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File: 12a6335b71683f1⋯.jpg (22.73 KB,320x330,32:33,the super autist.jpg)


Made OC. Just gonna write the text in here. What's the best Photoshop for making CYOA?

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


The Super Autist

Create Your Own Adventure

In a world full of super villains, heroes, and batshit insane fuckers with weird ass powers, it’s not everyday one discovers that they too have rare skills.

Unfortunatedly for everyone else, today is your day.

You got 4 points to expend in those two powers.

Mental Awakening:

1 Near photographic memory, increased intelligence, gives you a knack for mechanical engineering skills and biologic science.

2 Photographic memory, Further increases intelligence, knack for bioengineering , electrical engineering and theoretical physics (aka magic).

3 You can compete with the likes of Stark and Richard.

Mind Fucker:

1 Your control is mostly unconscious on your part, you cause people to find you more trust worthy by just being around them. You can read surface thoughts and hypnotize people without the use of any object. You can also cause 5 minutes amnesia at will by making eye contact. You can enthrall up to 5 people with 100 meters range, they slowly go back to normal without your influence.

2 You can alter small things is peoples memories, behavior and preference, and implant lasting suggestions. A person’s mind will slowly undo your changes. Amnesia capability increased, and you can also put them to sleep (fast but gradually). Increased mental protection. You can enthrall up to 10 people, 200 meters range Can give mental commands.

3 You can alter major things, alter too much too fast and you will be detected. Stronger mental protection. Other telepaths have a harder time detecting you traces. No longer requires eye contact for amnesia and sleep. You can cause immense mental pain at others, which is great against mages and other telepaths. 20 people, 500 meters range. Can give and receive messages with your slaves.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


To build you villain lair you need sheckels. You got them by 2 ways: selling prototypes and mind fucking people. Mind fucking people just may trace back to you, selling prototypes will give the faction you sold it to some new gimmicks for their agents, so be carefull.

Just by having Mind Fucker powers you already get some money from scamming people. MF 1 = 100. MF 2 = 250. MF 3 = 600

Besides the prototype is the required MA points to build it.

Sun-gathering Umbrella 1 250

Simple solar panels on the top, allowing you to charge your phone or some shit.

Rocket Punch 1 350

Allows use to punch stuff really hard, concrete-shattering hard. Gloves sold separately.

Web slinger 1 400

Troll spiderman with this one. Web is lunched in a straight line, can only house 12 meters of web. Require about 5 chemicals, 3 of the pretty easy to adquire, to make the web.

Tractor Wrist 2 750

A “simple” device attached to the wrist which can attract matter that is directly in front of it, effective range of 10 meters.

Rocket boots 2 600

Allows user to easily wall-run/jump. Very light and easy to use

Pocket Rocket 2 700

It’s like a witch’s broom, except it’s a rocket. Unlike the Goblin’s glider this think can actually fold to fit in your pocket.

Laser Shotgun 2 1000

I don’t need to explain this. Researching this one may find how to build other, more basic laser weapons.

Pen-drive sized External hd 3 1000

Exactly what it says on the thin. Can be used for ReadyBoost.

Pocket Personal Shield 3 700

Blocks kinetic and laser attacks. Pretty weak. This technology is easy to replicate, but difficult to understand and build.

Pocket Teleporter 3 1000

Teleport user to a “safe” (not inside objects or on pitfalls) about 15 meters from activation point. Good for one use them needs to be recharged with lots of energy. Build in a way that analyzing or dismantling damages the product, making it hard to learn how it works.

And of course, you can produce the final product from any prototypes you can build, regardless if you sell them or not. Equip them to your minions, maybe.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


File: f31111d42836f2a⋯.png (70.22 KB,197x196,197:196,capitalists.png)


Who could be behind.png The Stabelishment.

Price Modification: +100%

You will be dealing with the banks, who use the government as proxy. Careful now Super Autist, whatever you give to them they can use the scientist heroes to improve and will provide to their troops. They control the Corporation and Capitalists, plus every single body of the government, and also most heroes, villain, and everything in between.

Google.png The corporation.

