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File: f879a9bd5da9f7a⋯.jpeg (15.64 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 110.jpeg)

120196 No.97068


<3 COMFY ASS MUSIC <3 - Theme for Bread #109

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Military/Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with '''over 4,289

sealed indictments''' fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

''We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center

inside it.''

Our goal is simple: To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends. We're lost without a normie to redpill, because we can take these ideas

into all sorts of directions. What resistance do you meet when you talk about Q-topics? Share that here. We will map the barriers of ignorance that stand in

Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse. Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our memetic


>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads'

conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick


4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of

information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do

we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Recent Past Threads' Archive Links

96A. >>>/cbts/85308 -> https://archive.fo/eVVq7

96B. >>>/cbts/86074 -> https://archive.fo/mt6bZ

97. >>>/cbts/86934 -> https://archive.fo/fMWZF

98. >>>/cbts/87855 -> https://archive.fo/PeKhx

99. >>>/cbts/88704 -> https://archive.fo/oiaxUett

100. >>>/cbts/89588 -> https://archive.fo/2MF4F

101. >>>/cbts/90491 -> https://archive.fo/bqlGI

102. >>>/cbts/90491 -> https://archive.fo/JcBTW

103. >>>/cbts/90491 -> https://archive.fo/nQij2

104. >>>/cbts/93014 -> https://archive.fo/Ww5ib

105. >>>/cbts/93014 -> https://archive.fo/rV2Y1

106. >>>/cbts/94465 -> https://archive.fo/5dEem

107. >>>/cbts/95429 -> https://archive.fo/cTf9i

108. >>>/cbts/96273 -> COMING SOON

!!! Latest Q posts !!!: >>70055, >>70088, >>73368, >>73461, >>73994, >>74037, >>74050, >>74128, >>74533, >>82056, >>82276, >>85689, >>85926, >>85959, >>86111,

>>92626 (NEW!), >>92710 (NEW!), >>92737 (NEW!), >>92789 (NEW!), >>93181 (NEW!), >>93246 (NEW!), >>93287 (NEW!), >>93312 (NEW!)

USSS/SOMEONE ELSE TRYING TO SOLVE Q's TRIPCODE?(This anon later claimed he was testing how secure Q's tripcode was. You decide.) >>93267

Recent Q posts compilation images (MERRY CHRISTMAS EDITION!): >>96061



CLOSE UP OF PIC IN >>82056 -> >>82171

Pic shows bill that does NOT have letterhead -> >>82275

PDF List of all Q posts in order, screen grabs + text, date stamps,

links to original posts, searchable, good for printing and sharing:


QMap w/ built-in search function, includes Q's posts AND anons' posts that Q responded to:


LATEST QMAPS: -> >>74532, >>95263

4chan Q Drops pt. 1 -> >>66953

4chan Q Drops pt. 2 -> >>66963

8ch Q Drops pt. 1 -> >>63794

8ch Q Drops pt. 2 -> >>74792

8ch Q Drops pt. 3 -> >>86348

QMAP LEGEND (List of abbreviations and meanings): -> >>75523

CheatSheetAnon Compilation: -> >>62967, >>62971

c132da No.97084

Taylor fucking Swift.

You fags don't know how deep operation mocking bird is yet.

120196 No.97085


WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH GANNETT? Gannett related posts: >>96139 >>96153


Anon's Timeline/Theory Re: Soros getting fucky with Alabama Elections...and why Soros is turbofucked: >>88502

Distilled Timeline that fits in a tweet for anons that want to Twat on Twatter: >>88471

!!!!!!!!!If for some reason 8ch/CBTS goes down at any point, we can all converge temporarily over at Voat!!!!!!!!!:


Dec 11-13 news

Gannet related links >>94283

Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide(?) over accusations he molested 17yr. old girl >>91858


Trump reauthorized Office of Special Council >>86640

ALANON posts about the fixed alabama election on halfchan >>86186

Manhattan Surgeon of the Elites commits "SUICIDE" (knife in chest) >>81363

Updated Wiki >>79357

We think the 10 days of Darkness have started >>79345

Q credit >>79372

Q posts per day >>79302

Odd planes >>79107

Rockachild triggered >>78100

Nellie Ohr >>78459

Ex Spy chief admits deep state vs trump >>78197

Schiff comp'd by Awan >>78101

Schiff protected by CNN >>78173

7.8mm lawsuit over fetal tissue >>77532

Dec11 Q what a hoot >>78441

Space Bill >>78450 HUGE MILITARY FUNDING >>78463




FOLLOW THE WIVES! Anon's list of 100 well-connected women/wives for us to look into. FOCUS HERE AND ON OTHER WIVES:



The Darker Side of Adam (& Wife Eve) Schiff: -> >>74252, >>74070

Melissa Schiff related to Adam Schiff???: -> >>73904

Bombing in NYC. Beginning of the FalseFlag(s)/Fireworks mentioned by Q in >>70088 ?: -> >>72178


"#MichaelHastings Day of Reckoning"?!: -> >>71971

POTUS Pensacola Speech Transcript/Breakdown: -> https://pastebin.com/EQUr4puP


NEW THEORY FOR Q TO CONFIRM OR DENY: -> >>62955, >>62972,


120196 No.97089

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49 [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

Original links do not cross-post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find Qs.

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Q-Text [4chan] -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8ch] -> https://pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>33814 | >>36225

How to read Q's posts: >>75391

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks SpreadsheetAnon!)



Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home

Q MAP PDF-> https://anonfile.com/W7x2m3d4b1/Q_Map_12_14_2017v2.pdf


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile.com/Q9X0kedcb4/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712110947.pdf

part V -> https://anonfile.com/ZeD0l6dbba/q_posts_partV_v201712121945.pdf (NEEDS TO BE updated)

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

Guerilla Twitter Tactics - >>>/cbts/12832

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

ANONFILE -> https://anonfile.com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip


Meme collection #1 >>2, Meme collection #2 >>61078, Meme collection pt. 2B >>97001, Meme collection pt. 2c


Memes Bulk download >>62600, Infographics >>10

Really Cool Videos

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Please use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

<Remember to drink plenty of water & STAY COMFY, SENPAIS...

<...Oh, and PRAY!

120196 No.97091

GUIDE w/ LINKS AND INFO on researching records on Companies/Non-profits/Individuals etc. VERY USEFUL -> >>80489

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>89305 (see archive link in post)

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>89305

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/CBTS/ Catalog

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other threads.''

Jason Chaffetz CUCKED by (y) head wife?: >>92619

In-Q-Tel: >>80960

Who is Y?: >>19041

Let us channel the spirit of Thomas Paine!: >>56328 *NEW! Pamphlet creation thread for spreading during STORM* (in case modern communications compromised)

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>89422 (see archive link)

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

Red Cross: >>40157

Alien / Disclosure related: >>26613

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread: >>15984

Barry Important -> >>14627

Loud Noises -> >>15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362


Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: [new -> https://8ch.net/cbts/res/29994.html#35814]

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

Underground massive data center?: >>20714

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA (Oct 31 - Nov 21)




Image: Save the title image, change one pixel, save changes and upload new version.

Title: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

First post: See pastebin and go to first set of ==== signs, may need to cut out some stuff and post two

separate things.

Second/third post: All after ====== signs.

<Shill derail tactics: talk of Bitcoin or any other cryptocoin, prepping water, bathtubs, drinking from bathtubs,

<hydroponics, mocking and personal attacks

>please don't feed their belly with (you)'s, they must starve so please filter and focus, or pray for the Patriots risking

>their lives

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

a0706e No.97092

oh look more compromised hyperlinks by a ShareBlue baker who won't let anons bake because he's such a special fucking glowing faggot.

Reinstitute original board rules >>1

120196 No.97095


Plugging my own thread like a faggle; created for working on a physical pamphlet/flyer in the spirit of (maybe even modeled/styled after) Thomas Paine's ''Common

Sense'': covering all the Q stuff, the general conspiracy and who the good and bad actors are, and conveying to normies all the information they need to stay calm and

to understand the basics of what is happening.

If modern communications become compromised, or go down completely, such a thing will be a necessity!





We have a Discord server set up for CBTS Bread Crumb Collection.

Could always use fresh faces in there. Join with invite link:


Some will try to tell you that Discord is "compromised".

Personally, not worried.


c132da No.97097

Hey nigger where's the NK pizza pic?

0299fa No.97098


very solid, fresh, trustworthy.

Ignore the bs.

904ab7 No.97100

QUESTION FOR BAKER (or anyone who knows): is there a limit on how many or what types of files we can upload with one individual post here? I need to upload a few at once. Thank you.

120196 No.97104


Post it up.

c132da No.97105

Hey nigger where's the NK John Podesta pizza pic?

3e6f92 No.97106

Bad bread

Bad bread

Baker is comped

Baker is comped

c132da No.97107


I did last thread you miserable faggot.

60fd34 No.97108

Posting in tasty bread.

Ignore/filter shills.

Excellent work, Baker.

a0706e No.97115

$15/hr gets you hot glowing shit rejected by actual anons who understand anon

Reinstitute original board rules >>1

120196 No.97117


What, did you post it while I was baking? Fuck off. Post it now or get out.

e68cd5 No.97120



Great job baker!

Keep up the good work. Real/original anons are with you.

0299fa No.97121


"These people are stupid."

3ffe47 No.97122

File: d8df1b56ddea55d⋯.png (668.06 KB, 1203x485, 1203:485, original.post.png)

File: a6e78097aec28ab⋯.png (235.26 KB, 1788x365, 1788:365, Q.ACpic.png)

This has been bothering me.

Q's post in Thread #104 re. the AC/Gannett pic we've spent all day on ostensibly was in response to an anon's post of the picture in the previous thread (#103). Are we really to believe that Q just happened to see this picture posted, analyzed the data, and sent us a crumb?

So I went back to the "original anon" post. There were a total of 4 pics posted in that one post. The AC one does not belong, and the anon did not comment on it, though anon did comment on the other pics.

Is there any relevance here?

It's been bugging me.

Also, anyone notice how AC's mom becomes more and more satanic looking as time went on?

Also, what's the occult significance of "the left hand"?

c132da No.97125


Here you go faggot: Sorry it takes you over 100 posts to copy and paste your old bread with a new T-Swift song.


fedbf3 No.97126


Complaining about this further gets a ban. STFU.

e68cd5 No.97129


If you don't like the baker, go back to the park bathroom and make your $15/hour shill.

abbb67 No.97130

Shilling here is crazy like today!


a0706e No.97132

Watch hot glowing tripfag shit have incredible volume of useless posts to slide threads and derail discussion since we have to waste our time containing his toxicity. Will not step back. Will not accept criticism. This is XXX and VQC shit. Enough.

Reinstitute original board rules >>1

83d210 No.97134

So we just going to skip 109 and go to 110?

c132da No.97135


Oh really? What's the deal? Pizza make you uncomfortable?

(Follow fucking orders in here )

e62283 No.97139


4 images per post

f40193 No.97140

File: 481deb0fc567544⋯.png (127.56 KB, 747x492, 249:164, katysneaks.PNG)

i guess katy perry has her own ugly fucking clothes line now? nice emblem satan

77e1fe No.97145



There's no shills here. This is a mess of the faggots own making.

decd30 No.97146


it's offtopic derailing. There's plenty of places to talk about pizzagate, right now we're focused on Gannet and related topics.

Connect Gannet/Cooper with pizzagate/NK and you may proceed.

1022de No.97148

#109 missing baker is either retarded or yet another 'mistake'

>#109 missing baker is either retarded or yet another 'mistake'

#109 missing baker is either retarded or yet another 'mistake'

>You have to go back, you fucked it up




100% mouldy

120196 No.97150


Thanks faggot

I'll put it in there now.

WHERE EXACTLY would you like it put in the post just so we're absolutely clear?

60fd34 No.97152


There's a reason she was banned from entering China.

>Can you find an Owl / Y there?

cead28 No.97153


Q would have known that photo of Coop was a compromising photo before it was posted (SIGINT)

Occult significance of left hand = "with a sharp knife cut deeply the middle finger of your left hand eat the pain" via abramovic

a0706e No.97154


No. Take a day off.

3ffe47 No.97155


Have any anons looked into Gloria Vanderbilt's bloodlines?????? (she is Swiss born, apparently).

40026c No.97156


Hmmmm more unrisen dough????

760ccf No.97157


Left hand has been associated with the devil/occult in a number of ways. Catholics used to beat left-handed kids into being right handed cause they thought it was a sign of the devil. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-hand_path_and_right-hand_path

023b0c No.97158

Follow the wives…

http://www.msn.com /en-us/news/politics/wife-to-run-for-seat-of-kentucky-lawmaker-who-killed-self/ar-BBGHXFY?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=iehp

f40193 No.97159

File: 40fa396d465e7fa⋯.jpg (32.02 KB, 450x337, 450:337, katy perry.jpg)

1022de No.97160


GNUpol you have to go back. Bakers union was poison then and its poison now.

b5b118 No.97161

File: 0877e72307763b9⋯.jpg (241.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, matthew-chapman.jpg)

With questions about integrity starting to be raised, let's not forget about the good folks at Shareblue who have multiple full-time employees working on disinfo and doxxing anons, according to the Ex-Shareblue employee who was on half chan not long ago.

Here's a decent overview of that episode which has been wiped from halfchan:

https://steemit. com/news/@defango/shareblue-media-matters-meltdown-or-def-vlog-107

We don't know if any "infiltration" has occurred, and I personally think the bakers are great, but we know SB is here. Pic related

More at this thread


023b0c No.97162

WTF is up with the bread…. 108 to 100?

a699ad No.97164

Yeah, what's with the numbers? 108 to 110?>>97068

023b0c No.97165


I mean 108 to 110….

000000 No.97166


moldy sour and GLOWING

904ab7 No.97167


Thank you. I assume the files can be images or PDFs? I ask because, if not, I will upload the PDFs to anonfile.cc (do we know that that is a safe place?). I'm open to suggestions 'cause I'm still pretty new. Thanks again.

a0706e No.97168

PamphletAnon HAS to control the bake. Why is this

decd30 No.97169

e62283 No.97171


Baker is dedicated to making quality bread. A missed number for loaf is not a bad bake, just inconvenient.

7338c4 No.97172

http://archive.4plebs.org pol/search/uid/Iq1%2Fcx7t/

If anyone wants to see all the posts for that whole Dukku thing. Got to run. There is more interesting stuff there.

fd8256 No.97173




Do youbelieve in coincidence?

68b424 No.97174


Cooper and Honey Boo Boo, started discussing at end of last bread.

HBB is a boy, possibly, look at recent photos at end of last bread. Cooper has cut-out in office. Q said to look at the image, boy/girl?

120196 No.97175


Thank you anon.

1022de No.97176




Baker was getting flamed so he deleted the thread. I wont take this lying down.

3e6f92 No.97179

Updates music flawlessly

Bad batter remains

Can't fucking count again

Bad breadnigger

120196 No.97180



65f8b6 No.97182


Reuters, which they say is Clownish and AP Wire (Associated Press). I am looking at the Wayback Machine for some of these services and they do have them, but they are not branded as we would expect. Not that that is conclusive because the service might have been behind a pay wall.

71406a No.97183

Talking all that shit and then fucks up the bread.

1a44e0 No.97184


Exactly what happened. Fucking plain as day.

a0706e No.97185


Because that's what CBTS is about, huh

a699ad No.97186

I honestly wouldn't care if the baker wasn't shilling Discord 24/7

fedbf3 No.97187


Leave it anons. Or the mods will start cracking your fucking skulls.

The bake is and never has been perfect.

It's a labor of love done by volunteers.

We do not care that your pic/link/brilliant fucking insight from the last thread didn't make it.

Let it go.

Talk about on-topic stuff.

Starting now.

Any fucking chirps or backchat about this post gets a ban.

We don't give a fuck who you are.

And any trip or name we don't recognize gets a ban.


1feb2e No.97188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wardrobe even fitted mama June's with a BIG ass olw starring straight at you on the front of her dress.

These outfits were specifically selected for the contestants they did not bring these outfits to the studio with them. Therefore Anderson Cooper and his team are the ones responsible for selecting the OWL outfits!!!


cead28 No.97189


that's not the original source

those chat logs were leaked around the time of pizzagate - late 2016

000000 No.97190



bad baker

a0706e No.97191

Can anyone explain why hyperlinking is STILL happening?

023b0c No.97192


just concentrate on making good bread and stop being a faggot, WTF is wrong with you

1feb2e No.97193

File: 94c4dfd839ad54f⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 306x517, 306:517, article-2101856-11C1E05100….jpg)

000000 No.97194


Phishing for IPs

940ad2 No.97195



ignore the shills baker. thank u anon

a0706e No.97197


Others volunteered, PamphletFag preempted 109 with 110 in case they got a bake off.

