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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

3d92b9 No.1097818

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.





Vincit Omnia Veritas

Redpill for normies >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.

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Wednesday 04.18.18

>>1096658 rt >>1096535 --- He had no choice.

>>1095728 rt >>1095664 --- Fake.

>>1095705 rt >>1095595 --- Failure to retain position/ear.

Tuesday 04.17.18

>>1080446 rt >>1080429 --- Strike Package 111V-B.

>>1080429 rt >>1080066 --- We are being set up.

>>1074969 rt >>1074950 — BDT & DEFCON

>>1074956 rt >>1074952 — WRAYs of LIGHT

>>1074788 rt >>1074781 — anon gets Q Clearance blessings on iterview

>>1074782 ———————-BOOM x4

>>1074761 ———————-RR BOOM

Monday 04.16.18

>>1064908 ———————- www.iqt.org/portfolio/

>>1064365 rt >>1064287 — 23andMe

>>1064089 rt >>1063675 — Not a coincidence, 25/100%

>>1062716 rt >>1062355 — They are here in force

>>1061084 ———————- Re_read Five Eyes

Sunday 04.15.18

>>1058989 rt >>1058536 — Ginsburg confirmation dissent, PDF

>>1058804 rt >>1058722 — Reporter to capture

>>1058722 ———————- Clown Black Brennan

>>1057899 ———————- [4] Clown UIDs

>>1057786 rt >>1057770 — The WHY

>>1057770 ———————- The WHERE

>>1057619 rt >>1057442 — Nothing stated should be discounted

>>1057509 rt >>1057393 — Comey throws AG Lynch under the bus

>>1057351 rt >>1057113 — Focus on Supreme Court

>>1057223 rt >>1057113 — Perfect example of why we are here

>>1057159 rt >>1056766 — Typo. SC = Supreme Court

>>1056602 rt >>1056562 — Proofs being lost

>>1056554 ———————- Side by side graphic

>>1056087 rt >>1056025 — Where are the autists?!?!

>>1056025 rt >>1055967 — Think Timing. 'The Plan'

>>1055924 rt >>1055826 — Side by side graphics are important

>>1055826 ———————- SC, Loretta Lynch deal

Saturday 04.14.18

>>1041555 ———————- Expand your thinking. The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’. Iran next.

Friday 04.13.18

>>1032326 ———————–Trust POTUS. … Intel good.

Thursday 04.12.18

>>1015665 ———————- Twitter down. Injection good.

>>1015438 rt >>1015398 — Intel drops a delicate job.

>>1015262 ———————- RR Problems archive.fo/QR2tE

>>1015015 rt >>1015000 — Misspellings matter.

>>1015000 ———————- Trumps MEMEmbers of Congress

>>1009048 rt >>1008970 — We certainly have it all!

>>1008955 ———————- HONEYPOTS. archive.fo/uqayV

>>1008693 rt >>1008670 — Alan (Derschowitz ed.). Welcome Aboard. Plane. 17.

>>1008560 rt >>1008534 — Syria.

>>1008491 rt >>1008463 — Facebook. Building 8. China.

>>1008463 ———————- Night [5]. archive.fo/5FfTx

Wednesday 04.11.18

>>1005902 ———————- #17

>>1004880 ———————- Freedom!

>>1004087 ———————- Learn Our Comms

>>1003596 rt >>1003248 — @Snowden FB info drop

>>1003054 ———————- "There will be consequences."

>>1002918 rt >>1002786 — House of Reps

>>1002729 rt >>1002693 — Truth is like a Maypole

>>1002693 rt >>1002643 — [H] in the Killbox

>>1002643 ———————- IT'S HAPPENING

Tuesday 04.10.18

>>985368 ———————– Fireworks.

>>982457 ———————– Bolton cleaning house!

>>979213 rt >>979093 —— TRUST

>>979093 ———————– FBI burning midnight oil

>>978771 ———————– Tuesday (China). Cars

>>978383 rt >>978366 —— Fake

>>978104 rt >>978080 —— Chongqing

>>978017 rt >>977691 —— China’s Embrace of Foreign Cars | https:// archive.is/IGTnw

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3d92b9 No.1097823


OBAMA TIMELINE >>949587, >>926762, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'



>>1097146 Brief History of the World, Banks & NWO Infographic

>>1097178 McMaster Rundown

>>1097209 A clean House on Patriots Day

>>1097279 Update from Aunt in York, Pacific

>>1097367 POTUS Tweet after Q post

>>1097375 Neurosurgeon reveals how terminally ill patients could have their SEVERED HEADS kept alive for years

>>1097413 Digg on Baker Girls

>>1097477 They have all landed


>>1096368, >>1096878 It looks like both Executive One and Airforce two are heading to DC

>>1096535 California & Trump adm. reach agreement on NG border mission

>>1096784 Stage being set

>>1096536 There was a comment on Enty website that it was the Imperial Pacific Hotel in Saipan


>>1095570 Downtown Pittsburgh is called the "Golden Triangle."

>>1095584 So Check This Out, LIGHT UP by DraKe ft JAY-z

>>1095595 Sources: Officials Investigating Death Of McMaster's Father

>>1095602 Abe DID in fact say both, Japan Fag Confirms

>>1095804 POTUS Schedule

>>1095745 Learn Our Comms

>>1096159 Going down rabbit hole on 111V-B Video


>>1094827 FF Speculations

>>1094851, >>1094935 Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor, digging FF targets

>>1094925 FF Alert Infographic/Meme

>>1094934 Planefag spots planes towards DC?

>>1095069 Planefag updates, planes to watch

>>1095083 Stormy's Lawyer upset Trump made fun of Sketch

>>1095284 Video Title: Package 111V-B


>>1094137 2018 Report on FBI “Polygraph Irregularities”

>>1094179, >>1094226 The start of the American Revolutionary War was April 19th

>>1094293 Watch Comey's Face

>>1094350 Plane makes emergency landing at Atlanta airport after smoke reported in engine

>>1094377, >>1094528 Planefag spotting military activity?

>>1094387 Guess which search engine gave Hillary Clinton $100 million?

>>1094396, >>1094430 UPDATE: More explosives stolen from work site than first thought ATF says

>>1094433 Congress Doc. April 18th

>>1094576, >>1094668 POTUS Hand Gesture Update Q

>>1094701 Complete Breakdown: Hillary, Comey, and Lynch in the Eyes of DOJ


>>1093245, >>1093353 HRC Very Bad Crumbs

>>1093296 Bad actors planning a FF in pennsylvania? Infographic

>>1093533 Flight canceled to get another pilot?

>>1093735 Southwest article BEFORE crash?

>>1093856 POTUS gesture during speech

>>1093939 Golden Triangle / Covered In Gold update


>>1092607 New Mexico bank under investigation, pressured to create fake accounts, Graphic

>>1092599 strike package 111-vb, explained. Graphic >>1092812


>>1092599, >>1091373 Cops preparing for riots in Pittsburgh, Side-by-side with Q-Post >>1092812

>>1092197 McCabe told Comey repeatedly that he was working with The Wall Street Journal

>>1092078 Four U.S. senators seek details on unusual cellular surveillance in D.C. area

>>1091574 Art of the Deal Putin's ready

>>1091679 Future proves past - We are being setup - Stolen explosives.


>>1091590 Covered in gold

>>1091272, >>1091470, >>1091535 Roasted human fetuses.

>>1091501 Ray Chandler operation payoff?

>>1091402 US Code violations

>>1091284, >>1091293 HUMA and the Hawaiian missile crisis.

>>1091008, >>1090999 Uranium 1 Graphics


>>1090857 Rep Meadows requests GOP Oversight chairmen Trey Gowdy look into misleading Comey statements.

>>1090518 RR Problems

>>1090436 Congress referral violation list.

>>1090375, >>1090375 Why (((they))) need babies


>>1089794 Breakdown of charges in congress letter

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3d92b9 No.1097827

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Hit them hard, from all angles, with every meme you have, RT others tweets. KEEP GOING!

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3d92b9 No.1097829

Dough #1371

https:// pastebin.com/di4dyHkH

If you don't like my bake now is the time to step up

93233a No.1097860


So who were they trying to kill in a plane crash?

7fe74a No.1097880

File: e263f2ab38e518f⋯.jpg (118.83 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, #a2.jpg)

Imagine looking out at this and looking down at the earth…..

c7b86b No.1097884


just saying, you used a shill's explanation of Q's crumb

thanks anyway baker

4434d3 No.1097885


Possibly someone that has dirt on the dems, or the fed, or just knows of too much.

9746f2 No.1097887

File: 4fc647b42e8e1cb⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1919x936, 1919:936, paddock.PNG)


dc99b5 No.1097888



3fe4b8 No.1097889


Then he is incredibly stupid.

c7b86b No.1097890


anyone and everyone

f115d9 No.1097891

File: 3ddece2c9db8914⋯.jpg (67.88 KB, 616x774, 308:387, norway girls hot.jpg)

Thanks Baker

a18f6c No.1097892

File: 74f96e57b31fa15⋯.jpeg (114.98 KB, 443x521, 443:521, schiffho.jpeg)

6df957 No.1097893



"...fabulously wealthy, 58-year-old Su Guiqin is queen of the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, a small enclave in the far northwest of Laos that, just over a decade ago, was a poor fishing village on the Mekong River. With her husband, Zhao Wei, she now runs the Kings Romans empire, a Hong Kong-registered business that took out a 99-year lease on a 3,000-hectare chunk of Bokeo province in a deal with the Laos government in 2007 and transformed it into a lavish gambling resort.

Hundreds of millions of US dollars of investment poured in as jungle, rice paddies and peasant homes were cleared to make way for a casino.

"The Zhao Wei crime network engages in an array of horrendous illicit activities, including human trafficking and child prostitution, drug trafficking and wildlife traffick­ing,” said Sigal Mandelker, US Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence."

"...slabs of rhino horn and pieces of ivory were available at stalls inside the entrance of the Blue Shield Casino. In the nearby shopping area, outlets were selling elephant skin and rhino horn for 200 yuan (HK$250) a gram.

Chinese tourists can buy a tiger for 3 million yuan or a moon bear for 170,000 yuan. The animals are sometimes slaughtered and their meat served to gambling parties in the casino’s VIP rooms, they say."

...illgal wildlife body parts at a lobby shop at Don Chan Palace, a five-star hotel just a few hundred metres from the Presidential Palace and government buildings. Inside, we find bottles of tiger bone wine on sale for 1,650 yuan, packets of bear bile powder for 340 yuan and ivory bracelets for 400 yuan."

http:// www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/2141464/mr-big-wildlife-trafficking-could-elusive-laos

3d92b9 No.1097894


This bread title is not related to a Q drop, my friend

d03b95 No.1097895

>Eleven GOP members of Congress led by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Attorney John Huber, and FBI Director Christopher Wray - asking them to investigate former FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others - including FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, for a laundry list of potential crimes surrounding the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/criminal-referral-issued-comey-clinton-lynch-and-mccabe-rosenstein-recusal-demanded

3f4b13 No.1097896



How to deciphered?

c96c7f No.1097897

File: c7143bccd80e695⋯.jpeg (8.67 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 4f3407ccf5a944bc07cac7949….jpeg)

Awesome bread Baker!

> Much appreciated

4434d3 No.1097898


I take it that Paddock's the criminal, then?


Yes, that would be pretty scary.

e0d4b4 No.1097899

File: 5fd12f67051426e⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 276x183, 92:61, temp-DOtR.jpg)

Coming soon…

0e5723 No.1097900


These aircraft incidents are warnings.


cdf47b No.1097901


I'd be sayin' some prayers…

18e9d4 No.1097902

File: 576c89dea7a7092⋯.jpeg (795.22 KB, 1242x1523, 1242:1523, A1AA92E8-62CD-4D95-8120-7….jpeg)



744041 No.1097903

Lexington & Concord = Tomorrow.

Tomorrow and the 20th being blood sacrifice day for occultists/satanists

http:// adventofdeception.com/awareness-upcoming-occult-holiday-420-cannabis-day/

52ebc8 No.1097904

File: a7b563eb7748f7c⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, YTDomesticSweep.jpg)

File: edb0402dd20cbd2⋯.jpg (80.14 KB, 646x534, 323:267, DomesticSweepDecode.jpg)

File: 68fe0cbe064ba9e⋯.png (31.99 KB, 665x588, 95:84, DomesticSweepDecode 2.png)

File: bbce5fb47ac7344⋯.png (25.17 KB, 658x586, 329:293, DomesticSweepDecode3.png)


National guard activated - east coast, FF commencing. "He had no choice."

Youtube channel has military comms.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1fKySsY3uk

Latest from only minutes ago says national guard in motion on east coast.

3fe4b8 No.1097905


God is on /our/ team.

3f4b13 No.1097906



How to deciphered?

c7b86b No.1097907


No, you misunderstood, look at the 2nd notable of #1370

'dancing israelis' really?


ddbf14 No.1097908

File: 3050e6b0650a3d6⋯.jpg (446.79 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakening607.jpg)

2da18f No.1097909

also applies to youtube:

Try, try, try, as they might.

Fail, they will.


NO private comms past/present/future.

NO comms made outside of this platform.

Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately.






Operation Q-T2810C.

False drops.

Bot push.

Future "Conspiracy" push to norms.

Bad mixed w/ good.


They are scared.


New tactic.

Buckle up.

MediaMatters 4ch.

Narrative + anything Q.

Clowns + Twitter push.

MSM overdrive.

All 4 a LARP?


= >>1095728 >>1095664 Fake.


d634b0 No.1097910

File: 8dee3eb1d40567c⋯.jpg (38.09 KB, 625x344, 625:344, dumb_bitch.jpg)

4434d3 No.1097911


It's possibly because they're trying to take as many people down as they can. There's a day of the rope in may (if I;m to go by what Qanon said about "May Flowers").

64f15b No.1097912

File: 058353cdb518970⋯.png (293.61 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1C3DF3C1-B3AC-4EC9-BBBC-A0….png)

Stormys attirney thinks POTUS is toast. WTF? These people are truly psychotic…

https:// mobile.twitter.com/MichaelAvenatti/status/986624391357313024

24046a No.1097913

cdf47b No.1097914


No, we're on God's team.

18e9d4 No.1097915

File: b120a673af75717⋯.jpeg (960.93 KB, 1242x1830, 207:305, 067D44D7-C048-4535-880D-3….jpeg)

0e5723 No.1097916


So, is Soros going to bring out his dead and blow some of them to smithereens with all that stolen dynamite out of pittsburgh?

The dead cost nothing.

5a032d No.1097917

File: ac341f3ea6ca2f7⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 749x424, 749:424, executionersessions.jpg)

4434d3 No.1097918


The plot twist: They'll be toast. The prez will remain fine.

3f4b13 No.1097919


Nope in this Case.

24046a No.1097920


Someone needs to smash that moronic cabal apologist.

973a77 No.1097921

>>1097777 (last bread)

>Eyes & Ears



685324 No.1097922


i think Q is gonna pull a templar…friday 13th type roundup…too minimize the blowback

e0d4b4 No.1097923


Not searchgutsfag here, but can that code return images with metadata embedded from something such as an FBI investigation that ties them together?

24046a No.1097924

Was the firing of Maj Gen Ricky Waddell what caused the 187? That was announced April 12 and Gen McMasters dad died on the 13th. Waddell was McMaster's guy.

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/04/12/white-house-exodus-national-security-officials-rick-waddell-john-bolton/510880002/

d3a067 No.1097925


(last bread)

6 Again God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.

7 Then God made the firmament, and separated the waters, which were under the firmament, from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so.

8 And God called the firmament Heaven. So the Evening and the morning were the second day.

9 God said again, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear; and it was so.

10 And God called the dry land, Earth, and he called the gathering together of the waters, Seas; and God saw that it was good.

d634b0 No.1097926

File: e80ab6d1e257b0f⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 345x329, 345:329, not_smart.jpg)

039778 No.1097927

OIG report bombshell

Obama DOJ stopped CF FBI investigation

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-04-13%20DOJ%20OIG%20to%20CEG%20-%20McCabe%20ROI.pdf

PDF page 11 section 2

""McCabe told the OIG that on August 12, 2016

, he received a telephone call from PADAG regarding the FBI’s handling of the CF Investigation (the “PADAG call”). McCabe said that PADAG expressed concerns about FBI agents taking overt steps in the CF Investigation during the presidential campaign. According to McCabe, he pushed back, asking “are you telling me that I need to shut down a

validly predicated investigation?”

McCabe told us that the conversation was “very

dramatic” and he never had a similar confrontation like the PADAG call with a high-

level Department official in his entire FBI career

. "

dc99b5 No.1097928

If some of you spent less time on distractions and bullshit & more time on ACTUAL Q crumbs we would be a lot better off. Either you are morons or you are here to mislead on purpose.

5e95ea No.1097929

File: 96304b4b97ca5c1⋯.jpg (410.67 KB, 1551x903, 517:301, bf1.jpg)

File: bed6e69bae4fc20⋯.jpg (255.78 KB, 971x907, 971:907, bf2.jpg)

File: 2064611cd8d531f⋯.jpg (328.43 KB, 936x907, 936:907, bf3.jpg)

File: 48b6e5e23a6eb50⋯.jpg (275.17 KB, 971x833, 971:833, bf4.jpg)

>>1097614 (previous bread)

Their time will come.

Attached is a reminder of BuzzFeed's fears back in May of 2017.

sauce: https:// www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/the-public-square-belongs-to-4chan?utm_term=.bt81eNzpw#.qu79Pm4XQ

7fe74a No.1097930


Have you seen the Twilight Zone episode where the guy sees something out on the wing?


cdf47b No.1097931


>The dead cost nothing.

Not 100% true. The dead cost votes.

3fe4b8 No.1097932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I love this.

5a032d No.1097933


Q is confirming there are active shill teams on board, and are naming certain more potentially damaging disinformation (((shills))) to us Patriots so anons do not get derailed and deceived.

