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File: be103c5ad0b7657⋯.jpg (295.8 KB,1535x674,1535:674,Screenshot_20210121_052932….jpg)

f7748c No.20220

But everyone calm down......

1 all you haters? Done yet? Ya we all heard ya we are nuts...can you find anyone else to harass Yet? Cuz hiding your posts is getting old...

2 I don't think its over. I am only 1 person, however I know how the wheels of justice turn.

3 We are all still upright breathing so now we figure out how to get a decent human back in charge of the country...not 1 that will have his son in the white house taking dick pics all over, with children...WITH CHILDREN IN HIS OWN FAMILY...with his sisterinlaw...with his crack pipe and piles of drugs....

4. They made our bed for us, cheating to put biden in... but im not sleeping in that shit...they can sleep in it...

5. Leave 7th prime alone you freaks he merely engaged when you all came around to bully us all like its fucking junior high school....

If you have enough time to bully people maybe you are the ones who need jobs, less hair dye, and lay off the HRT

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