Enough is enough. Ban all tripfags.


3e6f92 No.97198


Yeah this is about you we get that nigger. You gone hang faggot you know that right?

1022de No.97201


Hey you know the way you have mentioned you are in contact with the BO. Can you get him to post the audit trail for the (((deleted))) thread please. That will clear all this straight up.

>Proofs you didnt delete the thread or go back to plebbit

21fff7 No.97202

Stay strong Mr. baker these are the same ass holes that tried to troll me and say that there were scripts running in the background on 8 chan and downloading illegal files to my computer. like I'm stupid enough to fall for that cause he wanted me to destroy my computer lol.

a31238 No.97203


Holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with you

e089ce No.97204

File: f6cf572470f23d2⋯.png (435.23 KB, 865x535, 173:107, glitzy1.png)

File: 0a21df5f2ad67db⋯.png (410.95 KB, 865x535, 173:107, glitzy2.png)

File: deeb80350bbfb36⋯.png (391.31 KB, 851x437, 37:19, glitzymmm.png)

File: 90a23613f374d13⋯.png (393.52 KB, 850x434, 425:217, glitzymmm2.png)


Glitzy the pig.

120196 No.97205

Right. Preempted by creating the bake at ~725 posts in previous.

506e19 No.97206


>drama queen faggotry

Can you not encourage them?

a7cedc No.97210


I've read that Katy Perry admits she sold her soul. Shame!

83d210 No.97211


Toddler’s in a Tiaras and Pageants are good fronts for occult recruiting. BTW Anderson Cooper was apart of the show.

40026c No.97212


Dayum Ugly fatassed cum guzzling cunt

d2378e No.97213


You shut the fuck up right now, Katy Perry is /ourgal/

f4b8dc No.97214


>implying bans can't be dodged by switching to airplane mode for a moment

R u being srs

68b424 No.97215



3e6f92 No.97217


So there's only two volunteers here?

Others can bake


f40193 No.97218


damn dude..hillary is at the end of this vid..she looks like

827e1c No.97219

File: 8e6f229ca470b45⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, c486385b4cb57c7eddf4e9b646….jpg)


1feb2e No.97220

File: a621c973cd9ad49⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 600x398, 300:199, IMG_4597.JPG)

d2378e No.97221



8423de No.97222


Meaning of WRWY by its letters

WRWY acronym by its letters means:

W: Meaning of W in WRWY. Amid the Middle Ages, Charlemagne's recorders set two "U's" next to each other with a space between (as in truly "twofold U"), another letter that seemed like a "V." It wasn't until around 1700 that W as an exceptional letter (not two "U's" or two "V's" set one next to the other) risen in printing presses crosswise over Europe. In French, this letter is still alluded to as "twofold V."

W has a numerology number of 5 and speaks to self-expression. While this letter can be exceedingly beguiling, it likewise has an emanation of persona. Contrarily, W can be avaricious and go for broke.

These are two twin Vs consolidated at the inside! Its shape catches double the vitality of paradise (soul) and drives the paradise to earth and the other way around, without rolling out sharp improvements or adjusting. It at that point reaches out to convey all to itself. The construct demonstrates an extreme existence with respect to the physical plane. It is a frame that transmits changes to accomplish the fulfillment of the faculties.

You think from the gut and you have an incredible feeling of reason. You are likewise a dynamic individual - rationally and truly: you get a kick out of the chance to be required in however many exercises as could reasonably be expected. Your magnetism implies you encircle yourself with intriguing individuals, since you fortify amazing discussion. Make an effort not to put things off, and take full favorable position of your own imagination.

Positive: Self-expressive. Beguiling. Appealing. Inventive. Baffling. Agreeable. Negative: Fond of going out on a limb.

R: Meaning of R in WRWY. "R" first shows up in old Semitic as a profile of a human. Articulated "resh" it meant (nothing unexpected) "head." The Romans flipped it to confront right and included a tail, "most likely to recognize it from 'P'," composes Rosen.

R has a numerology number of 9 and speaks to potential outcomes. It is tolerant and altruistic yet tends to end up plainly irritable. When it is the principal consonant in a name the conveyor will frequently go about as peacemaker.

This helps us to remember the letter P, however with an additional leg, which appears to step forward. Perceive how a fighter blows his chest to demonstrate his aspiration. It demonstrates the adaptability of a powerful fighter making a posture for the camera. Its shape is loaded with intricate, differing and some of the time opposing data.

You feel things emphatically and your rich, extraordinary inward life exudes outward. You additionally have an astounding hard working attitude and can carry out your occupation with high measures of vitality. Make a point to keep an adjust and to cooperate with other people, despite the fact that you likewise have a kind nature.

Positive: Sees conceivable outcomes. Collected. Stable. Caring. Tolerant. Peacemaker. Negative: Short-tempered.

Y: Meaning of Y in WRWY. The first "Y" entered the letter set as "upsilon" or our "U." Around 100 AD Romans included "Y" to their letters in order, for the most part to indicate something of Greek birthplaces.

Y is the last yet one letter in the English letters in order and has a numerology number of 7. This letter speaks to opportunity and aversions restriction of any sort. Adversely, Y can be uncertain and as a result may pass up a major opportunity for circumstances in life.

His foot appears to change in light of the immature earth. It additionally lays on a solitary strand making it less steady. The base backings two measurements of solid vitality reception apparatuses that catch incredible considerations. The retained vitality is brought down into the empty of the two reception apparatuses for more vitality development. It is sure duality. Uncertain of himself, the Y's concern originates from a few sides immediately that there is a sure secret being referred to, investigation and handling of data.

You are opportunity cherishing and get a kick out of the chance to break principles and redefine known limits. Your aspiration and mettle make you normally free, despite the fact that you seemed to be held. You are in vogue. Be mindful so as not to be too moderate in deciding - confide in your regular endowment of instinct!

Positive: Dislikes limitation. Scholarly. Tasteful. Autonomous. Spearheading. Ambitious. Negative: Indecisive.

1feb2e No.97223

File: a5575aa47121ec5⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_4596.JPG)

747c8c No.97224



Story about Gannet on 10/12/2017 (date of Pelosi press conference)


Names mentioned:

Robert Dickey - CEO

Maribel Perez Wadsworth - chief transformation officer and a senior VP

Joanne Lipman - chief content officer, USA Today Editor

John Zidich - head of domestic publishing

030bb8 No.97225

I think the sheets are printed and handed to Cooper as well. By the way, there is a 100 + page proxy materials — 2011 annual report pdf on 2012 Gannet site (waybackmachine)https://web.archive.org/web/20130126152838/http://www.gannett.com/assets/pdf/5Z186653316.PDF

that talks about the organization and all the affiliated media companies. It seems to me, that Gannet supplies all it's companies with suggested news for the day. Sort of an associated press. It's probably why all news repeats itself. Its also how they control the news. The photos on the print outs seem to be regular run of the mill photos. It looks like a girl doing yoga (not 3 babies), a couple at a wedding or formal party, a man waving his hand high in the air, and on the other sheet looks like possibly a guy sitting on a sofa with his arms extended on the back. That's just what I see

a0706e No.97226

There's genuine concerns about IP fishing in hyperlinks and it triggers ShareBlue posters

d2378e No.97227


e68cd5 No.97228


You're doing a great job, baker.

BUT, stop feeding the shills.

Every response earns them Davey Brock $$, and possible a Davey Brock rimjob bonus.

IGNORE, ffs.

a31238 No.97230


Tripfag baker is Union pirate, glowing faggot and a screaming lunatic.

62ffae No.97231


Plenty of shekel-grabbers got triggered. Thanx for updating my ignore list.

a0706e No.97232

OP IP fishes with music links

a0706e No.97233

Hope you're not logged into youtube.

a31238 No.97234


ShareBlue is that you?

940ad2 No.97235

File: 32494b2c2cfaba0⋯.jpg (294.11 KB, 901x689, 17:13, Screenshot_20171214-121707.jpg)

net neu memes?

b54f50 No.97236

File: 9ce7880405c3312⋯.png (332.94 KB, 512x498, 256:249, swampdarts.PNG)



Left = widdershins (counter-clockwise), dark, black magic, sinister (heraldry)

Right = deocil or sunwise (clockwise), light, white magic, dexter (heraldry)

pic not related but kek

120196 No.97237


I got my jollies. I'm done.

Thanks for the high energy.

Back to work.

d2378e No.97238










fedbf3 No.97239


What the fuck did I just tell you? Are you fucking stupid? Can you read?

8385a1 No.97240


is bram stoker's dracula based on this woman?

c85bc8 No.97241


>While this letter can be exceedingly beguiling, it likewise has an emanation of persona.

Nigga it's a letter. How does it have beguiling persona?

a0706e No.97243


Look anons, poor quality disinfo!

000000 No.97244


ahh i love it when you glowing niggers announce yourselves

1feb2e No.97246

File: 4bcf5e5733b7366⋯.jpg (33.37 KB, 350x262, 175:131, IMG_4589.JPG)

Butterfly & Eye of Horus

fc227b No.97247


Faggot spotted

748e22 No.97249


From last night Q: >>93181

Looks like a proof copy of a Gannet publication of some kind.

The image of the couple looks like it might be for an ad for a dating service/web site.

It may be that Q is suggesting that such services/sites are being used to capture peeps for human trafficking / sex slavery / spirit cooking.

Logical conclusion:

since we "know" AC is a Clown, (((they))) run the rings.

fc227b No.97250



d2378e No.97251










(Banned - go away)

c5fba4 No.97252


re: AL

the cheating is not believable unless the media helps.

Which TV ppl and station helped make the moore loss beleivable…. who tried to sell it the most. THis is another leg of the stool to wipe out GS


555af1 No.97253



This is a joke, right?

You're kidding, right?

827e1c No.97254


i'm willing to chalk it up to the 80s fashion scene

83d210 No.97255


Yup, just like Chester and Chris

1feb2e No.97256

File: 8e10cda157236d5⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 350x232, 175:116, IMG_4580.JPG)

File: 3db2dd532b19a73⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 350x225, 14:9, IMG_4578.JPG)

File: c1c0d80d60efa34⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 350x240, 35:24, IMG_4576.JPG)

File: bea2fe5a5ad3b9f⋯.jpg (29.52 KB, 350x414, 175:207, IMG_4583.JPG)

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck….

0e7c44 No.97257


Sarah Sanders in WH briefing today said the POTUS was upset to hear the news and called Ryan…was given reassurance from Ryan that it is not true.

Could be true…

Could be cover.

As with much of this, time passes and then we understand.

a0706e No.97258

Congrats, hundreds of useless posts on Gannett, a known CIA front, being a CIA front, now being joined by "Let's analyze Honey Boo Boo? Is he/she trans? Occult."

But the IP fishing in hyperlinks, let's not talk about that. Filter those "shills."

000000 No.97260



21fff7 No.97261

shills should be shot with eye lasers when spotted.

68b424 No.97262


Sound logic

d2378e No.97264

What's better than a Union Baker?

Nothing you ungrateful fucking rats.

a31238 No.97265


Preempting the entire premise of 8ch, you mean. You doth protest too much, bitch.

4e83cc No.97266


>implying I listen to faggots


(Filter this )

e62283 No.97267


Good find with regard to a sidebar to the task.

8fc2d4 No.97269


Paint that hate nigger welldone

BO and nameags are comped btw


(Not comped, just annoyed.)

fc227b No.97270


And Michael, and Prince

83d210 No.97273


Don’t they use purple in monarch mind control to signify abusers/programmers?

a7cedc No.97274


Not. Maybe yours.

You can recover your soul through Mary. It's been done before. There is always hope.

546568 No.97275

File: df7376e0c7e5a1d⋯.png (286.23 KB, 694x312, 347:156, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: b6f4d64c606ee5c⋯.png (637.09 KB, 697x483, 697:483, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 1fd39d96b3d93f1⋯.png (480.67 KB, 502x436, 251:218, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)


MK Ultra


cf0644 No.97276

If I may, the header reflects an old number of sealed indictments. It is said to be 9000 now.

pacer. gov

6cf28f No.97277

This thread has become useless

b0a3a2 No.97278


>Connect Gannet/Cooper with pizzagate/NK

Not sure if relevant but here's AC interviewing an escaped NK prisoner

cbsnews.com/ news/north-korean-prisoner-escaped-after-23-brutal-years-15-05-2013/

a0706e No.97279


"The rules were updated! To be made worse!"

cead28 No.97280

File: 7da64a507b76266⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1848x1080, 77:45, actor-based-reality.png)



not so sure about that

Robin Williams looks identical to Charles Manson

If Manson (Mason) had been a fake boogeyman, which actor was crazy enough to play the role? Robin fit the bill nicely.

fc227b No.97281

Someone have Coopers zoomed in enhanced picture of paper?

1feb2e No.97282


This sounds kind of shillish

a7cedc No.97283



25325c No.97284

WRWY = We Are With You?

fc227b No.97285

120196 No.97286


stop giving it watermelons

21fff7 No.97287

when I listen to vampire killer from castlevania I think about trump whipping the shit out of George soros as trump Belmont.

000000 No.97288

a0706e No.97289


It's ok, we got you exposed, glowing faggot

83d210 No.97290


Hang in there

fedbf3 No.97291


PA, please remove all hyperlinks for the next bake.

65f8b6 No.97292


This is a very reasonable explanation. If you are correct that it is a printout of a Gannett news wire service, why did Q call it out as a pedophile artifact?

cead28 No.97293




9bf45d No.97294

File: c6aaf3eb4f358c5⋯.png (719.8 KB, 634x809, 634:809, Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper….png)


Meme of Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper as you suggested. /Harvester/

6e67aa No.97295

File: 5871382f78d473b⋯.gif (464.49 KB, 500x330, 50:33, tumblr_o053feQmZb1qhljf6o1….gif)

748e22 No.97296


That's my guess. What leapt out at me on this post:


>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:3LaVfhm8 Sat 25 Nov 2017 14:22:21 No.150875388

> T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^

> _Conf_d-ww_CON_off[dark]_

> _Conf_SIL-_EX

> COMM_Castle_Active_7ZbV-WT9

> RED1_RED2_

> SAT_40k_se_c_[30m]


>P_pers: WRWY

1st part reads like an op instruction.

Last line reads like an addendum:

P_pers (commander's personal message),

We R With You (a not uncommon encouragement, when sending others in harm's way)

60fd34 No.97297

Interesting bit about Gloria Vanderbilt's mother from wiki:

>Influenced by reports from private detectives as well as family servants and Laura Morgan (who appears by all published accounts to have been somewhat emotionally and mentally unbalanced and who testified on Mrs. Whitney's side at the trial), members of the Vanderbilt family came to believe that Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt was a bad influence and neglectful of her daughter. A custody battle erupted that made national headlines in 1934. As a result of a great deal of hearsay evidence admitted at trial, the scandalous allegations of Vanderbilt's lifestyle—including a purported lesbian relationship with Nadezhda de Torby, the Marchioness of Milford Haven, and a brief engagement to HSH Gottfried, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg—led to a new standard in tabloid newspaper sensationalism.

>Vanderbilt lost custody of her daughter to her sister-in-law Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Granted limited parental rights, Vanderbilt was allowed to see young Gloria on weekends in New York. The court also removed Vanderbilt as administrator of her daughter's trust fund, whose annual investment income had been her only source of support. Two years later, the custody issue was re-opened, giving her another chance to re-gain guardianship of her daughter. This time, the case was brought before the Supreme Court of the United States. The court declined to hear the matter and it once again came before the State of New York's Supreme Court. The result was an agreement that Gloria would spend more time with her mother than was previously granted. In 1946, the widow was once more in the news when her daughter announced she would no longer be paying her mother an annual $21,000 allowance. Saying that her mother was able to work and had done so in the past, Gloria Vanderbilt stated the annual allowance would now be given to a charity for blind and starving children.

A clown smear piece victim from before the clowns were even a thing, or a legitimate whackjob?

83d210 No.97298


Anything that sounds aggressive or yelling is a shill

1feb2e No.97299


This vid talks about those specific pics


fedbf3 No.97300


They're gonna be tripfags. Bummer. Otherwise we'll have what we had on 4chan and that's being tried right here right now. Deal with it or GTFO.

160c82 No.97302

Tax cut bill goes through, then it happens.

535b80 No.97303


So, if the tangent is GANNETT, then that must be the Keystone…?

Insane clown shills make it obvious…

748e22 No.97304


Maybe not so much consuming the pizza, as

being a supplier / running the network.

a0706e No.97305


Which set of rules is better?

