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File: 1451305469964.jpg (891.22 KB, 1920x1382, 960:691, gesy-bekeyei-screen1.jpg)

6e95b4 No.24615

Post what you're procrastinating on.

6e95b4 No.24616

I'm currently a system administrator.

Always wanted to learn how to program some simple C and create some simple games.

Is it worth it? It feels like people who can program breathing worlds have a lot more "power" than those who don't.

6e95b4 No.24620


You could learn the blueprint system from unreal 4, its quite easy to make simple games working off the templates

6e95b4 No.24622


Yes, a custom engine that you hand craft will give you all the power you can get. You're limited by your own skill set, time, and computing power at that point.

But you are also reinventing the wheel, and that takes a looot of work. One of the most daunting things about AGDG to me personally is that I have to "wear every hat" and be project manager, programmer, artist, music, etc any of which is an entire team for a AAA project.

So if you want to learn to program, more power to you, but consider what your real end goals are and what the realistic options for meeting those goals are. If you just want to make simple games, why teach yourself to program gaming engines? Take an existing engine, use it to make your simple game.

In other words: do you want to be an artist, and show off your art in a game? Do you want to be a programmer, and show off your programming in a new engine? Or do you want to make simple games, and use someone else's engine to show off your game design and ideas?

6e95b4 No.24626

File: 1451357407517.pdf (2.94 MB, Real-Time Collision Detect….pdf)


I can second this. I'm making an engine in Haskell although this applies to an engine made in any language. It's an awful lot of work and you will be better off using an existing engine if you just want to make a game.


If you do want to go down this path keep in mind that you need to do everything. Just as a heads up, robust collision detection is one of the hardest things that you will be implementing in your engine. Book related is a great reference for that subject.

6e95b4 No.24627


>Is it worth it?

Depends on what you're trying to achieve here.

In general, programming is very useful even if you want to just like make games. You probably won't be using C ever, but it's a very good stepping stone. Even if you're going to use a third-party engine, it most likely utilizes some sort of programming language to describe game mechanics.

6e95b4 No.24641

File: 1451527458812.png (450.25 KB, 948x853, 948:853, Screenshot_8.png)


I decided to change things up a bit

6e95b4 No.24643

File: 1451533980893-0.png (29.46 KB, 1021x765, 1021:765, moom.png)

File: 1451533980913-1.png (69.48 KB, 1320x970, 132:97, overworld.png)

File: 1451533980914-2.png (13.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, view1.png)

Ya, I know, the style and resolution and friggin' everything is inconsistent, but I'm just making the game for fun and it's gonna be totally free if I ever release it.

It's like Zelda 2. I just intend for it to be a fun little game, nothin' out of this world or anything.

6e95b4 No.24644


>Is it worth it?

Depends if you enjoy doing it. Grab some C tutorials and SDL (once you get the hang of C) and give it a shot.

6e95b4 No.24651

I was talking about progress on my scripting language engine thing before.

I've now completed an interpreter which takes my compiled opcode and executes it.

It's now complete with Engine Functions to allow scripts to execute functions in C++ along with Parameters and Return values.

I've got all your standard control structures in place, and functions.

I'm tossing up whether I need to implement classes or not... it looks like an absolute fuckton of work.

6e95b4 No.24652

Is Board Owner dead? Why is Progress General #4 stickied while this isn't?


You should always aim high and higher. It's your time you're spending at this.

6e95b4 No.24663


The new mini jam thread gets stickied eventually so I think he only visits occasionally.

6e95b4 No.24704

File: 1451977839171-0.webm (2.13 MB, 718x478, 359:239, DivingCameraWork.webm)

File: 1451977839171-1.webm (1.53 MB, 718x478, 359:239, RopeCutting.webm)

Juiced my diving camera-work and rope-cutting this week. Along with developing a baked vectorfield, but I haven't really made anything work w/ the data yet.

I haven't posted on the 8ch in about a year, I've missed you guys.

6e95b4 No.24716

File: 1452048321666.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Armoin 2016-01-05 18-42-5….webm)

I'm >>22588

I've been working on the actual game but I don't want to show what I have so far yet. However, I improved the particle editor a lot.

6e95b4 No.24717

File: 1452049041916.webm (2.78 MB, 606x600, 101:100, PvE.webm)

Posted this on 4/agdg/, so I might as well post it here.

6e95b4 No.24719


God that's a beautiful aesthetic.

6e95b4 No.24730


Thanks man, took a while to figure out.

6e95b4 No.24738


so beautiful, would love to play that and get high

6e95b4 No.24740

File: 1452206220310-0.png (274.11 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot from 2016-01-07….png)

File: 1452206220310-1.png (611.58 KB, 960x540, 16:9, POLO RED.png)

File: 1452206220310-2.png (783.23 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Ralph_Lauren_Polo_Red_Eau_….png)

File: 1452206220311-3.png (104.95 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, Polo-Ralph-Lauren-logo_tra….png)

hey guys, modelfag here. I need some help. trying to get better. I tried to make a simple cologne bottle, but I cant get the UV wrap to show up.

I feel like I'm overlooking something simple but I cant figure it out.

6e95b4 No.24742


I also had the nodes set up to match the gloss of the bottle, but I took them off when The logo wasn't showing up.

6e95b4 No.24743

File: 1452218221940.png (72.04 KB, 714x682, 357:341, Capture.PNG)

forcing myself to learn UV unwrapping. I'm doing a stunt ramp (it's a loop) and I'm not sure where to go from here.

6e95b4 No.24748


you shouldn't need to uv the entire thing, what the context? is it wood? if it is you need to uv/model it it like how it would be built

6e95b4 No.24763


Name of song?

6e95b4 No.24785

File: 1452551464886.png (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, untitled.png)


I gave up and put the logo included with the gloss instead of making it stand out rougher than the rest like i wanted to.

6e95b4 No.24793


If you want to let it stand out rough you can use the logo texture as the 'fac' input of a mix shader that mixes a diffuse black colour and a red glossy colour.

6e95b4 No.24799

File: 1452657069824-0.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, New groove.png)

File: 1452657069878-1.png (37.87 KB, 432x348, 36:29, blue.png)

>I'm learning some blender.

>The idea is I'll use 3D models to create sprites a la Age of Empires.

>I'll probably start on some MOO shipscause there's a remake abrewing and move up to more original designs from there.

6e95b4 No.24817

File: 1452744784888.png (252.91 KB, 960x540, 16:9, New groove1.png)


Still working at it.

6e95b4 No.24831

File: 1452894050645-0.png (477.77 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot from 2016-01-15….png)

File: 1452894050645-1.png (131.04 KB, 960x540, 16:9, brokenayylmao.png)

does anyone know why my texture isnt showing up in the render when it recognizes the material?

6e95b4 No.24836

File: 1452907527126.png (36.77 KB, 820x640, 41:32, st.png)

Today I bring you a wip. I feel like giving up on this pixel nonsense, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. How do I draw better pixel shit?

6e95b4 No.24837

I need to completely refactor my AI to a new system and I don't wanna

Need to force myself. Disciprine.

6e95b4 No.24838


Figure out where the main light source is. Your shadows are all over the place.

6e95b4 No.24841

File: 1452964844969.webm (2.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, sorting_VP8.webm)

i've been bored with playing literally nothing but ygopro and hearthstone for more than a month now

so i feel like making a card game between the two

so far i've got literally nothing, but it doesn't seem too complicated

and 99% of the work will be coding, until all the mechanics are done, so it's mildly easier for me

6e95b4 No.24847

Sorry for not creating a new thread, but is it illegal to use real life names in a videogame?

6e95b4 No.24848


that would depend on the context

6e95b4 No.24850


like on a political game?

6e95b4 No.24852


Pixelshit won't save you when you're making environments like that.

Start by learning real art, or reconsider what your game should look like.


I'm no law expert so don't take this as a fact, but I recall hearing that if you portray the person negatively, it must be a parody. You also can't use real names in a commercial product without permission.

6e95b4 No.24857


Pixel art is part medium, part style, and just like any art style, you need to know fundamentals before you can use it. Take some beginning drawing courses, pick up some pencils with different hardnesses (from an art or craft store), and practice basic stuff like two-point perspective, lighting studies, still lives, etc.

Once you understand the basics, try these pixel-specific tutorials:


6e95b4 No.24862

File: 1453097043925.gif (111.11 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ortho2iso - auto tile.gif)

6e95b4 No.24863


I don't think i could ever pick something worse to model than a cologne bottle... i would imagine the smell all the way through... i fucking hate cologne... i'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

6e95b4 No.24870

File: 1453136476002.webm (3.68 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2016-01-18 18-45-29.compr….webm)

reposting from /v/'s agdg

so i'm done with all the field stuff and card restrictions

basicly there's a list of what cards there are in the monster zones, hand, deck, graveyard

and you can't put monsters in a zone that's already occupied, or in your opponent's zones

next i need to start doing some kind of que system for each action, and after that, i have to start all the effect stuff as well as the basic combat between monsters and players

also, why doesn't the site let me post mp4s, keeps giving me "this is not a webm" error

there's other mp4s in the thread

6e95b4 No.24874


>Topdown overworld with 2D platforming scenes

I like this.

Even in Link's Awakening, it was nice

6e95b4 No.24875


My biggest complaint about GM (maybe they fixed it with Studio, I don't know) is that deleting objects doesn't "free up" object IDs in the editor

If you deleted your retard smiley face and drew another, they'd start at like ID 1000058 or whatever. It always seemed like a potential memory leak for long-running projects.

Also consider creating objects via the room load script, then you can import/hardcode object positions via a txt file or something.

6e95b4 No.24879


If I see a John Smith in your game, I'm suing.

6e95b4 No.24893

File: 1453262278796.gif (1.63 KB, 192x160, 6:5, male-idle.gif)

Are my body proportions for a human body good? I'm making a base male sprite before drawing all other clothes, hair and so on.

6e95b4 No.24902

6e95b4 No.24932

File: 1453401353584.png (39.28 KB, 1187x628, 1187:628, aintevenaplha.PNG)

Almost learned enough of GameMaker to stop following tutorials and work on my own little project. Probably a shmup or Zelda type ARPG. Shmup seems like a good first project, right?

6e95b4 No.24937

File: 1453413564942.webm (2.85 MB, 854x480, 427:240, attacking_VP8.webm)

i got a que system for the card events

so far i only have a few events: draw, attack mininion, destroy

the system is the same as in yugioh except that attacking a minion that has more defense than your attack will kill your minion

next i need to get cards to attack players and deal damage

only downside so far is that i've probably got too many variables for shit i don't need. but i don't think it will matter, any shitty computer can run a card game.

6e95b4 No.24941


I know it's a sin but I like the indie style modern pixel art graphics, I think they look cute.

Also I like Gamemaker (it's what I'm using too) but it feels like everything is going to explode and delete itself if I sneeze on it, but that's most likely because of my sloppy coding.

6e95b4 No.24943

So, long time, no dev.

Time to get back in the groove of it.

Which should I work on?

>Mario Tennis GBC Style Sprite based tennis with RPG mechanics & endurance system with dive/sprint/charge shots etc.

>Anti-Grav Racer with "Mode 7"/SMK/F-Zero style 2D graphics and WipEout style weapons

>Pokemon clone with Active-Time Battle style system, multi mons active at once.


6e95b4 No.24949


> with RPG mechanics & endurance system with dive/sprint/charge shots etc.

can you instead do something like punch out with the same ideas?

these guys made something similar to this idea


although there the fighting kind of feels like random buttonmashing at times. but the rpg elements are in there

6e95b4 No.24951


Muhnstar Arupeegees are tight as shit and putting an Active-Time spin on it could be cool.

6e95b4 No.24954


Collect-Em-All RPGs are good shit. And none that I know of have used an active-battle timer. Do it.


It's good if used correctly. Hyper Light Drifter looks good with it. But even Hyper Light Drifter has a unique color scheme when using the pixelshit art style. The problem is the sheer number of pixelshit games that use primarily green, brown and other muted colors in their palettes.

6e95b4 No.24975

File: 1453591637328-0.png (146.81 KB, 817x450, 817:450, image.png)

File: 1453591637328-1.jpeg (62.72 KB, 640x400, 8:5, image.jpeg)

File: 1453591637328-2.jpeg (45.94 KB, 640x400, 8:5, image.jpeg)

File: 1453591637329-3.jpeg (48.1 KB, 640x400, 8:5, image.jpeg)

File: 1453591637329-4.jpeg (52.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, image.jpeg)

Torn between Zelda puzzle like stuff or an RPG.

I mostly don't feel like making a turn based system despite having some ideas for playing with skills and stats.

Don't mind the shitty programmer art.

6e95b4 No.24978



Oh fuck, I remember you, anon! You shilled your kickstarter here, and the game looked fucking great! What was it called?

6e95b4 No.24983

Been learning how to make music, though I have no idea how it came out.

I've been emulating Shoji Meguro's (Persona 3, 4, Catherine) non-vocal style, where the music works both in game and outside of game.

This is my best/least shit work so far.


Loops around the 3 minute mark.

i had no idea putting my shit out there would be so god damn terrifying


6e95b4 No.24990


>i had no idea putting my shit out there would be so god damn terrifying


Don't worry about it, anon. It sounds okay. It's a bit samey with only a select few instruments, maybe adding a few more will make it a bit more varied. I'm not a musician though, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

6e95b4 No.24991

File: 1453686146757-0.png (36.79 KB, 957x462, 29:14, World.png)

File: 1453686146757-1.png (30.52 KB, 386x664, 193:332, ArmyManSprites.png)

I'm making a game where you can make your own Mercenary Company. I'm using a Civ map of Earth and sprites from Metal Gear 2.

I don't want to make the scope TOO big, but what I want a basic form is:

>Your Commander can perform a few missions, which will award him Infantry

>Infantry can be RTS'd in missions

>A room where you can look at a map of the earth to select missions for yourself and your troops, as well as edit your base on the level of "Max troops" "Max Tank" "Max Nuke"

If I wanna get serious with this, I'd add:

> Randomly named troops

> A fully customized base, such as food, lodging, training

> Going NUCLEAR?


6e95b4 No.25004

File: 1453745999141-0.png (57.69 KB, 899x573, 899:573, helmets and uniform.png)

File: 1453745999142-1.png (16.59 KB, 313x485, 313:485, das ubermensch.png)

Redoing my body models from scratch. Might do the same for helmets.

6e95b4 No.25039

File: 1453923206636.png (65.42 KB, 1296x768, 27:16, 5599d2175c6878ef0ab4dd4afc….png)

I'm currently trying to code an engine before actually attempting to work on a game.

I've managed to make a movement engine that allows for both platforming and "open world" controls, as well as 8 directional sprites. I also fixed up an aiming and melee mechanic. Right now I'm figuring out shooting, and also trying to fix up a text engine.