Look at other instances in the past when Q actively pointed out FAKES.

d87033 No.1097934

File: c1853394330406a⋯.png (118.65 KB, 694x543, 694:543, mexico.png)


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5628475/We-watching-Political-killings-shake-Mexico-election.html

c7b86b No.1097935

File: 73c417037076f79⋯.png (61.07 KB, 348x345, 116:115, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24decbf7a54f903⋯.png (15.42 KB, 321x143, 321:143, ClipboardImage.png)



God bless Q, POTUS, and the USA

f04822 No.1097936

Do you think we will ever know the truth about the Las Vegas massacre?

3d92b9 No.1097938


oh lol, you're probably right, too tired too read all these walls of texts anymore.

I figure most ppl don't take notables as facts either tho overall, they're just highlights

e0d4b4 No.1097939


More "alt-right frog cult" shit from MSM…

They are clueless!

-keep kekking!

3fe4b8 No.1097940



I stand corrected.

389dd5 No.1097941

File: 3234348d0e44572⋯.jpg (138.83 KB, 830x553, 830:553, 503902824.jpg)

750470 No.1097942

File: 9e34a3bb3dd817c⋯.jpg (181.22 KB, 1603x577, 1603:577, screen.JPG)


Honestly, this seems to be some weird way to archive stuff. Things are posted after Q says them, and include things that we've found.

It's probably a larp, though, and I say this a someone who was asking for others to look into it. I was asking (for more than FAKE comments), precisely so I could see someone actually analyze it. Different set of eyes. Ignoring the bias and such.

The reason that I say it's a larp and not simple archival is that there is a lot of effort gone into it. The best that I can say for you now is this:

It's probably, most definitely a larp, but it won't hurt anything to save everything you want from it.

Pic for proof to show you that I went down the same line and even went one step forward to archive it.

4434d3 No.1097943

b7a78f No.1097944

File: 93db04d3115173c⋯.jpg (209.7 KB, 743x850, 743:850, IMG_0370.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/hoodinternet/the-hood-internet-mixtape-volume-six

f59266 No.1097945


the five senses?

6ff9c0 No.1097946


What more do you need to know that makes a difference in the big picture?

f4101c No.1097947


just food for thought anons.

there is clearly a cel phone cam here taking this pic at 30k feet.

where is the liveleak of the woman getting sucked inside out the window? where is footage of people panicking on the plane?

after it landed somthing? anything?

5a032d No.1097948

File: ba337986b530a55⋯.jpeg (38.63 KB, 678x380, 339:190, racistjew.jpeg)

c83178 No.1097949

Any of you esoteric fags out there? Watch the older movie "Brainstorm" for a movie that attempts to tell you everything important in life and also shows you an outline of how the men and women behind POTUS and MI and Q think. They spell out how they will take out the Jew. Using dicovered secret files of torture.

They imply the control groups are hiding much secret information from humanity.

Blew my mind. Oldest film portrail of hackers breaking into government computers and finding secret shit.

The climax is on KILL DEVIL HILL. They kind of hit you in the face with their masonic penis on that one. But watch it.

Nothing in movie is as it appears….look deep and you will see amazing stuff spelled out for you.

They have been planning this takedown of the Jew for a long long time.

973a77 No.1097950


What's the 5th letter of the alphabet?

5c4439 No.1097951

hayden panettiere for me…sick parents=prime opportunity for the sick

7fe74a No.1097952

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

18e9d4 No.1097953

File: aef4f5bc4a9b891⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1796, 621:898, 6CE90F55-DF3B-4D47-BDC1-E….jpeg)

f115d9 No.1097954


Psst… your douche nozzle is showing.

b109ff No.1097955

File: 64350f7cc000f92⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 3905x1528, 3905:1528, 20180418_211835.jpg)

u think the PM had any connections? xD

d6e1f1 No.1097956

f04822 No.1097957


Do the references to E also hint at 5 eyes?

5a032d No.1097958


(((conspiracy theories)))

685324 No.1097959

wheres porn fag…….damn it

d634b0 No.1097960

File: 8b7beca8bf6a24e⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 746x742, 373:371, 29216380_334027197001352_1….jpg)

c7b86b No.1097961

File: 1ee8803b43daac5⋯.png (665.06 KB, 765x600, 51:40, ClipboardImage.png)



your tactic is the stupidest type of shilling

3fe4b8 No.1097962


I love God.

24046a No.1097963


Hard to tell when McCabe is telling the truth. I do know he'll throw everyone under bus to save himself.

750470 No.1097964


…This is a good fucking point.

How is this person able to capture this picture, but somehow didn't manage to catch ANYTHING ELSE to prove it happened as the news says?

5e95ea No.1097965


Interestingly, he doesn't specifically mention POTUS by name. If you didn't know anything about the author, you could almost add a #MAGA or #QAnon at the end and it would seem perfectly reasonable to us.

c7b86b No.1097966


I understand baker


428d6e No.1097967

File: 38f16f6240e7806⋯.png (361.59 KB, 745x478, 745:478, fa8decfb92285e1bd44067fc4a….png)

dc99b5 No.1097968


Comey will do the same.

addfe2 No.1097969




https:// pastebin.com/FU5b5Yx6

It's mostly complete, missing some march entries and those without obvious text codes in them.

213a2f No.1097970


Looks flat to me….


9746f2 No.1097971

File: fae2dba1371cec9⋯.png (469.08 KB, 865x720, 173:144, ark.png)

File: 373be5fd728bc26⋯.png (49.9 KB, 729x612, 81:68, trans.png)

3fe4b8 No.1097972


Not a clown.

Im on God's team.

I misspoke and deserve the spanking.

80bf41 No.1097973

File: 1d4557d8d5c6cbb⋯.jpg (34.73 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 961.jpg)


It's not so rare.

https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2017/oct/01/engine-breaks-up-on-air-france-a380-forcing-emergency-landing-in-canada

fa50a3 No.1097974

https:// pjmedia.com/trending/georgia-town-braces-neo-nazi-antifa-stand-off-saturday/

24dd93 No.1097975

backchannelfaggots btfo

bc4225 No.1097976

Let me try this again.

We are told to re-read crumbs.

Not all of the crumbs dropped are from Q in a Q post.

If you are in a research mode when the breads are filled with shills, like now, go to qanon.pub, click on Q post and go back to that bread. Scroll up 50 posts, or down 400 posts, and read the posts carefully, skipping over the baker girls, and other obvious shill posts. Some of them will be of a more cryptic type, or they will just explicitly state a fact that may be of importance. Usually only 1 post per bread per ID. Sometimes there will be a response from another single post ID commenting on the first one. They really stand out if you read and analyze them. They are not long posts, usually only one line.

c7b86b No.1097977



Can you imagine what HRC will do?????

cdf47b No.1097978


So does your head.

77135c No.1097979

File: f6c35360be526ec⋯.jpg (151.69 KB, 1110x1476, 185:246, messageImage_1524105283023.jpg)

File: 6341691ec066192⋯.jpg (194.87 KB, 600x819, 200:273, messageImage_1524107790820.jpg)

File: 78550d888b22148⋯.jpg (150.59 KB, 1049x723, 1049:723, messageImage_1524108484061.jpg)


There is a lot of info here to dig on Anons. There is a lot more!!

So there is a lot of Talk about Scalia but it never seems to move forward. I am doing some digging on him and what I have found may be new to others as it is to me. This is sort of a meld of two theories, either one plausible.

What if Scalia wasn’t 187’d by the mystery man they say; After an independent lab has concluded that foxglove was found in Scalia’s spinal fluid and ocular fluid. A nationwide manhunt is underway for John McMan who was on a security camera at the hunting lodge where Scalia was found dead.

John McMan is a known professional assassin who has been evading capture for twenty years. He is wanted for questioning in over a dozen murders, including two that may link back to Hillary Clinton.

https:// jodyrossel.com/tag/foxglove-poisoning/

What if McMan was sent as the handler or as a backup in case the real assassin was unsuccessful? Who was the assassin, According to a first hand witness, USA Chief Justice Scalia was a Luciferian and a violent child rapist. David Shurter ranks Scalia as “one of the top three worst” pedophiles who abused him throughout his youth. So when news broke of Scalia’s strange death, the monster’s former victims got talking. News spread fast among this group that Scalia had in fact been murdered by a 13-year-old boy at a Texan ranch. The child apparently took a dislike to Scalia’s approach to rape, was triggered – and slit his perpetrator’s throat.

https:// pedophilesdownunder.com/tag/justice-antonin-scalia/

Scalia sleeps with the fishes; Justice Scalia was found dead at a “ranch” in Texas where he was a “guest.” When the Washington Post asked the host, John Poindexter, about Scalia’s “free ride,” Poindexter pointed out that nobody pays at his ranch; all are “free guests.” What Poindexter is evasive about is what goes on there, what services are also given and who is invited.

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2016/02/17/scalia-sleeps-with-the-fishes/

Previous guests have included Mick Jagger,Tommy Lee Jones, Randy Quaid, Dick Cheney, and Charlie Sheen – all who have been accused by others as being pedophiles.

The owner of Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch is John Poindexter. He obtained the property in 1988. A 3rd-generation Texan, Poindexter runs a Houston-based manufacturing company, J.B. Poindexter & Co. Poindexter is a leader in the ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS.

I and others, such as Fiona Barnett- who was trafficked from Australia, were taken to the Bohemian Grove as children, and we have witnessed pedophiles hunt for children amongst the redwood forest. Another version of the Bohemian Grove is what I believe this ranch to be- a place where rich people are able to hunt children down like animals- which is just one small aspect of their perverted and dark activities.

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite pedophile gatherings. Alleged attendees at European pedophile hunts include King Albert of Belgium, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, Prince Johan Friso of Holland and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit.

https:// davidshurter.com/2016/02/19/concerning-the-ranch-anton-scalia-was-murdered-at/

Scalia was killed at Rent a Boy Ranch… They hunt children. YT video, Scalia is marked at the 42.30 mark.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cachKqBJet4

Contrary to news reports that Scalia was tired and went to bed; There was evidence that on the evening that Scalia died, there was a party outside his suite. There was ash still in the pit, some broken glass, and cigar ashes in the ashtray. Scalia was an avid cigar aficionado.

https:// fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/02/27/devil-images-around-justice-scalia-at-cibolo-creek-ranch/

Dick Cheney keeps popping up here as a person of interest; Scalia engendered criticism in the past over his choice of partners on hunting trips. In 2001, he went on a pheasant hunting trip with the dean of a Kansas law school who was the lead attorney in two cases that were about to come before the Supreme Court. And in 2004, he went duck hunting with then-Vice President Dick Cheney — flying with him on a plane that served as Air Force 2 — while the high court was considering a case that challenged the secrecy of an energy task force led by Cheney. Source.

Since Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia had gone hunting together before, this has lead to sharp comments and questions in 2016 after Scalia died about whether he had been shot by Cheney.

http:// copycateffect.blogspot.in/2016/02/Scalia-Marfa.html

919539 No.1097980

File: a090f64737fa103⋯.jpg (185.76 KB, 1079x684, 1079:684, Screenshot_20180419-002346….jpg)

File: cc2de4697f049ef⋯.png (109.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cc2de4697f049ef71b4d57249a….png)

This is disgusting.

4434d3 No.1097981


Now that's what I call "Smoked Hams".

dc99b5 No.1097982



Yeah but we got new idiots already.

43ac7b No.1097983


The Wright Brothers first flight was out of Kill Devil Hills, NC. There is a museum there now.

750470 No.1097984

5a032d No.1097985


Active pawns on board, keep watch. The post was not tagged to yours, but the response.

973a77 No.1097986




>POTUS telling (You) to keep them open.


Possibly. But I don't think so.

24046a No.1097987


It won't matter. She's FUCKED. NO DEALS.

3f4b13 No.1097988

7503da No.1097989


very good episode

f59266 No.1097990



822feb No.1097991

God Bless and keep Roseanne.

I retweeted, along with several #TarmacTreason RT

https:// twitter.com/therealroseanne/status/986784042329796608

4434d3 No.1097992


>Spanish allowing for sex of people at least 13yrs old

>the Spanish also tend to be hyper gynocentric

I'm not surprised really.

dc99b5 No.1097993


I wonder if she will even make a statement on her criminal investigation referral. She can't stay quiet forever.

e0d4b4 No.1097994


So, do 12year olds get to vote for the pope?

Fucking sick asswipes.

I never knew this before -


c7b86b No.1097995



d6e1f1 No.1097996


Maybe Photoshop plane never left the ground?

43ac7b No.1097997

File: c792696e8a12403⋯.png (412.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trust_the_plan_winning_wil….png)

bf1d2f No.1097998


This is why Buzzfeed is volunteering FOR HER to run articles saying sex trafficking is no big deal

276dae No.1097999




https:// www.worldcasinodirectory.com/casino/kings-roman-casino

endangered species,,,gold covered..??????

954a2a No.1098000

Hey anons, know who Andrew McCabe's parents are?

Nobody does. Think McMaster. Dig!

cdf47b No.1098001


The only deal she can make is getting hanged or burned at the stake.

cd9d8b No.1098002


A little wink.

Anyone dig on who may have orchestrated the "special delivery" Live ON AIR?

919539 No.1098003


2018 faggot. Q showed up in October 2017

b7a78f No.1098004

File: 711dee88c2976a1⋯.jpg (138.26 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0461.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/drnknmstrr/suck-my-brave-robot-wall-daft-punk-vs-pink-floyd-vs-beastie-boys-more

dc99b5 No.1098005



Same age that RBG wants to lower the age of consent too. What is special about a prepubescent girl at that age,?

2e36f8 No.1098006


These people are sick.

None of these people bat an eye when Hildabeast bleach bits her computer and smashes her blackberries, get immunity for all and the FBI raids a lawyer and they gloat about no secrets.

Man I hope all this blows up in their face.

Now more than EVER.

a18f6c No.1098007

File: 48318aa0d25f523⋯.png (629.43 KB, 846x433, 846:433, download.png)

b7bdb4 No.1098008


Well, Q told us that all the 3-letter agencies are here. The bread is being monitored 24/7 by NSA and military intelligence. Someone making threats as that person did would absolutely be targeted for identification.

f115d9 No.1098009


sucka fart robot.

919539 No.1098010

File: b45ab7abadebf38⋯.jpg (565.91 KB, 2440x1868, 610:467, IMG_20180418_231008.jpg)



3fe4b8 No.1098011



Thanks anon.

301fa2 No.1098012


At least that's a 4 engine plane, not such an emergency. But good datapoint.

72a0e3 No.1098013

File: 827f7bfbbf16687⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 1151x2551, 1151:2551, egas.jpg)

e0d4b4 No.1098014


No hair in the meal I suppose…

The entire "followers" of catholic faith should be made aware of this.

Worthy of memes to help in that effort.

c7b86b No.1098015




399cd3 No.1098016

Pray for Trump.

JFK tried to do the same thing as Trump and got whacked.

The speech that got JFK killed:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=u928MLkKcrM

"For we are opposed, around the world, by a

monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, that relies

primarily on covet means for expanding it's spere

of influence,

On infiltration instead of invasion,

On subversion instead of elections,

On intimidation, instead of free choice,

On guerrillas by night, instead of armies by day,

It is a system which has conscripted, vast

material and human resources into the building of a

tightly knit, highly efficient machine that

combines military, diplomatic, intelligence,

economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published.

Its mistakes are buried, not headlined.

Its dissenters silence, not praised.

No expenditure is questioned.

No rumor is printed.

No secret is revealed."

b7a78f No.1098017

File: dc747a33fdf8917⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 378x649, 378:649, IMG_0442.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/dj-vadim/bob-marley-megamix2?in=marco-piccioli/sets/main

memefag says smoke that shit

addfe2 No.1098018


Sure, and now it's logged so that if anything changes, we'll know.

https:// pastebin.com/FU5b5Yx6

c83178 No.1098019


They show the museum in the movie….if you have a working knowledge of Gnostic Christianity you will see amazing shit. I am blown away by how the movie is perfect for the times today.

The MI boys are all masons and they set this shit up years ago…during a BRAINSTORMING session of geniuses….and they created a plan that is so unbelievable cool that you are left with an understanding that GOD is working right beside them all the way.

NO joke…watch the movie. Every scene in the movie is esoteric…nothing is face value. I was shocked today when I saw it again. It has everything about today…..

dc9f25 No.1098020

Will watch Anon. Thanks


18e9d4 No.1098021

File: 7b205056754bf18⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1807, 1242:1807, 585D1AEE-8D14-4E68-902E-1….jpeg)

Only just seen this sorry if already posted

https:// amp


3fe4b8 No.1098022


VERY good question, anon.

5a032d No.1098023


Correct. (((they))) are not playing at levels needed for survival.

3f4b13 No.1098024


<The bread is being monitored 24/7 by NSA and military intelligence

All the Platform. Even /pol/

dc9f25 No.1098025


That’s fuckin funny

5e95ea No.1098026

File: 62ac2a4cb7bc78d⋯.jpg (99.8 KB, 706x533, 706:533, eaglepep.jpg)


Kekking indeed!

You know damn well the people at BuzzFeed have nightmares of being covered in an Army of Pepes.

973a77 No.1098027


LARPClowns and their non-spelling faggoty asses…

It's enGAGE not enGUAGE

750470 No.1098028


Catholics are actually pagans anyway. It's going to be one hell of a kick in the balls when they find out they've all been worshipping the devil and his ilk while not knowing it.

0ae85f No.1098029

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


http:// commandandcontrol.center/


I put together a website for us Anons that aggregates a bunch of resources in one place. Twitter feeds, MEME support and Research tools etc.

Hopefully it can make researching Q easier to anyone who wants to use it.

Contact me thru the site for any additions or changes and I'll be happy to make them.

I am not my fucking khakis. MAGA!

2ed269 No.1098030

File: 608eb47b4ae7854⋯.jpg (116.56 KB, 1080x1348, 270:337, broad.jpg)

thank you baker

328cfd No.1098031

Welcome aboard Alan

https:// twitter.com/realAlanAB

428d6e No.1098032



374/2 pop-3


PRAY [prey]

238138 No.1098033

File: e509743f8e7ac5e⋯.png (206.62 KB, 1295x540, 259:108, 77777777.png)

File: 9da1d5b896653f2⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 400x395, 80:79, Seal of Babalon.jpg)

File: 1a2734029532639⋯.png (235.5 KB, 1517x900, 1517:900, Trump Babalon.png)

File: a2559c6af14d774⋯.png (110.56 KB, 1249x621, 1249:621, Wimpolemuse.png)


Anons… I know that many of you don't appreciate the esoteric posts so I've dropped a a load of information on the fantastic 666 Fifth Avenue thread so I don't derail this bread. The entire thread is fantastic but I would implore you all to check out this post in particular.


