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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 783f3853b3d79e9⋯.jpg (232.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-231.jpg)

c4c241 No.189535

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather


Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP









6th one: Hijack whatever you like, but please add previous 4 | Hijack suggestion for today: #Davos

>>183229 Update from War Room

Always Add @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS To All Tweets

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c4c241 No.189538

Dough #213 pastebin.com/CfffFKCQ

c4c241 No.189540

Baker required for #232. Baker out

Thank you new baker, Godspeed.

f02e6e No.189551

blessed be this bread

093f19 No.189572

Iowa Teacher Molested 13 Kids, Released on Bond, ARRESTED AGAIN on 146 Counts of Child Porn

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillYou/status/957505027995832320

https:// thegoldwater.com/news/16969-Iowa-Teacher-Molested-13-Kids-Released-on-Bond-ARRESTED-AGAIN-on-146-Counts-of-Child-Porn

Have a blessed Sunday anons God will punish all pedophiles

a17b08 No.189579


Who? Black sheep anon?

9112be No.189591

God bless you Baker!

fa3d4a No.189596

Maxine waters meme idea…


Side by side, small picture of MW and her House.


Abbreviate or alter as needed to fit.

e1b2ca No.189597

File: c391e91d38dda09⋯.png (597.69 KB, 889x500, 889:500, ClipboardImage.png)

WOW … that fucking GIMP is complicated

WTF? Took me forever to figure out how to do this.

c4c241 No.189599

File: c266507a2860302⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 349x349, 1:1, #####.jpg)


Bless you too!


It's been very quiet overnight, anons preparing for the OP. Overnight finds and news in Notable. Have a great day anons. Go get em.

ed8408 No.189616


A very quiet night indeed. Almost as if it’s th Calm Before The Storm.

We can feel it. We know it’s coming. We just have to wait for it to hit.

d946e9 No.189619

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/371000-the-memo-republicans-hope-for-calm-amid-storm-at-state-of-the-union

Top headline on The Hill is now a storm reference

1ca66a No.189621


Bless you Baker, thanks!

0465b6 No.189627

File: 40a6550f84dfc8d⋯.jpg (79.28 KB, 824x1131, 824:1131, Checked.jpg)


Checked and blessed Bakeranon

980d7e No.189629


Dough 231 you mean?

980d7e No.189630


Baker please see 213/231 >>189538

590953 No.189631


HOT = Hands On Training? (Learning by Doing)

Could it be a training program for us anons?


https:// bizfluent.com/about-5076464-definition-handson-training.html

86aec1 No.189632


I second



But some Republicans don't

I think that would be the main backlash other than the "scare" part.

997944 No.189633


Thank you for this bread, baker! Godspeed.

a3b637 No.189635

Woke up this morgning and felt that something is changing.

I can feel something is happening.

7b69bb No.189636

Whose money did Alweed control?

Whose money did Alweed hide?

Who wants it back?

Which Royal Families?

What can they do?

The World is not Enough

97a0a1 No.189637


No wonder, the POS is in Californistan!

>El Rancho High School https:// www.ratemyteachers.com/gregory-salcido/484351-t

3ef94e No.189640

File: bd3a57a0bc20710⋯.jpg (52.98 KB, 600x483, 200:161, Pocahontas.jpg)

Great bread, as usual, Baker. Thank you.

FOR THE MEME-MAKERS: Since Q wants us focused on the SOTU and Democrats, I have to share this photo of Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren that I stumbled across just now. Surely one of the memers can make something awesome out of this. She looks like Satan to me in this. Thanks

c4c241 No.189641


Yes. #231. Sorry. Thanks anonzzzzzzzz…….

bc75e5 No.189643

File: fcf0647788cf409⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FixUSA.png)

a17b08 No.189645

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_120_Days_of_Sodom


980d7e No.189647


whoa! look at her hands. they are different. this is meme GOLD. Nice one anon!

bc75e5 No.189650

File: aee2a6837bec64c⋯.png (632.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Future topic.png)

e1b2ca No.189651

File: 8ae3e01ddacc52c⋯.jpg (66.2 KB, 526x500, 263:250, GS let the butthurt.jpg)

980d7e No.189652


Thank you nonetheless baker. I emergency baked 202 yesterday morning and am crashing now myself. You rock.

7b69bb No.189653

Who makes Heroin?

What makes Meth?

Who controls the distribution of Cocaine?

Who really controlled the distribution?

Where is ALL the money?

Where are all the drug warehouses?

What has happened to the supply chain?

The Phantom Menance

16351d No.189654

File: 0f0a0ec15daaad1⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 640x400, 8:5, REPUBLICANSCARE.jpg)


ok last one, I forgot the shadow.


I understand what you are saying, but my point is not to bash on dems, rather to lift up the Republicans in the hearts of groups that are not appealed by the right brain type visuals. Someone who 'cares' is appealing to them however. That's the big weakness of the rep party...

97a0a1 No.189655

File: 2e414fd46e80545⋯.png (543.94 KB, 740x460, 37:23, Rubio Fires CoS.png)

Over Night: Rubio fires his Chief of Staff over sexual misconduct allegations.

d5bd2d No.189656


"Don't believe what they're showing you …."

d24329 No.189657

File: 9e35d9d429163c9⋯.jpg (575.5 KB, 776x1522, 388:761, Frankfurt School.jpg)

File: 37af502c8323108⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 1598x1600, 799:800, Frankfurt Schools.jpg)

File: 829fb42553e6a4d⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2135x4273, 2135:4273, Jews Media.jpg)

File: c58265d73fc2a8a⋯.jpg (724.56 KB, 1784x2467, 1784:2467, Jews Gun Control.jpg)

File: 1583e0905f1256d⋯.jpg (796.66 KB, 818x4910, 409:2455, Poland and Germany 1933.jpg)

Deep state agents in MSM, social media, and the education system need to be hanged for treason.

All of their misdeeds need to be exposed and taught in history classes.

No mercy for evil.

73c9b6 No.189658


Cheated on him with another dude?

544683 No.189659


I guess it was wrong of me to have not exposed my pea brain to Hollywood trash over the years.

If I had, I'd surely have a better understanding of what you're attempting to convey :(

a17b08 No.189661


Pay attention anons.

Book about illuminati

congregates in castle Silling (in BLACK FOREST)

3ef94e No.189663


Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren's HANDS are very different! Perhaps there was a few seconds of delay in the transmission of her image onto the big screen, so maybe that's why her hands look different. But she definitely looks like EVIL INCARNATE in this pic, and I figured you awesome Meme-Makers could run with it. I don't know much about her, personally, but I've been reading all about her fraud, wherein she claimed to be Native American to advance her career. Fox did a lot of coverage on her this week, and had real Native Americans speak out against her because Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian.

If you want more info on her Google the names "Elizabeth Warren" and "Howie Carr" or "Elizabeth Warren" and "Shiva Ayyadurai."

049dcb No.189664

>Q: Chatter exploding.

>Q: Change of narrative will be required.

>Q: [-4][-5]

>Q: Public to awaken [mass-start].

>Q: Sleeping pill reject.

>Q: OP Mockingbird FAILURE.


>Q: BLIND>20/20.


>Q: Where we go one, we go ALL>

Morning anons..donutanon checking in. This is a VERY good message! Not sure if WE are causing the rejection of the "sleeping pill" or if folks are just waking up…but good news! Fake now looks real and we see 20/20.

I though Kennedy giving the SOTU response…who is MW?


No one above another!

914640 No.189665

File: f0e17dc09d9b647⋯.jpeg (229.15 KB, 871x569, 871:569, 985AFAD9-033C-4A09-9C93-0….jpeg)

049dcb No.189667


I'm Native..we don't think highly of Warren..just sayin'…

73c9b6 No.189668


Kennedy is giving the MSM response

MaxipadWaters is giving a response on BET

049dcb No.189669



234f1d No.189670

Caught the heel of the last loaf. Wanted to repost for discussion as It is coming up . Questioning the experimental space x launch feb 6th from Cape Canaveral. Could this be used as a FF? It will be the day after SOTU. I wonder who is in control of Falcon9 and are they really sending a car into space? I am hoping MAGA can wrangle back control of Kennedy Space Center, if they do not already have control. Scary stuff going on but wow we are in it together like Q said. Time to activate full tilt.

042502 No.189671

Good morning Anons. Please explain if you can if you can about heart attack, mourn etc

7b69bb No.189672


Before it's laundered, drugs are a massive source of money off the books.

Iran, NK and Afghanistan.

Clowns in America.

You get money.

You get money.

EVERYBODY gets money.


Drug and human trafficking.


Drug and human trafficking.


Drug and human trafficking.

04e460 No.189674



1ca66a No.189675

Black Forest/House of Windsor

Prince Philip (actual name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) was born in the Austrian Black Forest region.

Much has been written about his participation in secret societies, cult beliefs, Nazi ties


a17b08 No.189676


Anon should read this book.

1700's tale about (((corruption)))

On ALL levels.

3ef94e No.189677


Articles about Harvard Law's listing of Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren as the law school's first "woman of color" are here (split link): https:// www.google. com/search?q=harvard%27s+first+woman+of+color&rlz=1C1AOHY_enUS752US752&oq=harvard%27s+first+woman+of+color&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2j35i39l2j0.4292j0j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

234f1d No.189678

They were going to 187 41020 with a heart attack weapon 2 activation steps . Satan news CNN was telegraphing heart condition beforehand working together with the perps. Every lightpole in DC would be occupied if it happened I promise.

b65d83 No.189679


No sympathy for you…

How's "Keeeeeef!!" by the way?

fa3d4a No.189680


After we climbed over the bodies in the street.

d57624 No.189682

I came back and this board is overrun by kumbaya. But what to do? This is the board that Q created. There is nowhere else to go. One should just try to ignore the kumbaya shills.

b04690 No.189683


Philip = P?

049dcb No.189684


Clowns make the drugs…

ONE vector is hollywood…

MI6/Mossad/Clown agencies control distribution…

No clue on where the money is…

One theory on the raid at Langley was to get information on the drug manufacturing and storage. Further that these have been raided and neutralized.

DJT+white hats have gone after the $$ first to cut off the abilities of the choads to finance a counter attack..

a17b08 No.189686


a manual on how to procure and abuse children at an isolated location.

1ca66a No.189688


Very possible.

Here’s more about his, and his family’s, connection to the Nazis. The whole house of Windsor is suspect. It has been alleged for years.


2cfa18 No.189689

Any planefags out there can tell me if a plane just went over SW Alaska? I just heard a deep boom and a jet (most of Alaska isn't exactly in a flight path)

97a0a1 No.189690

File: c305a6b514c9162⋯.png (284.69 KB, 466x527, 466:527, Jay_Z & Marina_Abramovic.png)

a3b637 No.189691

At what point the press can not hold the lid on this any more?

Fels like this week will change everything.

049dcb No.189693



an early pizzagate warrior here anon…I have read more on chilld abuse then you can imagine..and the illuminati..and our history.

This is an amazing time to be alive, and I am just happy to play my part :-)

b04690 No.189694


The Abdication put the Queens family into the Great Game and I believe it was because of

Philip Mountbatton.

91fa2d No.189695

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/371000-the-memo-republicans-hope-for-calm-amid-storm-at-state-of-the-union

Anyone seen this?

980d7e No.189696

File: d134f3684d11b3c⋯.jpg (108.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Warrenmemo.jpg)

e0b44d No.189697


your calendar is strange. 6/2 follows 30/1?

b65d83 No.189698

File: 22465f22143f0b1⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 600x483, 200:161, Poca.jpg)


First thing I thought of…

2a23df No.189699

File: 99fb5a9797aa67f⋯.jpg (813.47 KB, 1371x908, 1371:908, 2018-01-19_20-22-31-837.jpg)


>Public to awaken [mass-start]

>sleeping pill reject.

>OP Mockingbird FAILURE.

9112be No.189701



980d7e No.189702


I like it

b04690 No.189703


The memo

97a0a1 No.189704


>who is MW

Big mouth Poverty Pimp, Maxine Waters!

544683 No.189705

File: 04c99a4da6eeab1⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 703x189, 703:189, QAnon.jpg)


So… Al Waleed IS worth a heck of a lot more than the 6bill pittance that is constantly mentioned? (Kin of like 6 million Jews, type shit).

I'll hope to read a reply in a few hours. At present, I must away. SLEEP for me….

G'mornin' good evenin', g'night.

049dcb No.189706


Philip an interesting dude…he was raised by nazis and lived in Austria early in his life.

They are all basically the same..and to find choad'ishness you will have to go WAY back to before the nazi's. The nazi's worked for and with these folks..not the other way around…

Female bloodlines more important than male for preserving bloodlines…so check Phillips mother, and her mother, and her mother…

Also worth a read is this: https:// www.vox.com/2016/2/25/11116742/scalia-st-hubertus

Then check that Royal Order of Fuckery for a membership list…

1ca66a No.189707


Yes. Wasn’t Edward known to have Nazi sympathies, too? And wasn’t it his mistress, Wallis Simpson, who had ties to the occult?

3ef94e No.189708


Awesome Warren meme, Anon. Thank you.

97a0a1 No.189709

File: b212c6d178c5c2a⋯.jpg (285.33 KB, 1455x575, 291:115, 20,000,000 abortions.jpg)

234f1d No.189710


My mistake. I have slept 2 to 3 hrs a nite as I am constantly working on the pieces here and red pilling everyone I see about the upcoming dumps. I do know Space X is launching very soon . I am just hoping without sounding like a concernfag that DJT and co have control of Cape Canaveral. I would imagine by now yes. I am new to post but been activated since pizza and super activated during LVS. I knew 911 was an inside job 30 seconds after the tower fell . Now is the time to come from the weeds for God's free born creatures future. Oldfag GLP and Qsoldier here long time warrior of the truth. SpaceX and EM get my 5d chess senses ringing. Praying for The new golden age to rise this week!! Kek on warriors, love you all ! Sorry for the feelzguud.

1ca66a No.189711


Thank you!

23b854 No.189712



b65d83 No.189713


Nothing on my screen. Could be a military jet that isn't transmitting ADS-B though.

273f20 No.189714


"Black Forest/House of Windsor

Prince Philip (actual name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) was born in the Austrian Black Forest region.

Much has been written about his participation in secret societies, cult beliefs, Nazi ties


Get facts straight: Saxe-Coburg Gotha is the QUEEN's line. A query on any wiki will give the info.

0291fd No.189715

https:// www. penguinrandomhouse.com/books/209254/rise-and-kill-first-by-ronen-bergman/9781400069712/

bieing promoted on MSM now

268a8d No.189716

Left wing leaning patriot here. I see meme ideas for Ben Carson floating around. IMHO that's a bad idea, you won't convince anyone by using him. He's really viewed by folks like me as a blubbering idiot, despite his degrees. FWIW

980d7e No.189717

Fox covered Jay-Z trash talking trump a half hour ago. Some Jay-Z sold my soul memes may come in handy… perhaps versus Kanye supporting the prez

86aec1 No.189718


Tupac talked too much against the globalists…

Got assassinated.

Jay-Z stayed hush hush.

Became a millionaire.

04e460 No.189719

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

049dcb No.189720


anon..yes a VERY important time in history…you are on the money with the nazi ties (although nazi's working FOR the crown..) DIG DEEPER…

Royals are a part of the "control"..we all would agree with that..

Royals are uber concerned with "blood" and bloodlines..why?

What if royals considered themselves "different" and "better" than us? Like a different species almost? Well they do…and that is the heart of the matter..they why's and wherefores there…

4e6890 No.189721


Do thay always have 2 speeches I always thought it was one. I know the guy last year was horrible can't rember who he was

980d7e No.189722


>>189717 !! YESSS!!

b65d83 No.189723


Prince Philip is of Greek descent via Louis Mountbatten, IIRC. Mountbatten would most likely be an adopted name though.

91fa2d No.189724


>THE MEMO - republicans hope for CALM AMID STORM at state of the union

Interesting choice of words, msm disinfo targetting the storm?

e204f1 No.189726

watched the vid on hrc that q posted?

a17b08 No.189727


To reach the Place one had first to get to Basel; at that city you crossed the Rhine, beyond which the road became steadily narrower until you hade to abandon your carriage. Soon afterwards you entered the Black Forest […]

Dopey= Procurer.

Dopey = Durcet

4e6890 No.189728

File: 0a857979453e39b⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 236x305, 236:305, 0a857979453e39baf2ad0c8566….jpg)

4e6890 No.189729

File: 18b69baccf47e28⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x1787, 2000:1787, 18b69baccf47e2841057673c8b….jpg)

b04690 No.189730



Elizabeths' family were not in the line for king and queen until the abdication

Philip is the one married to Liz and wanted the name changed to Mountbatton and the British said he had to give it all up.