Any advice on the latter would be greatly appreciated.

6e95b4 No.25040


>movement engine that allows for both platforming and "open world" controls.

Might be a dumb question, but why both? Are you gonna use the same engine for different games? It'd make more sense to use a shared basis, but modify it as fit for every different game.

As for the text engine, I'm not sure. I'll be needing one soon enough, but I've only really been working on a script, as well as sprites and music when I feel like it.

I do recommend, however, making it so that all the in game text is in one place, or at least in a few, rather than spread apart.

What I mean by that is, when you need a certain bit of text, you call the textbox script, case N, and that "case N" will feature all the text for that one part.

This is a better alternative to calling the text box script, and including the text in whatever object that called it. This way, all the in game text would be spread apart a bunch of objects, which would kinda be annoying.

I might be retarded on the textbox thing, as I haven't done much Game Maker coding yet, but a few in-joke filled "games". However, I think it would be possible to implement it this way.

6e95b4 No.25041


My reasoning was pretty much just "I could re-work the controls for every game, or I could make one large script where I input five arguments and then have different movement." Seemed obvious to me which would be better.

And that's actually a really solid piece of advice. I hadn't thought to do that, but hypothetically, I could set up an INI file (or maybe just some directory inside of the code itself) that has all the lines, and then have a script that just calls on that based on what line I'm telling it to read. Thanks for that!

6e95b4 No.25049

File: 1453976754345.webm (4.34 MB, 854x480, 427:240, working_VP8.webm)

k so i think i got the basics for monsters and players working

when the game starts, all the cards in the deck are spawned, shuffled, 5 are drawn for each player

attacking works similar to hearthstone, except that monsters won't lose their life, in this case i'm treating it as defense

players can now get damaged too

next i need to do some simple win condition (player's health reaches 0, surrender)

after that i need to start making cards that have effects

and after that i need to do AI

6e95b4 No.25053

File: 1453992699610.jpg (304.7 KB, 2112x862, 1056:431, elf loli.jpg)

Trying to make an elf loli in Zbrush.

Practiced making clothing folds and probably made a mess out of it too.

Next step is coming up with something to dress her up in...

6e95b4 No.25054


>didn't even model nipples on it


6e95b4 No.25055


Wouldn't serve any purpose right now. No nipples makes it easier to make armor.

6e95b4 No.25056

File: 1454009893989.webm (3.59 MB, 854x480, 427:240, firstwin_VP8.webm)

6e95b4 No.25068

Spent the last two days getting a build ready for halfchan to tell me how shit it is, then when I go to submit the post with the download link (the first time I've shared it since Nov) the site goes down, FML

6e95b4 No.25075

File: 1454084176744.mp4 (3.9 MB, 854x480, 427:240, darkhole.mp4)

started adding spells - so far i've got pot of greed (draw 2 cards), raigeki (destroy all of your opponent's monsters), dark hole (destroy all monsters)

6e95b4 No.25090

File: 1454169321261-0.png (105.21 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Screen 4.png)

File: 1454169321367-1.png (108.26 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Screen 7.png)

File: 1454169321370-2.png (267.39 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Screen 9.png)

6e95b4 No.25108

File: 1454278216770-0.png (122.48 KB, 503x553, 503:553, overman coat more finished….png)

File: 1454278216770-1.png (18.28 KB, 267x499, 267:499, no head but hands.png)

File: 1454278216770-2.png (373.58 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, overman coat.png)


here's some progress on that

6e95b4 No.25117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm working on a blue glow around my levels. Vid embed.

I still have to find a way to blur the edges of a picture.

6e95b4 No.25123


Needs more variation. Right now it just sounds like you've got a basic beat down.

6e95b4 No.25131

File: 1454407235225.png (907.25 KB, 1277x715, 1277:715, Screenshot_9.png)

Just discovered that unreal only lets you have 16 textures in a material. apparently they plan to update it to 32

Im still struggling to get a style down

6e95b4 No.25151


That screenshot looks pretty dope, though I'd lower the film grain but it definantly goes well with black and white.

6e95b4 No.25159

>tfw you relate to every banner on /agdg/

it hurts to live

6e95b4 No.25162

File: 1454626181905.webm (268.18 KB, 802x626, 401:313, game.webm)

Got back to my Wizardry clone.

I'm working on the interface and combat system now.

6e95b4 No.25165

File: 1454650587405.jpg (73.58 KB, 960x639, 320:213, 1431546751123.jpg)


>Unsolicited opinions on Israel???

6e95b4 No.25173

File: 1454726035947.gif (2 MB, 360x265, 72:53, 1449352038325.gif)

I have good game ideas but I hate programming

I just want to model and make levels while a codebro works on putting it together. Is that so much to ask?

6e95b4 No.25178

File: 1454781714398.png (150 B, 3x5, 3:5, boolet.png)


I'm the opposite, I like programming, but I hate doing the art, it's way too tedious for me

and I only do 2d, there's no fucking way you're going to get me to even try 3d art

6e95b4 No.25181


I fucking hate doing 3d art, iv wasted so much time on it

6e95b4 No.25184

File: 1454799045712.png (222.57 KB, 1296x759, 432:253, day1.png)

I just started working on my game yesterday. I got my placeholder to move and punch so far; if only I had a pixel artist or 3D modeler so I can create original characters instead of just using Bardock.

6e95b4 No.25185

File: 1454800905071-0.gif (8.67 KB, 52x128, 13:32, A.M.gif)

File: 1454800905071-1.png (2.61 KB, 344x150, 172:75, A.M.heads.png)


Just a suggestion: Don't use 3D models with Game Maker, anon. It'll barely work, hog resources like a motherfucker, be annoyingly hard to use and suck in every other conceivable way.

And if you're thinking about pre-rendering the model and turning it into sprites, ala Mario RPG/DKC, then, again, I have to ask: why? It'd be much easier to just draw sprites at that point.

Go with sprites for GM:S. That's what I'm doing.

Full disclosure, I've worked more with GM8, and only recently started GM:S, so they might have improved 3d model support, but it's not the engine you want to use for 3D stuff. Use Unity if you want something simple for 3D models.

Pic related is something I drew while 8chan was down, and I couldn't shitpost.

this place should go down more often

6e95b4 No.25186

File: 1454812881634.png (5.44 KB, 816x180, 68:15, NSDAPMovingBrowningHiPower….png)

A simple walk cycle for one of the the enemies/main character of my game

6e95b4 No.25196


>Right now I'm figuring out shooting

use some spacial structure like quadtree inside your scene manager to group entities based on some AABB and their world position

query for coliding entities in the path of your projectile as it moves (based on your projectile AABB)

do shit when it interact with the right type of entity (like all enemies or all non-NPC characters...)

6e95b4 No.25202

File: 1454935629385.png (1.18 MB, 1106x904, 553:452, Screenshot_12.png)

Tessellation accident

6e95b4 No.25204


Looks badass, keep it that way.

6e95b4 No.25205


Very nice anon, do you have a blog or something which I can use to keep updated on your work?

6e95b4 No.25211

File: 1455053319684.jpg (26.15 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1210738851452.jpg)


T-thanks for being interested in my amateur work, Anon

Unfortunately no. I've only started Zbrushing for a few months now. Starting a blog seems out of the question.

Rest assured I'll try to give any future updates on my sculpt here in this thread.

6e95b4 No.25215


Well I'll be damned.

What a small world we live in. When I saw those videos, I instantly remembered where I saw them before.

You (or someone else working on it) have contacted me in the Unity Forums (regarding my Unity Serializer fork).

I really hope the game will be at least as fun as it is pretty.

6e95b4 No.25231

File: 1455132392256.jpg (576.66 KB, 1698x1131, 566:377, 1420973986155.jpg)

>mfw coming back to an old project and looking at the code

I don't want to start over because I've done too much, but god dammit this code is bad. I just wanted to add proper slope collision but now I'll have to refactor everything or else my autism is going to lose it.

6e95b4 No.25234


I know that feel, I'll never stop coding for a few days, you just lose it and when you come back it's like seeing a house burnt down, and you have to piece it back together.

Slope collision... well I don't know if you want it in 2d or 3d, but it's not that hard. I know it took me quite some time to figure it out though because I'm slow.

6e95b4 No.25238


2D, I kinda already have slope collision in another game, but it uses a hacky math trick that only works on 45 degree angles (I didn't know trigonometry back when I made it). I want to make something that allows me to set the slope to anything and it'll work just the same.

6e95b4 No.25240


You don't need any math at all for slope collision, you just need to understand the logic behind it.

Does the player encounter a very high object? Stop. Is the object/hill not very high? Move above it and continue horizontally. Is the ground below allowing for a fall? Begin gravity. If not move the player on the ground below and continue horizontally. There, no math at all.

6e95b4 No.25241


I know that feel, too.

But with me it's more like:

>Work on bigger project

>Have to fix/look something up in old code

>Everything is shit

>All of it

6e95b4 No.25244


i use unreal, I never comment anything so if I come back to something months later I have to decode my own retarded thinking

6e95b4 No.25257

File: 1455177632548.png (4.95 KB, 803x295, 803:295, 1.png)


Uhh what? I guess you're using GM or something that just gives you a collide method or something so you don't actually know what's happening behind the scenes.

When you collide with a slope, the slope needs to push you out to the surface of the angle. The only way to find the new position is to use math.

My old math just takes the X depth of the collision, and uses that to find the position in Y.

6e95b4 No.25261


I assume that most people here use an engine, unless stated otherwise.

6e95b4 No.25296

File: 1455402323206.gif (2.83 MB, 347x180, 347:180, testComment.gif)

I added a little mail icon button in my Forgotten Lore game (online trading card game, cards are steam inventory items).

Basically you can click it and leave bug reports, comments, criticisms, etc. Depending on what you submit, it has a different "thank you" message and submits it to my server, which puts them into a db and emails me the contents.

6e95b4 No.25299


Oh god, that reminds me...

I'll probably have to set up a social media page of some sort, to interact with a potential audience, since this place is so niche.


6e95b4 No.25305


What kind of game you are making, and what kind of audience you want?

6e95b4 No.25307

File: 1455479654995.png (36.48 KB, 526x254, 263:127, 1448484140375-0.png)


Turn based, horror-themed RPG. As for the audience, I'm not sure how to put that. I suppose fans of both genres, moreso RPGs than horror games. Not really the Pewdiepie/Markiplier audience, I suppose.

But does one really get to choose their audience, outside of whoever likes the games they make?

I was thinking of social media for convenience of announcements and interaction with people. As in, if by some miracle I build up an audience, however small it may be, I'd want an easy way to interact with them. And as cancerous as social media is, it's the best way to do that.

I know it's pretentious to expect that I'll ever build up an audience, but a man can dream, right?

Pic vaguely related.

6e95b4 No.25317


>I added a little mail icon button

I'm loving it!>>25307

>I know it's pretentious to expect that I'll ever build up an audience, but a man can dream, right?

If you make the game for yourself -- the way you like it, such that it pushes your fun buttons and tweaks your interest nipples, then other people will like it too because there are many people out there like us just minus the ability to just like make games.

All the other issues with social media aside, the most important thing you can do is have some place that notifies the player that you've released an update or a new game. This is the real trick to how you build a community. It takes time, but so long as you funnel those who like your work into your next production the community will grow. Etc. communication systems are just icing.

6e95b4 No.25321

File: 1455564052259-0.gif (15.11 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Chuck_Idle.gif)

File: 1455564052260-1.gif (14.5 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Chuck_Walk.gif)

File: 1455564052329-2.gif (26.79 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Chuck_Jump.gif)

Played around with making some sprites this weekend


Gotta start somewhere. I want to work up to 16-bit eventually.

6e95b4 No.25322

File: 1455570825147.gif (3.44 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1455564052259-0.gif)


You should avoid using the outline color that liberally and 'clumping' pixels together. Use it for seperation and work with diagonals and straights as much as possible.

With those few colors you also need to be a bit creative with shading. Shading is super important to get volume across. Also, dithering. Really useful for gradients or 'fluffy' textures, like smoke.

I made some changes that will hopefully help explain what I mean. Always try to make your sprites as legible as possible. Resize your sprite to its original size, go a decent distance away from your monitor and look at it with the eyes of the player that's gonna play your game. If you can't deciper it then you have to go over it again and adjust it.

6e95b4 No.25327

File: 1455599171324.gif (10.31 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Chuck_IdleBW (1).gif)


Thanks for the input anon. Tried to implement some of those changes, but I'm not sure the shading reads well. I'll need to play around with it a little more.

Also realized I was using one color too many.

6e95b4 No.25329

File: 1455609398106.webm (172.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, agdg.webm)

I just started and I finally got the basics down after a couple of weeks of trying to figure this shit out.

Now I have a guy that moves around a collides with the walls :D

6e95b4 No.25334

File: 1455646165108.png (33.33 KB, 820x640, 41:32, st3.png)




Thanks, lads. The project died, but this is how far I got.

6e95b4 No.25337

File: 1455652693433-0.png (883.68 KB, 1826x653, 1826:653, kd.png)

File: 1455652693434-1.png (164.72 KB, 517x733, 517:733, kd2.png)


Also posting some character concepts I did for the project.

Rip ;__;

6e95b4 No.25340


looks like that lucas pope/dukope Papers Please game, Obra Dinn or something. Cool. Also pretty cool that you're using tessellation, no one seems to be goddamn using it

6e95b4 No.25363

Progress is a very small prototype of my hacking game


All critique is good critique

6e95b4 No.25369


It's shit, no offense

6e95b4 No.25371


Like its buggy or theres nothing to do or its not fun?

6e95b4 No.25377

What's the best noise generation?


6e95b4 No.25378

File: 1455745399823.webm (7.33 MB, 854x480, 427:240, skely.webm)

little webm showing the combat, for now

6e95b4 No.25379


The shield raising (or shield bash?) looks good

The FoV seems too small, it adds confusion but seems disorienting

The viewbobbing during a strike is also pretty disorienting

Like 0:09 to 0:11 is just a clusterfuck because of the fov

I think the spectral highlights/normalmap on the shield and the overall shader are pretty cool

6e95b4 No.25384


There isn't a shield bash yet

im designing the game so the player can play the way they like to, eg upgrade your strength so you can hit harder reduce swing sway etc endurance for reduced cooldowns on dodging extra speed etc etc

Its all meant to be disorienting and harsh, you can widen the FoV by taking the helmet off but one direct hit and your dead.

6e95b4 No.25385



You can play a stealthy role aswell

6e95b4 No.25389

File: 1455768409176.mp4 (989.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, My Recording_2.mp4)

Placeholder graphics for the most part

only the enemy and player are going to stay the same

6e95b4 No.25390


I already like your game anon

6e95b4 No.25441


nice, i love tibia

6e95b4 No.25475


We have to stay together, developers.