It's the craziest thing you will see all week. And it's already been a week of happenings. I kid you not. It's as mad as a hatter.

013683 No.1098034

File: 875a2d6ee774568⋯.jpg (13.86 KB, 229x220, 229:220, b804e6ca29dc1f7fc5a1bbfa7e….jpg)


me too

d3a067 No.1098035



she's taking a lot of heat from the satanist shills for it though.

3fe4b8 No.1098036


Not if Bomb Clown is a member of a 3 letter agency.

If nobody has actually reported it, ill do it.

Anons, has anyone reported Bomb Clown?

If not, I will report it in 20 mins

a10114 No.1098037

File: 07fc8929fba225f⋯.png (9.23 KB, 241x113, 241:113, ClipboardImage.png)

just got done reading the last bread and this bread.

Q posts interesting tonight

Tomorrow looks real interesting

Comey and the View was ridiculous

Trump signing Q was pretty brilliant. I know asl and SEE and he was basically saying "eyes and mouth Q"

If you were to make up a name sign about someone who's name is Q and they see everything and tell everything that's exactly the name sign they would get.

Stormy Daniels and crew is a waste of time

Judge in Cohen case is being ridiculous and making a witch hunt of the POTUS

Plane "accidents" and Huber death real interesting

What else am I missing?

And for keks I just got a Q captcha.

Yes I know the game with the captcha. Just fuck off.

a19ff0 No.1098038

File: 01dca0c28e4ca8e⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 290x174, 5:3, NancySchaefer.jpg)


Checked this guy's twatter

There's a police report listing 1200 Coldsprings Lane

Boogle says there's a 1200 Cold Springs Lane in Valdosta GA

Anons, one of the places that the (late) Nancy Schaefer was birddogging was the south Georgia nucleus of sex trafficking. She was a state legislator.

Have heard rumors of very dirty business for years

Nancy Schaefer and her husband were MURDERED for what they'd found out at their house in the north Ga mountains

Basically the Schaefers were saying that Child Protective Service (oh gawd) were in it up to their eyeballs

Valdosta is a NASTY place, right on the side of I-75, basically the last medium size city before the Florida state line (you're close to Disney World), lowest common denominator strip clubs advertised on billboards for lowlifes

Other creepy human trafficking potential sites near Valdosta are Ports of Savannah and Brunswick

I need to dig on that twatter some more, see if there are any more clues

Am a Georgia anon, 7th generation and know a lot about the state without needing to look it up, can help fast w/ a lot of questions

If you find anything, ANYTHING about human trafficking in the state of Georgia, holla on here and I will make super ultra 9000-damn sure it gets to the right place

The Schaefers' murder is still unsolved!! Needs closure!!




d87033 No.1098039

File: ebf0db2f88f1c00⋯.png (146.75 KB, 936x419, 936:419, Snip20180418_24.png)



Careful anons. Make sure to do your own research.

https:// www.ageofconsent.net/world/vatican-city

276dae No.1098040


https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/world/obama-laos-announces-u-s-will-give-90-million-clear-n643156


919539 No.1098041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



dc99b5 No.1098042

cdf47b No.1098043


Martin Luther tried to tell them, but they wouldn't open the door.

af1084 No.1098044


thanks, will watch

know KDH very very well

2ed269 No.1098045

File: 1a31216a2c823da⋯.jpg (255.62 KB, 1381x1074, 1381:1074, kaufman.jpg)

42b459 No.1098046


If it's not rare then we are are not demanding enough inspections.

Power plants don't fly apart and kill people yet they are generated by jet engines. Compare and contrast.

2fd32a No.1098047

File: c5f25a5ad6d7b81⋯.jpeg (138.45 KB, 1124x1025, 1124:1025, 3502DA1E-3CC7-4DB7-A508-D….jpeg)

Fire meme canons at will Anons!

Idiot posted this on POTUS’ Abe tweet.

efbb34 No.1098048


No, the crumb implies that McMaster's dad was taken out as punishment for McMaster losing his position which was access to Trump's "ear", ie influence.

b36df4 No.1098049


lol yea


Phillly anon here…be safe

Thankfully the Penguins grounded the Flyers again tonight …bad week for Philly aviation.

c7b86b No.1098050

File: 2ff9e1539d058a0⋯.gif (14.98 KB, 255x191, 255:191, trump.gif)

55ab71 No.1098051

File: 0519973b4037804⋯.png (192.26 KB, 777x1781, 777:1781, 4-19.png)

9d6b9c No.1098052

(Bread #1370)


>...could a plane full of morons really all get it wrong?

They could if it wasn't a real flight and no flight attendant showed them how to use the masks.

Also, what was the altitude? I saw a photo of two women sitting next to each other, holding masks on the faces of babies on their laps, but not using one themselves. I'm seeing this and thinking, what altitude are they at? The babies need the masks, but they don't?

5e95ea No.1098053

File: 984d753cb9fe30d⋯.jpg (16.45 KB, 229x221, 229:221, 984d753cb9fe30d1c52f3b966b….jpg)

17187d No.1098054


5a032d No.1098055


Read here:


123a31 No.1098056



Halp I'm ...WTF does Pittsburgh have any investment in Muller being fired? PA went Trump..Pitts is kind of a redneckish "high society"...is it because it's so close to where all the explosives were stolen?


You know, just a thought (walk with me here on some logic) that they would show a window blown out (like a stock photo) as a visual and not actually use the real window BECAUSE it's a fuckin bloody mess and people would complain//faint/ get triggered? Or maybe because it's just too gross to use?


It's about time we started using what we KNOW to get what we need. Moonbeam is dirty AF. He was dirty AF the first time, no doubt that's why he got recycled.


KEK sounds like Pakis got a load of what BIBI was bragging about during Oslo Accords (how he controls America)...hey, (((THEY))) have it, Pakis are equal opportunity blackmailers!

cdf47b No.1098057


The tender mercies of the Cabal are cruel.

2c3d9d No.1098058

File: e41fa4f3d67d3c8⋯.png (254.47 KB, 688x644, 172:161, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

Corporate Media Lies?!?

https:// twitter.com/trbrtc/status/985003415079211008

55ab71 No.1098059

File: 2356b424265cec9⋯.png (93.67 KB, 1071x571, 1071:571, shot-heard-round-the-world.png)

822feb No.1098060


SW famously only has 737s in their inventory as a cost saving measure.

Another one of their 737s had a similar incident last year, but the window did not shatter and no one died.

http:// www.jacdec.de/2016/08/27/2016-08-27-southwest-b737-inflight-engine-casing-seperation-over-florida/

https:// aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20160827-0

5cb770 No.1098061

File: 5e6fdbd7799992e⋯.png (653.36 KB, 720x891, 80:99, ClipboardImage.png)


This looks very staged…oxygen cups aren't even over the noses. Something very strange with the entire incident.

e09a5a No.1098062

File: 0fe5fc4f1f99697⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 900x389, 900:389, IMG_0418.JPG)

Meep MEep MEEEEp

4e00e1 No.1098063

Good Twitter thread here about Trump's tactics

Worth a read

https:// twitter.com/_VachelLindsay_/status/986814381722710016

3f4b13 No.1098064



2ed269 No.1098065


Right when he says "I tell ya what"


dc99b5 No.1098066


Babies have less pulmonary reserve than adults.

Less tin foil>Moar autism

af1084 No.1098067


when I saw that, I thought it was a young Adam schiff

3fe4b8 No.1098069


Spread the word, anon.

God vs Evil.

We are on the right team.

301fa2 No.1098070


"Huber death", what? Was that a typo?

23d410 No.1098071

File: 5366896d6595013⋯.png (815.12 KB, 874x1157, 874:1157, ClipboardImage.png)

HAHAHAHA maybe the clowns will pay on behalf of McMuffin!

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/04/18/evan-mcmullin-owes-campaign-staff/

b109ff No.1098072

File: e48dbb97a441261⋯.jpg (907.12 KB, 1080x1049, 1080:1049, Screenshot_20180418-213353.jpg)

File: 492b1f3692289ef⋯.jpg (982.65 KB, 1080x1732, 270:433, Screenshot_20180418-213417.jpg)


^^^ this anon knows..


3fe4b8 No.1098073

bc4225 No.1098074


Maybe, but never forget people are stupid. I am surprised some don't have them on backwards.

e0d4b4 No.1098075

File: f8e03463c157c9d⋯.jpg (122.95 KB, 600x250, 12:5, temp-memeRBG.jpg)




Maybe this meme addition will help…


8c625d No.1098076

File: 8c527c8c6f2a6d5⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 8c527c8c6f2a6d55846416306b….jpg)


Boobs say Russian.

2ed269 No.1098077


That's why I posted it

b36df4 No.1098078


They were more concerned about muh Wifi

7fe74a No.1098079


Can we go flying tonight? We haven't reached up near 40,000 in a while. Unless, you're too busy. THAT would be totally understandable :)

Stay safe Patriots!

a10114 No.1098080


In the bread, Q response, wrong name, McMaster's father.

60cc81 No.1098081

So many faggots that should be killing themselves.

213a2f No.1098082


Blood everywhere

de6f5a No.1098083

The dews & donts of silencing people

>>Expect GRAVE Ramifications soon EC

Did you think we forgot?

http:// www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-ci-malone-fire-cause-20170427-story,amp.html

42a299 No.1098084

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)

File: a59428f8505da08⋯.png (32.67 KB, 774x748, 387:374, ff008a8e383c1e185d7b47a095….png)

File: 983592645d6fcae⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 983592645d6fcaec960fe59cb1….jpg)

File: ffb18189b80771b⋯.png (134.27 KB, 1166x956, 583:478, 1472df9d6b6605a1cd2cd1fa4d….png)

cdf47b No.1098085


Boobs say fat.

2e36f8 No.1098086


I can't see Cheney having him 187.

42b459 No.1098087



Not necessarily says one who carries the weight

f8de4e No.1098088


Foxglove in Scalia's spinal fluid may not have been a sign of intentional poisoning. He was known to have a heart condition and Foxglove is where the heart medication Digitalis (Digoxin) comes from. Digitalis is known to cross the blood-brain barrier & into the cerebrospinal fluid to some degree so it wouldn't necessarily be unusual to find it on his post-mortem.

Also, Digitalis if taken without awareness…ie. just taking every day without checking your pulse rate beforehand…can provide enough toxicity that your heartrate could be slowed to a dangerous or fatal level. This is why Digitalis should ALWAYS be held (not given) if the pulse is less than 60 beats per minute.

3f4b13 No.1098089

Guys. Ukraine in Trouble..

b255d9 No.1098090

Ok that’s just strange …McCabe father unknown mother unknown birthplace unknown siblings unknown ….wtf ?

301fa2 No.1098091


What's this about ADT cams? Lots of people have ADT and pay them an exorbitant $30+ per month for monitoring.

db9c0d No.1098092

9d6b9c No.1098093


>Less tin foil>Moar autism

How about more data, like why weren't the women wearing oxygen masks? I think you missed your exit.

7fe74a No.1098094



> Something very strange with the entire incident.

Always is. Truman Show. Think logically.

Where We Go One, We Go All.

71141e No.1098095


Q, your shtick is getting tiresome, especially when you refuse to address the elephants in the room:

1) Deep state raid on Trump's attorney, followed by…

2) Trump's going full NO NAME in Syria!

Please explain why we should still TRUST THE PLAN in light of these recent events?

aa7779 No.1098096


Should I get the Flu shot this year?

ad51c5 No.1098097


Looks like an image there, on remnants of cowling or whatever it is.

42aed7 No.1098098


Am I over tweaking to point out that yesterday's resignation from Congress was from Lancaster? Charlie Dent was also pushing the "can't fire Mueller" bill in the house. Not sure why he resigned… must be big if it can't wait.

https:// www. politico.com/story/2018/04/17/charlie-dent-resigns-528605

7fe74a No.1098099

File: 418167833843a3a⋯.jpg (102.59 KB, 981x1200, 327:400, #assange.jpg)


Improper Input.

632423 No.1098100



This 7 1 and 7 9 channels come up every few days in the bread. It is a group of *I think* patriots, but if you dig into it, they claim Q is a larp. Investigate with caution.

5a032d No.1098101


Go after (((kike))) assets like her. Focus on the (((bloodline))).

3f4b13 No.1098102




WWIII Begins?

5cb770 No.1098103


Welcome to Alan!! You are not alone. WRWY

0c59cb No.1098104

Anons, a word on aircraft safety.

This anon worked in the airline industry for quite awhile. The first thing you learn, the greatest fear, is of a plane going down. This is not an advertisement; rather, it's common sense: when an airplane goes down, airlines go down with them. See "Valuejet."

I believe that this is Southwest Airline's first fatality resulting from an aircraft incident. This is pretty impressive, when you consider how large it is, and that it has been in operation for 50 years.

Security was pretty good when I left (quite awhile ago). The job required a background check, which became much more rigorous after 9/11.

Inspections are routine and carried out by the mechanics, the pilots, and the ground crew to a certain extent. Southwest Airlines employees have an added incentive (as do JetBlue and certain other airline employees), in that they receive bonuses that may come in the form of company stock.

Difficult to speculate on what might have occurred without giving people bad ideas, but the point is that, as Q noted, it's highly irregular. I am less familiar with Delta's safety record, but I cannot remember anything noteworthy. They are an even larger airline, with longer flights.

d27d6c No.1098105

File: f13e02d46a30fa8⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 768x768, 1:1, samus.jpg)

https:// soundcloud.com/psymbionic/beastie-boys-intergalactic

1f62bd No.1098106

File: 65567dba258a6cf⋯.jpg (8.19 KB, 255x194, 255:194, shadilay_lightning.jpg)

f59266 No.1098107

Papers of John F. Kennedy. Presidential Papers. President's Office Files. Subjects. Astronauts: Alan Shepard, 1961: 17 May-2 June


Welcome aboard.



cdf47b No.1098108


The Rotskin in the Scotskin falls mainly in the Plotskin.

412f31 No.1098109

7fe74a No.1098110


Julian hasn't been on Twitter in almost a month.

Trust the Plan anon.

f115d9 No.1098111




db9c0d No.1098112



0a1856 No.1098113


PM trudeau's favorite pose. His ass needs to be gaped with Comey

f8de4e No.1098114


First, a photo shows one moment in time. Those women could have easily been sharing oxygen masks with those babies.

Secondly, ANY mother would WILLINGLY give up her oxygen mask and/or her life, if it's going to save her baby. Love doesn't always think rationally.

cdf47b No.1098115


We're bumfucked.

60cc81 No.1098116


The [raid] was fake. Q said that a traitor leaked that POTUS was not a criminal target in the Mueller investigation and that it wasn't supposed to be made public yet. The media started asking too many questions. The [raid] quickly reclaimed the narrative that Mueller was going after POTUS. The treasonous leaker failed. And as a bonus, Q finally confirmed to us that Mueller is our guy. But there are too many dumbasses who refuse to re-read the crumbs like Q has instructed them to do that they completely overlooked this huge reveal about Mueller.

e0d4b4 No.1098117


YOU *as adt customer

give the company the video feed (to watch)

and the knowing when you come and go.

(and when you are home, what room you are in, what times you sleep…)

And you *as adt customer:

Are stupid enough to pay them to do it!

Should sauce the ownership of that company, bet it comes back to Clown central…

WHY do I say this?

Well, they never allowed technology that allows YOU to DIRECTLY monitor your system without including their servers or people.

(that's a red flag).

My security system I designed myself, it sends alerts to MY freaking phone from MY server.


I know about this flaw.

1f62bd No.1098118

File: fc9bf680ff82037⋯.jpeg (11.73 KB, 255x197, 255:197, fuckery_dept.jpeg)

7fe74a No.1098119

File: c22eabc492f8cfb⋯.png (384.13 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, qproofsdod.png)

File: 1ceee1ab430ac6a⋯.png (510.86 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, QproofsNK2.png)

File: b39ce62acbc8f55⋯.png (324.02 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, QproofsNK.png)

File: 7c50fe17b877b8b⋯.jpg (844.59 KB, 3736x2090, 1868:1045, qproof14.jpg)

File: 3021834ab2bcdb3⋯.jpg (317.62 KB, 979x980, 979:980, qproof8.jpg)

THIS is why you should Trust the Plan

bf1d2f No.1098120


>Trump signing Q was pretty brilliant. I know asl and SEE and he was basically saying "eyes and mouth Q"

DJ Q Smoove

1a0304 No.1098121


Looks better than starved looking woman in my opinion.

d27d6c No.1098122

File: 5853ac04a44025d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.2 KB, 1836x1839, 612:613, dangrainbow.jpg)

cia bait socks

389dd5 No.1098123


Ok… Jet Engines. Mobile, operated in highly variable environment, multiple stresses. Subject to foreign objects.

Power plant turbines.

They may operate in a similar fashion but they do not operate in similar environments. It is not an apples to apples comparison.

As another anon said, static equipment you can monitor with vibration equipment and often shut it down before catastrophic failure. But they still fail. Harder to do on an airline since the whole thing is moving.

Your comment that power plants dont fly apart is utter bullshit. They do, the difference is when they do, it doesnt put 200 people in a life and death situation. Plane crashes or lives at risk big news. People without power while backup equipment is brought online, not news.

Ive seen a turbo fan on an evaporator destroy a room when a fan blade sheared off. Same type of equipment. Did that make the news? Fuck no…

d03b95 No.1098124



604a56 No.1098125



a19ff0 No.1098126


Look at his tweeter

The photos with the kids wearing Goofy hats I recognize the location as being in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at WDW

301fa2 No.1098127


Not Q but in my opinion, no never get the flu shot. Serrapeptase knocks down a virus pretty well and can be bought online.