>>1 the original rules explicitly banning tripfagging, such as the ongoing in these threads



Shitty rules filled with pop culture references that allow you to namefag to your heart's content or until you clock out from ShareBlue?

cead28 No.97306


i have also de-strung a stringer to say this:


>jews will be replaced

this one:


>GEWS 2x WBRP (will be replaced)

a7cedc No.97307


Muellar has to clear Trump too.


120196 No.97308


Done homie.

5b3efb No.97309


then don't fucking click on them

a0706e No.97310


so when he refuses, because he's a queeny drama faggot, what then?

01f81b No.97311

"Montgomery will be the first county in the state of Alabama to use ExpressVote."

“We want to encourage all the voters of Montgomery County to exercise their right to vote in this election both in the United States Senate election as well as the State Senate election for those that are eligible,” said Judge Reed.

“This is a very important election as you all know. It’s gotten a lot of attention nationally, locally and statewide because of the relevance in terms of what it has in our election process.”

Source: http://www.alabamanews.net/2017/12/07/new-voting-machines-montgomery-county/

120196 No.97313

83d210 No.97314


Also, in regards to that stringer and the one before

T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^

Not sure what the letters are for yet, but the numbers are in regards to that stringer in the first post so

B = _FREEDOM-_v05_yes_27-1_z

F = _FREEDOM-_v^CAS0R-T_yes_27-1_87x

J = _FREEDOM-_v_stand

1 = RED_RED_

5 = _FREEDOM-_vZj9_yes_27-1_y

(this one ties to the FREEDOM stringer with 20 spaces. 27-1 would be in brackets at the end [27-1]_y)

11-20 = _FREEDOM-_v_stand










906e4c No.97315






760ccf No.97316

Shills are trying too hard, makes them laughably easy to filter 8)

fc227b No.97317


Thanks. Against the tide Im still standing with it Not saying GANNETT, but appears like a 77 on the end.

21fff7 No.97319

Gold why not silver because silver is what you use to kill monsters just like in the witcher series.

fedbf3 No.97320


Well done geniuses.

See how fucking easy it is?

Someone complains about the bake.

Someone else joins in.

Before long it's like a playground of monkeys all throwing shit at each other.

Result: chaos and NO WORK DONE.

Mission accomplished.

Clown niggers slink into the bg snickering.

e089ce No.97321

File: 4851e233e169312⋯.png (133.04 KB, 603x431, 603:431, djtjrspecial.png)

"Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted:

Fox News‏Verified account @FoxNews 1h1 hour ago

.@replouiegohmert: "So many on the Special… Counsel's force aren't just biased - they're oozing hatred for Trump out of every pore."




d79d4a No.97322


Yeah, high five, girl power.

748e22 No.97323


Would explain why the Clowns are shilling so hard, as well.

Also, the Honey Boo-Boo cutout that sent everyone off on a tangent:

Some of the 4chan posts mentioned Disney.

It should be obvious by now that a lot of the child-related "entertainment" actually function as feeders to the trafficking network.

023b0c No.97324


before they were clowns, they were just occultists….

3e3112 No.97325


Left-hand is known as the hand of "intuition". It is believed to be the hand that best connects with one's divine consciousness. Like everything else, it can be used for Light or Dark. During meditation, people often hold their malas or crystals in the left hand.

5b3efb No.97327


thought, and this may be too simplistic….

you know how newscasts can be covering the same story, and the wording they use is exactly the same? Maybe Gannett writes everything and distributes to be read by the talking heads. And if Gannett - CIA then CIA controls the news/narrative

fedbf3 No.97328


So when he immediately does it for the good of the board because we trust each other having both been at this since day fucking one, what then?

0e7c44 No.97329


I think that's right…He tweets that phrase often

653d88 No.97330

I know it was an attempt to derail but the Henley bit blows me away. Huge Eagles fan. But what did Q say? "Everything you thought was right is wrong!" or something to that effect.

Ok, back to Q.

a0706e No.97331


Welcome to the bunker of the bunker. No tripfagging. EVER.

62ffae No.97332


And then banhammer hits all responding.

You have to be tough in battle.

6e0e31 No.97334


As long as they stay away from Paw Patrol. My kid would be crushed.

000000 No.97335


as long as they leave, it's an improvement

748e22 No.97336


There's a whole thread dedicated to the stringers:


Reasonable progress/interpretations on most of them (some with confirmation by later Q posts).

The one you cite has us stumped, though.

Any insights appreciated.

747c8c No.97337

Next title: Triggered by GANNETT Edition

a0706e No.97338


why didn't he do it when it was first brought up instead of facing massive fucking pressure for real anons?

6cf28f No.97339

Five more women accuse Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct across three decades

d79d4a No.97340



1feb2e No.97341

File: d79d38a34e2e65d⋯.png (327.89 KB, 914x351, 914:351, screenshot_116.png)

File: 445dae67d80cbfc⋯.png (111.89 KB, 681x158, 681:158, screenshot_117.png)

File: 24c9d93b9f6b922⋯.png (120.43 KB, 680x165, 136:33, screenshot_119.png)

File: 078a129a0d66e18⋯.png (748.36 KB, 880x493, 880:493, screenshot_120.png)


Published on YouTube Nov 24, 2017

WARNING: I had to use a few disturbing images and clips to make my point about elites being cannibals in Hollywood and elsewhere as well as read a few disgusting Google Maps comments.

*Special thanks to Deb Jones for the bonus links and images!*

Kazakhstan Pentagram


Astana, Kazakhstan


Astana and the Ley Lines of Death


Cannibal Club


Biotech's Fear Factor


DeBunked: Are We Consuming Products Made With Aborted Fetuses?


Sickening: Major food corps use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods


Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavour


On Vaccines Made From Cells of Aborted Fetuses


Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson and the Illuminati?


“Dahmer pose” statue in Tony Podesta’s house matches illustration published with Aleister Crowley text


Questionable “Young Blood” Transfusions Offered in U.S. as Anti-Aging Remedy


A Russian 'Cannibal Couple' May Have Eaten Up To 30 People, According To Investigators | TIME



748e22 No.97342


I'm sickened by the realization they are probably all feeders.

>These people are sick.

6d2310 No.97343

Anons I have a question - why is the left and media going full bore shrill shreaking over this Net Neutrality regulation that’s only been around since 2015? Who knew the internet was so broken before then!

Is it just me or does the coverage and outrage over it seem very disproportionate to what it actually is? Is there an ulterior reason?

4ecb04 No.97344


I've been here since very beginning of 4chan,, Pamp is good solid baker. Q posts in his threads, stop causing trouble AND GET BACK TO WORK RESEARCHING, MAKING MEMES, AND CONTRIBUTING.

There are a couple of you shill parrots and that is all you talk about, ( the baker), and not about the things we need to be focused on. People are not perfect,, the bread with the Q link that did not show( Q had come in at end of thread posts) and he did fast bake and forgot space by arrows, so link did not work. Not sabatage, people are human, get tired, etc.

You sound like the same shills that were trying to spread lies about Antifungal leafs bread, after he came back.

a7cedc No.97345

File: 6faf8ecc52f5073⋯.jpg (83.99 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, RYAN.jpg)

Paul Ryan is resigning says Alex Jones


""House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is resigning due to potential fallout over the debunked Russia dossier now threatening to take down high-level FBI officials as well as the brewing scandal involving former House IT staffer Imran Awan.""

f2bb7a No.97346


Trying to split cbts is banned!

83d210 No.97347


I posted it there but there not really an ongoing discussion in those threads. Someone posted it so just thought I would add it here too

1b5007 No.97348

File: f74e4c6f22bd393⋯.png (87.84 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-12-14-14-4….png)

Increased shilling? If so, why?

Getting too close to the AGENT? TEGNA?

VANDERBILTS…pics of Gloria, people realizing AC's brother committed suicide jumping out a penthouse window?!

I need to do a thread on VANDERBILT hospital and medical kidnappings. Will try to get to it soon.

Michelle Malkin is starting to cover medical kidnappings.

Also, isn't VANDERBILT Estate in North Carolina…what goes on there? Any tunnels?

(just checked, it's called Biltmore Estate)



My guess is this whole thing is getting too close to LOTS of sticky web threads….


~Media ties to CIA ?

*AC ?

*GANNETT (Tangent) ?


* GANNETT mailing address is McLean! ?

Logo for Vanderbilt Health oak leaf with acorn…looks like???

cead28 No.97349


bigger picture: WHY be an occultist?

What do you get from it?

if you don't get anything from it, WHY on Earth would you ever do it?

think about the stigmatization of the occult: no one wants to be associated to it

so therefore it may be surmised

they get something from it

what do they get?

how do they get it?

satan gives them fame, fortune, power, influence, beauty, and perhaps the ability to live on forever on Earth

my deduction is that this is exactly why Jesus must return as spoken in Revelation

it would be the only way to wipe them out

because a death of the flesh doesn't matter if satan allows you to transfer your soul into a trafficked child who can grow up to have fame, fortune, power, etc.

60fd34 No.97350


Sounds about right.

Would explain why a company like Gannett that owns USA Today newspaper hasn't been bought up by any of the Big 6..

Makes for a nice little front for disseminating the spin of the day.

6e0e31 No.97351


Sadly youre probably right but I hope there is something still pure out there.

81d309 No.97352


nice logo….

a0706e No.97353


ok, then if he's so tired, when anons volunteer to bake, why did he jump from 108 to 110 just in case one of them got the bake off? Why does he have to be so in control? Why does he act like such a queeny faggot when criticized instead of stepping back and saying my bad?

cead28 No.97354


they are fucking pissed because POTUS hit back after Cooper hit him on Twatter

62ffae No.97355


>There are a couple of you shill parrots and that is all you talk about, ( the baker), and not about the things we need to be focused on.

Ban anyone mentioning the baker from this point on.

000000 No.97356


when emperor obama's law goes they lose control

030bb8 No.97357


I don't know. Wendy Williams gave that Honey Boo Boo cut out to Cooper. Maybe he was referring to Cooper being gay, Cooper being a pedophile, Wendy Williams sex questionable?, pageants for children being attractive to pedophiles. But, my bet is that he was referring to the group itself both CIA and a group chest deep in pedophilia. That's my guess

a0706e No.97358


sorry, that's not in the rules!

2e358c No.97359


All in a matter of hours -

1. paul.Ryan out

2. fcc net.neutrality reversed. News reports googlieeyes and parent abc co and Hollywood are pissed

3. POTUS announces energy/environment regs rollback

4. Twitts reporting thoughts that next nk test on Sun - with 6400mhz.signal having gone out last weekend.

5. Shills going nuts here.

Busy day.

4fcd10 No.97360

Q said there was a raid on Obama presidential library. My question is, how was it raided if it's not even built? It's supposed to open on 2021.

Can Q confirm? Breadcrumbs?

160c82 No.97361


He will be cleared when it happens.

fedbf3 No.97362


Have fun. You're a /pol/ slider anyway so no great loss.

b0a3a2 No.97363


We need to make memes of it. Show the similar headlines and point to Gannett as the parent company. Showing the media conglomerates behind the curtain is a great way to redpill normies.

1feb2e No.97364


Paul Ryan is/was/and always will be a putz from Wisconsin to Washington – he needs to resign and do Trump's Swamp Draining Service a solid….

60fd34 No.97365


Outrage manufacture.

Get folks in a huff over shit they know nothing about.

6cf28f No.97366

Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops To Fight ‘Quiet Genocide’ Of Gun Violence In Chicago

a0706e No.97367


and you're glowing shareblue. no loss

e62283 No.97368


Truth in this title

26c22d No.97369


Ban everything except Honey Boo Boo to save America.

2e358c No.97370


6.report that rocketman fat boy off'ed his #2 in command for taking bribes.

747c8c No.97371


That's where everyone went but is that where Q led us?

83d210 No.97372


Distraction. False Flag

0e7c44 No.97373


Unlike other Presidential libraries, Obama's is DIGITAL.


68b424 No.97374


Paperwork relating to corruption during his regime was locked in his library, conveniently. Looks like they have all the documents needed now

8bed91 No.97375

File: 3e0f219986c47df⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 1024x615, 1024:615, AndersonCooper-PetSnakeFro….jpg)

https:/ /www.vanityfair.com/news/2009/10/psychoanalyzing-gloria-vanderbilt-rubin-museum-of-art

The first snake Gloria Vanderbilt ever met belonged to her son Anderson Cooper, who called the creature Sam. One day, sitting by the pool, Vanderbilt recalls, a young Anderson looked down at his slithering pal and asked, "Oh, Sam—is this all just a dream?"'

http:/ /www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046545/I-know-creepy-Anderson-Cooper-unveils-dead-body-childhood-pet-snake.html

http:/ /www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046545/I-know-creepy-Anderson-Cooper-unveils-dead-body-childhood-pet-snake.html

In a bizarre episode of his day time show to be aired today, the news anchor shows the audience the body of his former pet who his father had encapsulated in lucite after his death.

As he unveils Sam, Cooper acknowledges that the audience may find the revelation a little 'creepy'.

But he claims that his producers insisted he bring the dead snake on the show after he made the mistake of telling them the strange story.

He explains: 'I was heartbroken when Sam finally died and I was so upset that my dad came up with a plan to encase Sam in lucite so that I would always have Sam.

'I know, it's a little creepy, it's becoming a little silence of the lambs.' - Anderson Cooper

030bb8 No.97377


I'm sure it does. They have to control the narrative through some mechanism. If they are also CIA then this is how the CIA drives the public

fc227b No.97378


Papers being held in an unknown building on Golf Street in Hoffman Estates, Ill

5b3efb No.97379


exactly what I was thinking. TV parrots, radio parrots, they all repeat the same story (with a few exceptions).

160c82 No.97380


I think he is "resigning" whether he likes it or not.

748e22 No.97381


Several Q posts mention (((they))) worship Satan.

Then, we get the links to child trafficking (Haiti, etc), "spirit cooking," and adrenochrome.

<seems the Clowns run more networks than just drugs

Plus, we get the links to the blood supply.


the "cult" believe that their practices keep them in power and lengthens their lives.

>These people are sick.

fedbf3 No.97382


Well for example, one fuckhead kept posting a hundred complaints about his InQTel or Podesta graphic didn't make the bread. Guess what? IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. No one cares who you are. To complain about the baker being a drama queen is fucking hypocrisy. Now multiply by 10.

023b0c No.97383


Yes, Q mentioned Azure, possibly m-soft Azure cloud?

the docs are digital, so raided means cloud hacked?

60fd34 No.97384


I can't check at the moment, but is there any mention of Gannett in Wikileaks?

e7068c No.97385


Because the Gannett headquarters is in McLean. It’s visible from the Beltway. Are you suggesting that because it’s in McLean it’s directly connected to the CIA?

4acf01 No.97386


Great MEME. Look at his mothers smile. I think she just took a shot of ADRENOCHROME so she is feeling very SATANIC here.

7338c4 No.97387


Look, whether yu like or dislike Megs, I care not. These are in there and some other information poster has on Strzok, the derailment etc. Take the % out of the link and replace to look like Iq1/cx7t and read or don't. It relates to people committing treason, so if you have an open mind, you do. Or don't. I can tell all the kiddies are out of school and at their part time jobs and their diapers need changing because shilling is extreme right now.

e62283 No.97388


Soros funds went into shell co coffers to fund the pro outrage. Plebbit had a day with all red icons linking to a shill website.

8423de No.97389


W - This letter speaks to self-expression.

R - This letter speaks to potential outcomes.

W - This letter speaks to self-expression.

Y - This letter speaks to opportunity and aversions restriction of any sort.

a0706e No.97390


same can be applied to queeny faggot PamphletFag's ShareBlue control issues BUT OH WELL

5b3efb No.97392


great idea, but I have never created. Not a good time to start now. Someone with more expertise perhaps.

68b424 No.97393


There was a video on YouTube i'd forgotten. Said the Devil had an office in New York. Where would he have stayed, I wonder? And what would he look like?

fedbf3 No.97394


we don't have to fight shareblue in here bro. That's entirely your problem. Enjoy.

fc227b No.97396


Golf Road, sorry. Wiki Hoffman Estates

2e358c No.97397

>> 97373

Weird coincidence?

Mary minnow - former dean at harv law, bo prof, and kid of Sid.Austin partner who hired BO, is an expert in "library law." Who knows what the hex that means. Thought it was an odd legal specialty when I read it. Coincidence? Follow the gals?

748e22 No.97399


> any mention of Gannett

Not sure it really matters.

It seems that the main point of Q's post was AC → Gannet → "dating" ads → human trafficking

Clowns run the networks.