I have just created this Channel on discord to search for like-minded people who create games in their time. So let's please meet up and talk about this on a daily, more active basis and help each other out in a friendly manner!

Feel free to join!


6e95b4 No.25480


good chat can confirm

6e95b4 No.25514

File: 1456073857348-0.png (5.06 MB, 3264x1356, 272:113, strange_girl.png)

File: 1456073857468-1.png (3.79 KB, 136x476, 2:7, A.png)


Been working out a lot of stupidly simple shit in GMS.

Using the image_speed command makes simple shit incredibly complicated, so I have to go around that in autistic ways.

Also, pic related. For motivation, I drew one of the characters from my game on a whiteboard telling me to stop being a lazy prick.

It helps a bit.

6e95b4 No.25516


image_speed is pretty simple to understand, what problems do you have with it? Maybe I can help

6e95b4 No.25520

File: 1456076264043.png (2.64 KB, 480x512, 15:16, she_is_actually_depressed_….png)


I already solved it, but in pretty autistic ways.

image_speed is simple to understand, yeah.

My problem is that it causes frames to desync for some retarded reason.

Let me attempt to explain.

Autistic rant incoming.

Essentially, my game runs at 30fps.

I have a 6fps animation.

I set the game to play a random footstep sound on frames 2 and 5 (counting from 0)

And it works fine for a while, but it stops playing the sound after a while.

What I figured out is that image_speed causes the game to create frames in between the existing ones to fill it out to the room framerate.

So, my six frame animation has, for example, frame 0; 0,2; 0,4 and so on.

Making the sound play at certain intervals around frames 2 and 5 worked, but then it played twenty instances of the sound.

And, while I could make the game check whether the sound is playing, that might bring up problems when my character is running, since the sounds have a slight echo on them and might last too long and get cut off.

Similar thing with blinking.

I tried to make the character blink separately from the actual sprite, and, since the character bobs up and down when walking, I made the game check what frame the character is on and fix the position of the blinking sprite accordingly.

Same shit, to where it only reset every fifth frame of the game and, for the other four frames, lingered around.

Floating eyeballs.

Fucking spooky and retarded

Anyway, I made the footstep sounds go off on an alarm timer. Even if the game lags, it'll be tied to framerate that way.

As for the blinking, I had to incorporate it to the actual sprite.

That's what I get for trying to do shit fancy.

Thanks anyway, though.

6e95b4 No.25527


Well I can tell you one mistake that I made with image_speed some time ago. You need to remember that if you want something to happen at image_speed 0.4 you must not do an 'if image_speed == 0.4', you must use a greater or equal than sign. Because when you keep adding up the speed to the image speed it won't always equal to 0.4, sometimes it will be 0.42, or 0.48 and the IF won't return true.

So if you want to play a sound between 0.3 and 0.4 you must do an IF image speed is between 0.3 and 0.4, and make sure it will be played once, and the speed is not greater than 0.9, so it will fit well between that interval. I'm not sure if that was your problem but I figure that it might help.

6e95b4 No.25528


>and the speed is not greater than 0.09*

Just remember that an animation with 3 frames, starts from 0 to 2, and image_speed is basically a number that once it will reach an integer, it will move onto the next frame. If want something to happen at frame 2 (last one), it won't always return true because the image_speed might be at 2.1. What I would do is IF image_speed >= image_index - SpeedOfAnimation then...

6e95b4 No.25529


I tried to play the sounds on certain frames of the animation. The image_speed is constant.

It's just that image_speed, coupled with image_index caused problems, by creating frames in between frames.

The game would, for some retarded reason, desync and, since the frame is a decimal number, it would not do the action.

I never check for image_speed, since it's constant. It's that image_speed fucks with image_index, creating problems.

6e95b4 No.25532


Just so you know, I made a mistake in this post >>25528. Yeah, you are right, don't check for image speed.

I wanted to say, IF image_index >= startFrame && image_index < endFrame is how I would do something at a point, and the image_speed would be lower than startFrame and endFrame. If I wanted to check the end of an image I would do IF image_index >= spriteFrames - 1 - image_speed.

Maybe I am wrong with this, and I wrote some bullshit. Kinda weird to hear it desyncs, doesn't happen to me.

6e95b4 No.25534


That's what I did for a while, and that's how I figured out that the game was desyncing.

Problem is, since the sprite runs at 1/5 the framerate of the game, it'll create four or five instances of the sound at a time.

As I said, I could do a check for whether the sound is already playing, but, if the character was running, the sounds would probably cross over, and it would only play when one foot touched the ground, and not the other.

So instead I just did an alarm system, where the game, when the button is pressed, sets the alarm 11 frames ahead (start of the third frame) and then, the alarm, after playing the sound, will reset itself to 15 frames later, for frame 6 and so on.

6e95b4 No.25535


Ah, well either way I'm glad you figured out a way to do it, it's a headache though just for footstep sounds. I usually just did a random alarm that plays footsteps, if a sound is not already playing, because I thought too many footsteps would sound annoying. But if it works fine for you that's good, also I would try posting in the game maker forum for asking about the desync.

Your character is pretty cute, post some webm footage!

6e95b4 No.25536


I'll post webms when I have things to show off.

Now, all I have is a bunch of nonsensical code and unfinished features.

>a spotlight I can switch on and off with the N key that does nothing else.

>walking up and down, but not sideways, since I haven't done the sprites for that yet.

>game window scaling with the numpad

And a bunch of shit not in the game yet, like a script for the story.

I am working on something kinda nice, though. Hopefully will finish it in a couple days. When that's done, I can pretty much say that development has officially started.

Took me long enough.

6e95b4 No.25537


Don't hurry it up if you don't feel like showing it yet, take your time. The character is not trying to copy yandere chan right?

6e95b4 No.25538


>The character is not trying to copy yandere chan right?

Considering the fact that I've never even played that game, no.

don't want to say too much, since her character is a mystery throughout most of the game

6e95b4 No.25547

File: 1456122074733.webm (376.39 KB, 1021x760, 1021:760, PlatTest.webm)

Trying to make a Souls-like (tm) platformer. Trying to create a base so I can get a feel for the engine.

6e95b4 No.25558


Seems like you'd want as little jumping as possible.

Get on those slopes m8

6e95b4 No.25573

File: 1456203812455.png (1.33 KB, 80x150, 8:15, jonahpixelart.png)

6e95b4 No.25580


>drawn pixels


6e95b4 No.25581


Jumping in to this fad before it explodes, see you in hollywood suckers

6e95b4 No.25582


Where is the lighting and shading. It seems that you have a lack of knowledge in the fundamentals of these things. Things like picking a light source, colour palette and such are vital to making a good piece of digital art. In addition your design has far too much blank space making it look empty and flat, try putting some folds in the fabric.

Although I'm not a pixel artist myself the links below look like good resources.





6e95b4 No.25585


Doing an arena-shmup thing in Love2D. Enemies come from different sides, based on the round number (specifically, it does a bitwise AND with a table of walls that enemies could come from). I've got the foundation done--enemy spawning, collision, game-over, even a pretty nice-looking HUD if I do say so myself. My sprites, however, are shit. Debating between using the solarized palette ('cuz muh hacker aesthetic) and using the NES palette ('cuz muh vidya). Also debating using my own art. I'm shit at art.

6e95b4 No.25586

File: 1456241655310.png (5.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup.png)


Did Hotwheels just eat my pic?

6e95b4 No.25588


it's because you monsters forgot his birthday.

6e95b4 No.25589


well shit

I guess I'll just have to finish this game as a birthday present. I'm working on sounds right now because tackling my shit artwork isn't gonna be easy.

6e95b4 No.25596


Thanks for the resources. Also, keep in mind it's my very first attempt.

6e95b4 No.25598


Im just trying to get a decent amount of gravity. Its meant to be a platformer.

6e95b4 No.25634

6e95b4 No.25645

File: 1456444971028-0.png (258.26 KB, 1076x603, 1076:603, r&d4.png)

File: 1456444971029-1.png (239.01 KB, 1076x603, 1076:603, r&d5.png)

File: 1456444971029-2.png (311.76 KB, 1076x603, 1076:603, r&d8.png)

File: 1456444971029-3.png (426.33 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, r&d9.png)

Low-poly defence game; defend your base from attackers by shooting them or hacking them to transform them into defensive towers. Planning to release a demo round the end of this month.

6e95b4 No.25650


Looks nice anon. If I had to give a critique it's that it's a bit on the orangey/bright side. I get what you're going for but it could be toned down slightly and I think it'd be perfect

6e95b4 No.25651

File: 1456454244967.webm (6.68 MB, 1098x616, 549:308, aids.webm)

Worked a bit on refactoring my AI so that I can have space battles

Need to work on improving it quite a bit but at least it's functional now! Ships attack each other and stuff.

6e95b4 No.25652


Cheers, I'll tone down the lighting a little. I'm going to have the levels in different settings so it won't all be orange desert anyway, but I don't want to make them too exciting & have them distract from the important stuff.

6e95b4 No.25653


Pretty good.

I'm slowly levelling up in UE4 and my ultimate goal would be to make a combat flight sim with AI.

I'm also thinking of a gigantic artillery game in the same theme as Heavy Object.

6e95b4 No.25658


I'm stalled on finding an algorithm to test my pathing/raycasting/line of sight algorithm to see if the same tiles are generated if the start and end points are swapped.

Think a line tool in a pixel/raster drawing program.

You define a line with your tool and the program then decides which pixels to fill based on that path.

So if you start at 0,0 and go to 9,9 then the same pixels should be filled as if you went from 9,9 to 0,0.

For this I would like an algorithm that takes a 10x10 grid and goes through all possible line connections like that.

as in.

0,0 to 1,0, 2,0,3,0 and so forth

then 1,0,2,0 and so forth criss crossing all over the place until every permutation has been tried.

There must be an algorigthm out there for this but I don't know of it.

Do you? I'm not a good engineer nor am I very good at maths, I know, bad for game programming, but I gotta learn from someplace, right?

6e95b4 No.25659


right now I am doing 4 for loops

x1 < 10

y1 < 10

x2 < 10

y2 < 10

Which works out to be 10x10x10x10 permutations.

This feels right but my brain is seriously lacking in this department.

6e95b4 No.25660


Why would that be a problem? All you need is four nested loops.


This seems right.

6e95b4 No.25669


Hm. My instinct is that there's a better way, but I dunno what that is.

6e95b4 No.25688


Well mathematically you can say that obviously if it works for (0, 0) to (9, 9) it will also work for (1, 1) to (10, 10), unless there's a very glaring bug. So maybe there's no point in varying the origin (since that's implicitly tested since it computes both a->b and b->a for every pair of points).

6e95b4 No.25689


>I'm stalled on finding an algorithm to test my pathing/raycasting/line of sight algorithm to see if the same tiles are generated if the start and end points are swapped.

Actually come to think of it, do you need this? Because the simple solution would be to just FORCE it to always go the same way by swapping start/end coordinates so they always go from left to right.

6e95b4 No.25692

File: 1456591708142.gif (264.92 KB, 222x206, 111:103, 1451761986981.gif)


shilling blog (be warned that I'm a beginner mostly)

sorry if I autism but I don't want to obsess too much about my blog

6e95b4 No.25693

File: 1456592481093.jpg (52.59 KB, 522x522, 1:1, 1410625524801.jpg)


>doesn't want to obsess about his blog

>shills it in the progress general without anyone asking for it and without posting any progress at any point

6e95b4 No.25694



I don't have anyone to show it to and can't into shilling properly

also yeah there's no progress, I want to get a hang of shit before making something

6e95b4 No.25695


>can't into shilling properly

>I want to get a hang of shit before making something

You're supposed to have something before you start shilling it, anon.

6e95b4 No.25696

File: 1456600851534.jpg (5.65 KB, 200x179, 200:179, 1446395616312.jpg)


I feel embarrassed and stupid

sorry pls ignore my tisms

6e95b4 No.25763

File: 1456770699398-0.png (8.78 KB, 601x600, 601:600, shmup1.png)

File: 1456770699401-1.png (11.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup2.png)

File: 1456770699402-2.png (9.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup3.png)


I re-did the art as white shapes with a bit of "glow" (really just the same sprite drawn with decreased alpha).

Looks good.

6e95b4 No.25794


>One of the most daunting things about AGDG to me personally is that I have to "wear every hat" and be project manager, programmer, artist, music, etc any of which is an entire team for a AAA project.

That's what I like about it: I get to exercise all of these hobbies that I have and become better at them.

6e95b4 No.25796


>One of the most daunting things about AGDG to me personally is that I have to "wear every hat" and be project manager, programmer, artist, music, etc any of which is an entire team for a AAA project.

That's what I like about it: I get to exercise all of these hobbies that I have and become better at them.

6e95b4 No.25800


And now there's a set of 4 "themes":

>White shapes, enemies have red glow

>White shapes, enemies are red and have white glow

>Solarized Palette, because someone on /cyber/ liked the old colors better (white glow on enemies)

>NES Palette, because muh retro (white glow on enemies)

6e95b4 No.25820

File: 1456976740847.jpg (31.6 KB, 433x432, 433:432, getorganized2.jpg)

how I feel when I open Unreal

6e95b4 No.25848


>space flightsim

>realistic physics

>RTS elements(?)


6e95b4 No.25849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>RTS elements(?)


Although I've kind of split it into two games. Right now I'm just making a simple mini-game type thing where it's like a moba - ships spawn from each side, capital ships act as 'turrets', and each side pushes the other.

But once I'm done that I'm going to return with my experience to my open world space pirate game. And that game will have an RTS system like vid related.

6e95b4 No.25850


Fuckin' sweet.

6e95b4 No.25855

File: 1457131330093-0.png (9.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup1.png)

File: 1457131330093-1.png (10.75 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup2.png)

File: 1457131330094-2.png (14.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shmup3.png)


6e95b4 No.25865

File: 1457175902722-0.jpg (866.83 KB, 747x1869, 249:623, 1454446457278-0.jpg)

File: 1457175902723-1.jpg (451.01 KB, 868x1361, 868:1361, -font-b-PIANO-b-font-font-….jpg)

How the hell do I into music?

I've tried messing around with pics related, but haven't gotten anything good out of it.

I've read up a bit on musical theory too, and I sort of get chords now, but not much else.

6e95b4 No.25872


Same here. I feel like I don't understand what chord progressions are.

So you do an I-V-vi-IV chord in the key of A major, that's an A major chord, an E major, F minor, D major. But what do I do with these chords? What additional notes do I add to this base? Songs do not just take those 4 chords and play them over and over..