0ae85f No.1098128

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Thanks! Not the best at autistic researching, but wanted to help in ways I know how.

7fe74a No.1098129

604a56 No.1098130


Fuck fucking yes

9e7603 No.1098131


Thank you. We are finally seeing some offensive moves. I’m trusting Sessions will look into request for investigation today from 11 Republicans.

California is a butthole. Corruption, Bohemian Grove, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, CF donors, MS-13, and the Watchers -goolag and twatter - need some serious indictments soon. A whole generation lost to fascist liberal schools. Get them Q!

83c1f5 No.1098132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

243 years

d27d6c No.1098133

File: d6ffbd1397a6612⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 807x767, 807:767, eggsnsocks.jpg)

moar cia bait socks

1a0304 No.1098134

eaaf48 No.1098135

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For those concerned about Yellowstone.

I may or may not keep track of that daily.

And yes…..shit's shaking way more than usual.


Hide yo kids hide yo wife.

-imagines Charlie Frost from 2012)

bc4225 No.1098136


Willing to bet shes not 18.

5a032d No.1098137


Well done, anon.

389dd5 No.1098138


You mean, when an airline goes down, they get renamed.

7fe74a No.1098139

0ae85f No.1098140


Quite welcome!

Please spread the word. Hopefully more Anons will find the site helps their research.

f115d9 No.1098141

File: 49e308b2aa7b138⋯.jpg (33.83 KB, 720x405, 16:9, default-1464367250-2119-se….jpg)



cdf47b No.1098142


Well, at least you don't have to roll her in flour to find the wet spot.

c83178 No.1098143


This woman is spectacular. I have discovered in my middle age that women are hot in all different ways. Fat skinny muscular…whatever. If they dont eat babies and dont do too much treason….my penis likes them just fine.

1a0304 No.1098144



2c3d9d No.1098145

File: d3bd4fa04ecfda6⋯.png (384.29 KB, 593x467, 593:467, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

Their symbolism will be their downfall.

7fe74a No.1098146

File: f9a069a6b8eedbe⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 237x255, 79:85, #this.jpg)


About Mueller. Thank you, anon!!!

Why have people forgotten, or refused to accept what Q told us about Bob in the very beginning.

0c59cb No.1098147


Right. Regardless, it doesn't bode well for the employees.

0ae85f No.1098148

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


HA Thanks!

Spread the word! I'll be there to add stuff as Anon's need it!

cdf47b No.1098149


I'm happy for you and your penis. To each his own.

3f4b13 No.1098150


let's see. The people of Ukraine are of mayority Russian. First that. After a pause and the people ask a vote for annexion. as in Crimea. Stable Genius?

dc9f25 No.1098151



d27d6c No.1098152

File: 7f5f6632a03a710⋯.jpg (112.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, businesssocks.jpg)

https:// soundcloud.com/littlenapoleon/led-zeppelin-vs-rolling-stones

604a56 No.1098153


Holy fuck. These people are STUPID.

6df957 No.1098154

Another anon pointed out this youtube channel earlier today. Check out the message in this video posted just an hour ago. Anyone know someone currently in the National Guard to check whether or not they're mobilizing?

Operation domestic sweep underway 23:00 yes nat guard rolling east coast units inbound He had no choice get ready FF commencing all hands in motion

Hex values in video:

4F 70 65 72 61 74 69 6F 6E 20 64 6F 6D 65 73 74

69 63 20 73 77 65 65 70 20 75 6E 64 65 72 77 61

79 20 32 33 3A 30 30 20 79 65 73 20 6E 61 74 20

67 75 61 72 64 20 72 6F 6C 6C 69 6E 67 20 65 61

73 74 20 63 6F 61 73 74 20 75

6E 69 74 73 20 69 6E 62 6F 75 6E 64 20 48 65 20 68

61 64 20 6E 6F 20 63 68 6F 69 63 65 20 67 65 74 20

72 65 61 64 79 20 46 46 20 63 6F 6D 6D 65 6E 63 69

6E 67 20 61 6C 6C 20 68 61 6E 64 73 20 69 6E 20 6D

6F 74 69 6F 6E 20


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1fKySsY3uk

af39f7 No.1098155


I love you fuckers

af1084 No.1098156

File: cc71dd9dcfa3721⋯.png (243.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Kaufman_Schiff.png)

fba425 No.1098157


Spectacular…it has everything. Genius!

ad51c5 No.1098158


trudeau is vermin. He's also kind of funny with his prayer beads and skull caps kick dancing with trannys/

5a032d No.1098159



23d410 No.1098160

File: be782b40b0de2d2⋯.png (306.07 KB, 452x490, 226:245, MY187.png)

File: 829bd1b917c02be⋯.png (279.39 KB, 570x485, 114:97, PelicanShowing1.png)

File: 32a89fcd56d0926⋯.png (1002.6 KB, 745x733, 745:733, BEGONE.png)

00b9ab No.1098161


I hope so. I think so.

Part of what POTUS has in his pocket I assume. Gotta clear the runway first with the subversion tactics going on. Once Russia goes away as a story I think we start seeing shit get really real.

The truth about 9/11 would be magical.

42a299 No.1098162

File: 17278071c8cbf85⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 300x391, 300:391, not_this_shit_again_1_71c2….jpg)

File: 5cc331c2c16d480⋯.png (196.31 KB, 500x727, 500:727, obama-dropped-a-bomb-every….png)


Fuck off back to Twatter, shill.

cdf47b No.1098163

018812 No.1098164


i know

e2b261 No.1098165

File: a311a6e22244f4c⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 1472x254, 736:127, Hate is taught.jpg)

The left teaches the children to hate,

SICK, they corrupt everything good

and innocent.

https:// townhall.com/columnists/janerobbins/2018/04/19/how-leftists-indoctrinate-children-via-the-ap-program-n2472199

53d84c No.1098166


Golden Triangles:

1) Pittsburgh PA,

2) a small enclave in the far northwest of Laos

7fe74a No.1098167


Very Cool.


734342 No.1098168

File: ca7bbadfe5483f8⋯.png (436.27 KB, 1876x1692, 469:423, googapi.png)


I typed in the hex from the last video, also. You can get the exact publish time by using Google's API explorer and directing it to the channel (channel activities api). The thing is, though, that the published date doesn't change if you change the video name. I uploaded a video with "Original title" and then changed it to "changed title" and all other meta data stayed the same.

30a243 No.1098169

File: 930d147fc3e93da⋯.jpeg (219.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0540E66B-95FA-49D9-A361-2….jpeg)


I guess this is possible...

4d3db7 No.1098170


this. so much documentation from passengers perspectives looks staged. the glitchy video as well….

17187d No.1098171

Feb 15 2018 13:05:39 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 93

Newsweek problems?

http:// www.newsweek.com/how-storm-biggest-fake-news-story-796725

Strike back against us?

MSM not happy?

"Conspiracy" label.

Re_read crumbs re: "conspiracy" / MSM coverage.

Who will be next?

They are here.

>They will try to discredit.

>They are stupid.

They bring more eyes.

The 'proofs' are important.

'Proofs' provide new 'eyes' ability to question.

This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

Important to be prepared.

We will help.

TRUTH always wins.


ad51c5 No.1098172


Our prayers go with these men.


822feb No.1098173


Thank. Interesting twitter account.

My husband was a YUGE Trump fan from the moment he announced. INSANE. Waited in line for hours to go to rallies, etc, came home and said how as military he was treated respectfully by the security screeners (a complete 180 from the contempt of the Obot Regime). My FIL did work for Trump decades ago and always was a fan, stated many times Trump is much different in person than the cartoon character the press tries to make him into.

I was "neutral Trump" during the campaign. Not "Never Trump" (spit) but cautiously optimistic. I agreed with Michael Anton that this was indeed the Flight 93 Election.

The Progressives and permanent Washington and their behavior …. they are having the opposite effect. There isn't a morning I don't wake up grateful to not only GEOTUS but his entire family for making these sacrifices for US. The hatred and venom they spit at this beautiful, all American family … it is the very essence of Evil.

It's hard to really take it all he has accomplished in such a short time. From cautiously "neutral Trump" I am "I don't think 2 terms will be enough …." heh.

God Bless President Trump, the beautiful and elegant First Lady Melania and keep and bless the rest of the Trump family in security and peace.

d27d6c No.1098174

File: 95190146ae0697c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.82 KB, 512x768, 2:3, katosocks.jpg)

https:// soundcloud.com/djxcentric-com/kriss-kross-vs-house-of-pain

9d6b9c No.1098175


>Excuses, excuses, excuses.

So, normalcy bias and we can all go home.

2cc980 No.1098176


>http:// commandandcontrol.center/

Awesome dude!!

17187d No.1098177

Jan 27 2018 16:01:40 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 71

Why would D's have MW conduct the follow up to the SOTU?

What is MW used for?

Re-read past drops.


Carefully crafted 'out there' statements w/ falsified/fake Mueller drops will be made that nobody else would dare say/suggest.


>What do they expect is coming?

>What must be said to provide a counter-narrative?

What might be said to attempt to discredit factual proofs coming?

How do you keep people BLIND?

What must you FEED them?









Wizards & [WAR]locks.

These people are really DUMB.


0ae85f No.1098178

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


*Gushes Thanks!

Spread the word and I'm here to make any additions, changes etc.

9e7603 No.1098179


Wow like winning the Q-lottery. Awesome job Anon. Gracias

bf1d2f No.1098180

File: 6313aebf5ae0545⋯.png (557.33 KB, 643x615, 643:615, MFOL_Evil_Eyes.png)

cdf47b No.1098181


>Love doesn't always think rationally.

I didn't know love thinked.

ce8213 No.1098182


checks out

Operation domestic sweep underway 23:00 yes nat guard rolling east coast units inbound He had no choice get ready FF commencing all hands in motion

>4F 70 65 72 61 74 69 6F 6E 20 64 6F 6D 65 73 74


>69 63 20 73 77 65 65 70 20 75 6E 64 65 72 77 61


>79 20 32 33 3A 30 30 20 79 65 73 20 6E 61 74 20


>67 75 61 72 64 20 72 6F 6C 6C 69 6E 67 20 65 61


>73 74 20 63 6F 61 73 74 20 75


>6E 69 74 73 20 69 6E 62 6F 75 6E 64 20 48 65 20 68


>61 64 20 6E 6F 20 63 68 6F 69 63 65 20 67 65 74 20


>72 65 61 64 79 20 46 46 20 63 6F 6D 6D 65 6E 63 69


>6E 67 20 61 6C 6C 20 68 61 6E 64 73 20 69 6E 20 6D


>6F 74 69 6F 6E 20

3d92b9 No.1098183


Baker here

Adding to Notables, but this should probably get it's own space in bread right?

e0d4b4 No.1098184


Looks like my Asian wife! I need to have a talk with her about selfies…


What was CNN's reasoning for the evil eye gloves?

497387 No.1098185

Anyone get in to the 22k Hillary emails that got dropped on twitter tonight? Fake?

975cb5 No.1098186


she's got some big damn feet

d27d6c No.1098187


peaches by something something somebody

https:// soundcloud.com/dumdjs/presidents-of-the-united-states-of-america-peaches-dum-djs-remix

523577 No.1098188

File: 19d7827a1e20002⋯.jpg (185.44 KB, 978x1547, 978:1547, 68l9wz-C3vvdwM.jpg)


fug habbenin bread n babes

f8de4e No.1098189


Have had an uptick in deep earthquakes here in the past few days….have 3 on the map in the last 12 hrs alone.

5cb770 No.1098190


I'm so glad I don't have security system, other than my 38 and two big dogs. I never thought about security systems but you're absolutely right. Scary stuff!

1a1e3a No.1098191



>>1097279 (You) Update from Aunt in York, Pacific

NOT "Pacific", but "PA" as in York, Pennsylvania


52ebc8 No.1098192




That's a great pastbin archive. I'm saving it.

Thanks for being patient but one odd thing about this video is that it appeared a few minutes before Q's most recent post. Q's post said "He had no choice." The message coded in the video (which had to take some time and preparation) also has the phrase "He had no choice."


5a032d No.1098193

File: f2a7c05cb43fe91⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 500x346, 250:173, clownsamongstwreck.jpg)


The Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/syrian-conflict-distraction-secret-war

"The true war, a secret war, is being fought between liberty champions and lying globalists. For now it remains a cold war, a battle of principles and facts versus disinformation and fear. One day this war will become a hot one. Until that time, distractions will assail the public like a hailstorm. My hope is that we can educate enough people to see through the fog of this hidden war; enough people to come out the other side and change things for the better."

Pic from article. Not 100% accurate, but the idea and war is going viral.

439e84 No.1098194


I've been looking at this youtube site too, today. Anon beat me to decoding the recent video, but it's the same message I decoded. Watch and wait.

389dd5 No.1098195


Ever put one of those masks to your face? They don't fit worth a shit over your nose and mouth. Thin elastic strap is useless.

Basically, they're more something for you to keep you occupied and "doing something life saving" while your life is about to end.

013683 No.1098196


We found Adam Schitt for brain's cousin! Kek!!

7fe74a No.1098197

File: 8e10a7e753b3875⋯.png (24.41 KB, 425x368, 425:368, #Qbob.png)


Trust the Plan

4e00e1 No.1098198


I was in love until I saw that big hole in her sock. Gross

973a77 No.1098199


>Last BOOM will be 'Magical'

3d92b9 No.1098200


oh thanks for noticing, I did actually type in PA, stupid auto correct got me

97846d No.1098201

File: aab2339f86ac772⋯.gif (20.56 KB, 485x365, 97:73, 1521769790677.gif)

One America News on the ground in Ghouta on the exact spot where chemical attack supposedly took place. People interviewed saying there was no attack at all. Banned from JewTube and reuploaded by anon to Bitchute.

https:// www.bitchute.com/video/O6MsqEpDXgh6/

dc9f25 No.1098202

0ae85f No.1098203

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Thanks Baker (blessed are thee)

Yeah totally up to you if you want to include it. I made it for all of us Anon's. Would be honored to have it baked into the breads.

f115d9 No.1098204


Wow. 6 posts of crap. You should be 'tricky' now and switch IP's like usual. You'll look MUCH more cool.

2db14a No.1098205



Could you resurrect my Dead parents? I think they would like to be alive to witness what is happening today.

1a371a No.1098206

File: 1f00728435c654a⋯.jpg (113.57 KB, 634x687, 634:687, 2461078600000578-2921637-D….jpg)



She also described the alleged abuse in new and startling detail. Pictured below

She claimed Prince Andrew correctly guessed she was just 17 when he met her, and how she was instructed to give him anything he wanted

Also revealed in the flight logs was the fact that former President Clinton road on Epstein's jet at least 11 times between 2002 to 2004, and was sometimes accompanied by Maxwell and Kellen.

Just released flight records show Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has been flying with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the financier's private jet dubbed the 'Lolita Express' since as early as 1997, despite public statements that they were only acquaintances.

Young: Virginia Roberts is currently in the middle of a high-profile lawsuit against Epstein

She travels with me all over. On occasion, she's working or travels separately. I travel with her almost all the time, not all the time,' he told Gawker. 'I have a very clear, unequivocal recollection that I was never on a plane with any young women, period

Flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein's private plane dubbed the 'Lolita Express' were published for the first time on Thursday

They show that former President Bill Clinton boarded the plane with women believed to have been involved in creating underage sex slave ring

Alleged victim Virginia Roberts says she was recruited as a slave when she was 15, and that she was forced to have sex with both Prince Andrew and Harvard law profession Alan Dershowitz

The latter, she says, molested her mid-flight on the private jet

Both the Duke of York and Dershowitz have fiercely denied their involvement in the ring

(pic related)

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2922773/Newly-released-flight-logs-reveal-time-trips-Bill-Clinton-Harvard-law-professor-Alan-Dershowitz-took-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Lolita-Express-private-jet-anonymous-women.html

f8de4e No.1098207


I trust you're autist enough to get the point but since it appears you're not… People will do many an irrational deed out of love.

db9c0d No.1098208

5a032d No.1098209


Wheels within wheels.

d87033 No.1098210


https:// original.antiwar.com/david_stockman/2018/04/18/the-deep-state-and-the-big-lie-douma-deposed/

cdf47b No.1098211


Kinda looks like the Son of Sam.

2c3d9d No.1098212

File: a96a26dd3032e8d⋯.png (93.91 KB, 750x473, 750:473, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)



d27d6c No.1098213

File: 1a76d002d901ab6⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 580x800, 29:40, somebullshit.jpg)

https:// soundcloud.com/juanpopp/house-of-pain-vs-star-wars-imperial-march-juanpopp-mix

d4aeb5 No.1098214

File: 244f4a745198cfb⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 3A6F4A55-5AC5-4E76-96D0-8….jpeg)

Live from Armenia. Armenians protesting their NWO puppet President who made himself Prime Minister for life Serge S.

People all over are trying to fight the globalists.

5cb770 No.1098215


This is absolutely amazing geniusanon!!! So many, many thanks to you. I have some oldfags friends that I wanted to red pill but this platform they didn't understand. Now you have it so wrapped up so nicely. Many, many thanks for your genius talent!

9746f2 No.1098216

File: 4b625eea3cfaea6⋯.png (220.01 KB, 875x738, 875:738, flight 1380.PNG)

interesting that the date is april 8th and the crash happened later

b109ff No.1098217

File: cb9ad543b98f113⋯.jpg (613.01 KB, 1072x1617, 1072:1617, Screenshot_20180418-215057.jpg)





…. idk. fake & gay? im not convinced.

i know Q said Truman show but i dont believe he meant that literally. i think he meant that some of the things we see are contrived or hidden.. like adv tech & fake news… This, Alan, guy seems ro be saying that he literally had that life.

c83178 No.1098218


I didnt become a Trump supporter until I saw how hard the Republican establishment was working to stop him. And then the never trumpers….it was a lock after that. I knew if those evil bastards were all against trump that he must be a great man.

