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File: fed402bc663b875⋯.jpg (86.56 KB,763x604,763:604,jihadjohnBrennan.jpg)

bb22ff No.39298

My gf says one of her long-time friends has been acting really strange lately. This is all hearsay but it reminds me of other radicalization stories ive heard and if this is what it seems like then I have zero ideas on what to do, who to tell, etc.

Here is what I know about this girl, lets call her Jane Doe.

>JD grew up christian in midwest suburbia, America.

>Is white and very pretty, albeit kinda slow.

>About 6 mo. ago finds all these new friends on social media from around the world.

>From descriptions, these men all sound like they're from third-world muslim backgrounds.


>JD starts sending money to all these people, and makes plans to visit some of them abroad.

>She starts talking about a lot of new-age wishy-washy bullshit, like how she "is the light and must be shared to the people".

>Went from typical american kid to zoned-out spiritualfag in a very short amount of time.

>Nothing traumatic or dogmatic happened to elicit this change.

>She was very vague about her new life and new friends.

>She has been gone for 2 months and my gf is convinced that JD's occasional social media posts are not even her anymore.

>If I dont trust the deep state clowns, ask the chans, right?

>Islam recruits more white girls?

>Trafficking set-up?

>Sex-slave set-up?

Im a newfag, I apologize for my terrible accent but this is concerning to me and Im not sure where to start.

Is there anything specific I should look for? Keep in mind I dont have direct contact with JD and its not likely that I will in the near future.

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