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File: 560c3e63edc796a⋯.jpg (50.61 KB,1052x615,1052:615,pic.jpg)

5d67ad No.301846

By: Sarah Arnold


Former Vice President Mike Pence reacted to the news that former President Trump may be indicted over claims he paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet over their alleged affair.

While speaking on SiriusXM s Breitbart News Saturday, Pence said he was "taken aback" by his former boss's possible arrest, noting that the American people are more worried about issues caused by the Biden Administration, such as the ongoing border crisis and record-high inflation.

>>"Well, like many Americans, I'm just, I'm taken aback," Pence said. "You have literally a Democratic party that's literally dismantled the criminal justice system in that city, undercut the NYPD, and this is what the Manhattan DA says is their top priority? It reeks of the kind of political prosecution that we endured back in the days of the Russia hoax and the whole impeachment over a phone call."

Pence continued to compare the news about Trump to the Russian hoax and the impeachment nonsense to his potential arrest, all to rid the U.S. of Trump since they know he can expose their radical agenda.


Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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