Funny that watching who hated Trump swayed me….because it did. He has all the right enemies.

fba425 No.1098219


Do you have the link to the hex decoder site?

c86da1 No.1098220

File: 42d2c272899ad8b⋯.png (74.05 KB, 226x257, 226:257, ClipboardImage.png)


most of them look like this while naked but still wearing the gloves

3d92b9 No.1098221


Board Rules


Command Control Center

New Website: http:// commandandcontrol.center/

Q's Tripcode

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

What do anons think?

dc9f25 No.1098222


Thank you Anon. I was wondering what The Whole story was here.

ad51c5 No.1098223

File: a7b0775cd6a563b⋯.jpg (4.3 KB, 191x255, 191:255, efc028ad7e11f7591a9d3179ad….jpg)

If it's happening:

Brace for mega shill action

Joo hate shills go.

Q is a LARP shills fade.

FE shills, escalate to 11

Gay porn shills -

etc etc

d27d6c No.1098224


blah blah blah werdz werds electrolytes frump trust

cdf47b No.1098225


I'm not anything.

0ae85f No.1098227

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


You are absolutely welcome fellow Patriot Anon.

I'm here to make additions etc.. if Anon's need them.


52ebc8 No.1098228

File: 68fe0cbe064ba9e⋯.png (31.99 KB, 665x588, 95:84, DomesticSweepDecode 2.png)

File: e0e917060e9a5d4⋯.png (40.83 KB, 434x502, 217:251, HeHadNoChoice.png)


Video message posted shortly *before* Q's post says "Operation domestic sweep underway 23:00 yes nat guard rolling east coast units inbound He had no choice get ready FF commencing all hands in motion"

Q's post states simply "He had no choice - Q" and was posted after the video was posted. The video has encoded text embeded in the video itself. It had to be put together at least an hour ahead of time and couldn't be a response to Q's post, right?

8aca42 No.1098229



did you check this link? might want to before adding to notables. doesn't pull up a page for me…

1f0c56 No.1098230


I am starting to think the entire news cycle this week is strange, not just this story. This one is almost as ridiculous as the pee dossier. When you really step back and think about it.

1a0304 No.1098231


I got only one flue shot. I was sick as a dog after getting that stupid shot. It was over ten years ago. I rarely get a cold. When I go to yearly check up, a nurse never fails to ask me if I needed to get a flue shot. It is a big business. Now you can go to Drive-thru and get one. How convenient.

0c59cb No.1098232


Have you ever even been on a flight? If you have, you'll remember that the flight attendants give this little notice:

"The bag may not inflate."

http:// mentalfloss.com/article/67142/why-does-airplane-oxygen-mask-have-bag-may-not-inflate

As far as not wearing them right–customers don't exactly train for it before each flight. They're given a brief set of instructions by the flight attendant, which most people ignore because…no death since 2009.

Here's another amazing fact: the atmosphere contains oxygen above ground level. That's why Michael Jordan never died while dunking from the free throw line.

I know I'm only baiting stupid to become louder stupid, but if the day comes when people read over these archives as a matter of history, they have to know that not everyone here is a fucking idiot.

8c625d No.1098233

File: b53169aa4d4ecb0⋯.jpg (110.61 KB, 500x709, 500:709, 49067.jpg)


Thank you, controlcenteranon!

(Looks like a great place to do some digging)

e0d4b4 No.1098234


Krista Suh "a feminazi" and obvious Illuminati moon child…

Thanks for the sauce.

I am going to dig a little on her itchy cunt (not literally -kek)

973a77 No.1098235

734342 No.1098236


We cannot be sure the title wasn't changed, honestly. Unless it's archived somewhere, the titles will change and the date the video is published won't change, and there isn't any other obvious meta data that will reveal that the title has changed.

f5638f No.1098237

What the fuck is this fake shit? I read this before but it for sure didn't have Q as the author.

412f31 No.1098238


nah..not n hour.. a cpl seconnds maybe

a264b3 No.1098239

I've used my assets to amass a decent sized following over the last 930 days. Dropping a red pill crumb tonight

3d92b9 No.1098240


It's loading for me, got bread, twitter and lotsa links

7fe74a No.1098241

File: e64dd33808d6fd8⋯.png (17.09 KB, 423x270, 47:30, #qbob2.png)

7e5525 No.1098242

File: 01f4087ef0cd376⋯.gif (954.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_4099.GIF)


Nicely done!



276dae No.1098243


he Golden Triangle[1] refers to the area where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers.[2] The name "Golden Triangle"—coined by the CIA[3]—is commonly used more broadly to refer to an area of approximately 950,000 square kilometres (367,000 sq mi) that overlaps the mountains of three adjacent countries.

Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia, and of the world, since the 1950s. Most of the world's heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world's largest producer.[4


lots of connections!!!!!!!

2c3d9d No.1098244


Great, happy digging!

82a0ce No.1098245


https:// cryptii.com/hex-to-text

664e4f No.1098246

File: bc634e5df4564f7⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 62d569f28b065a183140d3d5e6….jpg)

389dd5 No.1098247


That and it took off from LGA. Jew central. Most had a choice… Nose or Mouth.

c86da1 No.1098248

File: 2dc5d4223ff256f⋯.png (177.8 KB, 291x294, 97:98, ClipboardImage.png)

f8de4e No.1098249


So, are you saying that the "He had no choice" is related to the National Guard being rolled out on the East Coast? That Q is saying something bad was going down that Trump had no other recourse but to mobilize the NG?

Or does the "He had no choice" still get tied to Moonbeam agreeing to the NG border mission?

8aca42 No.1098250

File: d1978c43e42de92⋯.png (114.52 KB, 1096x546, 548:273, Screen shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)




this is what I get

5a032d No.1098251


(((shill))) ID:


(((shill))) team identified. naked costume underage girl pics with soundbites = (((clown ops))). kikes are (((glowing hard))).

Remember Q crumbs pointing out Q demonstrations in DC showing it was going viral?

Syria FF was needed to demoralize Patriots and anons.

Get the idea?

WAR is REAL, on and off the board. (((shill))) clown teams active from not just (((mossad))) or israel, but all other (((black hat assets))).

0ae85f No.1098252

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Just to be clear, the site is for information aggregation and display only. No communications or postings happen on the site. Only contact is to have me add stuff that helps in research.

I thought it up as a sort of sole place for all the usual places Anons go to to research…just a bunch of links and twitter feeds in a Anon friendly skin.

Open to any and all suggestions.

1f0c56 No.1098253


Don't these people look pretty calm overall, also?

ce8213 No.1098254


https:// www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-ascii.html

1a0304 No.1098255


To funny.

6df957 No.1098256


This video was posted yesterday:

Plane/17 MISSED

Near miss, project to make airline appear to be bombed guided missile missed from turbulence hit engine deep state fails again


Hex values:

4E 65 61 72 20 6D 69 73 73 2C 20 70 72 6F 6A 65 63 74 20 74 6F 20 6D 61 6B 65 20 61 69 72 6C 69 6E 65 20 61 70 70 65 61 72 20 74 6F 20 62 65 20 62 6F 6D 62 65 64 20 67 75 69 64 65 64 20 6D 69 73 73 69 6C 65 20 6D 69 73 73 65 64 20 66 72 6F 6D 20 74 75 72 62 75 6C 65 6E 63 65 20 68 69 74 20 65 6E 67 69 6E 65 20 64 65 65 70 20 73 74 61 74 65 20 66 61 69 6C 73 20 61 67 61 69 6E

4F 4E 45 53 54 4F 50 2D 53 45 4E

44 52 41 49 4E 2D 4F 50 45 4E 50

41 43 2D 37 35 2D 4E 4F 52 54 48

57 49 4E 44 2D 43 4F 4D 53 4F 43

2D 4F 55 54


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcBgxW9bDAM

312671 No.1098257

File: 751dd452d46094a⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 1116x1200, 93:100, IMG_0931.JPG)

604a56 No.1098258

d4aeb5 No.1098259

File: 91f82a506253ec3⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 74C3A0D7-F67B-48D9-9049-2….jpeg)

fba425 No.1098260


Lots of handy tools for creating memes and up to date news sources all it one easy glance for real time information sourcing. Anything that helps keep track of happenings like this is a bonus

c86da1 No.1098261

File: 93366a0f3ba8a5b⋯.png (233.86 KB, 394x297, 394:297, ClipboardImage.png)

604a56 No.1098262

0c59cb No.1098263


calm or shell-shocked, take your pick.

7fcf61 No.1098264

File: 14223495c3e72f5⋯.jpg (47.47 KB, 620x450, 62:45, twilight-zone-nightmare-at….jpg)




Fucking freaks me out every time I see that episode. Something about the gremlin sends chills up my spine.

e2b261 No.1098265


It's called plausible deniability dude.

Clowns aint always stupid.

Trust Q

ce8213 No.1098267


Near miss, project to make airline appear to be bombed guided missile missed from turbulence hit engine deep state fails again


>4E 65 61 72 20 6D 69 73 73 2C 20 70 72 6F 6A 65 63 74 20 74 6F 20 6D 61 6B 65 20 61 69 72 6C 69 6E 65 20 61 70 70 65 61 72 20 74 6F 20 62 65 20 62 6F 6D 62 65 64 20 67 75 69 64 65 64 20 6D 69 73 73 69 6C 65 20 6D 69 73 73 65 64 20 66 72 6F 6D 20 74 75 72 62 75 6C 65 6E 63 65 20 68 69 74 20 65 6E 67 69 6E 65 20 64 65 65 70 20 73 74 61 74 65 20 66 61 69 6C 73 20 61 67 61 69 6E


>4F 4E 45 53 54 4F 50 2D 53 45 4E


>44 52 41 49 4E 2D 4F 50 45 4E 50


>41 43 2D 37 35 2D 4E 4F 52 54 48


>57 49 4E 44 2D 43 4F 4D 53 4F 43


>2D 4F 55 54

3d92b9 No.1098268


Yea I thought so, looks great to get it all compiled on a site like that, will definetly check this out more later

734342 No.1098269

File: b158c0cde851a6f⋯.png (67.55 KB, 1940x454, 970:227, utc2est.png)


This isn't the case, unfortunately.

Video posted: 2018-04-19T03:30:34.000Z

That's UTC, so converting the time to EST gives us: 11:30 PM EST.

Qanon's post was at 9:46 PM EST

91f001 No.1098270

File: f00a7c8cd7906ae⋯.png (2.65 MB, 2016x2592, 7:9, staged crises meme.png)

DRILLS & Large Scale Events MEME

I am tired. This may have typos. Please check before twatting, etc.

If there are problems or suggestions please let me know.

This anon does commissioned art work as a living so I'm used to

criticism, suggestions, hate (lol) and edits.

0ae85f No.1098271

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


try the direct link(s) into your browser.

www. commandandcontrol.center

4da5e1 No.1098272


Q was only commenting on the fact the moonbeam HAD to cooperate and send NG to the border. Has 0 to do with embedded codes. Correct in that it was not a response from Q.

eaaf48 No.1098273

Some dipship pedo creep on Youtube keeps posting streams for hours on end whoring for subs promising to 'drop the video tonight!'

He's now using the EPSTEIN ISLAND sec cam pics from Ray Chandler's Instagram!!

Fucker's going to help the bastards discredit THAT too now.

3e9b12 No.1098274


How about the video AK 187 clown blue?

OPEN CONTRACT FDI87789-002 $12M U.S. D

So is $12 million the current market rate for a 187?

e6acc5 No.1098275


Get a flu shot? Oh hell no! I got one and ended up with a crippling autoimmune disorder.

Its a huge scam.

62262a No.1098276

File: 86c4802918547c1⋯.png (26.84 KB, 1231x472, 1231:472, ClipboardImage.png)

This is what I'm getting..

97846d No.1098277

File: ef33a602c153a3c⋯.jpg (652.02 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1523412690456.jpg)


Another OAN report on Syria false flag.

http:// www.oann.com/oan-investigation-finds-no-evidence-of-chemical-weapon-attack-in-syria/

2202d5 No.1098278

one of the strange things about the oxygen masks on the southwest flight was that NONE of the people I saw in the photo were wearing the mask correctly over the nose and mouth as the flight attendants or video always instructs. They were only holding them over their mouth. Seemed pretty strange for everyone to be doing that, almost like it was coordinated.

e0f95c No.1098279


You must be new to this. NO NO NO NO

ce8213 No.1098280

750470 No.1098281

File: 378ed4553c5c27f⋯.jpg (111.08 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, Kanye West and Trump.jpg)

>>1095584 (from another bread)

Yep. And Kanye West broke free from it, I think.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkUr99epJh8

I suggest every anon watch in their free time and check out Kanye's twitter. Do it when you're not analyzing shit. Or whenever you want. I don't control you.

https:// twitter.com/kanyewest

Kanye is probably going to be the one of the few that walks away from the day of the rope alive in Hollywood.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are definitely going down.

4eac86 No.1098282

File: b1c901dbe876e64⋯.jpeg (213.17 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 29693A9E-0D79-4D40-83B8-9….jpeg)

#QAnon going mainstream

Spotted in Raleigh, NC

c83178 No.1098283

File: 64930a762e6bc88⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 448x381, 448:381, 0886529a7a4c6f343d955097da….jpg)

File: 34ce69a5323ad1a⋯.jpeg (71.39 KB, 448x381, 448:381, download (34).jpeg)

8aca42 No.1098284


that IS what I typed in…


tried it more than once.

2ed269 No.1098285

3ae016 No.1098286


Q - Water is something everyone needs. As things escalate, how are you planning to proactively guard infrastructure and people? Here to support, lead, whatever is needed to cut through the crap and get something reasonable in place.

312671 No.1098287

File: 123ee2fa8e6322a⋯.jpg (110.28 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_0335.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/mixessss20/star-wars-vs-chemical-brothers-fatboy-slim-daft-punk-isaac-hayes-by-ithaca-audio

4434d3 No.1098288



I just get that the server's IP address can't be found on my end.

3d92b9 No.1098289



should be


53d84c No.1098291

File: a0fb0ad9e196bc3⋯.jpg (308.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, SHILLS.jpg)

e910f0 No.1098292


Thanks so much, looks very helpful for monitoring a bunch of things at once.

77135c No.1098293


Thanks Dickhead for randomly taking something that I've spent a lot of time looking into and throwing some shit that you stole, lumping it in as an attempt to slide. STFU, if you know nothing or have nothing to say that is productive, or didn't mommy teach you that. When you see my shit and you have this uncontrollable urge to say something, don't! Just float on by in the sewer water you live in and forget you ever saw me. I am a figment of your imagination/cept I'm real doin real shit! You are the reason (((OUR))) breads are so full of shit. You take your $3.50 per (you) and continue to fish while the real Anons do real work. This will be the last (you) from me for you so consider this my $3.50 into your beggin ass hat on the side of the road.


7fe74a No.1098294

File: 44af290b885be3a⋯.png (15.07 KB, 425x243, 425:243, Screenshot-2018-4-19 Q(2).png)

0ae85f No.1098295

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


OK…site just went up. It's using DNS masking as well for more security. This means the various server farms around the globe haven't propagated it all the way yet.

Just wait a few hours or keep checking every hour or so. You will get it. Other Anon's are getting to it.


4d3db7 No.1098296


this photo would never have been possible if kanye wasnt legit

604a56 No.1098297

Just heard a story tonight that the term of "Gotham" is derived from the word meaning "Goat-town"

7e5525 No.1098298


Are you gonna start a thread so we can add suggestions there? I think that would be easier for us anons who can't be on the main qresarch thread as often as most.

dc9f25 No.1098299


This is fantastic! Thank you Anon

b109ff No.1098300

File: 948eccde2c13d56⋯.jpg (629.37 KB, 1033x2018, 1033:2018, Screenshot_20180418-220506.jpg)


cool site anon

4434d3 No.1098301


Good site

>not putting a link to archive.is

dc9f25 No.1098302


I just went to site just fine

f8de4e No.1098303


Pretty dumbass question since Flu season is basically over & getting a flu shot now would be horriby useless & unnecessary…not to mention, you'd be lucky to find anyone that has any left in stock to give you.

312671 No.1098304

File: 5e87b16d6e16596⋯.jpg (167.25 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, IMG_0360.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/mixessss33/nirvana-vs-ratm-vs-red-hot-chili-peppers-vs-smashing-pumpkins-90s-rock-mashup-wick-it

ff906d No.1098305

File: 1bb3b02fd9d4ca5⋯.png (37.31 KB, 806x505, 806:505, Cabal_3.png)

I think I know what the Y is.


I'm digging at the origins of the EU and that shit is massive in connections to the cabal.

3f4b13 No.1098306

File: 9ff81c80e61905a⋯.jpg (317.38 KB, 1700x2151, 1700:2151, baltic map.jpg)


Although. Finish the Problem in the Middle East. Russia has at least Thee Problems

Black Sea (Armenia, Arzebayan, Georgia Turkey, Ukraine)

Baltic Countries (Estonia,Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland Latvia, Lithuania, Norway Sweden)

Hm. A I see the thing. In Ukraine already is begin the conflict in the east. without that The MSM says something. Hmm. I think that must be cut the Stringers with No Name first. it says that in Ukraine already there Chemical Weapons, as in Syria. Without forget the problem with Gazprom.

Hmm. Putin is having to stripe to Magog. but not for a lot of time. Turkey historically is a problem for Europe. the better is that Turkey collapse for his same weight. as in NK. Also there Stronghold of the C_A.

Also with Armenia, Arzebayan and Georgia , secretly are helped by Turkey. In Georgia there problems with territory with Russia.

And I think that the worse phase could be the Baltic countries. specially the Three midget with The Orwellian. Lalety, Sweden wants conflict with Russia. Even they're ready with the NATO. For Now, Finland is neutral. (it's in Year Election this year). but with those mess in the Arctic Sea. hmm.

Some News said that US and Russia could be trouble in the Arctic.

From East to west. Critical Phase [4]

72a0e3 No.1098307


who is kalergi?

8aca42 No.1098308


whoops! that worked this time.

79154a No.1098309


>Willing to bet shes not 18.

willing to bet that if anyone posts an image of a nude child (that wasn't posted in the endeavor to out someone like rachel chandler), it'd be a clown staging it.

7fe74a No.1098311

0ae85f No.1098312

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Just registered that domain. Will point it to the current site.

I know, the dual "andand" looks weird.