07ef65 No.97400


until site was ready, stored at Hoffman estates close to Ohare airport

a0706e No.97401


I know (((you))) don't, you're paid by them

b8b217 No.97402

File: 042dafd838298f9⋯.jpg (343.47 KB, 1240x1751, 1240:1751, obr112.jpg)

Love is the solution to everything. We can overcome any problem if we have the many qualities of spiritual Love in ourselves.

fe27bc No.97403


>It seems that the main point of Q's post was AC → Gannet → "dating" ads → human trafficking


1022de No.97404

I want an explanation from the BO as to why the Baker thinks its ok to delete threads?

>I want an explanation from the BO as to why the Baker thinks its ok to delete threads?

I want an explanation from the BO as to why the Baker thinks its ok to delete threads?

>I want an explanation from the BO as to why the Baker thinks its ok to delete threads?

<I aint going away until I see actual proofs that the baker was so buthurt he deleted a CBTS thread.

>And we are being called shills for making a fuss over a DELETED CBTS thread

>How do we know it wont be done with Q posts in it.


b34b3a No.97405


u got a source on that?

really interested

6cf28f No.97406

File: 657fca6e7deb0be⋯.png (155.51 KB, 560x408, 70:51, CAzure.PNG)

File: 657fca6e7deb0be⋯.png (155.51 KB, 560x408, 70:51, CAzure.PNG)

7abe77 No.97407

Re: RedPilling normies.

Was having a chat with a normie friend that's deeply Dem. Could see her eyes glaze over when discussing anything above about 20 feet altitude. So I asked her, "Did I ever tell you what really happened in Vegas the night of the shootings?" She mumbled something about Paddock, so I said "Let me explain it".

After telling her about who owns the top floors, Alhaweed, the apparent assassination teams on the strip and in the Mandalay, as well as the possibility that POTUS was there that day, her eyes started to come into focus and she started asking questions that were relevant and showed she was thinking again.

As long as the facts match with NPR drivel, she's on mental cruise control and accepting of anything said. As soon as the discussion veers from NPR/CNN narrative she either loses interest or reacts defensively.

But interject some idea that she finds curious and makes her feel like she's gaining knowledge her peers may not have, she gets interested. Add facts and connections slowly and there's more interest and her curiosity grows.


Engage them with something they're interested in that connects to red pill info.

SLOWLY introduce an issue or subject that's not completely in line with NPR/CNN narrative.

Give just enough info to keep their interest but make sure they appear to be staying on the subject.

When it's clear they're at least somewhat engaged, ask if you've told them about something that will start to red pill them.

Lay out the issue carefully and in a way they can't help but see as basic and factual. Build on that slowly.

Answer all questions but don't do it in a superior or condescending way. Keep adding layers until they appear excited or deep in thought. Stop when they glaze over or appear defensive (you're cracking their bubble open).

Rince and repeat. Soon they'll be excited and asking questions every time they see you. Once that starts they're starting to question their programming. Stay at it.

b0a3a2 No.97408






Looks like the Vanderbilt family is one of the relevant topics.

What is the connection between Vanderbilts and family Y?

Do we need a separate thread away from shills and arguing?

122266 No.97409

Humans crave information and knowlege more than any other thing. Hook, line, and sinker. Careful whos pulling your strings puppets, they know more than you think.

1b5007 No.97410


"Currently, the Obama administration materials are housed in a temporary facility in Hoffman Estates, IL, which is not open to the public. Obama presidential records are administered in accordance with the requirements of the Presidential Records Act (PRA) and will not be subject to public Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests until January 20, 2022."

https:/ /www.obamalibrary.gov/about-us

dbd18e No.97412

File: 25869dca897cffd⋯.jpg (645.67 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, 03GLORIASS-slide-O4PO-supe….jpg)

vanderbilt displays a horn with a picture of her dead son


- - -

the horn could be this instrument used in sacrifices and worship



1feb2e No.97413


Yes, murdered by the Illuminati. They always tell these actors, actresses, comedians, musicians that "it will never be them" and they live their life in fear that one day it could "be them" dropping bombs here. You can't get to the top without selling your soul to the cabal.

fedbf3 No.97414


All links for the bake are removed for now until we're happy that the issue is not being used as a means of thread sliding. I saw this before on cuckchan and it was deadly. That's why the baker gets the benefit of the doubt and complaining anons don't.

5b3efb No.97415


did a quick search and seems to be mentioned quite a bit, pages worth. Cannot look into it at the moment tho.

edded7 No.97417

04e09e No.97418

Have been out all day, just wanted to ask if anyone had seen or posted this yet?

Court Filing Confirms Fusion GPS Hired DOJ Official's CIA Wife To Dig Up Dirt On Trump


Considering the info dug up yesterday here on her, I thought anons might smile at this. I did

023b0c No.97419


yes, this was the image in the last bread, thanks, Q mentions Tangent and Azure

c5a0cf No.97420


The hands of magicians..one hand moves in secret while the other hand distracts and hypnotizes the audience to deceive.

This whole thing we're looking at is one gigantic magic trick. Distract us, divide us, hypnotize us with one hand while the other hand's movement is hidden…that's the hand that steals, makes things disappear. the left hand is the black magic, while the right hand is white. Use the right hand to decieve with fake goodness and righteousness while the left hand does evil in secret.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-hand_path_and_right-hand_path

160c82 No.97421

How convenient is it that John McStain is in the hospital right now when tax bill is on the table.

ed7978 No.97422


>WHY be an occultist

Because some of the most vile people I knew were upstanding "Christians".

t. Not lefthand path, just seeker of knowledge.

I learned long ago, that not everybody who spouts off about Jesus can be trusted.

0a8276 No.97423



3c75a2 No.97424

File: c95d38f0d5119cc⋯.png (5.74 KB, 224x175, 32:25, 1513283632007.png)

Breaking news: Santa shooting

fedbf3 No.97425


Why are you still here? Go man, go to your pure board.

7338c4 No.97426


And as a further note, say Hi, because she has the sense to scan through here and knows exactly what we talk about, that's obvious.

a7cedc No.97427


So that's where the 1.2 mm papers came from.

c5a0cf No.97428

File: 9d5ace5000cb599⋯.png (732.49 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-14-10-4….png)

2e358c No.97429


Run keyword twitt search

60fd34 No.97430



That's fair, as long as we're cognizant of those connections moving forward.

Nothing wrong with building a stronger case and more connections, of course.


If anyone can, that'd be magnificent; I won't be able for the next few hours.

6cf28f No.97431

Logging as a service (LaaS) is an IT architectural model for centrally ingesting and collecting any type of log files coming from any given source or location;[1] such as servers, applications, devices etc. The files are "normalized" or filtered for reformatting and forwarding to other dependent systems to be processed as “native” data, which can then be managed, displayed and ultimately disposed of according to a predesignated retention schedule based on any number of criteria.

In an enterprise situation, the IT datacenter becomes the hub for all log files and normalization.In a managed service provider (MSP) environment, the log sources would be coming from applications outside the enterprise but still hosted and managed by the MSP as needed.

This diagram shows a typical LaaS Model with emphasis on centralization and normalization.

Under this model, the IT datacenter acts as the "private cloud" under the concept of cloud computing to provision the logs to various stakeholders within the organization for future forensics[2] or analysis to identify risks, patterns of activity or predict behaviors based on the data collected within the logs. Just as IT becomes the "hub" of the service, the stakeholders become the beneficiaries of the centralized data in the form of alerts, reports or any periphery applications for predictive analysis or insight from big data through graphical display.

83d210 No.97432


By the time they are released, I’m betting it will be too long for people to prosecute him for what he’s hiding

fe27bc No.97433


>vanderbilt displays a horn with a picture of her dead son


>- - -

>the horn could be this instrument used in sacrifices and worship



thats fucked. you think he could have been sacrificed?

c23d24 No.97434

a0706e No.97435


so people don't fall for you faggots and "join the discord!"

(Let me help)

1022de No.97436


AT help!

Baker deleted thread before last.

See start of thread 108 (109 not created two 108's) for the WTFs

We got bakers union back I think

a0706e No.97437

chased off by glowing faggots? please

fb288b No.97438

move the U.S. Embassy now not in 2 years.

8423de No.97439


old news

b8b217 No.97440

File: ea82777aab2f3be⋯.jpg (402.13 KB, 1600x1232, 100:77, 631112451.jpg)


This is correct.

John Lennon

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Bob Marley

Martin Luther King

Mahatma Gandhi

Tupac Shakur

Michael Jackson

ALL positive, beautiful souls that wanted to make Earth a better place and redpill everyone. All murdered by the cabal. Their legacy will not be forgotten, and their work is continued.

4ecb04 No.97441

Q said follow the wives,,lol

What about Anderson Coopers partner/boy friend/ spouse

Benjamin Maisani Wiki (he is french and owns several gay bars)


Benjamin along with his Partner Anderson who is a successful Anchor and Journalist has acquired various properties inside the territory as well as outside including a tropical resident in Brazil which they called Casa Anderson.

Whats this Casa Anderson?

a433f0 No.97442


Gonna make a spreadsheet frm 40K feet up.

feel like we're close but missing the big pic.

re-think Q's 1st posts… feeders that all feed the eye.. or the Y .. or the (y) or the (0y0).

there has to b someone on top of this pyramid. due to the guys with the black eyes.. I think top-of-the-list is a Dame .. all lines connect back to "Her". I'll try and make a spreadsheet, post it and ask ur autistic inputs.

623035 No.97443

why is it that I cannot search for Gloria Vanderbilt and Wicca or Witchcraft on Pinterest? Is there something they are actively trying to hide?

83d210 No.97444


You missed some good stuff before the clowns deleted it.

3c75a2 No.97445


Christianity is right hand path by the way.

c025df No.97446

File: 4737fb8185a6e1b⋯.png (13.39 KB, 382x198, 191:99, screenshotAtUploadCC_15132….png)


What he said. Ignore them.

I know the capcha doesnt mean anything, but this was today for me

6cf28f No.97447

‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Disney Would Buy Fox

60fd34 No.97448


Spreadsheet! Good to see you, today has been… chaotic.

Read the link, not sure there's been much discussion about it - most folks are immersed into the Q drops from last night.

Either way,

>Follow the wives.

>Future proves past.

Good shit.

a0706e No.97449


donmeh kebab

BO is compromised and tripfags are IP fishing in their bakes

07ef65 No.97450


no coincidence

1b5007 No.97451


Not according to Wikipedia page. It states it's in Tyson's Corner, VA. But mailing address is McLean.

659fa6 No.97452


Do Simpsons creators/writers fit into any of this Q stuff?

ffca46 No.97453



i see a 110 in the catalog WTF

0e7c44 No.97454

cead28 No.97455


i think there's a lot to it as in

as in - they actually DO get something

we know from the Bible that Satan is real

we know evil is on Earth

so they do get something

on YT earlier this year I found a lot of people talking about "blood over intent"

check it out

don't fuckin do it

but look

023b0c No.97456


so sort of like a SIEM?

81d309 No.97457


In Patagonia (Argentina), it is very common to make stuffs with nickel and horns, google "alpaca cuerno" and you will find some examples.

It's quite expensive and foreigners love them!

1feb2e No.97458



c23d24 No.97459


epic. Praise Kek

3c75a2 No.97460


>Tupac Shakur

>glorified gang violence

Fuck off, alien nut.

0e7c44 No.97461

fe27bc No.97462


nothing is random

38f986 No.97463


>Michael Jackson

How is being a child pedo positive?

Have you forgot about his law suits of sexual misconduct with children he invited to his special place?

c23d24 No.97464


That horn is not a shofar.

f20eaf No.97465


Roger = Roger Altman, definitely

Juules = strozk mistress, likely

Huck = James Comey, wild speculation but look at him and listen….

65f8b6 No.97466


Gannett mentions in Wikileaks include:

- US Diplomacy - Gannett reporter to HongKong and Thailand

- 2010 Gannett invests in news aggregator Ongo

- 1970 Gannett in conference call with Stratfor to discuss partnership with Stratfor re Defense News

and many more

1022de No.97467


108 was recreated after baker deleted, no 109 created

<Spreadsheet please do the next bake

83d210 No.97468


Technically was two 108s because they deleted the first one. So, the 108 that is up should’ve been been 109.

e7068c No.97469


Okay, this is part of the misunderstanding that literally everyone has about this area if they do t live here. Tyson’s Corner and Langley don’t really exist. They were incorporated into the city of McLean a long time ago.

While we refer to an area as Tyson’s Corner, mainly because it’s dominates by a huge mall of the same name, the actual city is McLean with the zip code 22102. Same thing for Langley — it’s an incorporated area that technically refers to the land the CIA owns. However, it’s still actually within the city of McLean with zip code 22101.

d09ec9 No.97470

File: 86ea284f65c5ac0⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 300x300, 1:1, JerusalemCross.jpg)

Q referenced a red cross. Could this have been the Jerusalem Cross and related to Trump's actions with Jerusalem?

c23d24 No.97471


Nah man, Tupac was setup.

1feb2e No.97472


Tupac was FORCED to portray the ganster image for the $$$ he was a very kind soul and so is his mother ;)

60fd34 No.97473




01f81b No.97476

8e6ada No.97477

Omarosa got caught trolling Comment Sections of News Articles with Trumps Twatter sign in. An Anon caught this on previous thread day before.

0fe5df No.97478



xxo 11 11

1b5007 No.97479


Who is Roger Altman, and why would he use his real name?

0e7c44 No.97480

580252 No.97481


Eeegads!!!! WTF is THAT???? Will I be able to sleep tonight?

9bf45d No.97482

File: c30b16064b91875⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1221x1600, 1221:1600, Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper….png)

40026c No.97483

000000 No.97484

to anon in r/cbts

that bacare guy got shadowbanned

someone needs to step up

c5fba4 No.97485


The library, such as it was, is in Chicago, and not under control of National Archives, but instead under control of Obama Foundation.

It has no legal protection. so white hats raided it. Hussein is now moving all his shit to archives to protect them from POTUS!


65f8b6 No.97486


It was https: //wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/13/1312567_re-partnership-with-stratfor-.html

22dda9 No.97487


>we know from the Bible that Satan is real

If Satan was real he would have had the bibles burned before you could read it.

0e7c44 No.97488




659fa6 No.97489


Already been raided though

40026c No.97490


Lotta info not a bit of sauce

748e22 No.97491


>These clowns are desperate.

Things I noticed today:

1. "Someone" is close to guessing Q's # trip password

2. Shilling volume at an all-time high

3. "Bakers Union" trying to get control of baking threads

4. A thread gone missing for a while today




Wild ride, lads. Good to be along with you.

cf4212 No.97492


Red Cross was solved. International Red Cross

Has access to blood, body parts and children.

Plus it makes excellent cover to transfer all the above and more with little oversight.

cead28 No.97493


the red cross goes way back (the symbol)

think crusades

think english royalty


the Bible says Jesus was crucified on a "stauron" (the greek word stauron)

it was not a cross

it was a stake

people call me a mormon for saying this

i'm not

i'm a Bible believer

what i'm saying is this

the "cross" as a whole was co-opted

consider the star of remphan (the red sign, the rothschild) was originally blood red

659fa6 No.97494


Bc no one has ever burned mass amounts of bibles before….

60fd34 No.97495





I can't access it at the moment, so I'm reading this shit later.

Put this in the spreadsheet near the AC picture once it's updated, this is magnificent!!

d7d320 No.97496


Pretty sure the dude on the right is Kevin lywyllyn (sp?) Aka puddnhead. He's a sorta famous-ish artist, worked as an art teacher at gnomon school of visual arts. He would talk about how he was friends with Robin. Lives a rock n roll lifestyle. Paints everything from classical style to crazy over the top stuff. Lives in hollywood

1feb2e No.97497


Bite your tongue SATAN wrote the current version of the bible there is sooooooo much that has been edited "chopped out" of the bible on purpose to keep us STUPID and working 9 to 5 for the Cabal….

fd4656 No.97498


No one forced him. He wanted the money. Fuck off with your gangster apologia.

748e22 No.97499


>These people are sick.

000000 No.97500


>Already been raided though

Do we have any info on the KANGZ Presidentin' library being raided? Local news, alternative, citizen journalist, anything?

2e358c No.97501

f20eaf No.97502




Because hes old? And thinks TOR is secure…..

38f986 No.97503


>3. "Bakers Union" trying to get control of baking threads

Fuck me! Not again!

Will be an halhchan nightmare in here.

35fc52 No.97504


Tick tock

fd4656 No.97505


Take your medications.

4acf01 No.97506


Or put "ADRENOCHROME. The DRUG of the Satanic Elites".