6e95b4 No.25873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>But what do I do with these chords? What additional notes do I add to this base?

second pic shows that, I believe.

A major would be A+C#+E; F minor would be F+G#+C.

That would most likely be the lead. Which means you need harmony, bass and a beat.

The bass line is kinda simple, since it's often based on the lead itself. You could technically repeat the same note, for example, C3, and then, in the next part, step down by a few keys and make it A2 or something.

Or you can have notes change octaves instead of repeating the same one. So, C4 -> C3 -> C4 -> C3.

As for harmony, god fucking knows. I have not gotten that to work whatsoever.

As for what to do with the chords, I have no clue. You can do the same chord in a different key, you can do a different chord of the same key. I dunno if there's a way to know how progressions work well.

I've been mapping out a few songs and trying to figure out why they work, but no luck with that either.

I read up on musical theory and musical composition a bit, and I have this knowledge, but I feel like I am still unable to apply it properly. Or I'm still missing a lot of important steps.

embed related impresses me to this day. Motherfucker can do amazing music with three channels, whereas I can't do shit while not having any limits but my own stupidity.

6e95b4 No.25881

File: 1457229713234.webm (1.36 MB, 700x400, 7:4, kkk (01).webm)

Did a bit of sprite work, overhauled (simplified) my movement engine and made a very simple collision system.

The game checks whether there is a collision right in front of your character, and, if there is, the character stops moving.

Hey, it's progress, right?

Now I have a movement engine, a textbox engine AND a collision engine.

All I need now is everything else.

Oh, and a quick question.

Whenever moving up/down, if you then start moving left/right, those inputs take priority.

Whereas if I'm already moving left/right and then start moving up/down, it still keeps going left/right.

Would this be a serious problem? I doubt it, but I'm just wondering if anyone things it could be.

I most likely know why it happens, but GMS is autistic and fixing it would require a bunch of retarded checks in the step events, and I don't want to waste resources on that.

6e95b4 No.25882


Here's what you do.

If left is pressed, then subtract 1 from a variable--I'd call it "xVel" or "vx". If right is pressed, add 1 to whatever this variable is.

If up is pressed, subtract 1 from another variable--"yVel" or "vy". If down, then add 1 to yVel.

Then, move the character along the X axis by their walk speed times xVel, and along the Y axis by their walk speed times yVel. Boom, diagonals. And you didn't even have to learn trig!

6e95b4 No.25883

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Basically, you take the notes of the chord and play them on another octave for your melody. Sorta. I'm pretty new at this myself. This video should make things clear.

6e95b4 No.25885

File: 1457259329608.png (19.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cocks.png)


A few things:

First, I doubt I'll even do diagonals. Having a party of 7 characters as well as a few other important characters and making an RPG in general means that there's gonna be a fuckton of additional sprite work.

I know that Mother did it, but Mother also had an isometric view, which meant it was important. I don't know how important it would be in a FFIV style RPG.

Second, pic relater. I actually did that same code in a previous project, and, without adjusting the speed for diagonals, diagonal movement turns out to be significantly faster. It's not hard to fix, but it should be noted.

6e95b4 No.25894

File: 1457301052816.mp4 (797.1 KB, 540x450, 6:5, 2016-03-06_23-10-59.mp4)

First time actually posting here even though I'm active on irc.

I've been working on a 3d game engine these past few weeks.

So far I've got a scene graph, forward renderer (with ambient, directional, point and spot lights), keyboard and mouse input, obj model parsing, VBO for geometry sharing, texture caching, timestep (64 tickrate with fps capped at 250 and interpolated transformations), translation, scaling, quaternion rotation and a FPS spectator-style camera.

Currently working on a 2d layer on top of 3d for interfaces (video related). The 2d stuff is rendered as 2 triangles per image in orthogonal projection with depth testing disabled (so that it always appears on top of the 3d scene). When I'm done with the 2d layer I'll work on fonts and text rendering.

6e95b4 No.25908


What are you writing it in? Will you add any kind of dynamic shadows?

6e95b4 No.25909


Writing it in Haxe using Lime framework. Yeah, shadow mapping is one of the planned features.

6e95b4 No.25910

File: 1457371239625.mp4 (184.69 KB, 446x326, 223:163, 2016-03-07_19-15-07.mp4)

Now with bitmap fonts! The whole text field is rendered in a single draw call.

6e95b4 No.25915



What model of architecture did you use? How did you manage game objects?

6e95b4 No.25917


It is component based, each object is a GameObject class instance (including the root, which is at the top of the hierarchy) which can contain other GameObjects within itself.

Each object has methods like render() and tick() that are called when appropriate and a Transform object, which contains position, rotation and scale related stuff. Because of the hierarchy model all children of a game object inherit its transformation properties, so moving the parent also moves its children.

GameObject instances may also have components like MeshRenderer and SpriteRenderer that handle rendering to the 3d scene or 2d plane.

This is the first time I'm trying this model but far it's pretty versatile.

6e95b4 No.25918


Dang I meant to reply to >>25915

6e95b4 No.25919


Do you use any space subdivision shit to speed up rendering/future collisions?

6e95b4 No.25930

File: 1457461265147.png (140.65 KB, 563x384, 563:384, fonts1.png)


I definitely will. The implementation will depend on the game I decide to make. Like if it's simply tile based then I'll store and load the map in sectors and handle culling and collisions cleverly. I'll also implement proper frustum culling later for even better performance.

Meanwhile, my engine now supports angelcode format bitmap fonts with proper kerning!

6e95b4 No.25935

File: 1457531106807.mp4 (810.57 KB, 648x390, 108:65, kkk (01).compressed.mp4)



A few days and many autistic checks in checks later, I have diagonal movement.

The hard part was setting the sprites in the specific way I wanted it.

It didn't seem like it'd be hard, but, somehow it was.

Well, fuck it, it works now, even if it is the most autisticly shit thing I have ever made.

6e95b4 No.25965

File: 1457695895903.webm (700.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TestBotTexPass1.webm)

Sure has been a long time since I posted here, nice to see the board is still around with a couple interesting discussion threads.

Here's a first texture pass of my Test Bots.

6e95b4 No.25968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Minigun test

6e95b4 No.25972

File: 1457754317384.webm (7.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ArmoinGame 2016-03-11 19-….webm)

Still working on my game and first batch of art from the artist is coming in. Editor is practically finished with the engine ready with lots of fancy new things like blur and a bunch of shader effects. There will be more swing animations and stuff later. I'm >>24716

6e95b4 No.25973

ignore music in background it was my Pandora. >>25972

6e95b4 No.25978

File: 1457796991287.mp4 (686.34 KB, 736x544, 23:17, 2016-03-12_17-31-07.mp4)

My engine now supports mouse events and clickable UI elements.

6e95b4 No.26011

File: 1457960163122.mp4 (1.36 MB, 646x494, 17:13, 2016-03-14_14-44-27.mp4)

Rendering the scene to a texture! This means I can now have custom resolutions, in-game cameras and monitors, post processing, and shadow mapping (some day)...

6e95b4 No.26015

File: 1458001908650.gif (1010.22 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1376866857745.gif)


>le glBegin engine

6e95b4 No.26026


nice !

figuring stuff like that for the first time is like figuring how to ride a bike

I almost shit myself out of pure joy from managing to move a simple rectangle via mouse

6e95b4 No.26027


combat mechanics better than in 99% of AAA games

..damn, is that even a compliment ? Im not sure

6e95b4 No.26036


badass aesthetic you have going on there, +10

would not put the resting shield/weapon position so high, just doesn't look right. looking forward to seeing more

6e95b4 No.26056



it visually reminds me of art-style employed in The Museum of Broken Memories.


Very nice, but kinda funny you're using an incredibly modern engine to simulate an antiquated look and feel.

I mean, if you think about it, by using an older engine that requires much fewer resources instead of UE4 to work on that project you vastly increase your target audience from only people with high-end gaming PCs, to basically anyone.

6e95b4 No.26057


needs smoother animations

6e95b4 No.26059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6e95b4 No.26062

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Progress demo

6e95b4 No.26063


that looks impressive, did you do the models too?

6e95b4 No.26064

File: 1458276589908.png (258.07 KB, 528x297, 16:9, 1444601700261.png)


> using an open source 3D engine I've never heard of

6e95b4 No.26068


Make music in Famitracker. Having only 4 channels of synthesis forces you to be more creative.

Also, I've found it helps a lot to hum melodies, and try to write them down by ear.

Music theory is for the faggots playing piano at age 3 and forced into musical academies.

6e95b4 No.26069


No, I bought them / got them for free.


The engine is Urho3D, has excellent design. C++ and scripting with Lua/AngelScript.

My game is fully and easily moddable.

6e95b4 No.26072


I couldn't make it on any other engine im not a programmer, Pretty much any modern pc should be able to run it, my pc is 4 years old with a borked graphics card and its somewhat playable

6e95b4 No.26074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gameplay test

6e95b4 No.26083

File: 1458379321012.mp4 (6.54 MB, 646x428, 323:214, 2016-03-19_11-20-13.mp4)


Too late.

Rendering 3d tilemaps. 1 draw call, blazing fucking fast.

What I did was create 2 custom file formats - one for map data, and one for tileset data. Tileset contains references to models, map file positions them in a grid. The engine creates the whole map and stores it as a single model in VBO and IBO, so I can render it at 250fps in a single draw call.

6e95b4 No.26095


wow I was in your tumblr minute ago :D Pretty good work. I really wanna be java dev just like you. Unfortunately i don't have time now. I'll start learning everthing this summer. Can you suggest anything to start with :3 ??

6e95b4 No.26096


Eh that's actually a pretty normal naive implementation and uses a lot of memory. Come back when you use instancing.

6e95b4 No.26097

File: 1458420841964-0.webm (7.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Starstuff v0.3.2 Developm….webm)

File: 1458420841965-1.png (18.65 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, 10.PNG)

File: 1458420842020-2.png (20.86 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, 3.PNG)

File: 1458420842037-3.png (21.16 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, 5.PNG)

File: 1458420842037-4.png (24.21 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, 6.PNG)

Okay, well, in the past month I finally, "Just did it", and began work on the stellar body evolution system.

At this point it can generate and simulate asteroids, planets, moons, and stars.

Like usual, I'm concentrating on the mechanical aspects of the design before working on the procedural generation that will generate all the pretty graphics. I want to make sure the physics are sound before I add anything to the planets, so for now they're barren plains.

Most of the progress has been back-end stuff, optimizing, fixing, and replacing code.

I managed to shorten the class controlling the gravitation of the stellar bodies from 30-something lines down to 9.

Over all I shrunk the code by about 100 lines, which did wonders for the performance, and now I can simulate a large number of bodies at the same time.

N-body Problem be dammed.

I fixed the trails, so that now a small percentage of stars and large planets will display their ecliptic in the form of a trail, without killing the frame-rate.

I'm slowly improving the physics as well, slowly but steadily moving further from a classic Newtonian model of gravitation and more into the vastly more accurate model of special relativity.

This is immensely difficult to do, considering that no one is actually %100 sure how gravity does what it does to begin with, and It will probably require several updates after launch to get right. However, I am confident enough the the simulation is very accurate already.

The future is looking bright for this project.

Now, I also made some psychological progress, I created and uploaded a simple development teaser trailer to youtube, and updated my patreon page


Which is mostly just a mental thing to boost confidence since I've gotten 0 donations so far, not enough gay furry porn in this game, one would think.

Anyway, that's my progress this month.

Good luck to all the other devs out there going through a rough time for the sake of your art.

It is a worthy cause, ours.

6e95b4 No.26098


I won't use instancing for this, map sectors will be static objects batched together and consist of more than 2 tile types. I will use instancing for particles later.

6e95b4 No.26106

File: 1458501599785.png (521.1 KB, 1244x681, 1244:681, Screenshot_16.png)

Messing around with water, came up with basic interaction, i'll post a webm later maybe

6e95b4 No.26107


NEVER GIVE UP on giving up.

Just use an existing engine instead of wasting time.

6e95b4 No.26114


Most of the people who make engines for their indie games are making them out of sheer enjoyment and the engineering challenge, rather than straight up making a game.

6e95b4 No.26116

File: 1458568561788.mp4 (1.42 MB, 598x408, 299:204, 2016-03-21_15-48-31.mp4)


No, I like being in control.

Here are some basic dynamic shadows.

6e95b4 No.26117



Also, if he can pull off dynamic shadows and 3D tilemaps with 250 frames per second, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

6e95b4 No.26120




You can also put a finger up ur butthole and move it around for enjoyment.

It's a waste of time and gets you nowhere, just don't get delusional about it.

6e95b4 No.26121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What needs to be improved next?

6e95b4 No.26122

File: 1458584788852.png (739.03 KB, 2267x883, 2267:883, elf loli.png)


Finally found some time to work on my elf loli, so here's some further progress report.

Ignore the crap hair... That's just a preview of the kind of hair that I want to model for her using planes.

Just have to work on finishing her belt, creating a low-poly version of her and then off to Quixel Suite 2... wooooo can't wait

6e95b4 No.26123

File: 1458586522675-0.png (216.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, plebplaza1.png)

File: 1458586522676-1.png (235.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, citystreets1.png)

File: 1458586522781-2.png (153.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, socjushq1.png)

Posting this week's progress, concept art for some of the levels in the game.

Also, blog shilling:


6e95b4 No.26182

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i made a video and did some work on the block/AI today

6e95b4 No.26192

File: 1459001975877.mp4 (718.51 KB, 816x638, 408:319, 2016-03-26_15-44-38.mp4)

Hardware anti aliased shadows, pause, menu system and buttons.

6e95b4 No.26209

File: 1459047442088.jpg (187.38 KB, 1019x342, 1019:342, metalslugtd.jpg)



Been playing this for days, wanted moar, decided to make moar, noticed I have no assets.

Then I noticed I give less fucks about assets legality then SNK gives a fuck about metal slug

6e95b4 No.26214

File: 1459098103742.mp4 (1.78 MB, 816x638, 408:319, 2016-03-27_19-55-40.mp4)

Progress on my 3d game engine's UI system - menu states and sliders for setting numeric values.

6e95b4 No.26260


Ni9ce. You should probably design levels with more contrast though. Dark/light areas, cramped/open, and especially the environment textures to make the areas seem distinct.


Damn that's a lot of monsters.

6e95b4 No.26282

File: 1459596891318.mp4 (3.04 MB, 816x638, 408:319, 2016-04-02_14-20-22.mp4)

Implemented dropdowns, screen resolution and shadow quality options.

6e95b4 No.26308


I can get behind a Doom clone. Stomp Doom 4 back into the hell hole it came from, Anon.