Price Modifier: +25%

Sell it only for them and the mass media will give you a rest, attack their chosen and receive their wrath! They know all the info of everyone with an account somewhere. Allies with The Stabelishment, for both are owned by the same tribe.

Rarely uses violence, but when they do they rely on the Capitalists, normalfag mobs, assassins(normal and metahuman) and heroes (supers included).


Price Modifier: none

Almost every politician and major business owner is here. They got rich by being traitors, when the Greatest Enemy needs a cuck, those are the ones they summon. Obey The Corporation and Stabelishment but has loyalty only to themselves. They are politicians and business owners. Their pale, soy-ridden children often lead their tiny mobs.

Sell them a few toys and watch as they use it on the general population, potentially causing (non-super) heroes to fight them. Their guns will /probably/ not get in the claws of the other factions (and super villians). Maybe.

Will not attack you as they have no means, their masters don’t care for them either.


Price Modifier: none

Work right under their nose? Risky stuff. Selling at least 3 level 1 or 2 prototypes or 1 level 3 will allow you to gain some confidence, and perhaps even apprentice ship. What advantages and disadvantages you gain from this depends of what you do and to who you sell. Careful with what you reveal, Super Autist.

The Masters of Evil

Price Modifiers: +50%

If you don’t care about stealth… or PR. Sell 2 level 2 or one level 3 prototype to them and you can get Profissional Thugs, but selling even just 1 makes the heroes aware of you. Also, there is no guarantee your “fellow” villians won’t throw the low-ranking new guy under the bus or, say, come after you to get the rest of the prototypes.


Price Modifier: -50%

This small percent of the population, scattered around the world, that is not brain-dead nor evil does not have much to offer you in means of money nor are they properly organized, but if you sell at least 1 prototype to them and do not sell any prototypes to the first 3 factions them you will be able to hire Blackshirts.

The Robots.

Price Modifier: -25%

Ever wondered why their board has none? If you sell only for the Robots, they will sell you Artificial Wombs and Cloning Vats for half the price. Robots only buy Prototypes level 2 or higher.

Be warned if you make deals with the first 3 factions, the robots often use Fascists as proxy.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Pump your Lair!

Underground Lair. You need 100 Sheckels just to get started. Price includes the more basic electronics. You produce/steal your own energy.

Cloning Vats 300 Clone yourself or your minions! Requires 2 weeks per year of age of the subject plus 4 weeks per point of Super powers it has, or half as much with risk of defects.

Cloning strong Super Heroes just doesn’t work, but weaker Supers and all non-super ones often works. Often.

Artificial Wombs 500 Ever want an army of custom creatures? Now you can! Age 1 years per month till adult age, but you can always eject earlier. Only 1 creature per Womb. Can house creatures of up to 2 meters. Artificial wombs also stimulate muscles and brain so you do not need to work about the atrophy of growing on a tank. You can make your new minions on peak performance, but for Powers you will require the Advanced Genetic Splicer.

Big Artificial Wombs 650 Can house creatures of up to 6 meters. Fancy a super soldier?

Disease Station 400 Wanna make a zombie plague? Or maybe put on your own minions so they gain regeneration and mutation on body trauma? Required for Special.

Advanced Genetic Splicer 400 Required to give your minions Powers. Requires Super DNA Database for Super Powers. Requires 1 week of treatment (6 hours a day every day) per point that the power costs. No individual can (safely) have more than 3 points total in powers, or twice that if created in an artificial womb.

Super DNA Database 800 It’s one thing to thinker with genetics to make minions on peak of human/monster performance, it’s another to give ‘em Super Powers. You will need this for the latter (but not for normal powers).

Magical Books 400 (max 2) Learn magick, teach it to your minions, or post the PDF for the anons. You may still require some components or cataclyst to cast spells, but I’m sure you can think up something. Protip: Don’t read more than 10 pages a day or you may go insane.

Forbidden Magical Books 650 (max 1) The other one is already forbidden but this one is even more so. This is the only way to learn Forbidden Magic. Protip: don’t read more than 0 pages a day or you may go insane.