It will make people look into it. It is mentioned in the 1998 Johnny Depp movie as Hunter Thompson called "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

cead28 No.97507


not if the Bible has always had God's protection

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

>kinda makes it tough for satan to destroy

8b7ae6 No.97508

Prelim M5.5 earthquake southeast of the Loyalty Islands Dec-14 20:36 UTC, updates go. usa.gov/xnnVH

7ca7d4 No.97509


I've got 3 normie, college friends I tried to explain LV over text. 1 engaged, the other two maybe asked one question each. I thought I had made a lot of traction. So I didn't bring up any redpill topics for several weeks.

But then last night asked one of these same friends who had served 2 tours in Iraq what he thought about the military standing behind Trump during the inauguration? He said it was simply a screw up. The other two asked me "what conspiracy theory do you have now".

Sigh. My college friends are bluepilled beyond repair.

0fe5df No.97510


Nailed it!

c5b37c No.97511

Pizzagate is trending on twatter

1022de No.97512


Already here, baker deleted original thread 108 and then basically shrugged at us for asking questions.

<Next Q post is getting deleted if this guy is running the bake

>Remember to screencap next Q posts.

b8abc4 No.97513

File: 88f675a6442be6f⋯.jpg (116.62 KB, 720x1019, 720:1019, _20171214_125700.JPG)

Another one

>A top congressional ethics official who oversees investigations into misconduct by lawmakers is accused in a federal lawsuit of verbally abusing and physically assaulting women and using his federal position to influence local law enforcement, according to a complaint filed in a federal court in Pennsylvania last month.

>The ongoing lawsuit against Omar Ashmawy, staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics, stems from his involvement in a late-night brawl in 2015 in Milford, Pennsylvania, and includes a range of allegations relating to his behavior that evening and in the following two-and-half years.


cead28 No.97515


keep working at it

Q said only 4-6% are beyond repair

ed607b No.97516

Market down because Rubio is a prick.

1b4e10 No.97517


Virginia is full of places that are referred to as one thing, have a zipcode for another thing and are unincorporated. Everyone refers to the place where the CIA is as "Langley" and it butts right up against McLean.

McLean is within Fairfax County.

Virginia also has (I think) 23 independent cities that are not IN a county at all. Fairfax City is surrounded by Fairfax County, but is a separate entity. Yeah, it's weird.

Only other independent cities are Baltimore Maryland and St. Louis Missouri.

fe27bc No.97518


>The House of Morgan catered to the Astors, DuPonts, Guggenheims, Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. It financed the launch of AT&T, General Motors, General Electric and DuPont. Like the London-based Rothschild and Barings banks, Morgan became part of the power structure in many countries.

<Morgan was the driving force behind Western expansion in the US, financing and controlling West-bound railroads through voting trusts. In 1879 Cornelius Vanderbilt’s Morgan-financed New York Central Railroad gave preferential shipping rates to John D. Rockefeller’s budding Standard Oil monopoly, cementing the Rockefeller/Morgan relationship.

fedbf3 No.97519


BO here.

He DID NOT delete a thread. It 404ed. I don't know why.

At around the same time there was a MASSIVE effort to derail the bake.

Same method as cuckchan.

Baker is a fag, why isn't my drawing.jpg in, union detected.

All bullshit.

Baker is cool and 100% co-operative with mods (and always has been).

This is called flak.

It happens over a target.

Keep digging on AC and the Clowns and GANNETT.

They don't like it.

Dough has been cleaned of links for now.

Carry on.

120196 No.97520



Hey buddy. Glad to see you back. Interesting afternoon today.

5bf7b6 No.97521

File: f8450c238f2ee0c⋯.png (118.67 KB, 424x311, 424:311, 1512191944677.png)

>Blunt & Direct Time

>Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.

Guys, i know we've figured out that Q knew who the NYC bomber's identity was but holy shit. I think i've found something more interesting (and if it's already a thing, i am sorry)

Was looking up things about Net Neutrality and looky what i found on Wiki:

In 2006 Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California), one of the Democrats who voted for the 2006 Sensenbrenner-Conyers bill, said: "I think the bill is a blunt instrument, and yet I think it does send a message that it's important to attain jurisdiction for the Justice Department and for antitrust issues."[168] Net neutrality bills were referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, whose Committee Chair until 2014, Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) had expressed caution about introducing unnecessary legislation that could tamper with market forces.

4ecb04 No.97522

File: a7b8bd7d1e2ab89⋯.jpg (87.57 KB, 750x500, 3:2, download (1).jpg)

Anderson Coopers Partner/husband, Benjamin Maisani owns Atlas social club in New York. Heres a picture from their horoscope party. Just started looking, but looks like a freaky cult place, pretty sure all his bars are,lol

62ffae No.97523


Gannett mentioned with $$$ in this table…

83d210 No.97525


Screencap anything you think is important. I do. It comes in handy. I just realized I screw capped the convo calling out the clowns right before it went down.

1feb2e No.97526


Precisely no one forced him it was a free will choice of his to enter into a deal with the cabal. However just because someone caves in to the cabal does not mean they are genuinely a bad person. They made a mistake, they are human. By they time they figure out their mistake "it's too late" they are in too deep, can't get loose. Which is why you see some celebrities go crazy and fly to Africa (Dave Chappelle) or start waiving guns around in Bel Aire screaming they want to kill me. It could have happened to any one of us. What would you do if someone offered to make all your dreams and wishes come true – in a time where the bible has been mostly forgotten and no one shows up to church?

e7068c No.97527


It’s pretty obvious she’s had an immense amount of plastic surgery done. I wish you guys would cut out this retarded baby eating shit because it’s not going to gain any traction on the normies we’re supposedly to be educating.

68b424 No.97528


Because of the Cooper, Honey BooBoo, Gannett stuff, I'd reckon

b30177 No.97529


I took him for more of a hamster/gerbil type…snakes, who knew

502926 No.97530


Soros, Clintons, Bushes and others

are not defying age by any means

270a3a No.97531


>Satan is real

>Pizzagate isn't

Stop being stupid.

a433f0 No.97532


did anyone happen 2 notice that this witch is almost 100 YEARS OLD?? born in 1924.

like that marine spirit cooking witch, who is 70


30aa35 No.97533


Head of the ethics committee that is cool with franken

04e09e No.97534

File: 3252da66acd34e3⋯.png (3.52 MB, 2370x1666, 1185:833, 1471028375929.png)





Just like on 4ch, I'm NOT getting involved in anyone's drama. Leave me completely out of it, period. I'm just here to keep the spreadsheet and tripfagging ONLY to be a point of contact for that function, nothing more, though if I get to make some memes that will make me happy.

On the article, I did see some discussion yesterday evening and night on it before Q came in. I thought this was a bit of vindication that the info anons found on Mrs. Ohr (cl0wn) came out in court and is now published. Good digging and I think it should show that we are on the right track and are doing well when the bickering and drama aren't happening and anons aren't getting sidetracked by numerology, karma, religion, aliums and other side topics and cl0wn tricks.

Everyone needs to tighten their shit up, and get back to work please.

fedbf3 No.97535


Or those creepy fucking paintings with 'Haiti 2010' that anons spotted in the bg. Yeah Anderson, we're on to you. I really fucking hope POTUS orders that when you are publicly hanged, your own show will be forced to cover it as its final episode.

8b7ae6 No.97536


All cities are independent of counties in VA, it's the Commonwealth British system, VA, MA aren't states but commonwealths. This was designed to starve cities and ensure they didn't become tyrants over the surrounding counties

2e358c No.97537


Been working on this -> "sick" as in mayo clinic sick? sick as in stem.cells or hormones or living forever or anti-aging or regenerative medicine treatments? Science needs raw material to do research. No sauce yet, but hypo thinking of body.parts for research.

Think.planned.parenthood. selling parts for profit sort of thing. Embryo cell research only gets you so far. Indictments already filed and public on that. Sick, sick, sick stuff.

c025df No.97538


As much as I would love to believe it, you do realize the Sun is Englands version of the National Inquirer?

62ffae No.97539

sauce: ttps://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/1039

GANNETT GOES FOR TRIB, COULD AFFECT SUN-TIMES, TOO – "Gannett deal for Tribune could affect USA Today ties with Sun-Times," by Robert Feder: "Monday's stop-the-presses news that Gannett Co. wants to buy Tribune Publishing isn't the first foray of the Virginia-based media giant into the Chicago newspaper market. In addition to distributing its flagship USA Today on newsstands here, Gannett has a comprehensive editorial partnership agreement with the Sun-Times. Since March 2015 Gannett has provided at least 10 pages of USA Today-branded editorial content each day in the Sun-Times. The arrangement substantially increased the paper's coverage of national and international news, business and

sports. The Gannett deal with Sun-Times parent company Wrapports LLC was negotiated under Michael Ferro, then chairman of Wrapports, and Timothy Knight, former CEO of Wrapports. Since last February, Ferro has been chairman of Tribune Publishing."

AN OFFER THEY CAN'T REFUSE? – "Gannett's $815 million offer: 'Tribune should take it,'" by Crain's Lynne Marek: "A quick sale of Tribune Publishing doesn't seem what Chairman Michael Ferro had in mind, but Gannett's $815 million offer may be tough to refuse. With just 16 percent of the company's outstanding shares, Ferro and the other Chicago investors behind his Merrick Media must give serious consideration to a bid that puts a 63 percent premium on the company's closing stock price at the end of last week. Gannett's offer, first made April 12, would pay $12.25 cash per share and absorb Tribune Publishing's $390 million in debt. Gannett, anchored by USA Today, is the biggest newspaper

company in the country, both by circulation and revenue, in an industry that is increasingly dominated by fewer, large players."

4acf01 No.97540


John Podesta. IS that YOU???

1feb2e No.97542


and the person waiving the gun in Bel Aire was (Martin Lawerence) but the list goes on and on. Start looking back into the past at how many celebrities went nuts at one point or another (Brittany Spears) comes to mind. She has been working off her debt to the cabal for the past several years and is almost done with her Vegas contract. Elvis had the same kind of sweetheart deal – do the shows in Vegas and all will be forgiven – but it wasn't forgiven!

b8abc4 No.97543


BO, there's a thread in the catalog JUST about Baker bitching/gripes D&C shit.

If'n you need more practice with that Banhammer- might be a good place to look.

fd8256 No.97545


Talking about something you know nothing about shows

what an ignorant scat farmer you are.

023b0c No.97546

pizzagate is trending because of video of Ajit Pai with Cernovich…. Media trying to discredit NN repeal, Cernovich and pizzagate all at the same time.

e62283 No.97547


I think Charlottesville is separate from Albermale county.

38f986 No.97548


Crack that whip, SSAnon!

30aa35 No.97549



6d2310 No.97550


This. I read an article on this guy once and his story doesn’t wash. He went from bartender to multi millionaire restaurant owner.


120196 No.97551


Thanks BO <3


c025df No.97552



fedbf3 No.97553


Why thank you. I'll take a look as soon as I can.

60fd34 No.97554


Entirely fair, no worries. No intention to drag you into it, just remarking on the madness





Compiling for reference, gotta build those connections…


What kind of money? Can't access at the moment.

fe27bc No.97555

File: ea21c79725f15cd⋯.png (61.56 KB, 724x529, 724:529, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

File: fa206629be11f7a⋯.png (78.61 KB, 734x617, 734:617, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

File: f03c3fe77183301⋯.png (112.98 KB, 736x774, 368:387, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

File: ebafdb78508e3ea⋯.png (92.01 KB, 729x647, 729:647, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

0fe5df No.97556

File: a3697eeab763ae6⋯.jpg (148.29 KB, 718x616, 359:308, Screenshot_20171214-142016.jpg)


By the Way, they call it "Red Wine" (code) & freely pull it out for a nip in front of each other

They even sip it in front of people who don't know because calling it "red wine" coupled with the fact nobody normal would jump to "is that baby's blood" keeps it unknown to non-cannibals

No joke, these people are EATING BABIES. People in Congress, Past President's and celebs

That's a dismembered Christian baby on Anderson's mom's wall

1feb2e No.97557

File: 956115298b81bf9⋯.gif (74.7 KB, 300x298, 150:149, IMG_4539.GIF)

Even the king had to answer to the cabal

30aa35 No.97558


That's so stupid of them, more normies will redpill themselves on Twitter than any chan

e7068c No.97559


I literally live in 22101 McLean next door to the CIA. I also worked in data management for a major shopping company in the area. So yeah, I know all about the nonsense.

Please forgive my residual glow it’s contamination due to being so close :^)

fd6ddd No.97560


Explain this wikileak. One without pizza related code words, well, some in the end.


000000 No.97561



>Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the >American people, Republicans in Congress be >forewarned:any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will >not be tolerated.These are BS attacks on him/his >staff that are blatantly political-designed to hide the >real wrongdoing. Country not party

>Eric Holder (@EricHolder) December 14, 2017

1ed076 No.97562

nice perception dude >>97556

bb4053 No.97563


The biggest problem is that no one likes being wrong, no one likes to admit they were hornswaggled and if they do admit you are right, they then have spite for you. It's a very delicate balance. Try comedy, usually works.

270a3a No.97564


If I was John Podesta I wouldn't be mocking him for saying pizza gate was fake you stupid newfag who can't into greentext.

c025df No.97565


One thing for sure. They live in a very different world than the rest of us do. Sometimes hard to even understand it.

fe27bc No.97566


this needs to be turned into a pepe, asap

b8abc4 No.97567


I live to serve.

Semper Fortis

40026c No.97569


Tons of sources…google 'Kim Jung visits mountain'

120196 No.97570


That thread made my peepee so hard.

68b424 No.97572


Means Langley has it's own jurisdiction. And could sublet it's territory out to foreign entities for enhanced interrogation.

The marines going in would have been them boarding a pirated vessel, in that case.

e7068c No.97573


Yes, you caught me. Meddling kids!

0fe5df No.97574

File: 53625caf06efd78⋯.jpg (632.03 KB, 1133x1407, 1133:1407, Screenshot_20171214-130243.jpg)

File: a3697eeab763ae6⋯.jpg (148.29 KB, 718x616, 359:308, Screenshot_20171214-142016.jpg)


Other pics didn't load

It's not broken, it's BLOODY

30aa35 No.97575



>Even the king

Why do you think he even was the king?

7abe77 No.97576

Anons need some quick help.

Was there a discussion about Tanseko? Still extracting data about LolitaXpress flights and found what I thought was an airport identifier but the location is impossible. The next logical explanation for the 3-letters is Tanseko - might be very important if that company is part of our digging.

0fe5df No.97578

File: eecf0a2d7c32c64⋯.jpg (645.65 KB, 1216x1459, 1216:1459, Screenshot_20171214-125820.jpg)


Anderson Coopers mom's wall art

c025df No.97579


Good stuff!

38f986 No.97580


>>Eric Holder (@EricHolder) December 14, 2017

That faggot fucker has no power at all.

000000 No.97581



6d2310 No.97582



When they are getting ubered to a party with strangers at their Aunt’s property and parents don’t go..... yeeeaahhh

30aa35 No.97583


So much so that you email ahead of time just to make sure the pool party is still on

e7068c No.97584


Well, Langley is literally an unincorporated community that exists entirely as the gated area of the CIA. The rest of Langley got sucked up into McLean, but the CIA is still on land that isn’t beholden to the local municipality.

1feb2e No.97585


He is the undisputed King Rock & Roll and Michael Jackson is the undisputed King of Pop. All cabal related by the way. Elvis hated being called the king because he felt jesus was king not him but that's for another discussion

8385a1 No.97586


with all the lies the media has told us, maybe he was trying to protect children from the cabal

they do like to project their sins onto others

a433f0 No.97587


hello? anyone alive excep clowns n shills?

>gloria vanderbilt is almost 100 years old

ever seen another woman looking like that at 100 years old?

oh yes,,, there is

>marina the spirit cooking witch

IS GLORIA THE (y) = 0y0 or (0y0) that RULES THEM ALL??

symbolism will b there downfall

e62283 No.97588


Maybe because it is indirectly related and really needs its own forum for discussion.

3c75a2 No.97589


Grew up in the 90s, knew lots of white kids who got into gangs because of him.

Hail Mary, nigga run quick see.

You and your pet gangsters should be fired into the sun.

502926 No.97590

File: 5d9490641be872f⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 320x320, 1:1, gloria.jpg)

It's not cannibalism keeping her young looking,

it's plastic, check out the hands for the real age

ed8d9f No.97591


There’s a separate group doing that research, check the 8 chan catalog

40026c No.97592


It's all good until a bathing suit gets slipped aside and finger gets slid up little Sallys twat by Mr. Podesta.

4e9221 No.97593

Jefferson County Alabama here. County government IT networks are all down at the moment and have been for several hours. Could this be related to the Doug Jones election fraud? I think so… Could the FBI be confiscating network gear for the investigation? I think so… No I am not saying I know for sure though.