6e95b4 No.26316

File: 1459922459490-0.png (12.35 KB, 904x554, 452:277, more autism.png)

File: 1459922459491-1.png (59.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, autism.png)

Making a comfy space sim game, not having as much dificulty with programming as i thought i would have, the only difficulty i'm having is with the fact that english is not my first language, so it's going to have a few gramatical erros.

it's quite hard to explain the concept, you are in charge of a small scientific vessel on a randomly generated system, and you are given the task to analyse the planet data(atmosphere, surface, ore deposits) with your sensors and probes, and send a report in the end of a few turns, then you get funds to last longer, the data depends on the organization you work with, for example, if you're working of a tourism organization, you're going to have to analyze the planet's fauna and flora, if you're working for a mineration organization, you have to analyze the planet's ore deposits, the science part is going to be extremely in depth, i started the project yesterday.

6e95b4 No.26331

Progress has been writing a save system for the game, breaking game world stuff into lines of text, one line of text for each variable, with things like what game object its on, what component, the Type name of the variable, and a string representation of the variables value, or the hash of what it points to if its a reference. That way its human readable and editable. Then to Load I go through the lines, and rebuild the scene reflectively. Last night I added event listeners, and the last thing I have to do is add Dictionaries.

Currently I'm working on how to save ViewControllers, since thats outside the realm of Model data that gets saved. I can know which windows should be opened on loading, because that data is saved in the model. But things like window position, or what text has been entered into the textboxes in the window, thats whats awkward right now.

6e95b4 No.26344

File: 1460235879880.png (975.64 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, Yume_2016-04-09_23-54-50.png)

Weekly spam

6e95b4 No.26348

File: 1460273936678-0.jpg (262.61 KB, 1023x768, 341:256, tips.jpg)

File: 1460273936692-1.jpg (67.14 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, tanioh.jpg)


I guess I'll go through with this so I should make a thread or something but, eh.

6e95b4 No.26351

File: 1460312228482.png (344.5 KB, 954x338, 477:169, yume_aa.png)

My engine now supports post-processing, here's some shader based anti aliasing.

6e95b4 No.26352


tell me about your game?

6e95b4 No.26353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's going to be an action adventure game, somewhat like LBA (video related) but with juicier and more fun combat and movement. Right now I'm working on the engine for it. I will start a new thread when I can show some hints of actual gameplay. All models are placeholders right now, but I like vivid colors so that aspect will remain.

6e95b4 No.26354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's going to be an action adventure game, somewhat like LBA (video related) but with juicier and more fun combat and movement. Right now I'm working on the engine for it. I will start a new thread when I can show some hints of actual gameplay. All models are placeholders right now, but I like vivid colors so that aspect will remain.

6e95b4 No.26363



Although you should add SMAA, since, unlike FXAA, it isn't shit.

6e95b4 No.26366


You're right, SMAA is better, but I didn't find a good GLSL shader for it that I can just plug into my post processing pipeline and forget. I'll probably add it eventually but it's not a priority right now, I should really start working on the map editor and gameplay asap.

6e95b4 No.26374

File: 1460545869148.png (31.22 KB, 805x625, 161:125, my_life_for_the_past_year.png)


I've been working on pic related since January 2015. It's a 2D FPS engine implemented entirely from scratch. I haven't made use of any external libraries except for windowing (for which I've implemented xlib and SDL backends).

It's been a real educational experience and I've learned a lot about how graphics rendering and collision detection work on this project. I've finally gotten to the point where I can start implementing a real game on top of this engine, I just don't know what sort of game I want to make with it.

I also really want to work on something else now, but I won't because I can't bear to let the last 14 months go to waste.

6e95b4 No.26380


Is this software or hardware rendering?

6e95b4 No.26386


Software. The walls are done by doing one two-dimensional raycast for every column in the framebuffer. The raycast is used to obtain which wall is visible for a given column of pixels, and how far away the wall is at that part of the screen. From there, the perspective projection can be done to get how high that part of the wall is.

The floor and ceiling are done in a similar manner, but it's a bit more complicated, and I wrote it so long ago I don't entirely remember how it works.

Surprisingly enough, the collision detection was actually harder to implement than the rendering, although it is less computationally intense.

6e95b4 No.26405

File: 1460751748108.mp4 (4.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, yee.mp4)

I'm making a top down samurai gorefest

6e95b4 No.26408


Good god I hope the mechanics are solid.

6e95b4 No.26425

File: 1460904412323.mp4 (4.66 MB, 816x638, 408:319, 2016-04-17_17-36-11.mp4)

3d mouse works

6e95b4 No.26450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


new progress vid


Yeah, still have some optimizations planned that should enable supporting many more monsters.


It's funny that Doom 4 isn't a Doom clone :^)

6e95b4 No.26460


the fov is a bit weird, makes most of the weapons look tiny to me that way

6e95b4 No.26461

I made a (subpar) game.


Trying to get it greenlit at the moment (anyway). Loving the comments heh.

6e95b4 No.26463


nice trailer, seems like a potentially pewdiepie bait

6e95b4 No.26464


Thanks. I've always wanted to make a trailer so that was totally worth it.

6e95b4 No.26466


btw is there a point to continue playing after 1 minute? If there is you should communicate it, if there isn't there should be something so it will be more than a gimmick game.

6e95b4 No.26467


There's a story that you can complete, and a few weapons to buy. Thanks I'll mention it. It's just something I made when I couldn't look at my main projects anymore.

6e95b4 No.26469

File: 1461093604846.png (20.86 KB, 642x507, 214:169, alpha v0.3.1.png)

So a while ago I grabbed AppGameKit on steam for a whopping $free thanks to a game dev bundle, and I've been toying with it ever since.

After many, many "back to the drawing board"s, I've finally found a mechanic that's kinda fun, both to play and to program. Inspired by my job at an office, I decided to make a game around the most fun activity they ever gave me - Throwing old CDs and floppies into a shredder. Hey, we all have to start somewhere.

You control the claws with two buttons per claw - One for dropping the object, the other for calling the claw back.

Please ignore my color-blind spritework

Does anyone know where I can get some good sound effects for a game like this? Mechanical grinding sounds, buzzers for incorrect choices, etc?

6e95b4 No.26470

File: 1461097148524.png (43.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Nazi-Pixl-Shit.png)

I'm making a beatumup where you play as nazis (pictured here) and you have to eliminate 6 million jews (Also pictured here) to win the game.

I'm trying to sneak in little bits of redpill here and there through use of subtle narrative details (like the typhus situation, allied bombings of dresden, etc.) but it's mostly just satire.

The backdrop will be mostly german buildings and architecture (Pictured), and it is pixel shit because It's easier and faster and It's just for fun anyway.

Just thought I'd post about it here.

6e95b4 No.26471

File: 1461097383267.png (2.82 MB, 3840x1080, 32:9, Concentrate.png)

Bonus lame dual monitor wallpaper!

6e95b4 No.26474

File: 1461104729563-0.png (47.01 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, starstuffv034_6.PNG)

File: 1461104729564-1.png (64.49 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, starstuffv034_7.PNG)

File: 1461104729564-2.png (61.5 KB, 1280x754, 640:377, starstuffv034_8.PNG)

File: 1461104729564-3.png (125.88 KB, 1280x473, 1280:473, starstuffSESv034_header_ga….png)

File: 1461104729565-4.png (274.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, starstuffv034_cover.png)

The most obvious change is the lighting, stars and large gas giants now produce light, which makes everything look rather nice.

But besides that I also:

-Added SSAO and Bloom filters for openGL Pixel Shader 2.0

-Enabled VR mode(Dome/Spherical)

-Optimized several scripts

-Improved various controls and cameras

-Player can now switch between ships and bodies

-Player can now control several spaceships

-Added permanent light sources on ships

-Removed teapot orbiting random star

-First Demo Release

So I went and did something a little weird and uploaded an incredibly old and outdated version of the game, in fact, it was the first 'working' build of it, and it is in 2D. So I only did this to try and bring more attention to the full 3D project, and it seems to have worked but only just a little.

Anyway, you can play this heavily outdated 1 year old 2D version of starstuff here:


Be warned, it's exactly as basic as it sounds. But I still like it, you now?

Then, I uploaded an actual playable 3D Demo of the current version of starstuff. I'm currently on the 34th build, which is exciting. The game is progressing very well.

You can download the 3D demo of Starstuff | Stellar Evolution Simulator here:


There was another thing I did, which I put on youtube. It's a very short and very simple test footage video of the game's VR mode which I managed to get working using youtube's 360 degree video feature.


You can move the camera around while watching, if it doesn't work try to watch the video on the mobile youtube app.

If you just don't like that sort of thing though, I did make a more traditional trailer for the current version of the game, watch it here:


Lastly, I updated my http://patreon.com/scoriaGames page and blah, blah, blah, but every day I grow more and more convinced that patreon is pretty much a legend people speak of to make children hopeful that they will be able to follow their dreams.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any comment or feedback, support, or heck even a share on social media!

6e95b4 No.26475


Very funny, but isn't this basically the Baby Seal Clubbing game that Tom Fulp from Newgrounds made?


Still, I don't blame you for having a humorous side project.

6e95b4 No.26478

File: 1461144860362-0.gif (9.11 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Greenman.gif)

File: 1461144860363-1.gif (24.06 KB, 256x256, 1:1, SS_1-idle.gif)

File: 1461144860363-2.gif (23.21 KB, 256x256, 1:1, SS_1-walk.gif)


Got some animations for yous guys.

6e95b4 No.26479


Why pink guy is green?

6e95b4 No.26480


Why is pink guy green?

6e95b4 No.26482

File: 1461165433333.png (80.19 KB, 723x267, 241:89, h7KSnUs.png)


but can you play a jew boxing his way out of auschwitz?

and why the fug is deadpool in there, he's been ruined enough as it is

6e95b4 No.26483


>fight your way out of a concentration camp.

Sounds good, why not? "Good Goy Mode"

We'll have to get some chiptunes Hava Nagila.


Just fucking around.


But I liked the movie!

6e95b4 No.26484

File: 1461175708614.gif (9.08 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Pinkguy.gif)


Filthy Frank? Yeah he kinda does look like him, I guess. Here ya go.

6e95b4 No.26485


How about the jews build a coin-operated iron-man suit to help them escape?

That would provide a fun excuse for a coin collecting mechanic.

Just a thought.


6e95b4 No.26487

File: 1461202545939-0.gif (15.85 KB, 256x256, 1:1, GreenLarge-idle.gif)

File: 1461202545940-1.gif (23.11 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Slimey-Dragonfruit-idle.gif)

File: 1461202545940-2.gif (23.61 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Slimey-Lime-idle.gif)

File: 1461202545940-3.gif (23.65 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Slimey-Orange-idle.gif)

And now for something completely different.

6e95b4 No.26500

File: 1461293142046-0.png (70.46 KB, 1034x633, 1034:633, WDM.png)

File: 1461293142048-1.png (58.95 KB, 1036x634, 518:317, WDM2.png)

I was working on a twine game called Fritzlsim, inspired by Free Cities. I made good progress but eventually my shitty spaghetti code got out of hand and it was difficult to work with.

I've temporarily put Fritzlsim on hold in order to work on certain features I wanted by building another smaller game around them. This game is basically Battle Royale with only schoolgirls. Most features are now implemented, and I am now mainly filling in content. I've got NPC travel working kind of but I need a better way for them to intelligently move between grid coordinates. It's pretty random currently.

Combat works well and I just need to fill in the rest of the wound description/effect tables and add a shitload more weapons. Today I am working on fleshing out the girl descriptions to have more detail, and also list injuries.

Still deciding whether or not to make it lewd

6e95b4 No.26501

File: 1461297231547.webm (464.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PathingWithAnimations.webm)

Oh boy, pathfinding, and movement animations. This is actually starting to look like a real game!


Well LibGDX does make gamedev a lot easier on Java, especially if you only want to do 2D games.

That said, once I'm done with this project I'm migrating all of my code to C++ for the massive increase in control that gives. Java used to be my favorite language, and it's still good for learning stuff, but eventually everyone moves on from it if they can.

6e95b4 No.26514


is it hard to make 3d with libGDX?

6e95b4 No.26516


It doesn't really make it that easy for you. It handles batching and animation pretty well, but you have to already know how to use OpenGL as LibGDX's 3d support is practically just a wrapper over that.

6e95b4 No.26522

File: 1461436898670.png (478.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, transparency.png)

Haven't been able to do much this week but added transparency to textures and shadows in my game engine.

6e95b4 No.26536

File: 1461555011191.gif (1.05 MB, 1412x932, 353:233, GIF.gif)


I hope too.

6e95b4 No.26538

File: 1461602355235-0.png (32.42 KB, 405x603, 45:67, grass spikelet3.PNG)

File: 1461602355235-1.png (29.86 KB, 466x657, 466:657, grass spikelet.PNG)

File: 1461602355235-2.png (24.73 KB, 404x539, 404:539, grass spikelet2.PNG)

Not really making a game with this, but just posting this grass I modeled the other day.

>walking by my neighbor's house

>they have a really big yard full of dry grass and fruit trees

>think about how cool a plastic green army men RTS would be if it actually incorporated the world scale

>deformable terrain, grass fields can actually be set on fire, areas can be flooded, soldiers can climb up bushes and chairs and other objects, aircraft would actually have to avoid and navigate around trees and fenceposts and other tall objects

>pick one of the little grass spikelets out, decide to model it

6e95b4 No.26550

File: 1461684932920.png (180.33 KB, 1720x920, 43:23, rifle.blend.png)

Babby's first blender model.

I'm just learning how useful the extrude tool can be.

6e95b4 No.26562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Small test vid of teleporting projectiles

6e95b4 No.26588

File: 1461910330341.webm (2.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ArmoinGame 2016-04-28 23-….webm)

I'm fixing some bugs.

6e95b4 No.26595


It's all about that edit mode CTRL+Click

6e95b4 No.26633

It just hit me I'm never ever going to make the games I want to make because 2000 was 16 years ago

6e95b4 No.26646

File: 1462358917248.png (219.1 KB, 600x406, 300:203, 1308170359003.png)


>tfw yesterday was over 12 hours ago

time just goes too fast I'm too old to dev there just isn't enough time

6e95b4 No.26652

File: 1462417803195.webm (436.64 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 2016-05-03-2049-04.webm)

Here's the particle engine I've been working on for the last week.

You've probably seen it on the /v/ threads if you post there at all

6e95b4 No.26657

File: 1462477524478.jpg (222.71 KB, 1076x776, 269:194, 094f1c3a0e[1].jpg)

Does anybody here 3D model from 2D art?

I've had some experience making normal objects from pictures, so I've recently started trying modeling a character but holy fuck it's hard, especially arms and hands.

