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By: Caroline Kimeu


Families of detained Tunisian opposition politicians filed a case at the African court on human and peoples’ rights in Arusha, Tanzania, on Wednesday, accusing Tunisia of unlawfully arresting and detaining the leaders.

>>“On the evidence we are seeing so far, there is no proper basis for the charges,” said Rodney Dixon, a British lawyer handling the case. “They weren’t arrested lawfully with proper warrants, and the allegations haven’t been substantiated.”

The families are also asking the court for urgent interim measures, including the immediate release of the detainees, or the protection of their rights, including medical access, while in jail.

The case comes on the back of a wave of government crackdowns on critics and opposition figures, which have intensified since February amid fears that Tunisia may slide back into the authoritarian rule it endured for decades.

Tunisian president, Kais Saied, was democratically elected in 2019 but orchestrated a grab for further power in July 2021, suspending parliament, establishing judicial control and introducing constitutional reforms. The government also shut down the offices of the country’s largest opposition political party, Ennahda.

Rights groups have warned of a “rights regression” since the power grab, and say it has had a chilling effect on media and judicial freedoms. “We have serious concerns about getting justice in Tunisia,” said Yusra Ghannouchi, daughter of Rached Ghannouchi, one of the detained leaders.


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