Loius Mountbatton was 187'd

that's a raabithole right their

9112be No.189731

Anyone else having Q related dreams?

b65d83 No.189732

File: 660790fe6f6b61b⋯.jpg (212.77 KB, 1719x593, 1719:593, Alaska.jpg)

This is the only Alaskan traffic I can see at the moment.

049dcb No.189733


The "firing mueller" narrative appears to be replacing the "russia" narrative..whatever…as Q said, masses waking up and sleeping pills not working anymore…mockingbird soon to die..one HARD bird to kill…

eaf91c No.189734


Louis alleged kiddie fiddler, family name Battenberg

ac518e No.189736

File: 24af9bfb1c7a452⋯.jpg (189.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trumpssotumoarbiglythanmin….jpg)

File: 6b6780263164a74⋯.jpg (229.58 KB, 1069x840, 1069:840, georgewashingtonmeme.jpg)

File: 1fad3875bced0df⋯.png (891.01 KB, 2000x1180, 100:59, Google-Makes-Pirates-walk-….png)

State of the Union (SOTU) coming up. Lets give the MSM everything we got across their live streams that day. Pass along, lets make a storm.

234f1d No.189737

Yes I watched satan news it this morning they are out of gas with everything !! MSM scum are Falling !!!! Lovin it !

e204f1 No.189738

im not into the lizzard thing BUT hrc eyes looks totally different in second one and second one esp her right eye is freaky sheat…just sayin

b65d83 No.189740


Thanks, we all on the same wavelength.

049dcb No.189741


I heard Kennedy giving x-up to SOTU, so baffled by "MW"..now I get it..and get the followup with the Obamacare meme..ty!

ac518e No.189742

File: 3e349cc3c436e4b⋯.jpg (314.21 KB, 1500x885, 100:59, bamawalkplank.jpg)


holy shitpost, try again.

04e460 No.189743


Well, if it goes anything like the attempted Fakebook sat launch, we'll know EM is a [bad actor] who didn't THINK HARD. ENOUGH.

97a0a1 No.189744


It takes a fucking

>Left wing leaning blubbering idiot

to view Ben Carson as the "blubbering idiot"! smfh Fucking 4%ers

Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. As a pioneer in neurosurgery, Carson's achievements include performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head, pioneering the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, performing the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins, developing new methods to treat brain-stem tumors, and reviving hemispherectomy techniques for controlling seizures. He became the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the country at age 33.He has received more than 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations, and written over 100 neurosurgical publications. In 2008, he was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the U.S

1ca66a No.189745


My mistake…I’m thinking of Prince Philip and Princess Louise. It would be helpful if they didn’t all have the same damned names.

47ea5a No.189746



If nobody's volunteered yet, I'll bake #232. :)

c5ba78 No.189748


I agree. I gave up on it after two weeks of struggling to get text placed.

Good job.

234f1d No.189749

"We are launching a new red tesla roadster into space " BS flag up !!!

0c295c No.189751


Spicy one anon. Loading it into the magazi e :3

d946e9 No.189752


>Left wing leaning


Contradiction. Fuck off commie scum. Lefties are sending MAXINE FUCKING WATERS to deliver a black response yet a much, much saner, polite, and at least somewhat-considered-thinking-individual is a blithering idiot? And you are the guardian of the left to show up here and enlighten everyone?

Fuck completely off.

8b234b No.189753


can you stop with this hippie number energy nonsense

8d5e2a No.189754

File: c261bce9592595f⋯.jpg (150.05 KB, 910x941, 910:941, max1.jpg)

File: fcfe7af77a11648⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 768x515, 768:515, gallery-1484747430-gettyim….jpg)

Maxine Does HAITI COUP http:// www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/americas/03/01/aristide.claim/

51a973 No.189756


Shakur learned too much too late. Years ago Prodigy did too; they just killed him off last year. Listening through the old Mobb Deep catalog, it was obvious him and Havoc were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

3ef94e No.189757

GUYS? In anticipation of the SOTU and the Democrats' insane rollout of another Kennedy here in the #MeToo era, I want to give you a tip. Senator Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne in the crash at Chappaquiddick. Ted Kennedy's aide was named David Burke, and Burke helped cover up the killing. Info on that is here (split link): https:// tinyurl. com/yb5csaky.

David Burke died but one of his sons is alive and well on Twatter, bashing us and promoting the leftist agenda every chance he can. Owen Burke, is allegedly a "comic" and "producer" out in Hollywood, and he's on Twatter bashing President Trump at every turn.

Perhaps Owen "Son of the Chappaquiddick Coverup" Burke needs some attention on Twatter…. He's on Twatter at (split link): https:// twitter. com/owenburke

97a0a1 No.189758


Anon, I get these memes,

you get these meme…

Normies don't get these memes!

Liberals just call us retarded looking at these memes! Just saying…. think 'target audience'!

234f1d No.189759

Darrell Lance Abbott as well as Tupak and others . Dime was the only musician ever murdered on stage . I believe his was a Bushco cabal hit . Q please investigate this . He was a GOOD man who deserves justice for his horrible murder. MK written all over it.Agenda.

1a2958 No.189760


I think that's what we're doing already. Not sure if it applies to the post.

bcbb6e No.189761


Ahh. Thanks. and smells fishy. I'm no fan of smart t.v.'s I actually went out of my way to buy a new one that wasn't smart.

f1371f No.189762


Make it soon please…I'm tired of humping and pumping your dried up snatch.

5edc60 No.189763


>Anyone else having Q related dreams?

Franky, I don't remember dreams often.. But when I do, it's about a Patriot.

keks aside, i had a crazy dream a week ago yesterday that the President was showing me some documents that had some forensic proof of some important [but unnamed in the dream] event; It was a positive dream. He seemed like a very considerate person that seemed to take the harm done to his Country personally..

Anyways, on with the digging, god bless you all.

049dcb No.189764


We have an EO 12/21 allowing the President broad authority to arrest/detain and SEIZE THE ASSETS of human rights violators..

We have Q posting x-ups of this yesterday also with a doc indicating special powers to go after 911 choads…

We have Al taleed out of confinement yesterday…probably light a few billion…

We have indications of a twitter takeover in the last Q drops under the WO…

We are headed for big take overs of industries where the choads have had their fun…in particular communications and internet companies…

And..my 2 cents is DJT uses it to destroy the FED and pay our debt…

8009ec No.189765

https: // thegoldwater.com/news/16775-Unsealed-FISA-Report-Shows-Obama-s-FBI-ILLEGALLY-Spied-on-Americans-and-Shared-Data-with-NGOs

8d5e2a No.189766

File: fcfe7af77a11648⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 768x515, 768:515, gallery-1484747430-gettyim….jpg)

File: 6f2b7b4adc792f6⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 1200x160, 15:2, max2.jpg)

File: 7daddbbf2b6290c⋯.jpg (20 KB, 1200x76, 300:19, max6.jpg)

File: 3e05960fc139f77⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 1200x142, 600:71, max5.jpg)

File: be88eeb7477a900⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 1199x170, 1199:170, max4.jpg)

049dcb No.189768


EO not WO..stupid keyboard…

980d7e No.189769


AK planefag here. Nothing ever happens locally here. Not doxxing, good luck finding anybody in the last frontier. Especially with VPN and moving around the state every few days for work.

51a973 No.189771



He's just stating that's what the majority in left field see, anon. You have to remember that to those kinds of people it's about sounding smarter than your peers while not necessarily having the capabilities required to "prove" it. Cut the patriot some slack, he's only trying to help.

b65d83 No.189772

File: b92b667e1c84681⋯.jpg (515.76 KB, 1735x951, 1735:951, Swed.jpg)

This activates my almonds for some reason. Swedish Air Force jet stopping off at Copenghagen, then headed for the Middle East?

Recording it just in case.

8d5e2a No.189773

File: fcfe7af77a11648⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 768x515, 768:515, gallery-1484747430-gettyim….jpg)

File: b88bf107d487424⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 1200x236, 300:59, max7.jpg)

9a447b No.189774


How about another version of this with the title being … How the real vote went down…

23de2a No.189776


You can fuck off as well.

4e6890 No.189777

File: 37ca1caf1c1218d⋯.jpg (360.66 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180128-074731.jpg)

Here thay go anyone have any creepy uncle Joe Biden memes

16f644 No.189778

>>189066 (posted in meme thread too)

Top pic of Mr &Mrs Martin Nesbitt

"This man & wife look A LOT like these 2 kids"

Middle pic of "Obama" kids

"Who look NOTHING like these 2 guys"

Bottom pic of Barry and Michael O

Most blacks REALLY don't go for gay men or trannies.

bd796c No.189779

File: 7d5dcea90df2fa4⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 596x597, 596:597, em.jpg)


elon musk comes at you with a homemade flamethrower. what do you do?

https:// www.instagram.com/p/BeeYW0NA1HU/?taken-by=elonmusk

14d281 No.189780


could you add

>>169315 Notable Resignation List

again, please? this is one of our current tasks

ed8408 No.189781


Oddly enough yes and I never dream (well at least never remember)

Buts I do remember are revolutionary and special op related

Maybe too much time here and researching

ac518e No.189782

f02e6e No.189783

So did SR use INsecuredrop or wut?

eaf91c No.189784


Welcome. For more on Louis check out Kincorra

51a973 No.189785


By pointing out someone attempting to give insight to a target meme audience? Whatever you say, anon. Take some pointers from /pol/

d37755 No.189786

Hey guys … I seriously hope that the average anon isn't able to delete an entire thread.

I had the /qresearch/ catalog up on my screen. I meant to Ctrl+click on #226 to open it in a new tab. I hit the wrong key; I hit shift instead of control. So it opened in a new window. I immediately closed that window, long before the thread could continue loading. Went back to the catalog and #226 was gone. It no longer exists. See for yourself.

Either it was perfect timing and I just happened to load 226 at the final second before BO or whoever removed it (why would they do that?) … or I just delete the entire thread.

I'm hoping this is just something stupid on my own browser. Yes, I did Ctrl+F5 to reload the catalog. No #226.

I'm sure there's a stupid reason for it. There's no way I could have just deleted an entire thread without any privileges.

980d7e No.189787


Jay-Z became one of them. The Hip-Hop Eye of Horus King and Queen him and Beyonce…

8d5e2a No.189788

File: 12d1b60b2959a2f⋯.jpg (429.46 KB, 1505x932, 1505:932, ss1.jpg)


47e85c No.189789

Steve Wynn is a kike who changed his name from Weinberg to Wynn

All Kikes Are Pedo Rapists

234f1d No.189790


I cannot be afraid to die anymore . The Storm is too important and this war is too important. I will not hide from anyone. If EM was forced to turn that would be different. He is not my enemy because I know nothing about who and who is not really on my /our side. All I know is everytime I see a photo of 41020 A huge smile comes to my face and I salute the commander . That is quantum signal DJT is real . I am going down with the ship or up to the stars with you all. Space X is a huge thing in my mind. It keeps coming up in my warning sector.

47e85c No.189791



Kikes. They're Kikes.

23de2a No.189792


No one should give a shit about lefty feelings.

Their feelings are the problem.

980d7e No.189793


Oops sorry! I accidentally hit my drunk shill


9a447b No.189794


Another suggestion…make into 4 different memes (in addition to this one)

73c9b6 No.189795

File: 711d9222e0f4669⋯.jpg (47.29 KB, 428x428, 1:1, Yahoo70.JPG)

MidnightShift PlaneFag Anon heading for church then bed…

Day PlaneFags, keep an eye on this Yahoo70 taking off out of KY this morning.

He was up to some weird fuckery before he landed there yesterday from HI.

049dcb No.189796

Looking for dirt on MW and ran on this…she wrote a child protection act in Caly??? Might be useful in the near future…

https:// leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayexpandedbranch.xhtml?tocCode=WIC&division=9.&title=&part=6.&chapter=12.&article=

47e85c No.189797


You're a retard

1df511 No.189798


you are just plain stupid pls kys

04e460 No.189799


>We have Al taleed out of confinement yesterday…probably light a few billion…

And light a few toes, from the intel BD dropped last night

He should be a lot more helpful after losing the extra weight.

bc75e5 No.189800

File: fe4ac4147d7b8a0⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stop taking the sleeping p….png)

Good Morning U.S.A

3e50f6 No.189801


Distraction….ignore this….move on

b65d83 No.189803


OK, I'm on it.

049dcb No.189804




No one above another..

All working for one goal here…

73c9b6 No.189805



G'nite and God bless Anons!

1a2958 No.189806


When and where is the Super Bowl? Is the Space X launch two days after?

8b234b No.189807


don't argue with them, this board is filled with reddit, amerimutts, cuckchanners and kikes if you didn't notice already.

980d7e No.189808


Start with your post and work your way up nuwperman.

ac518e No.189809

File: 4ac9e83842c4e15⋯.png (395.95 KB, 475x475, 1:1, boss-vs-leader.png)


23de2a No.189810


Surely you wouldn't begrudge an anon one healthy smack?

1517e1 No.189811

>>189710 feelings oh yes those things one day I will have them again after the cabalists are lifers in Gtmo and the timeline is stabilized for 1000 years BUT UNTIL THEN GET TO WORK just joshing wit u man keep up the struggle sleep eat workout lather repeat u know wat I’m sayin chief 911 bldg 7 wtf lost peeps dat day we be coming in hot on sotu gonna be realish

4e6890 No.189812

File: 1e0a696efcfd33d⋯.jpg (186.85 KB, 720x422, 360:211, 20180128_075624.jpg)

234f1d No.189813


Very good point . All these events this week could be connected and used as chess moves? Edge of my seat ….

1a2958 No.189814


Did you get 2 Qs? Congrats!

b65d83 No.189815


You forgot us Limeys…

There's nothing like a sweeping generalisation, is there?

eefa50 No.189816

Black forest/Tyrol

this might be a slide..apologies if mentioned..there's a connection to chess thru the regions woodcarvers..also famous for the cuckoo clocks



e75f15 No.189817

File: 05a2d0cfa75cfd5⋯.jpg (94.32 KB, 615x425, 123:85, Z-280.jpg)

File: e547d82092d1ff7⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 450x303, 150:101, Z-281.jpg)

File: e48bf268582623d⋯.jpg (201.37 KB, 900x606, 150:101, Z-282.jpg)

File: 6b48bf7da131de1⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 480x321, 160:107, Z-283.jpg)

File: 0ee95204c57bf84⋯.jpg (145.36 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Z-284.jpg)


049dcb No.189818


anon..looks like you are working on the CFR list…did anyone resolve the red text on wiki yesterday..red text generally donates links that are broken or missing..and there was a TON of them on that CFR list in wiki…

7abd96 No.189820

File: 8082ff92e6bf841⋯.jpg (158.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 7Dwarfs-Manificent7.jpg)

Could not resist the kek

d37755 No.189821


Different browser; it's back. Just making sure.

Did I post the update for the Q graphic / raw text file last night? Pretty sure I did. Current as of /greatawakening/ #77. Total of 670 Q messages on it. The thing is getting big.

b65d83 No.189823


We have enough 'cuckoo clocks' on the Chans already, thanks!

914640 No.189824


Limey beans are healthy too

23de2a No.189825


You spelled generalisation wrong.

8b234b No.189826


just saying that if you are gonna hand out smacks you better reply to half the thread. Its physically difficult for me to read through these threads and still feel the motivation to help.

5edc60 No.189827


Barely stomached watching it knowing what is now evidenced..

She brought up the two things that support the Clowns. Gangs and Drugs, and the so-called 'laws' that allow the money to keep flowing.. And Billy was putting it all in place.

(((They))) *all* do it, too. Classic sociopathic criminals; They use the *entire* false debate playbook..

d37755 No.189828


Move from Opera to Edge and it's back. Bizarre behavior for ANY browser.

f02e6e No.189829

File: d710ded4f6942a4⋯.png (152.24 KB, 731x833, 43:49, Wh.png)

File: 6195ca9ae8abc43⋯.png (31.9 KB, 410x199, 410:199, Rothschild.png)

interesting coincidink from [1] twatter/Q

in addition to the heart comment.

but, weren't these minute markers supposed to be Q first/POTUS second?

1517e1 No.189830

>>189781 quit drinking and smoking reefer if u do. Sleep apnea also prevents dream cycle. Put a blank notebook next to your bedside with a red marker. If you wake up anytime remember any shred write it down. Watch what happens. Q would be proud of you.

042502 No.189831

On my way! On Anons. Mourn, murder heart attack coincidence? What have we figured out about this?

b65d83 No.189832


No I didn't, I'm English, not American. We're separated by a common language, remember…

51a973 No.189833


While this may be true, when you're memes have said target audience, you have to know how to play off those feelings and emotions. These people trigger over anything, but you have to be the one reigning their feelings.

"They called me nigger" side by side "They treat me like one" works better than walls of text ffs.

