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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 349741ed16ad2d7⋯.jpg (632.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 611.jpg)

877028 No.496148

Q Research: Sunday 2/25/2018

From C!Odemonkey: "The House of Representatives is about to vote to amend section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This opens the floodgates and puts 8chan at risk..."




Dem Memo


GOP's 'rebuttal'


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Friday, 2.23.18

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

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>>476461 Sec Test

>>476339 rt >>476325 Sec Test

>>476325 rt >>476229 No Coincidences

>>476245 rt >>476196 Libel Laws

>>476196 rt >>476136 Leaking Info

>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

>>465797 rt >>465779 Did you count spaces?

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

>>>/greatawakening/453 !!!

>>>/greatawakening/452 Which are you?

>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 @Jack thought he was protected rt >>448410 PROJECT DEEPDREAM

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

>>423894 , >>423957, >>423948, >>423953, >>436255

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SUNDAY 2018.25.02

>>495722 POTUS timeline, last five months

>>495687 Is North Korea bait?

>>495639 Former Clown exposes the Deep State

>>494944, "l ittle" being auto-transformed to "liddle"?




>>494745, Quest for Searchability


>>492123 Early Sunday summary compilation

SATURDAY 2018.24.02



>>493804 Broward Sheriff’s Office child protective investigations

>>486303 Collected BHO/Lunev posts from #598

>>485740 BHO's mysterious rise to the presidency

>>485569 Programmed MKSchool Shooters

>>485528 More Bridge links to BHO, The Real Manchurian Candidate?

>>485444 The purpose of crisis actors !

>>484425 BO looking for BVs'

>>484333 Socratic teaching

>>483956 #595 Holy Guacamole Edition summarized

>>483168 #594 Semper Fi Edition summarized

>>482606 The Canadian Connection

>>482562 Snowden defends Comey?


>>482525 #593 Summarized

>>482519 Mass Mind Control

>>482489 Q relies on THAT KIND OF THINKING! Re: Payback

>>482462 >>482345, >>482346 , >>482355, >>482365, >>482542 More on Lunev

>>482440 www.f4ct.co >>482442, >>482447, >>482450, >>482451, >>482453

>>481425, >>481430 -> War in C_A

>>481289 Lunev and Vasili Dig

>>481234 GHWB Singing?

>>481150 Double Meanings

>>481092 Message Switching

>>481065 Spy Exchange??? Snowden for Lunev?

>>480916 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.2/2)

>>480912 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.1/2)

>>480862 BRIDGE connect -> >>480944 | To BHO? -> >>485144

FRIDAY 2018.23.02

>>475908 Sheriff Scott Isreal

>>471120 Crowdstrike Russian Plane Connection

>>473687 Tavistock=Gannett=CIA

>>473252 China Connection from Q post

>>472696 Links from John Cusack to key players

>>472314, >>472461, >>472580, >>472695 BHO Linked to Hezbolla Medhat El-Ami

>>471106 Don't trip over fake trips

>>470911 Potus Tweets: MS-13 Gang flow in like Water (Screencap: >>470914)


>>470445 Where did the $1.7 Billion Go? -> >>470498 gist of it

>>470360 FBI and NBC worked on JFK Doc

>>470234 A house divided - a beautiful graphic

>>470041 Houston FF in the makings?!

>>469808 We could be doing 'great'

>>469737 Plea the fif!



>>469554 DireQtor

>>469539 Vital Hand Signals?

>>469516 Mueller... Mueller...

>>469067 Going out on a limb...

>>469125 School Superintendent Robert Runcie

>>469188 Just the tip???

>>469432 Q not concerned about hurt children?

>>469470 In the movies it LOOKS real but no one gets hurt!

>>469479 a Map! Looks like FBI is the middle???

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877028 No.496163

https:// pastebin.com/urnwGABP

dc56e4 No.496213

File: 5cca29427bef8bd⋯.jpeg (213.84 KB, 900x824, 225:206, 9E3D7E14-8303-4BD8-B5A8-C….jpeg)

20f015 No.496215

File: a70977cf8f6dc2e⋯.jpeg (153.12 KB, 957x400, 957:400, image.jpeg)

File: 8abd6a725b8e1bc⋯.jpeg (102.29 KB, 715x500, 143:100, image.jpeg)

95ccc5 No.496217

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, Creator of all things Good and Light, we humbly pray unto you. Please grant us your Strength and Wisdom, to endure the battle which is upon us. Grant Peace to Q Team and their operators, so they may sleep safely and soundly. Grant Strength to all battling the evil forces of darkness so deeply entrenched in our world. Help us to humiliate and destroy them, and remove them from our great nation for several lifetimes. Allow us to live in Peace and Harmony, and retain the fruits of our labors. In your Son's name, Jesus Christ, we pray unto you. Amen.

20f015 No.496225

5111cf No.496226

Liddell cells for all of them ….

c6bdf4 No.496229

66041a No.496231

CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead

The CDC Doctor who controversially warned this year’s “disastrous” flu shot may be responsible for the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the country, has been reported missing and is feared dead.

https:// teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topics/cdc-doctor-who-claimed-flu-shot-caused-outbreak-missing-feared

84b799 No.496233


57a79b No.496234

File: e663e6dd1f25de1⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 600x429, 200:143, ColinK.jpg)

Here for Kapernick Memes. He's at it again.

4e1ed4 No.496235

Thanks Baker.

cd450a No.496236

Thank you BAKER!

49154e No.496237


I'm having hard time IDing this position from googlemap satellites.

db1ed9 No.496238

Is anyone actually doing any outside reading about possibly ways to defeat black magick/ help with human trafficking/ ways to enlighten onces self that lead to the opening of the third eye or kundalini awakening? or anything else useful?

I get soooo worried everyone here is just addicted to Q and just spends all their time on this board, not doing things th

84b799 No.496239

Flood test

70b065 No.496240

84b799 No.496241

Why are David Hoggs parents allowing all this to go on?

db1ed9 No.496242


**things to help the collective that represents Q!

9d3bae No.496243

1ef8c5 No.496244

File: 4268e841509f429⋯.jpeg (15.27 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Patriots make the dough r….jpeg)

db1ed9 No.496245



6df924 No.496246


>His tweet wasn’t creepy, simply supportive.

Heh. Creepy has no meaning anymore thanks to misuse.

Kind of like bullying.

21be0e No.496247

1f594f No.496248


But it reads like at least half who commented missed it qompletely.

cc00a8 No.496249

liddle, liddle, small

Can't wait to see the results

79753f No.496250


I'm sorry, you forgot something….

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, Creator of all things Good and Light, we humbly pray unto you. Please grant us your Strength and Wisdom, to endure the battle which is upon us. Grant Peace to Q Team and their operators, so they may sleep safely and soundly. Grant Strength to all battling the evil forces of darkness so deeply entrenched in our world. Help us to humiliate and destroy them, and remove them from our great nation for several lifetimes. Allow us to live in Peace and Harmony, and retain the fruits of our labors. Please free us from the bondage of our Iittle enemies. In your Son's name, Jesus Christ, we pray unto you. Amen.

381521 No.496251

File: 2ea6f6b58bb0f9a⋯.png (90.24 KB, 1316x330, 658:165, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 052b1cd406f0b12⋯.png (319.22 KB, 560x1278, 280:639, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 21d093d89937c5a⋯.png (101.54 KB, 1382x296, 691:148, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)



ATHENA CEO - Jonathan S. Bush


e5d8b5 No.496252


Yeah…. seems she couldn't handle the fact that twatter was allowing Russian Bots to control the narrative… LOL….

BUT, On a more serious note, after I had posted the Parkland Parkland Parkland post I took a bike ride and literally was praying and asking God to pull her…. right around the time she made her last tweet!!!

Bottom line: we know who WINS in the end!!!

84a3ba No.496253


Nice work anon! Thnx

cc00a8 No.496254


Clowns in charge

738c2f No.496255



Because they're FBICLOWNNIGGERS.

52fffb No.496256

I've already contacted BO to address the recent word filter.

Unfortunetly as a BV I can't change it.

6e8d1c No.496257

Has anyone seen this video.? Teacher says she saw a policeman in full garb shooting at the FL kids with a gun like she's never seen before

https:// youtu.be/en4vwa-4KG4

db1ed9 No.496258

File: 5f5fe1bc585249d⋯.jpg (246.28 KB, 1860x887, 1860:887, DV3yOuTWAAE5R0l.jpg)

7afa99 No.496259

Ignore me. I forgot his dad was FBI.

79753f No.496260


Good to hear… pretty sure BO would be a member of the Q team, no?

9d3bae No.496261

File: 8a55f2a13dbd65e⋯.jpeg (88.01 KB, 1080x653, 1080:653, 1518921325.jpeg)

You bakers are ALL very appreciated. I dont know how you do it.

6df924 No.496262

File: 5cabf93c427af3e⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 52456994.jpg)


>phenols are known MK drugs


d4c95c No.496263


Thanks for the update. Goes a long way for some of us

5b7236 No.496264


it's making everything super easy to understand please repost the video for everybody to see


baker have a look at this

db1ed9 No.496265

File: 3e204989fb42b38⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 312x312, 1:1, mM1Zbf_s_400x400.jpg)

File: 5e239653c6d5fa0⋯.jpg (86.99 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, Teslathinker.jpg)

f337ef No.496266




6e8d1c No.496267

I can't download it while phonefagging.. Can someone save before it gets scrubbed.??

https:// youtu.be/en4vwa-4KG4

8aa950 No.496268

File: f974de8137591fd⋯.png (319.98 KB, 474x296, 237:148, Screenshot-2018-2-25 Meme ….png)


Money, most likely.

704cfc No.496269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Incoming "liddle" glow in the Dark BUGS

ff7651 No.496270


>i was thinking of beauty products

>oil of olaz n shit=


When they drink blood of kids to stay young, the 'beauty' products are probably made of…

9d3bae No.496271


Only a matter of time.

2971f4 No.496272


I just get these liddle premonitions sometimes. That's really all there is to it.

f337ef No.496273


dont fucking change it

liddle do we know

how fucking funny it is

b56c44 No.496274

Hail Q and Anons. Long time lurker. Concerning the school shooting. MSM naturally trying to turn it into a 2A issue. Mr. Pollack, father of slain daughter suggested the most powerful message. Just Fix It. Fix the schools. This is something ALL America can come together on. We are never going to all agree on 2A issues. Ever. Unity Vs Division. I’m not going to ask IF Anons can meme this, because I know you can. I’m asking if it is something worth memeing. They want us divided. Division=Slavery. Peace and all respect. KEEP DIGGING.

db1ed9 No.496275

File: 16fbec6b0100b34⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 600x446, 300:223, Tesla_Colorado_Springs_lab….jpg)


cc00a8 No.496276


Thanks, your not Glowing.

I hope this is a joke and Q will let us off the hook

e3384a No.496277

Any anons confirm why this occurred? Was this related to making a deal to get the Tax Bill passed? Something else more complex?

https:// www. whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-trump-commutes-sentence-sholom-rubashkin/

71549d No.496278

Is Q trying to show us that what we see online may not be exactly what the author or source intended to communicate? Are people's comments being changed online?


d29188 No.496279



Q told anons to make a board and he would follow. Q made his own read only board at greatawakening, but he didn't have a hand in qresearch.

7afa99 No.496280


It really is way funnier than it should be.


eab2a3 No.496281


If BO were a member of the Q team, it would change EVERYTHING in here. Like the issues that surfaced earlier this month would have had a clear and specific purpose to them … the replacement of "l-i-t-t-l-e" would have been a scream in our ear to catch something about that term / name that we've still missed….

1503f7 No.496282


We've seen some of these photos and I think Q might have shared a few.

But here are more from the same 1972 Rothschilds party.

https:// sobadsogood.com/2013/08/20/extraordinary-photos-from-a-1972-rothschild-surrealist-dinner-party/

060763 No.496283

File: ebf9883d1fc4d6d⋯.png (326.33 KB, 829x861, 829:861, Liddle Marco.PNG)




POTUS did use "L-I-D-D-L-E Marco"

See pic


7afa99 No.496285


Do you know the father's first name?

877028 No.496286


Already in current bread as "Former Clown exposes the Deep State" under Notable Posts for Sunday.

680c19 No.496287

File: 863de6a959174c0⋯.png (22.9 KB, 583x143, 53:13, nra tweet.png)

How cool is this bloke from down under?

5fa96e No.496288


Elementary school admin chose kapernick as role model for black history month. I suggested Clarence Thomas. Yeah, that didn’t sit well. At. All.

7f3c87 No.496289


Wonderful!, Nice graphics

726401 No.496290

File: f081361c0bfdfe0⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 425x640, 85:128, CLOWN HQ.jpg)


Because they are loser Clowns.

4b58f1 No.496291


As I recall a lot of Tesla's work disappeared.

cd450a No.496292


It is perfect for a meme, FIX THE SCHOOLS

1ef8c5 No.496293


Who did Hoover bring in to read the Tesla files?

db1ed9 No.496294




95d9bf No.496295


In Jesus Christ's name we pray, Amen

deaf02 No.496296

>>496094 Any photofags able to take a look at the photo info? Could it be that we are seeing walking dead? Would have to zoom in on the faces as well. Just a thought

418782 No.496297

Trumps uncle


db1ed9 No.496298



1d1fa6 No.496299

Seriously wondering where @Snowden is.

Twitters not had a post since Feb 13 a day before the shooting.

Otherwise I found a good article discuss Mr. Contractor here by none other than Michael Wolff.

https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michael-wolff-whats-missing-oliver-930293

2971f4 No.496300


Truly is…way funnier than decoding 4, 10, 20 and keystone for the g-zllionith time.

018edb No.496301

File: 80ce2708a50678c⋯.png (330.79 KB, 721x374, 721:374, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 037bbeab5472c54⋯.png (24.35 KB, 490x172, 245:86, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34c4408999a05de⋯.png (35.12 KB, 474x213, 158:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bf0ece462df45af⋯.png (118.63 KB, 377x347, 377:347, ClipboardImage.png)


Rubbed it right in our faces

0229da No.496302

File: 3bd323abb9ce472⋯.jpg (89.63 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, 4.shauna-mr.jpg)

7afa99 No.496303


Remember when the Fire and Fury book was uploaded to WikiLeaks with Q's replacing some O's?

9683d3 No.496304

Since Broward County was auditor General of their own school, could it be a massive insurance scam?

>Banks invest millions in insurance and civil authorities.

>Authorities paid in endorsements to look other way

>Federal-level players get paid to acquire shooter

>Federal level players' foundations get "investments"

>No-bid contracts to demolish school go to the local 1%

>Lucrative bidding war between new subcontractors or…

Locked in contracts to no-bid subcontracts thru favors

Corporations cash in on insurance

af7489 No.496305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


379478 No.496306

File: 40af06fe1d8eaa9⋯.png (989.02 KB, 876x621, 292:207, ClipboardImage.png)

5845a8 No.496307

File: 219a8a94bc9f74d⋯.jpg (98.39 KB, 1104x723, 368:241, IMG_0837.JPG)

You should see my

Back hoe


680c19 No.496308

f6a47e No.496309

>>496241Just a thought, once fbi maybe always fbi, maybe their desperate, calling in old troops, and maybe ole dad has something to hide.

57b21c No.496310


1913 was a pivotal year:

– The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, authorizing the Federal government to impose and collect income taxes.

– The Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913 takes place in Washington, D.C.

– Woodrow Wilson succeeds William Howard Taft as the 28th President of the United States.

– The Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is passed, dictating the direct election of senators.

– New York Governor William Sulzer approves the charter for the Rockefeller Foundation, which begins operations with a $100,000,000 donation from John D. Rockefeller.

– Strike action by agricultural workers in Wheatland, California, degenerates into the "Wheatland hop riot", one of the first major farm labor confrontations in the state.

