94eb86  No.6957365

Not surprisingly Gawker speculated on whether or not there was some sort of sexual relationship between Epstein and Wexler:

Monday's creepily gentle profile in the New York Times ( http://archive.is/nYlL5 ) suggested that Epstein charged annual fees upward of $25m a year for "superelite financial advice"- leading Portfolio's Felix Salmon to remark on the profitability of private banking. Bullshit. Epstein's wealth is built on a "bizarre relationship" with single acknowledged client, Abercrombie & Fitch creator Leslie Wexner, one of America's most successful retailers.

Now that loaded quote comes only from an unnamed Wall Street acquaintance of Epstein who spoke to New York magazine for a profile of the money manager in 2002. There is no evidence whatsoever that their relationship went beyond that of aide to mentor. Epstein is pretty obviously heterosexual, or else going to extreme lengths to prove the point. The Limited owner Wexner himself is married with four children. It's bizarre to imagine any romantic connection between two men who are now 70 and 55 years old, a right-wing Ohio tycoon and a sex offender.

http:// archive.is/DxRY2

http:// gawker.com/5021581/teen-loving-epsteins-own-client

Wexler founded The Limited, which just closed all its stores, but apparently sold it some years ago. His company does still own Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Pink, however (https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L_Brands ).

This is an interesting profile of "low-key" Leslie Wexner from Forbes:

Parts One and Two

http:// www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2014/09/30/victorias-other-secret-the-low-key-billionaire-behind-the-lingerie-giant/#6e96c1c112be http:// www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2014/09/30/victorias-other-secret-the-low-key-billionaire-behind-the-lingerie-giant/2/#6e06dfea3682 http:// archive.is/uUAUZ http:// archive.is/pHhRw

Both the New York mansion and another property owned by Epstein in New Mexico are made of stone:

From "Every Property Owned by Sleazy Financier Jeffrey Epstein"

…His portfolio also includes a "stone fortress" in New Mexico and the Herbert N. Straus Mansion in Manhattan, both of which are mentioned in the current round of allegations.

Often referred to as one of the largest townhouses in Manhattan—possessing 21,000 square feet and seven stories, 45,000 square feet and eight stories, or 50,000 square feet and nine stories, depending on who's describing it and when—the stone mansion at 9 East 71st Street was built in 1933. It was designed by society architect Horace Trumbauer for Herbert N. Straus, one of the heirs to the Macy's department store fortune, who died before it was completed.

In 1961, the mansion became home to the Birch Wathen School, which it remained until Leslie H. Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc., bought it in 1989 for $13.2M. Wexner hired architect Thierry Despont and interior designer John Stefanidis to help gut-renovate the 40-room home, showing it off in the December 1995 issue of Architectural Digest (sadly, the magazine's online archives don't go back that far). In 1996, the New York Times referred to the sumptuously decorated, expensively renovated pied-à-terre as the latest "puzzling" "status symbol of the ultra rich," when it reported that Wexner never spent more than a few months in the home…

http:// www.curbed.com/2015/1/9/10004040/jeffrey-epstein-property-real-estate-holdings >

http:// archive.is/9MX5F

And a profile of Epstein from NY Mag linked to in the other Voat thread:

http:// nymag.com/nymetro/news/people/n_7912/

Pages 1-4:

http:// archive.is/D0gwL

http:// archive.is/5Aq9S

http:// archive.is/VA1UV

http:// archive.is/WDGVC


1204e9  No.6957366

File: f796eec6b7ec374⋯.jpg (164.41 KB, 800x533, 800:533, xzj6F2AZsXF4AXI6.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

7a0dc4  No.6957367

Good work baker!

6cdc8e  No.6957369

Were Les Wexner & Jeffrey Epstein really working for the Mossad and bank-rolled by the Israeli Deep State in a scheme to black mail US politicians?

4cf6a7  No.6957370

Victoria's Secret produces products in Human trafficking hubs like Thailand…maybe something going on there?

5c9cd1  No.6957371

File: 8f5d4a06d132502⋯.jpg (61.95 KB, 318x405, 106:135, 8f5d4a06d132502d7d5a03f296….jpg)


TYB/s + Patriots, o7

20e417  No.6957372

File: 5e21ca835ffc946⋯.jpg (101.54 KB, 742x585, 742:585, DhX3iptUEAAxClT.jpg)

File: ed24685ddb7c706⋯.jpg (95.42 KB, 516x497, 516:497, DhXonHJU8AEIxOQ.jpg)

File: 72edad657e88de1⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DmBTCjsUUAAzyhw.jpg)

Marty Torrey back on the menu?

369eff  No.6957373

>>6957241 pb

Thank you Patriot

42d911  No.6957374

Last Bread



>Both NXIVM and Epstein cases came from Weiner's laptop.

You got sauce? I'm not just being an asshole with that question.

According to several sources (I am using the Frank Report), the Northern District of New York, located in Albany NY, which is Nexium's stomping grounds, received MULTIPLE complaints about the cult over DECADES, and brushed them under the rug.

The Eastern District of New York, which does not have official jurisdiction over habbenings in the Northern District, went after Nexium initially by arguing that Meixcan members smuggled cash through JFK Airport and people were smuggled in through JFK as well.

In fact:

"It may become a scandal of immense proportions that law enforcement officials at all levels in the the Northern District of New York ignored the alleged crimes of Raniere for decades, despite numerous complaints."


9b1ff9  No.6957375

File: 2fa4aa73fc26365⋯.jpg (60 KB, 974x452, 487:226, 65465465546515.JPG)

Epstein indictment follows /patriotsfight/ posting order

1st up was civilian (Epstein)

Next will be a non-civilian


9f5e2a  No.6957376

File: 177453c1c2482f9⋯.png (160.75 KB, 353x630, 353:630, new one.png)

another one

9604a7  No.6957377


Epstein made his fortune as a righthand man of Leslie Wexner, founder of The Limited, the retailing giant that owns Intimate Brands, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Shop.

Epstein's longtime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is the daughter of Rob Maxwell, who was shown to be a Mossad agent. It is possible Epstein is getting blackmail for Israel.

7d0b2f  No.6957378

File: 24641954b944913⋯.png (232.21 KB, 430x241, 430:241, ascend.png)

When someone tries to tell you it's not the jews behind most the evil carried out in the world.

9ea44c  No.6957379

File: 93a8f1261faf84f⋯.jpeg (93.47 KB, 904x735, 904:735, 81C2A792-786E-4A33-874B-3….jpeg)

Thank you, baker!

ca1881  No.6957380

File: 35a540fbfc7938a⋯.png (1.22 MB, 680x1109, 680:1109, MARTY TORREY.png)

c2c2cc  No.6957381


had the ebake ready to go when I saw the new bread

really late, first Q bake?

231356  No.6957382

File: fd6f259cebeead2⋯.png (106.31 KB, 455x428, 455:428, JARQ2.png)

File: fb7f283b969071b⋯.png (337.35 KB, 1602x1758, 267:293, Zsnopope1.png)

File: 5355e9fa50d31a1⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3832x5056, 479:632, ATD.jpg)

File: fbd8fea88634471⋯.jpg (199.62 KB, 1102x1160, 19:20, AAARCHST.jpg)

File: 27b1424e25585b1⋯.jpg (52.3 KB, 720x602, 360:301, 42120188_1075051745999281_….jpg)

OMG I could not breathe there for a second…



I know who is behind much of this and thus… I meme!

f1b31d  No.6957383

>>6957287 LB

Is what I just described enough to go to police? That's all I can remember.

Maybe my mother can remember more details surrounding my broken wrist.

1e3ca7  No.6957384

Not a twatfag

Me thinks pdf logs with handwritten logs would be the best weapons of bills destruction

4 times


8e9fc8  No.6957385

File: 3be5a155b9567ef⋯.png (171.35 KB, 962x459, 962:459, 2019-07-08-19:47:21-edt.png)

49dbaf  No.6957386

File: 7bf6325c533b1d1⋯.jpg (392.1 KB, 2045x1317, 2045:1317, tyb_sunset.jpg)


What a great baker! Thank you!

5d80d7  No.6957387


In 1961, the mansion became home to the Birch Wathen School, which it remained until Leslie H. Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc., bought it in 1989 for $13,200,000. Wexner hired architect Thierry Despont and interior designer John Stefanidis to help gut the 40-room home, showing it off in the December 1995 issue of Architectural Digest (sadly, the magazine's online archives don't go back that far). In 1996, the New York Times referred to the sumptuously decorated, expensively renovated pied-à-terre as the latest "puzzling" "status symbol of the ultra rich," when it reported that Wexner never spent more than a few months in the home.

Leslie H. Wexner,

Limited Inc

December 1995 issue of Architectural Digest.

Dig Anons Dig

7dadf1  No.6957388

File: 868c9b9671fb404⋯.jpg (1004.3 KB, 1871x1473, 1871:1473, RunAwayBC.jpg)

File: 6dcf5b2db6f658b⋯.jpg (344.61 KB, 845x676, 5:4, LooneyHRC.jpg)

File: bfe85bf069bb655⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 744x450, 124:75, HusseinHomeless.jpg)

The end of CF corruption is upon us.

666fbb  No.6957389

File: 7bbc075c11902e7⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 480x767, 480:767, Epsteins book.jpg)

"Q" – How about these people are all of them involved???

0212aa  No.6957390



(how have i missed that image… love it)

177d21  No.6957391

File: b037a889d632bb3⋯.jpg (178.02 KB, 650x812, 325:406, 4bd12967b58d2f01445c9e4c90….jpg)

well anyway here's this finally

1565f0  No.6957392

File: 453d780a9bad80d⋯.png (234.68 KB, 804x682, 402:341, Capture6.PNG)

File: 4d45795d475c3ed⋯.png (278.65 KB, 799x677, 799:677, Capture7.PNG)

File: 5ae2d571c7f65a2⋯.png (141.62 KB, 809x679, 809:679, Capture8.PNG)

File: e1b2aa64a34d9d6⋯.png (244.77 KB, 850x666, 425:333, Capture9.PNG)

File: 54c667dbac1a0de⋯.png (142.57 KB, 789x677, 789:677, Capture10.PNG)


the les wexner foundation and the israeli deep state - Hebrew Sources


part 2 of 3

1204e9  No.6957393

File: 54553c1be169582⋯.jpg (295.09 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 3zO0sFNz4977.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

891305  No.6957394

File: 9ef418b3785d7f5⋯.png (30.07 KB, 837x184, 837:184, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6957285 (lb)


What about Ghislaine Maxwell for that role? Don't forget her father:

One of the most lurid was that Maxwell was a key informer for Israeli intelligence and that Israel was concerned that he was about to go public.

Shortly before he died, a self-proclaimed former Mossad officer named Ari Ben-Menashe had approached a number of news organisations in Britain and the United States with the allegation that Maxwell was a long-time agent for the Israeli intelligence service.


94eb86  No.6957395

Someone should really look over this one:

https:// pastebin.com/E1vyMwfb

d04062  No.6957396











e4c619  No.6957397

File: 751a5a5b9f23b43⋯.png (1.24 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, 324cb994-ca50-4549-bf03-85….png)

Thank you, Baker!

9d69af  No.6957398

File: c07a149eb634b83⋯.png (8.7 KB, 221x94, 221:94, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


kek ou have nothing better to do and I'm the faggot…

ffccd5  No.6957399

5b1ac2  No.6957400

Dont shit the bread -Q

3b9661  No.6957401

File: a4775d2c593a344⋯.png (212.08 KB, 500x257, 500:257, Long Live the Fighters.png)


Q: "Your time has come. A Storm is coming, our Storm and when it arrives it will shake the universe!

Deep State, WE come for YOU!

We come for YOU!




69936a  No.6957402

Anons, if Epstein’s assets are frozen/taken that is the marker for others to seriously consider Suicide Weekend (tm). At least for treason, their families will still inherit. Prolly doesn’t apply to sex trafficking. Either way, die you satanic goat fuckers.

ac2e25  No.6957403

File: 270162a44919ee1⋯.jpg (80.91 KB, 600x601, 600:601, 08e7ff4a930bea78a56c6e7b40….jpg)

cf9f9c  No.6957404



5d344f  No.6957405

File: 0000f5dc42ca97a⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 550x442, 275:221, bread.jpg)

Thank you, Baker. Great job!


e3d975  No.6957406

>>6957070 lb

wjc and hrc will have no bearing either way on potus getting his ass kicked by biden.

if this decaying and dying board does anything, it better wake the fuck up and realize that it's not 2008.

b120ed  No.6957407

File: 1e86badbae2d840⋯.jpg (428.14 KB, 1478x2082, 739:1041, 1e86badbae2d8409e6140124df….jpg)

>>6957129 (PB)

The last false messiah was to be female.

Is that not prophesy, bible fags?

50bb4d  No.6957408

File: d90374ed04f531c⋯.jpeg (121.65 KB, 1440x882, 80:49, 1540679434.jpeg)


d451df  No.6957409

File: a40b1e9ba9d1642⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1322x1536, 661:768, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0fe837b149795fe⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1620x1158, 270:193, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e6c2534fd1c856⋯.png (660.71 KB, 1134x545, 1134:545, ClipboardImage.png)

15f80a  No.6957410

File: 702da4302891510⋯.jpeg (507.51 KB, 1440x1168, 90:73, B73E0C5C-7627-4492-97EC-F….jpeg)

Clinton’s wash express twattet comments are too much. Kek.

7334fb  No.6957411

File: 67b87bd524e675d⋯.png (43.21 KB, 638x308, 29:14, 0607f2635ea049472330943604….png)

File: 029e2f761a5feac⋯.png (465.94 KB, 586x612, 293:306, FastCatsatLeisure.png)


1565f0  No.6957412

File: 00eac2aced7af49⋯.png (224.91 KB, 828x686, 414:343, Capture11.PNG)

File: 6b8407ba27eccc6⋯.png (145.14 KB, 828x675, 92:75, Capture12.PNG)

File: 882479c2afb3a58⋯.png (507.42 KB, 820x678, 410:339, Capture13.PNG)

File: 8af20bf88ec387c⋯.png (94.84 KB, 832x566, 416:283, Capture14.PNG)



the les wexner foundation and the israeli deep state - Hebrew Sources


part 3 of 3

2b2a87  No.6957413

Q, Bella Thorne?

65cc9b  No.6957414

File: b09e06958c69619⋯.png (245.34 KB, 583x428, 583:428, jewthinksstupid.png)

322bd8  No.6957415


c333be  No.6957416

July ==17==

Trump wants to share in the festivus with all of us WE THE PEOPLE

2f9d56  No.6957417

File: 8e10c6085953676⋯.png (28.03 KB, 832x120, 104:15, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

Lets not forget about the Bronfman chick and her hubby that wanted to rule Libya


01a936  No.6957418

File: 4f09d4d093329cf⋯.png (1.37 MB, 946x870, 473:435, 4f09d4d093329cf4b4d46d2097….png)






ThanQ baker.So much hype we got overloaded.

e4c619  No.6957419

File: acd5cb01e708749⋯.png (702.48 KB, 960x762, 160:127, ClipboardImage.png)

Because we all need to take a moment to kek…

1a5c60  No.6957420

File: 5a61789da8dc44e⋯.jpg (88.94 KB, 789x460, 789:460, jeffrey-epstein.jpg)

File: 37ae365b383cb54⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Jeffrey-Epstein-pleads-not….jpg)

File: 6fc6fd4406bfe0c⋯.jpg (49.03 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, download (1).jpg)

File: 12c21b2f44f1ccf⋯.jpg (213.18 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 1562566158.jpg)

File: 3d6d4c212e700d4⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Untitled-10-2-640x400.jpg)



Learn to pronounce



having or showing shrewdness and good judgment, especially in money or business matters.

"canny shoppers came early for a bargain"

synonyms: shrewd, astute, sharp, sharp-witted, discerning, acute, penetrating, discriminating, perceptive, perspicacious, clever, intelligent, wise, sagacious, sensible, judicious, circumspect, careful, prudent, cautious; More



pleasant; nice.

"she's a canny lass"





bc23db  No.6957421

File: 3c2f46df67df8aa⋯.jpg (746.44 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-185018….jpg)

File: 582c3adb73fd522⋯.jpg (642.1 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-185038….jpg)

File: 0bd323211f31aa2⋯.jpg (736.46 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-185100….jpg)

File: db6b45fe83b47ed⋯.jpg (720.18 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-185111….jpg)

File: 1de4a08ac74d420⋯.jpg (723.1 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190708-185122….jpg)

Epstein tied to ponzu scheme

I know muh beast..


0212aa  No.6957422




and look at that… good dig anon

e944fb  No.6957423

File: 7437cce45fbb8b5⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 594x555, 198:185, gettyimages-97297863-594x5….jpg)

File: b66bbe87280892e⋯.jpg (25.08 KB, 283x400, 283:400, 35m-12439-TV-Oprah-Winfrey….jpg)

File: 047cdc630533fa6⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 382x594, 191:297, gettyimages-104973549-594x….jpg)

File: 75065fcc8513038⋯.png (72.54 KB, 517x447, 517:447, Kit Laybourne.png)

>>6957153 PB


Chairman and CEO of the Oxygen Cable Network Geraldine Laybourne

e9ef48  No.6957424

>>6957153 LBQ

I'd be curious to see who on Nike's executive team has ties to Epstein.

Someone has been pulling their strings.

445f67  No.6957425

349bd6  No.6957426


Needs a few more years and a few more sammiches

f1b31d  No.6957427


Christmas in July

94eb86  No.6957428

Here's a little deviation from Wexner, but should still be useful, I think:

>Epstein… U.S. State Department and DYNCORP all together in underage female trafficking.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1528172

1204e9  No.6957429

File: 4b0b28da015d649⋯.jpg (215.37 KB, 800x533, 800:533, CR6MWISp.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

8a8a33  No.6957430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder of exactly what Virginia Roberts said.

19460f  No.6957431


are both taking a hammering on twitter

such a lovely sight to see

330ab4  No.6957432



1 Big Nigger Down.

Many moar to go.

Jack Cernovich still waiting for unseal.

277e31  No.6957433

e46321  No.6957434


Somebody get this child something to eat and some clothes.