>Implying you're not cianigger faggots arguing with each other

23de2a No.189834

980d7e No.189835

File: 5e263437cd0f7a3⋯.jpeg (61 KB, 630x630, 1:1, NO HOMO PEPE.jpeg)

French onion soup and fresh mozzarella couldn't help this bread much. good memes but no digging really, me included after 15 hours on the chan. goodnight remaining artists. I'm gonna rest up for SOTU meme prep. Love you fags.

0465b6 No.189836

File: a858739dd2ed4e3⋯.jpg (88.02 KB, 666x500, 333:250, AM13.jpg)

File: 5dc07c0166f315e⋯.jpg (111.01 KB, 666x500, 333:250, AM15.jpg)

File: 86e6b4f28ddb85c⋯.png (337.32 KB, 666x500, 333:250, AM13R.png)

File: 152dfaa23a8874a⋯.png (464.74 KB, 666x500, 333:250, AM14R.png)

File: b1f5a08402c23bc⋯.png (369.2 KB, 666x500, 333:250, AM15R.png)



I read somewhere that there is a set size to optimize pictures for Tw@tter so they don't get cropped when scrolling past them. Might be a good idea to resize the background canvas (black will work fine) so that people see the complete picture and nothing gets cut off.

234f1d No.189837


I slept in a dumpster with a trashbag as a blanket so I could be down at ground zero on one of the 2013 protest. I slept on top of a sidewalk construction scaffold another year to be there for all those lost that day . I lost everything we all did that day and I have been screaming from the rooftops since that day and will never stop because it was complete BS!! TV news has to DIE they are the ultimate weapon against us! Go Q !! Hammertime !! Keep fighting too soldier I have you're back ! We have to step into the other persons shoes always before action.MAGA 4 life !

97a0a1 No.189838

File: 8f4f5c596cf0aa5⋯.jpg (815.23 KB, 2080x1732, 520:433, Teddy escaped.jpg)


Something like…

1517e1 No.189839

>>189716 brain surgeon = blubbering idiot. KYS please

23de2a No.189840


Most of the latest memes are retarded.

Whether or not they hurt some lefty soy fag's feelings is irrelevant.

f02e6e No.189841



I'm glad I'm not alone. My first one was LV shooting hours before it happened. The second one was taxpayers funding cabal stuff, but our accounts were being credited following GA, next day Q drops "feel sick yet?"

Weird stuff.

3ef94e No.189842

File: 2c9a9dee9e9992e⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 941x616, 941:616, owen burke.JPG)


Whoops, I forgot to add one of Owen Burke's photos. Meme gold. >>189757

86aec1 No.189843


It was a honeypot

14d281 No.189844


i am working on the resignation list only

which wiki?

1a2958 No.189845


I was a SpaceX fan until EM turned on POTUS after the Paris Accord. I figured EM was hoping to corner the market on solar batteries and wasn't willing to play any more. He showed his true colors.

b65d83 No.189846

File: 7d9707c13866293⋯.jpg (422.29 KB, 1597x745, 1597:745, Galaxy2.jpg)

Another USAF transport on the move. RCH 868 headed south towards Switzerland.

049dcb No.189847


>And light a few toes, from the intel BD dropped last night

Is this in last nights loafs? That would make for an enjoyable read..

dc89bc No.189848

http: //insider.foxnews.com/2018/01/17/deplorable-vet-offers-take-maxine-waters-trump-state-union-sotu-seat

I smell a meme.

This vet WILL be attending F&F announcing now.

14d281 No.189850

another billionaire is dead:

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies in Sweden at 91

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42851668

049dcb No.189851



f02e6e No.189852

File: a8f9d57433b2b61⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1917x1080, 71:40, NoteTheDate.png)

last little find for the day, fwiw.

check the date. exactly 60 years before 9-11. Wind the clock?

d37755 No.189854

File: 7c96513b5d3685f⋯.png (158.72 KB, 500x346, 250:173, ikea.png)

See the ad at the bottom? "IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, dead at 91."

Now back to business.

86aec1 No.189855

So both MW and Joe Kennedy are going to be responding to the SOTU?

3ef94e No.189856



That's awesome, Anon, except the picture of the son is not Owen Burke. If you could re-do it using the profile pic from the Twatter account then you'd have the right pic. I'm just glad we can call the guy out because he is the son of a co-conspirator to the Chappaquiddick killing, and now he spends his time bashing us Patriots.

1517e1 No.189857

>>189747 Do less acid. Take college algebra at your local community college.

bcbb6e No.189858

File: d7e1a54f398cb74⋯.png (459.96 KB, 507x495, 169:165, Capture.PNG)

The SOTU raid needs to be about Trumps good work, and things Q related. I HIGHLY ADVISE NOT SPAMMING SWASTIKAS AND THE LIKE. I have seen it before and the quickest way to turn off a potential red pill is through talk of the holohoax, Hitler and other such stuff. I have seen this before with my own parents whom I am very close to red pilling. Please and thank you from refraining from this.

fd56d6 No.189859

If the MSM gets their talking points at 4 AM, what would happen if they didn't receive the emails for a couple days? Who sends the emails? What would they report on? No unified misinformation.

d946e9 No.189860


Lefty feelz are really three problems in one: (1) they are the weak link mechanism of control by the truly ruthless, (2) they generally tend to destroy their host humans, and (3) the insane drama never, never stops or even rests, it just heads for the next nearby target of opportunity to begin yet again, mutating endlessly and poisoning whatever it reaches.

d37755 No.189861


I second the motion.

4e6890 No.189862

File: cd03b77d16d2d91⋯.jpg (167.6 KB, 720x404, 180:101, 20180128_080634.jpg)

ac518e No.189863


oh its drippn

4c3649 No.189864

File: 6aeed1d49c8da33⋯.png (68.72 KB, 1107x611, 1107:611, presidecy_intellingence.png)

File: ae53c36ec841115⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 529x191, 529:191, suppose_D_3.JPG)

File: 75035b7f625b39a⋯.jpg (92.95 KB, 1022x634, 511:317, suppose_D_2.JPG)

File: 97267183ee1d1e4⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 551x412, 551:412, suppose_D_1.JPG)

File: e3bfc50aa744108⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 1121x443, 1121:443, supposed_q.JPG)

Just an observation after reading the first few post again.

Q doen't make mistakes.

Missing "n" in "Presidecy" and then adding an extra "n" in "Intellingence" some posts later.

What is he trying to tell us?

A total of three times Q incorrectly writes "suppose to" instead of "supposed to":

Was the election suppose to be rigged?

Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?

Who was suppose to be the next President?

A lot of post discussing the Democrats as "D's".

All three "suppose to" answers allude to the "D's"

But he also correctly writes "supposed to" / "supposedly" in some posts. So he knows there should be a "d" after suppose.

So its a hint to the Democrats?

Can we find more of these?

pics related

b65d83 No.189865

RCH868 landed at Ramstein Air Base.

234f1d No.189866


They will default to Russia Russia Russia and Trump hates this or that . Dipsticks, Q is right these people are stupid.

1a2958 No.189867


And an anon. Double congrats!

ed8408 No.189868

File: 471da919b134d15⋯.jpeg (452.78 KB, 1230x1689, 410:563, 41DA2E2C-F068-4D35-B3E4-B….jpeg)


Probably way off….

1517e1 No.189869

>>189837 WOLVERINES ! Yeah buddy

16f644 No.189870


Yes. It is officially Joseph Kennedy,III. I think focusing on Maxine W is not such a good idea.

Looks racist. We don't need that.

d37755 No.189871

Darth Vader Ginsburg will be skipping SOTU this year. Now THERE'S an impartial SCJ.

5edc60 No.189872






b2fd8c No.189873

I brought coffee and donuts. Help yourself anons… Back to work.

049dcb No.189874



No thread slippage and interesting..all piece relevant..

"These clocks may have preceded the Cuckoo Clock. Interestingly, new scientific evidence suggests a mechanized planetarium, created by Archimedes in Syracuse before the birth of Christ, may have sparked production of mechanical clocks in Europe. "

04e460 No.189875


Skip past 38m for the latest intel. Trolls taking his drops and changing them get BTFO to start


049dcb No.189877



ed8408 No.189878


I do nd that those red links are broken. Doing a duck search shows they are all on wiki listed differently

1517e1 No.189879

just realized Trump knows who kilt Tupac. He let that out the brothers gonna be solid vs. cabal,

b65d83 No.189881

I've lost the Swedish Air Force jet over the Aegean at the moment. Still monitoring.

Yahoo70 is over Nashville, TN at the moment at angels 38.

3ef94e No.189882

File: 3f23226b55a9000⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, owenburke profile pic.jpg)


Here ya go, memer. Here is a photo of Owen Burke, son of David "Chappaquiddick Killing Coverup" Burke, who's bashing us on Twatter.

049dcb No.189883



watching now..ty!

97a0a1 No.189884

File: d33c57e2cf090a9⋯.jpg (764.53 KB, 2080x1732, 520:433, Teddy escaped.jpg)



234f1d No.189885


This could be a YUGE trump card for Q team. Leak the info about Tupac murder that will win the ENTIRE African American population on Trump's side. He is black Jesus for real to them!This could be the key really !!

ac518e No.189886

Make the memes yuge…

Jan 20th 2018

State of the Union

Take over every live stream available and spread the meme.

97a0a1 No.189887



4e6890 No.189888

File: 2e5fc322dfa21eb⋯.jpg (49.84 KB, 665x477, 665:477, IMG_20180128_080917.jpg)

3bd0a9 No.189889

Who or what is the hostage ??

1517e1 No.189890

>>189876 sure make a new board write the whole thing out I will analyze it and check and if you are correct I will retract my advice and we will be brothers in arms

535216 No.189891


Only a thought, but maybe throw in the +$2billion our State Dept funneled into Red Cross/AIDS from 2010-2015? (Sauce from xls released by State Dept).

Actual amounts:

$2,176,704,729 Red Cross

$517,458,819 AIDS

Sorry- took a few minutes to open xls- has 22k entries

049dcb No.189892


wrong..focusing on her is EXACTLY what we should do..nice try..why don't you educate yourself here and re-evaluate your beliefs..still time for YOU..

b65d83 No.189894


I bet raw materials are expensive (hint).

f72a44 No.189895


never came across your particular numbers game...

but the general numbers game has a long history...

my favorite little game to follow is the one that runs from platos timmaeus through to whitehead's process and reality...

but that is probably a bit too autistic even for this place...

bdeef7 No.189896


we're changing ice to fire. it's been tried before. hopefully this time it catches on.

PS - please lmk if gasoline is needed? THANK YOU

1517e1 No.189897


bcbb6e No.189898


Black outline on white text makes it stand out much better

b65d83 No.189899


Not sure if serious… -_-

3ef94e No.189900


Amazing work, anon. Since this piece of crap, @OwenBurke, will be bashing our President Trump all night tomorrow, this is great. I hope he gets lots of attention on Twatter. The only reason he has a blue checkmark (i.e., is "verified") on Twatter is that he is the son of someone in the Kennedy inner circle. These libtards wear that like a badge of honor when, in fact, it just shows that they're as sick as the Kennedy family members are. Thanks again

ac518e No.189901

Gnite anon may your trebuchet fire hot and far.

5edc60 No.189902


Moar tags:






b65d83 No.189903


Are they the same as doughnuts?


97a0a1 No.189904


you bet!

234f1d No.189906


I lived in Cleveland est side for many years . Tupac is Jesus to them for sure. they still play his songs I hear it more than anything else from there rubber hosing the air, car stereos. Using Tupac info could be the KEY to 2020 and beyond. Once they love Trump its on .

1a2958 No.189907


So, there's three missing Ds and a misplaced N, correct? I think the scheduled stop is okay.

7abd96 No.189908


Ya…That ended Ted Kennedy's career of ever running for Pres. He never lived it down.

3bd0a9 No.189909

File: 54781cdb7934849⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 255x205, 51:41, memepochahontis1.jpg)

b65d83 No.189910


He's been kilt, you say..?

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHdRGAotbHE

Not my video BTW.

29c780 No.189911

Im looking through the research things but cant seem to find a graph I know Ive seen here. One of the money these people had before and after being in office. Like Maxine and Pelosi for example. Any help?

ed8408 No.189912


Don’t drink or smoke. Had been wondering if anyone else had this happening too.

049dcb No.189915


The ENTIRE point of Q bringing this up is that now MSM cannot trust their drops…

Are they compromised?

Is DJT and crew inserting their own narratives?

Has to be fucking with them big time…

16f644 No.189916


Last evening a few Anons were saying recent Q posts seemed "off" - and no one attacked those guys. Not a shill but have been thinking they are basically public info and generally well spread themes. Just saying I would love to see Q "XYZ" THEN Trump tweeting "YZX". For a while it's been Trump then Q. Anyone could do that.

d90d27 No.189918


Carson meme text:

Why do black leaders want you

to think I'm a blubbering idiot?

1517e1 No.189923

>>189906 Q: IF TUPAC WILL WORK, DO IT PLS rollin for destiny

06b482 No.189924

Trump activ @ twitter

04e460 No.189925


Trump tweeting to Jay-Z looking to push the black Great Awakening

049dcb No.189926



All go in the UNITY box..regardless of perspective..all are helping..heck that anon has probably red pilled his entire acid group (said with kindness anon…)…

No One Above Another…

3bd0a9 No.189927

can someone photoshop twopac and trump together for memes please

1517e1 No.189928

>>189917 sleep apnea, or you are avoiding your Self

1517e1 No.189930



82f417 No.189931

File: 82422e62241737c⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 896x460, 224:115, 2018 01 28 8.18 AM EST.JPG)

ed8408 No.189932

File: feab2c358f5cc09⋯.jpeg (107.75 KB, 1158x476, 579:238, 55ED4CDD-A71D-4559-B2A6-1….jpeg)

File: cf01ae360f2474c⋯.jpeg (151.7 KB, 1156x612, 17:9, 81E113CC-A397-42AD-8FA5-1….jpeg)

New Trump tweets. Back to back!

049dcb No.189933


Where is that YAHOO fella…and ty planefags!

bdeef7 No.189934


this is where things can get dicey. When i was an angrier person, only just months ago, I reacted to CATALYSTS differently. You can fuck some shit up if you're head's not in the right place.

This shouldn't be seen as an invite to fuck with me. Once again, check my back.

4d86a6 No.189935


Dreamt my car heater wasn't working properly, also about a "friend" who turned on me a few years ago.

b65d83 No.189938

File: 7af446722e10dca⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)


I'm here, what's up?

997944 No.189940



3bd0a9 No.189941

Is the hostage a person or a country being threatened with nukes ?

b65d83 No.189942

Yahoo70 currently to the West of Huntsville AL. Headed SSW.

7abd96 No.189943


It all depends where the focus is. MW is liv'n large while ghetto blacks are pushing drugs and joining gangs to survive, and she don't give a damn. "They", the Af-Am's need to know what the gov who says they are there for them are really doing…which is nothing but picking their pockets. It has nothing to do with race just because she happens to be of color. I'll tear any whitie apart for the same reasons, like Pelosi and Feinstein, and I have.

d51683 No.189945


thats our [0]

b2fd8c No.189946

File: dc8d4e02efa4e08⋯.jpeg (101.92 KB, 1080x519, 360:173, 1517145941.jpeg)

049dcb No.189947


potentially intentional and I think someone was running it down yesterday…might be worth some time on which are/are not broken…might relate to resignations…

I think MOST of these choads and their corps will have assets SEIZED under the EO…and then the seized assets will be used to pay off national debt and destroy the FED…my hope..but seems obvious as well…

82f417 No.189948


[0] marker?

afdacf No.189949


This makes sense. The D was suppose to win, but we took it out. Q took out the D to show us it was intentionally removed. I suspect the vote is always rigged, and MI rigged it for Trump. That is why Hildabeast was so shocked, as was the world.

Q and the white hats took the D out.

06b482 No.189950


F&F got a sequenz of Jay-Z aswell, after the break, were he called him a BUG, coincidence


268a8d No.189951


Doesn't resonate for me. I don't think there's anyone pushing narrative to give that impression. He gives that impression on his own.

See >>189849

I know the guy's a fucking brilliant human being, but he doesn't give that impression on a political stage.

7abd96 No.189952


If there is one I would like to see it. All I can find is old 2012 financial info.

b65d83 No.189953

Still looking for the Swedish Air Force jet 10-2004 (SVF848) that was over the Aegean Sea near the Turkish coast when I lost the signal.

3bd0a9 No.189955

photoshop fags i need twopac and trump so i can do a roll wwith me memes etc

d51683 No.189956

File: becdeda1e32a683⋯.png (39.16 KB, 474x196, 237:98, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 68d0c9b3f1c51bc⋯.png (76.04 KB, 614x316, 307:158, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 5f2aa1715a99742⋯.png (96.58 KB, 598x376, 299:188, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 2171a7f063162a0⋯.png (290.82 KB, 637x567, 91:81, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

so we have a [20], [10], [1], and [0]

50c657 No.189957


memes. "as long as they keep you hating republicans, you'll never listen to our message of strength.'' "message of" can change. we have the message it's just the cabal, dems, msn won't tell it and just promote hate. logos of msm including fox, DNC logo, bank logos maybe too.

