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Most precious years of our lives are gone and now we clinch to alcoholism
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game devving

File: 933f13fce8c770a⋯.jpg (115.22 KB,1024x768,4:3,c_17.jpg)


"Bane": 2018, freed from Texas psychiatric ward, to Dublin orphan export, female's orphan ward. Placed with gamers, "losers", in Russian federalist terms; Scarecrow modifier, with Mace Marine family, "Aishans", "black Irish".

"Man-Bat": 1939, deaf O'Neill; dodged Poraujmos, by faking Gypsy, went to Auschwitz instead of Buchenwald. Dr. Josef Mengele, never recovered; odd whistle developed, while in surgeries.

"Mad Monk": 1213, Estonian witch hunts. Cardinal, captured nine live boys, all on Cardinal's Orange, haze of Ash Wednesday orphans, to become gendarmes (military cops, equivalent to INTERPOL, Vidocqs). Alleged plague, revealed to be pregnancies, upon coroners examination; a "badfish", they called the revered children, "Institutionalists", in prisons. Future Catholics, Secret Order of Viscardi.

"Scarecrow": 1597, Sister Superior of Orthodoxies, deployed with "Apostles" team, from Connaught dominatrix guilds for spies, to Germany. Reformation, the slave labor of farmers for street walkers, sabotaged by guerilla warfare, "The Bloody Maries". Martin Luther, now has a speech impediment, his mother had a right to work; she spied for the other side. The son, a perfect tax collector insurance broker, a "mr. peanut".

"Mad Hatter": 801, the Bog Hen Wars. The Jews, Jewry, or German-Jews, Juden; based on the moral of the story, choosing to pay employees, if in fraud, instead of choosing to cheat employees, if in taxes collected. The master of modern games, sports, and golf; a consummate liar, the father of every chattel war known to exist since. Played perfect gin rummy, with a barch finger; specialist at the hook, as a weapon. Modified, for Luger

"Hugo Strange": 2004, Murder Falls. Semenally stolen from the nephew of Richard Milhouse Nixon, father tortured and castrated in a Pepsi factory. Contacted by operators chasing a White's Bet between Marvel NYPD and DC Comics IDF, for the sale of the loser, to Disney, out of FBI hands. Two characters were sketched, Harry Osborn, Sam Raimi, and Heath Ledger, Christopher Nolan, with the bet blown, by mobsters from Soviet intelligence, attempting to overthrow Putin, the Federalist, for "Pussy Riot", a castration band; "black sugar", the Koran, a Harem of black children, for elderly women and gay men. Two contacts lost, one, fatality, the other, a dead cop.

"The Joker": 1200 BC, Babylon. The invention of the hat, "Mister Tilson", Judaism. A "B" shape, from forward to back, enabled any type of fictitious model to be used, regardless of copyright or claim or patent. Any crime imaginable, except for removing the hat. Immune to incestual herpes, except for a cat, hence witchcraft codes. Manager of false intelligence inserts, through "Yidditz", games of interpretation per series. Hence, the series, imprints the game in a "live wire", a "steal"; a "big fat dick", the spy robbed.

"Two-Face": 1923, Russia. Rise to the top of Russian politics, as a Thracian Gypsy Scythic, through foes and friends, inside a clandestine Russian Orthodox unit to replace the Okrahna and Czar, out of Gori, a demi-bureau to Tbilisi, the prime seminary. The order, "The Belmonts", is a betting order, intended to be rigged, for shell companies; corporate fronts, to relieve poor, of worker's wages, instead salary for inclusion.

"Mister Freeze": 1933, China. The student of the father of Chinese nationalism, as a Moslem, a special class of Mormon specializing in suicide from salmon fish; tradition started out of Seattle. Trained as a prison warden, he clandestinely worked with his infantry commander, to deport Chinese loyalists, to North Korea, and foes, to Taiwan, to work as a conning station, to Australian MI-6, out of Rangoon. Died in his prison, full of Cantonese, all trained as MI-6 accountants and converted to Judaism, posing as Catholic or Presbyterian.