291de3  No.6957435

File: 98c090bc2997425⋯.png (654.86 KB, 1305x715, 261:143, WWG1WGA-NEW-FAVORITE.png)


He's NOT running… He's a PATRIOT & a HERO… Just like Grand Torino in Ireland! They're inspiring the Patriots in their HOMELANDS like the men & women around the world… WWG1WGAWW

f9d0a5  No.6957436

File: 5703ebfc1254f45⋯.jpeg (3.54 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, BF5FF54D-07E8-4099-866A-E….jpeg)

File: bf7c3a57e64bbba⋯.jpeg (3.53 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 38F9A3BB-8402-4546-8407-3….jpeg)

c12e3a  No.6957437

>>6957153 lb Q post

Why do all these people have that same look to them? I mean, I know some high level masons through business and they all have a certain Merv Griffin creepy type look to them. It is not specifically Jewish or white.

Are they human?

792239  No.6957438

File: e3a69888645c957⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_mazt5vK1Wk1rtc2a0o1….jpg)

Beer time tonight.


ac142a  No.6957439

pool balls = cue balls = eye balls ??

many eyes are on it?

eyes are watching?

Epstein had an art piece in his entryway of eyeballs –

CIA - see ya?


Anons know it's the biggest residence in NYC, right?

And it's LOADED with weird shit, all long-since documented in the glossies:


"In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, home to some of the most expensive real estate on earth, exists the crown jewel of the city’s residential town houses. With its 15-foot-high oak door, huge arched windows, and nine floors, it sits on—or, rather, commands—the block of 71st Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Almost ludicrously out of proportion with its four- and five-story neighbors, it seems more like an institution than a house. This is perhaps not surprising—until 1989 it was the Birch Wathen private school. Now it is said to be Manhattan’s largest private residence.

Inside, amid the flurry of menservants attired in sober black suits and pristine white gloves, you feel you have stumbled into someone’s private Xanadu. This is no mere rich person’s home, but a high-walled, eclectic, imperious fantasy that seems to have no boundaries.

The entrance hall is decorated not with paintings but with row upon row of individually framed eyeballs; these, the owner tells people with relish, were imported from England, where they were made for injured soldiers. Next comes a marble foyer, which does have a painting, in the manner of Jean Dubuffet … but the host coyly refuses to tell visitors who painted it. In any case, guests are like pygmies next to the nearby twice-life-size sculpture of a naked African warrior."

2e8f49  No.6957440

>>6957362 Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?


7a0c3b  No.6957441

Our Philanthropic Legacy: Programs, People and Institutions

Since the early 1980s, The Wexner Foundation and its affiliates have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable and philanthropic activities around the world. The Foundation’s organizing framework has been built on developing leadership though investing in programs, people, and institutions.

The core of The Wexner Foundation’s philanthropic work has consisted of leadership programs that Foundation staff run and operate: The Wexner Heritage Program, The Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program, the Wexner Israel Fellowship, the Wexner Senior Leaders Program, the Wexner Field Fellowship, the Wexner Service Corps, and Wexner Summits. In addition to its own leadership initiatives, The Wexner Foundation has invested in a wide variety of programs that share our mission of strengthening the Jewish people worldwide and the State of Israel. These programs include Birthright Israel, Hillel International, CLAL, HIAS, PEJE, JESNA, Israel Experience and many more.

The people that The Wexner Foundation has invested in start with the members and fellows of the core leadership initiatives listed above, but don’t end there. A constellation of thinkers, academics, researchers, practitioners, and innovators in Jewish life and in Israel have helped advance The Wexner Foundation’s mission and programs. These contributors and beneficiaries include:

- Rabbis such as Herbert A. Friedman, Maurice Corson, Irving “Yitz” Greenberg, David Hartman, Shlomo Riskin, Nathan Laufer, Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Jacob Schachter, Avi Weiss, Jay Moses, and Elka Abrahamson;

- Public service leaders and leading intellectuals in Israel including Abba Eban, Teddy Kollek, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, and Itamar Rabinovich;

- Thinkers, teachers, professors such as Charles Liebman, Deborah Lipstadt, Robert Chazan, Henry Rosovsky, Erica Brown, Leonard Saxe, Steven Bayme, Arna Poupko, David Gergen, Larry Moses, Cindy Chazan, Or Mars and Brian Mandell.

The Foundation has also pursued its mission by supporting institutions which serve crucial functions in enriching Jewish life and employing and training leaders for the North American Jewish Community and Israel. Beneficiary Institutions include the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Shoah Foundation, Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University, Yad Vashem, Jewish National Fund, United Jewish Appeal, the Jewish Federations of North America, Yeshiva University, the Peres Center for Peace, the Yitzhak Rabin Center, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Kolot, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, and many more.

In addition to these national and international institutions, The Wexner Foundation has been a significant supporter of the core Jewish communal institutions in Central Ohio, including JewishColumbus, (formerly Columbus Jewish Federation,) Wexner Heritage Village Senior Healthcare and Housing, Jewish Family Services, the Jewish Community Center, Columbus Jewish Day School, Columbus Torah Academy, Agudas Achim Congregation and other Columbus synagogues, and OSU Hillel - Wexner Jewish Student Center.


Developing Jewish Professional, Volunteer Leaders and Leaders in Israel


44ca42  No.6957442

File: caf1634eff68aec⋯.png (493.02 KB, 1000x2420, 50:121, mad hatter search.png)

File: 5e6df6fcac8649b⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 5e6df6fcac8649beb43a2197c6….jpg)

File: 9d88e8ef0cefefb⋯.png (846.48 KB, 1550x1598, 775:799, 9d88e8ef0cefefb413a32750fb….png)

>>6957153 (LB)

Hip Hip, Hoorayyyy!!! For the Baker!!! Thank YOU!!!

There are many sickos out there!

Mad Hatter shows many places in the https://qresear.ch/ tool!

e1e5fb  No.6957443

File: 6db86f52279ff46⋯.png (365.41 KB, 474x346, 237:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 741758058cee10b⋯.png (459.49 KB, 952x734, 476:367, ClipboardImage.png)

"Tens Of Thousands" Of Fish Dead After Jim Beam Warehouse Fire Spilled Bourbon Into Local River

"Tens of thousands" of fish are dying from water contaminated with Jim Beam after a previously reported warehouse fire resulted in 45,000 barrels being displaced, Bloomberg has reported. And while the fish aren't dying from alcohol poisoning, they reportedly can’t breathe due to sugar from the alcohol, creating a microbe feeding frenzy in the water where they swim, which is reducing oxygen levels in the water and suffocates the fish.

The plume of alcohol in the river stretches 23 miles long, according to a state news release, and the river near the Jim Beam warehouse has seen its fish death toll run into the "tens of thousands".

Barges are now trying to mix air into the water using pumps, hoping to provide more oxygen to the fish. "Optimistic" authorities are predicting that the death count will not reach the hundreds of thousands of fish that the state estimates were killed in a 2000 fire that destroyed 17,000 barrels of Wild Turkey at a nearby warehouse.

Jimmy Russell, master distiller with Wild Turkey told the University of Kentucky in an oral history project on the fire that "The reason they quit pumping is they didn’t know whether to charge by the drink or by the gallon coming into town." This doesn't look to be the case with the recent Jim Beam fire:

The Jim Beam incident has had a smaller impact on drinking water. There have been some reports of locals saying there’s a slight smell and discoloration to their water, but water treatment plants have tested the water and it’s safe to drink…

Last week we reported that the Jim Beam warehouse containing 45,000 barrels of "relatively young whiskey" had caught fire, according to a statement from Beam Suntory, parent of Jim Beam. The warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky; 40 firefighters from five counties responded especially after a second warehouse also caught fire, but was later contained.


c1450c  No.6957444

File: 8786087595e05c0⋯.jpg (249.08 KB, 1824x1018, 912:509, _20190708_195403.JPG)

Rachel Chandler >>> photographer

Jean Luc Brunel >>> modeling agency

Les Wexner >>> uses models for his shows

easy human trafficking cover. Does Chandler link to Hollywood?

ee97a9  No.6957445

File: eaf9429e99034db⋯.png (380.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Big_Secret.png)

I guess Les Wexner had a really BIG secret too.

837d08  No.6957446

File: 1fe47d37b8744a8⋯.png (22.05 KB, 630x511, 90:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c56c2a0bada0d4⋯.png (151.4 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck, I went to Kinder Care in the early 80's and I don't remember a god damn thing about it except the outside of the building.

36eb6f  No.6957447

File: b98591cbd368413⋯.png (874.97 KB, 936x845, 72:65, ClipboardImage.png)


>C.O. Bigelow

231356  No.6957448

File: 0c817018203c5da⋯.png (724.66 KB, 1404x776, 351:194, cathmuhjoo2.png)













9f5e2a  No.6957449

File: e599ba717548f64⋯.png (685.35 KB, 2188x1210, 1094:605, e1a97f25ba5d74406b749d6601….png)


>born to a jewish family

here we go again

Q can you give us a estimate what percentage of our gitmo candidates are jewish?

7e470a  No.6957450

gotta wonder if red text faggot understands the filter function


4cf6a7  No.6957451

Epstein better be in protective custody with someone watching him 24/7, he's definitely a target now…

a04522  No.6957452


Wonder if they're related to Rachel HANDLER.

'Band was the "key architect" of the Clinton post-presidency and he created the Clinton Global Initiative. More at "Wikipedia"'

8715d0  No.6957453

Ever think thin is what happened to Natelee Holloway-Epstien

7a0208  No.6957454

File: c6ffbee6aa6cae3⋯.png (30.63 KB, 647x455, 647:455, mt.png)

Marty Torrey [Mad Hatter]


bc792e  No.6957455


I knew Chris Cline, he was a good man as far as I knew.

Was he murdered?

58f93c  No.6957456

File: a2a0aa9971be5f3⋯.png (347.69 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190708-195843.png)

File: 9d486c59474007a⋯.png (173.45 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190708-195836.png)

>>6957306 (lb)

Cameron Boyce, Disney star, dies at 20 after a seizure, family says


5d344f  No.6957457


Oh geez. That's common knowledge by now.

bd9ee4  No.6957458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1565f0  No.6957459

File: 98694368e8ace0c⋯.png (339.02 KB, 1400x818, 700:409, cc100030818a233a72ca24aa09….png)

File: 799dcc6c9368dfb⋯.png (33.58 KB, 346x358, 173:179, 799dcc6c9368dfb82c1ae386fd….png)

File: e323eb3aa8eeda3⋯.png (864.69 KB, 1556x2046, 778:1023, Punisher2994.png)

File: 727ebef53e6c932⋯.jpeg (260.39 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, 727ebef53e6c932a5b01baa55….jpeg)

42d911  No.6957460

File: 716b53b567dc687⋯.jpg (166.79 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, yup07.jpg)

File: 5ed1db7c7585f64⋯.gif (4.55 MB, 500x268, 125:67, tankGirl.gif)


Tanks Bakes

2e8f49  No.6957461

>>6957443 "Tens Of Thousands" Of Fish Dead After Jim Beam Warehouse Fire Spilled Bourbon Into Local River


Watch the water?

c2a611  No.6957462

This is the part where we need to choose whether to know or not; isn't it, Q?

097cab  No.6957463

Slick Willy wishes he was still in college.

ca6011  No.6957464

File: c8739a64008022e⋯.jpg (14.8 KB, 255x250, 51:50, b71713e7647a1f5d17d2af241a….jpg)

>>6956687 (lb)

Really anon?

What happens if it comes out that he was their Chef, tasked to prepare "Cutlets ala Enfantis" for their dinner parties?

f50294  No.6957465

10 dollaridoos Lex Wesner is connected to MOS

fd7a91  No.6957466

Certainly explains the Abercrombie & Fitch pedophilic commercials… so was victoria secret and Abercrombie & Fitch being used to advert new sex slaves?

1204e9  No.6957467

File: 425280a56e42bc3⋯.jpg (215.15 KB, 800x505, 160:101, 9BoEny.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

891305  No.6957468

File: be041c90a128230⋯.png (27.11 KB, 554x143, 554:143, ClipboardImage.png)


Speaking of archiving offline, you're in good company, anon. Fresh today:



242fd9  No.6957469

File: e2aa336f7a69172⋯.png (273.17 KB, 1440x1404, 40:39, Screenshot_2019-07-08-19-5….png)

Side note, Wexner is a big contributor to the anti Trump Ohio politician, John Kasich.

Ohio ranks as the 4th worst state for human trafficking.



Ohio Human Trafficking


dc2923  No.6957470

H= Huber Report ( not public)

369eff  No.6957471


If they are in that book anon I would guess ALL of them

b120ed  No.6957472

File: 94451c08de2f209⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 5a3adb34b0bcd51e008b65ab-7….jpg)

File: dcfa01cc6b9c83a⋯.png (242.36 KB, 527x333, 527:333, dcfa01cc6b9c83a8a775c46b56….png)

File: d8d0baa9c7acb8f⋯.jpg (163.33 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, download.jpg)

File: 6f492263cb403e2⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

File: 591a7227bfacb84⋯.jpeg (73.99 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, REC_ASA_CODE18_20180530_1….jpeg)

Ann Sarnoff is married to the nephew of General David Sarnoff, the spook from Minsk who founded RCA and NBC. Ann Sarnoff, the new CEO of Warner Brothers, is the former CEO of BBC worldwide productions in the US and is described New York Times as a "Hollywood Outsider."


Sarnoff is not a Hollywood outsider. Her history of involvement with cultist programming targeting children is extensive, suggesting that Randall Stephenson at AT&T has not grasped how serious We the People are about stopping the ongoing subversive social sabotage - the non-stop psyops, IO being run by mockingbird media on a naive civilian population - especially with sex and death media content directly targeting children.

Randall Stephenson hires a pedovore, Ann Sarnoff (transvestite? pic attached) with experience programming children.

>Sarnoff got her start at Viacom, where she worked from 1993 to 2003. Sarnoff was the head of Nickelodeon consumer products and business development during Geraldine Laybourne's leadership of the company. In 1999, while working at Nickelodeon, Sarnoff was part of a team that created the TV channel Noggin, a joint venture between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. Two shows she promoted were Rugrats and Blue's Clues.


POTUS had Randall Stephenson into the oval office two weeks back, even let him sit down, which was kind. It's safe to assume POTUS knows the damage being done by ongoing mockingbird social subversion ops, and that he wants that bullshit stopped now and turned around.

What does Randall I Stephenson do? He hires a vvitch instead of a white hat to run Warners studios. Why would Randall l Stephenson do that, destroy WBs future after talking with POTUS?

Possibly RS doesn't have a choice. Possibly Randall is a prime pedovore himself and is being blackmailed/extorted or controlled via upstream illuminated handler

> served as National Chair of the Boy Scouts of America from 2016 to 2018

AT&T needs a new CEO.

Warner Brothers need a new CEO.

& We the People need to stop tolerating endless lies from satanic cultists who have brainwashed our friends, families and fellow citizens.

Satanist puppets and shill do not own these big media companies. They’re public companies. In they end they belong to We the People. AT&T and WB are salvageable companies being destroyed by satanist shills bent on further poisoning our reality with evil psyops.

Warner Brothers can go with Disney to join the buffalo, but AT&T is a strategic asset, “critical communications infrastructure” and there is justification for USG seize thing like safeguard “critical infrastructure and cognitive technologies” and while at it to stop the relentless subversive IO targeting children.

edd169  No.6957473

File: 41e1975c746e0fa⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 628x471, 4:3, boycott.jpg)

65cc9b  No.6957474

File: ccfdabd42aa647c⋯.png (248.6 KB, 583x428, 583:428, jewdesperation.png)

2c4dc1  No.6957475

File: c2bda0c080086ad⋯.gif (300.43 KB, 378x505, 378:505, 20181225_162053.gif)


Ya Hya Chouhada

59a30e  No.6957476

File: 57b5ab6e5da56a8⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nothing can.jpg)

068a39  No.6957477

File: a2f0aaadc5ae147⋯.png (201.39 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D0774E77-915F-4473-A478-05….png)

2f9d56  No.6957478


I cant remember the designer's name…wore the turban…was secret service to Obama or something?

8e9fc8  No.6957479


Cute → Q

Pronounce cute

Now pronounce it without the T

ea8b2c  No.6957480

Hey anons, I ran across something interesting today…I was searching Sarah Kellen and happened on this article from 2015 talking about 2 of Epstein's girls that were now running businesses from one of his properties and they were doing so under new names.


2006 article on Nadia: https://dealbreaker.com/2006/07/meet-nadia-marcinkova-star-girl-of-the-raunchiest-part-of-epstein-scandal

Nadia went on to get her pilots license and goes by Global Girl online. She actually has a pretty big online presence. Here are a few links: https://nadiamarcinkomodel.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadia_Marcinko https://www.instagram.com/Flyglobalgirl/

Here is where it gets interestinger…search Global Girl and a lot of seemingly unrelated stuff comes up..global girl merchandise sites for one.

Global Girl Media: Helps 14-22 year old women.. http://globalgirlmedia.org/about/#abtteam

Big Mike launches the Global Girls Alliance: https://fortune.com/2018/10/11/michelle-obama-global-girls-alliance/

I found this stuff when I was work fagging…thought it might be interesting on the Global Girl front and it kinda made me wonder what Nadia was up to with that pilot's license.

923828  No.6957481

Wexner Needs Even More Distance From Epstein: Crisis Consultant

Victoria’s Secret – already burdened by weak sales and calls to evolve in the #MeToo era – is facing another controversy it doesn’t need: leader Les Wexner’s name appearing in reports about disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Wexner employed Epstein as a money manager for years, building a relationship close enough for Epstein to buy his Manhattan mansion. On Monday, federal prosecutors unsealed new charges claiming Epstein ran a sex-trafficking ring, which included girls as young as 14. Wexner hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing himself.

Related: What Epstein Did and How He Did It, According to the Government

Victoria’s Secret parent company L Brands Inc., which he founded, hasn’t publicly commented on Wexner’s link to Epstein. Wexner, who has declined to comment, severed ties with Epstein more than a decade ago.

‘Saying Nothing’

The company may have to consider a more robust response, including a public effort to distance the lingerie company from its founder’s former fund manager. L Brands shares fell 0.9% Monday, nearly double the dip in the S&P 500 index.

“Wexner needs to immediately and forcefully distance himself from Epstein, personally and professionally, and condemn Epstein’s actions in no uncertain terms,” said Jonathan Bernstein, a crisis-management consultant, noting that the company should proactively come forward with a statement. “You can’t separate the Wexner name from L Brands. He’s the founder of the company. There’s no such thing as saying nothing.”

