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Is It Wet Yet?

File: 3d09c84b0058d6a⋯.png (592.34 KB,915x538,915:538,23335.png)

31d815 No.313195

What’s Happening? Global Elite & CEO’s Scrambling For Cover & Dying! Something Bad Underway!


MY COMMENT: What's happening? What happened before the Titanic sunk? The first class were informed to flee the sinking ship, while the second class was informed later, all fighting one another over the remaining life boats… and third class (the working poor class amid the ship) found out too late and all died!!!! THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW. These are all rich wealthy rats fleeing the sinking ship!! There are some skirmishes leading to some assassinations too, of-course. This is a major economic crisis after all, and the world heading towards war. Only I'll say this: THIS TIME YOU IDIOTS WERE WARNED, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. You were warned for YEARS and if you haven't prepared for this by now you probably never will and you too will go down like the third class on the sinking Titanic. Good luck all.

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