So use comandcontrol.center (might take a minute to propagate) or the current commandandcontrol.center as you wish.

5cb770 No.1098313


Quick suggestion already geniusanon-can you add POTUS and realDonaldTrump tweets? Many anons are not on twitter and would allow them to see his tweets and clip for side by sides.

41d17a No.1098314

File: eb14450cc213c84⋯.jpg (690.27 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_6908.JPG)


A Anon said they saw this the other night and yes I snagged it

312671 No.1098315

File: fa3518bf559abbe⋯.jpg (341.34 KB, 1430x910, 11:7, IMG_0491.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/opiate-pusher/nine-inch-nails-david-bowie

3d92b9 No.1098316


ah ok, you're gonna like next bread btw ;)

d4aeb5 No.1098317


Turks do not help Armenia.

f115d9 No.1098318


Trump loves you.

7fe74a No.1098319


We need bumper stickers.

9a986e No.1098320

File: ebc48351cbba79b⋯.jpg (775.42 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 1524108081517.jpg)

File: 92e2f34d7f09dc5⋯.png (671.37 KB, 872x910, 436:455, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

File: 1ca7affbc151f2b⋯.png (97.75 KB, 1082x547, 1082:547, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)


3f4b13 No.1098321


Yep. Just lack that Exist board for QEUResearch ,QAsiaresearch and Major Traffic in HQResearch and so We have world presence

addfe2 No.1098322

File: ba8e5cec39f4d65⋯.png (7.59 KB, 617x279, 617:279, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a9212f253895823⋯.png (13.73 KB, 660x304, 165:76, ClipboardImage.png)


hit show more to see full description

168f58 No.1098323


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi

bf1d2f No.1098324


Ali Alexander's Periscope, talking about Q, drinking whiskey.

Says he knows for a fact that The Rock was going to run for President and not a coincidence that Jack P, Cerno and Ali all were silent about Q and now all saying Q is a LARP.

0ae85f No.1098325

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Yeah so, I'm not the best at starting threads. Ill look into it and paste the thread on this board.

Also you can anonymously contact me thru the "Suggestions?" link and give me stuff to add there.

ff906d No.1098327


The father of the EU, publishes "Practical Idealism" in 1925. Basically a non-jew jew-supremacist with connections to the Rothschild and whose father had connections with Theodor Herzi

http:// balder.org/judea/Richard-Coudenhove-Kalergi-Practical-Idealism-Vienna-1925.php

http:// archive.is/uZDtu

WP article on him.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi

http:// archive.is/yKzyG

1a0304 No.1098328


Look good.

d4aeb5 No.1098329

File: 323a8b7773bce28⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 6C3D2142-A2AA-402E-870E-F….jpeg)

File: 7dc13ddc866bb34⋯.jpeg (914.53 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 0794A51E-BA7A-4400-921C-F….jpeg)

Protesters in Armenia being shoved into cars and run over by “cops”.

7fe74a No.1098330

File: 246544d6b5ceb6a⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 480x480, 1:1, #comfyQ.jpg)


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, anon.


2ba0d2 No.1098331

File: 80422c8f5c044ce⋯.png (878.88 KB, 830x590, 83:59, ClipboardImage.png)

Cabal desperate for blood http:// toronto.citynews.ca/2018/04/18/canadas-oldest-blood-donor-says-busy-mind-vitamins-helped-her-give-back/

d5c81b No.1098332


reeeeeeeee kek

hi felicia

eef563 No.1098333

Did the angry clown show up to update his countdown yet? Or is he already in the bunker?

72a0e3 No.1098334


good find

efba83 No.1098335

File: e20e38f068f4c30⋯.png (116.85 KB, 784x1015, 112:145, Roseanne1.png)

File: 7928fad49826cf2⋯.png (107.08 KB, 782x1018, 391:509, Roseanne2.png)

File: 401d555bbbb8e59⋯.png (135.88 KB, 784x1016, 98:127, Roseanne3.png)

File: c96ea0d68f86a2b⋯.png (127.07 KB, 766x1003, 766:1003, Roseanne4.png)

7e5525 No.1098336


Cool, got it

cdf47b No.1098337


He's on the shitter.

7fe74a No.1098338



Catching him some zzzz's to get refreshed for more terrorizing tomorrow :)

d5c81b No.1098339

File: 02e535c64089a1b⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_0288.JPG)

trust elmo

0ae85f No.1098340

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)



Archive.is added.

97846d No.1098341

File: 4d5eaedbbd5b820⋯.png (79.81 KB, 238x255, 14:15, 4d5eaedbbd5b8207d5a759fb57….png)


The ASCII was interesting until this last one. Be aware this is 100% not a military source or comms channel.

7fe74a No.1098342


Do you think the military tribunals are for real or disinfo?

72a0e3 No.1098343


Not sure how to verify that is who Soros replaced. What makes you think this is the person?

973a77 No.1098344


You must really hate your vehicle.

The libtards will fuck it up.

6606d3 No.1098345

File: b2b71e1f6c4fd57⋯.jpg (196.02 KB, 571x528, 571:528, Elmo.jpg)

9a986e No.1098346

File: 8e6bd677a762b9f⋯.png (622.07 KB, 664x913, 8:11, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/18/lawmakers-refer-clinton-comey-lynch-mccabe-for-criminal-referrals/

919539 No.1098347

File: 8ee5ac1d11d217f⋯.jpg (332.8 KB, 1079x1225, 1079:1225, Screenshot_20180419-011141….jpg)

File: 6d6d4a00d86d068⋯.jpg (335.37 KB, 1079x953, 1079:953, Screenshot_20180419-011310….jpg)


Found this through your site. I think it's awesome to have all feeds going. Awesome job.

And is this setting the stage?? Seems Clinton would be guilty of the same thing.


3f4b13 No.1098348


Very Interesting..,

East toward the West

7fe74a No.1098349


Not for vehicle. Just to place around (legally)

f8de4e No.1098350


I fucking TOLD you guys to watch Peach Bottom!

168f58 No.1098351


google it your fucking self fag

d5c81b No.1098352

File: 44e8b31de4a9c82⋯.jpg (96.11 KB, 825x850, 33:34, IMG_0422.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/ctmusicupload/whole-lotta-sabbath-led

677305 No.1098354

Latest Notables as searchable ASCII text: https:// pastebin.com/HFVxPiw9 bread 1266 to bread 1270. CSV with light tagging and analysis, some entries.

Lastest PRETZEL (list of breads): https:// pastebin.com/CpGDGtdy so you can *find* the notable corresponding to your headline.

52ebc8 No.1098355


Yeah, I finally noticed that. I can't time.

c83178 No.1098356


Wouldnt it be cool if POTUS and his merry band of killers have taken control of the Jew command structure and have put out to all their minions that an event will happen tomorrow….so all their jew and goyim puppets run to the bunkers…..and we drop bombs on them? We could use the excuse a terrorist had stole the explosives….this could be a nice cover story to explain any loud bands that normies might hear about.

Probably my imagination working overtime.

eef563 No.1098357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f4b13 No.1098358


Putin is playing Very well the Game…

ff4010 No.1098359

Why are D’s aggressively attacking Pruitt?

Why is the MSM aggressively attacking Pruitt?

https:// nypost.com/2017/08/05/sessions-investigating-slush-fund-used-by-left-wing-groups/

Are you awake?


7fe74a No.1098360


Double standard has got to end. Sad.

af27d7 No.1098361


Going in circles…

3caf8e No.1098362


http:// www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

af27d7 No.1098363


Hold up, Q. What about the Federal Reserve/IRS?

efba83 No.1098364


Good evening

aba7b6 No.1098365

File: 6f1db00f5e9e1f2⋯.png (1.11 MB, 874x528, 437:264, Trrudeau - Selfie with Lon….png)



Seems there are some interesting paths to take here, not sure if any are relevant and how much further each path is

Might help finish off someone else's theory

The architect is of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is Rem Koolhaas

Koolhaas is the founding partner of OMA, and of its research-oriented counterpart AMO based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Rem Koolhaas https:// www.wikiwand.com/en/Rem_Koolhaas

His father strongly supported the Indonesian cause for autonomy from the colonial Dutch in his writing. When the war of independence was won, he was invited over to run a cultural programme for three years and the family moved to Jakarta in 1952. "It was a very important age for me," Koolhaas recalls "and I really lived as an Asian."[9]

Can this tie in with recent BDT for Bangladesh?

Bangladesh–Indonesia relations

https:// www.wikiwand.com/en/Bangladesh%E2%80%93Indonesia_relations

He seems to run in the same circles as Soros family

Mabel, Rem Koolhaas, George Soros, Guy Verhofstadt and their friends warn for the last time https:// translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&u=http:// www.welingelichtekringen.nl/economie/33478/mabel-rem-koolhaas-george-soros-guy-verhofstadt-en-hun-vrienden-waarschuwen-voor-de-laatste-maal.html&prev=search

He co-founded the firm

Office for Metropolitan Architecture

https:// www.wikiwand.com/en/Office_for_Metropolitan_Architecture

In Asia OMA recently completed the massive Central China Television Headquarters building in Beijing, and the new building for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is currently under construction. In January 2009 OMA won the competition to build a performing arts centre in Taipei and in June 2009 the office won the competition to design "Crystal Island", a transport and cultural hub in the centre of Shenzhen.

Central China Television Headquarters building had a fireworks incident several years ago, that caused a massive fire and destroyed a neighboring hotel under construction. 1 person died.

Chinese officials blame state broadcaster's fireworks for Beijing hotel fire https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2009/feb/10/china-beijing-hotel-blaze-fireworks

Q has mentioned explosions, on the other hand this happened long ago

Mandarin Oriental building was the hotel that went on fire

It seems CCTV and the hotel were both designed by OMA

Rothschild Bank headquarters by OMA with Allies and Morrison - https:// www.dezeen.com/2012/07/23/rothschild-bank-by-oma-with-allies-and-morrison/

Video: Rothschild Bank headquarters / OMA | ArchDaily - https:// www.archdaily.com/190525/video-rothschild-bank-headquarters-oma

This article links to a really weird website design with OMA content on it

OMA - http:// oma.eu/

OMA has employee connection with at least one winner of

P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans – Meet the Fellows -

https:// www.pdsoros.org/meet-the-fellows/leen-katrib

This is a former employee of OMA that went on to be a star herself

Zaha Hadid - https:// www.wikiwand.com/en/Zaha_Hadid

She died recently

On 31 March 2016, Hadid died of a heart attack in a Miami hospital, where she was being treated for bronchitis.[48][49] Days before she had visited her One Thousand Museum under construction in Miami.

In 2010, Hadid was commissioned by the Iraqi government to design the new building for the Central Bank of Iraq. An agreement to complete the design stages of the new CBI building was finalised on 2 February 2012, at a ceremony in London.[118] This was her first project in her native Iraq

Also worked on

Iraqi Parliament Building in Baghdad

Some other projects in countries of interest


Qatar National Library, Education City, Qatar

Strategic Studies Centre for the RAND Qatar Policy Institute, Education City, Qatar

Qatar Foundation Headquarters, Education City, Qatar

Asia Pacific

Prada Transformer, Seoul, South Korea

CCTV - China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing, China

TVCC - Television Cultural Center, Beijing, China

SSE - Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen, China

SST - Singapore Scotts Tower, Residential Building, Singapore

The Interlace, Singapore large-scale residential complex, Singapore

Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan

7fe74a No.1098366

File: a8824233d949686⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, #q (2).jpg)

91f001 No.1098367


and only one photo, right?

haha.. maybe McCabe really *is* Comey. Remember POTUS tweet?

67250c No.1098368


Hello Q! Thank you for the drops!

664e4f No.1098369

File: 2223fc153473467⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6b765582f1431a36d9a81cff0c….jpg)


Because he wants a world with out (((THEM))) too.

d68c6d No.1098370


Where did you get the code from?

db33db No.1098371


Pruitt knows the U1 details.

e910f0 No.1098372


Awake? Gonna be a busy night?

0ae85f No.1098373

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


DONE! (Kept Q in the middle though)

973a77 No.1098374



Carry on.

e6f131 No.1098375


Q!! You always post right when I check, I love it.

3d92b9 No.1098376


help what's your time zone lol? is this wednesday or thusday post

Kek, being eurofag

72a0e3 No.1098377


what's this?

1e1daf No.1098378


Wide awake Q thank you and GODSPEED

cee8fe No.1098379

https:// www.adrenochrome.net/

79fa0d No.1098380


8Chan works, but we need a more efficient method of organizing information.

Q, how do we apply? Dedicated patriot, here.

276dae No.1098381


got it..thanks! it's…well done!

5a9494 No.1098382


What did he do to hurt their interest?

e0d4b4 No.1098383


You never sleep either do you Q?

60e957 No.1098384

File: 616632b49e65a91⋯.jpg (11.75 KB, 250x187, 250:187, 250px-EBS_Test_Screen.jpg)


so I guess we should be waiting from some kind of alert on the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS)?

7e5525 No.1098385

File: da3184b30074f46⋯.png (2.44 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, IMG_7001.PNG)


Love it, did you write that. I can actually see her doing that!

c507f3 No.1098386


Why do you think there's an ALL OUT assault on him right now trying to have him removed?

5f6537 No.1098387


Rule 4 Radicals

7f7767 No.1098388

File: 9eb5ed950ecf56b⋯.jpg (175.23 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, 277bxn.jpg)

bf1d2f No.1098389


We're woke and ready for moar!

ce8213 No.1098390


Jacinda Adern??

96f27f No.1098391



White phosphorus manufacturing companies?

c3ab4f No.1098392

File: 86744c4efabfd7b⋯.png (424.17 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-1….png)

File: 7e8e7ceeedd0b71⋯.png (849.99 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-1….png)

File: 62c2571e46bcae6⋯.png (422.6 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-1….png)

NG going to Qatar

http:// wvmetronews.com/2018/04/18/west-virginia-national-guard-selected-for-partnership-with-qatar/

6606d3 No.1098393


They need a fall guy?

9746f2 No.1098394


both are implicated in it

d4aeb5 No.1098395

File: 4f29581bb48ecd4⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 8CB6D664-ECB2-4D44-9C1E-C….jpeg)

This is what a NWO clown takeover looks like. Armenia.

7fe74a No.1098396


Former AG for Oklahoma? Why didn't he stop the kidnapping of children by CPS in his state? Are people compromised, afraid, what is it Q?

efba83 No.1098397


Been watching the new Roseanne. I thought of the scene and just wanted to write it out, didn't have anyone else to share it with

fd5170 No.1098398


I think for real because the leftists would turn any civilian trial into a circus.

018812 No.1098399


Cuz global warming is a concoction of the Ds/MSM

c83178 No.1098400


The dual citizen Jews stole that money fair and square Q…..no crying over stolen money.

And if it is more than two days ago…..what difference does it make now?

Oy Vey.

cee8fe No.1098401

Adrenochrome is a fully open source decentralised public blockchain cryptocurrency. Each transaction on the Adrenochrome blockchain incurs a small fee, which is reinvested in the international harvesting and physical trafficking of Adrenochrome.

https:// www.adrenochrome.net/adrenochrome

b109ff No.1098402

Russian Mission UN (@RussiaUN) tweeted at 5:19 PM on Wed, Apr 18, 2018:

#BREAKING 11-year-old #Syrian boy Hassan Diab who was showed in the video on the alleged chemical attack in #Douma witnesses that everything was staged by #WhiteHelmets. Watch the full interview by Russian war reporter @epoddubny here: https:// t.co/lWbPSX6CeB https:// t.co/5UVzv6GRaV

https:// twitter.com/RussiaUN/status/986761245666750471?s=09

79fa0d No.1098403


They are attacking him because he knows something. EPA likely used as a slush. God only knows how many other agencies were, too.

6ff9c0 No.1098404


Did you not see the announcement of a magic NEW flu that's going to be hitting hard?

eb1be3 No.1098405


twatters not working on this site for me. not sure why.

6fd685 No.1098406

I always take this website with a grain of salt..but found this interesting

https:// inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/04/restored-republic-via-gcr-update-as-of_17.html

1.According to CIA and other sources, the Khazarian Zionist crazies, desperate as their control grid collapses, carried out a massive campaign to force the U.S. and Russia into World War 3 and thus start their long-planned Armageddon.

2. The key was the raid on the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, on April 9th.

3. The aim of the raid was to find material with which to blackmail Trump and thus force him to order an attack on Russian troops in Syria and start WW3, according to CIA and Pentagon sources.

4. Since Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 and since Trump was likely to have been bailed out by Russian gangsters and other dubious characters, there can be no doubt that plenty of blackmail material was found.

efba83 No.1098407


Yes thank you!

276dae No.1098408


helped spearhead the effort to get Mr. Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement on climate change,

1e1daf No.1098409


https:// www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/383802-170-lawmakers-sign-resolution-calling-for-epa-chiefs-resignation%3famp

7fe74a No.1098410


Is EPA responsible for controlling Chemtrails?

4a6320 No.1098411


>Why are D’s aggressively attacking Pruitt?

because EPA is one of the biggest asset to remove freedom from americans and western nations.

Think CAFE standards getting CRAZY untill 2025, which will prevent pretty much any car manufacturer to produce cheap and durable cars.

Which means, our cars will get more and more expensive, we will have to go to ELECTRIC cars (no range, no freedom), and will have to get cars that won'T last (thus always having a car payment, less freedom).

My 4runner is over 20 years old, working like new with good maintenance, pretty sure you won't get that from those 45K hybrids

7e5525 No.1098412

File: 0ad10e28001f6a6⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, IMG_6996.PNG)


Yes, i'm awake. Those who know don't sleep, so true

3f4b13 No.1098413


>NG going to Qatar

Training for the Storm…

60cc81 No.1098414


The traitors are getting desperate. I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible. It's hard to believe that they are willing to kill hundreds of innocents on commercial jets just to prevent patriots from discovering their secrets. They are only digging themselves into a deeper hole. When millions of armed patriots awaken from their sleep, there won't be anywhere for these psychopaths to hide in order to escape the wrath of We The People.