8a750a No.189958

File: 7cdb5509643310b⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, GRAPH filled out incl IBO….jpg)

War Room Fags requesting input on WR thread pls

pls hear theory, think about it and drop your suggestions on WR 3 thread. >>189936

Q refs 2 chain of command has been taken down (7th floor is no more) Look at his references and check the news.

MSM handlers r under /ourguys control

they r and gonna b spilling out easy 2 disprove fake stories.

imho Q is preparing us to mass red pill everyone by using a few, well chosen broad ## and use memes and texts that u can personally adapt to each new situation. So we really need to put our heads together, have a multiple day plan ready, that is both versatile as simple.

>q said: [-5][-4] he is obviously counting down.

As always. double meaning. Not only counting down to SOTU but also (i think) counting down in ##. So I suggest we prepare 3 hashes, a timeline, a lot of memes and inform everyone.

>> as to: what if they kill our ## because we let our army in on the plan: the 7th floor is no more. j_ck is in the BAG of /ourguys IMHO. Fuck the /badguys we dont care. We r unstopable.

we need to prepare. and need to get everyone on the same page. Q is telling us (IMO) to stick to what is important. this is:

waking up the sleepers

Fake news will b getting SO FAKE that it will b easy to make em open their eyes. We need side by side memes, we need a meme army that can spit them out, we need to b able to make memes oursleves at a moments notice. Everyone needs to go with the same battle plan. General fags: come to War Room, read the strategy and suggest ## and help with voting.

>suggesting ## needs 2 go with a story WHY this hash and how it fits the narrative of the task Q gave us:


100 autists know more than 5. We need the perfect hashes. this is our big moment Carper Bombing.

Everything is centered around waking up the ppl and destroying the lies.

pls suggest you hashes, with Q's objective in mind. Thank you. Will Copy on General to get more input when the general fags wake up.

PS: there will b no waiting for a vid. We have a pamplet/flyer ready that can b modified to spread the battle plan. Asking you ALL to pin it to your tw_t profiles.

eaf91c No.189960


Could it possibly have landed on aircraft carrier??

29c780 No.189962


I know I saw one, Ive been digging through a lot of things this am and cant seem to find it. Was pretty recent too damnit

1df511 No.189963


do both, if noone else picks up on it the extra bread will be deleted

049dcb No.189964


Was all that at Haiti and Africa? Did not realize Red Cross given over $2B..if all at Haiti and Africa then all went for corruption..

What a bill of goods we have been sold…I still get triggered into anger over some of this shit…and having GOOD folks think they are HELPING only to have their donations moved to pockets of CHOADS..well..it pisses me off…

Service to others over service to self…

No one above another…

7c9426 No.189966

Since POTUS in office is open occult worship going to become illegal in USA or is it already? Just moved and my neighbor is deep in it. Yard is covered with all the symbols I've seen here and they practice death garden stuff I just researched. They do yard work at strange hours in the night to put curses on people. Have an actual owl spying. Do I continue to pray or can local police do something? They are backed up to an elementary school. I'm protected by the blood of Jesus Christ but has me worried for children and neighbors as we all know they are sick people.

c3c652 No.189967


Spiritual development right there.

5edc60 No.189968

File: 89155b29ecfac5c⋯.png (55.91 KB, 1278x877, 1278:877, twat.png)


Whoa, I just noticed Twitter has now shifted to NOT SHOWING ANYTHING AT ALL on the front page, unless you are a logged in user.

So if you don't have a Twitter account, you do not see the meme campaign on Twitter? Is that the new curveball?

Interdasting.. Pic related.

ca592f No.189970


Do an in depth on teachers…male or female…despicable.

52950f No.189971

File: 1e72a5bc7f792a9⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 320x240, 4:3, MaxineWatersWealth.webm)

b65d83 No.189972


Don't think so, it was near Cesme when I lost it, ADS-B gets flaky when you stray from the coast.

Yahoo70 is at angels 38 headed towards Columbus MI on the AL/MI border.

47ea5a No.189974


Thank you, anon. The graphic is exquisite.

03080f No.189976


"Focus on Military IntelliNgence / State Secrets and why that might that be used vs any three letters agency"

We have MISS + added "N" and then a reference to three letters agencies, maybe referring specifically to NSA

16f644 No.189977


Fuck you. It would be a lot smarter to put out the info on crony socialism between Obama, Loop Capital and the Chicago "crew".

552308 No.189978


How about you fuck off our board nigger? Only a fucking leftist would announce their affiliation as a qualifier for their opinion.

0e2573 No.189980

ABC News

Verified account


34m34 minutes ago


FERRELL RETURNS TO "SNL:" Will Ferrell spoofs George W. Bush on "Saturday Night Live," pokes fun at Trump: "Donny Q. Trump came in and suddenly I'm looking pretty sweet by comparison;" Leslie Jones impersonates Condoleezza Rice http:// abcn.ws/2BAL2aC

Donny Q?

47ea5a No.189981


Dubble dubs, witnessed.

Kek is here. :)

ed8408 No.189982


Non planefag here. question. Do you ever see any aircraft listed as interesting? Most screenshots I’ve seen all say no. If yes, what does that mean?

c3c652 No.189983


A person with true Love-based spirituality will act as a mirror to them. Until then, if you are targeted, they will attack your weak points (not only them - the family per se) and you will know what holes to fill up. This can be absolutely anything that impacts you.

Hard to report to the police unless they decide to do something stupid. Which they will if they keep up with the satanic stuff.

b65d83 No.189984

File: 175822c84ba092b⋯.jpg (368.54 KB, 1673x636, 1673:636, RCH931.jpg)

RCH931 on the return trip from Ramstein.

3bd0a9 No.189985

File: 3304c10da2d698c⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 300x168, 25:14, memetwopactrump.jpg)

photoshop fags something like this but like trump and twopac are on stage together

acc68e No.189986


Lol…who told you that??? What do you think the term down low means???

2c2b0d No.189987


Q told us to #607 "read slow and carefully".

Maybe too many hours on this board is wearing on me, but something just keeps bothering me. April Lajune and a few others are promoting this ML independence business from the IRS heavy.

Call me crazy, but if under this new EO, we as individuals are "entities" under declared ML then why couldn't we make a legal argument that the international bankers have been abusing us with mortgages, interest and debt? Could then be entitled to some of these deposed funds?

Legalfags please tear this apart so I can get it out of head or help us use this EO for a Jubilee.

049dcb No.189988


Awesome..was inquiring about the call sign YAHOO from yesterday..out of HI I think and then another planeanon mentioned it was flying over the south this am…

b65d83 No.189989


Is that spreadsheet posted anywhere for us all to access?

d345ca No.189990

File: dd98f7afb5062fb⋯.png (1.06 MB, 940x500, 47:25, 224-kerry-daughter-wedding….png)

John Kerry’s Daughter Married Iranian National; Best Man Was Son Of Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.


049dcb No.189991


>Yahoo70 currently to the West of Huntsville AL. Headed SSW.

NM :-)

7abd96 No.189992


You pray for those little ones too.

ea43e2 No.189993


Well spotted.

If the missing "n" in Presidency has simply been transposed to become an extra "n" in intelligence, then maybe the message we're meant to take from this is as simple as: the President controls "this great land" through access to Military Intelligence which bypasses politically tainted/corrupted three letter agency intel.

16f644 No.189994


I agree but if part of her message is that Trump is Hitler and all of his followers are racists, the blacks and the white "we're so guilty" elitists won't take it the way we mean it.

308603 No.189996


$50 on an attempt made try to paint Eminem silence vs Jay Z response as evidence of Trumps racism.

47ea5a No.189997

So, I actually slept through the evening, but haven't noticed anyone saying it yet. Q's "Black Forest" reference may not have much to do with Germany as thought. What if it's the literal forest of black voters in the US? It must be successfully navigated in order to win in Congress and the Presidency.

0c295c No.189998

ea43e2 No.190003


Well spotted.

If the missing "n" in Presidency has simply been transposed to become an extra "n" in intelligence, then maybe the message we're meant to take from this is as simple as: the President controls "this great land" through access to Military Intelligence which bypasses politically tainted/corrupted three letter agency intel.

3ef94e No.190005


Holy shit, Anon, you just made me spit coffee out of my mouth because this Kerry Family photo is so fucking funny! Way to superimpose John Kerry's ugly horse face over the ugly horseface of Kerry's ugly daughter! For what it's worth, Kerry looked a lot better before all the plastic surgery, but he was getting too many "why the long face" jokes in the media. God, I hate these globalist traitors….

7a3f5a No.190007

Add this to bread:

I realized that the government shutdown is a way to HAMPER POTUS' power after declaring the national emergency. If the government shuts down, the military is at risk. Even POTUS said on camera he did not want to politicize the military. They are trying to hamstring him. Why else would they shut it down and fail so miserably? They are trying desperately to hamper the military which POTUS essentially seized.

0b6826 No.190008



Strings cut.

Where is EW?

89fd2f No.190009


yes this happened after memo debacle

3ef94e No.190011

P.S. Anon, since you made this awesome meme, may I make a suggestion? Kerry's wife is heir to the Heinz ketchup fortune and here she is looking like a bottle of Ketchup. All she needs is the label, if you get my drift….

7c9426 No.190012


Everyday for them our POTUS, our country and patriots.

234f1d No.190013

I bet you the farm if Trump opens up the Tupac files and finds any weird info that the public might be shocked to know he would instantly become popular worldwide to all of Tupac's fans. I have no idea if there was anything fishy about it or not , just an idea .

7a3f5a No.190019

Lets add some JAY Z memes to the mix that guy needs to be discredited

7e2911 No.190022







Canada too will have its day of freedom.

I was feeling this last night - why don't we take to the streets? We don't have a military like US, but we have people.

Like the MAGA movement, we too must fight for our own freedom fellow anons.

0b6826 No.190023

I've seen the dog narrative be used against Dems today.

It looks good.

d51683 No.190027

File: abb9d5b613327e4⋯.png (322.75 KB, 1073x631, 1073:631, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 0013d9db2e76d26⋯.png (16.8 KB, 446x91, 446:91, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 80f291b495a7955⋯.png (546.55 KB, 842x527, 842:527, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 59c52ba27f5eccc⋯.png (388 KB, 819x471, 273:157, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

File: 59c52ba27f5eccc⋯.png (388 KB, 819x471, 273:157, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


black forest

snow white and the black forest

dopey is the seventh dwarf

7th floor group maybe? (made of mostly john kerry and his sycophants)

did alwaleed give us info on the 7th floor group and the plot to eliminate potus?

there is a connection there… just haven't nailed it yet

acc68e No.190028


Good point

4e6890 No.190030

File: 70c6fcc05989065⋯.jpg (149.78 KB, 899x707, 899:707, 61a55e2944e3c89e268f22765c….jpg)

7abd96 No.190031


and the mother of the bride wore "red"???


d345ca No.190033

File: f1fb2123829d7b5⋯.png (16.75 KB, 255x200, 51:40, c0bbc69c96b6282ed73810d15c….png)

552308 No.190034


Full house


Shakur's Mom was a well known political activist iirc. Would not surprised if she (and Tupac) were CIA fags.

7e2911 No.190035

44c5c5 No.190036

File: 8d29a69729c82c4⋯.jpg (70.58 KB, 869x571, 869:571, dataprivacy.JPG)

Hmm a good day to push #InternetBillOfRights

acc68e No.190038



89fd2f No.190039


tupac was murdered because he was going to end the crips v. bloods thing and unite black people

I am not kidding

03080f No.190040


Then if you remove the N from NSA you have SA

https:// defence.pk/pdf/threads/nsa-and-saudi-arabia-leaked-documents.326462/

https:// www.aclu.org/other/nsa-intelligence-relationship-saudi-arabia

16f644 No.190041


Exactly. It's down low bc they see it coming OUT as being complete disgrace to their manhood AND to their families.

f55d41 No.190042


Done and link https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/189995.html#

f1371f No.190043


Heroin is largely made outside of the country. - mostly Asia

Cocaine also -South America

Meth is made mostly in large quantities in Latin America but a lot of it is made in backwoods rural America in abandoned houses in the woods.

Though Raid on Langley may have netted info, it was not “about drugs”.

Drug manufacturing, distribution, warehousing has NOT been dismantled.

Drugs remain available at same quantity, quality and price.

No changes.

b65d83 No.190044

File: 22465f22143f0b1⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 600x483, 200:161, Poca.jpg)

7c9426 No.190045


Ok thank you. Funny you say mirror as I'm directly across the street. I'll stay vigilant and pray.

3bd0a9 No.190046

File: 89a12b77359ec18⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 255x205, 51:41, memepochahotispuppetstring….jpg)

2a75de No.190047

File: 235aa25b24b3bd9⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 626x433, 626:433, Capture.JPG)

File: 37d5685d293b68d⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 628x361, 628:361, Capture1.JPG)

GEOTUS tweets in same min… significant?

552308 No.190048


That actually makes sense. If he was a puppet for them and he broke away, taking him out would be a given.

f1371f No.190049




234f1d No.190050



I believe both of you anons .This could be the secret weapon to win 2020 for sure in the bag if it was a dirty op.

0b6826 No.190051

3f72c7 No.190052

File: 725eebffe310ee9⋯.jpg (109.53 KB, 533x765, 533:765, clippie.jpg)


I still can see/read twat, without any account or log-in

7e2911 No.190053



e0b44d No.190055


ummm… that's what I just wondered

234f1d No.190056


Battle Stations Anons !!!! No sleep till it's over !!

acc68e No.190057


True, they didn’t want people united, they want division …

125cf1 No.190058

File: b409d714a2fb27f⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread3.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

Who's the new baker?

3e50f6 No.190059

Questions for week:

1) ETA on release of Memo?

2) Arrests?

3) [0] marker?



47ea5a No.190060


I got it. Thanx for asking.

f72a44 No.190061


until there is something to react to in the media I doubt we get anywhere pushing loop.

and i've worked loop as much as any anon and would love to get that msg out.

198974 No.190062

Jay Z about to have a heart attack

89fd2f No.190063


type just twitter[dot]com in the address bar

234f1d No.190064


Spill the beans on 2pack you WIN Biggggly !

0b6826 No.190065

What are we waiting for?

What is Trump's MO?

What happens when he strikes?

How quick?

Are the ducks in a row?

Is the surrender complete?

Are those that can surrender waving the white flag?

What message is Alweed delivering?

What were the terms of his release?


65a225 No.190066


iirc Philip's mother was Grecko-Russian of the Romanov dynasty>>189723

Their name was Battenberg, changed to Mountbatton to sound less German

b65d83 No.190067

File: aa87344869cdf40⋯.jpg (266.45 KB, 1815x707, 1815:707, SVF648.jpg)

Sweedish Air Force have re-appeared, not quite where I expected though… O_o

1e9cfa No.190068



e78915 No.190069

Be careful what you wish for.

Anons demanded 100% disclosure, not only 20<80 or 40<60.

But I think for humanity we have to not release all the shit. Pretty sure the skippy video has more frame than we see. The stuff on the Weiner Laptop is rumoured to have "broken" seasoned officers who watched it. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I fear for a loss in believe of our species. But also I fear without full knowledge our species cant evolve above this level of sickness.

They havent even touched the human trafficing / sacrifice stuff yet. But it is what started all this when you remember about Alfentis / Podesta Instagram.

I was never so afraid of tomorrow like this year.

acc68e No.190070


Yes, and there are literally tens of thousands if not millions of black gay men.hell, go to Jax beach and look around!

89fd2f No.190072


something came out in March of 2017…. someone started talking

that's when the news starts popping up

24d76f No.190073

File: a99917cc96bbee1⋯.png (104.35 KB, 621x344, 621:344, ClipboardImage.png)

d37755 No.190074


This reminds me of a 3 year old imitating daddy. "Look at me, I'm Q, I'm Q!"

234f1d No.190076


So scary Anons but imagine being one of the victims. Horrid. Sorry for the concernfagging. This keeps me awake.

7e2911 No.190077


OH FUCK THIS!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^

89fd2f No.190078


Writing in Drugs As Weapons Against Us, author John Potash claimed 2Pac was killed for

<politicising street gangs

>https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/3070924/police-killed-tupac-shakuer-2pac-claims/

125cf1 No.190079


Thanks, Patriot. God bless!

234f1d No.190080


Who did the DEED is the question . If it was dirty it can be used as a tool for MAGAboys .

acc68e No.190082


Aye aye

053bca No.190083

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Do we have high energy anons up in this joint or what?

