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File: 09f7ba0204beb49⋯.jpg (98.32 KB,736x604,184:151,Monaco 84.jpg)

404e08 No.66494

And you were in control of setting the rules for F1, what would they look like?

Car Specifications:

>Minimum car weight is a nice, low, and round 500kg

>Car width is 2 metres

>Car length is 4.5 metres

>Engine choices are turbocharged V6, V8, V10 and V12

>New teams get Cosworth units free, but must pay for everything else

>Maximum engine capacity is 3250cc for NA engines and 1625cc for Turbo engines

>Maximum fuel consumption is 200kg for NA engines and 150kg for Turbo engines

>Maximum turbo pressure is 4.0 bar, as per 1987 regulations

>All engines must be homologated for a minimum of 20 production examples just for fun

>Special racing fuels reintroduced

>At least two tire manufacturers; FIA will even pay for there to be competition

>Rear tire width is set at 20 inches, 2 more than they were in 1992 and earlier

>Chassis length from driver's feet is 20cm

>Assymetric braking systems allowed


>If you have a car that passes regulations, you're in

>1 car teams allowed

>Heritage teams protected - Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Brabham once they inevitably return


>16 championship races, four in each region; America, Southern Europe, Northern Europe and Pacific

>Four optional non-championship races, one per leg held on a unique venue with GP2 cars on the grid, like it was in the 60s

>These NC races are basically the racing equivalent of Olympic bids, every venue and country vying for the F1 to turn up on their doorstep

>Four straight weeks of racing per leg (five if you include NC races), followed by a 2 (1) week break to last a total of 154 days (5 months)

>Each round has two FIA-approved tracks apart from Monaco which they must alternate within 3 years (so no more than two consecutive races at the same venue)

>Renovate Hockenheim back to pre-2002 layout, keep Tilkeberg's desecration as a shorter MotoGP layout I will shoot anyone that called the old track boring


>One whole hour on Saturday for drivers to set the best possible lap time, that's it

>Unlimited laps, but cars must start on the same fuel and tires that they finished qualifying in

>Pitstops allowed only if you wreck your tires or run out of fuel, permitted once per season per driver

>Any other infringements or suspected cheating means you DNS


>One spare car per team per race weekend

>Maximum of 25 cars on the grid, 107% rule relaxed to 108% but enforced in all cases

>Race length is 100 minutes or 300km, whichever comes first

Flag Rules:

>Safety car only called out when car or (cars) involved in an accident are parked on the racing line and cannot be moved

>Green flag called on the lap following the point at which the hazard(s) was successfully removed from the circuit

>Red flag if any unauthorized person, animal or vehicle breaches the track

>Flags are sent via radio, red automatically slows the cars down to pitlane speed, blue and yellow force fuel mixture to leanest


>Old F1 logo brought back

>UK TV airing rights revert back to BBC, no song other than The Chain may be used as the theme

>Course cars are specific to certain venues (e.g. Countach at Monaco, Ferrari 348 at Monza) with the only rule being they must be able to keep up with F1 cars

>Marshals are equipped with proximity sensors that go off when a car comes within 10 seconds of their current position


America (1st leg)

South America - Sao Paulo/Hermanos Galvez

Central America - Hermanos Rodriguez/Long Beach

United States - Indianapolis/Watkins Glen

Canada - Montreal/Mosport Park

Southern Europe (2nd leg)

Spain - Catalunya/Jarama

Monte Carlo - Monaco

Mediterranea - Estoril/Hungaroring

Italy - Monza/Imola

Northern Europe (3rd leg)

UK - Silverstone/Brands Hatch

Germany - Nurburgring/Hockenheim

France - Magny Cours/Paul Ricard

Europe - Spa-Francorchamps/A-1 Ring

Pacific (4th leg)

Asia - Sepang/Shanghai

Australia - Melbourne/Adelaide

Japan - Suzuka/Fuji

Pacific - New Zealand/Macau the two remaining Grand Prix races that were never made a part of Formula 1

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

20a1a4 No.66495

File: ee6d97f23a13fb8⋯.jpg (37.98 KB,615x469,615:469,monaco4.jpg)

File: c6ad1d55b18d395⋯.jpg (40.45 KB,590x470,59:47,monaco3.jpg)

File: c903957f474d78f⋯.jpg (80.46 KB,569x604,569:604,monaco2.jpg)

File: 7b2ef8a9e702f17⋯.jpg (56.49 KB,575x450,23:18,monaco1.jpg)


I agree with pretty much everything. Except Monaco. I understand it's a classic circuit and everything but it really doesn't make for good races anymore. Not with how large the cars are today. And even though your proposed car length is shorter than the contemporary length, I still think it'd be a boring race. Either make it a simple time attack event of some sort, have the teams make one-event cars (which would be insanely expensive and therefore impractical) or remove it completely.

Graphs taken from here: https://f1bytes.com/monaco-gp-form-guide/

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

404e08 No.66500

File: 7235e9802ddf42f⋯.jpg (84.59 KB,727x491,727:491,Monaco 82.jpg)


Little late of a response, forgot I posted this.

Personally I see Monaco as less of a race and more of an event. Even 90 years on, it's still the most visually distinctive circuit of them all. A seafront filled with billions of dollars worth of private yachts at any one time, the only underpass/tunnel section of any track, the tightest hairpins on the calendar and the rolling mountainside with the (((elite's))) real estate having front row seats to the whole spectacle. The only track built since which even matches this level of aesthetic is perhaps Baku, and that's very recent.

Racing there has always been a challenge given its short distance and thin roads; even at the fastest point of the circuit, the tunnel, the cars aren't doing much more than 140 MPH. That's touring car speed. As a result you aren't going to be seeing spectacular passes that often and the entertainment factor has to come from something else, whether it's crashes, wheel-to-wheel battles, masterclasses in the wet, or a backmarker holding on to a high position for dear life.

But for all its boring races, once in a while it will reward you with an amazing race that will be remembered for decades. 1982, 1984, 1992, 1996 and 2004 all produced absolutely stunning races that you would not have seen at any other venue. That you could not have seen at any other venue. Because they lack what Monaco has in spades.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

ca5bd4 No.66508

Same as 2004/5 but with new 2020 engine spec V10 - better aero, DRS, bridgestone tier slicks, better brakes etc.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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