5257b3 No.1098415

File: bf8d5ebbb0dff0a⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 720x938, 360:469, IMG_0285.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/rock_mashups23/beatles-motley-crue-rock-mash

i need scotch too

send cash ffs

b0d498 No.1098416



677305 No.1098417


I'm thinking we could take the gleanings here and code them in RDF / NTRIPLES / TURTLE (TTL) or at least a Graph DB like the Panama Papers were put into (Neo4j).

This is what news agencies do:

Key words.

http:// permid.org

Open Calais tagger


604a56 No.1098418


I'll let you know once this faggot piece of shit phone loads the link, tomorrow

af27d7 No.1098419


I'm more than awake. I'm WOKE. Look at HRC daughter wedding using Haiti money.

Maxine Waters making bank with promise of reparations while living outside the district.

NP has a bank in Mexico with millions. We KNOW they get preferential treatment. Why not just seize those funds?

You have to know it's more than 4-6% of the masses worshiping the MSM so much they believe anything. At this point you're talking to the 4-6% of the only people who are actually awake. They're too brainwashed. You NEED to break the programming because these sheeple flock to twitter because of the entertainment industry is flooding the pipelines with break-ups, movie trailers and advertisement. WE NEED FUNDING. Prosperity packages need to be sent out ASAP.

3f4b13 No.1098420


Hmm. ANTIFA is there in Armenia today?

79fa0d No.1098421


Q, do you know about Drudge or if he is compromised? Some of us wondering.

db33db No.1098422


Maybe Pruitt knows that global warming is BS.

822feb No.1098423


Amen, Anon.

My husband was all in from the beginning, so I know it is hurtful that he can't get a job in this Admin because he was a true believer from Day One and saw Trump's vision. He's working overseas right now so our family is blessed that way, he found it hard to find work because he took a year off after retirement to take care of all the other outstanding medical issues he needed to get fixed from his blast injuries … they broke his face and put it back together again… and because he took a year off to work on his medical stuff, employers discriminated against that because he had "employment gaps". It's a horrible trap so many combat injured vets are in, and so unfair.

Anyways, we'll keep hoping. I would love for him to be able to come home and do his bit to MAGA. 107 applications, 6 actual interviews where he made the final 3, but no offer yet. He was very excited about a Skype interview he had last week that would have been a perfect fit for his skills and experience and over-the-top loyalty to GEOTUS but he hasn't heard so I guess they are making an offer to one of the other finalists. We'll keep plugging away and keep praying someone will see what he can bring to the effort. We all miss him terribly but with a daughter still in college we can't live on just his retirement and VA disability pay.

God Bless our President. I am amazed at how his courage has given others courage to stand up for themselves. What a wild ride this past year has been, and it's only going to get better as the swamp continues to drain.

Buckle up, swamp buttercups, karma is coming your way !!

eef563 No.1098424

File: c92228ebd23b6b9⋯.jpg (119.83 KB, 824x1083, 824:1083, Cap41111ture.JPG)


Pruitt is head of EPA.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Pruitt

Older article, about the gangster antics of Obama/Clinton is confiscating money from large corps and channel it toward globalist minion armies and anti-American causes.

What's the EPA link? Uranium One? That or the EPA is a giant slush fund itself, probably sponsoring all the global warming bunk research.

919539 No.1098425


Forgot the link

https:// breaking911.com/former-fbi-special-agent-admits-to-leaking-classified-information-to-media/

886aee No.1098426

Scott Pruitt had the dirt on the tunnels they were wanting to build in cali?

Water Fix, Jerry Brown.

2c3d9d No.1098427

File: 784b33e251b8095⋯.png (156.04 KB, 768x484, 192:121, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

File: 9ff4027b42986e4⋯.png (152.99 KB, 767x671, 767:671, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)

File: a5719b9ca059563⋯.png (165.5 KB, 769x561, 769:561, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)



0aadc2 No.1098428

File: 837acd932fe77c3⋯.jpg (598.8 KB, 1310x2932, 655:1466, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at ….jpg)

File: 089940320ba8e0d⋯.jpg (558.83 KB, 1326x2618, 39:77, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at ….jpg)


Post Sauce

1f0c56 No.1098429


Pruitt came to the EPA on a mission to change it from within.

0fd674 No.1098430

File: 0fa28edee6da488⋯.jpg (14.31 KB, 199x191, 199:191, pryan.JPG)

>>1096668 We forgot one

96f27f No.1098431


white phosphorus chemical weapons?

677305 No.1098432


I just poasted a small data set anyone can dig into, Tagging, summarising, and turning the notables into an NLP corpus would be a nice start…


523577 No.1098433

File: 8b696351f472fcd⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


you gotta use the " no homo " defence anon

a91812 No.1098434




f115d9 No.1098435


Thanks for the 411 on Pruitt.

e0f95c No.1098436


Potential Reasons:

Privy to knowledge about the gross criminality in the EPA

Interfering with the UN Agenda 2030 population control by derailing the EPA

Disrupting the funding of the "environmental" industry and activist groups

dc9f25 No.1098437


Not sure what to think bout that. I wonder bout it often tho

5257b3 No.1098438

File: fa4d6df4ce01fa3⋯.jpg (86.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_1039.JPG)

any sailorfag updates?

a3494e No.1098439


Notice the massive decline in the number of organized street protests since 45 took office?

It's because the good guys have cut their dirty funding.

f8de4e No.1098440


Can't say that I did. But it doesn't matter anyway because the flu shots that were mixed for the 2017-18 season are not likely to work on flu strains that come after it…that's why flu shots are manufactured each year for the specific strains the THINK will be the issue that year.

79fa0d No.1098441


Great thinking, anon. I like that we have some Q aggregators now, but the best parts of the bread must be savored, kept, re-examined. Not even memes - mainly just information & research. Hard to do that with new bread every 30 minutes.

d4aeb5 No.1098442


Soros’ open society is in yerevan

cee8fe No.1098443

File: 07b1d442b1488ab⋯.jpg (255.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Untitled.jpg)

c507f3 No.1098444


All in on this!!

We should start getting Official like this!

018812 No.1098445


Clearly trying to 187 him, he's bulletproofing everything. end the EPA

af27d7 No.1098446


It better be on the 19th. Why mention Lexington & Concord so much if nothing is happening just like Ides of March. This slavery is just too much. We need help!

4a6320 No.1098447


This this this

389dd5 No.1098448


Not at all. I simply watch the South Park episodes with Ned and get my fix.

123a31 No.1098449


>Why are D’s aggressively attacking Pruitt?

because he's a corrupt fucking money waster?

Has nothing to do with the corrupt slush funds of the left..both are equally vile.

276dae No.1098450

bb165a No.1098451

File: 7534bab8ddebd7c⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 426x607, 426:607, swordfish.jpg)


https:// nypost.com/2017/08/05/sessions-investigating-slush-fund-used-by-left-wing-groups/


62262a No.1098452

File: fda43f7222b1d1f⋯.png (490.85 KB, 841x769, 841:769, ClipboardImage.png)


>He has sued the EPA and as the graphic shows, he's not anti-science. He's looking for transparency FROM the EPA. Once "climate change" is debunked.. what's the platform? And I'm sure the dude knows about U1..

23d410 No.1098453


One photo of Strzok, you mean?

McCabe has spoken in public on TV before, so unless Comey is a witch and can transfigure kek…I'm guessing it means they're two peas in the same pod, as far as level of control, culpability, etc.

664e4f No.1098454

A group of 131 representatives and 39 senators signed a resolution introduced Wednesday that calls for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt to resign.

The resolution states that the co-signers have "no confidence in the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and [are] calling for the immediate resignation of the Administrator."

Highlighted within the resolution are concerns about Pruitt's use of taxpayer money, "dramatic" budget cuts and waivers given to employees to work at connected companies while still employed by the EPA.

http:// thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/383802-170-lawmakers-sign-resolution-calling-for-epa-chiefs-resignation

72a0e3 No.1098455


Thank you for what you do Q. I hope you and other Patriots in government come to realize that you've started something that can't just be temporary. Hopefully a plan can be made to continue dropping info to the public perpetually into the future.

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history. Whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone."

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

389dd5 No.1098456


He isnt sharing his gibs with the Ds.

b0d498 No.1098457

File: e85cb9ae9993a05⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 300x400, 3:4, the-sting.jpg)

File: 3c0629d24f5edfc⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 800x455, 160:91, The-Sting-The-Hook1.jpg)


The Wipeout!!!

cee8fe No.1098458

File: c18ef0be2aa21d8⋯.jpg (240.38 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, um3.jpg)

cab6ff No.1098459

File: 5289861cc682c08⋯.png (640.98 KB, 878x863, 878:863, ClipboardImage14.png)

Scott Pruitt has 4 different EPA email addresses. Lawmakers want to know why.

http:// www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-scott-pruitt-four-epa-email-addresses-20180412-story,amp.html

7e5525 No.1098460


To Late

238517 No.1098461


Because he threatens feeders from environmental pacts and settlements.

3d92b9 No.1098462

Baker here

Anything you want me to add?


>>1097979 Scalia Digg

>>1097980 The Vatican Age of consent

>>1097893, >>1098243 Laos! Golden Triangle

>>1098029 PSA Command and Control Center Website

>>1098193 The Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

d4aeb5 No.1098463


The gov is Antifa

4a6320 No.1098464


This is a strong probability. His regulations will go toward this fact.

c54ff6 No.1098465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

any one else notice that

CHROME browser selectedly mute lots of youtube- Qanon videos??…

I checked…

they are probably testing emergency measures in case of damaging Q drops.

fd5170 No.1098466


They sold off mineral rights

2ba508 No.1098467

0ae85f No.1098468

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


You on mobile?

https:// help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/mobile-twitter-not-working

f8de4e No.1098469


Not to mention that I have been a nurse for 32 yrs & never had a flu shot…or the flu…despite working in a very busy ER during the Swine Flu outbreak.

bf1d2f No.1098470

f5638f No.1098471


I wish I would have seen this before now. I drove right past that exact nuke plant today (18th) and was like "Woah, that isn't coal fired." It caught me by surprise.

In the good news, I didn't see anything that looked out of the normal for the area.


c3ab4f No.1098472

File: 51f064aa8e36dbf⋯.png (594.39 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-2….png)

File: ffa212bfbdccd19⋯.png (271.56 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-2….png)

File: 34006df2268ee46⋯.png (271.88 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-2….png)

File: 038bdf698b30363⋯.png (417 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-2….png)

File: 1b52a5b44ef4398⋯.png (246.35 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-19-00-2….png)


Peace through strength

http:// www.wral.com/280-nc-national-guard-troops-to-deploy-to-afghanistan/17492041/

https:// idahostatejournal.com/news/local/more-than-members-of-idaho-army-national-guard-aviation-units/article_e944b66d-5c1e-5215-ac5e-96f60a44cf8a.html

53d84c No.1098473


no comms off this platform

d3e345 No.1098475

File: 953263e0bd0af20⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tfw.jpg)


busyanon here catching up and commenting on notables

> >>>1094350

>Plane makes emergency landing at Atlanta airport after smoke reported in engine

So there were 17 members of the Delaware Air National Guard on that plane? Certainly they weren't the target—so they prevented a bombing? Is Q implying it had the Arkancide signature?

> >>1091501

>Ray Chandler operation payoff?


>anons dig on RC and Ep connections

>LEO gets PC and searches Ep's house


> >>1091284, >>1091293

>HUMA and the Hawaiian missile crisis.

fucking great work Poipuanon (and everyone else collecting and combining crumbs)

it's undeniable that there was an actual missile shot down on that day. i can think of two scenarios

>hilldawg and huma took a gay vacay to watch the fireworks from a highrise across the bay but were thwarted

>someone in the pyramid higher and upset with HRC saw her/huma as liabilities and tried to take THEM out

whoever the target was, the good guys saved their asses (and all the collateral asses)

i see now how the news played it off as a false alarm (Q/Trump control the msm now) to keep the normies calm. this is how we choose our own level of revelation

> >>1097413

>Digg on Baker Girls

posting off-topic tits is exclusively /cuckchan/ kike muh-dick-baiting culture

that said: it's fun to be winning.

i'll never get tired of it, though

>tfw, long after the public hangings, the ceremonial toppling of the d.c. obelisk, and the reflecting pool turned to red, the fbi reviews 2000 breads on a himalayan walking shoe fitting site board and gets all the credit when it's finally explained to the normalfags

3d92b9 No.1098476


it's not a "comm"

just a research site no?

96f27f No.1098477

https:// twitter.com/EPAScottPruitt/status/986731131528761346

Using his position to lessen mining restrictions for sales of white phosphorus? Slush fund money?

822feb No.1098478


I am so happy that GEOTUS stood FIRMLY by Pruitt when the swamp tried to take him out with their bogus charges about travel, etc.

cee8fe No.1098479

File: 5ac4e4f4559716d⋯.jpg (134.73 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, hmm.jpg)

5a032d No.1098480


Scott Pruitt has 4 different EPA email addresses. Lawmakers want to know why.

http:// www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-scott-pruitt-four-epa-email-addresses-20180412-story,amp.html

"The agency has seen a sharp rise in the number of public records requests since Pruitt joined President Donald Trump's Cabinet. It received 11,493 requests under FOIA in fiscal 2017, according to officials, 995 more than the previous year. In November, Pruitt said his staff has focused on eliminating the backlog of records requests filed during the Obama administration over responding to more recent requests."

From your NYP article:

"A memo sent to US attorneys on July 28, published Friday by Breitbart news, ordered a review of a decade’s worth of payouts that Congressional Republicans have called a political slush fund.

Former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch regularly arranged for major corporations to make large “donations” to left-leaning groups like UnidosUS — formerly the National Council of La Raza — and NeighborWorks America during settlement negotiations to end banking, environmental, civil-rights, and other federal lawsuits."

Pruitt aggressively cleaning up EPA that is in reality slush fund channel for all kinds of domestic anti-American terrorist orgs.

No one suspected EPA, not with 'climate change' bullshit overshadowing everyone's attention.


03fca1 No.1098481


KARNAK holding the envelope to his forehead:


c83178 No.1098482

File: 79011a11eeb6e8e⋯.jpg (18.11 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 28o67n.jpg)

943110 No.1098483


Please let us all know if the Cohen raid was an attempt to secure materials to leak prior to 2018 and 2020 elections? Please also advise on how the legal system can allow this Soros loving judge to be able to enter this info on database where it will easily be leaked? Idc if Trump has other women…He is my President. But is there compromising info??

eb1be3 No.1098484

File: 1bdf5a8cc3033ef⋯.png (267.75 KB, 2458x1520, 1229:760, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at ….png)


nope firefox, mac.

this is what i get when i pull up the site.

4da5e1 No.1098485


Is that the same Steyer who sold 666 5th Ave?

3ae016 No.1098486


Q - Glad to get the message Pruitt is engaged as whitehat w/AG. I have never been able to get EPA to engage in actual problem solving re: water quality telemetry. Put me in charge of getting it done please; nation-wide. Have done similar in past. Let's GO! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

0ae85f No.1098487


There's no communication thru the site. Only a compilation of information and research links.

018812 No.1098488


Shot heard around the world today, make it rain Q

223326 No.1098489

File: 9c6c25c58bf64ac⋯.png (250.38 KB, 651x511, 93:73, 1.png)

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/climate/scott-pruitt-epa-investigations-guide.html

Calls for Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, to resign escalated on Wednesday when nearly 170 congressional Democrats demanded his departure.

A resolution, sponsored by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico and Representative Kathy Castor of Florida, that called for Mr. Pruitt’s resignation drew 39 Senate co-sponsors. It was the largest number of Senators to ever sign on to a resolution calling for a cabinet official to be removed from office, according to Kara Baer, a legislative editor in the Senate Library.

The resolution is not likely to go anywhere without Republican support, which it lacks. Still, it highlights the pressure Mr. Pruitt already faces from nine investigations — by Congress, the White House and his own agency — into whether he misused taxpayer funding or violated other legal standards.

This week the Government Accountability Office, often called the watchdog arm of Congress, found that the E.P.A. broke the law when it spent $43,000 on a secure phone booth for Mr. Pruitt. And on Wednesday, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget told Congress he also intended to examine Mr. Pruitt’s spending habits.

1d8044 No.1098490

Will Pruitt release the grand solar minimum red pill?

c54ff6 No.1098491


any one else notice that

CHROME browser selectedly mute lots of youtube- Qanon videos??…

I checked…

they are probably testing emergency measures in case of damaging Q drops.

7e5e5f No.1098492

File: 363145a55ce8e33⋯.jpg (801.53 KB, 715x960, 143:192, WANTED.jpg)

ff906d No.1098493


I'm making the map, work in progress!

af27d7 No.1098494


People didn't give a shit about Killary's email. They can't even understand it even if you spoon feed them the information. It's just all a (((conspiracy))) to the sheeple. You try to ask them questions so they could come to some conclusion on their own and the MSM push false flags DAILY.

03fca1 No.1098495

79fa0d No.1098497


Care to dish any sauce on this? I don't remember seeing April 19th anywhere in drops.

943110 No.1098498

God bless you Q. I know alot of people praying for you and POTUS everyday. Give them hope in the LORD. We need you. And we need God.


3f4b13 No.1098499


fuck!. Again Soros. This is a yuge problem. in Venezuela. also there connections with Soros. hidden, but existing. Da Costa (Nationalism Movement of Venezuela) was arrested by the [S___] Arm of the Cabal here. he's innocent.

And the C-Communism invented all the BS that it's terrorist and it's with the Yankee empire.

This is very sad. practically a genocide.. :(

0ae85f No.1098500


Correct. Purely to aggregate as much of the research feeds, and links as we can. Just want to make it an easy place to get to everything else from.


c507f3 No.1098501


You sure this isnt a CLOWN????

6b9534 No.1098502


Like you know it all. Shutup arrogant little faggot.

60e957 No.1098503

File: 0764fb060a1a590⋯.png (122.25 KB, 817x661, 817:661, 400.png)

400 NATIONAL GUARD troop headed to CALI

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/04/18/california-and-trump-administration-reach-deal-on-national-guard.html

d68c6d No.1098504


Once the HRC video comes out, Hillary couldn't be elected dog catcher.