OK so let's fucking celebrate the record low black unemployment, the coming restoration of vibrant black culture after cutting the deep state strings, peace love and joy, and a black great awakening!

Maybe a wise anon can mix POTUS from SNL with these soul brothas for a MAGAmix too.

The Trump Train has become the new Love Train, The Dems just gonna have to deal with it

c3c652 No.190084


I meant mirror as in they will attack you but your Love of God will reflect it right back at them. Because you attract what you think and feel - and Light Trumps over Darkness. Do not worry about this, relax and live your life in harmony :)

d37755 No.190086


He's pretending he's Q.

89fd2f No.190087


shug knight

sorry for spelling

an urban legend everyone in the inner cities know

b65d83 No.190089

Yahoo70 on a vector to take it over Hattiesburg and New Orleans at angels 38

Swedish Air Force headed for Tel Aviv or Amman, based on current vector at angels 43

125cf1 No.190090







[0] MARKER, anons! Man the battle stations! Get some coffee. Get comfy.

f77e17 No.190091


We are here! SOTU! Be ready.

97a0a1 No.190092

File: 7519084435f243a⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1352x1156, 338:289, Jay sucks balls.png)

f77e17 No.190093

234f1d No.190094


Right on. Well who was his master I suppose is the ultimate path to go down for use as a maga weapon in 2020

acc68e No.190095


I am, I send out memes on one iPad, while in this room on the iPad pro

9a447b No.190096


Love these!

3ef94e No.190097


Exactly, Anon. Who died at Chappaquiddick? Mary Jo Kopechne and Ted Kennedy's Presidential campaign. I want us to hone in on Owen Burke because he's skated under the radar so far, passing himself off as a hip guy in "Hollydubs" (as he says on his Twatter). The truth is his family profited mightily from the Kopechne killing coverup that Owen Burke's father orchestrated, and I don't like to see evil prospering from their evil acts…. Time for people to know who he is and why his family is considered "elite."

e0b44d No.190098

Maybe when they get done high-fiving, Q could drop us a crumb :D

8b234b No.190099


what does 0 marker imply again? the last step?

06b482 No.190100


every sunday it's a 0 right?

47ea5a No.190102


Think Silence of the Lambs grade evil, visualized. It's frightening.

a69a58 No.190103


I think Potus is asking us to 'inform Jay-Z' and all his followers of exactly this.

1df511 No.190104








markers are between q and trump post, stupid weekend anon´s

234f1d No.190105


That sent shivers down me spine seeing that collage ! Yikes ! EEVIL is in many dimensions!

4e6890 No.190106

File: 9157b2659094cde⋯.jpg (195.84 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 20180128_085713.jpg)

shiling hard

f77e17 No.190107



And the huge amount of candid posts by Q support it.

049dcb No.190108


War Room…some comments and q's…

Like the twatter idea with identifiers..certainly some here willing to dox and have…GREAT idea on vid and pamphlets! Please PDF so all may print and spread!! Like the transition to more active and it is time…

Suggest weaponized # at different "narratives.."..clearly I am not creative on #..but some thoughts on silos or narratives..


#fisakills, etc..







#chelseaswedding <← this rings like a bell..











Redpills as we all know now have to be weaponized at an audience..redpilling "grandma" far different than red pilling a "neighbor"…each must be hit on/at a narrative…

We need memes for all walks of folks and weaponized down our narrative vectors…


0b6826 No.190109

What did Alweed do in the PR video in response to the Queen's video in which she claimed they would hang (necks broken if crown worn)?

Did Alweed signal that he had been working?

Did Alweed signal that he had been "drinking" Pepsi?

Did Alweed signal that he had been eating with two trays piled up?

Did Alweed say or signal he had been talking to his family every day?

What was odd about his interview?

Is he walking away?

Did he flip on everyone?

Did he have a choice?

Watch Tony Blair.

Watch David Davis.

Watch Hammond.

Watch Cameron.

Watch Millibands.

Watch Osbourne.

Traitors deserve execution.

No remorse if they don't flip.

No jail only DEATH

"Suicides and heart attacks"

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

e0b44d No.190110



552308 No.190111


The marker is the delta between Qs posts and DJTs. Not between DJTs own tweets.

a48bf5 No.190112


Release it.


Shove it in our faces. Remember. We The People (normies) allowed this to happen by our inaction. Our Grandparents and Parents and by extension us failed to do anything when we heard about it. We hollered Conspiracy Theory and turned a blind eye/deaf ear.

Normies, we the people, all of the nation NEED to see the full extent of what evil can do when good decides to do nothing, especially when good is lazy.

Show it.

Good must be motivated to never let this happen again. Good must be shown the consequences of inaction.

125cf1 No.190114


They're both, anon. Haven't you been paying attention?

2a75de No.190116


Thx - was asking if significant.

d34375 No.190117


Q post > POTUS post.

That was just between POTUS posts.

3ef94e No.190118


Oh, P.S. in case anyone is wondering why I think we should mention Chappaquiddick it's because Joe Kennedy III is giving the response to the SOTU tomorrow night. The Kennedy bloodline is one of the most evil in our country's history.

97a0a1 No.190119



Isn't the fucking [0] Marker SUPPOSE to be between Q posting AND POTUS tweeting AT THE SAME TIME?

97a0a1 No.190121


Thank you! ———-→ >>190119

3e50f6 No.190122


Where is link to this pamphlet? Ive not seen it

6e4420 No.190123

File: f733f2e9efad6a8⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 350x260, 35:26, jack6.jpg)


nice bake

7e2911 No.190124

File: 0ac8c76eb37849f⋯.png (333.29 KB, 1195x540, 239:108, MEME TATICS.png)

c4f7ef No.190125


LOL….I was sitting back waiting to see how long we were going to let them man "battle stations!"

574c40 No.190126

File: d7e760da732ce7b⋯.png (4.79 MB, 4800x7168, 75:112, 3741a9a4d2adbb61ed96d045d6….png)

d399dc No.190127

File: fffff557ce3335d⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 602x401, 602:401, MWmeme.jpg)

f77e17 No.190128





Apologies. Skim reading last 5 breads trying to catch up and misread when I got here. Tired. Yes, Q-POTUS marker.

049dcb No.190129


ME <←- not an attorney…

EO give BROAD powers under a national emergency to do MANY things..

-arrest choads

-seize assets of choads

-declare marshall law

-broad powers with the military

Doubtful it will be used to go after US..but I guess it could be used that way…TRUST anon..you are on the right side of this…

234f1d No.190130


False Alarm. At least we all were ready ! Attention !!! Hut Hut Hut !

552308 No.190131


Maybe. But HRC likely had JFK jr suicided in the plane crash (7/10). Trump was friends with Jr. So perhaps a shift back to a Kennedy led Democratic party is intentional and planned.

97a0a1 No.190132

3ef94e No.190133


Oh geez, how cool that this Owen Burke pic was snapped at #Disney….

125cf1 No.190134

>>190124 ← Correct

47ea5a No.190135

So, the music industry is presenting their Granny awards tonight. What ridiculous BS will they tote out to distract from the SOTU on Tuesday?

049dcb No.190136

f55d41 No.190137

SOTU is the last chance I am giving Q/Trump. If not satisfied, I'm running for pres in 2020.

049dcb No.190138


Agree..DJT calling him out..lets help out..

234f1d No.190139


Trump is you're new Dad for a long time anon get used to it ha ha

053bca No.190141



These two tweets were prob dropped at the same exact time even in seconds, anyone else see em after just a few seconds on the screen?

3ef94e No.190142


Oh, yup, yup, Anon. I'm sure HRC had JFKJr whacked, and when her bid failed they're pulling out another playa from the deck of cards. That's what's so sick about these people. But in the era of the MeToo movement, I don't know how they can foist another Kennedy on the American public. Joe III has lived a pretty quiet life (no major scandals) but he's a product of the machine, and that's reason enough that Joe Kennedy III should never ascend to power.

49072c No.190143

Q, how BIG is SOTU?


4e6890 No.190146

File: 73d52cb3bfd485e⋯.jpg (85.74 KB, 1024x726, 512:363, 73d52cb3bfd485e879a2ef2a52….jpg)

File: 0a857979453e39b⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 236x305, 236:305, 0a857979453e39baf2ad0c8566….jpg)

File: 18b69baccf47e28⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x1787, 2000:1787, 18b69baccf47e2841057673c8b….jpg)

23b854 No.190147

File: 43707d6436e6bb8⋯.png (45.98 KB, 250x145, 50:29, Tupac Trump2.png)


on the fly

47ea5a No.190148


I'm seriously hoping to hear "the storm is upon us" or something similarly significant.

65a225 No.190150


Fuck up Jay-z

ed8408 No.190152


Thought the same thing. But maybe it’s when he and Q have no time between is what we should be looking for. Otherwise Q would have already said something in my opinion

f72a44 No.190153



a48bf5 No.190154


so, should the NG of your state show up during this National Emergency to your house and attempt to detain YOU, or confiscate whatever they want that they think you have.

What will you do?

I know what I'll do.

97a0a1 No.190155


Listen, Maxine….We're NOT voting for you to be POTUS! lmao

2d1552 No.190156

File: 5eec06c2655a856⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 624x352, 39:22, ARMY_NAVY_FINAL_WEB_HD_sti….jpg)


War room confirms. Will advise command.


>Harsher hashtags?

Coms from War room

/GENERAL Chatter high

Please advise chain of command. War room ops trying to figure out hashes + operation name (((Because if Q wants a chain of command, flexing "his" military might, we should act like it too)))

War room coms will be bold, Small capslocked headlines. You're eager, so are we. But we need to easily focus on targets and be able to adapt on the fly.

If "fame name fags" show up, (WAR COMMAND / WAR ORDERS) Do not filter, HOT information from war room. . We one go we ALL go. remember, if you're here, you're already in deep, get cozy, wait for orders, find [X] markers.


47ea5a No.190157



552308 No.190159


Agreed. Someone is going to have to cobble the shit mess of the Democratic party back together. I think the me too shit will burn out (like all lib shit does). A Kennedy might be the only name large enough to reunite their side after Trump's done with it.

f72a44 No.190160


or #BlackEmploymentMatters to keep it positive…

0b6826 No.190161

Love Trump's tweets.

POTUS interview with Piers Morgan tonight.


Fuck the corrupt BBC.

Good Morning Britain.

The name is Morgan. Piers Morgan.


ea43e2 No.190162


Time to dig Tony Blair Faith Foundations and Clinton tie-in.

f72a44 No.190163


yeah was already correcting myself…..you were faster anon

47ea5a No.190164



1e9cfa No.190165


Still blaming racism for all problems.

467dfd No.190166

File: 46672444d4c0baf⋯.jpeg (121.62 KB, 1962x194, 981:97, Untitled.jpeg)

a857eb No.190167

After all roads lead to HUSSEIN

Considering all we know

-deep state

- dossier

-fusion GPS


-HC foundation


-GB [Once de Septiembre]

Are we going to see the TRUTH about the foundational crime in American History?

building from a blank template?

HUSSEIN's bc .pdf????

Defending this indefensible .doc

NEVER seen in court

Submitting .pdf

Judges laying down to accept…..

NEVER been debunked


97a0a1 No.190168

>>190146 ———→>>190092

4e6890 No.190169

File: cdb5f0f01004a00⋯.jpg (177.61 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 20180128_090730.jpg)

234f1d No.190170


He looks soft and dumb. He has no chance against Big Daddy Trump !

47ea5a No.190171


Nahhh, I dropped an 'o' while posting. Duh.

49072c No.190172


Agree. Arrests would be best. Same time speech given. Imagine the millions around the world that would tune in. Red-pilled immediately.

fb7fdd No.190173


Why would they attempt to arrest a nobody for no reason?

They would hand down a curfew and make sure it is enforced.

d361bb No.190175


Steve Bannon? As Mooch said, go back to trying to suck your own cock.

f55d41 No.190176


I'm a USMC combat vet (03-07), I served under Mattis. Still loyal to the Constitution and the principles of natural rights and liberties. I'm no Maxine…

049dcb No.190177


You are still in the 40% brother..we will get all that…what we won't get would sound like crazy sauce right now…and would threaten ideas on humanity and religion..origins, our true nature..etc..those need to be GENTLY intro'ed..

b73c1b No.190178



Notable post, possibly Q

Sauce? None, except these question deal with subject matter that Q is likely dealing with.

053bca No.190180


The Dem Party should really be seized as a criminal enterprise and shut down in toto, so they'll need a new brand too.

d34375 No.190181


Instead of saying that, why not highlight the fact that divided America is weaker and it’s advantageous for “them” to keep certain groups down.

f55d41 No.190182

Yall want a war target list? Best place to start:

https:// arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf

a48bf5 No.190183


We won't ever know the 'why'

National Emergencies open scads of EO and statutory powers to the president and his agents to do anything they want. Not a one of the fellas standing at your door is going to tell you why.

0b6826 No.190184



Tony Blair cottaging mens toilet memes.

He should probably not get out of the van in an Iraq village where he caused the death of children.

Maybe it is for the best.

e0b44d No.190185

97a0a1 No.190189


>I served under Mattis. Still loyal to the Constitution

And you're giving Q/POTUS a time limit of the SOTU speech? Hmmm MAYBE they know more than you or I fucking do and will expose these evil fucks when THEY ARE READY and think it's best?

d34375 No.190190


Y’all going to need to stop with the dad stuff.

049dcb No.190191


Yahoo70 to GITMO?

Swedes are shifty…

49072c No.190192

Q, the BIG SHOW Tuesday?

POTUS is a great showman.

Public to awaken [mass-start]. .?

47ea5a No.190193

CBS Sunday Morning is showing a full-color hologram of Maria Callas coming out for a tour. Technology from Filmon.tv Holograms owned by Alki David. They're slowly exposing us to their tricks, so we'll understand.

4e0fc0 No.190196


Lynne, Obama is going to be the only nigger in the wood pile that slipped through the cracks. Only Muricans can become President from today on… please an hero on livestream

0b6826 No.190197


Not Q.

freedomanon, UK division of Q army

7e2911 No.190198

914640 No.190199

File: 99c949262335112⋯.jpeg (52.61 KB, 810x455, 162:91, DC2ECFF7-3BB9-445A-99ED-5….jpeg)


fb7fdd No.190200


Naaa, let Trump crash their house of cards completely, and he'll rebuild it as well.

f507f6 No.190203

File: 4f0af0d418c4743⋯.png (73.84 KB, 1354x620, 677:310, after#MEMO.png)

File: e2a5ef7e5f7c458⋯.png (110.65 KB, 959x614, 959:614, before#MEMO.png)


I've seen them doing tests the other day. This is what they seem to be up to: (screencaps from before/after changes, url: twitter.com/search?f=tweets&f=realtime&q=%22trump%22)

Basically they want to take most search functions out of sight.

b65d83 No.190204

File: 3d51fee953ae00f⋯.jpg (277.78 KB, 1871x653, 1871:653, svf648_2.jpg)

File: 20475998b3a07b2⋯.jpg (329.15 KB, 1695x635, 339:127, yahoo70.jpg)

Guys, I need to go out. Here's the latest position on Yahoo70 and the Swedes, can someone watch for where the Swedes land please?

552308 No.190205


Ideally yes. But it might be more dangerous to allow it to fall apart unguided. Bernie is a pretty harmless commie, but imagine if a more charismatic commie took the reigns amidst the chaos. Think Corbyn. There will be a reaction to our rise. Kennedys are a known quantity and are probably sympathetic to purging the deep state

4e0fc0 No.190206


Pretty obvious (((they))) control the drug trade w help from UN soldiers

2c2b0d No.190207


I answer to a much higher power than Q, always try to be on the right side. So 1st trust in Adonai. All others by discernment or actions.

Something just seems deeper than the obvious I have seen on the theories batter.

2a75de No.190208

>>190196 It always was supposed to be only Americans

f55d41 No.190209


To be honest at the risk of angering yall, I'm not satisfied that Trump/Q aren't zionist controlled yet, and I have suspicions they are either being played in a limited hangout way or just don't grasp the real big picture.

SOTU 2018 is the marker I set for Trump a long time ago, if he doesn't drop any of these big truths MARK MY WORDS WE ARE BEING PLAYED!

I'd love to be wrong.

0b6826 No.190210


The UN and NGOs traffick everything.

6e4420 No.190211

File: ffcb5bc6785b9a3⋯.jpg (553.08 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 470gfh43jwa01.jpg)


comes in a vape now

991ba9 No.190212

File: 1baf264bd634a30⋯.png (775.6 KB, 715x750, 143:150, bush.png)


I like your post anon. I'm going to take this on, as I feel a government that jails it's people for the crimes it freely commits:


>Who makes Heroin?

Afghanistan, some production in Mexico

>What makes Meth?