– President Woodrow Wilson triggers the explosion of the Gamboa Dike, ending construction on the Panama Canal.

– The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line.

– The Lincoln Highway, the first automobile road across the United States, is dedicated.

2c4c40 No.496311


you glow

71549d No.496312


I do, a Iittle.

4b58f1 No.496313


The FBI file

I am sure it is not complete.

https:// vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla

7afa99 No.496314


I'm sure they looked into this BO though. I don't believe he would be BO if Q found issues with him/her.

db1ed9 No.496315




cc00a8 No.496316


Last breath I posted that. It's a good read

7e09c4 No.496317


dont be so naive lol

0f4b03 No.496319

eab2a3 No.496320

From 10/10/2017 …

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/10/10/trump-mocks-liddle-bob-corker-says-senator-was-made-to-sound-a-fool/

0229da No.496321

File: d10a36c60cec796⋯.png (10.95 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, POINT_AND_CENTRE.png)


Eagles seems to be a very strong word for them

probably relates to the eagle-scorpio-phoenix connection.

They think they are hot shit,

but they are not

877028 No.496323

New Baker Requested

0f4b03 No.496324


that you, Q?

5da1e8 No.496325


Amen, Thank you anon. I needed this more than you know.

5b7236 No.496326

File: 986abd1f83ed657⋯.mp4 (4.63 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, SOOOOOO_WHAT_DID_SHE_JUST_….mp4)



here you go anon. btw, mp4 is great for twitter!

db1ed9 No.496327




2e026d No.496328

Number of UIDs dropped in half this bread

738c2f No.496329


Can you please link me DIRECTLY to their twats?

87aa25 No.496330


9683d3 No.496331



ce1ce1 No.496332

Theory, Nikolas Cruz, Medicated

goes to school with his back pack, fire alarm goes off, talks to girl walking down the hall, shots being fired, girl doesn't see gun..Nikolus seems clueless which was noted by the girl, Nikolus goes to get food while real shooter dressed in full body armor did the killing. Nikolus said he doesn't remember doing it..the girl didn't say anything about what hes was wearing.

But a teacher did. This is a set up.. by fbi..this was thought out..and put into action before the kid was ready..to insure death there was another shooter..thats what you see in the pictures of the video of cops carrying out the gun and amour..what time did Nikolus arrive at the McDonald's? How long would it take him to get there? Time of shooting and cops entering the building.The guardians of both boys are involved, as well promise were made.. and not being kept…people are stupid..if I am way off , just ignore .

5b7236 No.496333

>>496305 done, save this file >>496326

deea8c No.496334


Got fascism wrong. Fell for (((their))) propaganda.

21be0e No.496335



Read this again. That’s twice this bread. 👁👁

8aa950 No.496336


kek <in Spanish>

0aba5c No.496337


These are the people that change code to make nuke factories explode. Dont think they can mess with a web page?

0229da No.496338



>yes, you are right

7e09c4 No.496339


its been covered but most anons tune it out

4b58f1 No.496340



It is the official FBI vault.

018edb No.496341


The power of the Eagle represents US

and they are just learning that

sucks to be them.

All their symbolisms are belong to us

57d40f No.496342

File: 27e6b66f343d6ed⋯.png (316.03 KB, 791x499, 791:499, Spaces - 18 versus 58.png)


In past Q posts, haven't blank spaces represented missing characters, like a word or phrase that can't be said for some purpose.

Other possibilities for 18 spaces by trump:

18 ha ha ha's by Q,

Other possibilities for 58 spaces from Q between []:

58 in the "kill zone"

There are 58 total spaces in Donald Trump's tweet.

The following is 58 characters,

"What would you most want me to know about your experience?"

db1ed9 No.496343

File: 5f5fe1bc585249d⋯.jpg (246.28 KB, 1860x887, 1860:887, 5f5fe1bc585249d93323232445….jpg)


7afa99 No.496344

e42d26 No.496345


That was my thought too

61ef9f No.496346

File: fc0203b2bad2602⋯.jpg (62.09 KB, 625x539, 625:539, Capture.JPG)

cc00a8 No.496348


You are the only one that can spell that word, and what you just said so prolific…if that's true we are all fucked

7e09c4 No.496350


like tweets and emails and text messages and fake pornos?

7afa99 No.496351


No, I kept getting flood detected when trying to post.

1503f7 No.496352

Anon. Have any of you dug into the CDAN story?

It could tie a lot together. Weinstein, Rothschilds, Celebs, and a Republican Candidate? Maybe Rubio?

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/11/todays-blind-items-st-charles-house-of.html

Today's Blind Items - St. Charles House Of Horrors

It is still there. It is still owned by the same people who have owned the house for hundreds of years. There is a sprawling house on St. Charles Street in New Orleans that has been used by politicians and celebrities as a secret pleasure den for almost 100 years.

Over the years the owners have remodeled several times. The most recent of these remodels took place within the past decade. Unbeknownst to the various guests of the establishment, each room has been wired for video and sound.

One of the reasons this A+ list mostly movie actor has been drinking himself to death is the video he has seen of himself having sex with a 13 year old girl multiple times over a three week period.

There was a political candidate who had all the backing and money in the world last year on the Republican side. He was then shown a video of himself with two college guys engaged in several hours of sex. After that, the candidate just kind of gave up. He went through the motions, but that was about it. He was given a consolation prize to make sure he is there if they need him.

In the past week, all of this is threatening to come out of the shadows. Apparently one of the masterminds behind it, got into an argument with his father. The father, one of the wealthiest men in the world was killed this week in a freak accident. The thing is though, there was nothing accidental about it.

You know who was a very frequent guest to the house on St. Charles? This disgraced A+ list movie producer. Do you know who helped set him up? This A+ list mostly movie actor who lives down there and heard two separate stories from two A list actress girlfriends who had both been raped by the producer.

That producer led to buzz and more buzz and more noise. It also provided cover for people who were forced out. Want your wife to find out about the sex games you like playing with college girls? Then, now might be a good time to retire.

The house on St. Charles is money central in the South. Super PAC's, movie financing. It is all entwined.

$10M to one Super PAC came from two donations. A movie was filmed in New Orleans last year. Two of the actresses in the movie were, at separate times, provided some information about visits their respective A list husbands had made to the house. The next thing you know, two separate checks had been written. $3M from one A lister and $7M from an A+ lister. Oh, and that A+ lister? He had to couch up another $5M this year. Apparently he is OK with being caught with a guy even though he is in the closet. He does draw the line at him with tween boys though. His actress wife thought it was just guys he liked and not boys. Since she found that out last year, they have spent a total of about 10 days together.

What is the purpose of all of this? I don't know. I do know though it is causing chaos. It will be interesting to see what kind of order comes out of this.

c6bdf4 No.496353

File: 53451ba9d61a1c1⋯.png (134.03 KB, 257x402, 257:402, little1.png)

found it

eab2a3 No.496354

There's a law firm in Glendora, CA - Liddle & Liddle - that specializes in evicting tenants. Probably not related.

039db2 No.496355

File: fd311b547105f21⋯.jpg (419.18 KB, 1930x818, 965:409, Liddle Lab.jpg)


Liddle Laboratory???

6df924 No.496356

File: 902ec520bbcba63⋯.jpg (8.49 KB, 500x295, 100:59, ovo-owl.jpg)


OVO (his label) is the fucking owl's eyes and nose.

f3e002 No.496357



21be0e No.496358

57b21c No.496359


you mean IittIe?

7e09c4 No.496360


well anita hill would like to have a word

82aee7 No.496361


It's been explored by many people. What is the relevance to the Q map or current timeline? I can't see anything being dropped linking to Tesla. It's nice to discuss but I think it's a distraction from Qresearch general. Perhaps make a separate thread for Tesla.

e0b897 No.496362

File: a9d1e509003276d⋯.jpeg (98.09 KB, 600x429, 200:143, 54DA7FEC-4BF1-4F05-B673-D….jpeg)

738c2f No.496363


It's an uppercase i, ffs…


610713 No.496364

>>495920 (last bread)


>DRACO section

No such things exist in Q's map. Keep your agenda, we have one already, thanks.

018edb No.496365







d8fd15 No.496366

File: 1d6be4a125a131e⋯.png (140.58 KB, 1505x715, 301:143, ClipboardImage.png)



cd450a No.496367


Has any news came out about where the body armor and other gear he was supposedly wearing was found? Doesn't really make alot of sense to go to McDonald, seems like he would be looking to hide.

d4c95c No.496368


Can baker please add to the dough the cap i instead of L trick so this shit doesn't happen

eab2a3 No.496369


It's looking like there is no single answer; this is a complex web that we need to map out completely.

db1ed9 No.496370

File: f35ef841d445796⋯.gif (322.63 KB, 400x243, 400:243, Syria.gif)

File: 050d9714e2827b2⋯.jpg (244.89 KB, 1396x1228, 349:307, Halaf2.jpg)

The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years.

All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past.

These five points are:

Aleppo, a city with a strong Goddess presence:

https:// fromshamwithlove.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/from-jerusalem-to-aleppo-with-love/

Homs, the birth place of Julia Domna. Julia Domna was a Roman empress who tried to bring wisdom to the Roman court:

http:// www.societyforthestudyofwomenphilosophers.org/Julia_Domna.html

http:// www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?677702-Julia-Domna

Palmyra, the birth place of Zenobia, a queen that lead the revolt against the oppression of the Roman empire:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zenobia

Raqqa, the area where the Halaf culture was born:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halaf_culture

Manbij, which was the center of worship of the Syrian goddess of fertility, Atargatis:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manbij

Three of those points, Aleppo, Homs and Palmyra, have already been liberated from the clutches of Daesh, Palmyra very recently:

http:// sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160327/1037032429/syrian-army-liberates-palmyra.html

Manbij will be free soon, too:

http:// sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160406/1037601020/syrian-kurdish-operation-liberate-northwest.html

The liberation of Palmyra has cleared the path towards the liberation of Raqqa, the main Daesh stronghold in Syria:

http:// sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160320/1036611451/palmyra-raqqa-syria-daesh.html

When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East.

Those who feel guided, can help supporting the healing of the Syria pentagram by visualizing this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:

9d3bae No.496371


Rinse, repeat, Rinse, repeat. Kek

018edb No.496372

f01071 No.496373

381521 No.496374

File: 5c81bebc63f318b⋯.png (669.32 KB, 1362x1050, 227:175, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 8aa3a05a3f91648⋯.jpg (1003.61 KB, 867x6091, 867:6091, trumptesla.jpg)

6df924 No.496375


https:// www.hotnewhiphop.com/xxxtentacion-says-his-social-media-was-hacked-after-strange-drake-posts-news.44568.html

>Earlier today, XXXTENTACION social media accounts shared some questionable posts directed at Drake. Initially, there was a photo of man who looked like Drake performing fellatio. The post was taken down but X's Instagram story had another claim thats said Drake was trying to kill him.

039db2 No.496376


wtf??? ugg

21be0e No.496377


New ID

610713 No.496378

>>496227 (last bread)

>Why are his parents allowing all this to go on?

His dad is (former) FBI, his mom is/was CNN. They're in on it

e44278 No.496379

Feinstein fails to win endorsement of California Democrats

https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/feinstein-fails-to-win-endorsement-of-california-democrats-2018-02-25

another one bites the dust

ae681c No.496380


anything is possible expecially with mkultra

are your thoughts being programmed right now?

matrix is spoooooky

d8fd15 No.496381

I'm tempted to spend $100 and get a full report on Boss Hogg just so we can get real data instead of a circle-jerk.

cc00a8 No.496382



If this changes there's a whole lotta shaking going on here

5fa96e No.496383


DJT has it all. POTUS

79753f No.496384



> the replacement of "l-i-t-t-l-e" would have been a scream in our ear to catch something about that term / name that we've still missed….

I certainly agree with that….. we're digging on that doctor now and we need to connect that doctor to the global cabal, and connect the "sauce" if I can even call the disgusting shit that, with those rich people who never seem to age etc…. that's going to be a big red pill for a lot of people and more of the truth than I know if I want to see.

>If BO were a member of the Q team, it would change EVERYTHING in here. Like the issues that surfaced earlier this month would have had a clear and specific purpose to them …

I don't know why BO WOULDN'T be a member of the Q team. I've personally had communications with the BO in previous breads, and they stated to me directly, that THEY are having issues with a certain BV that likes to ban me for a certain theory, when said theory has been confirmed multiple times, although I need to modify it to 5/10/15 as a general rule. BO has never told me that I was wrong himself and has agreed with me that I shouldn't be banned for posting what I post.

Unfortunately, this particular BV works in the evenings and I will likely get this post deleted and be banned until tomorrow morning again.

The issues with coding the trip code? That seems to be CodeMonkey's issue…. not sure what other issues happened on the board that you might be referring to.

Has this been fixed yet….. Iittle or liddle?????

db1ed9 No.496385




7afa99 No.496387



7f3c87 No.496388



>DRACO section

No such things exist in Q's map. Keep your agenda, we have one already, thanks.

could be good do a alliance section :)

20f015 No.496389

File: 3c1705e7b9d3dd1⋯.jpeg (24.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, image.jpeg)

db1ed9 No.496390

File: d580d95e3e03f55⋯.jpg (30.26 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 1721mandalajung.07feb05a.jpg)

File: e63893a09cc6ddf⋯.png (182.85 KB, 255x400, 51:80, SEKHMET IMAGE EXT ORACE DE….png)



9f4aec No.496391



lol, i reckon this van tassel figure has some good stories to tell !! (;


1503f7 No.496392


Just to leave this here. Remember all the bubub about Marco Rubio's boots?

https:// www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/01/marco-rubio-boots

"There was a political candidate who had all the backing and money in the world last year on the Republican side. He was then shown a video of himself with two college guys engaged in several hours of sex. After that, the candidate just kind of gave up. He went through the motions, but that was about it. He was given a consolation prize to make sure he is there if they need him."

20f015 No.496393

What is the name of the father of DeLaney Tarr?

018edb No.496394


know how I know we arent programmed?

We support the President.

ae681c No.496395

a32e0b No.496396


>IittIe wordfilters to liddle

can we please take this out of the dough? a word filter isn't noteworthy

381521 No.496397



7db10e No.496398

File: 5e22400fb31a22b⋯.jpg (130.61 KB, 622x375, 622:375, EATING HUMAN BABIES.jpg)




>okay i just dont think that has to do with the third eye, ive never heard that


>Lifeforce extraction from the glands of children


>Must think about all this…

I AGREE. Obviously, there is something to idea of extracting and eating human baby tissue, fluids, blood, etc. for a variety of reasons (extend life, fight disease, to get high, etc., etc.). I mean historically we have certainly done that with animals (e.g. extracting thyroid glands, bile acids, heparin sulfate, etc.), but to reduce the concept down to any one particular known chemical is absurd for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that it would obviate the need to kill children in the first place!

For example:

1) DMT is not orally active and is by far cheaper and easier to obtain from mimosa or acacia root by simple extraction.

2) Adrenochrome is oxidized adrenaline and can be easily made synthetically using simple methods of oxidation (search google patents if you don't believe me).

Maybe they are doing it for just the sick evil psychological experience, but I am not at all convinced that you can reduce it down to one known chemical.

There is also the possibility of direct blood infusion or partially extracted and concentrated blood (like platelet enriched plasma) to gain access to currently unknown peptides/proteins in babies which preserve youth. This is certainly an active area of research now in regenerative medicine.

939a62 No.496399


Mom is ex CNN producer of 20 years.

Dad is FBI.

f21d5d No.496400


I have always wondered what sort of crazy person wants to be famous! Why on earth would anyone willingly get rid of their privacy? It is the one precious thing that no amount of money can buy!