4434d3 No.1098505


No, Pennywise exists in this thread as a D&C shill.

2fd32a No.1098506

97846d No.1098507

File: e0460dab8758557⋯.png (428.48 KB, 546x526, 273:263, 1507454869025.png)


Holy shit Q you were right about Armenia sorry.

138da7 No.1098508


barely sleep when I feel the energy.

So Hussein gets elected

Citigroup (/_\) and others 'tank' their own mortgage back securities

Roth's bank (FED) comes in to 'save the day'

Interest rates tanks which let bad actors and corrupt C-levels borrow cheap money

All the other seniors divert the TARP funds (helicopter ben) to progressive

all the while my parent are WORKING AT 62 to PAY FOR EVERYONE ELSES OBUMMER-CARE

Q, please help my parents quickly.

They are healthy and working hard, but in their 60s and I want to spend more time with them.

AND WE LOVE YOU Q AND DJT (thank you for everything)

7fe74a No.1098509


So far I see Lynch, Holder, Citigroup, Bank of America (guns), La Raza, ACORN, and BILLIONS of dollars. But, what do they have to do with the EPA?

5a032d No.1098510

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)

6ff9c0 No.1098511


My vizio has been doing "network crashes" everytime I try to watch anything related to the whole situation (rothschilds, NWO, Q, etc). I've had this TV for 3 years and this has never happened before.

3f4b13 No.1098512


Just Comms here because 8chan is sure.

Outside. Just must be mentioned the message of Q. Right?

c507f3 No.1098513

Seems suspect.



These arent really terms Anons use

cee8fe No.1098514

I dont give a shit about ANY videos. I want these bastards hung!! They had us ready for REX84 Obama sold us to FEMA and UN troops

018812 No.1098515


Look at history

c189dc No.1098516


Because, EPA was used as a slush fund under the guise of climate change and other energy killing programs which created large bureaucracies into slush funds supporting Soros domestic programs.

138da7 No.1098517



f254de No.1098518

We love you President Trump & Q. Remember there is a lot of chum thrown out into the water in order to get you to bite.

Trust GOD alone, investigate everything/everyone else.


02e58b No.1098519


You know you are either dead or about to get a BIG check from the airline

c3aa0c No.1098520

File: e9f05109f3d71b8⋯.png (424.45 KB, 629x513, 629:513, Cruz re Pruitt.PNG)

File: 06916c5d9909f04⋯.png (500.02 KB, 545x807, 545:807, Pruitt 1.PNG)

File: 3cf3b4b7634229b⋯.png (126.02 KB, 539x891, 49:81, Pruitt 2.PNG)

File: 312b63f6a52f922⋯.png (128.14 KB, 529x895, 529:895, Pruitt 3.PNG)

Media Campaign Against EPA’s Scott Pruitt Orchestrated By Obama & Clinton Cronies


276dae No.1098521

what time is the end coming anyway?

7fcf61 No.1098522

File: 5766ad0b0766de3⋯.jpg (538.21 KB, 796x1200, 199:300, Amish.jpg)

File: 56f5102ee0b7183⋯.jpg (400.85 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, TMI.JPG)


AmishlandAnon here. Any reason to have concerns of a FF near me tomorrow, Q?

5a032d No.1098523


EPA is cover. Slush funds to domestic terrorist groups such as la raza etc.

Read Q's NYP article.

Socratic method with answers already embedded.

919539 No.1098524


Thank you Q.

Cozy af.

eaaf48 No.1098525


…good catch Anon.

I've had to wear one on a flight once.

And you are 100% correct.

The attendants would fuss if one person alone were doing that.

2fd32a No.1098526


https:// www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/iclei-when-they-say-local-they-mean-it.html

c189dc No.1098527

This is not a fucking love fest.

d68c6d No.1098528


Obama was such an evil bastard. Can't wait to see him hang.

e0d4b4 No.1098529

File: 699b219c1143387⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 956x965, 956:965, temp-pussyhat.jpg)

The Asian whore that gets credit for the pussyhat has a "partner" HANDLER.

You guessed it.. A Fucking Khazar bitch…

786586 No.1098530


Don't forget the CFPB was doing the same thing…

Mick Mulveney was sent there..

0ae85f No.1098531

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


Researched this a bit for you:

Chosen Solution

You might also want to rule out Firefox's built-in Tracking Protection feature.

As per: https:// support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1189443

If that doesn't work or any of the other suggestions LMK and I'll hunt some more. (Contact me thru the site…I get lost on these boards as they move so fast.)

db9c0d No.1098532

ec6eb1 No.1098534

File: c3d09b1487bda1d⋯.png (206.3 KB, 651x583, 651:583, ClipboardImage.png)

123a31 No.1098535


>Like you know it all. Shutup arrogant little faggot

STFU and BTFO, Trump has hired and fired quite a few losers…McMasters…etc etc etc. I think he brings them in and gives them the space to fuck up, catches them red handed and ejects them.

a3494e No.1098536


>Instead, $3 billion of the multi-billion-dollar 2013 agreements with Citigroup and Bank of America to settle cases related to mortgage-backed securities went to community-organizing groups.

So in other words, the people who were defrauded were used as a pretext to get money that was then funneled to organizations favorable to Hussein.

>The $17 billion Bank of America deal gave the bank “extra credit” if it donated $100 million or more to activist groups approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Activist groups.

Many of the street "protests" we've seen in Hussein's administrations were paid for by leftist slush funds, all part of a plan to rip our society apart by its seams.

7dd2e4 No.1098537


how are you on the internet

4e00e1 No.1098538

That was the event that woke up a lot of people. I lost by business, my home, my car and every penny I had because of what the banks did and they got bailed out.

Many of us didn't and we are still very pissed off

5a032d No.1098539


(((cohencidences))) EVERYWHERE.

67250c No.1098540

Question for Q.

What is the Fed?


Who is Glix?

Grand Canyon?

Who owns most gold and silver?


Is certain crypto the answer?

223326 No.1098541

File: 648d83da35acfdc⋯.png (272.3 KB, 701x607, 701:607, 1.png)




https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/04/17/pruitt-upgraded-to-a-larger-customized-suv-with-bullet-resistant-seat-covers/?utm_term=.6470bee3cce1

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt upgraded his official car last year to a costlier, larger vehicle with bullet-resistant covers over bucket seats, according to federal records and interviews with current and former agency officials.

Recent EPA administrators had traveled in a Chevrolet Tahoe, and agency officials had arranged for Pruitt to use the same vehicle when he joined the administration in February last year. But he switched to a larger, newer and more high-end Chevy Suburban in June.

One former EPA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, said Pruitt remarked that he wanted the larger car because it was similar to ones in which some other Cabinet officials rode. The first year’s lease of the vehicle cost $10,200, according to federal contracting records.

The records show the EPA administrator’s office signed a lease in June on the Suburban, paying more than $300 extra per month for upgrades such as a leather interior, bucket seats in the second row and WiFi and GPS navigation. A representative at the Maryland-based company who provided the lease said the LT model that the EPA requested represents an upgrade from the LS model that is typical on government leases.

60cc81 No.1098542


Hopefully it comes out before she attempts to run again.

1d8003 No.1098543



Because Sessions now has the full appearance that he and POTUS aren't working as closely together…..just like the media has taken the bait…..so now anyone Sessions goes after the media will eat it up front and center…..brilliant

c507f3 No.1098544


What do you mean? Sorry, just not getting what you mean

24046a No.1098545


Global warming was always a giant slush fund. WW.

750470 No.1098546

File: 0082f5d4a2e7324⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 696x406, 12:7, Kanye-West-Donald-Trump-Ti….jpg)


Right? As if any other proof is necessary, there's this.

Not saying that we should worship the stars BECAUSE THAT'S WRONG AND Q HAS SHOWED US THAT'S WRONG.

But, keep an eye out.

He probably knows some shit.

1c8866 No.1098547

excited to see the criminal referral, dynamite.


cee8fe No.1098548

eurofag from citigroup suicided the other day

412f31 No.1098549


should be commodities backed

2fd32a No.1098550

c507f3 No.1098551

By that*

0ae85f No.1098552

File: 92898b56590a3b2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2400x1300, 24:13, 423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


I'm no clown (just what a clown would say). The site is just links and info feeds. Nothing more. Contact form is anonymous as well.

No comms thru the site. Just info displayed and links to help Anons.

db9c0d No.1098553

943110 No.1098554

So Pruitt under attack for investigating slimeballs?

Connected https:// www.infowars.com/finally-gop-demands-criminal-investigation-into-clinton-lynch-comey/

5a032d No.1098555


"silent executioner" - Sessions' AL AG nick.

f5638f No.1098556



02e58b No.1098557


Some of you guys are cool. Take your iodine pills and hide in the basement for the next 7-1000 days.

d634b0 No.1098558

File: 1090f7ae2fc583b⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 750x733, 750:733, orgasmosis.jpg)

919539 No.1098559


LL and EH going down soon for this?

5a032d No.1098560


bitch browns submits.

e90b7d No.1098561


The dems & MSM falsely accuse others of what they do themselves

Yes I am awake. Praying. God bless all of Q

cee8fe No.1098562




67250c No.1098563


>Who owns most gold and silver?

The problem^^^^^

f19679 No.1098564

File: 2db15d0cc448e30⋯.jpg (290.51 KB, 1500x1434, 250:239, HUuFLJs1448.jpg)

f8de4e No.1098565


I lived through that scary shit when TMI had her near-meltdown. So glad I moved away from that. I'm so deep in the boonies now in a completely different state that I don't have any targets like that ANYWHERE near me!

973a77 No.1098566


One can live in/near AmishLand and NOT be Amish.

b7bdb4 No.1098567


Donald Trump was chosen to lead Operation: Take Back America. He would not have been picked for such a task if #4 was accurate. It would be insane to do so given the extreme importance of this, and that it can not fail.

c83178 No.1098568


Yes…(((they))) have an evil sense of humor and they are so greedy that they dont want to pay for anything with their own money. They bribe and blackmail our politicians into making the tax payers pay for their own destruction.

Kind of like making a cow pay to have himself turned into ground beef.

db9c0d No.1098569

412f31 No.1098570


did i say gold n silver?

276dae No.1098571



f254de No.1098572

File: 12c32f23fc50f20⋯.jpg (6.59 KB, 231x218, 231:218, heart.jpg)

Trust GOD alone, investigate everything/everyone else.


e0d4b4 No.1098573


I see what you did there- kek!

f9c0af No.1098576

File: 30b13781bbd9b1b⋯.png (346.25 KB, 435x378, 145:126, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at ….png)


The John Lithgow Twilight Zone version was terrifying.

02e58b No.1098577


He WASN'T personally liable for those bankruptcies. He didn't lose anything. Trump Casino XYZ or whatever lost, and mainly its financiers.

919539 No.1098578


Whoah do you live in intercourse or blue balls? I always chuckle driving through there.

d378fb No.1098579


That's not a Q post!!!!

5a032d No.1098580


Jan 7 2018 03:10:11 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 05b846 13359

US taxpayers are paying for it all.

Paris accord = scam (trillions)

Red Cross = scam (billions)

Foreign Aid = scam (trillions)

WAR = scam (trillions)


Who audits where the money actually goes?

Who actually receives the money?

The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.

Slush funds everywhere.

Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?

The hole is deep.

Feel sick yet?


Q crumb from back in january. Re read all here;

https:// qanon.pub/

a3494e No.1098581


good call

b0d498 No.1098582


Pruitt is the HOOK!!!

Sessions is the SHUTOUT!!!

4e00e1 No.1098584


Me….I do. Seriously

664e4f No.1098585

EPA Chief’s $43,000 Phone Booth

He must be pretty important:

“I don’t see a reason for it,” said John O’Grady, president of a branch of the American Federation of Government Employees that represents thousands of EPA employees. “For crying out loud, the guy is the EPA administrator – not the CIA or the FBI.”

The installation cost more than $43,000, including having workers level the concrete floor so they could insert the pre-fabricated steel box. The Government Accountability Office – the watchdog of federal spending – says the expenditure violated laws on congressional notification and appropriations.

The GAO conclusion, contained in a report commissioned by Democratic lawmakers and released Monday, is one of a number of controversies surrounding Pruitt’s short tenure at the helm of the agency. He’s also being investigated for his use of first-class travel, renting a condo from a lobbyist and steering raises worth tens of thousands of dollars to aides over White House objections.

“An illegal privacy booth to conduct secret discussions with his polluter friends does nothing to help our health or environment,” said Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, one of several Democratic lawmakers who asked for the audit. “The list of ways he has abused his office just keeps getting longer.”

https:// www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2018-04-17/epa-s-43-000-secure-phone-booth-came-with-sound-trapping-vents

822feb No.1098586


Elizabeth Warren's precious CFPB was running the same scam. Shaking down financial institutions, extracting huge "settlements" and diverting it to far left causes and groups.

Hence the screeching when Mulvaney showed up.

I don't know if enough people in the Normie sphere are woken to realize that the entire construct of the "Left Consensus" is a scam that is driven by pay offs, political patronage and sinecures

cee8fe No.1098587



1a0304 No.1098588


I agree with your assessment.

60cc81 No.1098589


Too bad there aren't any big trophies to prove it though.

2740e4 No.1098590

File: 62e50df581b2ac9⋯.png (132.54 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2018-04-18 at 1….png)



>previous board<

Theres also this donor to the MA Institute. OFAS, founder Mr. Orentreich. OFAS focus is longevity. they also maintained the Kaiser blood sample bank in CA.

5a032d No.1098591


Follow race. Follow the (((bloodline))).

919539 No.1098593


Site is fucking awesome. Bookmarked!

f115d9 No.1098594

File: a1c84934cffde56⋯.jpg (18.74 KB, 325x257, 325:257, PubTThou01.jpg)


The one with Captain Kirk is pretty intense.

72a0e3 No.1098596


be ware of clown shill traps

276dae No.1098597


he already knows…hehe

6fd685 No.1098598


Good Point! Thank You!

86446f No.1098599


http:// dailycaller.com/2016/04/29/the-epa-stashes-billions-in-slush-fund-like-accounts/

3ae016 No.1098600

7fe74a No.1098601

File: 2e5e6c0bb993810⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 552x137, 552:137, #fbianon2.jpg)



Speaking of which, when are the investigations going to start into HHS and the kidnapping of children by the state?

db33db No.1098602

I bet Q is Trump Jr.


8aad96 No.1098603


But, but, when Democrats do it, it's not a crime!

cee8fe No.1098604

OH there are trophies - but he dont need no stinkin trophies

a19ff0 No.1098605

File: 33de0aa3c4c05bd⋯.png (43.83 KB, 240x240, 1:1, ADEAW.png)

https:// www.dailywire.com/news/29615/fresno-state-professor-who-bragged-she-couldnt-be-ryan-saavedra

Interesting dress choice on this creature. Look at the swan print.

http:// www.controverscial.com/Animals%20and%20Witchcraft%20-%20Swans.htm

Pic related is the official pin worn by members of the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches.

http:// www.adeaw.us/

"Membership Requirements: A woman must be at least 16 years of age and able to prove direct lineal descent from an ancestor or ancestress who was officially (by authority, government, or church) accused OR tried OR executed for the practice of witchcraft or wizardry in Colonial America prior to 31 December 1699. See the Ancestor page for a partial list of currently approved Ancestors. Collateral lines, accusor lines, and honorary memberships are not available."

af27d7 No.1098606


>all the while my parent are WORKING AT 62 to PAY FOR EVERYONE ELSES OBUMMER-CARE

We're in the same boat, anon. It doesn't make any sense why this should take this long if they were really planning this coup for years. An old friend of mine passed away because of disease. POTUS hasn't stopped the FED/Big Pharma/Monsanto/Corrupt banksters yet. If he really wanted to, it would have been handled or at least started. Let Q inform us instead of doing BOOMs only to now have MSM label them a terrorist. Feels like s/he got catch up in the show.

Not a word about Gold Standard or prosperity packages or even wiping out debt yet POTUS keeps using Drain the Swamp as a slogan that just feels more like a L_ARP than anything.

We're fucking dying Q! We're in BONDAGE.

919539 No.1098607


yes it is. it's earlier in the thread.

17187d No.1098608


Because Pruitt just took out the SES ?

https:// www.oversight.gov/report/doi/reassignment-senior-executives-us-department-interior

67250c No.1098609

I stack as well but most don't. :D

53d84c No.1098610


your site adds no value and is a distraction. sorry.

5a032d No.1098611


This POTUS is unblackmailable.

Hence attempts to create blackmail material in the consciousness of the public and people.

(((they))) can still pull that card.

c189dc No.1098612

File: c2adfba7431d99f⋯.png (48.34 KB, 167x198, 167:198, ClipboardImage.png)


Because he is the twin brother of Mick Malvaney. They are destroying the slush funds.

c83178 No.1098613


The Jew cant listen to him anymore. Sounds like they made his office basically a safe room.

123a31 No.1098614


>I don’t see a reason for it,” said John O’Grady, president of a branch of the American Federation of Government Employees that represents thousands of EPA employees. “For crying out loud, the guy is the EPA administrator – not the CIA or the FBI.”


>The installation cost more than $43,000, including having workers level the concrete floor so they could insert the pre-fabricated steel box. The Government Accountability Office – the watchdog of federal spending – says the expenditure violated laws on congressional notification and appropriations.


>The GAO conclusion, contained in a report commissioned by Democratic lawmakers and released Monday, is one of a number of controversies surrounding Pruitt’s short tenure at the helm of the agency. He’s also being investigated for his use of first-class travel, renting a condo from a lobbyist and steering raises worth tens of thousands of dollars to aides over White House objections.


>“An illegal privacy booth to conduct secret discussions with his polluter friends does nothing to help our health or environment,” said Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, one of several Democratic lawmakers who asked for the audit. “The list of ways he has abused his office just keeps getting longer.”

So, Q none of this is true? Seems an easy thing to debunk.

cee8fe No.1098615

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is his trophy.

WINNING is his trophy.

LEADING with his heart is his trophy.

f9c0af No.1098616


ooooh, didn't know Shat…ner did a version as well. I'll have to look for that one.

5a032d No.1098617



8b45e4 No.1098618