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File: 190027c6f28444c⋯.png (66.23 KB,225x225,1:1,earth.png)

88549f No.4299

Book: Learn Study Master Money To Have A Better Life

Official Page: www . ascensionjoy . com/book-learn-study-master-money-to-have-a-better-life/

Karma Requirement: 200 USD/Euro.

You can obtain via many ways:

Direct from author:

Cryptocurrency: www . ascensionjoy . com/donate/

Bank card: use can use credit/debit card to buy cryptocurrency in many platform very easy. Direct way could not accept at the moment.

Google Play: not available at the moment.

Amazon KDP: not available at the moment.

And many other platforms.


Money or gold or any type of currency is the root problem of almost everything on Earth since ancient times till modern today.

Money is an evil force, that what many people have been said.

But no, money is not evil, money is not the root problem.

The problem is the people, human !

Because they cannot control money in a correct way, many of them, at least 90% of total world population in my opinion if not 99%.


Because lack of education, lack of information, lack of guide.

No any class or school tell you or teach you in correct way about what is truly money, how to control, master money to the point that you never need to be worry about it.

I used to be love money like many of you but no longer anymore because I have fully study, understand and master it to highest level.

That is the reason I am writing this book “Learn Study Master Money To Have A Better Life”.

This book will give you new approach about money, new theory, new knowledge wisdom about money/wealth in the society.

Not only that, you will receive new challenge, new strategy, ideas about:

– How to make money.

– How to always have a job in all circumstances.

– How to use, spend money in smart way.

– How to save money.

– Master money, how to never need to worry about money anymore.

– What is the real money/currency, jobs in the whole economy.

This book is देसीgned for all humans no matter their background, their race, their nation or how rich or poor they are.

Because unless you never fear of money, you cannot become better person in this society.

Go to obtain, read this book to increase your knowledge, to become better person in the society.

This book will change your life forever !

Best Regard,

Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

Source: www . ascensionjoy . com/04/2023/book-learn-study-master-money-to-have-a-better-life/

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