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90a4ab No.20687

All Nations Soon Will Must Vote For The New International Financial System

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com ; saviorjoy.livejournal.com

The current outdated international financial system will be replaced with the new one very soon.

There won’t be any enforce new system for all, but instead all nations will have their voice to vote on various different global financial system. And the new system will based on the result of all.

Why need a new global financial system?

- To solve climate change problems.

- To solve the migration crisis.

- To give people more fair chance, more purpose of living.

The current financial system cannot solve those problems because nations is not allowed to printed any money they want.

There are only two end results: 1 is before the natural catastrophe is coming, and 2 is after the great super natural disaster.

It is very easy to bring that topic to the public and the media, all you need to do is either publish an anonymous letter or let’s any public figure to tell it.

The important move here is not force other nations into any particular financial system, but let’s all of them vote on various systems. Because any new financial system is better than the current one !

If I was in charge of any decent nations such as USA, UK, Japan, Russia, etc. All I need to do is tell this to the media/public:

“The planet Earth is on great danger, this civilization is on verse of collapse. We have many big problems such as climate change global warming, migration crisis, etc. We can easily solve all those problem if we allowed to print and use money for meaningful activities such as plant more trees, collect plastic, clean the ocean, give people more jobs to do. But the problem is all about the stupid outdated global financial system. We must replace it with the new one as soon as possible, otherwise we are going to doomed all. I am calling all nations to have their voice to design and vote for new global financial system structure. We should got it done within the next 50 days to save our civilization. Here is my nation suggestions bla bla”.

That is the basic and important move to let the job done.

I have various fair global financial system on my mind, but to me any system is fine, but to you it is not.

The fair way of voting and the final result will based on the real GDP number of each nation.

If nation A vote for system B with GDP 15% of world GDP, then that system B will receive 15% vote.

The new financial system will the most vote (>50%) will be chose.

Each round if not any >50%, then the last place system will be removed and vote again.

Everybody have their ideology about new financial system, so the best way is through voting.

It could be done either via private manner (prefer) or in public if few big nations do not want it.

Despite of various system I have presented, it is still about you to choose. I still have few other financial system for you guys to choose from.

Do listen and follow any kind of “guru, experts, spiritual teachers, etc.”. The world is design by your actions, not by those “commentators”.

If any entities/groups/nations want to use my ideas, then please make a fair amount of donation to my cryptocurrency wallet below:



















Remember I still have few other financial systems for all of you to select and choose from. But I am not going to publish unless receive a fair amount of donation.

Do not fear any “deities, beings, etc.”, make donation then use my strategy then the problem will gone. There is no such thing as step by step actions.

You live and fight for your life, for your nations, do not let any beings/entities deceived you by any methods!

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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