Am alright with knowing family & neighbors, and a nice circle of friends, but honestly, keep me out of the newspaper until my obituary runs.

db1ed9 No.496401

File: 88304a16dfd05d5⋯.jpg (254.1 KB, 474x632, 3:4, qmap.jpg)


Yes, they do.

On the Map he posted. The huge one.

Pleadian is in the bottom right. DRACO is by the Illuminati.

045a0e No.496402


haha last hot chocolate as a "free" person

cc00a8 No.496403


There's more than one the cockroaches are running rapid

82aee7 No.496404


>Yes, they do.

>On the Map he posted. The huge one.

>Pleadian is in the bottom right. DRACO is by the Illuminati.

Q did not make this or post it.

21be0e No.496405



57a79b No.496406

0ee430 No.496407


Q didnt post that map anon

5da1e8 No.496408


Dollah Dollah Bills y'all…

018edb No.496409


here..let me google that for you..

22283a No.496410

9cd66c No.496411

File: c97d2b4c6aadf56⋯.jpg (363.79 KB, 1321x1297, 1321:1297, Behind the Green Door Dee….jpg)


I need a Iittle bleach for my eyes.

I always thought Drake was a Iittle gay

But Iittle did I know.

I guess his Iittle secret is out of the bag.

I bet he's a Iittle pissed off right now.

I'm a Iittle curious how he will respond to this.

7cce9a No.496412


Exactly..,and those cops not going in the building! Thats so the real killer could take off his amour and place the gun down ..its was another kid…possibly Hogg? Why not put him up for all to see ? Just speculating.

db1ed9 No.496413

File: 2f50ce4cd1dcbcf⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1232x1643, 1232:1643, map.jpg)


381521 No.496415


Got a link to the fire and fury PDF? I can't seem to find my offline copy.

2328dd No.496416



liddle "gay foam party Marco."

f01071 No.496417


follow the money. always follow the money

ae681c No.496418

File: c17e4f054af5373⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 583x559, 583:559, 8ab8f35a4d801b8d2d9d407068….jpg)

File: 62b28d6cd378b45⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

074d85 No.496419

File: 041c842b0b0dfb1⋯.png (108.83 KB, 1456x766, 728:383, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 75277dd48eb92f4⋯.png (243.86 KB, 1902x1110, 317:185, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/6565

4ac841 No.496420


I know who made it… WASNT Q

20f015 No.496421


I tried several ways and haven't been successful. I saw a picture days ago with the Mom, Dad, liddle sister & Delaney.

f998b2 No.496422

Monster Hunter World

21be0e No.496423

>>496405 rampant

f21d5d No.496424


You can get DMT from mimosa root? Gawd, that stuff is a constant nuisance in my garden. Neighbor had one tree, and those liddle bean-kind of seeds go EVERYwhere. Constantly pulling them up by the handfuls.

Only mimosa I want to see is champagne and orange juice.

2328dd No.496425


*liddle (test)

0f4b03 No.496426


agree, Rubio

6f09fb No.496428


I meditate nightly and project loving intentions all the time. The way I found Q was definitely universal intentions at work. This is all connected and very important. Remember we've already surpassed critical mass on so much, the spiritual truths will come next, you'll see.

cef14d No.496429


Do you believe in coincidence?

82aee7 No.496430


That is a bit of a stretch..make another thread and quit concernfagging.

I agree with you on the Hogg topic but it's the NEWS that unlocks the map.

cd450a No.496433


It would be real hard to ID Cruz if he had a helmet or face gear on, might not be the actual shooter, good thinking anon

009536 No.496434


Pleadtards are back?

We've really come full circle.

ff7651 No.496435

File: 437b06fd10851fe⋯.jpg (173.48 KB, 1080x800, 27:20, 635969347257645787-Vanderb….JPG)

File: 726eacbb2091e8d⋯.png (112.68 KB, 600x640, 15:16, HPA-axis_-_anterior_view_(….png)

File: 91e3f3b3fe98eda⋯.jpg (8.43 KB, 200x248, 25:31, images.jpg)



Ding, ding… connections!

Grant Liddle = gland researcher and connected to VanderBilt (University)

Vanderbilt (and other brands) beauty products contain 'andrenochrome' extraction and/or other children's tissue?

The VanderBilt University has the pineal gland symbol in it's logo.

21a037 No.496436

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Jesus and the word of god is the only thing that scares them.

Everything you mentioned is tools that they try to use themselves. Magic isn't the way.

Watch this video of an ex satanist tell you about what is more powerful than "magick"

939a62 No.496437


Oh, thy're fucked.

Sloppy FF job.

There are too many witnesses, and the witnesses are talking.

This is why the pedo Sheriff is going under the bus.

a32e0b No.496438


significance? just because the guy looked like a cop in riot gear doesn't mean it was a cop

82aee7 No.496439


Not from Q. Stop derailing.

db1ed9 No.496440


MAO INHIBITORS LIKE FOUND IN AYAHUASCA and I imagine any form of DMT like ADRENOCHROME orally active.

6eebf2 No.496441

There is occasionally on here an anon saying no one has been arrested. Really? How do you know this. You don't.

If you understand how huge this whole thing and the extremely complicated nature of it all maybe you could at least have a clue as to why.

Having said that I do think it would be interesting to start a list of people who seemingly have disappeared. Then add to it or subtract if they appear.

So let's start.

Tony Podesta

James Carville

2971f4 No.496442

Just give things a liddle time.

fdfe34 No.496443

File: 8779f88c2a15703⋯.png (448.56 KB, 2048x2732, 512:683, 322368140eb58698dbff0490d9….png)


Yeah, now this makes sense - and why Broward's Cowards - right out of a blue lodge meeting - were in on it and didn't want to interfere with the clowns

610713 No.496444



Show us blinder anons the connections please. Which Q posts show the connections between Tesla & Trump?

27061a No.496445

Councillor Heather Liddle doing the Trump thumbs up with a group politician

ae681c No.496446


some can't be that is true

a8334b No.496447

File: bb092e6ba0979b5⋯.png (740.65 KB, 847x672, 121:96, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

More graft

36a635 No.496448

Apparently the Rothschild bought Jerusalem in 1829 or so. Check out this vid.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNVPdGWiJ-w&feature=share

cd28f5 No.496449

Cabal adrenochrome harvesting = Jupiter Rising RegeneX harvesting

1b4e75 No.496450


So CNN gets it 4am talking points,

"Shooting at Parkland at 2:21"

Because white hats were aware of FF they set security cameras back 43 minutes.

Top brass in Broward may have been aware of an operation but not the time so they are working off of what they believed to be "Live Real Time" footage.

if the security cameras would have had the correct time everything would have scynced up for the operation.

CNN is working off of 4am directives.

Seems to me, this goes well beyond just lying but at a minimum compliance in perpetrating fraud against the American people.

939a62 No.496451


Is that you, liddle Davey?

5fa96e No.496452

544b82 No.496453



d61316 No.496454


Iittle, hey look at that!

704cfc No.496455


That map rules, the one map that rules the others.

af7489 No.496456

File: 0f37c9e342deccc⋯.jpeg (243.68 KB, 696x1000, 87:125, 9BE479AF-49C7-4DE8-AAA2-7….jpeg)

If anyone tells yo my Jennifer Lawrence is a role model remember this fact.

She dropped out of middle school.


No Diploma.

Dad was a construction worker.

Mom was a summer camp runner.

The lefts glory woman. An actual retard.

d6e952 No.496457


I kno BO pretty well. I'm 99% he's civilian like the rest of us

018edb No.496458

File: bd22d604d2d91ad⋯.png (228.92 KB, 481x400, 481:400, ClipboardImage.png)

she looks like the daughter of an evil villain who grows up to be an even more evil villain because shes had more time in the public knowledge

think about that yall

we need to get these fuckin people out of power is what needs to happen.

look at this bitch

21be0e No.496459


Wakie Wakie

20f015 No.496460

If Alexi ran into Nikolas Cruz in the school hallway as they were hearing shots, where did all his tactical gear go?

610713 No.496461


Q never posted this map. An anon did, could have been you that originally posted it, for all i know. Nice try though.

ae681c No.496462

File: 1205566a8d53a16⋯.jpg (125.68 KB, 736x736, 1:1, cosmicwomb.jpg)


they found the holy grail

897ea8 No.496463

File: 2aa29e2a481f21f⋯.png (74.07 KB, 177x218, 177:218, ClipboardImage.png)


that you Shillary?

82aee7 No.496464


Simple answer… Maybe they are using to make factor replacement for Hemophilia. All the inbred royal families have it. Just a thought.

db1ed9 No.496465

File: aedb75c9b647eea⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 284x367, 284:367, 3E147B2900000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: 72cd138cb808126⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 474x355, 474:355, 72cd138cb808126b41270b0571….jpg)


White magic is real. The use of magick has been infiltrated and misconstrued by the cabal like so many things… but think whatever you like.

40618b No.496466

Psycho Joe and Lunev Connection

[H.N.S.C. No. 105–38]







AUGUST 4, 1998


CURT WELDON, Pennsylvania, Chairman





JOHN M. McHUGH, New York





WALTER B. JONES, Jr., North Carolina


BOB RILEY, Alabama





MARTIN T. MEEHAN, Massachusetts

JANE HARMAN, California

PAUL McHALE, Pennsylvania








Stephen Ansley, Professional Staff Member

Robert Lautrup, Professional Staff Member

Peter Pry, Professional Staff Member

Jean Reed, Professional Staff Member

Erica Striebel, Staff Assistant


Tuesday, August 4, 1998, U.S./Russian National Security Interests


Weldon, Hon. Curt, a Representative from Pennsylvania, Chairman, Military Research and Development Subcommittee

Pickett, Hon. Owen, a Representative from Virginia, Ranking Member Military Research and Development Subcommittee


Lunev, Stanislav, Former Colonel, Russian Military Intelligence (GRU)

0aa7d7 No.496467




I didn't hear anything about policeman,missed it?

I did hear though that the shooter was in full body armor & mask and this was AIRED ON ABC!

21be0e No.496468



9f4aec No.496469




fucking freaks, i hate them so much–

burn their [[[institutes]]]

039db2 No.496470


bs slidefag!

Q did NOT pot that!

2971f4 No.496471


hand off liddle snakey

738c2f No.496472


You've got the title of the book and the author's name, ffs!

Take your ass to DDG and dig on it for yourself!

610713 No.496473


Attention is a hell of a drug. I don't get off on it, but many do.

cd450a No.496474


Who ID'd Cruz????

039db2 No.496475


bs slidefag!

Q did NOT post that!

db1ed9 No.496476


exactly what I thought immediately..

67edd1 No.496477


>Because white hats were aware of FF they set security cameras back 43 minutes.

Sorry, haven't been following this so carefully: What happened when sec cams were set back 43mins???

65efc1 No.496478

I can not be programmed either. Hypnotized either. Been seeing for a long time. Lied to………….but seeing the lie. Knew for a long time my time for fighting was coming………it's here.


48b854 No.496479

File: 27087b5ac6f4f7f⋯.jpg (96.47 KB, 649x451, 59:41, HOGG-AmRev.JPG)

>>496381 >>496241 >>496399

Has there been any research into the Hogg family tree?

Hogg is a very old Anglo-Saxon name. Looks like there were Hoggs on both sides of the Revolutionary War.

db1ed9 No.496480


Ok my bad, I really thought he did.

2328dd No.496481


L i t t l e becomes liddle. Seriously gay. WTF.

be21b6 No.496482

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4vwa-4KG4

full police garb, save video offline and share on fb and tweet it

937ef4 No.496483

liddle liddle

544b82 No.496484


Thanks for your help asshole.

d6e952 No.496485


this map is what Quinn likes to use to say Q is linked to hashtagTyler. burn this map imho

81ea9a No.496486

File: 4bde0acc99b8490⋯.png (668.48 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1892.PNG)

An AR-15 is a rifle…when did rifles cause "shrapnel"? I've never seen a rifle bullet explode upon impact. maybe a shotgun shell since it has many pellets could hit someone in the check–eye? But a RIFLE bullet?

Can an anon more adapt to guns explain this "shrapnel" from an AR-15 rifle bullet?

610713 No.496487


Stop the lies, that's not a Q map, never posted by Q, no matter what you call the uploaded file.

074d85 No.496488

File: 8c731b8d117372c⋯.png (137.87 KB, 1470x532, 105:38, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

018edb No.496489


stop responding to shills anon

9683d3 No.496490


Good find, Anon. Dig more into Patrick Kennedy. His name raises my eyebrow.

4e1ed4 No.496491


You are messing with the wrong autists. There are people here who have memorized every Q post.

704cfc No.496492


its an anon map, many 40k view interesting connections tho

eddf6a No.496493



There is no question that they were NOT ignorant of the significance of these names. Many other occult names of big significance to the Illuminati involving eagles have been placed on cars. Electra is a recent car named after a demon. Viper is a slow and deadly creature, why would one want to use it to name a car? Viper is also the name of an important demon. Viper is found in Black Widow Monarch slaves. Some readers may begin to feel that things are being stretched. The connections of numerous car names to the occult could be exposed, but that is not the purpose of this book. We will quote straight from a company their own explanation for their car’s name in this next paragraph, simply to make the point, whether other perceive it or not, the Monarch slaves have to exist in a world full of satanic/occult symbology that ordinary people don’t understand. Mazda’s president, Norimasa Furuta, published a book in 1990 which it intended to give to all its employees. The book explains its purpose “...we have written a booklet to explain how MAZDA became the name of our corporation and what it means in order to help everyone who is related to MAZDA enhance their creativity and develop their potential.” The book entitled The Globe: In Search of the Origins of Mazda, goes on to explain about the founder of Mazda car company, Matsuda Jujiro, who is heralded as a great seer who “believed in himself, in his friends, and in heaven, and he achieved a truly global vision.” Mazda company’s book The Globe then explains that the company name Mazda comes from the god Ahura-Mazda which was the “god of light” and the “god of wisdom” according to the book. Jujiro believed that Mazda represents the “origin of civilization.”


1daaae No.496494

File: d8ea4ee8d902efa⋯.png (468.43 KB, 705x736, 705:736, ClipboardImage.png)

Downtown (Toledo, OH) ProMedica building evacuated after unknown substance found

One of ProMedica’s downtown buildings was evacuated after an employee there opened a payment envelope and discovered an unknown white powder, officials for the health system said Friday.

The Junction building at ProMedica’s downtown headquarters was evacuated Friday afternoon, according to Toledo Fire Department spokesman Pvt. Sterling Rahe. The call came in about 2:15 p.m. It is the former KeyBank building at 300 N. Summit St.

A female employee opened a payment envelope and found an unidentified white powder, said Brad Conner, administrative director of security for ProMedica.

“She had a fan in her cubicle space, that fan blew that powder through the work space,” he said.


http:// www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2018/02/23/Downtown-building-evacuated.html

20f015 No.496495


The only hearsay information we have is from the cheerleader who puts him at the scene.

68b761 No.496496


i work in the industry. its not about being gay. its about greed. none of these big celebrities get where they are unless they have sold their souls and bodies to the devil.

none. zero. zilch. nada.

your favorite celeb has sucked a dick or taken one in the ass for money. i guarantee it.

d936c1 No.496497

File: c8979bad67e3816⋯.jpg (7.72 KB, 275x183, 275:183, weird.jpg)

Totally "Normal."

https:// www.obama.org/gallery/kids/

Kids and The [Center] w/ BO Organization.

738c2f No.496498


Take your sorry ass back to reddit, newfag.


b61623 No.496499

File: 7293f6e51d1d75f⋯.png (200.93 KB, 625x393, 625:393, david-hogg-reddit.png)

just reading through this kids Reddit posts.

Boi is an angry lonely mess.

a14569 No.496500

File: 7d135625156d1a2⋯.png (3.9 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, liddleschiff.png)

ff7651 No.496501



If this is the case, how will all those ladies react when they find out they put human fetal stuff on their faces all those years…

71549d No.496502


Good find and well put anon.

