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By: M.D. Kittle

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy proposed a plan on Wednesday to halve the size of the federal administrative state in his first year in office — should he be elected.

Naysayers say it can’t be done.

Ramaswamy argues law and precedent are on his side.

‘One of the Most Aggressive Presidential Campaign Proposals’

During his speech, this week at the America First Policy Institute, the Ohio biotech entrepreneur detailed his plan for shutting down several government agencies and issuing mass layoffs in the federal bureaucracy

As The Star News Network first reported on Tuesday, Ramaswamy, in a new white paper, lays out his sweeping federal bureaucracy reorganization plan that takes a big bite out of an “unconstitutional, fourth branch of government that is choking American democracy, and it is called the administrative state.”

The plan calls for shutting down what Ramaswamy said he believes to be a corrupt-to-its-core Federal Bureau of Investigation, an indoctrinating Department of Education, an archaic Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and a constitutionally abusive Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, among others.

Ramaswamy said his plan would in the first year cut 50 percent of the administrative state workforce, which would amount to approximately 1 million jobs from the 2.2 million civil service employees. His ultimate plan is to reduce the federal civil service payroll by 75 percent.

Timothy Cama of E&E News, from German-owned Politico, called Ramaswamy’s plan “one of the most aggressive presidential campaign proposals to downsize federal government” in a crowded field of Republican presidential candidates insisting they’re all about limited government.

Ramaswamy’s plan, Cama writes, “relies on a novel interpretation of existing federal laws that usually protect civil servants from being removed without cause and reserve reorganizations of the executive branch for lawmakers.”


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