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey EpsteinPhotographer: Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

If Victoria’s Secret is unwilling to take a stand, the company is likely to lose some market share to its competitors that take a hard stance on human rights and female empowerment, Bernstein said. And that’s something Victoria’s Secret can’t afford to do: Its same-store sales, a key retail metric, fell 5% in the latest quarter with management telling investors it was “clearly not satisfied” with the brand’s performance.

Changing Culture

Victoria’s Secret has been challenged by a changing culture – one where consumers are asking for more representation of a wider range of body types and respect for women. For years, its popular catalog took its cues from romance novels and Cosmopolitan magazine – a mix of sexiness, windswept allure and cleavage-accentuating product lines. Still, change may be afoot: The company recently said it would amend the way it does its annual fashion show, suggesting it’s open to criticism after years of losing market share to upstarts seen as more female-friendly.

Related: Victoria’s Secret Is Still Advertising to Women Like It’s 1999

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Poonam Goyal said the bigger thing for investors to watch is not Wexner’s name being dragged into the Epstein reporting, but whether the retailer is successful at rebranding this fall with new products that move Victoria’s Secret further beyond just “sexiness.”

This is “not good for profiling of the company, but the question is how long does this stay in the social realm? For any brand, if the negativity continues to be a part of mass following for a long period of time, it’s something that they’ll have to address,” she said. “Whether this affects the success of the new strategy depends on what the sentiment is in the fall.”

https://www.bloomberg.com/ Written TODAY….

f21a23  No.6957482

Who's Who in `Mega'by Scott Thompson

[PDF version of this article]

The following are brief biographical profiles of some of the leading known members of the "Mega" group; notable, is the pattern of alleged organized crime ties.

Charles Bronfman: On Feb. 19, 1999, Charles Bronfman was elected chairman of United Jewish Communities (UJC). This $4 billion cash cow subsumes 189 Jewish Federation contributors and 400 Jewish communities in North America. At a Nov. 9-13 UJC General Assembly in Washington, Bronfman will pass the chairmanship to James A. Tisch, son of Mega member Laurence Tisch.

Charles Bronfman had been co-chairman of Seagrams, until its merger with Vivendi. He is today chairman of Koor Industries Ltd., which is a high-tech holding company at the heart of the Israeli military-industrial complex. He is also chairman of Claridge-Israel, Inc., which took over Bank Hapolim, when the Israeli government privatized it. This deal was brokered by Ted Arison, an Israeli who, in the United States, built the Carnival Cruise Lines into a billion-dollar business. Arison got his financing to start Carnival from Meshulim Riklis, one of junk-bond manipulator Michael Milken's major clients, and a close ally of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Leslie Wexner: This co-founder of Mega is closely aligned with some of the top British-American-Commonwealth institutions. However, Wexner's main business is The Limited, Inc.—a holding company for such firms as Intimate Brands, Victoria's Secret, and Bath & Body Works—which he founded in 1963.

Wexner is a board member of Conrad Black's Hollinger International, Inc. and of Hollinger International Publishing Inc. Lady Margaret Thatcher is chairman of Hollinger's International Advisory Board, which also includes Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, and Richard Perle. Hollinger owns the leading Israeli English-language daily, the Jerusalem Post, which has become a mouthpiece for Sharon and the radical right.

Wexner is also on the board of the Aspen Institute, an important Anglo-American world federalist think-tank.

Leonard Abramson: Abramson was the founder of the murderous health maintenance organization, U.S. Healthcare. He sold it to Aetna Insurance for $990 million. Now, apart from a stake in Israel's Bank Hapolim, Abramson owns the Maine Merchant Bank in Portland, which is a $20 million non-deposit institution, whose ostensible purpose is to make high-risk, venture-capital investments.

Edgar Bronfman: Bronfman has been president of the WJC since 1981, and has been a director of the Anti-Defamation League for many years.

The Bronfman family fortune was built by the father of Edgar and Charles, Sam Bronfman, who during Prohibition merged his Distillers Corp. in Montreal with Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons, Ltd. to supply "bootleggers" with top brand booze, becoming what Israel Shamir (writing on Mega) called a "Mafia boss." Under the successor co-chairmanship of Charles and Edgar Bronfman, Seagrams took a 24% controlling interest in DuPont. But soon after Edgar's son, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., became CEO of Seagrams, he sold off the holding, purchasing Universal Pictures and the world's largest record distributor, Polygram Records. On June 19, 2001, the Bronfmans sold Seagrams to former Lazard Frères partner Jean-Marie Messier, owner of media and communications conglomerate Vivendi, for $34 billion.

Through Seagrams and the WJC, Edgar Bronfman was a top business collaborator of some of the most prominent figures in the former Soviet Union and East Germany. Just months before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of East Germany, Bronfman was given the highest civilian award by the East German Communist Party, for his efforts to salvage the communist state.



df29e2  No.6957483

File: e2eae54434035b8⋯.png (328.68 KB, 925x402, 925:402, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d6fe10fb64efdab⋯.png (245.16 KB, 1220x861, 1220:861, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 553043929ff6976⋯.png (56.97 KB, 708x804, 59:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5023613ad361acc⋯.png (63.08 KB, 641x851, 641:851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c79cb0ae0dcca19⋯.png (16.71 KB, 594x225, 66:25, ClipboardImage.png)



1204e9  No.6957485

File: 5655232655cf20b⋯.jpg (319.88 KB, 800x962, 400:481, wAbePGmbJl6VyZOO.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

03011d  No.6957486

File: 325f9bcf5eaf55e⋯.png (100.98 KB, 564x733, 564:733, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm not here for dough…

"Picture Painted.

As The World Turns.

A Revolution - spearheaded by the largest public Military/Civilian operation, in which positive forces within branches of the Military and Alphabet Agencies acted on a plan regarding transparency and information via an open Source.


2d1b50  No.6957487


Kek the gift that keeps on giving.

94eb86  No.6957488

File: 949347aea3226ad⋯.png (986.52 KB, 1065x871, 1065:871, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/ohios-richest-republican-backer-leslie-wexner-quits-party-after-visit-from-president-obama

1a5c60  No.6957489

File: 3d6d4c212e700d4⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Untitled-10-2-640x400.jpg)

File: 12c21b2f44f1ccf⋯.jpg (213.18 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 1562566158.jpg)

File: 6fc6fd4406bfe0c⋯.jpg (49.03 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, download (1).jpg)

File: 37ae365b383cb54⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Jeffrey-Epstein-pleads-not….jpg)



Learn to pronounce



having or showing shrewdness and good judgment, especially in money or business matters.

"canny shoppers came early for a bargain"

synonyms: shrewd, astute, sharp, sharp-witted, discerning, acute, penetrating, discriminating, perceptive, perspicacious, clever, intelligent, wise, sagacious, sensible, judicious, circumspect, careful, prudent, cautious; More



pleasant; nice.

"she's a canny lass"






bc0ee7  No.6957490

File: 2f782d4ea5f737c⋯.png (36.45 KB, 615x489, 205:163, Q Welcome to the PAIN game.png)



You do realize that every agency is monitoring this board. And then some.

eb1fe2  No.6957491

File: 53cdf18f0ef065a⋯.png (72.83 KB, 1080x442, 540:221, Screenshot_20190708-195515….png)

File: 93445da23f1f2ac⋯.png (1 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Screenshot_20190708-195312….png)

File: f24f9dab56bccbe⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1384, 135:173, Screenshot_20190708-195203….png)

File: e636787105a676e⋯.png (743.34 KB, 1080x1498, 540:749, Screenshot_20190708-195113….png)

File: e986a0c85afd5d2⋯.png (1 MB, 1080x1492, 270:373, Screenshot_20190708-195101….png)

Call to Digg

Abercrombie and Fitch


Geared towards young people

Use "almost" nudity

Very dark

What do you want to bet they're involved in the ring?

Pics related

330ab4  No.6957492


He's solo at the MPC only MKUltra guards if they have any can get to his No Bail For You ass.

45a442  No.6957493

File: 2dc21b4429a53ba⋯.png (105.45 KB, 445x624, 445:624, 2dc21b4429a53bac2e484a324f….png)

File: 325791d6e2c7ccb⋯.png (54.31 KB, 647x421, 647:421, 3806abfceeceabd03c302a0d46….png)

File: c246d4c084e039e⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 1080x781, 1080:781, c246d4c084e039e310d5a5d8e4….jpg)

5c9cd1  No.6957494

File: 532046b27d70499⋯.jpg (626.75 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, 532046b27d7049938b970b8dac….jpg)

b59e76  No.6957495

File: e3f7b7e3d39b0d1⋯.png (66.29 KB, 405x367, 405:367, b12d33zu71nms-jk23bdc71633….png)

1565f0  No.6957496


the origin of victoria's secret

Victoria's Secret was founded by Roy Raymond, and his wife, Gaye Raymond,[4] in San Francisco, California, on June 12, 1977.

Raymond picked the name "Victoria" after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom to associate with the refinement of the Victorian era. The "Secret" was what was hidden underneath the clothes. The “angels” comes from his wife being in a sorority, Pi Beta Phi, where their mascot was an angel.

14ebd1  No.6957497

The Donations:

Jeffrey Epstein

Abby and Les Wexner


079a5b  No.6957498

File: f6816d8d3b21012⋯.jpg (129.8 KB, 1121x795, 1121:795, 0e3dffa3d5679f32ebc86f3aab….jpg)

File: 71e7ea61a244fdd⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 677x342, 677:342, 1a.JPG)


64929e  No.6957499

File: e617fc32521700d⋯.png (72.26 KB, 1400x621, 1400:621, ClipboardImage.png)


>Les Wexner.

>Founder of Victoria's Secret.

>Connect the dots.


By the time Epstein met Wexner, the latter was a retail legend who had built a $3 billion empire—one that now includes Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Bath & Body Works—from $5,000 lent him by his aunt. “Wexner saw in Jeffrey the type of person who had the potential to realize his [Jeffrey’s] dreams,” says someone who has worked closely with both men. “He gave Jeffrey the ball, and Jeffrey hit it out of the park.”…

Epstein is known about town as a man who loves women—lots of them, mostly young. Model types have been heard saying they are full of gratitude to Epstein for flying them around, and he is a familiar face to many of the Victoria’s Secret girls. One young woman recalls being summoned by Ghislaine Maxwell to a concert at Epstein’s town house, where the women seemed to outnumber the men by far. “These were not women you’d see at Upper East Side dinners,” the woman recalls. “Many seemed foreign and dressed a little bizarrely.” This same guest also attended a cocktail party thrown by Maxwell that Prince Andrew attended, which was filled, she says, with young Russian models. “Some of the guests were horrified,” the woman says. …

Still, the recent spate of publicity Epstein has inspired does not seem to have fazed him. In November he was spotted in the front row of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory; around the same time the usual coterie of friends and beautiful women were whisked off to Little St. James (which he tells people has been renamed Little St. Jeff) for a long weekend.


Dots connected

e944fb  No.6957500

File: e7b32da3d2b37b2⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 352oaw.jpg)

File: 4f92cbc9447bf82⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 696x358, 348:179, 353t5u.jpg)

File: 864a8d4a9a6fe08⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 668x374, 334:187, 353t8l.jpg)

File: 72f7ff9d95949da⋯.jpg (81.15 KB, 611x408, 611:408, 353t2n.jpg)

File: 5c5389302202756⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 353muz.jpg)

eb5f89  No.6957501

File: 2271bff882ae175⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 255x205, 51:41, bakery with pepe.jpg)


I've been here but pretty tired, baked late and then early. Was just gonna check in, then Q posted.

Other lurking bakers?

887681  No.6957502


you need to add just go to bed naked

ee97a9  No.6957503

File: e60776672714bc0⋯.png (133.01 KB, 976x542, 488:271, human_trafficking.png)

File: de4e3996866cc15⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 762x544, 381:272, torrey_HRC_email.jpg)

File: 19349b44ce4ef28⋯.jpg (111.53 KB, 1240x544, 155:68, Torrey.jpg)

eddbcf  No.6957504

File: b4fd12b753b1a33⋯.png (277.68 KB, 710x400, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)

Les Wexner.

Founder of Victoria's Secret.

Connect the dots.


Billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has a mysterious past

Once he set up J Epstein and Co in 1982, Epstein's wealth and career get increasingly murky.

New York Magazine credits "those who know Epstein" and "lore" for the only existing and still vague details of the firm's business, which for tax purposes is run from the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

The firm only accepted clients with US$1 billion (NZ$1.5 billion) or more of assets and has been shrouded in secrecy since its founding. Les Wexner, the founder of the clothing brand The Limited and a high-flyer in the fashion industry, has been the only identified client of the firm.

"My belief is that Jeff maintains some sort of money-management firm, though you won't get a straight answer from him," one well-known investor told New York Magazine of Epstein in 2002. "He once told me he had 300 people working for him, and I've also heard that he manages Rockefeller money. But one never knows. It's like looking at the Wizard of Oz – there may be less there than meets the eye."

Though many weren't exactly sure how Epstein made money, his wealth began to play out on an international scale as he snapped up properties across the world and set up a foundation that donated to Harvard.

By 1992, Epstein was the official owner of the largest private residence in Manhattan.

Epstein gained public recognition through the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, which put his high-profile connections on display with a US$30 million donation to Harvard University to establish a mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics programme.


fa42bb  No.6957505

File: b08dcf4cecfd4f9⋯.jpg (41.24 KB, 636x382, 318:191, spadeisaspade.jpg)

Everything today made me think of this all over again

The Rescuers were trying to save a little kidnapped girl

fd7a91  No.6957506


Well lots have been screaming for years about disney abuses but nobody listened… sad… yes they do that to these girls and boys at a young age and then use them to corrupt their viewers. Despicable!! Disney needs to be shut down!

097cab  No.6957507

Q, get Mexico to go WWG1WGA.

1dd3d4  No.6957508


Dunno, but sure looks designed/located for something kinda specific.

8e9fc8  No.6957509

File: d9221ba93f9b5b9⋯.jpg (352.58 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, NikeCEOPedoWallDecoration.jpg)


Nike CEO had pedo style wall decorations

735e1f  No.6957510

The Talented Mr. Epstein

Excerpts from this article and Plenty of connections here

from 2003

Epstein lives in what is reputed to be the largest private dwelling in New Mexico, on an $18 million, 7,500-acre ranch which he named “Zorro.” “It makes the town house look like a shack,” Epstein has said. He also owns Little St. James, a 70-acre island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the main house is currently being renovated by Edward Tuttle, a designer of the Amanresorts. There is also a $6.8 million house in Palm Beach, Florida, and a fleet of aircraft: a Gulfstream IV, a helicopter, and a Boeing 727, replete with trading room, on which Epstein recently flew President Clinton, actors Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, Lew Wasserman’s grandson, Casey Wasserman, and a few others, on a mission to explore the problems of AIDS and economic development in Africa.

He describes his most public companion of the last decade, Ghislaine Maxwell, 41, the daughter of the late, disgraced media baron Robert Maxwell, as simply his “best friend.” He says she is not on his payroll, but she seems to organize much of his life—


Some of the businessmen who dine with him at his home—they include newspaper publisher Mort Zuckerman, banker Louis Ranieri, Revlon chairman Ronald Perelman, real-estate tycoon Leon Black, former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold, Tom Pritzker (of Hyatt Hotels)


Some of the businessmen who dine with him at his home—they include newspaper publisher Mort Zuckerman, banker Louis Ranieri, Revlon chairman Ronald Perelman, real-estate tycoon Leon Black, former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold, Tom Pritzker (of Hyatt Hotels),


Epstein keeps all his deals and clients secret, bar one client: billionaire Leslie Wexner, the respected chairman of Limited Brands. Epstein insists that ever since he left Bear Stearns in 1981 he has managed money only for billionaires—who depend on him for discretion.


While there he began tutoring the son of Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg and was friendly with a daughter of Greenberg’s. Soon he went to Bear Stearns, where, under the mentorship of both Greenberg and current Bear Stearns C.E.O. James Cayne, he did well enough to become a limited partner—a rung beneath full partner. He abruptly departed in 1981 because, he has said, he wanted to run his own business.


Since Leslie Wexner appeared in his life—Epstein has said this was in 1986; others say it was in 1989, at the earliest—he has gradually, in a way that has not generally made headlines, come to be accepted by the Establishment. He’s a member of various commissions and councils: he is on the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of International Education.


His current fan club extends to Cayne, Henry Rosovsky, the former dean of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Larry Summers, Harvard’s current president. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz says, “I’m on my 20th book…. The only person outside of my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.” Real-estate developer and philanthropist Marshall Rose, who has worked with Epstein on projects in New Albany, Ohio, for Wexner, says, “He digests and decodes the information very rapidly, which is to me terrific because we have shorter meetings.”


Epstein gets annoyed when anyone suggests that Wexner “made him.” “I had really rich clients before,” he has said. Yet he does not deny that he and Wexner have a special relationship.

Epstein sees it as a partnership of equals. “People have said it’s like we have one brain between two of us: each has a side.”


By the time Epstein met Wexner, the latter was a retail legend who had built a $3 billion empire—one that now includes Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Bath & Body Works—from $5,000 lent him by his aunt. “Wexner saw in Jeffrey the type of person who had the potential to realize his [Jeffrey’s] dreams,” says someone who has worked closely with both men. “He gave Jeffrey the ball, and Jeffrey hit it out of the park.”


dc2923  No.6957511


To think a couple hours ago that name was really relevant!

We are the news now!


2988c1  No.6957512

File: 693a6eec848fae3⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 612x792, 17:22, KATESPADE.jpg)

03ca63  No.6957513

File: 570be1d5babad78⋯.png (335.44 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 7EA4C785-A3C6-4F3F-AE4E-80….png)

File: fba92b70837a2ce⋯.jpeg (156.63 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 4CF46DA6-8045-4FE8-857C-3….jpeg)

Startling new Epstein map connections

Still working but charges are low

20c13e  No.6957514



Wow, there’s a kindercare a couple doors down. They scream at the kids when they are outside. I’ve called them to complain about yelling at little children like that.