939a62 No.496503


Where is this picture from?

Is this a crew looking in the grass for something?

Looking for spent casings?

db1ed9 No.496504


It's funny. I came about my awakening naturally.

At a time I was reading alot about ETs I then found Q, and then 11:11 began appearing alot… And then my head had this super high pitched noise, which I think destroyed all of my programming AI..

Ever since I haven't had a bad dream, been scared of digging too deep into anything, or ever felt I should take a break from research…. Fearless…

c2ad44 No.496505


What happened with drake?

aa5bd3 No.496506


Ho Lee Fuk!!! Archived….

0aa7d7 No.496507



Good question, who did ID Cruz. If the shooter was wearing a mask & full body armor how do they know who the shooter was?

db1ed9 No.496508


That was a response by Q.

deaf02 No.496509

Has anyone heard of Cradle Resources limited (CXX.AX)

http:// cradleresources.com.au/

Cradle Resources owns 50% of the world class niobium deposit "Panda Hill" in Tanzania. The niobium market is tightly controlled by 3 large producers. Cradle's holding of Panda Hill sets it on track to be the first new niobium producer in 40 years. The demand for niobium remains high due to its use in the production of quality steel.

It's a shot in the dark, liddle letter substitution, seeing if anything sticks

68b761 No.496510


snakes are dna helix tree of life tree of knowledge

16a95e No.496511

File: a4ba355947f539a⋯.png (1.11 MB, 945x539, 135:77, a4ba355947f539a7bf1e39d830….png)


funny thing is, you can't get off the ride, it's permanent, sort of. You can stop worrying though.

They never told you "life's a bitch and then you die"? I have and only started believing it after I got woke. Too late so you better enjoy it, at least you're not alone. Cheer up things could be worse, so I did and sure enough… ;)

5dfe38 No.496513

>>495601 (previous bread)

>Building an searchable offline archive. And you?

Several anon's have expressed interest in this. There's a thread for it:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/494745.html#496431

Please keep this effort alive. Let's make US searchable!

1503f7 No.496514


Is there legit sauce on any reporting, CNN, or otherwise, happening before the actual event?

Legit sauce only please.

70b065 No.496516


More often than not, .556mm/.223 caliber bullets fragment on contact. Not technically "shrapnel" per se, but same effect. A miss that hits something nearby (for example, a car or wall you're using for concealment) will fragment and can definitely ruin your day.

68b761 No.496517


they probably dont care if kylie jenner did it first.

people are stupid

2971f4 No.496518


Oh man, Anon. 11:11 for me too.

33ceb7 No.496519


We should all follow this bloke! 50/50 he's an anon.

e0b897 No.496520

File: d8cf8579328217c⋯.jpeg (68.53 KB, 466x390, 233:195, 43F56E4E-E99F-4497-9B56-3….jpeg)

deaf02 No.496521


Seems kind of relevant with Steel and aluminum imports being a way that Illegals are being shuttled in. but like I said spitballing

cc00a8 No.496522


Possible, but they're definitely in on it. Israel boy and his love for Obama, Hillary, Biden, says it all.

I'm sure he loves liddle Adam too

d29188 No.496523


just a theory

57a79b No.496524

File: f473985ce536493⋯.mp4 (10.8 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Parkland school.mp4)

This looks to be cell phone footage during the shooting, and the teacher tells the kids that it is the police and to breath, relax, etc. I shared this before, but want to make sure it gets archived, etc.

f10387 No.496525

File: e101edf06a5256b⋯.jpg (179.96 KB, 911x820, 911:820, aquila.jpg)

the eagle.

the eagle was a prominent symbol used in ancient rome, especially as the standard of a roman legion.

eagle is latin is aquila and it represents the bird that carried zeus thunderbolts.

its brightest star, altair, is one vertex of the summer triangle asterism which resembles a downward facing triangle.

the ancient babylonians and sumerians called it altair the eagle star.

in western astrology, the star altair was ill-omened, portending danger from reptiles.



takes three corners to make a triangle (summer triangle)

Three of them walk together-

She is the fairest of three;

And sweet as the heavenly weather

She maketh the heart of me!

– Karle Wilson Baker.

1f594f No.496526


To me her description of the shooter wearing all the protection makes it sound like she never saw his face either. Cruz was known at that school and she didn't say anything about him - in fact she says she saw a policeman - Alexa said she ran into Cruz while shots were being fired. Could this point to a trained killer, in full disguise, committing the acts that the patsy, Cruz, is later arrested for? The event also changed the narrative, which had been the Nunes memo, Dems going down in flames and FISA abuse by the whole cast of characters including #2 of the eff-bee-eye McCabe.

7afa99 No.496527


https:// www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/news/2018/02/andrew-pollack-video-meadow-florida-shooting/amp/

9a444a No.496528


This Australian EX Journo MICHEAL SMITH is about to initiate Criminal Proceedings against GILLARD EX Prime Minister for past mis-dealings …also, is leading RALLY to enquire into the $88Million +? given to CF (in exchange for what exactly?)


‘The entity, known as the AWU Workplace Reform ¬Association, was set up by Australian Workers Union officials Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt with legal help from Ms Gillard, who was Mr Wilson’s girlfriend at the time.” …

“The AWU Workplace ¬Reform Association was a trade union entity and thus ineligible for incorporation.”

http:// www.michaelsmithnews.com/page/2/

db1ed9 No.496529


A way the Cabal infiltrated knowledge and made it "satanic" so the majority would be too scared to look into it.

The cosmic serpent is the DNA. And it's just a name. The awakening of the third eye or Kundalini can be called the serpent awakening, but this is another attempt by the Cabal to bring Luciferian symbolism to information that is the utmost importance for us to defeat them…

And there doing this has kept ALMOST EVERYONE away from it.

It all comes down to intention.

6df924 No.496530







Radiofag here. Most stations compress the audio before it goes out to the STL and the transmitter. Many also have leased subcarriers.

Most NPR stations are college owned and don't have these tweaks.

https:// www.profmbroadcast.com/products/cat/23/sound-processing?switchLang=en

https:// www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6198387

https:// www.gearslutz.com/board/mastering-forum/149816-standard-fm-radio-compression.html

https:// www.prometheusradio.org/audio_processing_and_compressors

341ac1 No.496531


"Liddle Kiddles" (toy)

"Liddle Syndrome" (Sodium disease)

"Liddle Kids" (Pedos)

"Liddle Marco" (Gansta)

074d85 No.496532

File: 041c842b0b0dfb1⋯.png (108.83 KB, 1456x766, 728:383, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 75277dd48eb92f4⋯.png (243.86 KB, 1902x1110, 317:185, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 8c731b8d117372c⋯.png (137.87 KB, 1470x532, 105:38, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

68b761 No.496533


oh not covered by q but covered by the anons. theres no dispute the connection between trump and tesla tho. i just dont know if Q cares about it.

b6cd78 No.496534



do you have pastebin?

c6bdf4 No.496535

File: 3cf9ea020138486⋯.png (112.58 KB, 303x184, 303:184, little2.png)

this guy?

rod liddle

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Liddle

""BBC coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela[edit]

In December 2013 in a blog article for The Spectator website published shortly after Nelson Mandela died, Rod Liddle wrote of BBC coverage:

But for Christ's sake BBC, give it a bloody break for five minutes, will you? It's as if the poor bugger now has to bear your entire self-flagellating white post-colonial bien pensant guilt; look! Famous nice black man dies! Let's re-run the entire history of South Africa. That's better than watching the country we're in being flattened by a storm.[60]

He also wrote:

Look; I'm sorry Nelson Mandela is dead. It happens quite often to people in their 90s who have been very ill, even famous people, but I'm sure that doesn't lessen the sadness for many of us. I never met the man but, on balance, I came to the conclusion that he was a force for good rather than ill. I think I came to that rather banal and broad brush conclusion twenty years ago, or maybe fifteen. So, I'm sorry he's dead, I wish it were otherwise.[60][61]""

HOLD ON!!!!!

WHEN did mandela die??


9cd66c No.496536


This whole world right now…

Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream.

Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream.

c6bdf4 No.496537



e89a7b No.496538

File: 3c2ec3067a6960e⋯.jpg (103.79 KB, 658x370, 329:185, 2,w=1986,q=low,c=0.bild.jpg)

German prince of Hohenzollern dies from fall out of window on 21st floor from Interconti Hotelin Frankfurt, Germany

Sauce bild.de

db1ed9 No.496539

File: f35ef841d445796⋯.gif (322.63 KB, 400x243, 400:243, Syria.gif)

File: f35ef841d445796⋯.gif (322.63 KB, 400x243, 400:243, Syria.gif)

87aa25 No.496540


What a waste of fucking oxygen

704cfc No.496541


21 + its mirror 12 = 33

b6cd78 No.496542



found it

68b761 No.496543


mayve we're sposed to try to fool the sniffers if u know wut i mean vern?

939a62 No.496544


>Dad was a construction worker.

>Mom was a summer camp runner.

These facts mean nothing, other than her parents were likely hard working folks.

Jennifer Lawrence, of butthole fame, is a stupid cunt all on her own.

7db10e No.496545


>Simple answer… Maybe they are using to make factor replacement for Hemophilia. All the inbred royal families have it. Just a thought.

Thanks! Great idea, though I don't know much about that particular topic. But again, these elites have unlimited resources, so why not just buy it from donors. My father has a rare blood type and he often selflessly donates it to blood banks.

79753f No.496546


So why is the profanity filter screwed up?

I did notice BO posted his email yesterday, could be connected.

039db2 No.496547


fuck that unindicted criminal wench

e5d8b5 No.496548



The fact that her Veiled Threat to POTUS (via the hot chocolate tweet) was picked up us made her back off…. she should stick to her day job… Not too good at coded messages via chocolate… LOL

0aa7d7 No.496549


Not as important but a sizable reply box would be nice, or an option for a bigger one.

2e026d No.496550


it's that kinda night…

65efc1 No.496551

what's up with 11:11 I've always called that "woodstock time" after the snoopy's bird in Peanuts >>496518

f10387 No.496552


i could have gone on and on about aquila - the masons apron, etc.. but hey.. figured most of the people here knew..

0aa6e0 No.496553


Well someone posted it, and it's got a lot in it, and people are using it.

The team drops a lot of stuff most of you miss.

67edd1 No.496554


assuming they had set back, how would it have affected the players real time? assuming they didn't know about it, what would it reveal if cameras were set back? in theory what would have happened? if it was exposed would it have just revealed that cameras were set back?

4c8a4d No.496555

File: cc6b2398562861a⋯.jpeg (144.21 KB, 600x800, 3:4, rosaryq.jpeg)


praying the Holy Rosary.

St. Padre Pio said, "The Rosary is the 'weapon' for these times"

David chose 5 smooth stones for his weapon against Goliath..

The Holy Rosary begins with 5 smooth stones.

No coincidences!

eab2a3 No.496556


Come mister tally man, tally me banana….

68b761 No.496557


no they use a synthetic for that

cc00a8 No.496558




6cf66a No.496559


a liddle of this

a liddle of that

21be0e No.496560

db1ed9 No.496561


33 the age Jesus was when he died…. Holy number indeed. Regardless of what those Masonic motherfuckers have done to the number…. Cabal infiltration to scare us aware once again from it's true positive meanings !

f01071 No.496562


fyi - an Asian kid on Dr. Phil this week said he was good friends with him. knew him his entire life. said he walked out of school with him and he was fine.

939a62 No.496563


$30 million payoff to a useless tranny.

Who really gives a fuck about Michael's "roots" and how she "found her voice"?

5077a4 No.496564


Got it

1ef8c5 No.496565

File: 6890ff35b04ce7e⋯.jpg (134.46 KB, 707x289, 707:289, FN_P90.jpg)


A rifle she has never scene before?

bcd6ac No.496566


We have to have leaders that will not be afraid to take them down, I think it is happening.

e5d8b5 No.496567



610713 No.496568



Are you desperate for Q to validate this? If he does, great. Meanwhile keep uploading it across the internet and to reddit and other sites as you (and your team?) have been doing already. Don't lie and say it's a Q map though.

039db2 No.496569


>Because white hats were aware of FF they set security cameras back 43 minutes.

You do NOT know that and it's utter bs to state it as a fucking fact!

018edb No.496572


I never heard of it doing that either and I have a couple AR's

But i'm not ever shooting it inside, so idk

9683d3 No.496573


Daylight come and he won't go home.

2bcd44 No.496574


many small caliber bullets splinter on impact,

can actually find it yourself looking on YT at different rounds hitting ballistic gel.

db1ed9 No.496575

File: fa17dccacf0d97d⋯.png (32.44 KB, 242x264, 11:12, logo_westham.png)


Dick in the ass…. Creates that stomach chakra to open up the third eye…

Wam bam thank you ma'am… This is indeed a Luciferian act….

40618b No.496576



Thx, anon…found it by accident actually lmao. But here are the links if anyone is interested.

Part 1:

http:// commdocs.house.gov/committees/security/has216010.000/has216010_0.HTM

Part 2:

http:// commdocs.house.gov/committees/security/has216010.000/has216010_1.HTM

939a62 No.496577



Too many common tracks in this shooting.

Are they really this stupid? Really?

877028 No.496578


New Baker Confirmed

e0b897 No.496579

File: 7aeb109e9878e44⋯.jpeg (84.22 KB, 600x429, 200:143, 15C5712C-FE57-4631-9EC3-6….jpeg)

21be0e No.496580



a47881 No.496581


when the ones with a soul stop wearing makeup be supportive don't be an ass

98f476 No.496582

>>490492 <-last bread

Not only schlumer . . aint heard much the mr. noname either.

He could NEVER stay STFU for one whole day even, prior to this.

db1ed9 No.496583


I honestly thought he posted it a long time ago.. guess i was dupped…

d936c1 No.496585

11:11 is an activation code. It calls to "pay attention to your thoughts" as they are rapidly coming into existence. The Great Awakening activation code so to speak.

It's a number that when you notice it, what you were just thinking about prior to seeing it, is what you are bringing into existence. It can be a good sign, if your thoughts are positive, or it can be a sign to revert your thinking if you are negatively focused on something. It is a manifestation portal.

6a776c No.496586

File: d71f90aa48ef89f⋯.png (450.08 KB, 592x373, 592:373, rg24.PNG)


Guys follow me here real quick. What if the clowns do their MK Ultra programming on this guy and get him nice and crazy. Think targeted individual. They try to get you to think you're crazy and act erratically to discredit you. "Oh, he's just that crazy kid."

Using v2k they convince him that he needs to grab his gun and go do a school shooting. However, a while ago the clowns secretly confiscated his rifle, reproduced the twist patterns in a new rifle barrel and then replace his gun.

He arrives at school but doesn't begin shooting anyone. He starts talking to one of his classmates and he begins to get cold feet.

A clown shooter dressed in full armor (don't want him killed/ID'd that would ruin the plan) and clutching a specially crafted rile that can interchange barrels does the deed and kills a bunch of innocent people.

Cruz hears the gunshots and runs to a nearby store where he is later apprehended. This is why you have the girl who claims she was talking to cruz when the gunshots started. How the teacher saw a guy in full kit holding a rifle she's never seen before.

bcd6ac No.496587


inflamed hemorrhoids

9151a9 No.496588

https:// www.sciencealert.com/mice-hippocampus-enzyme-discovery-anti-aging-therapy

We Might Finally Know Why The Blood of Young People Can Rejuvenate Old Brains

7afa99 No.496589

File: 676749f9668510a⋯.png (678.79 KB, 1080x1125, 24:25, Screenshot_20180225-190107….png)

Does phase 2 include turning the Investigation towards HRC? I CANNOT WAIT!