62ffae No.97595

File: 6a53d5ad55e43c4⋯.pdf (91.72 KB, Nate Berkus Project - top ….pdf)

File: 62d1ac2eb9f6a71⋯.png (90.25 KB, 513x662, 513:662, Selection_001.png)


>What kind of money? Can't access at the moment.

b0a3a2 No.97596

File: 2574d38e3ca9e7d⋯.jpg (221.92 KB, 900x1330, 90:133, 2017-12-14-16-05-11.jpg)

File: 7c7027c52963f36⋯.jpg (329.3 KB, 900x1400, 9:14, 2017-12-14-16-05-32.jpg)


Everything I can find on Jeff Rothschild says he's not part of the Rothschild family. Rothschild is actually a somewhat common Jewish name, so it's probably a red herring. Even though he isn't ++, he still could be involved due to his role in Facebook.

120196 No.97597



Holy fuck yo.

83d210 No.97598


Interesting to see who uses these fonts and colors

40026c No.97599


These People are Sick

659fa6 No.97600


Thanks for the visual, puke.

c025df No.97602


I still think she has the weirdest looking hands I have ever seen. The fingers are more like claws, about an inch too long.

160c82 No.97603

http://www.thegatewaypundit .com/2017/12/leftists-hurl-death-threats-fcc-chairman-ajit-pai-net-neutrality-repealed/

Left-wing nutjobs are triggered beyond belief. Proof there cabal is coming down hard and fast. That is a HUUUUGGGEE WIN for POTUS and real Americans!

38f986 No.97604


Doubtful of that!

e7068c No.97605


That happens when you’re 90. Skin shrinks and becomes tighter.

ed8d9f No.97606


I don’t see colors on my screen

bb4053 No.97607


One can only play that hand so many times. See Trump. Not going to work. These people blame others for the shit they take part in. Book move

83d210 No.97609


Who else worked for intel? Renee James

4fe524 No.97610

I think the papers in the photo that A. Cooper is looking at has something to do with a talent agency.

Boy, Boy/girl…next to this pic it looks like it says "actors".

Maybe a children's talent agency…?

7338c4 No.97611



Read this from the guardian on Louise… she "scooped" the fake story from US media that THEY FED HER, after they FAKED ALL THE SHIT TO DO IT.

This would bust the fucking internet wide open if it left this board.

Now, just do me a solid and go re-read EVERYTHING I'VE SAID ON SETH RICH and realize right about it all, k?!



In case this inane bullshit continues she just may be the only info we get worth a crap. I keep my options open, and suggest everyone review all info with healthy skepticism, but an open mind. Don't be the people we can't stand.

83d210 No.97613



550591 No.97614

The level of blood spilled in this war is directly dependent on whether Mueller is our/guy or theirs.

Pray Mueller is our/ guy.

748e22 No.97615


>"sick" as in mayo clinic sick?

Sick as in these are deeply sick fucks.

No wonder Q keeps telling us to pray.

000000 No.97616


>Interesting to see who uses these fonts and colors

You mean not newfags who know how to markup their text?


>Why do you hate Christmas, shariablue?

04e09e No.97617



Hi guys. I know, it was just pre-emptive. I got roped in there and wasn't even asked. Super weird and uncomfortable so I wanted to get that out right up front to all right away. I'm just over here plugging away on the spreadsheet - I shut down the ol' machine and can't remember what question # I was on before. wew

Long day, but will have it done this evening for sure, then make an announcement of sorts.

38f986 No.97618


>One can only play that hand so many times.

Considering he's dead now, your right.

c025df No.97619


It will be useful, because we can throw his words back at him.

120196 No.97620


I go back and forth on this.

Still entirely unsure what to think.

The interview with POTUS for "FBI director", though…

83d210 No.97621


Adoption agency or organization

a433f0 No.97622


its not plastic..a HUNDRED years old.

check out Marina, who is 70.

its all that stuff they use, she holds the secret of "longer life" or whatever.. thats why they feed her.

there HAS to b someone on top. and it isnt those guys running around with black eyes. Some women plays satans wife, and my bet is on Gloria . look at the SHILLS going wild.

7ca7d4 No.97623


>"chopped out"

That would be the greek texts codex vaticanus & codex sinaiticus, etc.. Textus Receptus (aka Majority Texts, Byzantine text) are reliable.


Not in any agreement about Satan having the ability to destroy Bibles… But you know this passage is about Jesus, right?

120196 No.97625


You're a rockstar brother. Thanks for what you do.

fe27bc No.97626


>The level of blood spilled in this war is directly dependent on whether Mueller is our/guy or theirs.

<Pray Mueller is our/ guy.


>its not plastic..a HUNDRED years old.

>check out Marina, who is 70.

i thought it could be baby blood too, but i think its just surgery keeping them looking younge. who knows tho

4ecb04 No.97627

This story just popped up,

EXCLUSIVE: Clintons 'systematically destroyed' Secret Service's integrity and let Chinese generals walk into the White House with unchecked brown paper bags, claims ex-officer.

Bill and Hillary Clinton forced the Secret Service to undermine itself by 'systematically destroying' the rules that were put in place for their protection, a former officer who guarded them claims.

Former officer Gary Byrne reveals how the agency compromised its integrity in his new book Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the US Secret Service.


160c82 No.97628


4fe524 No.97629


Could be. But I think it's more of a talent agency. Look at the photo. Next to the 2 kids there is a word that to me looks like "actors".

60fd34 No.97630


Sounds good. Keep kicking ass, you're amazing.

62ffae No.97631

Interesting cable:





>NEW YORK, NY 10022 TEL 212-421-0400



>P.O. BOX 1963


0e7c44 No.97632


Don't think he is…I have wavered.

But there is so much corruption, entangled relationships - I just don't see him as our guy.

Same with Rosenstein. I have wavered, but today I am thinking he is either a brilliant deceiver (not letting on that he is with POTUS) or more likely he is part of the problem.

And Grassley knows more about McCabe than he is saying right now…

That makes me think that Grassley knows about the wives…

000000 No.97633


>It will be useful, because we can throw his words back at him.

If/when Mueller turns out to be /ourguy/ and brings charges against Fusion/Clinton/DNC, these quotes will be valuable.

OR, just possibly, Holder is one of the defectors on the submarine with the caterpillar drive.

748e22 No.97634


>check it out

Honestly, anon, I just can't.

To me, this stuff is already beyond horrific.

And I realize I don't even know the half of it.

But, watching any of that, putting those images & sounds in my mind.

IDK if I'd survive it.

7abe77 No.97636


Careful anons. A few things being "just In" and/or popping up suddenly in the last hour. Shills will be rampant shortly. Heads down and focus. Don't engage the shills.

38f986 No.97637


Your doing yourself a favor!

bb4053 No.97638


Think about the control and what a yuge cog in the wheel of shaping people's opinions that Gannett provides… secretly. This is an absolutely enormous find. Meme and post this shit out of it until the 18th. It's over for the old media

a433f0 No.97639


do u need pix of killary before and after a "fresher upper" in chelsea secret 10M hospital house as proof??

killary can go for looking 200 YO to 50 within a few hrs.

blood blood blood everywhere.. for them to thrive and live. "these ppl r SICK"

659fa6 No.97640


Holder is on the sub??

83d210 No.97641

Who has the AC pic that showed Haiti 2010 in it? I think it had other references in it as well.

ed607b No.97642



Wat up Arch? Let’s get it. You folks want a bloodline lesson?


e39220 No.97644

File: 82e313a71b7226a⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 334x554, 167:277, MAGA Lion Meme.jpg)

I do not know if this can make it into the BAKE or something, but it is an awesome MAGA LION

Tweet shows slight movement as it is a GIF


e62283 No.97645


https ://twitter.com/cyrus_report/status/941416482721935360

Non verified acct saying:

Jefferson County, Alabama…County government IT networks are all down at the moment and have been for several hours. Vote Fraud Investigation?

fedbf3 No.97646


Go away. The ~24000 existing manuscripts that survive whole, in part or quoted by others show that the text has been copied reliably. There's an entire scientific discipline devoted to this called textual criticism.

- BO is an ex-NT scholar.

6fe926 No.97647



fe27bc No.97649


>Wat up Arch? Let’s get it. You folks want a bloodline lesson?


good shit, buddy. added to my watch later list

<The series focuses on the lives of Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan and Henry Ford and how their industrial innovations and business empires revolutionized modern society.

6dae7f No.97650

File: 41c22a55a88725a⋯.png (26.4 KB, 731x223, 731:223, Obama_Papers_Storage.PNG)


Chicago Tribune:

Without archives on site, how will Obama Center benefit area students, scholars?

8385a1 No.97651


lol tolerant left all mentioning how he's indian for some reason

e6a217 No.97652

File: ac65e0afe5c1547⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 2080x3096, 260:387, john_nasty_podesta1.jpg)

83d210 No.97653


Gannett was a great find and think it has further importance beyond GANNETT=TANGENT, but I also think it was used to draw attention to the top of the paper which was the children

160c82 No.97654


Yup, hypocrite racist left wing

52d78c No.97655

File: 53356f1a20000fd⋯.png (370.01 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-14-11-2….png)

"Meadia" trigger for next phase! Here's Sarah Carter's next story on NSA and FBI

https:// saraacarter.com/2017/12/14/whos-spying-on-who-fbis-use-of-nsa-surveillance-program-needs-to-be-investigated-say-whistleblowers/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

6abf1f No.97656



POTUS: We Are With You

3e8414 No.97657

It’s absolutely amazing that the new frontier of Austist horsepower to redeem Western Civilization is now directed at investigating Honey Boo Boo and “Baby Eaters”!!!

What a Timeline!!!

ed607b No.97658


It lays it out. The entire series. Peace

748e22 No.97659


>CIA controls the news/narrative

This seems to be the consensus here.

However, in >>93246

>Image at top: boy, boy/girl.


>What else do you see?

Calling attention to what looks like ad copy in the galley proof.

One reason the shilling is so heavy now: Clowns don't want us to make the connection.

f02bf6 No.97661

Hey guys

Where do we stand on gammett?

I have started to try digging into Cammett and I get a professor from harvard, brown etc

Has deep links from what i see but this post is near impossible to make.

Phone lagging so bad resorting to text editor to paste this post.

Help dig??

fedbf3 No.97662


No it wasn't.

44461c No.97663

File: 5f5b02c5b603421⋯.png (109.43 KB, 900x1593, 100:177, 584c1afe1fc21103bb375ba2.png)


9483fd No.97664

According to press conference today POTUS has called Jones and congratulated him on the victory and looks forward to meeting him etc, all the expected pleasantries.

Moore still hasn’t conceded, and there’s a lot of social media floating around about rigging.

Q indicated to us that this was a setup which could have been true or disinformation to throw them off the scent. However he also said that POTUS has to be separated from these sorts of issues so it doesn’t look like a witch hunt.

I wonder how happy POTUS is to meet Jones, maybe they won’t have chance to meet at all?

334fe8 No.97665


Prove it

9bf45d No.97666


Also there is the old phrase "on the left hand," meaning an illegitimate child.

f0ef3b No.97668

File: e1e0f2c8b0bd9a8⋯.jpg (320.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6d6fc2b1d78293ca03a292980e….jpg)

File: b8a4db740f25ff1⋯.jpg (829.15 KB, 1920x1299, 640:433, 95a500c8cb79867b354641c54b….jpg)

File: fe0b3ab050f638b⋯.jpg (676.1 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Note27_0.jpg)





<just gonna leave this here…

Big Smile…Big Smile

748e22 No.97669


Filter, don't engage.

We need to get documentation on the Clown/trafficking connection.

7abe77 No.97670


** Attn: "Guardian Angels"**

Keep us shielded for a bit here. The distractions and shills cranking up. We could use the protection since the flack is always heaviest when directly over the target.

a31fe1 No.97671

File: 77025faefd740a2⋯.jpg (258.29 KB, 1132x614, 566:307, MISSING MONEY.jpg)


Please include the following link to the master /CBTS/ Catalog

21 Trillion Missing From Pentagon:>>90859

35fc52 No.97672


Hey the devil went down to Georgia… ok

77b1bc No.97673



fedbf3 No.97674


Well done. You just got taken in by what the media told you was PG.

273db5 No.97675



>T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^


11-20 = 11-20 Dec.

Q post December 11th:

False flag(s).

POTUS 100% insulated.

Expect fireworks.



39be4b No.97676

GANNETT largest Shareholder is VANGUARD.

Largest holder of VANGUARD - Rothschilds.

You can't make this stuff up.

748e22 No.97677


> the devil went down to Georgia

And lost to an autistic fiddler named Johnny !

Praise KEK

83d210 No.97679


Haiti has a big connection with AC Hillary and Red Cross

fedbf3 No.97680


Good catch anon. I also know that Lynn de Rothschild owns The Economist and that Thomson-Reuters is partially Roths owned.

760ccf No.97681

File: ab368ec58c73570⋯.png (26.68 KB, 693x178, 693:178, Screenshot 2017-12-14 at 1….png)


Wow glad to see this is turning up some meaty stuff. The Tangent = Gannett is cool too.

a31fe1 No.97682


>Please include the following link to the master /CBTS/ Catalog

>21 Trillion Missing From Pentagon:>>90859

thank you!

cead28 No.97683


>Textus Receptus is solid

>other knowledge of things like codex sinaiticus

checks out

you know things

as you know as well, things fit the scripture in several different ways - when I say that satan can't destroy it because of John 1:1, I mean that satan can't annihilate it and make it begone… Didn't mean that a pile of Bibles couldn't be burned by satan working through a man or army.

You don't post much. You should post more.

cead28 No.97684

I think that's the first time in my life I've ever told someone that.

a699ad No.97685



760ccf No.97686


After I posted this I was getting yelled at by shills for the rest of the thread, knew there was something to it.

748e22 No.97687


Could well be. Fits with the pattern of big news drops on Dec. 1st & 5th.

May be that "JUSTICE" is Sessions' DoJ looking into election fraud.

Roy Moore not conceding means he's reserved the right to challenge & force recount.

fe27bc No.97688

File: f15662c7369e1c2⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 212x293, 212:293, 2018_econ.jpg)


>Lynn de Rothschild owns The Economist

60fd34 No.97689





Nice new contribution from anon:


Building the compilation, confirming the news media/Gannett is a Clown front and the Clowns are a ++ front.

a699ad No.97691


Bitcoin = world currency

fe27bc No.97692


strange this magazine was from '88

and the gold coin, around the pheonix's neck says 2018…huh

6abf1f No.97693



4acf01 No.97694


Yup. NET NEUTRALITY is just WORD PLAY that they use so libtards think they know what it is about.

Barack and Soros were behind it so enough said.

e1e566 No.97695

News unlocks map.

Have you all read the news?

Learn to read the map.

News proves map.

future proves past.

NASA finds a second solar system as big as ours: Google AI hunt finds an EIGHTH planet orbiting distant Kepler 90 star in breakthrough in hunt for aliens

NASA has discovered an eighth planet around a previously discovered distant star system

Means Kepler 90 system now ties with our own in number of planets orbiting its star

The system, Kepler 90, was previously tied with Trappist-1 for number of planets around the star

The latest find was made using artificial intelligence from Google, which will help find habitable planets

The satellite has been searching the stars for distant worlds since 2014, and has so far found thousands


b5a409 No.97696

File: 7a3d074a14781a1⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 4db06e411d1fe6db620fc61b73….jpg)

File: 2d93831895ee255⋯.jpeg (176.63 KB, 570x318, 95:53, 82683d56-59fb-40ac-97c4-f….Jpeg)

File: 31c20794aaccd0e⋯.jpg (398.79 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, 528385341.jpg)

File: f60d352afe86625⋯.jpg (104.57 KB, 498x460, 249:230, aea86b5de79f3a69237daa04fb….jpg)

Images to trigger Cooper - Gloria Vanderbilt

fedbf3 No.97697


I think the Clowns are R henchmen - they're definitely joined at the hip. I dunno if I would call them a front.

68b424 No.97698


Rothscoin launches in a few days. Related to the tax bill/shutdown?

748e22 No.97699


Stratfor is known NeoCon endless war cheerleader.

cead28 No.97700

File: 94a5ffa705708df⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 417x264, 139:88, joker.gif)



659fa6 No.97701


This. Look who's NN parents are.

decd30 No.97702

b8b217 No.97703

File: 87b57f34f4cc55b⋯.jpg (120.47 KB, 520x609, 520:609, obr403.jpg)


When spiritual stuff is posted it unfortunately usually falls under the same category as this.

When you think about it, it does not matter if you dismantle the cabal on an ice ball, or flat disk, or inside of a sphere.

What matters is to dismantle the cabal.