"Clayface": 33 AD, Judea Province. Spaniard Prince, elected as interpreter for Jews, to Roman Legion; arbitrages, institutes, sports, prizes, and elections, developed based on wine sales. Traded places with Christ, picking a gay Jew, that didn't know a religious title, was death. Betrayed all of Rome, on an intentionally missed Hideous Sam shot, letting Christ do his work; before betraying him, with the adopted son of the Pilate, kissing him, therefore outed as a pedophile, for fraud; claiming Clayface's ability, as a Manouche.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


"Simon Hurt": 2003 AD, Boston. Ku Klux Klan, by family; high IQ, through comics Maccabees, from a premature age. Deliberately forged his parents letter to MI-6 Surrey, with his writing on the back, poor, demanding a lawsuit, for being bitten into "Darth Vader", by a Scarecrow. The day of company channel, to London, over the bite, to the crutches man, the letter was being read. Both operatives, judged genius IQ, saved. Specialist in asylum housing, of Scythics and Lowlander Prussians.

"Kite Man": 1981, Los Angeles. An SDI computer tech was caught on his computer breaking bandwidths, to construct an ABM in space, to shoot down nukes. Accused of pederasty per patent, for breaking rules, he descended into the homeless population, after the snitch was killed as a Russian spy, through an ATM jam, of Kite Man's card, on cop review of labor housing; vacant, suspected killed. After playing the hedge market, for weeks, he turned himself into the NSA, in Washington DC, on an airplane stolen form the Bulgers Presidential staff, found lorrey bombed by "Whitey", falsely (actually a cake, with teargas inside). A Jew, or at least, half of One.

"Penguin": 2000 BC, Han Empire. A recruit of Dong Zhuo, a police merchant, Penguin went from town to town, killing cops, as "military officers", forming the army, out of police code, and his blood, as Chinese police; not soldiers, the homeless. Replaced Sanskrit, with Mandarin, his daughter's language, when writing the first diary; "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Odd gene, where "gay", the consequence of "child molester", is flipped, as for also anyone trained, a "cadavar"; counter-intelligence, "The Mob"; his term, only. Hates flightless birds, except for his family.

"Riddler": 1850s, London. The manipulations of Margerat of Anjou, wearing thin on his family's foes, oolong extract, is his immunity, outing him as a traitor in league with France. His house leveled low, from the call of "no faire", by Lancaster, no carnival, after decades of war, he accepts the oath, enraged, plotting his revenge. In America, as a legend. He knows, comic books are Islam; stolen art, from dead spies. You can never remove the sigil, America; of the Cobra.

"Professor Pyg": 2010, Netherlands. A pair of twins, schooled by a Scarecrow, a Two-Face, and a Riddler, with a Sass (Dominos, bounty hunters, the Mob game), go to Amsterdam, for a textiles trade, for odorless uniforms for inmates. The same as cleaning ladies, in toxin baths, after respiration and ECT after a heroin overdose, to cover a gang rape, by athletes, with busted out headlights; George Washington's son himself, the "sheocks", a tradition for those women besting a Washington, George only, in battle. The multi-trillion dollar hedges and breaks and busts, and all the fabric, is sold as bedding, through TJX, Professor Pyg's training day as muppet pedophile.

"Batman": 850 AD, Azerbaijin. The merger of the line of Muhammad and Aisha, with a semenal theft out of a Chinese-Japanese Chosonkaijin, the Prophet Ali invents police paperwork; the form, the stamp, and the office of origin. Now, any job is a cop, unless homeless. Penalty for killing Batman is swift, a Villain is woken up, from a Sleeper, a high potency line. Protect Mother, Love Father. Never stop running. Section Chief by status of line, free goods given through agents to recruit assassins; Dominos enforce assassins, poor kids if they think they are, willing to bust heads for a Snake, a Moon Child.

"Ra's al-Ghul": 850 AD, Azerbaijin. Batman's Father or Mother. When he or she dies, Batman lands in Riyadh, and converts to Angelic Islam, to visit the Black Building in Mecca, for a ceremonial weapon, such as the new Koran Province weapon; The Hayabusa. Enjoy the trick to Africa, lover. Sorry about our moms fighting. Sucks to be a latchkey.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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