6b5f30 No.496590


The difference between setup and set up explained.

https:// writingexplained.org/setup-vs-set-up-difference

cd3edd No.496591

File: 71a872f298cbdba⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 1274x560, 91:40, mb2.JPG)

File: 50d41a116b0ca83⋯.jpg (987.55 KB, 2500x1873, 2500:1873, MichelleObama-bg.jpg)

File: 859cfe69c639e05⋯.jpg (19.17 KB, 600x314, 300:157, mo.jpg)

memefags, can we destroy this before it happens,

(CNN) Former first lady Michelle Obama's highly anticipated memoir, "Becoming," will be released on Nov. 13, the book's publisher announced Sunday



aa5bd3 No.496592


^^^THIS for any of you doubting Cruz was a patsy –– pull your heads out of your arses lads!!!

61ef9f No.496593


Let me guess A+ lister is Brad Pitt

20f015 No.496594

File: 8567cbbb89a6586⋯.jpeg (10.18 KB, 180x225, 4:5, image.jpeg)

http:// arrestfiles.org/publicinfo/kevin-michael-tarr

Is this dude related to DeLaney Tarr?

87aa25 No.496595

File: 08445cedf35da57⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 338x455, 26:35, Adama.jpg)

704cfc No.496596


Yea, we are taking it back

eab2a3 No.496597


Really? A $30 million deal? They know full fucking well that book won't even pull in $1 million. And the publisher takes 90% so they're expecting it to make $300 million? I would start digging that publisher. This has nothing to do with memoirs, this is a payoff.

610713 No.496598


There is a dispute if you can't prove the connection. I can easily dispute that it doesn't exist because I've seen no proof. So, do you have proof, or…

b45042 No.496600


After DC is cleaned up, there's going to be alien disclosure, but this is derailment. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

db1ed9 No.496601


Yep…………. Damnit I didn't realize this. I was watching the news with my parents when visiting their home lol. It was definitely positive thoughts as mine (at least I try for them to be) always positive !

9ad00b No.496602

File: e0f3c4a3649c03d⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 960x640, 3:2, IMG_0823.JPG)


4c4a2e No.496603

Repost from last bread:

02/25/18 (Sun) 19:16:57 742be3 No.496122


Dr. David E. Liddle is on the Board of Directors at SRI International.

SRI International (SRI) is an American nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The trustees of Stanford University established SRI in 1946 as a center of innovation to support economic development in the region.

The organization was founded as the Stanford Research Institute. SRI formally separated from Stanford University in 1970 and became known as SRI International in 1977. SRI performs client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, and private foundations. It also licenses its technologies, forms strategic partnerships, sells products, and creates spin-off companies.

SRI's focus areas include biomedical sciences, chemistry and materials, computing, Earth and space systems, economic development, education and learning, energy and environmental technology, security and national defense, as well as sensing and devices. SRI has received more than 4,000 patents and patent applications worldwide.

https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRI_International

98f476 No.496604


You are beyond fucking stupid if you believe that.


8e2a4d No.496605


IMO money and deep ties to F…I

8d3c73 No.496606


also outside Parents were trying to name Cruz and the Shep was cutting them off as if they didn't want it out too early. They all knew.

a32e0b No.496607


saved. it doesn't look like it shows anything important, but maybe it'll be important down the road.

db1ed9 No.496608


I think we need to realize the Cabal has totally hidden extremely important things from us by saying oh they're Luciferian.

The Ra Material

Kundalini Awakening ( the third eye opening)




95d9bf No.496609


Wasn't there doctor talk of how organs were obliterated?

Could they have used frangible bullets?

67edd1 No.496611


could have happened, probably happens somewhere all the time… but if there is no proof it's like hot air

cc00a8 No.496612


The $64,000 Dolllar question.

Tell them what they've won Don Pardo….

This is laughable at this point.

db1ed9 No.496613

File: a5fd4472ee93da2⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, f1d7c0f676b7de2fea02aaf5b2….jpg)

b45042 No.496614

File: 1697e00665634bf⋯.png (53.18 KB, 840x524, 210:131, g.png)

9cd66c No.496615




I don't recommend it.

It's a Iittle disturbing

bd2427 No.496616


If you go a liddle further shevwill say smth like it was like watching the movie, i think thats what Q was relating to

9683d3 No.496617


The title alone screams, "Transexual"

610713 No.496618


Hence the importance of re_reading the crumbs yourself, so that you know what's Q and what's disinformation.

2 reliable resources (use daily):

https:// qanonmap.github.io/


af7489 No.496619

File: f510bd4ec4a4986⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B0AC01E5-453E-47E1-B16F-B7….png)

63 total calls then

0aa7d7 No.496620


good to know!

b6cd78 No.496621


Thank you for your service.

3e2fff No.496622


get that portal 2012 shit outta here. he's a cia psyop

060763 No.496624


Marco clearly has some things he'd like hidden. I say pedo not "gan(g)sta"-

2bcd44 No.496625

File: cd653b2b97980a2⋯.png (301.85 KB, 730x474, 365:237, ClipboardImage.png)

anti-school is looking to get sued. we covered this last week if someone knows him might relay….

e04c67 No.496626

https:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/02/so_what_was_obamas_secret_speech_for_the_sports_conference_all_about.html

If it was the conference that wanted Obama's speech kept secret, why the pinned tweet at the top of its Twitter feed advertising the event? Why did the company promote the conference so hard? Why did they let reporters in…to not cover it? The MassLive report was obviously a fill-in story from one of the stiffed reporters who wasted his time going there, only to be told he couldn't report anything. If he had guts, he would report it anyway, given that that's his job, and let the conference and Obama howl. Naturally, since this was Obama, he didn't.

Was the speech so left-wing in content that it would offend the mainstream and cause controversy? For the Colin Kaepernick crowd inside, obviously not. Outside, among the Reagan Democrats and independents, Obama's likely leftist content could well cause controversy that could stir the pot during an election year where Democrats are hungry to retake power.

This is more like it. And it underlines once again just how far left the Democrat agenda really is. It's so far left that they don't even want to publicize it. Note that among the Democrats who have claimed seats from Republicans in special elections, they all ran on sedate, moderate platforms (think Doug Jones, who beat Roy Moore), not rabid left-wing screeching and Trump-bashing, which is the normal stance of most Democrats ensconced in power.

Another reason Obama may have wanted the speech kept secret might have been to keep himself out of the news, the better to make the times he is in the news more important. He's well schooled in the spin and narrative of Ben Rhodes, so there's that idea, too.

Lastly, maybe Obama wanted it to be kept secret because he knew that keeping it secret would draw attention. Being the former narcissist-in-chief, there's always that.


I don't think any of the reasons given in the article are accurate.

I think Obama went there to meet with his lawyers., or others, to plan their defense.

018edb No.496627



738c2f No.496629


And mind control.

Let's not forget about that either.

6a776c No.496631



See my post below.


db1ed9 No.496632

File: 4a0a2f0ed94b0d3⋯.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 4a0a2f0ed94b0d36d770de6d2e….png)


Jesus A Christ that is real and what they must be using to blackmail him to do their bidding !

A facial and he's sucking a dick !

becf56 No.496633


No they don't. They use pooled blood products.

e04c67 No.496634


I think the mouth/lips are different.

cf210f No.496635

When I was in Starbucks today girl asked me for my name I said: Q

- only Q?

- That's more then enough

She was totally confused :D then the dude who was making coffee Americano handed it to me and said 'Here it is perfect for Great Awakening'

:D Who ever you are thanks brother.

cc00a8 No.496637


Really? CNN?

Ah, No.

6df924 No.496638

File: 33e20d7e4152523⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 279x240, 93:80, YakovSmirnoff.jpg)


>They are the Goatfuckers In Reverse

Goat fucks you!

018edb No.496639


antischool is an anon ya dum fuk

092a5f No.496640


Longer version

https:// abcnews.go.com/video/twittercard?id=53240314

9d3bae No.496641

File: b6b2baf1d6d9456⋯.jpeg (88.95 KB, 729x972, 3:4, 1519607204.jpeg)

Last one for me. I know its old.

db1ed9 No.496642

3e2fff No.496643

The Satanic Illuminati hierarcy teach the high level students that “those who serve Saturn promote the return of the lost son Saturn.” The religion of Saturn is Saturnian gnosis–which turns out to simply be a rehash of the gnosticism that the high level Satanists believe in. Saturn is severe. Jupiter is mild. The merging of Saturn (severity) with Jupiter (mildness) is the creation of the new Golden Age–according to high level Satanic hierarchy teachings. The earth has been caught in a battle between a bi-polar world–the inner Solar Logos and the outer Saturnian sphere. The trans-Saturnian planets actually belong to Alcyone(!) which eventually gets its planets returned.

**(This may be the reason, that the Satanic hierarchy has treated us to “good aliens from the Pleiades.” Alcyone is a star in the Pleides.)

7afa99 No.496644



074d85 No.496645

File: cffd19c8100fc0a⋯.png (257.21 KB, 1850x1154, 925:577, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14726

e04c67 No.496646



3e2fff No.496647


link: https:// compleatpatriot.blogspot.com/2009/10/saturnalian-worshipping-freaks.html

e5d8b5 No.496648


4 10 20….. Books of Psalms…. if you go read them it's exactly what's going on!!!

49154e No.496649


I print this and mail it anonymously to my friends to fuck with them.

6a776c No.496650

File: dee9a5fda93bb4b⋯.png (257.15 KB, 386x460, 193:230, rg51.PNG)



Guys look at the ear cartilage. It's like a head fingerprint. You can debunk a lot of these this way.

2bcd44 No.496651


nope reddit reader.

watch his videos.

Then he doxx himself all the time.

db1ed9 No.496652

File: 3e204989fb42b38⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 312x312, 1:1, mM1Zbf_s_400x400.jpg)



fb326e No.496654






7afa99 No.496655

Ugh not meant for Drake blowjob pic!!!!


Meant for


98f476 No.496656




▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/22/18 (Thu) 20:54:38 9539a2 No.465797


Did you count the spaces in the tweet and cross ref against spaces left here to match meaning?


58 spaces -18 spaces = 40 spaces left (to match?)

3cf961 No.496657

So awesome, such a (shame on our gov) that we need to donate to make this happen ourselves privately to protect our children, as our tax money isn't doing shit!

May God Bless all at www.vets4childrescue.org

Craig Sawman Sawyer 2 22 2018 7 Arrests in Veterans for Child Rescue Sting

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=F385Pvou_tw

48b854 No.496658

"With Clooney’s help, Kasky said the group has brought in some attorneys, some administrative help and a public relations firm, 42 West. This week, they expect to establish the March For Our Lives Foundation in order to deposit all donations to the cause."


>>495729 >>495457 >>495937 >>495438

42 West owned by Dolphin Digital Media, now Dolphin Entertainment, Inc,. in Coral Gables FL.

From Dolphin Digital Media 2016 10-K Page 5-6

iproxydirect .com/uploads/dpdm/dpdm_annual_report.pdf

"Through our online kids clubs we seek to partner with various organizations to provide an online destination for entertainment and information for kids. (((Through online kids club memberships))), established “brands” in the children’s space seek to expand their existing online audience through the promotion of original content supplied and/or sourced by (((Dolphin Digital Studios)))."

To build successful engagement with children and teenagers in the “real world” and offer them nothing (let alone an equivalent engagement opportunity) in the digital world is a tremendous lost opportunity. Similarly, (((non-profits))) may exist to provide enrichment and cultural opportunities for children, but their websites are seldom visited by the children they serve."

Wonder how many Stoneman Douglas HS students are members of Dolphin's "online kids clubs"?

7db10e No.496659


>MAO INHIBITORS LIKE FOUND IN AYAHUASCA and I imagine any form of DMT like ADRENOCHROME orally active.

You are missing the entire point! THESE people have unlimited resources. If they want to TRIP on DMT, they can just jump on a plane to South American and have some shaman make AYAHUASCA or for that matter fly the fuggker up to the states to prepare it.


And BTW, all my research suggests that ADRENOCHROME sucks to get high on and is likely neurotoxic. DOPACHROME, oxidized dopamine, most certainly is. YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE A COMPLETE FUGGKING MORON TO INJECT THIS SHIT INTO YOUR BODY. BUT THEN again Q keeps saying THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

e678f4 No.496660

File: d8d14806534058b⋯.jpg (74.28 KB, 1199x674, 1199:674, IMG_2906.JPG)

7afa99 No.496661


That is awesome!!

b467f7 No.496662


All I can find is that her Mother's name is Jennifer. More than likely is either a single mother or has remarried w/different last name. Interesting that there is so liddle information about her parent/parents

47af0e No.496663


Oh now I wanna know the story behind this. I've heard pretty vague stories from a few people that Promedica at the higher levels likely do some shady stuff. Though I kinda do wonder who would send such a scare to them and why. The doctors, nurses, white collar people there are all good good people that mean well but interesting still that someone would be sending them a message like this.

726401 No.496664


This blind was partially solved at CDAN long ago. Himmmm confirmed that the Republican politician with the two male prostitutes was Marco Rubio.

But there is a lot more to this blind that connects it to several others that Enty has chosen not to reveal. There is a connection to the Rothschilds, a Church that is involved in child sex trafficking, a big shot Hollywood mogul who is very mixed up in drugs, pedophilia, and murder (who we pretty much know is David Geffen), some very high profile politicians on both sides of the aisle, Pedo Island (Jeffrey Epstein), very wealthy businessmen from all over the world who pay a shitload of money to fly in to have sex with children, all connected to a very old mansion in New Orleans that has been owned by the same family for over 100 years, and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars. I don't believe that Enty or Himmmm will ever directly reveal this one (or the others), for obvious reasons.

In many ways, Enty is like Q. He drops clues, but he doesn't always reveal the answers. Reality is stranger that fiction. Enty has certainly proven that over and over again.

e2d8f8 No.496665


I want to hug him. NoHomo.

627819 No.496666

File: 87cd285397550d9⋯.png (4.63 KB, 269x241, 269:241, 1aa.png)

File: d38d4f62f979452⋯.png (18.57 KB, 449x275, 449:275, 1aaa.png)

Test = liddle

be21b6 No.496667

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

share this vid

b45042 No.496668

File: 4545798a8959c14⋯.png (401.84 KB, 1324x1343, 1324:1343, 3f55e0f392632cc4453f3a20be….png)

57b21c No.496669

File: e6e45dabbcbdd4d⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 575x575, 1:1, 7-gaugm1blko_1.jpg)

File: 6c484daa68efbcd⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, krytac-69852a.jpg)



>A rifle she has never scene before?

eab2a3 No.496670

Michelle's book is receiving a $30 million payoff for Deep State activities under the guise of a "publishing advance." The book will never see $30 million in sales, not even close. Forget profit. It's being published by Penguin Random House which publishes under at least 200 publisher names (probably for money laundering) and these are the key people involved:

Markus Dohle

Milena Alberti

Madeline McIntosh

Sidney Taurel

John Fallon

Thomast Rabe

Christoph Mohn

Somewhere in all that is the reason why they're paying her $30 million. It's certainly not for any book.

aaa2c2 No.496672


Maybe significant.

How do we learn which of the 25 or so James Liddle

's this one is?

474e02 No.496673


Where did Q confirm this this?

520c95 No.496674


https:// youtu.be/AZU0c8DAIU4

f337ef No.496676



20f015 No.496677


Realize the arrest record states that Nikolas Cruz was 5'7" and weighed 120 pounds.

If you saw that figure in the hall you might think it could be a student. The teacher said she saw a cop. The shooter was built like a man, not like Cruz.

be21b6 No.496678

l i t t l e is word filtered it changes to liddle, fuck guys it isnt a conspiracy

4ac841 No.496679



3772fa No.496680


>The 16th Amendment … authorizing the Federal government to impose and collect income taxes.