I've been mostly following speed modeling videos to see the process people go trough, but I was asking myself if there's any better tutorials for it or someting to read to give me a better idea of what the fuck I'm doing

I don't expect in doing anything super precise of course, this will be as low poly as possible once it's done

and if it's done

6e95b4 No.26671

Working on several things split between Gamemaker and Construct 2.

Latter will be a small platformer with time-control and grappling mechanics, and the former is a school project where I'm supposed to put something simple in a balloon pop game. It's now a bullet hell.

Problem is, I'm running out of ideas for good (and easier) bullet patterns. I've just finished a spiral pattern, and there are various tracking bullets that fire at the player. (A black bullet that stays still for a half second then fires towards the player, and a gray bullet that fires towards the player and when it bounces it adjusts its velocity toward the player again once, and then the typical spiral mindfuck.)

I'm thinking of making a wave pattern and a beam attack pattern.

Also, how could one design a effective respawn system without lives, where the player is punted back where he left off? I'm using a health bar for the player, and one massive one for the boss. Right now, the player's health gets back up to full, and I'm working on deleting all the bullets from the arena, similar to a bomb.

Where is good documentation on the various functions of gamemaker? The only issue I have with coding is remembering all the shit I can bend to my will, and optimizing said will.


is pretty good so far though.

6e95b4 No.26691

File: 1462824465399.png (15.99 KB, 319x160, 319:160, policepic.PNG)


That movement is nice

Not much progress since setting up the server and installer/updater system. Trying to make a police station you can hack into and send police drones out to SWAT people, or submit tips on crimes you happen to see while snooping around. Or frame people for submitting false tips. I feel like I keep nibbling around the periphery of what the game wants to be, but I can't get myself to dive in and just like do it.

Also if anyone is thinking about buying an 8ch ad, I did and it was pretty good, like $0.25 per download

>inb4 'paying people to play your game'

6e95b4 No.26701


It's common to use 2D references for modeling. That being said, I'd suggest you learn a bit more about anatomy/human proportions,

Low poly is no excuse for bad body structure

6e95b4 No.26711

File: 1462949708588.gif (467.43 KB, 509x379, 509:379, fuck debugging.gif)

Holy shit fuck debugging. Whyyyyyyyyyy

6e95b4 No.26712

File: 1462950766424.gif (382.61 KB, 509x379, 509:379, fixed it.gif)


aaand fixed it.

turns out I was using 2 * (x / 2) for objects too, but only during the check. I had that since for editing wall layout you do it on a 2x2-tile grid.

6e95b4 No.26730

File: 1463115174018.gif (611.37 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 0001-0080.gif)

i'm slowly teaching myself how to do shitting 3d modelling and animation

6e95b4 No.26753


>Also, how could one design a effective respawn system without lives, where the player is punted back where he left off?

That sort of system is only really ever good on online FPS or in games without a linear level progression.

You should consider devising a sort of check-point system that temporarily quick-saves the player's state around every 5 minutes of game-play.

This way if you die after a certain point in the level you will respawn 1-5 minutes behind where you were.

Your right that you shouldn't have lives, as you aren't really making an arcade game so there is no point in having them, but making the player revive exactly or too near where they died promotes laziness in the player, it makes them practice your game less and keeps them from developing the skills to play your game without dying(for example, Bioshock, where death meant absolutely nothing.)


Here's a video that explains the common mistakes made by AAA devs on player respawn systems better than I ever could.

6e95b4 No.26761

File: 1463303157302.webm (6.34 MB, 1364x754, 682:377, Soapy-Seal.webm)

I made this 2D platformer prototype over the course of 8 months and haven't touched it in over two weeks. I should probably fix that.

6e95b4 No.26763


looks FUN

would play

6e95b4 No.26767


Thanks m8. I'll get an itch.io page going.

6e95b4 No.26794

File: 1463594617908.png (432.1 KB, 800x600, 4:3, translucency.png)

My game engine now supports translucency.

Going to refactor the engine soon because entity-component model is bollocks and I don't want to put up with it anymore.

6e95b4 No.26795


I've seen you steadily post updates on your engine for a while now, if you don't mind telling what do you plan on using it for, personal use or a public release?

6e95b4 No.26797


Sleepless, by Flume

6e95b4 No.26800


Working on a 2d topdown roguelike-esque puzzle solving / exploration game, written in C and Lua. Basic idea is to procedurally generate puzzles as part of the map generation, so I have a hierarchy of small composable puzzle elements (switches, keys, one-way doors, sensors, distances for time-based puzzles, etc.) and the generator will use a mix of graph rewriting and constraint solving to stitch them together and generate varied maps.

6e95b4 No.26806


Sure. I'm planning to make a top-down strategy/tower defense game with it for a start. I probably won't release the engine to the public because it's currently built for the specific gameplay I have in mind and is not useful as a universal engine (yet). Also I'd have to document it.....

I have just a few more things left to do before the rendering core is pretty much done (mainly skeletal animation), then I'll start working on a game prototype and will hopefully have some gameplay to show in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, my first commercial game Hypnorain is in a bundle with 9 other games! https://groupees.com/bagb44

6e95b4 No.26813


I believe practicing is the key right?

6e95b4 No.26823

File: 1463845396865.mp4 (4.33 MB, 640x432, 40:27, 2016-05-21_18-38-20.mp4)

My model format in action.

6e95b4 No.26828


What is your engine programmed in?

6e95b4 No.26835

6e95b4 No.26848

Looking for Writefags - direct your attention towards >>26836

6e95b4 No.26854


what do you think about vulkan?

6e95b4 No.26858


Gamemaker feels like you're making a game for a 16-bit console while the other engines are for modern day consoles/PCs.

I still love the some of the stuff it includes, such as the tile editor/sprite editor, but it always feels like you're doing something it wasn't meant for when it's something simple in Unity/Unreal.

That being said, GM8 > Studio simply for not crashing on startup at least on my computer

6e95b4 No.26860

File: 1464294061372.png (640.93 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot_2016-05-26-22-1….png)

rate my shitty graphics

its for android and I dont know how to properly record screen to make vids

6e95b4 No.26863


everything looks great except for the grass

6e95b4 No.26867


Pretty neat except it looks weird that the resolution of the graphics and the resolution of the icons are different.

6e95b4 No.26869


Yeah I just picked the best looking grass texture I could made, this one sucked the least


That never came to my mind when playing it, guess its more obvious from a picture

I dont like pixelated UIs so I think Ill stick with this and hope people can get over it

6e95b4 No.26870

File: 1464377089134.png (26.13 KB, 256x256, 1:1, sprites copy.png)

Working on a hex-based TBS I guess

I did the water, rivers, and side rocks by myself, but the jungle and sand/desert was ripped from something else

6e95b4 No.26871


Just using OpenGL for now. Vulkan seems to be too bleeding edge for me at the moment.

6e95b4 No.26873


Are you related to that HeartBeast guy on Youtube? Cause the graphics remind me of it

6e95b4 No.26874

File: 1464429176628.png (738.04 KB, 984x826, 492:413, greenlit.png)

I did it!

6e95b4 No.26878


Congrats man, it's cool you have a free demo too.

6e95b4 No.26879


awesome! its cool to see someone followed through to the end on a project and even got greenlit

just curious but what did you make it in?

6e95b4 No.26883

File: 1464485680126.mp4 (847.97 KB, 800x594, 400:297, harvestmoonclone.mp4)

so today I started making a harvest moon clone.

currently I'm using placeholder art, but when I finish it I hope to replace it all and upload it somewhere for free.

still debating whether or not to add original waifus or just copy them from FoMT

6e95b4 No.26884

6e95b4 No.26891

File: 1464543425038.mp4 (1.98 MB, 770x600, 77:60, harvestmoonclone.mp4)

updated the tiles in the background and am now working on tilling farmable land and later today probably indoors stuff


I've seen another anon in this thread using haxe, how is it?

I've got an idea for a porn VN game where you actually move around, sort of like old dating sims from the 90's but you actually move around, but I want to branch out and try something else

6e95b4 No.26894


Looking good.

6e95b4 No.26900


Haxe and all its popular frameworks are really, really good. Also both anons are me

6e95b4 No.26901


Well, that makes 3 different IDs in 1 thread... At least I got the dubs.

6e95b4 No.26903

File: 1464623775714.mp4 (4.55 MB, 630x384, 105:64, 2016-05-30_18-50-43.mp4)

I finally got bone animations to work in my game engine.

Here's 400 animated things with dynamic shadows at 200-ish FPS.

6e95b4 No.26906


can you try and get some simple looking humanoid to do a walk cycle in there?

and how many bones does that have?

6e95b4 No.26908

File: 1464712023506.mp4 (4.39 MB, 518x350, 37:25, 2016-05-31_19-19-30.mp4)


Here are some poorly modeled fat men in hats. The performance is pretty much the same as before. 400 entities at 200 FPS, 900 entities at 80 FPS. This guy has 7 bones, that thing in the previous mp4 had 2 bones.

6e95b4 No.26909


how's the comparison between 3d images and sprites?

if someone wanted to do an rts with this, would sprites have a huge boost in performance

actually does it support sprites yet?

6e95b4 No.26910


fuck i meant 3d models, not images

6e95b4 No.26911



Did you mean a pure 2d RTS, or something like Ragnarok with 3d terrain and 2d sprites on it? If it's the latter, then the engine doesn't have that yet, but it wouldn't be hard to add.

It has a dedicated 2d layer for UI though. I just added 10,000 sprites to the pause menu and the fps became 45 (without the animated models), which I think is good, considering that each object is a separate entity in the hierarchy (if it was something like a particle system then I could optimize it to be faster).

6e95b4 No.26915


i meant 3d terrain and 2d sprites, like age of empires 2

although you could probably achieve the same visual results with 2d tiles too, i think Zeus is like that

6e95b4 No.26953

File: 1465362419896.jpg (303.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, example.jpg)

Ive spent a long time on this. It totally sucks but I figured out normal maps, occlusion maps and texture painting.

Now all that's left is to git gud

then on to animation and rigging.

then ill tackle unity

6e95b4 No.26954

File: 1465362522449.jpg (37.77 KB, 1358x641, 1358:641, EG2.jpg)


here it is including my janky normal map

6e95b4 No.26964


looks neat

but what is it supposed to be ?

the sketch looks like some kind of a robot with a snow pusher standing on a baseball glove thats strapped to a hand grenade

6e95b4 No.26965

File: 1465496959702.webm (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, progress.2016.06.09.webm)

Made a frontend for the in-game sql client, I think its all I needed for making a promo video for greenlight concepts

6e95b4 No.26971

File: 1465628129334.gif (2 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Animation_1.gif)


dunno, the guy who drew that has an art station full of cool stuff


I figured out animating in blender.

one step closer

6e95b4 No.26978


COme on anpon, oyu can do beter, step it isu

6e95b4 No.26983


What are you using to get the animations and bones into your engine, I've been using FBX, and I keep fucking up the math on importing the Joints somehow

6e95b4 No.26990

File: 1465986366037.png (573.04 KB, 1275x710, 255:142, Screenshot_1.png)

messing about with my foresty hub section

6e95b4 No.26995

File: 1466014001975.png (430.86 KB, 1632x955, 1632:955, 010.png)

Currently designing a sportstadion for a city. The clue is that the (here blue colored) parts can move toward the center for games with a narrower field.

But I guess I will remake it, learned some thing during it and want to get rid of dead faces/lines.

6e95b4 No.27008


My own model format based on this: http://sauerbraten.org/iqm/

6e95b4 No.27023

File: 1466410316623.mp4 (585.15 KB, 418x416, 209:208, 2016-06-20_11-02-42.mp4)

Experimenting with modeling and animation, then loading it in my engine. It's crap but I'm slowly getting better...

6e95b4 No.27063

File: 1466697234417.webm (625.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Capture_.webm)

I'd posted earlier project on /v/ agdg thread. I've made some improvements, namely a new brick type.

6e95b4 No.27161



Don't let me down now, anon.

6e95b4 No.27169


I like this style

6e95b4 No.27198



6e95b4 No.27199


Autodesk creates literal shittons of professionally-oriented books and videos. There are also a slew of third-party training vendors who've created libraries of videos. Also, the Blender Foundation has a number of sets if you're using Blender.

Good modeling from reference still depends on good modeling fundamentally. Also, learning to draw well is a huge step towards being able to model well, so I'd advise you to go in that direction first if you really want to make a career of it.

It's a lot of work either way, so I hope you're internally motivated anon!

6e95b4 No.27239


> breathing worlds

Only if the player can see the depth behind it

You might have a whole neural net with factional allegiance and personality traits, but if all the player ever sees is the NPC moving from point A to point B, its lost

6e95b4 No.27240


There's no SQL in it, but the halfchan demoday version is here


6e95b4 No.27256


>It's crap but I'm slowly getting better...

Good job then. That's how everyone improves anon.

6e95b4 No.27271

File: 1468562203350.jpg (1012.63 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, sourcedev.jpg)

lol progress haha :)

6e95b4 No.27275


makes me want to play thief

6e95b4 No.27285


6e95b4 No.27286

File: 1468755004234.png (35.35 KB, 885x348, 295:116, f9338584a1883a646354b5691d….png)

i've been remaking my project for the third time now since the code in it was horrible

and in the meanwhile i've got a node/dialogue editor system working


right now i think all i need to do for it is to make node attaching work like in Unreal, not with "Attach" buttons.

6e95b4 No.27307


Actually, I just looked at your gameplay and progress videos, do you plan to add ragdoll physics for the enemies?

6e95b4 No.27323


I copy pasted all my code to help you out but at last second decided not to.

6e95b4 No.27340


1992 called, they want their renders back

6e95b4 No.27360


Man this concept is really cool. I'd steal it if I didn't have morals.

6e95b4 No.27393


This is shit. Complete shit. Why is this allowed?

6e95b4 No.27409

File: 1469680480319.png (822.02 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 2016-07-27-105216_1280x800….png)

I have a working map generator, does anyone have a good idea what to do with that beside an RPG or a racing game?

6e95b4 No.27411


Love the A E S T H E T I X

Would absolutely check out. Keep it up my man.

6e95b4 No.27426


It seriously can't be overstated just how Not Allowed this level of "work" is. This is seriously 100% fucking garbage. Kill yourself.

6e95b4 No.27439


High speed action game, like After Burner.

6e95b4 No.27462

File: 1470178160802.jpg (41.69 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1470155202266.jpg)


>someone literally made this and then thought it was a good idea to post

6e95b4 No.27483


Where did you get this screenshot of the original Alone in the Dark from?

6e95b4 No.27489


Are you proud of that? Do you think anyone wants to look at that shit? Fuck off.

6e95b4 No.27532

File: 1470703215645.webm (1.76 MB, 640x480, 4:3, fugg.webm)

I've always wanted to make a n64 style platformer, something like Banjo Kazooie because I like exploration.

