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By: Andrea Widburg

You’ve probably never heard of Neville Roy Singham or his wife, Jodie Evans, nor are you aware of the company that made them rich. However, they are affecting your life and your world in profound ways. They are rich Marxists (which is an oxymoron only if you ignore that powerful Marxists always amass millions and billions) who live in China and finance anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda. I’ve been meaning to write about them for almost a week now and, with Sunday being a slow news day, I’ve finally got the space and the time.

A report from Francesca Block at The Free Press explains that most of the pro-Palestinian protests that have not-spontaneously popped up across America since October 7 have funding from a single source: Singham and Evans. It is they who, beginning in 2017, started donating to a Manhattan-based entity called The People’s Forum, which, in turn, is the moving force behind the protests. In just five years, Singham and Evans poured over $20 million in the organization which bills itself as a “movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities to build unity across historic lines of division at home and abroad.”

Where in the heck did Singham, whom I’m sure you’ve never heard of before this, get that kind of money? Consulting, believe it or not: “Singham’s wealth stems from Thoughtworks, a software consulting company that he launched in 1993 in Chicago and sold in August 2017 to private equity firm Apax Partners for $785 million.” If you go to the Thoughtworks’ home page, this jargony statement explains what Apax Partners got for the money:

We’re a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses. Ongoing digital disruption is challenging enterprises to keep pace with the accelerating rate of technological change. This is where Thoughtworks can help. We’ve been at the forefront of technology innovation for 30 years.

Apparently, there’s lots of cash flowing in the advice business.

But Singham and Evans aren’t just your ordinary rich leftists. These two are such committed Marxists that they’ve dedicated their lives to advancing the interests of…drum roll, please… China!


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