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File: 190027c6f28444c⋯.png (66.23 KB,225x225,1:1,earth.png)


Official Announce The Digital Cyber Company “Ascension Joy Group”

I The Savior Legend, The Founder is now official announce the new digital cyber company call as “Ascension Joy Group”.

The official website at www . ascensionjoy . com.

The “Ascension Joy Group” will unlike any other company that already exist in all countries at the moment but will have it own unique rules set my me (The Savior Legend) the founder.

This new company will serve and have 2 purposes: help people become millionaires and help people increase their health with natural methods, extend their longevity.

Shares Structure Of “Ascension Joy Group”:

There will be total 1,000,000 (1 million) of shares in total. And this number will never ever increased but stay that forever until the company disband (when me the founder no longer have interested in).

Each shareholders will receive either money or asset after certain period of 1 years or 2 years or 3 years….to 10 years after their purchase/obtain.

1 shares will equal 1 million USD/Euro at the time shareholders exchange.

After the next 10 years (maximum), all shareholders will able to redeem their shares for real money.

If I the founder won’t able to give you money with the rates of 1 shares = 1 million USD/Euro like the promise, then I will give you the much more valuable the asset: the secret of human body, how to cure any diseases in natural way, how to become younger, increase longevity for many years (which you can easily sell it for many millions if you need money).

How to obtain the shares of company “Ascension Joy Group”?

You can only able to receive it via invitation sent by only me the founder (The Savior Legend).

If you want to know how to obtain the shares, you better contact the founder directly.

Can the shares being buy/sell/trade?

No, under any circumstances.

All the shareholders information will be known to only the founder.

How the new digital company “Ascension Joy Group” able to make money?

Via educating books, courses and many new unique projects.

If you want to looking for some “prove” then you should read the 6 books that already published by me and the 2 great new project not yet implemented.

Then you will able to have your judgment of whether I able can keep my promise or not.

This company will never register in any jurisdiction, will never go public, only stay private.

The founder will have the official voice and decision of what direction the company will go.

Other shareholders can able to give their ideas, suggestion if they want.

Again, this new company “Ascension Joy Group” will become billions dollar/euro company, while in term of raw assets it already.

Best Regard,

The Savior Ascension Joy

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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