I have the programming skills, can write music, but I can't really do art too well or have any interesting ideas.

I'm gonna keep tinkering with a simple engine (sketch), maybe implement a few mechanics and try to find something that is fun to tinker with, nothing with a complex engine because I'll end up spending all my time on code.

I just wanna explore interesting environments I invented, something relaxing and dissociative.

6e95b4 No.27533

File: 1470706959477.png (42.28 KB, 960x540, 16:9, spurdo.png)


shit, wrong thread. meant to post in 'whats holding you back'

this isn't even a game

6e95b4 No.27534





Nice looking stuff there. Are you still alive and working on this? I'm also using Urho3D and making my levels Doom/Quake style with radiant. I'm dying to know what your level-building pipeline looks like. Do you have a writeup anywhere? If not, would you be willing to do one? Currently I'm blocking my levels out in netradiant and looking into how I'd import them into Urho3D and how to effectively do collisions and pathfinding with them.

6e95b4 No.27586



6e95b4 No.27593


make seal rotate with terrain and add a glide option and I'd think it'd be very interesting.

6e95b4 No.27594


*glide across the ice for fast to elaborate

6e95b4 No.27615

File: 1471867386936-0.gif (104.6 KB, 660x1060, 33:53, shadowKnightRun.gif)

File: 1471867386937-1.png (61.64 KB, 64x294, 32:147, carvajalRunSheet.png)

File: 1471867386938-2.png (67.91 KB, 88x180, 22:45, shadowKnightRun.png)

File: 1471867386938-3.gif (77.51 KB, 33x53, 33:53, glitch man.gif)

Working on getting pixelshit animation to look decent.

6e95b4 No.27626

i got offered a job as a unity gamedev a few days ago, but in the interview they told me to look up push notifications, since they want me to work with mobile devices

so far, everywhere i search for that term, they just tell me to use third party software, no actual tutorial on how to create some kind of system to send notifications if you have an app installed

anyone got any resources on that?

6e95b4 No.27637

File: dd0483def946a4b⋯.png (143.83 KB, 2434x1594, 1217:797, shitfamfullsail.png)


Halfchan found the person who makes this garbage.

His name is Grant Ferrell.


Name and Shame.

6e95b4 No.27652


>being in Dopesheet view


>no IK at all

>I figured out animating in blender

Not really.

Also, maybe figure out Blender first before you go any further.

6e95b4 No.27668


There's all kinds of shit you can do.

For example, in the key of Cmaj, you can do a change to Dmaj since it's the dominant of Gmaj, which is dominant to Cmaj. There's also parallel keys, like Amin to Cmaj. Check out the Circle of Fifths and basically play chords that are next to each other, and chords that occupy the same "space" on the maj/min circles.

Also, a fifth up from the root is the dominant, a fifth down is the subdominant, which means fourth up is sub, fourth down is dom.

Go to your library and loan a fuckton of music books, then start checking them out. At least one is bound to make sense to you.

There's an amazing book called MUSIK by Bendt Joensen, but that's in Danish and probably doesn't apply at all to you.

Also, wow, this post is 4 months old. Fuck me, I guess.

6e95b4 No.27669


Also, inversions of chords go a long way for introducing variety to simple chords. Just transpose the root, or the root and the third, up an octave.

6e95b4 No.27696



Essentially, if you have a chord progression in A major, you can play any note in the key of A major (A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#) over the progression and make it sound okay. For a guideline, you can play notes within the current chord on the on-beat or at the beginning or end of any phrase and any notes outside of the current chord on the off-beat or in the middle of the phrase (but obviously since music is a creative field, you don't have to adhere to this guideline strictly).

Typically you can split music into several components: rhythm, harmony, melody. Rhythm is typically carried out by percussion and bass. Harmony is also carried out by bass, which typically plays the root notes of the chords in the progression with something else playing chords in a higher octave. Melody is usually played in a higher octave than everything else.

6e95b4 No.27703


This is horrible

6e95b4 No.27712


That you, Gex?

6e95b4 No.27715

are halfchan posters allowed here?

6e95b4 No.27726

6e95b4 No.27730

File: 7ff62d32a9db0d1⋯.png (291.08 KB, 567x567, 1:1, 1459794183504.png)


I'd pay good money for Streets of Rage: Weimar Republic, going around beating up degenerates as Brownshirts, or notable Sturmabteilung members from history.

You could even follow it up with a Night of the Long Knives sequel, fighting your way out as an SA member, or as SS members, cleaning up SA compounds with Röhm as the final boss (in a lair complete with putsch plans).

6e95b4 No.27741


this is literally the worst thing i have ever seen in my life.

6e95b4 No.27765


>Someone got so butthurt about someone trying to emulate 90s prerendered backgrounds style they went out of their way to dox the poor guy

No wonder why that place is nodev drama central.

6e95b4 No.27794

File: 33ac2a056fe03ac⋯.png (150.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2016-09-28….png)

File: 71a206c478ba7c5⋯.png (121.99 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2016-09-28….png)

File: 1677ec5030bec08⋯.png (135.69 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2016-09-28….png)


to update this, I made the map more good looking and added an isometric view. I technically worked on a character and a platformer generated out of the map.

But that was 3 week ago, I haven't touched the code for a while now and I feel quite bad about it.

6e95b4 No.27803


How about a colony building game like banished or Dorf Fort

6e95b4 No.27804


this personal project has been dead for the last month. I ironically did an rpg/platformer and went quite bad. It felt kinda recursive to program a game with varied enemy and cities. I tried to procedurally generate almost everything and it only went really bad.

I will give a try to colony bulding game, since it fits the way I did my character implementation that is basically a custom dynamic list that handles shit related for multiple character mouvement. Thanks for the idea, I'll try to share the progress in two week if I went anywhere.

6e95b4 No.27815


Wow. Just fucking wow. Why isn't this person banned, yet?

6e95b4 No.27817






Stop samefagging


Do you need IDEAS? Because I've got IDEAS.

This uses SFML, so it's still 2D with an isometric renderer, right?

6e95b4 No.27819


>Do you need IDEAS? Because I've got IDEAS.

i'm open to idea's. But before trying to give ideas, consider the following: I enjoy wasting time on small stuff. I hate repetition. If I do a RPG, only the engine will get done. The project will die when I will require to make more enemy or levels in a whole. I won't try to put creativity outside logic and aesthetics.

>This uses SFML, so it's still 2D with an isometric renderer, right?


6e95b4 No.27826


I don't understand this.

What is this?

Why is it here?

6e95b4 No.27828

File: 3ae20d34120a65f⋯.gif (146.88 KB, 512x512, 1:1, iso-astro.gif)


What about an astro mining colony sim game? I had fun with http://www.solzerogame.com/ a few weekends ago. But the problem was that every game played the same, so that once you figured out how to beat it once, the game became boring. (Then again, it was only $5, so what more can you ask for?)

Anyway, some pixelshit for your consideration :p

6e95b4 No.27836


>What about an astro mining colony sim game?

I actually like the colony sim part. I also though of it during the week. It look lazy enough to me. If I'm not wrong, all I have to do is to make a map that will fit the multiple item the player can use. If I make the goal vague enough and make sure that there's many stat for many purpose to avoid the game to look linear, I might be able to avoid the : "once you figured out how to beat it once, the game became boring."

I will mix the idea with basic RPG element in order to make it slightly more addictive. I will avoid the mining part of the idea though. In order to simplify collision detection I will avoid the minecraft-style mining. The astro-part is interesting. I will had some kind of space ship/space technology in it, no matter what.

I also got a friend IRL who's in to help me making a game. Anyway, I'll try to update this project once a month or at every 2 week, in the hope it doesn't fails. Considering i'm in college, my development is slow.

6e95b4 No.27915


What the fuck?

6e95b4 No.27918

File: 1a4d4cdf6c10c35⋯.webm (6.21 MB, 836x592, 209:148, fist of orion resurrectio….webm)

I resurrected Fist of Orion, again.

It have been mostly dead for 2 years or so. This time around I'm planning for a hack and slash like approach to it, letting any fancy AI or piloting or shooting skills take the back seat in favor for providing huge quantities of enemies to destroy while keeping movement snappy and fast.

6e95b4 No.27925


And thus, the titties prevailed once more

grats bro, it's inspiring

6e95b4 No.27926


Could someone explain to a wannabe but probably won't actually apply myself to make anything person like me why this is something to berate?

I mean yeah it looks like ass but at least the dude's doing something

6e95b4 No.27928


It's an ancient picture that's a bait-meme for some reason or another.

6e95b4 No.27985

File: adeb41dd1fa9d07⋯.png (51.81 KB, 1148x917, 164:131, TitleShot.png)

File: f3fcb64c4808b23⋯.png (35.01 KB, 1151x923, 1151:923, StageShot1.png)

File: 16ba2792b03e639⋯.png (23.79 KB, 1149x921, 383:307, Boss1Shot3.png)

File: f7b681bbfa74b19⋯.png (63.59 KB, 1151x919, 1151:919, Boss1Shot1.png)

File: 67405e5ceb21936⋯.png (22.04 KB, 1149x917, 1149:917, IntroShot1.png)

I haven't posted progress for my project on this site in a long time. Hiatus and refactoring etc drove this. So consider this the first time posting this stuff.

Anyways, based on these images, would you be interested in playstesting this Classicvania-like game? My spritework and animation is pretty amateur, but I feel like i've gotten MUCH better since last I posted here

6e95b4 No.27989


I remember this

I don't know what specifically you mean by "playtesting", but I'd try out a demo. Wouldn't have the time to be a playtester consistently though.

Most of the activity is in /v/ by the way, just search for "agdg" in the catalog.

6e95b4 No.27993


I see. I guess I should have been more clear anyways, I was just askin if it looks like something people would try out.

6e95b4 No.28025

File: 263c2227f35cc56⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 240x180, 4:3, pinkletank.gif)

>buy refurbished laptop for multimedia shit

>comes with Windows 7

>several months later

>programs and some vidya are conflicting with each other

>audio interface not compatible somehow

>realize that the laptop came preinstalled with 32bit version of Windows 7 despite being perfectly capable of using 64bit version

>Reinstallation/Repair Windows CD was also for 32bit version

welp, time to back my shit up and install Ubuntu once more

6e95b4 No.28030

File: 8865500aa5fff6b⋯.png (709.86 KB, 1321x784, 1321:784, yesIdied.png)

I have nothing new to post, but im going to post anyway

6e95b4 No.28031


There's a Windows 7 Ultimate iso in the /v/ share thread archives. Just saying.

6e95b4 No.28060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We released a gameplay trailer last week. Just basic combat at the moment; one weapon, two subweapons, two enemies, and a work-in-progress boss.

6e95b4 No.28070


ahahahahhaha holy fucking shit

6e95b4 No.28106


Jesus fucking christ, this has to be the worst thing I've seen this year. I'll just forget this exists.

6e95b4 No.28107


My god. Why is this still here? Have the mods left us? Why is this kind of shit allowed to be posted on our Yesdev haven?

6e95b4 No.28110

File: 070d592a7b817f1⋯.jpg (119.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dragon_knight_intown.jpg)

Rescripting the Dragon Knight game engine.

I wonder if anyone still uses it.

6e95b4 No.28114


I still use it.

6e95b4 No.28123


Whatever this is supposed to be, it has to go and stay go

6e95b4 No.28160

File: 466ee485b66afb8⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, catatonic_1.webm)

It's not amazing but it's something

6e95b4 No.28162


You probably already know this, but the walk cycle is horribly inconsistent. Each individual angle looks good on its own, but the walk motions are entirely different between the profile walk cycle and the 45° toward the camera cycle.

6e95b4 No.28163

File: 67994e20f179edb⋯.png (22.68 KB, 928x1024, 29:32, 1.png)

File: fc429594da8a11a⋯.png (42.16 KB, 1149x921, 383:307, 2.png)


Looks like it could be good, but the lack of respect for the pixel grid is disgusting

6e95b4 No.28164


I am aware of the head size inconsistency, something I still need to fix I suppose

6e95b4 No.28194


Not the same anon, but it also feels like the very profile walking motion itself is different or more exaggerated than the 45 degree and the camera facing walk cycles

6e95b4 No.28195


This is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

6e95b4 No.28196

File: 50f069eb85a300c⋯.png (238.81 KB, 1362x911, 1362:911, Hoshitier2.png)

File: 19e9e9d53b98c6d⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 3270x1080, 109:36, orangedude.jpg)

File: 9ef6864a1631613⋯.png (229.68 KB, 1362x911, 1362:911, pinkie.png)

Just starting my first real attempt at a game. Goal right now is to make a basic demo as proof of concept. I'm imagining Digimon meets Cubeworld and I think it's within my gasp.

Here's a few of the Monsters I've made so far and tonight I'm working on the wood assets I need to make.

6e95b4 No.28198


Is this a game?

I don't think this is a game!

6e95b4 No.28205


Is that first thing flipping us off?

6e95b4 No.28217

I made some bits of music. If any of you wanna use it in your games, do me a solid and toss 10 bucks or so at me, but it is PWYW.


6e95b4 No.28218


Oh, and please tell people where to find my music. And if you're gonna sell the OST, tell me the details so I can figure out what to do with that.

Babby's first music deal. Hooray.

6e95b4 No.28222


Gas the kikes.

6e95b4 No.28245

File: 4f8564477bbb5d5⋯.png (78.13 KB, 701x1073, 701:1073, cmd.png)

I have been working on pic related. This doesn't have a name. But if I use buzzwords it would be Minimalistic Command Promt Grand Strategy.

I am devving this game, because I wanted to get the feel of how C++ feels to dev in.

So far it feels like I took a step back into the previous century. At every step I make, I feel like I have to reinvent many development abstractions that were present from the get go in Python. And all the functions and abstractions like the vector thingie and the structs and overloading just feel like dirty hacks to give the language some modern tools - they don't feel like a part of C++ language.

Also, I can see, why one would want to make an engine in this language. It gives a pretty good control over the machine.

So, my verdict currently is that only an absolute retard or an autist would use C++ to develop a game. It however is good at optimizing the shit out of your graphical engine's lower level pipeline - but that would imply that one has a game first, that one can optimize.

6e95b4 No.28246


Cool, whatever, but did you see that source engine image though? What a travesty!

6e95b4 No.28247


oh, hi, sourcefam

so you cross-shit-post from 4chan?


6e95b4 No.28250

File: 63439e1b22942db⋯.jpg (199.57 KB, 1024x907, 1024:907, SPOOKED-1024x907.jpg)

Do you know what is spooky?