0451fa  No.6957515


It’s All open source. GTFO

067996  No.6957516

File: 3aa057cbebd302d⋯.png (244.68 KB, 735x434, 105:62, TONIIC NOT TONIC GLOBAL AC….png)

File: cf605296d12215e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1200x1372, 300:343, Toniic not Toniic Partners….png)

File: 41097cad72a0a58⋯.png (28.23 KB, 1117x179, 1117:179, TONIIC GLOBAL ACTION NETWO….png)

File: 828cfa7212f6faf⋯.png (87.04 KB, 594x787, 594:787, Toniic not Toniic Social I….png)

IMPACT is a multiplatform buzzword. Across the board clown de-personing and deplatforming scheme if you wondered why they all go after you at once. You can't escape using clown services and you do pay for Planned Partenthood and LGBTQ brainwashing every time you use their services and it's pretty hard to escape. What do anons? How do we wreck their IMPACTING society. They think it's cute they IMPACT us and we don't figure out what IMPACT means among Global Action Networks




https://socialimpact.com/work-with-us/ USAID IMPACT


http://www.takepart.com/social-action-network/index.html GLOBAL ACTION NETWORK

https://iotwreport.com/mark-dice-hollywood-committed-to-social-impact-entertainment-aka-propaganda/ IMPACT DICE



Toniic is the global action community for impact investors. We serve individuals, family offices, foundations and funds. We increase the velocity of money and services into impact investing to address global challenges.



HERE ARE SOME FASCIST INVESTORS Lisy by Calellia alexan <<←-








United Airlines

US Bank


Wells Fargo

American Express


Avon Bank of America

Bath & Body Works

Ben & Jerry’s


Converse Groupon

Jiffy Lube




American Airlines

Ann Taylor

Calvin Klein

Banana Republic









Dollar Shave Club





Bank of America



Liberty Mutual


Jack in the Box

Victoria’s Secret







State Farm



T.J. Maxx

Taco Bell


Rite Aid



Sam’s Club

Pizza Hut

Old Navy

Home Depot






General Electric

Chase bank




American Airlines

Ann Taylor

Calvin Klein

Banana Republic









Dollar Shave Club





Bank of America

Kaiser Permanente

Liberty Mutual


Jack in the Box

Victoria’s Secret



In many of these

eg YUM Brands you will see MANY of these saqme clown operators are the top investors like Bill Gates Amazon Apple are the top investors. KFC PIZZA HUT TACO BELL LONG JOHN SILVERS A&W Root beer are YUM BRANDS https://www.yum.com/wps/portal/yumbrands/Yumbrands/ it's one compamny essentially. The CEO means zero. The investors are cross platform Impact Investors tied to Global Action Networks. You can't boycott them. It's not the government stepping on your throat. Executive Order 12803 https://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/01/executive-order-12803-infrastructure.html

Everything is DECENTRALIZED CONTROL. Anonymous is decentralized power also.

It takes decentralized power to defeat decentralized power. Now you can see them. They are not anonymous at all. How do we wreck this? This is the essence of FASCISM. This is why people get deplatformed across the board.

Their investments depend on destroying your way of life and your freedom. There is no ideology is weaponized. Add your Non Disclosure Agreement GAG ORDERS and everyone stays silent. They pay fools to play Antifa or use their employees who know their job and bottom line depends on keeping the IMPACT Investments profitable. Whenever you hear the word IMPACT used know it is a non linear warfare dog whistle for destroying (you) THIS IS FACSICM on Steroids. Only decentralized anons can dismantle this. Nothing is beyond our reach. We are moar decentralized than these blackhat bastards are. IDGAF about their profits. They have something to worry about. How do we make them worry about it a lot? They _don't care_ if the world is watching because the slaves have no choice but to promote them. The same people whose lives they destroy will support them anyway.

94eb86  No.6957517

From: https://archive.fo/gdpUr#selection-2229.0-2239.56

"Leslie Wexner: This co-founder of Mega is closely aligned with some of the top British-American-Commonwealth institutions. However, Wexner's main business is The Limited, Inc.—a holding company for such firms as Intimate Brands, Victoria's Secret, and Bath & Body Works—which he founded in 1963.

Wexner is a board member of Conrad Black's Hollinger International, Inc. and of Hollinger International Publishing Inc. Lady Margaret Thatcher is chairman of Hollinger's International Advisory Board, which also includes Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, and Richard Perle. Hollinger owns the leading Israeli English-language daily, the Jerusalem Post, which has become a mouthpiece for Sharon and the radical right.

Wexner is also on the board of the Aspen Institute, an important Anglo-American world federalist think-tank." http:// www.larouchepub.com/other/2001/2844mega_bios.html

4cf6a7  No.6957518

Kindercare logo looks like the all-seeing eye pyramid……coincidence?

7ea000  No.6957519

How deep does it go?

>>6957153 (LB)

Deep enough to demand having them drawn and quartered.

edd169  No.6957520

File: 507fe3beea3393a⋯.jpg (51.16 KB, 523x407, 523:407, billrc.jpg)

cf9f9c  No.6957521


Hope they didn't drug and rape you (seriously)

a98744  No.6957522




Late LB nominated for NOTABLE

>>6957224 (pb)

Wexler is child molester Jeffrey Epstein's friend per Wikipedia

8facf5  No.6957523

"Epstein's Only Known Client"

Wexner is Epstein’s only known client, according to The Daily Beast. And in April, a woman came forward to accuse Epstein and his alleged madam of sexually assaulting her at Wexner’s Ohio mansion in the 1990s. None of them commented on the allegations.


398c38  No.6957524

Q + Q+




8a1c37  No.6957525


d43ab5  No.6957526


Wexner and Epstein

The Mystery Around Jeffrey Epstein's Fortune and How He Made it.

f21a23  No.6957527


Max Fisher: In 1985 Max Fisher, a top adviser on Jewish affairs and Middle East policy to every Repubican President since Eisenhower, founded what is now known as the Republican Jewish Coalition, of which Fisher, 93, remains honorary chairman. A March 11, 1998 Jerusalem Post article reports that Fisher is looking for a replacement, and among those being considered are Mega co-founder Leslie Wexner, suspected Mega member Ronald S. Lauder, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

Fisher amassed his fortune as a bagman for the "Purple Gang" that smuggled Sam Bronfman's booze from Canada into the speakeasies of the Midwest. Fisher made his "legitimate" fortune in the oil retail business, through Keystone Oil, Aurora Oil, and Marathon Oil. Fisher later became chairman of United Brands (a.k.a. United Fruit), a firm accused of major narcotics smuggling from South America.

Harvey M. Meyerhoff: Meyerhoff made his money in real estate in Baltimore, Maryland, and was one of the chief architects of the transition of that city from an industrial and port center into a tourist attraction. Its port has been transformed into an Aquarium and site for a Disney Museum that features a Harvey Meyerhoff Gallery.

Steven Spielberg: One of the newest known members of Mega is Hollywood billionaire Steven Spielberg, whose Dreamworks Studio has produced such films asSchindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.Spielberg's Shoah (Hebrew for "Holocaust") has gathered a video archive of testimony from 50,000 Jewish Holocaust victims. Being late to Jewish Philanthropy, one wonders just how much Spielberg knows of the subject, as one Mega educational project for Jewish schools across the country teaches both Kabbala and Buddhist meditation.

Michael Steinhardt: Steinhardt made his fortune running a series of hedge funds. Steinhardt has been apparently dubbed the "public relations" man for Mega, as all other published interviews have been with him, although he did not return EIR's calls.

Steinhardt was chairman, for a decade, of the Democratic Leadership Council. He resigned from the organization in protest over President Bill Clinton's appointment of Lani Guinier to a top Justice Department post, and refused to support Clinton's reelection in 1996, even though Clinton had succeeded him as DLC chairman.

The hedge fund Steinhardt Partners was formed by Michael Steinhardt in 1967. He boasts that one dollar invested in his firm then would be worth $462 today. Like George Soros, Steinhardt's fund suddenly lost 29% of its value in 1996, during the onset of the global financial crisis. After recouping in part with a 20% return in 1997, he closed the firm, took the money, and ran.

Steinhardt is another offspring of the Prohibition-era "Jewish Syndicate" of National Crime Boss Meyer Lansky. His father, Sol Frank "Red" Steinhardt, was a bigtime gambler and convicted jewel fence, who worked with Meyer Lansky. "Red" Steinhardt was sent to Sing Sing on a five- to ten-year sentence, a fact that Michael kept off of his resume, in order to get his start on Wall Street with the "Our Crowd" firm, Loeb Rhodes. Like father, like son—Steinhardt Partners came under SEC and Justice Department scrutiny in the early 1990s, along with Salomon Brothers, for cornering the market in short-term U.S. Treasury bond sales. To avoid jail, Steinhardt settled the case with a $50 million fine.

Laurence Tisch: Called "The King of Cash," Tisch built his fortune one step at a time. On his return from World War II, where he served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, Laurence Tisch joined his family's small hotel business.

Tisch, with his brother Preston "Bob" Tisch, built a major hotel chain, forming the holding company Loews Corporation, that also included a chain of movie theaters. And, Loews acquired Lorillard Tobacco in 1960, which produced Kent cigarettes.

By the 1980s of the "Predator's Ball," Laurence Tisch worked with convicted inside-trader Michael Milken, who originated junk bonds, through which Tisch gained fame for his 1986 takeover of the Colombia Broadcasting System. In 1995, Tisch had to sell off CBS to Westinghouse.

Loews Corp. today also owns CNA Financial Corp., as well as having a controlling share in an offshore oil and gas drilling firm, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., and a controlling interest in Bulova Watch Company.



097cab  No.6957528

Can we tour GITMO when it's FULL..ly done?

e23c92  No.6957529


Relevant to the Kit Laybourne drop. Voat has you guys covered.

Voats digging into Kit Laybourne. Huge thread.

Laybourne -> Epstein -> Wexner (owner of Bath and Body and suspected MOSSAD asset) -> MEGA -> Bronfmans AND Steven Speilberg.

This connection chain provided above came up during voat’s investigation into the Barsi pedowood case.

7a0c3b  No.6957530

File: 80a106c85cd6e1f⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 416x416, 1:1, LeslieWex.jpg)

Leslie Wexner

Les Wexner founded and runs L Brands, a global retail empire that includes Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works.

One of America's longest-serving CEOs, he has served as the company's CEO since founding the business more than five decades ago.

Wexner got his start in 1963, when he used a $5,000 loan from his aunt to open The Limited, which sold only fast-moving items like shirts and pants.

He bought Victoria's Secret for $1 million in 1982, when it was just a small, failing chain of lingerie shops in San Francisco.

Today L Brands sells more than $12 billion worth of lingerie, soaps and candles annually across more than 3,000 stores around the world.

He has donated nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to institutions in the state, including Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center.

On forbes lists

The Richest Person In Every State 2019


Billionaires 2019


Forbes 400 2018

The Richest Person In America’s 50 Largest Cities 2016



Source of Wealthretail, Self Made

Self-Made Score8

Philanthropy Score4

ResidenceNew Albany, Ohio

CitizenshipUnited States

Marital StatusMarried


EducationBachelor of Arts/Science, Ohio State University

234277  No.6957531

There's a lot in this article from 2003 regarding Epstein x Wexner


7434b3  No.6957532

File: d26cdef13847f03⋯.png (109.28 KB, 500x654, 250:327, isne-isne-isne-his-initial….png)

File: b919191c7a760ea⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 187x269, 187:269, index99.jpg)


how come no one ever noticed that several disney films were written by known pedophiles? disney himself was a pedo, and his namesake is the 2nd largest media conglomerate in the world. every day people pay the feed their kids this pedo grooming filth https://druidshedge.blogspot.com/2018/02/history-of-psywar-pt-6-disney.html https://druidshedge.blogspot.com/2018/02/history-of-psywar-pt-6-disney.html

f05823  No.6957533

File: b53880f61f8ebdc⋯.jpg (38.64 KB, 500x501, 500:501, wex.jpg)

File: 2d0b6504d588930⋯.jpg (93.48 KB, 874x483, 38:21, fucked!!.jpg)

File: 5ebfeb7c15bfb47⋯.png (81.69 KB, 903x500, 903:500, fuckedbama1.png)

444ae0  No.6957534


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gary King has received more than $35,000 in campaign contributions from an address in the U.S. Virgin Islands that also is listed as the address of a convicted sex offender who years ago bought property in Stanley from King’s family.

Epstein Connection

9301b2  No.6957535

File: 9e4b6a9f387a1d4⋯.jpg (122.36 KB, 960x852, 80:71, enslavement.jpg)

File: 54b4edf7d6afbf6⋯.png (1004.26 KB, 970x662, 485:331, works like a charm_KEKFORC….png)



a LEGION of passion filled patriots…

we have the enemy outnumbered and surrounded. i hope you know that.

65e8b0  No.6957536


That would explain the Santa at one of Trump's rallies last summer

369eff  No.6957537


Is the MadHatters name on those flight logs do you know

65cc9b  No.6957538

File: 221e113d9db9379⋯.png (573.41 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, 6d871d386377926fc005031d64….png)


On this board, we expose JEWISH SUBVERSION in all forms and are not afraid to expose the JEW for who and what they are.

As Q told in many posts, ISRAEL and the MOSSAD pose a DIRECT THREAT to POTUS and our Nation.

JIDFShills apply all kinds of tactics, most of which have their base in "divide and rule,” a common Jew Tactic.

JIDFShills do all they can to keep you from learning and knowing the TRUTH about JEWS.

JIDFShills encourage you to FILTER anything that exposes the JEWISH Subversion of our Nation.



JIDFShills attack individual anons and call them names (MuhJoo, anti-semite, jew hater, Nazi, Shill, etc., and over-use the term: “You glow.”

JIDFShills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against Jewish subversion and evil.

JIDFShills try to sow division among us, whom they like to call “Goyim” or “Goy” which means CATTLE.

JIDFShills spread disinfo (Holohoax, Jews as perpetual victims, Israel as America’s greatest ally, the Talmud not being real or that the Talmud written by Masons, or any other group, so long as it it not the JEWS; who actually wrote the damn thing.)

JIDFShills spread stupid info to make anons telling the truth about Jews look ridiculous.

JIDFShills attack relevant info (such as: how the JEWS did 911, how Jews are behind the white slave trade, how Jews own and control the Federal Reserve, how Jews own the media, exposure of Jewish Pedophilia, etc., etc., etc …)

JIDFShills are paid for by AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS being shipped off to ISRAEL by the BOATLOAD. In essence, Americans are paying the jews to LIE TO THEM.

JIDFShills contradict reality in regards to all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

JIDFShills encourage you to FILTER information that EXPOSES JEWISH SUBVERSION.

The end for JIDFShills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.

Remember, Q stated explicitly, “WE ARE SAVING ISRAEL FOR LAST.”



63e096  No.6957539


^^^^^^^^^^^ good post.

44320d  No.6957540


Anons with kids in this facility flipping out RN.

837d08  No.6957541


Yeah, me too. Odds are not in my favor.

76699b  No.6957542


>>6957362 Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

>>6957364 Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey) dig.

>>6957349, >>6957365, >>6957469, >>6957482, >>6957527 Continued Wexner / Epstein dig.

>>6957343 Les Wexner's forest pool.

eb5f89  No.6957543


article posted before but these excerpts look pretty juicy….

03ca63  No.6957544

File: 59c41587ba4d52b⋯.jpeg (203.92 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 76D6C362-1198-4E00-B4B8-0….jpeg)


Fkn portrait mode… repost

41a451  No.6957545

File: b85a8062d72bf13⋯.png (346.76 KB, 1300x974, 650:487, nsac[1].png)

There's NO way OBAMA didn't know about all the evil goings on.

330ab4  No.6957546


DOJ steals our shit for indictments but at least thanks us for it.

a85d35  No.6957547

File: 0b9b1bc6eb9aec8⋯.png (628.86 KB, 823x451, 823:451, wexner's yacht.PNG)

Wexner's yacht is the "Limitless"

All You Need to Know About Les Wexner, his Net Worth, his House, Private Jet and his Limitless Yacht


Pics and shit ton of details on his other assets at link

0212aa  No.6957548


nevermind the fish… a bourbon destroyed is a bourbon lost. (or something like that)

a98744  No.6957549


SO here's my take.

Wexner = Victoria's Secret to procure underage girls from around the world.

Gives Epstein a house and money to "manage" the girls.

Epstein (per Wexner) gathers blackmail on all the famous people who partake in the girls provided.

Am I close???

94eb86  No.6957550



From an article 12 days before 9/11:

"Under the innocent headline, "Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy," Wall Street Journal staff reporter Lisa Miller reported on an April 1998 gathering of some 20 Jewish billionaires, at the Manhattan apartment of hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt. That gathering involved some of the most powerful names in the Jewish lobby in America, starting with Edgar Bronfman, the chairman of the World Jewish Congress. Others included: Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and a top executive of the family's flagship Seagrams Corp.; Leslie Wexner of Limited, Inc.; Charles Schusterman, chairman of Samson Investment Co. of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Harvey "Bud" Meyerhoff, a fabulously wealthy and powerful Baltimore real estate magnate; Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corp.; Max Fisher, the Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party powerhouse; bagel magnate Max Lender; and Leonard Abramson, the founder of U.S. Healthcare.

According to the Journal account, the Mega Group was founded in 1991 by Wexner and Charles Bronfman, to add greater clout to the Israeli lobby, by establishing an informal, but all-powerful policymaking group, able to deploy billions of dollars in "charitable" funds for the maximum effect on U.S. policy toward Israel, the Mideast, and other issues of paramount importance to the Jewish megabillionaires. The Mega Group convenes twice a year, for two-day sessions, where, behind closed doors, the members make life-and-death decisions, affecting U.S. policy. Membership is by invitation only; the meetings are secret (the Wall Street Journal story was the only coverage to ever appear in the U.S. media about the existence of the Mega Group, before the publication of this EIR account); and the members each kick in $30,000 in annual dues, to cover "operating expenses" for the twice-yearly sessions.

Charles Bronfman reflected the Mega Group's propensity for secrecy, when he told the Journal's Lisa Miller, "From the beginning we didn't want to be seen as a threat to anybody. And that still pertains. We don't want to be seen as the Sanhedrin," a reference to the highest court of the ancient Jews. "We don't want to be looked at crooked." Charles' far more sinister and slick brother, Edgar, tried to dismiss the activities of the Mega Group, telling Miller, "We want to make it cool to be Jewish.""

