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File: 4ea7b31fb8f16ba⋯.png (812.12 KB,1043x697,1043:697,BoerTheSacrificialLamb.png)

75b605 No.261529

Why the West won’t report on Farm Murders

This should be world news. An eight percent (and shrinking) minority group is targeted with over a hundred race based laws. They are the most murdered group in the world. They are excluded from contracts. They are openly excluded from job opportunities. There are Departments and companies dedicated to ensure that they are oppressed, keeping “scorecards” and investigating and fining companies who don’t persecute them. The popular narrative is that “all land belongs to Africans”. Which is obvious lie. But why will the Western Media, including Conservatives not report on it?

Because the West will have to admit guilt. They sanctioned, boycotted the Boer Nation. Resolution upon Resolution. And then they funded the Communist take over. The West, all Western Nations, were State Sponsors of Terrorism against a small nation. During the Anglo Boer War the British Empire attempted a genocide with the scorched earth policy and the death camps. The French, Australians, Canadians all cashed in by supplying the British Empire with horses and supplies. Even America who claimed to be “neutral” made quite a handsome amount by supplying the British. All that changed in modern times is who are being supplied by the Global War against the Boer Nation. Every Western Nation gave unconditional support to the ANC full well knowing that they are Communists, Terrorists. They turned a blind eye to planting of bombs, necklace murders – and turned the ANC into Media Saints.

If the Western Nations, any of them, are to examine what they did against the Boer Nation, they will have to admit that their nations are guilty of funding and supporting terrorism against a minority – even up to this day – while that minority is already the most murdered demographic in the world.

The Western Media, including so-called Conservative Media dare not report on it, because it will end up with indicting

themselves. So it is easier to join the Leftist chorus and repeat the age old excuse filled with made up offences… “But Apartheid”. It is so much easier to just repeat the popular narrative than investigate and expose your own sins. For this reason, except for a few Conservative reporters who were brave enough, the majority of Conservative Media will be spineless rather than reporting on their own nation’s real sins.

The wheel will turn, and you all will be judged for remaining silent while a slow genocide happens that you enabled.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

75b605 No.261530

Why the obsession to call the Boer Nation Colonists?

Black South Africans are a conduit for the Leftist World’s Wakanda dreams. Most of what they repeat was dreamed up by Leftist “scholars”.

The Boer Nation are not part of the Colonial Powers, like the British Empire, Belgium, France, Germany. The Boer Nation trekked away from the British, only to be invaded and forced under British rule, and had to repeatedly break away. But whenever there are talk of “Colonists” the favourite subject is the Boer Nation. Why is that? It is because the real Colonial Powers committed atrocities. Germany nearly wiped out the Nama and Herero. The British did no better, and even attempted genocide on the Boer Nation. But they did much worse in India, exporting the produce and causing famine and the deaths of millions, only to increase taxation because the British Empire was not going to suffer financial loss just because a few million peasants died. The Belgium Empire – oh they were horrible. Cutting off of hands became a competition to prove how productive they can make the local population in the rubber trade that made Leopold rich. Everywhere you look, the Colonial Powers treated blacks with harshness and without mercy.

Enter the Boer Nation, who had enough of the European Colonial Powers. Not surprising as the ancestors of the Boer Nation fled Europe to get away from Catholic persecution. And when the Boer’s trekked inland, into open unoccupied territory they once again fled the European and British madness. And so after the Fish River the Boer’s encountered the Bantu tribes. Well, the Boer encountered first valleys of skeletons, and then the warring tribes. More accurately, they encountered the Mefecane, the Crushing. One Bantu nation on a genocidal rage against the other tribes fleeing before them. If it was the Belgians, Germans, British or other Colonial Powers that encountered this, it would most likely have ended in massive troop deployment and clearing the land of these tribes. After all, this is what the European Powers did elsewhere. But the Boer Nation brought stability. Ended the Wars between the tribes. Sure the strongest of the tribes did not take kindly to it, and attempted to massacre the Boers – as can be seen in the history of Weenen, Bloukrans and many other incidents. It ended mostly with the Battle of Blood River, where the Zulu power was broken. And take note, it was the Zulu’s that attacked, not the Boers.

Right through that history, right through Apartheid, the same pattern followed. The Boer brought stability. Traded and bought land from the black tribes. There was no invasion and stealing land. The numerous tracts where land was sold to the Boers is testament to this. Much of the trades was because the Boers would stop one Bantu tribe from invading another, and in return was given land.

And amazingly, with the arrival of the Boer Nation, the black population increased dramatically. Unlike when the Colonial Powers was involved, that would see the black populations drop as much as 80%. Oh this is not popular history, but it is the facts.

Now – in the modern world those who point the finger at the Boers are two main groups. One is the Blacks, because simply they have a lot to gain. If the Boers are driven away, they get to take the modern developed farms and property. They will of course destroy it as is proven right through the history, but still, they have much to gain even if it is short term.

The other of course, are the former Colonial Powers. Oh yes… the brutal bastards who first caused the ancestors of the Boers to flee Europe. The same ones who brutally stripped many African countries, massacred African tribes, took what they wanted. Oh they need the Boer to be the guilty, the scape goat more than anyone else. They were the first to support Resolutions against the Boer Nation. They were the first to fund and arm the ANC. They are the source of the “scholars” that spread disinformation and instigate hatred against the Boer Nation. They are the homes of companies like Bell Pottinger that write hit job articles. And they are the ones with the most to hide as well. The Former Colonial powers found in the Boer Nation a perfect scapegoat to “atone” for the guilt of the Colonial Powers. These nations will keep the narrative alive that the Boers are the brutal colonists that prevent the Wakanda dream from realising. Because in doing this, they can hide their own guilt. But time is running out for them. Already migration of blacks to Europe started. With predictable results. They have seen nothing yet. When South Africa falls, there will be no more stability in the entire region. And the flood of migration of Africans to Europe, Britain, USA that will happen then will make the current migration crisis look like a leaking tap.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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