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By: Hugh Fitzgerald

On September 6, the French government ban on the abaya in public schools went into effect. And that very day, a Muslim girl in Clermont-Ferrand showed up at her school wearing an abaya. She managed to enter the school that day, but was soon sent home. On the next day, she again appeared in an abaya, and this time was sent home before she could even enter the school. Later that day, her enraged father telephoned the school, speaking first to a guard and then to an educational advisor, making threats of “decapitation of death” against the principal of the school. The principal is now under 24-hour police guard. And the father has been arrested. More on this latest installment of Muslim threats of mayhem and murder in French schools can be found here: “Father arrested over death threats after French school sends daughter home for wearing banned abaya,” by Henry Samuel, Telegraph, September 8, 2023:

Dozens of Muslim pupils across the country were stopped from attending lessons after they turned up wearing the full-body tunic [the abaya].

The father [in Clermont-Ferrand] has been arrested for allegedly making death threats to its headmaster.

Her father [of the girl turned away from the school on September 7] then telephoned the school and spoke first to a guard and then to an educational advisor. He is accused of having issued death threats targeting the school principal in both conversations. French Education Minister Gabriel Attal called the threats “intolerable and unspeakable.”

The principal was now under police protection, he said. The president of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez, added that the school staff had received threats “of death and decapitation.” The authorities had to show “firmness and determination” in the face of such threats….

The father, who has not been named, was detained for questioning in Clermont-Ferrand, central France, on suspicion of “threats with a view to intimidating a person tasked with a public service mission,” said local prosecutor Dominique Puechmaille.

The father’s threats to the principal were not subtle: “decapitation and death.” And since those threats were first made, the very same threats have been made by Muslims to other members of the school’s staff. Can the French state provide police protection for all of them? French authorities are justifiably alarmed, thinking of the fate of middle-school teacher Samuel Paty, decapitated with a cleaver by a Muslim from Chechnya for showing his pupils a caricature of Muhammad in a class on freedom of speech.

“The prosecutor said the man would receive a “direct summons” and be placed under “judicial control.”

Mr Macron said the dress was being used by Islamists to challenge the French system and its exclusion of religion from state activities.

The wearing of the abaya in institutions of the state, such as public schools—private schools are not affected — is being deliberately encouraged by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, apparently located in Turkey, who want to challenge the French principle of laicité. They have not succeeded; Macron’s government has remained firm in its determination to enforce the ban. And only 300 Muslim girls in public schools — out of more than a half-million nationwide — chose to wear the abaya the first day of school. And by Friday, the third day of school, there had been no further reports of girls having to be sent home because they came to school wearing abayas.


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