231356  No.6957551

File: 3e8b37ec6a2e1e3⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, INFO I'M YOUR.jpg)

File: ecc2d708ed9259d⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 662x415, 662:415, NPCjones1.jpg)

File: c7086d72942d549⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 643x381, 643:381, 0 01IT.jpg)


why even bother if they were not!?

e9ef48  No.6957552


Oh man YUCK!

059271  No.6957553


Why is Acosta in the Trump Administration if he gave a sweet heart deal to a major pedophile? (I assume there's a good reason.)

4cd705  No.6957554

File: d440df77d1ffcd6⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 267x189, 89:63, cf3df150312daf57e78936f983….jpg)


Brand also in NK with the gang what were they really doing there 2009 ?Q744

edd169  No.6957555


I thought Disney was fighting the pedophiles/communists within his company

1e0049  No.6957556

>>6956798 pb

The dots connect to israel, Q.

792239  No.6957557

File: a7f93a1025b6fa7⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 375x375, 1:1, IMG_-v9dxkf.jpg)

Anybody else notice the timing of:

Epstein case comes back into the light

MSM starts talking about DeepFake.


If Handler's picture is of a security camera system, that would probably be your best line of legal defense.

Something tells me Epstein was a pedophile dirt merchant. He knew how valuable that information was, and leveraged it against people who shared his same sick tastes. Lubricate business deals, securing funding, getting spots in colleges, etc. Have enough dirt, and you can do wild stuff…

…like be accused of raping dozens of underaged girls, and doing less than two years, of which half of the day was some t out in the world.

We need specialists in graphic forensics, to get ahead of this anons. People with strong stomachs who take good notes.


923828  No.6957558



Was on the front page now here's the link


9604a7  No.6957559

File: 45f5dfce9e4e55f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1032x630, 172:105, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ae63f4888c399d2⋯.png (128.47 KB, 213x326, 213:326, ClipboardImage.png)

Tarmac…"the nail in many coffins"

f2db59  No.6957560

File: 8decb7a6a4de739⋯.png (212.95 KB, 1214x798, 607:399, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

This is the account that pulls up when I search @SharmilaW.

Its weird cause it pulls this account up with other Q accounts.

c5e3f2  No.6957561

File: 25566a598496e97⋯.png (699.83 KB, 963x647, 963:647, liddlekidz.png)


This Kinder Care reminds of Liddle Kidz. OG anons remember those digs. Just more sick s@#$!

befa78  No.6957562

Q, is this what Creepy Porn Lawyer tried blackmailing Nike with?

Child trafficking?

0212aa  No.6957563



shut up.

4b385e  No.6957564


>Marty Torrey back on the menu?

That isn't the right Marty…

eddbcf  No.6957565

File: 0f1953b180eae27⋯.png (1014.15 KB, 920x613, 920:613, ClipboardImage.png)


By 1992, Epstein was the official owner of the largest private residence in Manhattan.

In 1961, the mansion became home to the Birch Wathen School, which it remained until Leslie H. Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc., bought it in 1989 for $13,200,000. Wexner hired architect Thierry Despont and interior designer John Stefanidis to help gut the 40-room home, showing it off in the December 1995 issue of Architectural Digest (sadly, the magazine's online archives don't go back that far). In 1996, the New York Times referred to the sumptuously decorated, expensively renovated pied-à-terre as the latest "puzzling" "status symbol of the ultra rich," when it reported that Wexner never spent more than a few months in the home.

In 1995, Wexner turned the home over to Epstein, who was his protege and financial advisor because, on the face of it, his new wife "expressed greater enthusiasm for bringing up their two young children in Columbus, Ohio." Some say that Epstein paid just a dollar for the mansion.

Epstein then undertook his own renovation, not wanting "to live in another person's house." He is said to have spent $10,000,000 redoing the place. In 2007, when model Maximilia Cordero filed suit against Epstein for statutory rape and sexual assault (the suit was later dismissed), her lawyer included a description of what has by now become a legendary piece of decor chez Epstein: "[The] defendant gave plaintiff a tour of his mansion, showing her a huge crystal staircase with a huge crystal ball by the railing, ceiling chandeliers, a lounge room with red chairs, a statute [sic] of a dog with a statute [sic] of dog feces next to it.”


648e32  No.6957566

File: 08d2754bec0066d⋯.png (161.64 KB, 848x968, 106:121, ClipboardImage.png)



my take, it goes beyond the university

maybe like 66 years ago

097cab  No.6957567

Storm is strong tonight.

2d1b50  No.6957568

File: 899a29f1db693cb⋯.jpg (457.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D-4m9njWkAAClPO.jpg)


Weikipedia is part of Cabal.

c6f5d0  No.6957569

File: f1656d1d803a749⋯.png (536.49 KB, 518x777, 2:3, 45454545455454.png)


Good shit anon.

Keep at it.

Gonna grab me some software for the same.

caf146  No.6957570

The dots that connect with all of these characters is they are all pedophiles in a pedophilia club.

bc0ee7  No.6957571

File: b1487a816fe24ea⋯.jpg (192.12 KB, 612x792, 17:22, RED SCARF?.jpg)



Don't forget the red scarf.

f6923e  No.6957572

Welcome back Q! Why do I think you know how many of us didn't sleep last night…and won't sleep tonight! It's a pleasure serving! WWG1WGA!


369eff  No.6957573


I've never heard of them before now

Yes it does good catch

1e3ca7  No.6957574

Was away from net due to normies life

Came back to see fam and the boss posted

Then started looking through breads

Lady with purple hair got first reaction from anon smth like she needs a husband

Another anon commented, she needs to get rid of her 23 cats first

Next, her twat is found

Guess what she said about herself


Love ya fem, you are the best internet detectors evar

cf9f9c  No.6957575


Yes. I hope they're not all surrounded by "yes" men where no one is pointing out the elephant in the room.

Like I said, fine for the insane evil we're facing. Not fine for a healthy free country.

….what do I know….I'm just a slave believing beautiful lies.

0212aa  No.6957576


good luck trying to make CPL into a whitehat.

eb5f89  No.6957577


Could take the rest of bread, just this bread. Want a break?

c333be  No.6957578

File: 9989e0c09375501⋯.jpg (48.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2019-07-08 19.07.49.jpg)

eb3365  No.6957579

File: 1202c081abbb451⋯.png (158.97 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190708-200703.png)

Am I about an hour behind?

b62972  No.6957580


Likely that it is the correct account and she has deleted the tweet and changed profile picture since it was posted.

a04522  No.6957581


Epstein apparently had none of the infrastructure you would look for in a hedge fund, such as analysts, server farm, etc etc

0bf924  No.6957582

File: 54dd86b4fbc0cb0⋯.jpeg (321.9 KB, 799x630, 799:630, Screenshot_2019-07-08-20-….jpeg)

Victoria's Secret boss Les Wexner, the billionaire Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Duckie Thot and Winnie Harlow All work for

ee97a9  No.6957583


you forgot to include NYS 20th CD was John Sweeney - a dig all on it's own…. he was replaced by Gillibrand

231356  No.6957584

File: 664e269765d1a51⋯.png (21.44 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 0 LAUGH.png)


i thought disney was under government control specifically the SEE EYE AYE since WWII when they sent Walt on vacation or you do not dig that deep?

b74992  No.6957585


sauce it with connections of logistics and management. we don't do flimsy around here despite what you see on twatter.

399432  No.6957586


You are the subversion

9301b2  No.6957587

File: 51045d6240375a5⋯.png (629.91 KB, 970x544, 485:272, DAVIDS CAPITAL.png)


you think Q doesn't know that?

…don't get it twisted though, just as many AMERICANS have their hand caught in the cookie jar.

but YES.

we have enemies in MANY COUNTRIES… including ISRAEL

7d9669  No.6957588

>>6957150 (lb)

>>6957224 (lb)


bc2971  No.6957589


Godfather I

df6e61  No.6957590

The only thing between me, President Clinton, and Les Wexner was the red velvet rope. So cool

It was a sold-out crowd of 500 New Albany supporters in the Party Barn, which is an amazing structure with its timber frame construction. It is by far the most beautiful barn I will ever see. The guests were wined and dined and some very prestigious awards were given before the President took the stage and talked about his group, The Clinton Foundation, and the work they are doing in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in 2010. While his speech was intriguing (and challenging because he really got on a roll) ==high on coc== the moment that will remain in the forefront of my memory is when he and I made eye contact and exchanged a smile.


76699b  No.6957591


Thanks anon but I can't guarantee I'll be back at the top of next bread. Bread is moving fast.

o7 fren

277e31  No.6957592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There is more to this…


befa78  No.6957593


Fkin shill.

Black mail does not equal 'white hat'


330ab4  No.6957594


Sneaky Spoopy Baker Comms

eef262  No.6957595


Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

In the Trump Administration, Acosta is tempted to contact his buddies, bringing more darkness to light because he is under scrutiny.

63e096  No.6957596


The real question is, How many kids were kidnapped that actually at some point attended KinderCare ?

94eb86  No.6957597

From: https: //voat.co/v/pizzagate/2496021

https:// wexarts.org/ Should be researched for Money Laundering

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wexner_Center_for_the_Arts

The $43 million Wexner Center, commissioned by Ohio State University, was named after the father of Leslie H. Wexner, chairman of Limited Brands, an Ohio native and Ohio State alumnus who pledged $25 million to the project.[2] Peter Eisenman won the design competition for the Wexner in 1983 over four other, more experienced finalists: Cesar Pelli; Michael Graves; Kallmann McKinnell & Wood; and Arthur Erickson. (Each was paired with a local architect.)[2] Progressive Architecture magazine devoted a whole issue to the building even before it was finished; architects like Philip Johnson, Richard Meier and Charles Gwathmey convened in Columbus to mark the building's completion with a public forum on the state of American architecture.[3]

FUN FACT During its three-year renovation between 2002 and 2005, the Wexner relocated its galleries in a former coffin factory two miles away, while the performing arts and film programs continued at the center. It typically drew 200,000 to 250,000 visitors a year before the renovation.[2] In November 2005, the Wexner Center reopened.

Also mentions the following:

>Jean Luc Brunel Modeling Agency MC2 who engaged in child trafficking for Epstein

https:// jezebel.com/the-sex-trafficking-model-scout-5603638

2d1b50  No.6957598


sorry for the typo

b120ed  No.6957599

File: 0c9f86ffd76c0dd⋯.png (85.12 KB, 1123x794, 1123:794, sedition2.png)

File: d48259c8568234a⋯.jpg (72.65 KB, 672x372, 56:31, vril_dali2.jpg)


a97c1f  No.6957600

File: 1b060f47f5a33e5⋯.png (346.44 KB, 605x426, 605:426, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ecd60c87efe0b40⋯.png (87.85 KB, 667x1285, 667:1285, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 10cf76a0bda9a70⋯.png (123.51 KB, 735x1695, 49:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70052b5ef5de4e3⋯.png (51.2 KB, 698x840, 349:420, ClipboardImage.png)

The Shapiro Murder File

Police accidently release a report linking

Leslie Wexner and the Mob

Bob Bytes Back: Archive 7/16/98 June 16, 2019


The ghost of Arthur Shapiro—a prominent local attorney who was slain in a 1985 “mob-style murder”—continues to haunt the City of Columbus. Shapiro’s doomed soul was resurrected recently when the Columbus Division of Police released the controversial—and once believed destroyed—document investigating his death. Columbus Alive obtained a copy of the “Shapiro Homicide Investigation: Analysis and Hypothesis” report through a public records request on Friday. As previously reported in Alive, the report confirms that the name of central Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner was linked “with associates reputed to be organized crime figures.” The names of businessman Jack Kessler, former Columbus City Council President and current Wexner associate Jerry Hammond and current City Council member Les Wright also appear in the report.

In June 1991, the document’s potentially explosive revelations caused Columbus Police Chief James G. Jackson to order the public record destroyed the same month it was completed. When confronted by Channel 4 News with the document last week, Jackson said, “I thought I got rid of it.” He termed the report “scandalous.” Another high-ranking law enforcement official familiar with the Shapiro investigation disagrees. “The report is a viable and valuable document in an open murder investigation, although it’s a horrible mistake to make it public,” the official said last week. City Attorney Janet Jackson called Columbus Alive Tuesday and confirmed that the unredacted document was accidentally released to Alive in response to our public-information request. The report “was released quite frankly in error,” Jackson said, adding that publication of its details could be “very embarrassing” to many people.


0212aa  No.6957601


anytime i see Trudeau pulled into this scumfest i find renewed hope.

eb1fe2  No.6957602

File: 346f15ec0e96136⋯.png (285.65 KB, 1080x849, 360:283, Screenshot_20190708-200542….png)

File: 4dce0b0512b61ce⋯.png (273.82 KB, 1050x1505, 30:43, Screenshot_20190708-200553….png)

File: 170cd7e17c86f88⋯.png (337.9 KB, 1080x1703, 1080:1703, Screenshot_20190708-200622….png)



Start Young

42c133  No.6957603

File: 9cacd95aadcce2a⋯.jpeg (706.01 KB, 1125x1156, 1125:1156, F9F58477-A27B-45C1-A452-E….jpeg)


Can they charge him if he’s running?

Is anyone else feeling a little relief from the tension that’s been building here for weeks? I’m crying both tears of joy and of such sorrow for these kids. My GOD. Just getting started. I love you guys so much. I’ll be wiping my tears in a minute. Need to take a moment and pray.

Don’t forget it is absolutely a spiritual battle. Use the right weapons frens.

In Jesus’s name!

59310e  No.6957604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b05ef6  No.6957605

File: c7f6d10cac35beb⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 720x429, 240:143, 20190709_015100.jpg)

File: 54d26497b387700⋯.jpg (488.57 KB, 540x2063, 540:2063, 20190709_015031.jpg)


….He has also helped to create cadres of effective, passionate Jewish volunteer, professional and government leaders in North America and Israel…


65cc9b  No.6957606

File: c6c4689d449c3a0⋯.png (245.8 KB, 583x428, 583:428, jewovertarget.png)

7f276a  No.6957607

File: 4a7bef25f43be09⋯.png (338.81 KB, 1000x850, 20:17, ClipboardImage.png)


>Kindercare logo

d04062  No.6957608



a3585c  No.6957609

File: 0b2897a40553e0f⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 319x158, 319:158, ghislaine maxwell chelsea ….jpg)


Looky who was at Chelsea's wedding…

Paid for by money they exploited from Haiti and attended by rich Mossad assets.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's besty and pedo procurer. But yeahhhhhhh, Bill dindu nuffin.

5d344f  No.6957610


That was WilkesBarre August 2 2018. Same rally as when that weird Kate chick showed up. Q supporter, um hmm.

a98744  No.6957611

File: 8aa4ef06ff6fa01⋯.png (82.33 KB, 260x194, 130:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e8b693a67953231⋯.png (108.83 KB, 255x198, 85:66, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e34f8d15c546a3a⋯.png (89.23 KB, 259x195, 259:195, ClipboardImage.png)


All kinds of hidden pedo shit in Disney. I remember some of these from the '90's.

eb5f89  No.6957612


God bless you, baker-fren, o7.

4f1a81  No.6957613

File: b667bedc054dd72⋯.jpeg (22.21 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 6201222A-7E09-45CF-9FD3-A….jpeg)


She’s gorgeous.

I’m glad she is safe now and healing.

She’s a strong woman, proud of her.

Hope she ditches the nose ring tho.

d04062  No.6957614



097cab  No.6957615

Q, make them paddle to GITMO.

1a5c60  No.6957616

File: 1e213eb81364078⋯.jpg (77.11 KB, 1000x670, 100:67, 1000x-1.jpg)

File: 55d6b138df11fd5⋯.jpg (44.64 KB, 618x412, 3:2, HarveyLevin.jpg)

File: 5015ec31d61052a⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 618x412, 3:2, GeraldoRivera.jpg)

File: b1b0e70e85031ce⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 618x412, 3:2, JeffreyToobin.jpg)

File: d3b4f8523be72cf⋯.jpg (57.19 KB, 618x412, 3:2, GregJarret.jpg)


WHO will be made famous this time around?

People v OJ Simpson: 11 TV Personalities Who Got Their Big Break Covering the Case (Photos)

From Eliot Spitzer to Nancy Grace and Harvey Levin, some of TV’s biggest stars owe their careers to the Trial of the Century

People v OJ Simpson: 11 TV Personalities Who Got Their Big Break Covering the Case (Photos)

From Eliot Spitzer to Nancy Grace and Harvey Levin, some of TV’s biggest stars owe their careers to the Trial of the Century

7d9669  No.6957617

>>6957251 (lb)

Anon, tell the police. Call the FBI hotline. God bless you.

fa42bb  No.6957618

Can someone help me out here?

What is going to happen about the Island and his plane?

If you read the affidavit, it ONLY mentions the houses in the states.

They said that the charges are from activities from ONLY the houses in the state.

ZERO mention on "Lolita Express"

OR Little St. James Island

Not within jurisdiction? If that's the case, how does it all work then??

He did a lot of the shit with other shits to girls on the island & plane

1e0049  No.6957619


No shit. But some normies and boomers would refuse to believe our greatest ally could do any wrong

0212aa  No.6957620


my apologies anon, you are correct… i read your comment as an apology for CPL.

my bad.

cf5ab3  No.6957621

History of Rachel Chandler's family, building of the Port in Long beach, Epstein Connections, Celebrity pedogate and a secret service agent


399432  No.6957622


Because that deal set this all up possibly, now Epstein is a convicted sex trafficker who doesnt have much of a defense against these new charges.

64b3d2  No.6957623

File: 013fb09168ceb5b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1447x862, 1447:862, Montage1.png)

How deed does the Rabbit hole go?

Very deep……….

Pic related.

Mrs. Wexner is the CEO of Whitebarn Associates, a private investment company. She serves on the boards of LBrands, Inc., Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., the KIPP Foundation, Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership, The Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, the Columbus Partnership, Pelotonia, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, The Wexner Foundation, The Wexner Center Foundation and the United States Equestrian Team Foundation. She is founding board member and vice chair of the board for KIPP Columbus, founder and chair of the board for The Center for Family Safety and Healing and a past chair of the Governing Committee of the Columbus Foundation. Mrs. Wexner also held a presidential appointment to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc

Do I need to say more?….


9ff094  No.6957624


>#Mad Hatters

The brokers.

Who are the other Mad Hatters?

c5e3f2  No.6957625


Obama was doing it. Although I think he was more on the Branson pedo program, instead of the Epstein pedo program. Epstein included murder slaughter fun. I think Branson was just the pedo fun. Sick bastards!!!