Let's not forget about the Federal Reserve act either, the other prong of the money control serpent.

The congress and senate of 1913 were either directly corrupt, or beholden to corrupt men depending on which one you looked at..

6b64db No.496681


John G. Trump… POTUS's uncle.

79753f No.496683

there's a lot of stuff out there that's actually very "good" that has been co-opted for "bad". One thing I already know and use is the signs in the sun/moon/stars. Another one is reading in the bible that God created the pyramids…. and realizing that the capstone is missing, because this world is a broken world. That's why (they) have the (eye) on top of the pyramid. 7's and pyramids is an interesting connection as well. Some things new age have validity in a Messianic Christian viewpoint but I tread carefully.

811567 No.496684


http:// ultimatecheerleaders.com/2010/12/everyone-wants-to-be-a-philadelphia-eagles-cheerleader/

What vision did Kissenger have in mind when he introduced Lynn and Evelyn? Who else would pal around with Vernon Jordan?

f6a47e No.496685

>>496486 556 not so much, mostly full metal jacket, but you can get soft points, 223 lots of guys around here use for deer hunting causes lots of damage, most comes from what it hits wood, concrete, brick, like getting sprayed with high speed debris

ee0200 No.496686


HRC connection

Wikileaks drop

I choose that one.

d936c1 No.496687

Your mind.

It can heal you, or it can kill you.

You decide. That is what this awakening is. From childhood most thoughts are not of your/our own. Taught by others to BELIEVE what they wanted us to believe.

Now the Great Awakening is spreading as more and more people are starting to "think" for themselves, as they do, they start to remove the veil of illusion. These people are not brilliant,. not even a liddle bit. They are dumb, they were only considered to be brilliant by their own accord which was manipulation, and clearly always done in plain site under a veil of lies and deceit. So this board, chosen due to REAL BRILLIANCE.

418782 No.496688

The Last Refuge and some others just started tweeting out that video….the one with the teacher sitting he was wearing body armor

be21b6 No.496689


he is fucking with you guys kek

e2d8f8 No.496690


I always figured the two large donations came from Kutcher and Will Smith.

0fffff No.496691

A creature lands on earth and the first thing Kanye teaches her is that CNN IS FAKE NEWS : https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrIwbWEu-70

From Kanye West's Full-Length Film "Runaway" in 2010 :https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg5wkZ-dJXA

A creature lands on earth and the first thing Kanye teaches her is that the news is fake.

Based Kayne.

8e2a4d No.496692


I like where this is going. Great work anon

What about the Q post where they have underscores throughout the entire port like letters should be inserted I can’t remember the post though.

039db2 No.496693


>>496535 AND?

"On December 5, 2013, Nelson Mandela, the first President of South Africa to be elected in a fully representative democratic election, as well as the country's first black head of state, died at the age of 95"

6a776c No.496694


That's what I'm trying to say. They replicated Cruz's barrel twist patterns in a new barrel that they used to carry out the shooting. It was a custom made gun with Cruz's replicated barrel.

Cruz was a patsy. It's all in that post.

341ac1 No.496695

File: c072f0b0c330382⋯.jpg (356.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Michells_As_Mike.jpg)



bf6aae No.496696


Remember when she was liddle she had ramen noodle hair?

738c2f No.496697


He didn't.

It's been public knowledge for years.

1daaae No.496698


Person who posted the story says they have personal connections to a nurse that worked this ER, and Toledo news is downplaying. She said this nurse indicated 30 people were brought in bleeding from eyes, ears, and nose. Can't confirm, as this is all 3rd hand.

7afa99 No.496699



Figure it out.

e5d8b5 No.496701


Too bad for the MSM… Looks like this is what happens when their 4:am propaganda talking points don't show up!

704cfc No.496702


The free energy tesla coil is proven fake, it picks up radio signals and gives a few att from that, no free energy because when wanna extract more the radio stations need to juice up the power.

db1ed9 No.496703

File: aa524608d98c1c4⋯.jpg (537.56 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, eader.jpg)


John G. Trump… POTUS's uncle.



be21b6 No.496704


uaually high speed rounds fragment

7f3c87 No.496705



4b58f1 No.496706

File: 219b42907f6143d⋯.png (301.91 KB, 1002x798, 167:133, teslafiles.png)

Some of Tesla Files were examined and photographed by navy and federal agents.

a32e0b No.496707


you're glowing

this is just a liddle shitpost - don't feed me (You)'s

610713 No.496708


Jan 7 2018 Q

>We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

>We believe in you.

becf56 No.496709




LittIe digits responded to bigIy digits.

939a62 No.496710

File: 51e2061870aa733⋯.png (737.76 KB, 758x502, 379:251, ClipboardImage.png)

Good good bread, Baker.

db1ed9 No.496711


Because John Rockefeller was funding it and destroyed it once he figured out it was providing free energy.

be21b6 No.496712


a42f72 No.496713


Be good to have the mystery graffiti artist put up posters all over every major city across the country to Red pill the public

3772fa No.496714


lookit those liddle digits figuring it out.

22283a No.496715


Because this was most likely a complete inside job, and not likely any forensics would be done, they probably used an SBR in 5.56, nothing more exotic.

20f015 No.496716

File: 8567cbbb89a6586⋯.jpeg (10.18 KB, 180x225, 4:5, image.jpeg)


http:// arrestfiles.org/publicinfo/kevin-michael-tarr

Thanks for trying. There is a post on social media showing the entire family. I am attempting to confirm (or discard) that this is her father.

379478 No.496717

File: 0fdd30be33b5cc3⋯.png (37.39 KB, 90x178, 45:89, ClipboardImage.png)



Rare Sheboon in beach wear; like Bigfoot elusive & always shit wit a patato

627819 No.496718

c6bdf4 No.496719


my bad

i was inbetween

digging for everything

related to "liddle"

704cfc No.496720


Could be, the copper wire experiment is fake and gay tho.

aa5bd3 No.496721


Just an FYI I've been using Photoshop since 1997 and I concur that anon is right the pic is the real –– Drake pissed somebody off that's for certain….

5dfe38 No.496722

File: 16d6aaaded43169⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 657x527, 657:527, Frog Detective.jpg)


> Quest for Searchability

Thank You Bakers!! You are ON THE JOB! Thanks so much for including this Quest for in the dough. It's vitally important to husband our resources, make the best use of our time, and allow others to access the cumulative knowledge and wisdom of the hive mind that has self assembled here.

Anon's that want to contribute to this project please assemble at Quest for Searchability in the catalog.

f0e752 No.496723


DJT uncle - MIT Professor

edbf1a No.496724


Christ thats bad.

33ceb7 No.496725


That's funny that you had this interaction. I had a similar one in the grocery store today. Some guy was looking a liddle too hard at me in line and my first thought was to say "You're glowing you CIA Nigger". Luckily I refrained.

937774 No.496726




Nice one kek


Speaking of busses..someone should look at when those busses were booked for the kids to march in DC...and what's the deal with the burned busses? is MSM covering that? Very odd....proof of conspiracy if nothing else.


Satanists really don't recognize the bible I'm sure.

6a776c No.496728


This explains, mystery barrel, clown shooter, mk ultra programming, Cruz talking to a girl, etc.

16a95e No.496729

File: be90038c9736afc⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, be90038c9736afc3b44e16c13b….png)

File: 3f0501eee95d0da⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 255x133, 255:133, 859cfe69c639e054070a828991….jpg)


like this?

db1ed9 No.496730



More digging needed..

061c95 No.496731


Didnt Trumps dad or uncle have possession of heaps of Telsa stuff?

e0ae00 No.496732

File: fbce04e5235182a⋯.png (13.91 KB, 990x195, 66:13, 7.png)

File: db4262ba3640c0f⋯.jpeg (4.27 KB, 275x183, 275:183, DC5589C6-D9B6-483D-9637-A….jpeg)









>did anyone else hear the interview with the girl that said the army was in the building


>How desperate must they be to us this NOBODY


You must ask yourself:

When do Anons realize they are part and parcel of the GAME?

Why is the full text of the Lord's Prayer not listed?

Why is repetition used on this board?

Why is the NOBODY being interjected into the conversation?

How does the ARMY enforce Marshall Law?

e0ae00 No.496733

File: fbce04e5235182a⋯.png (13.91 KB, 990x195, 66:13, 7.png)

File: db4262ba3640c0f⋯.jpeg (4.27 KB, 275x183, 275:183, DC5589C6-D9B6-483D-9637-A….jpeg)









>did anyone else hear the interview with the girl that said the army was in the building


>How desperate must they be to us this NOBODY


You must ask yourself:

When do Anons realize they are part and parcel of the GAME?

Why is the full text of the Lord's Prayer not listed?

Why is repetition used on this board?

Why is the NOBODY being interjected into the conversation?

How does the ARMY enforce Marshall Law?

0c73c5 No.496734


Forward by Caitlin Jenner, doubtingly

db1ed9 No.496735




09ac43 No.496736


im not going to argue with you but they dont use human blood anymore. look it up

074d85 No.496737

File: cffd19c8100fc0a⋯.png (257.21 KB, 1850x1154, 925:577, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 633def8df6d8da2⋯.png (182.96 KB, 956x550, 478:275, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: ab23f00325d6ca8⋯.png (442.87 KB, 1250x972, 625:486, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 23135079055f704⋯.png (451.44 KB, 1260x954, 70:53, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)


Clinton email mentions Tanzanian President Kikwete in conjunction with James Liddle. I found an article about the Dept. of State going to Tanzania with James Liddle in regards to Relief for AIDS.

6e4907 No.496738

f10387 No.496739


some of us know…

91b6c6 No.496740


We have a war room and petition fag team.

That works hard for the PR and feeds general with stats and tools etc. If u wanna help, sign up in the war room. We'll give a rank and mission that u like.

War room eurfag

7f3c87 No.496741


Geotus did that pose with his hands..

becf56 No.496742

File: a50c2411c4afaad⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)

< Make a separate thread for Tesla shit please.

Watch this video to get refocused on current timeline.

https:// youtu.be/rQouKi7xDpM

f0e752 No.496743


No Child Left Behind

aaa2c2 No.496744

File: 1dbd0539f49bea9⋯.png (505.82 KB, 1031x977, 1031:977, ClipboardImage.png)


It looks like you're on the right track by finding these emails with James Liddle's name.

I found a James Liddle who donated money to DNC. The one I found is probably not the man we are seeking.

c03e46 No.496745

I was just watching a Las Vegas shooting vid on YT, and they showed some tweets of Alaweed and Trump from awhile back. In one of the Alaweed tweets it mentioned something about bailing Trump out twice. Any anons know that he means by this???

937774 No.496746

File: e5e25070d5f8518⋯.jpg (111.86 KB, 609x513, 203:171, portfolio michelle cigar.jpg)

File: 7312c31cb1e196d⋯.jpg (116.63 KB, 728x567, 104:81, portfolio bulge 2.jpg)

File: bf584be1143bac6⋯.jpg (115.44 KB, 728x567, 104:81, portfolio hillary bikini.jpg)


SO Hawt

9683d3 No.496747


Damned incredible find!


0aa6e0 No.496748


Jumped down that rabbit's hole. Found this:

http:// www.ibtimes.com/ clinton-foundation-donors-got-weapons-deals-hillary-clintons-state-department-1934187

Maybe James Liddle works for the SoS then?

ea43d7 No.496749

File: 0c210e203cb8b5f⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, IMG_0847.JPG)

I found books

f10387 No.496751


it's pretty common.

5c6c85 No.496752

69646f No.496753

Hogg confirmed reddit account under davis green111

Eye opening.

061c95 No.496754


Will dedicate (currently at work) tonight researching all of Telsa and Trump family. I know there is a lot of material in the FBI vault(s).


43468a No.496755


liddle enemies


bf6aae No.496756


You called?

83837d No.496757

5dfe38 No.496758


>Not as important but a sizable reply box would be nice, or an option for a bigger one.

Yes, and one that shows your formatting and structure. It's so disappointing to work on a post and see it unreadable when posted. Needs some work for sure.

This is for the attention of the SITE OWNER!

Get with the suggestions please.

6ea56f No.496759

Barnaby Joyce resigned today.

Joyce stepped down following questions over his relationship with media adviser Vikki Campion, and an allegation sexual harassment by another woman.

Being accused of sexual harrassment can destroy a career and change political direction.

Michael McCormack replaces him as deputy prime minister of NZ.

An ex-journalist becomes deputy prime minister.

Guess who’s visiting NZ?


95ccc5 No.496760


Pray. Pray as Jesus instructed us. Pray as Q has asked us. Pray as others do. Pray in your own way, to your own Deity. Just pray.

21a037 No.496761


you can think what YOU like but if you don't understand the origins then you don't understand what you are messing with

20f015 No.496762

File: 3d7d1f875584b1d⋯.jpeg (317.21 KB, 2301x710, 2301:710, image.jpeg)


You are preaching to the choir amigo. I haven't considered the counterfeit rifling to match to his weapon but I have been skeptical about the story.

In fact, I am so skeptical I doubt the guy in the orange jumpsuit is the same kid from the yearbook photo (see images).

990feb No.496763


THIS map is PELICAN crap, quickly: find the two pillars at the Bohemian Grove, your map GLOWS, CLOWN

db1ed9 No.496765



They want us making HOGG a hero.

They want us pushing him to be even more and more of a celebrity.

We should've buried him once we found out he was a FF ACTOR ! NOT GLORIFY HIM JESUS.

I'm starting to think this whole board is being led by the Cabal, and you're just feeding from it's goddamn hand….

5c6c85 No.496766


Hahaha I made stickers and posted it all over a campus

7db10e No.496767



>You can get DMT from mimosa root?

Yes, but only certain species contain significant quantities.

https:// wiki.dmt-nexus.me/Category:Botanicals

Alkaloid levels can also vary as a function of the time of year (dry vs raining season) and some species have minor alkaloids, such as mimosine, which are mitochondrial toxins. Not something to mess around with unless you have done considerable homework on the subject.

47ae50 No.496768


Like "proof is in the pudding"

09ac43 No.496769


go deeper

bc75b3 No.496770

File: 0b7fd2b52f1c80d⋯.png (175.63 KB, 1994x850, 997:425, IMG_0824.PNG)


Found something too, they have a shit load of pic's

418782 No.496771

Dammit….TB is about to post an interview with the John Bouchell guy from twat

98f476 No.496772


What word filter?

You're making me feel like my vocabulary isn't big enough.

db1ed9 No.496773

File: 145612a8496a07c⋯.jpg (88.58 KB, 998x1000, 499:500, a2153370633_10.jpg)




4b58f1 No.496774


So far in reading the FBI files thay are saying iall the stuff was held by the "office of alien property"

d936c1 No.496775

Oh Tesla. They had that man's files for close to 10 years prior to returning them to his family. The man didn't need books, he just knew. Now knowing that, we all each individually carry a gift that no one else does. Naturally born with a skill, or an inner knowing of something. That has been manipulated and controlled to go work for the man. Without the "college" degree or without the "certification" humanity deems you to be unqualified or uneducated.

My question is, who are these people who are qualifying others and deeming others to be of qualification or educated? Oh that's right, the one's we need to go work for. GTFOH. Enough is enough of this controlled modern day slave bullshit. It is intolerable.

57b21c No.496776


Yup. Just showing there's a lot of reasonably common but exotic looking guns out there.

0aa6e0 No.496777


I saw that. Honestly, it's what prompted me today. You guys overthink this shit.

We're supposed to be archiving offline anyway. A simple search of the hard drive, and boom. Done.

5111cf No.496778

Check into Sherff that was Bush’s last name ……Prescott Bush ( Sherff ) was sent from Germany to spy On Tesla and report back to Germany ….Prescott was last one to see Tesla alive ….Believe in Coincidences ? >>496754

89dd5f No.496779


Why do we have to wait until the end? I thought we were going to get a more efficient government. One more responsive to our needs.