Barracks 25 Minions made on the Wombs will probably be ok with sleeping on the floor, but some certain faggots will require gay shit like “human conditions” a “showers” and such Frivolity. Increases your henchmen capacity by 10.

Surely you can build some defenses yourself. I know you are a creative type, Super Autist.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Powers, Super Powers and Magic. To the right is the cost of the power, individuals can only support so much power without breaking. All powers start weak and can be improved, in power and control, with practice.

>Powers: The stuff of poor and unimportant supers, like spiderman or assassins.

Psionics 1 Basic telekinesis. Grants Mental Resist 1. Allows casting of magic.

Telepath 1 Allows reading of surface thoughts and mentally communicate with other telepaths. Grants Mental Resist. Allows casting of magic.

Dexterity 1 Super reflex, more speed, and a lot of jumping power.

Blink 1 Short range teleport. Requires sight lest you end up teleporting in an object (a gory way to go).

Precision 1 Gives high accuracy, good for both ranged and melee fighting. Small increase to intelligence and dodging.

Detection 1 AKA Spider-sense.

Intelligence 1 boost the old noggin’ by 30 points, can’t increase beyond 160

Web 1 Wow what an useless power.

Eletric 2 Becomes immune and produces electricity.

Torch 2 Guess.

Toad 1 Leg strength and endurance, strong 5 meters tongue, stickyer salive, skin gets a bit greenish andrequires more hydratation.

Regenration 1 Also makes your bones tougher so that they don’t mend wrong. If you lost your eye, for instance, it would regrow in a day.

Magnetism 2

Strength 1 Lift a car with some effort.

Endurance 1 Knifes have a hard time piercing your skin, (pistol) bullets a hard time piercing your organs.

Empath 1 Increases strength when angry, speed when sad or fearfull, regeneration on joy, and intellect on panic.

Immunity 1 gives immunity to disease, toxin, poison and whatnot. Also gives Mental Resist.

Wall Climbing 1 And ceiling too, makes the body generate a bio-magnetic field to adhere on surfaces.

>Super powers: The stuff of the Goodest Goyim. Fly on space and destroy building with a punch! You can only have 2 DNA in each individual, so for instance you and your henchmen can only get 1 more as you already have your own.

Amazon DNA 2 (females only) Strength, Endurance, and Regeneration.

Kriptonian DNA 6 Gives Flying, Eye Laser, Super Strength and Super Endurance, but makes one vulnerable to the crystals.

Asgardian DNA 3 Super Strength and Super Endurance, also doubles subject weigh unlike the standalone powers.

Radioactive Spider 6 DNA Strenght, Endurance, Regeneration, Dexterity, Wall Climbing, Awareness and Web, but also gives bad luck.

Flying 1 Pick Super Speed if you want to rival Jets.

Super Strength 2 Throw cars with 1 hand. Also Endurance for free.

Eye Laser 2 Also makes you immune to blindness.

Super Endurance 2 Take bullets to the eye feeling little pain. Also gives Strength for free. Needed if you want to survive vacuum for long.

Invisibilty 1 includes clothing.

Super Speed 1 does NOT include require sense and strength to not die at full speed. You can still use it safetly, however, if you don’t go too fast and have a healthy body.

Plastic 2 Ever heard of Plastic Man? Also gives Endurance.

Super Regeneration 2 regrow that eye in an hour now.

>Magic: Magic can only be adquired by learning it, and it requires psyonics. Pay twice to increase mastery in that school (max 2, but you can increase more with time and training).

Normal: HOmancy(Water, ice and air), Geomancy(includes sand), Ferromancy(required for technomancy), Arcane(mana), luxomancy(light), Biomancy(Jesus Christ how horrifying, includes druidism and requires touch), Heat(add or remove), anti-magic(counter the rest).

1 point/mastery = simple projectiles, curses and wards.

2 points/mastery = stronger stuff, create temporary minions(permanent with arcane+other) and enchantments such as traps and buffs.

3 or more mastery = use your imagination


Unholy, Eldritch, Darkness, Raw Evil, Void, Gravity(includes Time)

What does “raw evil” and “void” even means? Hell do I know! But it’s forbidden and expensive so it must be powerful.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.