Ephedrine, Mostly from China. Mexican Organized Crime took over a lot of production. Although Obama and his CIA nigger’s setup an impressive Meth cartel in the middle east.

>Who controls the distribution of Cocaine?

This one is a bit cloudy, But it’s the Mexican Cartels with their CIA Nigger controllers mainly.

>Who really controlled the distribution?

CIA Niggers, and their enforcers the DEA lapdogs

>Where is ALL the money?

*think* Loop Capitol. Offshore, CIA Shadow Government Accounts. This is why the Deep State thinks it can continue on even if TRUMP cuts funding.

>Where are all the drug warehouses?

Some in Afghanistan, alleged to have been blown up by TRUMP (Yay POTUS). Presumably in the US managed by Organized Crime and protected by CIA niggers

>What has happened to the supply chain?

Cut off, Heroin production eliminated at order of POTUS. Crackdown at the border. I think POTUS is Ordering the CIA out of the drug business the same way he is working to dismantle Obamas Mockingbird ops. I don’t know I’m not on the street but it’ll turn to domestic production, but most importantly it’ll implode the MS-13 large criminal networks who will no longer have this income.

f72a44 No.190213



049dcb No.190214


Taleed does not walk free without his nuts in our vice…just sayin'

1b1deb No.190215

File: 1063aeee756149a⋯.png (36.67 KB, 561x281, 561:281, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 6….png)

File: cc2cfedb7f9341e⋯.png (77.36 KB, 527x572, 527:572, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 5….png)

File: 4d3ad411e143b4d⋯.png (43.3 KB, 546x430, 273:215, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 5….png)

File: 387a8af13cf72ff⋯.png (27.8 KB, 532x279, 532:279, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 5….png)

File: 4a6a771deb83f43⋯.png (45.54 KB, 529x375, 529:375, Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 5….png)




good work anon

Missing [i] iridium CONFIRMED

Missing "n" (nuke?)

Missing "d" (Democrats or states that should have gone Democrat in the election?)

Missing Markers - I think there is more in the past (from the Q approved map)

Remember- when Q replies to an anon- Q may have made the post- so that he could reply to it.

This platform is a direct "chan"nel for Fox because any communication with them directly would likely be intercepted- as a bonus we do the research (crumbs) then Fox hosts can leverage our work.

This was all planned for three years

2 years prior to GEOTUS

Think about that



d41d57 No.190216

File: f40ebc2a10e4817⋯.png (92.82 KB, 1367x203, 1367:203, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

I got you..

80ea3c No.190217



>#fisakills, etc..







>#chelseaswedding <← this rings like a bell..











Trust Eurotwt with hashes.

(Q)uick, enemy can't be able to know.

Twtr can't prepare.

Trust Eurotwt with hashes, like I trust, faith.

When we can do:

OP LaserBlast,

you can have any hash you want,

however many you want [x].

on what ever time you plan/need.

49072c No.190218

Jan 28 2018 03:41:44



ID: 5997a0




How does he clear customs?

How does he end up in Russia?


Who was the 1st agency he worked for?

Who taught him the game?

Who assigned him w/ foreign ops?

Why is this relevant?

Future unlocks past.

Watch the news.

Spider web.

Stop taking the sleeping pill.


What is Anons consensus on this post?

ES arrested soon? Russia assist? Other?

7a3f5a No.190219


D’s can’t lose control over the black population.

At some point the great awakening will occur whereby these false local / national black leaders are corrupt and paid off to help keep the black pop poor and in need.

D’s formed the confederate states against freeing slaves.

D’s formed the KKK.

HRC’s mentor is who?

What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? Do D’s lose majority of the vote?

Through the looking glass.

They rely on the MSM to keep the narrative going but tech is entrenching on their controls. They missed this in 2016 and desperately attempting to censor now due to CIA cash infusions. This will fail.

0465b6 No.190220

File: 815dcff68cfe89d⋯.jpg (281.18 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, Shape_2_1_for_Twitter.jpg)


>Thank the anon who posted them in bread #225 made these.

Breads #225 and #226 are full of relevant Dem/Rep memes Q wants us pushing. So worth a lookback to harvest if you haven't already.

(go to catalog, and select General #225/#226 if you have trouble navigating the chans)

Pic related is Twitterformat 2:1, use said template for maximum coverage (no cropping)

b73c1b No.190221

File: 80ee1f80fd1cd83⋯.png (467.87 KB, 762x978, 127:163, ClipboardImage.png)


Part of the story: distribution channels.

http:// breaking911.com/deputy-sheriff-3-cohorts-arrested-drug-trafficking-scheme/

A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff who allegedly agreed on two occasions to oversee the delivery of narcotics and other contraband in exchange for cash payments was arrested this morning, along with three other men, on federal narcotics charges.

Special agents with the Federal Bureau Investigation this morning arrested Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Collins and the other three after they arrived in Pasadena, allegedly to provide “security” for the transport of nearly 45 pounds of cocaine and more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine. During the FBI’s undercover investigation, Collins allegedly agreed that he and his team would accompany the narcotics and take calculated steps to prevent legitimate law enforcement from intercepting the drugs – in exchange for cash payments as high as $250,000.

Collins and two other men were charged in a federal criminal complaint filed last week. Collins and these two co-defendants allegedly provided security in November for the transport of what they thought was six kilograms of methamphetamine, as well as marijuana and counterfeit cigarettes.

In justifying the high fees for his services, Collins allegedly told an undercover FBI agent “we’re cops” and “all of our transports make it through.”

Those named in the complaint are: …

* * *

Anon comment: There's a lot of cleaning needed of Law Enforcement.

23b854 No.190222

from the article below

"1. Notice the timing of this out-of-the-blue offer by President Trump. Caught the left by surprise, while Schumer and company were still licking their wounds. Classic negotiation tactic, save your opponent before they slit their own throat and they will thank you."

http:// politopinion.com/2018/01/president-trump-boxed-left-beautifully/

557ba5 No.190224


Yeah, agreed. Been here since the beginning. Been trying to redpill my partner since the beginning. No interest. NONE. Wants to watch every Hollywood movie, gets pissed if I bring up any ideas of torture or anything.

Is incapable of coping I think.

If I can’t redpill my own partner…I think 4-6% is far too low. My Facebook feed is filled with people I know can’t cope. And I want full disclosure in my own mind, but…I really do. My partner know thinks I am a total nut job. Will that end? Or should I quit…

eaf91c No.190225


And use the name he was charged under Charles Lynton Blair

7a3f5a No.190226

The state secrets privilege is an evidentiary rule created by United States legal precedent. Application of the privilege results in exclusion of evidence from a legal case based solely on affidavits submitted by the government stating that court proceedings might disclose sensitive information which might endanger national security.[1][2][3][4][5][6] United States v. Reynolds,[7] which involved military secrets, was the first case that saw formal recognition of the privilege.

acc68e No.190227

EM is at it again….

Elon Musk, the man who fails to recognize public transportation as critical infrastructure for the impoverished, who idolizes the aesthetic of the 1950s, whose government-funded space company is named after a “space sex” joke, who frequently warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence, who failed to immediately recuse himself from a Presidential council despite acknowledging the discriminatory travel ban introduced by the President, whose automotive company has faced numerous labor lawsuits and reportedly actively attempts to threaten and dissuade its employees from unionization, has decided to market real, flame-shooting $500 flamethrowers to 20,000 buyers from a tunneling company he started in an effort to bypass public infrastructure by drilling new tunnels for new roads without full prior government approval.

https:/ /jalopnik.com/billionaire-elon-musk-is-arming-20-000-of-his-followers-1822489084

ee8ca8 No.190228

Re: Trisha Beth Anderson/Charles Newman

Parents- work at Del Monte Foods

- Cygnus Corporation

- Robus Leather Corporation (piqued my interest, use leather for floor materials)

Not sure where we are at with this so here it is fwiw

fb7fdd No.190229


If your that fucking scared of ML, then go dig a hole to hide in, but stop the scare tactics.

It gains you nothing here.

049dcb No.190230


Believe me, some truths we are not ready for yet…would sound like crazy sauce…way beyond anything we discuss here…some of you already know +++ and all that involves…

d33cda No.190231


Dumping stuff that "breaks seasoned officers" on the internet just to see what happens is probably not a great idea. Not to mention, some of the material is illegal to begin with, so it makes no sense to publicize video of pedo rape, torture, ritual killings, and so on…

But we still NEED full disclosure!

A more sensible way to do it, is to take over the media, set up a Truth Disclosure station, and explain what happened to the people in great detail, giving people the truth in words without holding anything back, but only providing heavily redacted photo and video evidence.

Then the unredacted evidence can be made available just in the interest of proving the claims made are for real. But not as a download on a web site! I think you could set up physical locations where people who need to see it for themselves to believe it can go to watch it, under supervision by trained assistants. They can't bring anything with them though, and will be body searched for cameras and microphones when they enter. The idea is not to spread the rotten shit around, just to PROVE the claims being made in the Truth Disclosure.

That way, those who are sceptical can convince themselves. And once they do, they will tell everyone they know about the horrors they saw, convincing others who were on the fence as to if this is for real or not too. Very few people need to see it with their own eyes for it to be accepted as truth by everyone.

That's just an outline of how you might do it, the idea is just to show that FULL DISCLOSURE can be made responsibly.

7abd96 No.190232


It wasn't HRC. The back story reads like a spy novel of revenge. I did a meme on it…have not released it…way to deep.

80ea3c No.190233


apologies, i hope i put this in correct room.

excuse me.

f90e03 No.190234

What about operation Magic Christian?

b73c1b No.190235

My typo. Am responding to >>189653


f1371f No.190236



Ben Carson is somewhat of a savant.

A quiet autist…doesn’t “resonate” with black community.

We are all on this board for a reason.

Most of us don’t have the social skills to be figureheads.

Frankly, neither does he.

049dcb No.190237


Read the war room post..they are in the process of making it and will have it available…

234f1d No.190238


I thought Potus was in control of twitter now??

1b1deb No.190239


Iridium a communication satellite(s)

but also a weapon?

Missing [i] may have been used on NK?

b73c1b No.190240


^ ^ ^ ^


Notable post, probably is Q.

a69a58 No.190241

File: ad274b220783245⋯.png (663.74 KB, 1401x788, 1401:788, Jayz.png)

f55d41 No.190242


Slightly misinfo

WW NatSec hold (pasport revoke) happened midair.

ES destination was never intended to be Russia. Clowns caused it by midair revoke.

I don't buy the ES limited hangout narrative, BUT, I think Clowns controlled all the outlets he gave data to and made it so.

ES is on our side imho… has deep knowledge due to Clown training, could be valuable assett.

I could be wrong.

c4f7ef No.190243

Just going to throw this out there while we are in a bit of a lull. I've been in the military for 17yrs, I never did chat rooms or twatter or FB before this. I've grown to like you guys over the past few months though. This is just like interacting with all the different personalities within a military unit. My other MILFAGS will concur with this. Every unit or flight or platoon has the same characters. We have the "know it alls", "the worry warts", "the negative nancy", "the funny guy", "the it's all about me guy" and "the glass always full guy". When this is all over and we no longer have a reason to come here, I really hope we have some kind of patch or emblem we can wear. Then when I pass another anon on the street, I can just nod and know that we fought a battle together. I've done 7 OIF and OEF deployments and spent 3 1/2 years of my life fighting for people that ultimately wanted to destroy us. I never imagined the most important fight I would take part in would be from behind a computer screen. Someone please make an ANON patch that only we would recognize. It's a pleasure to serve with you patriots.

1e9cfa No.190244


Didn't get when we were putting it together and still really dont. NotGoodWithNumberFag

81364f No.190245

File: 47f188637998b69⋯.png (40.44 KB, 464x237, 464:237, Q.625.github.png)

Observations on JPB (*1)

– He frequently racked up the frequent flier miles, many times on a moment's notice.

– Outside of royalties from obscure GD songs that he boasted (*2) of co-writing, he had no visible or admitted current source of income to support his lifestyle.

– He did boast (*2) about his Fellowship at Harvard, but never any specifics.

– His personal past-time (in his own words, paraphrased) was "collecting as many young people as humanly possible" (*3) It appeared he was successful in his hobby, as new faces always appeared.

– He was a staunch defender of nuclear power. In fact, the most passion observed from him was during his argument in support of nuclear fission (along w/ corresponding uranium mining) as "green energy".

– YMMV but, when digested with attached crumb, one could infer from sum total of interactions that he did seem more than a bit "spooky" in the Bozo sense of the word.

Hope this helps Anon. As always, take FWIW.


*1 Gathered from multiple personal interactions in "meatspace" over a brief but significant, somewhat recent time frame.

*2 For B, braggadocio was frequently served, but always with a side of subtlety.

*3 In this case, no evidence to suggest phrase should be construed as anything deeper than surface level.

6741f6 No.190246


leave your partner

d41d57 No.190247

File: 0ff7d702fce49ca⋯.png (287 KB, 1603x551, 1603:551, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

May be going in at Amman.

ee8ca8 No.190248


Much appreciated. I like your idea anon. God Bless.

c3c652 No.190250


Remember Kennedy. This is not easy to drop.

So far the amount of redpills we have been provided is good, and there is more to come. Some have a good idea of what is to come. Nothing you haven't heard before, but in a way that you haven't heard yet. If we are not yet ready for high dosage, how can the public be ready for medium dosage. Do not abandon your ambitions though. Do what is RIGHT. You will know in time who is positive who is negative. The Truth never stays hidden.

d41d57 No.190251


Same boat here, anon. I cannot wait for validation.

552308 No.190252


I would like to read it. The way I see it, HRC benefitted without a doubt. Ill admit though, I have not dug much beyond, "yup he needed to die so that she could take his place."

3ef94e No.190253


Dump your partner. Life's too short to spend time with people who don't open their minds. . .

97a0a1 No.190254


>they are either being played in a limited hangout way or just don't grasp the real big picture.

It always amazes me that fucking Anons THINK they know more then the mfing Commander In Chief/Q Team/Generals combined! IF this was your arrogant "thought process" while serving our country, I'm glad you no longer are! I was married to a Vet for 25 fucking years! POTUS HAS BARELY BEEN IN OFFICE ONE YEAR and you expect him to undo decades of the fucking NWO cabal's evil plans ….muh faster, sooner, quicker! smh /end

4e0fc0 No.190255


Gotta feed this shit slowly m8. Tell him to quit acting like a fucking twink and face the facts

f507f6 No.190256


I wish he were. Doesn't look good at all.

49072c No.190257


Carson is a genius and autist. Too bad that does not resonate with the majority of the black pop. at this juncture.

7a3f5a No.190258

File: be3aa1c2f343288⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 720x340, 36:17, 23i0zd.jpg)


take some advice from our resident pinnacle of all virtue

049dcb No.190259


This is seriously high autism…nice analysis and great work…have NO IDEA how to verify but plausible. Would center of web=keystone be center of corruption with next ring being close associates, etc? Can you explain the 42 nodes in better depth and how they would relate to the keystone?

b0b094 No.190260

File: b376056b03e3587⋯.jpg (293.15 KB, 876x876, 1:1, 1517127521518_20180127_001….jpg)


What about this?

552308 No.190261


I think we are pulling two important threads together here anons. The zionist problem, and how DJT is or is not handling it, and the re-emergence into the public eye of the Kennedys.

4e0fc0 No.190262


Yes I understand, but that shifty little nigger slipped through the cracks #neveragain

f55d41 No.190263


I disagree. While POTUS does get PDB's and NIE's I don't, while he was doing business I spent the last 10 fucking years of my free time devouring the information to reach my conclusions. I did not get here cheaply or easily, so don't assume you know me.

742812 No.190264


LOL Trust me, it's already over. She took the blue pill. Just stop until it comes out to the pleebs.

060125 No.190266


They're still with you. What does that say? Some just want to wait for it to show on the news, then they'll treat you like a hero genius.

234f1d No.190267



c4f7ef No.190268


need that in a bumper sticker to be put on at a later date.

e210b3 No.190269


Plus, he gets his talking points from (((those))) much smarter than he. (((They))) want to control the narrative. Jay-Z is too stupid to see though (((their))) ruse.

71365e No.190270


Problem is that validation to us will seem to be lies to them. And "their" media will be force-feeding them a counter-narrative that they will be more comfortable swallowing. Btw, I speak from experience… my wife.

77454c No.190271

File: 3cf2025ed12f71c⋯.jpeg (37.94 KB, 777x582, 259:194, covfefe 3.jpeg)

Good Morning Anon!

Covfefe is on!! Give me time to catch up from the last few hours and I'll get back to digging

Any particular topic we are working on ?

3ef94e No.190272


Remember Kennedy, indeed. Anon, if you have any additional info please enlighten us. The clock's ticking. We don't need cryptic messages about "what is to come," with all due respect. If you know stuff, please tell us now.

acc68e No.190273


Freaking brilliant!!!

fb7fdd No.190274


I'm sure there will be time AFTER we WIN this battle for all that.