4ac841 No.496780


yup.. fully aware and believe…

4c4a2e No.496781

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the wife too

https:// www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/fashion/weddings/patricia-shea-james-liddle.html

5c6c85 No.496782

File: 888b7b9a4d661f6⋯.jpeg (124.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 83714BF6-E883-467D-A23B-3….jpeg)

File: 5831c8e57d59408⋯.jpeg (69.06 KB, 468x468, 1:1, CAD912BD-6970-4840-8011-B….jpeg)

Can a meme anon put these two together???

20f015 No.496783


I linked my reply to you to the wrong post but I agree that the story is deteriorating.

be21b6 No.496784

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5c6c85 No.496785


Without the Andrew name

2fc5cb No.496788

NIKOLA TESLA documentary 2015


John Trump, Donald’s Uncle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


610713 No.496789


More digging needed on what, exactly? You're all over the place, what exactly is is that you need to tell us, in a simple and succinct fashion, please?

In other words get to the point in ONE post, or be considered a sliding larp

738c2f No.496790


It's in the site code.

Normal use includes filtering bad words.

You type FUCK, for example, and it would turn it to FEATHER or whatever the adim wants.

1ef8c5 No.496791


15 million idiots @ $20 a whack. bingo banjo $300MM

db1ed9 No.496792


We have all we need within… But we must work to find our path and ascend to open our third eye.

Then it's obvious as day.

53b305 No.496794

Gunna dew a liddle test. Wit T

2971f4 No.496795


Who can even read that shit?

09ac43 No.496796


here have gift http:// wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA177/English/RSP1993/FalDar_index.html

98f476 No.496797



1) That how the clowns do their job.

2) This is why you should read and re-read Q posts. Then you will KNOW BullShit when you see it.

fb326e No.496798


Sayeth ID quints!!!!!

70f74e No.496799


the photo on the left looks shopped. her head is too small

937774 No.496800

PUnk should be home doing homework shouldn't he? or did he graduate already while living in CA?

627819 No.496801


Sorry it too k so long u bunch o crazies!! <3 u ALL

6a776c No.496802


No worries. I'm starting to think this is the MO. Get the kid to act crazy using their MK Ultra/MC. Have the patsy show up on the day.

Use a clown shooter that has custom gun with a counterfeit barrel that matches the twist pattern of the patsy's gun.

Police are told to stand down as clown shooter does the deed. Police swoop in and arrest patsy.

aaa2c2 No.496803


That is a solid article with lots of info on Clinton Foundation donations while she was secretary of state.

www.ibtimes.com/ clinton-foundation-donors-got-weapons-deals-hillary-clintons-state-department-1934187

Archived at http:// archive.is/kUGOV

>Maybe James Liddle works for the SoS then?

Do you mean Secretary of State or what do you mean by SoS? I did not see anything particular about him in the article, although it was an excellent article with lots of juicy details.

57b21c No.496804


Yeah, the post I responded to was about the Fed.

bd97a7 No.496805

https:// mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/967472757025001472

Didn't Q and Trump post at the same time here? Feb 24th, 1:54 PM? Same time as the Bridge? Wouldn't this mean Delta [0]?

a32e0b No.496807


don't insult them. they just double down. i tried to offer constructive criticism once and was soundly berated for it.

5c6c85 No.496808


Space between eyes diff

0aba5c No.496810

File: 6ea7c4e809766f5⋯.jpg (284.06 KB, 1200x650, 24:13, tavor.jpg)

2bcd44 No.496811

File: 68baac327c90b4c⋯.png (743.39 KB, 812x925, 812:925, ClipboardImage.png)

was digging something else and found this …

http:// www.exopolitics.blogs.com/files/the-new-underworld-order-christopher-story.pdf

4ac841 No.496812


7 min apart

89141d No.496813

Hope to see something good soon. Lefty soc media algorithms are demoralizing af, but worse is anons freaking out about Sec 203 and mindlessly repeating EFF Clown talking points as if taking down human traffickers means the end of the chans and the Internet as we know it. Is there any corner of the Earth untouched by this madness?

fd1aeb No.496814

File: 8f80a03a2b52914⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 1069x1147, 1069:1147, IMG_0732.JPG)

Blah blah blah

becf56 No.496815

File: 8ec1617d142839e⋯.png (353.66 KB, 2272x638, 1136:319, Capture _2018-02-25-19-24-….png)


< You can go look it up. Factor products are still made from pooled blood.

They also have extended half life products made from recombinant factor…

cc00a8 No.496817

Q, where are you?

The Clowns have the BO bent over a Desk somewhere in Langley and we can't spell


Anymore …Help!

6df924 No.496818


All cults are sex cults.

Gnostics are a bunch of faggots who get off on tricking people to be fucked in the ass. You can get enlightenment via meditation and to a certain extent, drugs.

82d7b9 No.496819


> shooter wearing mask and body armor…

If they have said items in possession, seems that a DNA test

could prove who was wearing it?

4c4a2e No.496820

File: 4bff322e7d97883⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 620x250, 62:25, matyell.jpg)








db1ed9 No.496821

File: 95a5b2982ac6304⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-5.jpg)

bff822 No.496822

File: 58847016f7a3d99⋯.png (56.59 KB, 300x300, 1:1, didyouknow.png)

File: 0fcbe6054acee00⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 600x338, 300:169, anons2.jpg)

File: 50903feb69f272b⋯.png (39.29 KB, 1650x525, 22:7, 1st amendment.png)

File: d651fb4515b87cd⋯.png (222.82 KB, 650x650, 1:1, FOSTA.png)

I think one of the biggest hurdles we have is explaining that people are being manipulated with the HR.

I'll work on others, and it'll get the juices flowing, but we have ONE DAY with the HR and then it will be a harder battle afterwards. If this has to go all the way to POTUS, one, they have wasted our time, and our taxes and 2, he runs the risk of looking like an ASSHOLE if we do not do the leg work for him and ourselves on the platforms we have to make sure everyone knows it is a rope a dope. Get to Memling PEOPLE. Agenda 2030 is real.

0aa6e0 No.496823


I didn't see his name either, but the article popped up with the search parameters I used, and I thought it valuable.

645835 No.496824

File: 1a7932f2f059156⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x544, 125:136, Black Eye Puppy.jpg)


They used to shiny a black makeup for the fake black eye

5c6c85 No.496825


b61623 No.496826


here: throughthelookingglassnews.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/q-map-1-2.jpg?w=1232

544b82 No.496827



https:// throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/q-anon-learn-to-read-the-map/

You would be wise to actually read the map (in hi-res)

f10387 No.496828

File: 816f100126fa476⋯.jpg (97.26 KB, 329x556, 329:556, satanic_sex.jpg)

418782 No.496829


I bet the arms dealer whose daughter just happened to be a Parkland student and whose office is across the street from the BSO substation could get cool rifles

5c6c85 No.496830


Crap you are right

1ef8c5 No.496831


Remember the pic of the classroom with swat in the doorway? Anyone have that handy? It was a firearm you don’t see everyday.

937774 No.496832


Just like the phony stock market and the overpriced acquisitions…all propped up with phony insider fiat money

9cd66c No.496833

Trump Calls Senator Corker 'Liddle Bob' on Twitter - NYMag


Oct 10, 2017 - President Trump mocked Senator Bob Corker again on Tuesday morning, this time accusing the Tennessee Republican of falling for a New York Times setup and sticking him with the epithet “Liddle,” presumably in reference to Corker's height. (The fact that he is only five-foot-seven reportedly discouraged …

Bob Corker is also called Liddle.

Connection to AS?

db1ed9 No.496834


not true.

7f3c87 No.496835

File: 5b2d12975fa84a7⋯.png (38.52 KB, 648x653, 648:653, wat.png)

Hmmm.., that Blog said a good point…,

939a62 No.496836

>>495908 (Last Bread)

Dr. David E. Liddle is on the Board of Directors at SRI International.

SRI International (SRI) is an American nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The trustees of Stanford University established SRI in 1946 as a center of innovation to support economic development in the region.

The organization was founded as the Stanford Research Institute. SRI formally separated from Stanford University in 1970 and became known as SRI International in 1977. SRI performs client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, and private foundations. It also licenses its technologies, forms strategic partnerships, sells products, and creates spin-off companies.

SRI's focus areas include biomedical sciences, chemistry and materials, computing, Earth and space systems, economic development, education and learning, energy and environmental technology, security and national defense, as well as sensing and devices. SRI has received more than 4,000 patents and patent applications worldwide.

https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRI_International

This SRI is into Everything.

87aa25 No.496837

File: 57c28173ef1ed09⋯.gif (121.3 KB, 400x274, 200:137, R7Y3RNY.gif)

Becoming Michelle

69646f No.496838

>>496585 biblical meaning of #11:

Imperfection,disorder,disintegration, chaos,transgression,evil,peril,sin.

Also can mean transition or prophecy

0aa6e0 No.496839


Here's another one.

http:// www.latimes.com/poli tics/la-na-pol-clinton-donor-chagoury-20160828-snap-story.html

6936ec No.496840

File: 7d0e2e5b2a6b71e⋯.png (231.68 KB, 625x468, 625:468, ClipboardImage.png)

018edb No.496841


Ive never wanted something to be true as much as I want that to be true

That and the Trump time machine theory.

I really like that one

ee0200 No.496842



9ec64b No.496843



95ccc5 No.496844



9b3134 No.496845


lidl ?

db1ed9 No.496846

File: 47a8999ac127a77⋯.png (7.8 KB, 185x310, 37:62, OTOlogo.png)

File: 78e1c06011d956d⋯.png (39.87 KB, 1200x1320, 10:11, 1200px-Crowley_unicursal_h….png)

21be0e No.496847



018edb No.496848

File: 13f4f30abd34cef⋯.png (20.01 KB, 209x269, 209:269, ClipboardImage.png)

43e739 No.496849





Christopher Story (real name Edward Harle) did some very interesting research. Glad to see his name come up here.

cdd2d4 No.496850


Good points. We need to break the education system if we want to direct our own future.

Education isn't evil. We always need teachers. But we don't need a legion of bureaucrats and intelligentsia deciding what everyone needs to learn.

College is a great idea that's been twisted into an indoctrination factory that in essences only provides a license to perform a job.

16a95e No.496851

File: 89314c91bd7295e⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 400x373, 400:373, 89314c91bd7295ea80be1dc1f7….gif)

File: 4d7651553874936⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 669d6e48d06178298a036d8083….jpg)


1ef8c5 No.496852


Gnostics? Really, did a group of sickos steal that word too?

6df924 No.496853


Where I live (Canada) you have to sign up for it. I got a pamphlet when I signed up for medicare.

7f3c87 No.496854


Not at all.., the Gnostics are a different branch

176b18 No.496855

21be0e No.496856

381521 No.496857

File: 8aa3a05a3f91648⋯.jpg (1003.61 KB, 867x6091, 867:6091, trumptesla.jpg)

6c81e9 No.496859


039db2 No.496860

File: 2c6611f3f6e836e⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Wong.jpg)



>All cults are sex cults.

bbd904 No.496861


All these people tie in with one another. Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son.

610713 No.496862



>You must ask yourself:

>When do Anons realize they are part and parcel of the GAME?

>Why is the full text of the Lord's Prayer not listed?

>Why is repetition used on this board?

>Why is the NOBODY being interjected into the conversation?

>How does the ARMY enforce Marshall Law?

Marshall Law


And I've asked myself, came up with no answers. What you got for us, backed up with facts please?

db1ed9 No.496863

File: 5f5fe1bc585249d⋯.jpg (246.28 KB, 1860x887, 1860:887, DV3yOuTWAAE5R0l.jpg)

4e1ed4 No.496864


What are you talking about? Gnostic ass sex… That's news to me.

cdddaf No.496865

>>496217 AMEN to that!

bff822 No.496866

File: e3261754df380d9⋯.png (222.85 KB, 650x650, 1:1, FOSTA.png)


typo. probably others, got a two year old beating on me.

6f09fb No.496867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keyrist Larry King is a sick puppy!

eddf6a No.496869




However, the construct, the refraining that is done by the Illuminati upon these symbols is that the eagle represents Satan’s empire. The Assyrian, Roman, and Nazi empires used the eagle. The Illuminati point these things out to their initiates, and ask, “Is this a symbol of Christianity, or the power of our lineages which ruled those empires?” It is not the co-authors desire to interpret what Hosea and Obadiah meant. Nor is it our desire to dissuade anyone from buying the cars mentioned above. Our only point is that the survivor lives in a world of occult symbols and occult programming triggers. How do you convince someone to quit fearing the power of their abusers when it has its symbols on their money, their canned food, their cars, and their churches? (Yes, there are such things as All-Seeing Eyes in some churches and Masonic logos on others, and other occult symbols. Hislop’s The Two Babylons is devoted to showing all the pagan symbology in the Catholic church.) Are we exaggerating? Fritz went into one fast food restaurant and the cups and placemats had a wizard throwing occult energy balls with occult symbols, the next fast food place had place mats showing the King Arthur story which is an extremely important myth for the Illuminati (the quest for the Grail!), the next fast food place had place mats giving children instructions on how to hypnotize your parents, the next one had a Wizard of Oz theme, and the next one was selling occult movies. Fritz kept these place mats to use in his talks! This nation is immersed in the occult and so desensitized they don’t realize it.

b61623 No.496870

File: 563937d57fd6e96⋯.png (276.87 KB, 992x902, 496:451, The Bible numerology code ….png)

9cd66c No.496871

BYU Marriott School of Business - Directory - Steve Liddle

https:// marriottschool.byu.edu/directory/details?id=5352

Education. PhD, Computer Science, Brigham Young University, 1995. Selected Publications. "HyKSS: Hybrid Keyword and Semantic Search", Journal on Data Semantics, Springer. ""Sanity Checks" over Auto-Extracted Family-History Data,", Edition 2016, Volume 2016, Issue 2016, BYU, Provo, Utah, 2016. "Multilingual …

9d3bae No.496872


Belly laugh!

a47881 No.496873


Make Libraries great again

fd1aeb No.496874

File: b20696e8a8be6a2⋯.jpg (90.35 KB, 630x630, 1:1, IMG_0816.JPG)






94f803 No.496876


becf56 No.496877

File: af8c07d47fa0109⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 894x894, 1:1, q_by_kr0npr1nz-d97uqtn.jpg)


Shh…littIe is not liddle.

db1ed9 No.496878

File: 72cd138cb808126⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 474x355, 474:355, 72cd138cb808126b41270b0571….jpg)

1ef8c5 No.496879

File: 01af9db1063d8d2⋯.png (242.32 KB, 476x503, 476:503, Librarian silencer.png)


We have.

0aa6e0 No.496880


Oh hello there. Thanks. I guess. I sure wish I knew how to quit q.

018edb No.496881

File: 51ef4af9f6dc2f3⋯.png (53.88 KB, 1171x328, 1171:328, ClipboardImage.png)

2971f4 No.496882

File: 20fda1146726fca⋯.mp4 (1.39 MB, 224x400, 14:25, Old Man River.mp4)


Anons at Voat/Pizzagate outed him last spring – on board of directors of a children's opera in VA. That was scrubbed fast. Vid related.

f10387 No.496883


oh come on - this is an amusing pastime.

fd1aeb No.496884


Sappo ❤️

5f4f72 No.496886


i done with riddles. shits getting old and dragging me down. call me a concernfag whatever

726401 No.496887


Nothing that any of those Hollywood weirdos do shocks me. Nothing at all. I have observed from CDAN that similar photos exist of many others, including Will Smith, Usher, and Justin Bieber.

