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File: b7241ff5d74abd3⋯.jpg (25.42 KB,400x400,1:1,joyred.jpg)

2e82be No.4368

I The Savior Legend Is Going To Release The Divine World Solution In November 2023

Source, More Info: www. ascension joy.com/10/2023/i-the-savior-legend-is-going-to-release-the-divine-world-solution-in-november-2023/


So this is the point of no return now.

It is not “Will” but “IS GOING TO” statement !

I the real Savior Messiah Buddha Legend from ancient prophecies have decided to release the divine world peace solution in November 2023.

5 years late (should be in 2018) due to the attacked from many corrupt low level beings entities of this civilization.

There are only few questions left now for me:

– When, specific date ?

– Offline or Online ?

– Private or Public ?

– Short version or Full detail version ?

– Encrypted with password or Open ?

– Who will received that important document/book ?

Of course I prefer to do it with the world military, top referee group in offline mode.

But if not that happen then my must try other route.

The divine world peace solution won’t be about Israel Palestine, won’t be about Russia Ukraine but about the whole society as ONE nation.

I will focus on topic of world economy, jobs businesses, global currency reset, ideology of living (for the mass public), introduce new game of life for all groups nations, etc.

The divine world solution document/book will be around 50-100+ pages, I not yet sure since I have not written yet and I have not yet decided which content will be.

The place/city/nation I will choose to write, to publish this divine world solution is not yet known.

The specific date is not yet set but as early as November 2nd 2023 to as late as November 29th 2023.

Most likely the roll out will be from the most private in secret mode (only email) to public (website) depend on various factor and my final decision later.

No matter whether I will receive any money or not, I still decide to release that Divine World Solution in November 2023 for I have found the motivation to do it (for revenge and also finish what I was looking/aiming for at the beginning).

If you want to fasten the releasing, you can send me your support via donation or tell the world military, national government contact me.

If you want to be in the “queue” of private receive for that divine world solution book/document, then you can contact and send me some amount of money/donation (no any specific requirement). Do it as soon as possible because once I made my internal decision within myself then I won’t change.

You send me your support, your money, your donation via cryptocurrency, here is my wallet list:

Bitcoin BTC



Ethereum ETH



Litecoin LTC



BitcoinCash BCH



eCash XEC




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