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By: Derek Hunter

One of life’s pleasures is watching liberalism destroy itself. Maybe that’s mean, but honestly, after all the damage the left has done to the country, I find it increasingly difficult to give a damn when one of the monsters they’ve unleashed on the country returns to destroy their castle. I rather enjoy it, actually.

In this case, I’m talking about the illegal alien invasion happening at our southern border. Far too many “conservative news” outlets refuse to call it that, opting instead to roll with the words the left have bastardized – calling illegals “migrants.” They aren’t migrants – migrants migrate, meaning they come and go, for whatever reason (food, seasons, work, etc.). These illegal aliens aren’t going anywhere, at least voluntarily, ever. They need to be forcibly removed – deported – and Joe Biden is not the man who’s going to do that. He’s the one who started this idiotic, destructive game of red rover with the world through Mexico, he simply does not care about the devastation in his wake – he’ll be long-dead by the time the real price is known, unless he’s replaced by someone who actually cares about Americans.

There isn’t a Democrat in the country who can be described as someone who cares about Americans more than illegal aliens. Not one.

That’s what makes it all the more sweeter now that we’re seeing liberal cities and states suffer the economic pain they happily supported being forced on conservative areas along the border.

Remember when these people insisted illegals were the economic engine driving the country? That’s been the standard left-wing lie, er, line for a decade. They were better than horrible Americans, worked harder, contributed more to society (even though, thanks to language barriers and illiteracy even in their native tongues, they weren’t able to participate in it), and committed fewer crimes than we awful Americans.

That’s now been exposed for the lie it is, as Democrat after Democrat whine and complain about the costs associated with a relatively small number of illegals compared to what their “progressive” open borders policies force border towns to endure on a weekly basis.

If illegals were so wonderful, New York City, Chicago, etc., wouldn’t be whining about the strain on their social services, they’d be counting the increased tax revenue and begging for more to be sent to their areas.

But everything Democrats have said about illegal aliens has been a lie. They aren’t an economic plus, they’re a disaster. To the extent they pay taxes (and don’t work under the table), it amounts to a drop in the bucket compared to cost of social programs they Hoover up like Hunter Biden in a room full of cocaine-covered hookers. Their kids cost a fortune to educate because they know no English and can’t even read in their own language. American children suffer, but no Democrat gives a damn.

Now New York is pleading for mercy. After a year of illegals flooding the city, still amounting to a fraction of their population and about half of what Texas experiences monthly, they’re going broke. That boost the economy hasn’t materialized, just a bunch of working age men not working, but drinking themselves into a stupor in the city’s expensive hotels while wasting food the city buys for them. The only growth industries surrounding these illegals are prostitution and drugs.


Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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