3cd63e  No.6957626

File: 5d769dba72288d8⋯.png (40.04 KB, 480x401, 480:401, 5d769dba72288d8dbbe3bfa2d2….png)


Time to laugh at YOU now retard.

735e1f  No.6957627


Epstein was involved with Hoffenberg in other questionable transactions. Financial records show that in 1988 Epstein invested $1.6 million in Riddell Sports Inc., a company that manufactures football helmets. Among his co-investors were the theater mogul Robert Nederlander and attorney Leonard Toboroff. A source close to this transaction claims that Epstein told Nederlander and Toboroff that he had raised his share of the money from a Swiss banker, whose identity they could not be allowed to know. But Hoffenberg has claimed the money came from him, and Towers’s financial statements for that year show a loan to Epstein of $400,000. (Epstein has said he can’t remember the details and has disputed the accuracy of the Towers financial reports.)


Around the same time, Nederlander and Toboroff let Epstein come in with them on a scheme to make money out of Pennwalt, a Pennsylvania chemical company. The plan was to group together with two other parties to take a substantial declared position in the stock. According to a source, Epstein was supposed to help Nederlander and Toboroff raise $15 million. He seemed to fail to find other investors, say those familiar with the deal. (Epstein has said he was merely an investor.) He invested $1 million, which he told his co-investors was his own money. But in his 1989 deposition he said that he put in only $300,000 of his own money. Where did the rest come from? Hoffenberg has said it came from him, in a loan that Nederlander and Toboroff didn’t know about.


Then, after the opportunity for new investors was closed, co-investors recall Epstein announcing that he’d found one at last: Dick Snyder, then C.E.O. of the publisher Simon & Schuster, who wanted to put up approximately $500,000. (Neither Epstein nor Snyder can now recall the investment. Yet in the 1989 deposition Epstein said that he had recruited Snyder, whom he had met socially, into the deal.)

According to a source, Toboroff and Nederlander told Epstein that Snyder was too late, but, without their realizing it, Hoffenberg has claimed, Snyder wrote a check to Hoffenberg and bought out some of his investment. But then Snyder wanted out.

“Nederlander started to get these irate calls from [Snyder,] who wasn’t part of the deal, saying he was owed all this money,” says someone close to the deal. Toboroff and Nederlander were baffled.

Eventually, a source close to Hoffenberg says, Hoffenberg paid Snyder off.


Meanwhile, he is also less than popular with some people outside Wexner’s company with whom he now deals. “He ‘inserted’ himself into the construction process of Leslie Wexner’s yacht…. That resulted in litigation down the road between Mr. Wexner and the shipyard that eventually built the vessel,” says Lars Forsberg, a lawyer whose firm at the time, Dickerson and Reily, was hired to deal with litigation stemming from the construction of Wexner’s Limitless—at 315 feet, one of the largest private yachts in the world. Evidently, Epstein stalled on paying Dickerson and Reily for its work. “It’s probably once or twice in my legal career that I’ve had to sue a client for payment of services that he’d requested and we’d performed … without issue on the performance,” says Forsberg. In the end the matter was settled, but Epstein claims he now has no recollection of it.

The incident is one of a number of disputes Epstein has become embroiled in. Some are for sums so tiny as to be baffling; for instance, Epstein sued investment adviser Herbert Glass, who sold him the Palm Beach house in 1990, for $13,444—Epstein claimed this was owed him for furnishings removed by Glass.

In 1998 the U.S. Attorney’s Office sued Epstein for illegally subletting the former home of the deputy consul general of Iran to attorney Ivan Fisher and others. Epstein paid $15,000 a month in rent to the State Department, but he charged Fisher and his colleagues $20,000. Though the exact terms of the agreement are sealed, the court ruled against Epstein.

Wexner offers some insight into his friend’s combative style. “Many times people confuse winning and losing,” Wexner says. “Jeffrey has the unusual quality of knowing when he is winning. Whether in conversations or negotiations, he always stands back and lets the other person determine the style and manner of the conversation or negotiation. And then he responds in their style. Jeffrey sees it in chivalrous terms. He does not pick a fight, but if there is a fight, he will let you choose your weapon.”

One case is rather more serious. Currently, Citibank is suing Epstein for defaulting on loans from its private-banking arm for $20 million. Epstein claims that Citibank “fraudulently induced” him into borrowing the money for investments. Citibank disputes this charge.

f50294  No.6957628


Setting up supply routes for dear old JE

c9624c  No.6957629


So many tranny's in the Victoria's Secret stable.

dd7ddd  No.6957630


Add Aeropostale to that list. Sister company.

Bath & Bodyworks is also a sister company of Limited—Victoria’s Secret…

eb5f89  No.6957631


Yeah, looks pretty spoopy all right. Better do a dig, red text fren.

330ab4  No.6957632


Hop IPs like the pros do

2fc255  No.6957633






- -

- - -

See the difference?

c7e957  No.6957634

File: c22fad9efe760c3⋯.png (324.96 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20190708-171215.png)

>>6957153 (lb)

Of course KinderKare is HQ in Portland, OR. Wonder if it's ties to Antifa somehow.

2abb03  No.6957635


it goes very deed

ee97a9  No.6957636

File: 3a3583bc8b7f586⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, 113_big_revised_safe.png)




this was my take on the Santa at the rally

372b48  No.6957637


Wasn’t the woman who accused Potus of rape (Epstein connection) in 2016 ALSO named Katie???

bd9ee4  No.6957638

File: 723b0dd4460f5a5⋯.gif (19.69 KB, 450x450, 1:1, KinderCarelogo.gif)

File: 5bf0efb2b92afa4⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 199x300, 199:300, DeceptionPaulBoggs-199x300.jpg)

File: fdc014c45c0f860⋯.jpeg (16.54 KB, 225x300, 3:4, KinderCare1-225x300.jpeg)

File: 26b1dedac8b8333⋯.jpeg (18.45 KB, 225x300, 3:4, KinderCare2-225x300.jpeg)










In his book “Deception: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of Newgrange”, Christian scholar and author Paul Boggs exposes KinderCare (KKR), whose logo is a stylized pyramid and a capstone containing six notches. To satanists, the six notches represent man above God. You’ll notice the KinderCare logo is identical to the occult pyramids flaunted by Sacramento Kings Basketball owner, Mark Friedman; The IRS Headquarters; and former CIA director/US President George H. W. Bush, who has been photographed holding a replica of the satanic pyramid on his lap. You will notice there are 3 sets of 6 notches, equating to the number of the Beast, which is 666.

KinderCare, Inc., is a leading child care provider which operates 1,149 centers in 39 US states, and has childcare contracts with both The Walt Disney Company and The Lego Group. KLC has in the past been accused of operating an international pedophile ring. In 1999, a director for KinderCare (Martin Gibbons), was charged with two counts of 1st degree child molestation. KinderCare’s Babylonian Talmudist owner, Henry Kravis, is very close friends with former CIA director George H. W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and the Rockefeller family.


fd7a91  No.6957639


>Leslie Wexner

I remember when so many people were talking about how they got pretty damn pedophillic in their advertisements all those years ago. YES i do believe the use these to advert the slaves for sale… thats how they use 17 magazine yet when anyone points that shit out… oh your reading into it! BULLSHIT!

9ff094  No.6957640



Sorry Anons.

8a8a33  No.6957641


There’s gotta be more to this 50,000sq ft townhouse than we know….

Any hints Q??

bc0ee7  No.6957642

File: bab6595b7624ee8⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1200x1863, 400:621, Dig pray meme.png)


I hear you anon. Trust the plan.

Be thankful this is happening. Dig, pray and meme. o7

42d911  No.6957643


>the les wexner foundation and the israeli deep state - Hebrew Sources

Nice dig anon.



e944fb  No.6957644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mila Kunis did several commercials for them( almost becoming a spokesperson basically)

She is married to Ashton Kutcher who has been one of the celebs who is vocal about child trafficking and has related charities.

They are on our radar of cabal pedo traffickers from past digs.

So the fire could be an accident, or covering something up?

650efd  No.6957645

>6957154 PB

This is notable

837d08  No.6957646

File: f8b11fffa2cd185⋯.png (125.72 KB, 280x210, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

330ab4  No.6957647


Trust but Verify

c5e3f2  No.6957648


Probably. More MK Ultra type shit.

15f80a  No.6957649

File: 6562b2df4dfe5bc⋯.png (682.74 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 4D4C0624-4C61-41C3-825C-98….png)


Chelsea has a much longer internment ahead.

befa78  No.6957650


I'm sorry too Anon, I shouldn't have jumped on you.


735e1f  No.6957651


yes it has, impossible to get entire thing in here.

The Bear Stearns connections, tutoring grrenberg's son etc and then claiming citibank duped him into borrowing money.

What a faggot.

3b9dcb  No.6957652


Les Wexner Clown Connections:


While Epstein was managing Wexner's money it would have been hard for him not to notice that the latter's company was importing clothing from Hon Kong on an airline run by the CIA. Southern Air Transport has a long history of drug smuggling going back to Vietnam era. It's regularly scheduled flights from Hon Kong for The Limited were the cornerstone of the local development push to convert Rickenbacker Air Base to Rickenbacker Airport in the 1990s. Southern Air Transport also operated the C-123 Globemaster that was shot down in Nicaragua, an event which touched off the Iran-Contra revelations.

At the same time that Rickenbacker became a transport hub for cargo carried by CIA backed airline that was both known to smuggle drugs and involved in the Iran-Contra affair, Wexner's connections to organized crime were named in a Columbus Police intelligence report. A trucking company linked to the mob was also named in that report. That trucking company carried up thirty percent of The Limited's ground cargo. The CIA handled the air cargo, the mob handled the ground cargo and Epstein balanced the books. This peculiar set of business arrangements seem to shed light on the need for multiple armored Mercedes and phones that go to command centers.

Southern Air Transport ran into money trouble and it's route was taken over by Evergreen Aviation, which also had a history of connection to the CIA. Evergreen, despite it's own recent financial problems, still keeps one Boeing 747 in Columbus and still maintains regular service to Hon Kong. The only terminal that can serve that aircraft is owned by Landmark Aviation.

37a46b  No.6957654

File: ea9eb1b7c8876f7⋯.jpeg (780.34 KB, 1123x1872, 1123:1872, 20A7BF14-DB75-440F-B463-7….jpeg)

File: 59d79b64072dcc7⋯.jpeg (491.21 KB, 1242x837, 46:31, 8EC50095-A8E9-4964-8212-9….jpeg)

File: ff420df7373338f⋯.jpeg (898.99 KB, 1242x890, 621:445, 108BA1F8-5376-48D9-960E-E….jpeg)

File: ed5bfeb486e34ba⋯.jpeg (388.3 KB, 685x1417, 685:1417, F5C8DFE6-69A7-4C4D-B268-E….jpeg)

Who is the Hatter????

Also, if Hillary =Alice, who is the rabbit?

1a5c60  No.6957655

File: b15a00172b8a0e5⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 618x412, 3:2, JeaninePirro.jpg)

File: d64f7f24bbe3e52⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 618x412, 3:2, GretaVanSusteren2.jpg)

File: a21d7d56cc2db7c⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 618x412, 3:2, DavidGregory.jpg)

File: 4cf86fef67513a0⋯.jpg (82.81 KB, 618x412, 3:2, StarJones.jpg)

File: 4ea2d469721f0be⋯.jpg (60.57 KB, 618x412, 3:2, NancyGrace.jpg)



There are going to be new household names made with Epstein case if it goes to CourtTV.

PRAY it does and cameras are let in for wall to wall coverage just like the OJ case.

fa42bb  No.6957656

File: 3f93fc227245fa5⋯.png (561.41 KB, 1366x693, 1366:693, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-07….png)

The MISCODED plane is back again

be65cc  No.6957657

File: e52ff07adae780f⋯.jpg (129.55 KB, 634x845, 634:845, EPdoor.jpg)

File: 02e02ccb2b83583⋯.jpg (59.75 KB, 634x455, 634:455, EPdr.jpg)

==POTUS opened the door of all doors.=


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Qwfs7lfI No.150214731

Nov 20 2017 13:12:14 (EST)

POTUS opened the door of all doors. ←–

Expand your thinking.

What is the keystone?


891305  No.6957658


>>>6957589 >>6957595

I wonder if a part of The Plan is to address secret Presidential pardons given to DS members. Put them back into positions of influence, DS needs to burn these assets by having them commit new crimes / treasonous-seditious acts, White Hats can now prosecute and still preserve the Rule of Law.

d70090  No.6957659


Voat followed the Laybourne rabbit hole pretty damn deep:

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/3072826

76699b  No.6957660


>>6957362 Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

>>6957364 Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey) dig.

>>6957349, >>6957365, >>6957469, >>6957482, >>6957527,>>6957517, >>6957550, >>6957597, >>6957510, >>6957627 Continued Wexner / Epstein dig.

>>6957343 Les Wexner's forest pool.

Baker Requesting Handoff

1ff6ba  No.6957661

File: 3893716b82a3fb2⋯.png (113.69 KB, 960x305, 192:61, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


Possible organ harvesting connections?

231356  No.6957662

File: 8a0adafcca0a105⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 686x960, 343:480, 1c92ea426652a9759a1af5af95….jpg)

oh no Wilbur, that symbology is not necessarily Christian yet it rings of truth especially now with this Q thing!

Just ramblings of the Devil, Dear…

5be99b  No.6957663

File: f18d92cf6ac205d⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1200x632, 150:79, f18d92cf6ac205d55a93baa8da….png)


a18113  No.6957664

Concernfag alert

This is NOT illegal. GTFO


372b48  No.6957665

Q mentioned MODELING and trafficking. This is what Q was referring to.

I’m phonefagging - hard to search.

Can Anyone post?

7c45a2  No.6957666

Are indictments coming for Brennan & Clapper blackmail of SCJ Roberts? Is this one of the next shoes to drop?

a04522  No.6957667


Great, a freakin' pyramid.

6615f2  No.6957668


I was planning on sleeping tonight.

(I'm full of shit. I never sleep. But I do still have a busy AF day tomorrow so I was going to call it earlier than usual. And theeeeeen…. Q.)

c9624c  No.6957669

Limited Brands is based in Columbus, OH, Kasich has to be tied to this somehow.

5d344f  No.6957670


Honestly do not know anything about that, Anon.

9604a7  No.6957671

File: ad298004e2d70e1⋯.png (57.29 KB, 526x260, 263:130, ClipboardImage.png)

Octaevius Altair's pinned tweet includes an article on "Boylove related issues":


242fd9  No.6957672


Reminds me of Rachel Chandler's IG. It is almost like they are displaying the clothes for us to buy and the models for ((them)) to buy.

c333be  No.6957673

File: 9d07a21ebc4a8e9⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2019-07-08 19.13.26.jpg)

9301b2  No.6957674

File: 4034926fbccad6d⋯.png (718.31 KB, 970x611, 970:611, CHRISTIANS UNITED_ JOINTKE….png)

File: 07f09352553c46e⋯.png (636.02 KB, 970x618, 485:309, CHRISTIANS UNITED_KEKFORCE….png)


no doubt.

but we MUST take into consideration the other side of the coin…

if the enemy can get US to turn against Russia and/or Israel… ((they)) win.

so just like we are 'not blaming the ENTIRE FBI' for the shortcomings of the few…

we CANNOT point our finger to 'ISRAEL' in it's entirety as the enemy.

THAT is why DJT is in such a tough situation…

we are trying to SAVE humanity, and show Israel we are here to HELP… all while wiping out the wickedness (that is mainly COMING FROM THERE)

it's a fckk'd if you do funkk'd if you don't scenario unless we execute this with ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.

648e32  No.6957675

File: b29abbd02f2848c⋯.png (168.61 KB, 1490x833, 1490:833, ClipboardImage.png)



also a member of the trilateral commission, btw

6615f2  No.6957676



Also, Kinder is German.

Cuz notsees.

bc2971  No.6957677


Oregon is home to all the kid fuckers iirc. They don't make you register if you're an offender out of state?

I forget the details but I"m pretty sure Oregon sex offender rate is 3x the national average due to "friendly" laws.

330ab4  No.6957678

File: 8672840bc244b5a⋯.png (302.39 KB, 497x500, 497:500, toots-makeitadouble2.png)


Toots was one once

94eb86  No.6957679

>Person of Interest - Leslie Wexner (Epstein's Mentor and Patron)

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1548489

>It may be fruitful to look into the Epstein and Wexner connection as well as The Clothing Shop Network.


>I have discovered websites that masquerade as clothing shops but I strongly suspect sell children. Some sites do not even display any children at all. It is from pedo's instagram accounts that I found these places. They have pictures of clothes in certain patterns that have some hidden meaning.

3965fa  No.6957680

File: 0bdefd3156d2896⋯.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2048x2177, 2048:2177, 90E616C7-05EE-4BC3-944C-B….jpeg)


Pretty good article with Wexler, Epsteid, Mossad…


927abb  No.6957681

File: 77f38cc52d38d57⋯.jpg (6.57 KB, 279x180, 31:20, index.jpg)


what kind of lawyer would human traffickers need/

and from PAK, no less. Awan-na know moar.

64929e  No.6957682

File: cf60eb1f50a98f2⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1254x498, 209:83, ClipboardImage.png)

7d9669  No.6957683

File: 6c46cf31bc02943⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 474x353, 474:353, cat.jpg)

4bb7ad  No.6957684

Can't wait for Richard Goodstein to be found to be the wretched prop shill that he is.

What a joke. A traitor to mankind.

735e1f  No.6957685

File: 8494d34cbdb1450⋯.jpg (98.78 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, larry summers.jpg)


Still, the recent spate of publicity Epstein has inspired does not seem to have fazed him. In November he was spotted in the front row of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory; around the same time the usual coterie of friends and beautiful women were whisked off to Little St. James (which he tells people has been renamed Little St. Jeff) for a long weekend.

Thanks to Epstein’s introductions, says Martin Nowak, the biologist finds himself moving from Princeton to Harvard, where he is assuming the joint position of professor of mathematics and professor of biology. Epstein has pledged at least $25 million to Harvard to create the Epstein Program for Mathematical Biology and Evolutionary Dynamics, and Epstein will have an office at the university. The program will be dedicated to searching for nature’s algorithms, a pursuit that is a specialty of Nowak’s. For Epstein this must be the summit of everything he has worked toward: he has been seen proudly displaying Harvard president Larry Summers’s letter of commitment as if he can’t quite believe it is real. He says he was reluctant to have his name attached to the program, but Summers persuaded him. He rang his mentor Wexner about it, and Wexner told him it was all right.