And to do so, the first thing to do is to be LOVING AND SPIRITUAL. That way their occult manipulations have no power over you, and you can do your thing happily and with ease, focusing on important things.

Also, the Earth is round, but arguments on this are not important. I will not discuss this further.

7a0180 No.97704


May be irrelevant but in the reflection on the base of the horn you can see the photographer.

cead28 No.97705


I've always heard they owned the AP

fe27bc No.97706


>When you think about it, it does not matter if you dismantle the cabal on an ice ball, or flat disk, or inside of a sphere.

<What matters is to dismantle the cabal.


95d61d No.97707


He is on Wiki. Former Asst. Sec. of Treasury … Resigned during Clinton Whitewater scandal.

233982 No.97708

File: 8a7654fd46dcef0⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, lyrans.png)

Thank God For Lyrans

120196 No.97709


Thank you anon! Consider it done.

62ffae No.97710


I find it funny how they confirm each big lead with their paid shill attacks… they really are THAT stupid because they didn't figure this out for over a month.

a433f0 No.97711

File: 44b5ec769dcb6d2⋯.png (844.57 KB, 1238x633, 1238:633, witch.png)


NOW want to reconsider gloria vanderbilt being almost 100 years old and looking like that>>?>

e6a217 No.97712


Snopes is IN DA HAUS!!

c025df No.97713

File: e1be2d0b97987b2⋯.png (167 KB, 666x668, 333:334, screenshotAtUploadCC_15132….png)

This is the guy we are counting on to release a ton of info on the bad actors in January. 1.2mm

What do we really know about him?

Maybe we should dig a bit?

6abf1f No.97714

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This can't be good.

9bf45d No.97715

File: 831dd9fa7b2d222⋯.png (427.04 KB, 1616x1653, 1616:1653, Fix the batter.png)




The music is a distraction and it is plain that you ARE continually distracted and failing to concentrate, proofread, or do any basic baking tasks. I second other Anons in requesting you remove the music links and lose the egotism. If it were my call, I'd fire you as baker without remorselessly and without hesitation.

A competent baker needs to fix every sentence referring to memes (as explained in Pic Related) and not have duplicated or missing info about Memes scattered all over the place.


decd30 No.97716


You sound a lot like podesta to me. Enjoy being a daddy?

e1e566 No.97717

File: aeeac24f9a75f22⋯.png (2.87 MB, 999x3633, 333:1211, end_or_the_beginning.png)

The end?

d803da No.97718


get out. you are fake news!

c025df No.97719

It was only debunked by the people that were being accused.

68b424 No.97720


Seems a bit more invasive than other currencies

52d78c No.97721


No it isnt. Wrong on both. Gannett controlling shareholder is BLACKROCK, which is most likely a Soros controlled fund. Vanguard is owned by its investors. Do some damn research. About 3 owners deep into controlling shares of Blackrock it goes to control of a private fund, which no one has been able to trace past. Frickin wish the halfchanners were still here. Finance.yahoo.com good place to start

e1e566 No.97722



Learnt to read the map

deb325 No.97723

File: 5d01bf751199400⋯.jpg (331.69 KB, 1223x1600, 1223:1600, kxl55ygma7kz.jpg)



30aa35 No.97724


I was really thinking about this in reference to melania

fedbf3 No.97725


>And to do so, the first thing to do is to be LOVING AND SPIRITUAL.

And wield a BIG STICK when Clowns try and derail the thread.

fe27bc No.97726


LMAO, i guess if you cant beat them, join them?

I think what upsets them most about cryptos, is they dont own the majority of them, like they do the glowing demon eye papers, and gold.

000000 No.97727


been glowing for weeks.

9bf45d No.97728

>>97715 you're gonna laugh at my typos after trying to ream you a new one. Harvester is short on sleep and just trying to do a first-class job for fam here.

120196 No.97729


Added to the Gannett links in bread.

a699ad No.97730


At least remove the Discord link!

0fe5df No.97731


Because "PEDO-Gate" is the correct term

If you don't think there's a pedophilia problem among elires, you're an idiot or a paid shill who likely knows better but the paycheck is more compelling

GTHO Pedo Protector. There's a "SPECIAL PLACE" for YOU too

39be4b No.97732


Top owner of MONSANTO - is also VANGUARD



b9a0a6 No.97733


Oh man that just made me laugh. Good job Anon.

0fe5df No.97734



550591 No.97735

Reasons why Mueller could be our/ guy:

- meeting with Trump about fbi director

- Marine

- Indictments released to date have been benign

- Quantity of sealed indictments

- Q alludes he is our guy

- President has been very quiet on mueller front

Reasons he might not be our/guy:

- the voracity congress and the media and other insiders are attacking mueller. To the point they will discredit him regardless of who’s side he is on

- mueller is tied to some of the worst crimes against this country. He has incentive to double cross president

- if mueller joined this cult he is likely not our/guy as once you get in, you never get out….potential mkultra mind control involved

- the voracity that the cabal is defending and protecting mueller..if they thought he might not be on their side, they would not be defending him

- the almost 100% swamp creatures hired by mueller for his investigative team. If mueller was on our/ side they would have leaked it.

Again pray he is on our/ side, cause if he is not, we likely go to war with half the country.

I have faith the good guys will win this war regardless. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP

e1e566 No.97737


Have you learned to read the map?


fedbf3 No.97738


Thank you Harvester.

PA, please follow advice given in here - it's solid.

623035 No.97739

File: bfc9adfcbcd9533⋯.jpg (313.59 KB, 614x1738, 307:869, name_redacted_thread2.jpg)


3e8414 No.97740


Fire on the Mountain run boys, run!!!

3c47b5 No.97741


I'm the anon who posted those 4 pics. I've also posted the pic with left hand stuff on the wall and AC/GV in middle. I know that the Podesta spirit cooking stuff with that one bitch ((Abrafuck?)…she puts shit on wall about left hand. Frankly, i don't want to digging around satanic sites, so some other anon can pick that up…

c7e554 No.97743


Revelations…we are living in…

d803da No.97744


>Proven fake

ban this retard please

797df1 No.97745


Is Paul Ryan next?

https:// www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/12/14/paul-ryan-retire-speaker-ready-leave-washington-216103

b8b217 No.97747


Ignore, report and move on.

Use stick for self-defense but only if needed.

The most powerful stick is no stick at all - spiritual people will know what is meant by this.

fe27bc No.97748


>Is Paul Ryan next?

hope so.

saw an article on infowars that said the same

fedbf3 No.97749


Woah. D.C. continues to gut itself in the open.

121244 No.97750


Birds eye, top down view of a pyramid complete with all seeing eye on top.

e62283 No.97751



3e8414 No.97752


Good going Anon! You’re doing God’s work!

4acf01 No.97754

fedbf3 No.97755


I am The Stick.

2bb388 No.97756


Backrock is tied to Uranium One I think

44c750 No.97757


I can try to lend a hand. Will check them out and post what I find.

fe27bc No.97758


bastards and their rumours

d803da No.97759


>Bill Clinton is a rapist not a child fucker

Retard needs ban

3c47b5 No.97760


Thank you Sir/ma'am, you too!

000000 No.97761


shill. filter

7a0180 No.97762


Look at the table on the right. Another horn.

b5a409 No.97763

File: f2dbbd1b9bb9ca8⋯.jpg (183.31 KB, 950x697, 950:697, Keith Thomas Anderson.JPG)



Soro's Bank?

77e0dd No.97764


seconded this baker has been getting on my nerves since the first timme he put on the apron

ed8d9f No.97766


Melani Cammett is Associate Professor of Political Science at Brown University. She is the author of Compassionate Communalism: Welfare and Sectarianism in Lebanon and coeditor of The Politics of Non-state Social Welfare , both from Cornell. She is also the author of Globalization and Business Politics in Arab North Africa .

159b70 No.97767

File: e5d134ca483b91e⋯.jpg (573.02 KB, 1008x1008, 1:1, maps.jpg)

9bf45d No.97768


They used at least one double during the campaign, maybe 2. And who the hell knows, maybe a clone or 2 as well. Would be a pity if the whole lot got flamethrowered.

e1ba98 No.97770


Countess Elizabeth Bathory, 1560 - 1614, serial killer, "Blood Countess", "Blood Lady Of Cachtice", tortured and killed hundreds of girls and young women, possibly over 600 [convicted of 80], bathed in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth, said to have had a cage with razors and spikes hanging on the ceiling and a chair beneth it where she would take a "blood shower".

21f83c No.97771






Stone Key


Stone Key is a merchant bank that provides strategic advisory services and makes proprietary investments in the Government & Commercial Technology sectors.

You visited this page on 11/20/17.

(guess, I did visit this website with a thought in mind and got sidetracked)

Us normies are doing our research too

Double Entredres

120196 No.97772


Thank you anon. Changes made.

c5fba4 No.97773


Anything further on outage?

1feb2e No.97774

File: 78753a13fb4d661⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1338x773, 1338:773, screenshot_121.png)

File: 78af3a5102c3167⋯.png (433.16 KB, 1177x820, 1177:820, screenshot_123.png)

There's a woman @SaRaAshcraft on Twitter is a ritual abuse survivor. She has only recently come out of hiding to talk about her satanic ritual abuse….check out her threads. Here's one to start with. She talks openly about being abused by Tom Hanks and participating in ritual with Hillary Clinton (it's buried in her tweets)



She checks out verifiable sources and the fact she has called out HRC and Tom Hanks and no one has served her with a cease and desist says it all !!!

20df0f No.97775


THIS is interesting.

b8b217 No.97776


Please elaborate on this.


Yes indeed. And most of that important work is done within, because the cabal has agents in your brain too :)


I vouch for adding a positive, inspiring message of Love to every new bake. We need varied cabal-disrupting unity-and-freedom-reinforcing beautiful things to create a better future.

f924fe No.97777

File: 0b2119757b1b888⋯.png (3.53 MB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, image.png)

File: 853bb04f755385b⋯.jpeg (39 KB, 500x604, 125:151, image.jpeg)

File: 0838436e4f012ed⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 96e471ba8dec636⋯.jpeg (93.63 KB, 720x878, 360:439, image.jpeg)

159b70 No.97779

File: 58c4e24f69186ac⋯.png (60.14 KB, 500x527, 500:527, if-a-map-doesnt-pursue-chi….png)

2e358c No.97780


Sara links bad boy-fbeye stuff with access from no such agency programs. Suggests that is where un.mask.ing came from. Tie that to BO lackie susan.rice. docs (think evidence that the congressional committees want) hidden in admin library files.

Not for 5 years, but for 12. What happens to the country in 12 years with voting fraud running rampant? The truth of the crimes come out and nothing is done because the Ds can control for generations.

Allowing the bozos to get away with using Whitehat programs for badhat purposes is what Sara's article suggests. No such agency will take a hit for this, but it can also show who the bad actors are.

Thought - maybe we also need work on the road map. How does it all tie together?

Use graphics, make maps - tie it together for help in redpilling others?


why would q need help? Seriously!

How about to redpill normies with info they can find for themselves online. Help them understand the crumbs that are already in the news.

There is nothing secretive about using public info. It is the education and understanding that is key.

Knowledge is the keystones that brings the arch together.

Knowledge and wisdom is symbolized by the owl.

The wise old owl.

If old clowns saying about public not knowing truth is part of the plan to keep us stupid then we need to learn and know and help others learn and know. Especially the normies. We are the intermediaries and translators of the breadcrumbs.

And shills, we don't care about you. This isnp public info. Go crawl back in your hole or get burned by the light of truth you vampires!

Our minds and efforts are weapons, but some of us also have 30 cals. Come and take it!

God Bless Patriots!

b8b217 No.97781


Oops, meant to quote


>Please elaborate on this.

1feb2e No.97782


She needs to be Shit Posted EVERYWHERE

a7cedc No.97784


>https ://twitter.com/cyrus_report/status/941416482721935360

Replies say destroying evidence.

e089ce No.97785


Of course it's C.P.

5b8905 No.97786

File: 657d5e2f48ef3bd⋯.jpg (225.26 KB, 1174x721, 1174:721, Getty - Copy.jpg)

Spidey senses going off about this place..

39be4b No.97787

File: 17c28531e6be7de⋯.png (90.66 KB, 733x302, 733:302, polls.png)



VANGUARD - Rothschild

Both own GANNETT - which controls the News

238193 No.97788

f0842f No.97789


Hold strong.

We know what's up.

a7cedc No.97790


Since the days of JARED. That's when the Fallen Angels landed….that is what Enoch tells us.

5,000 years, not 6,000. But I digress…

121244 No.97791


There you go…there are other articles bout the creation of Blackrock including Soros. Look at what fund has controlling shares of Blackrock too…those funds also have large shares of huge corporations. So lower level (2nd tier) fund has controlling share of Blackrock, and has additonal holdings of same companies…in some cases, the combo of Blackrock and its subsidiaries give Soros MAJORITY control, not just controlling share. "Spiders weave their webs".

e1e566 No.97793

File: 4ecab55a177ac05⋯.png (163.59 KB, 792x446, 396:223, gaily.png)

File: 897e2bd02e0aedc⋯.png (197.26 KB, 792x472, 99:59, xy.png)

File: 548aee4840bac58⋯.png (162.65 KB, 640x360, 16:9, y.png)

File: f4f4b1f7be43af4⋯.jpg (74.17 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ymap.jpg)


People at discord are very glowy. They don't want you to read the map. Have you learned to read the map?


Have you found Y yet?

Lol if Jesus came to you in the flesh would you call him a LARP?

These people are stupid.





f0854d No.97794

File: a515a894d6e6299⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 200x223, 200:223, IMG_2159.JPG)


Dubs of truth. Cia niggers cant delete threads on 8chan. Shills that are aiding and abetting the treasonous crimes of the criminals cabal are trying to co-opt thread creation.

I hope Q team plans to hold them accountable for assisting the criminals as well.

0a356c No.97795


now thats funny

b8b217 No.97796

File: d418f1dabdb540d⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 550x381, 550:381, 052161_4cff7cfd880747fe960….jpg)


Pedophilia and other sexual perversions are demons draining your energy by rewiring SDN-POA to hateful and negative things. This is not fiction, this is what dark cabal thrives on. Only medicine is LOVE and spiritual wisdom. Then you can cast that cancer away, and feel normal sexuality.

d803da No.97797


sgtreport just did a video on the getty. some guy claims its a massive child sex bunker.

1feb2e No.97798


Yes,the Getty Center is the flagship for satanic baby eating pedo, human trafficking activity. It's all underground and you need to take a tram to the top to enter. No normies are allowed in the catacombs

dbd18e No.97799


wowowo where did you find the buzz aldrin tweet? is it legit?

20df0f No.97802


This pops up and the shills go NUTS. Re-read Q. MAP makes a lot of sense.

83d210 No.97803


I hope y’all can see through this guy

e1e566 No.97804



How many astroanuts claim to have seen UFO's?

All of them?

Learn to read the map anons…

Baby steps.

d4bc5e No.97805

ed607b No.97806

File: 1a57af412ff7d89⋯.jpeg (168.36 KB, 2048x622, 1024:311, E12F9725-70F0-4C3B-B9D7-9….jpeg)

Rockefeller Empire.

ed8d9f No.97807

Newsweek reported in 2016…

Who was this “other” Hillary? Conspiracists have pointed to Barnwell, who has been impersonating Clinton since the 1990s.

fe27bc No.97808


>Countess Elizabeth Bathory, 1560 - 1614, serial killer, "Blood Countess", "Blood Lady Of Cachtice", tortured and killed hundreds of girls and young women, possibly over 600 [convicted of 80], bathed in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth, said to have had a cage with razors and spikes hanging on the ceiling and a chair beneth it where she would take a "blood shower".

what in the actual fuck

623035 No.97809

File: 26c7f6381d36889⋯.png (469.19 KB, 1278x1918, 639:959, stealthjeff-thread1.png)

another interesting thread

6d18f2 No.97810

File: f4b01d26ee71355⋯.png (682.84 KB, 686x706, 343:353, c93478621ad7723e1d7fac99af….png)


The other one reads "Patt was here".

This painting depicts astral projection (out of body) resulting from trauma. It is similar to what happens in a near death experience. Remote viewing is similar as well. They think they're just looking. But a piece of themselves actually goes to the place and time. Remote viewers have actually been spotted at the scene by those on a couple of occasions by those who have the ability to see into those frequency ranges..

44c750 No.97811


Verifying if "tanseko" should be "taseko" the mining company out of B.C.

f924fe No.97812


Very true. Deleted immediately

Is this true https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RoSa0iSbzec

How much truth is in there.

The truth is out there.

e1e566 No.97813


Q clearance


Waves Frequency Vibration.

What is LIGHT?