I highly doubt we'll all just poof and be gone after our victory.

We'll be coming back and high-fiving and all that good stuff, at that time we could design something along those lines, only problem with this idea is, we are anonymous, who's mailing address is going to be used to ship patches to? KEK!

97a0a1 No.190275


I love this idea!


49072c No.190276


Thanks, Anon. Still not sure about ES given Q's incomplete and contradicting posts for him. But I am sure that is also to throw others off also until the right time.

Still trying to figure out the ES angle…Thoughts about smartphone screen Q post with ES in it? Wasnt on here when it got posted so did not see the discussion.

cbf47e No.190278

File: d998c4ad3243b4a⋯.jpg (46.3 KB, 600x483, 200:161, EWarren1.jpg)

File: a6daa4a2567ce0d⋯.jpg (48.4 KB, 600x483, 200:161, EWarren2.jpg)

File: ccb880f1c756243⋯.jpg (97.18 KB, 600x483, 200:161, EWarren3.jpg)

d41d57 No.190279


I'm quite certain we are known to them.

40dba2 No.190280

Kanye West says Jay Z has hitmen: “Please don’t send them at my head”

7b69bb No.190281


Fentanyl seized at the southern border to cut with heroin.

Supplies drying up?

e0b44d No.190282


go back to reddit

c3c652 No.190283


Kennedy because he was a man of virtue, one of the last true Presidents, one that gave his life for the Truth, one whose job we will complete. Can others match his greatness?

234f1d No.190284


Got to love the good guys and the bad guys. Without one there is not the other. We all play our part in the ebb and flow of the cosmos.

9dff86 No.190285



I too was sleeping and pop culture obsessed. Start with celebrity "rumors" and "scandals" and go into the darker shit from there.

Id start with all the Britney and Paris scandals from back in the day. Amanda bynes etc. Roll that into child exploitation of kid celebs. Take that into Illuminati.

Go from there.

I got Q in my captcha so this is legit.

80ea3c No.190286


hope not sno_den

7a3f5a No.190287

The secret service is CORRUPT.

But that's why the MARINES have stepped in to protect POTUS.

0465b6 No.190288

File: 576b54150ccef46⋯.png (12.07 KB, 310x163, 310:163, MEMEHATimagesDAR8LPEJ.png)

File: 51619f6ed799c7a⋯.png (195.26 KB, 635x437, 635:437, 1ab1cc81242fbd30020bfbf460….png)

File: c43dba4a8109051⋯.jpg (158.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Meme War Vet Patch.jpg)


I like the cap a lot. And also would like to thank you for your service and dedication fellow patriot. o7

49072c No.190289


Not trying to doxx you, and be careful, but what is your MOS?

574c40 No.190290


same here!

I ve been redppilling her for over a year now.. finally seeing some results. it is a VERY slow proces for some apparently

d8c266 No.190291

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=CokPEQVqMbA

Jay Z and that clown Vance Jones: watch right at the beginning.

They give each other the triangle symbol.

Vance Jones initiates it, Jay Z tried to hide it.

Am I correct?

990404 No.190292

We need to get tough real quick! Stop worrying about offending the liberal snowflakes. On TV I just saw Pelsoi demanding acting from democrats and black Americans because "Trump whats to make America white again!"

They are fighting with knifes and guns and we are worrying about saying something that may not be politically correct. Wake up people and fight back like we are at WAR!!!!!!!!!

047033 No.190294


"the shot heard round the world" was the trigger for the american revolution after the british fired on crowds of civilian colonists.

If GEOTUS ends up like JFK you'll see history repeat itself.

The shot heard round the world #2

The people will NOT go back into globalist slavery.

d34375 No.190295


The piece people are missing in all this is the human element. Regardless of the motivations behind it, those unaware of it are still getting the psychological damage. Perception is reality. Everyone needs to keep that in mind when handling these conversations and memes.

7b69bb No.190296


Zod at the end of Superman II

049dcb No.190297


Nice and TY..good idea on name/famefags as they are helping spread..good use of "greed" to focus on OUR ends :-)

No one above another!


Where we go one we go all!

Will stay FLEXIBLE and READY!

7a3f5a No.190298

Anybody catch this?

A graduate of Princeton University, Mueller served as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, receiving the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" for heroism and the Purple Heart Medal.

Mueller was a MARINE.

Could he be in on this whole thing?

97a0a1 No.190299


>I did not get here cheaply or easily

And neither did POTUS!

e9902b No.190300

Stocks in Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's investment firm surged 10 percent on Sunday, the day after the billionaire investor was released from nearly three months in detention in connection with an anti-corruption campaign.

abcnews.go.com/ International/wireStory/freed-saudi-princes-kingdom-holding-firm-climbs-10-52661487

d41d57 No.190302

File: 4f4a24ddb450249⋯.png (363.23 KB, 1606x862, 803:431, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

Swedes just dropped off the scope @ FL107 approaching Amman, Jordan.

ea43e2 No.190303



Hec! Didn't know that.

Now combine with Clinton connection and meme!

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-religion-blair-foundation/backed-by-clinton-blair-launches-faith-foundation-idUSN3030921720080530

060125 No.190304


>Start with celebrity "rumors" and "scandals" and go into the darker shit from there.

Can confirm that this works. Celeb craziness is the best thing to fall back to when you face resistance.

552308 No.190306


If the Kennedys take back the Dem party, and are america first, it is a pincer attack on the zionists. Neither side would then be sympathetic to the zionists, and they simply wither from lack of support on either side.

That's some Sun Tzu shit right there.

049dcb No.190307

Diamond and Silk killing JayZ on F&F..a BUNCH of meme worthy shit spewing forth…

c74c2b No.190308


Philip was the subject of a bio special recently. He is fairly sharp, just has a bad habit of saying what he is thinking (Trump?).

I think P=Philip makes more sense than the wacky Pope in the Vatican now.

Philip connects the Rothschild and the UK Dynasty. No one would turn down an audience with him.

b0b094 No.190309


This breaks opsec but it might be very surprising to see just how many military we have in here.


3e50f6 No.190310



Same boat. Spouse is complete pacifist. But don't leave ur partner…..love before politics, in this for sickness health! Spouse just needs to be slowly deprogrammed to get healthy.

234f1d No.190311


Yes , remember the recent photo of Trump with his white hat on in the Oval office with Marine flags around him .

1e33d8 No.190312

I see where this is going …

re. Joseph Kennedy III

Kennedy & His Wife Were Classmates in Elizabeth Warren’s Harvard Class

“Joe tells me there are five couples from that class, and I take credit for all of them,” Warren told WPRI in 2013. Warren said that Kennedy was a good student.

Kennedy also told the Boston Herald in July that he would have considered running for Senate if Warren was Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President. That didn’t happen, so Kennedy just has to focus on keeping his seat in the House.

c4f7ef No.190314


Yes and in here just like in the real MIL, we all bullshit around for a bit when the action isn't popin' but when the shit hits the fan, we are all business, go to work and fuck shit up!

e210b3 No.190315


You are correct, but it's Van Jones, not Vance. Van Jones is a communist and one of Obama's czars.

4041d4 No.190316


>If GEOTUS ends up like JFK you'll see history repeat itself

i will refuse to let them take over again.

I will try to come here and gather a team. let's how many of you have the balls to get on the streets.

but let's just hope Q and POTUS take us across the finish line themselves.

552308 No.190317


O3-E USN retired

fb7fdd No.190319


You should have gone back and read some of the earlier posts.

We already knew Mueller's history, that is one of the reasons people are confused as to weather or not he is /ourguy/ or not.

b0b094 No.190320


So was WE DO NOT SAY HIS NAME though.

049dcb No.190321


Damn skippy idea!! D-O-N-U-T!

991ba9 No.190322


I wouldn't know. Probably is, TRUMP is like that

Allegedly told Reagan his investigation into POWs kept uncovering evidence of CIA involvement in Drug smuggling.

Reagan just played along, TRUMP will not IMO

When TRUMP has all the invariably makes the right decisions.

77454c No.190324


Thank you Anon! Thank you for your service. I cannot speak of service, only service as one who grew up in the military, which in and of itself it service (in a way).

It was a privilege to walk along side you ALL

A patch would be most excellent

47ea5a No.190325

Dough for new loaf has proofed, and risen.

Getting some egg wash and sesame seeds for it.

1e9cfa No.190326


USN vet E5

3570e9 No.190327


…..and you know he will say “why didn’t Obama do this”

1bdc5d No.190328

EM1SS '80's

97a0a1 No.190329

>>190298 Welcome to the party, Anon!

>Oct. 31, 2017 Why did Mueller meet POTUS >1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller >COULD NOT be offered director due to prev >term limits rule? Q

1ca66a No.190330



50c657 No.190331


some here are not who they seem. dumb ass trolls. if you are waking good for you. use it to help others. only what you see as truth. we hate lies here… we don't need them.

acc68e No.190332


Runit through the group anonymous, they have a site that you can buy things from. Ask them kindly if they would put the patch on their site…like in a special place… there are a few here from that group… I KNOW they are here….

557ba5 No.190333


So frustrating, eh? And hard to decompress from here. I wouldn’t leave… there are littles. I just wish he wasn’t so lost.

991ba9 No.190334




Sorry typing sux missed connector, Ross Perot told Regan about CIA & Drugs

c4f7ef No.190335

552308 No.190336


Was a boomer fag. M-Div

049dcb No.190338


That image in NOT a good one and applies to the control we have been under…just sayin'

d8c266 No.190339


Thanks for the correction. They're all clowns.

The interview becomes unwatchable about about 40 seconds. These people just look so disgusting to me now.

047033 No.190340


Exactly. It's a worst case scenario but one that we need to be prepared for.

Godspeed, Q and the team.

acc68e No.190341


Btw, thanks for your service, navy veteran/crypto/CMAA here

3ef94e No.190342


Thank you for your service to our country, MilAnon, and thanks for this insight. I worry about being identifiable as having ever contributed to the research here, for the sake of our safety. Last night, after dark, I stepped outside to take out some trash, and I was stunned to see a mail truck parked at the end of my driveway with the engine running. We don't get mail delivery; we've rented a Post Office Box for years. So it seemed weird to have a mail truck running, and – BAM – the mail carrier had some junk mail in his hand. He said he wanted to confirm that we lived here and handed over the junk mail. It was absolute crap. I took the mail from his hand but I would have been ready to defend myself, if necessary, because we're all legally licensed to carry in my family. Who expects a junk mail delivery after dark on a Saturday?

I've often wondered how Patriots get suicided, how they let their guard down. This scenario seems like a possibility. It was alarming, but we are ready.

So why tell that story? I don't think I would ever wear an emblem that indicates to the world that I was ever a part of the research here. I was scared last night with a weapon on my side. Out in public I would be a lot more vulnerable, and I'm sure the bad guys are gonna carry this grudge against us forever, so let's be careful.

587097 No.190343





ab4fa9 No.190344


Before I get called a vile name, hear me out.

Some of the most conscious people are on this board are pouring their heart into this revolution to reclaim our country that truly have sacrificed much to bring light to the truth, so to you, I say THANK YOU.

Per Luke Bryan, "Most People Are Good". Check out video, it really hits home.

We are not just fighting for our country, WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR CHILDREN, see video, you'll know what I mean. This is why Trump ran, this will be his crowning achievement. He knew the dirty laundry water had to go.

He ran on MAGA, draining the swamp.

How could he do that, he couldn't just fire everyone, that would make him a dictator, he stands for the constitution, that is his hammer, his sword. THE WRITTEN WORD! OUR LAWS: MEMORIALIZED by what: A PEN.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The written word impacts each of us daily, they are called laws.

We know what the problem is: corruption.

We know what the solution is: remove corrupt officials.

How: the pen.

Who: POTUS and you.

Form: POTUS exercising Executive power

Form: You, exercising your Constitutional Right to remove officials through Constitution of States, hannity started a petition, sign it.

Why: signatures make the difference and affect change.

When: NOW.

Another method, memes, another anon stated not to use race, I agree. This is no longer about parties, it's about corruption.

Example: MW, use good pic, millionaire style

Side by side

Salary vs worth

MW one of 13 children of single mother, MW has worked for government her who life, how does she live millionaire lifestyle. When didn't she have time to acquire that wealth on government wages. Second husband was NFL player in 60's, he is no Terry Bradshaw, he was ambassador to Bahamas under Obama.

Another fact, to qualify for a home you must make at least 1/3 the worth of the home.

So she has to make $1m a year, really on $177,000 a year, NUMBERS DONT LIE.

Maybe she was good with Investments, only way was with insider trading. Or she has a successful business, so she put her interests before her constituents.

To get elected in 2016, she spends $5.76 per vote and pay her staff peanuts. Did constituents get their money's worth. 2012, $15.25 per vote.

Do the same with Pelosi.

Thank you bakers, in reviewing breads, I saw a few of my posts as noteable mentioned, thank you again, I'm on the right track.

I just want time to hurry up this week because it's gonna be the BIGGEST.

FYI the federalist papers are used in legal cases because they were the argument to ratify the constitution.

Bill of rights 4,10,20

Fed Papers 4,10,20

DJT. 4,10,20

No coincidences

Planed 3 years

0465b6 No.190345


And worldwide too. Not just US soil.


d41d57 No.190346


Very frustrating. Whenever I try to redpill her, I get shut down immediately.

9dff86 No.190347

Also to go back to JFK jr

HRC 100% had him killed

Her and bill knew they would leave the WH relatively poor by DC standards. She got some anonymous wealthy donor to allow her to live in their upstate NY home so she could establish residency for a Senate run once they left the wh.

Jr was the favored Dem candidate/had been talking about running prior to his death. They were still in the WH and knew if he ran he'd win.

Easy pickings

7a3f5a No.190348

Eric Schmidt sits on the board of the Mayo Clinic. Was just reading old crumbs and Q talked about that.

1bdc5d No.190349


Nobody does it like nukes.

7a3f5a No.190350

Why do D’s want to control the black pop?

Why do they intentionally keep poor and in need?

Why do D’s project racism on a daily basis against R’s?

Why do black elected officials do the crazy talk on behalf of D’s?

How do D’s cover the historical facts of forming the confederacy, KKK, and oppose all things pro black re: legislation?

What happens if D’s lose the slave grip on the black pop?

Why do D’s, through the funding of the CIA, prop up and install Hollywood/media assets?

Does this fall within Operation Mockingbird?

What were the historical advantages D’s gained by having MSM and famous people peddling narrative?

Who exposed the pedo network within H wood?

You can’t answer the above but will laugh once disclose details.

The network which controls this false narrative which in turns keeps the black pop under control is being dismantled.

False local and national black leaders will be exposed next as shills for the D party.

Follow the money.

Maxine W has a $4mm home and cash assets in excess of $6mm.

How is that possible? One example.

All of these questions help to paint the full picture.

049dcb No.190351


THAT Jay-Z a tool…

89fd2f No.190352


doood she was like 10

89fd2f No.190353


sorry missed the jr


7a3f5a No.190354

File: 4264d9867b3250b⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 23i16x.jpg)

552308 No.190355


I found Q late October on half Chan and nuked the shit out of his first drops. Actually helped out quite a bit.

3ef94e No.190356


OMG, Anons, all these Warren memes are fantastic! Exactly what I envisioned when I stumbled across this photo of Pocahontas. Thank you.

557ba5 No.190357


Interesting. Just told him about this last night. He showed some interest. Thanks anon.

2c89e0 No.190359


Richest Ten Members Net Worth 2014 Net Worth 2017 Change

Darrell Issa (R-CA) "254,650,000" "436,500,015" "181,850,015"

Jared Polis (D-CO) "90,100,000" "387,864,231" "297,764,231"

John K Delaney (D-MD) "91,680,000" "214,902,588" "123,222,588"

Michael McCaul (R-TX) "107,610,000" "160,340,931" "52,730,931"

Dave Trott (R-MI) "73,520,000" "113,844,576" "40,324,576"

Vernon Buchanan (R-FL) "49,860,000" "106,912,071" "57,052,071"

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) "29,350,000" "101,273,023" "71,923,023"

Diane Black (R-TN) "45,950,000" "77,755,592" "31,805,592"

Suzan DelBene (D-WA) "31,020,000" "74,302,052" "43,282,052"

Scott Peters (D-CA) "40,190,000" "72,913,546" "32,723,546"

Data 2014 http:// media.cq.com/50Richest/

Data 2017 http:// www.legbranch.com/theblog/2017/9/29/how-wealthy-are-our-representatives

f1371f No.190360


>does my typing mean anything?

>Why do I keep asking nebulous questions?

>Why do these letters get grouped together?

>What is the reason for a question mark?