Not even sure why I'm typing this. These people are less than nothing.

db1ed9 No.496888



Show ways of positive white magic, and how to counter the black magicik we all encounter through our society being run by Luciferians…

897ea8 No.496889

File: 5fbd04932ae774e⋯.png (114.73 KB, 299x207, 13:9, ClipboardImage.png)

911595 No.496890


"Q's Map"

what map are you talking about?

All I see here for "Q's Map" is screen shots of his posts. THATS NOT A FREEKING MAP GODDAMMIT!!!

"Q's Map" this, "Q's map" that…yes I'd love to see some goddamned map.

Where/what is the goddamned map?

db1ed9 No.496891



b467f7 No.496892


You're welcome. If you link me to the post I'll look with you.

cc00a8 No.496893


Same Clown.

We're not surrendering our Country to a bunch of goat fuckers, you were not taking our women, we're not killing ourselves because were white fuck off

5eeeee No.496894


Remember that one girl said she was hit by shrapnel too.

db1ed9 No.496895


Even the Biebez?!

9b3134 No.496896


http:// professorconfess.blogspot.com.au/2018/02/pizzagate-rabbithole-who-feeds-pigs.html

4e8d81 No.496897


Every time someone posts this diagram, I'm going to show where it came from. (Rothschild)

https:// steemit.com/news/@benjaminfulford/financial-war-may-escalate-into-massive-emp-attacks-as-final-showdown-looms

5f4f72 No.496898


the adrenochrome thing always seemed to be blown way out of proportion

66041a No.496899


>Exactly..,and those cops not going in the building! Thats so the real killer could take off his amour and place the gun down ..its was another kid…possibly Hogg? Why not put him up for all to see ? Just speculating.

Remember the video of 4 Cops exiting bldg, carrying a BAG of something?

The body armor???

039db2 No.496900

File: 8bd03ea49735d05⋯.png (707.79 KB, 625x447, 625:447, white rabbit.png)


I'ma just leave this here without further comment!

901d25 No.496902


Amen, one day, "THEY" will face Gods fury

1d1269 No.496903


To claify for all Anon's. Hogg's mom was never with CNN. She took the kids on a field trip to CNN ..that's it. She has been and still is an elementary teacher.

a3416c No.496904


Annukane land.

65efc1 No.496905

concernfag whatever >>496886

cdd2d4 No.496906


Hey man go ahead and share it if you would like to.

becf56 No.496908


What? You lost me at clown..

fd1aeb No.496909

File: bd9c6711e82f651⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_0842.JPG)


fb326e No.496910


Found this

Mr. Liddle, 40, is a foreign service officer for the State Department. This month, he completed an assignment at the United States embassy in Juba, South Sudan, where he headed the political section and advised the embassy on political matters as they related to the South Sudanese government.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/fashion/weddings/patricia-shea-james-liddle.html

5f4f72 No.496911


truth is if you arent worth 7 figures you are garbage disposable meat puppet to them.

db1ed9 No.496912


aaa2c2 No.496914

File: b6861ec749a2748⋯.png (187.77 KB, 562x330, 281:165, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0eb4e16f87eb9ce⋯.png (634.5 KB, 782x1019, 782:1019, ClipboardImage.png)



Apparently the former president of Tanzania.

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was the fourth President of Tanzania, in office from 2005 to 2015. Prior to his election as President, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1995 to 2005 under his predecessor, Benjamin Mkapa. More at Wikipedia

I agree with you. That HRC daily agenda apparently has a photo op at 2:30 pm

"2:30 pm KIKWETE Secretary's Conference Room *Camera Spray in Treaty Room preceding Contact: Desk James Liddle x75652, cell-202-255-7306"

and THAT James Liddle is somebody the press can call when they want to arrange to send in a photographer.

Looks like he turns up in some more of the wikileaks dump, pic 2

38827a No.496915


Because the kid takes in 30-50k per interview DUH

My sauce is the drs wanted to pay $50k for Harvey victim/owner to come and tell story, personal knowledge

20f015 No.496916


I never saved the photo of the family and I am not on social media. I will post if I find it.

f1714c No.496917


20 million and growing

5f4f72 No.496918


bible says jesus was the stone the builders rejected

4b58f1 No.496919

File: b3a0f0e10e623e9⋯.png (303.41 KB, 1021x800, 1021:800, tesla2.png)

Next interesting Tesla page.

Names and two Tesla connections died unexpectedly.

610713 No.496920

So far we have:

-the liddle slide (with very Iittle research on liddlekidz services)

-the John G. Trump & Tesla new-age slide

-the fake qmap slide

-the this is a psyop and you poor anons don't know what you're getting into slide

So, after this chatty bread & calling this out, I'm realizing that is not my time of day here.

1f594f No.496922


Here's a link to a thread on Trump's uncle John and Tesla that I read a couple weeks ago:

https: //threadreaderapp.com/thread/962013188261851136.html

879e65 No.496924

anon, I had NOT seen this clip

ty appreciated

think I might re-watch Hating Breitbart

f626fe No.496925

It looks like a couple bot/shill comments made it into the dough.

It's been really weird all day and it seems to be getting worse.

Is there anyone who can check on the status of the board/BO?

b6cd78 No.496926


6f09fb No.496927


Freaky Virginia strikes again!

There's way too much fuckery going down in that state.

db1ed9 No.496928


Keep digging you beautiful Autist….

Maybe see about the Tesla connection to the Moon or Saturn…. Please !

9683d3 No.496929


We have a librarian JUST like that where i live.

Her cell phone prohibition was THE SHIT!

48e1fa No.496930

File: 55b312f21548f05⋯.png (212.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180225-193626.png)

Maybe his page , Eric holder, needs to get a case of "Russian bots" lol. I hate this guy

2bcd44 No.496931

File: cd5ac605dcff59b⋯.png (113.88 KB, 1121x539, 1121:539, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.yelp.com/biz/liddle-and-liddle-law-offices-of-glendora

Out of California…

Still looking.

5f4f72 No.496932


jesus is known as the light. reptiles use their third eye to sense light. get it now?

there arent reptile looking aliens. its a metaphor for the pineal gland and sixth sense.

f1714c No.496933


Follow the money!

610713 No.496934


got it, thanks

7f3c87 No.496935


What a good subject (No Homo)..

becf56 No.496936


This needs to be it's own thread anon. Not relevant to current situation.

3e2fff No.496937


It's False Light dummy

704cfc No.496938

Clowns aren't creative, always repeating their old tricks.

1ef8c5 No.496939


Welcome to this morning.

f0e752 No.496941


Coincidentally after Tesla died, none other than electrical engineer and military technology researcher John G. Trump— President Trump's "nuclear" uncle, as an April 2016 New Yorker article by Amy Davidson dubbed him — was the person who examined Tesla's effects and reported his findings to the FBI.

http:// www.businessinsider.com/tesla-death-ray-border-wall-trump-2017-2

db1ed9 No.496942

File: e6d78ccdcac3877⋯.jpg (84.72 KB, 646x525, 646:525, zhh2.jpg)

File: a68325290823bdc⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a68325290823bdcf8cc9626011….jpg)


Thank's man took a fair amount of photoshop skillz !!!!

018edb No.496943

File: 22225bc0af312de⋯.png (179.02 KB, 1326x582, 221:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 437147fff9394d0⋯.png (89.42 KB, 1139x336, 1139:336, ClipboardImage.png)

Nicknamed "Lord Liddle"

Basically, hes the guy that purposely turned Europe into a mass Shithole with a lovely money draining welfare system and a country full of middle eastern hostile ENEMIES

Got it


879e65 No.496944


forgot to put the link back

anon, I had NOT seen this clip

ty appreciated

think I might re-watch Hating Breitbart

bf6aae No.496946


Please! No proof of who

5f4f72 No.496947


not fake at all. its water powered. needs to be built over an aquaphor and have charged created by minerals in the dirt

57b21c No.496949


>Remember the pic of the classroom with swat in the doorway? Anyone have that handy?

Didn't see it but I'd like to. Anyone?

cc00a8 No.496952


Then what do you want? Yep you can spell small correctly.

Talk to me? We know if the Democrats want is the surrender our country

5821f4 No.496953

File: 461d6a57a99be82⋯.jpg (184.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DW64jzqUQAECt5p.jpg)

dont know if this was already shared.

grabbed from @tom2badcat

2d2f5f No.496954


they are trained to do certain things in Langley and dont know how to be creative

fb326e No.496955


Rocky Horror Picture Show

f3a8ec No.496956


jp morgan

db1ed9 No.496957


It's Clinton or Bush SR… I have… I guess we'd call it experience with their winkies….

aaa2c2 No.496958

File: 87c307944c73c41⋯.png (314.47 KB, 1015x618, 1015:618, ClipboardImage.png)


Intelius search

"James Liddle" DC

found 2, age 41 and 43

Possibly one of these works or worked at the State Department during HRC's tenure?

3e2fff No.496959

All that stuff in the circle is reptilian … "lord Ashtar, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Pleiadians'' are New Age / CIA ops. Wakey Wakey


65efc1 No.496960

Remember the Unibomber? Sending packages to universities and such? What did he know? Or was he just a crazy puke?

4c4a2e No.496961

File: 6d59f9781789bab⋯.jpg (88.6 KB, 1200x736, 75:46, nydaillyQ.jpg)

Him: James Liddle , Likely the character linked through the wikileaks HRC email above in bread..

Mr. Liddle, 40, is a foreign service officer for the State Department. This month, he completed an assignment at the United States embassy in Juba, South Sudan, where he headed the political section and advised the embassy on political matters as they related to the South Sudanese government.

Her: Mrs. Liddle, 31, works in Washington as a disaster operations specialist for the Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance at the United States Agency for International Development. She graduated from Fordham and received a master’s in international relations from Johns Hopkins.

She is the daughter of Kitty J. V. Shea of Silver Spring, Md., and the late James W. Shea. The bride’s father was deputy director of the Office of International Relations at the Labor Department in Washington. Her mother retired as an executive assistant in the Washington branch of the United Nations’ International Labor Organization.

69646f No.496962

>>496687 larry king from franklin cover up? Nebraska cp ring..

8d1b99 No.496963

>>475991 The four biggest gun makers have cleared more than $632 million in profits since one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/gun-violence-good-business-firearms-manufacturers-article-1.2464147

f337ef No.496964


ANYONE doing an interview remote wears a headset got it??

they have to hear the person who is 2000 miles away in a studio

9683d3 No.496965


I have it on my twatter, it's gotten around.

018edb No.496967


dont be retarded

this isn't elementary school

704cfc No.496968


Why would you response like that, when a clown is criticized?

1d1269 No.496969


The ear buds are used in interviews because they need to HEAR the interviewer who is not with them. It's done ALL THE TIME! This isn't rocket science.

bf6aae No.496970


Penceypoo with LDR?

96edd7 No.496971


I have 17 pistols, and no way to keep them quiet.


However, I bet in one year, TRUMP will make it happen.

95ccc5 No.496972


Daylight come and me want go home.

db1ed9 No.496973


That kid on the top right bothers me more than HOGG.


These kids are jokes, and the fact that you ANONs keep giving them facetime and making them even bigger celebrities is beyond me. Bury them where they belonged a week ago, in the dirt where they belong !!!

0e657c No.496974


oh they are luciferian. You just don't understand wtf you are talking about.

f3a8ec No.496975


its real alright

2971f4 No.496976


Yes, and if memory serves me correctly he is living around McLean. Or Mt. Arlington. Working for a car dealership. One of those two. Sorry, old fag here.

2647d1 No.496977


Amen anon…Amen!

1f594f No.496978


If I recall correctly, the movie 'Tomorrowland' features a Plus Ultra component.

becf56 No.496979


Stop sliding with Tesla…make a thread.


I don't know what the hell you are referring to. I was showing you how I spelled littIe instead of liddle.

db1ed9 No.496980

File: 7a541ab5da37ba5⋯.jpg (154.86 KB, 1200x1138, 600:569, DUhBBCIVQAEUcG0.jpg)

7f3c87 No.496981


that is Pence?

4b58f1 No.496983


Someone should look up the deaths of Edwin Armstrong and John O'Neill as related to Tesla

c3b99d No.496984


SRI is the lab where the CIA started their remote viewing program.

f3a8ec No.496985


happens to me all the time lolol

but for me they really are following me heh

a32e0b No.496987


pretty sure there's already a tesla thread.

6b5f30 No.496988


Anyone notice the eagle logo on their tweets looks more like the high school then the NFL logo? turned same direction also.

704cfc No.496989


Right. (read wrong first time lol)

db1ed9 No.496990


Tomorrow Land is where they went / met….

Below it's a small world ride at Disney World….

Apparently they could access another dimension or universe that was like heaven.

21be0e No.496991


Read the top bar…

be21b6 No.496992


liddle has been word filtered it isnt a conspiracy

d27188 No.496993


Agreed. More like a controlled distraction.

7db10e No.496994



>the adrenochrome thing always seemed to be blown way out of proportion

you have good intuition

2971f4 No.496995

b6cd78 No.496996

fa79b9 No.496997

File: d61b151f9b293b1⋯.png (488.03 KB, 587x477, 587:477, new tweet.PNG)

Interesting tweet

216d52 No.496998

My dick is liddle

fc05b6 No.497000


since when is famefuk a anon…he doesnt listen…was fine till $$$

2971f4 No.497002


We suspected that, Anon.

039db2 No.497003

ahahaha Andrew Pollack chewed Chris Wallace a new asshole!

https:// twitter.com/RealSaavedra/status/967908756230094848

5821f4 No.497004




Fair enough. I haven't watched much news on TV, in ages. Until recently (since Q) at least. Never really looked too closely when I did, I suppose.

Thanks for the info

610713 No.497005


Fuck are you yelling about? Stop scaring yourself. Have YOU completed a map to share with us here? Pretty frustrated for such a lack of contribution you have there.

If you bothered to follow the thread, You'd see what I used the phrase "Q's Map". Drink water, it cools you off

cc00a8 No.497007


Sorry, It seems the only people That can spell that word are clowns or something?

I apologize if you're one of us

704cfc No.497008


its because the chemicals in the water, it turned the freaking frogs gay

3772fa No.497009

..But everyone knows the Clowns still love sitting in liddle Howdy Hooty's lap. Every liddle dig counts.

db1ed9 No.497010


Stop sliding with Tesla…make a thread.


I don't know what the hell you are referring to. I was showing you how I spelled littIe instead of liddle.



060763 No.497011

File: 02ab1894721b714⋯.png (726.26 KB, 956x552, 239:138, CK March for lives.PNG)

becf56 No.497013


Maybe but all the "muh Tesla" shit is not helping current situation. It's interesting and the Trump connection is neat but we need to get focused.

6936ec No.497014

File: cfed6fadb197989⋯.png (197.86 KB, 625x468, 625:468, ClipboardImage.png)

bf6aae No.497016


What's it to you? he's a college kid. There are many making money on Youtube. who cares.

6c03db No.497017

File: 59eb653f4e98715⋯.jpeg (5.52 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ripper.jpeg)


The question remains the penetration

7db10e No.497018


>Interesting tweet

hmmm. interesting indeed

anyone have sauce on 2 55 gal of HCL and the STANDARD HOTEL

726401 No.497019


I posted a link to the vid in the previous bread too. Good stuff!

a32e0b No.497020


my point was telling anons to post about tesla in a different thread won't do shit, because the thread already exists. they're posting off topic stuff in the general because that's what they're going to do.

6a776c No.497021


Ok I've been here from the beginning. What is the Trump/Tesla connection?

1d1269 No.497022

Fill this bread

c3b99d No.497023


1ef8c5 No.497024

File: 613d023d1cdf352⋯.jpeg (15.66 KB, 255x184, 255:184, russian collusion.jpeg)


FUCK it, fight it, it's all the same.


0aa6e0 No.497026


So was cleaning my toenails.

f3a8ec No.497027


whats the nobody?

cb9260 No.498424



the shit hit the fan

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