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6bc8ac No.305137

By: John Solomon


A half-dozen members of Congress are demanding answers from the Biden Homeland Security Department about why it is ending genetic testing at the border that has been key to detecting fraudulent immigration and child sex trafficking.

The letter Thursday night led by House Oversight subcommittee chairman Glen Grothman, R-Wis.,was prompted by the publication this week of an internal Customers Border Protection memo by Just the News that revealed it was ending DNA familial testing at the =end of May.

>>‘Since 2019, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have performed familial DNA testing on some family units to ensure the safety and security of minors and prevent them from being exploited by adults,” the lawmakers wrote acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller. “This testing has led DHS to detect numerous attempts of familial fraud at the southern border.

>>“Given the numerous identified cases and reports of exploitation of children in fraudulent family units, it is alarming that CBP will cease DNA testing for family units, which is an important tool to identify and prevent human trafficking and exploitation,” the lawmakers added.


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