Vampirism 0 Subject requires blood in addition to food. With age, if subject has a healthy diet, subject also gains Strength, Dexterity, Regeneration, Blink that only works in the dark, Shifting into a bat cloud, and Mind Fuckery level 1. Strong UV light burns like napalm, smell of garlic prevents use of blinking, shape shifting and mind fuckery. Can be spread if saliva touch one’s blood stream.

Lycantrophy 0 Subject gains better olfactory senses, hearing, Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Regeneration. Turns into a wolf at moonlight and is damaged by silver. Also acquires a taste for same-species flesh. Can be spread by contact with teeth and claw during wolf(or whatever animal you choose for this strain)form

Ectoplasmatic DNA max Allows turning incorporeal and gives Mental Resist 2, Floating, Super Regeneration but only when idle. With time and training, can unlock Spectral Body Manipulation, Ghost Ray Duplication, Overshadowing and invisibility. Prevents getting any other power. Body can no longer gain muscle, muscle memory and the likes.

Yeah I stole from DannyPhanton wiki, so what? Breed the ectoplamatic creature in a womb or cloning tank, takes 3 months to grow and the subject gets in coma for a week after receiving this thing.

Plague 0 This one you develop for you enemies. It could be a deadly plague, a deadly plague that animates the dead, a plague that animates the dead, or a plague that mutates people into rampaging aberrations. Put it in the water supply or hijack some factory. Just a few ideas.

Mutation 1 Reduces subject IQ by 25, makes them more loyal, gives them pain resistance, immunity to fear, Regeneration, and causes the body parts, when taken too much damage to regenerate, to mutate. Yeah I stole from RE6, so what?

You can house 10 ""Henchmen"" that are not loyal, with a hard limit of 20 if they will stay in your lair (increase it with Barracks).

Payment? Subtract the Henchmen Mental Resist of your Mind Fuckery score.

1 means you don’t have to pay them. 2 they will be loyal and face more risk for you. 3 loyal to death, will work without food and rest for you.

Nigger Thug 0 MR A classic. Don’t expect much out of them, including honor when they fight your enemies. 9 in 10 can’t read.

Monkey Thug 0 MR Strong as a nigger and smart as a nigger, also smells like a nigger. Is literally a nigger, just has a better attention span, lighter skin, and is deformed. 5 in 10 knows how to read.

White Thug 0 MR Yes, they do exist outside comics. Those alpha males are way stronger and smarter than a nigger, and a bit more loyal too. Actually aim their weapons. Harder to control using fear/violence.

White Twig 0 MR A frail loser thirsting for purpose. These neets and wagecucks are easy to control and motivate, but will require training and lots of onions to stop being faggots. No training or experience, cowardly, can probably win against a nigger/monkey on 1on1 if provoked. Can work with computers.

Black Shirt 1 MR A gritty man demanding proper leadership. Require alliance with Fascists. Has basic firearm and fighting training and is loyal to you so long you are the his cause. Fearless.

Anonymous 2 MR Requires delivering the magical book PDF (are you sure that’s a good idea?) and not selling a thing to the first 3 faction. Anons may or may not have fighting experience, gun training and sometimes may not even be fit, but they are intelligent, quite loyal, and have a death wish. Thanks to the PDFs they all know a bit of magic.

Profissional Thug 1 MR Courtesy of the Masters of Evil. Advance training in fighting and firearms. Loyal to the death or till their boss (your higher-up) tells them otherwise. Most are probably robots, some are white but from somewhere you never heard of, others you suspect are another species.

Protip: You can always just don’t hire anyone. After all, you are better than everyone else.

Protip 2: Kidnapping is always on the table.

Now Super Autist, what is the next step in your master plan?

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.




Has a bunch of design tutorials for making cyoa.

Best Photoshop is CS6, which is the last edition Adobe made before they went all-in on the online subscription shit. Easy enough to torrent.

If you're anal about legality, you can find the CS2 Photoshop, which does the job just as well, and is legally free (you can find it in the link above).

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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