1feb2e No.97814


It's one of the reasons reasons cough eh'em Beverly Hills is on fire – can anyone say DEW

a699ad No.97815


Looks like Paul Ryan did something very bad…

000000 No.97816


the point of "net neutrality" is to protect the power structure of the existing internet giants. we're subsidizing youtube, twitter, facebook, etc.

60fd34 No.97817


Alright, moron, I've got ten minutes.

What do you think you see through?

ed8d9f No.97818

Wonder if a lot of the shills are from the new offices at ft Gordon ga.?

fe27bc No.97819


>the point of "net neutrality" is to protect the power structure of the existing internet giants. we're subsidizing youtube, twitter, facebook, etc.

how will they know what you're surfing, if your data is encrypted? VPN?

68b424 No.97820

>>97777 Digits. Plus Ultra /ourguys/?

>>97787 Gannett the Keystone?

159b70 No.97821

File: 4bff3969a10d51f⋯.png (129.96 KB, 1578x314, 789:157, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: ccf2c14dc6a3272⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1970x1326, 985:663, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)


Louie CK was one of the ones exposed early November. Watch this video and you tell me if he is a map or not.

how is priests fucking little boys a comedy sketch?


95d61d No.97822


I always thought pyramids had four sides at the base?

fe27bc No.97823

File: 70b562da8e2d381⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, boots.jpg)


these are the quads that got GEOTUS elected. praise

3c75a2 No.97824


Others have been investigating this for years. You are just the latest newcomers.

f924fe No.97826


some of it may not be pleasant.

d803da No.97827


you forgot "get" lol

2e358c No.97828


Read about her in science section a hike back. Thought it was freaky.

Remembered it because someone was saying that young blood really works to reverse aging.



Wonder if mayo is working on this stuff?

e29930 No.97829

File: d045d3c090c8104⋯.jpg (196.07 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 2017-12-14_16.47.35.jpg)

827e1c No.97831

f924fe No.97832


Very much so (((Our guys))) Peace out

1feb2e No.97833


By the way the Getty Center is shaped like a masonic pyramid. Can't tell because it's covers with the southern california mountain side that it's built into. Right in the heart of Beverly Hills/ Santa Monica (Skirball fire)

9bf45d No.97834


Fam, should i get a name, trip, or stay anon? I will be guided by the collective viewpoint on this. /Harvester/

a62a7b No.97835


Could it be that the pill the normies can't swallow is the fact that God is real? The Evil elites know it but instead actively reject Him, while promoting atheism to general population. And a select few fight the good fight.

100 anniversary of Fatima is this year.

Medjugorje visionary apparently said THIS is the year the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. (never has it been specified before)


Exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that is, on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision. When the aged Pontiff had finished celebrating Mass in his private Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the above prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere.

When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasted to Our Lord: "I can destroy your Church."

The gentle voice of Our Lord: "You can? Then go ahead and do so."

Satan: "To do so, I need more time and more power."

Our Lord: "How much time? How much power?

Satan: "75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service."

Our Lord: "You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will."

Who are those who gave themselves over to service?

fedbf3 No.97836


Thank you PA. This has been a combination of Clowns, some dickheads from /pol/, actual ShareBlue idiots - as well as anons who have never baked before if I'm not mistaken. I will be chatting to other mods about how to manage the batter - it's not an easy problem, esp. updates.

b0c0df No.97837

There's something running on this page, a software of some sort, the russian browser prompted me to terminate the page


004c15 No.97838


I am already losing massive productivity at work, massive sleep at home, am dehyrated, and fear I am developing an anxiety disorder.

If this happening to me, and I am redpilled and understand what is happening, how will many normies respond?

b8b217 No.97839


Oh snap! And what wisdom have they learned from that? Yes a very very good question indeed!


Light is what casts darkness away. It is a wave-particle form, while darkness is simply lack of that wave-particle form. It's not that darkness is darkness, it's just "not-Light".

c42730 No.97840

File: 7692a69d59c7b8f⋯.jpg (217.06 KB, 800x450, 16:9, AC.jpg)

159b70 No.97841

File: c7ba851ad4f2a7e⋯.png (63.21 KB, 832x368, 52:23, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: 7c82b3adc8e959b⋯.png (91.87 KB, 818x466, 409:233, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

File: e926a185f6e13db⋯.png (733.53 KB, 786x868, 393:434, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at ….png)

What news broke? SA Prince

Hanging from feet - yep

News unlock map - news unlocked map prince

Map has 43 confirmed connections to other maps

Why are maps useful - they lead you to other maps

These people are all in the same sick cult/club


7338c4 No.97842


https://www.fbi.gov /news/pressrel/press-releases/e.w.-priestap-named-assistant-director-of-the-counterintelligence-division

Because I didn't know the Preistap name.

See all the chi town connections.

d803da No.97843


the wording of the meme

cead28 No.97844


logical, too.

legally speaking, add the fact that a FISA warrant was granted and then it was acted upon, and the action was spying and covert record collection which targeted a political candidate

add the fact that it was an "opposition" candidate

and (as far as legally, idk) while aiding a political opponent

Trump said it was McCarthyism.

McCarthyism - [The American Heritage Dictionary gives the definition of McCarthyism as: 1. The political practice of publicizing accusations of disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence; and 2. The use of methods of investigation and accusation regarded as unfair, in order to suppress opposition.]

source: https://www.eisenhower.archives.gov/research/online_documents/mccarthyism.html

just look at what wikipedia says about mccarthyism - demogogic - use the President Eisenhower Library instead

bottom line

Obama is responsible for Strzok's crimes. Strzok couldn't have done it without McCabe's or Comey's approval, McCabe couldn't have done it without Comey's approval, Comey couldn't have done it without Obama's approval

the risk if they did?

man i'd hate to imagine, considering they don't hesitate to sacrifice and eat babies

1feb2e No.97845


Agreed :)

7ca7d4 No.97846


Stopped reading after her 3rd paragraph. While it is confusing, Joseph's line would have some from Seth. Not Cain. It is confusing because both Cain & Seth had descendants named Enoch and Lamech.

748e22 No.97847


Yes. Trump & Sessions hammered Comey,

before he could hammer his laptop, etc.

Also why DJT tweeted about "tapes" at the time.

OIG data supplemental, but they definitely have the goods on the guy.

(One reason he mostly tweets Bible verses, these days.)

f09be7 No.97848


how the fuck do you think soldiers felt in WW2? We are the Greatest Meme Generation and yes it will be hell, but Memesmiths will be redpilling about us for generations.

a597b5 No.97849

c7e4f6 No.97850


Everyone goes though that. At least once.

It will pass.

fe27bc No.97851


>you forgot "get" lol

this is why i cant have nice things

120196 No.97852


That all makes plenty of sense to me.

ESPECIALLY the part about these fags never having baked before.

Keep me posted with what's happening <3

623035 No.97853



Bible verses, lol….

Feeling the wrath of God maybe?

b8b217 No.97854


You have over-extended your capabilities due to leaving the spiritual golden middle. Don't force-feed fellow humans on the good, nicely processed True info you read here - feed yourself and everyone else with Love.

If you are feeling bad or developing any diseases, you are not fighting the cabal. Take good care of yourself dear anon.

3dc9bd No.97855


you know the answer ANON

748e22 No.97856




Welcome to the fight, anon.

fedbf3 No.97857


Join the club anon. We are the calm before, during and after the storm. Take a break if you can. We serve at the pleasure of POTUS and Q.

238193 No.97858


BHO P docs were transported to Hoffman Estates in Chicago, Could this be the raid on those documents?

83d210 No.97859


When did we make the Gannet as a CIA front?

You’ve missed th AC Vanderbilt Satanic connection

000000 No.97860



I've seen more evidence of ASATRU on this adventure than proof of the Christian God.

happy Ragnarok anon

1145f2 No.97862


the one with the pope goes way way back and actually means i love you. the pinky is I. the fore finger and thumb are an L. and pinky fore finger are the U. just and old fart talking.

000000 No.97864


according to an anon here, obama's records were left in an empty furniture store with no locks on the doors. if true, they most likely would have been "stolen" soon.

a699ad No.97865


BO please get rid of this glowing nigger.

a597b5 No.97866

>>97849 direct link to ipfs blockchained https://alexandria.io/browser/11c122

f924fe No.97867

File: 53b01c79f515300⋯.jpeg (31.8 KB, 512x512, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: d9e7454000a2af9⋯.jpeg (89.16 KB, 464x464, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: d18309053a9060f⋯.jpeg (345.3 KB, 2073x3110, 2073:3110, image.jpeg)

File: 9bdb986402a8e80⋯.jpeg (116.05 KB, 600x800, 3:4, image.jpeg)

Will not stop the fight until WON

60fd34 No.97868


Gannett connected to STRATFOR, which is a CIA front.

See Wikileaks within following:







d803da No.97869



>can you ban pizzagate related discussions? It's already been debunked

when and by who you fucking cunt?

3dc9bd No.97870


enjoy your ban

you don't see what's going on here?

049dc7 No.97871


they do

e1ba98 No.97872


Mayo probably uses past knowledge and harvests said blood for those purposes.

1145f2 No.97873


sorry, the pinky and thumb are Y. my bad.

f0842f No.97875


Good dig anon

fedbf3 No.97876


This IS Pizzagate you stupid nigger, applied to the whole world. It's what the elites DO. If you're going to link the NYT or Snopes or the WaPo then get off the board.

1feb2e No.97877

File: 3ae009cd6ca4357⋯.png (51.68 KB, 1125x144, 125:16, screenshot_105.png)

b8b217 No.97878


Hey dear baker can you include nice messages in bakes, something like "Bright Positive Future edition", it means a lot to set the general tune of the thread and repel shills and people that want to cause arguing and turmoil.


Post pastebins of info so anons can see your side of the story, or do not post random ban requests at all.

cf836f No.97879

AC says he quit child modeling when an older man offered him $ for sex and did make unders for some of these tarted up kids. Is it possible that he's our man on the knside? Tough to take this apart entirely from outside. Keep it up fags.


77b1bc No.97880


Why is it even there. A thread for baker complaints lol. Wtf

3dc9bd No.97881

You are getting sleepy

Pizzagate is debunked

Are you sleepy?

This bread is great and bakers are gods

f94fba No.97882



Too obvious. They don't usually attach their name to stuff - poor OpSec.

This is a pure headfake so peeps don't figure out they already control BTC.

83d210 No.97883


So that is just confirmation that we need to follow the AC child trafficking.

289d9a No.97884


Mindfulness! Doesn't have to be all OM n meditation…whatever is a pleasant distraction for a couple of minutes every now and then throughout your day. That brings you back to you. You can pass that onto normies as much as this redpilling stuff. Drink water. Be good to yourself. If you're unfit, how can you help others? Self survival first, we carry vital info.

e029a3 No.97885


Lotta posts needs ignoring. Thanks for your dedication.

f924fe No.97887


They got raided, while trump played golf with the dumb ass. The records are in custody.

35a40c No.97888


This board has devolved into a namefag circle jerk.

Can you please address the assertion in the batter that the ten days of darkness has begun? "We" don't think so, only the circle jerking namefags do.

b8b217 No.97889


This. They taunt the masses by hiding clues in plain sight, but they themselves are never in public eye, only their puppets.

20df0f No.97890

File: 19d7cee2bb193f5⋯.jpg (27 KB, 346x450, 173:225, 194327-004-60511886.jpg)

390a59 No.97891


Maybe you /newfag/ boomers should have paid attention to pgate instead of dismissing it as some ‘alt-right conspiracy theory’. This Getty info is OLD news. Fuck off

3e8414 No.97892


I always knew Satan was real. Never realized how pervasive this was.

Thankful to those who have been fighting this battle before me. It’s time to expose this!

000000 No.97893


are you glowing

glowing like a satanic pedophile gay nigger?

130518 No.97895

I'm grateful for pizzagate deniers. Makes spotting shills really easy. Pizzagate is obviously a piece of the puzzle if you aren't retarded.

fedbf3 No.97896

Baker will now bake some new bread. It may contain mistakes. This is OK. It does not mean:

- he works for ShareBlue

- he works for (((them)))

- your link should be included

- mods are compromised

It only means he is a fag. Because OP is always a fag.

a3dc02 No.97897

Just heard Trump on Fox, He was talking about the tax cut, but then He said it would be the Biggest Christmas Present anyone has Ever gotten.Love our President!!

b52426 No.97898


>Anything further on outage?

Quick scan of Jefferson County newspapers (Birmingham) doesn't mention.

Cool research tool, links to every newspaper in the country by state and city: http://www.usnpl.com/

049dc7 No.97900


>Baker will now bake some new bread. It may contain mistakes. This is OK. It does not mean:

>- he works for ShareBlue

>- he works for (((them)))

>- your link should be included

>- mods are compromised

>It only means he is a fag. Because OP is always a fag


159b70 No.97901


Like Louie CK making a comedy routing of priests fucking little boys?

Plain sight


ed8d9f No.97902


Haha, I actually keep a small vial of my blood and one for each of my kids blood in a baggie in freezer, in case something happens to one of us. So there’s a way to match.

0a356c No.97904


it is speculation

> Samurai.jpg


We should address this, we know the other Social medias are picking this shit up and yah, less chaos would be nice

d09ec9 No.97905


"Map Currently Has 43 confirmed connections."

Did anyone ever count? Could 43 be GWB?

Map has GWB confirmed connections to other maps?

999033 No.97906

Alright guys, I normally just lurk, but today i've had time to follow some of the bread. posted on the other thread, but shills filled it up, dammit.

The paper on Cooper's table looks to be a printout of an article from some news site. It has ads on it from Gannett media. IT SAYS GANNETT, not any other shilling bullshit you're trying to distract us with. you look at the full picture, and look at gannett's logo. IT's GANNETT. 100%. It looks a little off due to picture quality and the angle it's at, but thats what it says… no question.

Here's the issue: Was Q simply pointing us toward USAToday's parent company? or is there more to see? there is merit on digging on the Gannett/Tangent, Tenga/Agent angle. more power to you patriots working that direction.

Personally, i've been searching trying to find the exact site and article it came from. no result thus far. One would assume due to the ad placement that the news site is one of Gannett's subsidiaries.

the picture looks to be a man standing behind a woman, or a girl i suppose, probably included relating to whatever the article is. the weird shape at the top right is probably something about the ad, probably innocuous. to me, looks like a bell with a bit of ribbon. probably an xmas overlay for the site.

the picture at the top left looks like a person as well, though it is probably more ad. to me it looks like a guy giving a thumbs up, but it is hard to see.

the picture behind the can is even harder to see. when zoomed and flipped it kinda looks like two people sitting on a couch, but it also looks like lines of cocaine in the full picture. could be literally anything.

my question is this: Was Gannett the intended hint? or is it the article?

my money is on Gannett, but I would like to find the actual site and article as well.

Come to think of it, unless Q has a better version of the photo than we do, it's probably just as blurry to him. the only thing that's really readable is the Gannett ad, antything else is too blurry to make out. so that must be the right track.

TLDR: Q's looking at the same blurry ass photo we are, the only thing you can see well enough on the paper is Gannett.

Keep digging, lads. we'll get there.

fedbf3 No.97907

d803da No.97909


I'm neither of those things…smh

I was replying to someone that wanted to say they "had a feeling" about the place.

Blow me now?

2e358c No.97910


Hanging from feet is old punishment for a traitor.


Remember q said what happened with POTUS in SA? He was treated to a sword dance. Traditional pre-war dance.

This is not a game.

e62283 No.97912





159b70 No.97914


Thank you baker

fedbf3 No.97915


I just run the board fag. That takes 80 hours a week - trust me.

3dc9bd No.97916


Baker will no split threads when Q shows up like the shit show this week

Baker will fuck up numbering OPPS MY BAD GUYS!

Baker will fuck up batter


He's just a fag, you see

1ed076 No.97918

So when did we come up with Tangent = Gannett anagram?

159b70 No.97919


Love the new edition name - priceless

000000 No.97920


43s an idiot

41 is evil as hell … i bet his wife is the leader

1feb2e No.97921


Started in loaf #105

77b1bc No.97922



ed8d9f No.97923


Having nightmares daily now

049dc7 No.97924


He is OP,

>>OP always fag

b8b217 No.97925


This fits their agenda of ridiculing stuff they wish to hide.

Like when you say "Galactic Federation". Hahahaha such a funny sci-fi story right? Pew pew star wars!

[spoiler]not at all

120196 No.97927

f924fe No.97928


Shills sent everyone on a tangent, well that's my view

It did get very Shiloh in here, needed to get jumper on, to stop merging between currents.

f0842f No.97930



makes filtering easy.

and if they're really not shills then they're to fucken dumb to do any of this research.

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