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By: Gabe Lehman


The Catholic Diocese of Oakland, which oversees 82 parishes in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, is considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to resolve about 330 sexual abuse lawsuits, according to a Thursday letter. Church leaders believe filing for bankruptcy protection will help pay out what is sure to be a mountain of legal costs, but survivors see it as the Catholic church avoiding responsibility.

The lawsuits come after a 2018 change in California law that opened a window from 2020 to 2022 for sexual abuse victims to proceed with legal cases, no matter when the abuse took place. The Oakland Diocese website claims that all but three of the cases occurred before 2003.

>>“After much prayer and thoughtful advice, I believe bankruptcy can provide a way to support all survivors in their journey toward healing in an equitable and comprehensive way. It will also allow the diocese to reorganize our financial affairs so we may continue to fulfill the sacred mission entrusted to us by Christ and the Church,” wrote Bishop Michael C. Barber in the letter.

Dan McNevin, who alleges that a priest within the Oakland Diocese sexually abused him as a child, does not believe Barber and the church have the survivors’ best interests at heart.

>>In McNevin’s words, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops adheres to a well-worn policy: “Don’t tell anyone, keep it hidden, refer to lawyers, fight every lawsuit to the very end and if we’re going to get exposed, declare bankruptcy so we can hide the secrets.”


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