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File: f353e927113f77f⋯.png (504.26 KB,961x693,961:693,325555.png)

e6d666 No.312981

Surprise, Surprise. Neo-con RINOs Are Now Campaigning For Democrats

Liz Cheney spoke at the New Orleans Book Festival at Tulane University last weekend.

It was another opportunity for Liz to slam and smear her former party. Liz Cheney left Congress after suffering the worst defeat by a sitting lawmaker in US history in her Wyoming primary. Not even Democrats could bail out the old Trump-hater.

In her most memorable speech to date, Cheney compared herself to Abe Lincoln after getting trounced by 28 points.

Last weekend, Liz was back on her soapbox. This time Liz took on the entire Republican Party. Her new line is how dangerous Republicans have become since Trump arrived on the scene. She wants all Republicans to lose.

Liz Cheney: “I believe that we’re in a situation where the future of the democracy depends upon making sure the Republicans are not in the majority in the House and in the Senate in 2025."

Liz has just confirmed what all real conservatives have been saying for years. Establishment "Republicans" (or Republicans In Name Only aka RINOs) are just closet-Democrats. They are not real conservatives. They do not believe in free market capitalism or support consumer choice. They do not believe we have Constitutional rights as citizens. They want a massive insolvent bloated corrupt government running everyone's lives as well the faux "economy" and most of all, they love endless wars and foreign intervention.

Meanwhile real conservatives wish to have limited government, less taxation, a secure border, peace and trade between nations, consumer choice in a free market system, to be able to defend themselves and families if need be and to be able to live their lives in peace, without fearing prolonged societal breakdown that is currently being imposed by horrible policy makers.


Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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