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File: bcb25e8df638595⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.02 MB,1200x7268,300:1817,Futanari_Revolution_page_1.jpg)

File: 24472811258f689⋯.jpg (3.08 MB,1200x7111,1200:7111,Futanari_Revolution_page_2.jpg)


As the name implies, lewd worldbuilding with chicks with dicks.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.



hidden evolution








uneven distribution






both large

>sex drive


>bio traits

heightened sensitivity


fluid overproduction

lasting youth

>social status



emotional, deviancy, active, social, risk, physical, assertive, messy

>cultural traits

supremacist movement, political upheavel, esthetic shift (cyberpunk)

>lewdness level



FN/F = expected

FN/FN = accepted

FN/M = accepted

>sex and romance traits

widening tastes

the oldest profession

informal marriage

>new businesses

relief clinics

futa clubs

dionysian theatres

enhanced gyms


business as usual


male. staying with how I am now, thanks.

>physical perks


powerful orgasms





>social class

working class


white collar

>social perks

futa bait, charisma, hidden talent (persuasion)


new love, revolutionary spirit

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.



Build for the upgrade

>Origin: Chemicals in the water

For once, the government was doing good.

>Transition: Orchestrated

No need to let the population know before all arrangements were finalized. Reactionaries can't react to established facts as well.

>Reproduction: Pubertal Split

"I WANT TO BE THE LITTLE GIRL/RAWDOGGED BY A FUTA/SUCK DICK" and other faggy thoughts and actions.

>Population: A Minority

Just as faggots and trannies are.

>Distribution: Uneven

Places that don't raise their kids right, mostly.

>Reproduction: No Testicles

Can't propagate their filth. Effective sterilization.

>Height: Short

Incapable of contributing in any manner to society. No change, really.

>Muscles: Low

Can barely move themselves.

>Boobs and Butt: Small

Can't even arouse each other.

>Dick: Small

Or dick each other.

>Sex Drive: Extreme

They still try, ineffectively.

>>Biological Traits

>Special Fluids [men and women, nutritious, delicious, and accentuating of masculine/feminine features]

>Extreme Dimorphism [amazon women, titan men]

>Lasting Youth [men and women]

>Sturdy [men and women]

Not all changes were bad. Those that rose above degeneracy found themselves blessed with proto-human abilities.

>Social Status: Second Class

More like no class. They weren't even considered human anymore.

>Stereotypes: Deviancy, Compliant

The first was what made them change. The second was chemically enforced, to avoid having to keep scraping them off everyone's boots.

>>Cultural Traits

>Technological Revolution

>Theological Turmoil

>Emancipation Movement

>Futanari Gene Therapy

Humanity enters a new age, where theocracies become the norm, massive advancements in technology are made thanks to the new gene edits, allowing men and women to rise, while stripping off the dead weight of society.

>Lewdness Level: Low

Between married couples, or never at all.

>Sexual Orientation: Futanari-Anything: Rejected

By forcing all deviants to become futanari, and forcing their sympathizers to join them, society is functionally cleansed of any sympathy for the beasts.

>Sex and Romance Traits: Polygamy [male to multiple females]

Humanity's numbers skyrocket, allowing us to finally colonize the stars, and the deep seas.

>>New Businesses

>Seclusion Islands

Where futanari are dumped. The islands are also used for weapons testing.

>Ministry of Decency

Routing potential sympathizers for degenerates is very important work. If the degenerates are allowed power once more, society will regress to its dark ages.

>A New You: Business As Usual

>Sex: Male

>Age: 18

>Height: Tall

>Build: Muscular

>Boobs and Butt: None

>Dick: Huge

>Statistical Anomaly [more everything]



>Impressive Stamina

>High Energy Requirements

>Labored Climax

>Relationships: Unchanged

>Social Class: Upper

>Employment: Post-Revolution Career [Ministry of Decency]




>Hidden Talent

>Trusty Guts

>Pax Mentis

>Unwanted Admirer




>Ambitions: Revolutionary Spirit, New Love

While the gene enhancements were universally effective, some took to them too well, gaining boons to reflect their expected increase in value to society. I was one of them; above and beyond almost all, the peak of what humanity can be, for this millennium at least.

I was well and content to do my job, routing escaped and hiding degenerates and sending them off to the islands. Until one day I was offered a good job at one of the islands, patrolling them and ensuring no degenerates manage to stop fapping long enough to build a raft or hide within the lab outpost's dumpsters. A little different from what I was used to, but the job paid better, and the cities were running out of degenerates to hunt, so I accepted it as an option for early retirement, before I could spend my twilight decades as a space explorer.

It was there that I discovered a most unsettling possibility. A frightening specimen.

A degenerate had reverted!

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.



>>New Love

>History: Stranger

Never seen her before in my life.


She was affected by the gene edits, and was sent to the island, or so the records stated. She is cagey about the circumstances that led to her quarantine.

>Meeting: On The Job

I found her next to one of the creeks, unblemished. She hid when she saw me, face red in shame at her apparel.

Degenerates cannot feel shame. What is going on?!

>Age: 18

She was sent to the island as soon as her body's maturity reacted to the gene therapies. Had been here for several years.

>Height: Amazon

>Build: Muscular

>Boobs and Butt: Huge

>Dick and Balls: None

>Skin Tone: Olive

>Hair Color: Red

>Eye Color: Blue

She seemed to have been affected by the female-only gene treatment, exceptionally even. Whatever sent her futa edits into remission does not seem to have removed the gene treatment in full. The medical check-ups attested to that.

For the time being, we could rest assured that no terrorist organization managed to find a way to remove the gene edits, at the very least.

>Ambitious, Lone Wolf, Stoic, Modest, Innocent

She wants out of the island. Protocol dictates that while she is on file, she cannot leave. There had never been a case like hers before, so nobody thought to come up with any method for dealing with such an eventuality. Had to grease a lot of cogs to get a preliminary protocol in place.

>Orientation: Men

>Sex Drive: Average

>Attitude: Equal

As average as she can get. I have no idea what brought on her change. Divine miracle? A flaw in the gene edits? Did something cure her of her degeneracy?

Or could it be that the futa edits don't always target people who deserve it? Could it have been a method to eliminate undesirables (non-degenerate kind)? Her family was strangely absent from any registries, and she claims the information about her on the records is false. Could there be a seditious conspiracy from within the system?

I'll have to keep her safe and get to the bottom of this!

>Social Class: Property

She would be placed under supervision by a ministry employee (me) for a total of two years. Pending any further developments and investigation results, she might get her citizen rights re-registered.

>Employment: Service

While under my care, she will work as a maid, and occasionally an assistant for when the few hundred degenerates get too unruly. Cleaning their blood off can be more troublesome than just herding them.

>Hobbies: Singing, Outdoors, Cooking, Gardening

She took what she could get, for survival.

>Out of Scale

>Fine Intellect

>Steel Guts

She took to her enhancements just as well as I did. Still slightly lesser, due to gender differences.


Would have gone insane otherwise. In fact, she might be the first remission to survive this long precisely because of this.

>Bad Reputation

The staff on the island are wary of her and her degeneracy. Always alert for her turning back. A futanari of her capabilities would be a frightening thought.

>The Rival

The island's degenerates were trying to have their way with her since she appeared. She just flicks them away, but they never give up.

>Relationship: Slave, Wife

Time breeds familiarity. It isn't easy to find an equal of mine these times. For now, she is on leash until her name is cleared. Once she becomes a citizen again, we shall see if she shares my interest.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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