An insatiable, restless soul, always on the move, Epstein builds a tremendous amount of downtime into his hectic work schedule. Yet there is something almost programmed about his relaxation: it’s as if even pleasure has to be measured in terms of self-improvement. Nowak says that, when he goes to stay with Epstein in the Caribbean, they’ll get up at six and, as the sun rises, have three-hour conversations about theoretical physics. “Then he’ll go off and do some work, re-appear, and we’ll talk some more.”

Another person who went to the island with Epstein, Maxwell, and several beautiful women remembers that the women “sat around one night teasing him about the kinds of grasping women who might want to date him. He was amused by the idea…. He’s like a king in his own world.”

Many people comment there is something innocent, almost childlike about Jeffrey Epstein. They see this as refreshing, given the sophistication of his surroundings. Alan Dershowitz says that, as he was getting to know Epstein, his wife asked him if he would still be close to him if Epstein suddenly filed for bankruptcy. Dershowitz says he replied, “Absolutely. I would be as interested in him as a friend if we had hamburgers on the boardwalk in Coney Island and talked about his ideas.”


277e31  No.6957686



His plea will give him 20 months or so of time behind bars here in the states before he fries abroad.

837d08  No.6957687

File: f8b11fffa2cd185⋯.png (125.72 KB, 280x210, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 76abd977d85d073⋯.png (1.02 MB, 870x540, 29:18, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c1cdfffdb55365⋯.png (1.36 MB, 933x700, 933:700, ClipboardImage.png)


I dont think their logo has ever been changed.

So obviously a pyramid.

fd7a91  No.6957688


The Creepy Porn of Abercrombie & Fitch: Are Parents Blind?

"Once billed as "The Greatest Sporting Goods Store in the World," the company is now one of the hottest retailers to youth, who are glad to advertise the store's name on their T-shirts, cargo shorts, and underwear. The chain has 625 stores, most located in upscale suburban shopping malls and trendy retail settings. The company also operates "Abercrombie" stores for younger adolescents and over 100 off-brand "Hollisters" stores for high schoolers. Trust me, your kids know where they are.

The stores feature huge black-and-white photographs of young male and female models wearing a minimum of clothing and showing a maximum of skin. The images are what the postmodernists call "transgressive," in that they subversively imply sexual situations that, if portrayed more overtly, would offend. This is most glaringly apparent in the company's use of homoerotic imagery with boys and young men, who are shown cavorting suggestively with one another and resting on each others' naked chests. If you saw this on the lawn of your local high school, you would hit the gas, lock the doors, and take your son promptly home. Instead, parents are shelling out the cash for their sons and daughters to wear the company's logo on their clothing.

But the really blatant porn is found in the company's frisky catalogue, or "magalog" as it is called. Over the past few years, Abercrombie and Fitch has developed this product into some of the most pornographic and sexually explicit material to get in kid's hands–and they are getting it.

The latest edition of the quarterly catalogue is just out as the Back to School Issue 2003: The Sex Ed Issue. Oh, it's an education, alright. One quick look will be an education for America's parents.

Let me put this as delicately as I can. This catalogue is filled with naked youth–boys and girls–involved in suggested sexual activities including heterosexual intercourse, group sex, exhibitionism, and homosexuality. Got your attention? The "Greatest Sporting Goods Store in the World" has moved on to new sports, and the players aren't wearing clothes."


20e417  No.6957689

File: e8d0461f1a4e54d⋯.jpg (93.59 KB, 685x861, 685:861, D2JtxwsWkAAlvuS.jpg)

File: f354dd8f5c17574⋯.png (235.53 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 8654752-3x2-700x467.png)

e4c619  No.6957690

File: 5c89bab21f0d6c6⋯.png (459.3 KB, 1024x408, 128:51, ClipboardImage.png)

Hopefully this guy gets some protection.

df6e61  No.6957691

HSBC = Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank-o-China


The files reflect a spectrum of royalty, from King Mohammed VI of Morocco to the Crown prince of Bahrain, Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, the beloved cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England, to dozens of members of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family. Many were partial or full beneficial owners of accounts. The role of the King of Morocco was not specified.

Business figures and political donors from the U.S. include the billionaire owner of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain, Les Wexner, who in 2012 donated $250,000 to a super PAC supporting former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney; the Israeli diamond-dealing Steinmetz family, and the financier and philanthropist S. Donald Sussman, whose account predated his marriage to Democratic Congresswoman Chellie Pingree of Maine.

A representative for Sussman said the account was not his, adding that he had made a passive investment in a technology venture fund. The representative said it was this fund that had the account, the existence of which he learned for the first time when questioned by ICIJ. “Mr. Sussman’s investments were minority interests,” the spokesman said, “and he had no involvement in the funds’ management, investment decisions, or other activities.”

An analysis of the files by ICIJ shows that many individuals linked to accounts took extra precautions to protect their identities, even though HSBC staff repeatedly assured customers they were already bound by tight Swiss banking secrecy.

Clinton Foundation Donors

The files show Richard Caring, a major donor to British politics, transferring $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit set up by the former U.S. President Bill Clinton with the stated mission to “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.”

The donation to the Clinton Foundation was requested in December 2005. The previous month, Caring funded a champagne and caviar extravaganza at Catherine the Great’s Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia, flying in 450 guests to be entertained by Sir Elton John and Tina Turner and addressed by Bill Clinton. The event raised more than £11 million for a children’s charity.

A number of other prominent donors to the Clinton Foundation appear in the files, including the Canadian businessman Frank Giustra and German motor racing superstar Michael Schumacher, a seven-time Formula One champion. A representative of Schumacher, who is listed as a beneficial owner of an account closed in 2002, told ICIJ that he is a long-term resident of Switzerland.

A spokesman for the Clinton Foundation told The Guardian it “has strong donor integrity and transparency practices that go well beyond what is required of U.S. charities, including the full disclosure of all of our donors.”

08c997  No.6957692


Oi, faggot, why don't you post the picture that "Toots" is intended to emulate.

Let's see your hand.

(Don't mind being face doxxed; I'm a handsome fucker)

1204e9  No.6957693

File: 4be552ff7beb0cd⋯.jpg (222.68 KB, 800x533, 800:533, dkekMapyQRdA.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

dc2923  No.6957694



So it’s the water supply event!

HRC was interested in assessing the outcome of an event in NY using the “watch the water” supply.

6f72c2  No.6957695

File: b7202e537ec0ecf⋯.png (163.18 KB, 1000x1117, 1000:1117, little_caesars_character.png)

837d08  No.6957696

File: f7e290917c38a18⋯.png (5.1 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

caf146  No.6957697


I had a thought that Epstein was the Keystone. But it’s a guess.

8a8a33  No.6957698


Ray Chandler creepy “models”

5d344f  No.6957699


I'm wondering similarly, Anon. Also wonder will his assets be frozen under RICO?

d0a169  No.6957700

Am I late to the party and anons already know Naomi Campbell is the link and dot to Victoria secrets and Epstein?

ee97a9  No.6957701

File: 4a5a336e51ad49a⋯.jpg (584.98 KB, 1080x1373, 1080:1373, Union_Train_Station_Portla….JPG)

File: 60191d3b3a7f71c⋯.jpg (259.52 KB, 1158x1338, 193:223, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….jpg)

File: 7906c782f15fb1d⋯.jpg (362.81 KB, 1810x1116, 905:558, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….jpg)


KinderKare is in Portland so is voodoo donuts and right by voodoo is the union station

71ce94  No.6957702



42d911  No.6957703


>the les wexner foundation and the israeli deep state - Hebrew Sources

This is exactly what the Jewish left did here after establishing themselves as a formidable force in the Universities. Unfortunately, we are evil Hitler loving Anti-Semites if we so much as simply show the institutions and people involved.

If we can get this to gain some traction it may start a red-pilling that the reeeeeing of anti-semitism will fall on deaf ears. Doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

e60927  No.6957704


She’s russian jewish…

c97445  No.6957705

File: 67712e0436425f6⋯.png (569.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, PEPE-anon-N-newfag.png)

File: d3536afb4443ace⋯.png (49.39 KB, 353x352, 353:352, pepe-anon-newfag-fork.png)

File: c08870c34689886⋯.png (251.99 KB, 648x382, 324:191, pepe-newfag-no-feed.png)

File: 33fb6c2bc3e7cae⋯.png (574.67 KB, 788x718, 394:359, pepe-newfag-in-toilet.png)


It's nice to see memes in the wild.

have a few more for use as you see fit.


2e8f49  No.6957706

>>6957609 Epstein's Madam Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding


a3c624  No.6957707

File: eb788f84566b09c⋯.jpg (321.88 KB, 1146x837, 382:279, July2019.jpg)

349bd6  No.6957708


I'm with you fellow Leaf

372c5e  No.6957709


"As already reported on Voat, Greta Van Susteren gave her name to the "Greta Home and Academy" orphanage located in Leogane, Haiti Link to Orphanage website Leogane is a community southwest of Port au Prince on Haiti's southwest peninsula. Leogane was hit especially hard in the 2010 earthquake, and Van Susteren's orphanage was built soon after the quake."


cf9f9c  No.6957710




a04522  No.6957711


That seems notable.

7a0dc4  No.6957712


Agreed. He's a word twister.

097cab  No.6957713

Q, prophecy says it starts with Venezuela.

1f000b  No.6957714

File: b80f11fe09d72bd⋯.png (673.76 KB, 1001x997, 1001:997, Florimex Southamerica.png)

Florimex from the box in Rachel Chandler pics is an international freight company.

7e470a  No.6957715

File: fc74737bee01c57⋯.jpg (73.79 KB, 680x1157, 680:1157, note.jpg)


not able

9ed2ea  No.6957716

File: a31f5f2968720b3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 769x768, 769:768, 17576438723871205476354.png)

9a7012  No.6957717

59310e  No.6957718

File: cfc6c3c291d283f⋯.png (263.49 KB, 426x505, 426:505, cfc6c3c291d283ff983bba23a7….png)


Holy shit this.

923828  No.6957719


Wrong he's looking at a minimum of 5 years he tried to enter into a plea agreement this morning. Not going to happen.

6615f2  No.6957720


Little Seizures

f19adf  No.6957721


Please, Dear God….not the Detroit Red Wings…

08c997  No.6957722


>July 2019

Let's fuckin' do it.

ee97a9  No.6957723

File: e413e1895103ae8⋯.png (292.82 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ENJOYING_THE_SHOW_POPCORN.png)

2e8f49  No.6957724


Q gonna have me watchin dem "moving pictures" again.

8a8a33  No.6957725


Top Kek! Rats running!!

ec7687  No.6957726

File: 334c5660e57d2fb⋯.jpg (432.37 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_5169.JPG)

792239  No.6957727

11/22/63 - Executive branch comes under C_I control

LBJ>Muscled by glow worms

Nixon>Unsuccessfully muscled by glow worms

Ford, Carter, Reagan>"advised by national Intel community">CIA directed

Bush Sr.> Glow worm godfather

Clinton>Obama=Crime bosses

Trump is a foreigner to this

0212aa  No.6957728


don't sweat it.

anons need anons to keep them in check every once and a while.


2fc255  No.6957729



In Theaters now?

678849  No.6957730

File: ee434af20aad6e8⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 675x714, 225:238, enjoy the show panic mode.jpg)

5be99b  No.6957731

File: e75938692f6b78b⋯.png (72.23 KB, 1440x480, 3:1, WeekendCrew1.png)

File: 01ed5771beb7f48⋯.png (323.44 KB, 1440x1474, 720:737, WeekendCrew2.png)

File: 0950fa4eb72ccd7⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2554, 720:1277, Nice1.png)

File: f659f6fe0acd083⋯.png (69.94 KB, 1440x477, 160:53, Nice2.png)

File: 9273a85c3723028⋯.png (80.85 KB, 1440x443, 1440:443, UhOhWtf.png)


5c9cd1  No.6957732

D5 Sighting


>>6954607 rt >>6954607 ————————— GOD WINS.

> (H) + [C] = D

(H) > () == + > transpose to # > +8

[C] > [] == killbox == - > transpose to # > -3

(H) + [C] = D

8 + (-3) = 5

df6e61  No.6957733



3bd942  No.6957734


Just occurred to me, a bunch of these child care centers take payment that parents get from state child care subsidies.

Wanna bet those are the kids they target for any kind of bad stuff? Those would more likely be single parent households and kids that could be targeted for CPS kidnapping and lord knows what.

That is always the pedophile MO. Find the kids from poor households without resources to fight. Epstein used girls from the local trailer parks. Powerless people.

6855e8  No.6957736


(You) are watching a movie.



64929e  No.6957737


Time for the denouement sir?

7a0c3b  No.6957738

File: 8864ce9b08824d2⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, lesandEpst.jpg)

Social Ties Bind CEO, Directors at Victoria’s Secret Parent

For decades, Leslie Wexner has run the parent of Victoria’s Secret with a close-knit group of directors. But amid scrutiny of the board’s ties to the 81-year-old chief executive, the company is preparing to bring in some fresh blood.


b74992  No.6957739

File: affdd8c1725ae02⋯.jpg (144.15 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Trump FISA cards.jpg)


Good to have you back boss.

887681  No.6957740


So your original post about H report showed it has already been released and a bit weak just like the last Horowitz report?

5d344f  No.6957741

File: 187de33f6ea8744⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 397x400, 397:400, laughing dog.jpg)

4f1a81  No.6957742

File: 838c1461cb63fa1⋯.jpeg (394.38 KB, 750x994, 375:497, FF6A83DF-D74C-4D13-8E87-1….jpeg)


Wtf is this and where did the pic come from?

I don’t usually pay attention to studio satanism, but this ought to be illegal.

63e096  No.6957743

File: 95d0574df857d0b⋯.gif (489.29 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 300 1.gif)


we ready. Skipper.

e46321  No.6957744

File: c1f8d551c90f3ab⋯.png (232.51 KB, 308x418, 14:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Remember Gloria Vanderbilt had Very Popular Jeans in the 80's

44ca42  No.6957745



96aa20  No.6957746

File: 4e9fc6a6f5de59f⋯.png (93.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Clinton Cash Source Ian Te….png)

231356  No.6957747

File: b94feb578f7826a⋯.png (90.75 KB, 964x562, 482:281, spygatesH125TWITTERCOMPAT.png)

File: a23febfa4359a54⋯.png (343.35 KB, 3868x2252, 967:563, spygatesH6.png)

File: aa6d50cd7ae3a1a⋯.png (216.13 KB, 3868x2252, 967:563, spygatesH5.png)

File: 226461a3ca27015⋯.png (473.37 KB, 3868x2252, 967:563, spygatesH2.png)

369eff  No.6957748


We are with you Q

fa42bb  No.6957749


Doubt it

Human trafficing, if convicted is a minimum of like 10 years per count.

They said if he's found guilty, at his age, it would amount to life in prison.

And I'd bet my ass that they will NOT let him get anything even close to a "sweetheart deal" because of how pissed off EVERYONE is about all the shit that happened with his last case

d33e18  No.6957750


Panic. They're pathetic. They've tortured children, while forcing slavery on the rest of us. God will serve them justice. Human punishment is nothing compared to their eternal damnation.

bc0ee7  No.6957751


Kinder does not only mean to be kind, it also means kids in German (and in Dutch).

9301b2  No.6957752

File: 3e935e4934ca70b⋯.png (171.69 KB, 601x507, 601:507, personal.png)



c9624c  No.6957753


Summer blockbusters

2988c1  No.6957754


damn how did i miss that ….good catch anon …thanks for that

eb1fe2  No.6957755


Thinking about Brooke Shields now. Posed for PLAYBOY underage.

Don't forget that Q was basically opening our eyes to the fact that these kids on Ray Chandler's IG account were/are kids FOR SALE.



528a68  No.6957756

File: e800a7ffdbf4ced⋯.png (620.69 KB, 675x1570, 135:314, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7c11fdfd1b73718⋯.png (849 KB, 673x1658, 673:1658, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5810e527ad036d4⋯.png (943.34 KB, 688x1493, 688:1493, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 28b825a265833fb⋯.png (760.96 KB, 688x1266, 344:633, ClipboardImage.png)


Article from 19th March 2014

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had 'regular' orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

097cab  No.6957757

The JUDGES are the Guardians of the Pedophiles.

3ecbcf  No.6957758


In Theaters now…

Grab yer popcormz.

adc7bc  No.6957759

File: c63960f1bc5ca2d⋯.png (11.7 KB, 488x218, 244:109, Placeholder.PNG)

File: 2c1040efb15796a⋯.png (90.89 KB, 1028x702, 514:351, Placeholders.PNG)


I really think it's a blatant "hey anons, start this one here" move.

Gonna have to go check in on the clockfags now.

f711de  No.6957760


Intermission over..return to your seats!

327556  No.6957761


Give Em Hell Boyz!

20e417  No.6957762

File: febab46204e8563⋯.png (263.54 KB, 914x336, 457:168, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at ….png)

ec7687  No.6957763

File: 82921fa082daf45⋯.png (11.11 MB, 3360x1974, 80:47, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

b05ef6  No.6957764


Victoria secrets = luxury mailorder sexslaves

+ butterfly monarch mimd control symbolism

Maybe beta sexslave university or smth like that

bed966  No.6957765


Is epstein gonna be the first name on patriotsfight?

7e470a  No.6957766

File: ab5fded9b23a059⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 735x573, 245:191, showtime.jpg)

f50294  No.6957768

File: 016b3dc9236dadf⋯.jpg (82.44 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, mike-tyson.jpg)


Now kith

837d08  No.6957769

File: e0a29623b91690c⋯.jpg (41.43 KB, 519x449, 519:449, putinpopcorn.jpg)

9b5e0b  No.6957770

File: 3df38ef82fa015c⋯.png (266.14 KB, 770x527, 770:527, abc ignores clinton epstei….PNG)


5818f9  No.6957771

File: 75053e35778e672⋯.png (308.41 KB, 1877x641, 1877:641, ClipboardImage.png)


Just got this email…

0e2f64  No.6957772

Joel C. rosenberg

Ranieri, Bronfman , Wexner - Not in Pakistan

Tue Oct 28 17:28:48 2003

by Joel C. Rosenberg : AUGUST 18, 2001 - A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet"—which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp. (how have these co-conspirators manged to fly under the 911 investigation RADAR?) (Berger, Albright, Rahm Emmanuel, and other Zionist/Jewish agents during the Clinton Crime Spree contributed to the events leading up to 9/11.) What part did the Rothschields play ? Larry Silverstein?