>game is in a pretty good state

>just implemented a first draft of AI

>see if AI is behaving like I programmed it to behave

>see that player character is doing random ass stuff without input - stuff that I haven't programmed it to do

>wtf - is my computer possessed?

later it turned out that I forgot to write into AI code a little if statement - "if actor is player, skip that actor"

6e95b4 No.28255

File: bc2e0b515467fc7⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 169x250, 169:250, JUST.jpg)


What source engine imag--



6e95b4 No.28257


I want to buy this...

6e95b4 No.28258


You need room ambiance. Just rip some factory sounds off youtube and loop it. See if it works.

6e95b4 No.28269

File: ec42f48dbd1b7b7⋯.png (6.74 KB, 327x280, 327:280, wew.png)

I started my game today.

We're all gonna make it brahs.

6e95b4 No.28273


What the FUCK

6e95b4 No.28277

File: 00a723df0208521⋯.png (98.22 KB, 832x701, 832:701, 7000 hours in WPF.png)

WIP editor for tile collision geometry.

Should save me lots of time in the long run.

6e95b4 No.28279


Christ. I bet he actually thought this would impress people... Lmao

6e95b4 No.28280



6e95b4 No.28289

File: e68f2cb367c9c1f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, falcon1.png)


This garbage board is dead

6e95b4 No.28291


why make cuckwars ships when you can model anything?

6e95b4 No.28292


>premature NURBS

>didnt even model the cockpit yet

kill yourself

6e95b4 No.28293

File: ab42dc69b9e4c54⋯.jpg (363.69 KB, 2568x1656, 107:69, 2.jpg)

practice I guess. I just felt like it.


Im workin on it!

6e95b4 No.28294

6e95b4 No.28295

File: f73ccd30d2d1b5c⋯.webm (563.51 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, chip.webm)

starting work on a game for good ol' /cyber/

6e95b4 No.28297

I made a spray training tool for cs:go that works, but never caught on.


Like its funny, I swear it has the potential to help, and offers something nobody else does, but no, it didnt catch on.

6e95b4 No.28299


>makes aimbot

but is it VAC proof

6e95b4 No.28300


yeah, it doesnt break any rules, theres even a radarblocker to stop abuse.

Its gotten over 1k tries in total, and not a single vac ban yet, no unhappy users either.

6e95b4 No.28320


I like it already.

6e95b4 No.28321


I want your game so much.




I actually started implementing this idea once. Before Rimworld was a thing. I abandoned it like I do everything.

I like those graphics.


I would play this. But as another anon said, respect the grid.

6e95b4 No.28322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God, I haven't posted anything here in ages. Been busy with wanting to kill myself and all that.

Anyway, made a lot of progress on the setting for my project. Still a bit rough around the edges, still needs a lot of detail, but it's something. here's a quick video I recorded, of something semi functional.

Hoping to have the prologue done by new years. Will post then.

6e95b4 No.28325


i like it looks really unique




mang the ranks of /pol/grammers are growing and i thought i would be the only one


No idea why everyone is shitting on this.

It manages to evoke an eerie feeling despite it's simplicity.

What's up with the grain? posterize? or just cycles being cycles?

>retard or an autist would use C++

damn straight - it's total mess of a language - end of discussion

any doubters might want to look at professional game shit done in c++, like PhysX and how they utilize the langauage

which can be summed up with: hardly at all

6e95b4 No.28329

File: 527fedf0cdf3ca4⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3a9fe7c4d342b92255d08f314a….jpg)

Took me a long time to create platforming controls that aren't 'sticky', and where the platforms and gravity actually work properly in love2D, but I finally did it. My code is probably some retarded shit though.

6e95b4 No.28332


The experience you get in solving problems poorly gets you more educated for when you study how other people solve these problems; if you learn how to do it wrong, it's easier to understand the techniques that other people use.

6e95b4 No.28340

File: 23ec92cd094d098⋯.gif (3.7 KB, 180x144, 5:4, Peek 25-12-2016 22-14.gif)


>We're all gonna make it brahs.

we will brah,..we will

6e95b4 No.28345


I think it's the same guy samefagging look at the responses they seem a little off don't they? He's probably trying to work up courage to kill himself

6e95b4 No.28347


>No idea why everyone is shitting on this.

Just look at it. It's shit. Besides, it's made by a doxxer and a terrorist who has no game.

6e95b4 No.28348


I don't understand your off-board drama. Stop samefagging please. It's not reasonable for a single, bland screenshot to receive so many (you)'s.

6e95b4 No.28358


It's a meme.

Someone posts source engine image (usually from that same scene), then people reply to it as if it's the worst thing in the world. That's the meme. And yes, the meme sucks more than the image does.

6e95b4 No.28360



6e95b4 No.28381


You do realize that this board has IDs, right? It's not samefagging, and you're not a dev. Maybe you should hop on back to halfchan with the other mongoloids.

6e95b4 No.28382

File: 398b76c4e0f8a1b⋯.gif (538.15 KB, 265x322, 265:322, 1424811999437.gif)


Yeah IDs are real bulletproof. Sorry I failed to understand your ebin /v/eddit meme.

6e95b4 No.28414

Fuck, I dont know who I want to be anymore. Few months ago I have decided to be an computer scientist and started to read SICP, some math books, bought Arduino. And about a week ago I realised that I really want is to make games, I started to learn how to draw, play around in GameMaker. And now I have no idea in which way to proceed, cs or gamedev.

6e95b4 No.28415


>I dont know who I want to be anymore

Literally me except game/software dev and art

6e95b4 No.28433

File: 3c21bff182be5d5⋯.jpg (272.18 KB, 1280x931, 1280:931, God is a Cube concept art ….jpg)

File: a3602201676c7ee⋯.png (790.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017_01_13-God_is_a_Cube-1….png)

File: 818f85b65d43ca5⋯.png (863.43 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 2016_09_30-God_is_a_Cube-1….png)


Following the advices of a friend who is making art for a living, I changed the geometry and the texture.

First pic is a concept art made by said friend, second pic is the actual WIP ingame. Last pic is an example of how it looked before.

I still have a few days to make my art look better before I'm sending it to a contest, but I'm reaching my limits. I just took a random texture on the net, I hope my friend will make a better texture.

6e95b4 No.28443


I'd be willing to give you some help on UI and things like instruction icons, but I pretty much only have free time at weekends.

6e95b4 No.28447


What is this shit? Why is it here?

6e95b4 No.28473

File: 2940fa355a24519⋯.png (439.41 KB, 1281x719, 1281:719, Screenshot_1.png)

How long have you guys been working on your projects for? coming up to 3 years soon on this with very little to show

6e95b4 No.28474


The first screenshot I posted of my game was february 2014.

To say I've been "working on it for 3 years" would be disturbingly dishonest though, because I keep breaks of many months and then sprint dev for a week or two and then abandon it again or work on something else. For instance, the last time I worked on it properly was on October.

6e95b4 No.28483

File: 36a7bd4a87f398d⋯.jpg (136.32 KB, 1011x671, 1011:671, concept01.jpg)

I have always wanted to work on a game of this theme. What would it look like ?

6e95b4 No.28485


I looked at the image before your comment, and thought it was a meme that describes e-sports

6e95b4 No.28500

File: ad89ad68a9f3f96⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 949x420, 949:420, agdg.gif)


its mainly just for fun, but i been working on this for about a month now :)


6e95b4 No.28503


Did you UV map the mesh?

6e95b4 No.28504


Have you been playing Spessmen, anon?

6e95b4 No.28519


Wow. I can't believe shit like this is even allowed here.

6e95b4 No.28520


It makes me sick to my stomach that I still see this picture here, why hasn't this been deleted yet?

6e95b4 No.28542

File: d876bae325ec713⋯.png (6.42 KB, 219x70, 219:70, serve.png)


a week of new progress :)


6e95b4 No.28555


Someone post this guy's dox already so we can get rid of him ffs

6e95b4 No.28585

File: c6f6294252373f7⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 960x540, 16:9, SentimentalEachAlligators….webm)

Some Progress

After years my old shitty non vectorial homing algorithm used in old games or prototypes from flash era is updated for an optimized one using dot product and vectors.

It's beautiful.

6e95b4 No.28588

File: 44cb3fa0604eece⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 960x540, 16:9, SpiffyMeanDorado[1].webm)


And finished the first iteration.

The player with homing upgrade has a cursor, when enemies collides the cursor, they are marked.

Homing missiles follows the marked enemies or if nothing is marked, follows the cursor.

The marks could be erased when the player releases the shoot button.

6e95b4 No.28589


Normie and wagie niggers like this have to be run out of this board. It's the only way to make /agdg/ good again.

6e95b4 No.28602

File: 5e558bc73080ddf⋯.gif (716.19 KB, 253x222, 253:222, lips.gif)

6e95b4 No.28603

File: 201ea1bbf5b27b4⋯.webm (396.13 KB, 756x776, 189:194, turret2.webm)

Me and my artist made these turrets. Thoughts?

I intend to add ability to jump out of rain of bullets if you fuck up laser-dodging, which could be used for other things.

6e95b4 No.28604


Literally the worst thing Ive ever seen in my entire life.

6e95b4 No.28625


Focus on controls and I see a lot of potential, if it feels good none of the fancy stuff matters.

6e95b4 No.28626



I love the sideways animations, keep them and change the 45 deg ones.

6e95b4 No.28627


The sprite / 3d mix looks great.

6e95b4 No.28639

File: 4b5fd6f7c235475⋯.png (35.19 KB, 626x278, 313:139, 1458345979300.png)


>We're all gonna make it brahs.

i fucking hope so, man.

6e95b4 No.28647


>I'm making a beatumup where you play as nazis (pictured here) and you have to eliminate 6 million jews

>I'm trying to sneak in little bits of redpill here

>little bits

does not compute, anon

6e95b4 No.28653


This right here is why indie dev is dying.

6e95b4 No.28655


Why the fuck is garbage like this allowed on my board?

6e95b4 No.28701

File: 5b9cd56b61ffe2e⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 948x720, 79:60, EPG_ic.webm)

6e95b4 No.28702

File: a1053c6ad4ddf68⋯.gif (3.28 MB, 350x222, 175:111, GrassGrass9.gif)

Got player housing somewhat working, its still a mess but at least its functional now

Hopefully with a bit of polish i can turn this into something nice :)

https://youtu.be/oUsW2a7ujGE(video of timelapse of building)

6e95b4 No.28715




you gonna add a ability to call a dude with a big mustache from plumberland?

6e95b4 No.28719


haha :D

6e95b4 No.28739

File: 8e2b02c757810f0⋯.webm (9.33 MB, 720x404, 180:101, vidnew (3).webm)

Still trying to fix the AI

6e95b4 No.28770

File: 7831d7f6cdf711c⋯.webm (9.32 MB, 512x288, 16:9, chase.webm)

fix'd up the Ai, testing out some new chase/fight music

6e95b4 No.28786


wtf is this garbage?

6e95b4 No.28788

I'v been cultivating some vidya game ideas since school days (now I'm 30lvl). First, I wanted strategy with programmable game units: you program appearance of your units first with some sort of DSL (possibly visual) and then just throw them to the map (possibly pausing the game to correct the code). There is an old game called "Snake Battle", I liked it's principle very much in my childhood, but it had very limited snakes programmability. Then I wanted a replicatable units with some genome inheritance algoritms so that units can produce more units with gene memory included. And I thinked a lot about UI, because what I saw in usual games I played was not very sutisfactory. I liked WoW UI programmability, but I didn't played WoW at all. Also I am a fan of procedural generation, I like Nethack and Dwarf Fortress's generators very much, but I don't like their lurning curves. There is a flash game called "Flow", it has very simple intuitive gameplay and it has elements of rogue, for example. And recently I was interested in my own "soft" 3D-engine development, I wrote a minimal bindings for libdrm for Common Lisp, just to be able to work with virtual framebuffer like in old days (a really horrible kludge, but it worked maximum speed RAM gives), then I wrote a very simple rotation function with sequential axial rotation like in group theory and I was surprised how simple it is. It has only 3 summations, 2 multiplications and 3 array acces (precalculated sin and cos) for each axis. And I was surprised very much when I saw how one core of my AMD Athlon II X3 445 rotates 400k of dots around 2 axis without visible flaw. And that's how I like to do things - from scratch. But when I start to figure out how to make an interaction with libdrm less kludgy, guys from dri-devel told me that the only true way is to use OpenGL's shader language. I know that OpenGL is cool and compute shaders can do every thing I want, but I don't like this way. I want to work with framebuffer directly, building the code I want with language I like, without these levels of abstraction and cropped C-like language. So I stucked with my perfectionism. Now I'm too lazy to do something. Just dreaming about Lisp virtual machine on top of FPGA with native lisp programming language and programmable graphics adapter with direct access to video memory.

6e95b4 No.28790


Why is this allowed?

6e95b4 No.28791

I'm making a flying game. Originally I was making it in Unity, but that engine is shit for physics or anything moving faster than walking pace, so I switched over to UE4. Physics and handling, and rotation especially, are a hell of a lot better so far.

Anyway, I just got camera handling to work mostly how I'd like (similar to War Thunder wherein you use the mouse to look around and the aircraft will slowly rotate toward your view angle, as opposed to being directly controlled by the mouse). It's not perfect, but it works well enough to where I can focus on other things.

Now the next major step is getting a decent, albeit basic, flight model. Any good resources out there, or should I just look through a physics textbook? I'm not looking to make it super realistic, but I'd like the ability to stall or have aircraft damage have an effect somewhere down the line in game development.

6e95b4 No.28818

File: 34da3fa893750aa⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 636x417, 212:139, ded.jpg)

Context: You died and some weird thing walks up to you and starts speaking in entirely in Finnish.

6e95b4 No.28824

Follow the links in the comments to play this exciting adventure roleplay .gif opera!

Add a video


6e95b4 No.28825

hope you like memes, boys.

6e95b4 No.28826


memes > games

6e95b4 No.28831

test post to prove a guy on /v/ wrong

6e95b4 No.28834


did you teach him a lesson

6e95b4 No.28895


I would really prefer it if you died.

6e95b4 No.28921

File: b536d389db8d839⋯.png (917.66 KB, 1928x1048, 241:131, ClipboardImage.png)


How appropriate, That's exactly what I'm procrastinating.

6e95b4 No.28922

File: 535ce06fa578d94⋯.gif (3.53 MB, 350x264, 175:132, ZONE070.gif)

File: 350c42d3b4c4c35⋯.gif (3.37 MB, 632x392, 79:49, ZONE008.gif)

File: fcc3fcebc9b2bc2⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 626x473, 626:473, golf001.gif)



Some progress on the 3 games ive been working on recently :)

6e95b4 No.28928


Why is Source allowed? New admin pls tell..........

9563b5 No.28934


No new admin yet. Nobody's requested it, though I did get an email from a "Princess Ujunwa" who seems like a total qt.


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