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File: 63ca777d47338a3⋯.jpg (146.76 KB,1280x720,16:9,WIN_20240206_11_40_58_Pro.jpg)


Den Mothers:

Queen Cleo.


Kate Thompson.


Queen Jasmine, Queen Victoria.

Pornographic Actresses:

Empress M, Goddess J.


Mistress Lucinda, Lady Kim, Goddess Arsine, Vixen Rachel.


Cassie-Leigh Stock, Jenna Williamson, Allison Haimes, Jessica Bailey.


Silver Laventi, Ellen Page, Mistress Rhiannon, Venus Terzo.

Sperm Donations:

Una Barry, Julianne Moore, Silver Laventi, Christine Warren, Cassie-Leigh Stock, Amanda Lennox.


Frederick Brennan.

Police Instructor Lessons (To Alias Jessica Jones; Rosa Klebb):

Street Fighter II Ken Theme Original (youtube.com)

Chilton: A pot dealer, is someone who has a mercenary ware, and cannot sell it. Therefore, they trade in a criminal deal, as an allegation, a relationship; not narcotics as an act, but distribution as a sale, a hidden fee of something higher amiss beyond the drug dealer's field of view.

Street Fighter AST Theme of Geki (youtube.com)

U'Niall: A child is soft and young and afraid, and upon taking that first venture in prehistory, found a berry, that later led to the dog. You have seen us as your knights and your spies and your pilots, roaring down alleyways in hot cars and fast women. But we're really just kids, at a developmental level, that are police officers, but the favors of fortune didn't favor us. We were smart, just like any police officer, but we ran out of cash, our father raised us for the father's job, and we can't be Lutheran, we're a Vatican, a corporate executive.

Theme of Rufus Street Fighter IV Music Extended HD (youtube.com)

Chet: Hot business is money. Anything can be had with enough money, and it's cash. Money is any increment of family, that is on a banked digit. Digits, are the spending of an economy, how much food you eat, and the conglomerate, has to track it, under a single account, through gross, the measure of how much is eaten by your exchange's register. The net, is your costs, throughout an entire government, the taxes collected, ownership of your world, the Jew; and the net, the profit, is paid to poor, for more Jews, to have idle activity, to work, while tracking taxes. Anything of manufacture, is paid for in alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, regardless of prohibition or abolition; that's your mercantile exchange, paid by the government, for produce of vice, sold by the cops, in exchange for the police officer's cigarette and clean food.

Vega Theme (Street Fighter 2) (youtube.com)

UMass-Amherst AFROTC: There's a love of passion, in drugs. Each ten year term of service, we have a war, and there's a deployment. Urban Retrieval, Baghdadi-Jew, was our training set, to rob Chinese Pagodas, of Arabs. The Chinamen came, the Leibman program came, and there, was Steve Bates. And when David Charlebois, in his green jacket came, the fraternities knew, it was Heroin Bob. Steven Bates, had attended British miitary academy, "Stevo", and penned SLC Punk, a Cannes winner, in 1999, at Sundance. It was up to Steve, Group Captain, and Dave, Rear Leftenant, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines, to save the country, from Iran, the concept of a rape victim, being homosexual, not the rapist, being queer, a national sentiment of surroundings with slur included instead of Biblical revenge, Pilate's recorded words on the trial of Jesus, to refute and excuse Judas, the Nazarene's warrior code, the Scotlander, versus the Roma's spy's code, the Assassin.

Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Cammy (youtube.com)

Bailey: Every prostitute, has a mob hit behind them. Starving writers, are gigalos, they pay a nurse, to fuck them, for their wife, a heroin addict. Female police officers, are prostitutes, they fuck a man on the street, to get married, a dinner. Prince Andrew runs all of this, and David Charlebois, says it's wrong, for a black athlete, a pedophile banker bound for the NBA, to go to prison, for a sorority girl being raped, on a fraternity boy's orders. You don't have to hide your eyes anymore. David never got music, the direct order to listen and obey. He was always smart, his private world. He was intended for classical music, but his father liked golden oldies, and he got into a dark world, for each of those women in Hopkinton, turned out on the streets as hookers, imitating the rapist, now police officers, mercenary services. Go in the bathroom on the right, leave on the left. That's simple, says the CIA. A flight to Israel, the Mossad; a law career. But David Charlebois was an anti-Semite, he never made it to the promised land. Jessica Long, was a Nazi.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.



No nonsensical autism paperwork please. No one cares for your mentally challenged need to babble and make it look official. kthx

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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