If you have something to say, say it.

c3c652 No.190361


Many things are on this board and were on the other boards already. You already know what is important for now. But above all - do not fear.

These are the end times. There is no going back to "normal". There is no "normal" anymore - ONLY THE FUTURE WE CREATE - FROM THE INSIDE -> OUT.

552308 No.190362


Also, we run shit.

a3b637 No.190363

Ready for No. 78

acc68e No.190364


Total KEK!

f55d41 No.190365


E5 0311/8152 03-07

b04690 No.190366


What does the black caucus earn?

234f1d No.190367



060125 No.190369


I'll also add that something that makes things a lot easier is that almost everybody with an IQ over 100 is familiar with the Jimmy Savile case, and Jeffrey Epstein is safe too. Both have been covered by the fake news, so they can "verify" as much as they like on those.

acc68e No.190370

File: 7269efbfbde961e⋯.jpeg (147.17 KB, 802x824, 401:412, FBA619CC-19AE-4FAF-990A-9….jpeg)


Looks a lot like NOB cintlantflt logo from when I was in..

e9902b No.190371

File: ce8dbd2e9dd39c8⋯.jpg (13.39 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 3bf6feabca7226d9a14b25e5ed….jpg)

3ef94e No.190372


Okay, Anon, I trust you. God knows this board's been on target every step of the way. The most important thing is that PRESIDENT TRUMP KNOWS IT ALL. He knows and has known for decades. I will have continue to have faith in DJT and God above.

198974 No.190373

did you know that during the SOTU address

that one member of congress is stored in a safe location in case the SOTU gets attacked and all attending dies?

49072c No.190374







Oh, you would be surprised…Can't doxx myself today but you will find out once the battlefield is somewhat cleared.


7a3f5a No.190375

The democrats are going as low as possible to race and gender war. They are putting forward their LAST stand.

65a225 No.190376

File: 227221095d3ec94⋯.jpg (261.74 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, mwaters.jpg)

9a6d7f No.190377

It really might be a good idea to dig deep on MWs $. Her husband is a former NFL player. Having several million dollars wont seem so unrealistic to most.

e9902b No.190378

File: fb0af78438d35ac⋯.jpg (13.68 KB, 190x255, 38:51, 5de8a52e40c491a0a517966d35….jpg)

991ba9 No.190380



We've all gone crazy a little lately. Two Cars at the end of my Driveway man running getting into n they sped off

Had to sweep car for GPS tracker. Nothing there, turned drove the hood where one car parked. Turned out they were just switching cars in an exchange at my house.

Still Q Said Be aware of your surroundings. Even though Honestly I think any of us getting targeted is VERY LOW

Deep state is on defense, focused on the chess game and we are not even pawns.

Still stay aware, be safe anons

1bdc5d No.190381


Nukes=autists of old

f55d41 No.190382

Will add to batter?

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/189995.html#189995

8deb66 No.190385


We are in the middle of a minefield that took centuries to lay… and you are shouting "RUN!!".

Good way to get yourself shot.

cbf47e No.190387






With no regard for who is correct, I remind you, (((they))) want us divided. Such debate doesn't help anyone and has no upside.

If somebody talks like a clown, ignore them like they clown they probably are. : )

77454c No.190389


A Brilliant take on By, with and through strategy

d33cda No.190390


We all have a divine purpose. Yours is to care deeply about right and wrong, that's why you're here. Others have other purposes.

I have redpilled my wife thoroughly over the years, and she's fully on board with what's going down in the world. But she doesn't CARE the way I do! It's just not her purpose in life to do so, she is completely occupied with more mundane things.

But this doesn't mean she can't be supportive in other ways! To be frank, I wouldn't have survived this journey down the rabbit hole without having her as my life support system, and she wouldn't have been able to be there for me if she was as engaged in digging for TRUTH as I am.

Perhaps your partner is also serving a valuable purpose in your life, even though he or she isn't able to take in all of your information?

I advise you to be grateful for what your partner can give you, and respect his or her boundaries for how much truth he or she is capable of absorbing right now. As long as he or she isn't one of the 4-6%-ers they'll be sufficiently enlightened once this goes mainstream anyway.

89fd2f No.190393


stay in formation anon!

81364f No.190394

File: b59188e37a863b3⋯.jpg (232.85 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, CLOWN Car USA.jpg)

>>190245 ICYMI, BOD, "Freedom of the Press" Foundation

John Perry Barlow

John Cusack

Daniel Ellsberg

Glenn Greenwald

Micah Lee

Laura Poitras

Rainey Reitman

Edward Snowden

Trevor Timm

freedom.press /about/board/

The Gang's all here?

7b69bb No.190395


Filter or move on anon.

7abd96 No.190396


You don't know the back story and who has been giving out the orders here in the US. It's not HRC. She and BC "take their orders from this person/family.

d37755 No.190397

When do people imitate Q?

Why is this relevant?

Folly of youth?

Favorite horror movies.


Cake & Ice Cream.

49072c No.190399




234f1d No.190400


You guys are awesome. USMil on the right side of the board is the real peacemakers and hearts from me feelzguud guy no homo !!

b0b094 No.190401









Well gentlemen, we find ourselves in the most interesting of company.

8a750a No.190403

>>190059 Reading up, 1 sec

c4f7ef No.190404


I hear you and I meant to wear something like that at a much later date. As for "them" knowing who I am. I'm sure they already do, but I have JC in my heart and a .40 by my side. I don't live in fear and refuse to. I will fight fight fight but if He decides to take me home to be with Him then so be it. This battle has already been won if you believe in the word of God.

4e658c No.190405


He was also about to reveal his father's killer/s via his magazine he named 'George'

0c76ff No.190406

File: 1403d2d70855f2e⋯.png (486.35 KB, 750x562, 375:281, photostudio_1517150044866.png)

89fd2f No.190407

File: c6bf89718a37d08⋯.jpg (353.34 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, Woman_Carrying_Faggot_Munk….jpg)

f1371f No.190409


And this is where CDAN stuff comes in.

It’s disgusting. I can hardly watch anything on TV…even old movies.

f55d41 No.190411


See my bread for backstory

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/189995.html#189995

HRC only in place because of Bill, Bill only in place because of his time in Oxford as Rhodes scholar. Rhodes Scholarship key in big picture of round table infiltration/subversion. She is small front potato.

049dcb No.190412



Would have agreed on Mueller having a white hat until 2 weeks ago..now not sure..where the (fuck) are the sealed indictments coming from? Originally thought Mueller like speculated here..BUT..

-could he issues indictments under a 'secret' grand jury? indictments ONLY come from grand juries..

-more likely indictments under a secret special counsel or military…with secret grand juries

-indictments and their issuance key to muellers hat color..clearly..but looking doubtful what is out there came from Mueller…

6f18ca No.190413


I have let it go. Partner, friends, family – they give me that look that 'yeah right' and just ignore me. I have given up waiting for validation. I have enough validation from Q, POTUS, God. My heart sinks when I look at the state of most normies who are in denial.

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’ ” — Matthew 23:37-39

But then I remember these words.

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me." — John 14:1

I work hard every day to try and let go of the need for validation. My ego, my self, is not more important than winning this war. We owe this to the next generations. We don't need the glory, we're anons. We owe it to this beautiful planet which we've inherited which is our home. So I go about my day doing my job knowing that what matters is the fight, is the truth, however it comes out and whoever it reaches. Victory is ours, we will never lose again, remember? It's not a question of if, just of when.

So cheer up anons, great is your reward in heaven.

1df511 No.190414

File: 0f4108b93c6ac0d⋯.png (164.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

587097 No.190415

File: 0a394d7c8444e11⋯.jpg (42.13 KB, 656x436, 164:109, EastPissedMemo.JPG)



556e56 No.190417


>Watch Tony Blair

>Watch David Davis.

>Watch Hammond.

>Watch Cameron.

>Watch Millibands.

>Watch Osborne.

So if they play ball we will never know what's being hushed up? We'll never know who are the real badguys?

047033 No.190418

Baker on board?

552308 No.190420


Screen capped that. Love it brothers. All enemies, foreign and domestic.

990404 No.190421


6 Year US Army Vet here. Glad to see my brothers and sisters in arms!!!

7a3f5a No.190423


we love our patriot VETS

d8c266 No.190424

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=1riO-f6yRtQ

The fuck is gowdy doing here? Saying the memo should be redacted? Fuck him.

47ea5a No.190425


Hot and ready, and almost out.

88c023 No.190429

Good morning Trey Gowdy

3e50f6 No.190430


Yes. Do we know who that one non-attendee will be this week?

49072c No.190431


Yes. We do.

557ba5 No.190432


Thanks, good reminder for everyone Anon.

a61842 No.190433



USMC E-5/ 0621. I served 08-12, I remember watching the chain of command board go from Bush to Obama in Parris Island .

65a225 No.190434


Be safe, but remember… They are on life support. They are now scrambling to save their own asses. Life has always been about survival of the fittest, not the greediest ;)

047033 No.190436

Gowdy has been pissing me off lately. I hope he knows what he's doing, but I fear he's just a rare GOP patriot and not /ourguy


81364f No.190437

>>190243 Excellent observation. Concur.

acc68e No.190438


When duty calls… the men AND women return for battle…

b2fd8c No.190439

File: 5fd79467ea355ab⋯.jpeg (82.3 KB, 1077x461, 1077:461, 1517150575.jpeg)

991ba9 No.190440


I think its kind of all these Super Seal Spec Ops guys:

They be like: if TRUMP goes down we'll kill all you fuckers.

They have been in positions to stop the Evil Cabal Pedo people for the past 20+ years what did they do when they knew then.

*exactly* I hope they would but it seems a lot like whistling in the darkness to me.

7a3f5a No.190441













without the true patriots in our military we would have been done for.

e95dfb No.190443


USMC 0302 here

acc68e No.190444





7abd96 No.190445


yes. And why did he name it "George". To the public is was a play off of 'George Washington". But that is not the real reason he named the mag that. Like I stated earlier..it reads like a 'spy novel of "revenge"'.

049dcb No.190446








>This breaks opsec but it might be very surprising to see just how many military we have in here.

Very cool! Thank you!

b73c1b No.190447


I can graph it. Standby…….

>Richest Ten Members Net Worth 2014 Net Worth 2017 Change

552308 No.190448


You should be suspicious

Before Benghazi hearings Gowdy is worth 165k

After he is worth 4.5 million.

fb7fdd No.190449

File: 766c82e38f4f578⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 551x550, 551:550, 1st-recon-a.jpg)

Good morning anons!

Coffee in hand and ready to scan the skies.

2d71af No.190450


thought I saw an anon mentioned that MSN gets its information through established googlegroups

2d1552 No.190451

File: 99dc36edad8eb88⋯.jpg (383.12 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, download.jpg)



General war Room comms test, Please ignore




Hijackable hashes as of %%DATE-OR-TIME%%



PLEASE BE ADVISED: NARRATIVE CHANGE EXPECTED, CONTINUE BOMBARDMENT UNTILL NEW ORDERS. Only use hashes mentioned by WAR COMM Posters, this is to concentrate fire and focus our red pills onto the biggest audiences.

Where one goes, We all go

(((We are all eager to fight, so let us fight together. Stay on target. And godspeed)))


>Confirm Optics. Confirm Message. Please be advised. Test message. /end

7e2911 No.190452


CAF - Communications

3ce2d0 No.190453

Hey anons, I just found this. A great way to explain Q.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffxo1u0CYbo

3e7ee1 No.190454


These people are sick


91f1fb No.190457


You gentlemen are the backbone of our nation- the pleasure is ours. I have several very close friend that are Marines, and I thank them daily.

acc68e No.190459

I think all the sealed indictments are coming from sessions and company

d37755 No.190461


49072c No.190462


Too bad for you, PI brother.

Much before you but still the same.

7a3f5a No.190465

File: 4264d9867b3250b⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 23i16x.jpg)

File: be3aa1c2f343288⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 720x340, 36:17, 23i0zd.jpg)

File: 8f207ecd79d21d5⋯.jpg (106.78 KB, 838x500, 419:250, 23i0r6.jpg)

File: 8671f3c6e7f05bc⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 294x171, 98:57, 23h5sf.jpg)

File: e9306ebcd616333⋯.jpg (79.5 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 23h5e0.jpg)


maxine waters

discredit jay z

47ea5a No.190466




New Bread




0513fa No.190467


Wonder if he'll have to assemble his own coffin??

01d3e9 No.190468

File: d473f6437874f0e⋯.jpg (726.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1280_harvey_weinstein_jay_….jpg)

File: 253e087ea24a188⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 617x435, 617:435, jay-z-harvey-weinstein.jpg)

File: a466a4aed068fb5⋯.png (700.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Jay-Z-Hillary-Clinton.png)

Birds of a feather..

f1371f No.190469


Right alongside all those social retards from the GT class….

This place reminds me so much of 4th period “enrichment” in high school.

They made us take asfab during that class. 4 sections…scored 100%, 100%, 99%…and 12% in the hand to eye/speed replication section..haha.

587097 No.190470

File: cfa0268e714389d⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 653x405, 653:405, CaddyShackMemoHot.JPG)

One for the board

d37755 No.190471


What has to be done to get rid of Gay-Z?

49072c No.190473



PI or SD?

47ea5a No.190474

Approximately 20 posts left here.

Fill it up, anons, THEN migrate.

5314e3 No.190475

Concerning the:


Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP


Please add: "#MaxMouth"

7a3f5a No.190476


I guess Jay-Z is in the illumanti

e210b3 No.190477

Patriots make the dough rise.

7abd96 No.190478


all men/women in my family have served…I salute you all and say thank you.

ff4293 No.190479


some of us still have our doubts about TG

e95dfb No.190480


Neither. OCS Quantico

8a750a No.190481


#releasethememo (has 2 stay till release IMO)

#fisakills, etc..







#chelseaswedding <← this rings like a bell..











All the others, ==great by itself, but we need it broader. pls anons, EXPAND YOUR THINKING, help out!!==

What I understood from Q drops is that we need to kill the mockingbird in a bi-partisan way.

so we need sortof broad hashtags to disguize our meme s in (true/false as Q said).

Help think of 3 PERFECT hashes, broad and short. that can apply to almost all out memes. THink lies or fakenews or NotTrue or whatever… i m grasping here… it's on the tip of my tongiue… help me out!!

come 2 the WR for pow wow

THANKS FOR INPUT!! glad to have someone thinking

bfbb41 No.190483


Puppetmaster…pulling the strings.

e210b3 No.190484

Fill this bread, anons.

e9902b No.190485


The guy wears purple ties almost every day

e95dfb No.190488


Then TBS

6f18ca No.190489

File: 9b29b27358a343d⋯.png (543.93 KB, 823x445, 823:445, couldyousleep.png)

acc68e No.190491


Something most are forgetting…. as a congressperson… they get their congressional pay, then a check for EACH committee they are on as well…then a pay check for each special committee they also do, they also keep their war chest ( political donations ) and a budget $ check each year….

81364f No.190492

>>190354 Concur with the direction. Suggestion to focus target towards those still on the plantation.

For many of them, language like that ain't nuthin to get red over, dig?

ff4293 No.190493


sauce for that?

we tried finding his net worth a month or so ago and it was inconclusive, at best.

7a3f5a No.190494

File: 45aba67337032b1⋯.jpg (136.71 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23i2p6.jpg)

0465b6 No.190495

File: 69918657f2cbefd⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 505x500, 101:100, 69918657f2cbefdab1b15f8580….jpg)

All the milfams/veterans reading this, you know who you are. God bless all of you!

587097 No.190496

File: ac3157612d68d20⋯.jpg (135.67 KB, 820x613, 820:613, CaddyMemoNextWeek.jpg)

535216 No.190497


I had downloaded it from the State Dept site shortly after the election when the first rumblings of Soros groups receiving USAID funds came out- it should still be there

604a3f No.194961



If we work together for the Greater GOOD>>190030

e7bc73 No.195608

Deleted posts?

Bread need filling???!!!

Are father

Who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom co e

Thy will be done

As earth as ?? Is in heaven

Give us this day

Our daily baker (bread)

Help me out here guys?

e7bc73 No.195637


don't quite know the prayer.

Prey pray difference. ??????

Come on guise, I love u all and we need to be harmonious. We need to work together, respect each other and be at one…

Peace out and respect. X

e7bc73 No.195641

Filling the bread back up

e7bc73 No.195645


e7bc73 No.195649

Which number is the meaning of life

e7bc73 No.195651

A respectful anon advised

e7bc73 No.195657


e7bc73 No.195668

So 42 is the number, get 43 to draw energy from 42

e7bc73 No.195686

Good bye, God bless - and I love all u bitches (sorry) peace out. Respect to AI anon.

When this is done, we need to hook up.

Someone said maralago.

Fuk sale, I would love to partway with all u bitches. Peace out, respect.

End of thread

Bread done?

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