08c997  No.6957773


Fag's got nuthin'.

(Though I think your allegiance is a little "skewed")

480415  No.6957774

File: 15afea1a0bc5449⋯.png (8.93 KB, 407x185, 11:5, Q 923 Enslaved Children 3-….PNG)

File: dceb3b485e7fcd5⋯.png (17.3 KB, 409x348, 409:348, Q 924 Enslaved Children 3-….PNG)



>Q mentioned MODELING and trafficking. This is what Q was referring to.

>I’m phonefagging - hard to search.

>Can Anyone post?

They made many current/former enslaved children famous.

Hollywood is filled w/ them.


Find the loudest voices.


Who was adopted?

Who was born in?

They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.


41a451  No.6957775

File: 11de27f80e73130⋯.jpg (94.9 KB, 800x457, 800:457, 357r4k[1].jpg)

fef057  No.6957776


Thank you for everything…..

2b2a87  No.6957777


Bella Thorne

c6f5d0  No.6957778

File: b09a3c9aa11a22e⋯.jpg (61.96 KB, 760x526, 380:263, POTUS back at ya.jpg)

7a379a  No.6957779

KinderCARE digs

The lawsuit against KinderCare was filed in 1994 and sealed in 1996.

A review of the lawsuit reveals conflicting versions of the main claim: that the boy was allowed to be taken from a KinderCare center in Kirkland by an unauthorized person and then sexually abused. No criminal charges were ever filed in the case, and KinderCare denied doing anything wrong.

But the lawsuit provides far more information than the state's Web site or hotline. The boy's mother, for example, alleged in the lawsuit that KinderCare managers had tried to cover up the alleged incident.


Kinder Care involved in fraud


kinder care located in an old lab where Reston ebola came from


KinderCare merges with Rainbow Child care center


and a disgruntled testimony:


df29e2  No.6957780

File: 3e6aaf572727d63⋯.png (330.55 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Watching a movie. Got popcorn.

a98744  No.6957781


Wonder if she left Fox because of POTUS, and her connections to the pedos.

On September 6, 2016, she resigned from Fox News. She was not able to say goodbye on-air, as the network immediately filled the On the Record anchor spot with Brit Hume. Van Susteren, who said that Fox "has not felt like home to me for a few years," chose to take advantage of a clause in her contract that allowed her to resign from the network immediately: "The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait."[16]


1a5c60  No.6957782

File: 59b038c7f0079db⋯.png (266.42 KB, 554x405, 554:405, Screen-Shot-2018-11-29-at-….png)

File: 3fd9bd36340b377⋯.jpg (36.33 KB, 600x417, 200:139, 13DERSHOWITZ1-articleLarge.jpg)

File: 90f732d30de4823⋯.jpg (88.13 KB, 681x383, 681:383, oj-simpson-2.jpg)

Epstein case will be much bigger than OJ case.

WEIRD that Alan Dershowitz is in the middle of both???










eef262  No.6957783

File: 4f1565c14e1fd00⋯.png (43.89 KB, 588x156, 49:13, ClipboardImage.png)


That would make sense. Similar to allowing Obama continue with his misconduct; he had probably pardoned himself while he was still in office. DJT hinted on that last year.

344b5a  No.6957784

File: 1327dd936c788f7⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 822x1024, 411:512, 1561909620173m.jpg)

Wondering how many of the evil media are here right now taking notes and are gonna use your findings, because they are to lazy to do their job, God bless you anons you are litterally saving the world

edd169  No.6957785

File: d35853d973cb9aa⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 600x919, 600:919, paint.jpg)

File: 376e2d1b855a027⋯.jpg (208.46 KB, 778x471, 778:471, pain.jpg)

e76fdc  No.6957786


it is about time

"Dark To Light"


251c9c  No.6957787

File: 1fa9261126cae2a⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 335x351, 335:351, 1562625514.jpg)

1cd317  No.6957788


Suicide weekend in the next few weeks ?

9ec26e  No.6957789


Wow, a Kek a day keeps the pedo awareness depression away

this shit is so interlaced

Thanks for the Kek, Fren

f6923e  No.6957790


archive of the liddle kids dig on /pol!


print it to PDF and save it locally

/pol thread was https://8ch.net/pol/res/11280990.html but it doesn't load up all the images

6615f2  No.6957791



1e3ca7  No.6957792


Why did Epstein need a dentist chair in his bathroom?

Any hint

ac2e25  No.6957793

File: 4fe8a46de29a3de⋯.gif (485.87 KB, 420x315, 4:3, MJ_Popcorn.gif)

345ef1  No.6957794

File: 18ba14d1b0746cd⋯.jpeg (254.08 KB, 1125x1726, 1125:1726, sick willy.jpeg)

File: 1072dbb561f0d69⋯.png (476.18 KB, 708x631, 708:631, QanonPeople2.png)

735e1f  No.6957795

File: fe694a3c3ca374f⋯.png (313.07 KB, 398x293, 398:293, flyin in dd.PNG)

ec7687  No.6957796

File: dd314559a9ace06⋯.jpeg (533.07 KB, 1800x926, 900:463, fullsizeoutput_7b2d.jpeg)

File: ddf335660974f55⋯.jpg (278.06 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, IMG_4233.JPG)

097cab  No.6957797

Q, is Epstein on suicide watch?

e704fd  No.6957798



DO IT Q!!!

12bed1  No.6957799

File: 14e8866dd4eac1d⋯.jpg (3.79 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, Flag.jpg)


Another great day to be an American

8d1925  No.6957800

File: 54d08273801403a⋯.png (25.62 KB, 371x365, 371:365, 1816.png)

File: 320f70927f2ef22⋯.png (963.23 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 2020ENDGM.png)


what yard line is the ball on?

7c45a2  No.6957801


Extortion 17 & The Las Vegas Connection COMING SOON?

0212aa  No.6957802


just booking the room

76699b  No.6957803


>>6957774 Q crumb #923 and #924: Models.

>>6957638 KinderCare dig.

>>6957656 Planefag update.

>>6957362 Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

>>6957364 Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey) dig.

>>6957349, >>6957365, >>6957469, >>6957482, >>6957527,>>6957517, >>6957550, >>6957597, >>6957510, >>6957627, >>6957738, >>6957756 Continued Wexner / Epstein dig.

>>6957343 Les Wexner's forest pool.

4b385e  No.6957804

File: a64df6e18780bdc⋯.png (565.98 KB, 688x709, 688:709, D1i0dQPU0AAgD4P.png)


Are you looking for this? Also attached is higher res picture.


e5f57e  No.6957805


My kind of movies! 🍿

d33e18  No.6957806


Tom Brady admitted Giselle Bundchen, top Victoria's secret model, cast spells to help him win.

eef262  No.6957807


Could the OJ case have been a psyop?

e944fb  No.6957808

File: 2a6836b57a5b47c⋯.jpg (99.86 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 357r3b.jpg)

File: 2b3444c111c745d⋯.jpg (67.62 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 357r6z.jpg)

fa42bb  No.6957809


Most likely because of Trumps EO he signed a while back that freezes the assets of any human trafficker etc

So i'd bet anything it is already frozen

76699b  No.6957810


>>6957774 Q crumb #923 and #924: Models.

>>6957638 KinderCare dig.

>>6957656 Planefag update.

>>6957362 Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

>>6957364 Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey) dig.

>>6957349, >>6957365, >>6957469, >>6957482, >>6957527, >>6957517, >>6957550, >>6957597, >>6957510, >>6957627, >>6957738, >>6957756 Continued Wexner / Epstein dig.

>>6957343 Les Wexner's forest pool.

bc0ee7  No.6957811

File: 0e294363136c85b⋯.jpg (478.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, QCrumbsDifficultTruths13.jpg)


God bless you Q+, Q and team. For all that you do behind the scenes that we don't see, hear, know. Thank you!


d7affc  No.6957812


Fucking depressing. I'm sure Commiecast should be on the list too.

ef95f3  No.6957813

File: 4274c794d5f7c63⋯.gif (1020.68 KB, 288x162, 16:9, 4274c794d5f7c63d21bd5e8c51….gif)

d77e0a  No.6957814

File: 4d5ef8e5c5f4d26⋯.png (254.72 KB, 1171x1424, 1171:1424, cdan_wexner.PNG)

With the breads moving fast don't know if this has been posted. CDAN re-posted and old blind about Epstein/Wexner. Pic/link related.


befa78  No.6957815


Trolling is FUN


0ae55a  No.6957816

File: 9cb655abba3ddcf⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1450x571, 1450:571, Screenshot (624).png)

>>6957169 LB

For those digging Wexner's family



1940 Census shows that Les's father Harry listed his birthplace as Russia

Mother is Bella Cabakoff




Free family interview for the FBI to save them the hassle:


Breakdown on Wexner Foundation recipients:


In 1984, he established the Wexner Foundation whose goal is to strengthen the field of Jewish leadership. The foundation runs three major programs: the Wexner Heritage Program for North American Jewish volunteers; the Graduate Fellowship for students pursuing a master's degree in the rabbinate, cantorate, or Jewish studies; and an Israel Fellowship which funds Israeli public officials for a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Need to seize Wexner's yacht "Limitless"

Audit their finances until their eyes water

Get 'em on tax & charity fraud, round up all the donors & board members and ding them, too

Nobody's mentioned it yet, but this gigantic case, as massive a workload as it is, represents a potential YUUUUUGE amount of IRS-related money for the government

Back taxes, interest, penalties for everybody who ever gave them money

Absolutely breathtaking.

Also note who has been noticeable in his invisibility since appointed:

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig

I wonder if he's been working on this, because the IRS involvement here is HUGE

9604a7  No.6957817

File: 732073939adda48⋯.png (129.2 KB, 308x244, 77:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 75ed54b676090ff⋯.png (6.6 KB, 308x75, 308:75, ClipboardImage.png)


Seems to be Lynch hanging up with movie poster's last time. Lynch is talking and the tarmac meeting is "toxic to those connected".

Panic In DC

f9d0a5  No.6957818

File: bf7c3a57e64bbba⋯.jpeg (3.53 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 3ED3AFCC-E39E-4B81-A339-6….jpeg)

eb1fe2  No.6957819


Hive mind Anon. Just said this. These are literally catalogues of human merchandise.

48a72b  No.6957820


Any chance we get to dox some of these shills, boss?

a85d35  No.6957821

Wexner money tie to ROMNEY !!

[This article is from 2015, and is a gold mine of other info]


Business figures and political donors from the U.S. include the billionaire owner of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain, Les Wexner, who in 2012 donated $250,000 to a super PAC supporting former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney; the Israeli diamond-dealing Steinmetz family, and the financier and philanthropist S. Donald Sussman, whose account predated his marriage to Democratic Congresswoman Chellie Pingree of Maine.

9468ff  No.6957822

File: 4f820866999aad5⋯.jpg (26.74 KB, 512x384, 4:3, pizza.jpg)

File: eea3aaf39c5a0b2⋯.jpeg (15.17 KB, 255x243, 85:81, FrensUntiltheEnd.jpeg)

File: 5448696d3105e3f⋯.png (48.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1559171614-1.png)


What are movies 1/2/3 ? +/++/+++

systematic destruction of Old Guard

b05ef6  No.6957823

File: 88301bd9e647cbb⋯.jpg (252.31 KB, 716x1097, 716:1097, 20190709_022303.jpg)


Not quite

ee97a9  No.6957824

File: 3fabd62805eb84d⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 686x1030, 343:515, dershowitz_advocates_devil.jpg)


Dershowitz, The Advocates Devil

b3ea28  No.6957825

File: 5b6f27a16e5b8c6⋯.gif (914.5 KB, 499x350, 499:350, Salute_Eagle.gif)


Welcome back, Chief. Keep up the good work.

4b385e  No.6957826

444ae0  No.6957827

CDAN drop from Twitter

Director had sex with 15 year old and is still A List.

(Brook Shields comes to mind, but can be wrong)

4eb21f  No.6957828


if day care, why not summer camps.

I've held back on a dig because I didn't want to fan the flames of . . . what would be fanned by the type of summer camp it is.

should we be looking at summer camps too?

c2c2cc  No.6957829


>pedos get taken down

>DC panics because of it

>Huber report, IG report, Declas, then Durham report


a98744  No.6957830


It says he's white. I thought Jewish was a whole separate race??

fd10b1  No.6957831


Pretty simple. If you've snatched kids for sexual blackmail, taking them to a public dentist isn't a smart idea. And since clientele include royalty, you can't have them looking all shitty.

3dd2d4  No.6957832


Thanks Q team. Getting my popcorn 🍿

8f6ca5  No.6957833

Old CDAN blind newly reposted today on CDAN


This is from November 3, 2017

Apparently when you start publicly writing about things, then more documents appear and more people start talking.

#1 - The Island - Yes, there is diplomatic immunity, BUT this foreign born former A+ list royal had to get special permission earlier this year to visit the US. The government couldn't say no when asked, but did make it clear they wanted the royal to cancel his travel plans. Apparently during the Island investigation, a recording came to light from about a decade ago during a visit to Washington DC where the royal was overheard having sex with a 15 year old girl. It was a recording that was not listened to live, but later. No one really knew the recording existed until questions were asked about the island. Apparently the owner of the island provided the teen in question.

#2 - A reporter needs your help. They know you will figure out the name in this blind and hopefully you will know something that will help bring this celebrity down. They are A+ list at what they do. If you turn on this cable network, you will feel they are on almost all of the 24 hours in the day. Of course if you manage to watch him for longer than five minutes, you must have it on mute or have lost your remote control. According to a very close family member, this host/celebrity has raped multiple young boys. He is paying people off and many of the boys he has raped have been family members so it is a very closely held secret. The reporter is afraid everyone will be bought off before he can be exposed. So, send me tips to send to the reporter.

#3 - The Island - Apparently this permanent A+ list celebrity had a don't ask don't tell policy. He wouldn't ask the women how old they were and he didn't want them to tell. He would also request that during flights to be blindfolded and according to one of the girls interviewed he said he could guess what nationality a girl was by the way they pleasured him orally. He insisted on playing the game every single time he flew to the island.

#4 - The Island - That A list mostly movie actor who is having so many issues right now has another big one staring him in the face. Apparently the owner of the island made special arrangements one time for a trip not to the island but to a different country where our actor raped a dozen boys in one of the poorest countries in the world. Oh, and get this. The actor bragged about the money he paid to the parents and said he claimed it as a tax deduction.

#5 - The Island - That A list director was getting bombarded by young men he molested threatening him and he has gone into hiding and shut down his social media accounts.

a06852  No.6957834

File: 99087d15f5456c6⋯.jpg (236.45 KB, 792x548, 198:137, PanicDC.jpg)


We deserve Panic!

6cde39  No.6957835


we can feel it ~ edgy, raw, inescapable PAIN ~ (((they))) are pulling realities and replacing with nothingness ~ SICK!

93d725  No.6957836


D5 is the single highest clandestine security clearance, according to apocrypha. Supposedly, there are only 5.

Conversely, it's the FBI Counterintelligence division.

20b782  No.6957838


No teeth, no dental record I.D.

9f958a  No.6957839

File: 3d2a611f1de1e2a⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 193x262, 193:262, images.jpg)

Ellen involvement in the Vegas coverup?

Trump in Vegas at the time of shooting?

2e8f49  No.6957840


Baker you missed?


>>6957609 Epstein's Madam Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding


kek anon thanks. I saw my first meme in the wild twice and I was giddy as shit. Thanks for the meme!

097cab  No.6957841

Can Pence be forgiven?

7f3071  No.6957842

Mr. Wexner has a personal commitment to excellence, leadership and community service throughout his business and philanthropic endeavors such as the Wexner Heritage Program, the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program and the Wexner Israel Fellowship Program. He has also helped to create cadres of effective, passionate Jewish volunteer, professional and government leaders in North America and Israel. In addition, Mr. Wexner has been a leader in the development of Harvard University's Center for Public Leadership, is a member of Hillel's International Board of Governors and was the principal benefactor of the Wexner Jewish Student Center at The Ohio State University.


8e4b58  No.6957843

File: 76ba57de570ed76⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 500x311, 500:311, victoriasecret-e1325278331….jpg)


f50294  No.6957844


() = Already public

[] = Impending release

Killbox is a focus box.

Our focus kills.

Dark to light and all.

so q is saying:

Hillary report (which has been released…

…"crimes against children"…)

plus the Comey report [which has NOT been released]

will allow for declas.

87a57a  No.6957845

File: 0b669f3d9f9b4ae⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 7-cameron.w330.h330.jpg)

Cameron Boyce 20 year old Disney Star died yesterday, family reported from a seizure.

Now death is being further investigation…

Epstein's arrest, names being named…

Coincidence Q?

5d344f  No.6957846




d9f3e8  No.6957847

Epstein willing to cop a plea…turn in those that paid for underage sex. What about those that were not charged (comped)? I’m sure “favors” were performed for inside knowledge.

966dc6  No.6957848

So Epstein never earned a penny on his own. He was a kept man. Confusing things making sense now.

ef9946  No.6957849

File: 80dc4488a49994f⋯.jpg (169.01 KB, 1192x1188, 298:297, q_crumb_bnv.jpg)

POTUS was briefed on this.

He doesn't wanna talk much.

Q, do you?

887681  No.6957850

>>6955571 rt >>6955485

This means the IG report is out that means FISA declass can happen.

59310e  No.6957851

File: c3b4f2d5a8c9c27⋯.jpg (360.32 KB, 1080x1137, 360:379, 20190708_172324.jpg)

1565f0  No.6957852


The reform jewish movement (frankfurt school) was radicalized by the cabal and used as usefull idiots and/or assets. In israel these people are a marginal minority (yet in high civic positions) while in the US they are a majority (70% of all US jews). The orthodox US jews (30% of all US jews) are mostly trump supporters. The reform jewish movement views itself as an "enlightened" jewish movement, denying jewish traditions and even books as "outdated and primitive".

444ae0  No.6957853