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File: 1614b8ff3a1af0b⋯.jpg (197.85 KB,996x2048,249:512,1.jpg)

687b28 No.39301

It's a long known fact, now, who this person really is. I didn't pay much interest until I saw the words "Family Foundation" and a photo of him, with others, in a group photo, wearing bright red shoes. This is clearly not enough to point any fingers, but being the amateur internet searcher I am, I was able to come up with some pretty funky stuff, with a few words, and the "enter" key.

I started posting screenshots, and sourced links, without opinion. Hoping it would bring in some fresh, more capable eyes. Interestingly, I was instantly mobbed by ShadyGroove, on a post that I had not hashtagged (I have a very small reach on Twitter). Caught some backlash, and there was an attempt to sweep me under the rug.

I did some digging on the family. Found Robert G. Pedersen, the person who (on LinkedIn) started the Pedersen Family Foundation. But not before he had his hands in businesses, like ZAGG. With which, a few easy searches, you will find articles that trash the business model of the company. Yet, it was able to grow from scratch, into a 1/4 billion dollar business. Further digging, I found an article on Citron Research, titled "ZAGG - In the business of making covers, or covering it's real business?"… The article proceeds to state that they had a very high inventory, of finished products. (Not sold, or even selling much?) I'm not sure how others digest that, but to me, it insinuates money laundering. I won't link the articles here, but a quick search, and you'll find them on the first page. To top it off, he sold his shares, 3 days before resigning as CEO.

I wasn't necessarily deeply interested in Matrixxx. In my mind, if he was on Twitter, doing dirty work, it was the folks above, who should be the focal point.

The historic family tree, gets pretty deep. Upper echelons of the later day saints, out of Utah. International missions. Dealing in diamonds. A very lucrative business, called Del Sol, all preceding this family foundation.

There are more details, but that is what I came up with, in a nutshell.

Another person, however, directed their digging on Matrixxx, himself.

The thread, is here.


Prior to the Twitter thread, above, his main responses are "You doxxed my kids"…

Nobody cares who your kids are, or what they do. IMO, it is a redirect method of "Don't look at me, I'm a victim".. Keep in mind, all the while, never denying the information brought forth.

I called him out, earlier today. About his backup Twitter account, with the handle "@inthematrix322".. I don't know much about the occult, but apparently it means "Skull & Bones". Upon calling him out, he DELETED the backup account, but not before I was able to take a screenshot (attached).

I'm not judge, nor jury. I'm simply looking for an explanation for the tactics used, when this information was presented to him. He could have easily given an explanation, and put all of this to rest. I've currently been blocked, by all of his accounts, and have been jumped on by his sycophants. Why the web of spies? The optics of this, IMO, don't look good, from any perspective.

If anyone would like to dox me, have at it. My twitter handle is @epoch_awakening, and I did you a favor by offering a quick autobiography this evening. I have nothing to hide.

Is there anyone more capable to handle the depth of this dig? There are so many corporations and foundations. So many dots to connect. He is building an extremely loyal following. Folks are blindly trusting him, and his team. That never tends to end up well.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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